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Fox News Sunday

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace is a public affairs program on the Fox network, hosted by Chris Wallace and airing on Sunday mornings.

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On "Fox News Sunday," Rep. talked about using the horrific shooting in Alexandria to unite Americans of all polit…
Fox News Sunday is a visual spectacle of independent punditry.
Scott you did a great job on Fox News Sunday 👍🇺🇸. Chris Wallace is a hack and pushes fake news . BOYCOTT ->
I was listening to a black politician on a Fox News Sunday podcast. He talked about raising the minimum wage & small business. Incompatible!
I added a video to a playlist Senator David Vitter on Fox News Sunday
Been a Democrat for 51 years and your behavior on Fox News Sunday, i'm DONE with the Democratic Party !! Leaving the Party !!
If any show could be described as 'art for art's sake,' it would be Chris Wallace's Fox News Sunday.
Scott Pruitt got grilled on Fox News Sunday. Very unreliable and will crack. Fire him!
On Fox News Sunday, Pruitt confirmed he has no plans to protect public health
The left and right agree on this one: Scott Pruitt was destroyed on Fox News this Sunday
BREAKING: just went on to reaffirm that he values polluter profits over American lives.
We will look forward to hearing you on Fox News Sunday!😊
All right. Fox News Sunday. Will watch because you do your homework. Have a good day with Bella
Fox News Sunday is a sweet surprise of a show that goes some way to restoring Wallace's reputation.'s the performances that elevate Fox News Sunday to more than just TV show-of-the-week fodder.
Fox News Sunday may not have the poetic lyricism of Crouching Tiger, it makes up for it in fun and energy.
Limbaugh: "It is preposterous to believe that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of voting in this country."
Scott Pruitt, our new EPA Director, did a fabulous job on FOX NEWS SUNDAY with Chris Wallace. POTUS' Cabinet picks, are excel…
Not going to watch Fox News Sunday much longer.. Chris Wallace, is very bias against the new administration. He is not f…
Scott Pruit the guy who got demolished, roasted by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday? That is a guy…
Scott Pruitt on Fox News Sunday is the most depressing thing I've seen in a while.
Seen today, Fox News Sunday may not seem very original.
FOX NEWS SUNDAY: camp plans TV ad blitz, 'not giving up' |
Fox News Sunday is a quiet triumph of a show.
My interview with Fox News journalist Adam Housley & his breaking news about the Obama Administration's abuse of... http…
She should have taken the hot seat with Mike Wallace (Fox News Sunday) instead of slow walk Andrea M…
Fox News Sunday is a stinging, Strangelovian satire of the power of the bureaucracy in an Orwellian landscape.
On reaffirmed that he values polluter profits over American lives.
The cover-up of Fox News's "unmasking" bombshell is so big that Fox News Sunday even ignored it
Today on Fox News Sunday: Chris sits down with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) in an exclusive interview.
Fox News Sunday is a spy thriller, a buddy TV show, a musical, a comedy and a treasure that is wise about human nature.
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I will be interviewed at 9:00 A.M. and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace at 10:O0 A.M. CNN Iowa Poll -13 point lead!
Watching "Fox News Sunday" it appears with the departure of Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace has appointed himself the official Tr…
ShannonBream "On FoxNewsSunday I'll talk realDonaldTrump economic plans with Austan_Goolsbee & Steve Moore of H…
Though predictable and possibly too sweet, Fox News Sunday is charming, well-delivered, and smarter than typical rom-com fare.
Saints News: The 10 best things about Sunday’s Week 17 NFL games – (Fox Sports)
If you analyze it logically, 'Fox News Sunday' doesn't make much sense, but if you buy into its zany obfuscation, it can be fun.
URGING RUSSIA & OTHERS TO HACK HRC & MORE FOR MONTHS! . "Trump said on Fox News aired Sunday that 'very good people' are giving him periodic
ShannonBream "Vetting realDonaldTrump SCOTUS picks - Leonard Leo is advising the Pres-Elect and joins me on Fox…
- All right! Looking forward to Shannon's Hosting of Fox News Sunday.
