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Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were political leaders and statesmen who participated in the American Revolution by signing the United States Declaration of Independence, taking part in the American Revolutionary War, and establishing the United States Constitution.

United States Alexander Hamilton Gary Wills Revolutionary War

Stephen Hopkins . Tittle of the Book . The 56 Founding Fathers of USA . Subtitle of the Book . Are of Them...
Michelle Obama’s Disrespectful Statement About The US Founding Fathers. A First Lady should have know this.
Interview: on conservatism, the legacy of William F. Buckley, and the Founding Fathers. https:…
I love the way that Austin Peterson is always referring to the Founding Fathers! Thanks You da man!
Founding Fathers - Thomas Paine Quote: The first useful class of citizens are the farmers and cultivators. These……
Since the Founding Fathers ie Hamilton agent for Jewish Crown GB LINCOLN EIS…
The only thing keeping our country afloat is the strength of our country itself and the divine wisdom of the Founding Fathers. Checks & ⚖️es
Remembering one of my favorite Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton and Former First Lady Dolley Madison who died on this date in 1804 an...
AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM continues to flourish as long as we follow the wisdom our Founding Fathers wrote into our Consti…
"That people [Founding Fathers] so often believe themselves to be right is no proof that they are". Jill Lepore. Th…
Founding Fathers - James Madison Quote: Every man who loves peace, every man who loves his country, every man who……
Founding Fathers understood Americans could be threatened by states thus…
Remember this July 4th that the Founding Fathers were slave owners with weird ailments, and to keep your dogs indoors during fireworks.
Hint:One of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Was the nation's first chief justice of the Supreme Court.
I'll never forget Kathie Lee Gifford on a rant in the late 80's or early 90's about PETA and how the Founding Fathers (1/2)
Many US Founding Fathers kept slaves. Learn more about them from IN THE SHADOW OF LIBERTY by
That is where the Founding Fathers and Mothers were just…
Does the Marshall have power to scrub history? Thought the Founding Fathers placed that power…
Third, our Founding Fathers wanted a separation between church and state. So abortion shouldn't be an issue here.
Some of the Founding Fathers were Catholic, like Daniel Carroll and Thomas Fitzsimons.
"WE BELIEVE the Founding Fathers created this nation based upon Judeo-Christian values and that our culture flourishes w…
Liaquat Ali Khan - One of the leading Founding Fathers of Pakistan alongside being a Statesman, Lawyer…
Possibly the finest single-volume biography of one of our finest Founding Fathers. His wisdom resonates still, today
Why did one of America’s beloved Founding Fathers cut up Bibles?
Democracy was avoided as leading to tyranny by the Founding Fathers. The word Democracy is not found…
Ever research the Founding Fathers? They aren't the pious Christians people make them out to be. Jeff…
13 Apr 1743 Thomas Jefferson was born. American revolutionary & one of the Founding Fathers of the United States https:…
Since call 4 ALL being done by the (book) Constitution~do you think Founding Fathers are proud of Nucle…
Scene from the Founding Fathers' afterlife: Enough already w/your show Alex! We get it. Huge hit. Sold out. Blah, blah, blah.
is grinding on the Founding Fathers in a urine-soaked corner of the Lincoln Bedroom.
Slamming David Brooks, says it's time to stop glorifying Founding Fathers.
Our great nation is in deep trouble. The Founding Fathers have done all they can do. Do we want freedom? For the People, By the People
White nationalism is the white man's "We Wuz Kangz". It's a pathetic and incoherent ideology that betrays the vision of the…
Sometimes I forget that the founding fathers were white, it throws me off when I see pictures of them
After listening to some American history podcasts, what the founding fathers called Liberty sounds a lot like what we call Privacy today.
The Founding Fathers never intended America to be the world's dumping ground for indigent migrants who hate us and want us…
Your small perspective of the actual situation really enjoy me. Because like The Founding Fathers, knowledge bend History.
