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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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WHY does Fox News go to Step Smith TRUMP TRASHER to cover Syria strike.Time for Fox News to can Step, can Geraldo, Bob Bi…
Former and current Fox News employees speak out on racial discrimination suit.
Fox News: "In any other business, when the head of a corporation is plagued by scandal, they step down…
Bill O’Reilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up - nytimes
Fox News and CNN go to war over Bill O'Reilly
Were are all the conservatives and Fox News they were screaming at the rooftops when the…
Pierce Brosnan opens up on losing wife, daughter to ovarian cancer - Fox News
can you connect me with your marketing department? i represent HGTV, ESPN, Fox News, CNN and many more networks here in ATL!!!
Seth Meyers examines the relationship between Trump and Fox News, his 'propaganda arm'
Late-night hosts on Fox News: 'The closest we have to state TV'
Michael Gerson, tell us what you REALLY think about Fox News? 🙂
FT reports prosecutors looking at how Ailes moved money around Fox News budget to hide sexual harassment payments . http…
They need a spreadsheet to keep track of all the sexual harassment suits at Fox News.
Fox News has been aware of complaints about for at least 15 years and has paid out $13M in response
Would you be shocked if Fox News decided to fire Bill O'Reilly despite his Ratings due to Sexual Harass…
Fox News is the Catholic Church of TV. Both paid-out millions for years to protect their top men's bad deeds. Maybe shld pu…
"Fox News tells me I can turn my students into Communists and experience tells me I can't even make them do the readings.…
Military F-16 jet crashes after taking off from Joint Base Andrews, pilot ejected | Fox News. Why?
The left and right agree on this one: Scott Pruitt was destroyed on Fox News this Sunday
Michael Gerson's strong words about widespread accusations of sexism at Fox News. People who live in glass houses..
From Brit Hume who works at Fox News. Fox with payouts to women for sexual harassment...the good ole boy…
Advertisers pulling from Bill O'Reilly's show is limited, weak. Why not pull entirely from Fox News, a corp who is tolerating this culture?
Tomi Lahren fired from The Blaze for being pro-choice while Fox News pays to protect O'Reilly, noted…
My interview with Fox News journalist Adam Housley & his breaking news about the Obama Administration's abuse of... http…
NOW called for Bill O'Reilly to be fired from Fox News. 5 companies said they were pulling ads from O'Reilly's show:
The cover-up of Fox News's "unmasking" bombshell is so big that Fox News Sunday even ignored it
Roman Polanski's bid to end sex abuse case rejected by judge -Fox News: But libs love this child abuser. Sick bunch!
Fox News alone won't treat the reported rape of a 14-year-old by two immigrants in a high school as "fake news."
Senator Ted Cruz I just love you I watch you on Fox News turn these old people around and make Neil Gorsuch two Supreme Court Justice
Nice work, Chris.--. "The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change."
Happy Birthday to Jennifer Porch Smith of Albertville. You won the Your Afternoon Drive Home on Fox News...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Looking like a way to eliminate one sexual harassment environment might be to just shut down Fox News. htt…
why are you advertising on O'Reilly Factor? You're OK with Fox News & O'Reilly's sexual harassment?
Fox News hit with new GOP(R)Ailes harassment suit in wake of GOP(R)O'Reilly bombshell
Fox News hit with new Ailes harassment suit in wake of O'Reilly bombshell
Fresh controversy for Fox News: A contributor has filed a lawsuit accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.
Yet another lawsuit has been filed alleging sexual harassment on the part of former Fox News chief Roger Ailes
Dumb decision Fox regarding Red's why i started watching Fox News years ago.
Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky alleged sexual harassment in a new lawsuit
NEWS: New lawsuit from Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky alleges sexual harassment by Roger Ailes and retaliation by…
Julie Roginsky sues her Fox News bosses for enabling Roger Ailes
Fox News commentator is latest to accuse Roger Ailes of sexual harassment
Facing a new sexual harassment lawsuit, the post-scandal nightmare at Fox News continues, writes
News: Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky is suing Fox News, Roger Ailes and Bill Shine for gender discrimination and retal…
This comes from Tamara Holder, a former Fox News contributor who reported a sexual assault at Fox News and reached…
Following the money from the brothers to Fox News' promotion of Cliven Bundy's anti-government extremism:
Just like Fox News didn't speak on Michael Flynn and his immunity last week 🤔
rightfully so, Fox News. The question is, why aren't you? The administration put a foreign agents into the WH!!!
Legitimate media doesn't twist old news to cover for the trump regime. Disinformation in the Fox News hole is helping Russia
If morality mattered to Fox News or its viewers, O'Reilly would be out. But . . .
The Times identified 5 women who received about $13 million in payouts from Bill O’Reilly or Fox News
Fox News waits for more women to come forward. Can Bill O'Reilly survive? | via
I'm up next on the Stephanie Miller show talking sexual harassment, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News.
I'm picturing Bill O'Reilly and the Fox News hierarchy right now.
Community Divider & his Merry gang of Progressives shall be exposed.Thank god for Potus & Fox News & my books:)…
I love to watch Fox News! It's ranks up there with its peers Comedy Central,…
the same Fox News that you used as source to claim British Secret Service "wire tapped" trump towers?FAKE NEWS!
Yeah less thinking when planning meals for the week ;) Oh that Daily Telegraph/Herald is akin to Fox News brainwashing..
Bill O'Reilly and Fox News paid about $13 million over 15 years to settle women's harassment claims
You'd think after the third million dollar settlement Fox News would have some trepidation about keeping Bill emplo…
-Reporter asks Q. abt NYT report. -Spicer says he won't comment on news reports . -Proceeds to cite a Fox News report to try to…
Fox News: Drones at the border: Agents ask Silicon Valley for help securing nation . More -
Fox News claims Trump fired Katie Walsh for leaking info, had her escorted out of White House via…
Fox News host: at least Steve Bannon isn’t ISIS - This chart is part of a Carlson interview with David...
Two black female employees sue Fox News for racial discrimination. That's really shocking. Black people work at Fox News…
He's back‼️ Judge Nap returns to Fox News & stands by his claim Obama had British Intel spy on Trump‼️🔥 (VIDEO) ht…
Curious why Fox News is covering this story?.
Fox News' Eric Bolling once told Maxine Waters to "put the crack pipe down." Brian Kilmeade once asked a black anchor if she ma…
Dear Jordan, Fox News is a racist propaganda opinion based network so I doubt they will ever listen or change 😊 https:…
Bill O'Reilly pleading with Maxine Waters to "stop with the ideological nonsense" while on Fox News is something else.
Nothing new from Fox News, here is another Fox host telling Maxine Waters to "step away from the crack pipe"
Even for Fox News this is some ugly racism.
I was hoping for BTS to go on Ellen but we got Fox News spelling rap monster name wrong, "was it YouTube" interview and…
People call on Fox News to fire after he called hair a "James Brown wig."
"All My Children" - the New Soap Opera of the Banana Republic of America. Tune in to Fox News for more info. Starri…
I don't think you guys are being fair to Nunes...Fox News has a different perspective...which I support
Har-har! O'Reilly is so FUNNY! The institutional misogyny at Fox News is alive and well in the post-Roger Ailes era.
Fox News covers for their boy Trump while he skips out on work to hang on the golf course. He's taken 12 golf trips in 9…
CNN's Stelter attacks Fox News for covering story of Illegal Immigrants raping girl at school. I can't believe my ears. https:…
Fox News: "We cannot have a country led by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations" http…
I am outraged to see your picture on Fox News tonight with Mayor's who refuse to cooperate with Federal Law !
Shepard Smith is such a POS. Sorry, but it is HE that should be removed from Fox News. Not Judge Napolitano. I just…
Veteran news anchor Ted Koppel tells Fox News' Sean Hannity he is "bad for America"
Why is Fox News lying for Trump...? What is going on here because they hated President Obama..
