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Frances Bean Cobain (born August 18, 1992) is the only child of rock musician Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (1967–1994) and Hole singer Courtney Love.

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Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean sings his song!She is so beautiful-she looks so much like Kurt
Kurt Cobain is NOT in Hoquiam, WA. He is in his Heaven. I apologize to Frances Bean for tormenting her over her father. Think's he's alive
If I could say anything to Frances Bean right now it would be that Putin is threatening to Nuke Sarasota over the Cobain case.
talks movie role, bond with daughter Frances Bean
remember when someone made that rumor that Gerard was cheating on lynz with Frances Bean Cobain yikesy
I'm really lucky, because I've been able to go places and meet pe...
Frances Bean Cobain is the most beautiful person ever
Obsessed w RM & Agust D mixtapes, just realized Frances Bean Cobain supposed to hands out hers so when is it? I havent been able to keep up
If you're a big Nirvana fan, a big Hole fan, then I understan...
Frances Bean Cobain posted an emotional baby photo of her and dad Kurt Cobain
I'm famous by default. I came out of the womb, and people wan...
. why haven't you looked into offering a job to Frances Bean Cobain. Have you seen her eyes?
Apparently, Frances Bean Cobain is working on music.
Why am I just now learning Billy Corgan lived with Courtney Love and Frances Bean for like 4 years what the ***
Fun fact: Drew Barrymore is godmother to Frances Bean Cobain. Huh.
Kurt Cobain and his little girl, Frances Bean.
Kurt Cobain carries Frances Bean on his shoulders outside the MTV Video Music Awards, 1993.
Courtney Love and Frances Bean fight release of Kurt Cobain's death photos
Courtney Love is glowing as she steps out in New ...
More babble from the dim wit widow! "Jesus, What on Earth Were You Thinking!?!”- She is truly psychotic! http…
Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain and and the little one 😍😍😍
You're right. She had that name when she was 19/20. See the article:. 👉
Yeah so I spent over 2 hours obsessing over Frances Bean Cobain last night how are u spending ur summer ?
Ew, Courtney Love!!?? of Wheaties, who married Kurt "K" Cobain, & had a daughter w him, named Frances Bean Cobain
. Oh wow Kurt Cobain and His son Frances Bean. Excuse me, Do you like Nirvana? ♥♡♥
Frances Bean Cobain looks thrilled to run his own Instagram
Frances Bean Cobain is such an incredibly talented and beautiful person, she's an original thinker and I really admire that
Frances Bean Cobain is so pretty like ugh
I think it's weird when people use Frances Bean Cobain's pictures as their icons.
Privacy, please. Courtney Love and Frances Bean are fighting to keep Kurt Cobain's death-scene photos sealed:
Frances Bean Cobain makes me question myself and all that I stand for. 💀
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Wyatt and Josh told me that I lightweight look like Frances Bean Cobain...
I love being told I look like Frances Bean Cobain. @ monica and beth tell me more often thx
// I got told I look like the lovechild of Frances Bean Cobain and Laura Prepon today and I can dig that.
One of my is Frances Bean Cobain. Just because I love her. 💋
Hayley Williams and Gerard Way defend Frances Bean Cobain after press criticise her appear…
Frances Bean Cobain at the montage of heck premiere 2015
I still can't believe someone once told me I look like Frances Bean Cobain. I will never receive a better compliment
Went out to eat with these guys aj:bean cobain
David's recent portrait of Frances Bean Cobain for
you love her now but I'm Frances Bean people keep tellin' me
if the case was reopened i wouldn't have much to say, i just feel like its disrespectful to Frances bean, SIB is accusing her
*looking at pics of frances bean*. me: "she's Kurt Cobain's daughter". Leah: "wait.. I thought kirko bangz was black?". .
Frances Bean Cobain is queen of everything
just wish I looked like frances bean that's all
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love with their daughter, Frances Bean.
