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Fox Sports 1

Speed, is an American sports channel dedicated to motorsports owned by News Corp.. It is based in Charlotte, North Carolina at University Research Park.

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Christian McCaffery launches his Heisman campaign vs Kansas St. now on Fox Sports 1.
ANNOUNCEMENT: My new daily show on Fox Sports 1 will start a half hour earlier than my old show, 9:30-noon Eastern beg…
Tune on Fox Sports 1 right now and watch the take on the
The Best of Canadian-turned-American sports anchors for Fox Sports 1, Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, first week on the job. These guys are too…
The Indians are on Fox Sports 1 today, not SportsTime Ohio.
Clay Travis: with Fox Sports 1 joined the round table to talk about the trial of the Alabama foot...
June 28th at Sands Casino, Bethlehem. Live on Fox Sports 1. . -July 2nd at Santander Arena,…
Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, well there was never any demand for these options in the first place.
FYI, Fox Sports North, Fox Sports 1 and DirecTV are all owned by the same company
One week! Fox Sports 1 network TV between 12:30pm and 1pm you will see 3MT sing the national anthems. Don't tell...
I believe some games will be on FS1(Fox Sports 1) and BEIN SPORTS Network. I have the sports package.
Watching tonight's match? Tune into Fox Sports 1 at 10pm ET and cheer on your team!
Never thought I say this, ESPN is doing this right. Fox Sports 1 can get bent. Awful network.
Pre Game is 8:00. Game starts at 8:30. Fox Sports 1. 652 or 1652 on UVerse. Idk Cox channel.
So Purdue vs Rutgers gonna be on ESPN at 11 while the RRS is on Fox Sports 1.. Thats perfect
No idea for a stream but ABC, CBS, Sky Sports, Fox Sports 1,FX, TBS, CNN Fox Network show it in Nth America
PBC card on Fox Sports 1 has begun. First up, Danny Kelly vs Stephan Shaw (200+)
Portland-NYCFC: 241k on Fox Sports 1, 35K on Fox Deportes, 45K on Fox Sports 2 from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern.
Dodgers broadcaster Joe Davis will call Astros at Red Sox at Fenway Park tomorrow at 10am PT on Fox Sports 1
LA-New England 225K on ESPN, DC-NYCFC 199K on Fox Sports 1 and 24K on Fox Deportes
Fox Sports 1. You might try turning off the fuel pump so that the engine does not run backwards! Dragracing has
South Africa's finest, Solider boy returns to the UFC action this Sunday. Don't miss it on Fox Sports 1, Ch. 610
Lebron and John Wall.hate gonna be sky high on Fox Sports 1
Hey there, our apologies, Live surfing commences tomorrow and Day 3 will be on Fox Sports 1 tonight from ...
Hey there, Live Coverage commences tomorrow, and you can see Day 3's events tonight on Fox Sports 1 channel 501! Cheers Nat :)
So someone tell me why Fox Sports 1 ran commercials when it was 3-0 in this Giants/Dodger game for no reason come back its 3-2.
How did Justin Turner get on? Fox Sports 1 aired two commercials instead of the rest of his at-bat
Everyone make sure to tune in on Fox Sports 1 at 3:45 cst to watch Joey qualify the car!ht…
Tune in for live Belgian Pro League action this weekend on Fox Sports 1, Ch. 610 and Fox Sports 2, Ch. 611
Marketing Genius- Dana White- UFC finally got what they want. A one hundred million deal with Fox Sports 1 and...
Fox Sports 1 is showing the FIFA soccer gaming world cup Live.
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I just did the smallest package for now, it's has ESPN and ESPN2, Fox Sports 1 & 2, NBC Sports, Comcast Sports
Katie Nolan dances and dishes on Fox Sports 1, ESPN and Bill Simmons - KSPR
Detroit Tigers to play six 2016 games on Fox Sports 1 - Detroit Free Press
No! The PAC 12 tourney is on Fox Sports 1. That means no Bill Walton. 😪
. Giving Vidtime a whirl... Look at that Fox Sports 1 quality
I get Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 and could get Fox Soccer Plus. none showing game so just 2Go
Fox Sports 1 is the literal worst when it comes to streaming online. Even worse than Pac-12 Networks.
