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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Is there another channel besides Fox News?
Legends & Lies on the Fox News Channel is a good show.
Why is the only channel on TV Fox News?
Have you ever watched Fox News or listened to talk radio?
This will do well if advertised on Fox News Channel: Same market demographic targeted so well by Lord Rupert.
. Wished we would see you more on the Fox News Channel.. Time to get rid of Gretchen Carlson at the 2:00 pm slot
ISIS video purports to show killing of Ethiopian Christians in Libya - Fox News via Thomas Tolkien
So true. They also never watch Fox News or listen to talk radio, but they love to slander both.
Fox News viewers are 3 times more likely to show a racist attitude towards African Americans and Mexicans.
I practice my english listening with Fox News(radio).
The fastest way to lose my business is to have Fox News playing on the TV in your waiting room. by
When on road, I often listen to right wing talk radio. Shows are more fictitious & nastier than even Fox News & are even less accountable
via He is not alone at th loathing of Rupe's Fox News
Fox News is outraged that world history students are learning about Islam:
Jon Stewart reveals why he really left the Daily Show, and his loathing for Fox News (News)
Virginia towing company does not want Britt McHenry to lose her job - Fox News
Little Giant Ladders
My interview with Jon Stewart, on why he's leaving the turdiness of Fox News & the problem with Sukkot ht…
John Lott and Neil Cavuto on Fox News to discuss the limits of psychiatrists in stopping mass killers
the stereotype happens to be true I'm afraid - Seven Sharp is diet Fox News
I got to meet Mike Fratello (former Cavs coach) and Stefani Scheafer from Fox News at work today.
5 adults found dead inside Phoenix home after shooting | Fox News
.You call Fox News, before I give the story to abcNEWS to go with this one:.
check out the latest Fox News press release on the Cali drought. Get gov brown n the almond billionaire on for an interview
Come on UNT, Greg Abbott for commencement speaker was bad enough, but now you're hosting an event with Andrea Tantaros from Fox News? *** .
Fox News should start panicking about this any minute now.
Watching in Jorge Ramos doing a great job protecting immigrant rights and Fox News on their antilatino posture
from Fox News: Jorge Ramos on the importance of the Latino vote in 2016
Andrea Tantaros: "I wonder if Hillary Clinton went to Chipotle for Hispanic outreach.". Me: "Yes, and for moron outreach, go to Fox News."
MSNBC: Hillary Clinton says Supreme Court should rule in favor of same-sex marriage!. Fox News: BenGAYzi!
Assemblyman Tim Donnelly on Fox News - Baby Sammy and Auditing CPS via
My Dad and Grandma are talking about Hillary Clinton while watching Fox News. Someone please send Ann Coulter over and they can cackle.
My dad just told me Megyn Kelly on Fox News is way cooler than Meghan Kelley...his daughter.
And they got three faux Fox News commentators to do the follow up! FOH
Dems need 2 know how 2 drive their message thru Fox News white noise
Hillary Clinton plans to kick off her long-expected 2016 presidential campaign on Sunday, two Democratic sources told Fox News.
Are you a UFC fan? Great news we've got tipping MACHIDA V ROCKHOLD - UFC ON FOX 15! . Read his tips here: ht…
Somali police say 8 die in attack on education office - Fox News
Wheelchair-bound man has transit pass taken away for lack of pro - FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV
Fox News Rep: College students are losing their patriotism! [appalled] Someone tried to cancel a screening of American Sniper at UM!
Legis: Early start with Amy Fox WSIL and Kevin Hunsperger WSIL TV at WSIL News 3 in Car...
Imagine that being the only right in front of me while I work out. Fox News and CNN.
GOP and Fox News are succeeding where science & education cannot keep up in USA.
WHY is is Fox News on every day in Turner Place? Steve Doocy needs to not be leering at me tomorrow morning.
