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Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (FNC), often referred to as Fox News, is a cable and satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

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I'm not sure if you ever found out, but Fox News channel is currently working. Enjoy! And have a great day! ^KedraF
. No, you don't need my zip code to tell me if the Fox News Channel is working. Come on, it's a simple question.
Speaking of which, question for - Is the Fox News Channel available now, or is it still having technical issues?
strongly recommend OANN news channel 3 times better then fox and no m Kelly which is a good thing
I say turn off the Fox News channel.
If more Americans get news on TV than on print, & Fox News is most watched news channel, then impact of MSM is extreme…
Turn channel and papers. Go watch OAN or Fox. You're getting info from Corrupt news network (CNN) perhaps. Paid by Soros
need a weekly segment on Fox News channel! We love them!!!
DIRECTV Now apparently having trouble showing the Fox News Channel. (Good thing the election is over.)
The very idea of a war on Christmas — seems to be the result of coverage on one channel: Fox News
Bill O'Reilly finally confirms he's a white supremacist and Fox News is the go to channel for white supremacy. Unde…
it's been all over our local Fox news channel here in Cincinnati, Ohio, WXIX. They have been speaking to NORAD this morning.
Tonight, Bill O'Reilly was in line w/ all Fox "News" propaganda. That's my cue to delete anyone who "likes" that ch…
When channel 7, pix 11, fox 5, and news 12 are calling & texting like crazy bc our video of my brother & his surprise we set up went viral.
if you were on any other channel. Fox News lies, lies,lies...
Fox News Channel is great they tell it how it is. News Channel
Trump – Clinton – Round 2! The gloves are off as the candidates get set for a debate rematch, Sunday at 9p ET on Fox News Chan…
And that's why I love Fox News: It's an entertainment channel disguised as a news channel. Best cringeworthy, face-palming comedy on cable.
Record and watch it at 9:00 pm. Fox Business is the best news channel on TV anyway.
I love that Fox News spent 8 years whining "they always call us racist"; now they're openly running The White Power Channel.
Fox News is not a news channel. it is an extension of the republican party. dont bother holding them to some hard news organization standard
I was going to do a "Fox News turned into a white supremacist channel so gradually..." thing but you know, they've been that for a while.
Fox News Channel runs like crap tonight. Other channels are fine.
Well it's the national Fox News channel that has been working great until now.
My AppleTV has error code QP1502 on Fox News Channel. HELP!
On today's episode of Channel Changers: Guest asked for Fox News during CHOPPED JUNIOR 😩
my dad is watching Fox News and i'm listening to it and i literally wanna smash the *** TV this whole *** channel pisses me off
We're am I going to get my news? I thought Fox News. Not!!! There just as bad as The Clinton News channel. Face Book???
Hey can you create a special channel block for the cable news stations? Access to CNN, fox, MSNBC and associated channels.
Lol MTV is ranked higher than Fox News on channel ratings this year
FOX News Channel have used racism on Americans for years. An example of racism from these Dems is White Privelege.
Tonight at the Y, the only cardio theater channel was Fox News. A 45-min elliptical workout lasted for DAYS.
John Glenn's legacy is remembered at his memorial service in Columbus, Ohio - Fox News Channel has live coverage.
Here's a sneak peak of tonight's show airing at 10pm EST on Fox News Channel! Don't be late, we're expecting you...
Fox News Channel scores its most-watched month in 4 yrs, bringing even more viewers to advertisers…
Don't miss the premiere of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight,' Monday at 7p ET on Fox News Channel.
.is set to speak at a rally in Colorado tonight at 11:30p ET. Watch live on Fox News Channel.
I like Tucker he is one of the good guys. Tucker Carlson is getting a nightly show on Fox News Channel
They are as responsible as the rest of the so-called news media cable channels like CNN, & especially the pro Trum…
…not sure about the angst on Hannity, Fox News is a cartoon channel anyway...
oh it's 3:00 time to switch channel off of Fox News smith. Can't stand to watch him.
I wish CNN would stop having She belongs on the Fox News Channel. I personally get sick of hearing her excuses for Trump!
FOX News Channel | So many of them are ILLEGAL, that's not right!
