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Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson (born August 31, 1935) is an American former Major League Baseball outfielder and manager.

Willie Mays Brooks Robinson Jim Palmer Milt Pappas Adam Jones Vada Pinson Hank Aaron Keenan Thompson Kyle Schwarber Nolan Ryan Magic Johnson Daniel Murphy Curt Flood Arlington Stadium Bill Russell Tim McCarver Cal Ripken Jr

Joe Maddon With his 1065th win as a Mlb manager he now tied for 54th with Frank Robinson.
No, off the Frank Robinson statue in CF.
The great Frank Robinson just asked what his golf handicap was. Then followed up with a "did you use to rip me"…
I'm giving away something for you on 1982 Donruss Frank Robinson Mgr - Gi. Get it here -
Robert: "am I any different than the fruit fly?" . Frank: "the fruit part's the same" 😂
New post (♍ Frank Robinson was born on August 31, 1935, in Beaumont, Texas. After hi...) has been published on -…
FRANK. FRANK, MAN, YOU’RE ALIVE. I just.. I saw this handbag man. It looked just like you. OH FRANK I’M SO RELIEVED! htt…
This date in history: (1973) at Arlington Stadium, the Frank Robinson sets an MLB record by homering in his 32nd ballpark
Any time of day is the time to listen to Frank.
Happy 82nd birthday to Frank Robinson (Oakland McClymonds grad), one of the greatest in MLB history in so many ways.
Marcus Peters is from the Town and went to McClymonds High. So did Bill Russell, Curt Flood and Frank Robinson.
You mentioned Frank Robinson at McClymonds. Here's a box score from 1954 when he was played against my dad's…
Punky Meadows Releases New Video and Single Featuring Frank DiMino and Felix Robinson of More info -...
TIBH: The last Major League appearance as a player for Frank Robinson. Pinch hit single! MLB moments at…
I liked a video PUNKY MEADOWS "Lost and Lonely" Featuring Frank Dimino and Felix Robinson of ANGEL
Or Jim McDaniels, or Chris Robinson, or Darnell Mee, or Darrel Carrier, or Tom Marshall or Tellis Frank…
Jim Barr. Frank Robinson yanked his *** back towards mound when Barr tried leaving mound before Frank got there
This video captures the real essence of Angel everyone can appreciate. Great production Danny Farrow
Check out our new Video for Lost and Lonely featuring Frank Dimino and Felix Robinson of ANGEL. And get the new... htt…
Frank Robinson was a terrible arrogant manager. Don't miss him
Matt LeCroy is a September coaching callup, and all I can think about is how he made Frank Robinson cry with his terrible play.
Cody Bellinger hits 38th home run of the season, tying NL rookie record set by Wally Berger in 1930 and matched by Frank…
Make sure you have Frank with you when picking me up
Cody Bellinger ties Wally Berger (1930) and Frank Robinson (1956) for most HR hit in a season by an NL Rookie.
May 8, 1966 - Baltimore Frank Robinson launches the only home run to leave Memorial Stadium
Be anything you want to be, but don't be dull. . Frank Robinson.
This is some serious research. Frank & Brooks Robinson with RBI, Dave McNally the complete game shutout.
Trade you for a Frank Robinson bobble head from night last Giants game??
Fan Appreciation month continues: Linda & Pete Loya got to hang with Frank Robinson & Jon Miller in the booth…
More Giants I liked: Frank Robinson, fascinating. Gary Lavelle, just great.
Happy 82nd birthday to Frank Robinson, Hall of Famer, and owner of 586 lifetime homeruns
Breast Cancer Awareness
Happy birthday to Hall of Fame outfielder, Frank Robinson!
Happy Birthday to legend and Hall of Famer, Frank Robinson
Happy 82nd Birthday to Hall of Famer and Legend, Frank Robinson!
Happy 82nd birthday to one of the greatest players of all time, Frank Robinson! 🎂
Sorry, talk to Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, Frank Robinson, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and the family of Roger…
The MVPs for the 1961 Season,Roger Maris and Frank Robinson meet during the 1961 Yankees-Reds WS at Crosley Field.
