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Founders Day

Public holidays observed in Rhodesia (renamed Zimbabwe in 1980) were largely based around milestones in the country's short history.

Happy Founders Day Delta Chi Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Nu Bridgewater State University Valentines Day Main Street

When our founders formed the Presidential Cabinet, they dreamed of the day it would be used to hit on women. https:/…
Brewster Founder’s Day Street 09/18 in NY. Lots of fun and lots of community pride on Main Street.
On Sept. 16 we will celebrate Founders Day and inaugurate our sixth president!
The founders were often heard yelling "Mandatory millions per day in welfare for Israel!"
Years 10&11 have had an inspiring day with google future founders. Thank you https:/…
Make your own s'mores at lunch today! Happy Founders Day!
Happy Founders' Day to the women of CA Alpha!
In case you weren't able to attend our Founder's Day celebration on 8/26, this podcast of our Black Economic...
Come on out and enjoy a great time for a great cause! :)
Celebrate Constitution Day at 1PM ET with Discovery Ed on 9-16 with a Virtual Field Trip to the Library of Congress
Remember to book tickets for our Founders' Day party!
Tickets selling well for our Founders' Day party - see Miss Plumb to reserve yours. Disco, two course hot meal...
Congratulations to Phyllis Hoffman, a local resident of Lavallette, for winning the Lavallette Founders Day Drawing!
Getting close to end of Day2 for founders! Ending the day with a Founder story from the team
Founders Day S/O to the first chapter in Texas: the No Limit Soldiers of the Beta Eta chapter of
Typical day's tennis practice for one of our founders.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Founders Day events start today and last through Sunday
It's Founders Day at HC! Remember to follow us on Snapchat for today's events!
fun game is on,the founders Day holiday come let have fun
Founder's Day will be here before you know it! Need some help planning your celebration? >>
We were going to do a Founders of Labor Day Rap Battle: Matthew Maguire vs Peter J. McGuire, but they both told us to tak…
The always inspiring co-founders of stopped by to grab lunch and make our day. Have you tried...
Have you registered for your ticket to our Founders Day Celebration yet? 10/24 at 2pm at THE BIG APPLE!
Thanks to the players & parents who came out and worked Founders Day. And a shout out to all the fans who supported us.
It's OPENING DAY for the Roberta Eisenberg Retrospective in Founders Hall Art Gallery at Soka...
Happening this coming Saturday! . This would be an exciting day where entrepreneurs, founders,…
State of the City, Founders Day Celebrated in Aliso Viejo: It's fall in Aliso Viejo, and…
More details on upcoming on this link.
To get FanFInders off the ground the founders kept up their day jobs and worked when the children were in bed...
Proud to be in the discussions leading to founders day.
Shop at the Accra Goods Market on Founders Day wih Vodafone Cash. Join us at the Polo Grounds between 10am and 6pm https…
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Still time for a day trip to the zoo! Or plan ahead for the September 17th Founders Day celebration at Lake...
As part of the Founders Day celebration, the Paleocastor in a Daemonelix is back!!
Founders Day celebration in Naples with a Safety Huddle and Congressional visit
is collecting school supplies for children at Founders Day celebration at the 1901 Vine St.
- This is our 1st KSUBC Founders Day program from 1981... Just wait until this year's celebration!!! 9/25/16
Just attended a wonderful Founders Day celebration of 100 years of Americas best idea!. Great event, great park,...
VOLUNTEER & celebrate NPS Founders Day at CVNP on Aug 20
Give back to your park on Founders Day, Aug. 20th & be entered to win a backpack from REI
.Companies where founders DON'T go to and hustle 18h/day to create the most value to customers, are the…
Every 9-5 makes total sense until you are introduced to the all-day-all-night that each of those Founders have to go thru -complaining still
If you haven't already, try founders all day IPA!
News of the signing of the Declaration of Independence reached London on this day in 1776. "Benjamin Franklin is...
Delayed S/O to my friends on staff Happy Founders' Day and hope your convention was incredible!
most of those founders aren't really cashing in on IPO day, aren't they required to hold shares for a defined period before selling?
live music listings for Aug. 11-17, 2016: Founders Day, Skaneateles Festival and more
“Day 70: Taking a hiatus from daily posts”
Had a great day down in Philly speaking with the incredible founders working out of offices. Thanks all!
Hey! We are looking for help for Freshman Founders Day on August 18th. So if you want to pass out flyers and recruit freshm…
