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Foy Vance

Foy Vance is a musician from Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. His first single Gabriel and the Vagabond was released on 18 December 2006 on Wurdamouth Records.

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i saw him perform at mercury lounge in ny (an extremely small venue) and sing a Foy Vance song acapella on table to a silent crowd
any wanna go see Foy Vance on the 16th May in the burgh? pls
I just wanna see Foy Vance from this whole lineup
Yay: solo The Shins, Feist, Foy Vance and Aoife O'Donovan. Plus so many new artists to check out
Main influences for me are damien rice, Nizlopi, foy vance and most mc's
loving Nacy Mulligan! Would make a good duet with Foy Vance Crew
Never a bad time for this one. Foy Vance ::: Shed A Little Light ::: Sofar Sounds x IAmMusicTV
Don't miss the at Liverpool East Village Arts Club on May 15! →
I added a video to a playlist Foy Vance - "Be The Song" (Acoustic Live)
Foy Vance is my discovery of the day. Homebird is my fave. Prob too slow for you though.
This is when he was 14 doing one of my favorite songs Vance Ed Sheeran - Guiding Light via
tour and his first headline tour was before Swift's Red tour. He also supports his mates Foy Vance and others
Moonshine, little bottle of good time . Burns like *** but it tastes like haven . . . incredible song 😘😘😻
don't tell Jessica this but I really like the rest of Divide, despite the whole castle on the hill/Foy Vance debacle
True love does not need fancy places: even behind a dumpster is incredibly romantic. Song ”Guiding Light” by Foy Va…
Now playing on for the jazz and oldies connoisseur - Billie Jean by Foy Vance! Tune in now!
loved both Jamie Lawson and foy Vance nurture them to grow like u did
Grab some coffee while we spin another record on - Hope, Peace & Love by Foy Vance up next!
Whether you're sipping a latte or reading a good book, is here for you with Be With Me by Foy Vance.
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Billie Jean by Foy Vance.
Take in the sounds of jazz and oldies on - now it's Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness by Foy Vance.
This song by Foy Vance always inspires me to write on our current project. In fact the whole concert. ♫
Jammed to Foy Vance today& realized I now know about the Chomsky from "Noam Chomsky Is A Soft Revolution." Thanks
he’s just ridiculous. The stuff he writes/colabs with is epic too. One of my fav songs is Foy Vance’s Guiding Light.
One of Larry Groce's favorite voices in recent memory, Irish troubadour Foy Vance makes his Mountain Stage debut.
I know I'm most excited about TWOTW cowrites with Anderson East, Foy Vance, Ashley Monroe, & Adam Hood. Ah the anticipation!
Foy Vance's wisdom:. "Don't trust any man or woman who doesn't know who Paul Simon is" . And . "Critic. That's the real C word"
Probably Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton, and Band of Horses! Also pumped Foy Vance will be at the BMI stage.
This day is going to consist of constant alteration between Foy Vance and Chris Stapleton
have u heard she burns by Foy Vance
Online presale for an intiimate show w/ + 10/16 . Tix:
You guys HAVE to listen to: . Foy Vance - Be The Song . As Tall As Lions - Ghosts of York
Rn I am sitting on a sofa beside the fire listening to Foy Vance and getting paid £7.20 an hour to do so
Foy vance's acoustic performance of Burden is so so good
Courteney Cox’s daughter Coco, a star in the making: Features in a video by Foy Vance
Do I have any followers that like foy Vance?
The amazing Foy Vance. . See more in this month's oxhcmags .
Watch this acoustic performance from and see him at on 10/13! Tickets:
NEW MUSIC - Check out Acoustic Performance of "Burden": Catch them here 10/22.
On Air: Foy Vance - Closed Hand Full Of Friends. Listen now at: or
The next morning I wake up and immediately listen to a song I hadn't listened to in years by Foy Vance titled "Gabriel and the Vagabond".
Kinda blurry. Foy Vance is pretty good!
I'm proud to say that I am from the same town as Foy Vance
When I'm listening to the instrumental end of Foy Vance's "Fire It Up". Highly recommend the new album!
Tonight you can to to see featuring and Foy Vance.
Joy Of Nothing by Foy Vance is in Duke of Wellington.
My soul gets happy whenever I hear this song. . Noam Chomsky Is a Soft Revolution by Foy Vance on
Saw Josh Groban, Sarah McLachlan and Foy Vance. Tough not to like Foy Vance. Groban can really sing.
