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Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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says trips to New York City cost the US too much - Fox News
Pres Trump will interview with anyone at Fox News--including "good to see you" stupid sounding Martha Maccallum.
Can Rupert Murdoch’s sons truly change the culture of Fox News without losing what made it so successful?
Texas proposal looks to nullify federal law in between state lines - Fox News
Rebel Wilson sues Bauer Media for defamation - Fox News
Bo Dietl is a Fox News contributor and has been endorsed by and
How about Fox News, r they fake news 2? The source for this is the Commerce Department btw.…
Australia to raise English language standard for citizenship | Fox News
Hannity: 'High up' person trying to fire Fox News co-president via
This reporter broke the story that turned up advertiser pressure on O'Reilly and Fox News -- here's how she got it:
Fox News' Jesse Watters is facing backlash for a lewd joke he made about Ivanka Trump
Jesse Watters, the Fox News host, denied any implication that the comment he made about Ivanka Trump was sexual
Critics say a Fox News host made a lewd joke about Ivanka Trump -- and they aren't buying his excuse.
Fox News host Jesse Watters says he enjoys Ivanka's voice, wasn't making a joke when he said that microphone comment
Fox News seems to be sending a lot of hosts on "vacation"
Fox News host Jesse Watters going on ‘vacation’ after backlash over crude Ivanka joke
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Fox News' Jesse Watters takes abrupt vacation after controversial remarks about Ivanka Trump . Look for him to be replaced…
ESPN lays off about 100 employees, including Danny Kanell, Ed Werder - Fox News
Fox News defending by comparing her to past First Ladies is perfect.
ICYMI: Ted Cruz explains to Fox News just how his El Chapo Act would work to pay for the wall
Hey if I wanted to know how wonderful Trump is doing from a Trump supporter I would watch Fox News.
I only watch Fox News and local . I don't know why I have the other channels.
WATCH: Jesse Watters on Fox News re Ivanka Trump: "I really like how she was speaking into that microphone"
UC Berkeley braces for violence if Ann Coulter speaks or not | Fox News ➜…
Triggered? I would claim I was reading Mr Sowell accurately and projecting it on Fox News daily talking points
There goes Fox News again, paying 'RACE PIMP' Richard Fowler $ to come on TV & call all Conservatives RACIST.😠
Greta van Susteren needs to go back to Fox News. Her sucking up to Ivanka today was a shame. What Ivanka said in Germany w…
11 current and former Fox News employees have accused the network of racial discrimination
Here's RFK, Jr's great interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night. Many important issues were...
Sec of State Kris Kobach tells Fox News that staying in Kansas is "the best thing for me to do right now."
Council of Europe assembly wants to monitor Turkey again - Fox News
Who cares what Bruce thinks. Fox News & have extremely disappointed me for promoting him.
Clearly I was referring to Fox News and their remark abt conservatism. Reading comprehension hard?
Possibly some content for comments to me about culture at Fox News needing to change (part 1)
Sarah Palin's treatment at Fox News: Roger Ailes called her "hot" and Chris Wallace hoped she would sit in his lap
Fox News contributor accuses of sexual harassment. Soon, FNC primetime will be 4 hours of Bob Beckel https…
Who at Fox News thought Grunting Bob Beckel and Whinning Dana Perino was what viewers want to subject themselves to at 9pm…
"Jake Tapper asked whether Sarah Palin was harassed at Fox News. She didn’t exactly say no."
Fox News continues to demonstrate how low its standards are by making Bob Beckel one of th…
A woman is now accusing Sean Hannity of sexual harassment. It’s Fox News. So Hannity still has 123 strikes left before…
Opinion | Dana Milbank: Where is Trump's 'armada'? Apparently, wherever Fox News says it is
Sean Hannity accused of sexually harassing Fox News guest
Exposing sexual predators at Fox News: Sean Hannity now accused of sexually harassing guest vi…
They're going to keep hitting Sean Hannity, they're trying to get all of the hard right people out. Fox News is done
Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel accuses of inviting her to his hotel room after taping his show. htt…
Maybe at this point it would be easier to point out which Fox News pundits HAVEN'T sexually harassed anyone.
