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Founders Day

Public holidays observed in Rhodesia (renamed Zimbabwe in 1980) were largely based around milestones in the country's short history.

Happy Founders Day Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Phi Gamma Delta Kappa Sigma Fraternity Delta Sigma Theta Alpha Phi Omega City Hall Park Beta Gamma Chapter Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Omicron Pi Dripping Springs Ohio Union

AWESOME Day 2 with the amazing teams in Love these founders!
Happy Founders Day to .. I never realized how great something could be, thank you for blessing me with won…
Happy Founders Day ❤️💛 joining ΧΩ was the best decision I've ever made!
Founders day is a category on jeopardy and I'm just like uhh what is drugs
Only 100 tickets left to tech startup awards & a day event *packed* with VCs, founders & media
Shout out to my favorite ladies of Happy Founders Day yall! College would not have been the same without yall!
At demo day!! Proud to be a mentor, very impressed w/ the huge amount of work by founders & companies!
I have just spent the last several hours recording info for each one of 80 slides in a power point on animals of NJ for this weekends founders day slide show. Tomorrow I will be matching the individual recordings with each slide of the animals so that it can run continuously in the lounge while people learn about Camp Taylor's founder and browse the various traps, snares, pelts and water dowsing sticks that belonged to Joe Taylor. I now have no voice probably much to Clayton's delight!
I delivered newspapers as a kid and thirty years later...caught in action during the Tonasket Founders Day Rodeo...
In honor of Founders Day, Flagler Museum will be open to the public for free self guided tours on Thursday June 5...
Founders All Day IPA is much improved when served at British temperatures.
Happy Founders Day to my chapter though! I'm so happy to be apart of the Zeta Zeta chapter. I can't imagine life without my s…
On route to day 2. Stop by today to meet co-founders James & Sean and learn how Schoolbox LMS can transform your school
On June 3rd, 1990 Zeta Zeta Chapter was founded and has since become home to hundreds of sisters. . Happy Founders Day Sis…
Does anyone have an event schedule for founders day?
The Queen is headed go her estates but never off duty Lol. packing up for the weekend festivities.. Thursday-at Club H20 Nu Lambda Delta will be hosting our Founders Day Event... please come out and party with us.. the Turn Up Will be Real any time its a NLD Event you wouldn't want to miss it. Friday-I will be in full support of the Diamond Dots pageantry system... I have a contestant and painting 2 others for the Plus National walk... let's not forget supporting my Mommy Ka'miyah Tymes. man ion know why Lol but I just love her being Miss DOTS New Lol probably cause she has truly shined bright and of course to me she always does... I may just cry for her Lol... also in full support of my sis/ my partna in crime Sequoia Dickerson as she competes # The Return... then off to jackson Saturday- to begin Metro weekend party and I'm performing at Metro that night and of course I'll be in the building Sunday-... to turn up with my king Jenesis R. StJames while we support Ean Williams and the Metro Pageantry sys . ...
Picture Book Of Memories..Photos of the coal camp reunion that is held every year around Founders Day in Magoffin county in September..And also some photos of some old photos of Tip Top..Song in the video was sung by Clyde Marshall..I hope everyone enjoys,I was thinking the other day the Reunion isn't to far off :)
I have to miss Founders Day weekend this year
The gentlemen of Zeta Psi: Tau Theta Chapter would like to congratulate AGD (Alpha Gamma Delta) for celebrating their 110th Founders Day.
Founders Day ends with a trip to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos.
Happy 66th Founders Day to my best friends and brothers of Alpha Phi Omega - Zeta Kappa Chapter💙💛
All you locals know that Saturday is Founders Day in LG!! Jubilee will be selling some yummy food and chances on a wonderful Mothers Day basket!! Also, take some shots at some folks in the dunk tank!! Come on out and see me!!
We had a wonderful day celebrating Founders Day yesterday. The Early Childhood students performed "Stone Soup" for the crowd, and we opened the renovation area for people to tour.
The Belleview/South Marion Chamber of Commerce and Mariah Moody appreciate the help, patience and understanding with us and we reschedule the Founders Day event to Sunday May 4th from 10am to 3pm at City Hall Park. Thanks everyone and we hope to see you there!
Happy local founders day to SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. The organization that has taught me so much. I couldn't be more proud. φΑ br…
Two of the founders of & have written posts. One day we will return the favour!
Can't believe it was our last ever founders day 😩👐
Alacare Home Health and Hospice to celebrate Founder’s Day | The Clanton Advertiser via
Founders day in the city of Redwood Falls today. Check out to see what is going on...
Happy Founders Day to the men of Delta Tau Delta - Delta Mu and congratulations becoming 83 years strong.
Today is the last day to Register for Founders' Day. Celebrate UW's— past, present & future. Featuring Steve Ackerman
Happy local founders day to all of my ΣΑΕ brothers.! My first year of college wouldn't be anywhere as good without any of yo…
and John Michael Mason will be chatting FOUNDERS DAY and tomorrow morning on Fox 61 …
."Will you Bumblebee buying one?" If I thought of that tagline, I'd be high-fiving people all day.
Good things today: founders day so school was from 10-12, so spent the whole morning siging in church
Day 35 of SFM 90 day video challenge - Are you Buzzing with positive energy? . After last nights SFM founders...
Sometimes I pretend I dislike founders day but I secretly love it, and so does everybody else 😉
The amount of selfies/pictures taken on founders day is untrue...
Founders Day makes me proud to be a swan 👐
A mouse ran under my chair. Worst founders day ever
Had front row seats to in Christ alone best founders day ever
Happy Founders' Day to The chapter was founded on May 1, 1988!
gets all the hard assignments on She's live on for Founders Day Weekend!! That's next.
rehearsing? Canon slade had founders day, it's nothing so important to shut roads in the freaking town, trust me.
Stafford 350th festivities at 9a Saturday; Founders' Day parade to showcase county's history:
Today we wish a Happy Founders' Day. The chapter was founded on this date in 1959!
