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Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas (born September 9, 1930) is a former U.S. heroin dealer and organized crime boss who operated in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Wish I could leave the parlor and dap you up breh. From the town myself.
If the fur be my downfall like frank Lucas just remember I said RIP to summer in good fashions
Pee Wee Kirkland: 1st Harlem Drug Millionaire, Bigger Than Frank Lucas: While some people may think that Fran...
Frank lucas is cool nah but i ain't tryna snitch
Frank Gore runs the ball like a man, Lucas Oil is rocking after that touchdown
I'll cut you off if you waste my time.
Mad ppl OD'ing off the dog food, someone here in Ohio got that Frank Lucas
I'll even say is the likes of Frank Lucas from πŸ’―"I C U" Yeah!
Frank de Boer's reaction on a massive miss from Andrea Ranocchia in the 95th minute for Inter
Frank and Macintosh Plus shot the methaphysical plain then dated Lucas because it made a really funny meme.
He reminds me of a young Frank Lucas before he shot the guy in the street. Cool. Calm. Composed.
Yeah Frank Lucas is cool, but nah i aint tryna snitch . Imma follow tne rules no matter what .
"Please don't compare to others rappers. Compare me to trappers . I'm more Frank Lucas than Ludacris". Jay Z - No Hook
My uncle called me my family nickname like I won't do him like Frank Lucas did Idris Elba
Walked in this bih lookin like Frank Lucas
Surely was Frank Herbert's influence on George Lucas as Prana Bindu is the Bene Gesserit training technique in…
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uses; therefore, Frank Lucas went up & he thought Marguerite killed him but she did not.
and was killed out of that body & Bunny's body was taken so his father Frank Lucas was trying to find out what happened to him & he ran into
woman & that's not true. You see, James Darden who is Puzzle had Frank Lucas raped & he does not want him to go any where after he did that
and we already told what took place in another post & the two became one again James Darden enslave Frank Lucas because he had sex with his
and she put off the trip to see Nee-Nee to another time and still did not make it. On the other had, Bunny who is F…
lied & said Frank Lucas killed his wife & took his daughter & it was a lie. However, our daughter is named Marguerite Nee-Nee DeWitt and
and he had another woman take over her body & the two of them got married as Frank Lucas and Sarah Ann DeWitt & she…
Nee is Frank Lucas daughter with Sarah Ann & she has 12 more sons & the two of them are one & Frank Lucas does Denz…
Why bother? It's not MUS, CBHS or WH and it's CC. I bet if MUS won the Frank Horton there would be a mention.
Frank Lucas kept it professional and kept it a hundred
good morning have a great day Lucas
letz c how u like my fist *** -Lucas. NO please stop before i get the gabarge man. -frank
team with Shaq O'Neal, joakim noah, jerry lucas, Nick young, and frank jones
Dodger fans everywhere want to know: where is Frank Mccourt?
Frank Lucas really shot a *** broad daylight in front of many witnesses and nobody told Now that's power that's fear ✊🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾
Whoa!! Ginuwine & Terry Lane interview with Frank Lucas LIVE from The Couch. UNCUT
I ain't never met Herman Boone nor Frank Lucas, but it's amazing how they sound like Malcolm X. I feel like I know them *** now!!!
who is Samantha who is Paul Warburg's daughter killed Frank Lucas when she took over Sarah Ann DeWitt's body and put Cyanide Poison in the
Sure, we had Def Jam making music which was owned by Russell Simmons, but we also had Frank Lucas flooding our streets with heroin too.
body & she shot and killed Frank Lucas. Now, we did this post before but the Mason's used souls and changed the story & we had to bring
The feds woreked wit frank lucas, jay-z, A LOT more others. Easy-E. Ice cube. They crucified tupac. Idk what to say no more Rick ross (both)
& Frank from Italy put Elijah Muhammad in the body of Frank Lucas; now, Frank Lucas was shot & killed by Sarah Ann Lucas; Frank Lucas wife
Let my daughter watch American Gangster one day and she won't stop saying " My *** thanks frank Lucas
Lucas went to ISIS headquarters and then met Frank. They then went to Blizzard HQ and hypnotized a copy of Joe's favorite album.
