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Fox Business Channel

Fox Business Network (FBN) is an American cable news and satellite news television channel that began broadcasting on October 15, 2007. It is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

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you get the best most up to date info. I have watched the debates on Fox Business channel. It's great, I…
will not watch Fox News Wednesday night your on it. Fox business news my channel.
Now Trump is looking out for new business. A TV channel he wants to open with his sexual predator friend from Fox News
I will be watching, Fox Business Channel instead, no thanks
is the guy to watch on Fox Business channel at 5:00 EST. can KMA. is gone and I've switched to Lou!
Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Channel now. Re-airing at 11pm exz.
Might want to change over to Fox Business. Only good channel on TV.
Ppl need to watch FOX business channel. The truth of HRC emails and the cover ups of the democratic party.
If u can't stand watching THE FIVE, change channel to Fox BUSINESS channel!
I switched to Fox Business Channel. Watching less & less. More like every show, every day.
Listening to Fox Business news waiting for my car & I'm about to shut their TV off! It's anything but a business channel! Bashing Catholics!
Watching Maria on Fox business CHANNEL tomorrow 6am, hope we find out what's going on for sure
YES! BOYCOTT MEGYN KELLY on Fox NOW! I'm not even watching anyone but Lou Dobbs in Fox Business channel!
I will be watching on Fox Business. The new fair and balanced channel.
Lou Dobbs had an excellent show tonight on Fox Business channel including a discussion of our weak kneed speaker of th…
Fox has not only the pig liberal Chris Wallace moderating.. but Smith on the business channel and Kelly commenting. Fox flaming fixers
Other than on the one channel I have switched to Fox Business almost exclusively for…
. Fox business channel with is great or cspan
On this day in 2007, the Fox Business Network launched a new US cable channel to focus on financial markets and global economy news.
Agree. Fox Business has been on it heavily today. Downfall, not everyone gets that channel.
I can't listen to their propaganda and I'm selective about Fox. Business channel is better
Not sure. They usually stick him on the FOX Business Channel with right wing UK born Stuart Varney
Shepard Smith has to go!, changed the channel to fox business.
FOX Business News should change their damned name to the Trump Rally Speech Channel. CNBC wins because they focus on business news.
Here is proof of what I was saying, Trump on every news channel including Fox Business.
Congrats to for starting her job at Fox Business Channel! Those 3 summers interning paid off good job!!! Go draw cool stuff now
Fox Business News channel already has announced Hillary as the winner in November 9:10 a.m on 10/14/16 with Rasmussen.
Only can watch certain Fox shows & Fox business channel too. Murdoch boys quickly morphing the only conservative ch…
When I said the world against Trump,I didn't think I would have to include Fox. I do think the fox business channel…
The all NEW Fox News Channel,...completely in the bag for Hillary Clinton due to James and Lachlan Murdoch now...
One America News and Fox Business, also I see Newsmax just started broadcasting! Change the channel and use the net
I do too! also Lou Dobbs in Fox Business Channel he is awesome !
. Fox Business/FoxNews is perceived as conservative, it’s just every other channel is so in the tank for HRC
Simple scheduling error. He was slated to appear on Fox Bad Business Channel.
Hey any WWII tank enthusiasts out there? If so, you need to catch this episode on Fox Business channel. Craziness.
. Megan , sorry , I am turning the channel to fox business. Your feckless opinionated statement are deplorable. Disappointed.
I'm do glad I watched the debate coverage on Fox News Business channel. Much more fair an balanced…
Even bigger question since his failed business cost American tax payers $75 million why is Curt on Fox Business Cha…
Is using his powers of evil to channel the late (decidedly not great) Robert Novak?
I watch mostly Fox Business channel now. Stu Varney in the morning & Lou Dobbs in the eve…
Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Channel now. (Far better than Brit Hume on Fox News - who is a 'Never Trumper').
I recommend Lou Dobbs. 7pm on the Fox business channel
Matter of fact people should turn the channel to fox business. You have fallen in with MSM. Hannity should move over to FB too.
Curt...Fox News and Fox Business Channel are not friends of conservatives. Be careful.
covering the newest wikileaks dumps. Watch political coverage all day on Fox Business Channel. disparages Catholics!
Honestly, just stop watching. Fox business channel at same hour isn't bad
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Fox Business Channel Dobbs, Varney are the only tolerable shows on air
Fox News should split into 2. Hannity/O'Reilly/Dobbs are on 1 channel, merged w/ RT. Fox Business gets Hume/Kelly.
Your right.It's fox news.They are in the tank for HRC. Fox business channel on the other hand is generally fair.
If you get Fox Business channel, they are better a lot of times. FBN. Good right now!!!
Think I'll watch Debates on Fox Business Channel ! Sick of Kelly & crew ! Juan, German Shepard ect.
Fox Business Channel is a great alternative
I've turned to Fox Business Channel since Fox News lost its way with Megan Kelly. CNN & MSNBC are still left wing. Lou Dobbs is the best.
So Fox network, Fox Business Channel, Fox News Channel, and Fox Sports 1 channel now have a Fox HD logo according to Comcast. Stupid.
