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Frank Gallagher

Frank B. Gallagher (pseudo. David Hogan) (1893 – 1962) was an Irish author and Volunteer.

John Squire William H MacY Tommy Cooper

William H MacY's performance as Frank Gallagher is one of the best acting performances ever
William H. Macy plays Frank Gallagher so well I can't see him as anything else anymore. Don't want to either.
Sometime he reminds me of Frank Gallagher, sometimes Frank Underwood and other times a combination of both.
Frank Gallagher is one of TVs best characters and William H. Macy is an American treasure.
Man, how William H. Macy hasn't won more awards for the role of Frank Gallagher is beyond me! Pure magic! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
Idk if I rather be Michael Scott or Frank Gallagher when I grow up
Debbie is next in line after frank for my least fav Gallagher
Frank Gallagher for President!!! I mean, he can't be any worse than the current choices, can he?
No one , no one is more lucky than frank Gallagher
I'm about to be like Frank Gallagher tonight
Frank Gallagher makes me. look like Pope John Paul II
She got me over here drinking like Frank Gallagher.. but it's coo, I ain't mad at her..
"Let's celebrate. Go cook up some Spaghetti O's." Frank Gallagher is obviously my kind of dude.
I aspire to be Frank Gallagher when im an adult
Kinda wanna earn good money.kinda wanna live like frank gallagher
Frank ruining Fiona's wedding was the most classic Gallagher thing ever lmao
" I don't black out unless I'm smoking crack" - Frank Gallagher πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The GCSB and NSA targeted pro-democracy activists opposed to Fijian coup leader Frank Bainimarama. by
There's a real life Frank Gallagher in the ER right now.
I've never hated any character as much as frank gallagher (Vine by figallagher)
i will never hate a character as much as I hate frank gallagher
Thanks to all who attended the very moving funeral service for Frank Gallagher today. Congratulations on Ciaran's Tribute
Why does this dog remind me of Frank Gallagher
You can't be more than Frank Gallagher. VOTE
no you n your Boyf are not joker and Harley you're more like frank Gallagher and Monica now wind it in
if u see Michael Gallagher will u ask him how much Russians pay for decisions? Could do with getting paid 2…
Frank Gallagher does anything for money πŸ˜‚
I think Phil Mitchell is the funniest drunk man I've ever ever ever seen, almost on Par with Frank Gallagher
He better be in character as Frank Gallagher.
He said he wasn't aware the guy was his father. Yeah, me too especially with Frank.
Frank Gallagher Looks the best with braids. That's a joke right ? Carl Gallagher wi... (Vine by VOID MILKOVICH)
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Frank Gallagher is alcoholic and me to 🍻
Frank Gallagher has nothing on this one shem
Imagine opening the door to Frank Gallagher singing to you. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Can't wait for the unveiling of pep at the etihad watched by Dave,Sharon and frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher is pimping out his own daughter πŸ˜‚
"Gallagher crisis, Frank's drunk and hi" Fiona
Frank Gallagher might be the most dysfunctional yet entertaining character in Television show history.
Life seems so interesting in the states, even Frank Gallagher has an IPhone 😒
If Frank Gallagher isn't in your top 3 TV characters of all time, you don't know TV!
.mahogany, Escalade of coffins. If you got to go, go in style - Frank Gallagher
I wish I had the luck of Frank Gallagher
holy mother of god kill me now: smike from the 1980s RSC production of nicholas nickleby is frank gallagher
Lord, why does Frank Gallagher have cornrows?!
Chale the bullets Frank Gallagher dodge de3 more than Matrix o. Like 1000 bullets.
I know Frank Gallagher is suppose to portray a bum, but I actually want that denim jacket he always rocks
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Frank Gallagher dey hate say he no make busy
" I'll make sure she is not there to cockblock you. " Frank Gallagher to Debbie
Well when you feel u can't have one more..think, what would frank Gallagher do?
