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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Eric Trump tells Fox News his sister Ivanka would be their father’s ideal running-mate: “She’s got the beautiful lo…
“Little ape should go to college in Africa”: Rampant racism forces Fox News to block comments on Malia Obama article
Not -- Mitch McConnell told Fox News that the NRA must approve of the next Supreme Court justice.
Fox News, CNN, the Republican Party, and DNC leadership are all imploding.This is the beginning of the revolution.
Miss America lawsuit claims harassment at Fox News was "pervasive." .
Fox News didn't air the press conference on Alton Sterling's death
So we know how Kelly got & kept her job!! Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sues Roger Ailes for sexual harassment
"Man hater"! First Kelly, then Carlson. Amazing how many radical man-haters have infiltrated Fox News
Gretchen Carlson sues Fox News boss for sexual harassment after being fired
The ex-Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson sued Roger Ailes, saying she was fired after refusing his sexual advances
Ex-Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sues network chief Roger Ailes, says she was fired for refusing sexual advances.
ONLY NINE? - John Fund: Nine big questions for FBI Director Comey about Hillary's emails | Fox News |
Kaley Cuoco sorry for snap of dogs sitting on American flag - Fox News
CEI Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner talks with Fox News "Big Story" host John Gibson about his new book,…
San Diego police looking for person of interest in string of homeless murders - Fox News
Mega Millions jackpot climbs to 7th-highest in US history | Fox News |
VP vetting? Trump announces he'll meet with Sen. Joni Ernst - Fox News
Officials believe blast that injured man in NY's Central Park was an 'experiment' | Fox News | We wo…
State Department seeks 27-month delay for release of Clinton Foundation emails | Fox News |
Don't worry CNN you don't need to twist or avoid this story-no ones watching . Fox News | https…
Oh ya Fox News..stand up for the gold digging Erin Andrews. Glad she blocked me.
"Debby Ryan won't go to jail for DUI - Fox News"
Watch/listen to CNN, BBC, Fox News etc, they simplify English. Watch/listen to a Nigerian News Channel, they complicate English.
Florida governor declares state of emergency over 'guacamole-thick' algae | Fox News |
Thanks to Youtube chnl="Fox News" for title="(Lord) Conrad Black on news coverage of Brexit, ." (25.6.2016) [4m13s].
Gregg Jarrett: Oh, what a tangled web Pagliano wove... for Hillary | Fox News |
Listening too this fool on Fox News what a delusional *** a true dangerous mind
Yes, that wasn't Fox News, right-wing talk radio, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, or Donald Trump. /s
If the Benghazi committee had anything, Trey Gowdy would have leaked it to Fox News months ago. Please proceed, Governor.
Thanks Steve!!. Scott A Johnston: As seen on Fox News. Bill Applegate: ...and endorsed by Hillary Clinton, who...
Nigel Farage on Fox News last night: 'Putin Behaved Like More of a Statesman Than Obama'
Delta passengers say Tim Tebow, crew helped man in medical emergency | Fox News |
Fox host doesn’t understand Jesse Williams’ BET speech because white people like rap: Fox News host Eric Boll...
Eboni Williams: When the First Amendment and terror collide | Fox News |
Ya think Hussain Obama lets his kids watch Fox News to see the truth about his actions. Or cause they live with him the know the truth
People from Fox News are staying at the hotel tonight 😂 I'm guessing because Trump will be in town tomorrow? 🤔
Man featured in Elizabeth Warren's anti-Trump ad voted for Trump |Fox News.
The Latest: New York to erect monument for Orlando victims - Fox News
gains ground over in two new national polls | Fox News |
Campaign ads will be run on Fox News this upcoming week.
BSNEWS Clinton gains ground over Trump in two new national polls | Fox News |
So I hear you're in the business of hiring thugs now? Congrats on being the new Fox News.