PS Additionally, Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo did an outstanding job during the last Fox Business Channel debate.
NEWS RELEASE 1-11-16, . Mayor Brown will be appearing on Varney & Co on Fox Business Channel at 10:45am.
Chris Faulkner will be on with Stuart Varney at 10:15 Dallas time. . Always engaging interviews with Stuart. . Fox Business Channel.
Fox Business Network airs “In America” this Thur 8:15pm and Fri 6:15pm. Channel, Full video,
so sorry to hear that a certain waste of your time they are all voting for Hillary or not even voting Go on FOX Business Channel
I'm on Cable and it costs too much to ADD the Fox Business Channel. I'm 84 and on a fixed income.
check out Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Channel for details of Oregon ranchers sent back to prison.
We need Fox Business Channel on the Philippi cable.
RIP, thanks for MASH & wisdom you brought to the FOX Business channel, we all are going to miss you. 82, you looking great.
will be on Fox Business Channel at 6:50 PM est to discuss the Iranian Saudi escalation.
*** you for making me find Fox Business channel.
FOX Business Report - 1/4: It wasn't cheap if you took Uber on New Year's Eve. Lauren Simonetti is back and ta...
told Fox Business Channel that "the Saudi Iranian confrontation is not just a Shia Sunni conflict. This is too...
told Varney on Fox Business Channel that "one single missile fired by Iran on Saudi Oil installations and the...
will be on Varney and Co on Fox Business Channel at 915 AM EST to discuss the situation in the Middle East
If you'd like to ask some property questions, tune into Your Money Your Call tonight at 8pm (AEST) on FOX TV Sky News Business Channel, 602
For the 14th consecutive year, Fox News is the most viewed US cable news channel, now 2nd among all cable channels
You get a show on Fox Business Channel.
Any word on a Foxtel channel carrying the next US Republican Presidential debate in mid Jan? Airs on Fox Business in US
He was fun to watch on M*A*S*H and to listen to on business channel, he will be missed.
Mayor Don Ness and his future plans of a new small business - Northland's NewsCenter: FOX 21 OnlineMayor Don N...
I enjoyed when he appeared on your show and as a guest on the Fox Business Channel.
dam it. I really liked that guy. He was a great dude. Watched him on mash and fox business Fox News Channel.
"Highest finish for a cable news channel ever." Fox News Holds Lead in Year of Growth for Cable News
I want to wish you a safe and happy new year love watching you on Fox News and Business Channel
Dubai New Year's eve fire. Dr Walid Phares told Fox Business Channel that "the fire in the tower in Dubai could...
cable channel by viewership is ESPN. is Fox News.
“It turns out that if you own a 24-hour cable news channel, the best thing to drive ratings is — wait for it — news”
I'm on with at 5:05 ET to discuss Turkey's New Year's terrorist bombing foiled on Fox Business Channel.
It's a pretty odd business decision if you turn it into a newspaper version of Fox News Channel.
I added a video to a playlist ChoiceTV Show Episode 2 - "Women in Business" - As seen on FOX Channel
Is Fox Bus turning into a political channel? I have to turn to Cnbc to get some business news!
Stay tuned tonight on Lou Dobbs at 7pm on Fox Business Channel.
Man Arrested for Falsely Reporting Robbery of Local Business - FOX 40 News WICZ TV: Man Arrested for Falsely R...
FOX Business Report - 12/29: Disney is planning some theme park renovations now that the force has awakened an...
Somehow when I hear the term "Fox Business Channel" I think of Lucy van Pelt, charging 5 cents a pop to hear her read some Hayek or Ayn Rand
on fox news or fox business channel?? Time??
Dr. Lopez will be on Fox Business Channel on "The Willis Report"! Tune in at 5p.m. for the hot topic of laundry...
will be on Fox Business Channel at 430 PM to discuss President Obama ' s comments on the Camp David Gulf Summit
Hey Connell you guys are cutting out on Fox Business channel 617 on FIOS ... WISHING YOU luck on your new endeavor 5/30 ..
Fox Business Channel to discuss libertarian business issues.[13] And ties to Glenn Beck stealing my writings along with Rand Paul
when I read this I thought, *** is Jimmy doing on the Fox business channel, watched some and still thought *** maybe ohh, I see
MW2 working at Boucher Farms with Fox Business Channel today.
Don Imus never fit Fox Business ..glad M.Bartiromo took over and the channel should be bettet than CNBC now
Beautycounter is in the news again. Fox News' Business channel last week now Yahoo News on over…
My clients JUST today were on The Talk (Jayne Jones) and FOX Business Channel (MY client, John Greenburg, broke...
Anyone ever seen this dude on the Fox business channel that looks like Beethoven? Lmao
you are great and outstanding on Fox news business channel is there a way I can please get a pic autograph from u please thx
When the race resumes it will air live on Fox Business Channel
Check out our hacker Dave Chronister on Varney and Company on Fox Business Channel tomorrow at 10CST discussing the Sony incident.
