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Four Roses

Four Roses is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey brand owned by the Kirin Brewery Company of Japan. The brand was established in 1888. The trademark was probably named for company founder Rufus Mathewson Rose, his brother Origen, and their two sons, although it is somewhat unclear, as several different stories are told about where the name Four Roses comes from.

Four Roses Bourbon Four Roses Single Barrel Buffalo Trace Four Roses Small Batch Single Barrel Knob Creek Evan Williams Basil Hayden Eagle Rare

Where ya been all my life, Four Roses? My tumbler is empty & whiskey stone wants to swim🥃🏊
Roses are red, R2 is blue, it took four films, to find out he flew.
And the bartender just plugged me with two micheladas and a shot of four roses for $6
There are four red roses and one black which means one of the liar is close to death. (ARIA!)
You just nailed trump's and his followers attitude in four words. You disgust me :), as you would…
Yes. But I actually liked their version of this beer that was aged in Four Roses Bourbon barrels even better.
Roses are red, my niece is four, still waiting for the day, that you go on tour
Beckys not even boyfriend of four months has sent her roses and I can't get a text back
Roses are red. My house has four walls
they gone tell you how roses smell like poo poo and how Andre got his role in four brothers and how Big boi played in ATL
This bar has Four Roses Single Barrel and has played 4 Mayer Hawthorne songs. I'm home.
Pairing a little Four Roses Single Barrel with some sixlets!
November Rain-Guns and Roses, and Africa-Toto. Thats more than four but the ones i listen to the most
Hit send before I could…
Four Roses Single Barrel is 35% and a far cry from the gut rot it use to be decades ago. B…
Its what my glass of Four Roses tells me anyway.
A thick tumbler with the elixir of Four Roses Bourbon drowning 1 ice cube. Four Roses warms my throat & tummy. Cheers!
Guns n Roses do only have three non-covers studio albums, though (four…
Save some of that Al Young Four Roses for ya boy
Blessed to have seen The Stone Roses four times, all so special and the best nights of my life. TO THE ROSES X
Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon back in stock at Corx !!
Bread and roses to celebrate Mary and David's wedding at today. Four dozen roses! Squash...
NYT: 20 Roses for Under $20--Most Not Available in Your Area; Catering to Current Hype, Four Are from Provence;
Roses are red,. My life's a bore. Gwynneth Paltrow's magical healing stickers are only $5.00 each?. Give me a pack of twenty-four.
If you're gonna bring me flowers it better be Four Roses.
Roses are red. There have been four of these. The joke format is stale. Stop making them, please
Beam is a starter- I'm a Four Roses fan and Buffalo Trace too 💯🔥
roses are red,. violets are blue,. four words to be said,. I still love you.
No contest whatsoever! Roses have one great album, Oasis have at least four.
& stir up a Four Roses cocktail this evening. Discover our collection of classic recipes here https:…
Told ya this was gonna be quick. Great bourbon... (Barrel Aged Vibes - Four Roses Bourbon)
William Faulkner was a Four Roses man and so am I
Pro-Trump group launches campaign against Republican opposed to TrumpCare, not other four… …
Roses are red, violets aren't blue, bigboy uses subject four times for views
We've now got four canned roses in for the weekend! Come give them a try
Four Roses Bourbon back in stock at Corx !
1 year ago today, The Stone Roses played the first of four nights at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.
TONIGHT:. LOVE SHACK with DJ Danger Cat. $4 shots of Four Roses & $6 cans of
So, My "secret life", is street painter. I'll be doing a master rendition of Four Roses in Santa Barbra, CA this weekend, spo…
Four Roses Small Batch is fantastic!
“If you’ve ever had a question about Four Roses there’s one man to turn to, Four Roses Amb Al Young”…
Four Roses is perfect on a cold night!
