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Frank Ocean

Christopher Francis Ocean (born Christopher Breaux; October 28, 1987), better known by his stage name Frank Ocean, is an American singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Brad Pitt says he's been listening to 'a lot' of Frank Ocean following Angelina Jolie split
Brad Pitt refers to Frank Ocean in his latest update with
Brad Pitt is a Frank Ocean stan now
Brad Pitt talks about his love for Frank Ocean in
Brad Pitt shouts out Frank Ocean in GQ Style cover story: "I find this young man so special" https:/…
Out here sounding like Frank Ocean's mom on that voicemail track
Frank Ocean blessed us with Slide, Chanel, Biking, Lens and now a 'Slide on Me' remix with Young Thug. I serve a gracious God…
dori~. Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Ella Fitzgerald. Only Love by Ben Howard. Renee by Sales. Ivy by Frank Ocean
I'm too sure why Frank Ocean has been sprinkling tracking this year, but so far I'm enjoying it.
LISTEN RIGHT NOW. Frank Ocean just dropped "Slide On Me" ft. Hear it on 005:
Travis Scott is very excited about working with Frank Ocean and Mike Dean on production.
Travis Scott remixes Frank Ocean's new track 'Lens', previewed on Blonded Radio
Travis Scott and Frank Ocean together sounds like when Mew and Mewtwo had their final battle. This is a historic moment…
Frank Ocean x Travis Scott - Lens and there's remixes on deck just wait.
Frank Ocean debuts new single “Lens” with an alternate version featuring Travis Scott
Listen to Frank Ocean and new collaboration "Lens V2".
Frank Ocean returns with his latest single, "Lens."
What did we do to deserve a Frank Ocean x Travis Scott collab
Kim Jong Un better hold these nukes off until after I see Frank Ocean in July
Y'all gonna date them beta males & he either gonna pull a Frank Ocean or Caitlyn Jenner on you
Hyped for the return of to Birmingham on Tue 2 May - FFO Jamie Woon, Frank Ocean, D'Angelo
Frank Ocean's blonded radio show on Apple Music is 🔥. Love how off center and random the conversations and music is yet it's still cohesive
SZA, Daniel Caesar, Willow Smith, Kali Uchis, Miguel, & Frank Ocean will always have my heart❤️
We've added Frank Ocean & to our In The Studio playlist. Who do you think we should add next? https:/…
Travis Scott. Denzel Curry. ovo artists. the asap mob. TDE. Tyler the Creator. Frank Ocean. Kaytra. Solange. boy better know
Calvin Harris' single w/ Migos & Frank Ocean is literally the only song on "dance pop" radio saving us from all this h…
Learning songs by Frank Ocean on ukulele. A Good Friday.
Kanye going to McDonald's in Frank Ocean's "Boys Don't Cry" magazine
Lana Del Rey, Danny Brown, Frank Ocean & Young Thug will be at way out west and I won't
Frank Ocean probably the most consistent artist of the 21st Century not named Kanye West. Can this be refuted??
Frank Ocean has dropped a tease of his new collaboration with Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator
Here's the official CDQ of Frank Ocean, Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator's new song "Biking"
Pyramid // Frank Ocean is such a long song lol
We so blessed, Frank Ocean keeps releasing new 🔥tracks. Praise ze Lord
Frank Ocean only has one more Grammy than pitbull...let that sink in
Frank Ocean released a snippet of a new track featuring Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator.
Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" is the Beethoven's 5th Symphony of the 21st century
Frank Ocean's discography is way too shallow for it to be this amazing
tonight's lyrics brought to you by Frank Ocean
Done. . After . 2 Red Bull's. 2 Cups of coffee . Lots of Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, 1975, and Sampha...we made it.
Frank Ocean really breaks my heart in the best way ever
Calvin Harris shows the making of 'Slide' with Frank Ocean & Migos
**Frank Ocean was spotted with Tyler, the Creator, Michael Jackson, Hailey Baldwin, and others.
Just wanna see Frank Ocean sing Strawberry Swing and I will be happy forever and ever
Josh just found out Frank Ocean dropped a new album
Left Brain and Frank Ocean have the best verses on Oldie. @ me
always willing to lob a Frank Ocean song you're welcome 💕
Frank Ocean's "nikes" reminds me of the first day of senior year. "Thinkin bout you" reminds me of the first heartbreak of…
Win tickets to to see Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Weezer, and more:
Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean ft Earl Sweatshirt. - He's honestly so amazing . - So hard to find just one song to post htt…
imagine a world where Frank Ocean released music as much as Drake
I find Frank Ocean to be one of the most overrated, overhyped, mediocre musician to ever curse the planet with his voice. It's dreadful.