I stopped watching Fox in April and haven't looked back. CNN is my news channel of choice now.
The only news channel worth watching is fox news all the rest should just stop reporting period
I've made it my personal duty to change the channel anytime someone leaves Fox News on in this office. Not on my watch. 😡
How can these Democrats continue to back Clinton?? How embarrassing!!. FOX News Channel |
It turns out my *** is an oil change waiting room with people talking election and Fox News channel on the TV
Fox so called 'News' is the propaganda channel on the armed services network, and they are most likely racist ***
Fox News needs to get rid of Meghan!! Let her go to a liberal cable channel where she belongs
Please read my latest column on Hillary Clinton. Also... please watch at 11:40 am, eastern on Fox News Channel. I'll be…
Rajeev Chandrasekhar and American media baron Rupert Murdoch & Arnab Goswami might have new news channel we wil have Fox news i am scared
hey what happened to the Fox News channel this morning ? That's allows conspiracy theories when this occurs before election time
.and deliver a speech on Tune in to Fox News Channel now!
My dad on the phone with the dish guy: "Look man all I care about is the history channel, the military channel, and Fox News" 😂😂😂
Helping out with this conference room and we turn on a TV. What channel is it on? Fox News of course.
Fox News will be on the air LIVE for 67 hours straight covering the 2016 election. Here’s the hour-by-hour schedule:.
1000+ ideas about George Soros on Pinterest | Muslim, Fox News Channel and Clinton Foundation
Fox news changed to different channel,fusion think it was hacked?
Megan is so unpopular that Fox News Fans actually switch the channel not to see her when she comes on and then tune…
someone has hacked the news stations, everytime I try to watch Fox News, the channel gets changed to another channel
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I'm watching Fox & friends on Fox News channel and they just reported on sharp objects being put in Halloween...
are you censoring Fox news and bringing us fusion on channel 360
Can't sleep.Night is gloomy. He z d Alexander of IndianMedia. will be back soon most probably in a new channel F…
Direct TV, ONLY channel that is down is Fox News! Wth?
In 7 days, America chooses its next commander-in-chief. Tune in to Fox News Channel for live election coverage on Nov. 8th.
I love how fickle some people can be. There was a temporary disruption on Fox news channel and CNN with Directv...
Hulu's new streaming platform will include ESPN. Could this be what the channel needs? .
Hey and , what happened to and the Fox News channel this morning? Bring it back up now!
40 minutes on hold! Why is Fox News channel saying I need to subscribe? Never a problem in 5 years.
woke up this morning and no Fox News called my friend in Georgia and no Fox News! Where did this channel go?
I believe the Fox News channel is being attacked! Woke up this morning to no Fox News! Anyone else going through this!
Why did block the Fox News channel just prior to a story critical of Clinton?.
It all comes down to this! Chris Wallace moderates the last presidential debate, October 19th at 9p ET on Fox News Channel.
The all NEW Fox News Channel,...completely in the bag for Hillary Clinton due to James and Lachlan Murdoch now...
If Ross from Friends was a racist, hack, fratboy, *** he'd be Fox News Channel's
.and take center stage at the vice presidential debate, Tuesday at 9p ET on Fox News Channel.
You can watch the reading of the names of the lost Americans now on Fox News Channel
Pres Reagan had Sam Donaldson Pres Obama had Fox News Channel. Who would be Trump's media adversary?
ALUMNI NEWS:. Our MA alum Paul Booth appeared last night on The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel in a segment...
This promotion at Fox News Channel of Suzanne Scott is REALLY fun for me….click to find out why…
.joins Fox News Channel as a contributor.
Their coverage on the Fox News Channel has been atrocious. The stuff that comes out of Sean H
"Rupert Murdoch to Succeed Ailes as Head of Fox News Channel" -
Roger Ailes resigns as CEO and chairman of Fox News Channel. Rupert Murdoch to assume role as CEO and acting chairman.
# Murdoch to succeed Ailes as head of Fox News Channel: . Ailes re...
Hmmm: Fox News Channel has mutually agreed to suspend its contributor agreement" with Newt Gingrich "effective immediately."
First the weather channel, now fox news. Gotta love visiting the grandparents!
