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Francis Rossi

Francis Dominic Nicholas Michael Rossi, OBE (born 29 May 1949) is a British musician best known for being a co-founder of the English rock band Status Quo, in which he sings lead vocals and plays lead guitar.

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Does the real Francis Rossi get any kick-back on these?
1976 – Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and Alan Lancaster from Status Quo were arrested after an incident at Vienna Airport
Is it that Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi sing on both?
Mr J's hat drew a compliment from THE Francis Rossi today. Double chuffed.
Francis Rossi speaking alot of sense on Radio Norfolk today, alot better than what you often hear in the media.
Watching Billy Connolly on ITV4. Funny but I can' help noticing Francis Rossi in the crowd gurning because if all the gak he did that night.
I remember Francis Rossi once hinting on a chat show at how they made the rum & raisin and I haven't eaten their ic…
I think Francis Rossi and Bernard frost should speak before its to late, who knows what happens , they made great music t…
not sure about De Rossi in a 2 man midfield...
Francis Rossi admitted they pretty much released the same song thereafter but maintained who wouldn't.
If only Francis Rossi could do lead with me 🤘🏻
Goodness yes. Francis Rossi of the Quo's family does the ice cream business around here. Xx
His sloppy face like a sponge, . Streaky bacon tongue, . Eyes as red as Francis Rossi, . In Spain. . Stuck to the Seat, . Again.
Stock Photo - Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt performing with Status Quo at the 2015 Silverstone ne Classic
Sun 8pm: An interview from our vaults - Francis Rossi and the now sadly departed Rick Parfitt chatting to
Nigel havers interview was fantastic, you must try and get Francis Rossi from Quo! Well done on tonight's show
RIP Rick Parfitt. Deepest condolences to Rick's family, Francis Rossi, Simon Porter and all the members of http…
loving the chat with Francis Rossi on just now!!
"I watched him die on the floor..." Francis Rossi on Rick Parfitt's heart attack w/ now
well, I wish Francis Rossi hadn't cut off his ponytail so you're probably right
Francis Rossi has one and he's bald.
brilliant gig Francis Rossi in top form!
wait you're related to Francis Rossi???
it is literally the most tenuous connection to Francis Rossi hence my bro not knowing about it lol
yikes at the murder :( . Do you think you could get Francis Rossi to sign my copy of Come On You Reds tho
Our man . Some Christmas choir that from 1968 ! Andy Fairweather-Low, Peter Frampton, Francis Rossi,…
Look at the queue for Cafe Rossi! . Francis knows how to cook a slab of meat in the middle of London.. I know where…
Francis Rossi performing with Status Quo during the 25th Anniversary of the Silverstone Classic
how long has Francis Rossi had the job.
Francis Rossi rock and roll singer 🎶🎶🎶
Home from a brilliant night watching the Francis Rossi band
about tours, Rick and how young blood is shaking up the band
.Francis Rossi speaks ahead of show .
Francis Rossi of Status Quo live at London's o2 Arena
well they were, only Francis Rossi left from original lineup
Kinda sad to read today that Rick Parfitt has left Status Quo. A Rock of Gibraltar rhythm guitarist, leaves only Francis Rossi as original.
the only thing good about that statement was Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. Worrying times
Latin: "Quid Pro Quo" . English translation: A pound for Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi.
Rick Parfitt slammed for dumping wife ‘like second-hand car’ by Status Quo bandmate Francis Rossi: Status Quo...
Status Quo's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on planes, drugs, crazed fans, opening Live Aid and the perils of fame: htt…
I added a video to a playlist Episode 45 - FRANCIS ROSSI of Status Quo
my nana had the hots for Francis Rossi. Every Thursday "has him with the long hair and the waistcoat been on yet?"
I'm guessing Candice from Corrie turned up in Hollyoaks because Francis Rossi no longer had any need for a hairdresser on tour?
It'd be like replacing the Francis Rossi with Rob Halford
The 2001 equivalent of this’d be attempting to get kids hyped on a Hank Marvin / Francis Rossi / Suggs triple-whammy
Francis Rossi..."Could there be a Quo without Rick? I really don't know... Change is inevitable"
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"Down Down"🎼 Quo's only single reached No.1 position in the UK singles chart written by lead singer Francis Rossi🎸🎸 https…
With Francis Rossi at Quo acoustic rehearsals for this weeks London shows.
Love the way Francis Rossi talks - punctuates what he's saying with little whistles, swearing, changes of person and tense. It's glorious.
IMPORTANT UPDATE It appears Francis Rossi of Status Quo's family's ice cream business was in London, not Southend.
You know what, I think you're right. Just checked an interview and he said it was in London. Thanks!
you should have signed that bloke who played there last week, Francis Rossi
"Quo were always cocky": the gospel according to Francis Rossi
St. Francis boys soccer ready to play.
prize to anyone who knows what the hole in Francis Rossi's guitar is for?
