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Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Anyone know how many times Hillary Clinton appeared on Fox News as Sec. of State?
John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Sean Hannity, and Fox News are tired of you being rational, Obama. They can't stand and won't put up with the resemblance of a normal, sane foreign policy. Putin is man-handling you Obama, you soft thing you. They expect stupid stuff, stupid decisions. Where are they, Obama? The Party of 563 dead Americans killed on Reagan's watch and 4600 dead on W.'s cries out for American blood on the ground. Oh how they pine (or is it opine, O'Reilly) for the Bush Administration with W., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Tom Ridge (if it's Friday, it's Code Red) and Karl Rove calling the shots. Besides Obama, it's not your kids or grandkids that will be the boots on the ground, just like it was none of ours. Our motto was support the troops, but not our kids, of course.
CANCELLED FLIGHT: 11 Muslims cause problems on flight from Atlanta to Houston This needs to go around, over and over. We need to learn !!! Read entire story, we should be very, very concerned about this! And to think that Fox News was the only channel that reported this. They may be "politically incorrect", but at least they had the courage to report it. In my opinion, the Muslims are all getting very brave now. Read Tedd Petruna's story below. Can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all Muslims? Unbelievable. Thank God for people like Tedd Petruna. Tedd Petruna is a diver at the NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Lab) facility at NASA Houston .. Tedd happened to be on the AirTran Flight 297, from Atlanta to Houston . Here's his report : “One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father. On Tuesday, the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you may have seen a blurb about where an Air Tran flight was canceled from ...
Let us all (even Fox News) thank Providence for the way the war turned out. We have enough traitors in government as is
But never go so far as to send death or rape threats, even to those who are horribly biased, such as Fox News or the Daily Telegraph.
What we learned from Nigel Farage going on Fox News
Prof Noam Chomsky recently educating Fox News listeners on Israel-Palestine and Iraq . …
Ukraine, rebels say they are prepared to make a cease-fire deal - Fox News
Another reason not to watch Fox News. They refer to Michael Waltrip as a "nascar legend."
Justice Department to investigate Ferguson Police Department - Fox News: Fox NewsJustice Department to investi...
Jonathan Cook, journalist and Justin Raimondo at are reporting on the "hugely suppressed but growing indicators that Israeli intelligence knew of the 9/11 attacks but failed to alert the Americans." Fox News even reported on this back in 2001, but days after the program ran, it was removed from their website. From the report: "There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed investigator said there are 'tie-ins.' But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them, saying, 'evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.'" Watch the censored Fox News report: is now a movement seeking to pressure the U.S. government to declassify 28 pages of a report that may have the answers. The following is from "Seeking the American govern ...
Enough about racist bigot Phil Robertson. I never watched Duck Dynasty & don't watch Fox News; the place where racist idio…
"Convert or be shot". Who said that? ISIS? Nope. Sarah Palins good friend Phil Robertson on Fox News yesterday!!!
Young Turks host Cenk Uygur ripped Fox News and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson on Wednesday for criticizing the Islamic State extremist group while sounding like them.
Fox News wanted an expert on the Middle East, they turned to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, guess what happened next? h…
trust, confidence in powers-that-be plummeted in tumultuous decade ... - Fox News
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"Left-leaning" = "would not fit in on Fox News, Fox Business, or One America News Network"
-- Fox News:. Sean Hannity took on former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson after he defended President Obama’s...
.still has problems with interview business. Forgets questions are asked and then u get answer. Using the Fox News me…
god what was Fox News thinking? this guy Sean Hannity has no business talking about ISIS. the Duck Dynasty guy too.
Federal judges voice concern about privacy implications of NSA tactics - Fox News: International Business...
I can't respect a business that plays Fox News
Jessica Williams completely owns a Fox News guest who thinks clapping at women is OK
Ukraine, Russia in agreement on steps needed for cease-fire - Fox News
Fox News host finally gets it on Islamic killing sprees: They've been doing this for hundreds … via
This sums up Fox News' viewers in a simple frame.
John McCain admits on Fox News that President Obama did NOT want to arm ISIS in Syria.
SERIOUSLY: It took Fox News less than an hour to blame Steven Sotloff beheading on OBAMA.
Bill O'Reilly in denial of "WHITE PRIVILEGE" Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly Argue About 'Numbers do not lie! Bill O’Reilly gets schooled on white privilege by Megyn Kelly Megyn Kelly, who once insisted Santa Claus is white, is surprisingly on-point when it comes to systemic bias VIDEO When Bill O’Reilly had fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly on his show Monday night to discuss white privilege, viewers familiar with the two cable personalities’ track records on race likely expected to be overwhelmed by the kind of racist nonsense that’s defined Fox’s coverage of the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Missouri, thus far. So imagine their surprise when Kelly — who made her name in part by hyping fears of a New Black Panther Party — turned out to not only argue that white privilege is real, but to do so by citing the large amount of academic research to buttress her point. “There’s a lot of evidence behind” the idea of white privilege, Kelly said. “If you look at the statistics, Bill, the . ...
That Duck Dynasty let the people who watch Fox News be on tv too. Hence, their comments.
$2 billion sale of Los Angeles hangs in the balance as Sterling trial ... - Fox News
Chris Brown pleads guilty to assault in Washington - Fox News
Can you imagine the 24/7 outrage on Fox News & talk radio if McDonnell, Perry, Walker, and Christie were Democrats?
Joan Rivers 'on the road to recovery' or on life support? - Fox News. Fox News. Joan Rivers 'on the road to reco...