The founders day plague has returned. Only strikes when it's founders day and prizegiving
Happy Founders' Day one and all 💙 especially to the U6th Choir Gals (you know who you are), hope you all cry as much as I did x
Happy Founders' day to swan and all 💕
Happy Founders Day to Phi Gamma Delta. 166 years and still going strong!
Kick-off the long weekend with a tasty Founders All Day IPA on draught now!!
Trust me not to be able to find my ccf belt on founders day 😒🔫🔫🔫
Feel bad for everyone actually going to founders day today
"Sanctas Clavis Fores Aperit" On this Friday in May my thoughts turn to and Happy Founders' Day.
as much as I dislike founders' day, it is a half day holiday with a lie in. Thanks for that good ol' Roger
Happy Founders' Day to Old Clavians far and wide
So in the boredom of founders day I finally beat 2048
With our Tennie Paws Crossed we wish you all a Happy Founders Day !
Join us May 3 at Stafford Founders Day Parade and Celebration. See for more information.
In honor of my sororities 83rd "Founders Day" celebration last night, I felt it was only right to brag a little about the women whom I call sisters and the sorority we call home. (honorary members include 1st ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Pat Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, & Vera Ford) As a sister of Beta Sigma Phi - International Women's Organization, our motto is not just not just "Life, Learning & Friendship" but SERVICE. Every member has a servants heart and does our best to give back to our community. Last night our City Council organization donated $610 to three seperate chapters that were currently fundraising for seperate events. That being said, our Delta Kappa "March for Babies" team will be receiving an additional $610 (for a total of $1213 raised), along with a chapter who is helping victims of the Oso Mudslide and lastly, a chapter that is locally helping the children in the South Kitsap school district by donating to "Backpacks for Kids". So very proud to be able call ...
***FOUNDERS DAY UPDATE*** The event has been moved from this Saturday (3rd ) to Sunday (4th) due to the weather that is going to be in our area on Saturday. The time is still 10 am to 3pm. They are currently reworking the details on the Beauty Pageant. If you are entered and have not heard from the Chamber yet please contact them, 245-2178
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Executive Director of Phi Gamma Delta, Bill Martin, wishes all fraternity members a Happy Founders Day.
To all my peeps in the Belleview area. Belleview Founders Day has been moved from this Saturday to this Sunday due to weather forecast of rain Saturday. I'll be cooking sausage and hot dogs for Belleview Rotary Club as usual..
Good Luck to all the singers and performers at Founders Day! I'm so sorry I cannot make it but my voice sounds like a frog one minute and then a horse the next minute, then totally fine the next. I feel so bad that I cannot make it and I just want to give you all a shout out and tell you I love you all dearly and will be there to support you with a notepad that says WHOO HOOO!!!Billie Jo Russell Alexis ElkinsDavid Elkins all the RHS students, Friends of the Library and Randell Wellman
June 6 is next month. If you are in lagos, pls plan to attend the founders day celebrations which will be communicated to us soon. (if you can make it. Some people may be in school/nysc or work). Anyways, we should keep it in mind that our class-set reunion will be in December(last weekend) for convenience. You can reach Samuel Omosule Sedara for more info. # Lives Are In The Making Here Today is Founders day for the C.A.N.S. 4 Cuts Organization it's Been 4 Years ,Join us in celebrating and showing support wear your wristbands Proud! email infofor your bands today . I Thank all who have supported us over the years
I am starting a new strategy for the 2015 Walk for Babies All my loose change from now until Founders Day 2015 will go into this tub. On Jan. 9th, 2015 I will go dump my bucket into the nearest coinstar location and see the result. In the meantime you can still donate to the March of Dimes here.
Happy Founders Day to the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta and to all of my brothers in Laker Fiji!
Happy Founders Day to the gentlemen of Phi Gamma Delta!
Happy Founders Day to all my Phi Gam brothers!
Phi Gamma Delta Founders Day is today! I thank God for the immortal six for teaching us the meaning of true fraternity. I owe my life to Phi Gamma Delta. I can't imagine where I would be without my Brothers and will dedicate my life giving everything I can back to this Brotherhood. I will have gratitude to my alma mater for my education, but it is to the Brothers of Phi Gamma Delta that I owe my life. This is one loyalty that will never fail. Even to my grave will those powerful three letters be engraved. I will never stop being proud to be anything else but a FIJI.
Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth at the Dripping Springs, Tx Founders Day Festival! We had an amazing turnout and the festival was a resounding success! Special thanks to all of you that signed up for our Wine Tasting Tours! We really appreciate all of your support!
Slowpokes was at the Dripping Springs, Tx Founders Day Parade. We had a blast! The crowd was amazing and there was candy flying everywhere. It was a beautiful night for a parade!
Get some tips and your creative juices flowing by checking out the Via Colori demonstration from 12-3pm May 3 (Saturday) at the Stafford 350th Anniversary Founders Day Celebration.
Looking forward to LED hooping with my FarOut Fitness ladies tonight and Cindy M Butt…putting on a show for the ladies of Beta Sigma Phi at Founders Day!
Happy Founders Day to our friends at Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity! Congratulations!
Founders Day banquet with my wonderful mother. So happy she came to visit me this weekend! 😚👯💘
Went to Founders Day banquet in Kent to receive pin for initiation as Phi Delt 50 years ago.
Hope to see all of you at the Founders Day event at Brian Piccolo Park in Cooper city!
It's a beautiful day at GOODIE TWO SHOES!!! We are ready for this fun Founders Day weekend!! We have lots of specials!! Free Parking!! Ice Cold Water for your walk to Mercer St.!!! And we are going to be open on Sunday!! Stop in and say Howdy!! We Love You!!!
The Big Day of Giving is two weeks from today! On Tuesday, May 6th, we ask that you consider making a contribution to Blue Line Arts to help support the arts in your region. On the Big Day of Giving, we'll have activities for the kids, a Founders Day celebration, and information on how your dollars help grow our programs. Mark your calendars for May 6th!
Message to all my fellow Christians and believers Happy Founders Day to Christianity. he came he lived and he died for us all praises to the Most High hallelujah
Wayland to celebrate Founders Day: Wayland Baptist University will host a special Founder’s Day celebration in...