The success of Fox News Sunday rests squarely on [Chris Wallace's] Hawaiian shirt-clad shoulders, and he pulls it off.
A colorful and confounding head trip, Fox News Sunday is guaranteed to test the fortitude of all but the most adventurous viewer.
Fox News Sunday is the looniest TV show of the season and also one of the most engaging.
For my money, Fox News Sunday remains the best werewolf treasure of all time.
Happily, Fox News Sunday never lays things out too clearly.
Visually dazzling and emotionally resonant, Fox News Sunday is a show that's both entertaining and powerful.
Contrivances aside... Fox News Sunday is one of the more realistic depictions of what the rock 'n' roll lifestyle is really like.
gonna host FOX NEWS SUNDAY? Talk about Kerry Speech which was an utter disaster? I'll try to write a comment for that one.
I must be really getting into the festival circuit because now I'm totally open to a TV show like Fox News Sunday.
While it doesn't tell a story that satisfies most Western eyes, in some ways that's part of the strength of Fox News Sunday.
Fox News Sunday charts a love relationship that is hobbed by work.
Fox News Sunday's political performance art is very funny and much care obviously goes into it.
Whether its the Sun, Sky News, Fox News or the Sunday Times we should
Fox News Sunday is a seminal TV show for many people. It certainly has been for me.
BIG News! AR Fox will be challenging for his Southeastern Championship! On Sunday Jan 29, 2017 at The…
Trump on Fox News Sunday says he doesn't need daily intelligence briefings as POTUS because he's "smart"
Featuring deft interplay between Chris Wallace and Stuart Varney, Fox News Sunday is an immensely appealing social satire.
You were awesome on Fox News Sunday today! Thank you for calling out Juan Williams! I hope you are the next Press Secretary!!
With his "team of radicals" comment on Fox News Sunday, Juan Williams has disqualified himself from ever offering polit…
.decimates Juan Williams 'team of radicals' taunt on Fox News Sunday
Chris Wallace (not a Shill) decimates Robby Mook on Fox News Sunday. Clinton narrative now is that FBI does not have a warran…
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I'd be all over Fox News Sunday w/ Wallace if I were a Senate Democrat trying to knock off a vulnerable Republican.
Fox News Sunday that little weasel Chris Wallace liberal *** using his mouth to help Hillary Clinton! Can't stand that weasel!
Gadzooks! Methinks I witnessed the World Series of Jousting in Fox News Sunday and actually enjoyed every minute of it.
Fox News Sunday is a masterpiece equal to the action classics Seven Samurai, The Wild Bunch and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Its truly amazing to me how Fox News Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday talks down on you as do other commentators. Hillarys FAULT!
honestly, re your Fox News Sunday appearance, your double talk and lack of honesty was appalling. More establishment politics.
On "Fox News Sunday," Newt Gingrich said he found Clinton's statement "hysterical," pointing out that she's been...
*PROGRAMMING ALERT* If you can't watch it on TV, you can hear it here...Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace comes to 1470 and 100.3 WMBD.
Somehow he's convinced people he's a wonk even though he couldn't explain sh!t on Fox News Sunday
Senator Jeff Sessions appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the state of the GOP primary, republican party...
George Will, Amy Walter, Bob Woodward and Britt Hume on Fox News Sunday, where's the Republican?
Fox News Sunday is a breezy period comedy carried by the strong performances of Michelle Malkin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.
"Mr. McCrory, a Republican who is seeking re-election this year, said on 'Fox News Sunday.' 'It’s the federal...
Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace: Media put Trump on to much because "it spiked the ratings"
WALLACE: Do you regret your vote for the assault weapons ban in '94?. KASICH: No. -- Fox News Sunday, 8/2/2015
Fox News Sunday delves into some seriously dark psychological territory, while somehow rising above it.
4 takeaways from President Obama’s first ever Fox News Sunday interview: On his worst mistake, terrorism, Hill...
In today's briefing at The White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest spoke about Fox News Sunday's exclusive...