Just back from his summer hiatus on Aug. 26, Jon Stewart had a lot of hate to unload on Fox News, and a lot of sanctimonious posturing on race. After lamenting the death of the 18-year-old black t
Watch Jon Stewart take on Fox News' Ferguson coverage -- It's our Media Clip of the Week
In a survey of Fox News viewers 58% said they do not feel comfortable with their children playing with African American o…
Fox News contributor Allen West questioned the "loyalties" of decorated veteran and Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth for serving with her fellow Democrats on the Benghazi select committee.
I am watching the Fox News 5am newscast. It is quite literally just like watching the news delivered by the Playboy channel.
Dozens of police agencies report loss of Pentagon-supplied military weapons - Fox News: Fox NewsDozens of poli...
best choice is stop watching Fox News. Your greed raises my cable bill. I don't need or want your channel!
Fox News hates President Obama so much that they are now openly longing Russian President Vladimir Putin would just come on over and take the reins. Fox News has a long track record of flirting wit...
If you're asking what channel I wanna watch it's always Fox News
Doc, I am so using this in my next "Race in America" class! The answer could be found by switching to any Fox News Channel.
And there’s the token Fox News, Bill O’ Reilly Factor news clip. 2nd War on Christmas monologue.
Co-owner of anti-jihad, anti-muslim propaganda channel Fox News is this pig Saudi prince Al-Waleed. Via
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.That includes you too, Fox News, a.k.a. The Rove Channel.
Ed Rollins is just as laughable as when he said O'Bama would never win a second election. You're a nobody Ed stuck on Fox News. A has been.
I love Fox News &F&F's Please don't prejudge and convict Tony Stewart, your appalled when others do!
The *** kind of bizarro world am I in when JBL is a special guest on Fox News?
A new Fox News poll shows 57% would not want President Barack Obama to campaign for them if they were running for public office. What do you think? Check out Bret on with Stuart Varney & Co. today on
"I can't believe the thunderous, relentless, unpatriotic, ... criticism of the President" Phil Donahue, re: Fox News.
Makes you wonder why Fox News is working over time to make the American people hate Muslims
Has it ever made you wonder why Fox News wants you to hate Muslims. I know they are a Jewish network (yes I said...
Fox News is airing an hr-long special on Anna Nicole Smith hosted by Geraldo this weekend. I will miss you, August.
Robert Paisola CNN Watch Jon Stewart Take on Fox News' Ferguson Coverage: By now we all know ... CNNWorldNewsZone
It's been something of an informal catch-up week over at The Daily Show after their extended vacation. On Tuesday, Jon Stewart examined Fox News' coverage in Ferguson. "Hallelujah!" Stewart exclaimed at the news that Perry would, despite his recent felony indictment, would likely be running again in…
SURPRISE! Fort Hood shooter says he wants to become 'citizen' of Islamic State caliphate | Fox News
This is the woman who told America, Santa and Jesus are white. Her racism has no limits. This time it backfired on the Fox News host, Megyn Kelly.
On Monday, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly welcomed fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly onto his show to talk about the "white privilege theory" and why there is doubt among Ferguson, Missouri's black com...
Fox News has a major bone to pick with its left-leaning rival, MSNBC, and that bone is Al Sharpton. Bill O’Reilly, Howard Kurtz and Megyn Kelly are just some of the Fox hosts calling out Sharpton for, they say, crossing ethical lines and tarnishing MSNBC’s coverage of Michael Brown&rsquo…
This Tuesday it was Jon Stewart who eviscerated Fox News. This Thursday it's Colbert's turn. He's on fire tonight lol
Last night, Jon Stewart gave Fox News the racism takedown we've been waiting for
Jon Stewart lay into Fox News for its coverage around the Michael Brown shooting and protests:
Jon Stewart explains to Fox News how reality works in and everywhere else too. (via
Jon Stewart tears Fox News a new one over their Ferguson coverage!
Jon Stewart is back from vacation, and he's not wasting any time going after one of his favorite targets: Fox News. The network's talking heads have been blaming the media for inciting the unrest that has swept through the town since police shot ...
Jesse Watters of Fox News did same type of questionaire. His social study was brutally revealing. lt was an Eye Opening Study.
"The Daily Show" returned from hiatus Tuesday night and Jon Stewart finally tackled the situation in Ferguson, Mo., directing the brunt of his criticism at what he saw as Fox News' misplaced outrage over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.
I liked the "Big Story" with John Gibson too. But times change. Fox News rocks versus network news. Cheers!
For extra security, leave your hotel room with Fox News on the TV. @ Courtyard Sacramento Rancho Cordova
Switching channels.. The Five is on Fox News with Bob Beckel
Fox News host Megyn Kelly expressed frustration over President Barack Obama's decision to attend fundraisers in New York and Rhode Island Friday, telling him instead to "get back and start governing." Kelly questioned what Obama, who returned this week after spending two weeks on vacation in Martha'…
Looking good in that green dress on Fox News just now Good segment. But no Roll Tide? I lost...
Rev. Franklin Graham Christians, 'People are dying for their faith' Why is Obama silent Fox News via
Joan Rivers rushed to hospital in critical condition | Fox News via
Jamie Kerchik on Fox News comparing Putin to Hitler. LMAO. too predictable
AAJA demands apology from Fox News for Tantaros' comments
Coach Fox and NDP football is in the news. See him and the Irish vs. Robichaud tonight at home, 7:30 p.m.
Fox News headline reads "Feds investigating reported hack of JPMorgan Chase, other US banks" There have been a...
Fox News. 6 tips for a healthy end-of-summer BBQFox NewsBut before you reach for another serving of fatty ribs a...
DISH and FS1 agreement is good news for fans with DISH.
