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Frank Martin

Frank Martin (15 September 1890 in the Eaux-Vives quarter of Geneva – 21 November 1974 in Naarden) was a Swiss composer, who lived a large part of his life in the Netherlands.

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Scott Drew seems like a nice guy but I think Frank Martin is better at coaching.
Frank Martin's letter on The Players Tribune is a must-read for Gamecock fans. What it means to be a Gamecock:.
On tonight's Sweet 16:. on how Frank Martin fine-tuned a team which had been wobbling.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin helping make math a priority for K-8 students in the state:
Frank Martin was on Dan Patrick today. He and Huggy are tight. Can only imagine going out with those 2.
VIDEO: Full interview of coach Frank Martin on Dan Patrick
Frank Martin told he once wrote 140 letters to college coaches. The ONLY ONE to respond was Coach K. STORY…
Dan Patrick asked Frank Martin about jobs he has held before, and what came out was valuable life advice.
Frank Martin confirms he used to be a Bouncer at a club.
Don't matter if you're a Gamecock or not, Frank Martin puts Andy Katz in his place about the *** flying the rebel…
Did you see Andy Katz try to bait Frank Martin with a question about the Confederate Flag?FM shut him down and gave a gr8 answer
I forgot that Frank Martin played the villain in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
This is why Frank Martin is a great coach. He knows his Pitbull.
The guy Currie ran off at Kansas State just took out No. 2 seed Dook: Frank Martin has done a nice job at South…
Frank Martin down there looking, acting, and dressing exactly like a villain from *** TRACY.
Frank Martin looks like a crime boss in a Jason Stathem movie.
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Frank Martin's garnet trousers and sport coat 🔥 would make Wimp Sanderson blush.
Frank Martin is wearing his Wimp Sanderson suit tonight.
Frank Martin out there looking like Wimp Sanderson
That is South Carolina's 1st NCAA Tourney win since 1973. Frank Martin has put South Carolina back on the college baske…
Salome by Oscar Wilde. Two-colour wood engravings by Frank Martin
Soren Petro tell us that Frank Martin left K-State because he couldn't get along with John Currie.
Currie was a GREAT fundraiser, but he ran off Frank Martin, which destroyed our MBB program + he has too much frict…
Ask Ben Howland, Frank Martin, and Rick Barnes if that's true.
Dr. Elaina George of Peachtree Ear, Nose & Throat and Frank Martin -
as ever very eloquent interview on re: Frank Martin. Good luck with the run
Find a Frank Martin presser on YouTube. Close your eyes and tell me if you think its Chuck Pagano?
Frank Martin and SC, trending up. Brad Underwood and OSU, trending up. Bruce Weber . you all get it.
PJ Dozier, Duane Notice, and Frank Martin of your 1st place all speaking on the afternoon ahead of Alab…
I'd give anything for Frank Martin to still be their coach, for this one play!
Frank Martin would be facing 12-18 months if he was still their coach and this happened
I am relieved to hear that Coach Squeaker is upset. Frank Martin would be in a squad car. I miss that guy.
Frank Martin: "We've got good dudes. They want to do right...But maturity is our biggest challenge."
Roy Williams, Frank Martin, Brad Brownell and assistants from Wake, Yale and Kansas were on hand for Christian Brown (per source.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin is here to watch signee David Beatty of Imhotep. Good spot by
USC's Frank Martin had nice things to say today about the SEC player of the week Sindarius Thornwell:
Breaking down the early success from Frank Martin and the Gamecock basketball team
Basketball coach Frank Martin, players recap victory over Syracuse
The break into the national rankings. Frank Martin hopes to keep the team’s focus regardless.
Still not over Frank Martin's terribly cut suit. It almost ruined my night
what was Frank Martin upset over - with regards to the front page and page 56 quips?
not really. He ran Frank Martin out of town and hired Bruce Weber. Would hate to see who he hires after Snyder steps down
Need myself a boy who's willing to dance with me to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin
Nothing makes me happier than listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Glenn Miller tbh
please bring Vinny back for a Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin ep? Rat Pack? U know u want to.