I saw on fox 59 news on Indianapolis,in channel it was great interview. I want to go back to Vegas 2 see criss and his new show.
It's been 3 or 4 months ago I heard it on Fox News Channel
24hr Church of Scientology channel will be as "unbiased" as Fox News is "fair & balanced"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So watching my favorite channel on Fox 4 news in the local Dallas-Fort Worth area Steve noviello…
When I start laughing at the ridiculousness of the "news" I know I've accidentally turned the channel to Fox News
Fox news: the prescription drug channel. So annoying.
CNN has lost all track of ethics in reporting. Like Fox, except it's worse when a real news channel succumbs.
Sen. Sessions will appear on the Fox News Channel with Sean Hannity tonight at 10:25 pm EST/ 9:25 pm EST.
Decision on police chief still forthcoming in Fort Myers - Fox 4: Fox 4Decision on police chief still forthco...
Fox news is starting to be my favorite channel to watch
There is absolutely no reason for Fox News say if you don't like Shepard Smith turn the channel. It's done
Politifact rates Fox News as most untrustworthy cable news channel via
Found in our slack channel: FOX News "UK votes to leave UN."
Several GOP legislatures refusing to back Trump.The few GOP opportunist need to come off the FOX News channel &
did I say that I like Fox News? Fox News channel for RINOs not me. I like Brit Hume though.
Why is Shepard Smith even on the Fox News Channel? He has all the earmarks of an MSNBC reporter. Wussy.
Unintentional comedy channel Fox News has just announced that Britain has voted to "leave the UN."
Seriously Is Fox news a real news channel
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Right up there with my absolute favourite Sky News, the channel run by muppets for muppets!!
Fox News is nothing more than a propaganda machine for extreme right posing as a news channel. Fair and Balanced my ***
Whenever I go to my grandparents house for lunch they're always either watching Fox News or the country western music video channel🙄
This is that hose-bag that Jesse Watters, of the Fox "News" Channel, came down to cover for a Phony War on...
FOX News Channel | Indict Hillary. When are we going to get justice.Obama will follow if the DOJ does their job.
Andrea Tantaros WAS a co-host of at 12 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel. She WAS an original co-host on The Five.
try fox or cnbc , I saw a whole thing about it earlier I forget which news channel doe
Wow. I just accidentally changed the channel to Fox News. That's some scary analysis of brexit 😳
the good news is.. Fox news is now officially a comedy channel. "UK votes to leave UN"
The reason is not debating Senator Bernie Sanders on Fox News Channel
Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly humiliated TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick on her show last night. He made her look like a progressive. He's THAT bad.
Around the Dial: Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Theismann will be a guest today on Fox News Channel's Outnumbered.
Lauren Sivan on Greg Gutfeld in 5 minutes and if not see it 10 pm or rerun tomorrow on Fox News Channel
Fox news Channel IS ON Greg Gutfeld at 7pm fonight
That on Fox News or any other right wing news channel.
Thousands of dollars raised quickly for park - Fox 4: Fox 4Thousands of dollars raised quickly for parkFox 4Pe...
Trumps super pac the Fox News channel is footing his entire campaign at least 100 dollars per V
I have removed fox from my apps and will not watch your news channel on TV. Sick of watching the trump show on your network.
A special Saturday edition of The Five is on now, Fox News Channel!
Fox puts this out like it's news. It used to be a news channel. Both Fox and Trump are full of it. Sad
Disgusting that Mark Fuhrman was hired by Fox News. Says it all about that 'news' channel really
he doesn't need to spend anything because of his super PAC, the free media from the Fox News Channel
THIS IS A SWITCH: Fox News has Bernie speaking live at a rally in MD. CNN is discussing Prince's shoes. CNN becoming the Prince Channel
FOX News Channel Great idea, a noose (necklace) for a goat !!! Hang in there, AND they're tasty too
Forget the story. Is it me, or did this South Korean news channel copy FOX News?
To book Alexanderia the Great - A Modern Day Houdini - Fox News Channel fr your next event go to...
Check me out on Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel at 9:30am EST today...|@ Fox and…
That is the Reason, I do Not Watch Sports!. Not even on Fox news Or any Channel.