Church and Brunch to celebrate Spelman's Founders Day with my sisters of the Spelman Alumnae Chapter…
So honored to be awarded the Outstanding Alumna Award today at Founders Day!
So honored to have won the Dorothy Roeger Hartz Junior Activities Award at Founders Day! 💎🌸
Super proud of the Presidential Award winner and the Founders Day award winner. Both are education majors congrats!
Founders Day celebration on May 10 will include a Kids Bicycle Parade. Keep Howe Beautiful will judge and award...
Gammas founders day on Wednesday... I left Iowa too soon!
I’m celebrating and Founders' Day with my fellow Badgers! via
I'm proud to celebrate and Founders' Day with fellow on May 1! via
A special shout out to our Sweetheart and Pearl Happy Local Founders Day
On this day in 1770, William Wordsworth, one of the founders of the Romantic school of poetry, is born.
founders day Thursday, faculty appreciation gala Friday night. Then the usual work, classes and cheer practice
Currently in rehearsal with in for our Founders Day Concert
Founders day celebration :) just another reminder of why I love Sigma so much!!
But first.. Come celebrate our founders day with us! 💜💓
Happy Founders Day to some of my favorite turtles! 😘 I know I'm missing people,
Sorry for the late shoutout but Happy (late) Founders Day to our awesome neighbors Hope it went well!!
If anyone happened to, ya know, order an extra founders day shirt or something, holla at me. 😞
hey jon! :) we havent forgotten about you! Our team/founders would still love to catch up.. good day this week?
Happy Founders Day Wearing my orange and blue in your honor today.
As softly the evening shadows, are veiling the campus towers... Happy Founders Day! .
Happy Founders Day to all of the Infamous brothers of my great chapter! Through all of the ups and…
“Happy local founders day to and to and
"We love thee Smith, with all our hearts! To thee we’ll e’er be true." Happy Founders Day, Johnson C. Smith University!
“Happy local founders day to and to and 😘💙💜” loveya 😍
You know it's real when your TL is already getting full of pink and purple and it's still 2 days until Founders' Day. 👑💜💕
founders day and zeta versary coming up just wait on it!! U have been warned!…
My gamma Madre comes back from Mexico tomorrow and out founders day is on Wednesday I'm excited 😁😁😁😁
Happy Founders Day to my dream college, here's to many more years to make history. I won't know until July, but I hope I get in.
Happy Founders Day to the ladies of Kappa Delta Chi
Happy Founders Day, Sigma Phi Zeta! We appreciate all of your efforts and commitment to the Greek and Campus Community. THANK YOU!
Happy Founders Day to College! 182 years of greatness and promoting the value of a residential liberal arts …
If you're on a campus with at chapter, keep an eye out for their Founders Day events and join them as we celebrate
It's Eleusinia! Happy 119th Founders Day to our cherished Fraternity and to all of our beautiful sisters! ΡΒΨΗΣ
Three good reasons to watch the game here tonight!. 3. $3 can beer specials (Founders All Day IPA, Abita Amber,...
Happy Local Founders Day to my home at ΦΣΣ Delta Kappa 💛💙🐧
Happy Local Founders day to my beautiful organization 30 has never looked so good 😉💙💛
My schedule for this week: research and writing paper, article review, history of Israel test, founders day prep, and registration
Happy local founders day to my faves! and 💙💛🐧
Happy local founders day all the way from London love you and miss you all💙💛🐧
I would like to wish the beautiful ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma a happy local Founders Day! Special…
Happy local founders day to some of the most incredible women I know, my very own sisters. Every…
Here are the award winners for Founders Day! . Willow Hill United Methodist Church – Community Partner. COUNTRY...
Happy Founders Day to us! The Delta Gamma chapter was first founded on this day in 1962!
Special shoutout to my number Happy 2nd founders day ❤️
Xi Pi is celebrating their FIRST Founders' Day with some great events! Come out and celebrate with us!…
Happy Local Founders Day to the lovely ladies of
Happy Founders Day to our wonderful Greek Week partners, the men of This week was a blast working with you guys…
Founders Day Ball Tickets are going quickly! Don't miss out, buy yours in the Pryz or online for $10!
"Our thoughts shall be turned Alma Mater, old Gettysburg back to thee" Happy Founders Day
happy local founders day to my lovely sisters! the Omicron Epsilon chapter of Delta Zeta was founded here at ASU April 7th, …
Want to find the Founders Day events nearest you? It's easy. Click on the local event calendar here.
It must be Founders KBS day because my phone just exploded.
So wait, it's founders day of my college AND national beer day? For the win.
S/O to the Too Cute sorority of Kappa Delta Chi, Inc on their Founders Day
Marched through the Memorial Union this afternoon with my brothers to celebrate Founders Day
Tomorrow is Founders Day in Reston and they are celebrating their 50th anniversary! Drop by the Lake Anne Village Center at 12:00pm to help celebrate!
Excited to celebrate Chi Omega's Founders Day at our founding Psi Chapter at Arkansas!
Join us on Saturday, April 5th at 10:00am on Stillman Field here on the Air Force Academy for the annual Founders Day parade! This is a great opportunity to see our cadets in action, it's open to the public and best of all it's FREE! Come help us honor our newest Distinguished Graduates and cheer on our USAFA cadets as they perform a parade. Attire is business attire. See you there!
Busy weekend for the choirs - Choirs' Concert tomorrow at 7pm and Founders Day service on Sunday at 11am.
Yesterday was Founders Day for the University of Southern Mississippi and while it was great to celebrate the 104th anniversary of Southern Miss, it was also a big day for a few of our brothers. Congrats to Gardner Hewes on being sworn in as SGA Treasurer, Gary Stanton on receiving the inaugural Society of 1910 scholarship, and Matthew McMullan for being named Outstanding Freshman Male. Great accomplishments by some outstanding young men. The number one, the only one!
Before the day is over. I wanna wish my (Sawrah's) TauBetaSigma ladies Happy Founders Day! Turn it up Sistahs! AEAMOTS!
