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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Only watch Hannity on Fox News. The rest are a disgrace.
but it was his best debate performance?? You guys are trash. Just move to Fox News already.
ABSOLUTELY unacceptable headline and coverage. So bad you should be on Fox News!!!
.needs to be on Fox News a.k.a. "Faux News" ASAP...or just taken off the air entirely.
Marvel's 'The Defenders' adds Sigourney Weaver as the villain - Fox News
Steve Doocy.. Who are you to judge DT and call for an apology. He apologized yesterday...I saw it on Fox News. Not good enuf?
Fox News blocked Andy Cohen! Wow! God forbid you stream other opinions outside your own. We love Andy!!!
Andy Cohen has been unblocked by Fox News. Social media is awesome.
Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known | Fox News
Fox News: FOX NEWS PRIME TIME De Niro rips 'I'd like to punch him in the face'
Fox News is covering the bejeezus out of Hurricane Matthew right now.
*What's on the news right now*. CNN: Trump. MSNBC: Trump. BBC News: Trump. Fox News: Hurricane Matthew
Following the racist Fox News segment on Chinese Americans, we sent Jenny Yang to Beverly Hills to have some "gentle fun" with…
lol at Fox News not having the Trump debacle as their primary news
I am sure Murdock on phone to Fox News right now. I am sure Donald Trump called already. "get Megyn on"!
Fox News anchor criticized for dramatic hurricane warning
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Fox News anchor criticized for dramatic hurricane warning: Fox News' Shepard Smith has pleaded with viewers t...
Fox News anchor criticized for dramatic hurricane warning - by Tara Flanigan
👏 The Daily Show's blasts Fox News reporter's racist Chinatown "report" in the best way 👏
The Daily Show needs to after Fox News more often because Jon Stewart would definitely be proud of this.
Fox News finds itself in hot water for a racist segment about China. Correspondent reports.
‘You and your children will die’ Fox News' Shepard Smith delivers morbid Hurricane Matthew warning…
Shepard Smith's poor choice of words on Fox News is not funny. He was clearly having a bad day and his level of professionalism dropped. 👎🏻
A Fox News host issued terrifying proclamations about Hurricane Matthew: 'You and everyone you know are...
Only thing missing from Shepard Smith, Fox News broadcast was dramatic music.
Keeping politics out of this, but Fox News is now interviewing someone named Krystal Ball about whether Hillary Clinton makes things up.
Fox News has a guest named "Krystal Ball" on this show talking about female body image right now. Can't make this stuff up. Krystal. Ball.
Hurricane Matthew is the storm of the century! Listen to Eben Brown of Fox News on The Jeff Katz Show live from...
Eben Brown from Fox News is on the ground in South Florida as Hurricane Matthew is hitting. Here's his report on...
Asians furious at the stereotypes lobbed in a Fox News segment
Alternate Theory: Megyn Kelly is trying to re-brand herself as a credible journalist before leaving Fox News for a real news…
Shephard Smith, and Bill Hemmer. All of these folks at Fox News are shills for Hillary…
Two of Fox News' prime-time stars are openly sparring over Trump, Clinton via | Getty…
Trump causes split between Fox hosts - Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity, who have back-to-back shows on Fox News, h...
'Donald Trump only goes on Hannity': Megyn Kelly clashes with Fox News colleague
Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers dumps NBA fiancé Jeff Withey - Fox News
I liked a video from Elon Musk talks to Fox News about Tesla producing lots of cars by 2020
ICYMI: This might be the most ridiculously racist Fox News segment of all time
What the *** is going with this insanely racist Fox News segment about Chinatown?
Fox News ran a blatantly racist Jesse Watters segment mocking Asian-Americans, just another of many offensive segments over the y…
"They are such a polite people." Presenting to you Fox News, Jesse Watters, and O'Reilly.