"Foy Vance - Joy Of Nothing" has been elected as your track for today :
Sarah McLachlan, totally solo, sounded quite good in Burgettstown. I dug Foy Vance, too, though not sure crowd remembers his name.
Foy Vance on stage at First Niagara Pavilion. "Not Vance Joy" he jokes. I laughed.
On Sunday, spring boarding off of Foy Vance's song "Burden", we talked about relationships. God, at the very core...
I love this song! So proud Coco and I are a part of it!.
Our 2 in a Row this week on The MidWeek Show comes from Foy Vance a singer songwriter from NI.
Check out this snippet from Foy Vance's forthcoming album 'The Wild Swan'. . Can't wait for his show on 16th Nov.
myRockworld features: Foy Vance. new great album "Wild Swan" out NOW! . get it from iTunes:...
My review of Foy Vance's album The Wild Swan in
Foy Vance talks creative freedom and new album 'The Wild Swan' ahead of UK tour in November!
Foy Vance in the Ulster Hall in December is literally my dreams coming true
Joy Of Nothing by Foy Vance is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester.
Foy Vance in the Ulster Hall omg help😍😍
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Foy Vance has announced a headline show at the Ulster Hall, Belfast on Saturday December 10th 2016. . One of the...
My Idols are :. Foy Vance. Mathew Bellamy. Dave Grohl. Ed Sheeran. Gerry Rafferty . Tyler Joseph . If you don't know...
More music I like that you should like too: . 1.Judah & The Lion. 2.Matt Kearney. 3.Foy Vance. 4.The Wealthy West. 5.Parker Millsap
Foy Vance is getting me through this day! . 👍🏻
When I need to get home, you're my Guiding Light, you're my Guiding Light. - Foy Vance ❤️
My brain just realized Foy Vance and Vance Joy are two different guys. Lol
From last week's ep, when Duke left Seth behind. Foy Vance - Be The Song
Ed didn't write it. Foy Vance did. And yes it's amazing!
Just recorded Foy Vance feel for me onto my you tube channel .not perfect but *** I love that song.also stand by me.neighbours
If I had to choose one joy in life I think I'd be awfully cheesy & say love. . - …
Spend $30 in the FV Online Store and we're tossing in a FV Flask. Check it out @ / FVHQ
Smiles all around after the show with Bela Fleck, Abigail Washburn & Foy Vance
Foy Vance has definitely graduated into my list of fav songwriters joining Tom Waits and Elliott Smith. This song.
Just watched 'Just Before I Go' and now I'm sat here listening to Foy Vance. .
Time to be serenaded to sleep by Foy Vance x
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
foy Vance is like smokin hot n tasty too
Every morning when the coffee’s on, I rediscover that color in your eyes, and it's gold and it's bronze // Foy Vance
I don't understand how I can go from listening to Foy Vance to Three Days Grace. My music taste has no chill.
Listen to Joy of Nothing by Foy Vance on Great album
Feel for me by Foy Vance can somebody please send me this song
I swear to god, foy vance is better than everyone. It's not a contest, he's better than everyone.
Joy Of Nothing - Foy Vance. This man has an amazing voice.
It doesn't take a whole day to recognise sunshine. Foy Vance . I love this line...
I just want to dance in the street lamps to Foy Vance
"I will find my means to an end,. With an open-hearted hope, and a closed hand full of friends" - Foy Vance
Foy Vance live at Indiependence last weekend.
isnt example support act for Saturday? I thought friday was foy vance and one republic?
Nothing better than kicking off the countdown with a little
Ed Sheeran or Foy Vance. Check out Foy Vance's Make it Rain, and the cover of it by Mr Sheeran.
no aha but he has a similar name. Ed's opening acts are Rudimental, Passenger and FOY VANCE
Having some furious Foy Vance withdrawals. This is the longest I've gone without seeing him for almost 4 years. 😫
Most listened to album this year is Foy Vance - Joy of Nothing. Still love it and can't get enough.
Forever thankful for a sister to sing with @ Riptide - Foy Vance
Was excited to hear Vance Joy sing 'Make it rain'... then I realised it was Foy Vance. Why do they have such similar names?
selling two Ed Sheeran tickets Friday 10th July with one Republic and foy vance supporting. Sitting. Open to offers 👍!
mind you, if you've never seen Foy Vance you'd best put that on your bucket list! Incredible live performer!
