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Francis Chan

Francis Chan (born 1967) is an American preacher.

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Join us at Onething this year with Todd White, Francis Chan, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, and more! Learn more:…
"Fear is no longer the word I use to describe how I feel about God. Now are use words like reverent intimacy." Francis Chan
Francis Chan: Korean missionaries wish they were still imprisoned by Taliban.
This quote, from pastor Francis Chan's book "Crazy Love", has helped me strengthen my relationship with God recentl…
We watched a video with Francis Chan where he joked he grounded his 3yo for bad theology. . Gage: "that's just good church discipline"
We don't get to decide who God is. — Francis Chan, Crazy Love
"Our greatest fear shouldn't be failure. It should be a fear of succeeding at things that don't matter."- Francis Chan
“God will ensure my success in accordance with His plan, not mine.” - Francis Chan
"Lukewarm people attend church fairly regularly. It is what is expected of them, what they believe 'good Christians' do..." - Francis Chan
I just finished day 1 of the Plan Crazy Love with Francis Chan. Check it out here:…
Seeing this felt like a personal attack. How can someone sit down to write an entire book, and then call it "Franci…
Francis Chan - How to respond when bad things happen via
NowPlaying Do you believe Prove it - Francis Chan 00:09
Francis Chan x Lukewarm and Loving It. This video really had me thinking.
Like I'm out here listening to Francis Chan give a beautiful cake illustration and I'm writing it dow…
I saw Francis Chan's chin hair move from the election there are a lot of fun jokes on the corner!
Francis Chan looketh like the college guy who makes his own spoken word videos.
Francis Chan’s greatest sermon to Cornerstone Church was the day he left to become and urban missionary.
FALLING MADLY IN LOVE WITH GOD - last sermon to his church Francis Chan
Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Radical Together by David Platt
NowPlaying Francis Chan How not to make disciples - Unknown 13:53
“Lukewarm people call 'radical' what Jesus expected of all His followers.”. ― Francis Chan
".nothing compares to being truly, exuberantly wanted by your children" 'Crazy Love' by : Francis Chan
“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” –Francis Chan
"Rarely is there a pastor whose character exceeds his reputation.". --Francis Chan (or a Christian for that matter)
after expository teachings from Francis Chan,John MacArthur,Paul Washer,Tim Conway,A.W Tozer. my appetite has…
Desiring God by Francis Chan - SermonIndex has been able to archive many of the best preaching messages given i...
Can't wait to dig into this book by Francis Chan! 📖!
Paul Washer and Francis Chan have revealed God to me in a new light. I love their sermons. So much truth
Francis Chan answering questions at a student Q and A session at the Moody Bible Institute...
What do Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and Louie Giglio have in coming? They’re all speaking at East 17!…
Brian Houston, Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, ... all at our fingertips anytime! No excuses! Never say I am not being fed!
“We never grow closer to God when we just live life. It takes deliberate pursuit and attentiveness.” . ― Francis Chan
John Piper, Steven Furtick, Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, and Ravi Zacharias are also so dope bro
Oh cool! I think you'll enjoy it. Francis Chan, David Wilkerson and Leonard Ravenhill r just some that help me with my walk
"Francis Chan. David Platt. This, and that. This, and that.". A poem by Luke Kilmartin
I liked a video LAME HERETICS: Francis Chan and David Platt
Praying before Revive Us with Francis Chan, his wife Lisa, Ben Carson, and his wife Candy. Join us tonight!
Imagine worshipping with Ben Carson, Francis Chan, Passion, and tens of thousenads of believers! Get your tickets at https…
We are so excited to have Francis Chan, Tim Mackie, Dave Lomas, & Nancy Ortberg join us Saturday, October 22nd!
Jesus rises from the dead & commands us to make disciples. That's a pretty big deal. - Francis Chan.
Learn the Secrets of Highly Effective Disciplemakers from Francis Chan, David Platt & more:
Launched the website for Forum! Coming Oct. 22 to the SF Bay with Francis Chan:
Francis Chan, Ed Stezer, Ravi, Bethel Church...Test all things as Scripture says. LT a biblical resource for this.
an overcomer like Joyce Meyer, discerning like Beth Moore, radical like Francis Chan, fierce like mark Driscoll, torch bearer like...