Frank Ocean is one of the purest and most unique people on this planet. i really love him.
Frank Ocean treats fans with new song 'Chanel'
Run back that playlist! Frank Ocean had tracks by and more +
Frank Ocean is next scheduled for March 17th at 10 PM EST on Apple Music
Frank Ocean delivers the one thing we didn't know we needed. his new track "Chanel" on h…
Imagine your masculinity being so toxic that you complain about frank ocean singing about men...
Currently on repeat on blonded RADIO . "Chanel" by Frank Ocean:
Waking up to earlier to new Frank Ocean on is a good way to start the weekend! 👌
We don't deserve Frank Ocean we really don't
Us: "Frank Ocean is going to go back into hiding after he releases his new album.". Frank Ocean:
Frank Ocean: a icon. a man. a genius.
frank ocean dropped THAT single he did THAT to me
Yo hmu i'll sing frank ocean straight into your ***
Check out the ASAP Rocky remix of Frank Ocean's "Chanel."
Ok so frank ocean is dropping singles now??? Am I about to get another album??? Frank PLEASE
I want frank ocean to sing me to sleep every night
Slide ft. Frank Ocean & Migos is available everywhere now 🌊🌊🌊
this new Frank Ocean ... is so good .
Frank Ocean is incredible like honestly one of the best artists of ALL TIME I am crying,
"My guy is pretty like a girl, and he got 5 stories to tell, i see both sides like chanel" SAY THAT FRANK OCEAN.
frank ocean really really back. I never thought i'd see the second coming of christ in this lifetime
Frank Ocean makes music for my heart.
Here's every song Frank Ocean played on the second episode of
Frank ocean is one of the best lyricist of this generation
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Frank Ocean just released a new track, and you need to listen to it now.
when Frank Ocean releases music more than once within a 4 year time frame
Frank Ocean one of the greatest artist of this generation.
Frank Ocean just released a song called Chanel. It's about me.
you: I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. me, an intellectual: Chanel by Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean just released a song, yw
Quavo comments on accusations of being homophobic: "I got a record with Frank Ocean"
While I'm at it... Frank Ocean had the REAL Album Of The Year with BLONDE.
Ivy by Frank Ocean makes me cry every single time I hear it it's the most beautiful song
I wouldn't be mad if Frank Ocean dropped another part to the Lonny Breaux Collection
Day 1: A song you like with a color in the title . Frank Ocean feat. André Benjamin - Pink Matter .
PSA: you need to listen to Slide x Calvin Harris, Migos & Frank Ocean !
Frank Ocean hopped on Genius to explain the intro to “Slide”... in one sentence 🤔
Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys, The Black Madonna and more react to Moonlight and Viola Davis Oscar wins:…
Watch our first video on youtube of Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean! -Wood Street Band .
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
That Calvin Harris x Migos x Frank Ocean track is probably one of the best collabs that will come out of 2017.
Slide by Calvin Harris ft Frank Ocean and Migos will be a chart-topper. That is all.
will you ever get sick of "Slide" by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos??? Need to know!!
Now you can "Slide" into the weekend with Calvin Harris' new song with Frank Ocean and Migos:
That new Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean and Migos got me feeling like summer in spring 😩
"Slide" from Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos is one of the Best Songs of the Month: https:/…
.has a song with Frank Ocean, and everything else you need to know about the budding star.
.Frank Ocean, and “Slide” deserves to ride the no. 1 slot for 99 weeks straight
Hate my life. Jus gonna listen to frank ocean and lay in my bed.
