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Frank Gallagher

Frank B. Gallagher (pseudo. David Hogan) (1893 – 1962) was an Irish author and Volunteer.

Homer Simpson David Threlfall Peter Griffin Walter White Tommy Cooper Sean Bean

Congrats to on his nomination for Frank Gallagher!
she just walked round with a coat like Frank Gallagher and a scarf. Felt so bad on her had to let her in
:'D its always fun chatting with your dumb self remind me so much of frank Gallagher
I wanna get married to Frank Gallagher
Everyone needs Frank Gallagher in their life.
The secret to hangover-free life ... Keep drinking and of course when you pray ask for intercession from your Patron Saint Frank Gallagher.
Happy who wouldn't want this Frank Gallagher shirt from ?
Having read the book Frank Gallagher has a long way to go to reach levels 😂😂
This Frank Gallagher guy be to opportunist..eeei
Frank Gallagher wanted a liver transplant but rather got his kidney removed? LOL wey Circle lifestyle that?
Lol pretty much the real life version of Frank Gallagher “gallagher?”
In weather like this i miss my frank gallagher style parka lol
You call that one ad of his white eyes but its too hard to believe uk was pulling a master Frank Gallagher the other day?
It is very hard to watch Jurassic Park 3 because William H. Macy can only be Frank Gallagher to me
Frank Gallagher has some really complex moments. He's really unpredictable, really well written.
Who was that frank gallagher look alike in our taxi
Getting my Frank Gallagher on tomorrow , l
i made my grandma buy me the ring and some joni jeans and eyebrow makeup, i was the typical teenage girl n now I'm basically frank gallagher
From the upcoming season-five premiere of his Chicago-set Showtime hit Shameless to Oscar buzz surrounding h …
Frank Gallagher that man always on point
If was a physical being it would resemble Frank Gallagher from Shameless. A deadbeat *** dad still somehow accepted.
Frank Gallagher is a bit of a deep character..
What is he known for this Frank Gallagher!?
in other words you are Frank Gallagher!
Frank Gallagher's sense of humour. Off the charts.
Did anyone watch Shameless back in the day when it was good. What a show. Frank Gallagher you mad ***
The sound of Frank Gallagher's voice makes me so happy ☺
Excellent BFG at The Rep. He's a bit more like Frank Gallagher than I'd ever previously imagined.
Why William H. Macy Loves Playing Frank Gallagher in Shameless: It's about a family that works in a weird bunc...
Cover star talks directing, and why wife is his favorite costar:
So she legitimately pulled a Frank Gallagher
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Got inspired; transparent Frank Gallagher in the streets of Chicago.
Gallagher lifestyle, I'm just being Frank witcha!
when frank gallagher thought he had testicular cancer :"D ay this ***
What it takes to protect ambassador In Iraq when Frank Gallagher & Erik Prince are in charge .-3 min slide show:
Some people are shameless, and not in the Frank Gallagher kind of way.
😂😂 I hate you! Get me out of your phone as that! I like being frank Gallagher better!
Lemme take a bath. I smell worse than Frank Gallagher at the Alibi
looks more like Frank Gallagher from Shamless
nonsense on is making me wretch. Send in Frank Gallagher please.
"Frank Ribery, and a little beard there" classic Gallagher.
Hustle levels should be measured by a scale based on Frank Gallagher and his fam!
So graduating with frank Gallagher was fun 🎓
There's really no line Frank Gallagher won't cross!!!
The Bremer Detail: Protecting The Most Threatened Man In The World Posted by John Del Vecchio · 2 seconds ago FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Veterans Day; Trumbull, CT *** BOOK SIGNING at PRIME ONE ELEVEN*** Frank Gallagher and John Del Vecchio will be at restaurant PRIME One Eleven, on Route 111 (51 Monroe Turnpike) in Trumbull, from 4 to 8 pm, to sign copies of The Bremer Detail. The restaurant is offering specials to all active duty military and to veterans.
Watching The Rage: Carrie 2 on Before was Frank Gallagher's eldest she's Carrie White of the 90's!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Proceeding down the Dodd Frank death march" there is a cost to excessive regulations
Gallagher Center court to be named after Frank and Barbara Layden. Info:
Seymour is the worst human being alive right now. Worse than Frank Gallagher...
I saw Frank Gallagher play saxophone at the Goodfoot tonight
Frank Brady is Person of the Year: About Leitrim The editor of the Leitrim Guardian, Dr Bláithín Gallagher has...
Frank Gallagher is a Legend. He'll never die.
Lol that's one helluva rockstar. "My sis and her Frank Gallagher crush"
My sis and her Frank Gallagher crush
Right now I look just like the main guy from shameless I'm not lieing !!! Frank Gallagher eat ur druggy heart out
Niagara has renamed its basketball court "Frank and Barbara Layden Court". Frank played for Taps Gallagher, coached Calvin Murphy before NBA
NEWS: On Dec. 6, the Gallagher Center Court will be officially named after Frank and Barbara Layden
Alfie came out the house looking like frank Gallagher
au where frank gallagher gets drunk on OJ all the time.