Francis Rossi not even close to the lyrics there!
Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi first met at Butlins in Minehead (when both were playing in different bands).
Simon Francis is your captain for the season. Could have been with De Rossi and Totti you know.
Youngest has given me a fashionable top-of-the-head mini ponytail today. Suffice to say it's playing out more Francis Rossi than Gareth Bale
'Caroline' by Status Quo: (Hello! from 1973). In 1962, Londoners Alan Lancaster and Francis Rossi founded The…
Status Quo Legendary pair head to the bar with new Drinks range - Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status...
Like giving Francis Rossi a chinese burn or robbing Rick Parfitt of his lunch money? I offer u love Mr Law, not war. Good luck x
They keep on about the Status Quo. I want to know what its got to do with Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt?
Well, well, well. I thought people would vote for the Status Quo. But maybe Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt are getting on a bit.
So Britain has broken up the Status Quo - I never thought I would see it - my thoughts go out to Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and their fans
Status Quo: Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi appealing on behalf of Rock On Windermere - a 3 day not for profit...
Dog lovers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt are no strangers to beers, and this one's very close to their hearts
great pic of Francis Rossi but Rick Parfitt is looking under the weather...
Little known fact. Status Quo front man Francis Rossi has 1000s of pairs of trousers but only 4 of them are cords.
Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt are stone wash only
Oi! Leave Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi out of this! "Pictures of Matchstick Men" is a great tune!
Jimmy White, Alex Higgins, Tony Knowles and Kirk Stevens with Status Quo's Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi in 1986.
Francis Rossi on the set talks of past glories & ambitions
Francis Rossi has aged well, hasn't he?
One time, Francis Rossi pulled my was awesome.
Status Quo ready to rock all over Sheffield Arena: Fifty years ago, Francis Rossi met Rick Parfitt and the res...
Pope Francis visited a Muslim neighborhood and the people totally loved him
And Status Quo are also in the Granite City this week, on Wednesday night. Here's my chat with Francis Rossi.
December issue OUT NOW! This month we go deep with Francis Rossi ahead of their show 10/12
Busking at just before Francis Rossi gave the boys £20! teacher
In the latest issue of I talk to Francis Rossi from and unlock a huge life achievement
CHIPMUNK! Here's getting far too excited at speaking to Status Quo's Francis Rossi.
Francis Rossi of Status Quo, cos that's Rick Parfitt at front
Yes, he's much better than Francis Rossi.
Nice to see Francis Rossi off of Status Quo is trying to court Verity. He wrote my favouring mining song
Pope Francis leads the Easter mass in St. Peter's square at the Vatican April 5, 2015. REUTERS/Max Rossi
Pope Francis gives Easter mass in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican. Picture: REUTERS/Max Rossi...
Kenton looks a bit like Francis Rossi in that picture. You sure he's not moolighting as a member of Status Quo?
Tha Francis Rossi band live in St Luke's London, what a man
Watching Status Quo on SKY Arts and wondering if Francis Rossi's and Rick Parfitt's Telecasters are like Trigger's brush in Only Fools..?
Andy Goram takes up busking with Francis Rossi ,,, http:…
Andy Goram takes up busking with Francis Rossi ,,,
Could stretch it out at the back like Francis Rossi.
I think I'm in the same bar as Francis Rossi from Status Quo 😭😪😥😩
Francis Rossi makes me think that even I could get away with a ponytail
I liked a video BBC HARDtalk with Francis Rossi, guitarist, singer & founder of Status Quo
Status Quo & Francis Rossi at Music File Photos - The 1970s - by Chris Walter
Music Fact On this day in 1984, 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' by Band Aid entered the UK chart at No.1 and stayed at the top for five weeks. It became the biggest selling UK single of all time with sales over 3 and a half million. Band Aid was masterminded by former Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof, who had been moved by a TV news story of famine in Ethiopia. Geldof had the idea of raising funds with a one-off charity single featuring the cream of the current pop world. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Paul Young, Culture Club, George Michael, Sting, Bono, Phil Collins, Paul Weller, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt of Status Quo and Bananarama all appeared on the recording
I have to stay here for wrestling till the 19th, then I get go home until the 26th probably
Did I just imagine that Status Quo acoustic album ad on the TV? Francis Rossi wearing nothing other than a guitar round his midriff? Eughh.
common nick De Rossi was born for these games HE NEEDS TO START
Ljajic's inform, De Rossi needs to cool down. The only this I disagree with Garcia is not putting Astori over Mapou.
On stage at judging startups: and Maurizio Rossi!
Always had a love, hate relationship with Rossi but always loved the quo..know what he means, like changing...
