Frank Marshall Davis & Ann Dunham

Frank Marshall Davis (December 31, 1905, Arkansas City, Kansas; July 26, 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii) was an American journalist, poet, and political and labor movement activist. Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 – November 7, 1995), the mother of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was an American anthropologist who specialized in economic anthropology and rural development. 5.0/5

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"Happy 56th" was born on this day 56 years ago to Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis. Where exactly, we do not know.
if Ann Dunham is his mother which the community organizer said she ws thn he's the son of Frank Marshall Davis' *** +some
2/3.. a result of an agreement between Ann Dunham, Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Obama, Sr."
And, his real father is Frank Marshall Davis. He and Ann Dunham were knocking boots shortly before he was born.
MOSCOW (WNB) - In a recent keynote address, Russian president Vladimir Putin blamed Barack Obama for transforming the United States into a "Godless swamp." "While Mr. Obama trumpets his "Christianity" at election time, the fruits of his labor afterward have fundamentally transformed his country into a Godless swamp, glorifying perversion and evil over the teachings of Almighty God." President Putin, working with the Russian Orthodox Church, has embarked on a campaign to diminish the glorification of homosexuality while promoting traditional Christian values in his country. Russian sources say Putin privately refers to Obama as "The Basterd" or "The Spawn" in reference to the unholy three way sexual union between his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and actual father, sex writer and communist Frank Marshall Davis and his wife, that produced the future president.
There's a lot of speculation going around that Obama's father may be Muhammad Subud, the Indonesian mystic. I looked into it. Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, was in Chicago in the summer of 1959 working, according to the President, as an au pair. She was 16. Subud, then 58, visited Chicago in June 1959 during his tour of the US. Unless Obama really wasn't born in August 1961, I don't see how Subud could be his father. Moeover, Obama has African hair, not Asian or European. I still think it's Frank Marshall Davis who is likely his real father.
OBAMA 2016 THE MOVIE: (from Wikapedia) The documentary begins with D'Souza on screen describing his own experiences as an Indian immigrating to the United States, as a college student at Dartmouth College, and then as an editor at the conservative magazine Policy Review, pointing out the similarities between his life and Barack Obama's. The film changes location to Indonesia, where a young Barack Obama is being reared by his mother Ann Dunham and stepfather Lolo Soetoro. A psychologist discusses the detrimental effect of an absentee father on his children. D'Souza travels to Africa and interviews Obama's half brother George Obama. As Obama's parents' relationship becomes strained, Obama is sent to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and meets Frank Marshall Davis ( a Communist Obama discusses this in his own book). Obama finishes his college studies at Columbia, where the film claims he is influenced by anti-colonialist figures. His progression into an intellectual is highlighted by a visit to Kenya. The ...
Did you know Ann Dunham was one of Frank Marshall Davis' sex toys & she made a quick trip to Kenya about the time o was born.
The pictures I can't get up on here, but this is an excellent read if you would like to find out a little about the background of our President... This is a little long, but interesting. You can’t choose your parents, but this could explain a lot if even partially true. Check out the facial similarity in the Frank Marshall Davis photo, makes you wonder that’s for sure! IN CASE YOU WONDER WHY HE SURROUNDS HIMSELF WITH THE PEOPLE HE DOES AND WHY HE IS WHAT HE IS. A boy named Stanley is traumatized and abandoned. 1926: Eight year old Stanley Dunham discovers his mother's body after she has committed suicide. Stanley's father then abandons the traumatized boy, leaving Stanley in the care of his maternal grandparents in El Dorado, Kansas. [] Stanley is psychologically devastated by suicide & abandonment! Stanley Dunham becomes a troubled teen. The emotionally damaged boy grows into a rebellious teenager. Stanley punches his High School principal and becomes a drifter, hopping rail cars to Chicago, then ...
Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Entrust keys in the custody the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company to CGI’s alleged use of the Obamacare Serco surveillance platform and Skynet-operated bugs to monitor German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bedroom activities, starting at the May 2005 Bilderberg conference at the Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Ueberfahrt near Munich, Germany, and through to the present day. McConnell notes that the MI-3 Innholders appear to have had Obama groomed in the tradecraft of hotel-based sexual surveillance and pedophile entrapment (cf. Frank Marshall Davis, Turdi, Hull House) some years before his early 1980's visits to the Hilton Hotel in Lahore, Pakistan, where his mother, the late Ann Dunham, pimped (?) for 5 years at USAID expense. Continue reading »
Bush Kerry - both Yale skull and bones McCain Obama - Manchurian candidacy - both tried to fight for Al Qaeda in Syria Romney Obama - silver spoon corporatist elite vs. collectivist spend at will government controls your every thought and deed Obama Soetoro Davis, illegitimate son of Frank Marshall Davis and Stanley Ann Dunham This country's political system is a joke. The fall of the "Republic" is imminent.
No, I think he looks like Stanley Ann Dunham & Frank Marshall Davis' son.
Wishing that Ann Dunham had aborted Frank Marshall Davis's Fetus over 52 years ago today
yep. google image search Stanley Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis. There are LOTS of pictures of her
Personal: Barack Obama is the spawn of 60s radicals like Stanley Ann Dunham, Frank Marshall Davis, and Bill Ay...
Why did Frank Marshall Davis bring Ann Dunham to Kenya to have the baby?
Did u know that Ann Dunham (obama's mother) possed for nude photo's at Frank Marshall davis's (the photographers) house. It can't be denied because the photo's are public. She became pregnant soon after these photo's.
Ann Dunham needed a father for her *** son spawned by Frank Marshall Davis. Barack Obama Sr. stepped in. Now prove me wrong!
Obama is a "red diaper baby" who has spent his formative years -- literally from the moment of his birth -- interacting with members and sympathizers of the .Communist Party, USA. His mother Stanley Ann Dunham has been described by former classmates as a "fellow traveler." His grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham arranged Obama's mentorship by Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis."
I left the comments on this article because I found them to be quite interesting ;) Was Obama's Real Father His Communist Mentor? Posted by Jane Galt on October 20, 2012 at 1:57pm View Blog There's a new video out called "Dreams From My Real Father", and the photos are very stunning and convincing. It looks pretty certain that Obama's real father was his Communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis. The photos of Barack Obama Senior do not look at all like our President and the photos of Frank Marshall Davis do. This site also questions whether our President had a nose job between 2002 and 2006, to reduce the resemblance, and shows before and after photos. So much about this President's life story has been manufactured fiction ( From his name being Barry Soetoro, then being changed to Barack Obama, etc... ), that it leads one to wonder whether he was established and installed as a Marxist mole, to bring down the United States. His policies and actions pretty much prove it! Is our President's life story just one ...
Perfect Morph of Ann Dunham & Frank Marshall Davis to Barry More at &
Just saw the movie Obama's America 2016. I now realize that I would have not been a sufficiently informed voter this year unless I had seen it. The movie is factual and objective -probably disturbing so for some. It was revealing in several ways: I had no idea who Frank Marshall Davis was and the extent of his influence on Obama; I did not know the views of Stanley Ann Dunham, Obama's mother; nor was I aware of all 5 people who have profoundly influenced Obama's view of what America should be. The last 15 minutes are riveting and frightening, at once. And the final sentence of the movie says it all.
From the Average American Senior again; This is the President of the US and we are supposed to vote for him? -wants to make it mandatory for US citizens to register all guns they own with local police. they would then be collated in to a national database. our freedom under the Constitution is under attack. Contact your elected officials to tell them NFW should you support Obamas bill on registering our guns. -Obama is an advocate of reducing or eliminating our nuclear arsenal. At the same time Iran is building a bobm and threatening the US that they will position ships (which can fire rocket borne nukes) on our coast lines. -Obamas father has written a paper on private property confiscation by the Fed -Obamas mother (Ann Dunham) was a Communist sympathizer and both parents studied the Russian language -Obamas "mentor" during his earlier years was Frank Marshall Davis. A member of the Communist Party -Obamas brother (Roy) is a radical Muslim and a professed Marxist -Obama was selected for the Illinois Sen ...