Our founding fathers were brilliant. But the Constitution is under attack. Must be defended to preserve our freedom.
Benjamin (January 17, 1706 - April 17, 1790) was one of the Founding Fathers of the United...
On this day in history, the horror community lost one of its founding fathers. Join us Saturday to celebrate the li…
Just what the founding fathers envisaged: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Except not even a l…
Why America's founding fathers wanted the president to take a salary
OMG. Does anyone care anymore? If the founding fathers were so smart with the elec college, why not push this just…
Founding Fathers opposed BigGovt as the tool of elites tht destroys social capital.
reports a brawl at the Palmer House of students on their way to see Our founding fa…
The Founding Fathers create a system that respect the Individual liberties, that is the reason of America success like nation
Hume was a big influence on The Founding Fathers​.
have you ever read Gore Vidal's Burr, and if so how do you feel about his depiction of the Founding Fathers?
Everyone that came here from the Founding Fathers to Einstein, Tesla, Wernher von Braun, Musk, Irish, Italians, Chinese, were immigrants
Hector y tito are the founding fathers
Thank you to the Founding Fathers for the Amendment!!!
. cause the founding fathers got along with the press SO well. Pls read some history. It was a love/hate relationship
We must continue marching forward to build a prosperous Kenya, a Kenya that resonates with the dreams of our foun…
Why would they? America loves its enslaving founding fathers. History and our presence be damned. Until that changes...
As you see now Trump is sacking the EPA as they were towing the UN line, I don't think the Founding Fathers would allow this.
that's what's wrong with America now. We try to only paint the good "founding fathers" did while simultaneous…
My challenge to all is to google " Declaration of Independence" then read it and ask yourself what would the Founding Fathers have done
I hope so our founding fathers were Against big Gov. There's lots of waste in our Gov ..
A warning from one of the internet's founding fathers. Read more:
What would the Founding Fathers think of civil asset forfeiture?
Founding Fathers: "Beware tyranny of the majority!". 2017: "What about, uh, tyranny of the minority?". FF: "Say what now?"
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I disagree why didn't founding fathers set them at that time? You are trying to deceive the masses .. voters set limits
Rest In Peace to one of the founding fathers of our beloved order, Stanley Clayton McDonald Jr.
and why has being an activist become demonized? Weren't our founding fathers ac…
Time to think for modern days of living with in societies. Cannot have parallel laws in same society. Founding fathers r no more
By the way other good read is. The Federalist Papers and enjoy the chaos The Founding Fathers deal almost 300 years ago still the same
- I like the founding fathers approach. nothing else works
Hypocrisy that indeed exists and still exists. That our founding fathers created our govt to protect white MALE property owners.
Our 6 founding fathers banded together to form our beautiful organization, at UMass Amherst, in 1873. To this end, hap…
“Our founding fathers set up a ... system that was to be reason-based. They didn’t believe in ‘
It's only limited to marriage and the law was promised by Constitution and founding fathers of free India 1947.
LEAVE A LEGACY! Sig Tau is still looking for Founding Fathers at Recommend a gentleman now!
It's no more than civil disobedience, which our Founding Fathers repeatedly argued makes America great.
Big birthday shout out to one of our beloved Founding Fathers, John Webb Kerr
is leering at the Founding Fathers as Betsy DeVos slips Lamar Alexander fifty bucks.
These guys: Dr Dan Murray,. soon to be Dr Casey Kosiorek, and Mickey Edwards are then"Founding Fathers" of our regio…
:: $9.99 to $1.99 on The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers | by Thomas Fleming
The founding fathers did not watch out for run on sentences
has been a problem since the founding fathers. Even Jefferson bashed…
Please put this in PERSPECTIVE. Why does the founding Fathers NATION HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS INDIA😇you post such THRASH😡
You have to love our Constitution that the Founding Fathers established, in order to represent the best interests o…
Thankful our founding fathers set up this system of checks and balances. If you don't like it, feel free to resign.
