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Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Donation to Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state violated ethics agreement, report says | Fox News
CEO, & Partner, were on Fox News this evening. Click the link to watch it now!
Fox News is confused about net neutrality, knows it hates Obama
Listening to Shep Smith BS about llamas is the only time I have ever enjoyed Fox News.
I watched the whole thing on Fox News, Shep Smith HILARIOUS!
Shep Smith is laying a smackdown on CNN right now because Fox got the exclusive llama capture. Fox News, folks.
13 ways to stop drinking soda for good | Fox News - ... or you could just go cold turkey
ROFLMAO Shep Smith of Fox News reporting on the is hysterical. I think he found his calling.
This llama story is Shep Smith at his best. If you're not watch Fox News, you're missing out.
Fox News with the important updates you need to know
Jon Stewart is now using Vine to tackle Fox News.
This may be one of Jon Stewart's best tirades against Fox News:
IDLife's Logan Stout and Troy Aikman Address Nutrition and Vitamins on Fox News -
John Lott of CPRC writing in Fox News: Police are extremely Law-abiding, but concealed handgun permit holders are even more so
It's shameful. Bill O'Reilly has been caught in several lies and then threatens David Corn over it. Fox News stands with O'Reilly
For Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, a Symbiotic Relationship Bill O'Reilly is a big fat lying bully, acc. to this report.
This should surprise exactly no one. Catastrophe for NBC, spun into ratings boon for Fox News. http:/…
One Percent News is proud to introduce Molly Kristen Gretchen Kelly. We hired her away from Fox News!
Guns and the New York Times: Why shouldn't Americans be able to defend themselves? | Fox News | John Lott
Fox News columnist John Lott is giving expert testimony... Invited by Jaggi and Pipariinen.
Top story: Former Marine found guilty in 'American Sniper' trial | Fox News see more
Revised: A story about an oil-rich Muslim country trying to cancel Christmas FOR SOCCER and Fox News isn't even covering it.
It's like Fox News when they run segments like 'Is Obama the worst president?' Stop taking us for *** you already had your mind made up.
“America is awesome. . .this administration wants to show us how we’re not awesome.” Andrea Tantaros, Fox News (sic)
Shepard Smith is too objective to be on Fox News
If there's any waiting room programming worse than Fox News it has to be the 700 Club.
Tanker truck with 9K gallons of fuel crashes, catches fire in New Jersey - Fox News
first the Daily Mail, now i will hear no word against the good people at Fox News.
'Birdman' is night's big Academy Award winner - Fox News
American Sniper lost and the guy who won is talking abt *** rights. Everybody at Fox News just died
Can't wait to see Fox News be irate over Patrica Arquette, Common, and John Legend's speeches tomorrow.
"At the National Press Club, Attorney General Eric Holder blew up at Fox News for repeatedly questioning the...
We must not fear old white men: Here’s how we get past the John McCain/Fox News problem -
The difference between what's happening to Bill O'Reilly and Brian Williams is the difference between Fox News and NBC News
Oscars 2015: JK Simmons wins first big award for role in 'Whiplash' - Fox News
How original: Elayne Boosler wants to know why Fox News anchors don't get the Brian Williams treatment
This had to be a Fox News viewer poll.
Chuck Woolery watches one TV Channel..Fox News..and loves to spread hate against our Government and our country. He is so anti-American.
Al Shabaab calls for attack on Mall of America in new video - Fox News
Oklahoma to cut curriculum, exposed too many of the country’s flaws — like slavery and treatment of Native Americans. http…
FOX news is a scam.. The Gop is a scam.
Man found stabbed after truck crashes into pole Saturday in Mt Clemens - Fox 2 News Headlines
Watching news channels like Fox and CNN makes you more ignorant about the world, 82% of Fox News viewers have never heard …
Apple car reportedly ready for the road by 2020 - Fox News
This is abuse! ->Students opposed to LGBT agenda shamed in classroom | Fox News via
omg, you know you're victorious when they say "Fox News". Lame!
Finally some Fox news that i can believe!
Dueling Cameron's battle it out for title of "worst" actor or actress this year -->
Cameron's understanding of role of encryption resembles Fox News guy's understanding of Birmingh…
Rudy Giuliani tonight at 10 pm est. Tonight we remind you of Obama's radical statements and his radical friends. 44 minute…
Snow to Bury Rockies; Icy Mix Targets Texas | Fox News via Ice storms are the worst.