We know this sounds crazy but it is true. Now, the man you see in Frank Lucas in the picture is not Julie's who is Marguerite's husband
Frank Lucas had ALL the corners in the hood 😎✊🏾
*Holly sees a picture of Frank Lampard* "is that the one who does the robot" 😭
Now, this is Julie who is Frank Lucas wife & both of them was killed & their bodies were taken and Frank from Italy
*** tried to hit me wit da Frank Lucas 😱πŸ”₯
lil what!? Lol the jack in the box like last time. Just let me know when you roll out
Who's up. Who's mobile. Help a brotha!
frank Lucas No more extremism in religion, how? =>
"You are what you are in this world. Either you're somebody... Or you're nobody" -Frank Lucas
Dan Carson the Frank Lucas of the meme world
Keep the money in the ground like the *** frank Lucas
Y'all new cats swear y'all won't snitch to the police but hey Frank Lucas snitched.. and he's probably one of the biggest drug dealers ever!
Put the money in the ground like my *** Frank Lucas
OJ was the Frank Lucas of prison autographs
Frank Lucas was from Greensboro, never knew that
"I took care of Harlem therefore Harlem going to take care of me" Frank Lucas
imagine if this countdown is for a Frank Ocean x Childish Gambino LP
Walked in this bih looking like Frank Lucas.πŸ˜†
I liked a video from Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas: Videotaped Phone Conversation
I'm sorry but as soon as I glo up in getting a chinchilla fur coat like Frank Lucas 😢😢 I ned it
I liked a video from Frank Lucas Interviewed By Korey Rowe
I liked a video from Denzel tells how Frank Lucas became, 'American Gangster'
Walked in bit lookin like frank Lucas
10 a day when I'm in the trap I feel like Frank Lucas
I liked the first one a little better but they're both good.
It was awesome until I watched the real Frank Lucas say in an interview that the movie wasn't entirely true
The loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room FRANK LUCAS
I predict that (1.) Frank can rake against Arrieta, and (2.) Montero can throw Frank out.
" They just want more more and more. " - Frank Lucas β€” watching American Gangster
Put da money in da ground like the *** Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas or Blake Griffin. St. Thomas or San Quentin. Trips to Puerto Rico or that Rico law. Packs in the hallway at Seton Hall
Do not vote for Tom Cole, Frank Lucas, Steve Russell or the others who sold us out and funded the Resettlement of 500,000 Syrians.
Frank Lucas got caught because of the chin-chiller he wore to the muhammid ali fight! cant be a peacock in this life, lay low!
Told y'all he related to Frank Lucas but ain't nobody wanna listen
man all these *** is clueless I'm tryna live like Frank Lucas
American Gangster, a detective works to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
This *** snitching again smh, Frank Lucas of the
REFLECTION FOR THE DAY. by Fr. Frank Lucas. Listen to more upcoming reflections at
I liked a video from Exclusive: Frank Lucas speaks on Bumpy Johnson & being called a snitch
Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes, Bumpy Johnson & their crews all wore suits.. Nobody looked at them as anything more than what they were.
Ain't no bs on Cal's bench..u either act right r deal with Traci "Bumpy Johnson" Webster & Zo" Frank Lucas" Martin!!
Jack LoGiaccomo makes Frank Lucas look like Mary Poppins. Check it out
Who was the best kingpin, Frank Lucas, Frank White, Bumby Johnson, Neno Brown or Tony Montana? πŸ€”πŸ€”
Frank Lucas was a real man, and one of many black hustlers that became rich of heroin in the 20th century!
our Role Models was Guy Fisher, Rich Porter, Frank Lucas, Bob Lemon, and other Hood Legends thats y its the"Home o…
American Gangster was Ruby Dee's Oscar nod, like u said at 80;played Denzel's Frank Lucas mom
Ask a youngin who Frank Lucas or Nicky Barnes was, they couldnt tell you. All they know is El Chapo.
Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes. They was drug lords.
Only way I'm selling dope is if I'm making Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes type money .
He ain't gotta do the music cuz in the Bluff he Frank Lucas. πŸ’―
Frank Lucas was a real person but Nino Brown was straight up crazy.
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Tax Preparer *** be talking greasy AF about the community till December- January then they turn into Frank Lucas of the hood SMH
Frank Lucas had one thing right: we killed the Export-Import Bank. and now he and Democrats are trying to revive it.
What probably goes in when I leave Lucas with Frank lol
This why I smoke cause if I don't how I feel will be trapped inside for a long *** timeπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
The U (Miami hurricanes) are probably the hoodest squad inthe NCAA
All I wanted to do was meet Frank Lucas
Dawg, ridiculous. I need a drink on the hood ***
Finesse Gang what you got Boi we need that Frank Lucas broad day if we need that πŸ”«πŸ˜ˆ
I wonder if Frank Lucas got respect? Cause he did snitch, on the police tho lol
We want to thank both Congressman Tom Cole and Frank Lucas for becoming our newest co-sponsors to H.R.
Walked in this bihh lookin like Frank Lucas
Our own Frank Lucas nominated for Grammy's Ballot make sure you check his album A little secret
That's how Frank Lucas got caught up.
I want some earl Stevens wine this weekend
I'm really infatuated with people like Pablo, Chapo, Freeway Rick Ross, Grazelda Blanco, and Frank Lucas.
I woulda been a white Frank Lucas frfr but I wouldn't never of told
Frank Deford had interesting commentary on # of sports Big U's support vs smaller schools on yesterday.
RTÉ1 1045pm: Eddie Cahill, Brian Maguire and Frank "Lucas" Quigley on transformative power of art in prison:
We explore the transformative power of art in documentary with Eddie Cahill & Frank 'Lucas' Quigley next on
Avom Barksdale and Frank Lucas, fine. But if your character gets outsmarted by Michael Scott, you have problems being James Bond
Chill out Seahawks fans, Seattle has 3 wins against teams who are a combined 5-14.
No matter if Frank Lucas on the East or the Corner he is till my man
Frank Lowy to retire as chairman of Scentre Group
These old hustlers still lost?? Not introspection on the lives they help destroy.. Frank Lucas, Mathews, Ross.. They killed thousands...
Nicky Barnes was that guy before Frank Lucas came around
But on the real, really think about that. Even the heroine era in the late 60's-early 80's. Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas
I added a video to a playlist Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas: Videotaped Phone Conversation
If I could go back in time I would want to meet American Gangsters Nicky Barnes, Bumpy Johnson, Guy Fisher, Frank Lucas, Alpo Martinez
YOU can act like Frank Lucas in American Gangsta and be like Tony Montana in scarface, but where did they END UP?
Frank Lucas, lifelong friend and Chairman Emeritus of presents award to Thom Penney
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I woulda been Jimmy Hendrix mixed with Frank Lucas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
drug dealers used to wear suits. Nicky Barnes, Frank Lucas, etc. are we suggested they were better people than the garb…
Frank Lucas and 21 Videos coming end of October.
Real gangsters are dudes like Meyer Lansky, Frank Lucas, and Sean Carter...
Frank Lucas and Bumpy Johnson really the only 2 big time black street bosses they've given movies to
Frank Lucas got nothing on Frank Matthews though
None of em. *** u know how big Pablo was?!! Maybe the the Frank Lucas and if that's the case I'm goin with French
I'm Frank Lucas in the cut with my hands tied up between what's real and what's not
Black people shouldn't be scared that they will be killed over a minor traffic violation.
I feel like frank Lucas except I'm further uptown in the heights smoking hookah
79' - Yellow card. Antonio Valencia earns the second caution of the match after a heavy challenge on Lucas Digne.