Rex Hudler throwing out Bobby Grich & Frank Robinson as playing with the Orioles in 1979. Uh...,not even close.
- Frank Robinson. - Magic Johnson. - Pavel Datsyuk. - Edwin Moses. - Martina Navratilova. ask me again tomorrow
Brooks Robinson . Frank Robinson . Randy Johnson . John Stockton . Roger Staubach. And not necessarily in that order
My youth was Frank Robinson, Charlie Pride, Johnny Mathis, and others
Gomes just hit a home run that may have hit the statue of Frank Robinson in the head in Heritage Park, located well beyond the…
Larry Bird was same, became great coach. Bill Russell, too. Frank Robinson. Similar personalities.
… Redlegs team spokesman. Kluszewski was joined by teammates Johnny Temple, Wally Post, Gus Bell, Frank Robinson, Ed Bailey, … (8 of 10)
It's hard to find someone better than Frank Robinson. Great show today. I absolutely love the Tim McCarver show
Today in 1960s Baseball: Reds top Pirates 5-3 on 8th-inning HRs from Frank Robinson & Jerry Lynch (1961)…
We retired Frank Robinson's No. 20 Saturday, meaning Raj was the last Indians player to wear it. Seems fitting.
Jimmy "Toy Cannon" Wynn and Frank Robinson airing on 5-6p cst
Frank Robinson. Eric Davis. Chris Sabo. ...and that's all I can think of right now.
Frank Robinson and Tommy Davis were HS basketball superstars. Today they would probably never be exposed to Baseball 😫
I was at the home opener when Frank Robinson hit the HR in his first game as Indians play/manager
Ray Charles Robinson-September 23, 1930 - June 10, 2004. Frank Sinatra called him “the only true genius in show business…
So Frank Robinson is getting a statue in Cleveland this year? That's awesome. I defy you to name a guy better at more things in his sport.
One of the great ones,who could do it all,Frank Robinson,scores as Tim McCarver awaits throw in mid 60's Reds-Cardinal game.
"You know what this plan needs? More Frank Herbert, less Kim Stanley Robinson."
Hmm, have the Frank Robinson statue unveiling, Dodgers/Indians as No. 2 interleague series; had others, but editors…
Congratulations to Robinson School student athlete Saquan Young on his commitment to D-1 Frank Phillips College...
Ain't no one on this earth putting any kind of fear in my heart but Frank Robinson pops kinda scary
opening day 1975. Frank Robinson,1st black manager in MLB hits a HR in 1st at bat as player/Manager of Cleveland.
so there's more of a chance of Pedroia completing the set over Willie Mays and Frank Robinson?!
Willie Mays and Frank Robinson only missing the Silver Slugger, but it was introduced after their retirements.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
This man Frank rolled up and smoked his mom 😂
"uh Mr. Robinson, you ever play in the bigs?". I'm Frank... you're PROBABLY wondering how I got here.
did you know frank Robinson was fined for modifying hi stirrups to make them higher!?
1971 World Series: Frank Robinson comes storming home as Manny Sanguillen reaches for the throw
'Angry Birds' - Frank Robinson, Paul Blair, Brooks Robinson, and Dave Johnson line up prior to the 1970 World Series. http…
Frank Martin's car spotted in the parking lot for evening service
Checking out Squire Alumni Devin Robinson asst the Garden!!! Also mad Love to Frank Martin &…
Frank Mason is good and all but they should have retired 0 when Thomas Robinson had it.
Heard Frank Sinatra singing Mrs Robinson today he was singing the right words and in tune, the orchestra was on drugs
I have the gibson, duke snider, frank robinson. recently traded away the Jim Palmer
Frank Walker of Tomorrowland. George Clooney (man) and Thomas Robinson (boy)
The 2 oldest looking guys in college are no longer on campus:. Kansas' Perry Ellis (22 in photo) & Bama's A'Shawn Robinso…
But why did he lobby for such? Because he had an unbearable boss. Kstate fans want frank sans Currie
But Frank couldn't? Knowing what we know now, sure looks like Currie chased him out of town.
