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Frank Deford

Benjamin Frank Deford, III (born December 16, 1938, in Baltimore, Maryland) is a senior contributing writer for Sports Illustrated, author, and commentator for National Public Radio and correspondent for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO.

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Seriously - Diane Rehm, Robert Siegel and now Frank Deford?! Ok I'll just lay down and die.
Frank Deford is by all accounts a very nice guy and was a heck of a journalist. He also had some very very weird anti soccer hangups.
A highlight of my mornings whenever he came on, Frank Deford brought new perspective to sports for me. I only hope…
One of the reasons I became a sports writer in a previous life. His National Sports Daily deserved a better fate. M…
First Robert Siegel now Frank Deford. Alas for us all.
Honored to have caught Frank Deford's sign-off this am, he was thought provoking & a class act! Stories than engage…
One of the joys of being interim sports editor at the Balt. Examiner a decade ago was trading emails with Frank Deford. True gentleman.
After 1,656 commentaries since 1980, Frank Deford is signing off
.sports commentator Frank Deford says thanks for a good game, drops mic:
Goodbye to Frank Deford. Today was Frank's final commentary on
Frank Deford let a college sophomore spend an hour at his house in summer of '94 interviewing him about World Cup. Never been more nervous.
Wow Frank Deford just delivered his last commentary on Going to miss that.
What a career. We'll miss you, Frank.
NPR Frank DeFord last commentary brought tears to my eyes
Am I the only one who saw all these Frank Deford tributes and thought he had died?. Always good to tribute someone when they can see them.
Not sure anyone was much better at sportswriting this last half century than 's Frank Deford.
Frank Deford is the Babe Ruth of driveway moments.
You want to know why Frank Deford is great? Treat yourself and read his profile of Billy Conn, "the Pittsburgh Kid."
Frank wrote for SI and is the greatest sports story teller ever. 37 yrs on NPR doing short! CIAO.
Frank Deford is one of my all-time favorites. Highly recommend reading his book "Over Time". A great piece of lifetime work.
Frank Deford is a legend—and the reason why so many of us went into sports journalism
So sad to hear Frank Deford is calling it quits. He had such cheeky style. tackle him & make him stay!
Hallelujah! There will be no more mansplaining from Frank Deford on Wednesday mornings. Deford Says Thanks...
Sports reporting went from the eloquence of Frank Deford to egotistical morons Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Progress?
One of my first SI assignments was fact-checking Frank Deford. He came to my cube with a big stack of notes. Introduced himself (1/2).
Yep. Not a sports fan but for years, when I heard the name Frank Deford on NPR, knew I was in for a treat…
Me listening to Frank Deford's final segment on today. Farewell and thanks for making me a little less sp…
AMAZING set of quotes here from Frank Deford in 1992 (h/t
The brilliant Frank Deford's final broadcast after 37 years of NPR commentary about sports and life
Thanks for all the stories, Frank Deford. You will be missed.
Sports commentator for Frank Deford is retiring. Wrote the greatest-ever book on old school
Some of my sports journalism heroes are now my acquaintances and on a good day, colleagues. Frank Deford was next level though. Grateful.
Thank you for thoughtful, informed comments for these years on NPR. I am so glad I heard you today as you said your own Barnum Bailey good-bye as you leave NPR. As usual, your words were wise. I will be one of the many to miss you on Wednesday mornings--one of the women who from you learned much about sports and life. Be well and blessed as you retire from your weekly broadcasts. You have often "made my day!" Kay O., Muskegon, MI
This is what passes for intelligent sports commentary in 2017. Makes Don Cherry sound like Frank Deford. Sad!
She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her...
You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animal...
Jan. 13, 1975: Cover may not be a work of art, but Frank Deford's story on tennis champ Bill Tilden wa…
Based on Frank Deford's book? I read the book I didn't see the movie.
I only read Gary Smith and Frank DeFord, so I reckon we've got it covered.
New Press Box podcast with our noble knight of longform, Frank Deford:
I believe that professional wrestling is clean and everything else in. the world is fixed. -- Frank Deford, sports writer
Reminds me of a great Frank Deford longform on Jimmy Connors: Raised by Women to Conquer Men
First copies of the the legendary Frank Deford's I'D KNOW THAT VOICE ANYWHERE just arrived at and they look great!