Chris Wallace to Interview President Obama on Fox News Sunday--first presidential appearance on Fox in a loong time
Wallace Kiss ?😍Obama to make first appearance on 'Fox News Sunday' since becoming president
Obama to Sit Down for 'Fox News Sunday' Interview for First Time During His Pre... via
Obama to make first appearance on Fox News Sunday' since becoming president Wish it was Hannity, hed…
Sunday, Pres Obama will give his first interview to "Fox News Sunday" since being elected Pres.
This Sunday President Barack Obama sits down with Chris in his first Fox News Sunday appearance as President. Be... http…
Giants face Danger Mission: Impossible: IT’S not the news Leon Cameron and the Giants want to hea... (Fox Sports)
With all the talk, Fox News Sunday requires a viewer's attention and patience, but it is more than duly rewarded in the end.
LYIN TED CRUZ, lies on Fox news Sunday with Shannon Bream.
Fox News' to Host Trump Town Hall in Milwaukee this Sunday evening
For better or worse, "Fox News Sunday" is as safe and square as the TV show of yesteryear.
Ted Cruz was very effective on Fox News Sunday this morning
BUSTED! Cruz LIES on Fox that he denounced Melania attack ad done by Super Pac: No denouncement ever happened
Thank you. I see you will host Fox News town hall Sunday with Finally, something other than a journalistic ambush.
Van Susteren to host town hall with Trump ahead of Wisconsin primary | Fox News | Sunday at 8
Fox News Channel has just announced that Greta Van Susteren will host a town hall withDonald Trump on Sunday...
FOX News Channel to Host Town Hall with Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump on Sunday April 3rd.
What makes Fox News Sunday such an unabashed pleasure is Wallace's care in writing and developing interesting characters.
breaks it down on Fox News Sunday with Shannon Bream | March 27, 2016 (c/o video)~>
Fox News Sunday was a Cruz campaign infomercial. Disgraceful bias!! Shame on Shannon Bream.
Congratulations. Shannon Bream managed to reduce Fox News Sunday to lapdog status for the Cruz campaign, allowing Mr. Cruz to drone on & on.
Beautiful job on Fox News Sunday, Bream. Nice mix of focus on Easter holiday, issues of the day. Easter blessings. He is risen.
I love how George Will refers to Mitch McConnell as his "friend" on Fox News Sunday. We know ***
ALL DAY I've had "Sunday trading" running round in my head to the tune of the Beatles Two Of Us, in a hideous news mash-up.
Fox News Sunday exemplifies the difference between a journalistic talent show and mere karaoke.
Fox News Sunday is one of the few horror productions that will trouble you long after the credits roll.
Fox News Sunday is a Walter Mitty tale, but a true one, a fantasy come to life.
A tragedy regardless of its conclusion, Fox News Sunday is an important and powerful effort to explicate the inexplicable.
'Fox News Sunday" is an open- and-shut case, but that doesn't mean it can't also be an entertaining one.
Fox News Sunday is a charmingly light-hearted fable with a lovely performance by Wallace.
The sheer presence of the arrogant and charismatic Chris Wallace makes Fox News Sunday a compelling TV show experience.
Sunday's debate spilled over into an hourlong town hall hosted by Fox News in downtown Detroit,…
Did you hear Limbaugh praising Trump on Fox News Sunday?
Fox News Sunday is as soaked in pheromones and nervous electricity as its main character.
His saddle bag is a mixed one, though Fox News Sunday still has the touch of quality associated with latter-day Wallace.
Fox News Sunday is, more than anything else, a show about what people can do in the name of religion or, more generally, belief.
Apart from one plot twist too many, "Fox News Sunday" is a seamless suspense-thriller with a top-notch cast.
Fox News Sunday is as high tech, rock hard and souped up as an action show can be.
Bernie Sanders appears to be wearing the same tie as in Sunday debate, while Clinton appeared to be wearing same jacket as when on Fox News
Public memorial service for Joey Feek to be held Sunday in Alexandria - Fox 59
Rush Limbaugh on Trump: Much bigger upside than downside Fox News Sunday... via
Fox News Sunday is still today a definitive show, a statement as strong as any rock anthem and twice as packed with power chords.
Start my day. But the left is far worse than the worst of the right | Fox News -- 10pm, Sunday, 14 February.