Fox News alert: President Trump loves America too much. Is the President working too hard for you? Updates as they happen
Police search for suspects in deadly nightclub shooting - Fox News: Los Angeles Times…
Watch a Fox News anchor admit today was a big win for Barack Obama
Trump asked his supporters to watch Fox News host. She then called on Paul Ryan to step down. h…
Trump used Fox News to push his own message and warn Ryan through Judge Jeanine. . But somehow, they still call CNN pr…
Fox News mocked over "alert" claiming Trump spent weekend working in White House
Seems like Rita does a good imitation of many deplorable Fox News reporters. A bit sad.
Or more likely for Fox News? Judge Napolitano made false speculations on Fox about wiretapping.
Only some of Fox News hates him and that could get you in trouble there -ask Megan Kelly.
they fired her *** huh? She is blonde, Megan Kelly is gone from Fox News. Instant spot for a blonde ***
Photos found in Eva Braun's bunker bedroom are sold | Fox News
In past 24 hours Trump has relied on a Fox News host to trash Paul Ryan and has trashed conservatives. What allies doe…
Fox News is acting as an enforcer for the Trump White House. This is what state-run media does. .
This thread is terrifying. The White House is using Fox News like state run media.
Growing chorus for Fox News to dump Shepard Smith via
I'm glad Donald Trump will always have a safe zone on Fox News.
When you've lost Bret Baier and Fox News: "Today was a big win for Barack Obama"
Fox News: "Dems can't play ball in the house" and went on to compare Dems to Peter Brady when he broke the vase on…
Fox News viewers are gunning for Shep Smith. How will Fox News respond?
Fox News is a foreign-owned political war operation that should be removed from the United States for national security re…
Woke up at 4am with Formation in my head. Can't go back to sleep because neighbor blasting Fox News. This is some metaphor for the country.
...Or any other conspiracy that Trump, Alex Jones or Fox News thrones at them.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Talking points from talk radio/Fox News have driven state/federal campaigns for all Rs since 2009...& it worked for Trump, too.
Fox News reportedly removed former Bergen County, New Jersey’s Judge Andrew Napolitano from their staff of news...
So I'm watching Fox News today (I like to get both sides of the story) and Neil Cavuto gave his commentary at the...
The firing of Judge Andrew Napolitano shows that Fox News isn’t as “fair and balanced”
In an appearance on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show, a Baltimore city council member compared ICE agents to...
Check the Fox News poll for name recognition (far right side of chart). Bernie…
How would Fox News or the Right Wing media react if Bill Clinton would have said if Chelsea was not my daughter, i would date her?
This is how Londoners reacted when an expert on Fox News said the London attack "shut down" the city. Hint: They weren't havin…
A Fox News expert who said the Westminster attack "shut down" London has been corrected by actual Londoners.
Judge Napolitano reportedly isn't going to be on Fox News for a while
Vietnam War memorial vandalized twice in one year - Fox News
You are a disgrace to our country. Do you read or attend any meetings??Or do you just rely on Fox News
WSJ editorial comes as Fox News is in the hot seat and British regulators are scrutinizing 21cf deal with Sky
Vietnam War deserter found in Florida retirement community - Fox News
Watching a Power Rangers trailer I said 'wonder what kind of things Manning will be into as a little boy' and my dad dead af said 'Fox News'
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Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano off the air indefinitely over his Trump wiretap claims
SCOOP Fox News settled w a contributor who said a network exec tried to force her to perform oral sex on him at work https:…
Police: Shootings at 3 locations in small Wisconsin city - Fox News
LOL! Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano over his Trump wiretap claims
I know u people ONLY watch Fox News so here u go
sorry, Obama wiretapped Fox News journalist James Rosen and AP phone lines. Obama has history of spying on US citizens!
Of all the Fox News hosts I've tried garner friedship, only Dana Perino and James Rosen reached out. Thank you both for your courage.
The adults are in charge at the Fox News antipodean branch.
"Journalism is dead," declares Sean, who helped kill it at Fox News.
