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Frank Lucas

Frank Lucas (born September 9, 1930) is a former U.S. heroin dealer and organized crime boss who operated in Harlem during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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Harvey Spector Don Draper and Denzel as Frank Lucas are my favourite characters periodπŸ‘Œ
I'm gone make it I got the mind frame of Frank Lucas πŸ‘
Black Feniks "Frank Lucas" Entered into the competition to go on tour with What you think?
People so concerned with bein "real" that they miss out on everything.. The realest *** you know gon tell if he catch Frank Lucas numbers
Piazon loaned to Frankfurt: Chelsea midfielder Lucas Piazon has signed for Eintracht Frank...
ICYMI, heres the video of Frank Caliendo reading LeBron's letter to CLE as Morgan Freeman on today. http:/…
."I could not be more honored to work with a person and player as quality as Frank Lampard."
Frank Lampard is an official New York City FC player.
Lol and all along I thought that's where you got that "Frank Lucas" name.
BREAKING: Frank Lampard has completed his move to New York City FC
Wishing Frank Lampard the very best of luck in New York!
Frank Lampard has officially left Chelsea today. 648 games, 211 goals, 13 years and 13 trophies. Legend!
DEAL DONE: New York City FC have signed former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard on a free transfer. (Source: h…
DONE DEAL: Lucas Piazon has signed for Eintracht Frankfurt on a season-long loan from Chelsea.
Here it is: Frank Caliendo reads LeBron comeback article as Morgan Freeman
Frank Lampard’s move to New York City is set to be confirmed on Thursday afternoon.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
New York City FC expected to announce a major signing tomorrow, most likely Frank Lampard. Reports say he'll earn close to …
Frank Lucas was a SNITCH. He was not a gangster!
Tutty he trappin', they call em Frank Lucas ..
I was born to live like frank Lucas but balling is my dream I'm just a freak on the gridiron πŸ˜©πŸ˜ˆπŸ’‚
Just met some guys working on a Frank Lucas movie !!!
when im in the trap, i feel like Frank Lucas 😈
When im in the trap i feel like frank lucas .
listen and enjoy, if you dont enjoy, at least you listened. just dont hate too hard 10. Lucas Frank - Rollup
When im in the trap I feel like Frank Lucas
When an undercover cop tries to fit in at the trap house...
A million a day and when I'm in the trap I'm feeling like frank Lucas
Wen am in the trap, I feel like frank lucas‼️
"Stuck in our ways" Lord Kaos ft. Heatie Hamean Blas4me Frank Lucas Jr.: via
Your outfit. It's too loud. It says: arrest me. The loudest man in the room is the weakest man in the room.-Frank Lucas
I meet frank Lucas nephew today bra cool
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In this world ur either a somebody or a knowbody- frank lucas
Check yo out behind her head never move πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β— β€œWho Mom is this πŸ˜‚
I don't wanna be the only one out here flexin for the youth.
Remy looks like frank Lucas with his hair like that
My idol when I was growing up was to be like Tupac from that Juice movie. . Got some cash now I'm feeling like I'm Frank Lucas.
Gucci was never dum❗❗❗ he shutting sht down while he down, got right, he Rey b behind bars lol THE REAL MVP πŸ’―
This man Frank Lucas was paying 4,000 a key joe *** I'm reading this phone interview.
Frank Lucas show you that even gangsta *** *** snitch when they backs against the wall.
I need to become wealthy real quick so I can show up at work in a fluffy mink coat like the Frank Lucas I really am
Frank Abagnale Jr. and Frank Lucas' stories are so inspiring. No wonder I'm going to name my future son, Frank. Lol
The loudest man in the often the weakest. . Frank Lucas
I won't stop til I have tht house🏑 Frank Lucas have his momma πŸ‘΅in tht movie and the cars πŸš—πŸš˜πŸš™ with the money so I can laugh like it's funnyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Not interested in anybody but this one personπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‡
Happy 4th y'all... I'm going to bed tho...
Fireworks or gunshots... the hood will never know
I need somebody who isn't gonna give up on me πŸ™‡
shid u thAnk its a game Frank Lucas and nino Brown did it had to do what I had to do
By the age of 21 , I wanna be the next Frank Lucas ..
If I'm frank (and I try to be, although most call me Lucas), the only reason Babbitt is at my bedside is to bore me to sleep each night.
and Lucas warned her butt and she didn't listen! She was so enthralled with Frank and the truth. Smh.
Girl, this show is soo good! Zoe annoyed me. IDK why Lucas was all in love with her. And Claire is just as cut-throat as Frank.
Throw the mink coat in the fireplace like I'm Frank Lucas.
Why rappers talk a6out frank lucas in they songs ? That *** was snitchin 😷😴
lmao Frank Lucas would be rolling in his grave reading that blog
Might fly to Brazil with the sack like Frank Lucas lookin for the plug on the virgins weave
Send a lil thot, she get the drop on em
sht I want this Benz lol but I gotta stack my cheese u know what im talkin bout
Stack it up til ya money start to fall out...