Fox News says sit boy. Have a good day and hope to hear from you at the end of your fiscal year.
Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz take home worst actress prizes at the Razzies.
then u don't have seen the lies of rudaw about Islam in dawla fox news is nothing compared to it
Liam Fox: It is time to arm Ukraine | via
Congress returns to work Monday with looming deadline to avoid Homeland … – Fox News
Here in Europe we point and laugh at Fox News and people who believe what they say.
And Fox News is so highly respected. ROFLMAO!
I have no doubt FOX NEWS and INTERNET OPPOSITION has got the Dems lusting for con…
Bill O'Reilly Furious : Fox News anchor denies claims he exaggerated his time reporting in ...
At least 31 dead after Bangladesh ferry with 100 passengers sinks
Jamie, congrats and awesome job covering media, Jennings and that Fox News goofball. Stay humble , stay credible.
If Fox News kicked a Conservative in the shin then blamed Obama,. the Con would believe it.
FOX NEWS ALERT: For the first time in 15 years, neither of the Busch brothers will be in the Daytona 500.
SIGN THE PETITION: Fox News should suspend Bill O'Reilly for his Falklands combat lies
You sound about as delusional as Fox "News".
Obama admin is tougher on Fox News than on Isis.
Jimmy can't be blamed. That FOX "News" on the dayroom TV has him all confused.
FOX NEWS ALERT: New terror video by al Qaeda linked group, al-Shabaab, calls for attacks on Western malls including the Mall…
They have to take care of uncle Sam, to protect both interests in the region,Fox News is always aggressive towards Islam.
from the fall of Rome to snow fall in Boston. It's Fox News fault.
Fox News is Apparently Very Annoyed that President Obama Keeps Taking Shots at the Network (Video)
Nothing's going to happen to O'Reilly. Fox News doesn't care that he lied about the Falklands - they pay him millions …
At Fox News, you don't get fired for lying you get a raise. If enough of us RT, tthis will change!. Bye Bill!
98% of Fox News viewers do not know that it is owned by Newcorp and that it serves the political agenda of the Newscorp empi…
Calls to legalise fox hunting on 10th anniversary of banning toffs talking to base htt…
If Fox News had any credibility, Bill O'Reilly would be fired.
Glen Campbell's Oscar nod for original song caps his career - Fox News
Mother Jones is the bottom rung of journalism he says, whilst working for Fox News...something pot kettle black so…
Stars dress down at relaxed Oscar rehearsals - Fox News
GOP governors in Maryland, Tennessee offer voluntary employee buyouts to ... - Fox News
Christian’s are fed up with Fox News or Pat Robertson and his 700 Club being the face of Christianity. |
Please, Fox News, don't reprimand Bill O'Reilly. To do so would imply Fox cares about facts and truth. Why start now?
Ask yourself this---why hasn't Fox News or big news media exposed OBAMA's 4-documented counts of high treason?
Richard Petty Ford Mustang goes on sale - Fox News -
Obama from is statement doesn't show any Love for the USA. Juan William of Fox News is a fanatic. Proove it Obama show us your Love for USA.
. Once again, Fox News proves itself to be a network of professional liars. And not even good ones...
Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly may have his own 'Brian Williams problem,' according to Mother Jones magazine
R.I.P Kentwood's Soccer Coach Travis may you be surfing in Heaven — watching Fox News
Police identify suspect in shooting of San Diego sports anchor Kyle Kraska - Fox News
Bill O'Reilly's angry attack on is so telling after he and Fox News hid from Mother Jones all day today:
Catherine Herridge is worth her weight in gold at Fox News.
Katherine Webb answers criticism of her bikini photo, Instagram insults - Fox News
It's a good day for this Fox News junkie Steve Doocy, Bill Hemmer and Bret Baier all replied to me today.
Fox News apologizes for four seperate incidents where they've spread false information about European Muslims.
After saying that President Obama does not love America, Rudy Giuliani ran to Fox News to explain himself:
Memorial held for Kayla Mueller in Arizona hometown - Fox News
Like the Koch brothers or Rush Limbaugh or Fox News, etc...etc.
Agreed I watch Fox News's RedEye, American Pickers, AX Men, Mythbusters & a few shows that aren't on right now & all NCIS's
Fox News, at worst, directed anger. Without it, he'd still get riled up somehow, and torch a local bar or road-rage a soccer mom.
today's topic of the day is 'security deposits in the Conch Republic' - you know this is better than whatever is on CNBC or Fox News
When did Don Imus return to TV? Listening to him right now chatting w/Fox News terrorism expert, Dr. Phares.