I love classic singers. I grew up on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, etc. and that music just makes me so happy
This *** went from Jack Bauer to Frank Martin 😂 I'm done
I appreciate old musicians like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Music back in the day had a deeper meaning than it does now
Out of 4 Transporters,3rd part is Best.I mean all the rest r too good Frank Martin
I think frank foster and Dustin Martin need to play together that be a good night lol
Haven't you just love the way it gets out front and marches like Martin Luther King did
Do you think Frank Ocean and George RR Martin are hanging out right now
AND ANOTHER ONE! This review really delivers with some much deserved praise of & Frank Martin's work... ht…
He'll have to transform lime Frank Martin did.
Congrats Martin for being named top LinkedIn Social Seller at Sales 2.0 Conf by VP Sales Ops, Brian Frank in SF
some of OBAMA's innocent orphans and children like his son, the druggie thief, Trayvon Martin
Next from Hansen: Martin Bryant, Julian Knight and Frank Vitkovic were all radicalised Muslims.
trump is frank langella and McKay is Martin Sheen
Interesting intersection at Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas.
This Frank Martin guy, Really? Nationalist coloured party, only for coloured. I`m lost for words, like! which part of SA does he come from?
The voices of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr are all so soothing and dreamy.❤️
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My grandpa was born a year after Anne Frank and Martin Luther King were born...
Martin Luther King said, and it is sadly still true, that one of the most segregated times ...
Just commented on Micheál Martin hopes Brexit will lead to a vote on a reunited Ireland -
Anne Frank is only 3 days older than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and I have no clue why that is so shocking to me. Same year and everything.
Frank Martin, John Thompson, Jim Larranaga & assistants from UVA, VT, ND, Iowa State, William and Mary all here for Team…
Incredible, my four-year just turned to me and said, "Mum, why aren't we able to have a frank and fearless conversation abou…
I would take ze chance of that if we'd get equal chance of STB bloggers (e.g. Martin Duke or Frank Calicharie) on the ST Board.
Junk Drawer lot of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Records in good to fair shape
If you don't know say least one roast line between Martin and Pam, then you ain't black really
While Martin and Pam set the standard for roasting lmao
Especially Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Michael Buble. Martin is a hit or miss though.
Did you know that Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Jr were born in the same year?
Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra type of day. ❤️
The Left's war on the law-abiding began when Obama said that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon Martin.
Neil Ruddock ,Frank McAvennie,Alvin Martin and a stomach pump after .
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Best songs of all time | Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin great...
Jim Larranaga, Will Wade, John Thompson, Frank Martin, Brad Brownell and assistants from VT, Notre Dame and UNC all here for Team Loaded VA
Frank Martin's Mass for Double Choir. The final instalment from our concert in the Chorlton Arts Festival on 28th...
Meet Indy's first boxing national champion in 32 years: Frank Martin. via
IBG would like to congratulate Frank Martin, Indiana's 1st Natl' Gold Gloves Champion in 25 years
Frank Martin and his 2 derby colts for 1974. Accipiter(white shadow roll) and Rube The Great(white star.)
These Transporter reboots are always awful. Only Jason Statham is Frank Martin.
Frank Martin has Dave Dickerson at the top of his staff wish list
Per of TheBigSpur, Ohio State assistant Dave Dickerson is top target for spot on Frank Martin's staff.
Frank Martin to media: "You're stuck with me for a little longer."
USC coach Frank Martin has agreed to a contract extension, reportedly for four years. BOT meets to approve tomorrow.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin told ESPN,"Even though the disappointment with being left out will never leave... https…
Frank Martin upon finding out South Carolina actually didn't make the NCAA Tournament:
"gotta tell haith he's in the tourney.". "dialing rn". "great". "Hi Frank youre in! What? you didn't even know? wait. Frank Martin?". "HANG UP."