Between *** Donovan and Frank Gallagher I don't who is the worst father ...
"There's more than one way to get booze into a Gallagher," Frank Gallagher
Every time starts whinging at me, all I can hear is Frank Gallagher stumbling around drunk:
And I've been thinking about making myself some Frank Gallagher shorts
And if you ask me, i personally think Frank Gallagher is happier than most of us.
1 more week of living like Frank Gallagher
That's Frank Gallagher from Shameless after he's had a wash
I like everything about AA, except the no alcohol part, ``Frank Gallagher"
And i wonder why people liken me to Frank Gallagher
Wouldn't wish parents as deadbeat as Frank & Monica Gallagher upon my worst enemy.
Lol we cant hold our dads to frank Gallagher standards tho "Shameless has taught me that blood isn't always thicker than water"
That's the spit of Frank Gallagher. That explains why the world has all gone to ***
That was probably one of the best games I've seen in a long time my voice has gone and we had a chat with Frank Gallagher and we did parteeh
It's not often that I genuinely detest a character, but.. I genuinely detest Frank Gallagher.
im so excited for season 5. ill never watch the foreign version. Ive already seen the best Frank Gallagher
Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra's respective burger recipes.
There is a Frank Gallagher on this train
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
This Frank Gallagher man is completely useless! Lol
Q:what is the definition of an alcoholic/drug addict? A:Frank Gallagher from Shameless... anything beneath that is just mere experimenting
Frank Gallagher is the most shameless man that ever liveth.
Bill makes playing Frank Gallagher look easy, it's not! He is a genius, a force, a beast! So proud he was FINALLY nomin…
*** I'm doing at Soho with Frank Gallagher and Bella Swan?
William H. Macy who plays Frank Gallagher on is nominated for Best Actor (comedy series)
This is going to be a great night, James O'Connor, Frank Gallagher, Rachael Taylor Fawsitt, Kevin Quigley, Brian...
Losing the head here as I look through pages online to try to find a mention of the Irish who worked at the Pitlochry dam and surrounding schemes . Apart from Patrick Campbell's book the Tunnel Tigers the only other Irishman mentioned is Sean Hughes who appeared at the Pitlochry Theatre . This is despite the fact that over 1000 Irishmen were working there during construction . It looks like Frank Gallagher was right they are writing our people out of history .
Frank Gallagher and Rab C Nesbitt, two characters with brilliant actors behind them.
Anyone else going to watch Frank Gallagher as Tommy Cooper on Monday? Quite looking forward to it!
Whoda thunk that Frank Gallagher looked so much like Tommy Cooper? Hhmm
David Threlfall takes a comic turn: David Threlfall is best known as the inimitable Frank Gallagher in Channel...
Frank Gallagher is a worse father than John Winchester pass it on
Okonofua Michael "Who gets turned on by his own daughter? Frank Gallagher"
I love William H. Macy, but Frank Gallagher really, really needs to die.
"Shameless will be back on next Sunday. Skipping this weekend bc of oscars." aw no Frank Gallagher
Lmao William h macy went from playing a conservative father in pleasantville to...Frank Gallagher...
I can't stop watching 5th episode today...just can't get enough of Frank Gallagher. William H Macy 🙌
*** On telly right now is Frank Gallagher asking Han Solo (with a bad arm) questions about Sean Bean. Strange.
Look a likes spotted in Dominican Danny Devito,Frank Gallagher lol
Hot Fuzz.lmfao 󾌳 Frank Gallagher.can't remember his real name lol .….Never laughed as much in ages, Timothy Dalton, Dire Straits.totally magic !!! ek Jim Broadbent too, plus Filtch from Harry Potter, bloody lovin it lots 󾌳󾍘󾌳
my dad's drunken Christmas rants sound like a hybrid of Frank Gallagher from Shameless and King Lear...
Tom Odell looks and acts like a young Frank Gallagher.
Manchester brings us nothing but loads of amazing bands, house and a few skelpers like Frank Gallagher and Myra Hindley but we still love it, warehouse project yer happening
Every now and then I think I wanna be Frank Gallagher, but then I realize Shane MacGowan is real and cooler.
Bit of pointless knowledge- Frank Gallagher from Shameless is in Hot fuzz...but who does he play?
I was disappointed that David Threlfall looked even dirtier than he did as Frank Gallagher.
Superb! I hated Shameless and his character Frank Gallagher but David Threlfall in What Remains.
