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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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is anybody watching The mood at Fox News channel now looks like burial ground... sad
Trump TV will make Fox News look like Mother Jones (but with hotter babes)
Living across the street from Fox News during this election cycle has been really pleasant 🙃
Samantha Bee: Trump and his supporters didn’t come out of nowhere. They’re a product of Fox News. via
He's on with the Judge now Live on Fox News. WOW, you need to listen to this one about Hillary.
Would never happen with Trump!: Navy SEALs tell top House lawmaker they don't have enough combat rifles | Fox News | ht…
is the "Jewish guard who sold out to Hilter and eat his own. He lied on Fox News. Mark is a sad charactor.
Fox News stands by Bret Baier's key finding: that the FBI inv. of the Clinton fdn is open & active. The Post buries that in t…
Putin Surrogate Donald Trump and Fox News attempt to destroy democracy by undermining the democratic process with toxic r…
BREAKING: Hillary Clinton's polling lead over Donald Trump falls from 6% to 2% in latest Fox News poll
Colin Powell warned Clinton aide 'not to get me' into email scandal | Fox News -
Open mouth, insert Trump. - Today, on Fox News, Rudy Giuliani admitted the FBI leaked information to the Trump campaign day…
Jim Kallstorm, former head of the NY FBI office leaked the Clinton FBI story on Fox News saying he had a “gut feeling"
Media refutes baseless Fox News report on FBI Clinton Foundation "indictment" by via
▶ Fox News just apologized for falsely reporting that Hillary Clinton faces indictment https:…
Fox News' who first reported the debunked story about Clinton Foundation indictments, apologizes and retra…
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Scanning through this, sounds like Fox News has hired their 2nd Democratic strategist in 3 weeks. Fair and balanced.
Fox News apologizes for falsely reporting that Clinton faces indictment
Why is Fox News network not on my guide anymore?
Directv has scrambled channels Fox News is playng on fusion channel in South Carolina? Is it on purpose??
Journalists at Fox News are bracing for more change as the presidential campaign winds down
Direct TV what happened to the Fox News channel today 365 ?
Guliani on Fox News spewing ignorance, as is tradition
"It is being reported on local talk-radio stations in New York, that Fox News is looking to dump Megan Kelly and...
Talk radio/Fox News radicalized a large segment of the GOP base and they're now fact resistant voters like political superbugs.
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says in memoir that ex-CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her 🔓
BREAKING: FBI sources tell Fox News an indictment likely coming out of Hillary email investigation. The Clinton's time is…
It's leaking through JC! Fox News was talking about it and I bet others will soon. Great it's all com…
…not sure about the angst on Hannity, Fox News is a cartoon channel anyway...
oh it's 3:00 time to switch channel off of Fox News smith. Can't stand to watch him.
I've made it my personal duty to change the channel anytime someone leaves Fox News on in this office. Not on my watch. 😡
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It turns out my *** is an oil change waiting room with people talking election and Fox News channel on the TV
Fox News needs to get rid of Meghan!! Let her go to a liberal cable channel where she belongs
hey what happened to the Fox News channel this morning ? That's allows conspiracy theories when this occurs before election time
Perhaps you don't watch Fox News much or listen to Alan Combs & Juan Williams? Or haven't watched & heard Bill O'Re…
My dad on the phone with the dish guy: "Look man all I care about is the history channel, the military channel, and Fox News" 😂😂😂
Helping out with this conference room and we turn on a TV. What channel is it on? Fox News of course.
Fox News will be on the air LIVE for 67 hours straight covering the 2016 election. Here’s the hour-by-hour schedule:.
someone has hacked the news stations, everytime I try to watch Fox News, the channel gets changed to another channel
I'm watching Fox & friends on Fox News channel and they just reported on sharp objects being put in Halloween...
Direct TV, ONLY channel that is down is Fox News! Wth?
Hey and , what happened to and the Fox News channel this morning? Bring it back up now!
