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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Clinton emails so secret some lawmakers can't read them | Fox News. But Huma Weiner can?
Fox News ratings increased with Rand Paul and without Donald Trump.
What a group of chumps took place at the debates! - Fox News: Trump wanted $5M to participate in debate
Fox News put all this work into sandbagging Trump, and the result is the largest amount of brand damage in their history.
Ms.terry gives Quinn's phone back and says "I deleted Fox News, you don't need that garbage"
Fox News brings up IA's governor's slam on Sen. Cruz: "He’s heavily financed by Big Oil."
Trump: Fox apologized; Fox: He wanted $5M: Donald Trump said Thursday in an interview with CNN that Fox News "...
Actually confronting politicians with things they've said in the past? You so crazy, Fox News.
If only were alive right now to see this Cluster F of RepubliCrats & Fox News! Andrew has to be spinning in his grave!
Fox News says Donald Trump offered to appear at debate — under this one condition
Fox built that. He bit the hand that gave him his political base. He devoured Fox News & used Megyn as a toothpick. ht…
"They saw packages, they saw Muslims..." Fox News is a disgrace. Literally a disgrace.
Andrew you know you are watching the chaotic mess with the GOP debates. Fox News is getting slammed.
Donald Trump says Fox News is calling him every 15 minutes. He had a conversation minutes ago with Roger Ailes.
ROGER. HERE'S YOU SOLUTION.. Fox News' Roger Ailes calls Ivanka and Melania to get Trump to debate...
Does Trumpism have roots in Goldwater, Tea party or Reagan? Trump vs. Fox News: The Big Picture vi…
Opinion: Sen. John McCain: Why I support school choice and charter schools (and you should, too) - Fox News
"The more valuable 21st Century Fox is home to a host of television and film properties such as...and Fox News."
What Donald Trump should have learned from her Fox News interview with Michael Moore via
Fox News needs to be more hardline conservative, says Ghost of Robert E. Lee.
Church miracle? Attacker falls to ground, priest hails 'power in the name of Jesus' | Fox News | ONLY GOD NO;S
Trump's big gamble vs. Fox News - Donald Trump's presidential campaign has been full of high risk p...
Laura, Fox News is making the political blunder by not replacing Kelly. No one forced Megyn to act on her bias.
I LOVE DT BUT ONLY ON THIS POINT: Donald Trump takes his feud with Fox News to a new level via
BREAKING NEWS - Trump just shot Fox News at point blank range on a 5th Avenue sidewalk.
Somebody needs to point out Trump's deal making skills lost with a Fox News' woman host. How would he do with Putin? Asad?
The democrats have NEVER done a Fox News debate, so that point is mute. He has already chosen by not doing it.
He is missing point. Donald tried to buy off Fox News then when they wouldn't cave he turned
At this point Fox News is no different than CNN or MSNBC. I watch HLN they seem to be the most unbiased
GOP debate on Fox News without the Trump?. What's the point of watching a bunch of losers?
My point is Reagan would have attended a Fox News debate. Why? Because Fox is a safe haven.
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Point is here . Trump is a smart man and he knows how to deal with Media Hacks okay. Fox News is bad one
Does have a point? on the Fox News statement that made Trump walk:
My new column is about Donald Trump's feud with Fox News. Posting soon.
>was about what Fox News did, not Megan Kelly alone, nice try on framing it that way
LMAO! Trump refuses Fox News debate because Megyn Kelly won't let him lie to the public.
Donald Trump is skipping the Fox News debate
Can't opt out of summits and meetings if you're prez. Trump opts out of the Fox News debate via
What a spoiled brat! - The Donald opts out of the Fox News debate via
Fox News linked to open border group that backs Rubio:
"When Michael Moore takes the side of Fox News against the Republican frontrunner, you know the…" — James Ryder
Candy (Crowley) Kelly and Fox News got outfoxed by the Trump! Trump 2016!
Megan Kelly has been out to get Trump and shame on Fox News not really truthful anymore
Donald Trump, in Feud With Megyn Kelly, Shuns Debate: Mr. Trump and Fox News faced off again,...
Trump, I signed the Petion going around to Remove Megan Kelly from Fox News.
Fox News and company *** Megan Kelly are establishment media puppets!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Megan Kelly is a disgrace to Fox News. I'm done watching!!!
So Trump just shot Fox News in the middle of Sixth Avenue.