You need to come through Kentucky & hit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Will set you up at Four Roses with a VIP tour & tasting.
but my favorites are non-local. Love Blanton's, Four Roses, Hudson Baby, Knob Creek, 1792, and Eagle Rare.
great choice. Ever get a chance, try Four Roses Bourbon
I have a friend in the Bourbon business. Will have to hook the two of you up. He works for Four Roses.
If you like bourbon... Four Roses Small Batch, Montenegró Amaro, Orange bitters.
->Buffalo Trace is great. I enjoy Four Roses & Bulleit Bourbon as well. But both are pricey.
I'm drinking 4 Hands beer and Four Roses Bourbon so what other no. 4 product should I eat/drink?
Omar Marshall Cartel member did some PR for us at a recent Four Roses event.. check him out.. This is how we roll!!
Dear please may I have Four Roses 100 Proof from for Christmas. I've been good!
Nine original cocktails made with Four Roses Bourbon all within walking distance? Where do we sign up?.
Four Roses is a good company, but take away their bourbon and they are average at best.
Tomorrow! Four Roses & Friends bourbon tasting. A flight of SIX fine bourbons for one low price. . Details:…
Is your team winning? Celebrate with Four Roses Bourbon.
Four of red roses adores green leaves,&four buttons of roses loves on twigs,cup of glass embraces color a heart, gl…
This week's are almoat sold out. This week's prize is Four Roses…
Last night's Four Roses is administering karate kicks to the inside of my skull. Should be a fun afternoon at the plant.
I have to draw like four thousand roses because i hate myself
starts today & we have FOUR brilliant shows opening at The Bread & Roses Theatre!
Sorry, that doesn't make any sense to me in relation to Four Roses. I'haven't met anyone that disliked the 2015. Never mind.
Four Roses Elliot's Select is a limited edition Single Barrel with only 8000 bottles produced. Come try i…
The only things getting me through this debate are Four Roses and knowing that the NX will be revealed tomorrow.
Believeland is a real place. In just four months, a city that went 52 years without a title clinched one and is about to play fo…
Four Roses Small Batch is in it too,
I'm drinking Four Roses straight out of the bottle, btw.
Drunkblogging the Final Presidential Debate: Trump, Hillary, and the War of the Four Roses.
I hope it's not bad protocol to have Evan Williams Single Barrel in a Four Roses glass.
When in touring a distillery like is a right of passage.…
four roses or Buffalo Trace are best especially for their price
you need some Four Roses Single Barrel to make it a really good night.
Roses are red . Violets are blue, . Barcelona four, . Man City Nil .
Four roses will live forever. Stay strong
"Roses are red,. Violets are Blue,. four *** from Australia. make me happier than you!". I hope Notice me One Day..🌸
There are five of you. But there are only four roses. TELL US IT'S NOT TRUE,
My bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel is empty. I have no reason to continue this life.
If you want a little more info on the different 4R recipes has a great rundown:
talk to me about Four Roses Single Barrel. OBSQ OESQ OESK OBSO
Four Roses Single Barrel is the only bourbon I'll ever buy again. The only problem with it is it disappears too quickly
"I was going steady with a fella and we used to sip Four Roses.” Thanks for sharing this photo and story…
Rest in Peace Sean. You weren't just a Brother, but a mentor, role model, and family. Im proud to be Four Roses wit…
Made a start on Summer in the Four Seasons of Sheep.This design is lilac Buddleia and pink roses and (as usual with…
Battle of the "V's" at DBH- . We have two Four Roses Single Barrel store picks at Barrel Strength , a OBSV & a...
You could make a lot of bourbon in 50 years. Jim Rutledge did. Celebrate his Four Roses tenure on Nov 5. Details:
I've only been at the pub for 30 minutes and already I've had 4 shots of four roses 🌹.. maybe I shouldn't go get my hair cut today.. 💀
Four Roses Small Batch why are you so delicious. I need to set up my honey net. Alcohol fighting with infosec today.