“I’d rather be at the cross with Jesus than with the rest of the world.” –Francis Chan https:/…
My 3 favorite speakers from the past are: Donnie Smith (Tyson Foods), Patrick Lencioni, and Francis Chan. . Have nev…
My three favorite Christian authors: Francis Chan, David Platt, and Kyle Idleman
Keller, Piper, Francis Chan, Carter Conlon of Jim Cymbala of and more.
Both worry and stress reek of arrogance. - Francis Chan
NowPlaying Do you believe Prove it - Francis Chan 14:35
As a culture, we're so worried about what's going to happen to us 30 y...
For a person to be truly discipled and growing in their faith, they ne...
"Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers.". - Francis Chan
I just finished day 57 of the plan 'Multiply Reading Plan: Francis Chan & David…
is this from the book by Francis Chan?
Francis Chan: "The world says love yourself, grab all you can, follow your heart. Jesus"
"The point of our life is to point to God" -Francis Chan
"Don’t fall into the trap of studying the Bible without doing what it says." ~ Francis Chan
I liked a video Francis Chan: Answers to the Questions You Always Wanted to Ask
"Doesn't every encounter with God only cause us to thirst for Him more?" -Francis Chan
Francis Chan > God pushes us to greater spiritual strength
The point of your life is to point to Him. Whatever you are doing, God wants to be glorified, because this whole thing is His. ~Francis Chan
A key to everything is surrender - to really come before the Lord and ...
interrupt whatever we are doing so that we can join you in what you are doing._Francis Chan
"Don't turn your back on a Father Who Loves you, on a Husband Who's given everything." - Francis Chan
"Desire leads to sin and sin leads to death.". -Francis Chan
Non verbatim: "Choosing sin is like choosing an empty wallet over a wallet full of money.". - Francis Chan
"Simon says, 'Pat your head,' we pat our heads. Jesus says, 'Go therefore and make disciples,' we memorize that verse."…
This video still gets me. Francis Chan rope illustration .
HELLO FRANCIS-CHAN (ง ˙o˙)ว I'm not Italian, only from 7/11 store- Oh I was ! Thanks to that fever, I had to go home early-!
If we want to change what people think of us, then we have got to chan...
Francis Chan and Chip Ingram share their best advice for growing in ministry faithfulness in this video interview...
When your pastor gets Francis Chan and Jakie Chan confused.😂
Nothing we do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving people. -Francis Chan
Either Passion City Church or Franklin. Also, anything by Francis Chan. So good.
send you? Girl I ain't Amazon lol have you read Crazy Love by Francis Chan?
"What disturbs me most is when we're not really bothered that God living IN us has not made much of a noticeable difference." ~Francis Chan
I added a video to a playlist Stand for Life 2014: Francis Chan, John Piper, John Ensor
"Radical Christianity and a campaign for the Almighty should consume our lives because we will meet God at any moment." -Francis Chan
Looks like Francis Chan fought Jackie Chan & Lucy Lui in Shanghai Noon before he attended The Master's Seminary lol
John Bevere and Francis Chan are up there for me, worth checking out 🙌🏾
The speakers were spot on and inspirational. Francis Chan, Triplee, Bryan Loritts, Brandon Marshall, John Gray, Aaron Lindsey and many more
"The pastor is the equipper, and every member of the church is a minister." - Multiply , Francis Chan & David Platt
There's Paul Washer, Francis Chan, CS Lewis, John Piper, Ravi Zacharias and a few others. Like once you tap into them you open to a lot. Lol
The irony is that while God doesn’t need us but still wants us, we desperately need God but don’t really want Him. | Francis Chan
sermons by David Platt, John Piper, Matt Chandler, or Francis Chan are my favorite 😘
Check out our Instagram bookshelves, We have a lot of great books for sale now! Books by Gladwell, Bill Hybels, Tony Evans & Francis Chan.
Francis Chan will be a speaker at this year - only 2 weeks away!