The best ever to do it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "Frank Gallagher dey fit crack me up bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"
Frank Gallagher dey fit crack me up bad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lmfao. Frank Gallagher is the most useless character everrr. Geez! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚
Why does mine n ma dads face swap make me look like Frank Gallagher from Shameless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
In no particular order, try:. The Bones of JR Jones. Bass Drum of Death. Noel Gallagher (not Oasis). Frank Turner
Frank Gallagher is the scum of the earth, fam
I'm sharing you like Ben n Jerry. Shameless. Frank Gallagher. Lmao
No one does one liners like Frank Gallagher πŸ˜‚
I love how strongly Frank Gallagher in feels about gentrification
I'm drinking like i'm Frank Gallagher for the next 4 days after this exam
Not if you are Frank Gallagher, dont. "Treat your girl like how you'd want your daughter to be treated"
"Oh for christs sake If a man can't get a little help from the catholic church then let's give martin luther a try" - Frank Gallagher
Guys... Can we please discuss Frank Gallagher? Dude is too much
Ron did you know kev Proctor frank Taylor and Julie Gallagher have all died this year!
Seeing Frank Gallagher play a role as a responsible person is like having your shoemaker try and perform a surgery on you..πŸ˜‚
God Frank Gallagher is the greatest character on TV
Seriously like how many times can Frank Gallagher cheat death. He's had organ failure,organ harvest& tonight drivebys?
Have you ever listened to the arguments of Frank Gallagher? There's some wisdom in insanity.
Am giving frank Gallagher a run for his money.
"A woman's sexuality is as fluid as Mississippi" - Frank Gallagher
There's probably a new episode of Shameless on Catch Up, need to go get some wisdom from Frank Gallagher.
Frank gallagher though Lmao...last episode he killed it i hope there's more of him in this weeks episode.
you need to find a happy medium between Harvey Spector and frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher lol stupid mf got high on his own supply
Frank Gallagher does is, why can't I?
this season has been hilarious, Frank Gallagher is the greatest deadbeat father ever
You know the end of the world is near when Frank Gallagher reads to his kids.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Got a lot of wisdom from George Costanza and Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher. Cancer concierge, jack of all trades, alcoholic extraordinaire, father of the year...
No other human being even comes close to Frank Gallagher. He is the final stage boss of being a G
my dads gf brother passed out on our couch a lot and acts/looks like frank Gallagher. It's great, in small doses.
Listen to you, defending a Gallagher... You should be adopted by Showtime and be Frank's kid wena...
I just finished season 5 of and I fell in love with u. Let's go on a date I'll take of u like Frank Gallagher did
OMFG. Frank Gallagher just walked into the bar.
Can't wait for my laptop :) I've missed Frank Gallagher and Mary Jane
Has William H. Macy won any awards for his role as Frank Gallagher ? An Emmy? Golden Globe perhaps? This man is pure brilliance πŸ˜…
I saw a Frank Gallagher look alike at Walmart today and it made me smile. Then I noticed it was a woman, but hey, so what?
frank Gallagher is my spirit animal
" living life to the fullest, every day like it's the last. " . - Frank gallagher
If you dont know any of these names:. frank gallagher. harvey specter. sheldon cooper. alan harper. jon snow. You probably have a life...
If I ever get drunk like Frank Gallagher, please act like you don't know me? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Frank Gallagher was going through the most in that episode..
Meet Black Singles 300x250
David Threlfall aka Frank Gallagher is amazing in a proper dark Fagin style portrayal. Supreme acting on show!
Frank Gallagher is Paula Hayes in the real life
Didn't know Frank Gallagher was an Oxford fan
I'd participate, but Frank Gallagher and family need to update me on the latest in their household...
Frank is the funniest Gallagher. I get a whole laugh out of him.
Bianca: "Do you believe in God, Frank?". Frank Gallagher: "I believe in a force that thinks its greater than myself"
Frank Gallagher has all the answers
Frank Gallagher has become my new favourite character ever
Watching the original Shameless series (UK), it's funnier than the American one. "Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now!"-Frank Gallagher
I wish I had siblings that are close to me because I honestly envy the Gallagher family (besides the lack of a mom and frank)
when coach Frank's think I'm gonna present my PowerPoint tomorrowπŸ™„ can't do that when I'm not thereπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
Some times I'm not sure who is worse...Lucious Lyon or Frank Gallagher
Liam Gallagher is starting to look more and more like Frank Gallagher...
