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Fox News

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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Repubs work hard every day on talk radio & Fox News to keep the public misinformed about the facts of Obamacare.
Fox News and the GOP - If they lied about Obamacare then what else did they lie about, RT
TV. Fox News. Shepard Smith and Kennedy did the segment
US Embassy in Saudi Arabia reopens after security concerns - Fox News
I'm wearing a Johnny Cash shirt in Houston Texas at George Bush airport listening to a Ted Cruz speech on Fox News :(
yes, just like Fox News and Alex Jones. They should make mystery science theater from AJ, Fox, and Ted Cruz clips.
Fox News is downplaying the bloody arrest of a black UVA student as "common"
from Fox News: Blog sparks fury after calling stay-at-home moms a…
Fox News' double standard in Ferguson and Benghazi coverage:
are they serious about Jeb Bush as a political candidate? I thought it was a punchline to all things Fox News.
Jon Stewart calls out Fox News for a double standard in covering Ferguson and Benghazi.
Tide of the century cuts off Mont Saint-Michel from mainland France - Fox News
Why doesn't Fox News mention why Bob Beckel is not on The Five!
[No they haven't. This is just propaganda put out by Fox News and groups like the AFA and the Family Research Council.]
Harvick going for the West Coast sweep - Fox News
HEY . I watch the FIVE on Fox News on occasion ... WHERES Bob Beckel . THE PEOPLE THEY PUT IN HIS CHAIR ARE MORONS .
So much for “Who's more ideological, Fox News viewers or NPR listeners?
MUST SEE: Benjamin joins at 9p ET on Tune in to Fox News & set your DVR.
Greg Gutfeld: Obama whining about Fox News is like the football player bad mouthing the only cheerleader who won't sleep with him
The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with Ted Nugent and Glenn Beck on Fox News, plus Lecrae.
When the first thing your patient says is "can you put on Fox News, it's the only truthful news station out there"
Keep sucking the Fox News teat. Obama didn't kiss any Arab King on the mouth as Bush did. RWNJs hate that pic. 😂
When you kill a column because it's critical of Fox News and you have a show there... I mean, what do you have left? http…
In a survey of Fox News viewers, it was found that they are 3x more likely to use hate & racist slurs than those who avoid the channel.
Right-wingers can't find the game on truTV because they changed the channel to Fox News and it wasn't on
How one TV channel is positioning itself to be the next Fox News:
Brian Steinberg profiles Harris Faulkner, a black female anchor at Fox News.
Well, prohibiting negative stories about Fox News or any channel doesn't resemble any act of editing I'm familiar with
Americans voting Fox News the trusted news channel hints to me that some Americans need to stay home voting day.
from Fox News: Actor Ted McGinley stars in faith-based film
American intelligence analysts not certain whether airstrikes have hurt al-Qaida cell in Syria | Fox News
Mickey Kaus quits Daily Caller over having a story critical of Fox News spiked…:
No regrets: Ted Cruz joins Marco Rubio in saying he'd sign Iran letter again | Fox News Latino
yeah. at UIC apparently. They supposed to give more info on Fox news
"Fox News looking at Fox like. I thought this too!
Is going to be a political analyst for CNN or Fox News some day?
will be on Fox News on Thursday at 10:10 AM to discuss the Jihadi terror massacre in Tunis and the repercussions
he's brought on to give his opinion on Fox News...enough said.
Heroine from *** Palestinians honor mass killer with monument | Fox News
Check out fox news after empire, Hakeems family is gonna be on their along with my dad.
Robots to transform the way we live - MyFoxAustin | KTBC | Fox 7 Austin | News Weather Sports
Yes but you still ignore the numbers of all others combined, more people watch other news..not Fox
Fox News: White House surveillance tapes may have been destroyed, Secret ... -
.nope. Go play in your Fox News sandbox. We'll get you a rattle.
Great attitude. Of course everyone knows there's no point in ever being better than Fox News :)
I'll be on Hannity TV tonight on the Fox News Channel at 10 PM eastern time.You won't want to miss it! Hope you'll join …
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I guess you can't speak ill of Faux News, um, I mean
“WATCH: Man dances to 'Uptown Funk' on treadmill - FOX 32 News Chicago better than step aerobics!
This poor woman. This is what happens when you watch TOO much Fox News, etc.
Just split the company three ways, just like Film, TV, and propaganda news, duh!