ICYMI, here is that ridiculously racist video of Fox News making fun of Asian-Americans:
FOX STANDS 4 RACISM Fox News' thinks his deeply racist video against Asians/ just "light" humor
Fox News not commenting on Jesse Watters' controversial Chinatown segment
Fox News' Jesse Watters thinks his deeply racist video against Asians is just "light" humor htt…
Somehow not shocked that anti-Asian racism is a-OK with Jesse Watters and Fox News.
Hot Air reports that Fox News host Sean Hannity used his nationally syndicated radio show to launch a verbal...
Inbox: Assemblyman Ron Kim, Rep. Grace Meng, etc will protest the segment in front of Fox News offices tomorrow.
Asian American Journalists Association response to Fox News. This. It's why we work to save historical…
How did the VP candidates tackle military questions?: Fox News contributors Pete Hegseth and Scott Brown……
Fox News reporting WH talking Points to protect Stock Market from tanking before election.
Fox News setup in Spin Alley with Shepherd Smith students reporting in the VP debate.…
because Fox News is the model of true reporting! "Mitt Romney will win this election!"
Fox News Martha Maccallum needs to brush-up on her reporter skills--influenced by Megyn Kelly, the hobgoblin of Fox News.
It spread beyond Infowars though, it started there, then even Fox News was reporting it. You know how these things…
Paul Millikan chalks for Fox News reporting on Chalktoberfest!! Have you bought your beer tickets?
Fox News where is reporting on Bills son? Travel gate? No one gives a *** about these taxes, do some real reporting for once!!
Fox News taking a dive Too? Whole lot of breaking news fox not reporting on
Lmao but was it really that crucial that Fox News is reporting it🙄🙄
or the NYT may just be reporting on the actions of and much to Fox News chagrin he is taking himself down.
Fox News host says NYT is trying to "take down Trump." NYT's No, "we are doing our jobs" by reporting h…
. Sick of the False Reporting from Fox News and Your colleagues! . HELP! REPORT THE TRUTH!…
yes, Fox News had to put their spin on it of course. But it's one if only places reporting this.
maybe sports reporting would make you more honest Brit? That includes Fox News!
Fox News is against Trump. Only Hannity, Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs are pro-Trump. The rest are anti-Trump GOP establishment.
I only watch Fox News now for Hannity,Lou Dobbs and Varney the rest I tune out! Fox News better shape up or no one will wat…
All-white Fox News panel: birtherism isn’t about race. Political science: yes, it is. via
Just saw this wonderful Fox News article about I'm Not Ashamed being blocked on you tube. Producer Nise Davis...
This brings up a valid point to think about. Tom Kean: President Obama was Right About Vetoing 9/11 Bill - Fox News
He's just trying to use it, same way that Glenn Beck used the Tea Party to get himself a show on Fox News.
You never know who you may see in the Fox News greenroom. Great running into Ben Stein.
HuffPostWomen: “You know you’re going too far when the Fox News staff is cringing at your treatment of women.”
Vigrx Plus | Jessie James Decker explains why she and husband Eric Decker schedule sex - Fox News: Fox NewsJe...
Police question tenant in New York City house explosion that killed firefighter - Fox News
Rick Leventhal on Fox News just said he made it out alive!
Fox News reporter Rick Blumenthal dressed like a real reporter--that's a first!
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Yet another all-white Fox News panel concludes that the birther movement is not racist:
. I see you on Fox News all the time. I am a white single father in New Hampshire. You are an inspiration to our Country!!
Fox News could still face court battle over Roger Ailes sexual harassment claims
giveaway will threaten WATCH Fox News report:.
I bet they watch a lot of Fox News.
Please. McCarthy admitted that he created it to tank Hillary's poll numbers. You watch Fox News so you should know that.
don't watch Fox News at all anymore except Sean at 10.