Cant believe Francis Rossi no longer plays his famous tele :( :(
Oh, that's very kind, thanks! It was a pleasure to write (and hard not to laugh at Francis Rossi's stories...)
domain names
Status Quo’s Francis Rossi – Marketing comes first, then the ... |
Rossi changes chord shock – first new guitar in 50 years for Status Quo legend
Chord change for Quo? No, but Francis Rossi is getting a new guitar after 50 years
EXCLUSIVE: Quo star Rossi forced to ditch guitar he's played for 46 years: Status Quo star Francis Rossi has b...
Goodbye to a rock legend, Francis Rossi retires his green tele. Will loan him mine for a small fee
Status Quo's Francis Rossi turns it down, down: It's Pictures of Matchstick Men, but not as we know it. Status…
Some things you just can't unsee. Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt starkers being two or them.
I liked a video BBC HARDtalk - Francis Rossi on Jimmy Savile and TOTP (30/10/14)
Just interviewed Francis Rossi and he said: "You sound like a very knowledgeable guitar player"
"People say to me 'you're only as old as you feel' and I keep telling them that I feel 65!" Francis Rossi
Francis Rossi and that other chap have written more songs between 'em than Elvis and that is reputed to be as many as 2. 1 at least.
Don't worry, I can't see them appointing Francis Rossi.
Noone needs to see Francis Rossi in the nip.
Today I had a lovely great big chat with Francis Rossi and he gushed about how much he loves Taylor Swift & gave me some Morrissey advice...
Francis Rossi of Status Quo talks to tomorrow ahead of their show at next week.
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Status Quo star Francis Rossi gears up for the band's show
Ahead of the gig at the Echo Arena Status Quo's Francis Rossi tells us about how he broke his wrist playing marbles with Gilbert O'Sullivan
VIDEO: Me and my guitar with Status Quo | Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi | Guitar News | MusicRadar
They're naked. Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt in the nudie is not what you want to see when you're having your tea.
I may have mistaken Francis Rossi for Midge Ure but I actually quite enjoyed the Status Quo In Concert on the red button...
yes playing catch up. Currently at the quo matchstick men. Francis Rossi looks great the same but younger obviously!
"Taken to The Cleaners by Andrew Old" - Francis Rossi's finest hour.
Any blog that references both Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt is a must read: From Poo To Unicorns via
Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt,you're famous for Rockin all Over the World.But how do you feel about Scotland separating itself off from it?
My wife wants to let Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt stay in our house, rent free. Oh well, anything to keep the Status Quo.
"If Freddy (Mercury) wanted you he was going to have you" - Francis Rossi
The great Ronnie Corbett, Stirling Moss & Francis Rossi have all donated amazing pics to Stars & Stripes auction bidding starts tomorrow!
Today sees successful sometime, (but not that often), amusing British comedian and actor who found great success in America - Bob Hope enter the fray in 1903. 35th American President who has an airport, various schools, bridges and roads named in his honour John F Kennedy started life in 1917, before biting the bullet in 1963. Double denim fan and master of three cords on the guitar, one time long haired rocker with Purley's finest band, Francis Rossi started rocking gently in 1949. Unhinged Jodie Foster admirer (obviously not knowing her personal preferences) and Ronald Reagan's attempted assassin, John Hinckley Jr will be celebrating his 59th birthday with his fellow inmates and warders. Youngest sister of the family that takes chimps, wearing bowler hats and malfunctioning dresses as the norm, La Toya Jackson was the baby sister in 1956. One of the greatest song writers of the last 20 years, noted wit and warring brother Noel Gallagher started to live forever in 1967. Finally, hard to understand Geord ...
Today we bring you part three of a four part series on music trivia to get you through your May 'Humpday's'. Today we have facts 51-75, where you'll learn why Martin made only 404 of John Mayer's signature OM-28 acoustic, the name of Fred Durst's pet dog, the first band to play behind what was once called the Iron Curtain and much more really fascinating stuff... No Really. 101 facts you never knew about music: part 3 51. Between 1948 and 1960, blues legend John Lee Hooker released over 100 singles. 52. The intro to Eddie Floyd's Knock On Wood is the same as the intro to In The Midnight Hour, but the chord progression is played backwards. Both songs were co-written by guitarist Steve Cropper. Economical work, Mr Cropper! 53. Oasis's Noel Gallagher and Status Quo's Francis Rossi share a birthday: 29 May. The creative forces of guitar boogie are strong on that day, obviously. 54. The drum machine part on the recording of New Order's Blue Monday - acknowledged as the best-selling 12-inch single of all time - ...
Reasonably known studio recording done by Brian May and with Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi to the forefront - it is fun trying to pick out which guitar is w...
I kicked Francis Rossi in the nads, and belted Rick Parfitt round the back of the head. How's that for upsetting the Status Quo?
I blame Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. Apparently people are voting for UKIP bigots because they're 'fed up with Status Quo'
I think Ed takes most umbrage with Francis Rossi. Rick Parfitt is known to write the lyrics to Cameron's bedtime lullabies.