So Lamar Odom is the real life Frank Gallagher? In hospital & in need of a new organ & will wake up with 1 & be married.
Colin Gallagher tells how is unleashing the full potential of
Frank Gallagher from kind of reminds me of Jim Taggart from
Pretty sure I just saw Frank Gallagher as McDuff in *immediately goes to IMDb*
Can I have a Frank Gallagher on top please?
What kind of trash human being is frank Gallagher?
the problem was bab I never did look like Johnny, I looked like Frank Gallagher
Starting Tuesday November 3rd at 8.00pm.Traditional basket crafts with Frank Ferguson and John Gallagher .
Cleared by the Doc it's back to being Frank Gallagher on nights πŸ•˜πŸ˜„πŸ»
Reminder: Inauguration of Frank Gallagher as 4th Honorary President of ODS tomorrow @ 8pm Westcourt Hotel
My shomi roommate is Frank Gallagher! exactly who I wanted. Lets get drunk
What the ... big-boned P.I. Frank Cannon, psycho killer? Say it ain't so!.
Presales for Noel Gallagher and Jack Garrett. Extra tickets for Frank Turner in London and Megadeth in Birmingham.
Am just sick of this lad at work like, he's so far up his own *** it's ridiculous and in reality he looks like frank fkn Gallagher
It is currently 10:13 in New Jersey and I just saw Frank Gallagher's *** I didn't want this
// this photo of myself makes me think of Frank Gallagher for some reason
looks more like Frank Gallagher by the day
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I look like Frank Gallagher meth remix throughout summer but my fall outfits are a bit on point
"Everyday is an opportunity you don't get back..."- Frank Gallagher.
If Donald Trump can run and some respect him I don't see why Frank Gallagher shouldn't.
Frank and Monica Gallagher are the worst type of people
There's a real-life Frank Gallagher at the bar. I love Chicago.
Frank Gallagher is my spirit animal.
Frank Gallagher expressing his deep love for on
I guess nobody knows when we'll be seeing Frank Gallagher again
Just met the real life frank Gallagher.
I'm not a shower I'm a grower but believe me when it's time to grow I show -Frank Gallagher
Photo: ig-shameless: Jack Daniel’s and Orange Juice mix better than I would have imagined.Β  Frank Gallagher
Yeah, I'll never forget the day I met Frank Gallagher and Jimmy Somerville.
"Make poverty history. Cheaper drugs now". I love Frank Gallagher
"our baby could be a *** ..."really"... "Yeah I've never seen her suck her thumb" LOL gotta love Frank Gallagher.
lol, shamelessness hasn't looked this good since Frank Gallagher wore it!
Katie Steinle's family on Trump using her death for his purposes on Anderson Cooper. Good. Trump is wealthy Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher from shameless...just die already please!
Louis is completing his evolution into Frank Gallagher
Frank Gallagher night! Finally whole season 5 in my palms, I've been waiting so long for this day
disco dave is jaywicks very own frank Gallagher from shameless
Frank Gallagher always makes it out of tight situations by the skin of his teeth..lucky *** lol
"When'd your heart become as black as your skin" -Frank Gallagher lol smh
In my opinion, Frank Gallagher is one of the best characters from British Television
William H MacY has arrived. This guy seems about as nice as Frank Gallagher.
I mean I know we always slate Preston & stuff but I genuinely got kissed on the head by basically Frank Gallagher tonight. Absolutely mingin
This Frank Gallagher is a wasteman. How do you just find yourself in Mexico one day?
dude at my job looks like Frank Gallagher from SHAMELESS lmao
Before Protecting the Most Dangerous Man, Frank Gallagher wrote a collection of articles for EP community Buy it here
I hope Frank Gallagher is not your role model
S'beko has passed away. The original Frank Gallagher before Shameless. The originator of alcoholics ekasi. May his soul R.I.P.