Friday Fox Follies – Impeaches and Cream By: Headly Westerfield more from Headly Westerfield Friday, November, 21st, 2014, 9:30 pm It’s only taken 6 years of blindly throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks, but Fox “News” has finally invented Articles of Impeachment against President Obama — or, at the very least, figured out a way to throw the word around recklessly. Taking a cue as Fox Legal Analyst Erroneously Attacks The Legitimacy Of Obama’s Immigration Action, it’s all Obama’s fault, natch, as Fox Host Claims Obama Is “Double-Daring” Republicans To Impeach Him With Immigration Action. Meanwhile Tantaros and Hannity Salivate For Impeaching Obama as Fox’s Charles Payne Promotes Impeaching Obama Over Immigration Order, refusing to mind his own Fox Business Channel. There’s not been this much talk of impeachment since DNA-on-a-dress and Watergate combined. President Obama has — so far — declined to resign. Since that didn’t work O’Reilly Tries To Get Krauthammer To Sa ...
Not only was I forced on this freaky 'vacation,' but Fox Business Channel is playing on the hotel tv
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Andrew W.K. was also on Neil Cavuto's Fox Business Channel show last night.
Sorry--My 7pm hour on tonight (Fri) has been canceled. They'll reschedule on Fox Business Channel; will advise.
I will be on the Lou Dobbs Show tonight in the 7pm hour of the Fox Business Channel.
Even if Lent is over, tomorrow morning I'll go into the Lion's den with Don Imus at 6:35am ET on the Fox Business Channel
I will be on Cavuto on Fox Business Channel at 6pm and 8pm.
Our investigation into the General Motors recall case continues. I'll be on The Willis Report on Fox Business Channel this evening at 4:30 Central Time to discuss the latest. I hope you'll tune in.
Nathan Fatal and I were just spotted on John Stossel on the Fox Business Channel.
Fox Business Channel this afternoon in the 5:00 PM hour talking about they guys who make Candy Crush efforts to register "Candy" as a federal trademark. That's going to fail at Level 2.
Fox Business Channel had me on last night to play "Ask A Communist." Check it out:
Fox Business as a channel fascinates me, at 7:00 am on a weekday wouldn't you want hard core business news instead of a mumbling old man?
told Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Channel tonight that "the Administration knows what the Iranian regime is doing in...
even the female host on FOX business channel is making fun of nascar. Lol.
Getting ready to be on the Fox Business Channel. Tune in!
Great segment on LSV14 FOX Business channel! http:…
Im gonna say it again... if you're not watching Kennedy make anarchist jokes with puppets while deliberately breaking stupid laws on The Independents on fox business channel you are missing out. Its on right now... go! With the quickness!
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There's a lot of fatalism in the tone of the conversation about Christie on Fox Business Channel.
Naw son. Jenna Lee, Fox Business Channel or Margaret Brennan, CBS. Woman that can help get bread, needs to be on the team.
Aired November 16th on FOX Business channel, John Stossel profiles small business owners mummified by never-ending amounts of red tape. The Goldwater Institu...
I didn't realize until this weekend that B-J was on. It was on the Fox business channel?
We need SPEED BACK! So far has been on FOX FS1 FS 2 FOX BUSINESS and National Geographic! SPEED played 1 channel!
I miss channel, didn't have to chase across multiple channels. I can see airing it on Fox Business but
just for the record. Fox business channel is in 75m and natgeo is in 84m homes. But only B-J lovers don't get them
The only time I will endorse watching Fox Business Channel is when is on.
I swear that Al Enfields car is coming up on the auction block at Barrett Jackson right now on Fox Business channel.
Watching car auction on fox business channel amazing cars!!!
Can't find the Fox business channel. :(
Barrett Jackson just came back on, it's on fox business channel! Hellyea!!
OK LIB's its time to turn off FOX NEWS AND switch to my man BUSINESS channel
Barrett-Jackson on FOX business channel on DISH if you don't have FOX Sports 2. Gotta watch for all classic motor heads!
It's Freelance Friday with DrWoody- "Managing in Tough Times" As seen and heard on Fox Business Channel- Willis...
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For those of you, like us, that like to watch the classic car auctions watch Barrett-Jackson tonight on Fox Business channel. My wife's cousin is selling his 1970 Buick Skylark GS Stage 1 convertible. Its had a frame off restoration and he is selling it at "no reserve". It has the 455 V-8 and factory 4 speed trans which makes it more rare and desirable. Its lot 1096 and should go up on the block around 10:00.
Why do I have to watch Charlie Gaspareno on Fox Business? Guess what I do not! I flip the channel!
The first show of three, tonight of Barrett-Jackson. Fox business channel, 206 on dish. I have always wish I could go to their show at Scottsdale Arizona , with a lot of money.
I can't believe Barrett-Jackson on Fox Business channel, what happened to ESPN?
Thanks for teaching me things, I never knew I got fox business channel
The Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction live on the Fox Business Channel brigs back a ton of memories. Should have kept that '64 Mustang.
Watching Barrett-Jackson on Fox Business Channel right now. Here comes a car for auction, soon!
Why are you playing Fox Sports on the Fox Business channel?
Pretty cool seeing ADESA on Fox Business Channel from Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction! Saturday on Fox!