Females always have an be wrong with yaw??
Get that money back n spend it on the same thing
candidate in Oklahoma, Timothy Ray Murray, believes Rep. Frank Lucas to be dead, and has a body double.
You ain't Nicky Barnes you ain't Frank Lucas you ain't Pablo Escobar you ain't nino brown you ain't Sosa or even tony
Tom Cole, James Lankford, Frank Lucas, etc. should be tarred and feathered as co-conspirators in the murder of the brand "conservative." They commit this crime for personal and political gain. As seasoned politicians they know, in the state of Oklahoma to get (re) elected you must: 1. Claim to be a christian. 2. Claim to be a conservative. The good lord can judge them on the one, but we can judge them on the other.
White dudes see one black guy in a bar and automatically think I'm Frank Lucas. Got any coke (white boy voice)...lmao
Anyone seen the Frank Lucas for Congress ad? Such a joke.
Had a chick like Frank Lucas wife, the next one will have to be down for the cause as well. Let get it by any means
Junkies hit the dope dey say it real real good...
I just signed the pledge for the Coalition to Reduce Spending along with Ted Cruz and 105 others. Of course my opponent Frank Lucas' signature was nowhere to be found, which is not surprising considering the fact that he voted to give the maple syrup industry a 100 million dollar bonus along with a 1.4 billion dollar bonus to the crop insurance companies.
24 years later and I'm just finding out my Dad been a gangster like Frank Lucas, and I love it.
"Please don't compare me to other rappers / Compare me to trappers, I'm more Frank Lucas than Ludacris"
Dey call him Frank Lucas cauze he snitchin ***
Coolin like im Frank Lucas or summn... 😏😏😏
A week and some days. Aint no tellin' lol.
Oomf looks like they've been messing with that Frank Lucas 😳
DEADLY SILENCE ONLY HURTS YOU. WISE UP.To whom it may concern,, I am in trouble and I am invisible to VA. EX US Army Cpl. Steven L. Jackson , 273rd MP CO DCANG, I have Back pain, Leg pain, and 6 Arizona Judge Orders against me currently .My wife left me because of PTSD Violence in our home and financial issues related to my VA benefits being too small. restraining orders of protection against me personal and all in the last three months since a VA Doctors mistake. What is the reason I have been treated for and diagnosed with several mental issues clearly related to my service and have not been re evaluated by VA for an increase in benefits, I have because of VA lost everything after PHX, VA issued and gave me some new phyc medication I had a reaction too. NO one cares that I may become homeless as a result so I am frustrated after four years of complaining of pain and PTSD about lapses in memory , skills, patient and good judgment caused by 9/11 gullt as a first responder on 9/11 with manic depression fro ...
...and lemme tell YOU something Frank Lucas. I absolutely cannot wait for you to get the Keystone Pipeline built. Then, when one of our fracking earthquakes forces a massive spill or a fiery rupture causing the evacuations of thousands of your constituants and half the State of Oklahoma to become an uninhabitable Superfund site, I can play Nelson, point, and say to you Ha-ha. The pandering is way off the charts this time. Heil Fallin.
lol Idk how ur missing this. If I was there I'd be in that jawn with a mink on like Frank Lucas πŸ˜‚
I have a Phoenix VA Veterans gripe with Administrations. Got a PTSD Dr, , Dr. Geete, Appointment tomorrow at Phoenix after all the fighting with staff and administration.. Lets see if any progress was made with the Phyc ward staff. Since the news coverage of my ongoing problems and my support for Veterans Issues Steven Leroy Jackson, is at the PHX VA fighting for Veterans. Along with many others who get treatment in Phoenix Arizona. I support this cause as do most veterans. The cause is a just one in many cases. My own case is full of oversight and new evidence to adjudicated and increase my benefits for compensation, I admit I am a Veteran with undiagnosed PTSD that's been treated as if I am bipolar or depressed or crazy . The worse part is and abandonment like most veterans waiting for clarification on claims they are expected to provide the burden of truth or proof for, just to humble them. So I will use my (insubstantial) worldwide influence to quietly assist the VA with suggestions I have made to th ...
Why *** putting frank Lucas in they raps like he ain't Tell πŸ‘€
I see tittyz evryday wen i look by my dishes I call my kitchen Frank Lucas ima pharmasutice Poewin lean so thic look like im drinkin muecus😈
There’s a Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington in The American Gangster) in India. Hopefully GoI finds him soon.
I need to network w/ them ppl that are behind the scenes successful. Frank Lucas before the mink coat status
Aaaahhh it feel good to be back in my city. Wassup Detroit?
Congress should have moved Flag Day to today, for the World Cup. In fact, we all have flags up year round, so we might as well make flag days every day we play in the World Cup. Frank Lucas is an avid follower of my Face Book wall, so maybe they can get that done soon.