Mother knows best: Brazilian soccer club hires moms to stop violence between ... - Fox News -
Attorney General Eric Holder lashed out at Fox News, defending the Obama administration's reluctance to say...
needs to seriously examine radicalization by way of bill maher, Sam Harris, and Fox News.
A union buster, a Fox News producer, the media guru for Bachmann and Steve King. I thought Rand Paul was some kind of libertarian.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
70-year-old professor casually mentioned tripping on shrooms/acid in the same class that he mentioned listening to Don Imus/Fox News.
As if Rupert Murdoch weren't enough, we still have Fox News even when he dies.
This weekend could not have been fun for anyone responsible for cultivating the image of Rupert Murdoch or Fox News
Why hasn't Fox News mentioned anything about this? And why does Bill O'Reilly continually support Obama?.
Network that employs Brian Williams calls Fox News 'Fake News' . you cant make this styt up
Iraqi man suspected of bombing federal building in Ariz now faces separate ... - Fox News
5 worst right-wing moments of the week: Fox News goes ballistic after Obama says "Yolo" via
it's gonna be interesting it's like if Fox News and msnbc hosted a radio show
Did you get that from Fox News or hate radio?
Tina,Amy, and Jane had good anchor chemistry, though the Fox News joke fell flat given Brian Williams 'fake' news.
. First S N L , now Ron Kuby basically saying Fox News women are bimbos?? Talking on radio about Tantaros stop him
. Ron Kuby tearing up Fox News women on his radio show. don't let him get away with his downgrading of fox women
. Ron Kuby is telling radio audience that Fox News women are stupid/employed because there hot. Ragging on Tantaros
Fox News tries to make their version of The Daily Show and it never works. . But, compare political talk radio. Right owns it.
"Do you know any Muslims or do you know what Islam is?" "No, I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio."
Study: Global warming skeptics know more about climate science - Fox News
Chris Plante was on Fox News today discussing Josh Earnest, Jen Psaki and Brian Williams. If you missed it, we... htt…
Fox News: May trial set for Ohio ex-deputy charged in 3-decade-old slaying of former colleague: A judge has se...
The 'Fox News' of Canada shuts down: . &
"Brain Williams gets Suspended for lying ,Ok but Fox News has a proven liars on Payroll? -Ty Dgame.
Fox News of the north failed - Sun News of Canada shuts down!!! . Paris is suing Fox news for the flagrant lies...
"Brain Williams gets Suspended but Fox News has proven liars on Payroll? Lol -Ty Dgame
After running the wannabe-Fox News circus into the ground, SNN's clowns aiming to launch their own Drudge Report.
The Canadian version of Fox News has failed and gone off the air. Good riddance Sun News. journalistic integrity wins.
Fox News makes me laugh, while The Daily Show with Jon Stewart gives me accurate news.
"They don't even have a teleprompter at Fox News, it's just a man jangling his keys above the camera." John Oliver lolol
Ted Cruz a C+ really? He is an A+ all the way Fox News is starting to go the way of MSNBC thanks Carl Rove.
Fox News is becoming a cheerleader for anyone that POS Carl Rove wants to push on us
Customers furious after United refuses to honor discounted tickets made in error - Fox News:.
from Fox News: Obama's pen and phone and 2016
from Fox News: Obama's pen and paper and 2016
Shep Smith is reporting it now on Fox News
Fox News home page right now. I've highlighted their coverage of the murder of 3 Muslim Americans
Paris is suing Fox News for claiming it had no-go areas for non-Muslims. Should Birmingham...? http:…
This was a great day! We gained Fox 2 News attention for our Peace Rally and over 200 people came out…
Fox News spread hate against minorities in America.
Maybe if people were less tuned into garbage media aka; Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC we wouldn't live with false fears
Cockfighting, dog fighting, badger baiting, fox hunting. Some humans have not evolved sadly
Ex-Korean Air executive gets 1 year in prison over 'nut rage' - Fox News
Brian Williams might step down from NBC News because of his lies. Your move, entire Fox News staff.