I'd be curious to see how David Barton would square the writings of John Calvin with the politics of the founding fathers.
Hooray for free speech? One wonders what those founding fathers who often published as Anon would think of your chilling act?
If the founding fathers wanted consequence-free speech maybe they shouldn't have racialized labor and capital. 🤗
One of your founding fathers was at the gym today 😂😂😂
Four score and seven years ago, our country’s founding fathers never got to enjoy our Chicken Shawarma Plate… But...
The Founding Fathers of America were "racists." Maybe you're in the wrong countr…
can you please stop Trump he's damaging our country. USA was built on immigrants and the founding fathers fought hard for us
The Constitution discusses press conferences? Who knew our founding fathers were psychic? MSM losing it!
We're paying homage to our founding fathers and the great weather! Here are a few more reasons for you to stop in.
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If Monster Girls were real, the Founding Fathers would have approved.
The founding fathers were not for the religion of Islam
We need the press, its why our founding fathers included it in our constitution. To protect us from situation's jus…
still waiting for the pumps to start draining the swamp. Founding fathers are rolling in their gr…
Since founding fathers perhaps,🌎elites have never been truly challenged by the ppl as they destroyed our great nati…
LOL! The founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing. The EPA should b shut down!
worst EPA pick. The world is crying. McConnell, Trump &GOP is destroying America. I wonder what the fo…
I have faith in the liberal democratic values installed by R founding fathers. It is being tested lately, but I won't give up!
Gucci Mane one of the founding fathers of trap music but he does not have the same cred as Tip in ATL
I will. This is diametrically opposed to what our founding fathers had in mind. 😢
Bravo. Every step you take now will be the foundation for saving the legacy of d founding fathers. Proud to say am from Avadi
Celebrate President's Day with Madiera, the favorite wine of the founding fathers.
Our founding fathers understood that absolute power leads to absolute corruption. Balanced govmt
Oh to all of this. This country is based on the Constitution not Sharia law. The founding fathers where Christian t…
a lot of the founding fathers were atheists/deists so the claim that the USA is a "Christian country" is baseless.
We don't think guns belong on college campuses. Neither did the founding fathers.
Trump thinks he's a king, not a president. Exactly what the founding fathers fought against, a monarch.
Um.. I'd say the American founding fathers were pretty dang progressive for their time
By George, it’s our favorite long weekend of the year! Celebrate the founding fathers this February 20th when you stay at Presidential City
The founding fathers got so much right. EC was put in for a reason; I think many of the reasons are still relevant.
. Our founding "Fathers" made electoral vote in to represent all the states. Quit whining, we had to put up with 8 years of Obama.
Not a well-regulated militia. BAM. Time for an amendment?.
The founding fathers called it checks and balances. The most deeply un-American president ever calls it a mess.
hey what if we do the new election and we do it the way the founding fathers did in 1789? I'd pick KH 4 VP
Weekly 5 (4): . 1. Awesome deck of cards called Founding Fathers by Love the…
Main Stream LIBERAL Media is a giant Marxist propaganda machine! You've bastardized the Founding Fathers vision of the F…
Stop hating on the US Constitution! think our founding fathers were pretty rad!
The democrats want to give government control of everything. The founding fathers would be ashamed of them!
Are you not concerned that this will have a chilling effect on free speech, which the Founding Fathers sa…
"Shattered remains of family heirlooms" is also a gorgeous, current description of our Constitution. Sorry…
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Zeta Beta Tau is still looking for Founding Fathers to re-form their Eta Iota Chapter at SUNY Plattsburgh! If you...
Founding Fathers like Jesse Ventura and General H Hogan led our. Victory over China in the Independence War of 1973
Gov't schools taught you Nazis were right wing to make you fear real liberals like the Founding Fathers & the Republican form of government
Tomorrow at 9 EST, call the Federalist Society and ask them which birth control pills the Founding Fathers would recommend: (…
Yes! Thank you! Just like our Founding Fathers rebelling and the patriots at the Boston Tea Party!