Hilarious anecdote from Frank Deford in 1969 on how much fans loved to hate Wilt
I keep zaprudering this Bryant Gumbel show, and the only boobs I see are Frank Deford's.
Frank Deford had interesting commentary on # of sports Big U's support vs smaller schools on yesterday.
Frank Deford said young pitchers throwing too hard, too much, too soon. Agreed, but youth development systems favor that.
Google Dave Meltzer, Frank Deford and get back to do so.Same Same.
One of the best sportswriters, Frank Deford, in his own words.
Here’s a brilliant essay on (sports) writing by the legendary Frank Deford of SI.
Take a few minutes and learn from a master. SO worth it:
Frank Deford writes about his decorated career and the current state of journalism with remarkable clarity & insight:
Frank Deford wrote about his career for
Latest “Still No Cheering the Press Box” is the legendary Frank Deford. Set aside time to read
The only way I can get through Frank Deford's commentary each Wednesday w/o turning off NPR is to imagine he is Alan Thicke.
Frank Deford ignores that betting on real games creates incentives to fix their outcomes, more so than with fantasy sports.
Can’t wait for the inevitable Bryant Gumbel/Bill Simmons feud at Home Box Office. Which side will Frank DeFord take?
Frank Deford on new Fantasy sports games as gambling prescient as always, nailed it
Frank Deford on fantasy sports is Peak Frank Deford "kids these days"
Frank DeFord says fantasy owners are Geppetto and our teams are Pinocchio. This is the most NPR thing ever.
"'s fantasy jurisprudence." -- Frank Deford . Is there any other kind?.
Props to Frank Deford for using the term "cash on the barrelhead".
And now with a perspective, Get Off My Lawn with Frank Deford.
Can I do a Frank Deford-style snippet for this week's show? I was on my high school speech team so I talk real good.
Frank Deford and Jim Kelly on Brady - follow >>
Gist: To Strangle a Flamingo: On The Gist, one question with Frank Deford.  Then, are the core issues of tradi...
The quotes from Frank Deford are mind-boggling. He doesn’t think what she did took courage? In what universe?
Fans of women's sport should let Frank DeFord know how they feel about his false narratives
As a Canadian I'd never heard of Frank Deford but listening to some shows online, 2 things come to mind:
Frank DeFord on why Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t the best pick for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award is a thought-provoking read
Oldie but goodie from Frank DeFord: "Water-Thirsty Golf Courses Need to Go Green"
Huge fan and member, was annoyed by Frank Deford's commentary this morning. Felt chauvinistic? Questionmark?
Frank Deford is right. More women need to watch women's sports. Because asking men to watch them? That'd…
Frank DeFord, I typically appreciate your acerbic commentaries on sport. Today? Chauvinistic and irresponsible.
.Tell Frank DeFord that if women weren't paid 77 c on the $ we'd be happy to spend that extra $ on women's…
Every time I hear Frank DeFord on I'm reminded how right is about his sexism & irrelevanc…
Frank DeFord's analysis of women's sport on this a.m. was sexist & full of false narratives. As a m…
Right - it's the WOMEN's fault that professional sports haven't taken off. . Frank DeFord .
Frank Deford argues Bubba Smith's gift to football was softer chain-gang poles. .
Frank Deford wrote this brilliant profile of Bob Knight for 34 years ago. It's even more compelling today:
Frank Deford on Coach Bob Knight weeks before the 1981 NCAA title. Sets the stage beautifully for the tumult ahead.
“Raised By Women to Conquer Men” by Frank Deford is one of the Republished in full:
Today's SI 60: Frank Deford gets inside the head and the game of Jimmy Connors in 'Raised By Women To Conquer Men':
So moved Frank Deford's segment out of my commute time. How will I know it's Wednesday without hearing that snarky voice on the air?
That's why Frank Deford keeps the tiny shampoo bottles.
Feb. 1994 Ok. Frank DeFord says it's not the Bulls. Though MJ is def coming out of retirement.