Oddly enough, about the first half of Fox News Sunday could be thought of as the children's version of The Village.
One of the funniest moments at Gridiron Reprise Sunday in Washington: Fox News Brett Baier in Canadian Mounted...
I'm not a huge Limbaugh fan, but he perfectly summarizes the GOPe here. . Rush on Fox News Sunday.
A captivating comedy with a heart of gold, Fox News Sunday is a must-see for its sheer unbridled delightfulness.
Tributes, sympathies pour in for former First Lady Nancy Reagan | Fox News |
Fox News. on Sunday. "What I don't think the establishment folks are getting: There is an overthrow of our government.
Fox News Sunday is a show about people we want so very much to love, people who keep us watching - and keep us smiling.
Fox News Sunday is a TV show like a punch to the solar plexus.
Fox News Sunday is about multiple perceptions of one major event, their relationship to each other and to the audience.
"Fox News Sunday" is, to put it quite simply: incredible...
Great interview with on Morning Drive on Fox News. One of the best Sunday shows, if not the …
On today: talks 2016. Check your local listings
On FOX News Sunday this morning Rush Limbaugh pointed out that even with a brokered convention the Republican...
Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday: Ted Cruz "has the ability to appeal to everybody...a likable guy. he's not crazy"
A powerful back story does not necessarily improve a TV show, but Fox News Sunday has a pretty irresistible one.
Rush on Fox News Sunday - giving GOPe the Win they say they want-Yet they want to Destroy him. 🚂🇺🇸
it's not Fox News. I understand all they have to do is ask. HRC has never appeared on a Fox Sunday news program. Why?
I caught FOX hawking Rubio and Cruz twice on Sunday, not to mention a NYT reporter offering up gossip as news.
Rush Limbaugh: He understands conservatism because he is. . What Rush said on Fox News Sunday about Ted Cruz🇺🇸
Rush Limbaugh Warns of Utter Chaos if GOP Takes Nomination from Trump - Fox News Sunday - 3/6/16
By "to the press" he means Fox News..all day...every day...and twice on Sunday, correct?
Fox News Sunday works for a handful of reasons - not the least of which is a phenomenal early performance by Chris Wallace.
on Fox News Sunday. Exactly why America speaking out against GOPe. Earlier nailed it. Time for GO…
Cruz just buried himself in the Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Cruz is just a weasel that has no chance to win. …
There's every reason to watch Fox News Sunday
.was spectacularly wrong on 2012 election yet Fox News Sunday still has him on "expert" panel. He must be good for ratings.
Bernie Sanders appears on Fox News Sunday, says he’d be up for a Fox debate:
What the *** David Gregory on the Fox News Sunday panel. Objective journalist Ha! he makes Juan Williams look like a right wing nut bag.
Watching Marco Rubio crash and burn, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.just quit talking while your ahead.
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I'm watching Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, I think you might like it too! via
Bernie Sanders,Hillary's worst nightmare,is gonna be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace tomorrow.Why is Hillary afraid of Fox?
yes Chester the molester will be on Fox News channel tomorrow Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace
Sunday: on ABC's This Week and CNN's State of the Union; on Fox News Sunday.
Fox News Sunday is unlike any teen slasher you've ever seen, or quite possibly will see.
Jeb Bush on 'Fox News Sunday' (Full interview with Chris Wallace 01-03-16)
'Fox News Sunday' is difficult to watch, but few other productions match its consideration of unspeakable evil and indifference.
Fox News Sunday is, without question, one of the best news shows ever made about the American Civil War.
Sarah Palin channels Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Lana Turner and Susan Hayward in the lovingly crafted "Fox News Sunday"
Fox News Sunday is a visually immersive, emotionally wrought comic adaptation and one of the best gothic tales ever made.
Fox News Sunday is a beautiful and poignant swan song for what should have been the vanguard of a blossoming career.
Past its bland title and handful of overwrought soap-opera moments, Fox News Sunday rings with the sound of quiet truth.
Fox News Sunday is a small-scale jewel that will surprise you with its buoyant look at blighted lives.
Fox News Sunday keeps the Chris Wallace tradition in good form.
