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Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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I'm at Andy's Diner and they're playing Fox News right across from me. I've lost my appetite.
If your local news now seems as bad as Fox News, this is why:
On Saturday, Julie Roginsky appeared on Fox News. On Monday she filed a lawsuit
I swear I can't even watch Fox News anymore. That Marie Harf is as bad as Juan Williams. Still slobbering all over…
What's even more comical is that Roger Ailes described Fox News as entertai…
Sean Hannity and company had key man clauses for Roger Ailes at Fox News. Very likely there…
John remember Brian thinks Fox News sent him dates so they could "spy" on him...
I think I know what it was about Obama that Fox News found unpresidential.
It's interesting times when has more journalistic integrity than Fox News!
Were you alive in the 8yrs of Obama, Brian? James Rosen, Fox News?
The only Fox News-related conspiracy I'll entertain is that Andy Levy is a NASCAR fan
Fox News recently timed a fairy's careless love
North Korea is a threat to the US and so is China - Fox News
Remember when President Obama went after all those Fox News hosts for criticizing him daily?. Me neither.
Chicago is not actually the murder-capital of America, no matter what Fox News wants y…
Do you know the super brilliant thing about Ancient Astronauts??? It's not Fox News. Freaking. Brilliant.
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel told Fox News that the president "acted…
Kaia Gerber sparks outrage for her racy bathroom selfie Fox News really you have nothing better to report?
"Imagine if President Hillary Clinton had extorted a Fox News host..."
Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, National Enquirer or all of the above?
Congrats to Fox News and the National Enquirer on their new partnership as the official television and print outlets of Tr…
Tara Lipinski shows off bikini body on honeymoon - Fox News
This pulls the lid off the cookie jar! See why Fox News has been sayin' "collusion ain't a crime"?.
I never understood why MSNBC hired so many Fox News veterans. If viewers wanted Fox News, they'd watch Fox News.
Fox News, Julie, are wrong. I can't believe how well President Trum…
You need to know - the second Richard Fowler appears on Fox News, I turn the channel IMMEDIATELY. NCIS much better than Fowler.
Whenever Richard Fowler is on Fox News, I change the channel. He's a complete buffoon.
That would be Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News.
Fox News hiring Jason Chaffetz is like spoiled milk hiring moldy bread.
Jason Chaffetz explains why he's retiring and joining Fox News
Jason Chaffetz has taken a job at Fox News because it would too hard to stay home all day without looking his daughter in th…
domain names
There it is: Jason Chaffetz signs with Fox News as a contributor, per Fox News email.
Jason Chaffetz has signed on with Fox News.
INBOX: Jason Chaffetz to join Fox News as contributor
Fox News just hired US Rep. Jason Chaffetz as a correspondent - Mic
Fox News release on its new poll: "By two-to-one, American voters oppose the Senate health care bill to replace the Affor…
Juan is just another liberal plant at Fox News, just like Richard Fowler, Marie Harf...etc
This is the type of insight one would expect from a former Mtv veejay, now Fox News host, to give. News…
“Fox News host argues stripping coverage from millions is no biggie since ‘we’re all going to die’” by
One time I asked why Fox News is listed as ENTERTAINMENT and they didn't answer :( My feels were hurt ❄️
'Big Bang Theory' star Johnny Galecki's home destroyed by wildfire - Fox News
Fox News habitually unprofessional Julie Banderas saying stupid things on a news show--"good to see you Chris Stirewalt".
Turns out NBC viewers don't want to see a Fox News pundit interview dictators & conspiracy theorists.
Yeah they're all fake except Fox News which is a beacon of truth and just…
Fox News reporter to Sean Spicer: "The American people expect transparency"
Fox News (Next Week) "Even if the Trump family actually laundered money with Russia, is that really a crime?" .
Fox News had to pay Tamara Holder 2.5 mil to settle sexual harassment suit. I now see why POTUS has a big love affair with…
Bill Cosby planning tour to warn young people about sexual assault allegations - Fox News
Fox News is essentially state TV at this point. They pump out the propaganda; Trump rewards them with free advertising. https:…
Fox News reporter hits CNN's Acosta for "crossing the line" with criticism of White House press briefings
Fox News transition to "Russian collusion, is it really bad?" is a good indication of the next surreal stop on our trip into…
Individuals that watch Fox News,listen to Rush Limbaugh,Joe Scarborough... will never vote for a Democrat
Tropical Storm Cindy: Video captures rescue of woman in submerged car - Fox News
Eric Trump responds to celebrity threats, slams Dems - Fox News. Always with the " borders..."