Tune into Fox Business Channel at approx 10:30pm EST tmrw and watch a beautiful Chevrolet Camaro be auctioned...
Look for us on Morning Buzz - KMSP-TV Fox Channel 9 between 8-9 am tomorrow. Secrets of small business lending will be revealed!
I wish still existed. You could count on one channel to watch BJ on Nat Geo & Fox Business. Come on!!
If you are near a tv, check out Fox Business channel at 5 and hear my buddy Scottie Martin talk about next must use app...
To all my friends and family the barret Jackson car we built sells tonight at 10 pm your time of fox business channel check it out!!! Big money hopefully!!
Attention! Our very own, Dr. Gregory Pence will be on Fox Business channel today at 4pm Central time discussing Bio-technology! Check it out.
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I will be on Lou Dobbs Show in the 7pm hour on Fox Business Channel
Watching Barrett Jackson auto auction on Fox Business channel!
Watching Barrett-Jackson encore show on fox business channel. Hope to see my favorite model Stevie Lynn later on.
LIVE on the Fox Business Channel right now.
I ask, Sherrod Small delivers! That has to be the first "Hashtag Redeye!" In the history of Fox Business Channel! That was awesome!
U should make the business channel fox 1 and give us speed back!
You may not know this, Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction is on the Fox Business channel for 5 days! My wife is so excited!
airing now on Fox Business channel.
On the Fox Business Channel, where Don Imus has a show (why? I'm not sure), a guest commentator gets a pass for inciting actual violence, by saying a group of Satanists trying to get their own "religious" statue erected in the state capital of Oklahoma City , "should be able to put the statue up and then they should be shot right next to it, and then we take it down." And then, he doubled down on it when he was asked to clarify his statements, if he was actually "advocating violence against people with religious beliefs he doesn't agree with?" Without missing a beat, he then said, "I'm advocating violence." No apology has been issued by Don Imus or the guest commentator Bernard McGuirk. Now, a comedian on the Melissa Harris Perry show, on MSNBC, made an innocent joke about a photo featuring Mitt Romney and all of his blonde haired, blue-eyed grandchildren, and then the one adopted African-American grandchild, and how that photo was representative of the Republican Party. That comedian was made to issue an ...
Barrett Jackson Auction on Fox business channel Hot Rods , cars and trucks
they will air it on Fox Business channel around 10pm ET. Don't want folks to miss it!
I typically avoid watching any sort of station but auction is on Fox Business. I just can't change the channel.
Glad time warner has Fox business channel so I can continue watching Barrett Jackson
Barrett Jackson Auction 2014 from Sccottsdale on a 9:00pm to 11:00pm on Fox Business channel 1404 on TWC.
Can't find the auction on Anyone know the channel for Fox Business?
Barrett-Jackson is on Fox Sports 2 till 9pm ET then on Fox Business Network from 9pm till 11pm ET! FBN is channel 206 for Dish Network!
*** for those without FS2 and Fox Business. I miss Speed channel.
Mike but FOX BUSINESS Noone I know can find the channel anywhere on cable
Exciting news! I will be on the Cavuto show on Fox Business Channel tonight at 8:00pm EST on the Cavuto Clash segment debating welfare reform and the Octomom scandal, you don't want to miss this one!
Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Channel is 10x better than Sean Hannity...
Guvmint motors does it again. Cost to operate a Chevy Volt- Eric Bolling (Fox Business Channel's Follow the Money) test drove the Chevy Volt at the invitation of General Motors. For four days in a row, the fully charged battery lasted only 25 miles before the Volt...
You guys may be well ahead of me on this, but Barrett-Jackson is on Fox Business channel starting tomorrow night! I wish the others were on, Bonhams, Gooding etc! B-J is a lot of smoke and mirrors and hype, but hey! It's winter!
If you're a person in your 20's who wants to know more about politics, social issues and engage in really clear, straightforward debates and discussions on the issues that shape our world and country, I highly recommend watching "The Independents" on Fox Business Channel. It comes on Mon-Wed & Fri at 9pm. They have a panel on every episode that usually features Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians, among others. If you're not familiar with all of the usual political lingo you hear myself and others talk about, this show is for you. They explain things in a way that people who don't know much about politics and world issues, can understand. Just wanted to throw this out there for those who yearn to learn more about the issues in a way they can easily understand.
Coming around again starting Tuesday. This year, TV coverage is on the Fox Business Channel.
I am on Neil Cavuto Show - Fox business Channel # 772 hd cablevision at 8 and 11 pm today
Client: Tune into Fox Business Channel "After the Bell" today at 445pm. Zoup! Founder Eric Ersher will discuss the growth of the business.
Great news! Dad's interview went well and they are going to air the show twice. That being said, the original showtime will move... it will air on Fox Business Channel on Thursday the 23rd, and the following sunday on the regular Fox News Channel. Please share and continue to invite your friends to watch! Please share this status and encourage your friends to tune in to the John Stossel show these days!
On Cavuto after this commercial break. Fox Business Channel!