I'm gonna start being like Frank Lucas. I'm going to Waco, buying up all the ketchup, spicy ketchup & honey butter.
Not going to the fight, can't make the same mistake frank Lucas did
The man who has the honor of being the first prisoner at Alcatraz, on July 1, 1934, was Frank Lucas Bolt. He was an Army officer that was convicted and imprisoned for being caught in a Homosexual act, and for that he recieved a five year sentence for sodomy. In 2003, the United States Supreme Court rid the USA of any state being able to use the act of sodomy against anyone legally.
Oklahomans please make a call to Rep Lucas right now! I am on a first name basis with Jason his aide Please be polite & let him know how important this issue is with you Rep. Frank Lucas District: OK03 Phone:(202) 225-5565 Fax:(202) 225-8698
yea oh my is rite. Rent higher than Frank Lucas junkies
big body like Frank Lucas.iant pushin no blue magic tho
I have a mindset to return to the literary business, like Frank Lucas ran the drug game. I want to be more of the source in the creativity and production of my work, professionally. Therefore, I want to cut out the middle people, as much as possible...
Call him Frank Lucas cuz he snitchin *** ( Jeezy)
Whoa! I wanna take a moment to give thanks & praise. 1st to our Father God for the direction u give us. We don't always follow, but we can't say we didn't know better. 2nd, I thank my beautiful children Jasmine Lewis Brandon Primus & SharVegas Moore for reaching our & touching my heart 2dA. I love u all, so very much. Be it baseball, basketball, books or just being u,, i'm SO very proud of u ALL. my nephew Julian Primus my Big Bruh Frank Lucas yallz luv & support 2dA wuz MAJOR! Next, my FB friends, lifelong friends, family, admirers & associates,,, I thank u 4 da shouts, post, calls, texts & comments. Finally, I thank ALL the men I know & admire 4 jobs well done. Especially my brother, who has been all the dad i've Ever had. Admire u da most, luv u 2 death x2. My mom, who kept her promise from 1980: "imma luv u lyk a mama & beat u lyk a daddy". Finally, to every single mom, who did it after a split or if he bailed on u out da gate: thanks for teaching sports, pushing education, teaching girls 2 B ladies & ...
Itsfunny how my niggaz take mi fo securirty, with ma small body I feel like Frank Lucas.k
"So, basically," Davis just said, "Frank Lucas was brought down because he wore a fur coat to a boxing match."
I liked a video Copy of Superfly Untold story of Frank Lucas
I've given LeBron too much credit. That *** is a foul *** man. This *** got the refs on the payroll just like Frank Lucas had 5.0
Have you ever tried to be a super villain and things just weren't working out for you? Ever wondered why evil geniuses and mad scientists never make it in the end? Why is it that the hero always seems to be one step ahead? Well my fellow evildoers, look no further for the explanation and answers; they are here! However, I must warn you. The road to becoming a great super villain isn't easy. 1. If you need something done right, do it yourself. There are certain things that are too important to allow minions or henchmen to handle. For instance, killing someone. You're a villain, so you're in this to the end. Don't be afraid to get your hands as dirty as possible. The only way to make sure a hero has died is if you see it with your own eyes - and snap his neck with your own hands. 2. Never disrespect your subjects/minions/henchmen. They're already in a position to serve you and your "purpose", why risk that restrained loyalty? Disrespecting those who serve you can lead to them giving up valuable information ...
I guess Waka Flocka really does go hard in the paint πŸ˜‚ dear god.”
Snitching like Frank Lucas"If your friends spouse comes onto you, are you telling or trying to keep the peace?"
Wack people usually roll with other wack *** people.
Police car knocked my wing mirror off Frank Lucas what do you think I should do ?
young Frank Lucas but i aint neva snitch!!
Might be the best tat on earth right now. RT
My granma got so many drugs in her *** purse I officially changed her name to Frank Lucas in my phone
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Mami dame azucar, I feel like Frank Lucas. Except I'm further uptown, in the Heights smoking hookah…
I liked her. Now Lucas is behind bars and Janine has gone, no one really knows what Frank has done to her. He's unstoppable.
Who went harder. Frank white from king of New York or frank Lucas from American Gangster?
Happy Father's Day, Frank Lucas! You are the best and I love you so much!
Wus like to wish my wonderful dad Frank Lucas a happy fathers day hope h av a great day lv u loads x
Gangsters of Virtue/The Wise Sorrowful Hearts by Steven...6-12-14 Ron Chepesiuk and Steven L. Jackson Interview full one hour broadcast, 130 countries, 250,000 listeners around the world. First World interview with international celebrity Auhtor and Gospel Stage Playwright, Steven Leroy Jackson, Ron has reported from more than 35 countries, interviews include such luminaries as Gerry Adams, Yasser Arafat, Russell Simmons, Frank Lucas (the subject of the movie, ¨American Gangster¨),three former presidents DOWNLOAD Hear Show Select GUEST NAME 6-05-14 DVD Gospel Play investigative journalist who will be talking about his books on Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich: Mengele: The Complete Story and Hitler's Children.: Sons and Daughters of Leaders of the Third Reich Talk About Their Fathers and Themselves. In the past, Gerald Posner has been a freelance writer on investigative issues for several news magazines, and a regular contributor to NBC, the History Channel, CNN, FOX News, CBS, and MSNBC. In 2009 he .. ...