Foy Vance is the dude from Bangor. Vance Joy songs riptide. Either one I'd imagine will be a good show!
This week's number 29 in the UK Singles is "Never Let You Go (feat. Foy Vance)" by
i will never let you go Never Let You Go - feat. Foy Vance de Rudimental, Foy Vance ♫
"..clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right..." At Least My Heart Was Open by Foy Vance ♫
John Mayer, Joshua James, Ray LaMontagne, Foy Vance. This is my magic playlist combo, but I need more and the Spoti…
Foy Vance - Feel For Me. What a lovely song to relax too.
Cheers to as "Never Let You Go (feat. Foy Vance)" is currently number 29 in the charts this week!
Tate Sheridan, Foy Vance and More to Join Elton John's 'All the Hits' Tour in …
Ryan Adams, obviously. Foy Vance and Jesse Malin are also favourites. Though it depends what kind of stuff you're after?
I think Foy Vance is opening on this tour?
I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Foy Vance, Chris Stapleton, and James Bay together in this Playlist on Spotify.
Let's just let foy Vance play all day. That'd be chill.
The past week my Pandora stations have gone from pop latino to Tenth Ave to Zac Brown Band to Foy Vance to Twenty One Pilots.
(intentionally) listening to this fella for first time… do you like Foy Vance? I think you would, if you like that.
Listen to Shed a little light (foy Vance cover) by Sugar Nelson on happy sunshine Tuesday!
*** with Foy Vance's voice making me cry
really enjoying Foy Vance right now 👍
My Foy Vance playlist brings me so much happiness
The fact that Foy Vance is doing Barn on the Farm this year makes me super duper happy ☀️
Feel in love each time dgrin lagu2 si foy ini. What a lullabye… ♫ Two Shades of Hope by Foy Vance (w/ Therecya) —
It's a good Friday. I spent the morning with ESL kids, used Calvin and Hobbes in a piece of homework, & discovered Foy Vance's music.
DUDE. Vance Joy and Foy Vance are different people. *** Awesome Sauce.
This time 10yrs ago we were dancing along to Foy Vance in the Jamacia Inn celebrating one heck a day…
Someone slow dance with me to Foy Vance.
My buddy debuts a new song by Foy Vance next Tuesday on . MAKE IT RAIN. . teddysphotos's photo
Guiding Light by Foy Vance, found with Listen now:
Foy Vance - Gabriel and the Vagabond (take your camera with you and have a wander down to Spittal beach)
Fav song right now? — im gonna have to say Feel for me by Foy Vance
Forever thankful introduced me to Foy Vance.
franklyn0311: Addicted to this song "Guiding Light" by Foy Vance cuz of
I forgot how summery and chill and lovely Foy Vance's stuff is
Guiding Light by Foy Vance is in Collector Hotel, Parramatta. Download it now at
So awesome!. "The joy of nothing is a sweeter something. And I will hold it in my heart". Foy Vance - Joy of Nothing.
Guiding Light by Foy Vance is in Empire Music Hall, Belfast. Download it now at
Foy Vance, Cara Dillon & Jim Lauderdale performances to be broadcast to over 60 million US homes
had a dream last night that I got meet Foy Vance again & he was just the sweetest man in the entire world omg I'm blushing
I’ve been listening to James Bay, Foy Vance, Father John Misty, Jason Isbell & the Brilliance
beautiful song from Cara Dillon. . The concert at The Belfast Empire with Foy Vance, Jim Lauderdale, Paul Tully...
Security usually is the way to go, or find Stuart or David. I got mine to him thru Foy Vance last year. ☺
Only had a week off twiddling the nobs and so much good new music, Seth Lakeman, Rumer, Neil Diamond, John Legend, Deacon Blue, Annie Lennox, Ali Campbell, Foy Vance, Andy Burrows, Kasabian, Lorde, Marty Pellow, OneRepublic, The Who,Twin Atlantic and Neil Young whose song is so much better than his last album which was very weird.
Foy Vance was excellent last night at the iTunes Festival in the Roundhouse, Chalk Farm.
when I need to get home you're my... ♫ Guiding Light – Foy Vance feat. Ed Sheeran, Foy Vance, Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance performing Guiding Light at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 7, 2013.
The main reason i like working Caffe' Apropos is the music selection. So far tonight I heard three of my favs Foy Vance, Lord Huron, & Marcus Mumford from the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack. - Kevin McIntyre works on Saturday nights BTW.