Also would've been fun to watch Fox News aghast that Wonder Woman was being *transformed* into vehicle of lef…
Just last week you were complaining about your broken remote because you wanted to watch something other than Fox News
Conservatives should be forced to watch CNN and Liberals forced to watch Fox News
Watch a Fox News panel grind to a halt when one of the hosts implies Roger Ailes is giving sexist advice to Trump http…
Please pay attention: Roger fired from the nerwork of infamous sexism known as Fox News for sexually...
A Fox News host commented on Clinton's debate appearance, and people were not pleased.
Lester Holt should be fired. I will not watch nbc news in the future. Fox News tells the truth
Fox News host in hot water over Clinton debate comment:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fox News' Britt Hume(?) said Lester Holt was perfect, he must have slept during debate. Retire
Why is Britt Hume invading my Fox News with his gloomy forecast on When did Fred Gwynn get into politics?
That face you make when you see people saying that the first debate:.
the Crybaby Award. And it wasn't even close.
"- Said no one with eyes, ears or rational judgment - EVER.
Fox News is owned by a Saudi Arabia Prince. 7 per cent. The only ones I watch is Bill O'REILLY, and Sean Hann…
R U kidding? All the lies that Pinocchio Trump has stated were out on the table- Fox News R sitting w/ mouth agape
only fox news says this. Only fox news thinks Trump won. Fox news is the cheapest, weakest, news possible. Moron central.
FDNY chief dies in explosion at NYC home eyed as drug lab - Fox News
Why is everyone so surprised & outraged? We all know MSM is liberal. Be happy we have Fox & other conservative so…
Fox News the Stupidest and Racists channel on TV Period!
Check it out, fam: Chuck Woolery names the Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism on Fox News -
Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch begin drilling for oil in Syria — a viola of Int’l law via
the water is ok, it didn't come from Flint,Mi
No response from Paul Ryan to Trump's Miss Universe remarks. "I was working out and working this morning, I wasn't watchin…
fair and balanced is fox news. Holt was told would lose his job if he was fair as lauer
Votes needed here - POLL: Should the government repeal the fox hunting ban?
flipping from CNN to Fox News both are biased wish there was a network that wasn't
Your wrong Every News Site Except REPUB Fox gives her the Win gets use to saying MADAM PRESIDENT. ...BBBOOOMMM
Opinion: For Colombia, a flawed peace is better than war | Fox News Latino
Sunny and 70s... tracking your afternoon temperatures on Fox 13 Midday LIVE |
Coach Ryan Pierce and CWRU Cycling on Fox 8 News in the Morning's Kickin' It With Kenny Crumpton!
If you watch Fox and Friends , you automatically think , because you watch Fox News. Your perception of life is sm…
I genuinely feel badly for the poor female cohost on Fox News that had to sit there while Trump tried to defend the whole Ms Piggy thing.
Opinion: It's judgment day for the EPA's clean power plan, America - Fox News -DJT could have sited:crazy regulation
On "Outnumbered" Fox News Meghan McCain "disappointed" that her father didn't win the election.
Did you know we were watching a beauty pageant last night instead of a presidential debate?
Hampton animal control back at home on Fox Hill Drive. Woman's body 50+ cats found
Gullible believe Trump, InfoWars, Breitbart, and Fox "News". . ALL of them are TRASH!.
...And just as important, citizens were too lazy to research what they were being fed through German Fox News
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
'Journalist' involved in email scandal worked for Bill, represented Hillary's IT firm
news. How incredibly you make fools of yourselves. Trump lost debate 67 to 24%. Hannity,why you lie so much.Public…
EU's Brexit negotiator launches rant against UK, I will be so happy when we don't have to deal with them anymore https…
Bret Baier is by far the best Journalist working for Fox News. The rest kill a few brain cells when you listen to them
Trump doesn’t want foreigners to work in the U.S. illegally but wants foreign money in his campaign illegally. In...