Frank Lucas rabid to slaughter horse and a member of .
Watching this Nicky Barnes documentary. He ain't no Frank Lucas..
Today in Niagara History. June 4th 1975 (Story from Niagara Falls Info) On June 3rd 1975, Henri Rechatin was at the top of the Skylon Tower observation deck level, which is 160 m above the ground. Working from a small (24 m by 1 m) wooden platform on the outer edge of the deck, Rechatin began a chair balancing act. Using two oak chairs, Rechatin balanced the bottom chair on edge the wooden platform. Rechatin placed the second chair on top of the first. He balanced the rear legs of the second chair on the seat of the first chair. After the chairs were in place, Rechatin climbed sat onto the second chair and balanced himself without using his feet or arms for support. This act only lasted thirty seconds, but Rechatin performed this same feat three times. The next day, Henri Rachatin, his wife Janyck and motorcycle driver Frank Lucas gathered at the Southern Terminal of the Spanish Aero Car. Without permission and without fanfare, the trio began crossing the Whirlpool on the cable that supported the Spanish ...
Nicky Barnes vs Frank Lucas ...two of New York citys.biggest drug traffickers, Barnes helmed the council, while Lucas ran the Country Boys, the two were rivals at the height of the heroin wars in NYC. The two were also deemed rats by the streets. It's believed that Barnes has an open million dollar contract on his head.The NY MAg did a Joint interview with the two, who seemed over the years to have gained a fond respect of each other.
"Boston George was a rat" so was Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes, Rayful, all the head honchos
Get it how you live then young *** Be the next Scarface, Frank Lucas, Nicky Barnes or whatever dead,locked up, snitch y'all look up to!
Til death do us, or til the judge screw us. No other options, no Frank Lucas.
Right now there is someone like Frank Lucas or El Chapo movin major Heroin in the U.S. It dont just go up like that. someones makin MOVES
My family swear I'm going to be the next up and coming female Frank Lucas international drug smuggling drug lord. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12 sit outside the crib like I'm frank Lucas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
been blastin dat Cross Country Trappin : Frank Lucas edition
Dennis: Charlie can't read. Frank: He'll adapt. Dennis: He'll adapt to reading?
Frank Lucas bro thats ya *** lets have it. Ronnie Streeter since you called us out as husband and wife here u go lol
If I were selling dru$ I'd be the equivalent of Frank Lucas. step your game up.
It goes up town down town all around town. Because I feel like it Frank Lucas Feed The Streets and The…
My new sounds: Frank Lucas Snippet (Prod By Aygata & Joe Hess) on
Last time throwing up was with Tyson Macon Seth Caswell and Frank Lucas stupidly doing the gallon challenge. That's all I could think of today while puking my lungs out. But it was kinda worth it today. Looking back on good memories. Stay safe frank we miss you a lot. And ur dogs fine Tyson has thrown up on Hanna again sorry Leanna too my bad
Just a lil update of my girl Black Label's "Dbl Shotz of Blocka" she's Frank Lucas bred Cruella 2x Blockbuster! ! Thanks K.C. for trusting in me and letting us get her in our camp! Much love & Respect
It's sad when Frank Lucas is a role model to people nowadays. Priorities, priorities.
Told em think Frank Lucas he started sellin grams for 15
Call em Frank Lucas cuz he snitchin
If this is what it takes to be an American Gangsta ( real life Frank Lucas).. You can have that.smh. Ive been shot lucky to be alive... lost my left kidney , lost 8 inches of intestine.. Had a hole in my stomach that had to get sewn. Point is... Think its a game if you want... Don't be a follower... Make your own path, be a leader.blaze your own trail... Soon people will follow.
Can't nobody beat me there's not enough greed, But if you try here's a few things you might need, Craig's brick. Debo's uppercut. & Ezail's speed, A Frank Lucas suit & a meal from Aunt Bee & none you still can beat me. -Safe
Got get it himself they call him the ghetto frank lucas
frank lucas real till dis part of da movie! Rats
BTW. Frank Lucas and Alpo snitches. Its *** I protected wouldn't like so much what u jus attempted.
We gone make history today@ Hot97 summer Jam Boyz Squad Lucas magazine Label Music!!
So you mean to tell me Willy Wonka wasn't the Frank Lucas of the candy industry? That chocolate house…
Denzel played tf out that part. I really be thinking he frank lucas
Why Denzel so smooth in American Gangster *** said "Frank lucas dont run from nobody baby" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I need that Frank Lucas before the mink coat type of Power/Respect...
