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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Donald Trump supporters: "I don't trust Fox News.". "Rand Paul lost the debate. He's done, Fox News said so."
Iran president's French lunch canceled after he wanted wine-free menu, report ... - Fox News via ...
Marco Rubio shined in a Fox News focus group of the debate via
Fox News doesn't "get" Star Wars and the hype around The Force Awakens. via HA!
I have never seen a currently employed Fox News person challenge Fox News the way George Will is doing .
TVNewser | Scoreboard: Sunday, Nov. 8: Fox News falls to fourth place in the demo in prime Sunday.
Young America's Foundation acts as false flag muse for Fox News "reporting" on
you already had kinsella and tucker no one more entertaining than regular on Fox News. Think that's ur demo
Shepard Smith blast his Fox News colleagues dishonest smears
George Will & Bill O'Reilly are both hacks. Will really thinks he's saving GOP from Fox News blowhard derangement.
Putting astronauts on Mars: NASA lays out three-phase plan | Fox News |
During the first GOP presidential debate on August 6, Megyn Kelly of Fox News questioned Donald Trump on his derogatory comme…
When people confuse my big for Megyn Kelly on Fox News
Sorry, Fox News: Captain America has long been a liberal, anti-nationalist character
Rush Limbaugh gave us Fox News and the Tea Party: How his conservative media revolution wrecked Washington - Salon
I guess Fox News will just Andrea Tantaros' boobs and legs as a response.
Governor McCrory getting ready for Neil Cavuto interview on Fox News.
Ben Carson said the United States would be Cuba without Fox News
Hillary Rodham Clinton: The mistress of deception and her self-inflicted wounds | Fox News |
"Streisand effect" in 3..2..1..'Taste the Bush' wine ad banned for being 'sexist and degrading' | Fox News
Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka pleads not guilty in '83 death of mistress - Fox News
I agree with you 100%. Megyn Kelly did do a horrible job in the Fox News debate, as did Chris Wallace and Bret Baier.
Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Alabama top first playoff rankings | Fox News
Ben Carson lied when he said President Obama hasn't been interviewed by Fox News (not real news) Here he is w/Chris Wallace
# Kelly file# hot anchor# Fox News. Did the unrelevant Reverend Al get his voodoo practicing Haitian…
Speaking on Fox News, George Will says no TV networks are sympathetic to the Republican party
If you missed Sunday's Fox News piece- never fear. You can watch it right here:
Went down on my street today. . Gunman kills 3 in downtown Colorado Springs shooting spree, police say | Fox News
GCC not buying Israeli anti-missile system;. Fox News report denied by Bahrain’s Minister of Information
the man who owns Fox News and is a climate change denier just bought National Geographic...fml
Keep in mind, this is not in response to Democrats banning any debates on Fox News.
Help from the heavens? Cloud shaped like Pats logo appears before game | Fox News | TOM AND BILL RUN THE TABLE !
They all want the job they hate. . Everything that's not Fox News is labled liberal media. .
"The mainstream media is the Democrats' superPAC," says Marco Rubio, the darling of Fox News, the top-rated cable news…
DYK: Q13Fox is not Fox News. KCPQ is an affiliate of the Fox Broadcasting owned by Tribune Company
Russia Flying Iranian Weapons into Syria in Violation of UN Embargo: (Fox News) Jennifer Griffin -. Rus...
Hi Sam - can Fox News & affiliates have permission to use your photos of the plane fire? Will courtesy you.
Anonymous intends to unveil names of up to 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members | Fox News |
Pima or Egyptian cotton? Peek under the sheet. Anonymous to unveil names of 1k Ku Klux Klan members | Fox News |
I'm surprised Fox News hasn't made a thing out of
Shame on you news media and CNN for stooping down to Fox News's level. It's called a debate, you know, when...
Senate Dems block anti-sanctuary city bill - Fox News. They just want the votes
If the debate was at Fox News with DemoRats on stage the Obama justice department would be writing up discrimination charges already !
Tuesday Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger was on Fox News first with Bill Hemmer mid-day and then in prime time...
Joe Kernen's smug self-satisfaction is worse than anything I've seen on Fox News.
If I wanted to watch bull crap, I'd go to my uncles farm and not watch the Special Report panel on Fox News.   10% Off
Well, Fox News is in the entertainment business, after all.
Fox News vs Quentin Tarrantino I know who my money's on ...