OMG the drama 'What Remains' That was best thing I've seen in ages what a brilliant ending haven't been on the edge of my seat like that in ages xx Frank Gallagher aka David Threlfall was fantastic xx
It comes as quite a shock to discover that the creepy Rodney Trotter of Fools & Horses & the ghastly Frank Gallagher of Shameless were coppers all along.   10% Off
Remains, Frank Gallagher, Norman Wisdom and Jack Wilshire all in the new BBC drama!
My finalists for worst TV Dad: Frank Gallagher in Shameless, Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones & Mickey Donovan in Ray Donovan.
Harvey Spector!!! They must unleash Frank Gallagher aswell! RT“Suits Season 2 Finale just to get back to Speed”
Watching some film from 92 with Sean Bean in it...and realising the guy who plays Frank Gallagher is also in it Oo
I feel like a Frank Gallagher as I have just swallowed an antibiotic with a bottle of Stella Artois UK
Formally Abram Labour Club , Maypole Club presents a Night of mad comedy and music with Frank Gallagher and Keith Lemon Clones. Adult games not to be missed have appeared on Britain's got Talent. Ticket's on sale price £6. bang tidy partie
John Squire needs a haircut as well. The guy's starting to look like Frank Gallagher in expensive shoes
With all my respect, your avatar reminds me of Frank Gallagher :-)
When are "celebrities" going to realize that they are naming people!!! People!!! Not accessories!!!
Frank Gallagher is chillin downtown right now!
I know what frank Gallagher would do
lol, you still normally look like a bowl of fruit but at least it's coordinated. Unlike frank Gallagher on the course 2nite.
Dealing with after six bourbons is like dealing with a tiny Filipino version of a drunken Frank Gallagher in Shameless
Alternatively, she may end up sounding like Shaun Ryder or Frank Gallagher. That'd be awesome.
Had a horrible nightmare last night involving frank gallagher
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YAY,,, Farmyard Party time ! Let the mundane and job life stay behind and as Frank Gallagher says "PARTY" !
The horrible feeling in your stomach the day after a night out. I look like frank Gallagher
It’s important to note that Microsoft will no longer affirm statements made by Skype back in 2008 indicating that Skype calls couldn’t be wiretapped. Unsurprisingly, Frank Shaw, a Microsoft spokesman, declined comment to the Times. Yet, as Ryan Gallagher pointed out, Skype did attempt to alleviate surveillance fears in March of this year by releasing a transparency report that claimed the company did not hand over any Skype communications content to any agency anywhere in the world. “Now, though, the disclosures about PRISM and Project Chess appear to flagrantly discredit Microsoft’s Skype eavesdropping denials,” Gallagher noted. “While publicly portraying Skype chats as beyond government intrusion, the company was apparently working to grant U.S. authorities covert access to them,” he wrote. Ultimately, “the recent revelations illustrate that you can never be too skeptical, and that blindly trusting large U.S. companies’ public relations claims is unwise in an age of gag orders and secr ...
"As a man it's your job to keep secrets from the women you love" -- Frank Gallagher
"Do you know where I'd be able to find Frank Gallagher?" "Best bet, nearest jail or gutter." ~Kev
no way. Frank Gallagher, Jessie pinkmen , frank Reynolds, hank moody, Omar from the wire
Frank Gallagher is one of the funniest characters on television
'Liberals re-classifying skunk sending prices sky high, literally, literally taking the grass from its own roots' -Frank Gallagher
Paul Gallagher now dj'ing. Nice small venue. Holds no more than 1500.
"Intelligent people tend to consume more alcohol." Frank Gallagher
Drinking cidre. Watching Jeremy Kyle. Anyone would think I was unemployed 󾌰
Avon Barksdale, Frank Gallagher, Ari Gold, Dave Chapelle as Prince and Rick James, and Tommy in Rescue Me
Getting Frank-Gallagher-Wasted. “you going for a Frank Gallagher type boozer?”
you going for a Frank Gallagher type boozer?
Frank Gallagher is my favourite fictional character
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Swear Frank Gallagher is at my bus stop
gonna look like frank Gallagher by Christmas me x
Woo hoo omg Caroline I'm poorly I've cleaned everywhere you need to come over and play "who lives in a house like this " xx Caroline Farrington
Partying with Frank Gallagher is like hanging out with my dad.
Frank Gallagher will drop some drunk KNOWLEDGE on you
Count all the moods you got. Frank Gallagher beats them all.
add William H. Macy to that list for his role as Frank Gallagher.
After 11 seasons, I still cannot figure out whether Frank Gallagher is the smartest man on earth, or the quintessential epitome of the term 'degenerate'.
Frank Gallagher is my spirit guide.
Canny believe gibby said a was like frank Gallagher cheeky *** !
Are there people like Frank Gallagher in this world..
Anyone know whats happnin just off dalderse road falkik cops everywhere with guns
Mama reminded me of Frank Gallagher. Cracking film...