Jay Z joined Frank Ocean on his Beats 1 Apple Music (😱) show to discuss the pros and cons of modern radio:
Frank Ocean has explained the meaning behind one of his lyrics on new song “Slide” in a new annotation
Frank Ocean has started his own show on Beats1 Radio
Frank Ocean just explained some of the lyrics from "Slide.".
has begun his reign. Get the deets:
"How many times have you listened to Frank Ocean x x in the past hour?"
Frank Ocean playing Teen Suicide on his radio station 🔥
Playboi Carti speaking on his collab with Frank Ocean
I wanna be frank ocean w the headband
if you're excited for these songs ft Frank Ocean.
Hip Hop cover I painted for Spider-Man paying homage to the legend: All Eyez On Me.
Frank Ocean presents TAP IN NOW for selections with Roof Access and Federico Aliprandi.
Miracles do happen. Kodak goes to jail. Frank Ocean drops his album. What's next? Is Harambe coming back to life?
"His history as a calculated business, man, suggests that there's more here than meets the ear."
According to Frank Ocean is working on new music that sounds like “space reggae”
You, emotionally stable, an *** listening to the song Self Control by Frank Ocean once is enough for tonight. Me:…
Migos & Frank Ocean connect with Calvin Harris on his dope new single, "Slide." Listen:
Calvin Harris x Migos x Frank Ocean is HERE. Listen to "Slide":
Calvin Harris is dropping a song with Migos and Frank Ocean tonight
Yup. Always the “separate Jah Cure/R. Kelly/Chris Brown from his music” men who can’t bear to listen to Frank Ocean or S…
Calvin Harris unveils artwork for a new single 'Slide' featuring Frank Ocean & Migos expected to release very soon
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Listen to a preview of Offset and Frank Ocean's collab with Calvin Harris 😳
It sounds like Calvin Harris has a collaboration with Frank Ocean and Offset:
Listening to Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" as I play my Las Vegas game on the Luxor level dreaming about living in Las Vegas. Too meta.
6 years ago today, Frank Ocean released Nostoliga, Ultra.
Frank Ocean's visual album is so slept on. You can thank me later
He is what Frank Ocean use to be to me from 2011-2013 . Have you heard him JaTelia Lewis
Frank Ocean is so under appreciated
Frank Ocean wrote an open letter to the Grammy's and highkey throws shade at Taylor Swift for winning Album Of The Year…
Hmm! I wonder seff bro! Maybe dem no submit the album for the award, just like Frank Ocean & Ryan Lewis dems!
Frank Ocean going full Kanye mode on the Grammys for calling his 2013 performance "faulty" revived me
I didn't even know you could make Frank Ocean mad.
so Ryan Lechte gets robbed at the Olympics and everyone talks about it, but when Frank Ocean gets robbed at the Grammys y…
Frank Ocean didn't submit his album to the Grammy's. .but neither did Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. ..does it all bal…
This is clearly the color Frank Ocean.
Frank Ocean is the best alive and doesn't need your Grammy
Thank you Frank Ocean for highlighting new ways to own ourselves and our music, not to mention our Masters...
Beyoncé fact Blue Ivy was named after two of her favorite songs, by Marina and the Diamonds and Frank Ocean, respectively
Nothing like listening to frank ocean before school
I don't understand why people listen to stressful music like chill listen to frank ocean or something
Frank ocean's verse on oldie is my favorite 😩
🤔a lifestyle you always being the focal point is innately unhealthy. 👉Frank Ocean
Wow, the newest Frank Ocean gives me chills every time I listen.
does anyone remember when Katy was randomly seen in a car with frank ocean a few years ago I need a collab
Swim Good // Frank Ocean, if u don't like this song, we probably aren't friends
Frank Ocean's father is suing him for $14.5 million over this Tumblr post
Frank Ocean is being sued by his father for $14.5 million.
Frank Ocean called his estranged father out for homophobia. Now his father’s suing him.
