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Fox Mulder

FBI Special Agent Fox William Mulder is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the Fox television series The X-Files.

Dana Scully David Duchovny Hank Moody Special Agent Fox Mulder Chris Carter Agent Cooper Tom Hiddleston Twin Peaks Billy Ray Cyrus Agent Dana Scully Dale Cooper

I know that you can't have the xfiles without Mulder and Scully's but with Gillian gone the brand could potentially…
Hey did y’all know that I.uuhuh. love fox mulder
Hi I've watched S05E08 of Prison Break with Fox Mulder and we're looking for the truth
The truth is out there and like a radio version of Fox Mulder keep banging the drum until the others get it ;-)
The truth still lies in the 👽 Mulder and Scully return to FOX in 2018.
Mulder will make you into a believer. premieres Wednesday, January 3 on FOX. 👽
The X Files: Gillian Anderson CONFIRMS she’s quitting after season 11 but is it the end?
It really isn’t X-Files without David AND Gillian. I would have hoped that Carter and Fox Network wo…
Does Fox Mulder get the Downton Abbey theme stuck in his head?
Mulder & Scully make quite the dynamic duo. returns Wednesday, January 3 on FOX.
Dana Scully: This is what you suspected all along, but were afraid to articulate. Is this what you believe happened…
Isn't it so great that David Duchovny is really a tactile guy and therefore that translated somehow into Fox Mulder being…
Weird that they recast Fox Mulder with CGI Tom Hanks in the X-Files reboot...
we made pancakes and they wrote their Christmas lists. All she wants is slime and my older nephew went Fox Mulder a…
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the greatest television characters of all time I’m going to name my children after them idgaf
I still posit that Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the only FBI employees I like, but whatever it takes to get rid of That Guy!
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Watch out, y'all. I'm officially an FBI agent now. Working w/ some weird due named Fox Mulder.
I have to say, Cooper is my 3rd favorite fictional FBI agent, without him, I don't think we would have had a Fox Mulder.
In my friend group I'm the strange mix of Oscar Martinez from the Office + Fox Mulder from the X-Files type of friend & I'm okay w/ that 👽✨🚀
4. I share my birthday (11/21) with Ben Bishop, Antoine Roussel, and Fox Mulder's sister.
Thanks for the tag Here's my list:. 1 Fox Mulder (Or son was going to be named Fox). 2 Indiana Jones. 3 Al Bu…
My dream threesome is myself, Horatio Caine, and Fox Mulder. . Get at me.
It’s extremely good news for fans of The X-Files
Mulder and Scully are back, again: Fox announced 10 more episodes of "The X-Files"
Cult TV show The X-Files will return for a 10-part series, bringing Fox Mulder and Dana Scully back to our...
Exclusive: David Duchovny Is Back as Fox Mulder in this Audio Clip from The X-Files: Cold Cases
As much as I love David Duchovny as Fox Mulder, let's not forget about my other true love 💘
FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder supports reproductive justice and so should you
Friendly reminder that I love Fox Mulder and he deserved better
Fox Mulder is the new hacker in residence on my desk.
Judith Butler looks like David Duchovny, but Fox Mulder has a better grasp of reality
Fox Mulder. My crush since like '93 💜
Fox Mulder is a conspiracy theorist who gets paid to get his conspiracies fueled and works with a really pretty girl he lives my dream life
I'm Fox Mulder, and the truth is out there.
Fox Mulder: Sometimes the only sane response to an insane world is insanity...
I have a v big crush on fox mulder.
Will someone tell us where fox Mulder is. . His sister is a mean drunk and we are bringing her back.
CIA upload "five documents we think...Agent Fox Mulder would love" to prove "existence of extraterrestrial activity"
one year ago I connect to ask some questions. now I help another people to use it and improve my English too :)
: Fox Mulder or a woman in Chinatown east end.
I was looking for a picture I once saw of Carrie Fisher giving the finger, and these are just a few of what I found. Go…
.happy holidays to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully
I joked w as being Fox Mulder re Hillary's lighted podium in 1 debate. He saw the humor & was cool
I wonder if my husband will let me name our child Fox after Fox Mulder, FBI agent.
the one person I love more than Han Solo, Cassian Andor, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully + Poe Dameron altogether
Tb 2 the summer of 2015 when I was super sad for 2 months straight bc I legitimately thought Fox Mulder was my soulmate but he was fictional
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Here's our great mutt . 6 months old "fox Mulder"
Also there is the Fox Mulder version, the truth👽
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Agent Fox Mulder could get it.