Amazing week at student art show opening, Gold Rush, Founders Day and much, much, more.
Friends, our Founders Day brunch was a huge success. Plan on attending next year if you missed it. Be on the lookout for flyers and newsletters. We have some more great events spread throughout the year. Next up is our signature event, the annual Leadership and Character Conference for High School Juniors. On April 2nd we will host about 100 local high school students from NY & NJ schools at Ike Hall and "school" them on ethical behavior. Len Marella, Medal of Honor recipient and ethics author will be our key note speaker. If you are at West Point that day between 9am and 2pm, stop by the Riverside Cafe and check it out. -- Joe Pfanzelter '78
Congratulations Ms. Houser and Mrs. Curtis-Morris the ASH Founder's Day honorees. If you would like to show them your support you can attend this fantastic Founders Day event too-complete attached registration form and return with payment by 4/7.
This year's Pour le Merite award goes to Terry Jaye. Terry is currently the morning show host on WJJR, MIX 98.1 in Rutland and the operations manager for all five Catamount Radio stations. Each year on Founders Day, we honor an outstanding individual from the region who has exhibited care, support and leadership through substantial engagement in volunteer activities that have contributed to the betterment of society.
The Zeta Alpha chapter at Belmont held a formal to celebrate Founders Day.
Help us countdown until Founders Day for Zeta Alpha Chapter of ΛΘΑ! If you couldn't come make cards…
Celebrating 25 years of today by being online the whole day, Just like any other day.Thank u and thanks to the founders
"A live party will need to constantly review its policies, to see if they are still relevant, still appropriate, and still practicable in the changed circumstances." - Julius Nyerere, in "The Party Must Serve the People", Speech at the 50th Anniversary of the People's National Party (PNP) and the PNP Founders Day Banquet, Kingston, Jamaica, 4th June 1988
Happy birthday to my bro Dallas and happy birthday/founders day to my hbcu Langston university
Happy Founders Day to the great LANGSTON UNIVERSITY
ever looked at y'all on out founders day or the Ks founders day
Happy 117th founders day to the great
Living on the first floor is not the business when it's Greeks founders day 😔😒
Beyond excited for to come see me and go to the founders day party Thursday 😁
it was on the day of his concert... Outside founders theatre in Hamilton.
Sunday, March 9th, we celebrated our 70th Founders' Day Awards Luncheon. View the photography that captured this...
founders day then We will just leave and go sit at the port until the boat come. I'm over kennesaw
Finally found a dress for founders day 🙌
Big day today, a great press preview, a museum staff preview, and then a huge party tonight for our Founders. Tomorrow opens!
Happy Founders Day to the amazing men of !
On this Founders Day - a celebration of 125th anniversary - we honored the university's three living presidents at a special College Coffee! If you couldn't make it back to campus for this momentous occasion, don't miss this video recap of what was a very meaningful moment.
Photo: Such good times in college with my sisters. Love and miss them! Happy Founders Day to my sorority:... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Proud Mommy Moment: Just received a call from the Vice Principal at Amoni's school, he was calling to check on her because she was absent yesterday and today (she has a cold) He wanted to make sure she would be at school tomorrow because she is 1 of the 35 staff and students that will receive a certificate of acknowledgment from the Superintendent at the schools Founders Day Ceremony!
Founders Day is going to kill me at school tomorrow 😭
How does a Cleveland Founders Day Rodeo and Livestock show and BBQ cookoff sound? All new people and new rules with open board meetings for all and 2 term limits on all officers? Please tell me your thoughts
Quite possibly my all time favorite Could drink this all day.
All you founders in , artists and creative folks. Get in touch for a photostory . Eg Day in Entrepreneurs life.
Last day 4 our biggest promo ever! One optimized for all devices for LIFE: 1-time fee $149 …
From ArchSF. Was Principal at StJohns. Now in You did Founders Day SJ Hope all is good.
Just had to share this message from Dr. Jones, a fellow alumni that I had the privilege to attend Southern University with. For those who can not read it because of privacy settings, her status is in quotes. "Yesterday marked the 134th Founders Day of The Southern University and A & M College. In true form, I began the journey to Southern University Alumni Federation Lifetime Membership! " You can make the same investment by becoming a member of the Southern University Alumni Federation. In order to exercise your right to vote in this year's National Election, please make your investment by March 31, 2014. 1. Go to 2. Click... on the "Donate" button on the left side of the screen. 3. Input $50 ($500 for lifetime membership). Disregard... that it reads "SUAF:Chancellor Scholarship Fund". 4. Login into your Paypal Account. If you don't have a Paypal account, then click "Continue" on the bottom left of the screen and input your credit/debit card information. 5. Once you proceed to the review ...
Nonprofit founders > startup founders any day. When you take away the big exits and hive mind the raw problem solving passion shows.
Gessians this is a video on how to take mrt in SG for founders day
Happy Founders Day to the ladies of Lambda Theta Nu!
Miller is playing in Palm Beach!Can you join fellow Badgers tomorrow nite at Beinviento's for Founders' Day?
St. Patty's day and it just so happens to be our founders day…
What is going on here? Piano technician Al LaPorte was in today to replace the legs on our 1885 Steinway -- they originals were lost; then they were found! The piano is loaned to the museum by past-president Ben Martin, who will be honored at tomorrow night's Founders Day celebration--so you might say we got this done just in time. We'll have music & song (Mustards Retreat), oysters & cookies. You gotta come!
The university’s three living presidents were honored at a special Founders Day College Coffee and tree planting on March 11, 2014, as celebrated its 125th anniversary with students, faculty and staff wearing maroon and gold as part of “A Day for Elon.” more about the special day at:
Hamilton Collection
Great day today meeting loads of interesting founders, angel investors, managing directors and being quizzed - love startup culture x
Happy Founders Day to the women of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc! They were founded on this day in 1986 at California State University Chico!
Thanks, Ezra, for passing your light on to all of us! Happy Founders Day!