So I share my birthday with Duke Ellington, Lonnie Donegan, Willie Nelson, Tammi Terrell & Francis Rossi. I'll settle for that!
not bloody Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt an all! Jeeezo!
I walked down the Rick Parfitt and got a Francis Rossi wiv a 99 in it-I'm in the army now wiv matchstick men
"On The Level" is the 8th Status Quo studio album. It features Francis Rossi, Richard Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and...
A major swing in music, from going to a concert by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra 'et de Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (with concerto played by Ray Chen, one of the worlds' finest solo violinists) to the 'Mighty Quo' for the last ever gig (ok probably) by the ORIGINAL line up - Francis Rossi, Alan Lancaster, Rick Parfitt, John Coghlan, tickets secured for Zwolle, Holland, in March ! woah, woah woah)))
We have our 8 entrants for the Boss in the Box campaign that begins on the 9th January at 6:30pm if you cant make it please let me know now the names will be listed below remember all you need to take part is a battleforce box and a HQ choice Paul Adey - Orks Stacey Flecknor - Necrons Jon Sidgwick - Chaos Daemons Mike Zarwolski - Tau Empire Max Harvey - Imperial Guard Francis Rossi - Eldar Richard Bacon - Dark Eldar Daniel Lawrence - Necrons The campaign will run for our weeks initially and may be extended we will be fighting to take control of Derrax VI a scarred black sand planet used by the Imperium for its rich mineral deposits
Dutch TV presenter Wendy van Dijk plays the Japanese character Ushi and is interviewing Francis Rossi of the British rockband Status Quo. All rights reserved...
Now playing: 'Wanna Go to Mars' by 'Vivian feat.Francis Rossi'
Had a dream last night that Steven Tyler and Francis Rossi died. That would put a spanner in this year's Download wouldn't it!
Status Quo's frontman Francis Rossi live at St. Luke's, London on his first solo tour on the 15th September 2010. 0:00:00 - Caroline (Shuffle Version) 0:06:0...
"You've picked the rudest questions because they're a bit more tasty..." Francis Rossi of Status Quo.
missed the interview with Francis Rossi the first time around, great guy, great chat! Now doing air guitar to Down Down yay
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Francis Rossi from Status Quo on the way shortly on
On the way on Richard Curtis, Ian McShane, Francis Rossi, and Jack Donnelly from
Tell him you don't want him like Francis Rossi with a skullet!. That's what scared mine! He's now playing 12 bar blues!
Thats quite a look, keep it going, seek to start a SQ tribute band or wait for Sir Francis of Rossi to croak it and replace him..
Rossi said around 10 years ago he'd never sing matchstick men again,But the fans demanded it so tough titty Francis :-D
Catholics don’t need Monsignor Rossi &others like him telling them what he&they think Pope Francis didn’t say—the Pope’s speaks very clearly
No surprise Msgr.Rossi trying to upstage Pope Francis as he does every senior Church official before televised service @ the National Shrine
It still annoys me that Francis Rossi is acting the goat in the band aid video. I don't think he understood kids in Africa were starving
I heard it was Francis Rossi next to you not the other way round :-)
Trying to add~in a hairlin...ah! Francis Rossi of 'Status Quo', yeh?.
Francis rossi's tache and guitar sound at the start of matchstick men are equally great.
Jools Holland told me he did the Eisteddfod and what a brilliant place and atmosphere it was - Francis Rossi
If I were Bob, I'd blame all these inaccuracies on Midge Ure. Or claim that Francis Rossi altered some of the words unbidden.
Just saw francis rossi on the nations favourite laura. He sang rocking all over the world. He was In the quo. NOT CHAS AND DAVE.
We are in plymouth and were up on the *** earlier. Sam totally confused between Francis Drake and Francis Rossi - I did crack up when he asked if he was playing guitar while blowing up the spanish armada, thought Matthew or Abigail might find this funny
***QUO TO PLAY LLANGOLLEN EISTEDDFOD 2014*** Status Quo have been confirmed to headline the 2014 edition of the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales. Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and co will grace a stage previously trod by classical icons including Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, James Galway and the Welsh National Opera. The annual event attracts more than 5000 artists every year for competitions and performances – and although it’s closely associated with the finer end of the music spectrum, director Eilir Owen Griffiths says Quo are a perfect match. He tells the BBC: “We’ve created a festival within a festival called Llanfest, and this is a great headlining act for ending the week.
After much speculation it has been revealed that the new Pope has actually taken his name from rock star Francis Rossi. Well the church does like the Status Quo.
Mark Francis is the equivalent of them peripheral Simpsons characters like the Mexican bumblebee or the black geezer playing the saxophone
rebounds from loss to St. Joe's with 59-49 victory over St. Francis, writes
Story of 59-49 win over St. Francis and Rodney Williams' fine day updated with quotes & video.
St. Francis is still hanging in there with the Dragons. Drexel holding a 55-47 lead with 1:43 to play.