Frank Deford discusses golfer Michelle Wie and the careers of child stars
Five Strides on the Banked Track: A Conversation with Frank Deford. via
I shall go find that. I got too wound up ranting about Frank DeFord to see much else.
Frank Deford on this morning: "Michelle Wie may be the greatest Asian-American athlete ever. Plus, she's pretty." Really?
There is nothing I love more than Frank DeFord on every Weds AM. Remarkable storytelling. Had the chance to meet him, incredible guy.
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I'm convinced Frank Deford is just an old man with dementia who keeps showing up at NPR studios and no one wants to tell him to leave
Was I the only one a little creeped out by Frank Deford expressing his romantic feelings for Leonardo DiCaprio on this morning?
What's the average time it takes Frank Deford to say something cringeworthy, slightly sexist, vaguely racist in his commentaries?
Frank Deford thinks he knows what is important to Asian Americans and has to point out that Michelle Wie is “pretty”. dump this windbag
Frank Deford called Michelle Wie an "ethnic idol" on NPR just now
Listening to him this morning, really wanted to see the face. Yup, that's about right.
Frank DeFord commentary inexplicably ends with, “Michelle Wie is very pretty… not quite as pretty as Leo DiCaprio.”
Mike Pesca is out but Frank Deford stays. help me understand.
Oh of course Frank DeFord had to throw in that bit about how Michelle Wie is "pretty." Shut up, you creepy old man.
I could listen to a Frank DeFord commentary all day everyday
Also, our State of Sports roundtable with Costas, Frank Deford & -- Part 1: . Part 2: htt…
As March Madness gets underway, commentator Frank Deford wonders if Americans just have too many teams to root for.
darn didn't know she came to We got Frank DeFord a few years back that was rad
The imaginary study on ADHD is what brings this one into territory not even Frank DeFord at his crankiest managed.
"Sepp Blatter makes Donald Sterling look like a man of probity." Frank Deford, NPR sports commentator.
Frank Deford's iconic book about roller derby is back on sale. Thomas Gerbasi talks to him about what derby was like in the old days.
Has Frank DeFord written his quadrennial collection of "soccer is boring and unAmerican" one-liners yet?
If i wasn't at work I would love to call in and discuss that article. I hated Frank Deford's piece this is based on as well
Frank Deford: Go ahead, host a giant sports spectacular. But it will cost you:
An exuberant collection, incl. my NPR crush Frank Deford. You'll be so glad you watched "Sport in America: Our Defining Stories" HBO (2013)
Sports commentator Frank DeFord cranky and cynical about
The National was an all sports daily paper from 1990 to 91. Frank Deford was the editor
Frank Deford offers nations an easy way to go broke, host sports events with conditions dictated by smug overlords.js
Two weeks in a row I find myself agreeing with Frank DeFord's This is not a drill.
Is end of Sports Industrial Complex in sight? Frank DeFord on hosting a Giant Sports Spectacular via
As is set to begin in Brazil, Frank Deford gives a swift kick in the pants. Hear @ 7:54, & read:
Heard on this morning, Frank Deford's take on the Via
Frank Deford is possibly the worst thing on
This morning on Frank Deford opened up a big ol' can on & Just add
Frank Deford just called Sepp Blatter the "smarmy satrap of soccer."
Frank Deford is alright with me lol
Thanks Frank Deford for mentioning "Brazil's Dance with the Devil" in scathing commentary on hosting mega events
Even when he's right, Frank DeFord has absolutely no credibility talking about soccer.
"A must read for all fans of the sport." interviews Frank Deford about his book:
It's a kind of day. Great interview with by
Had the chance to talk to one of the greats, Frank Deford, about the good ol' days of -
God help me. I just asked Frank Deford to blurb my book. Foolish courage or courageous foolishness, I ask?
Frank Deford will wax on about him.
Jim Murray, Herbert Warren Wind & Gary Smith. Struggle to leave off Frank Deford.
Met one of my favorite sportswriters, Frank Deford, during a babysitting gig - his granddaughter and RetroBaby are BFFs. 'Twas an honor.