Neil Young, David Crosby, Toots and the Maytals, Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, Foy Vance. new music from David Gray, Tiny Ruins, Johnny Cash and St. Paul and the Broken Bones... and more! Tune into RTÉ Radio 1 from 8pm! I'll be there!
This is going to be very very good!! Tonight The Chelsea Live Lounge presents: Katie and the Carnival Katie and the Carnival's music is soulful, dark and harmony-driven with influences from indie, folk, rock, pop and torch song. Katie has worked with the likes of Duke Special and Foy Vance and supported Van Morrison, Jesca hoop, Thomas Truax and Emmy the Great amongst others. 2014 sees the launch of a new musical project for Katie and she is about to head off for an exciting trip to Nashville and Austin. Katie also composes and arranges music for theatre and moving image projects and is currently Musician in residence with The Beat Carnival. "Tammy Wynette meets Tarintino" Hotpress "She (Katie) transcends the stereotype of the quirky female vocalist, thanks to remarkable stage presence, a soulful voice and joyous wit." Culture NI "A proper spectacle, a visual treat. Oh, and the music's great too... engaging is an understatement" BBC ATL
Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance playing Kiss Me at Ed's birthday show at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles If you're wondering why I did not video the entire show, I w...
Foy Vance. "Guiding Light" on his Joy of Nothing album, harmonies by Ed Sheehan. So beautiful.
Dig the free stuff you get w/ purchase: We also have Foy Vance, Civil Wars, Stereophonics, & Mickey Hart posters.
This is my cover of Foy Vance's 'Guiding Light' its one of my favourite songs at the minute, i play it slightly differently to how Foy does but it doesnt sou...
Foy Vance performing Shed A Little Light at the Oran Mor in Glasgow, Scotland, 3rd March 2013
I got asked, what would my top five favorite songs that I first heard this year be? They were ... 1. Foy Vance - Guiding Light 2. David Ramirez - Stick Around 3. Marcus Foster - Worn Down By Time 4. The 1975 - Chocolate 5. Half Moon Run - Call Me In The Afternoon What would yours be? Doesn't matter if they weren't released this year. As long as you heard them first in 2013!
Foy Vance performing Feel For Me at the Oran Mor in Glasgow, Scotland, on 3rd March 2013. I apologise, but there there is a slight gap three quarters of the ...
Just back from a great concert by Foy Vance in downtown Belfast. Something of a homecoming for him. A man on a journey, trying to make sense of everything, trying to get home. Guiding Light encore. Superb!
Wife & I missed she was seeing Foy Vance; I was listening to Rachmaninov's Vespers courtesy of William Byrd Singers. So not all bad.
.what about XO man, Rizzle Kicks, Mikill Pane, The 1975, Passenger, Foy Vance, Bob Dylan and The Beatles :O
Just grabbed Foy Vance tickets at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle. November 1st, $12. You'd be an *** not to go, the man completely stole the show when I saw him open for Michael Kiwanuka last year. And let's be honest, Foy was the main reason I even went to the MK show in the first place. Legend.
Album to commute by Foy Vance - 'Joy of Nothing' full of pride & passion Northern Ireland's Steve Forbert.
Literally just moved into my top 3 records ever. Bruce, Fionn Regan, Foy Vance.
So, at 12:00am can I buy Foy Vance's album? "Today" is tomorrow in the US lol
Ed giving shine to Foy Vance makes me so happy.
The foy vance album comes out at midnight tonight, it's honestly the best album I have heard in the last 5 years, please go …
The New Foy Vance stuff is top drawer
Yes! New Foy Vance Album for my train commute tomorrow!
the new Foy Vance album is out today. its called The Joy Of Nothing, and its the best album ive owned in 5 years. please go …
Foy Vance - Be The Song: via di tiap fim pop-drama US ada lagu kayak gini.but still love this kind of song
When I was telling my mother about foy Vance for weeks she thought he was called five ants. Ha ha must be my accent
Foy Vance = Vintage praise and worship music for non believers.
Be The Song by Foy Vance is the only song that can clear my head.
I even bought all the soundtracks in the movie on Itunes! Awesome movie. God bless Foy Vance :D
Some music just speaks to me. Foy Vance is one of those artists.