Michael Coren on Fox News speaks out on in By Danial Kaysi of Yale
Steve Forbes: Our (deregulated) are an miracle. Let's learn from them | Fox News
that or Fox News should have done better research.:)
Opinion: Steve Forbes: Our (deregulated) railroads are an economic miracle. Let's learn from them - Fox News
Little Giant Ladders
Other than Fox News the bias Lib media is unwilling 2 show anything negatively damaging 2 a Clinton.🐴
Can you support that assertion? This isn't Fox News or The Weekly Standard.
24hr Church of Scientology channel will be as "unbiased" as Fox News is "fair & balanced"
When I start laughing at the ridiculousness of the "news" I know I've accidentally turned the channel to Fox News
There is absolutely no reason for Fox News say if you don't like Shepard Smith turn the channel. It's done
Politifact rates Fox News as most untrustworthy cable news channel via
did I say that I like Fox News? Fox News channel for RINOs not me. I like Brit Hume though.
Unintentional comedy channel Fox News has just announced that Britain has voted to "leave the UN."
Breaking news, the U.K. is now leaving the United Nations - this comes from Fox News, so it's unlikely to be wrong htt…
Oops: According to Fox News, the UK is Brexiting the United Nations.
"Fox News reported the UK has left the United Nations instead of lol Fox fail -
Fox News is nothing more than a propaganda machine for extreme right posing as a news channel. Fair and Balanced my ***
Fox News maintain their usual standards of journalism...
Whenever I go to my grandparents house for lunch they're always either watching Fox News or the country western music video channel🙄
Fox News reporting the UK has voted to leave the "UN"
Wow. I just accidentally changed the channel to Fox News. That's some scary analysis of brexit 😳
Steve Harrigan: "Fox News can confirm [Noor Salman] did know her husband was planning to carry out a brutal attack."
in all this turmoil, Fox News still manages to raise a smile.
Clinton failed to hand over key email to State Department | Fox News |
You see. You should have listened to William Devane in all those gold commercials on Fox News.
I had a lovely evening supporting my girl Shannon Kelly & Kimberly Guilfoyle. Thank you 25A Magazine for hosting us. . Fox News.
Obama's Legacy: Marine Corps forced to pull warbirds out of 'boneyard' after new fleet delay | Fox News |
State Department was forced to disable security features to receive messages from Clinton email server | Fox News |
But will they ignore demands by the owner of Fox News: Muslim Prince Alwaleed?
Will they ignore demands from Fox News owner:Muslim Prince Alwaleed?
Breaking News: Marco Rubio will run for re-election in the Senate, Fox News confirms.
Boeing signs sales agreement with Iran =TRAITORS= | Fox News |
Gutfeld: Orlando’s doom. The most depressing article you will ever share. Share it anyway | Fox News |
"You won't listen to ME? Well check out this meme of what Boot Scootin Boogie singer Ronnie Dunn said on Fox News!" - Ashley…
Oregon man charged with groping unaccompanied minor on American Airlines flight - Fox News
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Why does Fox News keep the *** lying biased Meagan Kelly on the air?
Singer on Mexican 'The Voice' dies in Chicago after shooting | Fox News |
Skip Bayless and Stephen A are like the Fox News of ESPN
Just been sat opposite Trevor McDonald on the tube listening to him talk about Brexit, Trump, Fox News and US gun laws. Exciting times
Referendum gamble will define legacy of UK's David Cameron - Fox News
Steven F. Hayes, writer for Weekly Standard and Fox News contributor was on no fly list
Fox News tells lies and doesn't care! O'Reilly for example! Chris Matthews calls lies out! MSNBC=Truth,Fox=lies so yea I do
"The Progressive Agenda" you heard it here on Fox News - Conservatives literally admit to not trying to make any progress
Hi Eric, a fan and like you comments on Fox News shows.Dn't know why Fox always invites losers Juan Williams or Kirsten Powers.