Matt Ryan the GOAT brah you on that Frank Lucas
Keep the best dope with me, I'm frank Lucas. *** can't rap with me, that sounds stupid.
πŸ˜‚ I know you in the cut like Frank Lucas
Lucas Duda 5 homeruns in the last 4 games, two dingers tonight. Guess who's back
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
If Lucas Duda is waking up this can get very interesting
8 months after being diagnosed with cancer, has returned to the field. . Photos:
Maybe we'll get Meek's diss track and Frank Ocean's album at the same time.
me Frank just planned a lawsuit im about to "fall"
Dr. Dre will release his album before Frank Ocean releases his album.
Spot the difference? Don't let a single source of media interpret the story for you.
Don't compare me to rappers compare me to trappers, Im more Frank Lucas than ludicrous
Duh! And born Leaders too like Fat cat, Nicky Barns, Pablo Escobar and Frank Lucas
Grind 100x100 ain't gone stop for nothing.
The only positive message I learned from Frank Lucas story is cutting out the middle man and going straight to the source
Man...the downfall of many men is women and ego. Remember when Frank Lucas wore the fur to the fight smh
I hope ya kids catch lupus.I probably seen more dope than Frank Lucas
Drake gonna be handing out Thanksgiving Turkey's like Frank Lucas in South Philly next. Lol.
Frank Matthews was twice the size of Frank Lucas (American Gangster)
Can't tell who was smarter Frank Lucas or Nicky Barnes. Man, gotta be Lucas, had drugs flown into the US by the US Army and they didn't know
Drug dealers like Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas financially supported Joe Louis. Without that support, would have been homeless.
Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas both wrote book, I think Nicky Barnes book is more factual though
I just wanna have a drink with Frank Lucas, smoke a cigar with Pablo Escobar & play cards with George Jung.
Why do *** kiss up on girls when they passed out? That's desperation to the max
oh trust me. I be seein the dumbest things work. Like tonight. Smfh. Lol *** is cornballs
Glamorous Lifestyle really a classic. Still can't believe jacka gone. RIP Jacka
I ride thru DGs parking lot and they salute me like a KING. JAY MAFIOSO CALL SHOTS LIKE IM FRANK LUCAS
Frank Lucas was a snitch you kno that right bro ???
If it don't concern me, I ain't worried about it.
How you gone expect a black man apologize for slavery? The devil is busy.
Nothing in this world can replace family.
in our circle of *** you the dumb hyena from the lion king tryna Clown but never gettin it done
I'm glad you can pick your shirt sizes. You want a high five?
that's okay. I know Xs from XXXL tho
I know where I'm going, I just gotta get there.
I got to see frank play at Lucas oil in the national championship game and the dudes no joke kinda undersized though
Frank Mason has 22 points in the 2nd half, 15 in the 4th Quarter alone.
"I hope your kids catch lupus I prolly see more dope than frank Lucas"
Find a loyal person on the same mission as you and prosper. πŸ’―
while my dad was spraying *** up in the army yo dad was busy jerkin off Frank Lucas cousin for more d…
I earned my Master of Craft emblem. Savor the Craft of Hennessy in the
You too loud, you're wearing a big *** sign that say "Arrest me" -Frank Lucas
right...Im talkin bout they big Frank Lucas...Nicki Barnez...Alpo...AZ...
The scene in American Gangster when Frank Lucas' mom says don't lie to me. Wo. That. Is. A. SCENE!
Goldie Taylor has a cat named "Frank Lucas" and my night has officially been made. .
Soo American Gangster is my favorite movie of all time. And now Mr. Untouchable, which is Nicki Barnes biography. I still like Frank Lucas.
I feel like today youth know more of Frank Lucas, Alpo, Nicky Barnes than Marcus Garvey or the Huey Newton's of the world
I'm talking bigger than Frank Lucas and Nino Brown.
A four page paper on Frank Lucas really shouldn't be hard.I'm just being lazy.