Frank Ocean's dad is suing him for $14.5 million over a *** slur
Frank Ocean sued by his own father for $14.5 million over *** slur claim
Frank Ocean’s father files $14.5M lawsuit against him over homophobic slur claim
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
If someone were to look at my music history, they would see like 23 Anita Baker songs, one Frank Ocean, one amigos, then back to Anita
Frank Ocean, Tribe and Carl Cox in one weekend is pretty nice
Drake, Kanye West, and Justin Beiber have joined Frank Ocean in boycotting the 2017 Grammys
Calvin Harris' new album is to be lit. Frank Ocean and Young Thug so far 👌👌
Day 28: A song by an artist with a voice you love. Frank Ocean // Swim Good
"Don't cook the books, Donald. We all know your event was dry" - Frank Ocean
Nights x Frank Ocean really makes me feel alive
We can't listen to his music because he hasn't made a good song since 2014. Ppl still love Frank Ocean, Trey Songz & Lil Wayne…
"Work hard in silence and let success be your noise." - Frank Ocean
Michael Sam, Jason Collins, and Frank Ocean ran that gimmick into the ground already.
*Ivy by Frank Ocean plays in the background*
Frank Ocean, Isaiah Rashad, MGMT, and Tyler the Creator in one night y'all don't even know how excited I am.
Blood Orange had a better album than Frank Ocean in 2016.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.". Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean and his mother at the White House State Dinner - what an ANGEL
I've had an awful day so I'm recovering in bed with root ginger tea and Frank Ocean 👌🏼
I desperately need Solange Knowles and Frank Ocean to collab for an album. please God.
remember when Chris Brown got beat up by Frank Ocean
He engineered for Frank Ocean for five years, now talks aesthetic, monitoring and more.
Anderson.Paak and Frank Ocean are my subjects of interest atm. Gonna study them tonight.
I'd rather chip my pride than lose my mind out here. -Frank Ocean
I don't trust people who don't think Blonde by Frank Ocean was the album of the year
Started my day heavy on Frank Ocean, but my night will end strong with Bruce Springsteen
I think Frank Ocean was the one who got hit in that situation
Frank Ocean is the greatest artist of this generation we can debate this physically if u want to
Excellent piece. With and find room to experiment and explore:
How is Frank Ocean not headlining any festival this year?
Ok so now that we had a new Frank Ocean album and the new Japandroids album coming, let's focus our attention on Hopium's debut album.
You have to really listen to Frank Ocean music
it's a shame. Godspeed is my favorite song on Frank Ocean's album. 🤔🙄😢
Order Miche Bag Online!
Remember when and I almost went to a FYF in LA but decided against it then Frank Ocean dropped and Kanye…
12. Frank Ocean gave us the aesthetically pleasing Nikes video.
I bet up and down that the pitched vocals on 'blonde' were influenced by frank ocean's drug trips.
Frank Ocean can sing to you softly but also bar you up...a legend
mom, wants Kim Burrell's voice removed from
Bath bombs while listing to Frank Ocean is heaven on earth idc what anyways says idc idc 😤
I added a video to a playlist Frank Ocean - Blasted
Devyn is so talented, she sounds like an angel I'm so impressed (the song is Ivory by Frank Ocean)
did you listen to blonde Frank Ocean...Anderson Paak
Make an Album better than The Weeknd,Frank Ocean,or Anderson .Paak
An Anderson Paak x Frank Ocean collabo will be absolutely mental. Just imagine the sound.
Frank Ocean's mom on Kim Burrell's "Blonde" feature: "Son, can we crop her voice out of your song?"
I would've booked a flight for Coachella this year if Frank Ocean and Anderson .Paak would've been on the line up.
I would love to see some current acts like Mitski, Car Seat Headrest, Anderson .Paak, Anohni or Frank Ocean. Maybe Outside Lands?
Frank Ocean's "Blonde" and the two albums by Anderson .Paak :-)
Anderson Paak, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Solange, Bruno Mars all impressed me this year.
RnB? I like Ty dolla sign I like the internet Frank Ocean and Anderson .Pacc
Did you people discover Frank Ocean today or what? I am confused. Nostalgia Ultra? Channel Orange? You missed those classes?
Peeping Robin Pecknold's Instagram and seeing his unabashed love for Frank Ocean makes me love him and Fleet Foxes even more.
Artists that I want to see a 2nd time in concert: Frank Ocean, Anderson .Paak, Childish Gambino, & The Weeknd
The Contemporary R&B Album of the Year is: Malibu by Anderson .Paak. PC: Blonde by Frank Ocean.