40 minutes on hold! Why is Fox News channel saying I need to subscribe? Never a problem in 5 years.
woke up this morning and no Fox News called my friend in Georgia and no Fox News! Where did this channel go?
I believe the Fox News channel is being attacked! Woke up this morning to no Fox News! Anyone else going through this!
Why did block the Fox News channel just prior to a story critical of Clinton?.
Fox News got hacked on directv. They have been airing this screen and Rude Tube since 6 am eastern!
Fox News channel showing Rude Tube. 342 was now showing Fox. Now both ch showing they are experiencing tech difficulties. Not avail!
woke up to find Fox News on 360 was Rude Tube and Fox was on 342. Someone is having their way with DT
Fox News channel not available? Another in its place this morning on Dir TV 360 normally Fox "Rude Tube". Ch 342 showing Fox News. Switched!
Fox News--Once in a blue moon--out of the mouth of Greg Gutfeld it comes out right.
Paul Ryan confirms to Fox News he voted for Trump:
Getting your business featured on Fox News and other media outlets has never been easier. Details are here
Fox News host Jeanine Pirro hates Clinton but is on her side regarding the FBI:
Fox News offers Megyn Kelly more than $20 million
Could be wrong but seems Chris Wallace from Fox News might be the only journalist with a spine this election season. htt…
was that Donald Trump Sarah Palin and Todd Palin Greta from Fox News.
Breaking Doug Schoen just announced on Fox News w Harris Faulkner that he is no longer supporting Hillary Clinton! https:…
New York Times editor: “Fox News at its heart is not a journalistic institution." Ya think?
Milo: "You can read the NY Times for a week or watch Fox News for a day and learn fewer true things than a video from Pau…
Rupert Murdoch slaps down Megyn Kelly as she demands $20m Fox News salary
Hezbollah ally set to become president of Lebanon - Fox News
Levin: Fox News 'Imploding'; Megyn Kelly 'Out of Control,' 'Auditioning' for a Bigger Forum - Breitbart: RID of HER
Fox News: Supreme Court to rule in Virginia transgender case Supreme Court…
Levin: Fox News 'Imploding' Megyn Kelly "out of control" Shep "sarcastic, snarky liberal"
How much audience is willing to lose for MK?. Nobody can stand her. Levin: Fox News 'Imploding' .
Fox News has changed since little Murdoch took over. Fox rating, only 2.5 stars, not as good as o'Reilly claims
Because it wasn't to court blacks. It's to court the 'independents.' . Cornell West can go on Fox News and criticize Obama to white voters.
You are articulate and respectful on whatever segment of Fox News you are on (the Five and as a Bill O' Reilly guest with Lis Weil)-- please replace that horrible (now horrible and biased) Meghan Kelly!
I believe Fox News is one of the best. Still most of talent is good. Includes Bret, Hume, O'Reilly, Hannity, Faulkner, Wallace.
Newt Gingrich just told Megan Kelly off real bad on Fox News. I enjoyed it! Vote .
I used to like Fox News - Megan Kelly sure changed that. Her "campaign" for women's rights and destroying Trump has do…
Megan Kelly needs to leave Fox News!! She's so biased it's pathetic! Yea Newt!
Newt Gingrich just ripped Megan Kelly a new one,live on Fox. She's destroying Fox News.
As Hannity and O’Reilly run amok, Fox News risks being associated with bigotry and misogyny
Keeping Megyn Kelly not only priority for Rupert Murdoch & Fox News. Bill O'Reilly contract up next December too.
If Megyn Kelly stays at Fox News, will there be room for her, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly? asks
Opinion: The mainstreaming of racism on Fox News by
Revolt at Fox News -- Megyn Kelly mops the floor with Newt Gingrich (video worth a look):
Tune into on Fox News where you can get hard hitting political analysis from Sheryl Crow.
Sheryl Crow wants to bloviate about America's election cycle. I want to turn off Fox News. We both win.