Switched back to watching Fox news. CNN is getting way too liberal for me.
Activists report dozens of Assyrian Christans kidnapped by ISIS - Fox News
I bet fox get more views with empire than the news
shoutout to penn state on Fox News about nothing positive like always smfh 😒😒😒
Fox News: Iran and Hezbollah Removed from List of State Sponsors of Terror --Hezbollah left off Terror List?!?
China sheds light on its quest to track down fleeing officials via
5 ways to eat healthier while traveling on a plane- Tanya Zuckerbrot MS RD for Fox News Blog
Breaking news (from about a week ago) as FOX 8 must've been forwarded that Bleacher Report story about Shumpert/Empire.
Fall, Schmall. The door is open to lobbying opportunities and Fox News contracts now.
THIS JUST IN: If you don't have anything nice to say, Fox News is hiring...
Why does Fox News always do DARK SKIN and HIP HOP stories on Wednesday nights ??? Yall ain't low.”
Wow at that fox news commercial and a frat 👀
Fox trying to get yous to stay tuned to the news. Changing to CNN. Nobody talking abt that young man at UVA?! I know fox won't!
Haiti asks for delay in halving of UN peacekeeping force ahead of elections - Fox News
So I hear UIC is starting up a new course, Beyoncé 101. According to Fox News
Lmao why is Fox 8 News doing a whole segment on a local recording studio building its empire 😂😂😂
Am I the only person who got the Fox News ad? They said there's a new class at UIC called BEYONCE 101. LMAO
Wait a minute ...Fox News is saying they have seen an increase in rating during Pt. 2 of from their Jamaican viewers 😳
How to build an empire will be on Fox News lol 😂
Fox News having a one on one with BEYONCÉ fgghgbgfg
Fox News commercials are always so racial
She turned off the hockey game for fox news.
A letter sent to the White House today tested positive for cyanide, or as Fox News reported it, "too bad, they almost got him!"
I was Die Hard Dem who Fox News and Paul helped me switch from Dem to Rep😊
Fox News: Jennifer Garner brought to tears on live TV when talking about ... -
..Juan Williams and Bob Beckel are Fox News useful *** for the left, if they wanted it balanced they would hire ppl with a brain
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Next up on Fox News: Obama racing a baby instead of working, that lazy bum. And he's losing the race too.
Oscars 2015: Dakota Johnson wants mom Melanie Griffith to see 50 Shades of ... - Fox News
Excited News Corp execs look to heighten their diversity image by moving Raven Symone from "Empire" to commentator on Fox News.
The Scat from Fox News: Where is Bob Beckel? This is the 50 Cent Question ... .
Give me a break! Now it is the good looking women on Fox News. Wait, I want Candy Crowley, O's lifeboat
US soccer writers fail worse than Fox News. So much hate & rumors about JK but none bring heat or blame to Gulati.
Adidas to end partnership with National Basketball Association after 2016-2017 season | Fox News.. Related Articles:
Rand Paul: Hillary Believes She is Above the Law: On Monday Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was on Fox News to speak...
Britney Spears shows off toned abs with new beau - Fox News
Rory McIlroy the new face of EA Sports' PGA Tour video game | Fox News.. Related Articles:
News: Tim Tebow works out for Eagles - Fox News: NJ.comTim Tebow works out for EaglesFox NewsNo, it doesn't ap...
Netanyahu may lose Israeli election. Fox News blames it on Obama.
What you're missing on Fox News about Obama.
If Germany & Japan can be made allies, why not Iran? Don't parrot KSA-owned Fox News chicken hawks.
Rupert Murdoch: the owner of Fox News, he was actually a liberal, but he realized the act of spreading fear is quite profitable.
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Congrats to on joining the Fox News team! :)
Any Cable Company would have been rushing to drop any other Network caught lying as many times as Fox News and Fox Business.
Fox News having a LNP advertorial with Paul Kelly and Greg Sheridan interviewing Abbott. It should be on the Comedy Channel.
President Obama's ISIS strategy falling short? Obama strategy is wishing ISIS will go away-so NO strategy. -Fox News
Larry Winget on Fox News/Neil Cavuto Larry Winget on Fox News with Neil Cavuto discussing how to react to swin...