As American Muslim's are killed in their own home, Fox News asks viewers "What do you think of Kim Kardashian's new haircu…
Hold Fox News responsible for these murders of innocent Students who lost their lives due 2 the hate spread by Fox News
Why is Gregg Jarret back on Fox News after a drunken brawl with a police? Why no comment from Fox News?
say Obama doesn't have a clear strategy to defeat ISIS. I've been telling you that for about a year! htt…
Pres Obama was right. Staples doesnt care about its workers. Fox news should criticize Staples.
Paris to sue Fox News over claims city is no-go zone for Muslims
Muslim plays the victim card again. Truth - murders had nothing to do with Islamaphobia. via
Fox News must be equally held responsible for these murders by white racist redneck pig. Fox News only spread hate.
wait a comedy based late night host didn't ask enough probing questions? Yeah, I get my liberal news from fox
Oga OBJ is one sly fox, an attention seeking one at that. He intends to sell his books by being in the news daily.
I realized fox news would call me a liberal hippy
If you see it on Yahoo, and The Ellen Show and you see it on Fox News, and you see it on the Today Show, and you...
.73% say Obama doesn’t have a clear strategy to defeat Do you agree?
Valentine's Day gifts from Busted boutique in Detroit - Fox 2 News Headlines
Three tickets confirmed as winners of $564M Powerball jackpot - Fox News: Fox NewsThree t...
I have never seen so many fox news posts by my uber liberal classmates until this week… what is happening…
.knew the Paris 'Muslim No Go Zones' story was a lie. But they kept repeating it. Now City of Paris is suing …
Stop hate radio Fox news,,, hate has no religion or color.
Paris passes vote to sue Fox News for coverage.
Friend of slain Muslim students rips GOP and Fox News: Stop dehumanizing Muslims -
Watch Filbert the Fox receive a badge live from 5.25pm this evening!
"Paris mayor gets green light to sue Fox over 'Muslim no-go zones'
So if Brian Williams is suspended for 6 months for lying, Fox News should be taken off the air for 500 years.
-- Fox News:. Parents of a Pennsylvania school district are outraged after middle school students were given word...
I was really disappointed with the new Star Wars trailer until I realized I'd just put on Fox News by mistake
how come no stories on Fox News about the debacle going on up here in Oregon with Gov Kitzhaber? Get behind this story
Fox News coverage of the is determined to push their agenda that racism doesn't exist.
His nickname is Treadmill: Brother of Sen. Harry Reid arrested, accused of punching Nevada state trooper | Fox News
Fox News, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and many in news media lie to the public on a daily basis. It isn't just Brian Williams
At what point does Fox News just hire Jonathan Karl? They love using sound from his myopic press corps tirades. Just get him on payroll.
Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show? I guess I'll never see Fox News again.
Murder charges reportedly filed against Jesse Matthew in Hannah Graham case - Fox News
Crazy .. New England braces for more snow after snowstorm sets new records - Fox News: Fox NewsNew Englan... wt f
from Fox News: Jesse Matthew charged with the murder of UVA student
Drew Peterson charged with trying to hire hitman to kill prosecutor - Fox News
Fox News host Bob Beckel just took another dig at China on-air, but I don't know what to make of this last line.
I find it interesting that the sites of Fox News affiliates run CNN Wires:
I guess Andrea Tantaros prefers to be dumb & uninformed. Fox News
Ex-Arkansas Gov & possible 2016 GOP candidate Mike Huckabee tells Fox News everything Pres Obama does is "against what Christians stand for"
Brian Williams should resign. Then he can get a gig at Fox News like Jayson Blair did.
Fox News acting surprised that celebrities (especially female celebrities) are tired of being treated like empty meat sacks on red carpet.
Fox News: Obamacare is killing jobs!. Real world: Health care sector had best month of job creation EVER in November . htt…
Kerry says US 'on the road' to defeating ISIS, amid claims terror group is spreading - Fox News
The only Dem who want Obama to say 'Radical Islam' is Rep Tulsi Gabbard She been all over Fox News saying it
As our Executive Director states, "we won't be intimidated in the fight for our elder pioneers." Fox News reports...
Bill Maher jokes that Brian Williams got job offer at Fox News because he lies so well. via
That's Fox News. The national enquirer of TV news.
-- Fox News:. What’s your bet on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker? This weekend, Bret Baier takes an in-depth look...
[ They may not remember but they do recall ] Pepperidge Farm recalls 46000 bagel packages | Fox News
if "talent" at Fox News and MSNBC took themselves off air for misrepresenting truths, there would be a lot of dead air.