And if I can add more: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (both alone + with Suzanne Ciani), Emma *** ATCR, Gold Panda, Frank Ocean, Roisin Murphy.
fact that Frank Ocean had Kim Burrell, Jazmine Sullivan & Beyonce sing BV's for him on his rec was such a Boss move. That's how EPIC he is
Frank Ocean's kind of sort of cover of Elliott Smith's Fond Farewell to a friend on blonde is making my night.
Apple Music execs Iovine & Jackson go on defense about Frank Ocean, Kany.. Related Articles:
still an A1 song Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean ♫
this is how I feel about Acura Integurl by Frank Ocean
J.Cole & Chance the Rapper & Otis Redding & Ricky Nelson &a Frank Ocean will forever be my favorites.
me: so what music are u into. her: i LOVE Frank Ocean. me: omg me too, remember when he was in odd future?. her: what's Odd…
+++ Black Beatles by Rae Stremmurd, Kaytranada, Frank Ocean (of course), Young Thug, Esperanza Spaulding. . 2016 was great year for music.
I slowed and pitched down "Nights" by Frank Ocean to its natural pitch, and WOW. . Get ready to be in the feels, this is…
Sierra Leone x Frank Ocean's has one of the most beautiful well put instrumentals I've ever heard.
Do you guys ships to Malaysia? on Frank Ocean's site says yes but when at checkout page it says no
What happens when you listen to Blond by Frank Ocean one time
Frank Ocean the only person who can get me through finals week
Bout to dive in to all these new albums today. Frank Ocean, Cole, Ab-Soul, Dave East, Post Malone, and The Weeknd. G…
If I had a dollar for every time I hurt someone or push someone away I'd be street racing with Tyler The Creator and Frank Ocean too 💀
Did anyone ever ask Tom Hanks his thoughts on Frank Ocean's Forest Gump?
My Predictable Top 5 AOTY so far: Frank Ocean,. and Lots of really good stuff tho.
I love Frank Ocean. I think he's so talented and his music is so great.
Y'all need to stop sleeping on Ro James, Isaiah Rashad, Big K.R.I.T and Frank Ocean.
Nights by Frank Ocean perfectly describes my nocturnal schedule and inner dialogue about how I should have a more normal sc…
saying Frank Ocean doesn't see color on Blonde when the first track cross-references Trayvon Martin and Pimp C is just, like.
What does frank ocean album have to do with you ?
“We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson.” ~ Frank Ocean
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Frank Ocean Pyramids make me want to jump on that stage ! 😛👯
Proud of Frank Ocean winning Album of the year
R&B singer set to play festivals in US, Europe, UK in 2017 -
Never thought Johhn Mayer and Frank Ocean could be so good😩😍
Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, & Frank Ocean are among Rolling Stone's Best Albums of 2016
lately I've felt a lot of low self-esteem, but I keep thinking of Frank Ocean saying "there will be mountains you won't move"
Frank Ocean has one of the most creative minds in the music industry.
Sunday , best Frank Ocean feature to date
🔌 Frank Ocean will headline London's Lovebox Festival, his first live performance since 2014.
My headphones r like an IV that just pump Frank Ocean into me 24/7 to maintain life/a steady heartbeat
Frank Ocean will make his first major appearances since 2014 in these three festivals next year: ht…
Sunday by Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean is such a golden song.
I still think Nights by Frank Ocean deserves a Grammy don't @ me
Nights x Frank Ocean still sings to my soul. It's like I'm listening to it for the first time every time I play/hear i…
Told him I was gonna write an album like Adele or Frank Ocean and it'd be a masterpiece. He hates me. I love him th…
*** I forgot I bought the frank ocean album let me listen to that real quick
You ever wonder how frank ocean thought of his name? It's pretty smooth
If you don't like Frank Ocean idk if we can vibe
I always forget how much I love frank ocean
Going to Sasquatch this year purely because of Frank Ocean
imagine a vocal sample of Frank Ocean requesting all the furniture in some posh boutique hotel suite be removed so he…
Frank Ocean will headline not one, but two music festivals in 2017.
and Frank Ocean does live shows all the time no big deal
🚨🚨🚨 Frank Ocean is headlining and we can't handle it 🚨🚨🚨
Should not be listening to self control by frank ocean but here I am in my feels in the lib
brooklynvegan: CoS says Frank Ocean is playing Panorama Festival in NYC too:
Frank Ocean. -English teacher. -All the students love him. -Promise the class he's gonna post grades soon, NEVER DOES
Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, and Kendrick Lamar are going to be at Coachella . *Buys tickets*
Godspeed by Frank Ocean will always bring me to tears.