I liked a video from Frances Bean Cobain takes selfies while greeting fans at Kurt
Frances Bean Cobain is mutuals with krist but not foo fighters :///
so in love with Frances Bean Cobain
Courtney & Frances bean, this painting was the most crazy and exciting to do. Both in Her 20's, it was FBC idea!✨💫 http:/…
Kurt Cobain with daughter Frances Bean & Courtney Love, at the 1993 VMAs.
Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean is anxious about his portrayal in new film about his life
Courtney Love admits to using heroin while pregnant with Frances Bean
By ALICIA RANCILIOAP Entertainment Writer PARK CITY, Utah (AP) - Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean made a rare public appearance together at the premiere of the documentary, 'Cobain: Montage of Heck,' at the Sundance Film Festival. Love, the widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, and Frances,…
Courtney Love, Frances Bean reunite at Kurt Cobain movie premiere: After years of turmoil and est...
Frances Bean and Courtney Love hit the red carpet together
HBO to air 1st authorized Kurt Cobain doc, exec produced by Frances Bean (
Forever one of my favourite photos. Left to right: Dave Grohl, Frances Bean and Kurt Cobain.
Oct. 18th 1993: Nirvana kicks off their tour for In Utero, at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Arizona State Fairgrounds in Phoenix Arizona. Pat Smear, formerly of The Germs, is on board as the second guitarist, Lori Goldston is on cello, and the stage is adorned by two replicas of the see-through bodies with angel wings on the cover of In Utero and a few creeping looking fake trees. Frances Bean and her nanny accompany Kurt for most of the dates, while Courtney is recording her new album, Live Through This. The band hand picks their favorite bands to open, including Mudhoney, The Meat Puppets, the Boredoms, Half Japanese, Breeders and others. Krist described the opening night on MTV News: "With all the lighters out there, it felt like we were doing Aerosmith 'Dream On' or something. I felt like Tom Hamilton, the bass player from Aeorsmith." In the same interview, Kurt's frustration with larger crowds is evident as he describes the same moment in the show where he's standing on the ledge about to jump in ...
Kurt Cobains daughter Frances Bean has reacted to Lana Del Reys recent "I wish I was dead already"[...]
Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean, thinks early death is not cool as she responds to Lana Del Ray... Erm... I'm with Lana on this one.
Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean tells Lana Del Rey to "not romanticize death of young musicians":
Frances Bean Cobain wants Lana Del Rey to know that rock'n'rollers dying young isn't really cool: Frances Bean...
I know this would never happen. But since Nirvana is allegedly playing the Rock n Roll hall of fame this week (Pat Smear got HOSED btw). I would love to see Kurt's daughter Frances Bean take his spot. No "Sirvana" - No Stipe-vana . Black Francis would also be acceptable. any thoughts on this? or is this all just a "distraction" to keep us from noticing the end of the world again?
April 5, 1994 (Twenty years ago, and I still remember that day) It was on April 8, twenty years ago when in the greenhouse of a house in Seattle, on the shores of Lake Washington , an electrician found the lifeless body of what the bible Rolling Stone music was the best artist of the '90s. Three days earlier, on April 5, 1994 , Kurt Cobain , 27, was stuffed with heroin and Valium before shooting himself in the head with a 20 gauge shotgun . Beside the body , a box containing drugs, a spoon, needles, cigarettes and a pair of sunglasses , as well as revealed some pictures taken after the discovery of the body and made notes a few days ago. A little blood , almost nothing , and a letter addressed to his wife Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean. The leader of Nirvana , widely regarded as the true father of grunge , died as he had lived , groggy from medications and drugs, imprisoned - the words are his - and live in fear of " adverse to mankind," to the point by no longer having " no emotion ." "It's bett ...
Did everyone know that Michael Stipe is Frances Bean's godfather? Did I miss that memo in the 90's? (I missed a lot of things in the 90's).