No one is talking about them though. This is frank v Altman argument. Either way Kstate is better
No no no. Altman was before his time in Manhattan. Frank was/is in his prime. Both very good
A "Then & Now" card for super-star Frank Robinson during his player-manager reign in Cleveland!
Still can't thank Frank Robinson at Norman Tattoo enough for this wonderful Pooh Bear tattoo with Hunni. ❤️
Three locals still alive in the tourney: Frank Mason (Kenny Williams (and Devin Robinson (
Orioles manager Hank Bauer poses with Frank Robinson and Brooks Robinson before a 1966 game:
now this show is set how about next...Shaq, Schmidt, Thome, Manny Ramírez, Sosa, Clemens, Sheffield, Laettner, Frank Robinson?
Depending on your tastes: Dave Grohl, Chuck Norris, Frank Robinson, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, Jimmy Carter
MLB History:Did you know in 1958, that Frank Robinson won the Gold Glove for LF, Willie Mays the award for CF and Hank Aaron won it for RF?
Miguel Cabrera has more (or equal) career X than... H: Joe Morgan,. 2B: Willie Mays. HR: Andre Dawson. RBI: Mickey Mantle. IBB: Frank Robinson
Follow, & Reply tagging two friends to enter to win this Frank Robinson auto 01/67 from Heritage! https…
Frank Robinson interview after final Expos home game: put a good product on field, fans will come.
frank talked about his experience with Ross Robinson and said he cried everyday and had to go to the doctors for steroid injections twice
Dude a real life Frank Abagnale, Jr. From catch me if u can... But the problem is he not really that good dude...
Frank Robinson (National League until 1966 trade to the Os) on Line 1 for you...
I'm not a fancy guy. I'm not a glamour boy. I don't intrigue the fans, and obviously I don't interest the sports-writers. . Frank Robinson
here's my Robinson team in the Players Chamionship from the 7th spot.
wanders over to him & demands to know: Do you take loads of Cocaine like Frank Bough?
Thank you for the awesome swag!! The Frank Robinson card is unbelievable.
on 806-85 Robinson Street, by Rod Frank, Sales Rep for $339,900 See
Why do so many white fans suddenly want to Jackie Robinson explained answer well in a 1970 letter.
Frank Please help a dying little girl who had funds for her life saving surgery stolen Pls Donate&RT
Theatre nerds I need help! Looking for the title of a play (one act I believe)about Ann Frank and Jackie Robinson meeting in heaven
frank robinson played 10 yrs in CIN, 6 in BAL, but he's an Oriole. Reggie Jackson: 10yrs in OAK; 5 in NY. He's a Yankee.
I haven't seen a player in this game, as long as I've been in it, that can't be pitched t
Tom it's all good. It was the O's Frank Robinson who hit it & Brooks went deep next. Hope you're well.
Frank Iero transforms solo project; announces new album, streams new song—listen
"Don't give Gareth Robinson any more money" Frank Cushnahan told John Miskelly, "we'll give him something from refinancin…
Rest in the Peace of the Lord dear brother USNavy PO2 Frank Eugene are in our prayers!
Thank you for your frank assessment of the You gave the only criticism that made…
- Alou, Baker, Craig, and Robinson. Frank would've used both Minton and Lavelle to win tonight. Ha!
1966 – Professional baseball player, Frank Robinson was named MVP of the American League
1935 – Baseball player and manager, Frank Robinson was born
.ties Frank Robinson for 9th all-time with his 586th career homer – while recording 1,800th career RBI.
Hey I was thinking :. Is Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson the worst trade ever?. Or Bill Lee for Stan Papi?
Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Frank Howard and Sandy Koufax tagged him in 1963. Lemaster hit two of his four home runs in 1963.
Traded to Angels in deal for Andy Messersmith and Ken McMullen. Bobby V,Frank Robinson, Bill Singer also in deal
Carlos Lee had more grand slams than Willie Mays and Frank Robinson combined. But he had one fewer than Robin Ventura.
With that grand slam, ties Frank Robinson for 9th place on the Orioles all-time home run list (179).