Reason is the same - Kenya tells UN to close refugee camp for Somalis over alleged al-Shabaab recruitment | Fox News
.announces May visit to South Dakota, will be fourth President to visit all 50 states | Fox News
I would like to express my gratitude to Fox News Latino for allowing me to present my candidacy and proposals to... ht…
WTC 2 shoulda been 1st, not last. . News Corp, Fox Could Anchor Two World Trade Center -
I hate being forced to watch Fox News at work
Fox News: Groups push to end NSA spying before June
THIS JUST IN: Fox News confirms that this man was witnessed moonwalking towards the officer with intent to kill
stop watching fox news dear caller and you know that Hillary is the best choice, no one is saying "it's her turn"
Washington state family of 3 killed by falling concrete from construction site - Fox News
Even Fox News Doesn't do a Good Enough Job of Holding "Feet to the Fire" in Regard to His Duplicity, And MSM Are Just Lapdogs
US opposes Russian move to sell missiles to Iran
Congress prepares to flex its muscle on Iran nuclear deal, to Obama's chagrin - Washington Post: Fox News…
Erin Fox, one of our awesome volunteers says "Volunteering is all about passion" via
And of course Fox News is having a field day with this.
Fox News producer asks people on the street to name a single Obama accomplishment, gets these answers in return:
Fox hunting, halal meat and 5G: six things you might have missed from the Conservative manifesto. Liveblog here:.
*** rights and religious freedom cannot co-exist: Fox News
think he probably uses National Enquirer, Fox News and him
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Fox News bashing Hillary for not speaking to fast food workers. Sounds like a normal American to me.
Fox News Producer Asks People on the Street to Nam... via
Senate foreign relations committee votes Tuesday on bill that gives Congress say on | Fox News
DEFICIT BUSTER Latest Medicare 'doc fix' unpaid for over 11 years
WANTING A SAY: Bill giving Congress voice in Iran deal faces first test
Okla. deputy charged in suspect's shooting death
Ceremonies to mark one-year anniversary of abduction of Nigerian school girls
[FOX News conjures] inexplicable postmodern, on a quirky that feels brighter than day.
Reba McEntire: Faith guides me on everything I do - Fox News
I'll be on Fox News on Sunday to discuss ISIS, Jordan, Iran, the future of U.S.-Israel relations & "The Third ..
BREAKING: Hillary Clinton announces plans to become the top story on Fox News for next 4-8 years.
Absolutely totally 100% undeniably best new show on TV is Strange Inheritance on Fox Biz and Fox News with
from Fox News: Alan Colmes: Hillary derangement syndrome has begun
'Gotham': Characters everyone expects to survive ... will die - Fox News
US Capitol Building reopens after shooting suicide on western steps | Fox News
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
'Face the Nation's' Bob Schieffer announces his replacement | Fox News
I added a video to a playlist Fox News: Jeremiah Wright "N" word
Runner for Vice-President reported as Tenzing Norgay, a bisexual of Afghan heritage. Fox News anchors suffer 'LostArk' facemelt
Fox News discusses my story about Ted Cruz’s poor attendance at Senate Armed Services hearings:
Gwyneth Paltrow is going to live off $29 in food stamps for a week - Fox News
Steve Kroft irked when asked about mistress by reporter - Fox News
Eddie Redmayne reportedly the favorite to star in 'Harry Potter' spinoff movie - Fox News
I always love how the liberals who mock Fox News get their news from Comedy Central.
I've heard that Fox News is real. This was Ron Burgundy for Fox News...
from Fox News: Kansas man accused of plotting attack on US military base
from Fox News: Shooter turned gun on self at US Capitol …
from Fox News: Police: Shots were fired at US Capitol …
from Fox News: Aaron Tippin celebrates 25 years in music …
from Fox News: Hillary Clinton's prospects and potential pitfalls
from Fox News: A look at the early 2016 political ads …
All purpose parts banner
from Fox News: Iran accuses White House of 'lying' about nuclear agreement
from Fox News: Released Gitmo detainee arrested in murder investigation
from Fox News: Texas officials join fight to restore the Alamo …
from Fox News: Tavis Smiley talks new book 'My Journey with Maya'
from Fox News: Will Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receive the death penalty? …
St. Louis woman meets daughter, 50, that she thought died shortly after birth - Fox News
Thousands of Christian pilgrims gather in Jerusalem church for ancient holy fire ... - Fox News …
from Fox News: How do Americans feel about Hillary Clinton? …
: Right... shouldn't he be on Fox News and give us Shepard Smith
BMH: Robert Soto Story to be Told on Fox News: Robert Soto, the Grace Brethren pastor who has sought to ...
Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News says Obama's executive order was an effort to steal Marco Rubio's book-tour thunder.
Off the vine: The Grapevine stories you missed! - Fox News (blog): Fox News (blog)Off the vine: The Grapevine ...