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Sean Hannity is the latest person at Fox News who is accused of sexual harassment via
Getting fired from Fox News for sexual-harassment allegations does not come cheap
Donald saw on Fox News that he said Mexico would pay. Fox News wouldn't lie (unlike FAKE…
Another ex-Fox News anchor is going public with allegations of sexual harassment against former CEO Roger Ailes:…
LATEST: Ex-Fox News employee says Roger Ailes sexually exploited her for 20 years
.speaks out about the culture at Fox News
Headlines "With O'Reilly out, FOX NEWS rivals have a chance to move in..." It is a sad day for Fox News to be pushed out !!
I was there in the rain. My sign said: Where do you get your facts? 2 choices: Fox News or Science.
What was also fascinating was hearing first hand how he pressured journalists to push conservative agenda. Fox News is corp…
Where is Trump’s ‘armada’? Apparently, wherever Fox News says it is. | Dana Milbank | Columns « ArcaMax Publishing
9 black employees now allege racial discrimination against Fox News, were forced to arm wrestle for white bosses
This is the prime time Fox News host who *didn't* lose his job this week.
Incredible speech given tonight by Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth at the Summit County…
Dana Milbank: Trump's 'armada' is wherever Fox News says it is
Fox News drops one aging pervert, but still has perv-in-chief Donald Trump via
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Richard...another reason l don't watch Fox News as much as I used to.
Richard Gere on why he chooses indie films over Hollywood blockbusters | Fox News
Trevor celebrates the work of Fox News's Gropey McRacistpants aka Bill O'Reilly.
I am a fan of Kurt Russell. Why the heck does Fox News think it is story about when he and Goldie started having sex? Get a clue Fox News!
Golden parachutes are wrong for predators on Wall Street, & they're wrong for predators at Fox News.
Some guy on Fox News just said the shamrock shake is a work of art and I think that's the first time I've agreed with something on Fox News
Fox News's Pete Hegseth, referring to ISIS-controlled areas of Afghanistan: "This is Indian country."
We don't need to know Kurt. Kurt Russell with Goldie Hawn on Fox News
Each week Fox News picks its Top 3 over-the-top luxury listings from Mansion Global. Sir Tom Jones has recently...
Kurt Russell reveals he had sex with Goldie Hawn on first date - Fox News. Who the *** cares!
What we are learning more and more is that Ailes's Fox News was a cross between the Nixon White House, J Edgar Hoover's…
I do not want to bother with Fox News except for Lou Dobbs, Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bollings and all those babes with th…
Tucker Carlson will take O' Reilly's time slot on Fox News
No self respecting democrat would say that. Fox News is the epitome of fake news. Ei…
More fake Fox News,the US sailors were captured in Iranian waters,not international   10% Off
Jamie Murdoch regarded many of the people at Fox News as thuggish Neanderthals & said he was embarrassed to be in the same compa…
Top-rated host Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News: New York magazine via
as a visitor in NY/NJ it seems your establishments vanish into thin air, first the Fox News building, then Journal Square.
.There was harassment but no hotline during her time as a host at Fox News
It's funny how all of the things that Fox News lied to America about Obama is actually true about Trump! (Not Christia…
You probably listen to Fox News and Alex Jones
This Bill O'Reilly rant will never ever get old. to leave Fox News after sexual misconduct allegations. http…
The decision by Fox News to cut ties with Bill O’Reilly is a sea change for both the network and its parent company
I liked a video Bill O'Reilly's meeting w/ Pope Francis the day of his Fox News firing +Warships to
Bill O'Reilly briefly met Pope Francis in Vatican City. Hours later, he would be out of a job at Fox News
Bill O'Reilly will not be returning to Fox News says 21st Century Fox.