Score a little closer than expected partially because St. Francis is 6 for 15 from 3-point range. Came in shooting 29%.
Dragons are really looking for Rodney Williams inside. He has a good match-up against the shorter St. Francis big men.
St. Francis holding their own on the boards. 7-7 early on and not allowing offensive boards. 12-10 11:04 to go in the first.
Drexel on an 8-0 run after St. Francis scored the first four. Chris Fouch doing Fouch-y things b/c that's what Chris Fouch does.
FWIW St. Francis' best player, Earl Brown, is a Philly product. Played high school ball at Imhotep.
2016 G Zay Jennings of Allentown Central Catholic (PA) will be on campus today at Drexel for their game against St. Fra…
I'll be heading down to Philly today for vs. St. Francis. Here's the preview:
If you are watching the Band Aid 'Do They Know It's Christmas' video, I'm at the back, next to Francis Rossi from the Statu…
This week I have been in the same company as Ozzy Osbourne, Rick Parfitt, Graham Gouldman, Tony Iommi Francis Rossi, *** Wilson, FKINRCKNROLL !!
How the funk has Liam Gallagher manager to release another remix of Status Quo's pictures of matchstick men? He already released a version with Oasis & now he's done it again on his own. How long will it take Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt to call their litigation team?
W4 TONIGHT be a xmas *** !!! inc a party of francis rossis with guitars
From a couple of years ago. Check out the Francis Rossi-esque guitar solo...
The Final Countdown: Top of the Pops Terry Staunton, Record Collector, September 2006 With the BBC pulling the plug on Top Of The Pops after 42 years, the stars share their memories. NODDY HOLDER (Slade) – TOTP debut: 'The Shape Of Things To Come', March 1970 "The floor manager and crew used to call us the house band, we were there so often. Generally, if we weren't Number One and on last they'd put us on right at the beginning, they always wanted something good and hard to kick-start the show. The problem with that was that the opening act would have to be there first, so we'd have to get there at nine in the morning for our first soundcheck. It made for a long day, but things always went a bit quicker once the booze turned up at around lunchtime. "Our dressing room was usually the party room. We were always a drinking band, and the other guests would think - rightly - that we'd be the ones with the alcohol. I reckon we helped loads of acts give really upbeat performances, 'cause they'd been necking it ...
The Top 50 Status Quo songs pt.3 (30-21) Comments 2 gbarton at 03:31pm December 17 2013 Our countdown of the Top 50 Status Quo songs continues. Go below for the third part of our rundown: Nos. 40 to 31… Nos. 50 to 41 are here. Nos. 40 to 31 are here. 30) Softer Ride 1973 Yet another song from the evergreen Hello! album, Softer Ride had first appeared as the B-side of the Paper Plane single. By turns introspective and fiery, Alan Lancaster and Rick Parfitt’s paean to the delights of slothdom has returned to the band’s set in recent years. Fantastic stuff. 29) In The Army Now 1986 Parfitt took the plaudits for Rockin’ All Over The World, but it was Rossi who imagined the possibilities of In The Army Now after hearing the original on the radio. Written and recorded by the Dutch brothers Rob and Ferdi Bolland, it was a brave though ultimately popular choice for Quo to have made. 28) Down The Dustpipe 1970 What do Status Quo have in common with Welsh progressive rockers Man? Well, the former first hear ...
Often forgetting that all days are never Holidays for most of the impoverished world in which we are living in. You need not look to Africa to find children starving for food, warmth, education and human affection. Look in your own cities and counties first. Think global act local. Urging you to make the effort to volunteer your time or skills or write a check this Holiday Season to your local outreach organization, or food bank. A little bit goes a long long way and yes you can make the difference. Really you can afford to donate the price of that foo foo coffee you buy every day for the rest of the month and be happier, healthier and make a deposit in the first bank of Karma for your soul. Band Aid 1984 - Feed the World featuring: Adam Clayton (U2) Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) Bob Geldof (The Boomtown Rats) Bono (U2) Boy George (Culture Club) Bruce Watson (Big Country) Chris Cross (Ultravox) David Bowie Dennis Thomas (Kool & the Gang) Francis Rossi (Status Quo) Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) George Michael (W ...
come on down to Abbey video and see what we have new in the shop the new DVDs are ONLY GOD FORGIVES with Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas,/ The Word Ends with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost,/ The Groods (kids) movie,/ Blinder with jack Thompson, Oliver Ackland, Zoe Carides,/ Nature Calls with Johnny Knoxvill, patton Oswalt,/ Ring of fire with Terry O'Quinn,/ Open Gate with William Sadler,/ JAMIE Private school girl with Chris Lilley,/ The Englist Teacher with Julianne Moore, Michale Angarano,/ Blood of Redemption with Dolph Lundgren, Billy Zanes,/ Broken with Tim Roth, Cillian Murphy,/ 5 Time Champion with Betty Buckley, Ryan Akin, Noell Coet,/ After Earth with Will Smith, Jaden Smith,/ Bula Quo! with Francis Rossi, Jon Lovitz,/ Behind the Candelabra with Michael Douglas, Matt Damon,/ Whit Collar Hoolinan 2 with Nick Nevern, Simmon Phillip,/ A Common Man with Ben Kingsley, Ben Cross,/ The Wolverin with Hugh Jackman,/ with to many more to list so come on down today and see what we have and our DECEMBER SPECIA ...