Imagine how good a high school team would be with Frank Robinson, Curt Flood, & Vada Pinson? Reds signed all 3 from same school
Id like to do a top 10 on this but Frank Robinson is close to Sosa with one of his seasons missing and Pujols will push them off soon anyway
But I'm not going to walk Barry Bonds, like some teams do, in the firs...
No, I don't think my presence will cause an increase in black attendan...
People come out to see the players. When do you see a manager anyway? ...
Mr. Robinson what you got to say about Fairfield, what you mean Frank Matthews I don't represent them is that in Alabama?lol.
I always tried to do the best. I knew I couldn't always be the best, b...
The fan is the one who suffers. He cheers a guy to a .350 season then ...
Great story on Frank Robinson in Morning Note today: (Yes, I'm just now reading AM emails ...)
Dusty remembers more baseball than Frank Robinson has forgotten.
Great discussion guys with Shane Flanagan & Trent Robinson .. informative and frank 👍
I liked a video Frank Gore talks Andrew Luck, Colts, and 49ers with Michael Robinson | NFL Network
Does this finally offset the Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas trade?
May 24, 1967: Frank Robinson leaps to grab HR to right but loses it when his glove hits the fence.
Frank Kovach has endorsed Eric Robinson to replace him on the Sarasota County School Board.
Great look at how Frank Robinson lengthened his stirrups by having extra fabric sewn in (note the seam near ankle).
Frank Robinson was known for blousing his pants so the stripes didn't show.
Thank you to Harold, Steve Robinson, Frank Borsa, Chuck Mattera, Sam Helfrich, David Zippel - you have helped bring us closer to our goal!
I added a video to a playlist Frank Robinson
If Frank Robinson was the NBA's Dean of Discipline, Draymond woulda got 2 games, lol.
You have to have a short memory as a closer.
Frank White's treasurer, Eric Robinson, is a treasurer for multiple SuperPacs in Florida. His whole campaign is...
The just reminded us that today is the 50th anniversary of Frank Robinson hitting the only ball completely out…
Milt Pappas remembered for Frank Robinson trade and near perfect game
Reds stars Vada Pinson and Frank Robinson before start of 1961 WS at Yankee Stadium.
Radical Baseball: Ken Singleton incorrect: Frank Robinson had no games with 2 HR and 2 HBP. Why exaggerate?
Cliff, Moses, Frank are locks. Then Clem, Shirley, Cash, Robinson fight for 2 spots. No room for a draftpick.
You got Frank in 2015, you've added Shirley, Ryan Robinson is unknown but here, Clem is back on 1 yr deal as bridge...
Umm take a look in the mirror frank iero robinson tomlinson
player-coach used to be very common in baseball- Ty Cobb, Joe Torre, Frank Robinson, Connie Mack
A great article about one of our favorite bartenders! Zion Modern Kitchen's Frank Robinson. Be sure to include...
Frank Robinson All-Star Game BP clip. This man put up some big numbers. 2x MVP
Um, Gare? Keith? Frank Robinson hit 49 HR when he won the Triple Crown in 1966.
Ichiro 7 for 19 on the young season in limited action, and now 1 hit behind Frank Robinson for 32nd place on the all-time list.
We decided to take skincare to another level. The mastery of Frank Robinson helped us to create these delicious...
Enough to make a fan queasy... At least I got to tell him about the great Frank Robinson!
Performers who sounded so much like the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, the Temps, the 4 Tops, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight - amazing.
Update your maps at Navteq
Well I went to Walter Johnson High so take that. How about Frank Robinson?
Milt Pappas, Orioles Hall of Famer traded for Frank Robinson, dies at 76
- S. She's like Frank Robinson. Or Obama. Gotta take it to prove her point.
Best O's trade since Milt Pappas to the Reds for Frank Robinson
Lots of dance-related posts for some reason ;) On a different note Karl Robinson might care for some Frank Zappa
The scoreboard looks so small! My 1st game there was the opener in '75 where Frank Robinson hit the game winning HR👀
Frank: The First Year Frank Robinson Was the First African-American Hired to Serve as Manager in Major League
Here we have the latest update from Group Manager Frank Robinson at the scene of the Fleetwood Recycling Fire.