Dramatic shows teen falling from Six Flags - Fox News
Fox News' Chris Stirewalt "one of the dumbest political pundits on television...dope" (11/06/2015)
It must be hard for Fox News to keep spinning crap in defence of the indefensible!
TOMORROW: has an exclusive interview with on - Tune in at 6a ET on Fox News!
So has Trump, and he gets all his information from Fox News as opposed to the ex…
I want my country back. Turn off Fox News and think for yourself sheep
CNN has the audacity to call Fox News "state run" while that liberal network had been carrying water for the Democratic Pa…
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That's a the stupidest thing I've heard today. And I watched Fox News for a bit.
Fox News is officially state television run by a regime.
Trump told Fox News tonight that "there's been no obstruction; everyone agrees on that.". ... except for that team of federal…
Trumpsplanation: As soon as Fox News admits something about me is shady, then…
I'm glad Murphy Brown isn't real, because it would have been heartbreaking when she moved to Fox News.
Donald is afraid of protests in the UK. Just like he only watches Fox News & holds rallies in areas he won--he's scared to…
Senator John McCain went on Fox News this morning calling for more wars. Or as he calls it, a typical Wednesday.
When ARY does a Maya Khan. ARY is Pakistan's version of Fox News with a sprinkling of Talibanism.
Where is our party? The South needs help down here. Af Am majority metro centers are drowning in Fox News messaging. No cohesive leadership!
Kim Jong Un lives in fear of assassination by western 'decapitation' team, says report | Fox News
Is it just me or can you tell that Krystal Ball is on Fox News now.
. FYI, Fox News is FAKE NEWS. . Newsweek is REAL NEWS. . Good luck in prison...
Tiger Woods 'receiving professional help' to manage meds after DUI arrest - Fox News
This Time: A Capitol Hill reporter recalls covering shooting over the years - Fox News
Florida beach find: Photographer finds long-lost camera, hopes to reunite it with owners - Fox News   10% Off
Orlando Weekly: Pulse survivor calls out Fox News guest who criticized vigil for Orlando.
Shooting happened in Myrtle Beach early this morning but news seems to be very quiet. Fox News only posted a portion of the video! Why?
When Jack's Fox News alert contains the words Mosque and Terror = chubby in his pants.
when yr lawyer has a meltdown on Fox News could have a 65 year old who stares at Fox News hearing only the state run stories. How…
Come on Jack. You're just an attention *** trying to sell books; praying for a panel stint on Fox News. Sad.
Fox News host Abby Huntsman confirms she is pregnant: via
Fox News dropped its slogan and we have options for them.
Judy Miller on Fox News lying again. Spreading hate and spite against Trump & his family.
Emmy Rossum says a director wanted to see her in a bikini: 'There's no audition, that's all you have to - Fox News
Wanna bet this story won't be carried 24/7 by Fox News?
Here's another laugh for the day!. Rupert Murdoch's Fox News drops 'Fair and Balanced' motto
CNN, Fox News, Yahoo News, & Dallas Morning News were not interested in sharing my story regarding this grave injustice.
Does that mean that Fox News is responsible for Dylann Roof and others like him?
Fox News confirming that Steve Scalise (R-La.) has been shot in the hip. Alexandria Police say the suspect is in custody.
That's because Fox News is not news.
Nation: Fox News being "deeply un-American" when giving Trump a platform for years to spread bigoted birth…
Isn't their son married to one of Jon Huntsman's daughters? (Not Abby from Fox News) Awkward?
Funny, how O'Reilly, Hannity, and everyone at Fox News trashed Obama all eight years and w…
Guess what? You can feel bad that Megyn Kelly was sexually harassed at Fox News & still think she's a bigot. Try it. I'm…
Fox News segment with criminal defense attorney and network television analyst, Mark Eiglarsh, discussing the...
I remember when Fox News made a big deal out of Obama wearing a tan suit and talked impeachment over an executive order…
Fox News,story of student who ran for Student President,Won.Did a speech off the cuff, like President Trump.Days later the HS a Mr.O' Keiffe
Trump-like speech gets Florida student tossed as class president - Fox News
Alex Jones is a SANDY HOOK DENIER. has scrapped the bottom of the Fox News dump truck with this hire and programming…
Fine. Give him a bigger megaphone. You haven't left Fox News, they left you.