Thursday, my father Mark Nelson will be going on the John Stossel show on The Fox Business Channel to stand up for West Virginia and Appalachia's Coal Miners. I am very proud of him! The show will air at 9:00 PM on Thursday if all goes as planned. Please tune in! -Share this status so that everyone can watch as Dad stands for our way of life back home! I pray all of you are weathering this "Global Warming" storm well!
If you have Fox Business Channel, watch me live for an interview segment on "Money with Melissa Francis" at 5pm Eastern time. Really excited and quite nervous as well.
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Fox Business channel is talking Jeff Mizanski (LWOP) now.
If you can , please watch me on fox business channel tomorrow , 930 est / 830 cst am . Varney & Co.
Maria Bartiromo is controversial on CNBC and she will be doing her thing on Fox Business Channel. Good luck,Maria
U.S. Rep. Paul Broun will appear on Lou Dobbs Tonight. 6:00pm & 10:00pm on the Fox Business Channel
You would have thought news was slow on Wall Street last week, when the hottest item on the ticker was that television personality Maria Bartiromo was jumping from CNBC , her onscreen home for two decades, to the Fox Business Channel.
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart lets the corporate suck ups over at CNBC and Fox Business Channel have it for their defense of JP Morgan Chase and Jamie Dimon after they were finally fined for some of their illegal behavior.
Media Alert: Rick Santorum will be on with Neil Cavuto, on Fox Business Channel, at 8pm ET tonight!
Please tune in to Fox Business Channel - Neil Cavuto Prime Time - TONIGHT at 8-9pm EST | 5-6pm PST to see Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital, talk with Neil about the current market. Please note these appearances are always subject to change based on any newsworthy events that may occur in the interim.
Melissa Gilbert? What does she have to do with Fox Business Channel?
I'm watching Fox Business Channel, and remembering just how bloody awful Melissa Gilbert is.
Grae Drake, editor of Rotten Tomatoes on the critics general indifference of Man of Steel: “As much as I love and respect our critics at Rotten Tomatoes, I’ve got to say I am shocked. Listen, the movie’s not perfect but…I just cannot fathom it. It was a good movie, you guys.” Gee Grae, do you have stock in Time Warner or something? I thought you were supposed to be objective. Are they all wrong? First, it's good idea to go on Fox Business Channel and convince the most gullible television viewers that an average film is a great film. It might work. But if it doesn't involve a movement to make Sarah Palin Empress of the Universe or designate her the new God, they probably won't rally to your side. And nice job calling out your critics and putting them down for telling the truth. They'll love you for that. As much as I don't particularly care for someone like Richard Roeper, he's probably been doing this longer than you have. And also note Richard Corliss of Time Magazine (published by Time ...
Hofstra alumna Erin McEwan '11, Booker at Fox Business Channel, just met the one and only Grumpy Cat!
Starting Monday morning at 6am, you can watch Imus In The Morning on Fox Business Channel, then get in your car and listen on your radio. Imus will be kicking off the broadcast day on AM 1120 WBNW Concord/Boston, AM…
make sure you tune into Sean Hannity tonight AND The Willis Report on Fox Business Channel. Jennifer is hitting the airwaves about the IRS abuses in quieting the voices of conservative groups.
Happening now: John Stossel on Fox Business Channel discussing ObamaCare vs. real free market healthcare.
“oh Chris Cotter I miss you”Isn't he still on Fox Business Channel?
“It looks like the smokestack in the Unibomber’s shack,” Don Imus on Fox Business Channel on Papal chimney in the...
Excited to be joining Neil Cavuto this afternoon on Fox Business Channel.
Facts About Palestine Not From the Mainstream Media Chris Cotter on Fox New’s Redeye, confidently declared the following words: Referring to Helen Thomas’ statement that the Jews should “get the *** out of Palestine” Cotter said, “Thomas remembers (before 1948) when Palestine was a nation.” Somehow, a reporter on the Fox Business Channel assumed that Israel came into being by taking over an Arab country called Palestine. Hopefully he knows his stocks better than his history. (UPDATE! Cotter has since moved on to ESPN where history is not a requirement.) Sadly no one on the show corrected him. So I will… No Mr. Cotter, Palestine was not a nation in 1947, 46 or 45, not in 1847 or 1047 or 47. In fact, Palestine has never been a nation. To be fair, so many, not just Cotter, simply assume these things from what they pick up in the media. So let us look at these 15 historical facts. 15 Facts About Palestine 1. Palestine was NOT an Arab nation that the Jews came in and took over after the UN vote . ...
Deadline is reporting Herman Cain has been hired by Fox News Channel, will also appear on FOX Business Network. (h/t
how do you get away with charging $100+ a month for a business to add Fox Soccer Plus? It's only ONE channel.
it's not stupid. it's called business. Plus, they are going to show THE game on their fox soccer channel, naturally
My man, on Fox business channel. My wish for the country is the Libertarian Party becomes a strong alternative to the status quo
Hmm, didn't hear it on Fox Business. Must have been unique to Fox main channel.
what is this crawler on the bottom of the Fox News Business Channel with a green plus and red minus
I'm not going to watch. Oh and by the way if you don't have Fox Business Channel...Demand it!!