Status Quo have been added to the bill for next year’s Download festival, which takes place at Donington on the weekend of June 13-15. Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and co are among 12 acts named to appear under headliners Aerosmith, Avenged Sevenfold and Linkin Park (who’ll perform classic album Hybrid Theory in full). The other additions are the Offspring, Steel Panther, Trivium, In Flames, While She Sleeps, Letlive, The Black Dahlia Murder, Crossfaith, Miss May I, Blessthefall and Dying Fetus. Quo – who recently confirmed their Frantic Four lineup would reunite for “one last go” – last played Donington when they headlined Monsters Of Rock in 1982. Rossi says: “That year saw the Falklands War, the launch of the Commodore 64, Aston Villa winning the European Cup and the raising of the Mary Rose. You might say a lot has changed since then – but we’re still rocking and still playing the Quo hits.” Alter Bridge, Rob Zombie and Fall Out Boy have been previously announced as Download’s spe ...
Just laughed my *** off *interviewing Francis Rossi of the mighty Quo! He sounds like Danny Dyer's dad. *being talked at
Francis Rossi has never been a redcoat..fact.
Butlins hopefuls battle it out in Birmingham to become a redcoat: Status Quo’s Francis Rossi, Des ...
And I thought you loved the Quo? Francis Rossi rocked the DD for years - albeit jeans and waistcoat. Could work for Bruce too!
Italy to start with Balotelli & Rossi with Ejide; Kwambe,Benjamin Francis;Oduamadi *** Ameobi expected to start for Super Eagles today.-Da
Just taken Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt to Alton Towers and put them on a Roller Coaster. I like to shake up the Status Quo now and again.
Francis Rossi from Status Quo chatted to The 'Bridge recently. You can hear the interview again here.
Geoff Dorsett -60s and 70s oldies + chat with Dave Barton of Showaddywady & Francis Rossi of 7-9am Sunday -listen online
well done think of it this way, your son is the Francis Rossi of Wales whilst scoring a curler from the halfway line for spurs
The thing we should fear the most is the viciousness of the defenders the Status Quo. And I don't mean Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi.
I touched Francis Rossi's foot in 1975. He was on stage wearing his shoes at the time.
I'm positive Dave Grohl's is getting a bald patch, he may turn into Francis Rossi from Status Quo and start sporting a scraggly ponytail.
These guys rock like no others Status Quo - Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt with Rhino sighting - Sweden Rock...
I have a sort of Pavlovian joy response ever time I hear the name Francis Rossi
Watched that Quo documentary last night. I really love Francis Rossi's guitar playing.
Uriah Heep.. We just Played Hannover Germany tonight with Status Quo, Great Show! Here is me holding Francis Rossi's Old Green Telecaster.. I have seen this Guitar on 'Top Of The Pops', Live Aid.. Its on all the Quo Hits!
Staus Quo's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on Alan Titchmarsh show -- Rossi with short hair and specs --- just like any old man ! :-D
Status Quo with Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster, and 1 more… at Eventim Apollo (March 3...
John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra are the comics equivalent of Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt. Lovely guys. :-)
Couple of drunk Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi look alikes on 999 what's your emergency. Hilarious:-)
999 What's your it! I thought the one with the bleeding chin and his mate were Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt from Status Quo!
Dave Lee Travis and Francis Rossi on the same train? Surely not!
Breast Cancer Awareness
better than Francis Rossi though, I guess. Though, essentially, a female Rick Parfitt is Linda Robson.
Status Quo at Betley, Cheshire at w/end (on one of my training routes) Francis Rossi was on stage in North Face soft shell.
Look! Ukes are "Rocking all over the world" Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on set in Fiji while filming their...
Indiana Jones- no wait that's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt.
- No disrespect BSN, but Francis Rossi and James Dean Bradfield are way better!
Thank you to Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt for the signed poster I
Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on tv this morning, two great guys.
Watching Status Quo, they still rock, I don't think Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi will ever hang those guitars up, Love em :)
Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on Danny Baker on Five Live on Saturday !!!
10 stone *** on TV tonight. Or as they prefer to be called, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt.