When your speeches are being used as Fox News fodder, then you're most definitely hurting the progressive cause.
I mean, when this is on Fox News maybe you should wake the eff up. . No?. You just want to lose your jobs in…
This is what NBC has lowered themselves to? Fox "News" lite? First Putin now Alex Jones? How low will they go?
FOX News has been banging the "Muslim=ISIS" drum for years. Its not just Trump. The right is intel…
fox news is conservative so they definately are not mainstream. CNN is hardly a bigger shark than Oliver or Colbert
Fox News: Senate Democrats enter new territory on Russia probes with push to grill Sessions, Trump
Video: Bar Harbor Issues: Is the Fox Building the Henhouse? - Published in: Cruise News While Bar Harbor reside...
Shot at the hands of Hillary Clinton's thugs we know he transferred that Julian not Russians
Irving saves his best for when Cavs face Finals elimination [FOX Sports]
Reds skipper Bryan Price says Iglesias, team can't dwell on late-inning loss to [FOX Sports]
Mexico vs. United States lineups: Who are El Tri and the USMNT starting? [FOX Sports]
Giants break out of offensive funk with 13-8 win over Twins (Jun 11, 2017) [FOX Sports]
Turley's MLB debut spoiled by Giants' 9 runs off bullpen [FOX Sports]
Missed opportunities at the plate haunt Brewers in 11-1 loss [FOX Sports]
WATCH: Moustakas homers twice in Royals win over Padres [FOX Sports]
The pus and the bile from Fox News Lite, formerly MSNBC, is an astounding transformation. As with Putin,…
Meanwhile - Fox News interviews former mob boss Ralph Natale on how to defeat terrorism . **facepalm**. A morbid, sick…
.plus that Fox News is actually news, that your crowds were bigliest, etc etc. So what you "be…
List of things Rs are afraid of is long, including Muslims, immigrants & tax returns, now we can Shakespearian plays. h…
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well, where do you live? I guess the ones I hear about are CNN and Fox News, but this really isn't relevant
Think Progress Fox News upset Shakespeare in the Park isn’t a safe space for Trump supporters
Gregg Jarrett: Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel | Fox News
Harris wasn't the only one. A FOX News poll had him as being much more popular (61%) than Trump.…
I think if Fox News suddenly didn't exist, it would be a giant step toward reuniting our country.
Good job, Bernard. From your lips to Fox News' ears.
Museum of Science and Technology moving to Port San Antonio - FOX 29
Megyn Kelly tries to distance herself from her Fox News past.
FOX News: 'This is war': Florida sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves in case of attack https:…
Anyways, Fox News and are dummies and you should see the play if you can. And support The Public Theater!
Jimmy Carter shakes hands with every passenger on ATL flight - Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay
Gotta love how Fox News & GOP love law enforcement until they go after one of them. Then they are a bunch of rotten, s…
There are no tapes or they have been destroyed. If they supported Trump Fox news…
TOMORROW: talks exclusively to - Tune in at 7a ET on Fox News Channel!
Bill O'Reilly on James Comey's testimony, Fox News and more.. via
For people who pretend to be tough cowboys or whatever, Fox News loves getting offended by EVERYTHING
It's art... if you really want to boycott something fake how about Fox News.
Keep in mind what they spout is Fox Opinion only. Not news.…
Interesting comparison of MSNBC, CNN, Fox: . 7 telling moments in the cable news coverage of Comey’s hearing…
After black employees at Fox News filed an anti-discrimination suit, their lawyers received death threats.
Anybody w/any sense knows Trump made up the term fake news only b/c he was about 2 be slamm…
Reid is so glad Corbyn didn't become Prime Minister... just a bad person with a terrible TV show, on par with Fox News…
Maybe because of the same, or similar, reasons the women you harassed had to keep working on Fox News.
Is this... is Megyn just taking the Fox News circus and bringing it to mainstream now?
UPDATE: caves to Fox News snowflakes, cancels sponsorship of Shakespeare in the Park
Oh my god Fox News is talking about how this generation has so much contempt for their elders I love it
This woman dragged Fox News and its entire white audience to filth & I am living for every second of it.
.so is doing is allowing you to bring Fox News to their channel! I knew it which is why I'll never watch your propaganda
Fox News was attacking Obama for using mustard at this point in his presidency
That's right, I forget that his trusted advisers reside on Fox News lol
Incidentally, watching Judge Judy is not legal experience. Nor does Judge Jeanine of Fox News.
