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Frank Isola

Frank Isola (born February 20, 1925) was an American jazz drummer. Died in Detroit, Michigan, on December 12, 2004.

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Anyone hear from Frank Isola in the last 2 mins or…?
Frank Isola is happy we are taking "domestic violence" seriously, when talking about Mixon. Wonder if he actually knows what DV is?
Frank Isola is about as bad as it gets
if Frank Isola would've said the Giants are gonna win you would've taken points away from him for being a "homer" u upset me
Frank Isola is that you? I don't get what that has to do with basketball.
Happy birthday frank! I hope its the best one yet, can't wait to come visit you in chico 😈💙🍻
Frank Isola should be on dancing with the stars with all of the spinning that man does
So now Frank Isola is swearing 2nd round picks are important but he wants Phil gone for keeping all of our future d…
Told y'all last year to stop giving Robin Lundberg and Frank Isola attention. They're essentially media trolls
Go watch yesterday's ATH where only Frank Isola pushed back on the Boston is racist narrative.
We need Frank Isola GM of the Knicks (1 condition, no social media break-ups)
Frank Isola: "Maybe the Stanford connection (w/ Andrew Luck) would be a reason for him to leave (Michigan)." Probably not, fam.
Frank Isola said it perfect Celtic fans dont want Hayward over crowder... we're greedy we want every1 but crowder can't take it personal
Frank Isola claims he's "unfamiliar with the term wedgie" no chance he didn't get a wedgie and stuffed in a locker everyday in high school
Klis is the the Frank Isola of a successful Franchise. Difference is Frank writes for the Knicks. Klis is an ***
Hear why our guy thinks Gordon Hayward stays with Jazz next summer.
Adnan Virk sounds like and Frank Isola looks like every muppet newscaster character.
Why are NY Knick writers, including show friend Frank Isola, so afraid to take him on?
If coastal folks like Frank Isola or TJ Simers covered the Browns, I'm pretty sure some of your heads would explode.
Who's gonna be the frank isola of the White House press corps? We need one
Frank Isola never been ejected from a Knicks game. Just saying...
For as much as Frank Isola sees (and says) so clearly, he's way too focused on record. For example, for him, Nets new regime is a fail.
Frank Isola must be so sick of Melo
Welcome to life with team melo. The man could kill someone in public and they'd blame frank Isola
Terrific group on The Sports Reporters today: Ben Volin of Boston Globe, Frank Isola of Daily News, Israel Gutierrez
Unless it's Sam Amick, Frank Isola, Howard Beck, Marc Stein or Woj can fall asleep
Frank Isola: Courtney Lee would be a solid pick up. And when he runs nothing hurts. So that's a plus
Frank Isola wanted to be as big as Stephen A. Smith. Instead he's more like Jay Mariotti.
Really disappointed we're still debating Ben Rhodes vs. David Samuels when we should still be debating Frank Isola vs. Chris Mintz-Plasse.
great stuff with Frank Isola today! He will gain another follower today.
that's a good thing Marc bermen ask frank the daily news isola
I hope frank the daily news isola u & bermen team up 4 a column together, the post & daily news, I'm prayer on frank
what do u think of that frank the daily news isola I'm pretty sure a job is waiting 4 u in the warm whether 2 frank ask bermen
Frank isola had some quotes from carmelo about that yesterday. Saying he will take a pay cut too!
You are mentioned in Frank Isola's NY Daily News column today on LeBron...
Frank Isola: Carmelo, LeBron and the Brotherhood could team up
All he did was quote frank isola lmao
Mr frank daily news isola u & Marc bermen could make *** of a team who would leave first u 2 the post r bermen 2 the daily news
so Mr frank daily news isola good bye-bye frank Miami looks good on u
These last 2 seasons have been absolutely surreal
that's how I feel after reading frank daily news isola column in the paper a real migraine
Camelo choose the money over winning & the whole sports world no this, u can't have it both ways melo, Frank isola no that
Heres a funny clip of me on NBA Radio w/as he made fun of our LA hangout & praised
Frank Isola is the embodiment of this concept
Oh this one I already know. Marv Albert gotta come through. John Starks. Frank Isola for the kill.