Jon Stewart goes after Fox News in powerful Ferguson monologue
Bill O'Reilly: The truth about white privilege | Fox News via he is so gross, annoying and ignorant
Jon Stewart left for vacation a few weeks ago and the entire world changed in his absence. He came back to “The Daily Show” last night and lambasted Fox News...
Weezer's Rivers Cuomo to star in TV sitcom about his life - Fox is funding a pilot for the single-camera comedy ca...
The Truth about Truthy - - studying information diffusion on social networks ... and…
Fox News is back on Benghazi.give it a rest already.
You'd think, with as many times as Jon Stewart has "destroyed" Fox News, that Fox News wouldn't be on the air anymore. And yet...
why downplay the seriousness of this threat? I like you're show but you're more concerned with bashing Fox news.
Top story: AAJA demands apology from Fox News for Tantaros’ comm… see more
Breast Cancer Awareness
OBAMA CLAIMS THAT PULLING ALL TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ WAS NOT HIS FAULT. Wait... what? That's exactly what he said after James Foley was executed by ISIS. Thanks to Fox News for digging through their archives and finding 31 contradictions from Obama's mouth to that laughable claim. He lies and then says that those who point out his lies to cover up his lies are liars! (That's a lot of lies) Click here if you agree that Obama is destroying America:
Photoset: huffingtonpost: Jon Stewart’s Priceless Response To Fox News On Ferguson Jon Stewart is back from...
I hope everyone sees this Jon Stewart piece on Fox News, Ferguson and race in USA.
That article may as well have the fox news clip of 4chan blowing up a van. How was this allowed to be put up?
Jury acquits Texas dad of killing drunken driver who crashed into his kids
Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have A Dream" speech 51 years ago today, long before Fox News, and was spared the venom of Hannity et al.
Fox News Man and his mother charged with torture, abuse of 11-year-old boy in southwestern Michigan: Authoriti...
Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, they all lie. If you think they don't let me hand you a mirror so you can see what an *** looks like.
Last night on Fox News, Imam Anjem Choudary promised Sharia Law is coming to a town near you. Is America Listening? http:/…
# 6 new tech-themed TV pilot ideas Fox should buy from us
Wow... Fox News is a mess... Lol watch the lecture for yourself at (click archive) "The Troubled World"
I don't think Fox News anchors are racist. They're just trying to get out of jury duty.
Not a fan of the Daily Show, but Jon Stewart hits the nail on the head here. h/t
Feds protect 20 species of coral as threatened - Fox News
I'm getting caught up in the Ferguson thing these days... fuggin fox news is horrible
The difference b/w The & is that takes news & calls it stupid, while takes stupid…
Manitoba to name August long weekend as Terry Fox Day had you seen this? Our is a Winnipegger!
Fox News is tearing us apart: Race baiting and divisiveness hits disgusting new low
If you have not seen it, Jon Stewart does a number on Fox News and Ferguson that ranks among his best work.
Stephen Colbert rips Fox News for blaming media for violence
'Sons of Guns' canceled after star Will Hayden arrested for allegedly repeatedly ... - Fox News
WATCH: We've now discovered that Lois Lerner's phone was intentionally wiped at the start of the investigation into IRS misconduct. I discussed on Fox News this morning.
Jon Stewart has long been a thorn in the side of Fox News. He dug in just a little bit deeper during a powerful monologue on "The Daily Show" in which he rip...
In case you missed it, check out Rob's interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday.
Why are so many people in Utah concerned about the threat of a new national monument in the Greater Canyonlands area? This excellent piece from Fox News explores the controversy. The Public Lands Initiative being sponsored by Rep. Bishop and me allows stakeholders to give input and work together to reach consensus. This approach is much better than having a decision imposed on us by a president who has never been here.
How to get fired from Fox News Business
Jon Stewart Trashes Fox News Coverage Of Ferguson (VIDEO) | Global Grind Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show last night and spent most of his time giving ...
Identity Stronghold appearance on Fox News Channel's Happening Now show. Walt Augustinowicz demonstrates how easy it is to scan credit card numbers by radio ...
FOX NEWS BOWS to WHITE HOUSE PRESSURE In response to President Obama's complaint that FOX News doesn't show enough Black and Hispanic people on its network, FOX has announced they will now air "America's Most Wanted" TWICE a week.
Night after night, Fox News doubles down on hate. Whether George Zimmerman, Bundy or Ferguson, it just gets worse
All purpose parts banner
"Does Fox News monitor every word that comes out of Oprah Winfrey's mouth, just waiting for something they can use to call her a racist? If not, how else to ...
Thank you to the the WWFS organizers, volunteers and most of all the supporters across America. If you missed this morning's Fox News spot Herr is my homemade version of it.
sweden in FOX news. I'm pro free debate and pro free speech, but racist comments will be deleted
This entire segment reeked of nothing but a ridiculously over-the-top staged sideshow by Megyn Kelly and Fox News.
aughed throughout, but totally lost it when it got to the Tide Sticks: Jon Stewart on Fox News' Take on Ferguson
I wish more people were educated in the Palestinian Israeli conflict, Fox News and Calvary chapel aren't reliable sources
"AAJA demands apology from Fox News for Tantaros’ comments" Twitchy / by Jim Jamitis
Jim Kirk beams in and punches out the head of Fox News, freeing the population from their shackles of mass hypnosis. Cue applause, credits.
uh-oh, you saw Juan Williams and Tamara Holder on Fox News again and the shoe just flew off that direction?
Kudos Megyn Kelly - Megyn Kelly knows her role on Fox News. Monday night she stepped out.  
Jon Stewart demolishes Fox News on their Ferguson coverage.