BREAKING: Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News, its parent company 21st Century Fox just announced
JUST IN: 21st Century Fox says host Bill O'Reilly will not return to Fox News following allegations of harassment and sexu…
Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News, 21st Century Fox says. by via
The man taking over Bill O'Reilly's slot on Fox News is beloved by neo-Nazis and misogynists:
Fox News is like a Hydra made of *** instead of heads: When you plug one up, like Bill O'Riley, another like Tucker C…
When you're glad O'Reilly is gone but remember that Tucker Carlson gets the time slot and Fox News still exists and Tru…
Tucker Carlson to get Bill O'Reilly's 8pm slot on Fox News.
MORE: Fox News says Tucker Carlson will take over Bill O'Reilly's prime time slot following his departure.
Ok, now who would you like to see have their own show on Fox News? This poll does not include Tucker Carlson because he…
Fox News is going from a sexual harasser to Tucker Carlson, a man who once bragged about beating a *** man in the bath…
Fox News fired Bill O'Reilly and is giving his slot to Tucker Carlson, who bragged about assaulting a *** man in the bath…
Remember when Bill O'Reilly complained that Megyn Kelly was making Fox News look bad?
LA Times asked me to comment on Bill O'Reilly leaving Fox News
Bill O'Reilly has been forced out of Fox News. Perfect time to revisit this classic clip:
Im not fan of Fox News so take this with a grain of salt, promoting Bolling, Tucker and Jesse Waters is clearly a step back for the network
petition for Jesse Waters or Dana Perino to fill O'Reilly's spot on Fox News
BREAKING: Bill O'Reilly Will Not Return to Fox News - UPDATE: Tucker Carlson will be moving to O'Reilly's forme... https:/…
It's noteworthy bc let me say that again: Fox News, as a company, paid cash money so that Bill O'Reilly could settle sexua…
Bill O’Reilly is out at Fox News following sexual harassment allegations, parent company says
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21st Century Fox says Bill O'Reilly's days at Fox News are over
BREAKING: 21st Century Fox announces Bill O'Reilly will not return to Fox News
Brilliant idea: "The Eight" for Fox News at 8pm. Hosted by the 7 losing candidates in the French election plus Joe the Plumber
-Chaffetz won't return to Congress. -O'Reilly OUT at Fox News. -Tom Brady snubs Trump. And it's not even noon yet
podcast is now available 4/19/17 - Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News?... Hobby Lobby Founder David Green Jo…
Mood when Fox News is going to fire Bill O'Reilly and Jason Chaffetz announces he won't be seeking re-election all in one da…
Bill O'Reilly need to start his own news net work...Fox News have gone to far to the left.. Democrat A…
Serena Williams is pregnant. 👑. . . . . Jason Chaffetz won't seek re-election. Bill O'Reilly might be fired by Fox News. ht…
Hire Bill O'Reilly . The Blaze needs to become the new Fox News only better. Do it Glenn
Bill O'Reilly 'out at Fox News after Rupert Murdoch is pressured to fire the host by his two sons'
NEW POLL: Nearly half think Fox News should cancel Bill O'Reilly's show
Humble gonna beat Ed Sherran with an album full of Fox News slander. There's hope for America still
I think Fox News's decision to hire liberals like the late Alan Colmes was a bad decision, too.
Here's Frank Luntz on Glenn Beck's Fox News show in 2009 telling tea partiers what signs to carry https:/…
Of course not. Your brain has been rotted by Fox News and the Drud…
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Fox News planning to cut ties with Bill O'Reilly: report
Report: Fox News is preparing to cut ties with Bill O'Reilly in wake of sexual-harassment allegations -
You can go your whole life without meeting an MS-13 member but it's the biggest problem in the country on Fox News
Crew member killed after Blackhawk helicopter crashes on Maryland golf course | Fox News
Sounds like he's gearing up to blame Media Matters. Won't work. Also, statement underscores that Fox News has no…
Source: Fox News and Bill O'Reilly are talking exit
People are saying that Bill O'Reilly has been asked to resign from Fox News. Waiting on confirmation.