Fox News, even without Roger Ailes still rocking misogyny. "Let's put Brett Baier on with 4 females and use Is it the 1950s?
why the *** does these liberal *** news outlets pop up even when I have chosen Fox and ESPN. Tired o…
Omfg this is insane, ppl at Fox News actually live on another planet
Fox News homepage is one of the scariest places on the Internet
Trump attacks Alicia Machado again: 'She gained a massive amount of weight. She was the…
Joe happens to be from an alternate media universe. Even FOX News called it for for goodness sakes!
Fox News: Firearms vanish: Southern California police agencies missing more than 300 weapons
Kimberly Guilfoyle ducks question about Fox News scandal
Kimberly Guilfoyle should be taking your seat Fox News wake up why do you put amateurs in such positions has childish Antics
The Thrilla in Hofstra. With KC Republicans at Bellevue debate party. Fox News on big screen, Tim Eyman looking hap…
Kimberly Guilfoyle ducks question on Fox News scandal:
Just asked Fox News's Kimberly Guilfoyle if she'd apologized to Gretchen Carlson for defending Roger Ailes. She walked away.
Fox News has a 18% rating and Donald Trump has a 30% rating of tell the truth. I hope Lester calls him out when he…
People whose most trusted news source is anything other than Fox News prefer Clinton over Trump by 50 points-
a little late Fox News released it hours ago, you wanted to cover the irrelevant festival with a bunch of disconnected people! Loser!
How eating junk food can lead to a 'hangover' | Fox News
I think Megyn Kelly and Fox News fuel the situation by giving attention to these anarchists. Richard Fowler is a racist, pure…
Fox News needs to start pulling people like Richard Fowler they're inciting violence
Bring this kid home! Lawmakers visit Marine held in Mexico, say sergeant 'needs to come home' | Fox News
"The first casualty of war is truth" said Winston Churchill. Tune in to the BBC or Russia Today or Fox News and you see how right he was.
Truly great tick-tock of Roger Ailes' final days at Fox News from .
Fascinating, detailed piece on the demise of Roger Ailes at Fox News, including this legendary bit of Bad Lawyering: https:…
Inside the Final Days of Roger Ailes’s Reign at Fox News - Vanity Fair
better than any soap opera! Inside Roger Ailes final days at toxic Fox News.
And now the BBC hands over to Fox News as they present This Week with Andrew Neil
Kendall Jenner slammed for ballet video shoot - Fox News
Samantha Bee: Trump and his supporters didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re a product of Fox News. - Vox
Obama faults 'misinformation' from Fox News. Not editing like CNN.
If you think Fox News gets a pass from my journalism, go be mad elsewhere because Fox is a globalist network and no friends…
North Carolina's Sen. Burr (Senate Intel Committee chairman) will be on Fox News in about 30 minutes
truth is irrelevant to them now, they know they can say anything they want. Just ask my Fox News watching in-laws
Jake report the news ?Don't Be Hillary mouth piece Fox News broke the story of the bombing in NY
Fox News whine about media bias allegedly coming from other news organizations. A cry baby LIKE that the RICH LITTLE BOY, DJT
CNN busy covering Obama's speech but Fox News interrupts regular program to cover Libs are disgusting
Fox News: Body of missing Michigan woman found on top of Home Depot store
So, Fox News, Jenna Lee & Sheppard Smith and more piling on Trump for 'birther' and denying Clinton started it.
When did Martin Prince get a gig on Fox News
'Star Trek'-style surveillance drone for the US military - Fox News | Droneblog -
$GEVO Fox News has a conservative bias, MSNBC has a liberal bias. The ESPN news channel at the gym has a sports bias
Republicans submit resolution to impeach IRS commissioner | Fox News |
Victoria Beckham show begins with moment of silence for 9/11 - Fox News
the fish rots from the head Gabriel Sherman on Roger Ailes predatory reign at Fox News is incredib…
Fox News scrubbed mention of climate change from an article about tropical storm Hermine
I guess the only places racism doesnt exist are Police Depts, Fox News, and Lil Wayne Concerts!