USC Board of Trustees to meet via conference call Fri. to discuss "athletics employment contract." Frank Martin extension…
All purpose parts banner
BREAKING: Special Board of Trustees meeting set for Friday. Frank Martin's contract only expected line item.
Spurrier and Frank Martin at practice today!
Frank Martin leaves Kansas State Wildcats to become South Carolina Gamecocks coach via
Frank Martin: and is a 'perfect marriage.' More insight from Martin:
KSU had a good thing in Frank Martin but the AD let his ego get in the way and ruin it IMO
kstate will now get beat by 3 former coaches each year. Can we bring back frank martin to baylor and make it 4 f…
jokes on you. Frank Martin never won a B12 title.
sure, leave out Frank Martin, Kelvin Sampson, Rick Barnes who won in that span..
remember when you said Kstate should hire him four years ago? Man, good call. .
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin rehearsing with their daughters Tina Sinatra and Deana Martin on The Dean Martin Show.
VIDEO: "I just saw that our tank was on empty.".
Would have no problem listening to frank sinatra or dean martin for the rest of my life
WATCH: head coach Frank Martin and players Michael Carrera and Sindarius Thornwell after the NIT loss:
Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis reunited by the only one that could have ever men that could have ever done it, Frank...
Video at Gamecocks head coach Frank Martin after USC's season ends in NIT loss to Georgia Tech.
Listening to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra make me so happy 😊
Frank Martin said he asked Tanner to allow him to the end of the season before working on contract. Said he's too emotional during season.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin says he asked AD Ray Tanner to allow season to end before talking new contract extension.
Frank Martin is excited about Brad Underwood getting the Oklahoma State head coaching position.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin and players express disappointment they just didn't have the required emotion and energy to beat Ga. Tech
South Carolina junior Sindarius Thornwell said he hasn't thought about testing NBA waters and will consult coach Frank Martin about future.
Frank Martin: "They sacrificed and did it, so it will be there for the next guy. Sindarius and that next group will carry that forward."
"There has been a lot of firsts for this team this year." - Frank Martin
South Carolina coach Frank Martin complains to media only negative stuff gets reported on his team on front page while positives are buried
Now Frank Martin: "we accomplished a lot of first around here"
"We just had no steam. We just didn't have that oomph that we need." - Frank Martin
Program has come a long way. I'm not a Frank Martin guy, but he's built a very nice program. Lots of positives.
Kstate made a huge mistake by not keeping him and promoting him when Frank Martin left. He's a Kstate alum.
What started so positive for Frank Martin's club ends in disaster, losing to Georgia, missing the Tournament, the suspensions then this loss
After that whoopin South Carolina took tonight Frank Martin might be available
I'm a Clemson fan but I can't lie Frank Martin really did get a good job this year
Frank Martin waves to the students and offers a thumbs-up on his way to the locker room. They respond with an ovation.
Those who are here giving USC a nice ovation. Frank Martin flashes a thumbs-up to the crowd on the way to the locker room.
Maybe line up games against Oregon (Dana Altman) and South Carolina (Frank Martin) too
If this were a game of 2k, Frank Martin would have already broken the controller, tossed the system out, smashed the TV, and sobbed gently.
Baseline Jesus is too far away so here's a blurry picture of Frank Martin.
Frank Martin posted the best season by wins in Kansas State history (29) and tied for the best in USC history (25).
is that Perry Clark sitting next to Frank Martin
South Carolina getting embarrassed at home in the NIT...and Frank Martin doesn't seem to care.
Oh one more. I've not seen a team, in a very long time, quit like Frank Martin's team has tonight. Wow.
Boy this is a brutal beating of South Carolina, guess Frank Martin can't complain about getting left out of the NCAAT anymore.
Frank Martin is gonna kill someone tonite
I will say, he has the Frank Martin 'scowl look' down.
Nice showing from Frank Martin's Gamecocks. Georgia Tech is solid, but it is embarrassing USC on its home floor.
explain again why Frank Martin thought it was a good idea to move to SCar ?
Why come out the locker room if you don't want to play - if I were Frank Martin I would have to go all Bobby Knight and throw a *** chair..