Megan Kelly will lose and so will Fox News
That's BS and you know it. But I support any boycott of Fox News and Megan Kelly. Fox News is an oxymoron. With morons.
I agree with Trump. Megan Kelly should not be there. If so it will doom Fox News as a good media netw…
Mark this day in history. I'm applauding a Fox News anchor. Donald Trump won't do the Republican Debate because Megyn Kelly won't back down.
Banished US veterans lean on each other south of border | Fox News |
Fox News.. Will Kelly have her fangs out for the debate? Will she hide behind her little Miss Innocence Role? Martha is WAY better !!
Stephen Hawking warns of planetary doom (again) | Fox News |
Armstrong was part of a media kick off for an air quality study based right here at our school. Fox News and KSL...
Fox News: Iran’s President asks Pope Francis to pray for him during European trip - Freed pastor speaks on tim...
- Are you talking about All of Hillary's crimes reported by Sean Hannity and Fox News?
I liked a video Rand Paul and Sean Hannity Agree on Mistake of Unlimited War | Fox News
MT Trump threatens to skip Fox News debate because of Megyn Kelly
guess what happens when Fox News invites Rick Perry to praise his candidate Ted Cruz
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Stacey Dash your nothing but an You and David Webb are the token blacks the of Fox News!
Fox News refuses Donald Trump’s demand to drop Megyn Kelly as moderator for this week's (January 28th). https:/…
Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has partnered with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a move that has drawn mockery from NEWS experts globally
Fox News. Good Samaritan killed in NC trying to help motorist stuck in snowstormFox NewsA Good Samaritan was shot and killed in North Carol…
Lawyer of man sentenced for threats against Muslim advocacy group said his client was provoked by watching Fox News:
but talking about race makes TOO MANY people clinch their sphincter and stop paying attention (see Fox News coverage)...
Fox News programmed almost three hours of coverage for '13 Hours' Benghazi movie:
The funny thing to me is, the bigger the lead Mr. Trump gets the more Fox News goes against him. Last night panel on the Kelly file was bad!
Governor Gary Johnson is on on Fox News right now.
‘Fast & Furious’ rifle capable of taking down helicopter found in 'El Chapo' cache | Fox News |
Fossil of duck-billed dinosaur found along Alabama creek | Fox News |
I liked a video Ex-Liberal Eric Allen Bell tells the truth about Islam and Liberalism on Fox News
Perfect snow-in day is a nice fire, slippers on and my beautiful wife sitting next to me watching Fox News !!
DoD bases no longer accepting driver's licenses from 5 states as ID | Fox News
Fox News' Kimberly Guilfoyle lauded the Center for Medical Progress' (CMP) deceptively-edited footage of...
Fox News host calls for mass murder of Islamists in unhinged rant via
in summer 2015 is Ralph Ellison today he suggest Sanders pragmatism does not equal moral justice and he’s Fox News
this sounds like is has potential… or will it be like Shepard Smith's show on Fox News without the budget?
Fox News uses African-Americans like Stacey Dash to trash other Blacks. She says the racist crap whites WISH they could…
Cronkite called me the other night asked, "What is this Fox News thing?" I told him not to worry it's just entertainment. ;-)
You know, one can watch that burning Yule Log on TV & get more enlightened thought from IT than from Fox News.
Eric Trump: I really look forward to being on Fox News with Martha MacCallum at 9:30amET.
Judge rules against Justice Dept. in Fast and Furious fight | Fox News
. When I see Fox News or MSM news anywhere, I ask 4 channel change. Usually they'll switch 2 sports or gossip shows. : )
Who was Glen Doherty? Details emerge on former SEAL's final actions in Benghazi | Fox News |
Kids are being permanently damaged by water poisoning in Michigan -- yet Fox News dismisses concern as "political"
Watch the video of Dr. John Abbott, TNSC's Curator of Entomology, on Fox News showing some of the insects that... http:…
Megyn Kelly reminds us (again) that there's no such thing as a voice of reason at Fox News
defends decision to back off Syria 'red line' | Fox News.
NLA member, Dr. Peter Jones, interviewed for Fox News article "11 surprising ways to prevent a heart attack." More:
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Time for a perp walk? Latest IG report on Hillary Clinton’s emails is DEVASTATING: Oh boy. Fox News has obtain...