I actually switched from Fox News and watched Rachael Maddow out of spite tonight switched back for
. show on Fox News, "The Kelly File". Recently when challenged on this point by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich,
Fox News , Bring back Shawn Hannity,. 9pm-10pm est .
maybe he's never been a Republican like you Eric Erickson mitt Romney George Bush NRO Fox News
Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly on Fox News: 'You are fascinated with sex'
Newt Gingrich, Fox News' Megyn Kelly in wild clash over Trump accusers
Newt Gingrich lashes out at Fox News' Megyn Kelly: "You are fascinated with sex"
I just came in the door I flipped on Fox News and I see Megyn Kelly having a meltdown vs. Newt Gingrich she needs to be of…
Megyn Kelly - This woman needs to be removed from the Fox News lineup for good. BANNED BANNED BANNED
Newt Gingrich, Fox News' Megyn Kelly take off the gloves on live TV
Megyn Kelly is an embarrassment to Fox News why the *** did I turn this channel on
Clarke spends more time with his owners on Fox News than protecting his constituents in Milwaukee County
It's Fox News. That should tell you all you need to know about what parents didn't read the parental advisory.
Fox News 'said the New Black Panther Party decided the election for Barack Obama' -
The only difference between Tomi Lahren and Andrea Tantaros is that AT finagled an 800G gig at Fox News.
Why is on a mission to change the culture of Fox News.
Live on Fox News someone holds up a "Bill Clinton is a RAPIST" sign.
I've watched Fox News for years. But Shawn Hannity stumping for Trump has turned me to CNN.
Hil disrespecting Mayor Giuliani as not being honorable and his views on Fox News was the worst! Smith
Biggest myth of all is that Brit media/BBC is 'impartial'. Like saying Fox News is 'Fair and Balanced.' BBC has a pro-war/cl…
It'll be Breitbart on steriods, Fox News on meth. It has the potential to do such a huge amount of damage to our country
I would've watched the *** out of a Dale Gribble and family spin-off! Nancy gets called up to Fox News at the DC office.
Stephen Baldwin doesn't think Alec Baldwin's imitation of Donald Trump is funny - Fox News
Donna Brazile (head of DNC) confronts Project Veritas video on Fox News. She can't seem to tell the truth.…
I was so hoping U were going 2 ask if Monica was in the audience? Then say Monica Crowley from Fox News.
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Fox News says Donald Trump's proposals are like the Alien and Sedition Acts—they're right
Geraldo Rivera on Fox News supposedly a friend of Donald Trump. That is BS he talks more crap about Donald Trump then the Democrats.Friend-?
Maybe the high road is out there: a religous reflection on Fox News: One thing Christians must do in election season
One of the Trump sons just told Fox News that being president will be "a step down" for his father.
Fox News not letting off the hook for anything tonight. They are all over Jason Miller!
Half of y'all get your opinions from your parents or Cloyd Rivers... maybe from Fox News on a productive day.
Worst presidential debate that I have ever witnessed. Fox News should be ashamed of Chris Wallace!
Cancelled cable today and Fox News a big reason
The internals in the new Fox News poll are devastating for Donald Trump. . (typo fixed from previous post).
Chris Wallace’s debate role is a bright spot in a dark year for Fox News
what?? a *** man is the main guy on Fox News during the day? no no no, Fox News is only bigots and homophobes i...
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith has come out as *** In equally surprising news, grass has come out as green.
Shepard Smith comes out as *** says Roger Ailes was “like a father,” talks about the future of Fox News via
Fox News anchor is getting candid about his sexuality in a new interview with the Huffington Post,
Congratulations to Shepard Smith, the first Fox News anchor to come out as being *** via
Fox News reporter Shepard Smith finally comes out.
[Watch] Shepard Smith of Fox News comes out as *** : via
So, Shepard Smith, small town Southern boy, working for Fox News, officially comes out, and you still think being *** is a choice?
Need him on the Fox News line up. Instead of M. Kelly and/or Shepard Smith.
Fox News' Shepard Smith says Roger Ailes was never homophobic tow...