Fox News at it still: Bimbo and Loser Team Up to Criticize Trump Over Ford Comments [Video]
Being interviewed by Fox News about tomorrow. When I think about it, The Imperial March from Star Wars plays in m…
Fox News states that O'Malley comments on gun control in wake of Clinton death misdirected; claims that real issue is …
Watch a panel of men on Fox News decide if it's appropriate for women to wear leggings -
'There is no police brutality in America': Fox News brought on its favorite sheriff, David Clarke, on M...
from Fox News: Ray Kelly: There is a 'rhetorical war' on police officers
from Fox News: Why Jeb Bush needs to start fighting a competitive election
from Fox News: Pastor investigates 1,000 stories of near-death experiences
from Fox News: Video shows ISIS hostage rescue that killed first US…
There's enuf video to pester Trump with. But Y did you express at the leggy ones on Fox News, they pump up the ratings.
Fox News regular: is "garbage" that advocates the overthrow of government
Melissa Harris-Perry is to MSNBC what Todd Starnes is to Fox News.
Todd Starnes at Fox News for the last several weeks has been writing about the plight of Washington state high...
from Fox News: Hispanic voters to meet over Trump, Cruz immigration talk
from Fox News: Gov. John Kasich: 'You don't produce jobs through bombast'
I liked a video Rand Paul on How He Plans on Winning the Election | Fox News
Watch Brian Stelter explain the irony of Fox News cutting away from the Benghazi testimony
VIDEO - Fox News: Boehner Cutting Deal To Raise the Debt Ceiling ‘To Clean the Plate for His Successor’
I was in a Wendy's in Lake City that had their table area TV tuned to Fox News. I'm sending a complaint to...
Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal gained control of a large part of the worlds news outlets including Fox News
Megyn Kelley's ratings have come so low that Fox News is about to take her off prime time.
The Benghazi chaos has ended the careers of Daryl Issa & Jason Chaffetz. Trey Gowdy got suckered & is next in line. Fox News
Bengal Tiger Seen Roaming La. Army Base | Fox News | I'll never forget this day there was a tiger loose ON BASE
University of Texas study says not watching Fox News improves intelligence more than luminosity or Brainiac.
I've seen two people on Fox News compare to the KKK. Classy.
Megyn Kelley was practically in tears on Fox News because Hillary did so good. She was trying to tell the Fox robots. not so.
Pacific nation creates marine reserve the size of California - Fox News
President Park should publicly apologize for South Korea's sexual violence in Vietnam | Fox News |
WATCH: climbs to top of this week's Fox News 2016 Presidential Power Index
The only thing Fox News did that was good
He's looking for brains from the people who watch Fox News, he'll starve soon
Josh, Please get a job on Fox News, make friends with Greta and have her say that on air. Nah nobody would believe it
watch none of those. Just watch Fox News and do the opposite of what they preach. I'm nice, I like
Fox News' '13 Hours At Benghazi' is well worth the watch. And no, Hillary Clinton is not mentioned.
Worth noting: Fox News has MARK FUHRMAN analyzing race.
of course I do but to sit and deny that u watch Fox News once in a while is silly.
I have to say this, and its my heart felt belief, if you watch Fox News you are either a *** racist, or just...
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is annoyed that this Satanist is intelligent
Fox News is so full of crap. Would not waste one minute watching those biased imbeciles. They talk thru their butt holes
Are 'CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, operating as the media arm of IDF & the Netanyahu govt?'
Nice prime time Friday night OReilly hurricane update . way to go Murph! Fox News is catching on.
here, . He also talks about Fox News' weird beef with Falcon America's villain in the comics
Jon Voight: 'Progressive' is a very devious term... created as a substitute for 'communist' - Fox News.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Catherine Herridge should present her FACTS, which are NOT disputable on every segment of Fox News throughout the day.
from Fox News: Mother of slain NYPD officer reminds 'blue lives matter'
I didnt know Fox News carried the Westminster dog and pony show...oh wait..
Fox News didn't kill Kate! Ya big dummy! As Fred G. Sanford would so eloquently say...
Random guy walks into Fox News impostering as former CIA. They put him as an "expert" for YEARS.
Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb is dropping out of the Democratic primary race for president, according to Fox News. Webb's campaign said he
The day Alan Colmes left is the day I stopped watching Fox News
Arab nations back down from plan to claim Western Wall – Fox News
Fox News' online poll left out... so "none of the above" has 52% of the vote! Vote now
has hired former Fox News host Bob Beckel as a political commentator
from Fox News: Former Pentagon chief Robert Gates speaks before Congress
CNN hired Bob Beckel, whom Fox News fired earlier this year over his pill addiction
BUSTED: Feds arrest Fox News ‘terrorism expert’ for pretending to be a former CIA agent
Texas ‘clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed to move with family to Qatar, father says – Fox News
There you go, Matt Lewis. Blame the voters, inundated with talk radio and Fox News. Loser. z
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
According to Fox News, Sunday Night's flight of Aer Lingus from Lisbon, Portugal to Dublin, Ireland has a strange...
When ya'll were talking about Fox News tonight I kept sayin "Don't let Amy see the clip! It won't end well!" Agree w/you 100% :)
One of the nice benefits of living in a nation without a Tea Party, Fox News, and the NRA?
Joe Biden to enter presidential race, Fox News reports: via Joe would make a POTUS, and Hillary as Vice.
Fox News/rupert murdock just can't stop sucking on Jeb's nuts! Wake up Jeb's a loser!
In a Fox News interview for the movie ‘Now You See Me’,Morgan Freeman fell asleep while co-star Michael Caine was chatting!
I'll tell you - he'll be 74; he'll watch the Golf channel and Fox News all day and yell at the TV - just like my dad.
Really! You are still giving meghan mccain air time! This is why I am doubting Fox News these days.
Fox News is harder on Trump than they were on Obama! Whose team they are on & who still falls for their PSYOPS?
I'm sick of Harper. If I want to hear right-wing conservative fearmongering I'll watch Fox News.
Will Viper racing teams also end in your events? Fox News: Dodge Viper Ends in 2017
I had a dream Liam wrote a book and his first interview about it was on Fox News.
Pope Francis to canonize first married couple in modern times, parents French ... - Fox News
‘Iron Dome’ for the US? Lockheed lasers destroy incoming missiles | Fox News |
I just opened the News app for the first time ever & all the articles are from Fox News why must Apple treat me this way
A first hand story about: Fox News - Clear and Present Danger to America via
Following the first Democratic debate, Fox News and the broader conservative ecosystem erupted in a coordinated...
In first, Norway will shut off FM radio in 2017 | Fox News
yes, Fox News went to court to defend their right to lie under the first Amendment, but they didn't invent yellow journalism
Fox News: LIVE: at rally in New Hampshire ... -
Fox News on the line:. Reporting live, first out of others.
oh, he's beyond phony: Rubio has his Sarah Palin moment: Fox News & his hip-hop fakery: via
Voting begins in Egypt's first parliamentary election | Fox News
Good news for Rand Paul - no one is listening anymore - like calling a Fox News live streaming *** "
Surely not the first nor the last lies and fraudsters on Fox News ...
I watched Fox News for the first time in my life out of curiosity. That was also my last.
Just heard Fox News talk about how a reporter for NBC was biased on live TV.. Hypocritical much?
Fox News' will next provide military experts who live in their mom's basements somewhere in the Beltway.
Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, and Fox News contributor, Dr. Robert Jeffress, speaking at The Cove.…
Fox News features Redpoint on their national programming. Click below for a first-hand account of our Mt. Everest...
This whole story is based on a very dodgy Fox News claim Cuban troops are in Syria. Dodgy journalism.
He claimed to be ex-CIA and was quoted as an expert on Fox News. Prosecutors say it was a lie. NOT the First time!
fact: Fox News, CNN, CNBC collectively post annual profits in the $2B range--but they can't air commercial-free debates a…
A Fox News guest expert on CIA issues, now charged with fraud, was briefly a student at Jacksonville State in 1971.
Provided they haven't all died of old age by then, I wonder what Fox News will have to say about the first atheist president.
Sign of alien life? Kepler telescope spots strange star - Fox News
Fox News' Expert is actually a fraud and was arrested by FBI
Harris Faulkner is a female, black Fox News correspondent and not a retired, white ethics professor at Tufts University as one would assume.
Another fraud. John Bolton on Fox News was never confirmed as ambassador. The Senate refused because of his idiotic views towards the UN.
John Bolton of Fox News is just like Wayne Simmons. He was kicked out of the UN yet they call him ambassador. He's a clueless fool.
from Fox News: 'Sicario' star Benicio del Toro talks drug war at border
Connecticut woman staged videos to cover up daughter's injuries, police say - Fox News
Fox News should be seriously disturbed. Enough to start investigation of management at the Agency. via
The only two times Richmond has been on Fox News , & they're both heroin charges .. 👎
. Fox News pollster Frank Luntz, a Jew, craftily bated Trump to say McCain was not a war hero, which was true, but unwise.