Flashback: this is how I expect a rich businessman to react to bho 'Steve Wynn calls Obama an a**hole' | Fox News
I'm with Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting. May we use this photo during our newscast if we credit you for this image?
EPA cleared of bias in Alaska mine controversy despite lost emails - Fox News
When did George Costanza start interviewing for Fox News?
Sure enough, Fox News has once again perverted to race bait African Americans.
Speaking of Fox News..they're crickets today! Maybe they're happy as George Washington's slaves!...
The crickets are silent as usual at Fox News on this day...maybe they're happy as George Washington's slaves...
Confederate flag's removal turns Martin Luther King Day into celebration | Fox News |
Democratic debate: It's Hillary Clinton who can win and govern, not Bernie Sanders | Fox News |
what would Martin Luther King do? He would look at Fox News the same way he looked at George Wallace a hate group
Just commented on Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says he’ll move to Ireland if the US elections do -
Think Progress reports that Fox News analyst Catherine Herridge has blasted President Obama of not not handling the situation in Iran well.
Why Hillary Clinton's legal woes are grave or even fatal: A tale of two smoking guns | Fox News |
Wonkette reports that Sarah Palin has signed on with Fox News, anyone want to see the Expanding Earth session, no seriously.
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Fox News reports that Sarah Palin will wait until after the Iowa Caucuses to make her endorsement.
Okay,so you're dismissing Fox News, O'Reilly, Hannity, Kelly, Smith, Gutfeld, Stossel, and all of their guests' views. No?
Health insurance premiums fell in exactly one state in 2015 | Fox News
I remember when the FOIA requests around Shirley Sherrod came out and Obama staffers wanted to fire her because Fox News was covering it
Amazing experience today with Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum at Fox News.
Take a tour of the "Bermudian" on Lake Butler that was featured this past Saturday on Fox News with Bob Massi,...
JackA$$ Alert! . American folk singer hopes peace concert for ISIS will win over terror group | Fox News |
We so sorry Uncle Albert!.. Fox News reports Iran demanded/received an APOLOGY before they released 10 U.S. sailors.
Shepherd Smith. No, it is not the oily CK guy, but you have a bad history with Fox News personalities.
Whoa. Dean Strang and Ken Kratz going head to head on Fox News right now.
Old- but worth. read Ronald Reagan gave us Fox News by getting FCC to repeal the Fairness Doctrine via
the Adam Smith Institute should adopt a Fox News style 'fair & balanced' logo.
. Fox News is the most biased & hypocritical news network that ever existed, you all play more games than Milton Bradley
Fox News: a channel which mixes up God and politics and evil people and nonsense in order to confuse its vulnerable viewers.
No, you're just spoon fed by Fox News and right wing conservative talk radio
Fox News is mainstream. It's the no. 1 cable news channel in the US.
Fox News swiftly fired Glen Beck after this : via
(Fox News) beats in Brisbane final : Canada's Milos Raonic, the world No. 14, beat..
It's worse than that, though. All the nonsense & trash of a tabloid with the fear-mongering power of Fox News. Dangerous. Very.
Fox News Poll: Sanders up by 13 points in New Hampshire | Fox News |
God what awful programmes the Daily Politics is turning into. More like Fox News than the BBC
Fran Tarkenton said on Fox News that Broncos LB Joe Mays, who had a Van Gogh hit on Matt Schaub, "should have been suspen…
Suspect in Pa. cop ambush said he acted 'in the name of Islam,' police confirm | Fox News
Congress sends health law repeal to Obama's desk for first time | Fox News |
Always classy, Fox News speculates on timing of Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy
Great segment from on and Fox News' reaction to Obama's speech. .
Conservatives are all about the issues. Alex Jones said Obama faked his tears with cayenne, while Fox News stands firmly on…
if you note this source isn't Fox News
I was clicking through channels and came across some Fox News channel and legitimately thought it was a Comedy Central parody.
Fox News has 2 b hands down the most ridiculous news channel. I can imagine how folks can get brainwashed watching it.
Fox News, land of dumb blondes. Starting with Steve Doocy
We need something like Fox News in India. I heard Subhas Chandra plans to launch new English Channel like Fox news
Every “liberal” pundit on Fox News & CNN must watch tape of the Washington Generals before their segment
Fox News: Officer must testify against van driver in Freddie Gray case
Will Dennis Allen be back with the New Orleans Saints in 2016? - Fox News
The No. 2 owner of Fox News is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal:
Fox News is nothing but a bunch of *** who have no idea what they're talking about. Still don't get why that channel is on the air
Watch 'Making a Murderer' lawyers debate on Fox News
the thing is is that you look for reasons to demonize us and come up with any untrue lie from Fox News to falsely convict us
When you accidentally change the channel to Fox News and then drop the remote and the batteries fall out so you have to sit in the stupid.
