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Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News viewers Monday he is willing to debate Al Sharpton any time about the future of the black community in America.
Fox News is so racist that literally spent a whole month trying to convince people that an imaginary man (Santa Claus) is white.
The terrorist group ISIS is actively outing agents from Middle Eastern intelligence services -- as many as 30 in the last two months -- by posting their pictures and locations on social media, a counterterrorism source told Fox News.
Fox News' Shepard Smith says he regrets using the word coward while speculating on air what Robin Williams may have been feeling before his suicide.
Say what you will about Fox News, but I have been scanning between them, MSNBC and CNN and Fox is the only ones not trying to provoke this Michael Brown story into a huge racial issue. MSNBC has already convicted the cop without any actual facts. You have left websites putting out false information / propaganda. Listen, I am not saying this cop is not guilty, I am just saying people need to stop making this a big huge issue and let it be investigated without tainting people by spreading false propaganda. Al Sharpton should not be there provoking this. Most of the protesters are peaceful and I agree they need answers and they will get them. But there is about 100 or so folks who have come from across the country from Chicago and NY to name a few places including the NEW Black Panther Party provoking the issue, looting, burning down stores. I just wish people would stop spreading propaganda and let this be investigated. I bet you if the cop is found to be innocent, which I can not see happening, that there ...
It's amazing how many gold an silver ads are on Fox News...
What I've learned on Fox News:. -This is why I get older adults with AMS. -Shepard Smith lowers the seizure threshold. . -Shiny balls.
Fox News' Shepard Smith after St. Louis police shoot & kill man w/knife: "How that is relevant to what is going on here is beyond me"
Shep Smith is going to be beside himself. NO THANKS, Fox News
Rick Perry needs to shut his bone box, resign from office and become a commentator on that Fox News thing.
I thought I was anti police until Shepard Smith on Fox News last night.. had to change to for my own sanity.
And we can add Fox News' Shep Smith to the list of agitators. He did all he could recently to provoke a riot. Some "journalist"!
No worries, Michael Bay in talks for a sequel ending in a boxing match between Al Sharpton and a weary Fox News reporter TBA
They keep him because they think it makes MSNBC look more "balanced". Like Shep Smith on Fox News
Hillary Clinton thinks that with 4 dead Americans, "what difference at this point does it make". Sadly, she won't understand this poem. I recall the President referring to the Benghazi incident as "a bump in the road". He won't either. Today I heard an ex-Navy Seal being interviewed regarding a book he has written about how to handle crisis situations in our lives. At the end of the interview he asked if he could make a comment on Benghazi and, of course, the anchor said yes. He then thanked Fox News for keeping the Benghazi story in the news, since other news organizations are not. He said the Seals who died deserve that the public know the truth about the whole affair . . . but, the way things go these days that seems unlikely. The poem was written by a MARINE CORPS Officer (ANONYMOUS). Very thought provoking and poignant. Please read it and pass it on . . . it's one way to keep the issue alive. We're the Battling Boys of Benghazi , no fame, no glory, no paparazzi. Just a fiery death in a blazing *** d ...
I think it's funny: CNN, and news outlets like MSNBC and Fox News corp are asking, "Should the Justice Department take over the investigation in Ferguson, MO" since AG Eric Holder is heading to the region just today? YEAH! Duh! And tell him let the Feds take over the entire South (yes, MO did join the Confederacy) while they're at it! Just like the North did during the "Reconstruction" period following the American Civil War! And let's get it right this time! (hint: "Jim Crow") Reconstruction, basically, was the time period of 1865-1877, though some historians count the time period beginning in 1863, two full years before the end of the war dating from when Lincoln emancipated the slaves. It was a twelve year period fiercely fought between many competing sides, e.g., the "Carpetbaggers" (Northerners who went to help rebuild the South after the war), or the "Scalawags" (white southerners who always lived in the region), the U.S. Army (sent in by Grant to suppress the KKK and Confederacy now an underground ...
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Last night, 11:40pm, Fox News reporter in re: police, to Shep Smith: "this is amateur hour"+"I don't see a lot of professionalism"
I have very few friends who listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Fox News. A few months ago, one of them told me that Barack Obama had amassed a $20-billion cache of high-tech weaponry in the Department of Homeland Security. The reason (as best I could follow his Obama's-the-communist-devil conspiracy theory) was for the tyrant to use them when he took over American democracy by brute force and imposed martial law upon the land. Watching CNN live broadcasts from Ferguson, Missouri, this week, my friend's words have come back to haunt me. Watching armored vehicles roll down suburban streets past McDonalds signs as officers in flak jackets and gas masks form phalanxes in the streets has prompted seasoned CNN journalists like Don Lemmon and Jake Tapper to say they never expected to see such sights in the streets of America. For those of us who can remember '60s antiwar protests in the streets of Berkeley or even Santa Cruz, the sight of Tac Squads unsure of how to use their power isn't new. What is new is today' ...
I applaud Shep Smith and Fox News for their coverage of
What a shame Fox News. Shep Smith is a DISGRACE. He is REPULSIVE to watch and listen to.
Shep Smith just now on Fox News: "Attention Chicago bureau please send gas masks to Mike Tobin & Steve Harrigan. Thank you, love Shepherd."
Shep Smith is one of the farthest to the Left on Fox News. He clearly pushes an ideological agenda rather than reports news
Fox News: Protesters now throwing molotov coctails, but Olde English 800 doesn't burn.
The cops losing Fox News is like Nixon losing Cronkite. (Fox not worthy of being in same sentence as Walter Cronkite-sorry)
Chris and Craig should hold up signs saying "We're not Fox News!"
In the aftermath of police in Ferguson, Missouri gunning down Michael Brown and the riots that followed, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly interviewed Ben Carson
3.6-magnitude earthquake hits Southern California but no damage, injuries ... - Fox News
Judge Jeanine Pirro: The Official Best of Fox News' Angriest Pundit (personal favorite clip is at 2:30, but th...
Fox News airing show where Megyn Kelly "analyzes the top news stories of the day" and they're talking about the Obama/Bill Ayers controversy
because we all know that Republicans and Fox News will have a field day... Lol
This lady Pam Oliver weave is never on point lol an she a Fox News broadcaster
Just a reminder: Ferguson PD chief went on Fox News, Ferguson mayor went on Newsmax. This should be a major clue to wh…
Sarah Palin accuses Fox News of 'misinformation' and attacks Megyn Kelly...: via
British comedian Russell Brand took to his online series The Trews to criticize Bill O’Reilly of Fox News for insisting that protesters angry over the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson are not letting justice take its course.