Looking back at my tour and tasting in Kentucky:
I'll say it again, regular Elijah Craig 12 is better than my bottles of this years Four Roses 2016 Small Batch & Single Barrel.
Brent Elliott talks first taste of Four Roses Bourbon, working with Jim, and more about him.
try Evan Williams Single Barrel. Only $25 or less but on par with Woodford and Four Roses
Those are recipes. Four Roses has ten recipes. The Single Barrel store picks are a particular recipe.
Although, for the money, I’d rather get a Single Barrel cask strength private pick of Four Roses.
Wait for 12 years old barrelproof Four Roses Single Barrel is over. is 35% rye mashbill, that mellowed out...
Four Roses master distiller unveils first bottling
Built to Spill, workbench woodworking plans and Four Roses.
Four Roses makes a good barrel for aging a Russian Imperial Stout.
Let them know that Four Roses and Buffalo Trace are non GMO corn bourbons! Send my regards! 😉
make sure and stock it with bourbon! Four Roses Single Barrel, Bookers, Russell's Reserve, Blanton's I recommend.
You guys, brought me Four Roses Bourbon. She knows me too well.
New post on Four Roses mash bill breakdown and Limited edition cheat sheet
Bourbon flight. Blanton's, Four Roses, Double oak. (I blame & friendboy for my…
.and I are in our places with bright, shiny faces (thank you Four Roses Bourbon) for the show at
that's sad fate, how does the Four Roses get smashed &the Canadian that Jim Murray likes so much survives?
One from the vaults, the Dead Italian with
booker! That is ok... I love Basil Hayden or Four Roses
(I'm just glad that I put the right amount of roses because imagine how weird it would be if I put four 🙄)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Excellent pressure from the Eng defence forces a mis-placed pass from the Diamonds, Housby pulls Roses back to four behind
I do have 3 bottles of the Four Roses 125th Anniversary Small Batch Ltd Ed. Wonder if I can trade one for something...
I can't explain how much I don't really want to sit at an awards banquet for four flippin hours this morning
Study reveals scale of abuse and violence aimed towards MPs
I can't find it here in the US. Johnny Walker Red is my standard now for everyday. Four Roses Bourbon is good too.
Red Naomi roses by Fransen Roses are styled in the lobby of Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris by Jeff Leatham!...
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Four *** from Sweden. Make me happier than you. Follow me🦄.
My favorite part of this pic is that it says "Four Roses" at the top of time square ad. Go
This was different with the lacto - Drinking a Coffee Four Roses Stout by -
I think WSU lost because I mixed Four Roses and Angel's Envy (Four Roses didn't make a full glass), and angered the bourbon gods. Sorry
seagram's, laphroaig, glenmorangie, bowmore, makers, Tullamore dew, four roses, brennans. I found more rum too!
I love Talisker 10. Went a different direction for this snowstorm, tho: Four Roses Single Barrel. Bottle in jeopardy
Making a dent in some Four Roses Single Barrel tonight
Who knew Reality Steve lived in my home town: Meet the Man Who’s Been Spoiling ‘The Bachelor’ for Four Years
Roses, bubbles and bliss are calling your name! @ Four Seasons Hotel Seattle
it's that and Four Roses Single Barrel for me lately
Four Roses Single Barrel. So smooth and a truly great price.
Yo how're you gonna discontinue Four Roses? The people won't stand for this injustice
Four Roses and singing our hearts out to Bohemian Rhapsody
17 in and counting in S Pergola covered in pink roses in just four months.
I think these four look good together.. Lord Bute, Bold Beacon, Attar of Roses & Barbe Bleue
What is better than mint tea and tupelo honey? Mint tea, tupelo honey, and Four Roses Bourbon!
I'm drinking Four Roses in one hand, IPA in the other, playing Zynga poker, making a Soundcloud playlist
just finished Bad Santa, poured some Four Roses Single Barrel and about to crack a book.