Hi there’s a problem with Channel 604 Fox News this morning. Being stretched out in wrong resolution. Please fix. Thanks.
when I try and stream your show it directs me to the regular Fox News and scummy Neil Cavuto :(
One difference is that Republicans have their own channel around fake news. It's called Fox News.
Twelve ways to live like a Navy SEAL in 2016 | Fox News |
Fox News just came up with the most ludicrous theory to explain Obama's tears
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WATCH: Fox News host accuses Obama of using "raw onion" to fake tears in gun speech
Tom Joyner's incredulity at how Fox News can attack the President for crying about the death of children, is right on point.
Is it overly conical of me to think that Obama planned to cry like that on national tv? A Fox News host, Andrea...
Fox News pins their Benghazi hopes and dreams on Hollywood director Michael Bay
US Pacific Fleet shrinks as China grows more assertive in South China Sea | Fox News |
Pull up to a stoplight and Fox News is right next to me and Koin 6 is on the other side😂
In case you missed it: Neil Cavuto's tribute to 'MASH' star, Fox News contributor and member Wayne Rogers https…
CFACT's Marc Morano, editor of appeared on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News on May …
If giving the "other side" of the gun control argument means airing the bleatings of a detestable moron, Fox News is right on it.
As a very own Richard Schiff as you like to help with ADDamn is we're not true, it's up in school though as Fox News would
Ashley Benson called 'too fat' for Hollywood role - Fox News: Ashley…
I remember when newspapers told only the truth. Now most are like Fox News, telling lies for the rich.
Did you realize Frank Luntz and his group work for both Fox News & CBS? No wonder their polling seems to have a liberal bi…
Fox News learned nothing from Bundy debacle. . "Hats off to the folks at the Arizona Border Recon group."
Years of Fox News and right wing radio extremist propaganda have created lunatics like this
It is all a Fox News thing trying to get Trump elected.
Fox News' Chris Wallace trashing the writer of this book:
Police document says complained of back problem months before his injury | Fox News |
For the 14th consecutive year, Fox News is the most viewed US cable news channel, now 2nd among all cable channels
I suggest, that you go and learn things from sources other than Fox News, Pam Geller, and Rush Limbaugh.
I despise the phrase. It's usually uttered by a conservative deeming everything but Fox News a liberal conspiracy
Fox News was ranked in cable news networks for 2015. In primetime total viewership they…
Remember this is Rupert Murdock, Fox News, right wing BS. Blame the victim, protect the abuser
Evolution from snail to Obama's people | Fox News |
Hopefully the person mistakenly identified by Fox News sea lions in my mentions.
liberal, hate HATE Fox News, love sports ect ect
Stay tuned to Fox News for the latest developments after a gunman opened fire in Tel Aviv.
Vikings, Packers have played many memorable games - Fox News: Fox NewsVikings, Packers have played many memora...
Fox News had 1.8M primetime viewers in 2015, second only to ESPN; CNN and MSNBC saw growth, helped by major news...
Tide rolls: Alabama stomps Michigan State, will face Clemson for national ... - Fox News
Mississippi River tops levee in southern Illinois | Fox News | Time to move homes out of flood plains.Make farmland
Tough words for from Pitino. But Rick wasn't lying. Bozich was a little too Fox News about the whole thing. He knows better.
Matt I appreciate your angle on UL sports, but some days you remind me of Fox News constant over reach. Far from melt down
5 super-bold predictions for the 2016 Sprint Cup season - Fox News
dam it. I really liked that guy. He was a great dude. Watched him on mash and fox business Fox News channel.
I want to wish you a safe and happy new year love watching you on Fox News and Business Channel
cable channel by viewership is ESPN. is Fox News.
Unbelievable! Christian Air Force general who spoke of God should be court-martialed, group says | Fox News |
| Nancy Brinker: Why we must preserve the charitable deduction | Fox News
Wesner Michel; Texas may seek prison for teen who cried 'affluenza' in drunk-drive case - Fox News: Fox NewsTe...