Cannot begin to explain how much of an awesome time I had tonight. 10CC were incredible, Status Quo were absolutely amazing. Felt like such a lucky guy to be there today. One of the highlights was meeting Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, yeah fair enough it was only a quick "Hi how you doing" but still a massive privilege and thrill to be in they're presence. You can say what you like about Status Quo, be it the old "they only use 3 chords" line or anything else, but at the end of the day, they still put on a loud, fast and intense rock n roll show. 4th QUO show tonight, hopefully make it a fifth later on this year in Glasgow, but today/tonight was such a huge thrill and if you don't like Status Quo then fair enough, but I do, I love Status Quo, I don't care if I get the *** taken out of me for it. So many people having a great time, and I was sure as *** one of them :)
From VIEW - the review. We never expected this to win awards but some of the reviews are really quite good... This watchable action adventure comedy starring Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi is fairly entertaining and features an upbeat and recognisable soundtrack
Also, I have to write this down so I didn't dream it, but Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi are in a knockabout screwball comedy thriller?
On thee Fulcrum discussion board (probably appear in several days' time) I've rejected the assumption that I have long whiskers and bell-bottomed trousers - I'm not Jason King but rather a combination of Charles Ives and Francis Rossi. Can you imagine Francis Rossi (and Rick Parfitt) playing an Charles Ives pieces? Or how would Charles Ives compose Caroline or Rocking All Over the World?
Status Quo movie spoiler : Francis Rossi is Anakin Skywalker's father ! (He's the right age anyway!)
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Francis Rossi has revealed he spent £1.7million on coke in the 70's and 80's
Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi of Status Quo join Matt Baker & Alex Jones on this evening - BBC1 at 7pm:
Filmed at the InterContinental Spa and Golf Resort Fiji, the movie Bula Quo! stars Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt along side Laura Aikman, Craig Fairbrass an...
I'm doing an in depth interview with Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt Questions to put to them please:
If I'm honest, I've got quite a crush on Francis Rossi 1968.
Man utd won the league at old Trafford, woop de woo, even Francis Jeffers has done that
Bald men with ponytails, showering at the local pool, Francis Rossi & the case of an old guy using a plastic bag as a swim cap.
Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi: Jimmy Savile invited me to 'sex party' in his dressing room - News - People - Thet
God, that's horrible. Might as well be Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi.
Jet lag plus oncoming cold plus 5.45am start for show equals quality of sleep Francis Rossi usually experienced in the 80's
Francis Rossi thrilled to be playing the Falkirk Stadium - And after 45 years on the road, stars Francis Rossi...
Yep. It's a 'proper' film, with Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi, set in Fiji. IMDB says they've spent nearly $4m making it.
Quid Pro Quo (phr. Lat): Royalties from hits penned and performed by Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and colleagues.
Status Quo in Wolverhampton last night. Not the cabaret act of recent years but the real thing, the original four-piece. Still got a lump in me froat. Fantastic gig. I never realised, having not seen them when they invented denim, what a star Alan Lancaster is. Great bass player, great singer. Recommended. Even my mate who accompanied me, a jazz fan and having seen Steve Reich the night before, thought it was great. John Coghlan - what can you say? The ship's engine. Solid as a rock. The other two were quite good too :) I was surprised to find that Francis Rossi did ALL the lead stuff. The Parf still looks 15. If you get a chance, go see. It's the opposite of X Factor, and so much the better for it. Thanks Gillie for the tix. Safe travels xxx
Bula Quo is released in July 2013. It is a modern day Blues Brothers, with rock legends Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt amply performing Carey and Daniels, Du...
Just turned on The Joy Of The Single on BBC4. Can't tell whether the talking head is Francis Rossi, Pete Waterman or Syd Little
15 Mar - Status Quo, at Hammersmith Apollo: The original Status Quo line-up of Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan...
thankfully we didn't spray tan Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt when we stood them up! lol
BERLINALE: JANE FONDA and Status Quo´s Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt just walked the Red Carpet of "PROMISED LAND" with MATT DAMON, GUS VAN SANT and JOHN KRASINSKI. Video Footage available now!
I hear Alan Yentob is making a six-part series on how Francis Rossi cuts his toe-nails.
If you need somewhere to stay. Scarborough Open Air Theatre have now been announced:- Pop-rock band McFly will perform at Scarborough Open Air Theatre on 30th August. Band members Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd will wow fans with energetic performances of a string of their hit records, recorded since the band formed in 2003. Brit Award winning and triple platinum album selling rock band Status Quo, whose famous ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ track is instantly recognised around the globe will play on Saturday 27 July, Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andrew Bown, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Matt Ledley will rock the stage with one of their legendary live performances, treating fans to many of Quo’s most popular hits from the last 50 years. Tickets available from local Tourist Information Centres in Scarborough, Whitby, Filey. The Sands, North Bay Scarborough or through or
Seeing tonight to help him wrap he's xmas prezzies !
Status Quo's Francis Rossi looks hurt after friends laugh at his suggestion the band's forthcoming movie, 'Bula Quo!', could win a Bafta.
Name one player you'd love United to sign in January/June.