Judge Napolitano: Why I will always defend the Second Amendment and the right to self-defense | Fox News |
The enemy is radical Islam, not the National Rifle Association | Fox News |
The conservative entertainment complex — from Fox News and the Drudge Report, which likened gun control to Nazi...
Fox News has some very good in house folks to represent liberals and mainstream Dems, for ex Kirsten Powers. So why Richard Fowler?
Proud to appear on hour 2 of the Cowboy Logic radio show with fmr Fox News anchor Donna Fiducia & Don Neuen ...
I find it hard to believe that Fox News considers Juan Williams & Kirsten Powers as serious contributors!
domain names
Devious Maids, The Mindy Project, Pokémon, Fox know all of the girly shows :)
No, America isn't into being a racist: Trump drops 11% with independents in latest Fox News poll.
cut Howard Kurtz some slack, he works for the Trump Network aka Fox News.
Fox News Poll: Majority thinks Clinton is lying about emails | Fox News |
Fox News Poll: Trump gains in Iowa, still dominates in New Hampshire | Fox News |
Clinton trails Trump in Fox News latest poll oh, and they want her to debate Sanders again
Fox News' Keith Ablow: "Don't hate Donald Trump. Here's why it's time for a narcissistic president."
I'm changing all the TVs in this hospital from Fox News to the Longhorn Network. It's like cognitive antibiotics.
Meet the Fox News anchor who really IS a former Victoria's Secret star... Kimberly Guilfoyle's mod... via
Drunk and crazy Reid accuses GOP senator of 'praying' for Obama's death | Fox News |
except for Charles Payne and Harris Faulkner you'd be right calling Fox News and Fox Biz white world media.
Dan Hannan MEP rubbishes the NHS on Fox News via Leadding campaigner def
You actually go on Fox News & spin this nonsense that the Republican Party has been united a month. You live in Bambyland
Add in ads for Cristy Lane albums and you've got the Fox News commercial lineup
Um, no thx! THIS is funny -- defectors ask Western governments for help returning home Fox News htt…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
1. Name call,Read the National Inquire for research (best in the world),Make sure Fox News ppl are paid,Renew mail-brides subscription
Theresa Santoro joins her sister on the set of Fox News & things heat up
"A very big threat to our culture": this is a Fox News doctor talking about a transgender teen
BREAKING: Fox News projects that has won the Republican primary
Joe Kernen. What a joke. Might as well watch Megyn Kelly and Fox News.
i.e. they can say that Michele Bachmann, Fox News, Palin, Jeff Sessions, et al are somehow Good and Fair and Smart, but Trump is horrifying.
Sharon Osbourne is 'still disgusted' by Ozzy | Fox News |
Grant Enfinger wins ARCA race at Pocono - Fox News
Check out my latest News Bit that I uploaded yesterday. Only slightly less credible than Fox News:
HEY FLORIDA! VOTE TIM CANOVA! at 3:30. Tim Canova appears on Fox News for a DWS battle http…
Fox News already has too many 'Pro Trump" Reps. Why I watch and to balance my fairness.
Fox News showing video of Trump supporter being attacked in San Jose...shocking!!! Why did the police standby and just watch? *** !!
CEI Senior Fellow Christopher C. Horner on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" talking about his new book, …
Michelle Fields FIRED from Fox News via Thanks for nasty response
Kinda sad when an analyst goes up on Fox News to defend the people attacking trump supporters and says "it's okay to burn The American flag"
Watch: Fox News's Megyn Kelly unleashes on Trump for his racist attacks on a federal judge via
Watch this fireball light up Arizona's night sky | Fox News |
actually liberals read more than conservatives. R's sit @ home & watch Fox News while liberals go out exp world
Fort Carson soldiers evacuated from Colorado peak by helicopter - Fox News
acting like Sarah Palin, maybe he'll have a segment on Fox News after election
Can u not have a show without Fox News or Paula Faris, deteriorating before our eyes! Classy Sara Haines & Lala save the morning!