Fox News host Shepard Smith finally coming out as a *** man is about as surprising as Eddie Van Halen coming out as a guita…
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith says former boss Roger Ailes never treated him differently for being ***
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith publicly comes out
has Fox News morphed into TMZ? Haven't been watching.Must be new line up
welp, I didn't see this one coming. Fox News' Shep Smith comes out as ***
Now Trump is looking out for new business. A TV channel he wants to open with his sexual predator friend from Fox News
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith denied a 2014 report that Roger Ailes forced him to hide his sexual orientation:
Roger Ailes no longer runs Fox News. And Shepard Smith came out today. But those two things are not related, say...
Fox News: Man gets 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman's vehicle
Fox News host Shep Smith comes out as *** as he defends Roger Ailes
Conservatives no longer trust Fox News for “fair and balanced”. - The Political Insider
Get an insider's look at political and corporate consulting from a seasoned professional. Frequent guest on Fox News, CNN…
Long ago in the primary season, John Kasich estimated the value of free Fox News airtime to be over $2B.Far more now
Fox News going to their NEO CON war monger John Bolton. He's got a hard-on for war w/ Russia. Can we send him inside missile first?
5. Fox News is already a kind of alternative reality. Why not go full Truman Show. Create a fake White House for Trump.
Four dead, nine injured after driver plunges truck off San Diego bridge - Fox News
Emails reveal Clinton team's early plan for handling Bill sex scandals | Fox News
Opinion: What we've learned from WikiLeaks: Team Clinton treats reporters like butlers and maids - Fox News
Former 'Black Men for Bernie' leader now backing Trump - Fox News
To those who get their news from Television...even Fox News... You've made a huge mistake...If Clinton wins, America loses. Too late for all
Fox News is good except for Megan Kelly, Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams.
“Nothing could be further from the truth,” Pence said when asked by Fox News anchor Steve Doocy if Donald Trump’s campaign is “in cahoots”
when Trump wins the liberal mainstream media will fall. Fox News, Alex Jones, Breitbart will take the lead.
Corey Feldman drops American flag on ground during performance on 'Today' - Fox News
Lou Dobbs TONIGHT on Fox Business Channel now. (Far better than Brit Hume on Fox News - who is a 'Never Trumper').
Curt...Fox News and Fox Business Channel are not friends of conservatives. Be careful.
Willie Horton, McCain's "black child," Glenn Beck on Obama hating America, Fox News on the birth cert. I mean c'mon
Fox News should split into 2. Hannity/O'Reilly/Dobbs are on 1 channel, merged w/ RT. Fox Business gets Hume/Kelly.
Newt Gingrich on Fox News right now, course I'm Pacific Time
Trump camp calls on Clinton to fire aides over emails mocking Catholics - Fox News
Fox News anchors and correspondents are not journalists and they are entertainers who have no experience in investigative journalism or
I'm sitting here and watching Fox News (ya ya Do not wanna here it) and all the WikiLeaks that has came out so...
yes, Fox News just spent the last week insisting all (Bill Clinton) accusers must be believed--now it's gonna wage war on…
You really need to do research someplace other than Fox News .. or Breitbart .. or Drudge .. or Alex Jones or ..
Trump escalates war of words with Paul Ryan in bizarre Fox News interview -
Khloe Kardashian: Kim's 'not doing that well' after robbery - Fox News
Auditioning for a job with Fox News, obviously. Looks like he'd be a good fit for Rest Room Attendant or Steve Dooc…
There are a lot of folks at Fox News who bring a certain level of sophistication to their und
you did a wonderful job on Fox News! Great way to start your day listening to great music
Catch me on Red Eye tonight on Fox News. Episode will air 3AM ET/12AM PST Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue
Little Giant Ladders
*** Megyn Kelly took Jason Miller to the woodshed tonight. Amazed that conservatives watching Fox News aren't swayed by this at all.
