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Frank Cho

Frank Cho, born Duk Hyun Cho, is a Korean-American comic strip and comic book writer and illustrator, known for his series Liberty Meadows, as well as for books such as Shanna the She-Devil, Mighty Avengers and Hulk for Marvel Comics, and Jungle Girl for Dynamite Entertainment.

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Rajini is in "Arjuna" mode, but he misses his best friend "Cho's advice".. . Rajini cannot d…
True. In that case, you should check out Frank Cho. Dude's a master at drawing ***
His museum is actually not far from where I live. Frank Cho's work reminds me of Frazetta's.
Frank chos covers are great and not creepy. *** is wrong with you thinking like that. Show me one creep…
Cho's picks:. Kemba. Biz (got paid). MKG. Zeller. Vonleh -> Batum. PJ. Frank. He's not been amazing, but not BAD either. P…
Frank Cho's Harley Variants are looking good. He's more fitting for Harley than WW
One good thing about Frank Cho being a creep is that it led to Frison on WW
An exercise following Frank Cho a few years ago in my illustration pad using
My latest video is an artist spotlight on comic artist Frank Cho. His catalog of covers, commissions and...
Do I get to pick the artist? Can it be Art Adams? Would also accept Frank Cho, Alan Davis, Bill Sienkiewicz or…
Be trouz and wholetrouz! Otherwise, frank Shaun, we remembered, who it was cho chiny yet braught her a man. We.
not sure if your familiar with the art of Frank Cho, but I suspect he'd be good at drawing you.
Frank's second half may be vindicating Cho here. He just may develop into a 20 a night scorer.Might be our 2nd best point producer next year
Cho's made two really bad calls, from my perspective:. 1. Turning down the picks for Frank (reportedly a Jordan decision). 2. Mike Dunlap
Cho Ramaswamy was insightful, frank & brilliant. Pained by his demise. Condolences to his family & countless readers of T…
Nice. I wonder how Amanda Conner or Frank Cho would draw her. Or maybe Shirow.
SHANNA the SHE-DEVIL NM, Frank Cho, Dinosaurs, 2005, more Cho in store
Frank Cho says hi to all of the CGYen community! Thank You for all of your support! Please follow us and like us on…
That awkward selfie moment. Frank Cho is just too cool!
New Frank Cho signed prints now on including and Jungl…
Or any books Frank Cho has worked on 😞
CONAN the CIMMERIAN NM, Richard Corben, Frank Cho, 2008, more in our store
regret the time I took a stack of virgin variant covers to have signed by Frank Cho - the signatures…
Highlights of 2016 was Frank Cho vs Greg Rucka beef
Here's some artwork that fans of Chelsea Cain and Frank Cho can both enjoy.
Frank Cho is basically what would happen if Ed Mcguinness was really horny and wouldn't shut up about being horny
Thanks to Frank Cho for continuing to support and maturity of style in
I got sit and mingle with David Finch, Brandon Peterson and Frank Cho last night. I should be as giddy as any fanboy could be...but...
Hey, remember when Frank Cho did a Kickstarter with Bill Willingham & Cho's part of the presentation was just some old Liberty Meadows art?
Actually I love Frank Cho, Terry Dodson & Adam Hughes (cuz to me their styles are similar.) I'd love a Cho Cover.
"Look over here, we put Greg Rucka on Wonder Woman! You feminists will buy that, right? Ignore the Frank Cho covers over there..."
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It is the year 20XX. The new Rocket Raccoon is a lady. Her series needs a variant cover artist. Cut to Frank Cho. He starts to sweat.
When it came to WW Rebirth had many at Greg Rucka. Then they laughed in their faces and told them to eff off with Frank Cho.
nah, Frank Cho will never be interesting to look at, talk about or otherwise interact with.
Yes, Frank Cho. It's so STUPID how Superman has morals and a code of honor. Not like Batman, who apparently does not?
So, thanks to Scans Daily I now know that Frank Cho did a revision of Dark Knight Returns penultimate fight and it is unbelievably bad.
Another outrageous classic by none other than Frank Cho.