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully deserve to be happy and together pls universe
"More people want to get a hold of this than a Tickle Me Elmo doll"-Fox Mulder
FBI agent Fox Mulder from The X Files series has had enough of James Comey's cover up! Stop mockin…
"Who are you?". "Agent Mulder, Fox Mulder. I'm sorry I frightened you." . ... What a drama queen.
Special Agent Fox Mulder i am with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.(
I’d like to suggest two new FBI director options: Special Agent Fox Mulder or CIA Saul Berenson.
Next you're going to tell me Fox Mulder isn't the FBI's best agent.
I miss the good guys... like Eliot Ness and the Untouchables... and Fox Mulder and Dana…
Funko pops i need to get:. Spidey. Fox Mulder. Daniel LaRusso. Luke Skywalker
I took Myers Briggs for class and im Mediator I found out Fox Mulder, Tom Hiddleston, Frodo Baggins,Tolkien, Arwen and Depp are ones too
A6. I was such a nerd. Mine was Fox Mulder (not David Duchonvy, but the character), and Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.
There should be a law against dumb racists using Fox Mulder's name and photo.
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I spent the day with Fox Mulder, cleaning up the first few chapters of X-FILES Origins: Agent of Chaos.
My name is Fox Mulder. I'm an agent with the FBI.
I just tried to explain to how I am Fox Mulder. He didn't see it.
I would venture John Podesta would nominate Fox Mulder or Dana Scully as running mate ;)
I only take selfies in lighting that make me look like something fox mulder would want to investigate
I love fox mulder so much im emotional thinking about him
Serial killers must dream of being interrogated by an agent like Fox Mulder. Killer: Aliens did it. Scully: Bullsh---. Mulde…
I'm sad because I know my bf will never let me name our future kid after Fox Mulder
I just finished cycling 2.27 km in 26m:13s with
CAR SALESMAN: Manager says I can give you $500 trade-in for your old UFO. . FOX MULDER: What?! That's way below Project Bl…
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Han and Leia, United and Gotsmanov. On, off, on, off. So much tension.
Anonymous said: Well apparently Fox Mulder aint good for Dana Scully. She shouldn't have followed that...
I’m Special Agent Dana Scully, and this is Special Agent Fox Mulder.
Fox Mulder is extremely precious and needs to be protected at all costs
Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask. . - Fox Mulder
"Okay one more pun & I pull out my gun" -Fox Mulder dropping the master pun like a bauws!
Fox mulder either got u horny or got u mad in seasons 1 thru 9
"Well, just remember, boys, this is America. Just because you get more votes doesn't mean you win." Fox Mulder to Lone Gunmen
Call me Fox Mulder because I just heard some Songs of ours that are going to Alienate some fans. cc:
"Scully, you're reaching." I can't believe Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI coined the trendy term 'reaching'
Fox Mulder tripping balls then line dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus is completely ridiculous.
"I'm Agent Dana Scully, Plato is Fox Mulder. By the end of the episode I'll be out of the cave". - Me on my midterm paper
Fox Mulder is abducted by aliens and now it's his sister and Scully crusade of the truth.
Fox Mulder has a puffy face now. . Like an Ashley Judd who needs a shave.
He looks like a cross between Fox Mulder and *** Jagger with the personalty of John Wayne Gacy and Mr. Rogers.
SO HARD TO CHOOSE. Dean Winchester. Will Graham. Sherlock Holmes. Peter Petrelli. Fox Mulder. but there's so many others as well!!
My favourite David Duchovny characters:. Fox Mulder. Hank Moody. Dennis Bryson. Sam Hodiak. And that one guy from Sex and the City
Fox Mulder line-dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy-Breaky Heart"? The 2016 Emmy race is already over.
Mark today down as the day Dana Katherine Scully went to her and Fox Mulder's home and was very, very happy.
Indiana black triangle UFO witness asks: What would Fox Mulder do?: An Indiana witness at Fort Wayne wondered ...
So has anyone ever seen Fox Mulder and Giorgio Tsoukalos in the same place at the same time?
In many ways, Agent Cooper is the Fox Mulder of the Twin Peaks universe.
Mark Halperin in black T-shirt and Fox Mulder haircut. Whole MoJo crew in no-tie weekend mode. Joe in the stupid logo fleece. Savaging Rubio
Between Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dale Cooper, and Fox Mulder, it's amazing that the FBI still exists.