'The Rebellion Begins' Sunday on Fox News @ 8p ET as Legends & Lies: The Patriots kicks off.
Of course girls get better grades, they are very submissive, Fox News lol it makes sense, even tho education is a joke, the world is oval
People still believe water boarding worked on KSM; even Fox News says no
Hillary calls Donald "thin skinned." Who's calling the kettle black? Hillary wouldn't even do press conferences or Fox News - she's afraid.
Sad...Everyone has to play the game, even - Says he'll vote for - Fox News
For the life of me I can't understand why Fox News would have Charlie gasparino on he don't know he should be on NBC or CNN that's his speed
Poll: 71 percent of Dems think Clinton should keep running even if indicted | Fox News |
Fox News brought up the criminal record of the father of the boy who fell into the gorilla pit & he wasn't even at the zoo…
.told Fox News that he hopes that the golfers have “kidnapping insurance”
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Feds investigating real estate firm with ties to Senator Bob Corker | Fox News |
On elliptical at club, my choice of diversion is Fox News, CNN, Gunsmoke reruns or Real Housewives of every f'n city. I choose death.
Eric Bolling of Fox News said the media is treating Donald Trump badly,and only him Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity are true professionals..
2 die in capsizing at Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park - Fox News
just heard a mister smith goes to Washington reference on Fox News lol
No Hun. I don't appreciate the tired deflection. What do you even know about the Chicago situation beyond what Fox News have
How about this article, not Fox News honey
White people love this tired Chicago deflection 😂🙄 Where did you get this...from Fox News??
ABC News: Katie Couric deceptively edits. CBS News: "fake but accurate". NBC News: Brian Williams. Tell me more how Fox News i…
*** at Fox News calling him a Chicago cop. Worked for Bolingbrook
FBI agent&gun stolen from car in San Francisco - Fox News
It looks like Fox News trying to reinvent Megan Kelly's image won't work we know what a treacherous snake she
GOP convention no-shows threaten to undercut Trump unity push | Fox News | They don't matter only the…
Anyone wanting to actually see the real Chicago instead of the Fox News version is welcome for a visit. Don't worry. I'll protect you.
"There is nothing actually legitimate about Fox News (or MSNBC for that matter) and young people know this. They...
Saw u on Fox News on 5/28 & your "Justice" Flashback OPINION from March 5th was spot on! You are AWESOME...keep it going!!!
liberal MSM??? So I'll wait for your link to Fox News post this weekend on Chicago murders.
If you take Fox News serious you're a racist. Idc this isn't up for discussion
Guys it will be hard to take you seriously until you go HD. Mika would look like a Fox News gal. Fantastic
CNN is okay but Fox News now that's an amusing comedy to show to watch at times.
a lady told me one day in St. Joe "How can you educate America without Fox News?"
WATCH: Fox News host blasts Dem on Clinton emails: "I expect more from you"
Militants blow up Shell, Agip pipelines in Nigeria | Fox News |
Children fight to live after lightning hits 11 in Paris park - Fox News
Heidi Montag on plastic surgery obsession: 'I became consumed by this character I was playing' | Fox News |
California kidnapping suspect killed in shootout with police, teen still missing - Fox News: abduction - Go…
Just found out Wayne Rogers regularly featured on Fox News & Fred Williamson supports Trump. Sigh.
Family of Kate Steinle files lawsuit over deadly shooting on San Francisco pier (Fox News)
passing on the hearsay of others is a Fox News-style cop out to deliver opinion disguised as fact.
Finger wagger Ex Gov Jan Brewer, whining on Fox News right now, whining that voters shouldn't vote for Hillary...
Army retains decorated Green Beret it planned to kick out over confronting Afghan child rapist | Fox News | God YES
Turkey upset over images of US soldiers with Kurdish symbols - Fox News: The Times of IsraelTurkey upset over...