Southwest Airlines apologizes after losing elderly woman - Fox News
White privilege, in one Fox News screen grab:
""...Fox News made these claims against Attorney General Holder on the same day that Michael Brown was laid to...
“Ur tired of hearing about [racism]? Imagine how exhausting it is living w/ it.” Jon Stewart to Fox News re: Ferguson http:/…
Fox News panic over Ebola. 100% of scientists say not to. . 99% of scientists panic over climate change. Fox News says not …
Why I question anyone who takes Fox News seriously:
Jesse Ventura: I question the sanity of anyone who watches Fox News via
Fox News does this all the time MEGAN KELLY defender of African Americans comes in to pitch a weak argument for Bill to knock down
The Megan Kelly - O Reilly bit is a Fox News red herring. Ferguson are protesting police brutality, not an abstract debate of WP.
“FOX host asks Mo'Ne Davis about playing a more "female friendly" sport like soccer instead of Little League" Another nut at Fox News
This all those people over at Fox News with very short memories esp Greg Gutfeld
Megan Kelly of Fox News serves up a heaping side of White Guilt.
Fox News says more White House officials went to Michael Brown funeral than Thatcher's, but...
Satan has been unleashed in the world. Or, if you are an atheist or secular and uncomfortable with theological imagery: Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has escaped the laboratory and is rampaging across the landscape. The most recent atrocities committed by the Islamic State — notably, the beheading of an American journalist by an ISIS mujahid on video, as a warning to President Obama (see Fox News, CNN, and the Mail Online) — demonstrate that something unprecedented is at work in the Middle East. Not since the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 has barbarity of this magnitude gone unchecked in the region. Actually, you’d have to go back farther than 1683, or even 1453, to find comparable events. During its entire suzerainty over Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire did not engage in the systematic demolition of Shiite mosques. But that is exactly what ISIS is doing, even as it massacres and enslaves Christians and Yezidis. This is a moment of enormous historical import. The proclamation of a Caliphate by t ...
Fox News wonders if calling Michael Brown an "unarmed teen" is biased
Ferguson’s booming white grievance industry: Fox News, Darren Wilson and friends via
*turns to Fox News to see Hannity & Bill O denouncing rap music because it promotes sharia law*
[a haloed mike brown descends from heaven on a cloud of light, harp in hands] NYT: Okay, but he's no ARCHangel. Fox News: …
US Army public affairs tells Fox News that situation at Fort Lee has been resolved and there is no danger to the public at thi…
University of New Mexico soccer coach suspended for week over hazing – Fox News
There are ways. YouTube, social media, Fox News and sympathetic journalists, talk radio.
"Is El Niño another name for the Jet Stream?" - a new low for Fox News meteorology/climate change coverage.
explain what? Some anonymous protester? how do you explain rightwing racist radio, Rush Limbaugh,Fox News and Willie Cunningham?
Fox News draws a lot more folks than CNN or Chris Cuomo.
Fox News correspondent Claudia Cowan examined the damage at a business near downtown Napa, which was devastated by the 6.0-magnitude earthquake that rocked northern California early this morning. Tune in to Fox News Channel for continued coverage.
Obama should finally call off his vacation to do press conference only about Suge Knight shooting to make Fox News' head li…
I don't remember this American rage until the media started to use it as profit making tool - Fox News, talk radio, MSNBC.
Ukraine marks independence day with military parade - Fox News
I ALWAYS support law enforcement except when Fox News or talk radio tell me not to.
Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday explained to Fox News that there had been unrest in Ferguson,...
I was on the radio last year because of 1D, and I was on Fox News yesterday because of 1D. Aye 🙌
Fox News reports that Michael Brown had marijuana in his system. Related: Fox News thinks "Reefer Madness" is a documentary.
Their hatred is fueled and reinforced by the hate radio jocks and Fox News.
Your boy John McCain wanted to fund ISIS. Controling shareholders of Fox News &Halliburton now provide ISIS funding.
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We were on Fox News and also some radio channel for lining up so early
Fox News is a propaganda machine used to excite the stupid just like radio broadcasts did in Ruwanda against the Tutu
They'll just run Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News 24x7 and tell you it wasn't real. It was a rip off. They "saved" you!
'HOW LONG WILL THE SHEEP FOLLOW THE BLIND SHEPPARD (Smith?).' I've been asking that about Fox News for a long time, now. (Sorry...)
But Whites have no problem blaming Blacks for their problems. Just turn on Fox News or hate radio.
Noam Chomsky recently educated Fox News listeners on Israel-Palestine and Iraq. I hope you tuned in. http:…
Wolf Blitzer *** CNN is a joke overall, but at least they don't generally shout over guests like the morons from Fox News do. Eff MSM.
I can't decide which I dislike more: Fox News, Huffington Post, MSNBC, or Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Oh, never mind, the BBB is far worse.
Prime minister of Central African Republic names cabinet with representatives ... - Fox News
Scott Brown slipped and called a Fox News documentary a “commercial” for him.
The black people that are still marching in favor of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri are a product of their environment. How can they still believe that Michael Brown is innocent and are so adamant about it? Do they not know that Officer Darren Wilson suffered a broken or fractured orbital. Which means - to the people still in favor of Michael Brown - that Officer Wilson was punched so freakin hard - it fractured the bone mass around his eye!!! What would you do if that happened to you!! And, after you fired 5 warning - NOT - meant to kill shots - you would want your 6th shot to be fatal after your eye bone has been SHATTERED! As I stated above - the majority of people still marching in Ferguson MO are black and a product of their environment - the majority don't have a lot of education - therefore they stay un-informed (they don't watch FOX News or listen to other Christian reporters whom are covering the TRUTH ie: Glen Beck, Laura Ingram, Mike Huckelby, several newscasters on Fox News - the maj ...
