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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Hunter who paid $55G to kill Cecil the lion ID'd as American dentist - Fox News
Fox News loves to say "Obama hates the troops" - no, hating the troops is sending them to a pointless war and cutting …
Retired LAPD detective charged with bank robbery will be held without bail - Fox News
Fox News finds & confronts infamous homeless man who was seen relieving himself in NYC streets
Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck justifies arrest: She could have used cigarette as a weapon
And the hate of the Tea Party and Fox News continues to rattle the cage.
Chris Christie buys $250,000 of ad time on Fox News to remind viewers he's still running
Chris Christie is spending a quarter of a million dollars to get into the Fox News debate:
Geraldo Rivera also blamed hoodies for the death of Trayvon Martin, Fox News is laughable!
When you agree with Fox News and Donald Trump, you know something is very wrong.
For those of you who missed Geraldo Rivera of Fox News he's still hunting for "El Chapo" for an exclusive interview. Last seen in a tunnel.
is your best bet on Saturday mornings on Fox News.
Obama is Satan to these blue haired Fox News watching couch warriors.
Fox News officially joins MSNBC mentality! Shepherd Smith is taking delight in his & the GOP joins him.
Just saw a Freedom From Religion advertisement on Fox News and it actually warmed my heart.
Meghan McCain will be on Fox News in a few min to bark like a Paris Hilton dog at Donald Trump.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Meghan McCain on show deliberately misquoted and should be reprimanded by Fox or leave Fox News for bias.
To add insult to injury, just hired libtard RINO Meghan McCain as a Fox News contributor!
likes conservative allies like Breitbart, but apparently works for Fox News?
I liked a video from Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool Out of Herself on
Really, it’s time to shut down the GOP: A deeply unserious party, hijacked by lunatics and Fox News.
“5-Minute Speech that got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News [video] fired Judge Nap?
Fox News presenter thinks sharks should be 'cleared' from the sea
What would Fox News and the Right Wing say if President Obama said that he avoided capture during Desert Storm by staying in the U.S?
Fox News' Chris Wallace absolutely grilled John Kerry on Syria today via
If there was a truly conservative sports network to counterbalance ESPN, then it could quickly become as popular as Fox News in the ratings.
Fox News: Pastor Hagee calls Iran nuke deal 'historic, bad deal for the world' .
Pres Obama has now removed both Iran & Cuba from our list of terrorists and replaced them with Fox News & Texas.
"'Outfoxed': Early states seek to preempt Fox News debate" on Tea Party Command Center:
"...The takeover of American conservatism by evangelical Christianity, Fox News and a handful of shadowy...
lol you know *** WELL! This guy is so convinced of a Fox News talking point
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Fox News arguing against something I believe in (this case: the existence of rape culture) only makes me more confident in my opinion.
Morality losing ground even at Fox News!
from Fox News: Report: Deputies' union ties pier killing to sheriff's order
Fox News poll: 70% of GOP primary voters agree with Trump on immigration
.Bad. Politico ponders mystery of why people who watch Fox News would vote for a pol who sounds like a Fox News host.
Major Garrett dares to ask Obama about Americans still held in Iran and liberal media freaks out | Fox News
Tennessee's Rep. responds to Chattanooga shooting on Fox News, warns about online terrorism and sleeper cells.
Ukrainians, Australians mark anniversary of MH17 downing - Fox News
Good to see Fox News and its fans are butt hurt by Scott. Especially since they been humiliated on TV where everyone can see.
So appearently people are praising of some guy name Scott Wiener who made a comment saying "Fox News is not real news".
Fox News is real news by the way and you dear "boy" are a real Weiner!!
Fox News hosts lament that overweight children are confident with their bodies
Fox News isn't an honest news source; they're self-proclaimed liars. google fox vs akre/wilson
don't understand...he refused to talk to Fox News...that's not a news media u understand?
Fox News guest completely exposes Scott Walker's plan to starve the poor via
TRYING to lose their audience..Meghan McCain soon be paid by Fox News to spew her nonsense as a contributor.
huh? He refused to talk to the GOP media company AKA Fox News...good for him...
Upside to Meghan McCain joining Fox News? The epic coming from and
Saw you on Fox News last night... I loved the part when you told the reporter "Fox News is not real news". 😂😂😂
Scott Wiener: "Fox News is not real news, and you're not a reporter." via /r/gifs
Also, he can be wrong on Gawker and right about Fox News. The one doesn't negate the other.