Frank Deford expresses his feeling for Arthur Ashe in a personal letter he wrote for documentary.
With the 50th Anniversary of the Frank Deford of reports on the of the
The IOC got $100M from NBC "just for walking around money," & more grumbles from Frank Deford on the NBC-IOC deal:
Listening to Frank Deford on got me thinking - why couldn't bid to host a future World's Fair?
Sportswriter Frank Deford says bidding cities "are all risking municipal financial suicide." Read more:
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It's Wednesday...that means Frank Deford! World's Fairs still exist, but just two cities bid to host the 2017...
"...[S]hould you treat winning and losing the same, I doubt that any lesson is learned well." -Frank Deford
In the lead-up to the Super Bowl, commentator Frank Deford explores why footballs popularity seems to grow and grow, like a fungus
As Frank Deford told me on radio one time..."there is nothing worse than a bad baseball game and NOTHING BETTER than a gre…
Mary Carillo is slowly turning into Frank DeFord. No lie.
ANd Frank Deford put part of trhe lyrics to Cyd's song in his book about Alex!
I don't know if it's THE Frank Deford, but I followed him! I also looked up His wife Carol Deford! Found one, but I don't know if it's her.
Chatted with Frank Deford today for Signature Series documentary on Arthur Ashe.
I dream of going to a live taping of "What Do You Know" so I can heckle Feldman's opening monologue. "I'd rather listen to Frank Deford!"
“In writers are considered only the first drafts of human beings. FRANK DEFORD
Frank Deford is quite simply the last of the great tall, while, male, Wasp, Episcopalian, heterosexual, Ivy League writers! My favorite EVER
In 1966, Frank Deford profiled Elgin Baylor for Sports Illustrated. What emerges is undeniably one of the greatest players, and characters, in NBA his
Doing a little reading before I head over to church. So far this morning: the first five chapters of Leviticus in my Spanish Bible . . . a few pages in Talmage's _Jesus the Christ_ . . . Frank Deford's 1978 Sports Illustrated essay about Opening Day -- which, not surprisingly, affords far more spiritual nutrition than those chapters in Leviticus. :-)
great piece, Frank Deford. Would love your opinion on Drum Corps International Sport?
Just watched an episode of " Real Sports w/Bryant Gumbel", Boomer Esiason & Frank Deford,who both had/have a child with cystic fibrosis. CF has come a long way, but still has a long way to go. It's an episode from Jan 21st. It's pretty inspirational for me and I'm sure the thousands of parents of children w/CF.
20 years after the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding story, Frank Deford says the media were poor sports:
We want to make you aware that the award-winning HBO show Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel will feature two close friends of the Foundation: Frank Deford and Boomer Esiason. The show will highlight the unique bond between the two men, as fathers of children with cystic fibrosis. It airs Tuesday, Jan. 21. As many of you know, Frank DeFord is Chair Emeritus of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, a respected journalist, and father of Alex, who lost her battle at age 8. Boomer Esiason is the father of Gunnar, a 22-year-old with CF who recently graduated from Boston College.
On the next edition of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, correspondent Frank Deford sits down with Boomer Esiason to learn more about his 20-year fight against cystic fibrosis and the Boomer Esiason Foundation’s massive success in raising more than $100 million dollars.
Tune in on Tuesday, Jan. 21! CFF chairman emeritus Frank Deford talks with Boomer Esiason on “Real Sports.”
An unfortunate truth about women's sports as reported by Frank Deford
Is competitive gaming a legitimate sport? It's clear that competitive gaming is on the rise, but will eSports ever be seen by the mainstream sports community as a legitimate sport? That's exactly what HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel debated recently, with panelists largely dismissing cyber-athletes and their profession.After acknowledging she had no idea that eSports even existed, sportscaster and former professional tennis player Mary Carillo said, "It's still not a sport. It's a game."Panelists including Fox News correspondent Bernard Goldberg and Frank Deford cracked jokes about Star Trek conventions and labeled the millions of people who watch eSports events as "crazy."Co-host Soledad O'Brien defended eSports, saying competitive gaming requires strategy and some level of physical exertion, albeit on a lesser level than traditional sports like soccer or basketball.In an interview with GameSpot sister site OnGamers, O'Brien explained in greater detail why she believes competitive gaming should be c ...