Actor Russell Brand delivered yet another searing takedown of Fox News' Bill O'Reilly this week, this time tackling his coverage of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown by police.
Russell Brand has dissected Fox News' reporting on the ongoing situation in Ferguson, St Louis - where demonstrations have raged across the suburb following the police shooting of unarmed African-American 18-year-old - saying the news network support...
In the latest episode of Russell Brand’s The Trews, the British comedian slams Bill O’Reilly for pretending to sympathize with the non-white people he and Fox News usually demonize.
Is it right to hunt and kill animals? Fox News certainly thinks so! Russell Brand dissects this recent interview which concentrates on Kendall Jones a Texas Cheerleader who recently posted some photos of her hunting and killing animals which went viral on social media.
Atlanta left tackle Sam Baker injured in Falcons' 32-7 loss to Texans - Fox News
A Fox News poll reveals that a solid majority of Americans reject President Barack Obama's policies on Israel. 54% of respondents voiced disapproval of Obama's policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while only 30% approved.
I just read an article about this "new" and "dangerous drug" called wax. I needed a little comedy before bed thanks Fox News
Lol of course Fox News cuts off Freeman Bosley as he's giving a thorough retelling of Dorian Johnson's account of the shooting
*Fox News does segment on the Weather Underground* hmm this is weird i wonder why they're do-. "up next, how is Barack Obama connected?" oh.
Why am I not seeing the same New Black Panthers that come on Fox News in ?
Fox News mysteriously went silent for about seven seconds Friday afternoon during an argument between The Five's Dana Perino and Bob Beckel about how much President Barack Obama deserves blame for the rise of ISIS in Iraq.
I added a video to a playlist John Cameron Defends the Electronic Cigarette on Fox News - Tucson
People like Gene Simmons of KISS and Shepard Smith of Fox News have made incredibly cruel and insensitive comments concerning suicide. It's beyond my comprehension that they say such awful things then backtrack with an apology, an apology that stinks. If you have never suffered with mental illness, suffered crippling emotional or mental anguish, then you have no right to judge.
I added a video to a playlist Fox News: SWAT Team 'Helped' Al Jazeera
Couple suspected of abducting Amish girls may have planned to kidnap more ... - Fox News
Boehner a fundraising machine for GOP - Fox News
John Boehner a fundraising machine for GOP - Fox News
Fox News: John Boehner a fundraising machine for GOP
"The people behind Fox News should write movies. They have the BEST imaginations."
Ghosts of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite laugh till they collapse every time they hear the words Fox News. "'FAIR and BALANCED,' ohh!"
Michelle Obama is not a reliable proponent of healthy eating because she herself is kinda fat, according to a Fox News contributor. The crew of Fox's Outnumbered on Tuesday tackled the First Lady's continued push for schools to serve up healthy foods to their students. And though the general consens…
New Hampshire declares state of emergency over synthetic marijuana-like drug | Fox News via
Arab press blasts Islamic State militants for tarnishing Muslims worldwide - Fox News
And yet his dishonest racist posts often end up on Drudge Report and Fox News. Go figure.
We are drawing a in support of your right to drive on the beach! My declaration of independence for the beach lovers of begins airing August 1 on Bright House Channel 13, Fox News, History Channel & Discovery! You can also see it here!
Having read lots of news from here and there, I have some questions. 1. Would Rush Limbaugh or anyone on Fox News or any other media outlet, really, have said Word 1 about Laura Bush's figure? What about the other Mrs. Bush? Or are comments about a First Lady's physical appearance only allowable when a Democrat is in office? 2. When was the last time police killed a white kid who wasn't shooting at them or in the midst of a violent crime? 3. The uninsured rate has fallen by 50 percent in Arkansas in the past year. What politician will claim that it's not because of the Affordable Care Act, and what party will that politician belong to? 4. Not complaining, but where have the snakes gone in Calhoun County? 5. Again, not complaining, but is it possible that the oil companies have figured out that they create great animosity toward themselves when they use Middle East conflicts to drive up the cost of oil and are now restraining themselves from obscene profits to only make money hand-over-fist because we may ...
Funny how some r offended by hearing other views. In a Hampton Inn lobby today, and a woman had a little fit because Fox News was on
I wonder why Fox News portrays lawbreakers in Ferguson as thugs and lawbreakers at Bundy Ranch as patriots. OH! Patriot…
When you watch Fox News, they have it seem like there was looting every single night. The reality is, it is the same footage from Sunday Night. There was no looting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Don't believe the hype that there is just wanton looting by the citizens of their town every night. It is false, and is just a facade of the real problem. That said. I applaud the President for the call to the governor. Instead of enforcing Martial Law and bringing in the National Guard, he allowed the governor to replace the County Police with the State Police, which happened to have a resident (who happens to be black yes) in charge. it is 10:41 there, not one violent action has taken place yet. The situation has deescalated. Let us hope it stays that way. The Police department also stated they would release the name of the Police Officer tomorrow. Let us hope that this time, that they follow through with their promise. Because the entire country witnessed how they broke every oath in the book.
Fox News catches up with ISIS + +Jonathan Rugman on the Iraqi Mountain:
lol Fox News still playing that clip is making me want to go to St. Louis so bad for free Jordan's
The fact that Stephen Smith a anchor for Fox News channel branded Robin Williams a coward for committing suicide is disgusting. Ignorance.
This goes for ALL mainstream media and not just Fox News!
Call on Fox News to fire Shep Smith for his foul comments on Robin.
Fox News has just reported and confirmed that Texas Governor Rick Perry has addressed the National Guard troops today before the deploy to the border: “You now are the tip of the spear, protecting Americans from these cartels and gangs.” What’s sad about all of this is that this should be the Presid…
All I'm saying is that Fox News is the Rita Skeeter of the real world
Why no live coverage from CNN, MSNBC or Fox News right now in Everyone from Anderson Cooper to Jim Cantore should be embedded.
Both Shep Smith & Neil Cavuto on Fox News accused Robin Williams of "selfishness" 4 not considering his family. Way 2 blame the victim, Fox!
Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters said Wednesday during an appearance on "Outnumbered" that Hillary Clinton has been "hawkish" on foreign policy issues because she's trying to "overcompensate" for being a woman.
