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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Why is Fox News criticizing me so much today? The only thing they should be criticizing is Rand Paul's stupid poodle hai…
East Paulding middle is officially on the map. The spelling error made its way to Yahoo news, Fox News, and ABCs Good M…
Four years ago Mitt Romney was sabotaged by Candy Crowley. Now Fox News is doing the same to Donald Trump
Is there a possibility that Roger Ailes doesn't like anymore?.Trump goes to war with Fox News
Please tell me when Fox News or Megyn Kelly is ever professional?
Fox News attack on Trump and their ignoring of Cruz was pathetic. They embarrassed themselves especially Megyn Kelly
I'm going to ask Fox News to remove Megyn Kelly from the next debate. Our sexual tension is making everyone uncomfortabl…
Megyn Kelly seems to have done for Fox News credibility what John Boehner's done for Sh** happens when egos …
Sky News live stream shut down by DMCA from Fox News -
Fox News must be really happy that Jon Stewart is gone, lol.
Jon Stewart on Fox News: Liars, shills, hacks, hypocrites! Roger Ailes on Jon Stewart: He's losing, we're winning!
Jon Stewart bids farewell to Fox News by torching them one last time
I have said time and time again that, "I get my comedy from Fox News and my News from Comedy Central." I wish Jon lu…
Jon Stewart vs. Fox News... the battle ends
think Fox News runs over just to spite Jon Stewart?
The Best of Jon Stewart Over the Years Taking on Fox News - Must See Video Clips
Jon Stewart! First Colbert now you, whose gonna make fun of Fox News beside themselves??
Jon Stewart's unusual farewell: No clips, no reruns of rebukes of Judith Miller,James Cramer, Fox News
Jon Stewart vs Fox News: his best moments of the past 16 years
Jon Stewart Celebrates 'Daily Show's' Evisceration of ISIS, Fox News, Racism: Jon Stewart will be wrapping up ...
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart final episode. Now what? He'll be missed - even by Fox News 😜
Just when I was getting into politics, Jon Stewart abandons me. Now I'm stuck with Fox News for comedic relief.
Fox News is half-right about Jon Stewart: How the brilliant satirist of the Bush years has been undone by his BF...
Jon Stewart is forever roasting Fox News in my heart
In honor of his last show, here's the best of Jon Stewart taking on Fox News:
goodbye and Fox News is still number one, Good try potty mouth Jon
Did Jon Stewart fail to put a 'dent' in Fox News?
From what I could tell, Jon Stewart and Fox News both won the night. America really is great.
Goodbye to the voice of reason, king of Comedy Central, enemy of Arby's & Fox News, leader of the free world, Jon Stew…
Crowded Republican debate yields no clear winner: The primary debates organised by Fox News channel and Facebo...
It's like a Fox News mystery science theater 3000 up in this house. Except not entertaining.
Fox News republican debate on at at St. Gambrinus Bar on Atlantic ave
Republican 'kids table' debate sets the stage for Trump and Bush – live updates: Fox News debate’s first round...
Fox News doesn’t believe in International Law so why are they freaking out about this guy going to visit Russia?
I thought my Verizon Fios package had Fox News but I guess not. 😩
Since the debate is on Fox News, does that mean William Devane is going to interrupt me every 10 minutes to tell us to bu…
E&E Legal's Chris Horner on Fox News - 8/4/15 re: EPA-green groups collusion to write new regs via
Just to clarify hayley joel osment is not, nor has ever been dead. I'm sure Fox News will run that story tomorrow anyway tho
News Guide: Malaysia links debris to MH370; France, US, Australia more cautious - Fox News
Fox News has a viewer median age of 65. The average primetime audience is 2 million.
It should say "in logical persons view, told the truth." Where were the lies? (*cough cough Fox News) lol
Jon Stewart rips Fox News host Dana Perino’s show right to her face: “Tell the dumb guy I said hi” via
It's Jon Stewart's final week and he has Fox News firmly in his sights
Rick Perry left off list for Fox News debate on Thursday.Oops!
BREAKING: Christie, Kasich make the top 10 for Fox News debate; Perry out
On MSNBC, breaks down how Fox News is taking control of the Republican party:
The best of Fox News...gotta post again.. Andrea Tantaros’ smoking HOT beach pic has conservatives fans overheating
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom to finalize divorce | Fox News
Fox News would have a field day with Zoidbergs' origins. He'd be a Romanian Decapod Muslim within hours.
