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Frank Iero

Frank Anthony Iero Jr (born October 31, 1981) is the rhythm guitarist, co-lead guitarist and backup vocalist of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance as well as the vocalist of the post-hardcore band Leathermouth.

Gerard Way Ray Toro Pete Wentz Andy Biersack Patrick Stump Tyler Joseph Billie Joe Armstrong Hayley Williams Kellin Quinn Mallory Knox Andy Hurley Dan Howell Misha Collins

ME AND JILL GOING TO SEE FRANK IERO WEDNESDAY IM SO EXCITED. I love Frank so much, his new album is incredibly good.
I'm going to at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA - A...
"[I smile] good [I kiss your cheek as I keep washing your body]"
"It's okay. We're going to pick out things for our wedding. I told you but you were doing your homewo…
Frank Iero has asked fans to consider his band's privacy: "I hope you...can respect these boundaries".
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spotify why did you think it was a good idea to put that poppy, frank iero, bo burnham, and the front bottoms in the same mix,,,Why
Me: hi. 14 year old revenge-loving frank iero Stan: frank iero 😍😍 oh my god he's so hot I want him to choke me with his tat…
INTERVIEW: talks about the final act of "Parachutes" & getting back on the road: https…
US tour with & the mermaid starts tomorrow in NY. . photo by…
I sing House Of Wolves like Frank Iero singing Black Flag when he's high
I just want to brush Oliver Sykes hair, and then Frank Iero's hair.
Tired af but great night. Going in tomorrow for another frank iero based piece and my first thigh piece ☺️☺️
Our interview with ex guitarist Frank Iero on surviving the horrific 2016 accident in Sydney
Frank Iero here holding my sharpie and my ticket and my soul and my dignity and
Frank Iero on Trump and how best to oppose the politics of hatred and intolerance:
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Frank Iero as in Frank Iero from Frank Iero and the Patience, Death Spells, Leathemøuth, My Chemical Romance, Pencey Prep, I Am a Graveyard
Now I'm gonna buy tickets to go see Frank Iero 🤘🏽🤘🏽
If you don't think Frank Iero is the most precious thing you've ever seen in your existence, you're lying to yourse…
lets see... as for western charas.. I was jorel decker, phil lester, nathan sharp, frank iero, matty healy...
It's freezing but it's fine because frank iero noticed me
So my friend got to see frank iero yesterday im a jealous pig
Australian exclusive interview with on the accident in Sydney last October that almost claimed his life htt…
Basically I'm watching him to turn into Frank Iero and it's so 😍. Lucky mom tbh.
Spencer Smith blushed when they saw Hayley Williams's Frank Iero !!!
I memed it out with Tyler Joseph's Frank Iero .
Frank Iero or Tyler Joseph?. ( cause I knew putting Brendon in would be too easy)
Think about this:. People as beautiful as Gerard Way, Frank Iero and Andy Biersack In this world. The same earth as we live on... amazing
Probably parachutes by Frank Iero for me with Letlive a close second.
I liked a video This is why I love Frank Iero
since stanning frank iero, my skin has CLEARED, those eyes? made my grades all A*, that nose ring?? GAVE ME WINGS BIGGER…
Frank iero & the cellabration's video for joyriding is 100% my aesthetic
I don't know what I'd do if Frank Iero died but it would be horribly awful.
I'm going to at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD - Oct 29
UPDATE: has visited two of his crew mates in hospital after they were injured in CBD bus crash.
Some of the details are incorrect, but more footage containing Frank after the accident.
I did a thing... Watch "Piano cover of Stage 4 Fear of Trying by Frank Iero" on YouTube -
When me and start talking about Frank Iero there's no going back
Fact Frank is the son of Linda Iero and Frank Iero
Top story: Former guitarist, not among injured in Australian traffic accident. More info:…
Frank Iero and the Patience were involved in a serious traffic accident.
I'm going to at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ - Oct 28
bringmetosober: Sending all my love to Frank Iero and The Patience crew
Frank Iero pushed himself to the edge in order to create new album 'Parachutes'. Read more inside the new issue.