Frank isola really the most trash person associated with the Knicks. Somehow I prefer even Dolan to him now
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there u go Mr frank daily news isola the old divide & conquer stuff that's so daily news of u just like ur column it's torcher
Frank Isola and Berman of the Post really be beefin like that or is it just fun and games?
Mr frank daily news isola, they need players, better system 2 play under & they might have a chance jeremy lin is smiling
u give me one Mr frank daily news isola
Frank Isola: FYI: Atlanta's Kenny Atkinson is another outstanding coach the K… via
exactly frank men u rolling 2day u r fired up that's the frank isola Marc bermen is afraid of
well said Mr frank daily news isola
I really hate Frank Isola he does nothing but trash NY sports teams
finally u said something I agree with frank don't get use 2 it frank the daily news isola
u must be talking about u & frank isola the daily news & the new York post, now that's what I call a loosing team
The last big story Frank broke was the Melo resigning in 14.>Isola
your boy Frank Isola and the entire espn staff should watch this!
it doesn't feel like Frank & I have been together for as long as we have just feels like we've been friends forever
when Frank Isola can't handle the heat and slides into your DMs
When Frank Isola gets butthurt and DM's me 😂😂😂
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I apologize folks when frank isola talk I feel like he not saying nothing that's nothing read his column it's a downer
frank please don't leave ur day job ok as a ny knicks assistant, Marc bermen,Frank isola ain't got nothing on u
sometimes bermen I wonder who is more stupid u r frank isola
sorry guys I meant 2 spell the word write see when I talk about frank isola I forget common sense
Phil grow a pair, this guy is done melo that is ask frank isola u remember him rite the daily news reporter, that dumb reporter
I don't really like Frank Isola at all but he always rides for Carmelo. I respect him for that.
Frank Isola is the type to talk all this trash about players or teams on social media, but become a mute when it's face to face.
Isola: Carmelo has every right to throw his weight around Yawn!! NY Daily Knicks Bash strikes again. Frank Ihatephil
breaking news frank isola the next coach of the New York Knicks, Marc BERMEN assistant coach
Rockets have turned down a deal that would send Dwight Howard to the Charlotte Hornets, according to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News.
Bob Ryan and Frank Isola are *** for their views on this John Scott story.
Frank Isola tells heartwarming tale of young Stephon Marbury
Frank Isola: Tristan Thompson, who is just another guy on the floor, was holding out for $96 million. What a country
cheers from Canada. Great job hosting today. Just one thing: we'd rather take Woody Paige as ur ambassador here over Frank Isola
. & react to the trading for Ty Lawson -->
The NY Daily News needs anew basketball beat columnist. Frank Isola is too smug with the written word.
I can't stand Frank Isola. I blocked that NY hater.
way to let the media dictate your thinking Frank isola is a Moran
Frank Isola keeps clouding the water. Definitely one of the most hated writers ever. And this is for a reason.
Frank Isola is a joke, now he's killing Carmelo for not showing up to summer league? And if he did he would hate on melo not playing either
Hate is a strong word I dislike frank Isola
Frank Isola: Carmelo Anthony's absence from Vegas says it all for -
As long as buffoons like Frank Isola are in staff nobody is going to "LIKE" the Daily News!
Every single time I see an article written by Frank Isola I cringe. Hate that man.
What happens to frank isola if the knicks are actually good one day?
Whom do I contact to request a firing for Frank Isola? He is so negative about the Knicks and Phil Jackson.
Frank Isola one of the funniest guys I know. This is an inside joke for us NBA reporters
He loves Porzingis, and Grant will drive and kick to him. He's happy. Frank Isola and other media isn't, lol
it's no wonder nobody in that Knick org wants to talk to Frank Isola. I'm really disgusted by this nonsensical BS!!