Investigators for missing Malaysia flight meet in Paris after arrival of wing … – Fox News
Marist poll suspended due to Fox News debate rules |
from Fox News: Jim Gilmore on why the large GOP field helps him
Ok.The Young Turks are even more embarrassing to watch than Fox News. Just an irritating truth. ;)
How does Fox News make Republicans do what they want? By changing debate rules as they go:
I am a conservative who watches Fox News. But enough Donald Trump. Please make it stop. Report when something of substance is said
In tangentially-related news, Fox News just announced -1 stability.
Why’s Fox News trying to blame the victim?
Fox News must be like the lottery for Alan Colmes Bob Beckel and Geraldo, otherwise they'd be under the bridge with the other delusionals..
Funny to watch Fox News and Glenn Beck jump on the bandwagon now they realize trumps not disappearing
Wondering how Fox News would cover Robert Mugabe flying to the states and shooting a bald eagle?
I sometimes think Fox News is just playing the devils advocate... And then I realize they're serious.
Los Angeles police officer sentenced to 16 months in jail for striking a woman ... - Fox News
They’re being hunted for sport by conservatives looking to land Fox News gigs.
Cincinnati prosecutor probing shooting of motorist by university police officer - Fox News
Let's see how Fox News re-writes this one..., was the officer in fear for his life for 2 tenths of a second FOX NEWS...HUH?
They're about to talk about the Painesville Metro Park Shooting on the on Fox News.
.Actually I addressed the issue, one of the Fox News racists said that the officer was threatened by her cigarette.
Ohio campus cop indicted on murder charge in traffic stop shooting - Fox News
Donte stallworth on Fox News talking about tom Brady and his suspension. I'm thoroughly amused.
Deepa Kumar is saying that Fox News is trying to "silence & intimidate" her. Look at what she did to Condoleezza Rice. Kumar is a hypocrite.
The only show I HAD to watch on Fox News was The Five. . Notice I said 'was'? It's just not the same without my...
Rutgers prof: Fox News is picking on me just because I said the U.S. is worse than ISIS via
Kentucky governor urges county court clerk to issue *** marriage licenses or ... - Fox News
Fox News accuses the president of being a Muslim again.
CFACT's Marc Morano, editor of appeared on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News on May…
Fox News is allowed to spew its hate speech but you can't show female nipples on television. Which is really more offens…
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and then started telling me all about his Fox News style conspiracy theories and ideas about gender and women's place.
When do you plan on changing your name to Fox News Jr?
Resistance grows to Fox News debate rules. The are a total debacle
we're already making up drinking game rules. Probably the only time Fox News will ever be allowed on in our house.
Jim gray was on Fox News going wild on the. NFL and in favor of Brady
Food: the new holistic medicine with Maria Benardis - Fox News
from Fox News: Toddler saved from drowning
Sometimes I wish I was famous enough to say something about race, religion, guns, or sexuality that would be the lead story on Fox News.
Fox News host says she's 'tired of protecting the minority' via
STUDENT AID FOR CONS Some prisoners could soon be eligible for Pell grants
Fox News tweaks debate rules in a way that helps trailing Republican presidential candidates.
Next up on Fox News: Our panel debates whether Planned Parenthood or Obamacare is responsible for the death of
I'd love to see Fox News bring out Oliver North to comment against Valerie Palme's opinion on Iran's nuclear program😂
A new study found that those who watch Fox News are significantly more likely to believe these lies:. meme via...
No matter who wins tonight, we're all impressed Fox News made it through 4 years of a black president without saying the N…
I'm gonna rant to u about Planned Parenthood later. Expect it to be long & angry bc Fox News and the church are blowing it up.
Slippery slopes, Fox news sources and “marriage just is.” Bernardi fails Debate School 101.
😂 to show human or aliens 😂 University of California offers six choices for 'gender identity' | Fox News
And she's free now that the Fox News gig has fallen through.
Watch, Fox News will go crazy covering Boehner's duplicity! Hume will attack Meadows like he did Cruz.
IRONY: GOP discarding shrinking unemployment data due to participation rate declines which is driven by retiring Fox News w…
Our hostages in Iran are more important than President Obama's feelings | Fox News |
Fox News Sunday's script is delightfully imaginative, while both the direction and ensemble performances are excellent.
he will have me committed if I watch Fox News again.