“Sikh men are targets for those whose knowledge of Muslim culture consists of Fox News & the Disney movie Aladdin.” htt…
Fake News! I listened on Fox News. AP and other think we r stupid, offensive. U know what happens when u cry wolf many times.
Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano suspended after his latest conspiracy theory embarrasses world https:/…
For GOP, a domino effect on health and taxes - Fox News
Congrats to Fox News on its new network slogan: "News You Can't Use"
Fox News: the propagandist of the Russian-led Trump administration. Highly credible source.
Smart piece on the vast web of often troubling ties between Trump & Fox News. http…
Fox News is getting fact checked by the world because of Trump, and the result is dangerously embarrassing.
Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano from air after Trump wiretapping claims
Fox News pulls Andrew Napolitano from the air after his claim that British officials helped Obama spy on Trump
Fox News suspends Andrew Napolitano for Obama wiretapping claims
Let's remember this day when, five years from now, a giggling Jimmy Fallon is challenging Fox News anchor Sean Spicer to a game of flip cup.
Ex-intel official: Fox News analyst who used me as source for wiretapping claim got it wrong
Except on Fox News, by Tomi Lauren and Alex Jones. And these three entities have become very popular.
Stunning that Fox News is also bashing Trumpcare!!! President Bannon and 45 aren't gonna b happy about this at all.
Fox News is currently arguing sanctuary city mayors should be locked up for disobeying federal law. Kim Davis anyone?
Fox News host casually suggests Trump should have Snoop Dogg and Lil Bow Wow killed. here's what they think about u.
Fox News host Chris Wallace pointed out to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) that his plan to reform the health care...
Re: Trump claim he was wiretapped --> Smith: Fox News cannot verify Judge Napolitano's commentary
.responds: "Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitano's commentary.". Back to you, and
Tea Party allies rally on Capitol Hill for ObamaCare repeal | Fox News
Great interview by Fox News' aboard Air Force One with
What I remember is how Donna Brazile said she was being persecuted when she lied about cheating on Fox News.
Not unless Fox News, Breitbart, or Alex Jones tells them. Yeah, they are most certainly morons.
Shepard Smith just said Fox News has “no evidence of any kind” that Trump was surveilled “at any time, any way."
Fox News and Russia Today. Same propaganda news network?
Juan Williams for those who don't know is a Democratic strategist for Fox News.
Fox News guy. Sadly might be possible he has more influence over American evangelicals than any legit biblical scholar?
Gonna write a letter to Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of Newscorp / Fox News, and maybe one to his brother James
Comedian Artie Lange arrested over drug possession - Fox News
“Fox News cannot confirm Judge Napolitano’s commentary,” Shepard Smith says just now on Fox.
Which Fox News immediately says it cannot and will not confirm.
Watch Donald Trump attempt to blame Fox News for his wiretap lie
Krauthammer on Fox News: "No one believes there was Trump wiretap." Fox describes Trump as being involved in "pretty Twili…
Busted: Brazile admits she forwarded debate questions to Clinton camp - Fox News
Fox News Charles Krauthammer says it plain & direct, Trump nonsense about wiretapping makes you question Trump's credibili…
Little Giant Ladders
Fox News is our version of Russia Today. And sadly, too many people take all of their biased news/opinions as the gospel.
New Fox poll: 66% want investigation of Russia/election. 63% want investigation into whether Trump was connected: https…
Since taking office on January 20, President Trump has given five sit-down TV interviews with Fox News hosts
why is Geraldo Rivera still allowed to even be a reporter let alone be on Fox news? How's there "no spin" if Geraldo is involved?
Leave it to the German reporters to press Trump on his BS wiretapping claims. Don't blame he, he said. Blame Fox News!
It doesn't take Fox News to make Trump look like a lunatic, he is doing a good job of that all on…
Trump says he just repeated Fox News on wiretapping, but... Trump made claim 10 days before Andrew Napolitano did. https:/…
So Russia isn't running America now? Make up your mind MT He is the Fox News president.