Frank Iero sat on twenty one pilots's ugly xD
My Chemical Romance have given an update on Frank Iero and his band after traffic accident.
yo man!! when I met you at that Frank Iero show, I totally thought you were a boy! 💫
Friendly reminder that this sleeping angel is actually Tony Perry and not Frank Iero
Frank Iero are a beautiful Andy Hurley >:3
Frank Iero transforms solo project; announces new album, streams new song—listen
Frank Iero memed it out with her tiny Andy Hurley xD baconn
Gerard Way is dead. Frank Iero is dead. Mikey Way is dead. Ray Toro is dead. James Dewees is dead...
Dahvie Vanity blushed when they saw his Frank Iero xD
I'm still hoping that Frank Iero will go on tour in either Europe one day, or in America when I'm there in April
Who knew thaf Frank Iero, the same man that smashes guitars & breaks strobelights, enjoys listening to Wilson Picket.
My three emo heros all in one photo - Adam Lazzara, Frank Iero and Bert McCracken
should we expect the next Frank Iero project to sound like .give me liberty but give me depth.?
In 1987, Frank Iero was six, Mikey Way was seven, Gerard Way and Ray Toro was ten, and Billie Joe Armstrong was already in Green Day
Who do I ship more?. Gerard Way and Frank Iero or Gerard Way and Lindsey Way?
Frank Iero jawline appreciation post. {ib headfirst for desolation row} (Vine by ~~~)
Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero stopped by Def Wolf Studios in Sydney to give us an acoustic...
Nini *I curl up in your bed, as you watch tv*
this video of frank iero eating twizzlers actually saved me (Vine by headfirst før helena)
"Hi, I'm Frank Iero and I hope jaywalking isn't illegal in Australia"
The best news!. Frank Iero & Evan "just recorded something very special just for us." Airs Wednesday!❤️
What a legend! chats about coming to Australia despite Soundwave cancellation
*I squirm my first time having experienced this feeling as I moan softly* a-a huh
Literally what did we do to deserve Frank Iero
"[I nod at you, smiling] yeah. We'll have a family. You can keep doing your school and such. I'll continue working at home +
It's kinda like "Hey, Frank Iero thinks you're talented and so should you"
Remember when Frank Iero told me that I didn't need anyone to justify my art
Remember when Frank Iero told me that I'm talented
Remember when I told Frank Iero that he saved my life and then he told me that I saved his
REVIEW: got intimate at Utopia Records in Sydney last night
Does anyone have a picture of Frank in his pink converse ??
Still processing the fact that I met Frank Iero last night. It was definitely worth the wait.
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Gerard Way is turning 39. bruce dickinson is ANCIENT. frank iero and most of the a7x guys are turning 35. Y'ALL 29 IS FINEZIES
Morning wakeups are even better when you know Frank Iero is in your country :3
I'm on a bus full of people and I'm on the verge of tears because I'm thinking about how much I love Frank Iero
And when we were in line we had this conversation with someone about "how do u pronounce frank iero's last name"
Frank Iero is such a precious human
I love Frank Iero more than pizza and *** combined
Frank Iero is still the coolest motherfckr
drank a beer with Frank Iero last night
everything about this thing that is "frank iero" is so beautiful. The art, the pain, everything
Mez who did my Snape tattoo on Tuesday was the one who tattooed Frank Iero, last night. Goals
do you like Frank iero and the collaboration if you haven't listened to it could you do a react of u watching it plz
[I pull them out of your mouth and slowly slide one into you]
I met Frank Iero last night, be jealous
Maybe if I wasn't an *** and if i was hot and if i didn't talk about frank iero 24/7 iD HAVE A BOYFRIEN D
do you like Frank iero and the collaboration ?
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B: (idk the original source, this is where I got it; I'll look further later). Frank:
have I mentioned I like Frank Iero (Vine by Moosie Edits)
from emo son to emo dad. frank iero everybody (Vine by
me: *sighs* I lov-. anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me ever: you love frank iero. yes we know. he's the light of your life. yo
{Ray listens to his boss and nods his head slowly} "Oh, alright. Do you want me to give this...Frank Iero a call?" {Ray -
Where does frank iero get all that blood from?
Alright, I'm gonna head off to bed now. Goodnight!! I love Frank Iero and Paige 💕💕
i can't believe im friends with THE frank iero's dog
speaking of Frank iero the mall didn't have the cardigans but they had pullover old school revenge era sweatshirts
i bought fingerless skeleton gloves today if u wanna know how much I love frank iero
If youre ever sad just remember Frank Iero has a tramp stamp
Yeah, i knew about Before knoxx. . I just didnt know his; . Birthday. Home town. Eye color . Ect.. .