Oh hey, if Frank Cho was the element holding you back from Totally Awesome Hulk, there's a new artist as of this week's issue
📷 alcaantaraas: Catwoman Outrage sketch cover by Frank Cho
I know you're always up for partying like it's 1999.
I'm going wherever the Purple Rain shots are flowing tonight because Prince.
whether we like the Frank pick or not, I can't stand people blaming Cho for the pick. It was all MJ
I wanted Winslow in the draft but like frank and Frank had a good year. Cho totally whiffed though. Winslow much better player & is star
I would've rather had Turner than Frank. Cho has not done us any favors
> Shanna the jungle girl, par Frank Cho.
holy jeez, you're in shape like a mofo! Like, you seriously look like how Frank Cho draws women
Frank Cho is one of those guys that'll get work forever. He's bulletproof. Nothing short of murder will ruin him.
Frank was supposed to provide early return on investment. If Winslow was a project, Cho may not have reaped benefits.
As much as I admire Frank Cho's skills, he completely misses the point of the objections and has gone on to profit by playing to THAT crowd
In 1903, a rockslide buried part of the town of Frank in Alberta. Here is just a small portion…
One more time. Cho doesn’t make the draft picks unilaterally. Frank, Kemba + Vonleh were (reportedly) MJ picks. Cody + Biz were Cho’s.
found it :0 Art work by the great Frank Cho
Back in the day, Frank Cho publicly said that Peanuts reruns should end so new cartoonists could get the space. IIRC.
Folks I read part 2 of the thing. He talks about Frank Cho and Twix.
This post contains some pretty amazing take downs of:. Frank Cho. Gamergate. Tom Brevoort. Manbabies in general
I'm new to the Amadeus Cho thing but I've been a big fan of Frank Cho's art for ages now.
agree totally. I don't think Cho would take a chance on him anyway. Kemba, Nic, MKG, Frank, Cody starting for next year?
Adam Hughes never fails to disappoint. Right up there with Frank Cho for 🌟🌟🌟🌟 pin-ups in my book.
📷 bear1na: Marvel Heroes (left to right): Iron Man by Skottie Young Wasp by Frank Cho The Hulk by Ed...
Like I still ain't packing, like I still won't beat cho ***
From Greg Pak, author of "Planet Hulk" and Frank Cho, artist of 'Liberty Meadows' and those those "cheesecake"...
Jean Grey aka the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club by Frank Cho
The exquisite linework of Frank Cho. I recent picked up vol 1 of his Liberty Meadows collection. Pure brilliance.
Slave Leia is no more... Say hello to the Streisand effect, Disney!. Cue blog post and cheesecake-art by Frank Cho in 3... 2... 1...
Frank Cho has decided to fight the SJWs by posting artwork that typically makes them curl up in a ba
Frank Cho: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy art print line art See the full image at
Some tips on how to draw women by Frank Cho
Just ditch Frank Cho and Jason Aaron and I'm on board. :)
Frank Cho's Apes and Babes blog and forum and daily Liberty Meadows daily comic
Pretty much like Frank Cho to make the same "joke" over and over and over until the end of time. Sounds like Liberty Meadows.
Just came across this signed issue of Liberty Meadows by Frank Cho. Going for $15-20 on eBay.
they can take my land. They can take my freedom. But they leave Frank Cho the *** alone. Liberty Meadows was my childhood.
Please stop promoting conservative 1950s censorship in art and comics.
I am a big fan of Frank Cho and Danger Girl is what got me back into comics as an adult after many years away.
Hey why not help signal boost these fed up comic book artists?
The SJWs could be wearing down their welcome in comics.
Liefeld Calls for Stand Against Artists Being 'Crucified' , Cho Spider-Gwen Controvers Interesting take on it
Comics, I love you but you are ridiculous.
So people are trying to guilt trip Frank Cho and calling his artwork "hideous". Excuse me, you SJW's!.
100% agree with Rob and the other artists here. People are starting to get too sensitive in general. Cheesecake...
This world would be a better and a happier place if some people just grow a sense of humor and relax. - Frank Cho
The comic book art debate continues as Cho does Spider-Gwen then Harley Quinn in a very familiar pose.