All except the Frank Lucas, and the Shantaram ones. will look them up.
U a disgrace to ya family, u know ya son a snitch
Harlem bound about to see the brogod Frank Lucas bout to get smacked
When Anne Frank was talking too loud in the attic.
I feel like frank lucas except I'm further uptown, in the heights smoking hooka
This is not for commercial useage. Please dont categorize this as music. Please dont compare me to other rappera compare me to trappers im more frank lucas than ludacris. And luda my dude I aint tryna diss like frank lucas is kool but I aint tryna snitch
Mason, Lucas, jenny, Brianna, and frank all made me feel better πŸ‘Œ. Thanks guys
Black parents on Sunday vs weekdays.
Black fathers who wasnt n dey kid life when they become successful. πŸ‘€ ***
Frank Lucas minus all of the snitchin
C&R Moment: S/O to (Frank Lucas Jr) He is on the right side of this picture, he is the son of (Frank Lucas), the movie (American Gangster) was based on his father life this his him supporting (C&R Clothing) at the (American Gangster) (Movie Release) in (New York, Ny) also S/O to boxing promoter (Ronnie) also for supporting (C&R) to Purchase C&R Clothing are any info needed (E-mail) *** 04(Serious Inquiries Only) to see all the latest photos videos Etc of (C&R) log onto
When black parents can't find out who did it.
Sorry got Frank Lucas blood in my veins.
When the black girl say she don't like her own kind... πŸ‘€πŸ˜’
When a *** find out. His son really aint his son πŸ‘€πŸ™ˆ
Frank Lucas dont care about his past.
*** sayin they real but snitch like Frank Lucas
Watch American Gangster (2007) Online Free Full Movie Putlocker. Following the death of his employer and mentor, Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas establishes himself as the number one importer of heroin in the Harlem district ...
Ah ha Frank Lucas Miami won the series against Indy. Cathy Kemp and I tried to tell you miami would win. So now we have a date to OutBack Steakhouse on you. Thanks i can taste my med rare more on redside steak and the blooming onion. Thanks so much betting with me lmao hehe
"The most important thing in business is honesty, integrity, hard work, family, never forgetting where we came from. See, you are what you are in this world, that’s either one of two things: Either you're somebody ... or you’re nobody. I'll be right back" Frank Lucas
Wasn't their whole crew gettin ready to snitch on Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas before they snitched 1st?
Nobody will ever get as big as Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas got in the dope trade. Not enough loyalty.
Every time I watch American Gangster my reaction is Always 'WOW'! Great film. I've said it before and I'll say it again Frank Lucas is a lord! Nobody could have played that part better than Denzel Washington!!!
Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) is an American actor, film director, and film producer. He has received much critical acclaim for his work in film since the 1990s, including for his portrayals of real-life figures such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, Melvin B. Tolson, Frank Lucas, and Herman Boone. Washington is a featured actor in the films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and was a frequent collaborator of the late director Tony Scott. Washington has received two Golden Globe awards and a Tony Award, and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Glory (1989) and Best Actor for Training Day (2001).
when you watch Frank Lucas on American Gangster, you realise that some people can do crime & get rich while others are denied
Greg Maddux yeah we pitchin' *** they call em' Frank Lucas cause he snitchin nihga.
Paula Dean, we in the kitchen *** I’m at Gio’s cookin chicken *** Greg Maddux, yeah we pitchin' *** They call him Frank Lucas cause he snitchin' ***
Rep. James Lankford, Frank Lucas, Tom Coburn, James Inhofe, Jason Murphey and Senator Ann Griffin (R-OK), do you believe people should be free to peacefully, responsibly and lawfully grow, process, possess, distribute, trade, share, use and consume cannabis (hemp/marijuana) for industrial, medicinal, nutritional, spiritual and recreation purposes without unwarranted interference from you, other people, government(s) and/or their agencies? You are supposed to represent the people/citizens/voters of Oklahoma, I/We look forward to hearing your response.
I try to pretend I live my life as I am Frank Lucas, George Jung, and Jordan Belfort! If you don't know those 3, you won't be successful
Rappers need to start being cool again & hang da Frank Lucas act up
...I know imma get bashed but that's why im a loner I think different: Donnie McClurkin and all other big name pastors except for the brothers that rep that Nation of Islam...are here to hustle just like Big Meech and Frank Lucas..only difference: they use the Lord instead of baking soda and hot water
Why wrestle to sleep while ive already done beat death?i hit oceans maybe frank made it that way,im like Lucas no...
Freeway Rick Ross, Larry Hoover, Frank Lucas. Those weren't gangstas, they were just some other lost ***
My daddy thought he was gone be cpt frank Lucas
I know mfs be salllty in dat airport thinking they Frank Lucas and get bagged
Please tell my story right if I gotta die. πŸ™Œ
Dey call em Frank Lucas cause he snitching ***
Some of you want to , but could never be Bumpy Johnson Frank Lucas or Nicky Barnes why? Because you don't have the organization they have !! in baggy jeans don't cut it it's the tailor made suits that catches the eye !!
