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Fox Business Network (FBN) is an American cable news and satellite news television channel that began broadcasting on October 15, 2007. It is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. Louis Carl Lou Dobbs (born September 24, 1945) is an American journalist, radio host, television host on the Fox Business Network, and author. 5.0/5

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Hannity and Lou Dobbs the only ones I watch on Fox Business and Fox News and I wat…
Ah, Lou Dobbs, another Trumpkin...his judgment obviously skewd.
2.2 seconds. That's how long it took me to grab my remote and quickly turn off Lou Dobbs and the Fox Business Network.
I was flipping through the channels and I came across Lou Dobbs show on Fox Business and thought I was transported to an alternate universe
Just watch Hannity and fox business Lou Dobbs
*** .. Lou Dobbs is crazier than you are! But you are the company you keep.
Lou Dobbs on Trump's first 100 days: He's been "pretty close to perfect"
Fox Business has some really great conservative reporters Charles Payne, Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney, Trish Regan,Mari…
Fox Business far superior to FoxNews. Lou Dobbs and Charles Payne are the greatest.
Use to watch Fox, Now I watch Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Thanks for the option. Great Work!
How can ANY Dem watch this and still vote for her? . Lou Dobbs Tonight | Fox Business | November 2, 2016
Lou Dobbs is good option on Fox Business. Not much else.
YES! BOYCOTT MEGYN KELLY on Fox NOW! I'm not even watching anyone but Lou Dobbs in Fox Business Channel!
Lou Dobbs had an excellent show tonight on Fox Business Channel including a discussion of our weak kneed speaker of th…
I watch mostly Fox Business Channel now. Stu Varney in the morning & Lou Dobbs in the eve…
I like Greta and Mike Huckabee. And Lou Dobbs on Fox Business is good too.
I'm watching Fox Business more these days Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney, Charles Payne all ar…
I agree. Hannity's show is my favourite nightly show on Fox. Lou Dobbs on Fox Business is best analysis I know.
Lou Dobbs on Fox News Business will provide Fair and Balanced coverage on Donald Trump. This is my Guy.
We've moved to Fox Business and Lou Dobbs and Stuart Varney are the bomb.
You sound just like me. I have Fox Business Channel on everytime Lou Dobbs comes on. I get news online now.
Via Bret Baier. Don't miss the 4th GOP debate tonight on Fox Business-- I will join Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly...
Join Tom Sullivan on Fox Business as he fills in for Lou Dobbs on Lou Dobbs Tonight @ 7 PM ET / 12 PM PT
I liked a video Rep. Yoho on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs
interestingly, Fox Business is a pretty good channel, diff from Fox News. Lou Dobbs has a great show IMO.
Great job on Stuart Varney this AM, great to see you busy on Fox Business with Stuart and Lou Dobbs! You go girl!
Congratulations to Representative-Elect Jennifer Sullivan on an outstanding interview on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs.
Evaluating the current situation in Israel: Wolfowitz on Fox Business' 'Lou Dobbs Tonight': Via
Saakashvili speaking with Lou Dobbs on Tonight show, Fox Business
Phares in the media on US Policy in the Middle East from Washington DC Dr Walid Phares will be on News Max TV at 1:37 PM EST with JD Hayworth to discuss al Qaeda's geopolitical capacities, on al Arabia TV at 3:30 PM EST to discuss US-Egyptian military relations, on the Lou Dobbs show on the Fox Business Channel in the 7 PM hour to discuss US policy in the Middle East and at 8 PM on EWTN Catholic Channel to discuss The LOST SPRING and US Policy
In an incredible moment rarely seen on Fox, Texas GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert was subjected to a tense 6 minutes of questioning by Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, who s
I'll be on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs on tonight at 7:30PM to discuss several topics, including Syria, Benghazi & immigration. Tune in!
Nan was on Fox Business last night to discuss the impact of the healthcare law 'Obamacare' on employers, jobs, and...
Yeah, like the male panel on Fox Business w/ Lou Dobbs. Good luck with that. Stick to Libertarian Party.
I avoid Shepherd by putting on Fox Business Channel with Lou Dobbs.
I only watch the Fox Report when Shepard Smith isn't hosting. | should be watching Lou Dobbs on Fox Business
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Monday repeated a conspiracy theory pushed by fringe conservative websites like Alex Jones’ Infowars, that the federal government was “arming up” while trying to disarm U.S. citizens.
Last night, I joined Lou Dobbs on Fox Business to talk about balancing the budget. Click below to watch. The law...