LOL. Rob "Pouches" Liefeld, who couldn't draw a woman to save his life, is today's comic crybaby
Frank Cho posted that idiotic article on his FB. When you resort to posting an article from a GG user, it's time to cash in your chips.
"Over at The Mary Sue (I hate to cite them twice in an article, but they’re a veritable treasure trove of...
This is the most embarrassing, amateurish and pathetic comic book article I've seen yet.
Really loving all the butthurt hate I'm getting over my Frank Cho article.
Here, have some more misogynistic crap.
Gwen Stacy already existed before you were born. She's not your creation. And Frank Cho draws her better than you.
Good Morning! The controversy of the Milo Manara Spider-Woman and Frank Cho's Spider-Gwen sketch has new legs,...
Here's my take on the Frank Cho sketch cover: Never heard of but clearly good at cashin' in on outrage publicity
The left is branded misogynistic sexual objectification but the right isn't?
In 2 minds about sending you here but as an example of *** juvenile objectification in comics it's hard to beat
A lesson for all artist. Doesn't matter who you are. STOP Catering. via
I am sad to say this, but you have lost my support. Who have you become?
This is how you deal with outrage culture. With riducule and mocking . Frank Cho is the MAN . . . h…
Frank Cho and I did this years ago. Real body here folks. They exist. This is me. Female bodies aren't dirty.
Fantastic answer by on the debate related to the Spider-Gwen cover by Frank Cho
Rob Liefeld is defending Frank Cho and J. Scott Campbell over sexist comic art.
The maturity of some artist speaks volumes about how much they are pretentious, hipster *** Frank Cho and...
starts tomorrow. Nothing captures convention culture quite like this piece by Frank Cho from Liberty Meadows.
The real reason Luke Skywalker has been in hiding for decades at the beginning of Episode VII. Art by Frank Cho.
Photo: bear1na: Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Spider-Man by Frank Cho *
I hardly ever hear anyone talk about Frank Cho or Frank Quitely.
Dean Yeagle and Dan DeCarlo (Archies). They are Gods to me. :). But folks like Frank Cho & J. Scott Campbell motivate me too.
Wassup fellow comic junkies, here's my pull this week: Up first Marvel Ms Marvel is new this week, I've really enjoyed this new character and I'm excited to see how her powers progress. Uncanny avengers is back with their epic mix-matched team, so cool! New GOTG features Captain Marvel on the cover hopefully she gets some more action this issue. Also new Cinematic universe GOTG prelude book, ft. Rocket Raccoon & Groot so hyped for the flick this accompanies! Thanos annual looks like a classic 90's tale. And Inhuman is new again this week with a gorgeous Frank Cho variant. Next up DC Batman Eternal keeps going strong which is hard for a weekly book. Future's End is somehow managing to do the same hooking me in on a weekly basis with a really intriguing story. Secret origins covers batman, aqua man and starfire, should be pretty good. Worlds finest keeps the females kicking *** in DC. And a great MAD style variant had me buy the new Nightwing. Next up Indy -(Image, Darkhorse, Vertigo, Boom Box, Icon, Darby ...
All purpose parts banner
Photo: Big Trouble In Little China! Drawn by the amazing Frank Cho, with colors by me.
So since the new Marvel NOW I haven't really seen an X-Book that has sparked my interest. Can anyone suggest one? Uncanny X-Force I don't care for since storm took over X-Force has been floundering since Wolverine left All-New X-Men looks dull with it being the old team in the future X-Men I'm not so sure of either with Storm, Rogue & Psylocke Uncanny X-Men is classic but it's Cyclops, Magneto, Magik, Colossus & Emma Frost as fugitives. Wolverine & The X-Men is too campy for me Wolverine I wont collect since Marvel is killing him off and I refuse to support that Savage Wolverine flopped after Frank Cho left the book Cable & The X-Force just looks ridiculous AvX is over so I find it stupid that they're doing A+X now The only book close to X-Men that has been worth a *** I have found is Uncanny Avengers because it follows the aftermath of AvX and Uncanny X-Force. Other Marvel Now good reads I'd suggest would be Avengers Arena, Avengers main book, Superior/Amazing Spider-Man, Thor God of Thunder, Deadpool, . ...