Wouldn't put much stock in anything Frank Isola has to say about Melo and Phil...frank is much an outsider as fans
Frank Isola discusses the relationship between Carmelo Anthony -
* New York Knicks * Frank Isola discusses the relationship between Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson
Why Kristaps Porzingis might have been a steal at the fourth pick for the
Frank Isola would've been in deep depression if he couldn't have said anything negative about the Knicks
Some coaches/GM said they would've taken Kristaps Isola
Glad to see Frank Isola is still writing stories with sources coming directly from his ***
Frank Isola gets on my nerves, But at the same time his comments aren't too far off...
This guy isola still talking about monore no no sources Frank is back
At this point the only people interested in giving JR Smith work is Stephen A. Smith & Frank Isola. Only because they all hate Phil Jackson.
Phil Jackson needs to waive Frank Isola and offer Woj the max. We need new culture with our media too...
REPORT: Dwyane Wade could consider joining the Clippers according to Frank Isola from the New York Daily News
LMAO he is the Frank Isola of The Knicks. Speaking of Frank he took shots at The Fab 5 yesterday and Jalen Rose responded.
The first order of business would be to fire Frank Isola.
putting Frank Isola in the crosshairs.
I'll give Dolan a pass on A LOT of things if he fires Frank Isola after he purchases the Daily News
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Frankie ya got it backwards, Glen Sather would love to be the Frank Isola of the Hockey world!
~ Frank Isola ~ Frank: year to nothing good with the Knicks. Your current contract will be his lunch money (7)
~ Frank Isola ~ Frank: sweating when James Dolan is the man. He is paying Phil Jackson $12 million a (6)
~ Frank Isola ~ Frank: You sweat a lot on the show Around The Horn. It will be interesting to see you (5)
~ Frank Isola ~ Frank: entities seek those with employment and your value is best for their commissions. (4)
~ Frank Isola ~ Frank: There is no way James Dolan will keep you under contract with the Daily News. (2)
~ Frank Isola ~ Frank: If James Dolan acquires the Daily News, you should look for other employment. (1)
Btw, even if nydn & newsday would merge Frank isola would be fine. He's still a part of espn & too big a name to be dismissed so readily
Frank Isola while JR Smith and Shumpert are with the Knicks: They stink. JR Smith is a cancer, he needs to go. Knicks managem…
Frank Isola is right... the NFL's worst kept secret is that it's not THAT great to watch in person.
in addition to win for mase is that knicks wins means Frank isola is quiet for a night.
I see you follow Frank Isola 😂 “My favorite Anthony Mason quote: "We were either gonna win the game or win the fight."”
Has Frank Isola used his obligatory Irving Azoff reference of the day when talking about Anthony Mason?
When Frank Isola's job had meaning in this town. ;)
I notice Frank Isola is quiet. I still would like to see Wally or Alan stick up for our Knicks.
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Heres how Frank Isola blasted back @ me for blasting media
Halftime reading: Frank Isola fired at me after reading my post abt the media he said
Here's how Frank Isola responded to my post abt media & I made the corrections... lol
fans which guy would you rather listen to? Marc Berman and his extra positive attitude? Or Frank Isola and his negative attitude?
According to Frank Isola of the NYDN, Kevin Durant " is eyeing " the New York Knicks as a top destination, when he's a FA in 16 months.
It's hilarious watching Frank Isola struggle with self awareness this season. FWIW, I think Frank may just be the only sane person in NY.
frank isola said this the other day. Walton is dead accurate too. He always was coming back on bad feet.
. Has Mr. Webber checked that out with Frank Isola and others who have criticized James Dolan and the NY Knicks?
Seriously, it seems Frank Isola is a complete moron and should not be allowed back on Around The Horn.
"Marshawn lynch is the smartest person in the room" -Frank Isola
Frank Isola looks like Andy Garcia with Christian Bales' mouth.
I want Frank Isola on to talk about the Knicks
Frank Isola on ATH has it all right in regards to Court Storming
Frank Isola is on both ESPN and ESPN2 right now. Your move, ESPNU and ESPNEWS.