I'm tryna bring Nino Brown n Frank Lucas back,! Back before they both told I wanna ba a Boss like John Gotti or Frank White
"He is the speaker of the United States House until he’s not." -- Rep. Frank Lucas on Boehner.
Frank Lucas got caught because he was flexing in the mink at the Ali fight...remember that.
yo man I heard he was shooting up like crazy with frank Lucas up in Vegas get at At me S.A.S
is the modern day Amish version of Frank Lucas.. lol
Dnt compare me to other rappers compare me to trappers im more frank Lucas than ludacris
I heard they watching how I do it once I cut βœ‚ out the middle man I felt like Frank Lucas
He had a Known because of Smack / Frank Lucas line.. & ended with a 6 million view/ cant see him from the view from the 6 Drake bar.
"Fact is, you Frank Lucas, no one would know you existed if it weren't for SMACK" -
"The down truth is ur like Frank Lucas - we wouldn't know u exist if it wasnt for smack" -
you do look like Frank Lucas though
snitchin on ya bruvvas, in the street.. Frank Lucas was a snitch!
Im frank lucas im montana to these lil ***
my g lookin fly in the Frank Lucas coat tho lol
If you don't get the same me that means I saw the real you.
looks more solid when Lucas is in front of them featured in NBC s Science of Love
I agree would like to see Ibe have a run for a few games with Lucas it goes unnoticed how solid we are defensively
yeah! Lucas is one of our best players at the moment
exactly! Hope we have Lucas back for Spurs & palace!
get rid of the invisible man Allen and keep Lucas is a must for us
Aye i sold moe druga den frank Lucas now ima go to school and meet more clientele but most importantly ima graduate and get a job
Frank Kaminsky "reacts" to getting picked in College Gameday's Draft, No. 2 overall.
Well, Frank Lucas was a virgo. But Denzel Washington is a Capricorn and acts like one .
Hey Frank Lucas wanna know SECRET on how to get 350.000 FREE CoC Gems? you should check this:
β€œSwags for boys .. Class however? Now that's for men. My bro frank lucas
in Frank town..where you Gon be later on today?
Trapped Like Frank Lucas . Hopeless Like Luda. Bumpy was my Role model . So Sin was my Tutor!.
Single but ignoring females like I'm taken.
Man Frank Lucas no sucka smh dude gone take his 20%
Been stuck in the snow for 30 minutes lol.
I want power like Frank Lucas had it
"I don't think I'm all this or that, but I'm all me." -Easy E
Make a name by marketing yourself, differently, not fuking up a market. Nighas think they Frank Lucas
When i'm n the trap i feel like Frank Lucas
full documentary Superfly Untold story of Frank Lucas
If only frank lucas coulda got away
What does Steve Jobs have in common with Mickey Cohen & Frank Lucas?
Smack through chilla in the fur like Frank Lucas.
When I used to work for Frank Lucas
I want the lifestyle of Frank Lucas in American Gangster
You cannot play me. You know you too wishy washy!
Can’t have *** in a relationship, can’t have *** when you’re single.. What do they want from us man ? Lol
I cannot trust em. I cannot love em.
"The most important thing in business is integrity, family, honesty - never forgetting where you come from" - Frank Lucas, American Gangster
Sometimes the enemy is closer than you think...
Bobby Shmurda should be no. 1, Frank Lucas got nothing on him
Little Giant Ladders
Yung Mitch Marchand. Hollis, Queens bred hustler in the making. I look like the son of Frank Lucas in…
KAINE FRANK LUCAS, Ima be HoodRich jus watch us
Finessin finesssin finessin turn up turn up... Whippin up that frank Lucas ,cooking up that young pookie
Another find, Frank Schuth will play LUCAS, CASEY comrade in music. No musician left behind!
It's a Brand Name.. I stand behind it I guarantee it! - Frank Lucas. For inquiries email in the…
Frank Lucas - American Gangster. (he was like a hero in a bad way tho)
The loudest personal in the room is a dead man in the room. . -Frank Lucas-
JCole fwm. 1,051 views . who's making beats like me ??.