Organo Gold Francis predicts his papacy to be 4-5 years, misses pizza - Fox News
Zimbabwe: Thousands gather in Victoria Falls to celebrate Robert Mugabes 91st ... - Fox News
I think Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard got it wrong when she insisted on Fox News that ISIS are a bunch of radical...
Harrison battles past Fish at Indian Wells - Fox News
Fox News... Shep Smith has got t go. His sarcasm and his reporting of the new is rather offensive at best. Hire a talking horse.
"Morning Joe is my second favorite Fox News morning show" Jimmy Dore Classic
For Comic Relief, the BBC should spend 24 hours broadcasting news in the style of Fox News and Huw Edwards must emulate Bill O'Reilly.
Fox News: Eric Holder really should NOT have shot those cops in Ferguson!
A recent Quinnipiac University poll ranked Fox News as the most trusted cable news network in the country.
Do you seriously want Fox News to come after you about the beard? They have a problem with beards, unless it's on Phil Robertson
Andrea Tantaros @ Fox News says feminist moms "give it up" more than most.. Andrea only give it up they say for a really hot story
Thought you'd appreciate this delightful commentary on feminism from the delightful folks at Fox News
id be calling fox news if that happened. Or nancy grace. Id show nancy grace my taint.
BREAKING: FERGUSON POLICE CHIEF TO RESIGN: Fox News is reporting that the police chief of Ferguson ...
Screening men with ED for heart disease could save money, lives - Fox News
Make sure the door doesn't hit U and Mr. Shaw in the *** on the way out.
'EU to host nuclear talks in Brussels on Monday
Fox News puts itself at the top of the list.
Man rolls in dog waste to try avoiding arrest; plan fails
Fox News: Lawmakers eye contents of Clinton’s ‘private’ server, dubious of ... -
Police: Reports of a shooting at Lil Wayne's Florida home a 'hoax'
In reality, the investigation found he had repeatedly engaged in inappropriate behavior, had allegedly lied about...
'ISIS: Outcome of a failed policy toward Iran
Island fox recovery one of the fastest in U.S. [Video]
It seems to me that the Obama administration hates Conservatives and Fox News more than Islamist Terrorists in the Middle E…
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"A belief system, not a news organization..."
Uh, the Fox News Power Index. It says so right at the top.
please vote for here. Best Salt n Pepper.
Please take a moment to check out the below clip of our very own Lindsey Butler making her FOX 5 News debut!
Fox News claims to be fair & balanced but shows a clear bias against dems. Shoulda studied poli sci woulda got all A's
.they're saying Chief will be giving up his Shield but we know he will get rich on spkng engagemen…
Woman chokes rabid raccoon to death during attack
US to send Ukraine small drones, armored Humvees - IMF signs off on $17.5B loan program for Ukraine
Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson to resign today: Fox News
Fox News reporting that Ferguson Police chief Tom Jackson will resign today. Have one source confirming (here come some c…
NAACP battles Latino groups over push to open public schools for non-English speakers | Fox News
You don't know anything about Islam at all, do you? Outside of what you've heard on Fox News, anyway.
Government bodies to auction BMW bought by guy who continued shopping spree after … – Fox News
Fox News is saying America is NOT a Christian nation? Brb, just going to check to see if *** has frozen over.
Professors: US flag symbolizes racism, should not be displayed on campus | Fox News
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police chief Thomas Jackson to resign today, according to Fox News
so its about time to take the democrats to task in a non-Fox News book burning way. Jon Stewart would never do that.
Updated: These are the worst things Fox News has ever done
The Courier News - Max McGraw secured land in the Fox Valley for outdoor activities
Fox News' Shep Smith "hates" people who don't care if the government spies on them.
Shep Smith (FNC) uses 2 phones because he doesn't want Fox News to be able to read his personal emails (if he used company p)
Editor's note: Fox News is reporting, via sources, that Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Tom Jackson will resign today following the Department …
Fox News host Sean Hannity gets blasted over race comments, on his own show
Jon Stewart slams CNN and Fox News less than serious Selma coverage (VIDEO)
Thirdly, the statistic that 3% of Democrats trust Fox News may be the most surprising statistic in an article full of them.
Poll: Fox News most trusted network. First of all is this real life? Second, was there a none of the above option?
Students block access to University of California, Santa Cruz, in ongoing ... - Fox News
Kimberly Guilfoyle, why is Fox News refusing to cover White Genocide when MSNBC already has?