China to replace treacherous 2625-foot ladder to school with stairs - Fox News: Fox NewsChina to replace trea...
We were fortunate to be given on our way back from It was awesome! I disagree with Fox News (as usual)
Mike Bost is out of touch with reality on many issues. If I need to know his opinion I just check with his bosses at Fox News
Fox News just told everybody that isn’t worth it. That is FANTASTIC news for those of us that already have it.
Aaron, I love you, but I'm not trying to end up on Fox News pulling your *** out of the middle of a riot 😂😂😂
Fox News: Artificial intelligence and voice-based computing are likely two of the main components of the smar...
Every day, Fox News tries to give Caesar Flickerman a run for his money.
ABC, CBS, Fox News Express Interest in Trump-Sanders Debate: ABC, CBS and Fox News have exp...
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Sunken American WWII torpedo bomber discovered in Pacific (Fox News)
I've turned to Fox Business Channel since Fox News lost its way with Megan Kelly. CNN & MSNBC are still left wing. Lou Dobbs is the best.
Which bugsprays work best against I discussed this morning on Fox News this morning with Maria Bartiromo.
Fox News video chances she will be indicted
Jozy Altidore making sure Haitians will get to watch Copa America Centenario | Fox News
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Foyt still having fun as popular figure at Indianapolis 500 - Fox News
how bout stats on how bias ESPN coverage is? It's like the sports version of Fox News
Waiting to back Trump gets Ryan nowhere says 'Pundit' Chris Stirewalt who is Supposed to Be Smart | Fox News |
I very rarely ever see anything besides Fox News on the tv at my grandpa's house
Giggs' dilemma: Fly solo or keep waiting at Man United? - Fox News: Fox NewsGiggs' dilemma: Fly solo or...
Fox News. Members of the U.S. Army 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) escorted veterans of the Korean War...
He has no respect for the truth. . Fox News doesn't care. . Conservatives look to Fox to frame the issues.
Freddie Gray's family attorney telling Fox News their approach to black people is racist 👏👏👏
Drunk man jumps into lion exhibit looking for a handshake -- and a fight | Fox News |
Memorial Day crosses honoring fallen soldiers removed from public property after complaint | Fox News |
Clinton camp says no to Fox News debate because HRC's "time is best spent campaigning and meeting directly with voters acro…
and you know who also embraced them? Fox News and talk radio for the most part
HE REALLY DIDN'T SAY THAT DID HE? VA secretary: Disney doesn't measure wait times, so why should VA? | Fox News | https…
NO DEBATE: Sanders slams Clinton after frontrunner turns down Fox News' proposed Calif. confrontation
Every time I turn on my parents television in the mornings, it's always on Fox News and my heart breaks a little bit.
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He created Hate radio, got his money, got out. Hate is fashionable in America again We have Rush (and Fox News) to thank for that.
Attorney for Freddie Gray's family: Fox News' 'approach to the black community is racist'
Just watch Fox News or listen to talk radio sometime to find out.
BOB BECKEL is on CNN right now; he was FIRED from Fox News. He STILL talks like he has marbles in his mouth and doesn't make any sense.
Fox News is such trash. Break room has it on the radio all day..
Fox News radio just reported a not guilty verdict in the
Fox News: players union to appeal Brady 'Deflategate' ruling
Our boycott of on Fox News worked, especially her special. Read Vote for
That play Arya was watching was their version of Fox News
What signs would that be Fox News? Tea leaves, or shock horror, guilt by association being Muslim?
Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known | Fox News |
Turn off Fox News & right wing radio. It's shrinking your brain.
is just feeding into the paranoia Fox News and Hate radio created.
Hatred, fear & suspicision bred and nourished by GOP, Fox News, RW talk radio, etc. poisoned the country. It's terminal if Trump is elected.