Four Roses is good stuff. If you get a chance to try the single-barrel version of Evan Williams, I recommend it.
Woodford Reserve - last time I drink that *** I'll stick with Knob Creek and Four Roses.
I'd like to thank Dan Gardner from Four Roses for being generous and donating to my charity. I appreciate you more than you…
Got a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch for my Bday :)
Four Roses Bourbon, for those in love with love. .
a little too good for a good night It works far too quick so now I missed the football analysis...
Sadly, Four Roses LE is harder to find in MA than Pappy. Very few stores get it. Try list on my website - PW is "RareBourbon"
Bourbon of the day today.. Four Roses Single Barrel (thank you for that,
Exchange 23. Here we go for leg 2 at 2:22am. Four Roses bound.…
Good trade here - their 23 for you SmB LE or Thomas H. Handy
Days of wine and roses are no longer around... Strictly raggamuffin.. Just a rule of the town..
Four years ago today (18/10/11), one of the greatest bands of all time announced their reunion... The Stone Roses 🍋 http:…
Four Roses Single Barrel does not suck.
Got a nice healthy pour of Four Roses from the young man at the concession stand. Well done, sir.
Grabbed a late lunch w/ a client, and he insisted that I join him in having a round of Four Roses Single Barrel. Single Barrel is the truth.
Found the Four Roses 2014 Single Barrel just sitting on the shelf waiting on us to complete the set.…
The VBS bottle is aged in Four Roses barrels that VBS guys hand picked.
Nice list of bourbon here, including and 125th.
Four Roses announces new variant is tribute to retiring master distiller Jim Rutledge
I have not tried it yet. I never knew Bulleit was distilled by Four Roses & owned by Diageo
That's why I bring four roses in my hands. One for each sorrow I have caused.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
'Man, woman and child' shot dead at French Roma camp
Part 2 of my "American Booty" series now, looking at Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon at Away with yer!
How to properly celebrate National Whiskey Sour Day: Drink below cocktail! . Try it with our Four Roses Single...
Four Roses Bourbon announces the release of its 2015 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon
Mr. Al Young with his favorite bottle in the Four Roses collection. Prohibition prescription whiskey.
Four Britons among six people killed when plane crashes into Canada
Rye Imp Stout and VBS Rye Imp stout aged in Four Roses whiskey barrels that I helped pick out! Get some!
When you “Like” Four Roses Distillery, you don’t feel icky when you see Four Roses promo content.
Four Roses announces 2015 Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon will launch as tribute to retiring master distiller
A little something to look forward to from come mid-September! via
Rather have Four Roses Kentucky Bourbon. Or Glenfidich. I know, not Kosher. Or are they?
Roses with Roscommon links blossom at festival. See page four of today's Herald for more.
Did you know? Brent Elliott, new Master Distiller of Four Roses Bourbon, is a Kentucky native and grad.
Not that this is super fancy, but the Four Roses I buy is definitely several bucks cheaper in SC.
Four Roses to introduce new limited edition small batch
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Four Roses releases tribute bottling for retiring master distiller
Four Roses launches 2015 Limited Edition in tribute to Master Distiller:
roses are red . violets are blue . I voted for four *** . and you should too .
Four Roses Single Barrel I got for Xmas last year
Heather, our tour guide at Four Roses, shows off the Single Barrel.
No, thank YOU. And thanks to for teaching me why I prefer bourbons like Four Roses & Basil Hayden's.
...You missed Teen and Twenties at the Winter Gardens ...the JL Club...using the Four Roses,Bamboo & Swahili coffee bars.
This two day work week was rough! *smirks* Three finger pour of delicious Four Roses, two cubes of ice...crystal glass. Hello weekend!
Great night with Jim and Whiskey Chicks at BBC Four Roses Bourbon Barrel Loft
If i die young bury me in a satin. Lay me down on the bed of roses
Review & - Four Roses /r/Bourbon Selections (2015): My first reviews here for you wonderful folks. I may...