I've been lumped in with Frank Deford, Bob Ryan, and Thomas Boswell?!? From the Vic Ketchem Packers mailbag.
Frank Deford revisits the enormous impact pioneer Steve Sabol had on the sport he loved, the National Football League. Real Sports premieres Tues, Oct. 23 at 10pm ET/PT on HBO. For more information on HBO Sports, visit HBO Sports series and events online at HBO GO® http:...
Excerpt from the (always brilliant) Frank Deford commentary this morning on NPR, about the decline in popularity of Nascar, and car racing in general “To so many younger Americans a car is just another appliance, like a refrigerator or a popcorn machine. If there’s any apparatus Americans have a love affair with it’s the cell phone and its new, improved variations thereof. That’s why people text while driving. Just driving is so… passé”
Why do I listen to Frank Deford? 1. He needs to get those dentures relined he sounds sloppy. 2. I'll bet he's never even been to a NASCAR race...if he had he wouldn't say "it's just cars going in a circle". 3. No the fan base is not "Dixie working class". Again, if he had attended a race he would know this. Stay with the stick & ball sports commentaries...*Rant over*
Frank DeFord? 1978 called. Wants its relevance back. Why I hate NPR --> …
but for every Frank Deford there is a Rob Bamburger, Kojo Nnamde, or Kavitha Cardoza
He was called the best sports journalist in the world by Frank Deford. If you don't know who Frank is look him up.
Frank DeFord's take down of NACAR's faltering popularity is a good listen. Repeats in an hour.
God I love Frank DeFord! Did anyone else just hear that piece on speed? Artistry
Frank DeFord kvetching about NASCAR - worst drivetime entertainment ever.
.should mix up the ornery commentator slot (Frank Deford) and feature ornery commentators of all shades and stripes. More fun, I bet.
Frank Deford? Really!?! He hardly has his finger on the pulse of Nascar. Sorry, Frank.
NPR's Frank Deford discusses "fundamental problems'' in terms of popularity: … What do you say?
Today's piece from 's Frank DeFord a diatribe against all forms of racing, next week? children on lawn
Frank Deford should've gone full PC today on NPR and described the 100m champ as "The World's Fastest Huperson." No need for half measures.
It's Frank Deford Wednesday on NPR, yay! In just about 25 minutes.
Can NASCAR Steer Itself Back Into Popularity?: Commentator Frank DeFord has some theories about why NASCAR is ...
Where's Frank Deford to deliver a folksy essay about how baseball is a quaint artifact from a simpler and mostly imaginary time
Catching up on , Mary Carcillo's piece on was amazing. So was Frank Deford's piece on the friends of Jaclyn foundation.
'Oh, say, can you see . . . ' Trick question: When was the national anthem first played at a major league baseball game? Straight answer: Thirteen years (ITALICS) before (END ITALICS) it became the national anthem. Technically, “The Star-Spangled Banner” was just another tune when the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs opened the 1918 World Series at Wrigley Field. The Sox were leading 1-0 in the middle of the seventh inning as a military band unexpectedly broke into Francis Scott Key’s rousing number. The United States was embroiled in the Great War, as it was then called, and this was a patriotic time. On the mound, a slender 23-year-old Boston left-hander named George Herman Ruth doffed his cap and held it over his heart. So did all the other players and most of the derby-hatted men and umbrella-toting women in the crowd of 30,511. Many sang or spoke the words as the band played on. The date was Sept. 5, and the Series had started nearly a month early following a shortened regular season resulting f ...
I agree with Frank DeFord. Singing 'God Bless America' at the 7th inning stretch because the 'Star Spangled Banner' at the beginning of the game isn't enough is ostentatious patriotism.
Frank Deford opens a window into the career of Hall of Famer Buck Leonard
Just met Frank DeFord in the hotel lobby. Talk about a legend, any sports junkies out there know what I'm talking about.
Who's a better writer: You or Frank Deford.
But Tim, Frank Deford says there is no such thing as a clutch hitter.