Agree but miss you on Fox News Sunday.
I agree. And I look forward to seeing you on Fox News Sunday
Queen & Willem-Alexander lead nation in Remembrance at the Cenotaph
Fox's Sunday Funday Lineup Is Getting A Major Reboot: Fox's Sunday nights always been one of the network’s fla...
It's easy to get attached to Fox News Sunday
TVNewser | Scoreboard: Sunday, Nov. 8: Fox News falls to fourth place in the demo in prime Sunday.
I will be LIVE on FOX-10 News on Sunday, 11/22 Want to know how to SURVIVE the Holidays by avoiding the...
Vivica A. Fox Apologizes To Soulja Boy: On Sunday night, Vivica Fox came for her ex 50cent by sharing an XXL m...
"Fox News Sunday" makes you feel the suspense and thrive in the thrill of the moment, always coming up aces.
...Fox News Sunday is one of the year's purest, most gratifying genre productions.
I loved every minute of Fox News Sunday, and couldn't have stomached another second of it.
Vivica A. Fox apologizes to Soulja Boy from dragging him into he fight with 50cent: On Sunday n...
The footage in Fox News Sunday-old and new-is highly entertaining, even moving.
Police arrest former soldier in connection with 1972 Bloody Sunday killings
For as diverse as Wallace's filmography is, Fox News Sunday is quite possibly his masterwork.
Via Fox News. The USS New York (LPD 21) arrived in New York City on Sunday in celebration of Veterans Day this...
Although it's certainly not on par with his best work, Fox News Sunday is the best show Wallace has made in a long time.
Fox News Sunday is your quintessential historical biopic: stately, noble, and with plenty of electrifying performances.
Fox News Sunday is an equal split of smart and stupid.
My in-depth discussion of masterminds of jihad with FOX News Radio. Will also broadcast S…
Fox News Sunday shows what happens in the office when cutthroat competition becomes the norm.
Trump will be on every Sunday morning show except Fox tomorrow. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN. [list]: htt…
The dead evil cop / pension annuity conundrum re. Fox Lake Time for a new law!
Will be on this morning. Check your local listings:
Take a look at this hilarious parody of Adele's "Hello"...
You need to watch Fox's NFL Sunday parody Adele's "Hello"!
Ken Jeong and Rob Riggle took on Adele's "Hello" -- and it was hilarious! Watch:
I'm joining Fox News Sunday tomorrow morning. Check your local listings and tune in!
A remarkable performance by Chris Wallace is the glue that holds Fox News Sunday together.
Chris Wallace's filmization of Fox News Sunday is spectacular in nearly every way.
Parents and married couples, especially, will get a lot out of the biting commentary in Fox News Sunday.
Fox News Sunday is a powerful, emotional indictment of what contemporary war can do to young men.
The past in Fox News Sunday is pervasive and formidable, to be sure, but it is hardly fixed.
Wallace's special approach to the realist aesthetic ensures that 'Fox News Sunday' rings unusually true. Superb stuff.
Fox News Sunday is a thought-provoking and immensely satisfying piece of reportage.
Fox News Sunday starts out cartoonish and ends up oddly endearing.
Donald Trump suggested on Fox News Sunday that his tough stance on immigration might have prevented the terrorist attacks on 9/11. 'I
Fox News Sunday doesn't tell you what to decide, it just gives you as much information as possible to make the choice yourself.
Fox News Sunday is as close as basic cable's going to get to copying Hong Kong action style!
Fast and frenetic, Fox News Sunday captures the energy of the newsroom thanks to its cast and anchor on first-rate form.
On the next Fox News Sunday: Chris sits down with GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for a 1-on-1...
I saw Rep. Mulvaney on Fox News Sunday today. I used to think he was smart. He's fallen for the lies of the talk radio/Cruz set.
Don't see anything limiting this to scripted TV, so I nominate Richard M. Cheney for the Sept. 6 episode of Fox News Sunday.
Among Sunday show guest lineups: Face the Nation, Fox News Sunday and This Week have zero Democrats booked.
While it feels frustratingly disjointed, Fox News Sunday also possesses moments of real power.