Congrats to Frank Martin and co. on a great season. Losing 5 players, regardless of their level of contribution, never easy to deal w/.
So, has alienated/got rid of/failed to retain: Lon Kruger, Frank Martin, Bob Huggins, Angel Rodriguez, Jacob Pullen, Daniel Sams
Tom Crean, Buzz Wiiliams, Mark Few, Frank Martin, Rick Majerus never played college ball so does that disqualify them? NO
John C Reilly and Frank Martin had a baby and he coaches Stephen F Austin's basketball team
Frank Martin and Marcus Foster are in the NIT. Glad things are working out for everyone.
But if you think that Bruce Weber can coach better than Frank Martin or Brad Underwood, you're insane and lacking in basketball knowledge...
Frank Martin when he saw Syracuse, with an RPI of 71 and 19 wins, get in over the Gamecocks.
(Brandon Weeden looking intern here) Brad Underwood(SFA coach) was an assistant under Frank Martin at KState
It's been a disappointing year. Bruce Weber is wrecking what Frank Martin created
VIDEO - Frank Martin congratulates Duane Notice on SEC sixth man honor
South Carolina’s Frank Martin: Mike Anderson might be the most under spoken about coach in the country.
Frank Martin & Michael Carrera share an emotional moment prior to the festivities
Question of the day. Frank Martin or Casey Ryback? Get voting!
.Frank Martin makes over $2 million. Gregg Marshall makes over $3 million. How does OSU pay more than that and Ford?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Frank Martin or Gregg Marshall would be good hires for the Pokes.
SCar up to 9 in KP "luck", 280s last year. But it's all coaching. Frank Martin read a coaching book in the off season.
I mean it goes without saying, but Frank Martin's jacket today was absolutely on point. Probably the difference.
Forgotten how much I loved Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
Billy Kennedy, Frank Martin, now Ben Howland. Last 3 coaches on Jump Ball w/ have won their next game. We're just saying.
Frank Martin is hanging out at Founders Park with Ray Tanner after leading USC to a win over Florida.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin on win over Florida: ‘That was a gut check game’
📷 ein-bleistift-und-radiergummi: The Rat Pack: A book of photos of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy...
VIDEO: Frank Martin after win over Florida - 'Unbelievable gut check by our guys'
South Carolina was up 30-13 over Florida.and then allowed the Gators to go on a 20-0 run to finish the half. Well don…
I find it hilarious and telling that neckbeards limit their interest in "old music" to like, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
Frank Martin called today "an unbelievable gut-check by our guys (after) Kentucky came in here and broke our spirit."
SC coach Frank Martin said when Florida was down 17, "they changed their demeanor on the court."
Frank Martin comes in and immediately asks how baseball team is doing. Says he is heading over to watch.
SC coach Frank Martin -- "That was a gut check game for our guys."
Frank Martin: "Kentucky came in here and broke our spirit. We walked around for four or five days wounded."
Rubio had SC power structure lined up behind him: Haley, Scott, Gowdy, even Gamecocks basketball coach Frank Martin.
Frank Martin in post game interview admits Kentucky broke his teams spirit.
The win was Frank Martin's 1st career victory over Florida. The Gators had won 7 straight over USC. . (USA Today)
I wonder if Frank Martin spent the pregame showing people to their seats
Frank Martin on "They gave us everything we wanted the first time around."
Frank Martin needs to return Lance Thompson's turtleneck and forget today.
Guys Cal was just showing Frank Martin that he's the true mob boss.
SEC: SC 8-3, 21-3 1st in SEC. Frank Martin should be up for Natl Coach of Yr. Michael Carrera 14ppg 7rpg Sindarius Thornwell 13ppg 5rpg 4apg
Duane Notice hearing it from Frank Martin after lofting that 3 early in the shot clock up four with less than a minute left.
Would also love to see more CBB programs emulate Bo Ryan, or Mike Brey at ND, or Tim Cluess's Iona offense, or Frank Martin's defense.