No really, he talks about frank constantly.
School is cutting into my Frank Iero appreciation time.
May 11th 2002, Frank Iero was asked to join My Chemical Romance.
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I'm sorry for being such frank iero trash
Me: man I love Christmas music. Frank iero 2012: xmas music *** . Me: ...
Did you see the video where Connor Franta and Sawyer Hartman said you looked like Frank Iero before you got your hair cut?
the only person in this world who comes close to my beauty is Frank Iero
remember when frank iero kicked me in the face hA
I added a video to a playlist FRANK IERO!!
Enjoy the small things in life. For example: Frank Iero.
@ frank iero I am very mad that you haven't come to Hawaii, how dare you not fly 8 hours for a show in the middle of the *** ocean
Honestly, imagine how good my life would be if I looked like current frank iero??? I'd be so hot & tough but still sweet like wth
Just met Frank Iero and it's the best day ever! 5th grade me is crying…
ok well goodnight I love frank iero and aaron my cute dorky boyfriend I hope he has fun at comic con my sweet baby boy 💕
ah. I wont let anything happen to you okay?
[I see something huddled by the tree, slowly starting to walk over]
what? I didn't even tell them. Maybe they saw it sitting on the counter where I left it? I haven't done anything bad to you
[I slowly start to suck on your skin, resting my hand on your hip]
Update your maps at Navteq
[I yawn, kissing your chest gently and looking up at you]
[I'm come out after a few minutes, the towel hanging loose around my hips as the water runs down my back] hey..
I seriously fell in love with Frank iero in this music video.
Frank Iero ran forward and propelled his massive *** up Gerard's ***
Yall aliens may have better technology than us but we have Frank iero
two things Gerard Way and I have in common. 1. our fear of teenagers. 2. our love for frank iero
Ross geller and i will rek u son — frank iero and I will destroy u two
don't glorify him and make it seem like he is the first person to do this, examples like Pete Wentz and Frank Iero have done this
I want frank iero to get out of my swamp
with the TSS memberships, will there be any chance of meet and greet or a signing with Frank Iero?
interview with Gerard Way or Frank Iero? Please it would make my emo day alot darker!
Holy crap i might see frank iero live
Gerard Way is literally the definition of love. I'm in Gerard Way with frank iero
So for my ToK class we had to bring in a piece of art & explain why it's beautiful & why it's art & I brought a pictur…
what's that? I can't hear you from the kiddie table, go back to finger painting and crying about Frank Iero, witch
I do the same thing. I also watch tons of FIATC concert videos. Or the Frank Iero's laugh video. I hope your night gets better
I'm super calm around Frank Iero but I feel like I will tear up around Gerard Way. I'll bawl my eyes out with Billie Armstrong.
\\ Really thinking about changing to Frank Iero, Gerard Way, or Tyler Joseph
Goals to meet. Billie Joe Armstrong . Gerard Way . Frank Iero ✔️. 1/3 ... I hope, I pray, I will one day meet the other two.
Many of them um Gerard Way and Frank Iero and Tom Fletcher and Louis and Tom DeLonge and Paul McCartney and more
The night before (9/12/14) I rented a car drove to MI show (The Used, TBS, FIATC), met Frank Iero for the 1st time...
Gerard Way, Alex Dorame, Bryan Stars, Kellin Quinn, Frank Iero, Johnnie Guilbert, I don't know I can't name them all
Kerrang: we love MCR especially Gerard who is Mikey and Ray? Frank Iero? We might've heard of him but he can't compare to king GERARD A. WAY
yes thanks! Only here today so will watch rest on TV. Just seen Frank Iero and his band and now waiting to see Cancer Bats!
- I wanna see Frank Turner. everyone wants to see uncle frank. me- yes but what about Frank Iero? everyone wants to see daddy frank
i bought a cardigan and my uncle said i look like Frank Iero same
Got some Frank Iero on my Discover Weekly playlist this week, Spotify knows what's up. 👍
Craig Mabbitt reminds me of Frank Iero which is probably why I never know what to say to him except ily
Tagged by 4 pics of my celeb. crushes. This is hard. Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Josh Dun, & Pete Wentz ht…
Had a great time seeing Frank Iero and The Celebration last night! The show was rockin!
met and hard styled Against Me and Frank Iero (also asked Laura Jane Grace to prom)
I could post cute videos of Frank Iero & his kids all night (Vine by
Americans are amazing I mean look at all the wonderful people, Frank Iero, me, Tom Kenny, the list goes on !