-- hand. "I'm agent Fox Mulder with the FBI." He introduced himself, gesturing to "I ran into Faith, here, while I was --
"I'm expecting a call from someone named Fox Mulder"- Agent Scully on a new series about GenXers not understanding how texts work.
Special Agent Fox Mulder has the biggest balls I've ever seen
Maybe I did make a pros and cons list of who would be a better boyfriend out of Agent Cooper and Fox Mulder. Maybe I do need a life.
If you say so ... It seems like Special Agent Dale Cooper - charisma = Fox Mulder
headcannon that Denise Bryson of the DEA is a cousin of Fox Mulder of the FBI. E.g Fox knows Coop.
-- with him, and perhaps even befriend him, retrieving the answers along the way. "I'm agent Fox Mulder, with the Federal --
-- well. He found that it was better to be kind, seeing as he'd get answers that way. "I'm agent Fox Mulder with the --
be the special Agent Dana Scully to my Fox Mulder
What do you think? Are you a true believer like agent Fox Mulder or a skeptic like Agent Dana Scully?
📷 David Duchovny - for one thing, he is FBI agent Fox Mulder from the “X-Files”, for others it is the...
Little Giant Ladders
Fox Mulder would love this: CIA releases thousands of X-files on aliens, flying saucers
When I was in high school I wanted to grow up and mary Fox Mulder. This has not changed ♥
I can't tell you who I love more: Hank Moody or Fox Mulder.
I love Dana Scully so much, you might as well call me Fox Mulder.
Hey look they let you email Fox Mulder back then but not Dana Scully.
Wonder what would happen if 1994 Fox Mulder met 1994 Daniel Jackson. And 1994 O'Neil. I would watch the *** out of that.
9 tv are typically 1. Im glad ive surrounded myself with fox mulder for like, a whole bunch of Wrong Reasons.
Scully: [answering cell]“Scully.". Mulder:"Hi. My name is Fox Mulder. We used to sit next to each other at the FBI."
Felt like a refreshing beverage,so went to look up Carltons' 'blue powder' drink recipe.Fox Mulder couldn't solve this.
"It is not outside the realm of extreme possibilities." — FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder
I'm not saying it's aliens. But it's aliens. I am literally Fox Mulder.
"If you wanna see the boy, you bring me the head of Fox Mulder." crossover
BTW, I got my sister to admit that she named her son (Foxton) after Fox Mulder. I need to make him an FBI badge.
Maybe Mulder and dog lady get along so well because his name is Fox
Fox Mulder always follows up some of the crappiest CSI work.
There is no reader/fox mulder fan fiction. I'm not saying it's aliens but...
I'm eating sunflower seeds while spiraling which is very fox mulder of me I think
In "Alpha", Mulder and Scully have it ruff...
Don't know who this chick is that Mulder's hanging out with but she sure sounds like me-
I'm Fox Mulder. Aliens are real, the truth is out there and I love Dana Scully.
Fox Mulder would believe it's not butter.
M: It's just plain old Fox Mulder now. D: Right, you wanna come in Fox?. Like old pals now!
You are somewhat similar to Fox William Mulder 😅😀
I'm never going to find a man like Fox Mulder & that is why the X Files has ruined my entire existence.
I am annenberg's fox mulder, routinely talking about aliens & trying to prove ghosts are real
I want to get Fallout 4 just so I can make Fox Mulder, okay
📷 benedictunicorn: AU: The reality of being married to Fox Mulder. 
"Keeping Fox Mulder down is not a job, it's your dirty work!" Image from:
"We have already sharpened the ax" abt the state of corruption fight in Hm, that took 1.5 yrs htt…
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"Special Agent Dana Scully, and this is Special Agent Fox Mulder" boom! Sold!
"I am special Agent Dana Scully, this is agent Fox Mulder" Nuevo avance de
Feel that Thomas Pynchon should get a credit for The X-Files with all their paranoia going on, Fox Mulder is certainly a Pynchonesque name
why did you guys keep agent Fox Mulder from the truth? Why. Pls respond.
Fox Mulder is a very good very smart FBI agent who gets the job done!!!
The sexual prowess of agent Fox Mulder
I'm always paranoid though, agent Fox Mulder taught me to trust no one
I mean, I don't think the show is JUST about Fox Mulder. It's more about David Duchovny, she's really great too... LOL ;-)
I haven't watched Twin Peaks since I was a kid and I love it even more now. Cooper isn't quite Fox Mulder, but yes.