Chicago's Draft Town to have special pop-up shop for fans - Fox 32 Chicago: Fox 32 ChicagoChicago's Draft Town...
it is back on but FOX NEWS Channel 21's reception is almost always bad...pixels...scrambled thingy message..stops..vo not synch
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Ohio authorities reportedly detain 'person of interest' for questioning in murders - Fox News: Fox NewsOhio au...
Matter: Foxes That Endure Despite a Lack of Genetic Diversity: The island fox has lived on the…
Greg Gutfeld has Lauren Sivan guests tonight Fox news Channel
Levin slams ‘pom pom boys and girls’ at Fox for Trump hype The Fox News Channel . Read more:
Some of y'all should work for Fox 17 or News Channel 5 y'all be having da latest update before them!
Five dead in 2 shootings across northeast Georgia, gunman at large - Fox News: Fox NewsFive dead in 2 shooting...
Fox News Channel has created a new division focusing on long-form specials.
Get the latest news and weather first at 10 on FOX 11, right now! Watch online here:
Fox News Channel is basically a Trump zone now.The Fox News Channel backs Trump(I think it's why Hannity tried to start an argument
Ain't nobody watching Fox anymore! It should be called News Channel lol.
Chris Horner, who regularly derides climate science on Fox News Channel, has financial ties to the coal industry.
Fox News Channel has just announced that Greta Van Susteren will host a town hall withDonald Trump on Sunday...
Hi Dee-1, David, I'm with Fox News Channel in NYC, can I DM you a request please? Or get your email address.
I will be interviewed on The O'Reilly Factor this evening at 8 pm on the Fox News Channel.
"He was a commentator on Fox News Channel, hosting Heartland with John Kasich from 2001 to 2007. He also worked...
Doug Wead will be interviewed by Jenna Lee on Fox News Channel at 1:45 EST today.
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) attacked Breitbart News Network repeatedly in an appearance on the Fox News Channel on...
Unless I'm listening to Howard Stern in my car, I probably have Fox News Channel on my XM radio.
Breaking: Looks like Fox News Channel isn't going to be able to pick the Republican Presidential nominee this year.
Should the borough take over the Fox well? Assembly vote scheduled next week - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Sho...
What is pretentiousness, and what does it say about the person who calls something pretentious.
San Antonio ministry assisting families at risk of shut-off - FOX 29: FOX 29San Antonio ministry assisting fam...
I have a dream to create a very popular news channel for Truth and Liberty as popular as Fox News and CNN!!!...
My grandpa watches nothing but the history channel and Fox News
And I never saw a network news channel/newscast deliberately skew the news until the Fox "News" Channel came along.
The Fox News cable channel is doing very well because there is a market for what Fox News has to offer. - Paul Weyrich (Critic).
Because Lou Dobbs. . Check out this Saturday at 10pmET on Fox News Channel to see…
Will Trump be at next Fox debate? 'We'll see': Fox News Channel will host its third Republican presidenti...
Fox News probably told Santorum if he wants to be a guest on their channel, better endorse their guy …
Fox is starting to have lots of Liberals on and use to be Republican news channel. Done with them.
The rise of AM right wing radio( Rush Limbaugh) coupled with the birth of The Fox News Channel...
FOX News Channel | folks are living a fantasy, if this crap keeps up the base, me/most of my friends just quit.
Analyzing new model data. The latest on Friday's storm and snow amounts on FOX Providence at 10pm and channel 12 Eyewitness News at 11pm.
Green House Data: Channel Is Ready for Green Cloud: Fox praises the large number of companies that are going g...
Rubio denied his campaign reported that Carson was suspending his campaign last night on Fox News Channel
Rodeo Scratch & Win - FOX 29: FOX 29Rodeo Scratch & WinFOX 29Upon entry, you will receive one confirmation mes...
Every time Fox news repeated about Hillary email every day we switch Fox channel to cos ppl feel sick to hear it everyday OK
The Not so fair and totally biased news channel(FOX NEWS) now must do what their owner wants. We have no conservative channel now.