Bernardi sounding like he did his research by watching a lot of Fox News programs.
Post-UFC on FOX 16: And the Bonus Goes to… via
Scoop from Fox News is lowering its threshold for the Cleveland GOP debate/forum. Everyone gets a spot.
Wow looks like Channing Tatum is dropping out of Gambit. Don't know if that's good news or bad news.
Bowe Bergdahl found during California pot raid, released by officials | Fox News.
At 10 Ambulances roll this weekend as patients are moved to the new UMC. . WATCH:
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm waiting for Fox News to call a thug. Or at least deride the fact that he's the unelected King of the…
Fox 2 is a local station, not associated with the Fox News network. Just FYI DT
And why do these fools always bring up Fox News? Sheeple w/ sheeple talking points calling others morons
Google News: Surge of Syrian refugees into US stirs security concerns - Fox News
[FOX News] SEARCH FOR MADELEINE Police in Madeleine McCann case turn to Australia after grisly find [United States]
watching LIVE on Fox 4 News Dallas Heather Hays & Steve Eagar take 2
Sportscenter is the Fox News of sports. The NFL has been a disgrace during whole process. Media has made Brady to be a t…
Fox News opens early debate to those lowest in the polls:
MYSTERY SOLVED Lost leaders of Jamestown settlement identified:
It'll look like the dais at the Al Smith dinner.
With the news/rumor of Channing Tatum dropping out of Gambit, here's a list of other actors who may be better:
Fox News doesn't think it's news that a GOP candidate's spokesman said a husband can't rape his wife, especially when Obama's i…
Fox News obviously underestimated your intellect. Arkansas obviously underestimated your ability as well!
Flipping channels and passing by Fox News was already more Fox News than I can handle for one day.
Fox News no longer fair and balanced.
Fox News is probably about to release that lion's criminal record.
Things just got easier for Carly Fiorina, George Pataki and Lindsey Graham thanks to Fox News:
Hunter who paid $55G to kill Cecil the lion ID'd as American dentist - Fox News
Jason Chaffetz Jay Sekulow lay charges against the IRS chief or shut up. Does O'bama always have to do your job? Fox News
Fox News loves to say "Obama hates the troops" - no, hating the troops is sending them to a pointless war and cutting …
Latest 6 hour News California teen arrested after body believed to be of 8-year-old neighbor found - Fox News
Retired LAPD detective charged with bank robbery will be held without bail - Fox News
Fox News finds & confronts infamous homeless man who was seen relieving himself in NYC streets
Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck justifies arrest: She could have used cigarette as a weapon
And the hate of the Tea Party and Fox News continues to rattle the cage.
Chris Christie buys $250,000 of ad time on Fox News to remind viewers he's still running
Chris Christie is spending a quarter of a million dollars to get into the Fox News debate:
Geraldo Rivera also blamed hoodies for the death of Trayvon Martin, Fox News is laughable!
When you agree with Fox News and Donald Trump, you know something is very wrong.
For those of you who missed Geraldo Rivera of Fox News he's still hunting for "El Chapo" for an exclusive interview. Last seen in a tunnel.
Little Giant Ladders
is your best bet on Saturday mornings on Fox News.
Obama is Satan to these blue haired Fox News watching couch warriors.
Fox News officially joins MSNBC mentality! Shepherd Smith is taking delight in his & the GOP joins him.
Just saw a Freedom From Religion advertisement on Fox News and it actually warmed my heart.
Meghan McCain will be on Fox News in a few min to bark like a Paris Hilton dog at Donald Trump.
Meghan McCain on show deliberately misquoted and should be reprimanded by Fox or leave Fox News for bias.
To add insult to injury, just hired libtard RINO Meghan McCain as a Fox News contributor!
likes conservative allies like Breitbart, but apparently works for Fox News?
I liked a video from Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool Out of Herself on
Really, it’s time to shut down the GOP: A deeply unserious party, hijacked by lunatics and Fox News.
“5-Minute Speech that got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News [video] fired Judge Nap?
Fox News presenter thinks sharks should be 'cleared' from the sea
What would Fox News and the Right Wing say if President Obama said that he avoided capture during Desert Storm by staying in the U.S?
Fox News' Chris Wallace absolutely grilled John Kerry on Syria today via
If there was a truly conservative sports network to counterbalance ESPN, then it could quickly become as popular as Fox News in the ratings.