Gregory, Grant Wahl and Frank Deford are the orange and black mafia.
incredible report by Frank Deford on
Watching Frank Deford on Real Sports,can SOMEBODY tell this guy its time to retire!Looks like he's wearing a Halloween mask!
Also, a wonderful anecdote from Tango today about selling the idea of clutch with the "romance of words"
Deford had so much insight for me when I spoke to him for NEH Award story I had tons of leftover quotes
One of my writing heroes, Frank Deford, had a commentary on NPR the other day where he lamented the way that the baseball stats guys -- those “hard-hearted brutes” -- have “come out of the woodwork...
A few thoughts on a writing hero, Frank Deford, and the Tao of Clutchiness.
Frank Deford has opinions about that series of bad decisions.
You know what this commentary team is lacking? The timely insights of one Mr. Frank Deford complaining about foreigners and kids.
If you're an subscriber & appreciate inspiration, it's worth your time to watch Frank Deford's piece on the
On yesterday's Morning Edition, Frank Deford editorialized on the idea of clutch hitting in baseball (statistically there is no such thing). The outro music was "Big News I"! HA!
Frank Deford eulogizedDick Kazmaier as "A honey of a guy" now I'm obsessed with the phrase.
"There are three kinds of lies: a lie, a *** lie and statistics".-Frank DeFord
I think it's clear that Frank DeFord will go on forever. And NPR has a good sports guy in Mike Pesca. (Really!)
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you critiquing Frank Deford is like a fry cook at McDonalds critiquing Mario Batali's cooking
Frank Deford's essay today on the tyranny of the stats guys in baseball.
Sometimes I like listening to Frank DeFord. And sometimes I think he's as cranky and out-of-touch as Andy Rooney.
"I wanna believe in old fashioned human nature, too." via
As the World Series begins, the sports commentator longs for proof of the existence of a legitimate
Oh, how I love waking up to Frank Deford on NPR. I'm a believer in clutch hitting, Frank.
Frank Deford is an American sportswriter and novelist.
Can someone please remind sports writer Frank Deford that there is no such thing as a "clutch" player?! He's either a good timely hitter, or incredibly lucky - and there are metrics that quantify both.
Great fun in NYC last night at the PEN Literary Awards ceremony. Thank you to Paul W. Morris and his staff. Sharing the evening with Frank Deford truly was special. He had some very nice things to say about my late father. Thank you also to John Skipper and John Walsh of ESPN for hosting a lavish dinner for Frank and I at Keens. Here is the text of the brief acceptance speech. (We were supposed to keep them to 90 seconds. LOL) As someone who as a boy struggled mightily with reading, and experienced no small degree of embarrassment because of it, I cannot begin to tell you the significance this honor holds for me. To PEN, ESPN and the judges, Jane Leavy, Will Leitch and Ben McGrath: I am most grateful. Frank, it is such a thrill to share this evening with you. You do not have a more ardent admirer. I think anyone who has had the pleasure to know you would agree that you are not just a wonderful writer, but a truly kind man. Thank you for your generosity. Opportunity does not always present itself when one ...
The PEN/ESPN lifetime achievement award for literary sports writing goes to Frank Deford, "who erased the distinction between sportswriting and writing."
Subscribe to the HBO Sports YouTube: Correspondent Frank Deford reconnects with Jaclyn Murphy and her family to update her inspiring s...
Don James, legenday Husky coach who passed away yesterday, is my all-time favorite handshake, along with Marv Harshman, Frank Deford, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. All smiled, looked you straight in the eye.
Let's talk sports instead of politics now -- if only for a little while. Here are a dozen points to ponder ... from Frank Deford:
Frank Deford on NPR this morning: "Outlaw all tackle football for young boys. If I have to say more, you don't have a brain and you wish the same for your son."
Anything I know about sports I learn on Wednesdays from Frank Deford.
"It's bad enough people get to call in and vote on 'Dancing With the Stars'; professional sports are not interactive." - Frank Deford.
My public radio crush Frank DeFord gave a fun, thoughtful and efficient summary of 12 issues he has addressed in the past. For this sometimes-sports fan, it was a great way to start the day. Find it on the interwebs and give a listen.