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I want to rent an rv, drive through The States and maybe kick back with Frank Gallagher.
Being let down by Frank is all it takes to be a Gallagher? All Chicago is a Gallagher!
Frank Gallagher be having me on the floor.
to be frank, is having hair like that legal?? It's like the hair version Peter Gallagher's eyebrows
Sometimes i want frank DEAD but other times i really love him he's such a the gallagher fam
Frank Gallagher can be pretty annoying sometimes
"Do you know where I'd be able to find Frank Gallagher?" "Best bet, nearest jail or gutter." -kev
Had a great time seeing Frank Iero and The Celebration last night! The show was rockin!
But it's been a good home to me, Frank Gallagher
Moyes starting to look like Frank Gallagher
"Moyes starting to look like Frank Gallagher
Wolfgang's father should be running against Frank Gallagher and John Winchester for "Father of The Year Award".. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Can't wait for Zante. Going there looking like Jonny Vegas and coming back looking like Frank Gallagher
Recent pictures of John Squire. He looks like Frank Gallagher from shameless
John Squire looks like Frank Gallagher with that beard
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John Squire going for the Frank Gallagher look, jeees
That picture of John Squire looking like Frank Gallagher is amazing. Seems the Roses are going through a beardy hippy phase...
noel loves shameless. noel has a header of a picture he's not even in and compares teddy bears to frank gallagher I must remind myself
season finale was great! That ending credits scene with lip, Ian, and frank is just classic Gallagher
I don't know if I like Frank Gallagher or hate em
Frank, lip, and ian all being back in the house should make it that much more entertaining in the Gallagher household
Ian is the one Gallagher kid who looks like he could be Frank and Monica's. The rest don't, not even Debs.
Frank Gallagher is the best character is television history
Frank makes another connection but screws that up in true Gallagher fashion... dayumm
Took so many of these quizzes and each said I was Frank Gallagher is this an insult or?
Much better way to go than spending your dying days with Frank Gallagher!
Who would have thought the day would come when Frank Gallagher cared about something other than getting high
Frank Gallagher and Jimmy McGill, the two best characters on TV.
It's funny knowing that most people I knew from high school are going to end up like Frank Gallagher lol
Seriously considering becoming an alcoholic so I can get a a hot chick like Frank Gallagher has this season.
Even the tropics can't handle Frank Gallagher.
Very strange seeing Frank Gallagher from Shameless as Constantine in the BBC's Ancient Rome series. Stranger still, he was…
Not ready to say goodbye to my man Frank Gallagher for another year.
how would you describe Frank Gallagher in two words?
If Frank Gallagher was a teddy bear...
for better or worse, I will never be able to look at you without seeing Frank Gallagher. Well done, sir.
Frank Gallagher as Noah...I've seen it all now
If Frank Gallagher is building the ark, it will be one *** of a party boat! lol
Frank Gallagher is so perceptive and smart.
How the f***k did Frank Gallagher get a job as a detective
isn't that frank Gallagher? Or Noah now we know Manchester have also claimed that event as part of its history
. The irony. "Opie the Destroyer" destroyed himself and his radio show. Jesus. Frank "Opie" Gallagher.
The guy who plays "Frank Gallagher" was on Jurassic Park looking 30. Lol
why is frank gallagher the Noah's ark man
Wait frank gallagher reminds me of ashton from 5sos
domain names
Am going all Frank Gallagher on this vodka.
How can you have Frank Gallagher playing Noah in a serious role
that bloody Frank Gallagher again..go home Frank, you're drunk!
THAT is Frank Gallagher after a free pint
Still reckon it's Frank Gallagher. "that time Farage was followed by a man dressed as Jesus
Hey!!! - He is the Frank Gallagher (Shameless) lookalike who operates in Benidorm!
The Ark, a bible story, consisting of Frank Gallagher and Ashley Walters is madπŸ˜‚
Foregoing watching Frank Gallagher preparing for the flood of Didsbury, in favour of an old Mock The Week from when Mark Thomas was Welsh.