New social media rule... Let the media trolls who have nothing to add to any conversation starve of attention... People like Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Ricky Perry, anyone from Fox News... Silence them... They bring nothing to the table... On the contrary they are taking things away from all of us... Don't share anything by them... let them starve, don't feed them with sharing their ignorance... We all know stupid when we see it... There's no new info there for any of us to interrogate... Starve them of social media oxygen and let them and their stupid ideas die in a media vacuum of OUR choosing... In contrast to them share things from people who have something to bring to the table... Share things that add to the conversation instead of distract from it... Give social media oxygen to those who's ideas need to breathe... This is how we build...
Russell Wilson for the win, Neil Cavuto and Fox News for the fail
Because in Fox News land there has never been a woman head of state before:
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Fox News called Robin Williams a coward and Rush Limbaugh told his audience that he killed himself because of his "leftist views." Can't these conservative *** just understand this is a tragedy and not try and use it for their political agenda? Can't they let allow his family to grieve? This is beyond contemptible.
FROM MEDIABISTRO.COM: "Apologies Surround Coverage of Robin Williams' Death (TVNewser) The hours-long news coverage of the death of Robin Williams Monday night into Tuesday included some reporting and much eulogizing. And as often happens after unscripted live TV news coverage, apologies were made. Case in point: Shepard Smith. At the end of his hour-long special, the Fox News anchor read a quote from the late actor/comedian about his children. Smith then surmised: "But something inside you is so horrible, or you're such a coward, or whatever the reason, that you decide you have to end it. Robin Williams, at 63, did that today." Smith was immediately criticized for using the word "coward." Mediaite Tuesday, Smith apologized for using the word "coward" and tried to clarify what he meant: "I spent an entire hour talking about how much this man affected people's lives and brought greatness to this world. I was just wondering aloud what could have made this man want to end it all." TVSpy Additionally, Monday ...
Fox News host Shepard Smith showed tremendous insensitivity while speaking about the death of Robin
Insensitive remarks about suicide, such as those uttered by Fox News, Shepard Smith, show the lack of understanding of depression.
Fox News wins for most insensitive comment to death: Fire Shepard Smith
By Jordan Zakarin TheWrap ABC News wasn't the only organization to goof up during its initial coverage of the death of Robin Williams.Fox News' host Shepard Smith, talking extemporaneously ...
Fox News host Shepard Smith on Tuesday asserted that actor Robin Williams was “such a coward” for allegedly committing suicide.
Just hours after the world learned of Robin Williams's suicide, closeted Fox News anchor Shepard Smith called him a "coward."
As if you needed more evidence that Fox News is a horrible news source, Fox News host Shepard Smith... Read more »
Waiting for WYCC TV channel 20 from Chicago to arrive. They are doing investigation into the proliferation and takeover of LaSalle County by the sand mine industry. We are being interviewed (with another landowner) as the neighboring landowners to a mine and how it affects our families. So far the story has been covered numerous times by Chicago Tribune, Fox News, CBS News, and numerous radio shows from Chicago and other cities. It's comforting to know Chicago understands the situation here but upsetting that most people that live here don't understand it or care. And it's our community.
please show us the FACTS of your statement. And not what you heard on fox news.
:( poor son "Megan Fox says she brings her son Bodhi in the bathroom with her when she poops:
Not a sports fan, but this a great campaign lol
In liberal media discourse, they just yell "DUMB" at people's views and that's their argument...kind of dumb
Shep Smith forced to say sorry? Should be forced to be fired. And whilst your there shut down Fox “news”.
another ignorant fox news *** needs an education! has called Robin Williams a coward!
“Fox News "doctor" thinks Michelle Obama's too fat he meant to say "too black"
Shepard Smith calling Robin Williams a coward is like a closeted *** guy working for Fox News and calling someone else a coward.
I don’t need femsin Michelle Obama is lucky to have her body criticised by a man on Fox News it is so prestigious! http:/…
The White House needs to demand Pastor Saeed's release. Naghmeh Abedini and I went on Fox News this morning to discuss Pastor Saeed's situation.
Fox News anchor attempts to fat shame a woman who isn't even fat. Oh BTW she's the First Lady.
Ad of the Day: is sorry for turning football fans into even slobbier spouses:
Of course this waiting room has NBC muted & FOX News has the volume on... Losing brain cells by the second.
you disgust me...Please sign and share and get this sorry *** SOB fired! Insensitive *** RT
I think Fox News is the biggest distortion !!
Syrian forces, Islamic militants encircling key rebel city of Aleppo | Fox News
Fox News anchor makes horrifically insensitive quip about the suicide of Robin Williams (via
Fox News: Fire news anchor for insensitive comments to Robin Williams' death.
No, the president didn't flip-flop on issues. BTW, it is so not cool for Fox News to dig up old video tape of his ori…
How many wars do Fox News think America can get involved in? You can't just go to war with the entire Middle East, stupid ***
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Fox News most insensitive comment to death -- via How typical for them…
So a Fox news anchor called Robin Williams a coward?..always the "religious" who seem to be the most judgemental. Thank …
Iraq crisis: Yazidis plead for international assistance as Australia prepares for ... - ABC Online: Fox NewsIr...
Israel Warns of Gaza Strikes as Midnight Truce Expiry Nears - Bloomberg: Fox NewsIsrael Warns of Gaza Strikes ...
.Agreed on both points. But a CBS affiliation would also mean end of dominant 5-plus hour "Fox 8 News in the Morning".
Fox news anchor apologises for calling Robin Williams 'a coward' after apparent suicide --
The people on Fox News is a prime example of how biased, ignorant and ill-informed majority of the population is.
Associated Press video journalist killed in Gaza | Fox News via
Where's the line between security and liberty in the United States?
I have never seen an "ad" like this-can't get it out of my head Thoughts?
Hey before saying FLOTUS needs to lose lbs, take a look at that gut that's lapped over your own belt. https:…
Fox News is like if the Daily Mail had a tv channel
Watch Family of gray decided to share this family's backyard... http…
Shep Smith, who cowers in the closet to keep his job at Fox News, dares to use the word "coward" when eulogizing Robin…
Palestinian negotiators mull over Egyptian proposal for Gaza as clock on cease ... - Fox News |
CNN for news coverage, Fox News for entertainment
Rape and sexual assaults on the rise at concerts, experts say - Fox News
Fox News is the reason I posted about Depression yesterday. Bravo for calling someone who suffered from depression a coward. I really don't believe they think about what they are going to air to the public. I believe they go over the script and they are like "hmm this will make matters worse, let's use it." The media will say and do anything to boost their ratings.