Kim K reacts to Fox News host Megyn Kelly's comments about her
Lightweight alert: Meghan McCain, failed host on the Pivot channel, picked up as Fox News contributor.
Forget what bible says and listen to Fox News contributor instead
"Fox News contributor. [...] New book - Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women."
.you should ask her why she would talk to an otherwise unemployable Fox News contributor who is
NH Union Leader GOP candidate forum Aug. 3 not limited to 10 & will be 3 days ahead of Fox News debate.
*** rights, immigration supporter, RINO chip off the old block, Meghan McCain hired by Fox News as a "contributor".
Catherine Herridge on Fox News reports unprecedented FBI build up in More that we aren't being told.
The right’s despicable new obsession: Fox News, Matt Drudge and Donald Trump’s fear-mongering is doomed to backfire-
'Stalked' San Francisco supervisor dodges Fox News reporter: 'I talk to real news only' [video]
Bill O'Reilly now lashing out at and for documenting how he and Fox News are attacking immigrants:
San Francisco officials brush off Fox: ‘You’re not a reporter. Fox News is not real news.’
"Crowning achievement of my career - I ran from and whined about Fox News!"
Fox News reporter confronts S.F. supervisors, they dismiss him
"Fox News is not real This should be the standard response when being ambushed by a reporter
Fox News is not real news, and you’re not a reporter. S. F. Board of Supervisors member Scott Winer. There should have been…
It was like a dream sequence, Fox News interrupted two guys critizing Obama to bring a report on George H Bush breaking …
Fox News: WATCH LIVE: President Obama holds press conference at White ... -
Fox News & all the host make me sick . So Mrs Kelly was upset that Trump was called out so decided to call out Obama .
Fox News, proper news channel... Yeah right!!
this is surprising to me that you, of all people, don't like Fox News.
Fox News' Pastor Robert Jeffress: Jesus Wouldn't Protec jesus would protect everyone.he wouldn't pick and choose.reread the bible pastor
Sitting in the lobby at the urgent care clinic and oh my god Fox News is on never mind I'll go die at home
Likely because Fox News ratings are higher when a democrat holds office. Ailes and Murdoch trying to make it happen.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
This promo video from Fox News little-leaguer "Aussie" Nick Adams is inspirational.
FLASH: Democratic Senator Boxer wins re-election in California, helps in bid to preserve majority in Senate -Fox News projects
HappyGrumpy is featured again on Fox News. "What your social media posts say about you?”. …
Private plane missing with three family members on board, Washington state ... - Fox News
Supreme Court should live under ObamaCare like the rest of America | Fox News |
The Latest: Flood-prone slum pope's first stop on final day of South American tour - Fox News
South Korea's In Gee Chun storms from behind to win US Women's Open in ... - Fox News
Tim live in Suffolk. I guarantee all his neighbors watch Fox News
Parents arrested after allegedly making daughter live in woods for eating Pop-Tart | Fox News
Related News: Foods to help you to live to be 100 - Lifestyle - Fox News |
Fox News host hits man with an axe live on the show and goes viral:
Fox News projects Newt Gingrich the winner of the South Carolina Republican presidential primary, Mitt Romney takes second
Wow I just accidentally turned Fox News on and my TV caught fire and burned my house down
Can Kate Steinle's family sue San Francisco over its sanctuary city policy? | Fox News |
NAACP Oks resolution ending economic boycott of South Carolina after ... - Fox News
It's one thing for outlets we know are racist/sexist like Fox News. Worse when it's the Gray Lady.
John Stamos seeks treatment for substance abuse - Fox News
Republicans are scared of what Trump will say at the Fox News debate—but it’s John Kasich they should worry about.
The Latest: Pope who loves to recycle using same Peugeot that John Paul II ... - Fox News
John Fogerty sues former Creedence Clearwater Revival bandmates over new ... - Fox News
I don't know about you, but Colbert created a decades-long persona built upon mocking Fox News.
from Fox News: Animation domination at the box office?
Fox News producer confronts San Francisco officials over killing of Kate Steinle:
Overflowing GOP presidential field has Fox News in demand: But in an election bursting with money from an expe...
Election Day: Romney vs Obama, even when it was clear Obama was winning, Karl Rove stormed Fox News and insisted Romney was winning.
Between reading lots of & overhearing my grandparents listening to Fox News & conservative talk radio, I'm really scared.