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HYPOCRITE: Chris Hayes wants Fox News to cover Wayne Simmons arrest as if he worked at MSNBC
I'm proud to be everything Fox News hates.
’Freebies’ - liberalsarecool: rawstory: These are the things that Fox News believes Americans don’t...
Iran's parliament approves nuclear deal with world powers, though they could ... - Fox News
Sooner or later, Fox News' viewership will drop off because of this sort of thing. Few I know trust them.
You expected Fox News to herald Trump's continued smashing of El Jebo in the polls? Maybe when Satan can figure skate to work.
FIFA bans South African official for six years in fixing probe | Fox News |
Is that Lincoln Chafee or did Fox News plant Steve Doocy from Fox & Friends on stage to sabotage the whole thing?
Lincoln Chafee's striking resemblance to Fox News' Steve Doocy isn't doing him any favors in the
US soccer 'media' exactly like Fox News: a rubberstamp mouthpiece for tired old men who control everything.
Rabbi Interviews on Fox News regarding current tragedies in Israel.
Turned on Fox News for the first time today and was greeted by Meghan McCain. *Click*
from Fox News: How do we keep our schools safe? …
In a 60 Minutes interview Obama was asked if he could win a third term and he said "Yes" and Fox News headquarters spontaneo…
Ron Paul told me to invest in Ron Paul last time I watched Fox News.
Still lots of exciting bookish events coming to Lititz this Fall. Join us Nov. 1st as we welcome Fox News' Greg...
I don't hate ALL of Fox News. Bret Baier is terrific. Meghan Kelly is also good. Most act like bozos.
Fox News: Jenny will only pose nude if…
from Fox News: Eric Shawn reports: Reforming our mental health system
Thank you for creating this mess, to Fox News, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Tea Party.
A breakthrough in cloak technology just caught the attention of the Defense Department | Fox News |
* Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner sues Hasbro over hamster toy on
I'm sure we can look forward to Fox News showing this years down the track, saying it's a Sarah Palin crowd.
Fox News is starting to look like the Daily Show when compared to outlets like &
Bob Beckel surfaces over at CNN after being fired from Fox News:
Fox News doctor: Ben Carson was right about guns and the Holocaust
this is an actual front page news article on Fox News today. I'm not kidding
Donald Trump may be feuding with Fox News, but Fox Soccer is using him to hype the USA-Mexico CONCACAF Cup game
“If you watch Fox News you think one way, if you listen to National Public Radio you think another way, and that...
My two favorite ppl at Fox News and Chris Wallace are on! The only pure, honest & unbiased reporters at FNC.
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Donald Trump won't appear in Fox News, but appears on Fox Sports for soccer. 1/2
Duh. . "Donald Trump says Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed | Fox News"
Fox News is the anti Christ of media. Roger Ailes, his pistol, his girth, are no real contest, much as they think they are.
Justin Bieber | Ronda Rousey on Justin Bieber: He wasn't nice to my sister - Fox News: Fox NewsRonda Rousey on... http…
Sean Hannity just released a photo from the night he and Fox News head Roger Ailes discovered Megyn Kelly.
Fox News. Associated Press. Spain has granted citizenship to 4,302 people whose Jewish ancestors fled after being...
Fox News: "Gun Owners stock up after mass shootings":
Rand Paul Interview: Polls are Misleading | Fox News: Senator Rand Paul sat down with Lisa Kennedy of F...
Murdoch is the problem, doesn't he run Fox News?
Are they any news on saga on his presidential run on Right Wing media news. Will he boycott Fox News.? don't know
Fox News will help Ben. Fox will be happy to co- run the country with Ben
Fox News host Megyn Kelly opened up about her feud with Republican presidential contender Donald Trump,...
Fox News has been paying that fool Karl Rove, who is totally biased and rejects reality, since early 2008. Unbelievable!
Stoked for this wonderful company! Made it on Portland monthly magazine and Fox News! 😁😍
Putin knows Obama's all talk, no action |Fox News| -so does China, thus the creeping invasion in West Philippine Sea
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ah FOX, the land of make believe - "Australia's gun laws 'childish', Fox News anchor says
Steve went *** Joe Biden thought I was watching Fox News
Fox News booted Bob Beckel It is time to boot Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera, both are as bad. I'm tired of listening to them
Brad Woodhouse of just accused Rich Lowry of treason on Fox News.