Wesner Michel; Grand jury will not file charges against police in shooting death of 12-year ... - Fox News: Fo...
NY POST is owned by Rupert Murdock, the same guy that owns Fox News. Consider the source!
Meridian Neuroscience Spokesperson and NFL great Harry Carson on Fox News discussing
Wesner Michel; Week of severe weather leaves at least 43 dead across seven states - Fox News: Fox NewsWeek of ...
Congressman King says terror threat coming from mosques, calls for better surveillance | Fox News |
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".hope is in the kingdom of God, not in the political system.” Fox News |
The Venn diagram of people who think Al Jazeera isn't credible and Fox News is credible is just one circle.
you mean people don't only watch Fox News in the rest of the world?!?!?
You're the uneducated one if you really believe any conservatives watch Fox News.
People who watch Fox News are doubting the legitimacy of Al Jazeera *eye roll*
I don't watch any TV let alone Fox News. Yes, the Al Jazeera report is questionable as are any accusations such as this.
I liked a video Kid Hacks in the Middle of Fox News
Umm, parents seem to watch Fox News so, um, there's that...
Loved that I was on national TV, but my opinion of Fox News has never been good, so I got about what I expected.
I'm shocked to learn that Fox News lied to their viewers > 2015 saw no 'war on cops' and no 'national crime wave'
I added a video to a playlist 5 Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News
First ISIS, then Fox News. Watch out. ISIS Influence on Web Prompts Second Thoughts on First Amendment, via
Russell Brand (said Fox News is worse than ISIS. Leftists are deranged.
come on Brent Bozell I watch you on Fox News all the time and you are smart and intelligent ! You know it's time for Trump 😎🇺🇸
Fox News: a television channel which habitually appeals to American patriotism even though it's owned by an Australian guy.
Cops bust business that handed out pot brownies on DC streets - Fox News
We all know Fox News people are stupid, but no one sums it up quite as well as John Cleese.
OMG! Arson reportedly suspected in blaze at Bill Clinton birthplace | Fox News |
Thanks can u follow me and join my other Fox News legal eagles.
GOP,NRA,Fox News, fundamentalist Christians,gun-lovers,science deniers,all facets of the same stone.
Parents whats the right age to explain to a Fox News anchor that Santa isnt real?
FOX NEWS: Obama signs Executive Order for possible MARTIAL LAW in 2nd Ja... via
Fox News dreams of a very white Christmas.
Michael Crabtree gets security, new contract with Raiders - FOX News
BBC News - Captive fox released from Buckminster Estate shed
Taco shop turns robbery footage into hilarious commercial
A Fox News contributor says that Carly Fiorina lied about him during the GOP debate:
News Donald to ring in 2016 on Eve https…
Donald Trump has appeared on Fox News more than twice as much as any other candidate
NBA Legend Rick Fox invests into esports, buys LoL team. ARTICLE:
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Next up on Fox News: Our panel discusses how Obama has ruined Christmas by doing exactly the same things as Republican pre…
Muslim couple kicked out of Arkansas mall after recording video inside, cops say | Fox News |
Utah police say remains found of suspect in 2010 park ranger shooting - Fox News ⚡
Reward offered for information in Arkansas dead dogs case - Fox News Isis is encouraging kids to kill our dogs
Fox News CIA and Terrorism expert arrested for Fraud and Lying.
Patients comfortable with e-visits to manage acne treatment use - Fox News Asia
Speechless - but this might be the natural endgame of devolving stupidparty
UK condemns Muslim Brotherhood in break from Obama administration | Fox News |
Anyone else's dad put on Fox News and then just leave the room
Peake calls wrong number from space
San Diego police search for 400-pound bearded woman suspected of stabbing man | Fox News |
No he only calls out Fox News for anything they report that about him lol
Fox news reported him dead years ago This journalist just EXPOSED how U.S. Government lied about Bin Laden killing
US gov't not saying why Muslim family barred from Disneyland-bound flight | Fox News |
if Fox news existed on Christmas day
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This just in at Fox News: Shadowbeatz declared war on Christmas.
Fox News didn't do an hour long special on Navy. But 🐸☕️
I hate fox news they are unfair and unbalance !!!