Ann Coulter vs. Megyn Kelly on Fox News : "Anyone Who is Not White" via
This explains my mom. 'Brainwashing of My Dad' looks at talk radio and Fox News' effect - LA Times
In one day, Fox News offered 15 different excuses for Trump’s disgusting treatment of women http…
Fox News. The 2nd place network that doesn't know the difference between Armed Forces Day and Veteran's Day.
The Koch brothers may have paid for some buses, but Fox News and talk radio filled them with bodies.
Officials: Armed man shot by Secret Service near White House - Fox News
Surprise, surprise, Obama's new overtime rule was never intended to raise your wages - Fox News
Fox News has just gotten too repetitive for me. Same stories, different legs, all day long.
Fox News will run a Changing Places Story in America. How about the BBC News, ITV News, Good Morning Britain,... http…
Fox News poll shows Trump leading Hillary. The poll has a margin of error of 92% and only includes Republicans attending a…
Chicken Littling for his A block over that Fox News poll - in *May* was far more irritating. And stupid.
Donald Trump resurrects accusations of rape against Bill Clinton on Fox News
Sanders accepts Fox News invitation to debate Clinton in CA:
HS principals group: Transgender students are not 'those' kids. They're 'our' kids - Fox News
Fred Worfe commented on Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says feminists should not report on Donald Trump | Americas | Ne
Joining Vipp of Fox News radio to discuss "Is there a such thing as a Black Republican." . . Live from 2pm-3pm ET
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. Fox News interview, That's like being a guest on Celebrity Apprentice.
Fox News and hoist the white flag of surrender.
Archive: Fox News fed on years of "sick, extreme" Trump fixations. Megyn Kelly is just the latest.
Is Venezuela on the verge of collapse?: Fox News contributor Richard Grenell and Maverick PAC National Co-Cha...
Fox News makes me hate older white conservatives
.This is covering what happened in Nevada like how Fox News covered Occupy Wall Street. Setting the bar real high there, NYT.
Beware of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio, leaders of the Democratic Liars Club | Fox News
A caller asks which Fox News counterparts came to her defense in the midst of Trump’s attacks
He's living out every Fox News viewer's dream, except getting to be part of a mesothelioma class action suit.
The Sean Hannity show kicks off after Fox News at 2 on WBHP. coming up...SEAN’S TOP STORIES: The Old Grey Lady...
Vets hit VA with federal lawsuit over Camp Lejeune water poisoning | Fox News |
tip-off led to arrest, new documentary claims | Fox News |
CIA tip-off led to Nelson Mandela's arrest, new documentary claims - Fox News
Veterans in Chicago being ‘muscled’ | Fox News | How much land do you need for a mobile home & drug rehab center?
Fox News asks Ben Carson a tough question: ‘As a Christian are you comfortable’ with Trump’s mistreatment of women?   10% Off
More than 60 killed by lightning in Bangladesh in two days | Fox News |
Couldn't say it better...much like the noise from Fox News for years
let me see what Fox News has to say about this? Brb
You actually see liberals checking 'Fox News,' if only to know what the con...
but there algorithm is built to show you things you already like i.e. Sports, Fox News, movies etc.
'Wiped Out': Air Force losing pilots and planes to cuts, scrounging for spare parts | Fox News |
Watch this Fox News host try not to drool over “one of the biggest stars ever” — Trump supporter John Ratzenberger
I have not forgotten him calling POTUS an "Uncle Tom" on Fox News in 2008 - F**k Ralph!
Fox News: Ray Kelly: “I think the fact that crime has gone down significantly in the last two decades…
PDS alum and Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson '67 tonight on Greta Van Susteren - Fox News - National...
Did ... Fox News ... really just talk about a War on Bald Eagles?
Mizzou hunger strike protester dumped by talent agency after disturbing videos surface | Fox News |
Billy Corgan is your uncle who used to be cool but now always wants to talk about what he saw on Fox News this morning.