For Presidents' Day bring back the original founders intent; enlist in the US FREEDOM ARMY http:…
Check out Welsford Bishopric's speech from the Founders Day College Coffee in honor of Elon's 125th birthday.
Founders day shopping will be the death of me
Recognizing more of our heritage for Founders' Day by highlighting Brothers Clay and Barrett.
Photo: About to kick off at Founder’s Day Dinner, celebrating Elon’s 125th bday
Call out for 10 founders to pitch at European Demo Day in June - apply and read more
On Sunday, March 9, 2014, the 101st Founder’s Day Founders Day Worship Service of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated was held at First African Baptist Church. The ladies of the Columbus Alumnae, Columbus Metropolitan Alumnae and Theta Phi Chapters, came together for a service that featured Rev. Jacquelyn Bowie-Hayter as the speaker.
Happy Founders Day to the wonderful men of 🎉🎊
Beautiful day in the And look at this view! Meet the Tethr founders at the Monarch, 801 W 5th,
"This week, Elon celebrates Founders Day and its 125th anniversary. It's somehow fitting that we face some adversity just before the celebration. And that's part of our history. We're resilient. It's in our DNA. We persevere. Thank you to everyone at Elon: students, faculty and staff, who helped us weather this storm." President Leo M. Lambert offers an update and his thanks after the severe winter storm that hit campus last Friday. More info:
FOUNDERS DAY MARCH 29th We will be hosting the "A Lumber Town Tales" from 11am to 3pm. We will have people come in and share their stories of Cedar Springs in the Good Ole Days. This is a free program and all are welcome.
Happy Founders Day to my beautiful sisters of Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority Incorporated!!
Happy Founders Day to the organization that has given so much to our sisters and helped us grow into outstanding individuals who fear nothing!!! Burgundy, Silver, and White, 28 years and plenty more to come!! You ain't seen nothing yet!!!
Founders Day information, cost and where to send payment.
FOUNDERS DAY - Several people have contacted me today about Founders Day. It will be Sat., April 12, social at 5 p.m., dinner at 6 p.m. The cost is $20 per person. Send a check made payable to DG Alumnae and mail it to Susie Hoffmann at 2523 SW 35th Terr., Topeka, KS 66611. Thank you.
Vicki Miles-LaGrange, the Chief U.S. District Judge for the Western District of Oklahoma, will be on campus this Thursday for LU Founders Day 2014! Be sure to show her some love!
Our Eminent Supreme Archon, Brad Cohen, addresses our members for this 158th Founders Day and discusses the new direction in Sigma Alpha Epsilon to protect o...
This Thursday is our school Founders Day. To mark this occasion we are hosting our 39th U15 Founders Day Sevens tournament. It all starts from 11am. Best of luck boys!
“Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.” Marian Wright Edelman Many, many parents, teachers, students, administrators, and community members give countless hours behind the scenes to make our schools and communities what they are. We are honored to recognize them whenever we get the chance, and again did so at the Founders Day Dinner this year. Honorary service awards are designed as a unique way for PTA units, councils and districts to publicly acknowledge both individuals and organizations for outstanding community service to children and youth in a community. PTAs make a contribution for each award they give out and all monies collected with this program and used exclusively to fund the California State PTA Scholarship and Grant Program. You can find lots of details on our website, along with applications and forms to guide you through the process. We asked all of you to nominate people you thought should be recognized for ...
Gentlemen, I need your help. I am on the email list for the Charleston area alumni association and just received this email. It seems as one of the undergrads from SC Upsilon (University of South Carolina) recently passed away in a diving accident in Florida. The undergrad who passed away is from the Annapolis MD area and is having a funeral up here this Saturday, March 15th. The Charleston Alumni association has chartered buses up here for the undergrads to attend the funeral and they are now trying to secure housing for them. If you can help at all the contact is Athan Fokas and his email address is AthanFokasLets see if we can't do something to help out this chapter. Thanks everyone, attached is the emails I received. Gentlemen, Since the death of Brother Grant Eney, my plans have changed attend the funeral in Annapolis, Maryland this weekend but my obligations have not. I am indebted to the Hilton Head Alumni Association for adopting our local SAE Chapter and awarding one of our undergraduate brother ...
Happy Founders Day to the Ladies of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. Beta Chapter! Congratulations on 28 years of sisterhood, Delta Xi Nu wishes you many more!
YOU. Let us introduce you to 4 more opportunities to join us before summer break. We think you're going to really love hanging out with us so drop on by! 3/11 Maria Murnane Book Launch 3/15 Bunco Night 4/2 Beta Song Night 4/5 Founders Day Ladies Luncheon For more details or to RSVP click here:
I will be donating a gift certificate for the Delta Gamma Founders Day raffle, which includes a one hour photo session with me! Be sure to enter if you are attending! For event information:
Happy Founders Day to Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc.!! It's great to have you women here!
Two FOUNDERS DAY podcast interviews are being released this week. On Wednesday, give a listen to Erik chat with Project-Nerd, and on Friday, check out the Film Freaks Podcast!
Who's coming to Founders Day this Saturday? It will be held at the Park Lane (top floor in the ball room) in Monterey. Starts at 11am. Tickets are $25. Please let us know if you are coming but plan on paying at the door. Share this with all the local Delta Gamma's to get the word out. This will be our first event as an Alumnae group and we would love to visit and meet with all of you as well as share with you some plans we have for the group in the future. We hope to see you there.
Yyeass lawd Happy Founders Day to my most lovely gorgeous god fearing pray lifting sorors over the world yall betta get it turn up or Christ tho keep goin hard for the body luv all yall psss wish i could date all ya to lol 😏😉
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Happy Chapter Founders Day to the brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma!
Lots of activities on campus this weekend - Founders Day; Homecoming (with a concert by 70s rockers, The Outlaws); NCAA Men's Basketball South Regional Tournament in Jenkins Field House; lots of other sports as well; and Scholar's Weekend, hosted by Admissons.
Learn about the history of Dixon at the Annual Founders Day Celebration on April 11. This year, the event will be a luncheon at the Loveland Community House with lunch by Ginko Tree Cafe. The program will be on early Dixon physicians and the creation of KSB Hospital.