Coming up: will be chatting live with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business about the need to cut wasteful Washington spending
I will also be talking to Lou Dobbs this afternoon on Fox Business at 4 pm PST and again on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning at 3:15 am PST.
Tune in to Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News at 7pm to watch our own Robert Zimmerman make a special appearance!
Team Goodlatte: Bob will be talking immigration with Lou Dobbs Tonight at 7pm ET on Fox Business. Tune in!
In a January 25 appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Republican consultant and commentatorMary Matalin said she had "no objection to background checks." Fox's Greg Gutfeld was asked on the January 24 edition of The Five if he was in favor of having people at gun shows "go through the same background checks?" Gutfeld replied that "I'm all for background checks." Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said on the January 14 edition of Lou Dobbs Tonight that he was "absolutely" in favor of universal background checks. On the December 5, 2012 edition of The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly said he agreed with NBC's Bob Costas that background checks should be required for weapons purchased at gun shows and described it as a "reasonable" position. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has urged House Republicans to pass gun legislation - including comprehensive background checks - arguing, "they can either pass a comprehensive gun control package right now and shape it under Speaker Boehner, or they can wait two years when they lose the ma ...
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs pushed the extreme conspiracy theory that President Obama wants to destroy the Second Amendment as a first step in eliminating the entire Bill of Rights. But Obama has consistently voiced his support for the Second Amendment, including during the Monday press conference t...
12 days until we reach the fiscal cliff! I talked with Lou Dobbs last night on Fox Business about what needs to be done to avert the fiscal cliff. While the President slow-walks America to the edge of the fiscal cliff, we must continue to do everything we can to protect American families, our economy, and our national security. SHARE & "LIKE" this post if you want Congress and the President to stop the tax hike and cut spending!
Tonight at 6:30pm CT on Fox Business, I’ll discuss with Lou Dobbs the effects of video game violence on our children.   10% Off
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs falsely claimed that right-to-work laws eliminate forced union membership. In fact, federal law already prohibits unions from requiring membership, and right-to-work laws actually allow workers to receive union benefits without having to pay fees.
Lou and his guests discuss how politics and a lack of leadership are impacting budget negotiations on Capitol Hill. Does President Obama really want a deal or is he content to push the economy over the fiscal cliff? Lou Dobbs is the host of Lou Dobbs Tonight, a primetime program on the Fox Business...
Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked to Lou Dobbs on The Fox Business Network about the looming fiscal cliff. He also discussed the terror attack in Libya and t...
I dropped in on Fox Business, and the talking heads there seem to agree with my assessment. They are reluctant to state anything resembling a shift in class priorities, but Lou Dobbs pointed out that the GOP failed to talk to the 23 million people who are in pain, although they talked about them. And that is EXACTLY what I have been pointing out. Even to conservatives I used to have friended here - because I was looking for an alternative to Obama a year ago, and they acted like I was an *** because I wanted to see evidence that their candidate had any clue about my concerns. They didn't. Go figure. That's why I wrote in Rocky Anderson today. That's why they need to re-evaluate their philosophy, their platform, and their messaging.
My hubs says Lou Dobbs is unraveling on Fox Business Channel. lol
Looking at Cavuto and Lou Dobbs on Fox Business-- they look like their puppy has just been hit by a car
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs says Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knew exactly what he was doing when he “literally slobbered over” President Barack Obama inappreciation for the federal responseto Hurricane Sandy.
If you are not Lou Dobbs..Fox Business
So our goverment tried to cover up the terrorist attack in bengazi and realesed false information about why it happened...thank you Lou Dobbs for relaying this to fox business sheeple
hey what's up with Lou Dobbs using a chalk board on Fox Business just like you? No originality.
Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News at 6:00 p.m. (central) is great. FYI for those tired of Shepard Smith.
I recommend tuning into Lou Dobbs on Fox Business as an alternative to Shep Smith on Fox News. is a superb interviewer!
Lou Dobbs is on the chalk board... Fox Business News
Wow! Eye opening Lou Dobbs special on Fox Business right now. Calling out Obama on hypocrisy regarding Chicago murders.
Tonight at 9p ET it’s a Fox Business special on Fox News Channel! In ‘Out of Work,’ we break down the jobs crisis, and expose the truth behind the unemployment numbers. Plus, we reveal the businesses booming! Join us as Lou Dobbs hosts a Fox Business Special: Out of Work on Fox News Channel. Tune.
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs covered up the fact that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney previously supported the same kind of financial penalties on individuals who refuse to purchase Health Insurance that are in the Affordable Care Act, penalties Romney now criticizes. In fact, even the archite...