Four Roses & Heaven Hill have always responded happily, or humored me. Usu no response from BT; at least you …
I found a bar in Dallas that carries Four Roses, but not Deep Eddy Ruby Red. Strange.
My got four bouquets of roses sent to her this week... Four.
Glad to have experienced the Four Roses Bourbon barrel bearwalker sour before the keg blew. Fantastic!
13 yr old kid has a 200K/yr business and I'm just drinking four roses in my Murray State t shirt
I know the legend of the Four Roses. I also roses.🌹
Thank you Lettie Teague and for the mention...
Hearing the story behind the name of Four Roses. ..
Wondering if car companies get their own bottling of Four Roses: Ford Roses, Silverado 4x4 Roses… okay, this joke has limited potential
Shout out to Jim Rutledge for his tireless efforts restoring the good name of Four Roses
Master distiller Mr. Four Roses shares his amazing story to become the best
🌹Hi Harry!Roses are red,violets are blue,FOUR Is amazing,Please FOLLOW ME and make my dream come true?. I Love you🌹. X20,251
"Roses are red violets are blue four dorks from Sydney make me happier then you" fell in love with that poem since I heard it 💖
Come join us at OKBB for a Four Roses tasting with Al Younf tonight at 7 PM!
No need to pregame— we’ve got $3 everything! How about a couple Four Roses Whiskeys?
We've got your Happy Hour! Titos, Bacardi, Four Roses, Bombay and El Jimador - all just $4! And drafts are $1 off.
I prefer bourbon, Four Roses is super nice, my fav. Woodford is a good place to start.
Single Barrel Project - Anybody want a Barrel?: Hey folks, Wingtip has one or two barrels from our Four Roses ...
bourbon. Probably picking out your barrel at Four Roses
Four Roses in a bottle next to Four Roses Bourbon??? I see what you did there.
Peaks Brewing Company | Time to fill the Four Roses Bourbon barrels with beer!
My fav distillery was Four Roses--both the barrel house location and the distillery. Fav bourbon was Four Roses Small Batch.)
Four Roses will spend $55 million to expand regional facilities via
It's finally Wednesday! Come in after work and enjoy $5 Buffalo Trace, Weller and Four Roses!
YES! Four Roses is good stuff, esp. for the price. So is Basil Hayden's.
Bourbon. . Enough said. . Angels Heaven, Makers Mark, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses... . Not about the alcohol it's the...
Dad has an ANCIENT bottle of Four Roses that came from family friends that died 20yrs ago. Trying to age it. Advice?
Review & 6 (I think?): Four Roses 2014 LE Single Barrel and 2014 Stagg: Both of these were provided to me c...
Muled from Maui. Glad to pop this with great boys. (Eclipse - Four Roses (2013))
don't let me forget. Four Roses started it kinda wild.
You get mind control roses! For ever four women you get two of them !
Stephen King and a little (lot) Four Roses Bourbon and English tea. This is as exciting as my Friday…
Instead of finding Jake in his room like I expected I found four roses & a one page note. Four months with the BEST🔐💘
I've got Bulleit rye and Four Roses Small Batch bourbon. Both of which I like to drink straight
Order Miche Bag Online!
2014 Eclipses! Left to right: Elijah Craig 12yr, Rittenhouse Rye, Java Coffee, Four Roses, and Evan Williams 23yr.
the Four Roses Single Barrel is hot. I can imaging sipping the barrel strength. Mouth on fire.
I enjoyed the Four Roses OSEQ a lot more than this, although Four Roses is typically hit or miss for me strangely enough.
If it's Friday night it's Four Roses and
Highlands Manager, Matt Baxter, represented Cafe Lou Lou today in the Four Roses 'Bardstown Road Aglow' drink...