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder still has me entranced 20 or so years later. Keeping obsession in check this time. Maybe.
Skinner: Ok, now I need to convince this lab guy I'm Fox Mulder. Skinner: But he has better HAIR dang it. Skinner: *baseball cap* PERF.
This is what Fox Mulder and Dana Scully look like in 2015 * ~ 87
I am the Fox Mulder of watch the skies!
Omg Fox Mulder just made a Monica Lewinsky joke in the 1998 X Files episode
Had a dream where Peter thought he was Fox Mulder and investigating Quahog's X-Files and it was amazing. I like my dreams 👍
I'm gonna go search the David Duchovny/Fox Mulder tag on Tumblr and see what funny/creepy/sexual stuff I find
Same personality type with Tolkien, Tom Hiddleston, Anne Shirley and Fox Mulder! Heehee
John C Reilly's father in Dewey Cox is Fox Mulder's contact in an episode of x files. Done. Wrong little green man died!
.I can't sleep, should I dream of Fox Mulder or Sam Hodiak *** I can't decide they're both so hot
Fox Mulder's unwavering dedication to finding the truth that he insists is out there finally makes sense: Conduit
Fox Mulder might not be the only solution to loneliness but he is the best...
"Ryan, Fox Mulder is not the solution to loneliness.". "A GIRL CAN DREAM, AUGUST."
"My name is Fox Mulder. Special Agent Fox Mulder with the FBI. She is Dana Scully, my FBI partner." Versão 100h no YT
Are you familiar with an agent named Fox Mulder?
And an agent Fox Mulder. They want to beat me so I will give them information for their career advancement.
"Nojo on the rojo" - Fox Mulder, FBI Agent extraordinaire
FBI agent Fox Mulder would never treat me this way.
Will self-identify as Fox Mulder. Constrained by biological identity forced upon me, I'm now an FBI agent who investigates paranormal cases.
Fox Mulder, Dana Scully... I'd like to introduce special agent Xzibit.
DAY ONE ON THE SET: Channeling my inner Fox Mulder as a paranoid FBI agent in the sci-fi/horror flick, HYBRID.
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Peggy Olson and Pete Campbell's baby grows up to be: . a) John Locke. b) Walter White. c) Fox Mulder
Henry Morgan, Patrick Jane, Fox Mulder. I love the tormented men.
Julius Caesar, watch your back today. I recommend that you think like Fox Mulder and trust no one, not even your...
will Sam Hodiak be anything like Fox Mulder or Hank Moody?
It seems like my main issues with X-Files were Fox Mulder and William Gibson.
David Duchovny Is Excited to Return as Fox Mulder in X-FILES Limited Series — GeekTyrant via
"The truth is out there..." And in this case Fox would only have to open their eyes to see it. Remakes in Hollywood is to reboots in prime time television, b/c none of us are tired of that formula, right? The days of watching a downward spiraling, self destructive, "once" highly regarded professional of his field, ex-agent Fox Mulder are over. Chris Carter made *** sure of that in X-Files I Want To Believe film. So the news that Fox is in talks of bringing the show back to life is upsetting as well as disturbing. "I" want to believe this is an early in bad taste April Fools joke...Ha Ha
"Fox, this is a moment for the family but you could join us if you want.". Family would've called him Mulder.
It's What's waiting for us? More loneliness. And then 365 more shopping days to even more loneliness. . ---Fox Mulder
*x-files theme plays quietly in the distance*. Fox Mulder: The truth is out there. Dana Scully: omfg mulder stop
Naroq is the Fox Mulder of his species. :)
What are the chances I can become a combination of Jon Hamm, Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Dr. Seuss, Bill Clinton, and Fox Mulder?
I had a dream I was dating Fox Mulder and it was so very real that waking up was so very sad
Fox Mulder doesn't have the same affection for Home Alone as us humans. . PS. You can buy the YBR?…
Taking fox mulder to meet my family, I'm nervous/excited bc they don't really care for pets but we will see 😌
Why is Fox Mulder not murdering me right now. Why am I not covered in blood and being threatened by Lily Tomlin.
oh I get it, the nerd is like fox mulder but with santa. That almost makes him likable. ALMOST.
All I want for Christmas is to be best friends with Fox Mulder.
Fox Mulder. The only white boy I've ever loved
To me the main characters are Fox Mulder who is David Duchuveney and Dana Scully who is Gillian Anderson.