So apparently depression and suicide are leftist ideology? Why do people listen Rush Limbaugh again? Can't we just let someone, whatever their political beliefs where, die in peace with out being called a coward by Fox news reporters or called pessimistic and leftist by the likes of Rush Limbaugh. And before anyone jumps on me if a lefty made *** comments I'd be angry at them also. Just so happens these two *** are right leaning.
Shame on Fox News and Leora Abramowitz for such a classless, tasteless, and offensive headline.
Even Dennis Kucinich (on Fox News this morning) says that USA armed and trained ISIS in Syria.
While fans around the world mourn the tragic death of Robin Williams, Fox News has come out and called the comic genius a “coward” for his apparent suicide. Robin Williams had spoken publicly about his long struggle with addiction and depression -- these issues or any number of other reasons could have led to Williams' death. We just don’t know. Whatever Williams’ reasons are, it is inappropriate for Fox News’ staff to air their insensitive opinions. It is offensive to Williams' loved ones -- and the loved ones of the millions of others who've lost their lives to suicide. I know, because my own partner killed himself a year and a half ago -- and if someone had called him a coward for what he did, it would have cut me to the quick. Even more importantly, Fox is perpetuating dangerous and completely wrongheaded views of mental illness. Depression is a disease, and belittling its millions of victims could even make them less likely to seek help. Call on Fox news to fire presenter Shep Smith for his ...
The world lost one of its greatest comedic minds on Tuesday and it didn't take Fox News long before they started throwing slurs. Late afternoon on Thursday th
Fox News commentator Dr. Keith Ablow caused a stir yesterday when he made a series of comments about Michelle Obama’s weight.
This is for all those who are trying to dis Robin Williams and his death. Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and all the hating "Christians".
Is Jenna Lee having a baby boy or girl? She asked the Fox News family for predictions... Hear what they had to say and share YOUR guesses below!
Not surprised Fox News and Rush Limbaugh showed zero class with the news of Robin Williams passing. You can't expect folks that don't care about the least among us, to show empathy.
I saw Lt Col Ralph Peters on Fox news with an answer for the ISIS terror beginning in Iraq & spreading like cancer - "we need to come down on them like a sledge hammer on a carton of eggs" Twice now we have left Iraq,1st before the job was done, & 2nd when we needed remaining presence like in Japan, Germany & South Korea- Like it or not America is called to be the bastion of peace & strength in the world, we are unique in the world & we need to fight those who hate us & those who do not value human life- we should stand for those persecuted who won't forsake their faith to appease the screeching terrorists, the ancient Christian groups being beheaded, the Yezidis stranded on a mountain & even muslims who don't agree - they must be stopped, before they realize how porous our southern border really is & find a way to hurt us right here at home
People, convince your elders to stop watching Fox News - it just scares them by screaming "Breaking News" all day long. The stock market is DOWN ! Says the read breaking news headline. Then after the commercial they finish the headline with 5 points. I remember when breaking news meant something important was happening. Now breaking news is just something new happened. The oldies don't get it, they keep thinking OH no Reagan's been shot again. Take care of the oldies.
Fox News' reaction to Robin Williams' death was absolutely unforgivable.
Fox News host Shepard Smith needs to learn a little empathy. This is unacceptable behavior towards a man who struggled with addiction and depression, especially after Mr. Williams' family asked to have their privacy respect during their time of grieving.
Another day, another Fox News host calling someone a coward. This time it's Shepard Smith on Robin Williams' suicide: http…
The suicide of Robin Williams left many in stunned disbelief. However, it left Fox News' Shepard Smith questioning the man Williams was, calling him a coward.
Condemned Ohio inmate suffered, anesthesiologist says Fox News COLUMBUS, Ohio – A condemned Ohio inmate put to death during a prolonged execution experienced pain and suffering before he lost consciousness, an anesthesiologist working for the family of the inmate determined in a report released...
I see constant criticism of Fox News and it's crass insensitivity and downright lies..My question is why would anyone watch it...
Shepherd smith needs to lose his job...what an embarrassment even for Fox News which is ridiculous already...seriously
Fox News contributor and psychiatrist Keith Ablow Tuesday said First Lady Michelle Obama should “drop a few” while talking about school lunches with an all-female panel.
FOX News talking head Shepard Smith responds to the death of Robin Williams in typical FOX News fashion.
It is a very sad time in our Nation when it is obvious that with all the gains we made during the 60s with the civil rights movement that the President can be demonized and we shoot unarmed black kids in the street. The Eric Brown death in St. Louis, the way a cop felt he had the right to shoot an unarmed kid, about to go to college, because he was big and black. It is just tragic. When parents of color feel they need to educate their teenage sons on how to behave in the street and dress and kowtow to any cop. White parents teach their kids how to behave, but they do not have to teach their sons these lessons. And I've been thinking about the militarization of the police forces around the country and I keep on thinking about income inequality and perhaps how those who have bought out our country are afraid of the resentment they have purposely fomented among our poorer population. And the division that the PACs and ALEC and other conservative organization are funding and promoting. And FOX the fear mo ...
Robin Williams killed himself because he was ... a "coward"? Fox News host Shepard Smith suggested as much on the air yesterday, and later issued an apology "to the core of my being"... Media News Summaries. | Newser
"Access to Pediatric Care" story I wrote is being taped on Fox News this morning
Someone should fire Fox News Shepard Smith .. Using coward to describe someone after their death, regardless of how they took their life is despicable! We never know what others are going through behind closed doors. I have battled addictions, depression and can tell you it is a hard road. It is one filled of great highs followed by mind altering come downs. Shepard Smith should be fired for this. If the comment would have had a racial slur, or would have been directed at someone for sexual preference the whole country would be in an uproar.. so why is this any different? Regardless of why Robin Williams did what he did, you calling him a coward for the world to see does not in any way make the situation better.. If you think Shephard Smith should be fired feel free to like and share this... FYI you sir are a *** .