Barack Obama: A History of Communism Barack Hussein Obama was born in 1961, to a Communist mother. Ann Dunham was known as a radical leftist from childhood who hated Christianity, questioned the merits of capitalism, and asked, "What's so bad about Communism?" Ann Dunham's father, Stanley Dunham, was also a Communist who enrolled Ann in a Communist sympathizing middle school and took the family to a Communist sympathizing church in the 1950s. The FBI had compiled a file on Grandpa Dunham because of his red activities. While young Barack Obama was being raised by his grandparents in Hawaii during his teen years, Grandpa Dunham introduced Barack to staunch Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Davis is described by Obama in his book "Dreams from My Father" as a mentor he could always look to for answers. Davis was was a member of the Communist Party, a poet who routinely praised the Soviets in his writings, a pedophile, and a hater of Christianity and America. Communist Grandpa was good friends with Davis. In col ...
Just saw 2016: Obama's America Dinesh D'souza presents the anti-colonialzation views of the president's father Barack Hussien Obama Sr. and how they projected on and where adopted by his son. He vigorously researched by using excerpts from the presidents own book "Dreams From My Father" and numerous interviews from members of the Obama family, close friend's of Barack Obama Sr and Ann Dunham, and friends of the president to paint the portrait of the direction that Barack Obama wants to take the country and the world into 2016. To reduce the wealth of country and it's influence in the world. That western countries must pay for their actions in the rest of the world. That the president's ideology was built and influenced by the people he surrounded himself with. From the stories of his estranged father from his mother, to Frank Marshall Davis, to professors from Harvard and Colombia that he continued to keep in close contact with, to his pastor Jeremiah Wright. D'souza and Molden shed light on the pres ...
This is the word going 'round. Obama is the *** son of a fling that Ann Dunham had with Frank Marshall Davis. When Obama Sr. found out he abandoned the family and went back to his other Kenyan wife and drank himself to death(DWI accident caused by him). Frank Marshall davis was a communist skunk and close friend of Ann Dunhams' father, Obama grandfather. After nearly four years as president and winning a Nobel prize, the American public knows little of obamas past. He has spent 4 million dollars on legal fees to keep his records sealed. Nobody at Columbia U remembers obama, except Zbigniew Brzezinski, a professor at the time and later Secretary of State under Jimma Carter.. HOW can the American people be so easily fooled? If you don't see the danger, you will never know what hit you when it does.
Did anyone look for a birth cert. with Barry's parents as Frank Marshall Davis and another woman or even Ann Dunham? May not be Ms.Dunham...
Obama is creepy. How can one be normal with a mother like Ann Dunham and a father like Frank Marshall Davis?
Guess who this is? its His mom, pictures taken by Frank Marshall Davis, presumed father of obama. WARNING NUDITY!
Frank Marshall Davis is Barry Soetoro's father, hands down. Ann Dunham was a loose goose & exploited by Frank in nude photos. Obama is a lie
" I also obtained seven indecent photos of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, taken at Frank Marshall Davis’ house," Can you even fathom having indecent photos of the presidents mother and them not meaning anything to us? We have a real genuine piece of fieces sitting in the white house.
Rafael Brom Looks like Obama's real father Frank Marshall Davis a Communist was FBI agent and Obama's mother Ann Dunham became an operative with the Rockefeller controlled Ford Foundation. Frank Marshall Davis Obama claimed to have attended Columbia University in New York City from 1980 to 1983, where he majored in political science with a specialization in international relations. His mentor or guru was Zbigniew Brzezinski (born 1928), who was a professor in the school at that time. Brzezinski was national security adviser during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. Everything make a lot of sense now. Check this: Preview
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