I do, every day in God's Word and under sound teaching from the like of Matt Chandler, Francis Chan and David Platt
I don't see much difference between the message of Francis Chan and Joel Osteen. One is hard core legalism, the other is soft core legalism.
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We are blessed in Him! See Reinhard Bonnke, Mike Bickle, Francis Chan, Misty Edwards & more:
"Do I sound more like Caleb & Joshua or like the 10 who got everyone else scared and played it safe?" - Francis Chan
Be a Person of Integrity Honesty by Francis Chan -
"I am thankful for the unknowns, because they make me run to God." Francis Chan
"The world is going to be the world, but what's sad is when the church is not being the church." - Francis Chan
"...true religion is not about what you know, it's about putting what you know about God and His Word into practice." Francis Chan
Crazy Love by Francis Chan is such a good book😍
I really think you should watch this - What Are You Living For? (Rope Illustration) - Francis Chan via
"Lukewarm people don't really want to be saved from their sin. They want only to be saved from the penalty of their sin" -Francis Chan
featuring Francis Chan is now available for :
"I wanna look like a Christian who came right out of the Bible not the Bible Belt." . - Francis Chan
Movements of God start when the founder knows Jesus deeply. They die when the followers only know the founder. - Francis Chan
“The Bible teaches that true joy is formed in the midst of the difficult seasons of life.” – Francis Chan
"the wise man comes to God without saying a word and stands in awe of Him". -Francis Chan
"Good Bible study leads to transformation." Francis Chan
Francis Chan. Crazy Love. Are you willing to say to God that He can have…
"If you find yourself studying the Bible without applying what you're learning, then you are misusing the Bible." Francis Chan
"God's definition of what matters is pretty straightforward. He measures our lives by how we love."-Francis Chan
I added a video to a playlist HOW TO RECOGNIZE FALSE TEACHING - Francis Chan
I added a video to a playlist Why are we here? Meaning of life, Biblical Salvation - Francis Chan
I added a video to a playlist Francis Chan (September 13, 2015):It's the Heart That Matters
Forgotten God - Francis Chan | Christianity |490713941 - Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the...
"We live in a time when Christians need to be told that they are supposed to live like Christ. That's weird." -Francis …
Fight the good fight! Join Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel Kolenda, Francis Chan & more. Learn more:
"God called us to be the Church, not just gather in a room and listen to a sermon." -Francis Chan
Catching up on sermons on podcasts. Francis Chan, David Platt, Shane Idleman.
Three people who are teaching me: Christine Caine, Francis Chan, and Annie F. Downs
"The church has put so much effort into inventing a new form of 'following Christ' that doesn't require imitating Him." Francis Chan
If I had a genie in a bottle I'd wish to spend a day in conversation with Francis Chan.
Francis Chan sermon jam,Francis Chan Discipleship in the home -
A great book by Crazy Love by Francis Chan and David Platt on discipleship; in depth knowledge. Filled with great...
we need more preachers like Francis Chan who've made millions and just given it away. I rate him for still being humble and …
Every year in my life, I trust fewer and fewer people.~Francis Chan
has been amazing! Can't wait to hear Francis Chan speak! @ Colorado State University
Man, listening to Francis Chan always inspires me so much.
I need a good Christian devo book to read I'm considering a Francis Chan book but idk
Get the book Francis Chan said stirred his heart. “No Longer a Slumdog” is FREE here:
"...I definitely need His help to love other, fault-filled humans." - Francis Chan .
i kinda really just love Francis Chan 😭
Arguments escalate when we want to be right more than we want to be Christ." Francis Chan
Multiply by Francis Chan comes to mind. 😊
Tune in tomorrow for the last day of & hear from Francis Chan
calebpanter sent me some great links! Listening to Francis Chan and really feeling my heart being…
Crazy Love by francis chan is def on my reading list!!! ah I just need some more money lol.
What are you doing right now that requires faith? -Francis Chan.
doesn't Francis chan have a church there?
The disciples of John Piper, Mark Driscoll, and Francis Chan are coming to an SBC factory church near you. Be vigilant.