Apparently our FA Cup match next Sunday is not scheduled for TV. No listings on Fox Sports 1 or 2, Fox Soccer Plus or Fox Soccer to Go.
International friendly - Mexico vs Senegal coming up in 40mins at FS1 (Fox Sports 1)
Al-Jazeera folding...Fox Sports 1 in serious danger...newspapers closing and outsourcing with freelancers...scary.
So Fox network, Fox Business Channel, Fox News Channel, and Fox Sports 1 channel now have a Fox HD logo according to Comcast. Stupid.
I might lose my mind the next time somebody says fights on Fox Sports 1 are free. Really? Who's paying your cable bill?
Tune into Fox Sports 1 now for the & watch represent Olathe North and Kansas High School Football.
Look for Jamal Pettigrew in the annual Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl on Fox Sports 1, 8pm CST- Sunday, Jan 3:
LW senior Sean Mahone and Coach David Moore at the Semper Fi All-American game. Game is Sun. @ 9pm on Fox Sports 1. https…
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Say what you want about the quality of shows on ESPN, but Fox Sports 1 has a show called TMZ sports.
Can't remember so many bowl games not on free major network TV. ESPN sticking it to the PLUG PULLERS. Please FOX Sports 1 step in...
Fox sports football crew all pick OU over Clemson
1959 magazine ad for Wilson gloves - Nellie Fox of
Only 24 hours left to buy tix for any home game with zero online fees, thanks to
Fox Sports 1's 'Program Alert' banner is so *** annoying.
Dwyane Wade takes advantage of a clear lane to the basket on Fox Sports Sun!. ⚡️
Fox Sports’ The Golf Show asks Mike Orloff for tips on pace of play
'Countdown to UFC 195: Lawler vs. Condit' debuts Sunday on FOX Sports 1 via
Our Boxing Fitness pads on TV wimp2warrior on Fox Sports 1
Hassan Whiteside doing what he does!. 📺 - Fox Sports Sun.
Right behind Dell Curry on the Fox Sports broadcast!
.with the one-handed JAM. are routing the in the 3rd qtr on
Tonight's projected lineup. We're live at Kelowna on LISTEN:
Time to keep priming predictions pump on -- kicks off 2016 with a BANG!
Joe & I on the broadcast in 15 min. FOX Sports (FS1) channel, Big East, Georgetown vs DePaul.
Drew Brees told and quarterbacking has little to do with height.htt…
Hoyas tip off their Big East season in just over an hour on Fox Sports 1.
DePaul Men's home opener tonight against Georgetown at 8 on Fox Sports 1! 🏀💙❤️
Pregame coverage is coming up next with tipoff from Chicago at 8p ET on and the FOX Sports GO mobile app.
Semper Fi All American bowl game on Fox Sports 1. Look out for number 85.
Conor McGregor still owns conversation after UFC on FOX card, writes.
'Fox Sports 1... aping and amplifying all of ESPN’s worst tendencies.'
Good luck vs Creighton tonight! Watch on Fox Sports 1 or listen to & on or at 8pm
Tune into Fox Sports 1 right now for some vintage footy with Greg "Bluey" Mackey and Joe Thomas in a flashback Bulldogs v Roosters clash!
Upset alert on Fox Sports 1- Monmouth NJ ahead of Georgetown by 10 with 2:00 left
if you input into Google. Fox Sports 1 free live stream you should be given choices of websites. Unfortunately can't advertise.
They always Broadcast Champions League live on Fox Sports 1 & Fox Sports 2, it's gonna be such a good game☺
Welcome to the Trojans will take on tonight at 7pm CT on Fox Sports 1!
Tonight on Fox Sports 1, Ch. 610, brash Irishman, features on Rising. Tune in at 10:30pm.
Here's the line up on Fox Sports 1 for Canberra Raiders day! Tuesday 15 December from 10am:
Fox Sports 1 is showing the 2015 World Cup final. In case you want to see Carli Lloyd do some cool stuff.
Mark them calendars UFC Fight Night 82 February, 21 Live on Fox Sports 1 it's going down. I…
Time to bounce back. Gameday vs. California at 8ET on Fox Sports 1.…
Game of The Year on Fox Sports 1 tomorrow at 1:30/3:30 Philly time.. Enough said.. 🤘🏾 Take Risks And Prosper
qualifying under way. David about to go out, Kyle is 2 cars behind him. Watch now on Fox Sports 1!