Ichiro is one hit shy of tying Frank Robinson. Currently he has 2,942 hits in his career.
to former Toronto Marlie and NHLer Jerome Dupont and his Trenton Golden Hawks. Shout to Frank Robinson,...
What do you get if you cross Frank Spencer with Anne Robinson?
Worse than the Glenn Davis trade. At least it's evened out by the Frank Robinson (fleeced CIN) & Adam Jones (fleeced SEA) deals.
Hey , you ever share the story of your group at at Torrey Pines hitting Frank Robinson's watch & breaking it?
Frank Robinson, once acquired by the Dodgers for Doyle Alexander, threw out the ceremonial first pitch, caught by Dave Roberts
Mark Trumbo becomes 3rd player to HR in his 1st 2 games for at Fenway. Others: Frank Robinson in 1966, Lee May 1975.
April 8th :. 1975 – Frank Robinson manages the Cleveland Indians in his first game as major league baseball's...
On this day in history - 1974, Hank passes The Babe with and in 1975 Frank Robinson becomes first black manager in MLB.
Frank Robinson, Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn are tied at the top with eight home runs
I just didn't have anything to say, so I said nothing.
Download the new single 'love somebody' by Keith Robinson on itunes.
I think Frank Robinson is a better example than LeBron.
Ohhh, that+I hole-punched cards to hang on pegboard by team including '66 Frank Robinson w/Orioles + Nolan Ryan rookie card!
A look back at some vintage Orioles baseball cards (so why is Frank Robinson wearing a Reds uniform?).
Two ex men join Frank Sinclair at Hednesford, Mo Cham and Marvin Robinson.
next you'll be telling us the Sox are no longer trying to acquire Frank Robinson.
Frank Robinson's '66 baseball card said Orioles, but that looks a lot like a Reds uniform.
Keep going strong brother! i am 4 cases hit: dual auto relic of Adam Jones, frank robinson REDEMPTION BOO
Most Nats fans don't give much thought to Expos. Historic numbers should include Frank Robinson's 20 and Livo's 61.
Got the chance to chat to Frank on U105 radio this morning about and Maternal here's my bit
No. 1, these guys out here on this field. They keep my energy level up. The...
Looks like the opening credits of Call My Bluff. Half expecting to see Robert Robinson, Frank Muir and Patrick Campbell now.
Just signed off letters from to Frank Cushnahan, David Gray, Gareth Robinson, Ronnie Hanna & John Miskelly
Roy, Ross, Pondexter, Thomas, Robinson, Brockman, Recasner, Detlef, Welp, Edwards, Hawes. . None of them did what Andrews did…
Comp of what Os gave for Frank Robinson. Slight past prime Wally Joyner, prime Tyler Clippard, and prime Bret Saberhagen.
Indians to induct Jim Thome, Albert Belle, Frank Robinson into Hall - via App
Orlando Cepeda and Frank Robinson check the sun before the 1959 All Star Game at Forbes Field.
*** Allen had a career wRC+ of 155, ahead of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio, and Frank Robinson.
1st was the big gun, frank Robinson in '56!
Did you know about Frank Robinson and Baltimore's last Republican mayor?.
Privilege speaks so fluently, but listens so poorly. -Frank Robinson
Frank Robinson is the only player to be named MVP in both leagues.
Frank Robinson passed away last night after being hit by a car. He will be missed by the whole family.
He'll be there along with Edward G Robinson, George Raft, Pat O'Brien, Frank McHugh, Allen Jenkins, Bette Davis etc...
Truly amazing story about Frank Robinson seeking 'shelter' & great writing by
Fascinating piece on Frank Robinson's difficulty finding housing in segregated c. 1966:
Fifty years ago, Frank Robinson’s search for housing in Baltimore helped in ‘opening the…
34 yrs ago today, and Frank Robinson - and their 1,341 combined HRs - were elected to the
50 yrs ago, newly-acquired OF Frank Robinson's search for housing was difficult in a segregated ht…
Frank Robinson opened doors for others in Baltimore
Why not? Lou Boudreau and Frank Robinson did it in Cleveland.