Army defends naming bases after Confederate soldiers | Fox News
The View, next to any program on Fox News, is the worst show on television.
from Fox News: Sen. Rubio: Trump's 'outrageous comments' are a distraction
Fox News host mixes up World Cup football with US foreign policy -
Fox News presenter mixes up football and US foreign policy -
Sir Nicholas Winton: A hero who should always be remembered | Fox News |
3-year-old girls saves 2 boys with organ donation after death - Fox News
Fox News: Jenna Lee teases us about showing the end of the NASCAR race last night..57 mins later we are still waiting... Shameful!!
Oregon silences bakers who refused to make cake for *** wedding | Fox News |
top 5 presets/ the Highway, Outlaw country, Enlighten, Watercolors, Fox News
Great article from on the craziness that is Roger Ailes and his propaganda machine, Fox News.
Someone has to do a montage of Fox News clips anytime "Roger Ailes" is mentioned, that awkward forced way one must praise someone or else...
I want this movie remade just to see Fox News squeal about how it's going to bring on a race war.
Immigration Reform enforces those laws you *** Read the bill. Fox News is melting your brain. You Sheep lol.
Fox News, trucks, guns, girls, beer, and jean jackets are all I need.
I want to personally wish you all a happy safe holiday and I appreciate Fox News. Best Regards from Canada
Eager eaters weigh-in ahead of NYC July 4 hot dog contest - Fox News
Y is glorifying a old terrible murder? Need new copy cat news? Whn did Fox News become a trash Rag? Glorifying drugs & murder!
13-year-old charged with raping girl on school bus - Fox News
Fox News ranks Salida fireworks . Ryan Summerlin, Mail Staff Writer. Fox News ranked Salida as the third-best...
Man arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported ... - Fox News
Please watch the video at the bottom of the article. A few minutes of Fox News will not kill you, hopefully. Mike...
"I don't know why people say Fox News is dumbing down America. Every time I watch it I always feel…" — sundaytrucker
Fox News as we know it may be screwed: Roger Ailes' stunning rebuke could spell the end
Jim Webb Throws His Hat in the Ring for the WH - Fox News: Fox NewsJim Webb Throws His Hat in the Ring for...
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Fox News: Hillary Clinton lied to Congress... and destroyed her emails. How much longer can she hide the truth?
Sarah Palin responds to Roger Ailes quote explaining why Fox News hired her -
of course because it's Fox News they stir things up...tell them to listen to the lyrics and get back to us.
Jesse Watters and Bill O'Reilly's Fox News piece on the homeless was disgusting
I don't understand, Ollie North sold weapons to Iran, now he and Fox News dispise the idea of any diplomatic talks with Iran.
Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes has renewed his contract, ending speculation about his future at 21st Century Fox n…
Did you know Roger Ailes lives in Cold Spring, too? Could be your *in* at Fox News!!! 💫
I have no idea what I actually mean when I rant about the "left", I only know that I'm trying to cater to the Fox News fa…
Justice Department investigating whether airlines are colluding to keep fares high - Fox News
‘Fox News is garbage': Ana Kasparian "Jesse Watters is just a deplorable human being"
Another sign Palin is gearing up for a presidential run: Palin is NO LONGER contracted with Fox News as a...
from Fox News: Escaped NY prisoners had test run
Poetic that Fox News dumped Sarah Palin the same week upholds Looks like the only Death Panel is for …
Before you run, What do you really think of Fox News?
Fox News sends reporter to New York to ask people how much homeless people bother them: Correspondent Jesse Watters was on the scene ...
Eurozone ministers to weigh latest Greek proposal as country in arrears on its … – Fox News
Fox News: BREAKING: The US women’s soccer team is headed to the World Cup ... -
Gah!. In one room it's Teen Beach Movie 2 and in the other it's Fox News. I want to watch the soccer game!!! — feeling annoyed
A group of activists is planning to burn American flags in Fort Greene Park tomorrow and Fox News is not happy:
Russia fails to reach deal on future gas supplies to Ukraine amid price … – Fox News
Itinerary for Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba, Washington, New York and … – Fox News
Fox News hides behind so much racism and hypocrisy it blows my mind how people consider them as a credible source.
It's misleading to put "Fox News" "Jesse Watters" and "Reporter" in the same sentence. Guy's a hate-mongering hack.
Jesse Watters that was HORRIBLE reporting on the homeless. How can anyone call that journalism? Oh yea.. Fox News
Fox News discusses the Saudi 9/11 Cover Up, the redacted 28 Pages and Senator Bob Graham: via
House Homeland Security ChairmanWhy I'm skeptical of a deal with Iran | Fox News |
The Confederate flag and cultural fascism | Fox News | Perhaps those so easily enraged by the flag should pause.