Stupidest Interview Ever by Fox News - anchor to REZA ASLAN - But you're a Muslim, right?
Fox News analyst reveals support for Soviet Union and East German Stasi.
Hey Steve. Saw Mehmet and Lisa on Fox News. Just saw him yesterday at my old apt. She said nice things about him. Will cont.
Lol..Fox cliche & presumptuous of you...wrong slither away & educate yourself.
Yes he was white and he was militantly anti-religion. He hated Muslims. Educate yourself. Fox News is not the bible.
George Bush sent condolences from Iran as Fox News reports live.
For example, if Fox News didn't exist where would Steve Doocy work? Ask that question.
Three explosions rock Yemeni port city of Aden, casualties reported | Fox News
Stacey Dash's black cracked when she became a Fox News contributor
Fox News (the Murdoch-Rove sham), pushing Ben, Carly, Rubio. They will fail, go Trump!
That comedy channel my mom watches (Fox News) the silly stripper just said how her milkshake is better than yours.
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Fox News? Ugggh I will NEVER watch that channel.
I won't lie. I do find it suspicious sometimes when Fox News seems to go out on my cable, yet every other channel works fine. hmmm.
*** I wish Fox News would not put *** Head Carl Rove on the tv screen. He's a pedantic and means spirited little man.
Fox News host: People in Australia ‘have no freedom’ because hate speech, guns are regulated
To stop the & Fox News we have to vote the Republicans out of the house and Senate. So vote for a …
Fox News & its "defense official" sources now justifying hospital bombing (via
such a thrill to see legendary Fox News host Chris Wallace in Daniel Snyder's box.
Fox News's Chris Wallace sitting behind Tanya Snyder in the Redskins owners box
The media, including Fox News, is frustrated, THEY were able to ruin Romney and can't figure out why they c…
Not too late to become a Fox News contributor.
That article was written by a Fox News contributor lol take it with a grain of salt
. But, that doesn't stop Fox News commentators from shunning him while promoting others who do not as the experts they're not.
It must be true because it's on the Internet, posted by NY Post, and written by a Fox News contributor.
Bill O'Reilly confronts Donald Trump after Fox News boycott: 'You have to be kind of presidential'
Fox News: ."I have energy because I love what I'm ... -
Ex-Liberal Eric Allen Bell tells the truth about Islam and Liberalism on Fox News (all segments)
Daily Kos added a new video: John Cleese on Fox News stupidity.
Hurricane Joaquin downgraded to Category 3 storm as east coast prepares for ... - Fox News: Fox NewsHurricane ...
"Stephen A. Smith is the Fox News of sports", might be the funniest thing I've heard all day.
Chicago über alles: Fox News' directive from on high — if Obama discusses a mass-shooting,..
Any Fox News Contributor who stupidly suggests we do what Britain or Australia does, should be banned by Fox News and 'us.'
Welcome back Mr. Speaker!! Speaker Gingrich returns to Fox News as a contributor
What? I never watch for that reason. Leftist?!?! Wow...Lol. Pipe down, Fox News conspiracy theorist guy.
“More 18-24 year olds followed the Republican debate on than CNN or Fox News," - Stephen Colbert ”
Speaker Newt Gingrich leaves CNN and heads to Fox News as a contributor
Speaker Newt Gingrich has returned to Fox News as a contributor.
Fox News pundit: President Obama only spoke about the to distract from other news:
Fox News showing wounded veterans and shelter dogs some love!
Mr WIlliams is a good man and intelligent but Fox News has to create controversy and its about money and ratings/Megan Kelly
at 7pm EST to Lou Dobbs on Fox News to see our Founder Bo Dietl discuss the
Multiple people reportedly dead in shooting at Oregon college | Fox News
Fox News is sinking the GOP: One network’s ratings boom is a political party’s election doom via
TODAY the Summit hosts Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson. Join us at 11:50 at the Pinnacle Hills campus.
What is Fox News for 100 a hundred Alex
Take the paid off Generals off of Fox News and put me on. I will make sound like a Boy Scout.
that's a lie, especially if you live in Ohio. Fox News is like watching Comedy Central
Fox News: .The exit poll question that's most important is ... -
Congress, don't kill Social Security Disability Insurance, fix it and save it | Fox News: Nearly 11 million Am...
72% of all Fox News viewers say that the network isn't as conservative as it once was.
Look for live shots of the St. Ambrose campus on Fox News shortly after noon.
Cliven Bundy rounds up a heavily-armed posse to chase cops off of public lands, not only was he not arrested, but was lionized on Fox News.