Alanna Petroff – Dumbest Reporter of the Week – CNN Money: . Move over Sarah Palin. Get out of the way Fox News...
Serena Williams, Andy Murray advance in opening matches at Cincinnati; No. 3 ... - Fox News
.Only fake Lib around here is you, babe. Go back to shilling for Fox News.
Key eyewitness in Michael Brown shooting reportedly has warrant out for arrest - Fox News
"On Tuesday, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was not happy when her broadcast about the terrible murder of..."
Fox News and the Sarah Palin Network will get together and simulcast Square Dancing tonight.
Sean Hannity & Fox News did a LEAD STORY yesterday that Mike Brown broke bones in Wilson's face and "nearly beat him unconsc…
*Some* Americans. Thankfully there's more to the country than Fox News, Sarah Palin and racist airport security staff.
Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson was beaten nearly unconscious and suffered an orbital fracture before he fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown, according to a new bombshell report. Fox News, citing a “source close to the department’s top brass,” said Wilson was taken to the hospital after he…
Ferguson police released details about Michael Brown's shooting by Officer Darren Wilson today, saying he took part in a strong-arm robbery of a nearby convenience story. And today, Fox News aired the surveillance video captured inside the convenience store.
Fox News just dropped this bombshell report on what actually happened the night that Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown and it's even worse than we've heard so far: FOX NEWS - Darr...
Sean Hannity solved it: 'many witnesses say Brown charged at the officer.' Fox News watchers believe it Audience demo.: 66 years old & white
8-20-14 - ( Fox News - Hannity ) - When Sean Hannity and a Democratic committeewoman from Ferguson, MO get together, it’s not a good combination, as Patricia...
A Ferguson, Mo. official was having none of Fox News host Sean Hannity's attempt to "educate" her on police brutality Wednesday night.
Sean Hannity Berates Ferguson Politician Over Claims Of Police Brutality - NEW YORK -- Still bruised from his pounding at the hands of Russell Brand, Fox News host and Murdoch manservant Sean Hannity turned his unlettered form of journalism onto the riots in Ferguson, Missouri on Wednesday, berating Democratic politician Pa... -
Erin Andrews excited that Julianne Hough is new 'Dancing with the Stars' judge - Fox News: Fox NewsErin Andrew...
In a world of total unrest.this was sent to me to watch. You may not like conservatives or even FOX news, but this is undeniable and straight from the horse's mouth!!! It's not the good and peaceful Muslim that is in question. It is the leadership of our Country which we must question. I may get in trouble for posting this, but you know.I don't care. The truth is in his words! Subject: BLOCKED ON FOX: OBAMA IS A MUSLIM IF YOUR VIDEO DOES NOT WORK, THEN WATCH THE MOVIE "AMERICA." BOOK BANNED IN HAWAII. MOVIE SHOWN AT ONE THEATER IN HONOLULU. SEE THIS MOVIE AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS BEING BLOCKED, SUPPRESSED, AND CENSORED LIKE THE BOOK "AMERICA." LEARN OF HILLARY CLINTON'S RELATIONSHIP WITH BILL AYERS WHEN SHE WAS AT WELLESLEY COLLEGE AND COMPETING WITH OBAMA FOR AYER'S FAVORS. SEE ELIZABETH WARREN'S PICTURE THERE TOO. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU HAVE AND WHY YOU ARE LOSING IT. Remember when we were told to watch Fox News on a Sunday night that was going to air something about Obama and we watched but ...
( - Former Vice President *** Cheney, who helped push the United States into war with Iraq in 2003, says "there's no question" that ISIS terrorists are "very much a threat to the United States, to our friends and allies, not only in the Middle East but in Europe." "And when you see them behead an American reporter...that's obviously a terrible development, but magnify that a million times over because that's what's in store for the rest of the world if we don't deal effectively with this crisis," he told Fox News's Sean Hannity on Wednesday night. Cheney said he doesn't think President Obama understands the "enormous" danger posed by radical Islam: "The intelligence is there for all to see. There's no question about what's happening. But this president and the people around him refuse to recognize it and certainly refuse to deal with it. "The damage that is being done as we talk tonight, Sean, to the American military, is enormous. They're taking our Army down below levels we haven't seen sin ...
Fox News live shot on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach outside Spris, making me really want pizza from Spris that's 1,000 miles away :|
Fox News reporters and their Kids in the Hall equivalents.
Elizabeth Vargas and husband split,| Fox News via I'm sad for the whole family. I hope for a reconciliation.
OBAMA UNDER PRESSURE TO DEFEAT ISLAMISTS AFTER BEHEADING VIDEO Fox News: “The Obama administration was working early Wednesday to confirm whether a video released by Islamic militants purportedly showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley was authentic…Fox News has learned that the video, which is being taken seriously by U.S. officials, is being analyzed by a special group within the US intelligence community that specializes in media exploitation. The group, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is believed to have other Americans in their custody. At the end of the video, a militant shows a second man, who was identified as another American journalist, Steven Sotloff, and warns that he could be next captive killed. Sotloff was kidnapped near the Syrian-Turkish border in August 2013.” [In faith alone, our hopes abide - “If nothing else, prayer was the glue that enabled my freedom, an inner freedom first and later the miracle of being released during a war in which ...
took a detour home from the airport this morning to grab some breakfast in Ferguson. I wanted to see the area firsthand before really commenting on it. Granted, I was there during the breakfast hour, but what I found in Ferguson is not what you’re reading about in the news in The St. Louis Post-Dispatch & or seeing on Fox2Now, KMOV, KSDK NewsChannel 5, CNN, Fox News, or msnbc. Here’s what I saw firsthand this morning (8/19/14): • A group of what appeared to be religious & business leaders meeting for coffee at McDonald's at 9131 W Florissant • People from all races and walks of life eating breakfast – kids were playing and eating (mostly playing) • Reporters and photographers recalling last night’s events, reviewing pictures and discussing strategies for staying safe while reporting the news • Hardly anyone was walking the streets at 8:30-9:00am but around 9:30am the sidewalks were flooded with hundreds of folks - white folks, black folks, old folks and young folks – the ...