Don't have anything to say to u..keep it movin
Frank Lucas is a former American heroin dealer and organized crime boss, he has a net worth of $1.5 million. Frank Lucas ran a
By Mary Peck, SWODA Business Development and Marketing Associate (Burns Flat, OKβ€”April 16, 2014) Representative Frank Lucas (R-OK) received the 2014 NADO Congressional Partnership Award for his leadership on the 2014 Farm Bill. National Association of Developmental Organizations (NADO) presented Lucas the honor during the recent Washington Policy Conference held in Washington, D.C. The biennial award recognizes legislators exhibiting outstanding leadership and support of federal regional development programs, as well as supporting the work of regional development organizations at the local level. Debora Glasgow, executive director for the South Western Oklahoma Development Authority (SWODA), along with Michael Ryburn, SWODA business development and finance director, and Mike Brown, NADO board member and SWODA board president, officially awarded Lucas the honor on their visit to Capitol Hill. Mike Brown, Weatherford mayor, joined NADO Board of Directors from the Southwest Region through a special electio ...
on and off like a light switch opp, check that text I sent u that's the move
frank lucas is cool but i aint tryna snitch yea i told them that back in 07 *** when i was a babyfacegangsta same year i sniffed DOPE
Coonskin is sort of like if Walt Disney grew up in NYC with Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes.
Hate when the confuse me being nice with flirting πŸ˜• I been had a shoota πŸ’ƒ
Sht it aint bout who u is, it's who u know boy πŸ˜΄πŸ‘Œ
Swear once love start to get involved dey change up lawddd...
Aint sht I can't have if I put my mind too it πŸ˜πŸ’­πŸ’°
If I want sht done! Ima do it my self yo! Neva been da type to depend on anybody
Aquarius leave they mark on everybody they really had feelings for I'm convinced yo
Choppin it up w. the homie askin bout drug lords I said sumn bout Frank Lucas he put up on the *** Frank Mathews now that's a REAL ***
They call him frank Lucas cause he snitching *** Ÿ˜•πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Ya sht ever came on and u got the doin u 2 STEPPIN and All lat ctfu then u realize where ur at n u gotta chill πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Watchun American Gangster.frank lucas was not no gangsta tht *** was a snitch
My hit single "FRANK LUCAS" will be up in running on in a week be sure to cop it soon as it gets released
Alpo, Frank Lucas, and Nicki Barnes all was real than turned too some snitch *** ***
Had a great time visiting with Congressman Frank Lucas today. Even my democrat friends think he is great. Got a hug from Garrett King, too. They were headed to Apache, but I'm so glad they stopped in.
Trying to get this Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes money. This cat Alpo was Wildin back in the 80s & 90s
not unless you become like the Frank Lucas of it . && even then it's a catch 22 .
I walked right up to U.S. Congressman Frank Lucas tonight and asked him to vote for DAN GAMBILL June 24 in the primary. He giggled. I guess no one has actually asked for his vote in a LONG time :)
ain't frank Lucas but tha dope came from Bangkok
"your still my BESTFRIEND so idk how!"sure
your still my BESTFRIEND so idk how!
*** believe erthing these days πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ I know ima die so Im far from scared! I jus pray when I go the one of took me off dis earth, get offed❗
Need a new bestfriend switched up on me
Told my sister that same sht earlier I'm living err 24 like my last I ont know when my time goin come! That hating sht get worse err day πŸ…±
If a *** tell u sum info n u think it's false do ur research. Dnt b quick to ride for sumone family or not. John gotti told frank Lucas. Real life bosses n killers tol. Wat make u think the average mf wnt. Dnt b niave do ur research. U can pl court records off line. No such thing as a secret snitch! Dnt matter who u is!
Why *** scared to go?? Sht we all know we living jus to die, we just don't know when and how! He does πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ΌπŸ™Œ
Even tho Frank Lucas was a gangster he still a rat...