Survivor tells Boston Marathon bombing trial blast felt like she was 'on a rocket' - Fox News
I heard yesterday on Fox News that John Kerry, God forbid, might step up to run if Hillary is denied. Lottsa garbage floating in Dem party.
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"Scalia looks more like a Fox News justice who gets his talking points from popular culture rather than from the law"
Today in "Signs of Decline of American Civilization" "Poll: Fox News most trusted network
Fox News signs Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., as contributor
In an interview with Fox News, unannounced-but-obvious Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul claimed that...
Patricia Arquette says Constitutional amendment necessary for equal rights for ... - Fox News
I always think that Pat Caddell can’t be any more of a phony selling out for a paycheck, then I see his next segment on Fox News
Well...between Fox News, CNN, Daily Mail and the Telegraph...not sure who is going to want to talk about Islamophobia :)
missed a mark by stopping short of pointing out that Fox News lies has produced millions of ignorant viewers who vote.
Fox News: Vowing never to give up, relatives mark anniversary of MH370's disappearance . More -
but remember Fox News and senator McCain want to supply at arms 😐 *** where are they getting the money from 😐
Bill Maher's new attack on Fox News: "Like a dog with a new chew toy."
What Curtis Sliwa & others from Fox News don't know is that extreme winters & extreme hot summers are part of climate change. Read up!
'On the same page': US, Europe show solidarity on Iran nuke talks - Fox News: the sam...
Donation to Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state violated ... - Fox News
Holder says US working on how to capture or kill Jihadi John - Fox News
Another hate crime. Fox News describes it as 'random' shooting
Apparently you have to be an NFL star to get Fox News to take school nutrition seriously
Harrison Ford reported engine failure before crash-landing on golf course – Fox News
"Attorney General Holder has finally called the enemy by name of course he thinks the enemy is Fox News" -Jodi Miller
Soon as pops walked out there with that shotgun, Fox News woulda ran 24 hour stories on the history of gun violence in his family
3 transported to hospitals after plane skids off runway at New York’s LaGuardia … – Fox News
The Federalist Society to Fox News to the Supreme Court: The real story behind the conservative war on Obamacare
Tune in tonight at 7pm EST to hear Sen. Tom Coburn on Greta van Susteren's Fox News show! via
Hung jury in Jodi Arias sentencing phase removes possibility of death sentence - Fox News
Loved how Jeffrey Toobin called Scalia the "Fox News justice".
Greta: Washington loves its 'classified' secrets | Fox News Video
If a fox and a hound can be pals, why not a weasel and a woodpecker? This could make for a great Disney movie...
ICYMI Fox News Admits Host Lied: never saw killings and fiddled his sports record
Ex-Iranian hostages agree with Bibi: Tehran can't be trusted | Fox News
It's statistically significant that they're the Cast your vote here:
Cancer risk above 50 percent for Brits born in 1960 - Fox News
Nigel Farage would bring back fox hunting? That's UKIP votes out then for the majority of people against it
Fingerprints of Aaron Hernandez and his alleged victim found in car
FAA says Phoenix Sky Harbor flight paths cannot be reverted - FOX 10 News
Just canceled my subscription that I signed up for on day 1. I thought I was listening to Sean Hannity or the FOX News *** yesterday.
Bill O'Reilly telling the hard truth? Smh. You need to use a different analogy. Him and Fox news lie on air.
Weekend of Jazz is this week! Check our Jazz 1 on FOX 45. Tickets still available for the Cab Calloway...
State Department says Netanyahu twisted Kerry's words in speech to Congress | Fox News
Lead off speaker: KT McFsrland Fox News National Security Analyst - a privilege to be here - a Madison native!
it's funny that fox news thinks running an email server is treason. I mean exchange is ugly, but...
My one wish for 2015 is that Fox News will finally admit they don't like Black people.
Kentucky store clerk fights off and shoots robber | Fox News Video
(sic) Cheerleaders with Pom Pom's and dresses say - Gearing up for 'Purges.
Futurist: What Artificial Intelligence will really look like. Fox News
Indian Parliament erupts after rape documentary is banned | Fox News via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Supreme Court takes up Obamacare: (FOX NEWS) Congressional Republicans are proposing long and short-term alter...
Stop spreading hate, Fox News makes me sick, and so does the crew that spreads it's propaganda
we'll never have to see links to FOX news again (unless you go to the last page of results I guess)!