2 of 5 stars to Savage Wolverine, Vol. 1 by Frank Cho
The Savage Wolverine signed by Frank Cho was donated to the Geek Pub Quiz last night, hope it has gone to a...
it's a pretty dinky week of trades & graphic novels this week, so here's the little list of big discounts: Savage Wolverine written AND drawn by the great Frank Cho, it's a solid, fun Wolverine story. ROCKETEER & SPIRIT: PULP FRICTION is Super Cool! GREEN LANTERN vol. 4 hard cover AND volume 3 soft cover edition are both new this week! Walt Simonson's MIGHTY THOR vol. 5 THE REGULAR SHOW vol. 1 SAMURAI JACK Classics vol. 2 X-MEN LEGACY vol. 4 BRILLIANT by Brian Bendis & Mark Bagley BATTLEFIELDS hard cover vol. 3 Other than writing some of the most irreverent comics in history like Preacher, Crossed and many others Garth Ennis also has written the best WAR comics ever! ALL 30% OFF! ALL 30% OFF! ALL 30% OFF!
Big surprise, Frank Cho doesn't get it
...whom I think he met in his last appearance in that Frank Cho story?
Exclusive interviews with Frank Cho, David Finch and more at NY Comicon coming next week!
Frank Cho's Apes and Babes art blog and forum with daily Liberty Meadows webcomic || CHARACTER DESIG
Much as I like his Marvel work. I'd love to see Frank Cho go back to Liberty Meadows.
Animated Flash Gordon. Comes with art cards by Gene Ha & Frank Cho. Anybody know if this is good?
Jordi Bernet draws good butts. So do the Hernandez Bros., Frank Cho, Dave Stevens and Mark Schultz. And Adam Hughes.
Right now Frank Cho is drawing the first issue of X-Men: Battle of the Atom
Con highlights hung out with random booth friend, grabbed frank cho's new book. Had adult beverages with one Adam Ford.
yes sir! But Joe Mad and Zeb Wells are killing it right now. Frank Cho was decent too.
Chatted with one of my all times fav artists and inporation Frank Cho!
Always liked this Dragon pin up.. artist Frank Cho.
Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine run was down right perfect. This next arch not so much. A little boring. Just my 2 cents.
dang, dat *** !! I need to order mine too, Frank Cho is a badass and Miss Ivy if you nasty lol is beautiful!
The Frank Cho print is now available!
Learn about pulp influences from Frank Cho: Which pulp genre would suit Logan?
the print by Frank Cho is frickin gorgeous!
Image detail for -... Marvel Comics and Image Comics serve up a Frank Cho two-fer |
Him & Frank Cho. But Cho has a bit more range. He can draw regular women too
- & . Frank Cho. . Just a few I'd love to see.
on my online store (so far only 50 will go online) signed by Frank cho, and I. Wed 6pm pst
FRANK CHO'S nude print of me will be for sale at MY TABLE 4907 @ BOOTH 4903 sdcc I will be a small amt…
wait to go until some unexpected plans came up and now my trip is in utter jeopardy...however I noticed Your frank cho cont'd
Ivy Doomkitty is a Bellydancer, Cosplayer, Host, and Figure Model for comic book artist/writer, Frank Cho, based...
Frank Cho ( Apes and Babes ) is making some progress on the Ivy Doomkitty watercolor art print!
Happy to say I'll be at Boston Comic Con, as will many of my own favorite creators, including Thomas Sniegoski, Mike Mignola, Terry Moore, and Frank Cho. You should be there, too!
This is Majestic. Frank Cho should be in charge of drawing all my favorite Women in Comics. Like Wonder Woman, She Hulk, Big Barda, Scarlet Witch and the beautiful Ms. Marvel (Captain Marvel) pictured here. He renders them masterfully. Voluptuous. Not just stick figures with boobs. (Granted he does accent those a bit...but my point remains)
Bifrost by Bill Willingham — Kickstarter via --If you like and Frank Cho, then THIS!