I have to share. New single, and this guy is AMAZING. In love! ♫ Joy of Nothing - Single – Foy Vance
Bye bye I'm listening to Foy Vance now
look up Foy Vance...his music makes my heart smile and he has the world's coolest mustache.
Foy Vance performs his song "You and I" solo in the council chamber at Islington Town in London. [ Foy Vance will be performing at the 2013 Rocky Mtn Folks Festival (Aug 16-18) in Lyons, CO. More info at: ]
Did a fan translate the foy Vance tattoo for us I can't remember who or did ed tell us?!?... — did
I'm stuck in traffic and listening to Foy Vance in the rain. Okay, Thursday... I'm with you!
Foy vance played at latitude when I was there and I didn't even know. What. Is. Life?
I really want a concert with Passenger,Ed Sheeran,Lewis Watson, Mat Corby, Foy Vance, and Mumford and Sons and I will die happy.
Listening to Be the Song by Foy Vance on
Everyone needs to get this when it comes out: Foy Vance, Joy of Nothing
I'm at for Laura Mvula and Foy Vance (Cambridge, MA) w/ 5 others
I forget that I've seen Passenger and Foy Vance live when I went to see Ed Sheeran, and then it hits me I've seen Ed live too!
Found my signed passenger CD and Foy Vance CD, studying just got easier!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Still a great birthday treat: Laura Mvula and Foy Vance. "When I need to get home, You're my guiding…
I'm at for Laura Mvula and Foy Vance w/
Foy Vance. Looks like Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. straight up Irish brogue singing soulful and…
I'm at for Laura Mvula and Foy Vance (New York, NY) w/ 2 others
Adele. Counting Crows, and 2 irish singers. Foy Vance and Gemma Hayes
Flow down all my mountains, darlin' fill my valleys... ♫ Be the Song by Foy Vance —
Ed Sheeran and Foy Vance's duet of kiss me tho😅😭😊
we saw/heard Foy Vance about six years ago at in Piccadilly. He is a skilful songsmith.
Foy Vance has just come into my world and changed my life in one tune.
Foy Vance just lashed me again like the first time I heard him.
We are delighted to announce Snow Patrol will be headlining Day 2 of Tennent's Vital 2013! Also joining the bill on Day 2 are Kodaline, Foy Vance plus more to be announced. Catch them all at Boucher Road Playing Fields on Thursday 15th August! Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am from Ticketmaster. Exclusive Tennent's pre-sale starts tomorrow with a limited number of tickets on sale at 10am. Check back here tomorrow morning for the password. Don't miss out on your chance to snap up a ticket!
We've been chasing Foy Vance around since he was in New York two years ago, and finally managed to bag a few minutes of his time when he came to London on to...
Ed's introduced me to some really good music/artists on his past 2 headlining tours: Passenger, Selah Sue, Foy Vance, Rizzle Kicks.
It's official - Jake Bugg, Foy Vance, Iain Archer, Willy Mason, Sons and Lovers and Bear's Den will be joining Of...
Travis, Hurts, Johnny Marr, James Skelly, Jack Savoretti, Willy Mason, Foy Vance and Steve Mason added today to T in the Park line-up.
Travis will be back at this year, along with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, Hurts, Foy Vance & Willy Mason.
Foy Vance you sweet, sweet bald genius
Had a lovely Radio interview with Danny from BBC Radio Surrey this afternoon which will be aired on Friday ahead of my show in Guildford :) And in a moment or two I am driving to Bristol to go and watch Foy Vance! x
This month I am playing Threshold Festival in Liverpool (this Sunday) going to see Foy Vance , The Black Crowes & Derren Brown!! Now that's a month of entertainment
We've got four spare tickets for Foy Vance at Oran Mor in Glasgow on Sunday night, if you're interested.
Foy Vance's 'Joy Of Nothing' from his forthcoming album, Joy Of Nothing, out Summer 2013. iTunes: Spotify:
just sang "Man of Constant Sorrow" with Foy Vance. Can they please do a cover album of the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack?!
I met Jordan from Rizzle Kicks and got a picture with Foy Vance so its all good
Recently played on Radio - Jim James, Ron Sexsmith, Foy Vance, Asa and Chvrches.
everyone should have going to an Ed Sheeran concert on their bucket list! And also check out his opening acts.. Foy Vance and Rizzle Kicks, they were amazing!
I literally don't need anything but Josh Groban, Foy Vance, and burritos.
2013 the year of gigs is growing! Foy Vance, Beth Hart, Robert Cray, King King, Hebden Blues Fest, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young and the Who!