This was the intent of the Founding Fathers and if more Americans would read The Federalist Papers, they would see this. Clearly.
Bc the racist Founding Fathers you all worship so thoroughly totally protested the British w/ candlelight vigils...
Two hundred years ago, our Founding Fathers gave us a democracy. It...
They did not come to govern in the sense our Founding Fathers planned. They came to smash and loot our common inheritance. These…
Nah. I'm sure our racist, misogynistic Founding Fathers would love to see Trump as president.
You should have more movies about the Founding Fathers like my cousin. People should know he founded Tammany Hall..
It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to quote the Founding Fathers, after 8 yrs of actively fighting what they stood for.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Founding Fathers were not thinking of infants when they wrote the Second Amendm…
The same Contras that Ronald Reagan proclaimed to be "the moral equal of our Founding Fathers." 😐
Gen George Balch and Francis Bellamy are not considered to be Founding Fathers.
Founding Fathers modeled govt after Iroquois Confederacy. See how Ray Halbritter, appointed by Clan Mothers, overthrew govt, changed laws.
"Founding Fathers held a deep abhorrence for democracy & majority rule . . . " the great
Founding Fathers are proud of what was put in Place. . "We the People" against the domestic enemies.
Oh I'm sure that is exactly why the founding fathers created the electoral college.CA is a menace
I remember my school history classes growing up really emphasizing how the Founding Fathers didn't want a king.…
One of the founding fathers is inside you
What is wrong with being white and a nationalist? Seriously? Our founding fathers were?
why am I a nazi? I agree with the founding fathers on most things
Uh, I'm pretty sure The Founding Fathers' motto was, "Kings? We don't need no stinking kings"
I am proud that our Founding Fathers dedicated this country to its people, and nothing else.
Founding Fathers knew the tricks of despots/tyrants, how disarming precedes a dictatorship, 2nd Amend allows u…
Some founding fathers pics up in that bish
that's your opinion. Founding Fathers actually mandated that the Bible was read in schools.
What did founding fathers have to say about governance via NUDGES, INSINUATION, & MANIPULATION? what was…
MT Our Founding Fathers got it right! Do not let our Freedoms and our Republic fade away!
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Founding Fathers: there needs to be a separation of church & state . Years later in America: Shut down the country to celeb…
Some history on how our founding fathers celebrated Christmas and when it became a national holiday.
that Taira was one of the founding fathers of The Pillows
The Founding Fathers are smiling from heaven at you, bro
From My cold dead hands.Our founding fathers placed amendments there for all Americans & we will never relinqui…
.says Dem Party believes “the less our country resembles the Founding Fathers the better our country will be.…
This is EXACTLY what our founding fathers were trying to avoid when they founded our nation.
Really? I thought that was inspired by our founding fathers and first amendment to the US Constitution
Another great quality. . Like founding fathers, he will serve country not donors and get OUT.
Like our Founding Fathers and the writers of the Old Testament.
You know your in a small town for Christmas when the local dealership TV ad claims the founding fathers said “In God We Trust”
STORM REPORT: What would Founding Fathers think of U.S. participating in U.N?? U.N. stands for everything they fought against.
the RNC needs to be reminded of the founding fathers desire to sepersate church and state and that not all people are Ch…
They just don't get why the founding fathers made the electoral college. They didn't want most populated States deciding elections!
Basically, facts don't care about your feelings (Founding Fathers Edition.
I did. And I enjoy hearing the founding fathers rap it out, Mr. Burr.. sir.
'Toxic' was originally included in the Constitution but the founding fathers gave it to Britney Spears because it was too…
8 years way past due.BHO--the best reason our founding fathers required natural born citizen be President of the USA, someon…
Merry Christmas from your founding fathers!! 🍻🌲🎁
A dispositive betrayal of the Founding Fathers. GOP not a party; "king's consort" more like it.