Comast and Fox reach deal; new Fox national sports channel to be carried on Xfinity:
On my way to studio to tape IMUS IN THE MORNING. What does Imus think of Pope? Soon to find out. Fox Business Channel at 7:30 am
I have noticed that Rangel goes on a lot of Fox shows, even on the Business channel. I always change channel.
Please tune in to Neal Cavuto's show tonight on Fox Business Channel---the awesome Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon will be...
Dr. Peter Breggin on the Tom Sullivan show, Fox business news TV channel, tonight 7 pm eastern time, regarding...
Why do I not have half of the channels I watch most ? I haven't had fxhd or fox business channel in weeks.
Fox Business channel spending most of the day Exploring recent boom in real estate 359 on directv
yes! Except it won't air on HBO, it will air on that channel no one watches, Fox Business
Fox Business Channel's Stuart Varney (will be our guest coming up next at 6:37 on
Congressman Tom McClintock Discusses the Debt Limit with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Channel
Jan. 15 Tuesday, 7:00am, "Stuart Varney & Co", Fox Business Channel--- Larry discusses his interview with California Gov. Brown. Jan. 15 Tuesday, 7:45am "Good Day L.A.", Fox-11--- Larry discusses Quentin Tarantino's assertion that a) the prison system is "modern day slavery"; b) that he created DJango so blacks would have a "hero" of that era; and c) that there is no relationship between screen violence and real violence.
Join the Family Action PAC at the January 17th monthly luncheon at noon at the Pacific Club to hear from small business owner and political commentator, Craig Huey, who will present “7 Crises Facing California”. Mr. Huey is a nationally recognized political commentator and marketing consultant. He has appeared on national news outlets such as Fox and Fox Business Channel and a regular guest on Neil Cavuto’s show. Craig is also a frequent radio talk-show guest on KRLA, KFI, KKLA, KBRT, KWVE and KABC Over the years Craig has earned an international reputation as a marketing and advertising consultant to a variety of clients, embracing all facets of our economy. He is a 77-time award-winner for creating business initiatives for his clients resulting in multimillion-dollar successes. Craig is president of, and the where over 200,000 voters visited last election. He is the Publisher of the Huey Report for economic and state political commentary and . ...
I'll be on Fox Business Channel at 10:30 am with Stuart Varney and Company Wednesday morning.
I am on Cavuto tonight at 8:45 on Fox Business Channel . Tune in if you can !!
Reader Kenny F. sent us this startling infographic sure to infuriate exactly half of our audience. Apparently this election was not only divided along racial and financial lines, but on intelligence lines as well. Our favorite thing about this graphic is that the data Kenny used came from Fox Busine...
My interview with Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel is at
Just asked to fill in the crowd shot behind an interview for Fox Business Channel. Tune in now!
YIPPEE -- I am lucky: Comcast in my area is carrying the fox business channel again --which means I got Don Imus back ! How I have missed Imus in the morning. It has been way too long... but we are back on track now.
MSNBC gains traction as liberal cable channel: Time for right-wing radio to get a left wing too?
Career Accelerator Program On Fox Business: *Video:watch bob on the fox business channel as he talks about ways...
Excellent article in about the Anti-Channel :
More of the same By Tribune-Review Published: Monday, November 12, 2012, 8:52 p.m. Updated 3 hours ago More of the same Big government, big spending live on. China, the world’s largest holder of U.S. debt, has to be salivating over Obama’s re-election. Spending will continue. Debt will continue. China has plans for us. Obama rejected Simpson-Bowles. Going into his second term, he will not be able to reject future Chinese terms for the privilege of borrowing more money from them. Government was not the solution to our problems, Reagan told us; it was our problem. That sentiment is as dead as he is. Big government has won game, set, match. So, Obama wins re-election. What does this mean? It means the wealth takers — our government — won. The wealth creators — American small business — lost. In the inimitable words of Donald Trump from this past summer, “You know, we got stupid people running our country.” Tom Sullivan of the Fox Business channel recently remarked, “We got C-minus people ru ...
Attention Delbert McClinton fans.he'll be playing a set on "Imus In the Morning" on Wednesday. Show starts at 6 a.m. Eastern Time on Fox Business Channel.
end of fear's dominance? “MSNBC reveled in Obama's reelection last week, the channel beat Fox
If you can, check out the "Markets Now" segment on the Fox Business Channel today and watch the fam do our thing on live tv.
Coming soon to MSNBC: more political shows on weekends. "Here come the resumes," channel prez joked when he said that.
I'm gonna write a kid's show for Fox Business channel (CNBC if Fox passes) called "Fiscal Cliff". It will teach kids all about how the government budget works through the eyes of an anthropomorphic hundred dollar bill maybe. It will be just awful.
NYTimes: Election News Over Agenda for Fox. Channel does right thing, so to speak
Tuesday nithgt I was watching the election on various channels and at one point I was on Fox Business Channel, and the commentator looked really familiar! It was driving me crazy until they put her name on the screen. It was Kennedy? Does anyone remember her? She was the nerd on MTV way way back when, and she still has the long black hair and the black-rimmed glasses. Quite an interesting transition.