"Ed and Foy Vance's new matching tattoos are lyrics from Foy's song "Guiding Light"."
Ed's new tattoo is lyrics from Foy Vance's "Guiding Light."
Last night at the Ed Sheeran show, a guy named Foy Vance opened up. If you like Ray LaMontagne or similar artists, you really need to check him out! He is amazingly talented.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Enjoy the incredibly festive rendition of 'Silent Night' by Mr. Foy Vance & Mr. Duke Special, with the extra special accompaniment of the Salvation Army band.
Tonight! Record of Note from The Blue Nile, Live On Arrival with Foy Vance & Undercover with Morrisey & Marr. 10.05pm on
Rizzle Kicks and Foy Vance are Ed's american support acts for the whole tour! :)
:: Mr. Ben Howard, you put on a mighty fine show. Thank you for one of the most magical evenings I've had in quite a while. Truly brilliant. Now on to anticipating another spectacular musical event this Friday seeing Nathaniel Rateliff, Michael Kiwanuka, and Foy Vance with David Clark Carlson. = prettysweet.
Guiding Light by Foy Vance is stuck in my head. Such a pretty, simple but amazing song.
Northern Irish singer/songwriter Foy Vance is on tour in the U.S. this month, playing shows with both Michael Kiwanuka and David Gray. This is his journal.
At Nj State Theatre for David Gray! Look up Foy Vance, he was the opening act and was brilliant.
Anyone wanna give me their Ben Howard tickets and complete my Mumford/Ed Sheeran/Foy Vance winter line up?
signing "Guiding Light" with Foy Vance still gives me chills 😍
Michael Kiwanuka played Webster Hall with Foy Vance and Marcus Foster (pics)
Surveying the stars, new major, Birdy and Foy Vance, Proverbs, coffee and tea. Not to bad of a day :)
'Guiding Light' by Foy Vance is such a beautiful and sweet song, love it so much ♥
Foy Vance tickets for sale! Brian Goonan Xavier Cardriche Meggan Reim the show is at webster hall on th 18th (tues) and hes opening for Michael Kiwanuka but he just released his own ep so im guessing he plays longer than a typical opener, ive a better offer for tuesday concert wise... yes i said better than foy
Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance has released several EPs since unveiling his debut album, Hope, in 2007, and now he'll release the Melrose EP on August 28 via Communion Records before spending the fall on tour with Michael Kiwanuka.
Duke Special, Foy Vance and emile sande all in the one night.. AMAZING! Pity about the rain.. SOAKED!!
Foy Vance done. Roll on Emeli Sande :) getting soaked tho :(
Foy Vance, Glen Hansard, Mark Watson, Doc Brown, Tim Minchin and now Bon Iver... Good day all round!
Will do, shame the Rotterdam is closed! You see Foy Vance around much?
Northern Ireland's incredible Foy Vance will return to Bella after his 05 performance, currently touring with Ed Sheeran
I'm gonna pass out, Emeli, Foy Vance (ahh!!!) And Duke Special!!! Aaaahh! And on the Sat its James Morrison and Newton Faul ...
Hi All, Belsonic 2012 in association with ABSOLUT just got alot bigger! NEWTON FAULKNER, ALESSO, OBERHOFER, Duke Special, BRIAN KENNEDY, THE ANSWER, CONGOROCK, GARETH DUNLOP, FM, SWEET SAVAGE, DJ HIX & JODY HAS A HITLIST all join the bill at the largest Belsonic to date, now spanning ten nights at Belfast's Custom House Square this August! This first batch of supporting act announcements encompasses an eclectic mix of musical styles, including homegrown talent, international live acts, and touring DJ acts. Tickets for all Belsonic shows are onsale now from and Ticketmaster outlets. Many more supports are to be announced in the coming weeks. The bill for each day with all supports added is below! For any enquiries please contact joeAugust 15th: SKRILLEX + Dillon Francis & Special Guests Thursday August 16th: EMELI SANDE, Foy Vance & Duke Special Friday August 17th: MADNESS & Special Guests Saturday August 18th: THIN LIZZY, The Answer, FM & Sweet Savage Sunday August 19th: PARAMORE + Jody H ...
Classic Song of the Day: The incandescent Foy Vance with something that makes me cry every time. spectacular!
Yea there was him, I think maybe Foy Vance and then someone else as well.
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