Today’s game is on Fox Sports 1, with Tim Brando and Bill Raftery on the call: Radio: WOR 710AM/WCTC 1450AM
Fox Sports 1 just claimed Jason Garrett can't lead the cowboys. Shawne Merriman's roided-out *** needs to shut the *** up.
No. I want ESPN and prime time. If it's at Cintas we'll have to play on Fox Sports 1 on a Saturday at like 5:15.
Texas Tech vs. West Virginia starts at 11 a.m. in Morgantown. You can find the game on Fox Sports 1:
Your are playing the mountaineers @ 11am in West Virginia today. Turn your TV's on to Fox Sports 1 to watch the game!...
Tune in today to Fox Sports 1 at noon and watch the Texas Tech versus West Virginia University football game.
the game is on Fox Sports 1 at 8:30 p.m. Central Standard Time live from Seattle, Washington.
TCU finally gets a primetime game, and it's on Thursday, on Fox Sports 1 -- a channel carried by as many subscribers as the BYU Network.
Fox Sports 1...but it's over and my headline didn't happen. 😊
Watch the USA women's soccer team take on the ladies of Brazil this Sunday at 2:30pm EST only on Fox Sports 1!
My column on MLB transgressors Pete Rose and A-Rod teaming up in Fox Sports 1 studio. Meeting of exiles.
Fox Sports 1 has ARod, Pete Rose, and the "Big Hurt" Frank Thomas as analysts for baseball playoffs. I love that!
Juke RS washed! Now time to watch some racing at 12:30pm on Fox Sports 1!
Bill Raftery talking with the Friars in their locker room. One of the best in the business. Fox Sports 1.
October 26th, the night before the freaking World Series, my new show “Finding Babe Ruth” premieres on Fox Sports 1.
Some soccer news, NOLA: The U.S. Women’s National Team will play China at the Superdome on Dec. 16. Match at 7 p.m. on Fox Sports 1.
RACE IS TOMORROW 8PM EDT that 5PM AZ time. Tune in to Fox Sports 1 and root for car - WrapNation™
Jeff Gordon is on Nascar Race Hub on Fox Sports 1 now.
Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart are analysts for Fox Sports 1? *** life comes at you fast.
It has been announced that our game at Southern Miss on Dec. 4 will tip at 7 p.m. CT and air on Fox Sports 1.
Southern Miss will have its men's basketball game with Alabama on December 4th picked up by Fox Sports 1. Tip-off is set for 7:00 p.m.
C-USA just released its TV schedule: Southern Miss-Bama on Dec. 4 will on Fox Sports 1.
Southern Miss' home MBB game vs. Alabama (7 p.m., Dec. 4) will be televised on Fox Sports 1.
Looks like the 1st half of the Alamo Bowl is on Fox Sports 1 rn...
Mike Francesa says WFAN simulcast on Fox Sports 1 ends Friday, admits "it just wasn’t a good fit" -
Dear Brisbane Broncos fans it's the perfect time to switch on Fox Sports 1
Don Bell Returns to CBS 3 as Sports Director — He’s also worked at ESPN and Fox Sports 1
Join us live 2nite on Fox Sports 1 from 10.30pm(EST) 4 the vs Tajikistan WCQ/ACQ..and John Kosmina.xmb
Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports 1. Remain calm, leave calendar clear, he's back.
Ugh, can't stand Colin Cowherd. Thankfully I don't watch Fox Sports 1 on a daily basis.
Odd to see my Barry Alvarez oral history on Fox Sports site now. But if you haven't read it:
.is scheduled for a handful of televised games this winter. Check it out:
Can't believe they are showing this on Fox Sports 1. Disgusting
USMNT facing Peru in International Friendly TONIGHT in Washington, D.C. (7 pm on FOX Sports 1) ht…
Poland have good players. I'm watching on American tv. FOX SPORTS 1
Its On Fox Sports 1 if u have it and live in America
.starts on the bench as Hungary kicks off their qualifier vs Romania. Watch on Fox Sports 2!
The UTAH UTES, and they played in fox sports 1. Had to use the guide to find that channel
Last night, Fox Sports 1 had a "khaki cam" feed just for Jim Harbaugh's pants. Any chance we get a Popemobile feed from TWC?