Since DNC is considering more debates for the 2 candidates-would the DNC consider a Dem Debate on Fox News Channel?
much undeserved air time and the conservative news channel Fox News not conservative anymore.
you let a NY businessman impact the news channel you watch? Basically, because Trump! Fox News suddenly *** ?😳
I say the same thing about any fox news channel
GOP debate headed to Detroit in March: The RNC and Fox News will add a GOP presidential debate on March 3 in D...
congratulations Van Susteren on your 14 years at the Fox News Channel.
Fox News Channel is pissing off alot of Americans, isn't it? XXOO for speaking up
NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News Channel and Sara Palin are cutting ties again. The network said Wednesday that it was...
FNC PR on: . FOX News Channel to Host a Republican Presidential Primary Debate on March 3rd .
Dead fox tests positive for rabies in Northwest...: The Austin/Travis County Animal Services is asking the pub...
Fox News to host its final GOP primary debate in March: DETROIT, Mich.– The Fox News Channel will host it...
Fox news has proven they are just another bought news channel.
Fox News Channel brings back Megyn Kelly for a GOP debate in Detroit -- what will Donald Trump do?
Fox News Channel will host its 3rd GOP presidential primary debate in Detroit on March 3
WXYZ: GOP debate to be held on March 3 in Detroit: FOX News Channel announced they are hosting a Repu...
Hello Andrea I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy watching you on Fox News channel also I have a daughter named Andrea 😊
Watching Fox News and changing channel, I cannot stand this biased media being childish towards Mr. Trump.
Republicans will hold March 3 debate in Detroit: Fox News Channel will host its third Republican presidential ...
Waiver from fed ID law expiring, but Illinois licenses still good to fly - Fox 32 Chicago
Of course Fox thinks coming in third is news channel
Please stop changing the tv channel from Fox News. Remember you are in *** s Waiting Room for a reason.
The O'Reilly Factor Makes My Point: RUSH: I happened to be discussed on the Fox News Channel last night, and I...
So Fox network, Fox Business Channel, Fox News Channel, and Fox Sports 1 channel now have a Fox HD logo according to Comcast. Stupid.
this artical is like Fox News Channel. It tells me what my opinion should be after giving me some facts.
All this poll shows is that more people need to watch Fox News Channel.
I have lost my Respect for Fox News Channel if those are the guests you have on Mary Ann Marsh is Trailer Trash Pig
Bill-o the Clown tries out Fox News Channel's new marketing slogan
get off the Fox News Channel you lying *** You are old, ugly and never right!!! Go kiss Hussein's ***
Fox news lies about Trump. Owner Murdock has told his reporters to get rid of Trump. How can a channel hold Republican debates?not credible.
I was clicking through channels and came across some Fox News channel and legitimately thought it was a Comedy Central parody.
.This is why I will never watch your channel ever AGAIN! you are a horrible person! .
Fox News has 2 b hands down the most ridiculous news channel. I can imagine how folks can get brainwashed watching it.
Fox 11 anchors reporting at a Channel 2 news station. Makes you go hmmm.
We need something like Fox News in India. I heard Subhas Chandra plans to launch new English Channel like Fox news
South Bend Board of Zoning Appeals in favor of Pokagon Band of Potawatomi ... - Fox 28: Fox 28South Bend Board...
is it still on? What channel? I forgot about it. Watchin Fox Sports News now
AMBER Alert issued for 3 children out of Yuma - FOX 10 News PhoenixAMBER Alert issued f...
Join me bright and early as I host on Fox News Channel 6-9a ET
Fox news is a spineless, emotionless, egg-sucking news channel. The epitome of *** But that's nothing new~
I accidentally changed my channel to fox news. Man, I almost threw my remote at the tv. The ignorance going on right now esp on guns. Man!
Isn't fox news that extremist conservative US channel? Why would you feature those dangerous ppl? S…
Fox News is nothing but a bunch of *** who have no idea what they're talking about. Still don't get why that channel is on the air
Is Fox News an actual news channel or more of a news opinion channel?
Elderly man rewards neighbor injured in fall off ladder - FOX 29: Elderly man rewards neighbor injured in fall...