Why Mulder, given that it's not a fox?
I will forever have the biggest crush on Fox Mulder.
the x-files "i want to believe" pin pack. Fox mulder, the x files, Pin pack, Mulder, X files, D...
"this bile is ruining my cool exterior" - Fox Mulder, also me
OMG Yes!!! I had a heart attack later when I figured out Fox Mulder was the sketch Red Shoes host!
Mulder's dad definitely looks like someone who would name their kid Fox
I got better arms than Fox Mulder, but he had a flatter tummy.
"A dream is the answer to a question we haven't yet learned how to ask" - Fox Mulder
Went shopping for puppy clothes but Fox Mulder is at that puppy age where nothing fits him bc too big/little :(
Watching X Files with no lights on:) lemme see..if good ol mulder.still does it for
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So, Dale Cooper is what you get if you give Fox Mulder a tape recorder instead of a partner, right?
Wolf Blitzer is such a cool name. Much better than Fox Mulder.
Fox Mulder, you done abducted my heart.
Would my phone quit trying to correct me when I type "Fox Mulder" like I know how to spell his name and I am spelling it right
How did Fox make Dana Scully more festive?. Mulder.
Best duo ever: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully! Can you guess the show w/o Googling it?
Any time a guy hits on me I refer back to Fox Mulder's "I want to believe" poster when it comes the possibility of a good conversation
Special Agent Fox Mulder is my hero.
Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe, but it keeps getting harder to know what to believe. Go on, tell me what you think. I'…
please literally never ask me to choose between Josh Ramsay and Fox Mulder because I can guarantee I will either cry or punch you
.believes 17-year-old me would've loved Jess, but he's wrong because Jess is not Fox Mulder.
How to Lose All Tangible Evidence a guide by Fox Mulder (cowritten by Dana Scully)
He remembers a blinding light and waking up somewhere else. Someone call Dana Scully and Fox Mulder!
Shut up and take my money: Bonecos Bobble Heads X-Files: Fox Mulder e Dana Scully
means so much to us. Fox Mulder & Chris Carter's birthdays, what defines us as a fandom & a state of mind. . Happy 101…
Today is Chris Carter/Fox Mulder's birthday. I will always have that information in my brain.
Started watching I'm finding it hard to see David Duchovny as a sex symbol because he'll always be Fox Mulder to me.
One of the guys in the SAUF station was probably based off Fox Mulder because he looks like an animated David Duchovny
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. But Hank Moody is truly his best role ever.
Fox Mulder makes a reference to Dale Cooper at a diner in The X-Files: Year Zero ht…
I've resorted to listening to piano ballads while quietly thinking about space and Fox Mulder.
Fox Mulder having all the answers via
Photoset: aliens-scully: FOX WILLIAM MULDER October 13, 1961: Libra You have the qualities of a great...
"sorry sir this is a restricted access area". *flashes laminated fox mulder FBI badge*
*is at a barbecue sitting behind a tree in someone else's yard crying about Fox Mulder*
Who's the bigger babe, Fox Mulder or Dana Scully? I have nine seasons to figure it out.
“Santa Monica in 2005 lmao both their expressi…
Do you think the barber will laugh at me if I ask for the fox mulder haircut?
.I would pay $.99/minute to hear Fox Mulder investigating the case of my spontaneously-combusting loins in a phone booth.
👨"and to my grandson Fox Mulder, I leave my entire estate, on the condition he spends 1 night in my haunted castle". 👦AW…
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Fox Mulder is the biggest dork ever
“Santa Monica in 2005 lmao both their expressions
Funny: Fox Mulder having all the answers
👩: [alarmed at a noise] Not Fox. Mulder. 👦: It appears that cockroaches are mortally attacking people.
jello long lost relative/orphan black-esque clone! Catboy fox mulder sounds like literally the cutest thing in the world
Beauty is in the eye of the Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder had all the anwers...: more...
Fox Mulder had all the anwers…. Click here for more funny pictures by Mr. Squirrel
le top reddit du moment : Fox Mulder having all the answers
Wow I forgot Mulder's first name was Fox
Fox Mulder having all the answers via /r/funny
Well, we always make exceptions for Fox Mulder and beautiful progs so.
100% buying a new I WANT TO BELIEVE poster because the one I have doesn't match the poster in Fox Mulder's office
Forget Hank Moody, Fox Mulder and Sam Hodiak, he will always be JOHNNY VOLCANO!