The problem is worse than that. Trump listens to Fox News as if they were his intelligence agency.
Chaffetz subpoenas ATF agents who skipped hearing on death of ICE officer | Fox News
Wow, again. Trump says Fox News analyst who claimed the British helped Obama spy on Trump is “very talented” and “all we di…
Trump and Spicer are picking a fight with an ally in order to avoid looking weak by backing down from a Fox claim
Trump repeats bold-faced lie denies occusing Obama of having him wiretapped but now claims he quoted Fox News.
Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle calls for Secret Service to "kill" Snoop Dogg and Bow Wow for their Trump attacks https…
We have a "president" who, when he wants "intelligence," turns to Fox News & Breitbart instead calling qualified U.S. in…
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The guy who helped Fox News trick Trump into believing U.K. spied on him for Obama. Note the date of his piece.
Trump blames Fox News's Andrew Napolitano for Obama wiretap story. He never accepts responsibility for anything.
Liam Fox tells officials not to use 'offensive caricature' term 'Empire 2.0'.
Tucker: National Endowment for the Arts Is 'Welfare for Rich, Liberal Elites' | Fox News Insider -
♞ Hillary Clinton says she's 'ready to come out of the woods' - Fox News
Trump blamed Fox News for his lies & repeated his nonsense today at Merkel press conference. Fox News confirms, Trump is r…
In a FOX NEWS poll Bernie Sanders ranked the most favorable politician in America. That's how you crush bigotry. Progressiv…
Report confirms a Fox News analyst got his British intelligence conspiracy theory from Russian state media
Fox News and Breitbart reporters were also shocked to hear there is gambling in Casablanca.
At the WH presser w/Merkel, Trump told the world that he trusts Fox News more than our nation's intelligence agencies. Let tha…
Why does Fox News keep having this clown Col Ralph Peters on there shows. His analysis is warped and he constantly…
Fox News - Members of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY)... | Members of the New...
‘It feels off the rails’: Shep Smith blasts for blaming wiretap charge on Fox News
Fox News host Sean Hannity says he never pointed a gun at colleague Juan Williams on the set despite CNN story.
Fox News host Sean Hannity once aimed a gun at political analyst Juan Williams following an on-air debate.   10% Off
Sean Hannity now admits he pulled a gun on Juan Williams on the set of Fox News via
Sean Hannity 'pulled gun on liberal commentator Juan Williams' after Fox News interview
Hannity Brought a Gun to Work at Fox News, Reportedly Pointed It at Colleague Juan Williams on Set
Fox News host Sean Hannity 'pulled out gun after on-air row with guest' |
Fox News host 'pulls out gun after on-air row with Liberal commentator'
GreenLeaf Industries, Interviewed by Fox News about the U.S. President’s Commitment to Bring Back American Jobs
National Enquirer is owned by Newscorp (which is owned by Richard Murdoch of Fox News).
Bernie Sanders and Planned Parenthood are the most popular things in America, Fox News finds via
"News: Fox News poll: Soaring optimism on the economy under — but 35/55 approval on handling he...:
Looks like Fox News is in the fake news business, again, with bad Trump polls. Go figure, getting hard to spin
Federal probe of Fox News sex harassment payoffs heading to a grand jury
Redskins Nation is literally Fox News, and Dan Snyder is Donald Trump
I stopped by Fox News for a brief moment & saw Shepard Smith & remembered why I no longer watch Fox News & kept on channel…
Exxon is clearly working directly w Putin. Fox News is suspiciously pro-Russian for a network that treats Ronald Reagan as its patron saint.
Fox News: Chicago police committ to providing FDLA's and the Cook County Public Defender's # to all arrestees.
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Ex-Michigan Dem governor teaching class on job creation despite spotty record | Fox News she lost over 500k jobs
I feel like Breitbart and Fox News give leftists more credit and power than MSNBC ever will
Fox News host to fly aboard Air Force One tomorrow and interview Trump
Beyond unhinged! Filmmaker screams uncontrollably at Fox News host over 'new' Michael Brown 'evidence' h…
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith seems to have had enough of Kellyanne Conway
Major Garrett got tired of getting his *** kicked by Obama Adm. while working for Fox News and now at CBS he's being ignored again.