Garden grille reunion with Erin Nicole Campbell. Hot cider with Four Roses Bourbon and a black bean burger :)
roses are red. violets are blue. I downloaded . you should too
I have never had such great beer all in one place be... (Grand Reserve 2014 Four Roses Barrel Aged)
Blasphemy I call this The DIRTY VIRGIN 2 oz of Rum Chata, 1 oz of Lost Spirits Navy Rum, 1 oz of Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel 2012 a few dashes of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate bitters Cobblestone Mocha Rim Trim Godiva Milk Chocolate shavings - Wet the rim of a Martini glass with simple syrup and the coat it with Mocha Rim Trim just like what you do with a margarita. - Mix RumChata, Bourbon, Rum, and bitters in the shaker and shake for about 15 seconds - Pour contents onto the martini glass and garnish with the chocolate shavings
SNP isnt just about national identity! ach, tbh on 4th Four Roses and coke, looking to hit 6 to match the Hibees!
Old fashioned with gum syrup, Fee Bros whiskey barrel bitters and Four Roses Single Barrel. I’m not saying I deserve this except I am & I do
thanks for trying but that's a Single Barrel, not the one I'm trying to track down.
I spent the afternoon tasting bourbon. @ Four Roses Bourbon
also a big fan of Elijah for cheap/smooth, but I liked Four Roses Single Barrel more than the Knob Creek.
Four cancer-stricken children died at Great Ormond Street after failures in stem cell...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Roses are red. Violets are blue. You may not know this. But. I've completely fallen FOUR you . One Direction
hiii harry! . roses are red. violets are blue. i love FOUR. and you! ♡⋆*ೃ:.✧. id be SO happy if . YOU followed me. . 8052
Anyways four is incredibly 1Derful n so was the interview with Ellen.I mean im glad the 1989 roses thing was a rumor😜
Lots of options. Blanton's, Four Roses Single Barrel, Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig barrel proof would make me happy.
Mum-of-four faces sleeping on the streets with four kids on Christmas Day
It's been awhile. Ready your roses.
He even got me roses for our four year anniversary! ♡
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Four is god *** frickin perf. Now vote. One Direction
Even my home is 1D af. . . One Direction
Four dozen of roses, anything for you to notice 💞🌹
Dear I've been good this year and would like a bottle of bourbon
I must say, I’m a little disappointed in this Four Roses Yellow Label we bought for the room. Should have stepped up EC12y.
Rain causes four-foot mudslides in foothills of Southern California
forget about Pappy, the Four Roses Small Batch 2014 Limited is amazing. Any stock left in San Diego stores?
A little poem I made. Roses are red FOUR is really good, you should go buy it on 1 2 3 goo!!! 😂
Buy Miche Bag Online!
NEW! Four Roses 2014 Limited Edition Small Batch. Not on the menu but now available.
*Sincere thanks to LB and the Baddish Group for the sample. It would probably not be considered going too far out on a limb to say that Four Roses‘ history is one of the murkiest and most confusing in the world of whisk(e)y. Interestingly, it should also be noted that, today, the distillery and…
Roses are read,violets are blue .Top four of your favourites things to do ??:):)
" everyday i'll give BTS, four roses... ". BTS Fighting!.
Roses are red,. Violet are blu,. Four *** from Australia. Make me happier than you.
What are you drinking? I'm working my through a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel. 100 proof. Neat.
“Roses are red, violets are blue, Four Loko cost less than a dinner for two.
Our new Four Roses private barrel is coming soon!
We're going to miss you, Barrel Our Four Roses DRY 85 Private Barrel is Sold Out.
Sad to report our Four Roses DRY 85 Private Barrel is officially sold out. What a magnificent run for a one of a kind bourbon.
got the CB, EH Taylor Small Batch, and decided to try the Jura Brooklyn. No Four Roses sp. ed. made it to Victoria.
Every time you pay $40 for a bottle of Bulleit, you could have just bought three bottles of Four Roses yellow label:
roses are red violets are blue top FOUR of your favorite things to do XD
Try Four Roses if you want answer for first question. Enjoy.