Francis Chan Longing for the Presence of God SBC Pastors Conference -
I liked a video Francis Chan and his daughter Dellal
We can get so accustomed to ppl begging us to follow God that we forget what a miracle it is that we're invited to. Francis chan
*** aggiunto un video a una playlist di Francis Chan Falling Madly in Love with God
“"Those who decide to follow have signed themselves up for a life of suffering." – Francis Chan via
All New Tuesday Night Bible Study starting on July 14th at 6:30pm. Forgotten God by Francis Chan! Bring the whole family... we have.
Who is your favorite author? — CS Lewis, Francis Chan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Apostle Paul
Joel Osteen, TD Jakes cool and all but the real word come from pastors like Paul Washer, Francis Chan, Matt Chandler.
So has Tim Keller John Piper, Beth Moore,&Francis Chan have also at the Passion conference. Where's the outrage w/them?
Francis Chan Starting with the Unseen Jan 12,2015 Francis Chan sermons -
Love this quote from Francis Chan. Wish he still lived in So Cal.
Episode 52: Francis Chan's Crazy Love for Mike Bickle, Ihop, Mysticism & More. || -
Really though everyone should really Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Because Jesus by Keion Jackson.
"If life is a river, then pursuing Christ requires swimming upstream." Francis Chan,
So good to experience powerful worship, strong words from Francis Chan and great fellowship!
"... because there are things we don’t want to believe about God, we [often] decide that we can’t believe them" Francis Chan.
Francis Chan was off the hook last of the greatest communicators of the gospel and…
Good Bible study does not mean you learned something or felt convicted, it leads to transformation. - Francis Chan
Failure is better than not doing something, so do something -Francis Chan
"It is a wonderful time to be alive. Have you ever marveled over the fact that you get to play a role in God’s story?” - Francis Chan
We are most alive when we are loving and actively giving ourselves because we were made to do these things. [Francis Chan]
Don’t just listen to feedback, understand what they are telling you and RESPOND -Francis Chan
Marketing is using data to create memories -Francis Chan
“Lukewarm living and claiming Christ's name simultaneously is utterly disgusting to God.” . ― Francis Chan
It's not what you advertise that counts; it's what you are really made of. (Francis Chan, Crazy Love, pg 93)
Why not default to action until you hear a voice from heaven telling you to wait? - Francis Chan
My biggest concern for this generation is your inability to focus, especially in prayer. Francis Chan
We dream of revival but we settle for survival- Francis Chan Well said about the church.
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Still chewing on all that Francis Chan brought in the Word last night. Are you still dreaming? We…
Did you know Francis Chan will be speaking at this event on July 1st! We have a handful of tickets available for $10
How Francis Chan and his family live on mission together. Great reminder to all of us!
Francis Chan bringing you the following Gospel Bomb...
According to his critics, Jesus 'did God' all wrong. ~ Francis Chan
"...On the average day, we don’t consider God very much. On the average day, we forget that our life is truly a vapor." . Francis Chan
God wants you to view Christians in your life as partners in ministry.God has not called you to make disciples in isolation-Francis Chan
Francis Chan's message last night was so powerful! His humility and purpose was evident to all
(1/2) Only NAC speaker JamesEarlMassey has left me as speechless as Francis Chan. ...
“Christianity is about taking broken people, transforming them, and then using [them] to transform the world.” – Francis Chan
"I have one reason why you should walk away from that temptation right now. One reason: GOD IS BETTER!!!" -Francis Chan
Less than 10 min from now & 3000 Church of God will be worshipping together while Francis Chan brings…
Francis Chan: It's become popular to do missions (feed the poor, build orphanages, etc.), but we've stopped preaching the gosp…
Love this guy's heart and his message tonight - Francis Chan
A powerful challenge by Francis Chan. Read Numbers 14, Ask, "Do I sound like the 2 or the 10?" Have supernatural faith in Jesus!
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God used Francis Chan to rock my world. Thank you Francis for letting God use you!.
In case you missed it: A new video by Francis Chan and yesHEis ("What Are You Living For?":
Francis Chan is speaking to the CHOG and you can watch it! 8pm EST AND Sandy Patty is leading worship.