I'm waiting for Glen Beck and Fox News to label it all as "an attack on the christian faith"
King and queen of Spain in Mexico for 3-day stop in first state visit to Latin ... - Fox News: Fox News...Read...
America needs a libertarian/conservative news network to balance Communust CNN, radical Communist MSNBC and centrist Fox News
is the new undercover Fox News. Benghazi,Benghazi, Benghazi.. Promoting republican candidates, Clinton bad.. Crap show
That's wonderful. I'm *** but always voted republican because I grew up watching Fox News. :) Obama's the worst
So I guess wants to appear on Fox News more often wearing dresses like that.
Arsonists have set fire to six black churches. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NYT all ignored. Buzzfeed is the only coverage. http…
Fox News releases Bob Beckel over his 'personal issues' Song Lemon Rose
Fox News fires Bob Beckel with scathing statement for pill addiction
Do you think the people at Fox News know that nobody except old white people takes them seriously?
Fox News releases Bob Beckel for 'personal' issues - via
It's the David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Fox News school of political analysis: the more people laughing at me, the better.
Ahem, Fox News, Lindsey Graham. MT The "long history" of racial terrorism Obama mentioned in his eulogy
Fox News is on in the break room. Eric Bolling and friends talking about SCOTUS and ACA. Kill me now.
Selena Gomez takes one sexy shower in &For You&video - Fox News
Search for second escaped murderer intensifies in upstate New York - Fox News
Fox News sounding way similar to 700 Club.
IRS scandal: Attorney General Lynch, it's time for a special prosecutor | Fox News
Mid-June 2015: America stops listening to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.
Related News: Selena Gomez takes one sexy shower in 'Good For You' video - Entertainment - Fox News |
I wonder how Fox News would react to all this. I can't wait to watch Jon Stewart now.
Found this on Fox News. A quote from Chief Justice John Roberts disagreeing with the decision today.
We will now be on Good Day Columbus at 9:20 a.m. - keep it on Fox News!
For our Columbus area followers, we'll be LIVE on Good Day Columbus on Fox News at 8:50 a.m.! Make sure to tune in!
Somebody should make a show with the likable Fox News outcasts. Bill Schulz, Bob Beckel... Alan Colmes? Cept nobody likes Colmes.
I think it's time to park him in front of Fox News at the home for 20th century relics.
In a survey of Fox News viewers 58% said they do not feel comfortable with their children playing with African American or…
If they ever let me loose in Fox News' studios
They may fail, but Ofcom requires it. Unike the US. Reagan dropped Fairness doctrine. Result: Fox News
I wonder if see can see Fox News Studios from her house in Alaska. Fox News holds such high standards. 1 less *** .
Fox News is here interviewing our patient John Walters! ABC, NBC, and PIX 11 will be here today and tomorrow!
Kimberly Guilfoyle, Fox News personality & author of "Making the Case" 06/20 by Liberty Drive | Po via
Matt Kibbe foolishness!Fox News has a conspiracy theory for the ages: wants healthcare law destroyed! via
Do you think stupid Gotcha questions makes you Ben Bradlee? We got experts 4 that! Fox News!
Sarah Palin’s days as a regular on Fox News are over. Here's a look back at her finest moments on the network:
Fox News drops Sarah Palin. Replaces her with actual grizzly bear they taught to say "maverick".
Fox News launching new SiriusXM news channel this fall
Hey I think Fox News just found their new special correspondent --
Will the right wing media defend the confederate flag? Will racists be called to Fox News?
Fox News is very Silent about the absence of their 7 Million Dollar News Anchor Shepard Smith Reporting? A Serious Shake-Up Most Likely?. .
Fox News is the Jason Vorhees of twenty-four hour cable news
I liked a video Jon Stewart- "Then why did Fox News not treat Ron Paul better?" 2-4-10
Fox News teaches you a lot to be honest. I mean it's all wrong or ignorant but that's not the point
They are talking about on Fox News this is a very low point in history.
I've heard that NASCAR went to Fox News when they ran out of FS1 TV time at some point this season.
accessory after the fact is a stretch... And not the point either... Fox News is the WWE of news and is regularly off point
imo this is clear fear mongering propaganda being used by Fox News (which they've used on multiple occasions)
Her point is that you need to at least have a relationship outside of watching Fox News or the NFL to understand racism.