Not felt so low at the passing of a celebrity since the murder of John Lennon in 1980. The fact that I heard about Robin Williams' death by picking up the newspaper from the letterbox made the impact even greater. For Fox News to describe his death as "cowardly" shows what an insensitive bunch of so-called reporters Rupert Murdoch presides over, and is, in itself the most explicit demonstration I have ever heard of how ignorant some people are with regard to mental illness. It is this ignorance that saddens me, for even though I never met him or knew him in any way other than the medium of films or TV, this little flat is as sad and unhappy as when our respective Mums passed away.
Keith Ablow, a Fox News host, went on a sexist rant about Michelle Obama's body type. Here's why that matters.
As the world mourns the loss of a comic genius to depression, Fox News has deemed Robin Williams a "coward" for taking his own life. Dying by suicide doesn't make you a coward. Depression is an illness. If someone dies from cancer we blame the cancer. So if someone dies from depression, don't place the blame on them.
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It's FOX NEws what can u expect look closely for the resemblance to an American Indian in 3..2..1..
"Sometimes good things come out of unpleasant experiences. When I participated in a "debate" on a Fox News program hosted by Sean Hannity last month, I certainly was not expecting the reaction it would get but in retrospect, I am very glad I went on and need to thank Mr. Hannity for the opportunity."
In the recent wave of news thats covered on Fox News there's little doubt now as to their agenda, and their intended audience. I'm being polite in saying its a network for jerks, and harbingers of hate and estrangement. If it doesnt make your skin crawl then you must be a shape shifting reptile from another galaxy.
My work on Fox News in the morning with my girl Yvonne Renee Davis very informative
FOX NEWS = Class Fox News's Gretchen Carlson, after allowing that the press conference had been difficult to listen to, asked her guest about Williams's level of rigor mortis, as if that could tell people anything valuable about the situation
If you rely on Fox News to stay caught up on world events, we can't be friends.
Quick word on the Robin Williams thing; lots of press on Alan Brazil & the Fox News American chap insensitivity with their views on him being selfish...truth is only the individual knows what goes through their head, we're all responsible for our own actions. Personally I believe suicide is the most extreme act a person can do as it affects your loved ones far more than it does yourself but it occurs far too often to be a random selfish act. Just try & let your family, mates, peers, colleagues etc know occasionally they are worth might just save their lives.
I think the people on fox news are retarded, delusional, out of touch airheads!!
Setting in Norco doing a cook out and noticed this train coming thru so I wanted to share it with my friends after the report on Fox News this morning stating a war to be fought on American soil by senator Lyndsey Graham
No Fox News, suicide is not cowardly. What's cowardly is pouring scorn on the reputation of someone who has passed away in truly tragic circumstances and who cannot respond to your ridiculous, insensitive words. What's cowardly is not even attempting to understand the nature of depression but instead spewing your ill-thought, knee jerk reactions to the people. Robin Willams was and always be a hero to many. Hang your head in shame Shep Smith, hang your head in shame.
Shepard Smith you belong at Fox News.calling anyone a coward for taking their life is a cowardly need educated in mental health illnesses. Your apology is being forced because you're afraid you will be fired due to the backlash of your words. These words you spoke are words that you really feel.own them do not be a coward and hide behind unauthentic apologies.You Mr. Smith are hollow, empty, and a shell of a human with a lack of empathy
Union Theological Seminary Professor Cornel West and Fox News host Sean Hannity duked it out Tuesday over the Israeli-Hamas conflict and the fatal shooting of a teenager in Missouri, with the professor telling the conservative host he had "a good point."
Absolutely love the Fox news reporters, witty and professional. but haven't watched too much since Elizabeth Hasselhoff joined the show. She has a poor way of voicing her opinion, not interesting at all. Very poor choice for Fox.
Fox News reporter Sheppard Smith has come under fire for calling Robin Williams a 'coward' on air. read about it here
Kimberly Guilfoyle edits on the table tonight. Having turned off Fox News ages ago, we can't speak on that;...
Catch me on Fox News at 4pmET/1pmPT on Your World with Neil Cavuto! School is starting and I will give you one...
Looks like it's FLOTUS week on Fox News
Fox News is like a daily Digest of "Ugly on the Inside" people.
Redding News Robin Williams dead at 63 in suspected suicide - Fox News: Fox NewsRobin Williams dead at 63 in s...
Larry King talking to Shepard Smith on Fox News now. I miss his CNN show.
Why I hate Fox News. Ever other main stream media cable news station is celebrating the life of Robin Williams. Megyn Kelly, by contrast, is talking to a hack psychiatrist about depression with him saying "his life probably wasn't anywhere near as bad as he thought it was."
why is megan not on her Fox News show and why is she having fillins
John Taffer is saving the government on Fox News.
Media go nuts over presidential corruption... in Nixon White House | Fox News via
Fox News guest associates Hamas w/ 911 and Megyn Kelly promotes the lie that Hamas doesn't want peace. Willful blindness.
Fox News has gone silent on Benghazi amid reports that the House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was no intentional wrongdoing in the Obama administration's response to the 2012 attacks...
"We read Hacker News for the same reason we watch Fox News."
"Actor Russell Brand has always been somewhat politically provocative, and now he's done it again with a diatribe against Fox News over a clip described on B...
Yousef was shouted down on Fox News, leading to an internet spat involving Gaza and Russell Brand.
So it's conservative Hollywood tough guy Steven Seagal who supports Putin. Explain that, Fox News! Hello?.Anyone home?.Crickets
I won't call you Larry, I'll call you a Scott Walker Troll who does not Know his *** from page 8 & watches Fox News
I liked a video Stupidest Interview Ever by Fox News - anchor to REZA ASLAN - But you're a Muslim,
The New York Times Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived? By ROBERT DRAPER AUG. 7, 2014 “Let’s say Ron Paul is Nirvana,” said Kennedy, the television personality and former MTV host, by way of explaining the sort of politician who excites libertarians like herself. “Like, the coolest, most amazing thing to come along in years, and the songs are nebulous but somehow meaningful, and the lead singer kills himself to preserve the band’s legacy. “Then Rand Paul — he’s Pearl Jam. Comes from the same place, the songs are really catchy, can really pack the stadiums, though it’s not quite Nirvana. “Ted Cruz? He’s Stone Temple Pilots. Tries really hard to sound like Pearl Jam, never gonna sound like Nirvana. Really good voice, great staying power — but the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts.” I met Kennedy (a gabby 41-year-old whose actual name is Lisa Kennedy Montgomery) in Midtown Manhattan at Fox News headquarters, where she hosts a Fox Business Network program ca ...
sun news media the shadow of Fox News network
Sarah Palin has asked Americans to reduce the trade deficit by eating less Chinese food. In an interview on Fox News this morning, the former Alaska governor claimed that our growing trade deficit with China has become a national security risk and outlined her strategy for reversing the trend. ...