The way ministers like Zac Poonen ,Francis Chan, Paul Washer make u see scripture, you wonder how u lived without such insight & revelation
Line up for One Thing 2015 includes Francis Chan, Reinhard Bonkke, Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook, can it be already please? 😊😊😊
"There are three places where racial division still persists: bars, prisons, and the American evangelical church." -Francis Chan
C.S. Lewis I think... Or was it Francis Chan?? I can't remember😏
Great lineup of speakers and worship leaders for Onething 2015: Reinhard Bonnke, Francis Chan, Mike Bickle, Allen...
"I don't want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit." —Francis Chan
We should be so joyful from God's grace that others would respond by saying "I wish I had your God". Francis Chan.
"...if the Holy Spirit moves, nothing can stop Him. If He doesn’t move, we will not produce genuine fruit." Francis Chan in "Forgotten God"
Watching a sermon on by Pastor Benny Hinn on the Holy Spirit, and it's building on things from Francis Chan's plan on 🙏🏻
We are One. “Unity is the natural result of two people following one Spirit in s life devoted to the mission.” - Francis Chan
"Not being able to fully understand God is frustrating, but we cannot limit God to something we are capable of understanding." -Francis Chan
Re-reading by Francis Chan. Always a refreshing read.   10% Off
True faith is loving a person after he has hurt you. True love makes you stand out. ~ Francis Chan
I just finished day 6 of the plan 'Crazy Love with Francis Chan'. Check it out he…
"The greatest gift we receive for following Jesus is Jesus." - Francis Chan
Apparently Kohl's now offers the Francis Chan collection! 😂
"Remember that God left His church to fulfill His mission, and He didn't leave a backup plan." -Francis Chan
“...we are quick to rationalize our entertainment and priorities yet are slow to commit to serving God.” ― Francis Chan
"Jesus, You're it. It's not about my good works. It's about what you did." - Francis Chan
"The whole point of being a disciple of Jesus: we imitate Him, carry on His ministry, and become like Him in the process". -Francis Chan
“The world needs Christians who don't tolerate the complacency of their own lives.” . ― Francis Chan
"We have to make it clear to our children that we love God more than we love them" -Francis Chan
Every parent should ask:What will break my heart more?If my kids don't end up loving me?Or if they don't end up loving Jesus? -…
"God doesn't do things because they are fair. God does things, and that makes it fair." Francis Chan
CHOG Convention 2015 speaker Francis Chan speaks on being bold at
everything in between is the same God that loves you more than anything." »Francis Chan«
I just finished day 2 of the Plan Forgotten God with Francis Chan. Check it out here:
"If we don’t stare at God, we’ll spend our time staring at lesser things. Namely, ourselves." - Francis Chan
here's a little bit of truth from Francis Chan for ya this morning
If you missed it ... Charles Manson, John Piper, The Beatles & Francis Chan:
"Christians in America have become experts at (feeling) convictions - and failures at action." - Francis Chan
When we forget about the Spirit, we really are forgetting about God. ~ Francis Chan
I just finished day 1 of the plan 'Forgotten God with Francis Chan'.
Final Week to Save $15! Get access to Easter sermons by Francis Chan, Lee Strobel, John Stott, Rick Warren and more!
When you find that your beliefs or lifestyle don't match the Bible, do you assume that the Bible is wrong? -Francis Chan
"If the 'gravest question' before us really is what God Himself is like, how do we learn to know Him?" - Francis Chan
Are we in love with God or just his stuff? - Francis Chan
"His perfect holiness assures us that our words can't contain Him. Isn't it a comfort to worship a God we cannot exaggerate?" -Francis Chan
Meetn Andy 4 our Discipleship time. Readn Francis Chan's, Mulitply. Grabn a bite, going 2 the mountain to study & meet w/God. Like Moses.
"The God of the universe is crazy about you and screaming out for your attention." - Francis Chan
Church wastes too much time waiting on God's voice. Christians getting too fat on the word.