Tom DeLay calls out left's 'criminalization of politics' in Texas | America's Newsroom | Fox News
A new research says habitual eaters of instant noodles are at the risk of experiencing heart attacks. According to the study published moments ago by Fox News, it says that the instant noodles commonly known as ramen may increase people’s risk of metabolic changes linked to heart disease and stroke. The research added that eating instant noodles could pose a challenge with the human metabolic process thus resulting in heart diseases and stroke in the long run. Ordinarily, noodles, a staple food is seen as cheap, easy to prepare and best eaten by school children and workers who have little time to prepare and eat major foods. * Noodles In the study, “women in South Korea who consumed more of the pre-cooked blocks of dried noodles were more likely to have metabolic syndrome regardless of what else they ate, or how much they exercised.” The research, published in the Journal of Nutrition, emphasised that people who had metabolic syndrome could have high blood pressure or high blood sugar levels, with . ...
Lots of legal news today but our focus on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson will be on the Grand Jury proceedings in St. Louis. Tune in today at 2, Fox News. See you on the air!
Fox News' Eric Bolling sat in for Bill O'Reilly once again Tuesday night and during the 8 p.m. broadcast he got into a testy exchange with contributor Kirsten Powers over the role of Attorney General Eric Holder in Ferguson, Missouri.
Fox News: because if an all-white panel of talking heads can't start the healing in Ferguson, who can?
Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder on Fox News right now blasting Jay Nixon response to crisis.
Fox News is as a fact. IRS, Benghazi.. isn't news to NBC, CNN.. Lamestream media
Programming Alert: Shepard Smith has the latest developments in Tune in now to Fox News.
Thank you Fox news for the Obama comedy skit straight out of his lying piehole.
I see fact Lamestream NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS are fallen 'news orgs.'. They are a disgrace and biased liars. Fox News gets it right
I think you need to watch fox news find real story not msm you are mixed up
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Who called this lady a FOX news anchor and not Miss Information?
I guess that's why Rupert kept Foxtel in News rather than Fox - to subsidize the papers.
Fox News are blaming the CSI programmes for people wanting justice in Ferguson.
Fox News Cameroon says closes borders with Nigeria in bid to halt Ebola Reuters Africa YAOUNDE…
A Fox News reporter was confronted Monday night by a demonstrator protesting in a Missouri suburb over the shooting of an unarmed black man earlier this month. Reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri, reporter Steve Harrigan told anchor Shepard Smith that what was occurring at the moment was a...
5 reasons this clip of a Fox News reporter getting cussed out on air is magnificent
Video shows apparent beheading of US reporter kidnapped in Syria - Fox News Latino
6:15 and still working at Fox News, With Shooter Jennings, good band !
What is paramount, is the right candidate and not the party. Gen Collin Powell a republican and has held the position of Secretary of state under a republican government, endorsed Obama, a democrat without losing membership of his party. This is my guide to Constituency 2, after all na America we dey copy for everything. (CNN) -- Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced Sunday that he will be voting for Sen. Barack Obama, citing the Democrat's "ability to inspire" and the "inclusive nature of his campaign." "I think he is a transformational figure, he is a new generation coming onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason I'll be voting for Sen. Barack Obama," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press." Powell said he was concerned about what he characterized as a recent negative turn of Republican candidate Sen. John McCain's campaign, such as the campaign's attempts to tie Obama to former 1960s radical Bill Ayers. "I think that's inappropriate. I understand what politics is ab . ...
One way to keep these 50 million fractured is through disinformation. PunditFact’s recent scorecard on network news concluded that at Fox and Fox News Channel, 60 percent of claims are false. At NBC and MSNBC, 46 percent of claims were deemed false. That’s the “news,” folks!
Some residents evacuated by wildfire near Yosemite allowed to go home as ... - Fox News
Dr Michael Baden who performed the 2nd autopsy on Brown, was on Fox news and just said findings support both versions of "eye witnesses".
Doocy talks Manziel playing in NFL:  FOX 4's Mike Doocy talks about Johnny Manziel playing in the NFL.
The local Fox news also has a Moochelle look-alike. If you are going to pretend, help the rest of us. COVER YOUR BLOODY ADAM"S APPLE!
Guy Benson ( joins Gretchen Carlson (Fox News) and Emily Tisch Sussman (Democratic party strategist) to explain why healthy millennials should c...
FOX News is terrifying and droll--always emotionally and often hilarious.
FOX News pitches into old-school melodrama -- women in chains and all kinds of chaos, summer of men.
Ebola unlikely to spread on planes, health agency says - Fox News. Laboratory Equipment. Ebola unlikely to sprea...
FOX NEWS: Ferguson Protesters 'Forgetting MLK's Message' - During a on the ongoing protests in Ferguson, Missouri,...
Reading the news on the internet while watching Fox and Friends and Morning Joe. Did you know that Miss Calfa. gets to keep her crown?!?!?