Cry me a river. Try being a woman who had to deal with the creeps at Fox News.
y’all aint showing the high speed chase ? Lemme turn to Fox News then
Milo's career is dead. A bunch of Fox News women jumped ship. Tomi Takes-A-Paycheck is probably gone. The snowball is rolling.
In addition to the crazies at Breitbart, Fox News, Drudge & Alex Jones, the va…
All the things Fox News pretended were true about Obama (not Christian, not patriotic, tool of foreign power) are actual…
Psychopathic traits linked to witnessing abuse in childhood | Fox News
Are all media news outlets controlled by George Soros? Is Fox News under his thumb? Report more about his crime sindicate?
*** Teen Vogue doing investigative journalism, . "Fox News" hires blondes with big boobs that have funky first nam…
"One of the largest shareholders of Fox News, along with CNN, NIBC etc... is George Soros, who…" — brokenpony225
I accidentally saw that car chase suicide on Fox News a few years ago. I was shocked how upset I felt so I don't snoop now.
*that* only happens at Fox News, Eric. We chase after serious stories around here.
Fox News said Obama made the U.S. a laughing stock. 80% of Europeans approved of Obama. Only 9% approve of Trump. http…
Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera responds to Kendrick's bars calling him out on "YAH."
Seal Team 6 and Navy could Fix this Easy! Nothing left of Venezuela's democracy | Fox News
Lol easy bud. Aggressive much? I'm just saying then your reference to Fox News not covering it mak…
if you're going to get a liberal on Fox News at least get one with not such a squeaky voice as this Jessica
Bye bye Bill: Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News was a watershed moment for Bill O’Reilly
Megyn Kelly never sued or settled with Fox News. Again go do your research and come back to me
Megyn Kelly complained about O'Reilly before leaving Fox News
Fox News: Muslims force women to cover their faces and that's bad. Also Fox News: Our female reporters must all wear he…
Masters Tournament: Sergio Garcia wins first career major, at last | Fox News ➜…
Yeah why would anybody watch Fox News when you can watch CNN and be lied to all day long
Bill O'Reilly's behavior is said to have helped drive Megyn Kelly out at Fox News
Then stop listening to Fox News. Cash because of economic sanctions & snuck in to prevent it being targeted by thie…
See Jessica on Fox News and not on her political side, but she is smart…
UNITED STATES: Megyn Kelly's departure from Fox News was in part due to the behaviour of Bill O'Reilly, according to Ne…
The moment Fox News played a Toby Keith song over footage of a bomb dropping was the moment it became a parody of itself https…
Wow... criticizes Fox News. That's so brave and edgy. Just give him the now.
If you read the thread, not a single source was Fox News.
Rove on President Trump: There's a new sheriff in town. Apr. 13, 2017 - 4:35 - Fox News contributor gives his take
Fox News--"Trump Trump" Eric "bumbling" Bolling thinks he has permission to disrespect Pres Trump whenever he feels like it.
YOU GO GIRL: Public Advocate Letitia James lead the call for Fox News to get it together on Sixth Avenue...
Fox News "Trump Trump" Eric Bolling--whom I've never liked--& who owes his livelihood to Bill O'Reilly--is a Pres Trump disrespectable.
While CNN lower banner stated: Pompey saying : Russia worked with Wikileaks. This is the Fox News banner of same speech http…
US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan after Green Beret killed - Fox News (but it wasn't retaliation 🤔)
Look who s talking .give me a break and Fox News fake news and TIME WILL TELL code Rose Bud.
Fox News tried to criticise Barack Obama, accidentally praised him instead
Fox News is "a place where alternative facts have given way to alternative behavior," says at protest
Bill O'Reilly, Fox News should be investigated by city, federal agencies, Letitia James says
Don't watch Shepard Smith anymore‼😭He is so bias against Trump‼👎He is another one that Fox News needs to replace‼ I watch FBN
Breaking News: Vladimir Putin meeting today with Rex Tillerson in Moscow, US Embassy spokesperson tells Fox News. .