No matter how hard I stay away from that scene phase, I'll probably still find Bill Kaulitz, Andy Biersack, Pete Wentz, and Frank Iero hot
to know that I am 3cm taller than Patrick Stump, and Frank Iero and Pete Wentz are just a cm taller than me makes me proud of myself ***
I really want to hug Patrick Stump, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, and Mikey way but Austin Carlile is daddy af and I want him…
I really like Frank Iero... And Pete Wentz. And Ryan Ross. And Patrick Stump. And Gerard Way. And Brendon Urie. I just have …
Sad that Blitz Kids aren't nominated but I wish All Time Low, BMTH, Mallory Knox, Moose Blood, Pvris, Frank Iero,... the best of luck 💝
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebr... — 1. Paul Walker. 2. Daniel Radcliffe . 3. Frank Iero
Set de fotos: I was so close to Frank Iero the other day | 24.4.15 - Oxford, UK. 
Frank Iero will always hold a special place in my heart since he was my first celebrity crush 💕
p.s. Monster Squad Posters now up for sale! xofrnk
[Frank laid down on a bed in the master bedroom and sighed, smiling]
oh okay well I met frank iero and fall out boy 😈
So basically I'll never meet frank iero
"I also fantasize about Frank Iero murdering me"
I interrupt your usual scrolling to show you my copy of stomachaches that was signed by Frank Iero…
All I want to do is meet Frank Iero and I think I'll be happy for like two months but he won't come into New England. It's like no band land
i wrote a short fanfic in my notes 2 years ago about Andy Biersack and frank iero going to school together Oh my god
I think almost everything bout this pic hilarious but. When you crossed a line with this. YOU CALLIN FRANK IERO UGLY
Shut up I didn't meet Frank Iero don't look at me bye
I'll pay for someone's ticket and gas money and everything if they wanna take me to see frank iero in Wisconsin July 3
Then of course came meeting frank 4 times in as many days this was a rough wonderful time bless u frank iero
I'm gonna stay awake till Frank comes on
The reason why I really have to go to this concert:. 1. It's Frank Iero. 2. I just wanna know that happiness is still a thing.
Frank Iero is suCh a beautiful human
I want to share the same air as Frank Iero
I got to see my lovely folk yesterday, and I get to hang out with Maisie for a week, and I got to see Frank Iero live
Frank Iero looked so cosy in his cardigan, and he looked happy, and I'm happy that he's happy
People I want to meet:. Gerard Way. Frank Iero. Mikey Way. Ray Toro. People I'm never going to meet:. Gerard Way. Frank Ier…
Yupp!😂 Especially when I met Frank Iero and Matt Schultz Glad I'm not alone.
Ok so my first week back at school I'm not in Tuesday, in York Wednesday, full day Thursday then skipping lessons Friday to meet Frank Iero?
"anything you say can and will be held against you". "Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Christian Coma, Jake Pitts, Jinxx, Frank Iero."
“Frank Iero was the sweetest holy cow my name is zoey too tf
Frank Iero is shorter than me and I'm the same height as Vic Fuentes . why am I laughing
We should make a club for people shorter than Frank Iero
or maybe Ray Toro or Frank Iero or Bob Bryar or Matt Pelissier or James Dewees.
Still looking for two tickets for frank iero in Glasgow on April 19th hmu if you know anyone selling
Frank Iero ruined my life in the best way possible.
At this point it is physically impossible to function. Frank Iero in Anaheim tomorrow is going to be...interesting...
I have a meme signed by Frank Iero ***
Frank Iero was amazing. I'm so happy rn.
4:30 am? seems like a great time to freak out about Frank Iero, don't you think?
I met Frank Iero tonight and it was amazing.