Suspicions of Turkey, Hamas alliance stoke fears in Israel - Fox News: Fox NewsSuspicions of Turkey, Hamas all...
South African teen kidnapped at birth found at same school as biological sister - Fox News
Well, Fox News is as accurate as ever, I see.
Hey Fox News, it's the best thing that could happen. Forces ACA to fall & IRS out of Healthcare.
Art listen up small in a direction GMO Fox News love me
Its march of 2015 and still many homes are not fit to live in build it back just giving no reason they want people to move out so the house can be fix and you have no idea when they will start and finish nothing is in writing a friend move out in oct the put the house seven feet in the air an never touch it she is living from place to place and her family is falling apart thank you Mr. Mayor
because all the others are communist/muslim supporters. Fox News is the only AMERICAN network.
Fox News says Bill O'Reilly only saw 'Irish terrorists kill and maim their fellow citizens' in photos
This morning Fox News interviewed Rick Perry. At the end of the interview the Anchor said, Go Spurs. I almost vommed.
NHL player traded closer to home after 11-year-old daughter's letter goes viral | Fox News
"I challenge you, Fox News, to a lie-off!" -- Jon Stewart.
School officials say Southern California teacher found dead in classroom ... - Fox News
Look at what he says about John Ashcroft & Fox News in this Patheos interview. (
When I visit my grandparents, I can guarantee that my granddad is watching westerns and Fox News while my grandmother is watching sports.
-- Fox News:. The murder of Boris Nemtsov, a political foe of Russian President Vladimir Putin who was publicly...
So the big gun of Murdoch's Fox News is an unmitigated liar. No surprise there. via
Fox News have to speak with the winner Rand Paul not with Walker from second place.
First Lady Claire Underwood uses the term 'Islamic Radicalism'. Can't wait for Fox News to turn that into 2 days of content.
like... dont u think maybe MSNBC or CNN or Fox News or New York Times or even the DAYTONA BEACH NEWS JOURNAL would cover this?
Kay Burley and Sky News seem on the path towards the UK having their very own Fox News.
250 Yanks late at night who didn't have a clue who you are. Auditioning for Fox News as plan B, Nige?
Gigi, Three Coins in the Fountain star Louis Jourdan dies at 93 - Fox News
lets stop calling Fox a"news"channel-just refer 2 it as Fox-be aware Fox won a court case saying it was ok f…
“The Daily Show” managed to fit 50 Fox News lies into one remarkable 6-second video
Heartland institute, the Fox News Network of think-tanks.
Did Brian Williams go after Jay Lenos job? - Fox News
Fox News reports that the dress is in fact gold and white.
The fact that the dress was on Fox News this morning...
Indiana bill would allow baby boxes for surrendering infants - Fox News
..thanks, this should be all over the news, Fox gets their orders too, shameful!!
I find it hilarious that you even got this from Fox news opposed to a local source
Oh gosh. he said Fox News. Unleash your hate, lefties.
Tucker Carlson from FOX News speaker at MPLP MI Political Leadership Program talking about current political news.
Jon Stewart features 50 years of Fox News lies in one six-second Vine
Tell Fox News to hold Bill O'Reilly accountable for deceiving viewers: via
Ha. Fox News announced Scott Walker "upped his game" today at CPAC.aft comparing Wisc workers to ISIS killers.
it all makes sense when you realise Fox News is their sister station.
from Fox News: Dress debate: What color do you see?
from Fox News: Rick Perry: Administration out of touch with reality
If it was a Muslim killing a non-Muslim instead of vice-versa- Fox News would be stationed outside his mosque already ht…
Winners and losers when Expedia buys Orbitz | Fox News via
Meanwhile, Fox News reminds Americans to be afraid. No wonder Americans think they needs guns to be safe.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Is it time to put MPs on trial, asks Fleet Street Fox
D.C. police officers told smell of marijuana is no longer a reas - DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG
"Why does everybody need drones? Can't they put bombs on drones?" - my grandmother that watches Fox News a lot
You could say Fox is the "only" real news source. Certainly your network changes, covers or misreports truth.
UCLA says 179 people were exposed to superbug, 7 infected - Fox News
Fox News airs altered photos of NY Times reporters
Al-Jazeera reporter freed from Egyptian jail returns home to Australia - Fox News
Fox News is talking about the dress, I hope you're all happy 😒
I watched this on Fox News yesterday. Shep Smith narrated it quite well! 😜
Jon Stewart challenges Fox News to a lie-off! Spoiler: It didn't go well for Fox.