"Don't let coaches talk to sideline announcers, so that we can get rid of sideline announcers." -Frank Deford Their questions are about as insightful and stimulating as desk announcers making bold statements like "In order to win the game, ya gotta make those touchdowns/goals/hits/[insert your favorite sport's method of scoring here].
heard Frank Deford on NPR this morning and the first thing he said was the Washington Redskins needed to change their name
Not usually into sports too much,so I let Frank make my statements. Frank Deford's Top 12 List
Frank Deford responds to topic suggestions to take on such as the Redskins' name and hockey fights.
Said it before, I'll say it again... I'm in love with Frank Deford.
did you catch frank deford's 12 suggestions this morning? Basically laid out grounds for 12 angry calls by EP Larry
Listening to Frank Deford on WBEZ. It’s kind of embarrassing. Once great, now a caricature of a crotchety old sports writer.
Frank Deford is invariably terrible on NPR.
Frank Deford for president. Best 5 mins on Wednesdays on NPR.
25 calls by 8am - Malmo's up next. Frank DeFord at 7:50. 20 calls to go! 325-6544 & THANK YOU!
I don't give a crap about sports but I could listen to Frank Deford all day.
Pete Rose is on the list. Listen for Frank Deford's top 12. Coming up at 6:55 and 8:55 on 91.7. ~Maryanne
Good morning! Frank Deford has plenty to say at 5:50 and 7:50. Overcast skies and cool temperatures will be...
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Alex; the life of a child by Frank Deford
You Asked For It: Frank Deford's Top 12 List: Commentator Frank Deford responds to suggestions of things he should comment on. Here, ...
Last year in The Atlantic, Taylor Branch published what the commentator Frank Deford said "may be the most important article ever written about college sports." The real scandal, says Branch, is the very structure of college sports, wherein athletes generate billions of dollars for big universities while earning nothing for themselves. Branch is the Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and historian of the Civil Rights Movement. Taylor Branch spoke as a 2013 Schade lecturer on October 10, 2013. Sponsored in part by BMO Harris Bank.
Sports writer Frank Deford: the real winner of the America's Cup: Diana Nyad because she did it on her own.
Frank Deford is right; let the athletes compete; keep the political officials home to show our disapproval of pol action
I can imagine! Don't follow that stuff myself, but no judgement. I do follow Frank Deford, though.
I am reading Frank DeFord's autobiography. My God can this guy write! He's so *** good. And I'm not even a sports fan! Lol
yep yep. Frank DeFord did a really great story about this
This Real Sports piece on DDP is pretty awesome. Frank Deford is just awesome. Please watch it.
Via NCAA Should 'Bolster And Reinforce' African-American Players I love me some Frank Deford commentary.
Boycott the Frank Deford offers an alternative
Frank Deford just looks more and more insane, like a crank from an Edward Gorey book
Frank DeFord did a great piece on Real Sports with Dallas Page, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. Great seeing Scott Hall getting it together
When you come out as Frank Deford can I get a t-shirt or something?
Frank Deford on Russia's anti *** law: Send athletes, not our officials, to Sochi Olympics
Tina Brown didn't help. I liked Newsweek early on & stayed with it until it became irrelevant. We do agree on Frank DeFord!
Frank Deford is nonpareil Newsweek's liberal bias contributed to its downfal
Should. I subscribed to Newsweek since the early 70s & got destroyed. From those days,Frank DeFord was a kick*ss sports writer
A good idea from sports commentator Frank DeFord: "If there was any courage or decency in what is so smugly called...
Frank Deford is an American f-ing hero. If only we all had his courage and conviction.
Couple of things: heard Frank Deford on NPR this morning with an interesting solution to calls for Sochi boycott.
Frank Deford's commentary: An Olympic boycott that might be an effective statement against Russia's anti *** laws
Week after week, Frank Deford churns out gold. He's a must read if you're a fan of sports and humanity. Via
U go Frank Deford A global boycott on Putin's Olympics in Russia & his refusal of *** rights
I have muted when Frank Deford comes on for so long that I can't remember when it started. 10 yrs maybe?