What a hypocrite!..Mansion in Chicago,vacations in Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii,golf's anywhere (Obama) Fox News |
How about - USS Grandma Moses. Navy secretary defends his unusual picks for ship names | Fox News |
Openings set in major Chicago gang trial focused on killings - Fox News
Blue Origin announces big 'New Glenn' rocket for satellite and crew launches | Fox News
Watch this Boston Dynamics robot balance on one foot - Fox News ☄ ⛱ $v ℅ ☃
Fox News changed Andrea from Outnumbered b/c she is pro Trump. Replaced her with Megan McCain b/c she is anti Trump.
threatened to shoot down US spy planes in the Persian Gulf | Fox News over horizon!!
This is Marc and my Father featured on Fox News and Rep Janice Hahn fighting for MMWWII.
Kristen Welker, you really need to work for Fox News. Your softball GOP interviews are disgusting.
Honestly, Kristen Welker your GOP interviews are very weak. There are jobs at Fox News.
Yay/I love it, lol! ~ Palestinian 'Legal Council' gets destroyed by Fox News via
RelNews: Fire at Pulse shooter\'s mosque being investigated as arson -Fox News-
Violence in southern India as top court orders water sharing - Fox News
Holy sheet I just watched the FOX news on TV for the first time in years, that is straight aids with advertisements 😵
When do I sign my contract with Fox News?
WAGA/FOX 5: Police: 6 shot, 1 fatally, after peace rally in Alabama
Wishing the best of luck as she pursues her PhD in Earth Science at CMU.
Fox Sports-Tennis: US Open champ Kerber replaces Williams at No. 1 in rankings. More news:
Fox News aside, still a complete media blackout on Hillary's medical episode (as of 10:51 a.m. eastern).
Marilyn Manson dances on Fox News's grave: 'It’s been fun watching them go down'
Report: Benchmark led to special education services denials in Texas
School bus driver killed, others injured in crash at Denver International Airport | Fox News
Fox News Analyst and Clinton Operative, Douglas E. Schoen, Accepted Millions of Dollars to Agitate for War with Rus… htt…
To quote MacArthur (my high skool headmaster, not the general): . I have returned.
Bret Baier's brusque characterization provides Fox News Reporting with its edge.
Cbc should be better than falling into Fox News reporting technique of Questioning Clinton's health. PNEUMONIA IS TREATABLE
Fox 2 News: Alexis Arquette dies at 47: Actress and transgender activist
9/11 memorial on Southern California college campus vandalized - 9/11 after 15 years: Those who were there
GoFundMe page taken down for Florida man charged in hot car death
Donald Trump on Fox News: "I hope she gets well and gets back on the trail."
Wayne Newton on the presidential race, anthem protests: Las Vegas legend on 'Fox & Friends'
FOX NEWS CHANNEL - Polls show Clinton and Trump deadlocked in four swing states:
FOX NEWS CHANNEL - Op-ed: What the Benghazi attack taught me about Clinton:
The Eagle thought she supported Hillary. Woman hit knocked to ground by catfish that fell from the sky | Fox News |
Norway fines hairdresser for refusing Muslim in hijab - Fox News
Seoul warns North Korea capable of 6th nuke test
Checking out: Drug users take advantage of public libraries - Fox News
FOX NEWS ALERT: California sheriff's deputy in critical condition after being shot while responding to call
She is unfit to lead What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary Clinton | Fox News |
Marilyn Manson: It’s ‘fun’ to see Fox News go down in flames.
Fox news latest: CLINTON CALIFORNIA TRIP ON HOLD Dem nominee cancels plans after medical episode tied to pneumo...