"Macho" culture & attitudes - not alcohol - is the cause of Australia's drunken violence, says Dr Anne Fox.
I am hearing disturbing rumors that some Fox News hosts may have said some things that aren't completely true.
Been drinking coffee, watching Fox News and reading the Huff Post every morning this week. Feel like my grandpa
. . . and that's why I don't watch CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC.
2 llamas on the lam lassoed after running amok in Phoenix suburb | Fox News via
White and gold! Blue and black! Theories on why we see 'The Dress' differently - Q13 FOX
Fox news report on NCRI revelation of secret nuclear site.
WATCH: Fox news host fails at sarcasm while asking ‘Why does Obama blame
Jon Stewart unleashes 16 years of Fox News hatred in six-second Vine via
Fox news report on the NCRI revelation of secret nuclear site.
Fox News is the only ones dumb enough to believe anything trump says!
Stupid News you hear on fox 9 vs. Real news you probably won't hear
I'm taking a Fox News approach. No amount of reason will make me change my mind.
CEO, & Partner, were on Fox News this evening. Click the link to watch it now!
Fox News is confused about net neutrality, knows it hates Obama
Listening to Shep Smith BS about llamas is the only time I have ever enjoyed Fox News.
I watched the whole thing on Fox News, Shep Smith HILARIOUS!
Shep Smith is laying a smackdown on CNN right now because Fox got the exclusive llama capture. Fox News, folks.
13 ways to stop drinking soda for good | Fox News - ... or you could just go cold turkey
ROFLMAO Shep Smith of Fox News reporting on the is hysterical. I think he found his calling.
This llama story is Shep Smith at his best. If you're not watch Fox News, you're missing out.
Fox News with the important updates you need to know
Jon Stewart is now using Vine to tackle Fox News.
This may be one of Jon Stewart's best tirades against Fox News:
IDLife's Logan Stout and Troy Aikman Address Nutrition and Vitamins on Fox News -
John Lott of CPRC writing in Fox News: Police are extremely Law-abiding, but concealed handgun permit holders are even more so
It's shameful. Bill O'Reilly has been caught in several lies and then threatens David Corn over it. Fox News stands with O'Reilly
Dear BBC Our BBC I want it back Please. BBC Oxbridge version of Fox News. Marr/Robinson destroy it's Credibility
For Bill O’Reilly and Fox News, a Symbiotic Relationship Bill O'Reilly is a big fat lying bully, acc. to this report.
This should surprise exactly no one. Catastrophe for NBC, spun into ratings boon for Fox News. http:/…
One Percent News is proud to introduce Molly Kristen Gretchen Kelly. We hired her away from Fox News!
Guns and the New York Times: Why shouldn't Americans be able to defend themselves? | Fox News | John Lott
Fox News columnist John Lott is giving expert testimony... Invited by Jaggi and Pipariinen.
Top story: Former Marine found guilty in 'American Sniper' trial | Fox News see more
Revised: A story about an oil-rich Muslim country trying to cancel Christmas FOR SOCCER and Fox News isn't even covering it.
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It's like Fox News when they run segments like 'Is Obama the worst president?' Stop taking us for *** you already had your mind made up.
“America is awesome. . .this administration wants to show us how we’re not awesome.” Andrea Tantaros, Fox News (sic)
Mike Ilitch must be buddies with Roger Ailes because Little Ceasars is getting some great promo time on Fox News last few days.
Shepard Smith is too objective to be on Fox News
If there's any waiting room programming worse than Fox News it has to be the 700 Club.
Tanker truck with 9K gallons of fuel crashes, catches fire in New Jersey - Fox News
first the Daily Mail, now i will hear no word against the good people at Fox News.
'Juan Williams, Fox News' token black commentator'. by .
'Birdman' is night's big Academy Award winner - Fox News
American Sniper lost and the guy who won is talking abt *** rights. Everybody at Fox News just died
Can't wait to see Fox News be irate over Patrica Arquette, Common, and John Legend's speeches tomorrow.
"At the National Press Club, Attorney General Eric Holder blew up at Fox News for repeatedly questioning the...
We must not fear old white men: Here’s how we get past the John McCain/Fox News problem -
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