[The Motley Fool]Four Roses, owned by Kirin, makes the bourbon, and MGP Ingredients in...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
At least Four roses is always there to cuddle me..
🌹🌹🌹🌹. Roses are red. Vioets are blue. 'Words' comes out in four days. I'm so proud of you 💓. . 💫💫💫💫. x60
I will be going through a lot of Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon it appears.
Have not tried the Christmas Cleveland. Love the Four Roses. Single Barrel not Small Batch. Better than Makers if that helps
that is a sweet bottle of grog. I just killed my two bourbons. Bookers and Four Roses Single Barrel.
Hi everyone! We will be meeting this Friday October 17th. Walter will be showing us how to make roses in an unusual way. (supply list below) We will NOT be meeting in November as both Wanda and I will be enjoying the Cake Cruise. We will be taking classes aboard the ship so we will have new things to share when we come back! I will keep you abreast if we decide to meet in December! Enjoy! Supply list. For handmolded roses Gumpaste in yourfavorite color Clear report cover orheavy plastic Toothpicks Ten or 12 plasticspoons the larger the spoon the bigger the rose Foam board orcardboard glue your spoons onto this can be done ahead of time Small rolling pin andMat Cutters Four Rosesdifferent sizes Block styrofoam Six -12 straws Crazy glue the gelkind Gum glue or vodka
For this week's Wednesday tells us about Single Barrel 2014:
Tonight's drink brought to you by Four Roses ;)
Thank gods it's Finished the Four Roses Single Barrel. Time for a new bottle
Bartender at Jake's gave me at least 2 shots worth of Four Roses and THEN added ice. Good man.
probably my favorite is Weller 12. Then Four Roses Single Barrel. Of the Pappy, the 15 is my favorite.
Four Roses and Knob Creek have a few varieties.
Four Roses, Buffalo Trace and Knob Creek are my favorites.
Grabbed a little of my favorite, Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon! :)
sipped a four roses watching the caps. The bourbon was great!
TW: trans-misogyny // Trans woman in critical condition after four men beat her, and this is how ABC reports it:
Vats of Four Roses mash fermenting last week. By now these batches have been distilled & are aging in oak barrels.
Come to tonight for our weekly Four Roses Bourbon waffle cake salted…
Roses are red. My eyes arent blue. But hey babe i love you. Please tab that follow button liam?. ♥FOUR IS GONNA SLAY
Homegirl bought herself FOUR dozen roses to 'treat herself' AND has a man...
Four fit roses make your party with great decoration. Shop $3.89 for amazing Rose fondant mold.
Photo: Tattoo by Mark Stewart of Four Aces Tattoo in Aldinga Beach, South Australia. Freehand roses done on...
Maybe Mitch was talking about Four Roses Bourbon instead of four Pinocchios.
Id kill for a Four Roses and a hot brown all the sudden.
Blanton's is solid, but if I am dropping 50 bucks, I usually go with the Four Roses Single Barrel.
Buffalo Trace is my utility bourbon. Four Roses Single Barrel if I am going neat.
My best options are switch to beer, or finish the last of this rye in my flask, so I can refill my flask with Four Roses SB LE
four months with my everything today 👫💘 thanks for the roses and these past four months I love you 💗💗
yesss, en Four Roses. I drank gallons in my twenties (gisteren).
Four Roses has been good about it and very fair though. They deserve to bump the price a bit on what may have been too cheap
Smooth Ambler sn't even in the same planet as Four Roses from my perspective.
Willett doubled price. Four Roses still a bargain. I imagine Smooth Ambler is next.
I wish I was wrong about this1,but sad 2report that word is Four Roses Private Barrel costs are going up 25-30%. I expect regular to follow.
Discover Parker's Heritage & add to your family's home bar tree:
Excited that everyone can finally get the first single off FOUR
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