One need only observe the popularity of Richard Dawkin, Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Fox News to see that...
Drudge Report number one source for referral traffic to the Daily Mail, CNN, Fox News, Roll Call, Breitbart, The Ne…
Tune in to Fox News at 10a ET for live coverage of Cruz's speech from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. http:…
Karl Rove's meltdown election night!! on Fox News should be played daily at the Smithsonian Institute. That's history
Well, there's the final touch on Rand by Howard Kurtz of all journalists. Fox News has the ammo, and is using it!
The Civil War ended on this day in 1865. . In related news, Fox News began in 1996, and the Tea Party in 2009.
Dr. Gary Rothfeld Amanda Seyfried: Some actors in Hollywood need to grow up - Fox News: Fo... Celeb Dermatologist
I love how the liberal left like to say that Fox News lies or fabricates news stories. Isn't it ironic that their...
Mother of children found in freezer escorted after court outburs - FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV
That and the myth "These people are a PR nightmare, listen to them".. Fox News reacts just like "sjw'". Free ad when FN does it.
Can't wait to see the creative way Fox News decides to explain the murder as his own fault.
Director to attend showing at Fox Theatre .
Obama is more Muslim than anything. He's certainly Not a Christian, and he's Not Jewish. via
Iranian FM in Pakistan calls for peace talks on Yemen crisis | Fox News
In Case You Missed It: Via Fox News. “This testing looks at me as a number. One test defines me as either a...
So long, Apple lines? Banishing iSquatters good for all | Fox News.. Related Articles:
Watch FOX 5 Morning News from 5-7am this morning for a chance to win Rolling Stones tickets:
Teenager, dog are called heroes after saving a girl from being attacked by a rabid fox.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Obama takes a swipe at the Christians again.Fox news has noting to do with Christ,Bam.It is an outfit representing CFR boys Murdock& Sorros.
Prepare to gush: Adorable baby fox rescued from football net via
The American people & All news media should question what he is. He's more Muslim than anything. via
ccakey: irl: obama tells kids that bees are good after one (1) bee flies near crowd fox news: BEEROCK...
While a product of the basic cable studio system, FOX News is a remarkable piece of different punditry for adults.
I feel sick to the core that hunting pre ban could return. What kind of country are we living in?
Does medical marijuana work for pets? - Fox News
I'll name the Fox News endless parade of NEO-CONS. John Bolton. Lindsey Graham. John McCain. Oliver Nor…
Fox News Poll: Voters say government is the problem, taxes are too high |
Masters no-phone policy offers golf fans rare escape from technology:
'No Kardashian Parking Anytime' signs pop up in Hollywood
Officials fire white SC officer charged with murder in shooting death of black man - SC officer who shot
Fox news is promoting a third grade teacher to be fired who allowed 3rd graders to send Mumia get well wishes.
US Ebola patient's condition improves to good | Fox News.. Related Articles:
I will be on Hannity TV on the Fox News Channel tonight at 10 PM eastern time. I hope you will join us!
Instapundit advice to Peter Pan Rand: They’re your enemies. Treat ‘em like Obama treats Fox News - plus as a Dr attack Obama's smoking
Can't believe Fox News has traitor Grover Norquist on today to promote his book. In case you missed it, Grover is...
Fox news are calling Walter Scott a black motorist ,no he's a coast guard decorated veteran
Gordon makes FOX Sports analyst debut at Texas
Candidates should listen to their constituents, not hunt lobby helpers. 80% of British people want to
Sabra recalls 30 cases of hummus over listeria fears - Fox News: Fox NewsSabra recalls 30 cases of hummu...
Megan Kelly is a NeoCon mouth piece. Fox is a NeoCon News outlet. The GOP is NeoCon!
We're excited to be on TODAY morning at 9:30 AM to show our CSA veggies for Tune in:
GG TBH seem like a bunch of religious fanatics brought up on Fox news. The far-right protests in Australia reminded me...
switch to decaf and watch a little less fox news. You are entertaining thoughts!
LIVE: Charlotte Knights opening day: Fox 46 News is broadcasting live from BBT Park in Uptown Charlotte all day…
Millions of Americans need food assistance. Fox News' smear campaign against them has led to even more GOP bills:
I want to let you know I just love the way you sign off so funny "This is Chris with FOX 2 news" (Fox fav part.)