Why are my favorite characters these days Jimmy McGill, Mike Ehrmantraut. and Frank Gallagher? (And don't forget Christian Laettner).
On his belief in God, "I believe in a force that thinks it's greater than myself." - Frank Gallagher
see that advert for Code of a Killer on ITV? Got John Sim and the bloke who played Frank Gallagher in it. Could be worth a watch.
Who's Frank Gallagher and why you should read his book if you are in the personal protection service:
β€œFrank Gallagher is the greatest tv character of all time” besides kenny powers of course
Congrats to on his nomination for Frank Gallagher!
she just walked round with a coat like Frank Gallagher and a scarf. Felt so bad on her had to let her in
:'D its always fun chatting with your dumb self remind me so much of frank Gallagher
I wanna get married to Frank Gallagher
Everyone needs Frank Gallagher in their life.
The secret to hangover-free life ... Keep drinking and of course when you pray ask for intercession from your Patron Saint Frank Gallagher.
Happy who wouldn't want this Frank Gallagher shirt from ?
Having read the book Frank Gallagher has a long way to go to reach levels πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This Frank Gallagher guy be to opportunist..eeei
Frank Gallagher wanted a liver transplant but rather got his kidney removed? LOL wey Circle lifestyle that?
Lol pretty much the real life version of Frank Gallagher β€œgallagher?”
In weather like this i miss my frank gallagher style parka lol
You call that one ad of his white eyes but its too hard to believe uk was pulling a master Frank Gallagher the other day?
It is very hard to watch Jurassic Park 3 because William H. Macy can only be Frank Gallagher to me
Frank Gallagher has some really complex moments. He's really unpredictable, really well written.
Who was that frank gallagher look alike in our taxi
Getting my Frank Gallagher on tomorrow , l
i made my grandma buy me the ring and some joni jeans and eyebrow makeup, i was the typical teenage girl n now I'm basically frank gallagher
From the upcoming season-five premiere of his Chicago-set Showtime hit Shameless to Oscar buzz surrounding h …
Frank Gallagher that man always on point
If was a physical being it would resemble Frank Gallagher from Shameless. A deadbeat *** dad still somehow accepted.
Frank Gallagher is a bit of a deep character..
What is he known for this Frank Gallagher!?
in other words you are Frank Gallagher!
Frank Gallagher's sense of humour. Off the charts.
Did anyone watch Shameless back in the day when it was good. What a show. Frank Gallagher you mad ***
The sound of Frank Gallagher's voice makes me so happy ☺
Excellent BFG at The Rep. He's a bit more like Frank Gallagher than I'd ever previously imagined.
Why William H. Macy Loves Playing Frank Gallagher in Shameless: It's about a family that works in a weird bunc...
Cover star talks directing, and why wife is his favorite costar:
So she legitimately pulled a Frank Gallagher
Got inspired; transparent Frank Gallagher in the streets of Chicago.
Gallagher lifestyle, I'm just being Frank witcha!
when frank gallagher thought he had testicular cancer :"D ay this ***
What it takes to protect ambassador In Iraq when Frank Gallagher & Erik Prince are in charge .-3 min slide show:
Some people are shameless, and not in the Frank Gallagher kind of way.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hate you! Get me out of your phone as that! I like being frank Gallagher better!
Lemme take a bath. I smell worse than Frank Gallagher at the Alibi
looks more like Frank Gallagher from Shamless
nonsense on is making me wretch. Send in Frank Gallagher please.
"Frank Ribery, and a little beard there" classic Gallagher.
Hustle levels should be measured by a scale based on Frank Gallagher and his fam!
So graduating with frank Gallagher was fun πŸŽ“
There's really no line Frank Gallagher won't cross!!!
The Bremer Detail: Protecting The Most Threatened Man In The World Posted by John Del Vecchio Β· 2 seconds ago FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Veterans Day; Trumbull, CT *** BOOK SIGNING at PRIME ONE ELEVEN*** Frank Gallagher and John Del Vecchio will be at restaurant PRIME One Eleven, on Route 111 (51 Monroe Turnpike) in Trumbull, from 4 to 8 pm, to sign copies of The Bremer Detail. The restaurant is offering specials to all active duty military and to veterans.