Frank Gallagher has been told to quit alcohol or he'll die...smh that's like the real mission impossible
Carl Gallagher is going to be just like Frank Gallagher
"If ignorance is bliss then down syndrome must be euphoria" (Shameless, Frank Gallagher)
We also had American Legion Baseball , Floyd Bennett team in 1969 -73. Played in Marine Park and Prospect Park. anybody remembered who ,s on first.
drank more cider than Frank Gallagher in the past year you mate
With this continuing into the weekend, I'm not that far off from being Frank Gallagher.
Recommend albums for a canoeing/camping trip... or just good albums in general for probably the first consecutive relaxing days I'm going to have in 2013...
Imagine frank Gallagher was your da :o
When the next general election comes round, the good people of Drogheda should remember Frank Gallagher. Clearly a man of principle.
Right I'm away this time.St Andrews DCI Gichrist awaits.Eye for an Eye by Frank Muir it. As liam Gallagher said about Supersonic.go and buy it. Nite all.Sleep well
Like Frank Gallagher would say "I'm the best thing that ever happened" You great?
Frank Gallagher reminds me of just h. ow low one can fall!!.
popping pills like frank Gallagher 4 fun
“Screw the wine glass, just hand me the bottle.” you look like frank Gallagher with the bottle
"If God didn't want us putting things up our *** he'd have given the rectum a gag reflex." -Frank Gallagher :"D cc
Wow Frank Gallagher did 32 push, yeah so much for calling him Frank the plank...
I'm completely obsessed with SHAMELESS (UK version of course. Man, I'm in the wrong country.)
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What defines a weekend and the week, surly the week is a workin week and the week end is the rest after the workin week, so after a workin solid from Thursday n now off till Friday THIS IS MY WEEKEND so in the words of Frank Gallagher . PaRtY!
Congrats to Paradise Lost on winning the Inspiration award at the MH Golden Gods Awards!! \M/
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Diehard on film4 again seriously frank gallagher probly changes his keggs more times than that bent channel changes it's films is your first and best source for information about Vw campers . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking for!
Statement from the Independent Drogheda/Mid Louth *CAHWT *CAMPAIGN AGAINST HOME AND WATER TAXES In light of recent events when a member of the Drogheda *CAHWT paid the Property Tax charge along with a large number of people who registered with Irish Revenue, down to the Governments programme of intimidation and fear, people felt the risks were too great not to comply. The outcome was that large numbers were reluctantly intimidated thus signed up for this unjust TAX on their family home. We would like to state that we do not condemn Frank Gallagher or his family for paying the tax nor anyone else for that matter, in any way. An issue that has arisen is Mr Gallagher’s timing of his announcement. Mr Gallagher waited until after the deadline to first inform the Drogheda Borough Council officially, of his intention to resign. A day later the general public then became aware of his actual reason to leave the Borough Council. The reason for his action it emerged, was that the tax he was strongly opposed to, w ...
Thanks so much everyone for all your support today at the gallagher sd annual class feis and well done to frank heraghty who won guess the amount of sweets on a sweet tree
Don't care what anyone says Paul Caulfield for president.
Congratulations to all the great fathers out there, including: Jack Torrance, Walter White, Homer Simpson, George Bluth, Peter Griffin, Dr. Evil, Al Bundy, Darth Vader, Lucius Malfoy, Frank Gallagher, Randy Marsh, Cosmo, Archie Bunker, Frank Costanza, Trigon, Frank Reynolds, Tony Soprano, and Professor Membrane ... setting an example for all of us.
Tough Talk magazine by writer, author, publisher Robin Barratt
I was going to do a top 10 TV dads video for fathers day but it was a total shambles, so I thought I would just do it here. 10. Mr Cartwright (Inbetweeners) 9. Philip Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) 8. Peter Griffin (Family Guy) 7. Frank Gallagher (Shameless UK) 6. Jim Royle (The Royle Family) 5. Walter Bishop (Fringe) 4. Ned Stark (Game of Thrones) 3. Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) 2. Walter White (Breaking Bad) 1. Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)
Happy Father's Day to my third favourite father. I'm sorry dad, but you're just not as nurturing as "Full House's" Danny Tanner or as wealthy as "Fresh Prince's" Uncle Phil. Despite both those things, I still love you and hope you have an amazing Father's Day. And always remember, you still place higher than Frank Gallagher and Ward Cleaver in my heart. ;)
Whiskey, we need whiskey... We have to stay hydrated. ---Frank Gallagher
My hair wakes up in some funny old shapes like! Im definatly more of a Bo Bruce this morning i stead of a Frank Gallagher
Her indoors is in a right shtinker (AGAIN) only this time, there's no togger or boxin on! If only I'd av gone t *** bar with Darren Wilkinson, Mark Cheal, Paul Mattinson, frank Gallagher, and the rest of England's gr8 white hopes! Couldn't catch chlamydia in magaluf the moore!