Frank Ocean will headline next year alongside and more. View the full lineup:
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FRANK OCEAN & CHANCE THE RAPPER to headline Dear God. Look at this lineup!
A 2017 Frank Ocean European tour is expected, according to
Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean all gonna be at Coachella? Looks like I'm selling someone's kid
really anything from hip hop to contemporary R&B (a lot of chance the rapper, frank ocean, and the weekend)
just came across something that sounds like Jai Paul x Frank Ocean and I’m not listening to anything else for the rest of the day
When the shuffle on your playlist is smart. Frank Ocean - Close To You ~~> Calvin Harris - Feel So Close . I feel so close to you right now💃
*** Close to You by Frank Ocean is really speaking to me too much today lmao
Frank Ocean x Close to You >>>>> man just pay attention to the words. He be speakin
Top 5 albums of the year. David Bowie: Blackstar. Kings of Leon: WALLS. Frank Ocean: Blond. Animals as Leaders: Madness of Many. Weeknd: Starboy
Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Vektor, James Blake, Bon Ivee...plenty of better albums tbh
why this 6LACK cat sound like a mix between Frank Ocean and Drake?
Drake kanye and um I guess Frank Ocean. My reasons is based solely on if I've heard these artist featured and how...
extremely frustrating. we complained how long for Frank Ocean? just to forget about it not even days later.
My love for Frank Ocean is deep rooted and set it stone
'Channel Orange' only took Frank Ocean two weeks to write.
.and Matthew E. White’s (new album covers Leonard Cohen, Frank Ocean, more
2016 has been a blessing for music: Frank Ocean, Yeezy, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Roy Woods...
Frank Ocean doesn’t submit album to Grammys, calls it his ‘Colin K - Yardbarker
Frank Ocean wrote Chanel Orange in 2 weeks and this interview is making me reevaluate my choice to interact with an…
Frank Ocean opens up about leaving Def Jam, says skipping Grammys will be his "Kaepernick moment"
Alicia Keys released an album this year. Usher. Beyoncé. Kanye. Drake. Frank Ocean. Faves. You'd think our playlist would b…
"Have you been in love since then, since 2012?" . "Not the lasting kind." . Love this man. .
Frank Ocean opens up in his 1st interview since Blonde...and it's everything you wanted!
"I’m not in a record deal, I don’t have to operate in an album format. I can operate in half-a-song format."
When Frank Ocean give ONE interview, the whole world talk ab that and ppl drinks his words. He is BLACK n *** Imag…
"Don’t Mix Between My Personality and My Attitude because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on You." . - Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean opens up about everything in first interview since Blonde's release:
learning new words like lagniappe from Frank Ocean .
🔌 Frank Ocean wrote Channel Orange in only 2 weeks
Frank Ocean speaks in rare interview about leaving Def Jam, Grammy's boycott & more
Here's the one good reason why Frank Ocean won't win a Grammy this year.
Emeli Sande and Frank Ocean are aliens I swear
Yall waited for Frank Ocean, I know you guys can wait for this lol.
Frank Ocean returned as mysteriously as he slipped away. He hasn’t spoken out about his new work — until now.
Self control by Frank Ocean is one of his best songs
enews: Frank Ocean didn't submit his new music for Grammy consideration...but don't that that was a mistake:…
Read Frank Ocean's new interview with the NY Times - "Frank Ocean Is Finally Free, Mystery Intact"
Frank Ocean Talks with the NYT About His Love Life, Being Mysterious, the Grammys and More
today in philosophy we talked about/watched/listened to Frank Ocean the entire time
Y'all remember when y'all cried for 9 years for that Frank Ocean album & stop listening a day after it came out?
Frank Ocean says opting out of Grammys was "my Colin Kaepernick moment"
Frank Ocean on skipping the Grammys in protest: 'I'd rather this be my Colin Kaepernick moment'…
says not submitting for Grammys is his "moment':
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