Update your maps at Navteq
-- Fox News:. UPDATE: James Robertson, the dedicated employee who walks 21 miles to and from work each day, was...
. George Soros praising Megyn Kelly of Fox News on vaccine stand.
Next step Fox News: on his Zionist chums attempts to wreck and end free speech
Fox News beats that tired news network in ratings. By the time the big 3 show their mugs we know the news better than them.
Fox News posts Jordanian pilot execution video on website Did they post the video of James, Ste…
Jamie Colby is back on Fox News she is good looking friends she was gone for a while now she's back
Wait 'til Fox News catches wind of this.
Fox News and the Jordan pilot video
Till we run 'out of fuel and bullets': Jordan's king vows to crush ISIS | Fox News
Claim: Fox News is 'literally' 'ISIS's media arm' after posting video of Jordanian pilot's execution
Two Philly cops charged with brutality; video shows man being struck, beaten - Fox News...
ISIL video traffic draw for Fox News / promoting terrorism
So you know that white men are an endangered minority. But did you know they were endangered by Frozen? Fox News does
Fox News site embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot
Claim: Fox News is ‘literally’ ‘ISIS’s media arm’ after posting video of Jordanian pilot’s execution
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
BBC News - Fox News explains why it showed Jordan pilot video
It's ironic many of the folks labeling Brian Williams a "liar" do so after watching Fox News,a network based on using the BIg Lie principle.
BREAKING: NBC's Brian Williams made up a lie about his helicopter being shot down in Iraq. Fox News is now trying to hire him.
Professor reported killed in murder-suicide at University of South Carolina - Fox News: Fox NewsProfess...
I love how when an NBC or CBS etc anchor or journalist is caught doing wrong libs start attacking Fox News. *** 👶
Fox News website embeds unedited video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot FoxNews is working for ISIS.
One is a racist television network obsessed with skin color; the other is Fox News.
I don't get Fox News. How can someone sit an watch a nation wide news network that is so clearly one sided with their o…
Per Fox Health News: Infections most common cause of readmissions after surgery
In a survey of Fox News viewers 58% said they do not feel comfortable with their children playing with African American or L…
talks about Vivica claiming to be "Ghetto Fab" Celebrity Apprentice reunion will be live via
Via Fox news-- Tech Tips: Unlimited data plans may have restrictions on speed, off-network roaming
How financial stress can harm your health - Fox News
News Index of activity in service industries likely to hold steady in January
At least 19 dead after plane crashes into Taiwan river | Fox News
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Tune in this morning to Fox 8 News to see the The Speedbumps perform You can also stream it here online:...
Norway to cut climate pollution by 40 percent by 2030 (Fox Business): Share With Friends: | | Business - Mar...
On today with Neil Cavuto Fox News Ch discussing crazy idea of USDOJ intervention into transformi…
Shepard Smith describes video of murder of Jordanian pilot | Fox News Video
Christian bakers face government wrath for refusing to make cake for *** wedding | Fox News
Fox News is deeply concerned this morning about the fact that children in America are able to eat.
Apparently men are under attack from movies like Frozen, according to Fox News. They're really digging deep for a story.
"saying Fox News is nothing but lies was a new low,”.
Oliver Willis points out Jeb Bush relationship to Fox News, pwnage ensues
wow...who'd thunk FOX NEWS' MEGYN KELLEY would be walking around with a STRAP ON
Ironic that thinks tearing a fox to shreds with hounds is acceptable. htt…
Adorable fox and hound pairing are unlikely best friends
Great story by about wonderful Calabresella's deli. Hope he does Fox's and Jack's Fish sometime. via
Tillis: Restaurant workers shouldn't be forced to wash hands after bathroom breaks | Fox News
Tweeps, I mentioned I'd be on Fox thus morning. Due to breaking news the panel is postponed. See you on the radio at 1p!
Greta on Fox News is having Rand Paul on as a guest at 7 this evening.
FOX News's true power lies in its ability to entertain, fascinate, teach and absorb all in one sitting.
Ukraine president says he has no doubt US will send his forces weapons - Fox News
Benefits to trying bulletproof coffee - Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5
but truly nothing is funnier than when liberals watching post observations abt conservatives watching Fox news
news: ISIS killed the Jordanian pilot in the most gruesome ways
Hot Ford Focus RS hatchback ready to burn rubber to the USA - Fox News
The other night, I dreamed that I got to visit at Fox News;
Hollywood actress/former child star Lindsay Lohan to sue Fox News for defamation.