Fox knows those retired white men want to hear stories, not the truth. Hence Fox is news channel that has most lies. Trump …
Are you sure this is still CNN where is the news. It like this has become Fox News Channel number two republican politics 24/7
We used to be able to count on CNN for important news all it has become is another republican network like Fox news channel
Did you see Dalton on fox 4 news this morning? If not go check it out on YouTube and subscribe to the channel.
When you accidentally change the channel to Fox News and then drop the remote and the batteries fall out so you have to sit in the stupid.
I did some research and discovered your new series "Bordertown" will be on Fox. (Broadcast Fox, not the "news" channel)DVR!
Hi there’s a problem with Channel 604 Fox News this morning. Being stretched out in wrong resolution. Please fix. Thanks.
Bearcats lose big lead late in conference opener - FOX 40 News WICZ TV: Bearcats lose big lead late in confere...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Well folks my job has a HUGE FOX NEWS supporter. He misplaces the remote after setting the TV 2 FOX NEWS. Of coures I changed the channel!
| Fox News Go - if you have not used this on your computer - its GREAT!
CAN WE PLEASE JUST GET A NEWS CHANNEL THAT ISNT HORRIBLY BIAS!? Fox makes me want to become an elephant (hint: elephants don't live near US)
This woman should be fired by Fox News Channel IMMEDIATELY! (AJG)...
My interview today on attack on Ukraine
South Texas city councilman charged in human smuggling case - FOX 29: South Texas city councilman charged in h...
One difference is that Republicans have their own channel around fake news. It's called Fox News.
Fox News Channel?News Max contributor Tom Borelli is on with us now. Listen at link below.
Video: One of her funniest interviews!! Must watch!!. After dropping by on Fox News Channel’s... https…
always admired Wayne,in his acting career and the star of the Fox News Channel. Was a self taught Man. Country lost a Good One
It's a pretty odd business decision if you turn it into a newspaper version of Fox News Channel.
Fox News Channel announced Monday that the network will host its second Republican presidential primary debate...
FBI to hold press conference on lake search. Tune in to Fox News Channel now.
so then FOX News is the 24hr Republican channel? So one hour vs 24?
I cannot watch ESPN for college football news anymore. The Big12 is an after thought on that network. Fox is the only channel.
I'm too surrounded by Fox channel viewers. Don't for one minute say they are a credible news source lol
South Shore cuts ribbon on new platform at South Bend Airport - Fox 28: Fox 28South Shore cuts ribbon on new p...
The only news channel allowed is Fox news
That comedy channel my mom watches (Fox News) the silly stripper just said how her milkshake is better than yours.
FOX News Channel | was when I was 35. On top of my game-asked to advise state & federal government, happily married.
What's your thoughts on Abby Huntsman Joining Fox News Channel as a Reporter?
Lol in India every English language channel is fox news
Fox News? Ugggh I will NEVER watch that channel.
I watch Fox for news and opinions from subject matter experts. Stacy Dash, a failed actress, …
- Would you give permission to FOX NEWS Channel to use your Kanab funnel cloud pic?
Once again I've lost my cable signal from Charter Cable for Fox News Channel ONLY. Oddly, during a critique of Hillary.
I won't lie. I do find it suspicious sometimes when Fox News seems to go out on my cable, yet every other channel works fine. hmmm.
you are great and outstanding on Fox news Channel is there a way I can please get a pic autograph from u please thank u so much
conservatives following are a lot like Libs following FOX. Until the libertarians have a news channel, I'll just troll here
I am a Faithful Watcher of Fox News Channel... My prime time favorites are Bill O'reilly and Hannity... although Greta is UP There with them... Kelly has lost my previous support although I still watch her on occasion. With the new FALL Premiers Back!!! I tend to watch them after 11:00 pm. As for my daytime favorites... I love the Whole Afternoon lineup... Neil and Bret... and of course The Five...Although... I am NOT as excited to watch "Ever since Bob left and the replaced him with a WIDE VARIETY OF LIBERAL NIT WIT MORONS. I do NOT LIKE Geraldo AT ALL. and I don't care for Juan Williams EITHER... I do NOT know WHY BOB LEFT? ALL I CAN SAY IS. "GET HIM BACK!!!" I Know a lot of people who have slacked off or QUIT WATCHING ALL TOGETHER BECAUSE OF THE "SO CALLED... lol REPLACEMENTS FOR BOB!!!" I LOVE DANA, GREG, ERIC AND KIMBERLY AND ANDREA... THE REST OF THEM... GIRLS-INCLUDED. NOT SO MUCH!!! I Also have Really Enjoyed the shows where the GOP Candidates have been guests... I LOVE THAT THEY APPEAR REGULARLY ...