Journalists aren't people who you see on CNN, Fox, etc but people like James Foley who literally risk their lives to get…
84% of Fox News viewers said that America would be a much better place if there were fewer immigrants.
Today is off to a warmer start than Tuesday, expect highs in the mid-80s via
Morning news: CNN, Ferguson. Fox, ISIS beheading. MSNBC, Christie sparring w/ voter? This is why I read, not watch, the news.
Islamic extremists launch attack on last Syrian army position in eastern province - Fox News: Financial Expres...
Fox News is heavily prejudiced; this is obvious to all - except those who share the prejudice views of course.
I don't ask favors very often, but I am asking you all to please email FOX news and ask them to stop the 24/7 Ferguson Mo news coverage, and bring back Red Eye. Their email is: foxnewstipsknow about you, but I am tired of the 24/7 circus. Please email and share.
Would be great if Main Stream Media CNN and FOX news would show more of this. This is truly what ISLAM teaches kindness and Mercy to all. Transit operator Surjit Singh took these 2 photos on the bus. He said he was sitting in the bus when he saw a man sitting without shoes. Next thing a Muslim man boarded and sat next to Surjit. The Muslim man took off his shoes and socks and gave them to the man. He said, "I don't need them and I live nearby." He got off the bus before the man could say thanks, according to Surjit Singh. He took these pictures. The 2nd shot shows the donor walking away barefoot. _ To learn more about ISLAM watch this weeks new show Muslims love Jesus and Muhammad the last Prophet in ISLAM subscribe to our youtube channel us also on
I tried, I listened. NF seem to devote entire show on ISIS and their latest murder. From the video, voice experts and many caller's all more or less agreeing it became more Fox News and NF seemed to be non stop hyping it up. Then guess what John Stapleton followed it up, I presume JHB will add her views and LBC can spend hours and hours on one topic and come up with a conclusion of ?? I understand reporting but surely other world news or UK stuff can be highlighted. At least no illegal immigrant's in lorries story today.Oh er um NF reported that one Again. ...
I wont deny.all news networks have some form of bias. But these Tea Party pages and Fox News are the MOST deliberately misleading agencies in the business hands down!! Its literally almost like pure Right Wing propoganda! NBC and CBS do it too.but man, the degree Fox News and Tea Party News Network take it is just...well OBSCENE at times...and people eat it up!! How do you seriously blindly follow one means of news reporting as an American (U.S) citizen and think youre getting all the facts?! Stop the World.Im getting off.
Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told Fox News that the federal government is allowing murderers from Central America to be released into the United States. by Warren Mass
Fox News explores the possibility of the Obama Administration using the Antiquities Act to designate a large swath of land in Utah as a new national monument...
The media machine of of the corporate/political combine is so powerful that they have been controlling the anti-Russia and pro-Israel agenda (among various other things) for so long that it has been embedded into the Western psyche as a factual reality… Changing that is an uphill task, a task so monumental that unless individuals are committed to thinking and seeking the truth for themselves it will be impossible. It is so easy to let FOX News do the thinking for you while you sit back on your living room couch with a 6-pack of beer and a jumbo-size pack of lies and ingest it all in a passive vegetative way… That has become the staple American way of life, and very rapidly being exported worldwide to become the global culture... Riaz Quadir
Fox News your trusted source for fear, separation & all that is awful.
While reporting live from Ferguson, Mo., late Monday night as protests once again turned chaotic, Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan found himself in an u...
Side view of the interview I had on Fox News with Shepard Smith.
Keith Olbermann is about 10-15 years too old to be giving his opinion on ESPN. Your age group/way of thinking, watches Fox News & CNN homie.
Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News viewers Monday he is willing to debate Al Sharpton any time about the future of the black community in America.
Shepard Smith, nothing there! Ferguson and Katrina, nothing but uncontrolled spewing of words! C'mon Fox News. Give us what you claim - F&B
Fox News is so racist that literally spent a whole month trying to convince people that an imaginary man (Santa Claus) is white.
Shepard Smith, not one of my normal faves, is doing a great job on Fox News tonight. Especially in taking Gov. Nixon apart.
The terrorist group ISIS is actively outing agents from Middle Eastern intelligence services -- as many as 30 in the last two months -- by posting their pictures and locations on social media, a counterterrorism source told Fox News.
say what you will about Fox News, but Shepard Smith's Newsdeck is insanely cool
Fox News argues that Ferguson citizens are "thugs" but holds Clive Bundy supporters up as heros for doing much the same thing.
So what do you have to do with Shepard Smith and Fox News?
Fox News wants to talk about Phil Robertson's freedom of speech yet calls all the protestors who haven't dispersed "undignified"
Fox News' Shepard Smith says he regrets using the word coward while speculating on air what Robin Williams may have been feeling before his suicide.
Say what you will about Fox News, but I have been scanning between them, MSNBC and CNN and Fox is the only ones not trying to provoke this Michael Brown story into a huge racial issue. MSNBC has already convicted the cop without any actual facts. You have left websites putting out false information / propaganda. Listen, I am not saying this cop is not guilty, I am just saying people need to stop making this a big huge issue and let it be investigated without tainting people by spreading false propaganda. Al Sharpton should not be there provoking this. Most of the protesters are peaceful and I agree they need answers and they will get them. But there is about 100 or so folks who have come from across the country from Chicago and NY to name a few places including the NEW Black Panther Party provoking the issue, looting, burning down stores. I just wish people would stop spreading propaganda and let this be investigated. I bet you if the cop is found to be innocent, which I can not see happening, that there ...
It's amazing how many gold an silver ads are on Fox News...
What I've learned on Fox News:. -This is why I get older adults with AMS. -Shepard Smith lowers the seizure threshold. . -Shiny balls.