Ann Coulter suggested today that America infect migrant children with ebola in order to discourage illegal immigration. In an interview this morning on Fox News the controversial conservative commentator was asked how she would handle the growing humanitarian crisis caused by the arrival of ...
One doctor was so outraged over the Affordable Care Act that he quit practicing medicine in Florida, moved to New Hampshire and is now running for state office as a Republican. Tune in for more stories from the first year of ObamaCare on ‘Fox News Reporting: Live Free or Die’ tonight at 10p ET. Catch it again Sunday at 8p ET.
Mexican to coordinate care for immigrants, undocumented children in Chicago | Fox News Latino via
Many Americans have come to see the danger that Islam poses. However, many feel obligated to stay quiet to remain politically correct. Those same people have started to view groups like Hamas as revolutionary heroes—despite the facts that they are actually active terrorists. Now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has started to speak out about the common misconceptions about the group—like for instance, the fact that some continue to believe that the terrorist organization will cooperate. According to Fox News, Netanyahu recently sat down with Sean Hannity to give warning to the United States, claiming that they are a major reason they are facing threats from major Islamic groups. “These people fight among themselves to see who will be king of the hill. But one thing they agree on: it’s going to be an Islamist hill,” Netanyahu claimed. “You’re the ‘Great Satan.’ You’re ultimately the target. They attack us because they believe that we are you and that you are us.” “And in o ...
Fox News is just bunch of baloney...
Michelle Fields' former Pepperdine professor accuses her of going 'full retard' on Fox News
is this in anyway related to Fox News. If so get the *** out of my time line. You guys stink
Hi See my profile or go to Fox news for piece on how world ignores Iraq (Syria) deaths and is only concerned with Israel's Gaza war
KISS frontman Gene Simmons says Israel-Gaza conflict is about mother losing ... - Fox News
I bet you love watching Fox News and Hannity?
Sorry the sporting world is NOT reeling over Nascar news. That's some FOX News level of disconnection from reality.
I recorded this today from Fox News, with Shepard Smith. It is a must watch!
Fox: No more pursuits of content companies ..BusinessNews Atlanta
How an interview on Fox News 26 helped reveal my changing mindset.
Putin meets leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan as tensions over Nagorno-Karabakh ... - Fox News
I know a racist cop when i see one ,the world is not that blind .well maybe those who watch fox news are blind
Parents, what's the right age to explain to a Fox News anchor that Santa isn't real?
If you are a fan of Al-Jazeera America, that is EXACTLY what you are doing. And unfortunately, with the exception of Fox News, the rest are not for behind in the fine art of being apologists for HAMAS.
Sheriff about to address media. CBS, NBC, FOX, AP all on it. The "sporting news network" still hasn't shown up.
Proud? Really? Wow, ok. In the meantime, SI, Fox Sports and the AP will cover this like a proper news story.
If there's one thing that's annoys me it's how bias Fox News is for Israel
If Fox News Reporting isn't the most dynamic TV show around, at least its tone and approach are sure-footed and appropriate.
Hey everyone - Renowned Neurologist Dr David Perlmutter has heard about the recent commotion in the press and on social media regarding Paleo and I and he felt compelled to share his extensive knowledge. I have also included Dr Perlmutter's bio at the bottom of the page below the recipe for Shepherds Pie. Please share the recipe and the information amongst your family and friends as it is indeed up to date and crucial knowledge to acquire. If you haven't read 'Grain Brain' then please consider taking the time to read this profound book especially if you know anyone with any mental illness particularly Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Grain Brain is a game changer! Also follow Dr David Perlmutter, M.D. on to keep UP TO DATE with the latest non bias, scientific research. He is undoubtably trail blazing in the world of health along with other dedicated health professionals like Nora Gedgaudas! (interesting to note that Dr Perlmutter has the utmost respect for Nora and her work). Over to you Dr Perlmutter... I .. ...
They're doing it are dubbing the Steins;Gate movie at last!!
Why am I watching Fox News? It's like I'm trying to make myself mad smh
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ukraine president says he'll consider aid mission as Obama, Merkel warn ... - Fox News: Fox NewsUkraine presid...
Vincent Giampapa, M.D. Jeunesseglobal Medical Advisor Vincent C. Giampapa, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a Board Certified Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is also the Director of the Plastic Surgery Center Internationalé and The Giampapa Institute for Anti-Aging Medical Therapy in Montclair, New Jersey. While he currently serves as a medical spokesman and advisor for Jeunesse®, he has worked as a consultant for NASA in prior years. Dr. Giampapa received his M.D. degree from Mt. Sinai Medical School in New York, New York. Additionally, he has completed medical training in plastic surgery and a year-long fellowship in microsurgery and hand at New York University Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a former Research Fellow for other prestigious institutions including Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, New York. Dr. Giampapa ...
Russia reportedly says it chased apparent US sub from Barents Sea - Fox News
THIS is fo you !It’s even worse than Fox News: How Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann get away with it
Why are religious minorities in Iraq the target of Genocide IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY? Segment on Fox News America's News Headquarters from earlier today.
Great news for the deaf, Tomorrow is Sunday, and the deaf are learning many things from the Bible. They learned what INSPIRATION means. Many hearing people,who say they are Christians, do not know the meaning, including the great Bill O'riley, of Fox News. He wrote a book " Killing Jesus ". He said he wrote it as a historical book, because there were too many things written in the Bible, that history could not back up. He's no more a Bible scholar, than I am a heart surgeon. Inspiration means all the writers of the original Scriptures, both The Old, and The New Testament, were inspired ( God Breathed, controlled, instructed, and directed, by God). They are perfect, and without error. All the atheist, and agnostics down thru the ages have tried to prove one error in the Holy Scriptures, and failed. I have a recording, on tape, of a big trial that took place in Tenn. a traveling preacher offered ten thousand dollars to anyone that could prove one error in the Scriptures . A bunch of atheist , and agnostics ...
UPDATE: The latest news regarding the Tony Stewart incident
If you don't realize Fox News is pure propaganda, it's because you've already been brainwashed.
you want news Ben? How about you stop watching Fox News and turn real news on.