I've got a massive *** for my girlfriends birthday night out! As I write this I'm 2 bottles of estrella, 3 bottles of peroni, 1 pint of moretti, 1 can of red stripe and 1 stupid cocktail deep so excuse me! Thank you, please!
Ah'll niva git to Hebburn.ah mean Heaven, afta these
Just heard that Beady Eye are going to perform on The Voice tonight! Liam Gallagher in a singing contest show! That's gotta B the biggest *** take of the year? LOL
Am clearly the talk ov the town today!! 27 friend request *** ???
Bonus Saturday Question of the Day, Father's Day Week Edition...Who's the worst Dad in TV history?
Good luck to my cousin Austin Ryan and soon to be Sally Ryan on their wedding day today and as frank Gallagher would say let's party
LuRay Productions produces The Rock & Roll Legends Show. We bring back the greatest groups that are touring today. Our goal is to offer a lifetime memorable musical experience. See our website at
Oh City, Frank Gallagher has scored more at the Emptyhad than John Guidetti. If any of you even remember that Guidetti still plays for you lot, poor lad always sent off on loan. *KJ*
Are you aware that Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin committed FELONY PERJURY in March, 2012, perjury knowingly and maliciously promoted by District Attorney Larry Morse II during the prosecution of Keith Gallagher. Pazin proclaimed Gallagher intended or did apply to buy a handgun (he did this in front of TV cameras!). No such evidence exists, as Pazin knows. Gallagher, as a good citizen, did find out from a state agency he was eligible to obtain one (is being a good, informed citizen a crime?). That is, as any moron knows, not intending or applying for a gun--let alone a handgun, as Pazin declared. There was not a "quantum leap" as Gallagher was filing legal motions to bring the prejudicial conduct of court officials to light, had many in preparatory stages in his home that investigators seized (exculpatory evidence they were required by law to present, yet did not), had obtained evidence regarding the Sheriff's Department deliberate failure to follow-up on documented evidence of mom's abuse and more ...
The Knights of Council would like to thank Kurt Steckel for all of his hard work this past year as our Grand Knight. A job well done Kurt. Congratulations go out to our new Grand Knight Larry Milliken and Deputy Grand Knight Trey Benson. We look forward to a great year with you both at the helm as we continue on our mission as Knights in service to God, Parish, Academy, and Community. The remainder of the officers for the upcoming year are: Wayne Gregory, Rocky Spader, Joe Crumby, Frank Orscheln, Tom Kleespies, Pete Sprandel, Henry Fuerst, and Kevin Gallagher. Thanks to all.
Funniest part of night dj dressed as frank Gallagher refused entry by doorman after going out for smoke Darren White
I forget. Which Gallagher is in Beady Eye? Part of me hopes it's Frank.
When I grow up I want to be just like Frank Gallagher.
Well college has finished; let the transformation into Frank Gallagher begin!
"Today is put your head in the toilet day." ~ Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, on the show "Shameless." (Showtime)
Thankyou to everyone for my birthday wishes. So overwhelmed by your kindness! And now in the spirit of frank Gallagher. ... PARTY!
DO DADS GET A RAW DEAL ON TELLY? Do dads get a raw deal on telly? New research reckons modern day fathers are badly represented on TV as beer-drinking, feckless and useless. Figures from Homer Simpson to Shameless’ Frank Gallagher and even Peppa Pig’s Daddy Pig are giving dads a bad name, it says. Is that right? I mean, if women or ethnic minorities were represented in the same way, there’d be outrage, wouldn’t there? So is this discrimination?
Statement from Independent Drogheda/Mid CAHWT At Last Night's Drogheda Borough Council Meeting Socilalist Party/Drogheda CAHWT Memeber Frank Gallagher informed the Chamber that he has paid the Property TAX and that is the Main Reason for him Reisgning his seat now this appears from the outside to be very principled. but when you look at at in detail its shocking that Frank felt the need to inform Drogheda Borough Council most of whom support the LPT and not the People he was calling on to keep up the Boycott. Also The SP Led Drogheda CAHWT fully support Frank Gallagher when they themselfs have been calling for a Boycott. They should have infromed People who have been Taken their advice before they informed Drogheda Borough Council. we now call on People to Boycott The Drogheda CAHWT and support the Independent Drogheda/Mid CAHWT.
A meeting for Frank at ten, a jazz concert at noon the airport for Kimmy, a sax recital in Hainesport at two for Susan, a softball playoff game also at two in Medford for Kimmy.very busy day because I have so many people who are important to me! Life is good. And I got to hang with Maureen Gallagher Loughead today! :)
I'd like to think I'm a cross between Frank Gallagher, Homer Simpson and Karl Pilkington
Must've been asked if I wanted poppers, MDMA & Coke about 10 times last night. Do I look like Frank Gallagher?
why is my dad saying I belong on Shameless?! Honey, it's not me who looks and acts like Frank Gallagher...