Every night, I write down the dumbest thing that could happen the next day. Last night I wrote "Fox News blows Trump on air." Pretty close.
Karma---Drew Peterson reportedly attacked in prison - Fox News
Drew Peterson reportedly attacked in prison - Fox News. Payback
Drew Peterson reportedly attacked in prison - Fox News. Hopefully this will happen to him everyday for the next 40yrs
Drew Peterson reportedly attacked in prison - Fox News. Good.
Drew Peterson reportedly attacked in prison - Fox News am I supposed to feel empathy for this guy?
Drew Peterson reportedly attacked in prison - Fox News
I assume you care, he cares, Fox News cares, and Jews care. That's off the top of my head
Fox News loves me, folks. Only honourable between equals. Besides, his opposition to right is done unwittingly.
Jeff Cook of Alabama says he has Parkinson's disease - Fox News
Spicer clarifies Hitler remarks as Pelosi calls for his firing - Fox News
.responds to a racist Fox News segment. Tonight @ 11/10c, Your Moment of Them: The Best of Ronny Chien…
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Robert Bentley: Alabama governor resigns over sex scandal - Fox News of course most of them are pedos!
U should watch Fox News & Brietbart. Watch some Walker Texas Ranger for the splotions-Not wo…
Shep Smith just read this out on Fox News almost salivating at the mouth at the prospect of war with Russia.
Flynn's Deputy KT McFarland has now also been removed from the National Security Council. She was hired from Fox News.
"21st Century Fox should enforce the law" and "enforce a change in the culture" at Fox News, says
21st Century Fox will investigate Fox News over Bill O’Reilly sexual harassment cases
Fox News' parent company, 21st Century Fox, is going to open an investigation into allegations of...
Bill O’Reilly hires Bill Clinton’s ‘Monicagate’ lawyer in frantic bid to stay on at Fox News
Fox News has cornered the moral zombie market of America
"Religious right," Republican "Evangelicals," a cesspool of dirty secrets just like Fox News: Denny Hastert, Paul Crouch,…
The focus was on General Mike Flynn, billionaire Erik Prince, and Fox News host Sean Hannity
Breaking: Fox News reporting Russian warships are entering the Mediterranean, in an apparent confrontation with U.S. forc…
Advertiser's pulling from is great, but THEY are still advertising with Fox News. They should pull all ad…
THE FIVE FOX FESTIVAL IN JAPAN confirmed!! See you in summer 2017!!
Fox 2 Detroit Search continues for gunman who shot 9-year-old in the face Fox 2 Detroit DETROIT…
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Fox News and MSNBC promote violence and warp the minds of the passive American viewing population. Do your...
y do ur own research when Fox News reports, u decide 😊😊
Catherine Herridge is on my list of the "Best at Fox News" 2017.
Russia ups ante by freezing communications with US in Syria - Fox News
A "Wall of Silence From Fox News"??? They're usually full of hot air and spouting it out! That can't be good for O'…
Harf: Questions remain after US launches airstrikes in Syria - Fox News
I’m really going to miss FNC's Red Eye. And not just because they were nice enough to have me on.
But you watched and then made a comment.. I would not give fake news any of my time!! Pointless.…
Oh please CNN is bought and paid for by liberals. I see & hear fox c…
Detroit Tiger victory and doing the weather on Fox 2 news. It's a good day.
Bill O'Reilly is the signature star of the Fox News Channel — in so many ways. He has the biggest ratings, the b...
To Fox News, if you want me to watch your Breaking News coverage, get rid of Shephard Smith
Yeah facts straight from fox and brietbart. He needs to branch out to a reputable news source.