Germany vs Poland about to start, WATCH LIVE in USA on FOX SPORTS 1, thanks for a great games selection today :)
Panthers hanging out in the FOX Sports Southwest High School Express!
lookin 4 Julie stewart binks from fox sports 1 wats her cell phone number.
This is amazing. Can we use this video on Fox Sports 1 for tv and all digital platforms?
so i turn to fox sports 1 last night and the 1st person I see, Cowherd. SMH
Fox Sports 1 re-aired qualifying from CTMP at 4:30am on Sunday and had 33,000 viewers.
at Nurburgring from 7-9am on Sunday on Fox Sports 2 only averaged 5,000 viewers. 9am-1pm on Fox Sports 1: average 166,000 viewers
no Michigan played vs Utah last night and it was on Fox Sports 1. Couldn't find it.
WVU will appear on the FOX Sports Network three times during the 2015-16 season. . READ:
UFC 191 predictions, preview, and analysis: After a pair of "Fight Night" events on FOX Sports 1, Ultimate…
The minute gets fox sports 1 or root sports nw on their sports package, I will be all in.
The fight for Feherty would intensify the already bitter battle between Fox Sports and NBC/GC: http:…
No Galaxy game this weekend, but you can catch the USMNT take on Peru tonight on Fox Sports 1
A problem with equipment on the satellite feed from only Fox Sports 1 resulted in the issue which took us an hour to resolve.
Women’s Basketball: Three games will be aired on Fox Sports |
we don't have access to ESPN, CBS Sportsline, SEC Network or Fox Sports 1 ... just terrible
Fox Sports 1 rag tag college football analyst team is Matt Leinart, Dave Wannstedt, and Colin Cowherd. Extremely weird and uncomfortable.
FYI: You can catch former Kathleen star Gionni Paul playing LB for Utah against Michigan on Fox Sports 1.
Williams to take on Cuello on Sept. 22 on Fox Sports 1: Philadelphia’s unbeaten rising star Julian “J-Rock” Wi...
Will former Iowa Hawkeye QB Jake Rudock start tonight for the Michigan Wolverines? Find out tonight on Fox Sports 1
Interesting debate on Fox Sports 1. If u can have one player - Mike trout or Bryce Harper - who are u taking?
Cowherd will be back on the air Sept. 8 on Fox Sports Radio and Fox Sports 1 from noon-3. He'll also be doing Fox NFL Kickoff
315,000 viewers on Fox Sports 1 for Sunday’s friendly at Heinz Field.
FIOS carries Fox Sports 1 and 2. It also has Fox Soccer Plus for $14.99/month. Best deal is Fox Soccer 2Go overall.
We're in Miami as Alex Marvez of Fox Sports 1 joins Hochman, Kranz and Crowder on 560 WQAM
On to match play in the US Am!! Tune into Fox Sports 1 tomorrow from 3-6 for live coverage of the Round of 64 matches
Michigan-Utah.Sept 3 on Fox Sports 1...all I can say as former Salt Laker is Go Utes!
West Jessamine alum and the will be on Fox Sports 1 tonight at 9:30.
In 1997, WCW overpaid Bret Hart and killed what was billed as a creative and fun alternative.Also, Colin Cowherd signed with Fox Sports 1.
No Joe Buck in Bluffton. Fox Sports 1 sent the B team to the US Junior Amateur.
If I got $1 every time Rousey's Metro PCS commercial or a promo for her fight next week came on Fox Sports 1 or 2, I would be rich.
Canberra Raiders V Penrith Panthers 1989 finals match tonight on Fox Sports 1. Details:
Note how the final is now on Fox Sports 1 and NOT on Fox's broadcast network.
at 92.8m, Fox Sports 1 has 84.3m, CNN leads the pack at 96.3m, every ESPN outlet has 72m+ except Classic (25.1m) -
say it isn't so. Your leaving the network. Guess I gotta tune into Fox Sports 1.
How many more homes is ESPN in than Fox Sports 1 and NBC Sports Network? (July 2015 edition)
Fox NFL Kickoff moves from Fox Sports 1 to Fox, where it will lead into the network’s highly rated Fox NFL Sunday.
What channel is Fox Sports 1 on DirectTV? Why isn't this information on the Internet???