"I don't think QUAY would appreciate that ijs" lol
Also think AG made Nicky Barnes look like a sucka compared to Frank Lucas that wasn't the case in that doc clearly
lmao why are you worried about him following me, I don't think QUAY would appreciate that ijs
quai gone follow the kid back, so I ain't even worried πŸ˜‚
Its funnie too me. Sum of dese so called celebrity gangsta rappers pretend like dey cam up from tha streets, but tbh dat was there parents, uncles, cousins money dat supported dem! Real *** like Frank Lucas, Rick Ross(The real Freeway Ricky Ross) those were real Gs nd dese rapper niggaz pretend like dey really moved weight to get were dey at! Yeaaa Right, So hw df dey escape prison wen the real American Gangstas such as Memphis own Craig Pettis didn't?? β˜ΉπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
American Gangster : The arrest of Frank Lucas ( , original picture :
You didn't have to grow up struggling, your parents have good jobs and take care of you. Be that. Don't play Frank Lucas it…
Frank Lucas nino brown and frank all was snitches so watch tha company you keep and tha *** around you πŸ’―
i probley seen more dope than Frank lucas never told them Yung niggaz ruthless
You know *** well I call everything nd everybody Frank! You can't use frank or Susie or Frank Bobby Lucas
Who says real nggas dnt snitch.lets nt forget rico(paid n full).nino(new jack city)...n last bt nt least the *** yall nggas thnk yall are frank tht say is for tha birds
There making a mob movie about Boston's Whitey Bulger Johnny deppp is playing him first good fellas huge rat ..then frank Lucas American Gangster another huge rat .now this ..I'd rather be bud Bundy from married with children than any of those bums.golden girls are more
I thought this was worth a laugh..Thomas Hughes Thomas Frank Lucas
I think Ez $$$ told me Ill never make a classic Like Dark Knight 1 well I think his is wrong This Last American Gangster Mixtape coming together nice OOO WEEE!!! I am more Frank Lucas Than Ludacris -Jay Z
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Aye fam have yall heard from my bro Frank Lucas kinda worried .. his phone been going to vm for days . Vernetta Jackson Lauren Lumpkin Marcus Jackson-Whitaker Marcus Pq and everyone else ... let me know
You remember when Frank Lucas moved his family to the house & the people where looking in his yard. REALLY I AIN'T GOING HOOD.
Im bored... Frank Lucas when you coming home ? I need somebody to bother πŸ˜’
Watching "scarface" and I can't decide who was running the game more Frank Lucas in "American Gangster" or Tony Montana .. Gotta respect both hustle's though
Listen to Nova Kaine DaReepa / Frank Lucas | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
Who all fucc wit that glide shot mane I'm new to *** fucc wit ya boi ... Reggie frank Lucas
I've been posting over at the Elk City, Oklahoma community our local candidates. Surprised to find our newly elected mayor, Dan Gambill (R), is running for State Senate Dist 26. He'll be in the Republican primary with Darcy Jech of Kingfisher. On the Democrat side for State Senate , Kevin Black is running unopposed. I've mention his name to three other people today and they almost lit up. He's a local teacher, much liked. Elk City's two OK House seats (55 & 57) have R's running unopposed. Also kind of surprising to see two primary challengers for Rep. Frank Lucas (R OK-3). Frankie Robbins of Medford, OK is the only Dem running for the seat. Finally Tom Ivester (D) is running for District Attorney (Dist 2) against Angela Marsee (R). I still have to look through the Judges list to see who's local. List of Oklahoma candidates for federal, state and legislative offices
Brownsville.Drug Trade.first Frank Lucas.Then Nicky Barnes...NOW AL SHARPTON.all looking like Nino Brown
Just a reminder that the 2014 Congressional Art Competition deadline is Wednesday, April 16. Entries must be at the drop off locations or at our office by the close of business on Wednesday. If you have any questions, just let me know. I look forward to all of the entries! Allison Litterell Staff Assistant U. S. Representative Frank Lucas Ph: (405) 373-1958
I drive a Ford Focus like Pope Francis, Grind like Frank Lucas, Own a home I don't live in like a Realtor, Invest and save money like Stifel Nicolaus, Run a business like Sam's Club and got security like Obama. (Team Harris)
Success has enemies PERIOD! Watch the video until the end and let's see what lesson Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) learns in American Gangster.
I love getting 'forward' as much as Frank Lucas in American Gangster. Humble Capricorn.
I was entering three years old when I was kidnapped by Malcolm X Paul Mooney the Tuckers and house of the Shabazz! They gave me heroin lethal dose for each of the rapist that was six doses each lethal for an adult. I survived at 11 I started to write a book about that and other experiences I encountered I finished by thirteen . "Calligraphy" I used it as my testimonial in the Frank Lucas trial of American Gangster who also I knew was a Federal Detective Det. Brown . So I told his daughter Francine Sinclair I would supply that evidence . My bodyguard New York City Det. Randy Jurgensen interviewed him and did a back ground check on him he was a fed. Frank Lucas a Fed!!! Who knew we at Warner Brothers the WB all family. I have it copy written! Det. Randy Jurgensen famous for his Books movies he has been His first book "Circle Of Six" ( I gave hime the name for this book ) and first film he was in the GodFather . I know Marlon Brandon as well he played the God Father. He dated My TV mom Rita Moreno ...
Hanging out with Rep. Frank Lucas at the Cooperative Extension Centennial Celebration.
With the pack I'm like Frank Lucas. The og got me coughing up mucas. Eddie Griffin and master p a *** foolish. I wanna b a rapper
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Look at what Frank Lucas & Frank Matthews did coming from the South to the city.