Fox News: Pastor Hagee calls Iran nuke deal 'historic, bad deal for the world' .
Pres Obama has now removed both Iran & Cuba from our list of terrorists and replaced them with Fox News & Texas.
"'Outfoxed': Early states seek to preempt Fox News debate" on Tea Party Command Center:
"...The takeover of American conservatism by evangelical Christianity, Fox News and a handful of shadowy...
lol you know *** WELL! This guy is so convinced of a Fox News talking point
Fox News arguing against something I believe in (this case: the existence of rape culture) only makes me more confident in my opinion.
Morality losing ground even at Fox News!
from Fox News: Report: Deputies' union ties pier killing to sheriff's order
Fox News poll: 70% of GOP primary voters agree with Trump on immigration
.Bad. Politico ponders mystery of why people who watch Fox News would vote for a pol who sounds like a Fox News host.
Major Garrett dares to ask Obama about Americans still held in Iran and liberal media freaks out | Fox News
Tennessee's Rep. responds to Chattanooga shooting on Fox News, warns about online terrorism and sleeper cells.
Ukrainians, Australians mark anniversary of MH17 downing - Fox News
Good to see Fox News and its fans are butt hurt by Scott. Especially since they been humiliated on TV where everyone can see.
So appearently people are praising of some guy name Scott Wiener who made a comment saying "Fox News is not real news".
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Fox News is real news by the way and you dear "boy" are a real Weiner!!
Fox News hosts lament that overweight children are confident with their bodies
Fox News isn't an honest news source; they're self-proclaimed liars. google fox vs akre/wilson
don't understand...he refused to talk to Fox News...that's not a news media u understand?
Fox News guest completely exposes Scott Walker's plan to starve the poor via
TRYING to lose their audience..Meghan McCain soon be paid by Fox News to spew her nonsense as a contributor.
huh? He refused to talk to the GOP media company AKA Fox News...good for him...
Upside to Meghan McCain joining Fox News? The epic coming from and
Saw you on Fox News last night... I loved the part when you told the reporter "Fox News is not real news". 😂😂😂
Scott Wiener: "Fox News is not real news, and you're not a reporter." via /r/gifs
Also, he can be wrong on Gawker and right about Fox News. The one doesn't negate the other.
Kim K reacts to Fox News host Megyn Kelly's comments about her
Lightweight alert: Meghan McCain, failed host on the Pivot channel, picked up as Fox News contributor.
Forget what bible says and listen to Fox News contributor instead
"Fox News contributor. [...] New book - Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women."
.you should ask her why she would talk to an otherwise unemployable Fox News contributor who is
NH Union Leader GOP candidate forum Aug. 3 not limited to 10 & will be 3 days ahead of Fox News debate.
*** rights, immigration supporter, RINO chip off the old block, Meghan McCain hired by Fox News as a "contributor".
Catherine Herridge on Fox News reports unprecedented FBI build up in More that we aren't being told.
The right’s despicable new obsession: Fox News, Matt Drudge and Donald Trump’s fear-mongering is doomed to backfire-
'Stalked' San Francisco supervisor dodges Fox News reporter: 'I talk to real news only' [video]
Bill O'Reilly now lashing out at and for documenting how he and Fox News are attacking immigrants:
San Francisco officials brush off Fox: ‘You’re not a reporter. Fox News is not real news.’
"Crowning achievement of my career - I ran from and whined about Fox News!"
Fox News reporter confronts S.F. supervisors, they dismiss him
"Fox News is not real This should be the standard response when being ambushed by a reporter
Fox News is not real news, and you’re not a reporter. S. F. Board of Supervisors member Scott Winer. There should have been…
It was like a dream sequence, Fox News interrupted two guys critizing Obama to bring a report on George H Bush breaking …
Fox News: WATCH LIVE: President Obama holds press conference at White ... -
Fox News & all the host make me sick . So Mrs Kelly was upset that Trump was called out so decided to call out Obama .
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Fox News, proper news channel... Yeah right!!
this is surprising to me that you, of all people, don't like Fox News.
Fox News' Pastor Robert Jeffress: Jesus Wouldn't Protec jesus would protect everyone.he wouldn't pick and choose.reread the bible pastor
Sitting in the lobby at the urgent care clinic and oh my god Fox News is on never mind I'll go die at home
Likely because Fox News ratings are higher when a democrat holds office. Ailes and Murdoch trying to make it happen.