Transgender actress Alexis Arquette has died at 47 | Fox News |
Thinking about GOLO because Fox News quack Keith Ablow recommends it?. Here's something else he recommends:
College football player arrested after punching referee | Fox News |
Dr. Keith Ablow: -- Inside the Mind of a Shameless Liar | Fox News |
Why am I not surprised that FXX, a sister channel to Fox News, is showing GANGS OF NEW YORK this morning? Bad taste for September 11th.
Good news from a previous post where I said Fox News was the only channel with a 9/11 Tribute. It turns out that...
Like that'll work: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un bans sarcasm | Fox News |
Shannen Doherty gives update on her cancer battle | Fox News |
Dr. Keith Ablow: Hillary Clinton -- Inside the mind of a shameless liar | Fox News |
Bill Clinton suggests Trump slogan racist – but he used the same one | Fox News |
And Geraldo Rivera has been empty every since he went to Fox News.
Fox News's Geraldo Rivera apologizes for supporting Roger Ailes after Gretchen Carlson sued
Hobbies include: watching late night Fox News with Turner
Pence says it's 'inarguable' that Putin is a stronger leader than Obama - Fox News
You know it's late at night when Fox News is good entertainment
Chris Wallace is son of Mike Wallace (60minutes)Fox News' Chris Wallace Chosen as Presidential Debate Moderator
John Legend calls the national anthem 'weak' | Fox News |
Republicans demand answers on cash payment to Iran at tense hearing | Fox News
Billionaire George Soros warms up to coal as stock prices hit bottom | Fox News |
John Paul DeJoria: Put Either Gary Johnson or Elmer Fudd in the Debates and You'll See a Change - Fox News
I thought Matt Lauer did great last night in his audition for Fox News.
Ryan Lochte, Calvin Johnson weigh in on Colin Kaepernick at 'DWTS' kickoff - Fox News
James R. Murdoch. Murdoch, the co-chief operating officer of Fox News donated between $1,000,001 to $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Fewer dementia patients in nursing homes get feeding tubes | Fox News |
So, how r yall doing today?? I am doing fine.. So, to today's news... Nationally first: A.) Fox News anchor Greta Van Sustren is leaving the
Women who've left Fox News this year:. - Gretchen Carlson. - Maria Molina. - Anna Kooiman. - Andrea Tantaros. - Greta Van Susteren. ... so far
.reports that abruptly left Fox News because she was "troubled by the culture" there
Greta Van Susteren’s husband speaks out about Fox News; hints at future lawsuit
Here's my new column on REAL truth revealed by todays Fox News, Gretchen Carlson & Greta Van Susteren news https…
Just noting that Greta Van Susteren abruptly left Fox News today, weeks after slamming my Greta item in "10 Things."
Greta Van Susteren leaves Fox News via She was an embarrassment to Appleton
Host Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News after 14 years; senior political analyst Brit Hume to take her place SEE
Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News effective immediately
Major shakeup! Fox News loses Greta Van Susteren the same day Gretchen bombshell is…
Why Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News so suddenly via
Very interesting tidbit from NYT on Greta Van Susteren’s mysterious Fox News exit.
I'm sad Maria Molina is leaving Fox News. What a wonderful lady. I can't think of any reason to miss Greta Van Sustren though.
Wow! Greta Van Sustern leaving Fox News, after 14 years! Why? I'll miss ya!! U going 2b on any other programs? Welcome back Neil Cavuto!
Before you praise Fox News for giving Gretchen Carlson $20 million for her suffering, remember they gave Roger Ailes $40…
Fox News had to pay Gretchen Carlson $20M -- that's 8,000X more than the fine I had to pay for bribing Pam Bondi! http…
Fox News pays 20M settlement to "Gretchen Carlson". How about another 2B to viewers who've been duped into thinking they…
Fox News' parent company issued a statement regarding the settlement with Gretchen Carlson:
Greta Van Sustern to leave Fox News after 14 years; Brit Hume named new anchor of "On the Record"
Two months after defending Roger Ailes from allegations of sexual harassment, Greta Van Susteren is out at Fox News. htt…
Fox News is making news today... $20M settlement with Carlson. Then, Greta Van Susteren announces she has left...