Outfoxed: 10 ways that Fox news dupes us all (think P Henry too).
looking forward to darren wilson coming on Fox News to talk about how hard it will be for that cop now. gotta hear all sides
Nice cheap shot at Rand Paul.Fox News cannot resist chewing up legitimate conservatives.Obama,U loved.
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king-Megyn Kelly, Fox News
Fox News has joined the Jeb Bush campaign
did a crap interview because Fox News has already chosen the Republican candidate... Jeb Bush.
blaming Fox News for reporting that Mike Brown committed a strong armed robbery before he was shot.
Senator Deb Fischer came to speak at UNL today. I now know what it feels like to watch Fox News and have no ability to yell at the TV.
Hoskings moves to USA joins Fox News, Paul Henry go home to Australia. John Key actually keeps word and resigns. Golden Days
'Dukes of Hazzard' star James Best dead at 88 | Fox News
Ed Henry is the best reporter Fox News has on staff!
This is almost as bad as when Fox News toadied up to Mitt Romney just before 2012 US election!
Fox News host apologises after THAT horrible comment about Kelly Clarkson's weight
Fox News host criticized for comments on Kelly Carkson's weight
I just heard Juan Williams on Fox News say that State Law Trumps Religious Values.
Seriously, I can't stand Gavin Newsome. He used to be married to Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News. Weird eh?
Eric Bolling of Fox News televised her uplifting story when her survival was no sure bet.
I'm convinced rooting for the Braves is now like rooting for Republican Party. Chip/Joe are their Fox News.
Bad enough Joe Voter doesn't follow three or more reliable source rule... When reporters do it?. Fox News ?.
no silly, I hate Fox News but I want to bang Megan Kelly or how ever you spell it. I love and
.has 1st Sen Rand Paul interview tomorrow after his announcement 10pm / Fox News
Sharing: Congress on collision course over Iran nuke deal %7C Fox News
Joe McCarthy must be looking down on with pride. Down, because although he is in the innermost circle of *** Fox News is lower.
Fox News uses "illegals" slur to describe teachers with valid work authorization
Fox News people keep their jobs after they lie so what's the difference.
show me the proof. And please, don't insult my intelligence with a report from Fox News.
I apologize for a Fox News article but I couldn't care to search harder
I'll go bald when James Baldwin, is balling like Spalding on Fox News networks. Hair is my calling.
Kelly Clarkson is finally getting her apology after being body shamed by a Fox News host and his colleague:
Morley Safer doing report on Wikipedia for Somebody's sense of humor like having me do Tech Updates on Fox News at 630!
Senate Republicans asking new questions about emails for Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin | Fox News
Journo: "So the Large Hadron Collider is looking for grey matter?" Scientist: "Er, no, dark matter". (Thinks: don't point it at Fox News).
"I saw all those kids neked on the beach on Fox News and I said thank god peyton has no money so she can't be there with those heathens"
Don't expect Fox News to call the drunk college kids rioting thugs. But, if they were Black you know the routine.
“"No. Ferguson was a riot. Thugs. is just a few misunderstood kids.". - Fox News
Fox News confirms: Female suspect in car chase in DC is dead, sources say
from Fox News: Massive brawl in New York casino
Fox News dominates, DOMINATES the cable news ratings b/c everywhere else is a herd.
Was the 'historic understanding' with Iran a PR exercise? | On Air Videos | Fox News
Just interviewed he's amazing. He was on Fox News after his video Obama doesn't love America went viral ht…
Very slick new promo video from ProTip Update - $1,900,000 fans of Fox News think it's a good idea or even possible for
I liked a video from Patrice O'Neal Defends Don Imus on Fox News
Video purportedly shows destroying ancient Iraq city - Fox News.
According to Fox News, it was because of violent video games
Fox News viewers less informed than those who don’t watch news at all: study - NY Daily News
-- Fox News:. A national gang network is targeting women in at least 37 states and has made off with millions of...
BHO learned of Hillary's private email acct by watching the news. Since only Fox News covered the story, now you know …
Subtitles on Fox News' Killing Jesus are far out.
Don’t miss TONIGHT on Fox News Channel at 8p ET.