Dawn Staley and Steve Spurrier have already been on. Will Muschamp, Frank Martin, Ray Tanner, and President Pastides a…
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "Frank Martin (footballer, born 1887)". Help expand it!
Coaches that saved themselves (for now): Kevin Willard, Jamie Dixon, Lorenzo Romar, Tom Crean, Billy Kennedy, Frank Martin.
The full story on Frank Martin cancelling his final official visit after his trip to https:…   10% Off
Betty White was born before Martin Luther King Jr., Anne Frank, and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
Martin and Frank did great tonight. They felt our pain as a city. Those are 2 good guys. Asking the tough questions..
well spoken Bernie. Props to Frank And Martin for calling kroenke out on ESPN
I'm sure Stan will do some one on one's with Frank, Martin and Mo now. Or he will come on live for am drive shows around the dial.
He's so full of it it's not even funny. Nice to see guys like and Martin(?) of for getting at him.
Thank you Frank Cusamano, thank you Nick Wagoner, and thank you Martin Kilcoyne.
VIDEO: Memphis coach Josh Pastner with high praise for Frank Martin
Hands on our players every possession. Frank Martin did same thing. Can't call 100 fouls.
yep especially after all these fake Frank ocean and Andre 3000 album rumours
Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain. Martin Mull.
Wish we still had Frank Martin for basketball.
you probably know more about evaluating a team than Frank Martin who said they're a good team plagued by injury, you're right.
Among the many commissions and paid jobs I drew a new page in the "Schoolyard Monster" by Frank Martin . Tomorrow...
New ‘House of Cards’ trailer: President Frank addresses the nation
South Carolina: Frank Martin tells ESPNU CBB podcast building the team culture has made him “better man”; open to listen (ESPN) …
Listening to Auld Lang Syne by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, on my Echo!
1st Sunday afternoon concert of 2016 coming up on 31st Jan. William Byrd, Arvo Pärt, Frank Martin htt…
Frank Martin's Gamecocks 'on a ride right now that's unreal'
Frank Martin on college football national championship game: "I've got to go with the SEC."
Frank Martin: "I want to make more free throws than you shoot."
Some Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darrin, and Count Bassie is music that is good for the soul.
I figured Frank Martin to be a huge hire for USC. Showed he can turn around non traditional basketball schools like KState
Frank Martin compresses his files by doing a flying round house kick to the hard drive.
Anne Frank was born the same year as Martin Luther King. what
Georgia HC Mark Fox on SEC Teleconference says, if not for Frank Martin at SC, Rick Barnes would be "a front runner for coach of the year"
Mar Fox says if it weren't for Frank Martin, Rick Barnes would be SEC coach of the year frontrunner
South Carolina Video: Seth Greenberg says Frank Martin's Gamecocks have been \"extremely unselfish\" in opening at…
I love it when Bill Self does his best Frank Martin. Or was that a Bo Pelini? I bring out the best in him!
coach Frank Martin discussed his team's 13th win of the season during today's SEC teleconference.
South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin discusses Saturday’s big win over Memphis
Auburn coach Bruce Pearl: "Excited for Frank Martin and the job he's doing at South Carolina."
South Carolina keeps moving the chains under Frank Martin. Gamecocks will enter SEC play at 13-0 after tonight's win over…
if it's not, our university doesn't deserve Frank Martin or this team. I hope for 15k (capacity is 18?)
Back at the arena to speak with Frank Martin about Saturday's game vs. Memphis. He and Josh Pastner have known one another for 17 years.
When Life Hurts: Finding Hope and Healing from the Pain You Carry Jimmy Evans, Frank Martin, Chris Hodges -
Frank Martin's undefeated South Carolina bunch will toy with them.
Steve Masiello just gave Zane Waterman a long, Frank Martin-esque look before giving him the hook in favor of Rich Williams.
Action today... Ed Skrein is Frank Martin in the popularly demanded, Transporter Refueled. _. The...