4) Our Founding Fathers really, really wanted to protect the American Experiment from demagogues & foreign influence. We…
Brave Statement! Founding fathers will support this [if] in clear Faith! The Presidency of United States is HEAVY!
Happy E Pluribus Unum! The fact today millions in US celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah show the vision of founding father…
The founding fathers were certainly brilliant, but I'm skeptical about their descendants.
Didn't Americans fight a war to get rid of a king? Now you're celebrating a king. The must be proud. Full of regret.
We had some very intelligent Founding Fathers
In the future, Master Fard Muhammad will stand as one of the Founding Fathers of Modern Revolutionary Theology.
.you are mixing up the Pilgrims w/Founding Fathers! Pilgrims came here for religious prosecution LONG before we fought Rev!
All the Founding Fathers, Drafters and Signatories, and All true American Presidents and Leaders are now all...
yet 4% know that the Founding Fathers were Slave Rapist like Ariel Castro!
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Everyone should be happy with the painting of Jesus giving the Constitution to the Founding Fathers. Historical as well as art.
Speaking of becoming a Dad - a rating of Founding Fathers as Dads, & a comparison of Eliza & Lady Mary Crawley…
Our Constitution is NOT!!! based on ECL. Founding Fathers rejected Blackstone and embraced Vattel!
Did the Founding Fathers really intend to create a small central government as conservatives claim? by
Is THIS what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment?
I don't agree w the Founding Fathers idea of our vaulted "betters" governing us, but GOPers do love some constituti…
If only Samuel Colt & the Founding Fathers could have done something for her.
Congrats to the Founding Fathers of Theta Nu (UM - St. Louis) on their initiation this weekend!
That's why we shouldn't always judge contemporary issues by what the Founding Fathers thought (even assuming we kno…
Founding Fathers - Benjamin Rush Quote: It would have been a truth, if Mr. Locke had not said it, that where there……
The Founding Fathers Were Against Private Central Banks and The Whole Point of the Revolution was to Free America.
As foreseen by our Founding Fathers, it's now The People vs The Fed Government, so forget your partisan bickering.
Our founding fathers understood the dangers of a democracy. We have to protect our entire Bill of Rights.
founding fathers made a constitution to protect us from a Trump & his followers.If you love our country,disavow GOP,they have rotted.
We're always talking about the founding fathers, why can't we mention a few millionaire mamas?
Blame the Founding Fathers, whose passive style was taken as a template for all US law since. (Try the Constitution.)
Our Founding Fathers, may their virtue, steady, great, and resolved, be our supreme ambition. Cheers!
Our Founding Fathers created checks and balances for a reason: power corrupts.
let's start over. Where no house member serves more than the 2 terms the founding fathers had put in plan. This avoided communism
u can say any stupid thing that pops into ur pea brain,thanks 2 Founding Fathers
W/ ur theory than it started w/ Founding Fathers bcuz there has always been backdoor deals
There are absolutely problems with this dichotomized winner-take-all system our founding fathers created on purpose.
.shows his true racist colors. My daughter's also a descendant of the founding fathers & a North Korea…
Ppl don't get that yes, our founding fathers were pretty religious, but they stated that a single religion would not be the backbone
Never ask anyone "what do you think the founding fathers would do?" Immediate projection of what they think, onto the founding fathers
Right! This is exactly what Founding Fathers were hoping 2 avoid! But it falls 2 us 2 stand up & vote…
Scary stuff going on, up there... I wonder how peaceful our founding fathers would be, if they were in today's...
blessed be the new founding fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls blessed be america a reborn nation
thinks he knows better than our founding fathers. A bit of hubris there and a lot of political expediency. VOTE BLU…
Anchor baby interpretation must be reinterpreted, not what our Founding Fathers meant. 🇺🇸
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HighPlainsNews: Reckoning at Standing Rock Want to understand pipeline protests? Start with the Founding Fathers.