Holy CRAP ! Tony Stewart is blowing up on Fox News and ABC for getting into it with another driver then that driver got out of his car and Smoke hit him with his car . this is bad bad bad !
Russell Brand is just a superstar - you have to watch this. He calls Fox News’ Sean Hannity a 'terrorist' for his Gaza coverage
Fox News Interview from this morning. We will fight for Agent Vega.
TONIGHT at 10p ET: 'Fox News Reporting: Live Free or Die - ObamaCare in New Hampshire' investigates how the health care law is affecting a state that has always prided itself on its independence... And where this year's election will be key to determining which party controls the Senate. Catch it again Saturday at 10p ET and Sunday at 8p ET.
M.C. SPICE Still Scared [Of Revolution] I see 'em talkin' 'bout that frontline action But ain't nobody walkin' when that frontline action Is all up in their face / like 8-balls up in their face Smokescreen clear / guess who still standin' there? Amir Quadeer Shakir / who I fear? / none of y'all Came from the dirt / I put the hurt to some of y'all Game don't change / same old names If you a sucker on the block / you a sucker in the pen, hop Shot at / stabbed / ultimately shot / it don't matter Still the one to bust the devil down while you chit-chatter Blood splatter / coughin' up a blood clot Couldn't get Assatta / got 'Pac / blood clot Go and tell bro / that the / Cointelpro still breathin' Can I get a witness here this evening? Who's the dog that brought the bone that buried Brother Humza? Take your liberation flag and burn it at Kwanzaa Where was you when Rana Jones was murdered? We took it the block / let it be known, the murdered Won't be deserted / Fox news got y'all diverted From the issue / they a ...
GRAPHIC: BLACK MOB ATTACKS WHITE PEDESTRIANS MEDIA SILENT. NEVER SEEN ON US MEDIA. I sent it to them all, even FOX NEWS. All they ask is "Where did it happen?" I reply, I do not know. I found it on youtube five years ago and no one will show it. I do not get another question and it is never shown. What the media asks is "Where" not "Who" or even "Why." It's a good thing the cops showed up to arrest the white guys who fought back and didn't run away when the cops arrived. There is no chase, no searching. They got what they needed to close this case. I've had more fun emailing that video to a dozen NEWS stations. I call them five minutes later, make them open the email, admit they received the video -- then I listen to their breathing turn spastic as they fumble for an excuse to not show it.
Mocking Fox News is starting to get so easy, you might be able to take it up as a hobby. Here are some of the worst fails!
It's on Fox News, It's gotta be true...
Woman: "We heard banging and screaming at the door." Man: "He's standing over me with an assault rifle." In a Fox News special, John Stossel explores the militarization of today's police force. How much freedom are we willing to give up to feel safe? Tune in to 'Policing America' Saturday and Sunday at 10p ET.
*** he was fine, until he said he watches Fox News.
Donna Fiducia on the set at The Fox News Channel with Verne Troyer (Mini Me) and Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina) from the movie Austin Powers...
FOX NEWS told Glenn Beck he was crazy, they tried to confuse him with Conspiracy Theorists like Alex Jones the Anti-Zionist, yet it seems that Glenn Beck is not a Conspiracy Theorist and he is not crazy at all, Glenn Beck knows about the evil that is in Islam. Glenn Beck understands how Islam is against Christians, Atheists and the Jewish race. Glenn Beck is the truest Libertarian ever.
Russia says an apparent US submarine has been driven away from the Barents Sea | Fox News
Fox News is reporting on the ACA in New Hampshire tonight. Let me tell you a little something about the ACA in New Hampshire. 1. The refused to set up their own exchange. 2. They didn't expand Medicaid until this past March. 3. Under the federal enrollment at only one insurance company is offered, thus monopolizing all new enrollees and prices can be pushed up. The problem with "Obamacare in New Hampshire" is New Hampshire, not the Affordable Care Act. Yet another perfect example of why we need Medicare for all. It would cost FAR less, and everyone would be covered. Until then, implement the ACA properly and prices will fall.
MS-13 members are infiltrating a federal facility for Central American youths illegally entering the United States -- trying to cross the border with criminal pasts and recruiting others to join the notoriously violent, California-based gang, sources tell Fox News.
Death of James Brady, Reagan press secretary, ruled a homicide | Fox News
Fox News confirms President Obama is considering airstrikes as part of plans for a possible humanitarian mission in northern Iraq. Tens of thousands of religious minorities are stranded on a mountaintop, dying of thirst and hunger, after militants drove them from their homes. See how the crisis is threatening to pull our military back into Iraq:
‘Confirmed gang members’ being released into USA (CBS News) – A Border Patrol agent claims that the federal government is allowing murderers from Central America to be released into the U.S. Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, agent Chris Cabrera stated that these teenage gang members crossing the bo…
Border Patrol agent: We are 'handcuffed at every single turn' | Fox News via
CNN and MSNBC are on the President signing the VA bill. Fox News has Gene Simmons talking about Russia:
Did Sen Shaheen lie to us on ObamaCare "Tonight on Fox News: "Live Free or Die: Obamacare in NH”
Fox News says investigation at 10 pm shows Sen. Shaheen's hand in health care reform ``for decades.''
"Compared to this Ghengis Khan looks like small potatoes." ... okay Fox News
This is awesome! In our NMW presentation, we call out Fox News' Greta Van Susteren for criticizing NMW on her...
“Evening entertainment: choosing between Fox News or Jimmy Swaggart on TV. LOL!
Here is today's clip on Fox News with The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Gretchen Carlson Aidala Arthur
Hawaii braces as Iselle to give island first hurricane in 22 years - Fox News
Next up on Fox News, the Insane Clown Posse talks entitlement reform.
Dem Sen. Walsh drops out of Montana Senate race after plagiarism scandal - Fox News
Fox News host Greta Van Susteren: Obama is 'not showing any leadership' via
Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren condemns and voices support for
Yes, let the good times roll, but I will not follow or view Fox News. Semper Fidelis.
I talk w Gretchen Carlson on Fox News abt companies that're doing cust service RIGHT!
Former pizza king and presidential candidate Herman Cain wants the world to know how potent the Tea Party still is. “The tea party movement, in terms of its impact, is still very strong,” Cain said on Fox News. “The key thing is it’s called many of the incumbents to move more towards the right relat
The world seems to be falling apart. MSNBC's headline? Chris Christie. Worse than Fox News.