My woman crush Wednesday is the beautiful Frances Bean Cobain. 💋
Frances bean makes me want to stab myself in the face with jealousy
Had a weird dream someone was interviewing Frances bean
In non April Fools Day news, Courtney Love has told BBC that she and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain will join Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic on stage for Nirvana’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Courtney said, “I wasn’t going to go [because I wasn't in the band], but my manager told…
The daughter of grunge! We can't get enough of Frances Bean's dark & moody alternative look! Our ultimate
doesn't Frances Bean have a restraining order against her?
an his daughter Frances Bean Cobian is hot too
You're like a smaller version of Frances Bean Cobain, no lie.
WHAT Frances Bean Cobain AND Courtney Love AT NIRVANA'S ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME INDUCTION?!?! I have to see this.
Frances Bean Cobain is my woman crush.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Frances Bean Cobain is such a goddess
Frances Bean wished Marlon happy birthday with a collage!
Ur avatar totally looks like you have Frances Bean's profile it's rly cool
I have a hard time believing that Frances Bean is on board for a Nirvana musical.
Frances Bean Cobain all grown up wow this is crazy! Shes so beautiful!
tix are expensive HBO does a good job covering it. Only reason to go is to meet/marry Frances Bean
Frances Bean Cobain is one of my only fashion inspirations
Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean at home.
therapy is my favourite ! And I know I actually love Kurt Cobain! And Frances Bean Cobain omg!
“Lydia Lunch calling Frances Bean... the messenger's last resort. oh…
You don't know why. Reveal later in pilot, she's Frances Bean. & her dad, Kurt Cobain, has just killed himself.
I added a video to a playlist Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and Frances Bean
REM’s Let Me In was written about Kurt. Michael Stipe was a close friend of his and is the Godfather to Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean. -Mike
Frances Bean offered Twilight - "She was like, 'That's a sexist Mormon piece of s**t'. She was 13." via
The sexual tension between Kendall Jenner and Frances Bean is cray
Oh em! Frances Bean Cobain is so freakin' HOT!
I can't seem to follow Frances bean i just find it pretty sad tbh.
I think I have a crush on Frances Bean Cobain ⊙.⊙
Idea for an "Odd Couple" remake: Zelda Williams and Frances Bean Cobain. But also explosions and strobe lights sometimes. Maybe a pet raptor
Why did they verify Frances Bean Cobain? Ya she is Kurts daughter but its just bringing her unwanted attention imo.
Frances Bean Cobain is the prettiest girl ever.
Oh, thanks for making me google Frances Bean. Apparently, she's had plastic surgery- obv better before!!!
I adore and respect Frances Bean Cobain so much
Lets go find Frances Bean Cobain byyy and have tea time wit her you Goddess you
Frances Bean Cobain is ridiculously pretty it's unfair
Holy shiiit, girl crushing on Frances Bean Cobain.
Frances Bean Cobain is so beautiful it's not even fair
Frances Bean Cobain you are perfect and i am so done with life
Feeling cool coz I followed Frances Bean Cobain before she was verified
I turned my form in late. I was sleeping cus I'm sick!
Aw poor baby can't go to Sack this weekend?
Frances Bean Cobain / the only child of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Hole singer Courtney Love.
Frances Bean Cobain is so perfect omg
My only aspiration atm is to be Frances Bean Cobain
A Hopi Tribal Member stands in Front of the Paris auction house!
i swear to god i'll marry Frances Bean Cobain, if she lets me.
There's a girl on my bus who looks so much like Frances Bean Cobain
I want to be friends w Frances Bean Cobain lol
wOw can i look like Frances Bean Cobain plz
Yeah... I wanna have beautiful kids with Frances Bean lol
Sometimes I realize that Frances Bean, Gerard & Lyn-Z Way and Evan Rachel Wood are all friends, and I cry because everyone is too cool.
Kate and Wills are apparently calling Kate's bump 'Grape'. Hope the name sticks, like Kurt Cobain's Frances Bean - I'd love a Princess Grape
Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean, this made my eyes water...
Frances Bean, Kurt's daughter, looks like Allison Harvard. Pretty people are people.
Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994, but the singer, who would have turned 46 Wednesday, has not been forgotten. His music lives on, of course, and the bands and musicians he influenced are all over the radio. Cobain's daughter Frances Bean, not even two when he d …
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I wish Kurt Cobain never died. He was a legend and I think he would have done such a better job raising Frances Bean
For much of her life, Courtney Love has been tortured by loss—her husband, her daughter, Frances Bean, who legally emancipated herself in 2009, and now, possibly, her fortune. In the swirl of society balls and fraud allegations, Nancy Jo Sales discovers the controversial rock star trying to le...
This article is just laughable! She goes from laughing a the murder theory to laughing a Frances Bean!
Frances Bean, Kurt Cobain's daughter. She is so beautiful 😱
Lynette Shumay liked Photos of Frances Bean and Kurt Cobain side by side: Too many questions to ask. Of course…
tissuebox: Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean and Patty Schemel in 1992 (Photo by Courtney Love)
Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean next to the ‘In Utero’ collage.
Photo: interesting-fact: Frances Bean controls the rights to Kurt Cobain’s image and name, not Courtney Love...
mylistofthangs: Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean and Patty Schemel, photo by Courtney Love.
Set de fotos: its-nightmare: Gifs Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean
If Curt Cobain was still alive, Frances Bean would be just as screwed up as her mother. Must irritate to look just like her mother.
This is beautiful. It somehow reminds me of Patrick Hockstetter from Stephen King's novel It. Frances Bean at her best.
on this day in 1992 - Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Courtney Love (Hole) became parents to daughter Frances Bean. RIP Kurt we all miss you.
Frances Bean Cobain was born on August 18, 1992, at 7:48 a.m. She was 10 days overdue - Happy Birthday Frances Bean. ♥
Happy half-birthday to me happy birthday to Frances Bean
Happy birthday to Kurts beautiful daughter Frances Bean Cobain
On this day in 1992, Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and Hole's Courtney Love, was born.
she looks a lot like her dad, Frances Bean.
I wish I could but I have work from 9-12 at school on Thursday's
Frances Bean Cobain not beautiful. She's beyond beautiful! i love her.
um Jody alyse Alexa and Molly you coming from sr before clinical?
If you’ve ever made or received a mix tape, you know the amount of thought that goes into picking out the perfect track listing to express the right mood.  It’s a lot like making a painting, actually— which is why art and music are perfect creative companions.  BUST is p
Christine Kourieh she looks like you!!
There was only a small footnote at the end of Kurt's note found at the scene, to Courtney Love and Frances Bean. No mention of dying though.
Photo: Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain with Frances Bean at the 1993 MTV Music Video Awards
Kurt Cobain's teen daughter Frances Bean gets control of his image over rocker mom Courtney Love - via
The only girl who's allowed to wear the name Cobain is Frances Bean
Drew Barrymore is the godmother of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Loves daughter, Frances Bean.
Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean in 1993. Miss this guy!! And love the shades.
Smoking weed does not ruin your life, that's all on you. If you can't manage smoking weed and having a successful life, thats your problem.
Frances Bean Cobain, is probably love most lucky girl in the world to have such an amazing father... although he's gone now.
July, 1992 - Nirvana release the "Lithium" single, featured inside the booklet a sonogram of Frances Bean Cobain.
This bootleg vid of Kurt and Courtney with infant Frances Bean isn't heartbreaking or anything.
Omg! Are you really THE Frances Bean Cobain? I'm a huge fan of yours.
so as of now we aren't sure.about Frances Bean. I just don't know and i don't know how to find out.
No one is sure about Frances Bean. Once we heard from a source that she was on board but that source never gave the source
Kurt Cobain and Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt was taking Polaroids for the back cover of In Utero.
I may not have this drawing again. :(
Had an awful allergic reaction to a spider bite lovely my arm was only the size of an elephant leg
I really wish my days off weren't Tuesday and Wednesday
Blondes are for a night, Brunettes are for life...