Fox News. By Robert Lee Hotz. File photo: Skeletal remains from the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins...
Trump is a 70-year-old, Fox News-and-golf obsessed racist who has no interest in the actual work of being President https…
Man charged with threatening lawyers representing Fox News employees who have brought racial discrimination claims.
Fox News is an American basic cable and satellite news entertain television channel owned by the Fox Ente…
Fox News. U.S. Marine Tells Harrowing Story of His Arrest, Imprisonment in Mexico thx in re his recovery
This is why Fox News & people like Alex Jones are dangerous. They foster violent, abusive & insane behavior.
Opinion: Bernie Sanders attacks Trump nominee for following teachings of Christ - Fox News
This is where Fox News has gone terrible wrong. Yet Liberal Ellen Ratner, interviewed by Jon Scott t…
If Trump had been marched away in hand cuffs today, Fox News would have reported, "Trump receives new jewelry from Dept of…
"When even people on Fox News are fed up with the president and feeling the need to yell at him like a child,...
The material reminded me of a pretty dress that was worn by Abby Huntsman of Fox News when she int…
Fox News is pure fiction. Much like GOP stands for Grand Ole Party - that is fiction too!
Republican fake news engine is so poisoning on the mind that it can can watch Comey testify, and still believe the Trump / Fox News mafia.
These calls for "internment camps" of Muslims around the world weren't made in secret, but in broad daylight, on Fox News, o…
Looks like Donald's Fox News wall is not holding.
So what search engine gives you nothing but Fox News and Breitbart sources…
Traffic to CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News pages on Wikipedia over past 20 days:
Air Force Honor Guard respects those who made the ultimate sacrifice | Fox News
If we could just get 30 percent of our society to think similarly.then Fox News would be out of busi…
Treasury Asst Sec for Public Affairs Anthony Sayegh got an ethics waiver for communications with his former client Fox News
Fast and Furious hearing rips Holder, DOJ for deception in gun-running scandal - Fox News
Breaking - here we go - Trump to nominate Christopher Wray to be FBI Director | Fox News
:: Playing HitzConnect News - Latest: Fox News on :: reply if your like! :: |
Fox News and hate radio have been demonizing liberals for decades, though.
I would suggest you're watching & hearing the wrong voices, try watching Fox News & on radio listen to Rush Limbaug…
So it's addictive like anger is to the Fox News/talk radio true believers?
I wish Fox News wouldn't jump the gun with all these stories. Hype coming from everywhere…
At today's WH briefing, the first three reporters called on were from Fox News, Fox Business and Fox 29. A little la…
Bret Baier is the only credible person on Fox News
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Bret Baier and Brit Hume of Fox News is an *** Obvious biased in reports. Leaning left. Whose d**ks did you suck to get that job.
Astonishing. Fox News had to distance itself from Farage & Hopkins for being too bonkers
Fox News host doesn't gun the engine of his ego.
When Jason Whitlock talks I'm convinced he's getting paid under the table by Fox News.
Fox News' live feed of London Bridge catches locals complaining that politicians promised the "terrorism thing" was under…
Ahead of Megyn Kelly's NBC debut, a reminder of all the awful things she said at Fox News:
Daily reminder that Megyn Kelly became famous by being a mouthpiece for white supremacist propaganda at Fox News.
Fifteen North Koreans linked to nuclear program added to UN blacklist - Fox News
Fox News anchor makes on-air announcement that she's decided to leave the network:
He called a a Fox News presenter for her opinion.
Is NBC joining Fox News as the propaganda engine used to destroy democracy?
Turkey's FM wants no conditions for Cyprus peace summit | Fox News ➜
A Fox News insider spills the beans about how ripping "libtards" is as scripted as professional wrestling.
Sean Hannity: Giving the left a taste of their own medicine | Fox News
Now that Fox News has taken over science of climate, Sean Hannity will be performing chemotherapy & Tucker Carlson will…
unveils attraction to replace killer show | Fox News
United Airlines flight forced to return to Chicago after bird strike, engine fire - Fox News
When did Paul Finebaum get a job on Fox News?
Chris Cornell's widow: 'We still have several unanswered questions' - Fox News
I was just lied to more times watching 30 seconds of Fox News than an average hour of watching the Home Shopping Network.