I’ve never watched Fox News in the AM and on God there’s going to be Sam Waterston in a robot insurance ad any second
You may have seen Sean Hannity trying to educate Russell Brand on his Fox News show. This is Russell Brands response to his 'education'. This is part one
Russell Brand has continued his war of words with Sean Hannity over the Fox News host’s coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict. After Hannity responde...
Russell Brand got mad when that Fox News loudmouth wouldn't let this guy speak. So we did:
The man who was bullied by Fox News host Sean Hannity - triggering the spat between Hannity and Russell Brand - has had the last laugh thanks to the actor and comedian. Yousef Munayyer, a Palestinian American lawyer and analyst, was asked by Hanni...
Makes sense - WHY MICHELLE CAME HOME (Interesting) Actions speak louder than words. Sheppard Smith, Fox News. "If you check President Obama's last trip over-seas, his wife left just after their visit to France . She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it. Why is Michelle returning to the states when 'official' trips to foreign countries generally include the First Lady." Here's one thought on the matter. While in a Blockbuster renting videos I came across a video called "Obama". There were two men standing next to me and we talked about President Obama. These guys were Arabs, so I asked them why they thought Michelle Obama headed home following the President's recent visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband. They told me she could not go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Iraq .. I said "Why not,(?) Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Dubai ." They said that Obama is a Muslim and therefore he is not allowed to bring his wife into countries ...
Fox News misleadingly credited Governor Rick Perry's (R-TX) announcement that National Guard troops would be deployed to the border for reducing the number of immigrants crossing the border -- but experts find that migration regularly decreases in summer months due to dangerous summer weather.
speaking out to as the DD of on Fox News' with Check it out!
During an interview with Bill Hemmer on Fox News' America's Newsroom Wednesday, former New York City Mayor and...
"Denver's a pretty cool city... I mean, even cooler with the new laws." -Shep Smith, my favorite Fox News anchor.
Fox News turns to Bo Dietl to push for the NYPD to use chokeholds and stop-and-frisk:
Allen West tells it like it is! He is a black AMERICAN! You need to learn about him because he has it right! Now read his post today! As you all know, I am Georgia-born and raised and very proud of that. I love my home state and it’s the place where my parents were laid to rest. However, there is one thing that causes me utmost embarrassment from my home state: former President Jimmy Carter. And his recent incoherent ranting about Hamas and Israel further proves that sentiment. Jimmy Carter is an anti-Semite. As reported by Fox News, “Former President Jimmy Carter once again is getting way out in front of the U.S. government on the Middle East, co-authoring an op-ed in which he calls for Washington to recognize designated terror group Hamas as a legitimate “political actor” — while blasting Israel for its military campaign in the Gaza Strip.The scathing column on was written by Carter and Ireland’s former president Mary Robinson.” I guess stupidity comes in twos and as Gart ...
I think I'm about to hear your name on Fox News by Bill Hemmer. Wish it was for a happy occasion. Prayers to you.
Geraldo Called out for Fox News not having people 'from Arab Descent' - Walid Shoebat
has various shares in Fox News and so on. First Arab in space if I'm not mistaken. They provide a good comedy escape
This week's Mainstream Media Scream features Fox News analyst Juan Williams describing those supporting impeachment of President Obama as a whites-only group, suggesting racism is behind the movement. Fox News Sunday Host Chris Wallace: “Do you think that the Republican opposition to this president,…
Juan Williams, just said to Bill O'Reilly about Sgt, Tammarissi, "Come on, that guy is not a serious issue." Really ? I think we need to let Fox News know that a Marine in a Mexican prison is a serious issue.
every AMERICAN call Fox News and tell them no more Juan Williams or they can join CNN,MSNBC…
Why does Fox News keep a left-wing loon like Juan Williams on its payroll?
Fox News, one of the most anti-Islam and pro Israeli news broadcaster, is owned by News Corp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Saudi Prince Al-waleed bin Talal. The Saudi-Zionist collaboration continues.
I'm wondering what the *** Fox News was thinking when they hired Shepard Smith in the first place No talent at all.
Fox News' Shepard Smith hates New York City tour buses. How much, you ask? Perhaps it's just best to let him explain, after two buses crashed in Times Square on Tuesday. To recap, things that tour buses are, according to Shep: • A disaster. • Horrible. • Destroying New...
"Really responsible reporting from Fox News: "MASS HYSTERIA" SMH just peachy
We've got a black President, an openly *** NFL player, a female basketball coach, and soccer's becoming popular. Sorry, Fox News crowd...
If Allen West is Right, Barack Obama Is In Serious Trouble After a vicious attack on four U.S. Marines back in 2012, the families of slain victims have counted on Afghanistan’s legal system to appropriately punish Ainuddin Khudairaham. Instead, the man who killed three while seriously injuring a fourth has been tried as a juvenile and sentenced to a shameful seven and a half year prison term. Two years ago, while serving as an aide to local law enforcement, brought a rifle with him to the gym at a Helmand Province forward operating base and opened fire. He showed no mercy and killed Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr., Cpl. Richard Rivera Jr., and Staff Sgt. Scott Dickinson during the violent encounter. Conservative hero U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen West, a former Congressman, weighed in on the light sentence during a recent Fox News (above) to explain just how serious this “heinous” sentencing is: “This is absolutely unconscionable. The shooter should not have been tried as a juvenile.” And [As] a matte ...
Benjamin Netanyahu gets more airtime on Fox News than Rove, Palin, Cheney and me combined. Geez.
Johns Hopkins Hospital settles for $190 million in pelvic exam pics case - Fox News
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu vows Israel will do whatever is necessary in ... - Fox News
A Republican congressman who was confronted on the floor Friday night by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi over his immigration comments told Fox News that the former speaker was visibly shaken during the encounter -- but said he's not going to put up with this.
James Brady, who served as White House press secretary under President Ronald Reagan, is dead at 73, Fox News has learned.
Fox News' Bob Beckel suggests Israel should sacrifice Israelis instead of bombing UN schools that Hamas is using to stockpile rockets while…
Bob Beckel spews the word *** , accidentally makes the subtext text at Fox News
how much does Fox News pay Bob Beckel to say he's a Democrat then be as unlike able as Donald Trump?
Fox News' Bob Beckel calls the Bachelorette a 'sl ...
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