I have to watch Fox News just to get all angles of point of views.
Fox News as seen on the Simpsons. The president was using the term in context of a wider point.
I think everybody( from Fox News to whoever is Fox News equivalent on the left)will agree that the Westboro baptist church people are ***
Obama uses n-word while making point about racism in today. Fox News attacks Obama as "rapper in chief," proving his original…
Diddy beat up his son coach at UCLA and Fox News couldn't wait to use this 😐😐😐
Pete Hegseth, a Fox News cohost hits a West Point drummer with an axe - GIF on Imgur.
good point, it's really gone downhill since Fox News took it over
Fox News cohost Pete Hegseth throws an ax, misses the target and hits a West Point drummer
Think Washington Times & Fox News are sketchy? Take a look at shadowy ownership of & Good story.
Staten Island Diner. No wifi. Fox News on all three TVs. We're not gentrified yet!
Fox News, you are more hollow than the hollows in the game.
EVEN Fox News' Eric Boiling is impressed by Rand Paul's plan to make the richest richest-er.
Paul Ryan called out twice in one week for misinforming. This time by Fox News via
Rand Paul: "When asked in January on Fox News about his proposal if Obamacare is repealed, the Kentucky senator...
Southern Japanese island evacuated after volcanic eruption - Fox News
The Latest on pool incident: Texas city where officer resigned once lauded in ... - Fox News
You can tell the bias in media by the way Fox News discredits and ignores Rand Paul, yet never says a word against all the bozo GOP options
It's a laundry list of Fox News darlings. Paul, Cruz, Bachmann… all taking money from someone who "called blacks 'a retrograde species'".
Rhode Island man arrested in connection with probe of man killed in Boston ... - Fox News
Every one at Fox News needs to be chained up and shipped to a remote jungle island with man eating creatures and no food.
Jenis Splendid Ice Creams halts production after listeria again found in plant - Fox News
China says South China Sea island building work to be completed in the ... - Fox News
So tired of Fox News and the "so-called Christians" bastardizing American history and religion in order to play...
Fox News shares the story of a father and daughter who serve as MTIs at Joint Base San Antonio. Remember, you...
Mike Wallace of Fox News takes questions from Common Core Testing of 3rd graders and finds it very challenging.
My presidency is failing because of George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, Fox News, ... ⇒
Waiting for Fox News to blame Hillary. After all, Vince Foster...
Bill O’Reilly attacks friend of deceased pastor for linking Fox News to Charleston massacre
3 people found shot to death inside a car on Long Island 4th person injured - Fox News
if you’re interested a documentary on George Custer is on Fox News
Dana PeRino is a "Bushy". She worked for George W. and is pulling for Jeb.Fox News has gone liberal.
Ruth Dudley Edwards's crass Fox News-esque commentary on Adams and Charles. She'd turn you into a Shinner http:/…
from Fox News: How Charleston church, community can heal with faith
Sorry about the typo Anthony Mangun is with Lee Stoneking the Imposter...Kelly of Fox News knows the whole and has already talked to Anthony
"Fox News is a conservative company and conservatives hate women.". Lol okay.
Death toll from tainted liquor in India's financial hub of Mumbai rises to 92 - Fox News
Fox News didn't report murder in Church as hostility 2 Christians. Nor is the terrorism in Charleston http…
Police shoot, kill man under surveillance by Joint Terrorism Task Force - Fox News
How awful. Prayers and well wishes to the families. 6 dead after plane crashes into Maryland home near DC | Fox News ht…
So, Homer and Marge Simpson aren't splitting up. Even though Fox News reported it. Who is owned by the company that produces The Simpsons...
inspired Fox News to create a new logo to fit in with their audience via
What *** called it Fox News instead of white noise?
Fox News reports that another company, A123 recieved energy stimulus from the Obama administration, has de…
Fox News: a company which makes its money by getting its audience to be terrified of anyone who does not look or act like "us".
you know Fox News is probably more upset about this than about the whole mass murder spree thing
The rightwing noise machine is a reality that spews out hate and dog whistling from various levels, thinktanks, websites, Fox News
... we would call him a thug. That's true. 2- I'm calling on Fox News to slam this kid the way they've slammed Mike Brown...
/1 People like Dylan Roof do not watch Fox News. They despise conservatives, in fact.
Bobby Jindahl, Lindsay Graham, Mike Huckabee, Fox News, you are big part of problem, too. Quit covering up 4 racists
Dear, Jerad Miller's FB page was ALL Fox News, Bill OReilly, Michelle Bachmann. Not left at all. He was at Bundy ranch, ffs.