Allen:. - only he, McGwire & Frank Robinson have led each league in OPS. - first to hit 2 HR in a game off Nolan Ryan
In a surprising piece of news, Daniel Murphy will wear the number 20. Also worn by Frank Robinson and Ian Desmond.
really cherry picking results here: Frank Robinson-38 HR, 122 Runs, 64 walks--and only 95 SO. No contest
Congratulations to Frank Robinson, trainer of the EPOL fed -. SECOND LIEUTENANT 4bG Miesque's Approval (USA) -...
.poses with Frank Robinson at Hank Aaron Award ceremony.
I'm old enough to have interviewed Frank Robinson when he managed the Expos.
2015 Mets are the 1966 Baltimore Os with Daniel Murphy playing the part of Frank Robinson
Brooks Robinson,Jim Palmer,Frank Robinson got me hooked early on
NJBIA Frank Robinson will be moderating at the German American Chamber of Commerce’s East Coast Industry Forum
Hi. 1/2 pt ppr. Should I start Allen Robinson and Hurns together or should I start Jarvis Landry or Frank Gore? Thank you.
US firm PIMCO had talks with Peter Robinson re NI loan sale in May 2013 and says Frank Cushnahan also attended the …
A new line from Nama in regard to the May 2013 meeting at which Frank Cushnahan introduced Pimco to Peter Robinson
In response to oral question Arlene Foster says she has met Gareth Robinson, Ian Coulter and Frank Cushnahan but was …
Peter Robinson says his first meeting with potential NAMA buyer may have been set up by Frank Cushnahan, Ian Coulter. He kn…
Peter Robinson can't be sure whether it was Frank Cushnahan or Ian Coulter who set up first May 2013 meeting with Pimco
Mr Robinson describes Ian Coulter & Frank Cushnahan as "pillars of establishment". Says he never considered they were getti…
. Wow! You got past Mary McAleece and Mary Robinson? Got blocked by Frank McDonald, formerly from Irish Times. Good to hear.
THURSDAY HINT: He ranks ahead of Frank Robinson, Johnny Bench and Ted Kluszewski on that list.
I dropped Freeman in Week 1 to handcuff Josh Robinson to Frank Gore. So, so, so dumb.
Allen Robinson or frank gore at flex in a standard league?
Frank Robinson 1975 ~ (professional baseball player) becomes the manager of the Cleveland Indians and the first Black …
Don't do that, Frank. You're just hating on Robinson, lmao!
NJBIA's Frank Robinson: We’re just concerned that this is another NJ mandate for employers …
is there a less appreciated all time great baseball player than frank Robinson?
How do you trade Vada Pinson, Frank Robinson and Tommy Harper? Who trades their outfield?
The undercurrent of the derisive nickname "Charlie Hustle", was its dig at his mentors Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson & Tommy Harper.
All I'm saying is that Brooks Robinson is 78, Jim Palmer is 70, Davey Johnson is 72 Frank Robinson is 80.
Chitwood to law enforcement = Frank Pino to officiating and Gary Lee Robinson to painting
says it was never told of May 2013 Pimco meeting involving Peter Robinson and Frank Cushnahan 2/2
Peter Robinson's memory eh? As he listed Frank Cushnahan's many business associations he neglected to mention he was c…
Firing of Sparky, trading Tony, firing Tony, trade of Frank Robinson, replacing Sam Wyche with Dave Shula
Frank Robinson staring down Jim Wolf is still the all-time great.
In 1935 - American professional baseball player & first black manager in major league baseball, Frank Robinson was born.
If you'd told me back in 2013 that I wouldn't be missing Frank's sophomore because Abel was here, I'd have said you were crazy.
The big one for me is Frank Robinson's 80th birthday next Monday.
Ex Bishop Geoffrey Robinson breaks ranks and denounces Pell at Child Abuse
I had no trouble communicating, the player's just didn't like what I had to say. -Frank Robinson
RB Josh Robinson decided to spruce up Frank Gore's interview with some dance moves.