This promo video from Fox News little-leaguer "Aussie" Nick Adams is inspirational.
FLASH: Democratic Senator Boxer wins re-election in California, helps in bid to preserve majority in Senate -Fox News projects
HappyGrumpy is featured again on Fox News. "What your social media posts say about you?”. …
Private plane missing with three family members on board, Washington state ... - Fox News
Supreme Court should live under ObamaCare like the rest of America | Fox News |
The Latest: Flood-prone slum pope's first stop on final day of South American tour - Fox News
South Korea's In Gee Chun storms from behind to win US Women's Open in ... - Fox News
Tim live in Suffolk. I guarantee all his neighbors watch Fox News
Parents arrested after allegedly making daughter live in woods for eating Pop-Tart | Fox News
Related News: Foods to help you to live to be 100 - Lifestyle - Fox News |
Fox News host hits man with an axe live on the show and goes viral:
Fox News projects Newt Gingrich the winner of the South Carolina Republican presidential primary, Mitt Romney takes second
Wow I just accidentally turned Fox News on and my TV caught fire and burned my house down
Can Kate Steinle's family sue San Francisco over its sanctuary city policy? | Fox News |
NAACP Oks resolution ending economic boycott of South Carolina after ... - Fox News
It's one thing for outlets we know are racist/sexist like Fox News. Worse when it's the Gray Lady.
John Stamos seeks treatment for substance abuse - Fox News
Republicans are scared of what Trump will say at the Fox News debate—but it’s John Kasich they should worry about.
The Latest: Pope who loves to recycle using same Peugeot that John Paul II ... - Fox News
John Fogerty sues former Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates over new ... - Fox News
I don't know about you, but Colbert created a decades-long persona built upon mocking Fox News.
from Fox News: Animation domination at the box office?
Fox News producer confronts San Francisco officials over killing of Kate Steinle:
Overflowing GOP presidential field has Fox News in demand: But in an election bursting with money from an expe...
Election Day: Romney vs Obama, even when it was clear Obama was winning, Karl Rove stormed Fox News and insisted Romney was winning.
Between reading lots of & overhearing my grandparents listening to Fox News & conservative talk radio, I'm really scared.
Army defends naming bases after Confederate soldiers | Fox News
The View, next to any program on Fox News, is the worst show on television.
from Fox News: Sen. Rubio: Trump's 'outrageous comments' are a distraction
Fox News host mixes up World Cup football with US foreign policy -
Fox News presenter mixes up football and US foreign policy -
Sir Nicholas Winton: A hero who should always be remembered | Fox News |
3-year-old girls saves 2 boys with organ donation after death - Fox News
Fox News: Jenna Lee teases us about showing the end of the NASCAR race last night..57 mins later we are still waiting... Shameful!!
Oregon silences bakers who refused to make cake for *** wedding | Fox News |
top 5 presets/ the Highway, Outlaw country, Enlighten, Watercolors, Fox News
Great article from on the craziness that is Roger Ailes and his propaganda machine, Fox News.
Someone has to do a montage of Fox News clips anytime "Roger Ailes" is mentioned, that awkward forced way one must praise someone or else...
I want this movie remade just to see Fox News squeal about how it's going to bring on a race war.
Immigration Reform enforces those laws you *** Read the bill. Fox News is melting your brain. You Sheep lol.
Fox News, trucks, guns, girls, beer, and jean jackets are all I need.
I want to personally wish you all a happy safe holiday and I appreciate Fox News. Best Regards from Canada
Eager eaters weigh-in ahead of NYC July 4 hot dog contest - Fox News
Y is glorifying a old terrible murder? Need new copy cat news? Whn did Fox News become a trash Rag? Glorifying drugs & murder!
13-year-old charged with raping girl on school bus - Fox News
Fox News ranks Salida fireworks . Ryan Summerlin, Mail Staff Writer. Fox News ranked Salida as the third-best...
Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported ... - Fox News
Please watch the video at the bottom of the article. A few minutes of Fox News will not kill you, hopefully. Mike...
"I don't know why people say Fox News is dumbing down America. Every time I watch it I always feel…" — sundaytrucker
Fox News as we know it may be screwed: Roger Ailes' stunning rebuke could spell the end
Jim Webb Throws His Hat in the Ring for the WH - Fox News: Fox NewsJim Webb Throws His Hat in the Ring for...