A million in the trap feelin like frank Lucas
Y'all Remind Me of Lucas y'all Rating like frank
Why didnt Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas catch they fade in the club. Nicky to sassy. I wouldve swung.
your soul is cotton swabs tho and mine is Frank Lucas
what u noe bout frank lucAs lil nikka
Lmaooo I was but frank lucas just sound official πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
That's cuz I was moving that work like I was frank Lucas πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚
& ludas my dude I ain't tryna diss like frank Lucas is cool but I ain't tryna snitch q
Yes! It's missing something right now. I'm sure he could pull it all together! "Alonzo"? "Frank Lucas"? I would...
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ girl you probably won't even be here Frank Lucas
Get $ season *** You looking like Frank Lucas..stay tf away from me.
Support the single i appericate that Frank Lucas [Explicit] SLICK DIESEL via
All fun and games until I deadass don't want anything to do with you anymore.
Y'all better not praise Wilson today it's all LYNCH!
Frank Lucas and Jymmi Swaggaa on the dream cast on rankin
I was watching this interview with Cornell Jones earlier. He called frank Lucas a rat. Said he even told on family members πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Frank Lucas or Blake Griffin, same time its the same quittin!
Definitely called Mrs. Frank Lucas last night...welp! If the stiletto fits...
How u snitching Tryna be the next frank Lucas
Lucas Leiva completed 71 passes in the Premier League this weekend, more than any other player.
I hate when people make their name on here after some Gangsta or TV thug they know nothing about, you're not Frank Lucas, or Luca brasi
REAL stories , BETTER than frank lucas , freeway rick ross and all the rest
Sometimes you gotta let people go in order for you to grow.
I know what it is and what it ain't.
Man enough to admit when I'm wrong.
You respect me, I respect you. . SimpleπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
Met a mini frank Lucas at Waffle House last night
Freeway Ricky Ross and Frank Lucas before the mink is my demeanor
Slick diesel -Frank Lucas now available on produced by Russ Swain
I know you ain't a pimp but pimp remember what I taught you.
If I could be anyone in the world it'd be Frank Lucas 😏
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Girl walk up too me n said hey I said bye nd she was like yhu so rude I said ik πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
When I'm in da trap I feel like Frank Lucas
I anit frank Lucas but this wurk came from Bangkok πŸ”₯
chances are you're not gonna make Frank Lucas money, so why risk your life and freedom slangin 10 bags that gonna get you popped or locked?
Mum likes a true story movie... Time to introduce her to Frank Lucas and American Gangster lol.
More excited for House of Cards. Frank won't let me down. Lucas and Co? No faith anymore. I know he's not involved, but.
I hope your kids catch lupis, I've probably seen more dope than frank lucas
"Nicky Barnes, the direct opposite of Frank Lucas. Flossing every single time!" and Lock Down sometimes flos…
God I ask that you keep me away from all evil ...
- Frank Lucas wife has left the building
Derry pulled up on me lookin like Frank Lucas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I hope self is screaming at the refs why Landon Lucas is in the game, cause nobody understands, Cliff and frank...
*** Frank Lucas got his granny locked up for life, that aint no idol
I would trade Frank Lucas to Minnesota for Keith Ellison in a sec. Minn can keep their weather.
Happy Birthday Denzel Washington. December 28, 1954.Washington has received much critical acclaim for his film work since the 1990s, including his portrayals of real-life figures such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Melvin B. Tolson, Frank Lucas, and Herman Boone. He has been a featured actor in the films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and was a frequent collaborator of the late director Tony Scott. Washington has received two Golden Globe awards, a Tony Award,and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Glory (1989) and Best Actor for Training Day (2001).is an American actor, film director, and film producer.
"- that's the guy who used to run with Frank Lucas right?". Maybe...I know Meyer Lansky is where he got his start
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