Soon ESPN and Fox Sports 1 will be nothing but a year of women featuring Lindsay Czarniak, Sara Walsh, Molly McGrath, and Charissa Thompson.
Club America vs.Man U on Fox Sports 1 right now (If you're not having an exciting Friday like I am)
playing Club America in a friendly on Fox Sports 1. Reds already up 1-0.
are blacked out in L.A. on Network tonight and Sunday on TBS. Fox Sports 1 telecast tomorrow will NOT be blacked out in L.A. 📺
USA soccer is the only thing keeping Fox Sports 1 being the Athletic Spike Channel: Sports for Bruhs
Fox Sports 1 is not a soccer channel. "Crucial interception" and "swing and a miss" heard within the last 20 seconds.
I'm watching the soccer game in Spanish because I don't get Fox Sports 1, but the game is on the Spanish channel
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Pete Rose is commentating on Fox Sports 1. He resembles the offspring of Johnny Cash & Joe Pesci...if they had a kid.
Tune in to Fox Sports 1 this Sunday at 10am to catch our run to 2nd place in the CTSC race from Watkins Glen!
A replay of Chicagoland Speedway ARCA race is on Fox Sports 1 right now
Official: Fox Sports 1 to re-air Reed's win from Chicagoland Speedway at 9 a.m. today
Fox Sports 1 is cutting back its television news operation - Awful Announcing
Vyacheslav Shabranskyy to face Paul Paker live on Fox Sports 1 and Fox Deportes on June 30
I don't follow soccer closely but Fox Sports 1 really can't find a better analyst than Alexi Lalas? He is brutal.
This is like that bit in mean girls when they distribute the burn book. Fox Sports 1 is Regina George.
Fox Sports 1 broadcasting crew makes me wish I was deaf.
junior Matt NeSmith is even par through 4 at the U.S. Open Championship. Coverage live now on Fox Sports 1.
In today Danny Jacobs will take on Sergio Mora 8/1 in Brooklyn. Also Golden Boy Promotions will not renew its Fox Sports 1 contract
I just liked "Street League Skateboarding on Fox Sports 1" by on
Are we showing the 24 hours of Le Mans? North American coverage says Fox Sports 1. Do we get that channel?
Thorns FC goalkeeper starting in goal for Germany against Norway. Match kicks off at 1 pm (PT) on Fox Sports 1.
Lev: How much will the Women's World Cup and US Open boost the profile of Fox Sports 1?: The FIFA scandal gave...
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I listened to Jon Champion call the CL final on Fox Sports 1. And Martin Tyler did Istanbul.
fandom I sadly don't have Fox Sports 1, therefore I beg of you guys to provide me with a suitable link. . Yours Truly,. -Fellow
Lightweight bout is first on prelims on Fox Sports 1: Joe Proctor (10-3) vs. Justin Edwards (8-4)
Fox Sports 1 may have just become my favorite show ever.
John Dodson and Zach Makovsky . headline the prelims tomorrow night . on Fox Sports 1.
Yes! It's on Fox Sports 1 right now. I've always thought he was since he and Danny Valencia were so close.
I added a video to a playlist Uncle Bob's Self Storage & Ryan Sieg get some love from Fox Sports 1
Mike Trout has a beautiful swing. on Fox Sports 1 means I get to watch one of my favorite teams play!!!
Enjoying this great sports day even more with the World Champion playing on Fox Sports 1.
I turned on the TV and on Fox Sports 1 they said Liriano has a no hitter going, a go to that game and ball is literally in the air to end it
So I get the X-Finity when it's on Fox, but won't show it when it's scheduled for Fox Sports 1.
Tune in this Sunday to Fox Sports 1 at 3:30 E.T as and I close the Colorado 141 hwy and race head...
Tonight on Fox Sports 1: Monster Energy Supercross - Add the season to your calendar now!
Anthony Johnson and Demetrious Johnson will be guest on UFC Tonight at midnight ET on Fox Sports 1. Dana White will be on the show Wednesday
Gary Payton suspended from Fox Sports 1 following allegations he ...:
Just announced on Fox Sports 1, Al Iaquinta vs. Bobby Green booking for UFC Fight Night in San Diego
Fischer closes it out as beats Baylor, 5-3, in game two of the series. Rubber match is tomorrow at 2 pm on Fox Sports 1
Prelims have moved over to Fox Sports 1 and a lightweight bout is next: Olivier Aubin-Mercier (6-1) vs. David Michaud (8-1)
Can anyone tell me what Fox channel the Sundays NASCAR race will b televised on. Fox 11, Fox Sports 1 or Fox Sports 2?