WND, Breitbart, Fox News, Red State, all found to lie significantly and not just an "Oops! We go it wro…
You act like Fox News doesn't exist. They had Ted Nugent and Joe Walsh on there. Two people wh…
Megyn Kelly has a new show on MSNBC you think we really going to watch it, we haven't forgot her Fox News history https:…
Fox News. The 8 best dog breeds for familiesFox NewsFrom celebrities like Kyle Richards to Kim Zolciak, both of wh……
Just saw on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, and I have to applaud Bill Nye's patience and composure. Esp when being so disrespected
Excited to hear tomorrow which pundits pronounce it "cove-fee-fee" and which say "cov-if-fi" and what story Fox News will find to cover.
Tomorrow, Sean Spicer will claim Trump never said covfefe. Fox News will claim it's a real word. Trump will say he definitely said it.
Orlando International Airport incident: Gunman in custody, 'everyone is safe,' cops say - Fox News
Maybe, but even then, some would find a way to justify his views. Fox News would even find…
What else would State Fox News say.
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Roger Ailes is and will continue to haunt Fox News from the grave. You know what they say about payback
Did you notice the Fox News story: your son-in-law says "Sources say..." The only fake news is you, our f…
Fox News covered for Jared Kushner with an unbylined report from a single anonymous source:
U r my very favorite Fox News program and the best source of news in the whole world IMHO! ❤️
same day Fox News reports WH source claims Kushner *didnt* set up secret's like Keystone Cops https:…
Note what 45 said about fake news last weekend. He's now using Fox News using `1 source saying Russians asked for that meeting Jared did?
There's a war on liars. We're sick of you & Fox News spreading conspiracy theories & lies.
Gregg Jarrett: What is Robert Mueller investigating (since collusion is not a crime)? | Fox News.
***Gregg Jarrett of Fox News coming in extremely hot***.
In addition, new conservative-leaning owner may have eyes on competing with Fox News. So WGN could very well become its N…
Yes, Bobby we are. . Robert De Niro: Once inspiring US now a tragic dumb comedy - Fox News
Fox News has been a cancer in our body politic.
My number one goal in life is to interrupt a live Fox News report on the street.
John F Kennedy's life and legacy remembered on 35th president's 100th birthday - Fox News
If you don't like trump coverage I suggest you only watch Fox News and listen to uncle rush and uncl…
Good riddance to one of the most toxic influences in American society:. Fox News is collapsing. By…
Trump, deep in a Fox News haze, furiously hits his red Diet Coke button over & over. Spicer, still stung by Pope slight,…
Roger Ailes was Fox News. Without him it's going straight down the drain.
Taibbi: Fox News founder made this the hate-filled, moronic country it is today via
A very accurate description of the Ailes/Fox News model from the inside. Liberals are set up to lose every time. https:/…
Roger Ailes, polarizing and controversial Fox News founder who changed cable news, dies at 77
BREAKING: Roger Ailes, the man who brought the scourge of Fox News to America, is dead at 77. Here's his legacy of disi…
Roger Ailes, former Fox News chairman, dies at 77
Vegas threatened in new ISIS video - Fox News
Judith Miller, of Fox News, its President Trump not Mr Trump . Ex New York Times, what do you expect her to say
LOL! It's not NEW, fake Fox News. give me strength!
Fox News is Suffering BIG Since Firing O'Reilly, These Numbers Prove It . loses viewers with new line up. https:/…
I have a real fear Fox News is infiltrating new people on the Left in Fox and eliminating people on the righ…
This FISA memo is epic. No mention on the home pages of CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, Google News.
Watch explain why Trump supporters aren't welcome at his shows on Fox News
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controversy that now includes Kushner. Published May 28, 2017 Fox News. . NOW PLAYING. Trump claims money is...
Wow. If gets fired it will be the end of Fox News. He is one of the last REAL NEWS reporters on TV!
The GOP has sold America for an undisclosed sum of rubles. When does the media start calling out Fox News?
Joe saw today the vets are boycotting USAA for pulling their ads at Fox News. Do you have an email for Murdoch and his kids?
Stephen A. Smith and Ted Nugent went on Fox News, and it was – as you probably expected – a total disaster. (By
Fox News old timer Paul Gigot is worst of both worlds--he's a "good to see you" devotee PLUS blatant "Trump Trump" disrespecter of the Pres.
Amid North Korea dangers, US to launch first-of-its-kind missile intercept test - Fox News
Sean Hannity's Fox News show loses more sponsors over discredited story.