FOX's Geraldo Rivera says he has 'embarrassing' video of Donald Trump
Amber Tamblyn says she was sexually assaulted by ex-boyfriend - Fox News
Omg, how did I miss brilliant take on that racist Fox News Chinatown segment, p.s. marry me Ronny. . https…
Fox News needs to know that if this is Hannity's response to sexual assault they may have another Ailes on their hands. http…
Giuliani: Trump Scored One of the 'Biggest Knockouts' Ever in a Presidential Debate | Fox News Insider
Disinformation from Russian govnt ONLY appeared on govnt controled news. Trump recited as fact. Where did he get it? ht…
more lame alt right, Fox News talking points.
ow fox news anchor, being interviewed by fox news saying there is a conspiracy against Trump. Surprise, surprise.
RYAN⏩SOROS PUPPET Trump, Ryan clash as House speaker vows not to campaign with nominee | Fox News
My advice to fellow Americans, turn the MSM off, including Fox News. Seek alternative news sources. And stick with Trump, he's…
yes, McKinnon is a career Democratic operative. Fox News is mainstream media.
Any chance of you quitting Fox and going to ant where but Fox? Stick to the news. Or get your own show. Richardhead
Watch Fox News coverage of the 2nd presidential debate.. Related Articles:
Looking forward to your coverage of the "focus group" controversy, as well as O'Reilly's news.
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FOX NEWS is not reality... They are hypocritical redneck universe
Time TO LOSE HE needs to go to FOX NEWS where he'll fit in. Just FREAKING ANN…
CNN really needs to change course and become a legitimate news agency. I scan CNN and then watch FOX to get the truth. You're tabloid
Megan Kellys (Fox News) ex said he needed a wife and so did Megan Kelly. Read it here.
This Cubs/Giants game could be the best pitching matchup all postseason & it’s on FS1. Meanwhile Fox has local news, TMZ, and Dish Nation on
Fox News Does the iPhone 7 have any competition now? BGR But now the Note 7 is out of the…
World Cup qualifying equation as Socceroos take on Japan - Fox Sports
my dad is watching Fox News and i am tired
Next on Fox News: Activist judge extends voter registration in Florida on flimsy grounds that people should be able to vot…
You're a disgrace to Fox News. Show some respect to the Trump/Pence campaign. You shouldn't be working against them!
’Never in a million years did I think I’d play kabaddi’
You need this book so you know why you shouldn't be using wikileaks!FOX News…
I think Trump is a hypnotist and we are just the ones he can't put under. Fox News is incredible.
Major props to Fox News for being the only network to have their debate countdown in milliseconds
Tried to convince Sara that since we're nearing the election we need to keep the TV on Fox News. She may or may not have called me an ***
Megan Kelly please quit fox news and go to cnn or cbs .
Most of them are hosted by biased news channels -- Fox News is like the only one that is pro-trump. lol
Fox News will not give up on Trump - owner Murdock and Donald are old locker mates!
Debate dredges up Clinton's defense of accused rapist, audio of her ‘laughing’ at case | Fox News
ur reasoning: Bill was bad so DT can talk about sexual assault and no one should mind. Ya went Fox News AM
Dozens of lawsuits accuse Trump of not paying his bills, reports claim | Fox News
Its cute watching "ex"Republicans refuse to own what 20 years of Fox News did to their party
Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly is about to expose an unprecedented American media conspiracy - at least 3 networks ordered to des…
Sean Hammity has his own issues, he hasn't adressed his sexual behavior on Fox News scandal
Fox News Poll: Trump gains in Iowa, still dominates in New Hampshire |
Just like I thought. . PSA clowns have made a threat for SPARTANBURG! "Cj" the clown has made a threat and it is on FOX news.