Watching The Rage: Carrie 2 on Before was Frank Gallagher's eldest she's Carrie White of the 90's!
"Proceeding down the Dodd Frank death march" there is a cost to excessive regulations
Gallagher Center court to be named after Frank and Barbara Layden. Info:
Seymour is the worst human being alive right now. Worse than Frank Gallagher...
I saw Frank Gallagher play saxophone at the Goodfoot tonight
Frank Brady is Person of the Year: About Leitrim The editor of the Leitrim Guardian, Dr BlΓ‘ithΓ­n Gallagher has...
Frank Gallagher is a Legend. He'll never die.
Lol that's one helluva rockstar. "My sis and her Frank Gallagher crush"
My sis and her Frank Gallagher crush
Right now I look just like the main guy from shameless I'm not lieing !!! Frank Gallagher eat ur druggy heart out
Niagara has renamed its basketball court "Frank and Barbara Layden Court". Frank played for Taps Gallagher, coached Calvin Murphy before NBA
NEWS: On Dec. 6, the Gallagher Center Court will be officially named after Frank and Barbara Layden
Alfie came out the house looking like frank Gallagher
au where frank gallagher gets drunk on OJ all the time.
Between *** Donovan and Frank Gallagher I don't who is the worst father ...
"There's more than one way to get booze into a Gallagher," Frank Gallagher
Every time starts whinging at me, all I can hear is Frank Gallagher stumbling around drunk:
And I've been thinking about making myself some Frank Gallagher shorts
And if you ask me, i personally think Frank Gallagher is happier than most of us.
1 more week of living like Frank Gallagher
That's Frank Gallagher from Shameless after he's had a wash
I like everything about AA, except the no alcohol part, ``Frank Gallagher"
And i wonder why people liken me to Frank Gallagher
Wouldn't wish parents as deadbeat as Frank & Monica Gallagher upon my worst enemy.
Lol we cant hold our dads to frank Gallagher standards tho "Shameless has taught me that blood isn't always thicker than water"
That's the spit of Frank Gallagher. That explains why the world has all gone to ***
That was probably one of the best games I've seen in a long time my voice has gone and we had a chat with Frank Gallagher and we did parteeh
It's not often that I genuinely detest a character, but.. I genuinely detest Frank Gallagher.
im so excited for season 5. ill never watch the foreign version. Ive already seen the best Frank Gallagher
Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra's respective burger recipes.
There is a Frank Gallagher on this train
This Frank Gallagher man is completely useless! Lol
Q:what is the definition of an alcoholic/drug addict? A:Frank Gallagher from Shameless... anything beneath that is just mere experimenting
Frank Gallagher is the most shameless man that ever liveth.
Bill makes playing Frank Gallagher look easy, it's not! He is a genius, a force, a beast! So proud he was FINALLY nomin…
*** I'm doing at Soho with Frank Gallagher and Bella Swan?
William H. Macy who plays Frank Gallagher on is nominated for Best Actor (comedy series)
This is going to be a great night, James O'Connor, Frank Gallagher, Rachael Taylor Fawsitt, Kevin Quigley, Brian...
Losing the head here as I look through pages online to try to find a mention of the Irish who worked at the Pitlochry dam and surrounding schemes . Apart from Patrick Campbell's book the Tunnel Tigers the only other Irishman mentioned is Sean Hughes who appeared at the Pitlochry Theatre . This is despite the fact that over 1000 Irishmen were working there during construction . It looks like Frank Gallagher was right they are writing our people out of history .
Frank Gallagher and Rab C Nesbitt, two characters with brilliant actors behind them.
Anyone else going to watch Frank Gallagher as Tommy Cooper on Monday? Quite looking forward to it!
Whoda thunk that Frank Gallagher looked so much like Tommy Cooper? Hhmm
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