Frank Deford on Sochi LGBT controversy: send U.S. athletes to Russia, keep U.S. Olympic officials at home
How about a gold medal for human rights for *** people? Hear Frank Deford on Russia & Winter Olympics 2014 @ 6:51ET.
Frank Deford has been saying this for years. They are professional athletes by virtually any conceivable definition.
Just saw the piece by the iconic Frank Deford on . Very good, check it out. Keep up the good work, Diamond.
You didn't ask me but the best sports journalists/historians are 100% Frank Deford and
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Talking to Frank Deford about Art Donovan later this hour.
On Sportsmanship and tennis and the value of conceding a point, take it away frank deford….
I heard Frank Deford whine about how awful they are for a full 5 mins on NPR. Who cares?
Worth 5 minutes of your day: Frank DeFord on *** Kazmaier.
The first book 2 make me cry "Death Be Not Proud" by John Gunther, Sr in Jr. High then Alex:Life Of A Child by Frank Deford! OMG!Cry
Frank Deford on this morning shares memories of '52. Hear about "a honey of a guy":
Frank Deford used the expression "honey of a guy" today. That's tasty! My friends can expect to hear that one often.
If I was Maddie I would be crying right now. Stupid Frank. (Not my dive coach.) ((Frank Deford)). NPR
Beautiful tribute to Heisman trophy winner *** Kazmaier on Thank you, Frank Deford. Just lovely.
Thanks for the in traffic, Frank Deford.
"Baseball positions are anchors in a shifting world." - Frank Deford. "Spring Has Sprung," Sports Illustrated, 4.10.78.
Can we just call Frank Deford's weekly segment for for what it is: an old guy's musings on sports topics no one cares about?
Sometimes Frank Deford on is pure wonder.
Frank Deford on Always making me think.
If you don't have a tear in your eye after listening to Frank Deford on NPR this morning, I don't wish to know you
Holy crap Frank Deford told a story on NPR that actually made me intirgued and not just roll my eyes.
Frank Deford w/ a tearjerker tribute to former Princeton tailback *** Kazmaier, "A Honey of A Guy" who died at 82
Good's Wednesday...that means Frank Deford at 5:55 and 7:55.
Big Bill Tilden: The Triumphs and the Tragedy book download. Frank Deford and Bud Collins. Download here htt
Frank Deford being honored @ the White House today is the coolest thing 2 happen 2 sportswriters since Reagan gave Jim Murray his Pulitzer.
Halfway through 2013, name ONE book you plan to read before year's end. Mine is ‘Over Time’ by Frank Deford.
'NPR Music News' One More Swing: 'Casey At The Bat' - Frank Deford puts aside his gripes this week to pay tribute to the poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, first published in the San Francisco Examiner 125 years ago June 3.
The NBA will soon crown another team as the best. And another MVP will be named. But commentator Frank Deford says such titles of greatness are fleeting.
saw your response to Frank Deford's article and want to take that a step further -
Rick Reilly is just terrible. He's an annoying Frank Deford, Bryant Gumbel and Mike Lupica all wrapped up in a ball of obnoxious hackery.
Rick Pitino is aging as gracefully as Grandpa Munster / Frank Deford.
What really happened that fateful night when Olympian Oscar Pistorius shot his supermodel-girlfriend? NPR talks with freelance reporter Jean-Jaques Cornish about the pretrial hearings for murder charges. That's coming your way at 6:50 followed by commentator Frank Deford who says maybe we should lower the pedestal that we often put sports stars on. Hear it here on KRCC.
Ex-Alcatraz con Frank DeFord (1318-AZ) is 82 today. At 13 he used a shotgun to kill his foster mother and wound her husband.
They NEVER disappoint. Hoping to meet Frank Deford this year.
Strategies: In Investing, at Least, It Makes Sense to Play for a Tie - Frank Deford, the sportswriter, has dra...
Frank Deford visits with Alex Gold in the Media Crossroads as part of the 2013 William Allen White Foundation National Citation Presentation.
Ha. "The became to sports like the Kardashians are to entertainment: just being around is enough." - Frank DeFord
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