So Fox news was For Trump and against others now Attacks LGBT community for test requirement for safe places *** Leave them alone
Fox News loves me, folks. Reflection that he made what haste they could. the folks. Believe me. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Say no more then...But you've checked other news apart from fox ? ...Because they don't ha…
First, he is disgusting. Second, it just shows that SOME people will buy the load of crap he & Trump & Fox…
Local baseball team headed back to Cuba - FOX 61: FOX 61 Local baseball team…
“According to Federal Election Commission, Fox News Corp. donated more than $3 million to Clinton family accounts."/FEC…
Fox News is being sued out the wazoo and lots of sponsors are leaving. Tomi Lahren is suing Glenn Beck. The silver lini…
So what's the deal with the Russian warship headed towards the American warship that Fox news reported? No other mainstream n…
POW story of "Angels of Bataan" army nurses is one of the greatest WWII stories never told. - Fox News
The European Commission said Friday that the transaction would raise no competition concerns in Europe
Dozens of companies are now boycotting Bill O’Reilly. But one is sticking with him via
"Krauthammer: Syria strikes represent 'a neck snapping about face' on policy" via FOX NEWS
Fox News is a big dysfunctional family--last night's air strike coverage was like being on the set of "Long Day's Journ…
"Trump admin's next move after the Syria strike" via FOX NEWS
"Conway: WH shake-up rumors distract from accomplishments" via FOX NEWS
"Rep. McCaul on US national security threats posed by Syria " via FOX NEWS
"Sen. John McCain: The Russians are complicit in Syria " via FOX NEWS
"Newest Supreme Court Justice will jump right into caseload" via FOX NEWS
Fox news is getting bad 1st with Bill O'Reilly now Tucker Carlson attacking *** on tonights show! Fox isnt doing anything shame on both
Why the *** not? If you are suing Fox News, you know your chances of them settling to keep it hush, hush are pretty good.
No surprise. It's why he constantly repeats what he hears and sees on Fox news. He can't read. He can't reta…
Conway: WH shake-up rumors distract from accomplishments | On Air Videos | Fox News Watch the video |
Fox News: Foreign policy for drunk rednecks.
FOX NEWS: SURVEILLANCE ON TRUMP WAS DAY AND NIGHT & gang will be outcasts like lepers. Evil demented scum
Thank you. I question anything published by Occupy De…
Opinion: Trump airstrikes tell Syria's Assad the game is up on chemical weapons - Fox News
Were Americans waiting for a President who would be "somewhere between a cowboy and a professor"?
UCLA's L had ZERO to do with white players but alot to do with D Fox & his 39 vs Lonzo! )
Fashion show host charged with pocketing money meant for cancer patients - FOX 29
Brian Williams: Images of US airstrikes on Syria are 'beautiful' - Fox News. Fox News. Brian Williams: Images of U…
Federal probe into Fox News casts shadow over Murdoch empire
Too bad I couldn't vote because I'm Canadian. But I get buffalo ny's local news on my Fox station so that's cool too
From your propaganda pals at Fox News. Let's not freak until confirmed by reputable media source.
Bill O'Reilly continues to lose advertisers due to sexual harassment scandal
Fox News: .LindseyGrahamSC: “[POTUS] acted decisively when Obama did not.”
'ANGELS OF BATAAN' POW tale is one of WWII's greatest untold stories
Stockholm terror attack: Man arrested after truck plows into store killing 4 - Sweden torn over how to
Fox News: .LindseyGrahamSC: “I would just say this about President I’m proud of him. He did something Obama…
Fox News reporting that Moscow has condemned the attacks on Assad airbase. Shut down deconfliction channels...
WHY does Fox News go to Step Smith TRUMP TRASHER to cover Syria strike.Time for Fox News to can Step, can Geraldo, Bob Bi…
Former and current Fox News employees speak out on racial discrimination suit.