Trump delivered what is probably the most dishonest debate performance in history. . Fox News describes his performance as "…
Thus, history in total delegates by Fox News. In addition, the Clinton campaign ad in every step.” Obama won immense momentum
College student killed by alleged drunk driver while walking back to school: police
Some job news to report: After 19 years in the FOX family, I am happy to announce I have accepted the lead sports anchor…
The NYTimes and Washington Post told you the truth about Trump. Fox News and talk radio lied to you. You might keep that in…
You are the only one I watch with respect on Fox news thankyou for reporting correctly and fairly
I agree! I compare to Fox News for emphasis
Well, we know at least one was O'Reilly's. "Murdoch told Ailes he wanted Fox’s debate hammer Trump" https:/…
Don't trust everything you hear on CNN, Fox News, or any other political news source. . News is no longer news. . It's…
Army Corps holds off on resuming Dakota Access pipeline work - Fox News
Thank you to Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Alabama. This spot will air on Fox 6 News at 9:00 on one Wednesday in...
. Sean is about the only person on fox news worth listening to these days. I think
Only watch Hannity on Fox News. The rest are a disgrace.
but it was his best debate performance?? You guys are trash. Just move to Fox News already.
ABSOLUTELY unacceptable headline and coverage. So bad you should be on Fox News!!!
.needs to be on Fox News a.k.a. "Faux News" ASAP...or just taken off the air entirely.
Marvel's 'The Defenders' adds Sigourney Weaver as the villain - Fox News
Steve Doocy.. Who are you to judge DT and call for an apology. He apologized yesterday...I saw it on Fox News. Not good enuf?
Fox News blocked Andy Cohen! Wow! God forbid you stream other opinions outside your own. We love Andy!!!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Andy Cohen has been unblocked by Fox News. Social media is awesome.
Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known | Fox News
WHY HAS TRUMP NOT RESIGNED YET? The CEO of Fox News stepped down just for making comments about women. TRUMP BRAGGED ABOUT VIO…
Fox News: FOX NEWS PRIME TIME De Niro rips 'I'd like to punch him in the face'
Fox News is covering the bejeezus out of Hurricane Matthew right now.
*What's on the news right now*. CNN: Trump. MSNBC: Trump. BBC News: Trump. Fox News: Hurricane Matthew
Following the racist Fox News segment on Chinese Americans, we sent Jenny Yang to Beverly Hills to have some "gentle fun" with…
lol at Fox News not having the Trump debacle as their primary news
I am sure Murdock on phone to Fox News right now. I am sure Donald Trump called already. "get Megyn on"!
Fox News anchor criticized for dramatic hurricane warning
Fox News anchor criticized for dramatic hurricane warning - by Tara Flanigan
👏 The Daily Show's blasts Fox News reporter's racist Chinatown "report" in the best way 👏
The Daily Show needs to after Fox News more often because Jon Stewart would definitely be proud of this.
Fox News finds itself in hot water for a racist segment about China. Correspondent reports.
‘You and your children will die’ Fox News' Shepard Smith delivers morbid Hurricane Matthew warning…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Shepard Smith's poor choice of words on Fox News is not funny. He was clearly having a bad day and his level of professionalism dropped. 👎🏻
A Fox News host issued terrifying proclamations about Hurricane Matthew: 'You and everyone you know are...
Only thing missing from Shepard Smith, Fox News broadcast was dramatic music.
Keeping politics out of this, but Fox News is now interviewing someone named Krystal Ball about whether Hillary Clinton makes things up.
Fox News has a guest named "Krystal Ball" on this show talking about female body image right now. Can't make this stuff up. Krystal. Ball.
Nancy Brinker: The Navy just named a ship after Harvey Milk. I was so proud to be there | Fox News
Hurricane Matthew is the storm of the century! Listen to Eben Brown of Fox News on The Jeff Katz Show live from...
Eben Brown from Fox News is on the ground in South Florida as Hurricane Matthew is hitting. Here's his report on...
Asians furious at the stereotypes lobbed in a Fox News segment
Alternate Theory: Megyn Kelly is trying to re-brand herself as a credible journalist before leaving Fox News for a real news…
Shephard Smith, and Bill Hemmer. All of these folks at Fox News are shills for Hillary…
Two of Fox News' prime-time stars are openly sparring over Trump, Clinton via | Getty…
Trump causes split between Fox hosts - Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity, who have back-to-back shows on Fox News, h...