Krauthammer on Ben Carson: He has 'fallen like a stone' | Fox News |
Fox News asks what is 'Christian' response to refugees. Evangelist Robert Jeffress advises ... dont confuse Jesus and Statue of Liberty!? 😇🙏
Saudi Arabia reverses decision to stone maid for adultery, Sri Lanka claims | Fox News
Fox News contributor rips supporters for "hypocrisy" on particular issue: It "sickens me"
Idaho cafeteria worker fired for giving hungry student a free lunch | Fox News | Doug Howell is a POS, Scumbag!
luckily, we dodge the Fox News bullet, but make up for it in mass quantities of Pawn Stars and American Pickers.
Fox News is perhaps the greatest promoter of fear in the US. For them to accuse Pres. Obama of fear is ironic.
Tens of thousands shivering without power in Washington city - Fox News
Don Mitchell on Fox News last night.that's right, I said Don Mitchell on Fox News:.
JUST IN: Trump to help Fox News count down to 2016
Greg Gutfeld lays into Eric Bolling and Fox News for its slobbering coverage of Donald Trump
ABC has Ryan Seacrest, NBC has Carson Daly, CNN has Anderson and Kathy Griffin, Fox News has Kim Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling an…
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Nancy Pelosi to seek another term as House Democratic leader, Fox News confirms
My local McDonald's has Fox News on the lobby tv. Right wing nonsense goes well with a crappy burger.
Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud | Fox News |
Fox hosting Jan. 28 Republican presidential debate from Des Moines: CEDAR RAPIDS — Fox News will host its second…
Paul slams Congress over trillion-dollar spending bill he claims no one read | Fox News
Fox News joins in on the fraudulent attack on Cruz in spite of the fact that they knew.
Says the man who tried to get Fox News removed from the White House Press Corp and did a e-mail hack of James Rosen
The Media is fueling this because the media is lying to the American people, Fox News all you do it, it's not ur job to tell a lie ***
The rematch is set - more presidential debate drama headed your way on Fox News.
Fox News to host next GOP primary debate
Fox News will host the final GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus, with and Chris Wallace:
American Gov't Has Lost The Consent Of The Governed: by Pat Caddell.  Fox News analyst and one of the country’...
for President BAD FOX POLLING! What went wrongt Mitt Romney and the 2012 election | Fox News |
New Orleans police officer sentenced to life in prison following conviction of ... - Fox News
Fox News pranked by Fake X-Democrat turned Republican pretending to like GOP! Hilarious!!
Fox News gets Nuked so Bad by guest, they had to Rush to a Commercial Break(Video) OUCH!!
President Obama Brilliantly exposes why a Fox News question was Ultra-Moronic(Video) LMAO
Does Fox have a Retarded Staff? Spectacularly Horrible Errors, Fox News has made(Video)
Fox News like the Republican Party has sold out Conservative values bay attacking both Trump and Cruz.
Veterans' PTSD may recur down the line | Fox News |
Just saw this officer interviewed on Fox News - has anyone seen this hero even mentioned on any of the mainstream...
officer charged in handcuffed man's drowning | Fox News | new law ,,death to white amercian drunk boaters
charged in handcuffed man's drowning death | Fox News |
Missouri officer charged in handcuffed Iowa man's drowning death - Fox News
New Mexico gov part of allegedly boisterous party that led to police call - Fox News
Fox News doing Rubio's dirty work for him because Murdock supports amnesty. Greta and Brett are the paid henchmen.
Fired Oklahoma officer convicted of raping black women 'picked the wrong lady' | Fox News |
Attorney for Chicago officer plans to seek change of venue - Fox News
Right place at the right time: Army Reserve soldiers leaving pharmacy catch ... - Fox News
Secret Service officer suspended after home break-in is shot, killed | Fox News |
Brian I have to say I'm a bit jealous, you get to hang out with the smartest most beautiful woman on Fox News.
Lila Rose discusses 11th Planned Parenthood video with Sean Hannity on Fox News
Mother in law: Why do you watch TV shows about serial killers and motorcycle gangs?. Me: Same reason you watch Fox News, to …
Trump calls Megyn Kelly 'the most overrated anchor' at Fox News
Fox News host Megyn Kelly tells kids: Jesus and Santa are both white guys
It's for economic reasons mostly but my father does watch more Fox News than I'm comfortable with
Obama torn to shreds on Fox News over Syria - Seriously a Must Watch via
Texas has most low income jobs, worst education and no Justice System. That's only prosperity if you watch Fox News. https:…
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