Artist biography, albums and mp3s of: Francis Rossi
SPOTTED: Man with Chris Froome's face and Francis Rossi's hair on Tottenham Court Road. Strong.
Still love Francis Rossi, though. Great guitarist if he wants to.
Status Quo TO ROCK THE STADIUM WITH SPECIAL GUESTS 10cc Rock legends Status Quo have today announced (17th December) they will perform a major outdoor concert at Falkirk Football Club next summer, the first time in the group’s 45 year career. The band, who holds the record for more hit singles than any other band, has had more hit albums than The Beatles, and made more appearances on TOTP than any other act, will make the journey to play to thousands of fans at Falkirk Stadium on Sunday 23rd June. The five-piece which has sold over 118 million records and had 22 top ten hits including Caroline, Whatever You Want and In The Army Now will perform rock classics including ‘Rockin all over the World’ as well as performances from its latest – and twenty ninth - studio album ‘Quid Pro Quo’. Band member Francis Rossi said: “We’re really excited to be performing in Falkirk, the first time in our career. Nothing beats playing live to our Scottish fans and we will put on a great show to Rock the Sta ...
Lionsgate has tapped Francis Lawrence to direct MOCKINGJAY – PART 1 and MOCKINGJAY – PART 2
***NO MORE QUO FOR LETLEY*** Status Quo drummer Matt Letley has decided to leave the band after 12 years. He will make his final live appearance with Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown and John "Rhino" Edwards on Wednesday, December 19, at the O2 Arena in London. Says Letley: "It's been a fantastic journey over the past twelve years or so, but I have decided that now is the right time for me to leave QUO and move on to something new. "No doubt there will be much conjecture that this is somehow related to the upcoming reunion gigs, but I'd like to assure everyone that it has no bearing on my decision. Indeed, I wish the guys every success with this tour and certainly hope to come along to see one of the shows! "I should like to take this opportunity to thank the guys in the band, our fantastic crew and Simon and the girls in the office for their friendship and professionalism. Most of all I thank the fans without whom I should not have had the chance to play with one of the best rock and roll bands in ...
in the words of Francis Rossi, on and off and on again.
Can you all give a follow. Good tim and the best hair cut since Francis Rossi !!!
I'm going weave colour now, Francis Rossi ftw!
Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi of Status Quo performed tonight at Quofestive at the BIC in Bournemouth, England.
15:00 Johnnie Walker's Sounds of the '70s: Johnnie Walker meets English rockers Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt from S…
The legend that is Francis Rossi. Top drawer stuff toneet in the steel city
sounds great, a bit of Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and baking. Very rock n'roll! I do the same!
Status Quo set to reunite for 50th anniversary c/o
Elder statesman admits he won't offer genuine career hints - because only those who won't make it ever ask for any
The Quo at 50: Francis Rossi recalls the band’s big TV break in January 1968 - but not all his memories are good ones
"I keep hearing 'How did Jimmy Saville cover it up for so long?' I heard he paid a lot of people off. But where did he get the money? I think there is a *** of lot to come out about it... Everybody heard stuff about him but nobody saw anything? It all makes no sense. Someone or some people are covering this up" Francis Rossi, Status Quo
'Come and see me tarts': Status Quo rocker Francis Rossi tells of Savile's sick invite to join in his dr…
Check out the below extract from an interview with Francis Rossi...This will be excellent. “This reunion will attract back a lot of our fans from the 70s,” reckons Parfitt. “The ones that lost faith when we stopped doing what we should have been doing and made all those covers albums. The idea is to use the double live album [1977’s Live!, recorded at Glasgow Apollo] as the template for the set. That’s the obvious thing to do.”
Jimmy Savile: Status Quo's Francis Rossi on sick invite to join in dressing room 'sex party' | Mail Online
Great Quo interview "Francis Rossi and Parfitt are the beating, if slightly clogged, heart of the band"
Francis Rossi: How to Last 50 Years in Rock 'N' Roll - When we first started out I had no ambitions other than not b...
Hot News: Status Quo (The Original Line Up) to play 5 shows in March 2013.Tickets on sale to fan club members only from 9am on Nov 13th. Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster & John Coglhan
The Status Quo guitarist offers some tips for budding rock stars. More on playing the guitar at
Last night I dreamt I was in charge of the backstage catering for Status Quo. Francis Rossi had Spag Bol and Rick Parfitt had a steak.
Allinson: Status Quo 01 Nov 12. Richard Allinson sits in for Steve and chats to Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt...
Francis Rossi wishes Oasis tried to last a bit longer
Status Quo's Francis Rossi on Oasis: 'Liam and Noel should get over their sibling rivalry'
Rick Parfitt & Francis Rossi.suddenly, I feel as old as they look
. is 'In Conversation' with and Francis Rossi on from 6am today
It's an absolute honour to be in the same issue of as Status Quo's Francis Rossi.
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