That guy frank isola is going in on Phil Jackson lol
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That Frank Isola guy is so senile, the Knicks could go 61-21 and he'll have no faith in them getting out of the first round.
Thursday Bolts – 1.29.15. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News with some “The Knicks have expressed...
Frank Isola and Marc Berman are actually good friends. Holy Moly!
. Mr. Frank Isola- it might be be time to get your pals on the NBA Radio Network to intervene with this New York Knicks team. lol
Frank Isola: What's the upside of all these Knicks losses? -
Frank Isola is a great follow around this time of the year
Frank Isola on Melo's fitness, state of Knicks
Frank Isola national nba source. Hating dolan never paid off better for anyone else. Except me of course
Frank Isola, NBA: The New York Daily News' Frank Isola offers his insights on the state of the Knicks, Phil Ja...
Frank Isola tells that he's hearing Alec Burks, who is in New York, may needs shoulder surgery.
I'd rather have an encounter with Frank Ebola than Frank Isola... Just another fake tough talking NY ESPN stooge. The white Stephen A$$mith
Frank Isola, just pick a hair color and stick to it. You look stupid.
I don't live for Frank Isola being on Around the Horn
Kate fagan looks like the female version of frank isola
. Seriously Mr. Frank Isola--why not try to be a "profound"-professional comedian? It seems to be your goal more than anything.
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Just like you and Frank Isola ha ha. One Big Mac to share or two?
Is it me or does kate fagan look like Frank Isola?
Frank Isola Explains Why the Knicks Might Look to Ship out Tim Hardaway Jr. (via
Did he report on the game, or just on the celebrities that were court side, like Frank Isola ha ha
Isola did make a great point. U wanna talk about being dealt a bad hand look at frank Vogel and the Pacers. And they're competing
Frank Isola killing the it...he speaks the with it
Frank Isola: Derek looks like Fisher out of water in Knicks loss - NY Daily News
The Knicks lost tonight cause of the refs JR smith's germs and frank Isola. Can't tell me nothinggg
Told Frank Isola - D. Motiejunas has top 5 post moves in NBA using both hands - Feed the Post McHale -
Caldwell's Carly Frank with a break away takes a shot big save by Montclair's Gabby Isola! 1-0 Montclair into the 2nd half
late but i loved Frank Isola saying that the refs cant make that call in the FSU/ND game. also typical of Bomani Jones to say call it
This what I get for watching Around the Horn for the first time in months. I listen to a moronic Frank Isola LeBron take.
Did frank isola have stroke during ? That is s next level sagging eyebrow
Bob, has Richard Sherman spoke to the media after the DAL & STL games? Frank Isola on said he has not.
Frank Isola on Around the Horn: "The Seahawks still have 5 more games at home, and they're basically unbeatable at home.". I can't even.
yeah, that’s Isola’s gimmick and he’s good at it. I think Frank is usually spot on as well. Manish acts like a petulant child.
Was anyone more sick about FSU's win than Frank Isola?
Isola's Futbol Monday: Frank Lampard moves on from Chelsea in dramatic fashion
Shame on you Knicks beat writers and Bloggers when Frank Isola has to be the voice of reason!!! SMH
Frank Isola hit the nail on the head. NBA players would take more money for more games. Shortening the season shows players are softer.
ur actin like frank isola. Have a lil objectivity and optimism tommy. The kid is 24 what is he gonna command n this option yr?
nope.. Why do that.. According to frank isola, we will be with the knicks fighting for the 8th seed... Smh
Isola asked Fisher what it meant to be at MSG: "Frank came in late, huh?" fish had spoken on that first in the press conference.
Updates from Wednesday, July 9 Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reported on Carmelo Anthony 's thought-process: Carmelo Anthony is prepared to spend the prime years of his career in New York, the Daily News has learned...
Frank Isola ( NY Knicks beat writer and the best source) reports that Melo is staying w/Knicks:max$, comfort& Jackson.
Frank Isola 3m Raymond Felton apparently opted out today as well...of jail time that is. He's very lucky.