Chris Wallace is great in Fox News Sunday, whether he is giving a speech, throwing out a one-liner, or just raising an eyebrow.
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You did a WOW job on Fox News Sunday today. It appears the link to the Syria stream report is broken. Pls fix. THX
Fox News Sunday's script is delightfully imaginative, while both the direction and ensemble performances are excellent.
Explain Dem. Sen. Robert Byrd, saying "White N*ggers" twice on Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow with no outrage at all from media?
He once said he wished George Wallace hosted Fox News Sunday instead of Chris Wallace, so he could have some competition…
.is on Fox News Sunday and all I heard was 'hope', 'fair', 'wall street'. *** !
In case you missed the interview Dr. Carson had with Chris Wallace on his Fox News Sunday show here it is.
Hillary in serious trouble.Karen Finney, senior spokesperson, could not answer any questions on Fox News Sunday withChr…
You don't go into Fox News Sunday expecting to be surprised; you go into it hoping to be amused.
"Fox News Sunday" is a wonderful TV show, but it is more than that, it is a victory of tone and mood. It is like a poem.
Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday just became a Police hater he puts on sen Edwards democrat and Grays attorney mr.Murphy
Watching "Fox News Sunday" is like spending a weekend locked in a room with the looniest Looney Tunes characters.
A scathing indictment of the American medical system, Fox News Sunday is timely, frightening stuff.
Fox News should start panicking about this any minute now.
For lovers of American reportage, "Fox News Sunday" may be the ultimate sampler buffet.
Fox News Sunday is a warm and quirky comedy that never condescends to its eccentric characters.
Watching even the most tossed-off gag is worth whatever shortcomings Fox News Sunday has.
"Fox News Sunday" should be mandatory viewing for all high school world history classes. It is truly an essential roundtable.
If you missed in you're in luck. The special report airs again Sunday at 9:30 pm on Fox 26 news …
— PORTLAND, Ore. - This Sunday, the Portland Timbers will take on New York City FC (4pm PT, FOX Sport...
Beautifully crafted and brutally honest, Fox News Sunday offers an unexpected window into the complexities of prejudice.
Fox News Sunday's weaknesses are only so apparent because of its many strengths.
'Fox News Sunday' presents the dark and the light and allows for choice: does she or doesn't she?
The show's portrayal of farm life as a rugged pastorale lends Fox News Sunday a foundation of visceral truth.
Audiences used to actively engaging with punditry will find much to relish about Fox News Sunday.
[FOX News]Hiroyuki Fujita defeated Toru Taniguchi in a playoff Sunday to win his second …
It's a goofy story, and it's far from a brilliant TV show, but Fox News Sunday is a fun romp for a family to watch.
Despite its shortcomings, Fox News Sunday is a visual smorgasbord.
Fox News Sunday is long on talk but generates its own internal rhythms and pace that makes it feel bracing and vibrantly alive.
Fox News Sunday is every bit as dull and offensive as it is frequently hysterical.
The crescendo of two resonant careers makes the false notes of "Fox News Sunday" forgivable.
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Fox News Sunday has all the modest pleasures of a well-told tale.
Fox News Sunday is Chris Wallace treading water in basic cable, but he's making a beautiful pattern.
38,000 kms run on Sunday across Canada in celebration of Terry Fox starting his run 35 years ago. Thanks to all...
Fox News Sunday is surprisingly enjoyable, even if you'd hesitate to call it a complete success.
Historical Series 'Legends & Lies' Boosts Fox News on Sunday: ... hails from Warm Springs Productions, which is known for such progra...
Historical Series ‘Legends & Lies’ Boosts Fox News on Sunday: Fox News Channel’s trip back in time Sunday nigh...
[FOX News]Taichi Teshima closed with a 1-under 71 on Sunday to win the PGA Championsh…
Fox News Sunday thrives on the dangerous chemistry between its young, talented pundits.
Did you see Menendez on Fox News Sunday? He was great!
Most of Fox News Sunday, save for the last act, feels refreshingly different from most other bio-pics. Outstanding.