MET FRANK FREAKING IERO i love you so much
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
i can't believe in the great year two thousand and fifteen frank iero signed a meme. a real meme. (Congrats omg that's so great)
Frank iero is a real person who walks this earth, we are all So Blessed
"I would date you, but you're not Frank Iero." 🚫
smh, she just doesn't understand the Frank Iero aesthetic
So frank iero just hopped off stage and sang right next to us and everyone was moshing and he was smashed against me the entire time
Frank Iero is beautiful and his smile just makes me weak fjwjfnhdje
I had a dream I met Frank Iero in a shopping center and he was tall and my dad took a blurry picture...😂
it's late and I'm craving frank iero
im going to see frank iero's beautiful eyes in REAL LIFe tomorrow Oh NO BYE e
*Kisses you slowly for a while before pulling back with a faint blush on my cheeks* You're my world, Frank Iero..
I wish I could get into Frank Iero and The Celebration. Unfortunately it's just not my cup of tea.
i can't Believe deana is going to marry frank iero tonight
there's like a 10% chance I was in the same airport as frank iero at the same time
Mom: "You need to take shorter showers.". Me: "Sorry I was jamming to Frank Iero, imagining I was at the concert on the 25th."
Photo: acsantosphoto: Frank Iero and the Cellabration live at The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ. 12.28.14...
Hamilton Collection
I had a really weird dream where Fred Gwynne and Frank Iero were related and I woke up very confused.
Police: Anything you say will be held against you. Me: Jerard Way. Me: Frank Iero. Me: Patrick Stump. Me: Kellin Quinn http:…
Revenge era Hayley Williams, Still into you video Frank Iero.
*sees pictures of Frank Iero*. *calls up Hot Topic*. Um, yes, I need new ovaries... yes, they better be black.
Frank Iero is the nicest man alive and you can't stop me from saying it
Want frank iero to spit in my mouth
I dreamed I met Frank Iero at a hotel where he was working and I wasn't going to ask for a hug but then he hugged me and I was like oh
Your boy is coming back to the UK in April:
I honestly love Frank Iero more than my own family
Can you believe that Frank Iero is a real person. Like why do humans perfect like him even exist
"Frank Iero is amazing. That is all." agree!
Violence/. Currently working on a song called "i want frank iero to throw rocks at me"
Well going to see frank iero in April and fearless vampire killers in March now with my sister :3 Yey!
If I meet Bert McCracken and Frank Iero, I will go into a coma
Does anyone else remember that time Frank Iero decided to shriek like a banshee and release a hardcore record?
Fall Out Boy: blood and gore. Frank Iero: blood and gore. All Time Low: blood and gore. Gerard Way: let's do some happy…
(for me those are Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles Hayley Williams, Dan Howell, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Jenna McDougall) (more than but still>>)
I have stood next to Frank iero before and can confirm his eyebrows are on point irl and he is short
itd be weird if THEY didnt like frank iero and taylor momsen, i mean have u seen them ???
Do you think my friends find me weird that I like frank iero
Frank Iero is amazing. That is all.
Follow my personal where I talk more bout myself rather than frank iero
I ship you with Michael and Frank Iero 💕
Roses are red . Violets are blue . I LOVE FRANK IERO
Gerard Way is a star. Frank Iero is a star. Mikey Way is a star. Ray Toro is also a star but he is specifically the sun.
"I'm like 700 ft tall and he's like 2 ft tall" - Marilyn Manson talking about Frank Iero
Literally out of nowhere the Gerard Way and Frank Iero records have totally clicked. Gerard is the David Bowie of my generation, no messing.
My signed Mallory Knox albums and my sweatband Frank Iero signed & my Linkin Park guitar pick I caught are my babies my little treasures 💞😍💎
True fan devotion is not eating the millions you brought in case you meet Frank Iero
you try to put the eyeliner like Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Billie Joe, Gerard Way, Frank Iero or Pete Wentz.
Just realised I will hopefully be meeting Frank Iero this time next week. 😱
Can't wait to see Frank Iero later this month, it's gonna be rad.
me: i am not an emo. me: ((is basically 2006 Pete Wentz and Frank Iero's daughter))
Gerard Way tapped his britpop roots with 'Hesitant Alien' and Frank Iero records at Third Man. Times have changed.