I really didn't realize that Lou Dobbs on Fox Business was a nightly news and issues program. duh!. I can't stand Shepard Smith... so Now Im gonna watch Dobbs when I watch at 6p (which is not that often). I love Lou! That guy is brilliant.
Judicial Watch Tom Finton will be on Lou Dobbs of Fox Business at 7:40 pm tonight, & O'Reilly at 8:05 pm
Appearance on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business on Friday, discussing various gun control issues.
Lou Dobbs on Fox Business is holding BHO's feet to the fire on Chicago deaths and on lack of Cabinet meetings... Go Lou!
Michelle Fields talks about the Colorado shooting and gun control with Lou Dobbs on Fox Business
Way to Go Lou Dobbs ~ "It's Time To Get Back To Reason In This Country!" see him on Fox Business
Then tonight, Congresswoman Hayworth will join Fox Business's Lou Dobbs around 7:00PM EST to weigh in on the Supreme Court's decision. Make sure to tune in!
Lou Dobbs has long been notorious for his attacks on and misinformation about immigrants; he has associated with an organization designated as a "hate group" for its anti-immigrant rhetoric. Dobbs continued this pattern in a June 22 interview on his Fox Business show with activist Jose Antonio Varga...
Following the announcement that the Department of Homeland Security will stop deporting certain undocumented immigrants, Lou Dobbs incorrectly claimed on his Fox Business show that "a good portion" of those affected were "adults when they came here." In fact, the policy change applies only to immigr...
Be sure to watch Robert Zimmerman on Lou Dobbs (at 7 PM on the Fox Business Channel!
Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs says he’s mystified by an apparent “taboo” Republicans and the national media have as they ...
On his Fox Business show, Lou Dobbs suggested that the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated a hate group, constitutes Obama's base. Dobbs quoted criticisms of Obama by the NBPP and then said: "I mean, what is going on here? This president is starting t...
Chairman John Mica of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs on Wednesday, May 16, to discuss the negligent ...
Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News mystified by Obama-birth location discussion ‘taboo’:
I will be on the Lou Dobbs show tonight talking about the president's pro *** marriage stance. Fox Business Channel.
Former CNN anchor, and regular guest on Fox News and Fox Business, Lou Dobbs will have a new home on the Fox Business Network starting in 2011. He's host a new daily program for the young business channel and make regular appearances across many FBN shows. Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times has the ...
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs: "I support same-sex marriage. I mean, that's not an issue"
FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the declining number of Americans that are married.
I'm on with the one and only Lou Dobbs on Fox Business 2nite Discussing voter ID laws; same sex marriage and more!
Thursday, May 10, Bill Donohue will appear on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Donohue is scheduled to appear at 7:10 p.m. ET.
Tune into Lou Dobbs on Fox Business to listen to on EPA regulations!
Congressman Rob Bishop will appear on Fox Business today with Lou Dobbs at 7:00 p.m. EDT to discuss energy policy.
Lou Dobbs is using a chalkboard on Fox Business tonight. Look what you started!
FBN's Lou Dobbs on the pay gap between CEOs and workers.
Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs dusted off Glenn Beck’s chalkboard to draw a link between President Obama's new campaign slogan and European communists, facists and Marxists. This week, the Obama campaign unveiled its new slogan
I'm glad came down on Lou Dobbs. He's so much better on Fox Business.
Joseph McCarthy is alive and well at Fox News and Fox Business -- Lou Dobbs had to leave CNN because of his extremist views ...
FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the winners and losers of Obama’s past, and current, campaign slogans.
FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the growing number of Americans on food stamps and disability and its impact on the government.
Lou Dobbs airs as usual tonight. ATeam segment cancelled so no Hank on Fox Business News tonight. See you next time.
Fox Business - Lou Dobbs Tonight, “Is the Government an Obstacle to Job Growth?” - -
Dobbs of Fox Business sees ratings high: Alex Alvarez of Mediaite reports that Fox Business Network anchor Lou D...
"NYPD monitors Jihadists penetration not communities" In an interview with Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business...
Ron Paul to be on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs Tonight 7pm – 7:30pm ET | Daily Paul
Scheduled to talk to Neil Cavuto at 4pm on Fox News and Lou Dobbs Tonight at 7pm Fox Business
Fox Business Lands Lou Dobbs: Filed under: Matt Lewis and the NewsLou Dobbs moves to Fox Business -- a great mov...
He's baaack! Fox Business to announce Lou Dobbs is joining cable network to host his own show.
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