FRANK GALLAGHER a guy doesn't get more screwed up than this...
I know way to many people that are like Frank Gallagher and are gonna end up living on benefits!
don't exxagerate! You looked like frank gallagher you were that bad!
Frank Gallagher and the rest of shameless would of been proud of all the booze we necked yesterday!
can't get over how much my Mum looks like Frank Gallagher
I want to meet and have a pint with Frank Gallagher.
=)) =D I want a family like the Gallagher's but I don't want a Frank and I def don't wanna be a Monica =))
Walking back from ethiad stadium - feel like we might bump into frank Gallagher
Last night I had Frank Gallagher's liver and Dr Malinga's energy. Today I'm as fragile as a bird.
did you also see them with John Gallagher or did you see them with Frank Mullen? :P I saw them with John!
James McAvoy in pit lane. Frank Gallagher joining EJ in the paddock?
Is there anyone who likes Frank Gallagher?
"I haven't had this much sex since I was a Boy Scout Leader!" - Frank Drebin.
Call me frank gallagher cause I'm so
Some people have no shame. Asif u sunbathe in the middle of the road on a plastic chair, love thy neighbour- not!
Can't wait for the day in 2 days!!! I love u Amanda Gallagher and Frank Eisenhardt!
Why do always people get the Impression I'm like Frank Gallagher from Shameless
Spitting image of frank gallagher just got on my bus no lie
minging mate, turning into frank Gallagher
Will my kids be safe with this Aunty?->“I shud prolly just pull a 'Frank Gallagher' and feed them some valium!!”
flipping ell he had the frank Gallagher and Katie price blend going on
I trust Frank Gallagher with my last beer (put ✗ in ☐)
. ON THIS DAY IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC . 1963, The Crystals' 'Da Doo Ron Ron' peaked at No.3 on the US singles chart. Produced by Phil Spector, who used a multi-track recording system to build the song layer upon layer to achieve a result that become known as a "wall of sound". Backing musicians include Glen Campbell on guitar, Leon Russell on piano, Hal Blain on drums and Nino Tempo on sax. 1967, Procol Harum were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'A Whiter Shade Of Pale', the group's only UK No.1. In 2004 the song was named the most played record of the past 70 years. More than 900 recorded versions by other artists are known. 1967, The Beatles 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' went to No.1 in the UK. Costing £25,000 ($42,500) to produce the album was recorded over 700 hours of studio time. It was also the first album to print the lyrics on the sleeve. The album spent 27 weeks at No.1 on the UK chart. 1969, *** Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts visited Brian Jones at his home in Cotchford . ...
FML... Its jus hit me... Im going out with Frank Gallagher/Les Battersby! ... Lol!!!
I don't rock wit the guy but he said one thing that's the truth "Men lie, Women lie Numbers don't" -Jay Z
like Frank Gallagher alcohol brings clarity
I feel kind of insulted... They didn't take a single thing that I know of. Probably looking for jewelry and drugs... Booyah! I'm too poor! Joke's on them! AND they're a felon now, too, if they get caught!
Lmao U see the comment with Frank Gallagher under that video?
Ah man Frank Gallagher has gotta be one the most interesting character to come alone on TV in lone while. He's such a scumbag lol.
FEATURE: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF 'HAPPINESS' Because the Summer Jamm is officially underway, and the feelgood factor has descended upon the town, and because the weather is so glorious, The Strabanish Inquisition took to the streets of Strabane to ask its good residents: What is the true meaning of 'happiness'? Ye know, it really doesn't rain enough in this town to be honest... "Tell ye what, see the only wan without a beard in ZZ Top? His name was Frank Beard, and he's never had a day of bother in his whole life. So by that reasoning, Jim Corr shoulda renamed himself Jim Fanny and he wouldn't be in such dire financial bother these days." - Fred West (not that one... we think), 45, Pipe fitter "The meaning of true happiness was wanderin into Eddie Neeson's on a Saturday afternoon, rentin out wan of the new videos, and bein handed a wee blue video from under the desk for free. Not nowadays though - I went in the other day, didn't recognise any of the films on his shelf, and when I gave the doll behind the c ...
I'm going to end up like the female version of Frank Gallagher when I'm older I just know it...
"Frank gallagher, working class hero! make poverty history, cheaper drug's now!"
Today is the start of a new begging. As the past fades into a distant memory, a new dawn is on the horizon. Feels good to be alive...
Micky Flanagan looks like Frank Gallagher dressed for court.
Yellow and black 110's u look like a wasp! By the way frank gallagher is in the old roan!
I wouldn't want Frank Gallagher as a dad.
Just been winked at by a man with less teeth than a baby.its tragic that life has come to this...I was meant to be with David Beckham..x not frank Gallagher :(
Frank Gallagher on Shameless is the all-time worst father. Also, Walt on Breaking Bad, Don Draper on Mad Men, & Tig on SOA
Anyone want to meet a real life Frank Gallagher... because I know one.