Fox News' Shepard Smith after St. Louis police shoot & kill man w/knife: "How that is relevant to what is going on here is beyond me"
Shep Smith is going to be beside himself. NO THANKS, Fox News
Rick Perry needs to shut his bone box, resign from office and become a commentator on that Fox News thing.
I thought I was anti police until Shepard Smith on Fox News last night.. had to change to for my own sanity.
And we can add Fox News' Shep Smith to the list of agitators. He did all he could recently to provoke a riot. Some "journalist"!
and Fox News had to support jack Thompson who was a video game activists
No worries, Michael Bay in talks for a sequel ending in a boxing match between Al Sharpton and a weary Fox News reporter TBA
They keep him because they think it makes MSNBC look more "balanced". Like Shep Smith on Fox News
Hillary Clinton thinks that with 4 dead Americans, "what difference at this point does it make". Sadly, she won't understand this poem. I recall the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road". He won't either. Today I heard an ex-Navy Seal being interviewed regarding a book he has written about how to handle crisis situations in our lives. At the end of the interview he asked if he could make a comment on Benghazi and, of course, the anchor said yes. He then thanked Fox News for keeping the Benghazi story in the news, since other news organizations are not. He said the Seals who died deserve that the public know the truth about the whole affair . . . but, the way things go these days that seems unlikely. The poem was written by a MARINE CORPS Officer (ANONYMOUS). Very thought provoking and poignant. Please read it and pass it on . . . it's one way to keep the issue alive. We're the Battling Boys of Benghazi , no fame, no glory, no paparazzi. Just a fiery death in a blazing *** d ...
I think it's funny: CNN, and news outlets like MSNBC and Fox News corp are asking, "Should the Justice Department take over the investigation in Ferguson, MO" since AG Eric Holder is heading to the region just today? YEAH! Duh! And tell him let the Feds take over the entire South (yes, MO did join the Confederacy) while they're at it! Just like the North did during the "Reconstruction" period following the American Civil War! And let's get it right this time! (hint: "Jim Crow") Reconstruction, basically, was the time period of 1865-1877, though some historians count the time period beginning in 1863, two full years before the end of the war dating from when Lincoln emancipated the slaves. It was a twelve year period fiercely fought between many competing sides, e.g., the "Carpetbaggers" (Northerners who went to help rebuild the South after the war), or the "Scalawags" (white southerners who always lived in the region), the U.S. Army (sent in by Grant to suppress the KKK and Confederacy now an underground ...
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Last night, 11:40pm, Fox News reporter in re: police, to Shep Smith: "this is amateur hour"+"I don't see a lot of professionalism"
I have very few friends who listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News. A few months ago, one of them told me that Barack Obama had amassed a $20-billion cache of high-tech weaponry in the Department of Homeland Security. The reason (as best I could follow his Obama's-the-communist-devil conspiracy theory) was for the tyrant to use them when he took over American democracy by brute force and imposed martial law upon the land. Watching CNN live broadcasts from Ferguson, Missouri, this week, my friend's words have come back to haunt me. Watching armored vehicles roll down suburban streets past McDonalds signs as officers in flak jackets and gas masks form phalanxes in the streets has prompted seasoned CNN journalists like Don Lemmon and Jake Tapper to say they never expected to see such sights in the streets of America. For those of us who can remember '60s antiwar protests in the streets of Berkeley or even Santa Cruz, the sight of Tac Squads unsure of how to use their power isn't new. What is new is today' ...
I applaud Shep Smith and Fox News for their coverage of
What a shame Fox News. Shep Smith is a DISGRACE. He is REPULSIVE to watch and listen to.
Shep Smith just now on Fox News: "Attention Chicago bureau please send gas masks to Mike Tobin & Steve Harrigan. Thank you, love Shepherd."
Shep Smith is one of the farthest to the Left on Fox News. He clearly pushes an ideological agenda rather than reports news
Fox News: Protesters now throwing molotov coctails, but Olde English 800 doesn't burn.
The cops losing Fox News is like Nixon losing Cronkite. (Fox not worthy of being in same sentence as Walter Cronkite-sorry)
Chris and Craig should hold up signs saying "We're not Fox News!"
In the aftermath of police in Ferguson, Missouri gunning down Michael Brown and the riots that followed, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly interviewed Ben Carson
3.6-magnitude earthquake hits Southern California but no damage, injuries ... - Fox News
Judge Jeanine Pirro: The Official Best of Fox News' Angriest Pundit (personal favorite clip is at 2:30, but th...
Fox News airing show where Megyn Kelly "analyzes the top news stories of the day" and they're talking about the Obama/Bill Ayers controversy
because we all know that Republicans and Fox News will have a field day... Lol
This lady Pam Oliver weave is never on point lol an she a Fox News broadcaster
Just a reminder: Ferguson PD chief went on Fox News, Ferguson mayor went on Newsmax. This should be a major clue to wh…
Sarah Palin accuses Fox News of 'misinformation' and attacks Megyn Kelly...: via
British comedian Russell Brand took to his online series The Trews to criticize Bill O’Reilly of Fox News for insisting that protesters angry over the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson are not letting justice take its course.
Actor Russell Brand delivered yet another searing takedown of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly this week, this time tackling his coverage of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown by police.
Russell Brand has dissected Fox News' reporting on the ongoing situation in Ferguson, St Louis - where demonstrations have raged across the suburb following the police shooting of unarmed African-American 18-year-old - saying the news network support...
In the latest episode of Russell Brand’s The Trews, the British comedian slams Bill O’Reilly for pretending to sympathize with the non-white people he and Fox News usually demonize.
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