- snopes .com Claim: Fox News TV channel banned in Canada - Too good to be true. - Maddow :(
I watch Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC, HGTV, Discovery channel, Military channel, and whatever channel football is on. That's it
10:45pm Republic Of Doyle (Family Business) on Fox Entertainment on StarTimes Channel A kidnapping in broad...
This is no coincidence either! Why do you think one of the first things Republicans want to cut is funding for education? Not even Big Bird was safe from their onslaught. You can't fix stupid, but you can cure ignorance of the facts through education!! And this really came from a Fox affiliate???
Varney is another hack at the Fox Business Channel and on Sept. 25th, he made the following assertion about the polls: Stuart Varney, FOX BUSINESS: Hey, look, I don't believe them! I mean... HANNITY: Neither do I. VARNEY: ... look, [you] can go through all the scientific gobbledygook you like, I don't believe them! You're trying to make me believe that America is in favor of a president who's given us 8 percent unemployment [*], $16 trillion worth of debt [**], et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and these polls say, Yes, he is going to win. And we're being told by the establishment media we should believe that. Well, I don't! --- * That was Bush2 ** That was also Bush2
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It shows that educated minds realize what is really at stake in the election and the important issues and not letting either party brainwash you into believing some small, minor issues are at stake when they are not even an issue or on the agenda of the opposing party. I would vote for either party as I have beliefs that I agree with and disagree with on both sides of the fence. I chose to vote based on the issues that this country currently faces, not minuscule, obsolete ones.
I don't think it has much to do with educated people as much as how liberal universities have become. That said, it sure is hard to refute without doing a bunch of research I don't want to do.err don't know how to do. ;)
And a good swift kick to the balls of all Republicans... Nice
This is a info-graphic based on information from FOX Business Channel. The graphic claims that the best educated...
A MUST SEE ! Judge Jeanine Pierro will be on (I think the Fox Business Channel) at 8:00 central time. Her show will be about Libya. Her guests include people that were there and whistle blowers. Truth be known. DVR it even if you can watch it so you can watch it again or share it with other interested friends.
Lou Dobbs talking with John Bolton about foreign policy on Fox News Business Channel. I swear I'm not making this up.
Fox Business Channel points out how extremely pro-Capitalism they are. I like that 😏# forNealAndfather
I will be on the "Willis Report" on the FOX Business Channel in the 6pm hour.
If NBC fires Trump, what are the odds he ends up on Fox Business Channel? we need answers...
Lyle Lovette on Imus In The Morning...gotta love it!!! Thanks Fox Business Channel!!!
Are you awake?? I'll be on Imus in the Morning at 7:30est on Fox Business Channel & many local radio stations.
Have been waiting all year for tomorrow's opening test match - to watch Steyn and AB in action at their majestic best. Definitely going to switch the channel in the office from the fox business channel and not do any work all day
Check out my channel FOX Business featuring
So I ended up sitting next to and chatting entire flight with Charles Payne, Fox Business News personality for Fox Channel News 11
If Fox Business Channel is lying to viewers about financial news, are they really serving their loyal audience?:   10% Off
Fox Business Channel Blames Obama’s Victory For Stock Market Dip via this for the
I will be on at 1130am and Fox Business channel at 1 PM
I’ve seen Lou Dobbs on the Fox Channel and he was commenting on President Obama and the storm Sandy. Let me give you a brief profile of Dobbs. He was the Wall Street and business explorer and reporter on CNN for a few decades in the 1980s and 1990s. He made a fortune with the inside information on Wall Street dealings. He wanted to go to “greener pastures”; he was thinking of running for public office to become a congressman. He made so much money that he thought that being a RED NECK, he can move to Fox and then make his move to the Senate, but his ambitions were not realized, because people started to ask “where did you get all that money?” he has since abandoned his quest and now he is criticizing Governor Christie and President Obama for their handling of Hurricane Sandy. He said that Sandy was worse than Katrina and President Bush did a better job in dealing with the aftermaths of the most disastrous hurricane in the history of USA in 2005. Here is a Red Neck who just Romney is misleading t ...
Confusion Over Union Paperwork Keeps Utility Crews From Helping Storm Ravaged Areas Fire it up1Share WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL A Decatur Utilities crew left Alabama to help with storm recovery in New Jersey, but did not make the trip because of what they are now calling confusion over union paperwork. Related Content The six-man crew staged in Virginia, but Decatur Utilities said they were never able to get in touch with officials or utility companies in New York or New Jersey. While the crew stood down in Virginia, Decatur Utilities officials claimed they received a union contract they thought they would have to agree to before helping storm victims. General Manager Ray Hardin appeared on Fox Business Channel Friday morning saying, "We were presented documents from IBEW that required our folks to affiliate with the unions and that was something we could not agree to." READ THE FULL STORY AT WAFF.COM
PREPARE FOR TROUBLE VOTING ON ELECTION DAY "Needless to say...utilize prayer, from today right on through election day, to supplicate our Heavenly Father for help in avoiding any violent incidents of any type on election day. "With His help, minds can be changed, souls can be saved, confusion can be inserted into evil-intending mind, complications can arise in their plans. Pray, Pray, Pray that all trouble might be avoided...but if it is not... Be ready to implement the strategies provided above, as the Spirit Guides you. Be strong, be sturdy, be SMART, even be wily. Protect your liberties, your rights, your freedoms, even your religious freedom!" - FROM: VOW: Another Voice of Warning Newsletter November 3rd 2012 ~ Please feel free to SHARE this notice to all of your Family, Friends and Associates. PREPARE FOR TROUBLE VOTING ON ELECTION DAY Fellow Preppers: THERE IS NOTHING ON THIS PLANET that could keep me from voting on November 6th. Okay, maybe if I'm dead, that would let me off the hook...except if I ...