Agent Leon Rose confirms that has opted out, as Frank Isola of the New York Daily News reports
Frank Isola gon get himself slapped in the head one day
Chris Webber and Frank Isola. This should be good.
Chris Webber didn't like that from Frank Isola.
& frank isola is ripped by Chris Webber:
all through the night on SportsNite: Frank Isola breaks down the Melo situation, a draw that feels like a loss & the Mets breakout
Frank Isola is an *** He's the only person in the world that believes he will re-sign.
New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony I still believe he re-signs but Chicago Bulls are his best option. Instant contender. (Source: Frank Isola)
right now on SNY Frank Isola on Carmelo's decision and the Mets break out the lumber
New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony a person close to him confirms he is 100% sure he'll opt out on Monday. (Source: Frank Isola)
According to Frank Isola and Adrian Wojnarowski, Knicks forward, Carmelo Anthony, will opt out of his contract Monday.
Frank Isola really thinks that's news 😭😭😭
Frank Isola 2m A person close to Carmelo Anthony confirms that Melo, as expected, will inform Knicks on Monday that he's opting out. "One hundred percent."
Frank Isola, New York Daily News: "Right now in Ghana, there's a guy sitting in a bar saying 'how the *** did we lose to the United States?'"
This was funny...when Frank Isola said it two weeks ago.
I talked to frank isola on nba radio yesterday..asked something about melo but i shoulda got down on the sterling saga
hi my name frank isola i have. No talent so i go on ranting like a like a lil girl and being a twiiter tough guy
New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony will notify Knicks Monday that he's opting out - (Article: Frank Isola) -
Something about him drives me insane. I wish it was Bob Ryan, Woody Paige, Bomani Jones and Frank Isola every day.
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Yes you have people like that, however they are the minority, not the majority. People like Frank Isola
Frank Isola is also a sports writer, yet he loves soccer.
Frank Isola can't take the heat. Texas fans say, they can stand the heat! lol!
Frank Isola knows way more about soccer than JK. Landon isn't good enough to be a forward on this team. Get over it
who writes a sports column for the DN? A real writer with real knowledge or Frank Isola?
After a while of mental debates, Frank Isola is added to analysts I really can't listen to. Joining Skip, Woody, P. Torres & Jamele Hill.
hey Frank Isola...Bruce Arena said we couldn't win the WC before that run in 2002. Nice one.
Frank Isola is very funny. He said Hockey is a game of luck. He was joking of course.
.Frank Isola will surely counter that the Kompany-Vermaelen-Vertonghen EPL history will damage their partnership in Brazil.
It's not like JK didn't go through similar things with Jozy though And Bradley
the fans don't want to be in the middle of Isola and the Knicks - Frank and NYDN should agree to take themselves off beat
Frank Isola's tinfoil hat is crackling again, y'all. No one is safe.
Frank Lampard has urged Chelsea to "keep making history" after confirming he will leave Stamford Bridge this summer.
somewhere Mitch Lawrence & frank isola are sweating profusely as they ready their version of interview
New York Knicks Phil Jackson said he is concerned that the Knicks could lose Carmelo Anthony in free agency. (Source: …
Irving Azoff jokes are exclusive property of Frank Isola
New York Knicks have been eliminated from playoffs, Carmelo Anthony asks about Tom Thibodeau - (Article: Frank Isola) …
tell your buddie Frank Isola that the Knicks are eliminated from the playoffs.
New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony: "Thibs is a great coach. You put anybody in [his] system and it’s going to work." (Source: Frank Isola)
Carmelo Anthony isn't afraid to be complementary, even if the subject of his praise works for another team. According to the New York Daily News' Frank Isola, 'Melo had some kind things to say about Tom Thibodeau's Chicago Bulls. Anthony makes a valid point. The Bulls have seen a number of role...
The better question is: "How is Frank Isola employed as a sports writer?"
Frank Isola just direct messaged me.. LOL, He's upset with me because I said "no one" cares about soccer.