"The fact is that God is calling. The Spirit is beckoning. The real question is will you follow?" - Francis Chan
Little Giant Ladders
(Interview) Francis and Lisa Chan: We're Not Perfect Christians; Every Day We Fight for an Ounce of Holiness
Currently viewing The Spirits Power and my Effort - Francis Chan Thank You Francis Chan love your style of sharing
“We have a God who is a Creator, not a duplicator.” Francis Chan. There's no one else just like you. You're here for a reason.
Hey all! our new study series by Francis Chan starts this eve! @ our brand new venue Reigate school (staff room) at 7.15 :)
We need to stop giving people excuses not to believe in God. -Francis Chan
This is one of my favorite quotes... What a convicting message from Francis Chan.
FREE National Discipleship Form webcast on Saturday, March 14, beginning at 10am CT, w/ Francis Chan and others:
where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.” – Francis Chan
"God's presence is all that matters. If we are connected to Him we will bear much fruit. Everything is dependent on Him." - Francis Chan
There's something about unity that makes the Message believable. - Francis Chan
“Has your relationship with God changed the way you live your life?” ~Francis Chan
“Our goal as parents ought to be to help our kids become independently dependent on God.” - Francis Chan
"I'm as selfish as the next guy. I'm just thankful for the grace of God." | An interview with
Join me in reading Crazy Love with Francis Chan:
“Surrendering yourself totally to God’s purposes, will bring you the most pleasure in this life and the next.” ~ Francis C…
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Join me in reading Disciples Making Disciples with Francis Chan:
Man I Praise God for raising up Francis Chan & RC Sproul .. Faithful men of God who have pure hearts and great understanding of who God is..
“He persists in loving us with unending, outrageous love.” ―Francis Chan
“God is not just one thing we add 2the mix called life. He wants an invitation from us 2permeate everything &every part of us.”―Francis Chan
“True faith means holding nothing back; it bets everything on the hope of eternity” . ― Francis Chan
Francis Chan Calvary conference with the Lighthouse Leadership
Me and my brother donthemanjuan at Calvary Temple with Francis Chan preaching about perfect oneness…
with Luis Palau, an awesome word from Francis Chan and the band Passion. @ Calvary Temple
also if you want an encouraging message, look up 'Francis Chan' or 'Jonathan Cahn' on YouTube. They tell great messages.
David Crowder and Francis Chan have been truly amazing today
Francis Chan presented the presence of God to us this morning. Now David Crowder wows us with his electrifying music sounds!
Start your morning right with us, Matt Redman, Francis Chan, and Louie Giglio! Live stream and virtually join us!
Don't miss this opportunity to stream live! We have Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Francis Chan, and Louie Giglio!.
If any of you are in the area and you are interested in going, let me know! "Join for a evening of celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Capital Christian Center (9570 Micron Ave, 95827) on Sunday, January 18 at 5:30pm. This years keynote speaker is Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love and Multiply - don't miss it! Also, join us as we march together in the MLK City March on Monday, January 19th. We will gather at Sacramento City College (3855 Freeport Blvd, 95817) at 8:30am. Come march with us!" ~From your friends at BOSS (Bayside of South Sacramento) For more information you can visit
“I think this generation would be more excited to take a selfie with Moses than to meet with the living God.” - Francis Chan
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Francis Chan sure does make things simple. "It's isn't about a cause, it is about a person."
Louis Giglio, John Piper, Francis Chan, David Crowder, & Chris Tomlin in 4 days! I've never been more pumped.
Mark your calendars for January 30 - February 1, 2015 - Passion is coming to Houston again. What is Passion? Passion is more than just a weekend event - it is a movement aimed at refreshing and encouraging the faith of young adults (ages 18-25). The weekend will be filled with powerful messages from amazing speakers, including Francis Chan, Matt Chandler, Christine Caine, and Ben Stuart. Powerful worship is also at the heart of Passion. This year, musical artists Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Matt Redman, and others will lead us in times of worship. Check out the official website Grace has pre-purchased tickets. You can register and purchase tickets through Grace at the cost of $150. If you are a high school senior, college students, or young adult then Passion is for you. Please register and purchase by contacting Sabrina Hergert at shergert Please note there are is scholarship funds available as needed.
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