Guns are not the problem. Mental health is. It's like my fellow liberals are just towing the company line like Fox News ***
Fox News said, "if the church members were armed then this wouldn't have happened."
Yes, the Confederate flag killed the parishioners. As did Fox News and the company that makes the boxes the bullets came in.
Mike Huckabee, Fox News, and the NRA claim the answer to stopping the shooting in Charleston is more guns. Well,...
Most murders committed by guns are committed in Democrat controlled cities. Try to blame that on Fox News or talk rad…
If I were a network executive, my counter-programming to Fox News would just be an endless loop of George Jefferson slamming his front door.
Sources: Clinton confidant who sent Libya memos paid $200G by Brock network | Fox News
Fox News is tearing us apart: Race baiting and divisiveness hits disgusting new low via Shut down Fox Network
Bart just called Fox News a propaganda network...hidden messages in plain sight, but you don't even notice it
hard to take anything Fox News says seriously! That network is so over conservative, and lives on spreading fear.
I like to think of Fox News as a parody. Sorta like The Onion News Network.
I just think it's so humorous when liberals get so offended by Fox News, when just about every other major network is liberall…
Nothing like hypocrisy when Todd Rutherford SC State House Minority leader accusing Fox News of using Hate Speech by Using Hate speech..Wow
Pre show interview with Fox News!! Come check me out at the Elbo room in Chicago! Going on at 8:45
I'd like to live in a world where no one is killed because of their race, but "Hundred Acre Wood" and "Fox News" aren't real.
and start a Fox News softball team & unleash your inner-Will Clark or Matt Williams. Show RoDog how it's done!
And now Fox News is to blame for Where does the liberal BS stop?
If he can blame Fox News for this tragedy, then we should be able to blame NBC for Charles Manson, right? Just...
SC Dem: "Roof did what he did cuz he watches Fox News." What are those blacks in Chgo who kill other blacks watching? htt…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Democratic S.C. lawmaker 'Coded' language from Fox News led to church shooting
South Carolina state Rep. Todd Rutherford blames rhetoric like Fox News for the shooting thoughts?
Gun-free zones an easy target for killers | Fox News |
because they are a bunch of red necks that believe everything they see on a Fox News! It's like their religion to watch it 😡
wish had done more to challenge his claim that Fox News contributed to this sick racist's actions
Fox News: "If church members were armed, this would not have happened.". Right... Cuz I'm definitely expecting a shoot…
South Carolina rep blames shooting on Fox News. . No, really. You're right Mary...Only Republicans say wacky...
Tomorrow night it the night!!! Chicago at the Elbo room So excited and Fox News will be there !
Great having Andrew Craft back at JTV today! Andrew is now with Fox News in New York.
I don't care what Fox News has to say about in the same way I don't care what the KKK has to say about it—b…
Fox News changes subject of Charleston church shooting bcz they fear a manifesto shows up quoting an on-air personality like Knoxville one.
Judge Alex on Fox News spewing the mentally ill card. To think I have a picture with this man...
Judge Alex is the only person on Fox News who at least sound like he know what he's talking about.
LRT: Somehow, Fox News still manage to surprise me with new levels of absurdity. Ofcom would demand they take 'News' out of their name.
If consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, this is Fox News:
Fox News is running a re-run of The Kelly File on, funny enough, Brian Williams.
Fox News is on the job showing Dennis Miller joking about democrats, showing Droopy Dog cartoon clip, ignoring Charleston shootings.
Fox News president Roger Ailes will report to Rupert Murdoch's sons.
.is Fox News's George Stephanopolous. She is a dishonest Bush family operative.
top 25 apps Fox News uses picture of burrito for article abou…
Love this!!! | Southern Baptists: Supreme Court is not final authority on *** marriage | Fox News |
It's always fun to flip to Fox News and see the clip of the others and I asking Hillary to Prom at Rancho High School.
from Fox News: Whistleblower exposes waste in Social Security system
You know things are getting out of control when your dog makes it in the and Fox News. Thanks
When is Matt Lauer going to interview Rupert Murdoch for pushing the deception of Fox News trying to pass as actual news?
Fox News's Megyn Kelly can't handle the truth about race and the justice system
seriously? Reminds me of those times Fox News gets too dumb for Megyn Kelly.
Because everybody cares what that loser Scott Brown thinks about Bernie Sanders: On Fox News because no one cares.
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