Action today?. Ed Skrein is Frank Martin, and when his father is kidnapped, Frank has to use all his skills to get...
Kan en ange . . In the south of France, former special-ops mercenary Frank Martin enters into a game of chess with...
Big plays made all around in last nights win. s/o to Frank Martin (charges, clutch FT's, big rebounds) and (10 boards).
Frank Martin said Duane Notice wasn't going to play PG so he could do what he does best -- shoot. Has 9, all on 3s, in first 6 minutes.
Roy Williams beats out Frank Martin for the top player in the state of South Carolina.
"Right now, he feels real good." - head coach Frank Martin on Sindarius Thornwell and coming back from knee injuries
Frank Martin quoting Fat Joe on Thursday and he's friends with Luther Campbell and Pitbull. Gotta like that guy!
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so Roy Williams is watching seventh play right now but Frank Martin isn't? Seriously? Asst coach is?
Brian Steele will be a student/coach this season. Tried to play, but knee didn't respond according to Frank Martin.
The good thing about college golf is that hole 18 of the tournament is just the halftime buzzer. And I didn't go Frank Martin on anybody...
I can tell you that Ron Prince liked Greg the Hammer Valentine and Frank Martin was into Jimmy Snuka.
this is why I can't stand watching Frank Martin...
How could they make a new Transporter movie without having Jason Statham play Frank Martin? I call shenanigans.
Im not Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. Im not Frank Martin in Transporter. Im not Agent 47 in Hitman.
Frank Martin's tyranny MUST come to an end, he has terrorised thousands on this platform untouched for oh so long. No longer. JF
I can't wait for winter bc my mom always plays Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra 24/7 😍
When August 1st hit and Frank Ocean didn't drop his album
it's officially August 1st and Frank hasn't released the album :) i am going to finish crying myself to sleep :) goodnight :)
Anne Frank wrote her last diary entry on this day in 1944.
Found out that my dad partied with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and both Frank Sinatra Sr. And Jr.
Why is my dad blasting disco music... When this is a Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin household only
To date, overall Dodd-Frank compliance costs are estimated to be $24 billion and 61 million hours...
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WE live in a world where a girl that threw flour on Kim Kardashian was arrested on site but the man tht KILLED Trayvon Ma…
I don't think anyone would have a clue that my mean looking *** would be listening to Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra through my earphones lol
Stop comparing Frank Ocean to Miguel. He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't release his album because we foun…
Frank Ocean not dropping Boys Don't Cry is worse than George R. R. Martin killing off Jon Snow.
I've said this so many times, but I wish I could've listened to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and others live.
The time is always right to do what is right. - Martin Luther King Jr.: Motivational Quotes :The time is always righ...
Frank Martin the White Guy on the Bombers actually played ball at Hofstra Univ. ... Well he was on the team !!! Lol
Trailer: 'The Transporter Refueled'. A reboot of the story of transporter Frank Martin.
"Long live the queen" by Frank Turner is such a depressing song.
Us card counters swear by Paradise/Koval the east side of the strip, Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra on the north side.
At 12am you can add Frank Ocean to the list of things that gave you trust issues. Right after your Dad, and just before George R. R. Martin.
going to be hilarious when Frank Ocean and George RR Martin get on a rocket together, yelling "finish it yourselves" as they fly thru space
I learnt in conversation from the brother of over dinner that Martin Luther King & Anne Frank were born in same year
Fulkerson had Buzz Williams, Frank Martin, & UNC watching him tonight along with App St & Evansville .
Jason Statham may have retired his role of Frank Martin in the action franchise but THE TRANSPORTER REFUELLED...
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The new Frank Martin is not black tho. He's Ed Skrein
Frank Martin and an assistant watching Philly Pride and DeAndre Hunter. 2016s Charlie Brown and Kobe Gantz could be potenti…
Roy Williams, Frank Martin, Jerod Haase, Steve Alford, Scott Drew, Larry Krystkowiak, Danny and Bobby Hurley in hand today
USC commits Daelin Hayes, Melquise Stovall and Frank Martin, all prospects, checked in at The Opening
Congratulations to Brett Greene,Clark Williams, and last but not least Frank Martin for winning Savvy Award.