I'll miss this place!. LA Sports Arena, former home to Lakers & Clippers, closing after 57 years | Fox News |
Murder of 2 missionaries in Jamaica leaves charity, US churches looking for answers | Fox News |
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
...but then you support a clown who requests that Fox News don't ask him 'Anything too hard'
is to funny for Fox News. Go work for
Hmm, Fox News' Greta Van Susteren nailed it.. Politicians need to work for more than themselves...
research consists of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh lol
Andrea Tantaros mysteriously vanishes from Fox News - Hot Air
This was posted by Judge Napolitano of Fox News.
Computer error blamed after white nationalist named on Trump delegate list | Fox News |
Fox News tries to make Benghazi an election issue, ignores multiple independent reports:
Sickening. Can't wait to see how Fox News says this is OK. Also, why do the media refer to him as "neighborhood watch captain"?
With no word from Fox News on Andrea Tantaros, anxious fans take matters into own hands -
TRUTH BOMB: 'We could have been there': Squadron member speaks out on stalled Benghazi response | Fox News |
Former President George W. Bush spoke to Fox News about the importance of the Invictus Games and letting veterans... https…
Republican Representative Duncan Hunter told Fox News this week that “at least 10 ISIS fighters” have been caught on the…
The worst news team of all time Fox News taking lessons from Anthony wiener aka "Carlos danger"?!
Thanks to for posting 'American Sheriff', my profile of Fox News fav David Clarke htt…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Fox News sex scandal goes XXX via Who knew Ed Henry had something in common with Anthony Weiner.
Dr. Manny: Trump is the right candidate to tackle America's drug problem | Fox News |
"So annoying - this guy is so annoying" - Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, on hot mike, during Bernie Sanders' victory speech last night
Geraldo Rivera ridicules Bernie Sanders on Fox News: "He's so annoying":
Confederate Memorial Day marked with less fanfare in South Carolina | Fox News
Fox News trashes her, but pundits are big fans, Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Jonathon Capehart, et al.
At least it's still a state holiday... marked with less fanfare in SC | Fox News |
Super PAC forms unit to confront Clinton critics on social media | Fox News | Anyone but Hillary 2016! Come get me!
Check this out! Saudi prince also owns Fox News says it's NOT good 4 them if America is strong.hello. via
Oh gosh what a cheap way to try to get sales. Its probably Fox News approved also. I'll stick to my Coors Lights.
Cruz is hated more than Trump. Glen Beck needs to give it up. Fox News got rid of him for a reason.
Thank god the masses don't consider Fox News a source of information on the black experience in America.
If trump wins I kind of hope Obama will declare Martial Law and take over as King like Fox News has said for years.
Twin Cities a 'hotbed for terror'?! It's the Fox News equivlnt of grape salad. Way to represent, ht…
If it was Fox News suppressing Liberal information, all *** would break out. Time to shout down double standard!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
so I wouldn't pay a dime for the wall, Mexico would be saying they building a wall from America, I would clean up Fox News, True King ***
4/ roughly $12,500 for every person shipped home.Fox News hosted Washington Times staff writer Stephen Dinan to criticize the Obama
When people ask why I stayed in UK I say “BBC.” Not kidding. 100% commercial tv leaves you with Fox News and Trump. ht…
Fox News will host a debate about whether or not Becky is the worst slur ever, but no beckys will be present during the segmen…
Slur when that their name, the N word isn't none of our name and they say it daily FOH Fox News
Student scientists determine that it's impossible to literally cry a river | Fox News
United Nations intruder disappears after jumping into river | Fox News
intruder disappears after jumping into river | Fox News
Fox News: United Nations intruder jumps into river, disappears
First Muslim Miss USA Rima Fakih who won here in Vegas converts to Christianity | Fox News |
Trump will testify after election in Trump University suit | Fox News | Proof it was a scam? It's out of business
Bernie calls for a Democratic version of Fox News while appearing on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show
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