Hey This is Calvin Grapevine Signs & Designs Come by and see us .Founders Day is Coming up We do banners etc... for your booths and or Business. The Original Sign Company in Drip. Buy Local Buy Drippin.
FOUNDERS DAY CELEBRATION 22 FEB. 2014 IN ANNA MARRIE JAHOUVY SCHOOL: BRUSUBI: in kombo north every years founders day celebration is done differently and this year we did ours with the fire and rescue services sensitizing the scouts on fire safety. fire out brake is an alarming issue in our communities in this time of the year and equipping these children with the knowledge of minimizing this tread will go along way in addressing the issue. the president of the scout council Mrs Aja Kassa Kanteh with members of her council and some executive members visited the scouts to show their support. BRAVO Scouts of kombo north
Come and celebrate Founders Day with us! It will be held April 13th at 11 AM at the Ohio Union, Archie M. Griffin West Ballroom. Cost is $30. Please mail payments, initiation year and dietary restrictions to: 1531 Neil Ave. Apt A, Columbus, OH 43201
Here's the Founders Day issue of Hannah's Hotline. We're emailing it to those we have email addresses for and mailing it to the remainder. The email should go out sometime today. Enjoy!
Photos from the Zephyrhills Founders Day Parade. Tag, share but please don't steal and most of all, have a nice day.
Thank you Dr. Elmer Eligio for sharing your blessings that you received during the Founders Day. Youre such a generous and sincere person!
Please RSVP to Anne Brockman if you will be attending Founders Day on March 29! We hope to see you there!
Elon University celebrates Founders Day today and their 125th anniversary. I owe so much to Elon. A wonderful education, lasting friendships, and an amazing husband who works hard to provide for our family. Its hard to believe we met almost 14 years ago and celebrate our 10 year anniversary this summer. Thank you Mom and Dad for making this possible :)
KOORI CUBS PROGRAM With support of MDAS and MRCC the Koori Cubs program was ready to start in 2014. The first step was to hold a meeting with parents/guardians and the Scout leaders to make sure everyone was on the same page. This was held at the end of January with all those invited in attendance. A POSITIVE START. The program then kicked off on the 3rd of February, with the kids on a 3 week trail period. The results were great with all 8 nominated children attending all 3 sessions and all committing to take part in the program. They have now been going for 5 weeks and the attendance rate is still 100%. This includes attending Founders day which was held on a Saturday and involved the Cubs climbing down a huge absailing wall. The big day for the kids was the 3rd of March. This was they day they were invested as Cubs. They had their uniforms on and received their Scarves, woggles and Badges. It was a great night. The kids looked great and they and their families were all very proud. Although this ...
West Michigan Founders Day, again thanks Nupes for coming out and supporting.
Mcc alumni u are welcome to come tomorrow founders day week at mcc. More fun,games and enjoy watching on bgb fancy drill and grade 7-8 perform with holding a stick and more activities. God to be glory and Jesus loves you.
Fruitland Park Founders Day is March 15th. 10-3. On Berckman Street. From City hall to the Casino. We will have an Avon booth by the Casino. Come check us out. Anything you want us to bring so we have it on hand?
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Make sure to visit Fairview on your way to Spring City's Founders Day event!
Today MH will be celebrating Founders Day. I would have been part of it if we could have celebrated it as a space open to ideas, critical thinking and freedom. The Principal Miranda House University of Delhi Delhi. 6.3.2014 Dear Dr. Jolly, The Miranda House Staff Association requested teachers to volunteer for the teachers' performance on the occasion of Founder's Day which is on 7th March, 2014 which has been the tradition for a very long time. Many teachers volunteered and sought professional help to learn the Punjabi Folk dance Gidda and the teachers used their creativity to construct the bolis for the said event. We have just been informed that some of the content of the Gidda bolis have been found to be objectionable to the authorities even though for us it was meant to be a surprise performance. In a democratic country and a progressive space like Miranda House we believe there has always been space for cultural satire and humour. Now that we have been denied the space within our own College, which ...
A little late but thanks to for being such a good Founders Day date last week. 😘
One week to Founders Day!. Don't forget, just like the ER, walk-ins are always accepted!
UAPB Chicago Alumni Association Meeting, Saturday March 1, 2014 at Morgan Park Baptist Church, 11024 South Bell.11 am Sharp! Agenda items.Founders Day on The Yard, Alumni National Conference, HBCU Picnic/Softball Tournament, Preliminary Discussions around Chicago Football Classic, Establishment of PayPal Account and more.Come on out and be an advocate for CHANGE!
for Founders Day. They converted main atrium of library to learning commons just like
Happy 66th Founders Day to the brothers of the Gamma Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.…
Today was a GRAND sisterly day! Bonding with potential charter members of yet another chapter in Dallas/Fort Worth as the Joint Chapters (Alumnae & Collegiate) shared a beautifully artistic Founders Day hosted by Honorary Soror Daphne Maxwell Reid (Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince), with performances by Soror Irma P. Hall ( Big Mama From Soul Food) with "I'm Every Woman" sang with love peace PARTY & Soul by 4 of the Sorors from Ft Worth Alumnae, "Just Us", 3 cut-up, high kicking Sorors in the Dallas Black Dance Theatre - N.A.O., 3 wonderful co-chairs, honorees with 25 & 50-yr service awards in DST, plus honoring graduating college Sorors...with high mention of Senator (Frat) Royce West, songstress CeCe Godbolt and saxophonist Tom Braxton plus Chapter Presidents looking glam in royal purple, vendors and over 800 attendees! I love my Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and let me just say, we topped it off with laughs at Blue Mesa. Makes my long 12-hour day worthwhile.
Celebrating Milestones, Moments and Memories at the 2014 Founders Day for DFW Chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
The Cartoon Room on the 3rd floor of the Ohio Union is our venue for Founders Day, March 8, 2014. Cartoon Room...seems fitting. RSVP to Tony Mayne, tony.mayneby March 6th.