To end the worse day this year I'm going to get wrecked!!! In the words of frank Gallagher lets have a parrttyy
you will be out. Like a young frank Gallagher!
If you can't identify the Frank Gallagher in the bar it's probably you.
The 'over eating Frank Gallagher' look is not working for me. What is suitable for a 32 year old manchild?
Manager is off on holiday now for 2 weeks! In the immortal words of Frank Gallagher: Party!
wee teaser before KO - Kevin Gallacher scored against Croatia in Zagreb 13 years ago but who's his famous grandfather?
It's not even dark I feel like Frank Gallagher
Found the female William H. Macy. As she's talking all I see is Frank Gallagher.
a few days ago i caught my mom getting on to frank for eating my shoes and instead of yelling frank she yelled GALLAGHER ha
Nordoff Robbins is asking members of the public to help choose the winner of their Best Live Act Award at this year’s O2 Silver Clef Awards.
I'd like to think this is the sort of Frank Gallagher from Shameless would enjoy:
see you in 3 days lads as weller is off for a weekend of madness as frank Gallagher from shameless would say F**KING PARTY! just want to say to you all its been a pleasure knowing and racing with you guys and again you are the people that makes this club successful I thank you and keep it up gentleman thanks so much jweller01
"If God didn't want us to put things up our *** he would have given our rectum a gag reflux" -Frank Gallagher lmao
Need to learn I'm not actually on holiday! All this drinking i look like frank Gallagher off shameless
Well. Bet u can't guess where I'm going today.
"Expect disappointment so that no matter what happens you'll always be pleasantly surprised."—Frank Gallagher, Shameless
Shameless?? It's over? Forever? What will I do without the drunk philosophizing of Frank Gallagher?
BEAZLEY, Alice MARIE (nee Walsh) At Carleton Lodge on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at age 93. Daughter of the late Joseph Walsh and Mary Gallagher and her sister of the late Rita Scallion and Frank Walsh. Formerly of Halifax, Nova Scotia and beloved wife of the late George "Spud" Beazley. Loving Mother of Wayne (Judie Tapp), Bev (Marty Swords) and Joy (the late Bob Henry). Proud and devoted Nana "B" to Janet (Jeff Sanderson) and Cary Beazley, Tim Swords, Tracy Beazley (Mike Clark), the late Carolyn (Kelly Sturgess), Shawn Swords (Shelley Dewar), Marie and Bobbie Henry. She will also be missed by her 10 great grandchildren William and Isaac Sanderson, Benton and Jaden Swords, Connor and Deanna Clark, Matthew and Mason Sturgess and Syla and Savannah Swords. She will also be fondly remembered by her sister-in-law Claire Walsh and her Walsh, Beazley and Scallion nieces and nephews. Friends are invited to visit at the West Chapel of Hulse, Playfair & McGarry, 150 Woodroffe Avenue (at Richmond Road) on Friday from 6 ...
mins you em . In any world war do you imagine in UK we will run into brad? Nah more like frank Gallagher lol
Is a posh, cleaned up Frank Gallagher?
Wish Frank Gallagher and the rest of his fam would SHUT the *** up on my street!!
At least my dad isn't like Frank Gallagher from Shameless. That's a big plus!
so like Frank Gallagher, you wanted a Frank Gallagher?
The Magazine is for those who supply Secure Transportation. This issue has articles by Joe Autera - Frank Gallagher - Glen Edmonds - Larry Snow - and me (Tony Scotti). There are a total of six arti...
We had another great one last night! The music was amazing complete with a dual guitar solo that set the place on fire! Thank you musicians Phil Chiarelli, Gary Holub, Paul, Frank J Infranca, Freddie G, Kyle Piddles Martin, James Michael Cavanagh, Allan Stribling, Anne Reische Thompson, Mike Gallagher, Jammin Jan Lamb, Joe Selle and Scotty Yates! See you next week with Tony Rustici, Paul Biolchini, Phil Chiarelli and Rick Eidsoni... (Hey you didn't laugh at Tom Hagans)!
Has anyone seen killer? Iv been trying to get him for 5 days!!! If anyone sees him tell him to answer his bloody phone
Read a typically fascist, hate-mongering article in the Daily Fail Online, once again assuming that Frank Gallagher (Shameless) is in fact a factual character representative of all people claiming benefits. The resentful cry of woe that honest hard working taxpayers should stump up for such people was the inevitable core of this twisted and shameless article. To the right wing loonies and sycophantic lapdogs that wrote this article, I pose this question: Do you really want Frank Gallagher preparing or serving your big mac with cheese, or would you rather pay the approx. 0.018 pence a week that it costs you in tax to pay his benefits and thus keep him out of your food chain?