For all you Southern Maryland fans of the Almighty 21Sandshark I will be part and parcel with Bill McKay, Michael Munshaw, Leanne Hannah, Carolyn Belefski, Keir Knikia Lyles, Penelope Rivera *** and a host of other artists and vendors including some rookie indie hack named Frank Cho??? (I never heard of em'?!?) at THE ANS COMICON in LaPlata, MD! I will be sporting prints, sketchcards, sketchcovers, creator owned comics, and info on some of my webcomics! For more info on the full series of events, follow this link like deal!
Didn't realize Frank Cho and Bill Willingham had a book project at Kickstarter ---
A novel by Bill Willingham illustrated by Frank Cho - so looking forward to this! Bifrost
Frank Cho and Bill Willingham team up to write and illustrate an adventure novel!
The next time we do a Rocketeer series can we have Frank Cho team up w/Mark Waid? That's the perfect tribute to Dave Stevens.
- I'm really surprised how much I'm enjoying Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine. Have you had a chance to check it out?
Liberty Meadows is the very popular strip by Frank Cho. Featuring talking animals and dimwitted humans, Liberty Meadows is hilarious. While the humans worry about the development of the various animals, no one is having more fun than the animals themselves. Laugh with these animals as they have adve...
If Big Wow! were just Sergio Aragones sitting at a card table, it would be a must-attend show. Add in Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Cho, Herb Trimpe, Adam Hughes, Kevin Nowlan, Eduardo Risso, Michael Golden, Neal Adams and a few dozen top cosplayers, and it's practically illegal if you skip it this year.
Hey there comic fans! This week we have a couple of brand new titles this week from Marvel including the new Uncanny X-Force featuring a new team lead by a the re-mohawked Storm. You can also pick up Young Avengers which promises to reinvent the teen superhero genre and has an alternative cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley, artist of Scott Pilgrim. If you loved the art of Savage Wolverine last week you can pick Frank Cho's Women HC collecting some of his other works. Neil Gaiman's Books of Magic Deluxe Hardcover magically appears onto our shelves this Thursday collecting the original 4 part series. We've also got a couple of cool new T-Shirts including Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and a Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Costume   As always if you see something on this list that catches your eye be sure to get in touch with us either by giving us a call on 9321 2168 , sending us an email to shopor by commenting on this post!     New Comics   47 RONIN (OF 5) A PLUS X NOW ANIMAL MAN (ROT) ANSWER (OF 4) ARMY OF DARKNESS O ...
Frank Cho: I stood in line for 2 hours and all I got was this stupid pig sketch! in Collectibles, Comics, Original Comic Art | eBay
It wasn't bad, Frank Cho is writing and drawing, so it has that classic 1950's Tarzan/dinosaur/ feel to it.
CBA’s Gem of the Week The Savage Wolverine and Drawn by: Frank Cho This book might be called The Savage Wolverine but it should really be called Frank Cho Versus the Marvel Universe. Frank Cho brings his distinctive talents to Marvel, as both a writer and artist for the first time since his Shanna the She-Devil limited series back in 2005. Like then Cho focuses on creating a story around drawing things he excels at, namely: Ladies, Dinosaurs, Cavemen, and paramilitary units with futuristic guns. This time around he’s brought Wolverine along for the ride, and it’s not a bad mix. Wolverine’s appearance in the story is as of yet unexplained, he is literally teleported into the Savage Land and the middle of Shanna and a SHIELD unit’s conflict with the local cavemen with no explanation offered at all. In classic Wolverine style he hits the ground running and is dicing up velociraptors and decapitating cavemen in no time. This book is a big action piece, beautifully drawn as only Frank Cho can and it ...
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Dawning of the Age of Ultron: Age of Ultron looks like it's gearing up to be the biggest Marvel event since...Civil War? The ending is so secret that it is rumored only six people at Marvel know what happens -- but the series promises to be a blast all the way to that ending, and you can catch all eleven issues (ten regular issues plus an extra) by subscribing today. Please don't delay -- this subscription is offered for a limited time! Captain Marvel and more newly added titles: Among several hot new titles, Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova have been added so you can get up to speed on Marvel Cosmic in time for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie! Possibly one of the most anticipated tiles of Marvel Now! is Frank Cho's Savage Wolverine! Wolverine in the Savage Land with Shanna the She-Devil and dinosaurs! What's not to love?! Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye, Loki, Marvel Boy and Ms. America unite for Young Avengers by Marvel's all-star team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie! This will be the must-read ...