Congratulations to the gentlemen of Phi Kappa Psi- Monmouth University for their fraternity's Founders Day, celebrating 162 years of excellence!
National Indian Pudding Day celebrates a regional delicacy from New England. Indian Pudding is a baked dish of cornmeal, butter, eggs, molasses, milk, and spices. The best Indian Pudding in Seattle is home made. World Human Spirit Day was created to encourage the best in all of us. Like the folks who started the PTA. Today is National PTA Founders Day, get involved in a school, the future depends on you. Head on down to Karaoke Night to participate in My Way Day, millions of people around the world will be singing Frank Sinatra's signature song. It's also the first day of Hachinohe Emburi, so stop by the shrine and leave an offering on your way to the festival. Finally, it's the Christian Feast Day of Saints Constabilis and Lomman. They are the patron saints of sailors and more sailors. On this day in history in 1621 Myles Standish became famous, in 1753 today was follows by March 1 in Sweden, in 1776 "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" was published, in 1818 the first bicycle was patented, in 1819 ...
In commemoration of our 25th Anniversary after graduation, our Year Group has been in discussion and deliberating on choosing a suitable project that is both relevant, and will serve an immediate need. In collaboration with the Achimota School authorities, we have proposed on the provision of marquees and 1000 chairs for the students and visitors during events like Speech & Prize Giving Day and Founders Day. This addresses their most pressing need since a lot of students sit outside of facilities like the Assembly Hall during such events. This project has now become the focus of our fundraising dinner dance in Virginia on July 5th, 2014, where we shall seek to raise funds to support our project. The theme for our event is “Power of the Past – Force of the Future.” We have successfully secured Dulles Hyatt Regency in Virginia, where the event will take place. More details of this event will be posted on this page and forwarded through other existing communication platforms.
The Colorado State University Chorus performs at the Capitol in celebration of Founders Day.
Today @ Colorado State University - CSU honors the Sutherlands as part of Founders Day
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CSU celebrates its creation with annual Founders Day festivities: Starting Tuesday, Colorado State University...
Congratulations Michael Otto for receiving the Outstanding Principal of the year award last night at Founders Day!
To all my Phi Gamma sisters. I received an invitation today for our 25th Anniversary and Founders Day luncheon. But there wasn't a date, just a time and location. I read it 3x and even had my husband read it. I am guessing it is the weekend closest to founders day but don't know if it is Sat or Sun. Anyone know?
Saddleback Valley alumnae chapter (which serves DG alumnae living south of us) has a new name. It is now known as the South Orange County alumnae chapter. The chapter felt that the name Saddleback Valley was outdated and unrecognizable to new members in the area. We will be joining them as well as North Orange County alumnae chapter at Founders Day next month!
"Unity and Diversity will always lead to Knowledge" -Said by true Distinguished Gentlemen. Happy Founders Day brothers.
To the the Elite Brotherhood of Psi Phi Omega I would like to wish everyone a Happy Founders Day. 'I am my brother's keeper."
A very Happy Founders Day to the Chi Chi Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho, five years ago they made history, and continue to by being the best Fraternity out there.
Happy UCF Founders Day to the wonderful ladies of
Thanks for your support & RTs. Happy weekend to all. Don't forget about Founders Day weekend 28 Feb - Mar 2nd 2014. God…
Hoping all of the beautiful women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc enjoy their Founders Day but a special shout out goes to ou…
Looking forward to a great weekend with Delta Sigma Theta's Suffolk Chapter for their Founders Day celebration and the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church!
It's been a Founders Day almost EVERYDAY this week lol y'all turnt! It's a beautiful thing!
I don't usually play during the week, BUT... on Founders Day... 💁💕💚💕
It seems like every day this week there has been some kind of Founders Day for these sororities.
A lot of amazing women celebrated their sorority's Founders Day this week! We would like to "Happy Founders Day"...
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Shoutout to this Dovely and classy lady that is built on Purpose, the competent, DrLily Jenkins, founder of Lady of Purpose on her Founders Day (J16), Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Meet you next month! Excited!
The Kaptivating Sorors of Kappa Iota Zeta would like to wish Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated a Blutiful 94th Founders Day
Seing that "Happy 94th Founders Day" post after all the other founders days this week is so sad lol
Celebrating a Founders Day this Week, Come Celebrate this Thursday at HardTimes Ladies FREE Til 11
Happy 94th Founders Day to the fine Women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated!
The bruhs would like to extend a special shoutout to THE Omicron Kappa chapter of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Sorority, Inc. on their Founders Day!
A special Founders Day shout out to my lovely mom Eunice Neverson Griffin as well as Beverly S. Hamilton, Jacnita Raines, Sherri Jordan, Pamela Jordan and Alpha Eta, Alpha Epsilon and Delta Omega Chapters!!!
DUNAA salutes the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta on their Founders Day. A special salute goes to the Beta Gamma Chapter located at our “Fair Dillard” Thank You ladies for your service, scholarship and sisterhood
Shout out to the beautiful ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Happy Founders Day...
As an incoming college freshmen you are surrounded by everything that could be so tempting. But for me when I saw them stand around the flag pole on the campus of Dillard University singing the Sweetheart Song I was in tears. I knew she had stole my heart. Or when I went to their open Founders Day program and my Chapter soror Lois Deberry was the speaker (who spoke about soaring like a bird) and I went back to my dorm room and thought about it all night. For that I will forever be thankful to the Beta Gamma Chapter for showing me what a true collegiate Delta looks like. Although, I wasn't Beta Gamma made I have a love for you like no other. It is because of you that I feel in love with her! Who is she you ask... None other than Delta Sigma Theta
Happy 100th Founders Day to the Men of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
I had a wonderful Founders Day today with my brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated!!