Watch one of our suppliers, Carolina Glove & Safety Company, which will be on "Manufacturing Marvels", airing on the Fox Business Channel, October 29, between 9:30-9:44 EDT.
"Love the John Stossel show on Fox Business Channel..." Same here!
I love Chatles Payne but he's on Fox Business Channel
Thanks Governor Brewer (Arizona) for clarifying your immigration law just now on Fox Business Channel.
On Fox Business Channel, Jan Brewer accuses Obama of "race-baiting" in
on Fox Business Channel will have Jan Brewer on next. Should be fascinating to hear her response to Obama's lies about AZ law.
Phares: "US mistake not to link Salafists to al Qaeda in Libya" Professor Walid Phares to Fox Business Channel:...
House Republican Leader Eric Cantor just declared that Republicans will accept massive tax hikes if Barack Obama is reelected. Seriously. Here’s his quote from an appearance on the Fox Business Channel: “If President Obama is re-elected, taxes are going up.” Republican Congressman Tom Cole agrees. He told the Washington Post, “If the president wins reelection, taxes are going up” and “there’s not a lot we can do about that.” I HOPE THIS WAS A STUNT BY CANTOR, BUT THE REPUBLICANS WILL PROBABLY CAVE TO OBAMA ! WHEN WILL THE POLITICIANS ACTUALLY START LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE WHO HIRED THEM !!! I AGREE WITH THE GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK, ' THROW THEM ALL OUT ' !
Thomas Sowell on Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Channel right now!
Otherwise known as The John Stossel Show on the Fox Business Channel. We tried to watch this tonight. However, halfway through this “news” program there had still been no one on the sh...
I guess it's asking too much of Fox Business Channel to let us know that their guest and former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao also happens to be married to the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as she repeats his talking points for him on the current jobs market. As Think Progress noted, she did ...
Is Fox Business Channel and Fox Business Network the same? I DVR'd FBN this am, and I got Don Imus, No Tony.
Last night Center for Security Policy President and CEO Frank Gaffney appeared on "Follow the Money" on the Fox Business Channel to discuss the danger of Hez...
John F. Stossel (born March 6, 1947) is an American consumer reporter, investigative journalist, author and libertarian columnist. In October 2009, Stossel left his long-time home on ABC News to join the Fox Business Channel and Fox News Channel, both owned and operated by News Corp. He hosts a week...
Well As yall know I dont get on here much anymore seems I am always bissy. But started new job in June and its working out pretty good. Does not pay as much as pepsi,but not near as stessfull to me. Its a factory job called ABB, we make transformers, big electric boxes. I am in what they call EPA, we do the shell or out side part then others put the guts in them.The Fox Business Channel is going to show a video on it September 14 between 8:35 and 8:44 pm. Yall check it out I will be the good looking one with the due-rag on :) Gota go ,see ya, ps. be n fla around nov. 2 make sure I am a grandpa :)
Hey, the Fox Business Channel has a graphic of the national debt clock embedded during their DNC coverage. But they're fair and balanced of course. I'm sure they did the same thing when Bush was president...
Do not forget tomorrow, football on Fox Sports and Fox Business Channel has also come to see:
Has America Turned Left? - In an interview on the Fox Business Channel with Stuart Varney, Karl Rove responds to ...
There are 2 stations on tv that you can get answers to some of your questions that's Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel. MSNBC doesn't do it.
For a second, I thought Dan Olinger was on Fox Business Channel. Nope, just Ben Bernanke.
Congressman Marsha Blackburn will be on Fox Business Channel at 11am to discuss today's disappointing ruling from...
Home on vacation watching Imus in the morning on the Fox Business Channel.
Last night I watched a special on Fox Business Channel about the financial implications of the Greek elections. Among most world leaders, it appears the big questions for debate are not whether, but which organizations should loan more money to failing nations and to which government spending programs the funds should be directed. When will they understand that in order to prosper, Greece needs to deregulate, privatize, and STOP SPENDING MONEY IT DOESN'T HAVE!?!?!?!?!?!
Don't miss Senator Santorum tonight at 6pm ET on CNN with John King and at 8pm ET on Fox Business Channel with Neil Cavuto!
The Cato Institute: Tune in tonight (NOW) to watch Cato's senior fellow Jerry Taylor challenge myths about gasoline with John Stossel on this week's Stossel, which airs at 9 PM ET on Fox Business Channel."
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