Dr. Ben Carson is on Fox News "The Kelly File" at 9 PM EST tonight. Tune in Carsonators!
Fox News: Trial dates scheduled for Baltimore police officers in Freddie ... -
Fox News, Carl Rove, Rupert Murdoch and democrats harbor deep resentment to U S citizens wishing to "make America great" again.
Basing your perception of Islam off of Fox News is the equivalent of Basing your perception of Christianity on The Westboro Baptists.
BOOM~ Fox News' Andrea Tantaros throws a huge truth bomb at Obama speaking at the UN! .
🇺🇸. Fox News' Andrea Tantaros slams Obama with dose of harsh reality about discrimination
They are scaping the bottom of the Barrel with Josh "Not Earnest" LOL I don't miss Fox News one bit!
Why is Josh Earnest on Fox News, when everyone knows how Obama is always dissing Fox, saying it does not tell the truth?
Obama says religious freedom no reason to deny *** couples right to marry - Fox News
Trevor Noah gives Fox News a free pass: The new “Daily Show” could be great ... - Salon
Republican incumbent Pam Bondi re-elected as governor of 'blue state' Massachusetts - Fox News projection
Pope Francis is not a progressive—he just has terrific PR (led by a former senior Fox News correspondent)
Sharia Law should supersede the U.S. Constitution, said some Muslims when surveyed by Fox News this week. “The...
Just completed 11th straight day NOT watching Fox News. Listened to Bauer & Rose Sunday am and Breitbart in pm on XM radio
Due to Fox News, talk radio, and other conservative media, the GOP base exists in a right wing echo chamber where every day they hear that
Imagine the people who turn on Fox News and talk radio for information and analysis.
Joe Trippi wrote this. He's worked for Walter Mondale, Howard Dean, Fox News, & others right about everything.
Bill Cosby attorney assails Fordham after it rescinds degree - Fox News
Fox News is the 1 done for, Fox is nothing more than the People's Banner & Megyn Kelly is Ellsworth Toohey
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Is the Jewish Press a subsidiary of Fox News?
Related News: Baby born four months premature on cruise ship wins race against time to survive -Fox News-
I'm a reporter with Q13 Fox News. Can we use your photo on the air?
Representative Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, told Fox News the storm of controversy...
DoD accused of ducking Afghan child abuse controversy with 'lawyer-speak' - Fox News
Lol at the interview Fox News did with the Westboro Baptist church..all circumstances aside, that wasn't even journalism
Bill O'Reilly wants to debate Will Ferrell for some reason. Stay classy, Fox News.
In today's "Dumbing Down of America" news -- Fox News anchor credits Leonardo DiCaprio with painting 'Mona Lisa'
from Fox News: Pope Francis gives homily at St. Patrick's Cathedral
In a statement released by a Fox News spokesperson Thursday, the news organization announced that Roger Ailes,...
You are exactly right about Fox News. Read the following.
Fox News poll: is behind other candidates who strongly or profess to oppose Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Rubio,
Donald Trump & Fox News will keep breaking up & getting back together until they graduate high school & go to colleges in different cities.
Hillary not looking so hot in head to head match ups with Republican candidates. [This is not a Fox News poll,...
"Trump has completely outed Fox News, they roll their eyes every time Trump supporters are mentioned or…" — Anthony
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Fox News poll thanks - question - who do u think will win the presidency as of today?
boycott Fox News and Megyn Kelley she is a nasty person
Citizen's Poll shows that Fox News reports were more crooked than all of Trump's ties. Tru…
Fox News hits back at Trump: He declared boycott after we canceled his O'Reilly appearance
Someone explain why only raghead cities are called "HOLY cities", even by so called right wingers like Fox News.
New Orleans author Jason Berry to discuss Pope Francis on Fox News
Maybe Donald Trump was right about Fox News? Now Kim Davis is their star.. sorry Donald.
. WOW! Fox News: From Donald Trump to Kim Davis, big let down for fox news!
Now he's going vanilla like Piyush Jindal...Ben, are ya gonna boycott Fox News like your boy Trump?.
Dems ripped for bid to stoke 'Nazi' controversy out of Rubio fundraiser - Fox News
Suspect arrested, charged in killing of Texas county sheriffs deputy - Fox News
League star Steve Rannazzisi admits to lying about escaping World Trade ... - Fox News
"When will Republicans realize they are on the wrong side of history?". - Shepard Smith, Fox News
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