Had NO clue how much of a *** Frank Isola was until watching Around the Horn yesterday
did you see around the horn today with comments from Frank Isola?
By the way Frank Isola just pulled the "they get a free education" card today on Around the horn
Frank Isola nailed it. This cry for "getting yours" as a college athlete is a tired argument. Privileged says it all.
are you going to do a on Shabazz's comments and Frank Isola's response from around the horn?
Ban Frank Isola from His comment dismissing Napier's claim were horrible. How can he claim someone is lieing when he doesnt know.
Listening to this *** frank isola dismiss Napier claim of going to sleep hungry because athletes have meal plans.
Frank Isola compared Napier's post game interview to I think he meant it as a bad thing but I think both interviews were great
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Frank isola said its a privilege to go to college on espn. Lol he must not know people getting into colleges with a 16 act score.
Frank isola sometimes I wonder why u r on ATH
YES! I'm a massive Sprewell fan. I'm actually finishing Frank Isola's book on that season. Great to look back
I haven't watched in a minute but this Frank Isola guy is garbage. I'd rather have 4 Mariottis
don't ever put Frank Isola back on.
Frank Isola is a bit. He's jealous af of UConn.
Frank Isola is a *** in every sense. Consistently brings up random tidbits that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.
Frank Isola sounds like a bitter privileged old white man.
WOW! I just lost all respect for Frank Isola. What does he mean, " is a priveledge." For whom? The rich? C'mon! I almost
College athletes go to bed starving all the the the time frank isola.we go into college because we have limited options
Well guess what Frank Isola, athletes do go hungry. I know many athletes who run out of blocks. Guess what they're told? You're on your own.
Frank Isola is the most disturbingly out-of-touch personality on this show since Jay Mariotti. "Privilege" indeed. Ugh.
THANK YOU FRANK ISOLA. No way Shabazz Muhammed ever went hungry. That why they give him a huge free meal plan most likely.
(Bonus) ICYMI today on - 'Frank Isola On Coach Larry Brown - Storytime!’ (Audio Clip):
I wonder how Frank Isola will tie this in to Dolan?
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Frank Isola on the state of the Knicks
Coming up today . Frank Isola from the New York Daily News on Phil Jackson at 6:40a est, Cliff Floyd of MLB Network to preview the Marlins at 8a est and the great Peter King at 8:40a est
"Also, Frank Isola has been moved to a secure location to ensure his safety."
Frank Isola & Stacey King of The Starting Lineup talked about why this is such a big game for the Pacers on SiriusXM NBA Radio Hear The Starti...
& of The Starting Lineup gave their thoughts on the coaching drama
Oh look Dolan/Yankke propagandist Frank Isola is trolling again. Big mouth considering the NYK are 5-15
I think we need to call you Frank "lighten-up" Isola. It's a game. He's being playful. Get over it Frank!
Frank Isola and Stacey King talked Tuesday morning on the Starting Lineup about the situation surrounding Brooklyn's rookie head coach Jason Kidd a...
ICYMI: Frank Isola and Stacey King touched on the whole Jason Kidd - Lawrence Frank mess in Brooklyn
Miami Heat Play-by-Play Voice Eric Reid now on with Frank Isola and Stacey King.
Frank Isola is running the Knicks. Politics aside on this one. Do you make moves to salvage the season or play it out?
My god, Frank Isola and Stacey King do host a show together on Sirius NBA
I'm hearing frank isola has another meeting with his pimp. I'm guessing he hasn't been meeting the quota!
This Frank Isola guy on Around the Horn is an *** Every time I see him on here he is saying something dumb.
Frank Isola was a quality addition to the regular Around the Horn lineup. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Frank Isola, the LeBron 11s don't look anything like the 80s the *** are you seeing??
Were David o. Russell and frank isola separated at birth?
Frank Isola is the worst addition to ever. No personality, nothing interesting to say. More less Isola plz
Yogi Berra and Buzz Aldrin and Frank Isola all live in Montclair.