Bill O'Reilly shocks Fox News anchor by expressing support for Iran deal
Did you know: What Does the Fox Say (Kidz Bop version AND regular version) is about FOX news
Hope you've had a great Friday. You should watch or dvr Killing Jesus on Fox News Channel at 8.
have you ever just. wanted to fight Bill O'Reily and Fox News in a deathmatch? DMC you can
Fox News Poll: More families feel worse than better as a result of ObamaCare | Fox News
During the summer filming of “The Longest Ride,” Britt Robertson took her seat on the 20th Century Fox set in...
Fox Sports to air entire 2015 FIA via
from Fox News: Ray Kelly's take: Homegrown terror and female sympathizers
Eric Holder is not prosecuting Dem Sen. Robert Menendez for publicly opposing Obama. 25 to life for appearing on Fox …
Microsoft's new Surface 3 tablet: Hands-on review - Fox News
How your smartphone could become a ‘Star Trek’–style Tricorder | Fox News
the Fox News logo on the screen is ruining Killing Jesus.
“He should apologize”: Fox News host hits Chris Wallace over “obnoxious” comment:
"Killing Jesus" movie, based on the book by same name, is on Fox News Channel now.
US reportedly backed down on initial goals in Iran talks | Fox News
Seriously, I am American. The home of Fox News, but this stuff is unbelievable.
Fox "news" increased 10% primetime over 2014 with 25-54 year-olds in 1st-Q 2015 & MSNBC fell to its lowest ratings. Country gone to the dogs
Al-Shabaab reportedly claims responsibility for deadly attack on Kenyan college - Fox News
Don't miss "Killing Jesus" the movie, airing tonight on the Fox News Channel at 8pm ET and 11pm ET --
Watching Fox News on my flat screen television, AKA Galaxy Note 4.
Don't forget to watch Bill O'rielly's firsthand account of Jesus's crucifixion, Killing Jesus on Fox News tonight.
The fox hunting supporters with ulterior motives PLEASE RT
In photos: Terry Fox exhibit opens at the Canadian Museum of History
it's like Fox News bimbos. Can't watch any of them.
Some Florida coral reefs might only have 15 years before dying from warming. … http:/…
My mom is trying to convince me that Fox News is the good trustworthy one. She said "Fox News is the one that's republican."
Did any of my USA followers watch Killing Jesus on Fox News Channel...
Fox News: Sarah Brady, wife of former Reagan press secretary and gun control advocate, dies at 73
April is Parkinson's Awareness Month—how much do you know?. Take this quiz from the The Michael J. Fox Foundation...
I'm watching Bill O'Reilly Killing Jesus on Fox News so far so good! Herod was very evil he had all the children killed
Prominent fox hunting supporters step up Tory support – and expect repeal of ban in return
. I comment on Fox News to help guide those who are lost and Fox News is full of them (lol)!
NuVal Smarter Eating: "8 healthy foods that are also inexpensive" ---Fox News
showing disrespect for Jesus by having the FOX NEWS bug logo on screen with the movie.
Cara Delevingne covers body in fruit to thank social media fans - Fox News
Hey you can't even dim the Fox News cube during Killing Jesus? Really? We know what channel we're watching.
Fox News, after previously calling Michelle Obama fat, now tells Kelly Clarkson to "stay off the Deep Dish pizza"
Yesterday our friend, Former Tennessee Titan was on Fox News' raising awareness. http:…
Good-bye Daily Caller! Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson acknowledges that his publication will not allowed criticism of Fox News. Boo
Syria Tracker News - Turkey nabs 10 Westerners, 4 Russians trying to cross into Syria to join ISIS - Fox News
People who will be defending Indiana's anti *** law on Fox News tonight: Tony Perkins and Ann Coulter. With friends like these…
Fox News thinks someone who has been a Senator now for 3 months is a "leading Republican". That's downright pathetic.
Russell Brand discusses the stigma behind mental health while Fox News shows us how NOT to talk about mental...
Oil fortune heir Andrew Getty found dead in Los Angeles home - Fox News: Fox NewsOil fortune heir Andrew Getty found dead in Los Ange...
Fox News hitting John Kerry for taking too much credit for fighting climate change; think we've turned a corner guys
Judge Napolitano: “Hillary has admitted to destroying evidence”, that is known as obstruction of justice. Fox News insider
"these white people are crazy" - Paul Mooney after every Fox News clip
Things you learn on the internet: Today is "National Cleavage Day." . It's not a real holiday unless Fox News reports a war against it.
So a Fox News pundit is comparing Tim Cook and others to actual war criminals for opposing this bill.