… Jimmie Johnson says on Fox Sports 1 that he’s “really puzzled.” Similar feelings with Kasey Kahne’s team.
Looking forward to seeing Pete Rose diving into his new role as a Fox Sports 1 baseball… -via
I've heard Pete Rose may be joining Fox Sports 1 as an analyst. Can't call games due to ban.
Gonzalo Pineda, good teammate. Pitches Chad Marshall for USMNT in Fox Sports 1 commentary debut
Fox Sports 1 giving me Nam-style flashbacks to football season by playing clips of Joe Buck calling baseball games
alum & legend - - is in the building!! Watch her LIVE on Fox Sports 1, 4pmET
my girl and the rest of the play New Zealand today at 4pm on Fox Sports 1 😍
OK Australia, refresh your browsers, reload the add-on, Fox Sports 1-5 HD now available!. is where its at Sign up now!
Fox Sports 1 in the morning tomorrow
Still can't take Fox Sports 1's college sports coverage seriously. Maybe one day. But not today.
Tonight both and Juan Carlos Martinez fighting at Fantasy Springs Casino, and Fox Sports…
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2/ ESPN: Simmons, Czarniak, Bilas, who might go. Fox Sports 1 would love to steal Lindsay.
MT"- NOW- The Slayer of Naysayers is in the air! Listen:
.take on the in Hamilton NOW - Tune into Fox Sports 2 or follow: http:/…
Thank you Fox Sports for the support.
I knew this is from Fox Sports but the headline is ridiculous! Not one player has had Four in a row like RW! GTFOH!
Cue Sports Lounge Creek My boyfriend and I ate here at Suzie Ques lastnight,
Steal, score, AND 1! . Bo Barnes with the DAGGER play for
True but Fox Sports 1 inquired about it as welll.
Over to Tempe on Fox Sports 1. Stanford trails ASU by 2, 4:00 left
1. that's on Fox Sports. 2. They've been doing Coffee with Bob for a long time.
Replay of Leeds annihilating Hull on fox sports 1
Absolutely loving Kevin O'Neill on color tonight for FOX Sports 1 Stanford-ASU game. "Are these officials getting paid by the call?"
Fox Sports 1 is replaying the US game from Wednesday before the game Friday if you wish to watch the Christen & Carli show in its entirety
Next match for the is Friday, 12:00 PM ET on Fox Sports 1
Here’s video of that insane McKissic and-1 from
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Tonight from 7pm join Kick Off on Fox Sports 4 to preview another massive week of coming up. [CC]
MLS 20th Season | coming to FOX Sports 1, ESPN2, and UniMás: via
Ben Howland on Fox Sports 1 just called T.J McConnel the player of the year in college basketball.He played for DUQUESNE.Did Pitt offer him?
Almost game time at Wells Fargo Arena! If you can’t make it, you can catch the game on FOX Sports 1!
Stanford at Arizona State about 10 minutes from tipping off. Fox Sports 1.
LIVE on FOX Sports 1: Stanford at Arizona State from Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe, Arizona
Stanford starting Stefan Nastic, Chasson Randle, Michael Humphrey, Marcus Allen and Anthony Brown. Tip off in 10 minutes on Fox Sports 1
How hard is it to win on back end of back-to-back vs rested opponent? Check this out from Fox Sports West!
Everybody tune in to Fox Sports 1 or Fox Deportes tomorrow@ 10pm eastern/7pm Pacific 8-0 chimpa456…
Back in 1994 he played for SJR, now he is doing sports on FOX 5.
Last Tuesday afternoon's v match drew 779K viewers on Fox Sports 1 (network record), 425K on Fox Depo…
Maumee grad, Michael Graves, will be part of The Ultimate Fighter on Fox Sports 1 this season:
Manchester City vs Barcelona on Fox Sports 1 at 2:30 PM. Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi, doesn't get much better than this.