Here's the image that started my official trek into cosplay at SDCC 2012. I had asked Frank Cho about cosplaying as his character, Brandy from Liberty Meadows dressed as a TOS character after I had seen this awesome print, and he was cool with it. Liberty Meadows and Star Trek = win in my book! Make sure to check out his page, Apes and Babes, and show your support by giving him a like! I wouldn't be cosplaying if it wasn't for him :-)
"Savage Wolverine Cover - CENSORED - by Frank Cho at via Another one for :D
Back to the Past Trivia! The Prize: All 36 issues of Mighty Avengers (2007 series)! This title featured work by Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Frank Cho, Alex Maleev, Khoi Pham and Mark Bagley! The Rules: 1 guess per comment. You must claim the prize by the time we close on 11/17/2012. The Question: Every time Mike gets a certain type of pet, he names it after a U.S. President. What type of animal is it? Be specific!
frank cho is a legend. The book will do well, I think it will get enough people into it based on that alone.
Next weekend is the Looking forward to meeting Frank Cho, seeing the and talking to my pals at TwoMorrows!
I'm interested in the Wolverine comic coming out in January, written and drawn by Frank Cho.
I'm by frank wright, holla at cho gurl 😏
but how am I going to combine Adam Hughes, frank cho, joe chiodo, shirow masamune, and Jim lee?
"Scarlet Witch by Frank Cho the woman that started it all for me!
I love Cho's style. It is nostalgic but also feels so fresh. “Scarlet Witch by Frank Cho
The new preview images from Savage Wolverine by Frank Cho makes me wonder: why doesn't Marvel come up with a better Wolverine costume?
Sure is happy to hear Frank Cho using in Savage Wolverine
These are some lovely pages by Frank Cho, a.k.a. here: [Wow. These pages are GREAT!]
Kevin Eastman is the Frank Cho of the FF collection.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Frank Cho has transformed from a latter day Frazetta to the second best artists in 11th grade
Quiet afternoon with Frank Cho's funny Liberty Meadows. Love the format of these trades - they are HUGE.
Reading classic Frank Cho "Liberty Meadows" comics online, they are hysterical!
Even tho I still would have preferred Ryan Gosling as Captain America, Chris Evans looks exactly like Frank Cho's Steve Rogers.
Frank Cho might be the best in terms of drawing female character. Epic Scarlet Witch.
oh yeah! Depends on who's on art though. Check out Frank Cho's art. His Scarlet Witch and Ms.Marvel? ***
It's a good day for comic book gossip it seems. From a very reliable source, albeit one under the influence of alcohol, comes the word that Frank Cho is to w
Any sketchbooks for Frank Cho that just deal with Liberty Meadows?
I can’t believe the collection of guests that will be attending, from my buddy Frank Cho, to Stan Lee to those guys that played the Weasley twins (James and Oliver Phelps)! Oh, and Adam West, and the 60s Batmobile, and Firefly’s Adam Baldwin– I am seriously geeking out! Tell your friends, invite you...
At least there will always be Dan Slott's She Hulk run. And surprisingly, Frank Cho draws a good muscle-y She Hulk.
Big Wow Comic Festival starts tomorrow! Lots of awesome artists, like Jim Lee and Frank Cho, Tim Sale and so on! And of course yours truly! You can find me at Artist Alley table 31!
Did you meet Frank Cho at the Expo? Liberty Meadows Sunday Collection HC BOOK 01$24.99 is on FOC today. Let me know if you need a copy.
Reading the first issue of Avengers vs X-Men. Too early to say how I feel about it. Art is good tho, both Frank Cho's and John Romita Jr.'s.
SHANNA, THE SHE DEVIL Mini Series 2005, all issues are bagged-n-boarded and are Near Mint (9.8) A blonde, alternate-universe version of the character starred in the seven-issue miniseries Shanna, the She-Devil vol. 2 (April-Oct. 2005), written and drawn by Frank Cho. This Shanna is the result of age...
I found Frank Cho right when he started Liberty Meadows. He's amazing!
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