Don't tell Donald Trump and Fox News “JUST IN: Obama to visit Kenya in July
Flip for these pancakes on National Pancake Day - Fox News
Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro scorched the Obama administration for its love affair with the Iranian regime.
Steven Milloy, of course, is the guy who got fired from Fox News for lying. Great sources you pick.
I watched Fox News for 2 minutes and I saw a story about the new Jesus movie and one about a Christian group kicked off a college campus 😒
Tucker Carlson's Obama video: the Fox News 'bombshell' that fizzled | Michael Wolff
Russia Today is the Fox News of Russia, Russia loves iran, here are some Russian fakes, don't trust them
Bill O'Reilly and Bernie Goldberg continue to battle it out over Fox News' conservative bias
Wisconsin heads to NCAA Final Four after 85-78 win over Arizona - Fox News
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Islamic fighters led by Al Qaeda seize major Syrian city - Fox News
Jon gives Fox News the recognition they so desperately require.
Power to the People by Laura Ingraham SIGNED EDITION! Fox News! 1st/1st! Rare!
Fox News analyst blasts Fox for turning "yahoo" Cliven Bundy into a "folk hero"
Update on Fox News' off while recovering from major back surgery:
Fox News should have played James Taylor with the Dean Smith tribute, as he grew up in Chapel Hill!!
I miss Bob Beckle, on the Fox News show The Five, like I miss a bad case of hemorrhoids.
Wait for Fox News and other hard liners to cheer for KSA, Sen McCain did (lol), and the 47th senators to. Once AAH & KH >
Jury reaches decision in sentencing phase of Jodi Arias case - Fox News
Fox News seems like you guys forgot that Ronald Reagan and Oliver North sold guns to Iran every chance you get you lie on President Obama...
Vin Diesel names his daughter after Paul Walker - Fox News
Thousands march in Moscow to mourn slain Boris Nemtsov - Fox News
Boris Nemtsov, leading Putin critic, shot and killed in Moscow - Fox News
An *** ole Ollie north busted for lying and now a Fox News consultant gee no surprise there
Supreme Court justices divided over ObamaCare subsidies - Fox News
Hey, maybe will get a show on Fox News? Oliver North sold arms to Iran, killing many Americans & he got a show on Fox.
Ralph Sampson is about to be on Neil Cavuto on Fox News talking about paying players
Fox News of the North. Reports of Bell meddling with news coverage ‘disturbing’, CRTC chief says
Injuries reported after train collides with truck in North Carolina - Fox News
United Airlines flight grounded after passenger reportedly rushes cockpit, yelling ... - Fox News
probably not. They'd have to listen/watch fox news for that info
Fans of the X-Files, rejoice! Fox announced a brief return for Mulder & Scully!.
Fox News Asks People on Street if They Are Proud to Be American, Gets Passionat... . Obama is destroying our country!
Navy bans chaplain from ministering to family of dead sailor | Fox News the (cont)
Or just watch things like o'reilly and Hannity and assume all Fox News is like that.
Some of the liberals that bash Fox News I've doubt actually have watched it, They've probably just watch John Stewart ba…
Fox News set reminds me of a Mexican Nightclub w/o all the blow & WASR-10's.
He got interviewed by Fox News today. One step closer
Fox announces brief return of The X-Files: . NEW YORK (AP) - Agents Mulder and Scully are making thei...
News Oil price fall forces North Dakota to consider a dose of financial austerity
Via Fox news-- Obamacare critic Ted Cruz to buy health care insurance for family through law he vows to scrap
I get home, make some toast, and turn on Fox News. . I'm turning into my father.
Fox News: Krauthammer on US and Afghan president: 'They finally have a player they can work with'
I wouldn't know that by watching fox news it seems fear drives conservatives
Really seems that Fox News has its "approved" candidate. Too bad for them that WE choose.
What do you do for an encore, cite Fox News' ratings?
Promising new TV show "The X Files", starring that woman from The Fall:
Watch FOX 5 Morning News. See what you've been missing.
Obviously you get your news from FOX.
Phares to Fox News: "Yemen is lost, between Iran and the Jihadists, Red Sea at risk. Only an Arab force can stop... http:/…
Conservative's don't have to hold their noses while voting.
The truth is still out there, so Mulder and Scully are coming back to Fox for six new episodes
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