Great commercial showcasing the Venturini racing team on Fox Sports 1 just now
Remember to tune in to the Westminster Agility Master's Championship FInals today at 12pm EST on Fox Sports 1!...
Fox carries the FA Cup. They’re showing NASCAR PRACTICE on Fox Sports 1 at 11:30 instead of Liverpool vs Crystal Palace. Fox is awful.
will this be rebroadcast on Fox Sports 1? I am going to miss it tonight, mother-in-law is in the hospital.
Eric Collins and Bob Wenzel are the Fox Sports 1 announcing crew for tonight's John's game.
Reminder, USMNT vs. Chile at 3pm PT tomorrow. Live at Atlantic Crossing with or on Fox Sports 1, Univision Deportes, or UniMas.
Alright game over Tune into Fox Sports 1 now as the Jon Jones interview should air shortly.
Fox Sports 1 counter programming themselves with college basketball. Jon Jones interview won't be airing for a while.
Back in action tomorrow at a SOLD OUT If you are not in the building tune in at noon on Fox Sports 1.
Brady Quinn is the only Fox Sports 1 analyst to pick the Buckeyes to win the National Championship. Matt Leinart picked Oregon.
I hate Fox Sports 1/2 more everyday. Miss Speed. I hope Mike Joy still gets to work BJ
*** it! Left a restaurant that was closing in a few minutes to go back to the hotel and watch the game streaming on Fox Sports 1. "Due to league restrictions this is not available in your area" is the message I get as I try to stream the game on their website.PLEZE!
2015 is the year we start cutting luxuries... Bye bye Fox Sports 1... And, MTV2. I'll wasting time with you.
Nothing does more to undermine Fox Sports 1's credibility more than Gary Payton's embarrassing pregame analysis of Ari…
Make sure you watch fellow Gracie Barra AK fighter in his UFC debut on Fox Sports 1
UFC 182 weigh-ins will kick off on Fox Sports 1 in 20 minutes (that's 7 p.m. Eastern). Follow along in our live blog:
To clear up any confusion on Cody's fight this Saturday! . The weigh ins will be televised tomorrow night at 7 pm on Fox Sports 2! .Direct tv Channel 618, Dish channel 397, and Time Warner cable 401!!!. Saturday night will be the fight on Fox Sports 1 on prelims from 8-10 pm! Direct tv channel 219, Dish 150, Time Warner cable 1317! At 10 pm it will the switch to the Main Card in which you can purchase on Paper-view ! Feel free to share!!
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Countdown to my fight at airs tonight on Fox Sports 1 at 9:30pm in East, 6:30pm in west!. |
UAL 8 TV Commercial is airing starting tomorrow at 9:00am across Orange County on all providers, Time Warner, Verizon, Direct TV & Cox Media as well as the entire State on Direct TV! Watch out for it on the following: Comedy Channel, USA Network, Fox Sports West, Fox Sports 1, ESPN, ESPN2, Spike TV and more. We will be on during Angel Games, UFC, WWE Monday Night, TOSH.O, Collegiate Armwrestling CAWL, and many more other great TV shows. The Ultimate Armwrestling League Presents UAL 8, The Largest Armwrestling Tournament in North America!
We will see how Boise State responds tonight without their two stars. Game is on Fox Sports 1 right now.
North Korea hacking Fox Sports 1 tonight. In protest of Rampage re-signing??
Bill Raftery & Gus Johnson are a great duo calling college hoops, Fox Sports 1 finally got something right!
"Feling good. Loking good." --Bill Raftery, after a Georgetown made free throw on Fox Sports 1.
Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery calling this KU - G Town game on Fox Sports 1. An absolute thing of beauty.
So, in other news, plays DePaul in Rosemont tomorrow at 1pm. Catch the game on Fox Sports 1, TWC channel 1317.
Want to watch the Women's World Cup Draw? Check this link or tune to Fox Sports 1.
Hello FB College Football Fans.. It's Championship Saturday.. Oregon won the Pac 10 championship last night. Neither Clemson or South Carolina are playing for a championship today.. TOO Bad for both!! Lets see who is playing today... At Noon, Iowa St. @ TCU on ABC, La Tech @ Marshall on ESPN2, and Houston @ Cincinnati on ESPN. At 3:30, OK State @ OK on Fox Sports 1. At 4 pm, MO vs AL in Atlanta on CBS. At 7:30, Temple @ Tulane. At 7:45 pm, K-State @ Baylor on ESPN. At 8 pm, Ga Tech vs FSU in Charlotte on ABC. At 8:15 pm, Wisconsin vs Ohio State in Indy on FOX. And at 10 pm, Fresno St. @ Boise St. on CBS. Enjoy Championship Saturday!