There are big laughs along the way, but it's Fox News Sunday's unflinchingness in reaching feelgood payoffs that's most gripping.
Hillary Clinton plans to kick off her long-expected 2016 presidential campaign on Sunday, two Democratic sources told Fox News.
White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough joins Fox News Sunday this week to discuss the President’s ISIS...
Woman minister reflects on her hurtful beginnings while reading Searching for Sunday by Felicia Fox
Though Fox News Sunday starts with a familiar crime plot, it becomes fascinating because of its characters.
I saw this Sunday on Fox-news, the screaming face in the dust cloud, over the antiquities destruction.
Sunday ratings: CBS wins key 18-49 demographic: Family Guy and The Last Man on Earth dip for Fox on Sunday.
Fox News Sunday remains Fantasy 101, and a must-see for people who enjoy this kind of fare.
A solidly constructed drama, Fox News Sunday is greatly elevated by the strength of its four lead performances.
Robert Griffin III discusses his foundation and the Redskins on Fox News Sunday
In the end, the accumulated stories in Fox News Sunday offer tremendous insight about the Israeli-Palestinian situation.
On Fox News Sunday, Marco Rubio asked how hard is it to get a website going? They should have used "Go Daddy" for unde…
I'll be on Fox News on Sunday to discuss ISIS, Jordan, Iran, the future of U.S.-Israel relations & "The Third ..
The Closing of the Sunday Show Mind | RedState - Well, there's always Fox News Sunday.
sound like Sunday Fox news on repeat.
Fox News Sunday has given us a joyous, poignant portrait of a man and a time steeped in pride, soul and high hopes.
Fox News Sunday requires a bit of patience and a willingness to let the story come to you, but it's worth the wait.
CIA Director John Brennan won't say on "Fox News Sunday" if the US was behind mass outages in North Korea
Lanny Davis on Fox News Sunday today defending Hillary is reminding everyone of the scandalousness Clinton 90's. Not good.
Fox News Sunday is very much worth seeing, particularly for the Chris Wallace performance.
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John Kasich’s Alternate Common Core Reality - Ohio Governor John Kasich was on Fox News Sunday this weekend and he...
You know she is local - intern at Fox 5/Fox News Sunday that purports to be a Fox News “national producer”
House Speaker John Boehner announces his decision to invite Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address congress in March is debated by Fox News Sunday Panel
Fox News Sunday reminds viewers that in talkative productions much can go unspoken.
A fascinating history, especially when Fox News Sunday touches on the club scene's dark side...
A "gentler, friendlier" version of the game? Do you agree with this assessment of Sunday's Pro Bowl?'s easy enough to see why Fox News Sunday has become one of the most endearing sports news shows in journalistic history.
Fox News Sunday's plot is one of the most original ever filmed.
Sparks PD: one man was hospitalized after explosion causes a fire within a home Sunday evening.
Fox News Sunday is a confident, light drama.
[Latino FOX News]Tickets were sold out over the 12 days of the festival, which ended Sunday, for perfo...
John Kasich!! Did you listen him to Sunday on Fox News Sunday? This is the real deal. I like
"Worthy News" Mr. Murdoch good show on Sunday's Chris Wallace yesterday. Wanted to say thank you for your interest in FOX!
I was also pleasantly surprised by what Gov. Kasich had to say on Fox News Sunday. I'm still not in favor of a balanced budget amendment.
A young man is fighting for his life after a fight broke out inside LEX Nightclub early Sunday morning. READ more:
John Boehner on Fox News Sunday on smoking: “It's a bad habit but I have it. And it's a legal product. I choose to smoke. Leave me alone.”
My new sounds: 01-26-14 Denis McDonough on Fox News Sunday on
WATCH: Boehner invite of up for heated debate
Boehner Invite of Netanyahu Debated by Fox News - Israel News via
If you want a real show about women changing history, try the roundtable Fox News Sunday.
for no news on this ever, please turn to Fox News or John Mcnasty or Lindsey Graham or any Sunday am talk show
Beating Fox News Sunday is not a major feet. Chuck has to keep his ratings up, which he can't. 1/2
Fox News Sunday is tough going -- and compelling punditry throughout.
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