Frank Matthews, Reyful Edmonds, Frank Lucas, Ricky Ross, Ken Mcgriff, Calvin Klien (dead,missing,jail,or broke) the trap aint got no pention
DC report: Jim Inhofe on emissions standards, Frank Lucas on farm bill and more
Watching CNN news they said its some heroin out here going from city to city killing people it got an ace of spade on da bag somebody got that blue magic Frank Lucas
FARM BILL FINALIZED - House Agriculture chairman Frank Lucas has announced the farm bill conference committee is all done: "We are putting in place sound policy that is good for farmers, ranchers, consumers, and those who have hit difficult times. I appreciate the work of everyone who helped in this process. We never lost sight of the goal, we never wavered in our commitment to enacting a five-year, comprehensive farm bill. I ask my colleagues to join me in supporting its passage." The food stamp cuts, via Billy House: "One of the most contentious parts of the bill -- the amount of a cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps -- has been resolved with a compromise cut of about $8.7 billion to $9 billion over 10 years, according to aides to members of the committee." [National Journal] A $9 billion food stamp cut is twice what Senate Democrats approved, less than a quarter what House Republicans wanted. Shouldn't be hard to get that through both chambers.
Tebow once prayed for a Broncos Super Bowl. Jesus answered by putting Peyton Manning on the team. The Lord works in myst…
β€œYou walk around like you're the king lol” frank Lucas shii
S/o 2 all Da up and coming artist outta Detroit
*** do work, and tell like Frank Lucas
u thought u were frank Lucas or something lol
See now Frank Lucas is a homie I'd hang out with
One thing Frank Lucas taught me is to be humble and discreet even when u made it...oh & shoot a n*$$a 4 f***ing wit' yo $.
Call em Frank Lucas cause he snitchin *** Ÿ˜‚πŸ˜‚
"You are what you are in this world, either you somebody or you nobody"- Frank Lucas
I'm on my frank Lucas ... Your weakness will not be a link in my chain
Denzel killed this Frank Lucas role!feeling all gangsterish!
:: Paul Castellano and Frank Lucas were good. But Pablo Escobar was great!!
We call em Frank Lucas cause he snitching ***
In the kitchen whippin up that frank lucas
You could hear a rat *** on cotton in China, it was that quiet. - Frank Lucas
Pastor Spoke some RS made me think, sht I need to be n here on Sundays aint like its err day! Yo said he hate ppl who religious on Sundays πŸ™Œ
Remember, everybody ain't loyal and ain't gone keep it real. πŸ’―
Aint been to church n years but ima try be here more often
Some people come into your life as a blessing. Some come as a lesson..πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
Lmao I told Ma and mom looked like "Frank Lucas and Nicky Barnes"... Thought we were gna get set on fire right then lmao
Heard bout me but Don't kno me tho 😜😁✌️
The US used gangster Frank Lucas to funnel DRUGS 2 our people in the HOOD wholesale in 80's
*** be Lucas cause they ratting like Frank
Don't like them fake and phony relationships. Pure waste of time.
Lor brova Rey be 18 so gotta do right for his *** might pay for a tat or two
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Frank lucas said it best the loudest man in the room is the weakest so flaunt it if you want fools my OGs know im official
Side lines be like he just don't want nobody in our business that's why he won't @ me or put up no pictures.. Orrr you just …
If I only knew then what I know now
Our generation needs help 😴 if we was the salves, we all be dead last words "can't go like dat"
Lucas: "Don't worry, Frank hates everybody it isn't just you."
I liked a video Superfly Untold story of Frank Lucas
Exactly Frank threadbare and now Lucas could be out.
You ain't know how my camp do this, gram movers, young Frank Lucas
You clearly smoke too much lil baby
Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas may be the one to institute and force the mark of the Beast on us all. What is the number of the beast = 666. The globalist behind all of the UN Agenda 21 garbage are Satanists and they love leaving small clues as they enact their plans. Research Senate Bill 666 and see if you recognize the "mark of the beast" written in this bill as it strips man of our rights and makes beasts and man equals. The gamecock farmers have been trying to tell all of you but you refuse to listen. Americans must wake up and recognize that the animal fighting spectator prohibition act amendment being attached to the Farm Bill is language taken directly from SB 666 (which is the mark of the beast) β€œThe Animal Spectator Fighting Prohibition Act” is the unconstitutional federal foundation of the UN Agenda 21 driven effort to move nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives. This amendment will destroy the property rights of the American people and move animals above human lives. God gave ma ...
Everyone has a cousin Jimmy like Frank Lucas
apparently another Frank Lucas emerge from the street of Toronto, just to say no matter how high you get in life illegally especially if you a dope Vein, either jail or deathawait you. Those are the cosequences you face, that why i m good doing things civilize and legal.
House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas rode to the rescue of small Western towns Wednesday and next hopes to save his farm bill β€” and himself β€” with a deal on new dairy language. Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson, Lucas’s ranking Democrat, said late Wednesday that he had yet...
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