Shambhu in the studio with George Brooks and Frank Martin -
Found the only steakhouse in Omaha, and probably America, with a framed photo of Frank Martin behind the bar
Frank Martin in the house for first half as Gray leads New Hamstead 32-23.
If you haven't read "The Right One" by Jimmy Evans & Frank Martin. Go and buy it now. So happy I was…
3rd straight 100 Breaststroke title for Kristen Such. Matt Johnston & Frank Martin go 1/2 for the boys.
Frank Martin looking like Rick Pitino down here in Columbia at his BBall of the South Coaches vs Cancer benefit.
Frank Martin of South Carolina watching Seventh Woods. Gamecocks trending in his
Both Roy Williams and Frank Martin have had in home visits with the woods family in last few weeks
Frank Martin and one of his assistants will visit with Seventh Woods and his parents today..Coach Mark McClam will also …
Larranagna is a HUGE upgrade over Frank Haith...but, I desperately want Frank Martin as the next Miami coach.
I hope Frank Martin and other Available coaches from USC goes to Support Dawn Staley... I know Coach Tanner will be there.
Dawn is going Frank Martin on the court!
SEC just added Ben Howland, and already have John Calipari, Billy Donovan, Frank Martin, Bruce Pearl, Mike Anderson, and Mark Fox
Ed Skrein is to play Frank Martin in the Transporter reboot 'The Transporter Refuelled' I hope he's like Jason Statham in the originals.
So they changed Frank Martin.. The fight scene and the car looks MADNESS! But i will miss Jason
Frank Martin seems like that over aggressive rec ball coach
Personally I think Frank Martin's greatest acting role was Bullet Tooth Tony in ***
Frank Martin might turn into Frank Nitti if SCAR loses
You guys aren't going to believe this but Frank Martin is upset at one of his players.
handed out a bunch of offers this past week, including one to Frank Martin and a trio of running backs.
I was wondering why you worried about UNC so much , guess the Frank Martin news conferences aren't exciting
"Angry college coaches I don't want to see in a dark alley" power rankings. . 1. Frank Martin. 2. Rick Pitino. 3. Bo Ryan
Crean ranks right down there, IMO, with Frank Martin, Pat Knight and JT3.
Frank Martin yells at babies and the elderly
Don't care about Bruce, just don't want Frank Martin back. Ever. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Frank Martin on Devin Booker: “The burden of being great not on his shoulders every single day". / it's on Aaron Harrison. Tell
how about you go face to face with Frank Martin and tell him that? UK fan here but I like Martin
I don't mind some yelling, I just don't like the Bob Knight, Frank Martin type coaching.
Looks like Frank Martin's third year is a bit ahead of Brad Brownell's fifth year.
Frank Martin was a great hire for Carolina. I wish Clemson would have gone after Gregg Marshall and not Brad Brow…
South Carolina's defense among best in the SEC under Frank Martin
That was also the game where South Carolina coach Frank Martin lit into Duane Notice, something that earned him a 1-game suspension
With South Carolina head coach Frank Martin watching, Chris Silva is hammering the St. Anthony bigs to open the third quarter
I'm curious what books you were reading in 2014, besides Amish fiction, dear friends. Here are some of the many, many I read last year, although not recommending all: The Bible, The Best American Short Stories for 2013, The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton, A Place in Time by Wendell Berry, Flowers in the Rain by Rosamunde Pilcher, Imagined London by Anna Quindlen, The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult, Hawthrone's Short Stories, Dear Life by Alice Munro, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout (winner of the Pulitzer Prize), Furious Pursuit by Tim King and Frank Martin, Knowing God by J.I. Packer, and many biographies and memoirs. OK, your turn.
South Carolina coach Frank Martin likes when the system works. For the Gamecocks to continue the early season success they've found this season, he insists, they need to have a balanced attack with everyone that plays contributing in some way.
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