'Donald Trump only goes on Hannity': Megyn Kelly clashes with Fox News colleague
Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers dumps NBA fiancé Jeff Withey - Fox News
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I liked a video from Elon Musk talks to Fox News about Tesla producing lots of cars by 2020
ICYMI: This might be the most ridiculously racist Fox News segment of all time
What the *** is going with this insanely racist Fox News segment about Chinatown?
Fox News ran a blatantly racist Jesse Watters segment mocking Asian-Americans, just another of many offensive segments over the y…
"They are such a polite people." Presenting to you Fox News, Jesse Watters, and O'Reilly.
ICYMI, here is that ridiculously racist video of Fox News making fun of Asian-Americans:
FOX STANDS 4 RACISM Fox News' thinks his deeply racist video against Asians/ just "light" humor
Fox News not commenting on Jesse Watters' controversial Chinatown segment
Fox News' Jesse Watters thinks his deeply racist video against Asians is just "light" humor htt…
Somehow not shocked that anti-Asian racism is a-OK with Jesse Watters and Fox News.
Hot Air reports that Fox News host Sean Hannity used his nationally syndicated radio show to launch a verbal...
Inbox: Assemblyman Ron Kim, Rep. Grace Meng, etc will protest the segment in front of Fox News offices tomorrow.
Opinion: Remember American Opportunity: Ronald Reagan's alma mater Eureka College has a challenge for you - Fox News h…
Asian American Journalists Association response to Fox News. This. It's why we work to save historical…
How did the VP candidates tackle military questions?: Fox News contributors Pete Hegseth and Scott Brown……
Fox News reporting WH talking Points to protect Stock Market from tanking before election.
Fox News setup in Spin Alley with Shepherd Smith students reporting in the VP debate.…
Of course it would, it would be an occupy wall st type movement and Fox News would side with them if he were conservative
because Fox News is the model of true reporting! "Mitt Romney will win this election!"
Fox News Martha Maccallum needs to brush-up on her reporter skills--influenced by Megyn Kelly, the hobgoblin of Fox News.
It spread beyond Infowars though, it started there, then even Fox News was reporting it. You know how these things…
Paul Millikan chalks for Fox News reporting on Chalktoberfest!! Have you bought your beer tickets?
Fox News where is reporting on Bills son? Travel gate? No one gives a *** about these taxes, do some real reporting for once!!
Fox News taking a dive Too? Whole lot of breaking news fox not reporting on
Lmao but was it really that crucial that Fox News is reporting it🙄🙄
or the NYT may just be reporting on the actions of and much to Fox News chagrin he is taking himself down.
Fox News host says NYT is trying to "take down Trump." NYT's No, "we are doing our jobs" by reporting h…
. Sick of the False Reporting from Fox News and Your colleagues! . HELP! REPORT THE TRUTH!…
yes, Fox News had to put their spin on it of course. But it's one if only places reporting this.
maybe sports reporting would make you more honest Brit? That includes Fox News!
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Fox News is against Trump. Only Hannity, Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs are pro-Trump. The rest are anti-Trump GOP establishment.
I only watch Fox News now for Hannity,Lou Dobbs and Varney the rest I tune out! Fox News better shape up or no one will wat…
All-white Fox News panel: birtherism isn’t about race. Political science: yes, it is. via
Just saw this wonderful Fox News article about I'm Not Ashamed being blocked on you tube. Producer Nise Davis...
This brings up a valid point to think about. Tom Kean: President Obama was Right About Vetoing 9/11 Bill - Fox News
He's just trying to use it, same way that Glenn Beck used the Tea Party to get himself a show on Fox News.
You never know who you may see in the Fox News greenroom. Great running into Ben Stein.
HuffPostWomen: “You know you’re going too far when the Fox News staff is cringing at your treatment of women.”
Vigrx Plus | Jessie James Decker explains why she and husband Eric Decker schedule sex - Fox News: Fox NewsJe...
Police question tenant in New York City house explosion that killed firefighter - Fox News
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