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Fox News: Hillary Clinton lied to Congress... and destroyed her emails. How much longer can she hide the truth?
Sarah Palin responds to Roger Ailes quote explaining why Fox News hired her -
of course because it's Fox News they stir things up...tell them to listen to the lyrics and get back to us.
Jesse Watters and Bill O'Reilly's Fox News piece on the homeless was disgusting
I don't understand, Ollie North sold weapons to Iran, now he and Fox News dispise the idea of any diplomatic talks with Iran.
Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has renewed his contract, ending speculation about his future at 21st Century Fox n…
Did you know Roger Ailes lives in Cold Spring, too? Could be your *in* at Fox News!!! 💫
I have no idea what I actually mean when I rant about the "left", I only know that I'm trying to cater to the Fox News fa…
Justice Department investigating whether airlines are colluding to keep fares high - Fox News
‘Fox News is garbage': Ana Kasparian "Jesse Watters is just a deplorable human being"
Another sign Palin is gearing up for a presidential run: Palin is NO LONGER contracted with Fox News as a...
from Fox News: Escaped NY prisoners had test run
Poetic that Fox News dumped Sarah Palin the same week upholds Looks like the only Death Panel is for …
Before you run, What do you really think of Fox News?
Fox News sends reporter to New York to ask people how much homeless people bother them: Correspondent Jesse Watters was on the scene ...
Eurozone ministers to weigh latest Greek proposal as country in arrears on its … – Fox News
Fox News: BREAKING: The US women’s soccer team is headed to the World Cup ... -
Gah!. In one room it's Teen Beach Movie 2 and in the other it's Fox News. I want to watch the soccer game!!! — feeling annoyed
A group of activists is planning to burn American flags in Fort Greene Park tomorrow and Fox News is not happy:
Russia fails to reach deal on future gas supplies to Ukraine amid price … – Fox News
Itinerary for Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba, Washington, New York and … – Fox News
Fox News hides behind so much racism and hypocrisy it blows my mind how people consider them as a credible source.
It's misleading to put "Fox News" "Jesse Watters" and "Reporter" in the same sentence. Guy's a hate-mongering hack.
Jesse Watters that was HORRIBLE reporting on the homeless. How can anyone call that journalism? Oh yea.. Fox News
Fox News discusses the Saudi 9/11 Cover Up, the redacted 28 Pages and Senator Bob Graham: via
House Homeland Security ChairmanWhy I'm skeptical of a deal with Iran | Fox News |
The Confederate flag and cultural fascism | Fox News | Perhaps those so easily enraged by the flag should pause.
I'm waiting for Glen Beck and Fox News to label it all as "an attack on the christian faith"
King and queen of Spain in Mexico for 3-day stop in first state visit to Latin ... - Fox News: Fox News...Read...
America needs a libertarian/conservative news network to balance Communust CNN, radical Communist MSNBC and centrist Fox News
is the new undercover Fox News. Benghazi,Benghazi, Benghazi.. Promoting republican candidates, Clinton bad.. Crap show
That's wonderful. I'm *** but always voted republican because I grew up watching Fox News. :) Obama's the worst
So I guess wants to appear on Fox News more often wearing dresses like that.
Arsonists have set fire to six black churches. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NYT all ignored. Buzzfeed is the only coverage. http…
Fox News releases Bob Beckel over his 'personal issues' Song Lemon Rose
Fox News fires Bob Beckel with scathing statement for pill addiction
Do you think the people at Fox News know that nobody except old white people takes them seriously?
Fox News releases Bob Beckel for 'personal' issues - via
It's the David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Fox News school of political analysis: the more people laughing at me, the better.
Ahem, Fox News, Lindsey Graham. MT The "long history" of racial terrorism Obama mentioned in his eulogy
Fox News is on in the break room. Eric Bolling and friends talking about SCOTUS and ACA. Kill me now.
Selena Gomez takes one sexy shower in &For You&video - Fox News
Search for second escaped murderer intensifies in upstate New York - Fox News
Fox News sounding way similar to 700 Club.
IRS scandal: Attorney General Lynch, it's time for a special prosecutor | Fox News
Mid-June 2015: America stops listening to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.
Related News: Selena Gomez takes one sexy shower in 'Good For You' video - Entertainment - Fox News |
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