Why do people say Frances Bean Cobain looks more like Courtney? I see her awesome father everywhere in her face.
people should be famous for their own hard work, not their dads. Except frances bean and anyway, doesn't she do art now?
Can we just take the time out to appreciate the beauty of Frances Bean Cobain..   10% Off
An now she's talking about going on a singles cruise and she's 80
Wow old lady Angela at my work took out her dentures for me lmao I almost about died
Everybody loves us, everybody loves that town
it does, mind u their daughter Frances Bean has disowned her so that says alot! x
this is the baby he left behind Frances Bean
Michael Stipe is Frances Bean's Godfather and Drew Barrymore is her Godmother. She has the best of both world's, lucky baby!
Some people are genetically pre-disposed to be cool. It's not fair, it's science. Frances Bean Cobain is one of those people. The daughter of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and beautifully-dressed disaster Courtney Love, 19-year old Frances Bean does not maintain a public persona (the apple fell far ...
Kurt Cobain's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and I have the exact same birthday. I feel slightly cooler now.
Wow RT:“Cobain and Courtney Love (& Frances Bean) in rare home footage of an unreleased song
he was such a great dad :) and Frances was such a cute baby and Courtney was a great mom this great family was destroyed by the media and the drugs
Sneak preview of Art by Frances Bean, Neil Gaiman, and Others
Frances Bean now controls the publicity rights to Kurt Cobain's likeness while Courtney Love retains all those to his unlikeness.
did she even have that baby?! I know she has Frances Bean with Kurt Cobain but this is making me lose the plot
Courtney Love and Frances Bean after founding Kurt Cobain's body 1994:
I just voted for Frances Bean vs. Courtney Love in the category Most Intense Social Spat.
The family feud continues between Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean. Love’s real troubles started when she lost control of her daughter in a 2009 custody battle. According to private documents obtained by The Fix, a publication focused on addiction and recovery, 19-year-old Franc...
Courtney Love loses rights to daughter Frances Bean of Kurt Cobain's estate...
I will sleep a heavy sleep knowing that the rights to Kurt Cobain's interest in Nirvana are now controlled by Frances Bean. Good night!
Courtney Love handed over control of Kurt Cobain's image rights to their daughter Frances Bean in exchange for a loan in 2010, it has been revealed.
Frances Bean controls rights to Kurt Cobain's likeness via YEAH for there is a GOD!
Courtney Love loses publicity rights of Kurt Cobain to daughter Frances Bean
Frances Bean Cobain’s fiance Isaiah Silva, frontman of rock band the Rambles, recently spoke to People about his relationship with Frances Bean Cobain:
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter Frances Bean turned out kinda hot
Courtney Love has recently accused Dave Grohl of trying to seduce her teenage daughter Frances Bean, stating she wants to shoot him dead as revenge. Careful Courtney, anyone might think that you are capable of murder.
Poor little Frances Bean: She managed to make telling your crazy mom to STFU sound polite and classy.
With a mother like that, Frances Bean could use some love...
Wow. Tupac as a Hologram and Frances Bean tells her mom to shut up. FYI Courtney, Dave Grohl is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.
Courtney Love Dave Grohl Frances, Frances Bean, the estranged daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, has blasted her mother's recent tirade that claimed Foo Fighter star Dave Grohl made ...
Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean has chosen to side with Dave Grohl in the feud between her mother and the ‘Nirvana’ drummer.
Photo by Rock Schenck Earlier this week Courtney Love accused Dave Grohl of sleeping with Frances Bean, her daughter, and the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain. Today Frances Bean released the following statement, in regards to Love's accusations of a sexual relationship between her and former Nirvan...
Courtney Love has accused Dave Grohl of having sex with her daughter, Frances Bean – a claim which the Foo Fighters mainman vehemently denies.
Today in 1994 Courtney Love checks into an outpatient program to detox from drugs in Beverly Hills. Frances Bean & her nanny visit her.
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