Fox news stoking hatred again - she is Latino - Fox News -should call themselves White Aryan supremist news
Here's a running list of advertisers who have abandoned Sean Hannity's Fox News show via
It's going to be amazing when Trump is impeached and Fox News marathons old reruns of Geraldo At Large to avoid coverin…
Fox News has announced it retracts. Its ugly departure from facts,. Suggesting it came. To maybe feel shame,. The thing that S…
Watching and Brad Pitt's character says "Let's lose Fox News. We don't need a bunch of angry perverts yelling at us all day"
There's no such thing as a limited bailout: An important lesson from the United Mine Workers of America | Fox News
If only Fox News would rediscover the noble tradition of Bill Buckley and his pro-Jim-Crow, Francoist newsletter.
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Coptic Christians slaughtered and the only networks working the story are BBC, Al Jazeera and Fox News. Death to liberal media bias now!!
Westworld-style robots will 'be in our homes' within ten years - Fox News
can you please pull the pin on They are the Fox News of sports radio.
...these people??!! Heard for awhile he was getting rid of Spicer for Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News.…
Trump and Pence approval ratings drop to new low in Fox News poll:
BREAKING: Fox News says crew saw Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte grab Guardian reporter by neck and slam him to the ground.
Fox News' account is actually far worse than Jacobs' own account and clearly shows Gianfort's campaign lied
Fox News retracts story on death of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich
So far, Peloton and Leesa have pulled ads from Sean Hannity's show on Fox News.
. Chicago-based to stop advertising on Fox News' 'Hannity'
Fox News sees biggest ratings slump in 17 years as Trump contradictions go unreported
"Coming apart:" new Fox News poll has Donald Trump and Mike Pence both crashing and burning via…
Kudos to Fox News for rushing the story of crime onto the web and telling what they saw.
Gianforte should spend election night in jail. Fox News team witnesses GOP House candidate 'body slam' reporter |
Fox News team was there: "Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground"
'Clerks' actress Lisa Spoonauer dead at 44 - Fox News
It won't be him it will be Kimberly Guilfoyle. Trump will pick a Fox News host that is basi…
Fox News relinquishes its long-held title as the king of cable news
This is a poll of the Fox News team including Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the two people who foll…
We can trust Fox News ! unlike MSNBC , CBS , and CNN and ABC . And every one loves Kimberly . Guilfoyle . and we trust her !
Now put a Fox News person on and get a different side of the story instead of being a lemming. Book Kimberly Guilfoyle
If fires the incredible, would you ever watch Fox News again? . . Sean Han…
Sean Hannity stops talking about Seth Rich, WikiLeaks as Fox News retracts its story -
Fox News has retracted its story promoting the conspiracy theory that a slain DNC staffer was WikiLeaks' source:
Congratulations to Sean Hannity on quitting Fox News and opening a detective agency
Mayday Mayday!. This is Captain Sean Hannity of the S.S. Fox News. We are taking on water and sinking fast. We thought…
Fox News' Sean Hannity says he'll stop talking about conspiracy theory involving murdered DNC staffer. By
Kinda looks like Sean Hannity is asking for help to pressure his advertisers and get him fired from Fox News. Let's offer our…
Fox News removed a false story based on a conspiracy theory about Seth Rich's murder -- 6 days after it was debunked
Kimberly Guilfoyle used to be married to Gavin Newsom. She is now on Fox News. The dog mauling that made her famous: https…
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In case you STILL watch Fox News, its a LIE that Trump is the First President to visit the wall. Its just ridiculous, this tim…
Jason, this has been the A block of every Fox News program since its weren't missing a thing!
Fox News and Daily Caller retract stories on Seth Rich/Wikileaks conspiracy
"Fox News retracts Seth Rich story — but will Sean Hannity stop promoting the conspiracy theory around his death?" by Jason Abbruzzese via …
NOW: Fox News retracts its conspiracy theory on the 2016 murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.
Fox News retracts story on murder investigation:
Fox News finally retracts its story on the Seth Rich investigation
Those intrepid Fox News reporters. They will leave no stone unturned in pursuit of misin…
Point the fingers at yourself-Monica Lewinsky Pens Op-Ed About Being Target of Ailes' Fox News via
Monica Lewinsky: The Fox News dream was my nightmare
I'm sorry you put yourself through this, but no, Fox News was not your nightmare. Bill Clinton was.
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