Here's some trivia for you Frank Gallagher
ARCA Rookies Erik Jones, Chase Elliott fast in Pocono testing; Saturday's Pocono ARCA 200 Live on SPEED: (LONG POND, Pa.) - Rookies Erik Jones and Chase Elliott were among the fastest in ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards open testing at Pocono Raceway Wednesday. Both 17-year-old drivers will be making their superspeedway debuts in Saturday's Pocono ARCA 200, live on SPEED at 1:00 p.m. "Our day really improved throughout the test," Jones said. "The car got better and I improved a lot too. This place is a little intimidating at first, but once you get a little used to it, your confidence goes up, and you get more comfortable. The tunnel turn is so fast and so much fun. Each corner is so different; it's like being at three different tracks. I think we have a shot at it on Saturday. This place is new to me, but I never go into a race thinking we don't, at least have a shot to win." Jones posted the fastest lap of the day at 170.736 mph. Elliott also commented on his first laps at Pocono. "This is really ...
Love is such a contradiction, if you have it in your life you are the most happy you thought you could ever be, without it you can be even more sad that you ever thought possible!
I did have two shots of espresso in that *** coffee drink...I am shaking worse than Frank Gallagher
wish there was an ebay for alcohol we would make a fortune! Neither of drink (unless we go out which is rare) yet for some reason we always seem to get booze from people as thanks or pressies especially friggin wine.loadsa alcohol taking up my valuable cupboard space! Might try and sell it on Bolton, buy and sell bet someone would buy the job lot ha ha
Totally cream crackered, early nite for this old timer !!!
Master Joseph Patrick is stirring...ttfn folks! :-)
I don't know about frank Gallagher but inked how to have a fricken party! 830am and dancing
While most are out working sweating their *** off, just think of the ones who don't choose to work getting a nice tan and chilling. Oh and they probably take home more than most a month!!
Frank Gallagher. After watching this series I almost feel bad for the family.Yeah I know it ain't really but I can safely say my dad is far better than that lunatic,self-centred S.O.B. Morning ya'll,hope you had a pleasant night
Oh Shameless. How can you be so disturbing, awkward, and uncomfortable. At the same time be so funny and entertaining. I love you Frank Gallagher.
Just clocked that Frank Gallagher on shameless talks like a manc dicky!
I can't believe Shameless is finished ... Feels like it's been around forever, Granted the last few seasons have been rather stale compared to others but still a fantastic show none the less, Left us with one one of the best characters and poets ever in my opinion ( Frank Gallagher )
Have I really just watched a woman injecting heroin into her fanny. Vile.
I felt like Mo Farrah for the first 300 meters of that run! I then turned into Frank Gallagher for the rest.sweating out copious amounts of alcohol and looking like a desperate tramp in running gear.
! The one programme that has made my blood pressure rise to a whole new level !!! Get a job and be a "working class person" as u so politely put it ! Lazy *** ! 󾌽
in the words of the great Frank Gallagher of Shameless: *** I probably like saying that a bit too much, but they are my role models after all...
This is the Alternative Christmas Message from Frank Gallagher of the TV show Shameless. Banned by Channel Four on the grounds that the content was in poor t...
The Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum tells the harrowing tale of the Martyrs arrest, trial and punishment, leading to the foundation of modern day trade unionism.
A flotilla of thousands of drunken revellers in inflatable boats left a trail of destruction along a London canal after an unlicensed party spiralled out of control.
After a couple of months of tossing around different names for the stray manx who adopted us (Crush, Sir Garfield Morris Yarborough, Garage Cat), I finally came up with the perfect moniker. His name is "Frank Gallagher" -- he stays out all night doing who knows what, then comes 'home' and passes out on his back in the driveway or garage, sleeps it off all day, then back at it again. Yes, he is a "Shameless" cat.
Anyone else always see people out on the front drinkin on wanlip lane? Is it turning into Chatsworth estate from shameless?
Calling all FB friends, I am going out in Fancy Dress on the 19th of June and need inspiration for what to go as. There is no theme which is making it hard to decide. All the women's costumes are slutty and wanna be something fun not slutty! Any ideas?
Newcastle needs to hurry up!! Deffo getting on it with the sexy's for my birthday! We'll show Geordie land what life's really about! In the words of frank Gallagher "we know how to throw a propper F'in PARTY"
Dreading work tomorrow it's going to be *** for the next month. Think all end up been a raging alcoholic by the end of it
I have to say I had thee best time seeing my frinds Lynn,Debbie. Tina Tommy. And Pat that my family grew up with at their amazing moms Junes 80th birthday Bash last night. I've known them for 51 years of my life WOW. So many great memories and let me not foget and I wouldn't my friends Rosemary an Pam it was wondeful to see them. What a clan the gallaghers have grown to be their kids having kids amazing. Thank you foe letting us be a part of this wonderful event. Yes we will stay in touch and have potluck BBQs this summer. LOVE YOU ALL!!
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