Fox News: "In any other business, when the head of a corporation is plagued by scandal, they step down…
Bill O’Reilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up - nytimes
Fox News and CNN go to war over Bill O'Reilly
Were are all the conservatives and Fox News they were screaming at the rooftops when the…
Russia deploys advanced anti-missile system to Syria for first time, US officials say | Fox News
Pierce Brosnan opens up on losing wife, daughter to ovarian cancer - Fox News
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can you connect me with your marketing department? i represent HGTV, ESPN, Fox News, CNN and many more networks here in ATL!!!
Republicans go ‘nuclear,’ bust through Democratic filibuster on Gorsuch | Fox News
Seth Meyers examines the relationship between Trump and Fox News, his 'propaganda arm'
Late-night hosts on Fox News: 'The closest we have to state TV'
Play investors by yourself. Just watch Fox News. Hannity should still…
Michael Gerson, tell us what you REALLY think about Fox News? 🙂
FT reports prosecutors looking at how Ailes moved money around Fox News budget to hide sexual harassment payments . http…
They need a spreadsheet to keep track of all the sexual harassment suits at Fox News.
Fox News has been aware of complaints about for at least 15 years and has paid out $13M in response
Would you be shocked if Fox News decided to fire Bill O'Reilly despite his Ratings due to Sexual Harass…
Trump's love affair with Fox News. Bill O'Reilly a good guy. (oh. Susan Rice a criminal btw) What universe does h…
Dog saves wedding party from suicide bomber in Nigeria | Fox News
Fox News is the Catholic Church of TV. Both paid-out millions for years to protect their top men's bad deeds. Maybe shld pu…
"Fox News tells me I can turn my students into Communists and experience tells me I can't even make them do the readings.…
Military F-16 jet crashes after taking off from Joint Base Andrews, pilot ejected | Fox News. Why?
The left and right agree on this one: Scott Pruitt was destroyed on Fox News this Sunday
Michael Gerson's strong words about widespread accusations of sexism at Fox News. People who live in glass houses..
From Brit Hume who works at Fox News. Fox with payouts to women for sexual harassment...the good ole boy…
Advertisers pulling from Bill O'Reilly's show is limited, weak. Why not pull entirely from Fox News, a corp who is tolerating this culture?
Tomi Lahren fired from The Blaze for being pro-choice while Fox News pays to protect O'Reilly, noted…
My interview with Fox News journalist Adam Housley & his breaking news about the Obama Administration's abuse of... http…
because anything not reported by Fox News is fake news...
NOW called for Bill O'Reilly to be fired from Fox News. 5 companies said they were pulling ads from O'Reilly's show:
The cover-up of Fox News's "unmasking" bombshell is so big that Fox News Sunday even ignored it
Roman Polanski's bid to end sex abuse case rejected by judge -Fox News: But libs love this child abuser. Sick bunch!
Fox News alone won't treat the reported rape of a 14-year-old by two immigrants in a high school as "fake news."
Senator Ted Cruz I just love you I watch you on Fox News turn these old people around and make Neil Gorsuch two Supreme Court Justice
Nice work, Chris.--. "The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change."
Happy Birthday to Jennifer Porch Smith of Albertville. You won the Your Afternoon Drive Home on Fox News...
Looking like a way to eliminate one sexual harassment environment might be to just shut down Fox News. htt…
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why are you advertising on O'Reilly Factor? You're OK with Fox News & O'Reilly's sexual harassment?
Fox News hit with new GOP(R)Ailes harassment suit in wake of GOP(R)O'Reilly bombshell
Fox News hit with new Ailes harassment suit in wake of O'Reilly bombshell
Fresh controversy for Fox News: A contributor has filed a lawsuit accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.
Yet another lawsuit has been filed alleging sexual harassment on the part of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes
Dumb decision Fox regarding Red's why i started watching Fox News years ago.
Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky alleged sexual harassment in a new lawsuit
NEWS: New lawsuit from Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky alleges sexual harassment by Roger Ailes and retaliation by…
Julie Roginsky sues her Fox News bosses for enabling Roger Ailes
Fox News commentator is latest to accuse Roger Ailes of sexual harassment
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