Bedlam in Norman is set for a 2:30 p.m. CT kickoff and will be televised by Fox Sports 1
Early afternoon NCAA Football games for (all games not included) Matchup and TV Network 12:00 EST at (6)(ABC) (16)at (9)(SEC Network) at (21)(ESPN) at (22)(ESPN2) at (ESPNEWS) at (Fox Sports 1) at (CBS Sports Network) at (ESPNU) at (BTN) 12:30 EST at (ESPN3/GP) at (ESPN3/GP) 1:00 EST (25)at (Pac-12 Network)
Matt Leinart got hooked up with a job at Fox Sports 1.
Norway-Italy is on Fox Sports 1, Andorra-Wales is on Fox Sports 2, Czech Rep.-Netherlands is on ESPN2 & ESPN Deportes ht…
Don't forget the to watch me in the NASCAR K&N West race at Phoenix International Raceway tomorrow on Fox Sports 1!. 10am EST. 7am PST
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Leslie Smith fights Jessica Eye this Saturday at the UFC 180 prelims on Fox Sports 1!!
Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports 1 just said the Patriots may be interested in Ray Rice
I see Danny is just trying to lose his job at ESPN so he can go to Fox Sports 1
If you're watching Fox Sports 1 you know Matt Leinart is looking broke AF.
Your takes on Mexico tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in the CONCACAF Semi-Finals. Tune In to Fox Sports 1
Could the World Series eventually move to Fox Sports 1?
Gameday vs. Haiti!! Check us out Live on Fox Sports 1 at 7:30pmET!
Another day. Another city. Another game! Tune in tonight as we take on Haiti at 7:30 pm ET on Fox Sports 1. 🇺🇸
Generve Charles and Haiti take on the USA at 6:30pm tonight on Fox Sports 1. She's Go G!
GAME DAY: at 7:30 ET on Fox Sports 1 as the goes for berth in Semifinals.
Game Day!!! Check us out at 7:30 PM ET on Fox Sports 1... or better yet, come out and see us …
I've been trying to look for it on foxtel but I found out that Fox Sports 1,2, 3 are only broadcasting the QF's, SF's and final
The shot heard ‘round the small group of people who can’t find Fox Sports 1 on their TVs.
Minnows San Marino and Luxembourg getting their day this week on Fox Sports 1.
Join John Aloisi straight after Brisbane vs Adelaide for Shootout,7.00pm(EDT) Fox Sports 1,with 2.xmb
Fox Sports 1 doing "sabermetrics simulcast" of NLCS tonight. Can we get a simulcast of Hawk Harrelson & Dusty Baker watching the simulcast?
People complain about the MLB playoff games being on Fox Sports 1 but they need to just stop and enjoy Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole.
Every Nats playoff game I get to discover some corner of my cable dial I had not previously known. Fox Sports 1, channel 857, eh? OK, then.
“What the *** Fox Sports 1? How on earth can you miss an entire at-bat with a commercial in the playoffs?” All series long
The homie Paulie Malignaggi in the calling tonight's fights on Fox Sports 1
Wish Fox used Brady Quinn more on their Fox Sports 1 football panels. Could balance out all the shouting.
A Fox Sports 1 college football pannel featuring Petros Papadakis, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, and Dave Wannstedt means it is time for sleep.
Getting word that will NOT be televised in U.S but will be shown live in Panama. No CBS Sports or Fox Sports 1
If I'm Fox Sports 1, I'm making a run at Bill Simmons. Might be the one move that makes them legit contenders.
oh I still do. 94.1 FM in Humboldt, CA started broadcasting Fox Sports recently. Easier to listen w/ you on prime time
Happy from Tomorrow the Aztecs play Oregon State in Corvallis. Kickoff is at 7:30pm PST broad…
Fox Sports 1 has played the Nyjer Morgan NLDS walkoff as a playoff promo twice in the last hour and I heartily approve
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