We'll, it's finally here. 100 years of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. To my LB's: Bro Darreyl Railey and Derrick Williams, you are truly my brothers, much love and happiness. To my DP and ADP; Louis Lubin and Doug Lawson; thanks for getting us started on the road to Sigmaland To Iota Rho and Gamma Delta Sigma, Florida Chapters, thanks for always showing us love. To my Sigma Mentors; Ray Smith, Mario Ellis, Sydney Mcrae,Mark Pacich, Karl Granberry, Rory Jones, Don Tillman, Darryl Leonard, Kareem Hanna, Greg Brown, Reginald Dudley, Bro Riley and Countless others, You have taught me so much over the years that have helped become a better Brother, Father, Son, Husband, Coach, Teacher, Business Man, Christian, and Person; the impact each and every one of you on my life can't be more appreciated. You are my Brothers in SIGMA As we enter this 100 year celebration, lets take time among all the pageantry of this Founders Day and 100 years to revisit the entirety of the life span of SIGMA Happy Founders Day to all ...
It is with extreme honor and joy that I officially wish each and every member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. a Happy 100th Founders Day! 100 years of Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service is nothing to scoff at. It has taken blood, sweat, and tears to preserve such an esteemed and elite organization and to each and every brother worldwide, I salute you to the highest for carrying out the ideals birthed by our great and honorable founders. History is made once again in our wondrous band so to my studious and successful brotherhood I say with all my soul and might G.O.M.A.B. my brothers for Centennial has arrived. BLU PHI! William L. McKinney S.K.A. A.T.L.A.S. of S.S.X.O.D.U.S.S., SPR 2K7, ΓΑΗ Chapter - Belmont University
Lol... but Happy Founders Day to Kappa Alpha Psi.. especially the Iota Delta chapter..
Happy 103rd Founders Day to the distinguished brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Shout Out to my UM Kappa friends Winston Warrior Zuri A. Stanback Damon W. Bethel Finesse Mitchell and so many more (Go CANES) and my TFC Kappas Bro. Loran Thompson and Brian Hankerson. Can't forget you Coach Leonard Hamilton (miss you dearly) and my friends Russell Manning Elijah Wooten and Frank Pinkney.
On behalf of OMEGA PSI PHI Fraternity Inc. I would like to acknowledge the men of Kappa Alphi Psi on this their Founders Day. Continue on.
Happy 103rd Founders Day to the men of KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY INC. Keep ACHIEVING!
We would like to wish Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated a happy a Founders Day!!!
Can I Get A Yo Baby Yo. Happy Founders Day to my good brothers
The DevaStaTing Divas have a great show in store for you all in celebration of our Founders Day! 👠
Happy belated Founders Day to Sigma Nu, and Happy Founders Day to Alpha Omicron Pi!
Greetings, Brothers and Chapters of the MIGHTY Eastern Region, I trust that all is well with you and yours. On behalf of the Region, I wish you and yours a blessed, peaceful and joyous Merry Christmas and holiday season. This is a special time to enjoy loved ones and serve those in need. I thank you for all you do for our communities and for the Fraternity. You are truly appreciated and loved. On a personal note, that you for the all the calls, emails, texts and social media messages today. The passing of my momma, Lillie Mae Lockhart, 66, this morning is shocking and sudden based on it all unfolded. The Queen of my heart and first love made it clear to me to say focus and work like I have never worked before just as long I eat and rest properly. With that being said, I'm in the saddle preparing to host a great Founders Day weekend with the main event being the Centennial Ball. I'm working through the waiting list and folks are being contacted. I will not take time off until Monday January 13, 20 ...
Plus size fashion blogger I follow posted like 8 Founders Day posts for Alpha Phi Omega. I've never seen someone rep it so hard.
S/O to the bruhs of Alpha Phi Omega. Happy Founders Day. Wee ***
Join us!!! Join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Upsilon Sigma(Evolution) Chapter on Thursday January 9, 2014 for Founders Day at the Historical Sigma House, Chicago, IL... 6pm - 12am, 4941 South King Dr.$10 Donation @ the door. Light Refreshements will be served until exhausted... Music provided by Upsilon Sigma Chapter.We hope to see you!! Bro Daryl Parks President of Upsilon Sigma Chapter Bro Marvell Brantley Marketing Co-Chair for Upsilon Sigma Chapter
Founders Day was simply spectacular! The Wichita Alumnae Chapter and the Beta Chi Chapter celebrated the 139th anniversary of our founding on November 16th, at the Petroleum Club. Thank you, Mary, Addie, Frances and Helen for founding this incredible organization built upon Love, Labor, Learning and Loyalty. Be proud today, and every day, that you are a Gamma Phi Beta!
It's Founders Day! For 111 years, Alpha Chi Sigma has striven to advance the Three Objects. This is a day to wear Alpha Chi Sigma apparel, bond with your Brothers and promote chemistry as a science and as a profession. What will you do today to honor the founders?
Happy 144th Founders Day to Kappa Sigma Fraternity! Kappa Sigma at Carleton University (Omicron-Pi Chapter), congratulations on being apart of an outstanding organization!
We the brothers of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity would like to thank everyone for wishing us a Happy Founders Day!
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December 10, 1899, that day Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity's founders fathers created for one and only reason is to build lifelong commitment in becoming a Better Man by welcoming and embracing brothers regardless of their religions, races, or creeds. On this day December 10, 2013 of 114 years. It's another historical to remember. Happy 114th Founders Day to Delta Sigs.
Happy 19th Founders Day to the Lewis University chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity Inc.
Several of our interfraternal friends are celebrating Founders Day today! Happy Founders Day to Pi Kappa Phi, DELTA SIGMA PHI and Kappa Sigma Fraternity!
Happy 109th Founders Day to all of my brothers of Pi Kappa Phi.
Happy US Founders Day to the perfect and handsome gentlemen of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity!! ❤️💚
Happy belated Founder's Day to the women of Alpha Omicron Pi! AOII was formally organized on January 2, 1897, but for convenience, AOII now officially recognizes Founders Day on Founder Stella George Stern Perry’s birthday, December 8th!
Happy 11th Founders Day to the Epsilon Beta Chapter at Bowling Green State University!
The Beta Sigma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. hosted a great Founders Day celebration! Shout out to Brother Raymond Oliver for creating a phenomenal flyer for our event. '06
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