And now we get have to hear a basket of dimwitted soundbites about: founding fathers, the constitution, illegal government & BLM overreach.
presidential elections were to be disputed according to our Founding Fathers! And those who suggest or even speak of such behaviors,
There must b something that HRC can do legally 2 stop the idiotic GOP. This isn't the founding fath…
Bonus fact on & US founding fathers:. -US-Thai relations date to 1833 Treaty of Amity & Commerce:
Without anonymity, our founding fathers would have been hanged for treason.
.. The beginning and end of the last chance Americans had to be free from their satanic founding fathers
my prof is literally praising the Founding Fathers so basically I need to leave class and set myself on fire
Today, our Founding Fathers would be cheering on Trump, telling him, "Let's get this DONE, Patriot!".
some; a "fact of life". Our Founding Fathers were gentlemen who were . born to lead"; not some trailer park riftraft who settle personal
You cannot lay blame on ancestors & founding fathers if you do not TODAY. Silence is compliance.…
MT Our founding fathers would be ashamed of ttodys taxation system!
Well said. Wonder how our founding fathers would have fared in this environment.
I don't know you but my guess is I would respect you. That said were Jefferson, Washington & the founding fathers bad…
Want to understand the pipeline protests? Start with the Founding Fathers.
TBH before Hamilton I didn't even know who he was. I think the only founding fathers I knew were Adams, Washington, Jefferson and franklin
so, wins the rigged election, at least I'll die knowing the GOP destroyed what the Founding Fathers made.
Congratulations to the 20 Re-Founding Fathers of the Beta Pi chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma!
Why hasn't OBAMA made any kind of push to return the SENATE to the "majority rule" the Founding Fathers estd. in 1787?
In the almost 8 yrs. you've been in office why haven't you retuned the SENATE to "majority rule" of the Founding Fathers in 1787?
What happened to the Founding Fathers vision which included the 1790 Naturalization Act by at least Washington when he was pres
When Trump talks, you can hear the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves like cats in a tumble dryer.
In that case, couldn't we just get the Founding Fathers themselves onto SCOTUS? Talk about original intent!!!
Turns out our founding fathers may have struggled with some of the same money concerns most Americans do today.
12 Thought-Provoking Quotes from H.G. Wells: . As one of the founding fathers of science fiction, Herbert Geo...
I'm not knowledgeable in that area. However I don't believe the founding fathers meant the right as absolute. They had more sense.
Me too. But when I cite Founding Fathers, I'm often met with "but they owned slaves!!!1!"
WATCH: How were the Founding Fathers influenced by classical political thought? More videos:
our founding fathers fought for the right to eat ice cream at 5:00 AM
Think they intersect, & of course not all founding fathers were FM traitors
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Na so him be? Wow! How can this Mahama fight corruption? Founding Fathers, have mercy on us!. We must vote thismafia out!
founding fathers where freemasons...Zionists are khazar jews..
But don't you find the Founding Fathers reprehensible?
surely this is not What the founding fathers ment with the amendments..
Reagan also compared men who shot dead leftist nuns to the founding fathers before he is newly made woke
Trumpism's impact. Founding fathers would find this reprehensible.
Trump has already had a successful career and is ready to SERVE, just as the Founding Fathers intended. Career pol…
Ppl proud of founding fathers for standing up to an oppressive violent gov = same ppl outraged at protesters now of oppr…
Doing things that are agains the american consitution and what the american founding fathers…
Trump doesn't represent the majority of this country. Founding fathers were rich, white people. "The Left" is not a real thing.
Where would we be as a nation if the Founding Fathers did not protest against brutality and injustices? Thanks Colin!
The incredible life story of Nnamdi Azikwe, one of Nigeria's most iconic founding fathers, is laid bare in this fascinat…
Katelyn Howard discusses her belief that America's founding fathers were just as immoral as current politicians:…
Founding Fathers Volume I is now out - limited to just 50 hardback copies - htt…
Wow...this week I'm studying the arguments put for by those founding fathers who OPPOSED the ratification of the...   10% Off
Today as we remember the courageous visionary of our Founding Fathers, I want us to reflect on…
So weird to think that all of the founding fathers had diarrhea at least once.