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The Kardashians are America's first family, McDonald's is our top restaurant & FOX is our news channel. Any questions?
Join me tonight on the couch of the Greg Show on Fox News Channel 10pm EST. I promise there…
I'd be honored if you'd vote for me to become the new co-host of Fox News Channel's 'The Five' in this poll -->
Don't miss the Fox News Channel special on and the undercover videos tonight 9 PM CST (10 PM EST). …
.Coming up next: Tamara Holder, host of Sports Court and Fox News Channel contributor
There's no debate: GOP debates great for Fox News Channel
Just saw an ad for Fox News Channel on MSNBC. Someone somewhere does not understand the TV business.
Come get a headshot for free at Courtesy of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.
Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto on Rallies via The most hated group of all, the unborn.
Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto on Rallies via Students for are my heroes.!!
so funny, NBC Nightly news advertising on the Fox News Channel. say Uncle Uncle Uncle!!!
Meghan McCain given an emoticon of exposure by Fox News Channel as a contributor.
Fox News viewers are 433% more likely to support the bombing of other countries than people who avoid watching the channel.
. You guys don't even have a law against a non-news channel calling itself a news channel.
Liberal zealots hate number 1 news channel FOX. They can't take any news with which they disagree.They lie when they call it lies.
Portlanders, if you want a laugh, tune in to Fox News Channel 12 and watch Amy Troy try and read words on a prompter. Stick with it.
"They need to make a walking dead channel." "This exists, it's called Fox News"
Ahh...but the channel is called Fox News. He'd have never found the Fox Narrative channel. ;)
Bill O'Reilly just announced Bass Reeves this Sunday night on Legends and Lies...FOX News channel.See...
That awkward moment when the only channel to watch on tv is Fox News.
Abhor Dugger show but my wife watches it. She was going to watch the "interview"-I asked what channel, she said FOX news, I said, figures...
Out of all the interviews I do on FOX News Radio, its the interviews on that I do Discovery stars that get the...
@ Sabrina_Chinni Hi Sabrina, I work at FOX News Channel in New York. Could we show these pictures on TV today?
What else one can expect from Fox News?? Why you watch this channel?
Is Fox News the only channel you get?
if Fox News keeps this Dr. Keith Ablow on as a medical A team I will quit watching the channel. He is out of line!
My 2nd time in 1 week of willingly watching Fox News what have I become?!?! Never again will I watch this freaking channel
also, if you get your news from Fox News, it doesn't count unless you consider that channel a comedy channel
Fox News is wrong, report not released illegally, & they are not a news channel
it's so obvious the duggars are lying I mean look at what news channel they went to. Fox News aka not real news bae
FOX News no longer fixated on Baltimore homicides, it's all about Duggars now. What a strange news channel for so many Americans.
Quickly changed the channel before getting the door because I didn't want the delivery guy to think I watch Fox News on the reg.
No accident that the family that hides a molester chose Fox, the news channel that molests the truth.
AMT of coveragegives and AAP makes NDTV a regional channel. NDTV : AAP is FOX NEWS : REPUBLICANS
Fox News & it's reporters take dubious stances in the US. Tell me if this reminded you of any news channel in India.
Fox News Channel is so painful to watch or listen to.
u guys are just like Fox News Nothing good bout blk but if it was bad it's the first thing u would've report.. Shady *** channel..
"Do you get Fox News?". "I don't think so". *rants for a half hour about how the entire family is useless and we all make bad channel choices*
We have like 100 Fox channels but we don't have the Fox News channel. 😡
Fox News updates on tennis channel. Oh dear
Hello Mike, I happened to see you doing a News Report for "On the Record Show" with Greta Van S for Fox News Channel from Boston!
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