John Oliver wants to directly appeal to Trump on health care. So he’s buying airtime on Fox News.
One of d W on Fox News hs problem pronouncing PB's family nm.She has swallowed the first "R" in Bharara
the relationship between Fox News, Trump & the DOJ describes sounds like an authoritarian country: https…
It really looks like Trump purged 46 US Attorneys because Fox News told him to
Hmmm Preet Bharara was investigating Fox News when Sean Hannity urged Donald Trump to fire him via
Judge orders State Dept. to release documents on corrupt contractor before election | Fox News
So... the US Atty who just got fired by the Trump admin (was overseeing a major investigation into Fox News...…
maybe they should all ask their fearless leader trump why he only goes on Fox News? For a president he is scared to face reality!
is the only one at Fox News with his eyes open. Everyone else is just a puppet for Sumner redstone and the Republican Party
domain names
Fox News host Sean Hannity demands Trump "purge" prosecutor who is investigating Fox News. And Trump does it.
James Cameron: 'Avatar' sequel not coming in 2018 - Fox News
Portland airport installs movie theater to relax weary jetsetters – Fox News
Caught Lying: “The first I heard of it,” Pence replied, (in an interview with Bret Baier on Fox News) . Truth - - -…
Mike Flynn has admitted he's a foreign agent... this is Fox News - who according to Donald Trump, isn't 'fake news'. https:/…
'Stand your ground' defense rejected in Florida theater-shooting case - Fox News
Judge rejects 'stand your ground' defense in Florida theater-shooting case - Fox News
This is craziness from Augustus Caesar.but what does one expect from someone with a steady diet of only Fox News?
senator Blumenthal watch Fox News about your ny times article. You may actually learn something
If you trust Fox News, here's an article re: dangers of Trump's unpredictable foreign policy:
Opinion | A populist agenda based on Fox News hooey fizzles Jennifer Rubin- trust her more than the DNC
and was just on Fox News saying was a facade, that the CIA didn't spy on American Citizens
"Well, since Obama spied on me and Fox News, I must be allowed to spy on political and media opponents, too!" His supporters will agree, too
Apparently Ashley Schaeffer is now a Fox News analyst
Guy on Fox News just said "CIA aren't allowed to spy in the U.S." Basically saying they're allowed to unlawfully spy elsewhere, nice one
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Sean Spicer wrongly claimed that a Fox News reporter had his phones tapped while Barack Obama was president
Fox News investigation: DoD-funded school at center of federal probes over suspected Chinese military ties
2…the tea part took credit. Fox News called Brow’s triumph the “Massachusetts Massacre” a reference, I guess, to the Boston Massacre
Fox News - Ari Fleischer on CIA leaks, wiretapping claims
Erick Erickson: A day without overly privileged leftist women is a great idea | Fox News
Won't update his profile picture to show his fatness & thinks Fox News sent dates to spy on him...
Why not? TMZ is the King of Propaganda and lies. Guess Trump wants a fall back chick if Fox News isn't putting out
Fox News anchor said to land spokeswoman job at State Department
The spy who loved me.Report surfaces of Trump reception that included Kislyak - Fox News
I just read an article from Fox News abt the discovery of 700 yrs old Knights Templar cave!
The GOP governor who will be a thorn in Trump's side (it's not Kasich) - Fox News Phil Scott makes Fox News
And another terrible lie! Don't you realize you will be fact-checked and ridiculed? Well, except for "Faux" Fox News.
Fox News fool "good to see you" Shannon Bream sounds like a crackpot ready for a breakdown--Sen Lee responds properly "good to be here".
"deepstate" would be. CIA spying on HomeLand Americans. while FBI watches without telling Fox News. until Libertarian SPY. leaks to TASS?
Kimberly Guilfoyle is on my list of the "Best at Fox News" 2017.