Subbing in for Frank Ocean at Kanye West brought Rihanna onstage as surprise guest. My review:
Oh my Lord I remember Johnny Robinson...he was like Frank Spencer crossed with Rod Hull 😂 😂 😂
Yes! We're SO proud of our very own Frank Robinson! Stoli champion for the caribbean! I mean, who are we...
frank gore and josh Robinson are something we've been missing for a long time he got 5 yards each run
Josh Robinson is really good like backup to Frank Gore type of good
Good Samaritan who visited sick children dressed as dies after a car hit his
I totally agree also. On a different note how about Frank Robinson not being a Reds franchise four ? Have a great weekend
Brooks, Frank Robinson and Hank Aaron were my 3 favs growing up in the '60s & '70s. No particular order.
Only Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson and Willie Mays have more "legit and accepted" 20 HR season than
Only Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Frank Robinson, and Willie Mays have more 20 HR seasons than
Congrats to Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken Jr., Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson for being voted the Orioles...
Just how many bombs would Frank Robinson have hit out of this place in a Home Run Derby?
Congrats young Schwarber! And you get to pose with Frank Robinson!.
Wow! I just won this for free, Frank Robinson 2003 Donruss Classics Numbered Membership 55/250
“and he should have a statue” A Frank Robinson statue is not a bad idea.
Kyle Schwarber gets his hardware from Frank Robinson
Adam Jones has now passed Frank Robinson on the Os all time list with 180 career oriole home runs!
Adam Jones has 180 career home runs after today, passing Frank Robinson for 9th most in franchise history.
Frank Robinson, my favorite baseball player when I was a kid.
congrats on tying the gr8 Frank Robinson on All Time Oriole HR list. Great company ,it speaks of ur hard work. Glad ur an Oriole
MVP Kyle Schwarber gets his hardware from the legendary Frank Robinson. (Vine by
Everyone's clapping for Kyle Schwarber, I'm clapping for Frank Robinson
Adam Jones passes Frank Robinson on the Orioles HR list, now
Goodbye, home run! ties Frank Robinson for 8th place on the all-time home run list with 179.
Watch All-Star Adam go yard, tying Frank Robinson for 8th on the O's all-time home run list:
Adam Jones on passing Frank Robinson on HR list: "He did that in six years here. Took me eight. He’s a little better…
When I think of the Baltimore Orioles is Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Boog Powell.
Mike Trout is the 4th player w/ four 25-HR seasons by his age-23 season. Others are Hall of Famers: Frank Robinson, Edd…
. I would have guessed Frank Robinson in the early 60's would have done that. Great stuff!!
Christopher Russo: "Frank Robinson is underrated historically". LOL are u kidding me mad dog?!
only really great player I can think was a good manager is Frank Robinson, one could maybe argue Joe Torre
December 1, 1956: In an unanimous vote, Reds outfielder Frank Robinson is selected as the National League Rookie...
Kind of like sending Willie McCovey or Frank Robinson up there to bunt.
Keenan Thompson and Beck Bennett Jost played bewildered sportscasters Jim Palmer and Frank Robinson, who kept unintenti…
came down to Morgan and Frank Robinson for me...
and honestly, Keenan Thompson playing Frank Robinson was embarrassingly bad.
"Close don't count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades. -Frank Robinson"
Now who can forget Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas, for God's sake!
Imagine watching an outfield of Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Roberto Clemente or Al Kaline, Carl Yaz and Frank Robinson. Wow.
I like Frank Robinson who hit the bottle and shrugged when his team's sucked better than Williams/Rizzo pretending all good
Bryant > Machado, Ripken Jr., Brooks and Frank Robinson all combined.
cont.the Brooklyn Dodgers and Frank Robinson of the Cincinnati Redlegs play the first games of their brilliant careers.
I can name a Few Reds better than Pete Rose. Like Johnny Bench Joe Morgan and Frank Robinson but anyway…
Excited 2 be honored tmrw at Dodger Stadium w/ Magic Johnson and Frank Robinson in Celebration of Jackie Robinson Day ht…
40 years ago, Frank Robinson delivered on historic day
Best autographs not at a live game - Vida Blue and Frank Robinson.
40 years ago, Robinson delivered on historic day
40 years ago today,Frank Robinson became 1st African-American manager in majors. Was player manager, hit a homer in the 1st inning of game
HR biffs the Frank Robinson anniversary by 10 years
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