Never thought that could craft a character as great as Fox Mulder. Then I met Hank Moody.
Fox Mulder having all the answers: .
"The military may have imprisoned me, but my soulful bang game is still strong." --Fox Mulder, FBI
Fox Mulder having all the answers sosial funny
Fox Mulder having all the answers: submitted by buttslapz to funny [link] [127 comments]
If Dana Skully and Fox Mulder had a love child, it would be Veronica Mars.
Then again I'd probably cry a lot if my mum called me Fox Mulder
is looking for a Fox Mulder for a personal and professional relationship.
Ahhh! I can not understand Fox Mulder! How possible with this woman to be "just friends"?
👦: Exactly. 👩: [Seeing the movement of Homer's belly] Not Fox. Mulder.
It's like fox mulder bc he is a gorgeous babe and I love and weed. RTit's a planet of finks
"Early morning eye candy.. Fox Mulder the lovely gillianafor me ;-)
"Dreams are the answers to questions we haven't figured out how to answer yet" Fox Mulder
"An X-File, ugh, better cut the sleeves off my shirts." - Fox Mulder
I just want to draw more Catboy Fox Mulder ***
update: fox mulder is once again crying & yes I am following suit
as FBI agent Fox Mulder would say: The Truth Is Out There
That is awesome. Good for you!RT I will name him Special Agent Fox Mulder
Whenever I hear rumours of lost episodes being found I want to like Fox Mulder and believe, but I can't ignore my inner Scully
May wanna find Fox Mulder to have him investigate lol
an alternate mass effect universe where Shepard is Fox Mulder and Liara is Dana Scully. They call him "Spooky Shepard"
Me when I think about early 90s fox mulder
I will name him Special Agent Fox Mulder
"Special Agent Fox Mulder, FBI. I need to see what's on this train." - what I say (in my mind) when I flash my boarding pass on my phone.
When Scully's crying for lunch and Mulder is in Nevada wen scully calls Mulder fox
“wen scully calls Mulder fox hate fanfiction like that
Woke up because I was laughing so much in my dream. I need more dreams like that. Also, Fox Mulder was in it and he bit my head. Double win.
Where's Fox Mulder when you need him?
fox mulder: contrary to what some other guy said here on U...
Yes but why have a boyfriend when you can have Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI
Did you ever notice that Fox Mulder's first name is FOX?
Fox Mulder & Scully. Scour’d each hill and gully. And found alien beings. But no engagement rings.
where does David Duchovny end and Fox Mulder begin?
We ALL know that True Detective Season 2 should be Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, and I won't even entertain anything else
I think Fox Mulder would be stoked on how The History Channel turned out.
"fox mulder is such a babe 🙌 I actually agree. That *** is faine. My mom had a crush on him
Is it a spoiler if I turn it into a gross pickup line? "Girl is your name Fox Mulder? Cause you can call me CGB Spender, aka daddy"
When your first name is Fox, why would you have everyone call you "Mulder"?
Photo: Before he joined the FBI, Fox Mulder was a sleazy businessman.  He decided to make a career change...
I have the biggest crush on Fox that wrong
I, christine hotdadchovny, take no responsibility for any point in time at which fox mulder listened to snoop dogg and/or mumford & sons
The only thing that can make the end of Hank Moody any easier for me is the return of Fox Mulder.
Maybe Linden should take up swimming like Fox Mulder. Running hasn't ever led to anything good for her.
I wanna. I wanna do a sex with fox mulder. im so ashamed.
"Religion has masqueraded as the paranormal since the dawn of time to justify some of the most horrible acts in history." -Fox Mulder
Because in another life he was Fox Mulder!
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Hank Moody is pretty righteous, but Fox Mulder will always be my favorite
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully changed our expectations of in The X-Files.
A cross over of a hit Pixar franchise and a hit Fox TV show: Mulder & Sulley.
. "And no one, no government agency has jurisdiction over the truth." Fox Mulder, X-files series 1: Fallen Angel
Playing XCOM: Enemy Within with two team members named "Fox Mulder" & "Dana Scully" only so I can giggle every time Scully mentions an alien
Fairly certain I will never be attracted to anyone as much as I am to David Duchovny as Fox Mulder, sorry
Overheard: krycek: you should go out for the football team, fox. cross country is for nerds mulder: one,...
But Fox Mulder is her favorite fiction character.
I wonder what Fox Mulder would think...?
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