I'm sorry but Marc Berman is the worst at covering the Knicks frank isola blows him out of the water
When was the last time you could accuse the Frank Isola of this: being funny
Here he is, as promised. Radio Host Frank Isola (joins live on the line to talk NBA!
It's Thunder Thursday edition of Schein on Sports and there's a lot to talk about in the world of sports! MLB Hot Stove, NFL Week 14 preview, some NBA talk with SiriusXM NBA Radio's Frank Isola around 1:35pm ET, and we will carry the Jameis Winston press conference at 2pm with your reaction after. Give us a call at 888-MADDOG6
Frank Isola on Deron Williams: "the word is that his teammates aren't exactly in love with him."
Feel bad for fans listening to sports radio this morning. Colin Cowherd is about to have Frank Isola on. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.
Frank Isola is the CM Punk of Knicks beat writers.
Just had a 10 min convo wit Frank Isola outside my job, he gave me a glimmer of hope for the Knicks, he said its a long season but they have to stop the bleeding soon, and if u don't know who Frank Isola is then u better ask somebody!!!
Lost in all the discussion of Kidd-Frank is who broke story two weeks ago: Frank Isola
Melo calls the Knicks laughing stock of the league. via: Frank Isola
Actually you did write that according to Frank Isola
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The New York Knicks could promote Allan Houston to head coach if the team is not able to turn the season around under Mike Woodson, according to a report. George Karl went on record recently saying he would not want to join the Knicks' *** for a million dollars." “Say what you want about Jim Dolan but he’s one of about eight owners who is willing to spend money to compete for a championship,” said one current NBA head coach. “There are too many owners who are only in it to make money.” Houston is currently an executive under Steve Mills, who returned to the Knicks -- replacing Glen Grunwald -- before the start of training camp. Via Frank Isola/New York Daily News Laker86
Frank Isola on Around the Horn: "Can you really win in the playoffs with an undersized QB?" . *falls over dead*
JVG and Dolan have made up according to frank isola though so something to watch
Frank Isola is wrong the Mets dont even talk about winning sadly.i just dont drink their kool aid i know we're gonna suck and live w/ it
Frank Isola 22m At least the Yankees try to win. The Mets just talk about trying to win
Great read on how press operates in the NBA.
Weaakkk analysts on all ESPN shows today... What is this ?? Jason Whitlock and frank isola!?? Po💩op
There's a reason why Frank Isola got eliminated first.
Watching because my Best Friend is on. Go Frank "IcyHot" Isola!!!
"Don't be so quick to put Seattle in the Superbowl, it is yet to be proven if an undersized QB can win in the playoffs" -Frank Isola, Around the Horn. Please never speak again, Frank Isola. Do you really think height would be the difference in a playoff game? Russell Wilson has proven that height doesn't impede him at all at the highest level... Why would the playoffs suddenly be different? Same teams and same players... He proved last night that there is no stage too big for him. We're talking about an inch between him and Brees who by the way, has won a playoff game or two...
2 BIG ?s for since he's concerned abt size:. 1. Who the heck is Frank Isola???. 2. Did u not see in last yr's playoffs.
Pretty sure Frank Isola and Christoph Waltz are the same person.
"Can you win in the playoffs with an undersized quarterback?" - Frank Isola with one of the dumbest comments you will ever hear.
Mike Woodson is on the hot seat in NY with the Knicks losing 9 straight games. Jeff Van Gundy is rumored to be interested in coaching the Knicks (but not right now, he would likely want a full training camp according to Frank Isola). George Karl also commented if he considers coaching the Knicks, "I watch the Knicks play and I wouldn’t want to be in that *** for a million dollars
you must not follow Frank Isola to have written a blog about that Post article
It’s kind of amazing that Marc Berman hasn’t killed (or at least fought) Frank Isola by now.
Mind-boggling to me that there are people citing FRANK ISOLA of the New York Daily News to refute Berman's story about Van Gundy. Seriously?
Great col from Frank Isola: Knicks' owner rant should be music to fans’ ears
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