The founding fathers stated that all men are created equal, some monkeys have evolved to look like men.…
It won't matter who is our next President. We need to return to our founding fathers' constitutional vi…
is the reason our Founding Fathers created term limits!
I'm thankful the founding fathers of at LEAST recognizing a creator as being the true source of inalienable hum…
A great message from one of our Founding Fathers Bro. Never forget the ideals on which…
Our founding fathers envisioned a nation under one flag, one culture. Not a government that caters to groups malignant tribes.
I am sure the Founding Fathers were pro
we need absolute leadership and someone that respects our Constitution and the founding fathers. I donate as much as I can.
The founding fathers, while writing the laws for our country, didn't think to add "Hey, people are not objects. Don't sell or buy them."
We are losing all form of respect in d comity of nations. We need a man of integrity 2 restore d dreams of our founding fathers
Happy Birthday to one of our founding fathers. Don't get slimed, sir!
"The founding fathers wanted me to have this assault rifle!". The founding fathers didn't want women or people of color to vote so
Long before the US Founding Fathers were talking about religious freedom, Prophet Muhammad penned this covenant to Christian…
Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo has blood of two founding fathers! He lives for Ghana.Will not STEAL our money!
NDC has betrayed the ideals, blood and sweat of our Founding Fathers, The Big Six. Thieves=NDC
Hamilton is our fav. Everything I love in life. American History, Broadway, and rap battles between Founding Father…
Our founding fathers & ALL the soldiers that have fought & died to protect us wud be ashamed of us!
We should follow the steps of the "founding fathers". Our grievances are clear. Our taxes are being used to pay cops who k…
We celebrate Dr Kwame Nkrumah and the founding fathers of Ghana. Long Live Ghana
Founding Fathers fought for liberty. MLK fought for civil rights. Kaepernick fights for the right to lie about cops. https:…
Opinion: imperial resurgence versus the Founding Fathers.
Looks like the ghost of our Founding Fathers saw Marshall taking a knee during the national anthem & decided he didn't…
Separation of Church & State is originally designed by the Founding Fathers of USA led by Thomas Jefferson to protect Religi…
A wine as bold as our Founding Fathers – Federalist wines. Pays homage to greatness! today, 4-7pm, Belco Liquors,Mays Landing, NJ
quote by Founding Fathers if (in)corporations gain power Revolutionary War was for naught
Given their powdered wigs and silk stockings, I'm gonna assume our Founding Fathers would be cool with transgenders in…
Did you know that our Founding Fathers are huge supporters of the American Cancer Society? Tell your friends that...
What would Alexander Hamilton think of current rhetoric about Or any of the Founding Fathers?
I liked a video Trevor Moore: Drunk Texts to Myself - "Founding Fathers" - Uncensored
so you know more about the Founding Fathers than Gary Wills? Well, that's rich.
I trust Gary Wills on the history of the Founding Fathers. He says the 2nd Amendment is about the rights of a militia.
Nikki Haley recently signed a bill requirING schools to teach kids about our Founding Fathers & documents. https:…
White people will default to White Nationalism when things get back enough kinda sounds like our Founding Fathers+
Our founding fathers recognized the need for readily accessible, high-caliber, automatic Harambes.
The Founding Fathers included the 2nd Amendment so the people would always have the means to overthrow government.
Some of our new American Founding Fathers are from Rhode Island? That just sounds... wrong. But damnit, well done anyway, RI!
Just be happy the free, unrestricted use of an automobile was NOT included by The Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights.
What did the founding fathers know? They couldn't hold a candle to ur great intelligence & love for liberty h…
Wow, down gun control measures that 90% of Americans want. I'm sure this is the DEMOCRACY the Founding Fathers had in mind
But hey, right to bear arms. Because this is exactly what our Founding Fathers would have wanted. At least we have thoughts and prayers.
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