Trump’s liaison to the networks is alienating them — even Fox News
Forget iPhones, this is the level of animosity Fox News has towards poor people
James Rosen of Fox News and Andrea Merkel. Why wouldn't he spy on Trump?
Scott's story was thoroughly debunked, but not in Fox News. This article stands uncorrected with no follow-up...
I HEARBY call for an INVESTIGATION into the CIA using our TVs to spy on us! How often have they watched me making notes as I watch Fox News?
Fox News and Friends see a cell phone as a luxury Bc they think that everyone still fills out paper applications, uses actual punch cards.
Without even digging into it, Trump took what he saw on Fox News and blamed Obama. Except, it was Bush.
so media is fake news, yet your sources for wiretapping “from BBC, Heat Street, New York Times, Fox News, among others” smh
CONFIRMED: Fox News source just confirmed the wire taps at Trump Tower DID HAPPEN! And Obama had to know!
I think Trish Regan (Fox Business Network 2-3 pm ET) is the best of any broadcaster on FBN or Fox News. Smart and n…
How to get business class food when flying economy - Fox News
don't allow Sky 2become Fox News in the U.S
Fox News, run by jew traitors,death to jews, zionist, and the empire. Raise up all who are not "chosen" take the planet earth. We deserve ..
Josh you poor misguided ignorant *** Obama and Lynch could do anything they want. of Fox News.
A look at Fox News host Keith Ablow’s next big project:
Let's not forget in 2013 Obama had Fox News reporter James Rosen's phone tapped, calling him a "co-conspirator" under the Esp…
Not your parents' Fox News: A new network of right-wing sites is spreading "fundamentally misleading" info
Order a copy of the amazing Black Trump supporter, Fox News contributor new book.Incredible story
DOJ seized phone records for Fox News numbers, reporter's parents. WHY was no one prosecuted when Rosen was targeted?. htt…
Fox News: Obama Needs To Go To Jail. Published on Mar 3, 2017. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement,...
When you're done playing president this summer do you think you can do yr special correspondent gig on Fox News from jail?
Sheriff Hodson (?) From Massachusetts in GREAT commercial on Fox News. Nice to know some have "huevos". Missing john de petro BIG TIME!
ICYMI - Taya appeared on Fox News's The First 100 Days to fire back on the criticism of President Trump honoring...
Rosanne Barr and her twin Michael Moore need to go away. I wish you would ban their names on Fox News.
Watch: Fox News' Catherine Herridge has the latest on AG Jeff Sessions and Russia.
If I knew how to make a gif, I'd make one of Elizabeth and Clark toasting on the sofa in front of Fox News today. Long game coming together.
Shepherd Smith just shw'd his true loyalty to the left, once again on Fox News. Time for him to go. Chris Wallace, gr8 job calling him out!
Sweden doesn't recognize the "Swedish defense and national security adviser" interviewed on Fox News https…
what an honor to b at WH. This is where class news , "fair and balanced "gets you. Congrats to Fox News
Shep is another one that needs to bite the Megyn Kelley bullet and leave Fox News
Hypocrisy! . Fox News expert on violent immigrants in Sweden turns out to be immigrant convincted of violent assault
I only testify to the truth not only do Fox News and viewers have alternative facts they have alternative realities what on Earth is going😨
Does anyone actually like the Shepard Smith segment of Fox News?
Two journalists from Fox News who's journalistic integrity I've rarely found myself questioning are Chris Wallace and Shepher…
Yes I can confirm that I will be on Fox News tonight discussing Sweden's problem with obesity. I'm representing Sweden…
Fox News has apologized for this fake "advisor", right?
The TV in my building's lobby is now set to Fox News. Looks like I picked the right time to stop sending my rent money to Sam Zell.
Fake tan man Fox News gaffe "Pres. Chump" tonight. ha Ur Ratings still dropping. Arnold's going up bigly.
That the new DNC Chair - Tom Perez - said he would watch Fox News instead . in his favorite…
Fox News had a slightly different take on protests before Trump was president.
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