Photo: ieroshock: Frank Iero and the seven dwarfs: finally meeting people smaller than him
What makes life worth living? — Knowing that Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro and Mikey Way are all alive and wa...
short list of people who are not necessarily (probably not) straight. - Dan Howell. - Phil Lester. - Gerard Way. - Frank Iero. - Jimmy Urine
Gerard Way from Gerard Way & the MCR. Frank Iero from Frnkiero & the MCR. Mikey Way from MCR. Ray Toro from.. Uhmm..MCR
Gerard Way from Gerard Way & the Hormones. Frank Iero from Frnkiero & the Cellabration. Mikey Way from Electric Century. Ray Toro from... uhhmm
Frank Iero's middle name is Anthony, not Thomas. . Am I right?
Friendly reminder that this is not Frank Iero, but a sweet little dude called Thomas. You're welcome.
The first 3 photos on Instagram's Frank Iero tag isn't even of Frank. Whyyy
Frank iero kicks Gerard Way in the balls on stage
"When my balls get wet, that's when I get scared." - Frank Iero. my hero folks
Is that with Frank Iero and the Cellabration too? I really wanna go!
Little Giant Ladders
-'fix your problems, you don’t have to lay down and accept it, you can turn a negative into a positive.” -Frank Iero.
Someone write a youtubers/bloggers frerard au for the love of our lord frank iero
AMH Network chat with about his brand new solo debut 'Stomachaches' -
lesson of the day: don't take a selfie with Frank Iero.
Photo: ieros-and-milk: more proof that frank iero is a top
Photoset: 2-5mg: Frank Iero tells the story of ‘.Joyriding.’
If my brain could stop comparing every guy I talk to to frank iero that would be great
Frank Iero is the cutest thing ever omfg
If you missed it earlier. Frank's explanation video. 'APTV: Frank Iero tells the story of “Joyriding”
are you going to buy a copy of Stomachaches by Frank Iero and the Cellabration?
Listen to the new Frank Iero And The Cellebration (track 'Joyriding' here:
like yeah I find band members I like attractive but I'm not a "frank iero girl" in the end musical talent is more important
Frank Iero - B.F.F. Things just don't seem right when you're not by my side.
Hello Fritters, my guitar string bracelets, benefitting are back in stock at xofrnk
the people I want to meet the most are Mark Hoppus, Misha Collins, Zooey Deschanel, Frank Iero and Ashton Irwin
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According to my Mom:. Gerard Way is Ronald McDonald. Mikey Way is Grimace. Frank Iero is the Hamburgler. Ray and Bob are unknown.
//Has anyone ever noticed that young Seth Green looks a lot like young Frank Iero..anyone? Just me?
Am i Frank Iero yet bc knee and black shirt
There's a ton of Sonisphere chat, plus music from Frank Iero and Motionless In White.
Frank Iero is realeasing a new song today, are you excited?
who has heard Kerrangs tribute album to American *** I've listened to a few songs from it and im listening to it in full now but i dont know how to feel about Frank Iero's cover of Extrodinary Girl or Falling in Reverse's cover of She's a rebel.. What are your thoughts? -Reynebow-
TO NEW followers: hi my name is Tiana and I really really like Michael Clifford and frank iero and mashed potatoes
Nice! A bit more south :) cool Jersey girls tho! We should go up the Turnpike and hunt for Frank Iero sometime lol
Hehe remember when I met frank iero and he signed my vest
"...punk rock is my dad's blues. It's music from the underground...and it's written for the downtrodden in uncertain times." ~ Frank Iero
Honestly Frank Iero is hella cute and I'm upset it took me this long to figure that out.
User Frank Iero, I still need you to do a song for a full-on horror movie. Thank
Frank iero's eyebrows keep me young
I'm shorter than frank iero what is life
Blues Traveler on the radio. . My thought: please let me see Frank Iero's beautiful (and skilled I'm sure) lips on a harmonica in the future?
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I'm frank iero's height that's how short I am
is that frank iero in... Your dinosaur onsie???
"Who Loves Frank Iero??? Quote this with Frank's Pics and videos."
Sleep? What's that? Ask me stuff and frank iero will fist your ***
inr and I heard their guitarist that frank iero guy is a REAL jerk
Frank got close to his ear and whispered "Are you ready for the Iero experience?"
I want Frank Iero to blow smoke in my ***
I want to be as beautiful as Frank iero, Andy Biersack or Manda
YOU ARE SO PRETTY AND I ship you with Andy Biersack or Frank iero
Frank Iero must have a lot of arm veins. My *** is tingling.
Thank god for the existence of Frank Iero
Let's keep this going. A digital drawing of Frank Iero with a video of me doing it!
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