Greta Van Susteren leaves Fox News after 14 years - -
'I could not wait': Greta Van Susteren explains why she left Fox News -.
Greta Van Susteren bolts Fox News right after $20 million Gretchen Carlson settlement announced
Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News immediately, reportedly over pay disagreement
"Off the Record" as Murdoch pushes Fox News toward liberalism, is Brit Hume going to focus on a Clinton win?
And now Fox News is announcing Greta Van Susteren leaving, replaced by Brit Hume
Greta Van Susteren out as Fox News host, says it 'hasn't felt like home' for a few years
Greta Van Susteren is leaving Fox News after still being upset to learn she was the only female employee Roger Ailes didn…
Greta Van Susteren out as Fox News host (from
On the Record host Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News after 14 years
Greta Van Susteren leaves Fox News after 14 years with the network via
Liberals are celebrating that pro-Trump has left Fox News and is replaced by rabid anti-Brit Hume. .
This whole Fox News meltdown has really given Brit Hume a chance to come into his own as the harrumph of his generation.
headed in the wrong direction of audience preference by replacing Trump-friendly Greta w/Trump-hater Brit Hume. BAD MOVE "Fox News"
This smells of taking Trump Supporter Anchors off of Fox News. Brit Hume is VERY CRITICAL OF TRUMP! .
Southwest flight attendant delights passengers with 'Looney Tunes' safety speech | Fox News
Fox News is going down the tubes. Greta Van Sustern and Hannity are the only shows I ever watch, now Greta is gone. Bye-bye Fox ratings!
Great Van Sustren is what's right about Fox News. Shame on you Hopefully she will join the Trump News Network
Sorry Donald, Hillary isn't even in the top 10 on is Greta Van Sustern leaving Fox News.
Ailes' people being pushed out. Divine justice. Greta Van Susteren Out at Fox News
WH😉?... Now if only were 2 B next.. Greta Van Susteren leaving Fox News in primetime shakeup.
Greta Van Susteren Out at Fox News karma for defending that pos?
Can't believe Greta Van Sustren is leaving Fox News. She has one of the best shows on Fox News.
More Fall Out at Fox News over the Roger Ailes scandal. Greta Van Sustren resigned from Fox News today.
Chris Wallace says he will not fact-check candidates during 3rd debate as Fox News has not acknowledged existence of fact…
100% Fox News is losing credibility daily. Check out OAN news.
If you haven't read the piece on Fox News women taking down Roger Ailes, it's incredible journalism https:…
NEW POLL: Polls show that 92% of Fox News viewers believe that the United States is under attack by an army of illegal M…
let's speak to her future vulnerability to blackmail as POTUS.ref Carson comment Fox News today.
Mother Teresa to be made a saint – Fox News is live from the Vatican for the holy ceremony Sunday starting at 4a ET.
Ann Coulter told to 'kill yourself' at Comedy Central Rob Lowe roast | Fox News |
"Chris Wallace will become the first Fox News journalist to moderate a presidential debate." >>>>>> 1st Fox, 5th Democrat Moderator
1. Chris Wallace of Fox News was named the moderator of the final presidential debate
Morocco zoo seeks answers after elephant kills girl with stone | Fox News
Jodi Arias says she prefers death penalty in post-conviction interview - Fox News: CBS NewsJodi Arias says she...
Kaley Cuoco exposes her bare breast on Snapchat | Fox News |
Fox News: Heart singer husband charged with assault
Are you the new Fox News. Ashley Banfield is absolutely giddy about Trump polls going up. Credit for going to a foreign country. Sham.
2 teen boys missing in Lake Michigan near Holland State Park - Fox News
Brian Kilmeade tries really hard to be sexist.because Fox News is not keen on ***
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