Hearing Fox news every morning is really starting to mess with my head.
Fox news actually said "we need more strong male figures in Hollywood. We should not raise up women at the expense of men."
Fox News (on in the gym) discussing how terrible it is that movies empower girls at boys' expense. Glad someone is covering this impt issue.
This is at is worst. FOX news overdrive . This is a disgrace to standard journalism
Fox News says it will defend itself against Lindsay Lohan suit
Happy 1 Year Anniversary on Thank you for hitting on Miss NY almost 2 yrs ago!. h…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Fox News Bends to the homosexual mafia!
Not one single comment on Osborne No Show on Vine . yesterday. Was it cold Feet. or. Cold Turkey . BBC Posh "Fox News"
Celebrity Apprentice: Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox have an EPIC fight over what else, butts!
Conservatives target professor for saying distorts your perceptions, calling ***
He's the President of the United States. Not a Fox News contributor who need take no responsibility for what they say.
Fox News is a cesspit of misinformation and racism. That being said, Shepard Smith did an admirable job speaking about an unspeakable act.
My mother keeps flipping back between the Hallmark channel and Fox News and I just want to bang my skull against the wall.
On Tuesday, Fox News host Shepherd Smith decided it was important for his audience to know exactly what kind of...
Fox News anchor tells caller w/bipolar disorder her illness was "made up by the mental health business"
Attention: Shepard Smith, Fox News: . ISIS hasn't "bastardized" Islam--ISIS is following the teachings of the Koran. http:/…
Harper lee's inevitable dragging of society is going to cause the whites to assemble like the racist avengers on Fox News
I hope Harper Lee goes on Fox News so Megyn Kelly can ask her all about black on black crime and the New Black Panther party
This is fun - the top five times a guest debunked Fox News
Charles Manson marriage license set to expire Thursday with no wedding ... - Fox News
Lindsay Lohan and mom sue Fox News for defamation
Dina and Lindsay Lohan are suing Fox News and…
Lindsay Lohan sues Fox News for defamation over cocaine comment.
check this out Lindsay Lohan and mother sue Fox News for saying they use cocaine together...
I did a segment tonight on Hannity on Fox News. I believe it airs at 10 PM. And boy did my Warren Sapp joke BOMB.
Iranian contest has cartoonists denying Holocaust – Fox News
Former "Clueless" actress on Fox News blames sexual violence on girls being "naughty"
Technology may be turning us into bigger tippers - Fox News via Tom Tolkien
no kidding...adults too| Heavy kids can have disease, too, study finds | Fox News
Tom Cruise will reportedly gain weight for next movie role - Fox News
Our lab's camera trap research of mammals of Red Butte Canyon is on Fox News. Video is at the bottom of the page:
some priests do to! Father Jonathan Morris in NYC enabling Fox News to spread their lies and hate with his blessing.
priest should follow that. Father Jonathan Morris in NYC spends more time on Fox News then in church
Obama sends Congress $4T budget replete with new spending, taxes - Fox News: Kansas…
Screw Unions! United Steelworkers Union tells members to go on strike at major refineries | Fox News
And the Boston Globe is so unbiased. Like the Patriot's very own Fox News.
Republicans Finally Admit There Is No Benghazi Scandal->Yet there are no consequences to the GOP/Fox News lies. None. ht…
A year after Winter Olympics, pro hockey team thriving in subtropical Sochi - Fox News
Clint Eastwood has a delusional Fox News problem--and once said he'd kill Michael Moore at an awards dinner
Juan Williams of Fox News may need some drugs to help him overcame his break with reality. Truth Revolt:
Fox News wasn't fair to Romney either but they loved Rick Perry and Bachmann.
Fox News criticizes college course about race offered at Arizona State University.
'No drone zone': FAA reminds Super Bowl fans to leave drones at home | Fox News
A longread by Chris L. Hayes RTI lost my dad to Fox News: "He thinks higher education destroys people"
News & Observer - NCDOT Secretary Tony Tata calls for Bowe Bergdahl court-martial on Fox News
Tony Tata goes on Sean Hannity's Fox News show to call for a court-martial of Bowe Bergdahl:
Former Fox News employee shot & killed himself in front of the Fox News headquarters in New York City! via
Former Fox News employee from Austin affiliate shot himself in front of Fox News headquarters in NYC via
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