restored is 1 block from Museum. List of events:
Need more content to get your fix? I curate a newsletter. Every. Single. Day. Get it right here:
Wow! Founders Day 2016: Your guide to everything happening in downtown Auburn this weekend via
Happy Founders Day to the Lovely Ladies of AKD-East❤️ Enjoy your day
From Sarah Palin to a monster truck minivan, gallery of Auburn's Founders Day images over the years
Happy Founders Day to this sweetheart 💚 😘
I didn't realize how many people from I was following until today . Happy Founders Day yal !!!
Sounds like a pretty normal day in the world of tech journalism. Care to shareother founders who share these TINY things w you?
All i see is green all on my TL , REKO clearly took over 😂💚 Happy Founders Day to them
Happy Founders Day ReKo, especially to all our Diva's & GQ's who are apart 💙💚. .
And Happy Founders Day to all my Reko babies!
Join us for our 3rd annual Founders Day celebration weekend Aug 4-7. Aug 4th Happy Hour at…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Busy night ahead - will celebrate Founders Day starting at 5pm at Centennial Park, say hi if you see me there!
Happy 1st Founders Day to me and my lovely sister of MuPi ! ΣΑΙ has…
Also Happy Founders Day to my wonderful SAI sisters ❤️🌹
Founders Day fun with a BBQ and cornhole tournament at Theta Chi SJSU - Gamma Xi Chapter this afternoon. Thanks...
Today is Beta Pi Chapter at Louisiana Tech University and Alpha Gamma Rho - Alpha Psi Chapter's Founders Day!...
Today we are celebrating the Founders Day of Pi Beta Phi! They were founded today in 1867 at Monmouth College!
Who will be in the first Entrepreneur Hall of Fame? To be revealed at Founders Day. Register
135 years ago, our beloved Spelman was founded in the basement of Friendship Baptist Church. Happy Founders Day! https:…
Honor leaders in the NC entrepreneurial ecosystem Founders Day. Register:
Toast to the success of our ecosytem. May 17, CED Founders Day. Register Now
Celebrate the founding of during the Founders Day at the on 5/14!
📷 tenlittlepandas: I am last to post at Garden of Shadows’ Founders Day celebration, and I bring...
Come join us tomorrow for St. Stephen Southern Indiana's 15th annual Founders Day celebration. "It's going to be a stone cold blast." D.C.
Keys to the City of Kingston presented to HIH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie at Founders Day celebration at Haile Selassie High
A Beringer returns to Beringer: Founders Day marks 140 years of winemaking
We are honoring leaders in the NC entrepreneurial ecosystem at CED Founders Day. Join us:
... Also, Happy 8th Founders Day to the Epsilon Xi Chapter at and Happy 6th Founders Day to the Zeta Gamma Chapter at
Happy 18th Reactivation Anniversary to the Alpha Sigma Chapter at and Happy 4th Founders Day to the Zeta Pi Chapter at
Happening now: opening ceremony of Founders Day event
Having so much fun at Founders Day with the ladies of Eta Pi and the Chicago Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter!!
Happy 160th Founders Day, brothers! Today, honor legacy left by Arthur Chase and Frederick Norton Freeman. https…
The Kappa Foundation would like to give a Happy Founders Day to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc! https:…
Happy 26th Founders Day to the Alpha Iota Chapter at and Happy 19th Founders Day to the Gamma Rho Chapter …
Happy ODU Founders Day to the lovely women of the Iota Sigma Chapter of ZTA at ODU! Congratulations on 29 years
Also a huge shout out to Delta Phi Epsilon-Beta Phi Chapter Central Michigan! Happy Founders Day. We are happy we...
A very Happy Founders Day to the RADIANT Sisters of Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
Best pamphlet ever at UW Founders Day: How I get Wisconsin cheese in DC!
Today marks 160 years of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Happy Founders Day to all!
Happy 22nd Founders Day to the Beta Nu Chapter at
It's the Founders Day of Phi Mu, so the Sigmas of UNA would like to wish the Theta Alpha Chapter of at UNA a H…
Happy ΦΜ Founders Day! Forever grateful to this sorority for bringing so many incredible women into my life 💕
In honor of Founders Day - Eta Beta Chapter of Phi Mu from 1917. Thank you Ladies for bringing Phi Mu to Seattle!...
Alumni and students to be honored at Founders Day banquet:
We would like to congratulate the brothers of Pi Delta Psi across the world on their 22nd Founders Day! . Also,...
22nd February - Founders Day for guides and scouts. Any child wanting to wear their beaver, rainbow or brownie uniform can do so on that day
.to celebrate Founders Day with free open fun day at Colonel Light Gardens in
We're so proud to say that today is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Zeta Chi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi! Happy Founders Day!
Happy Founders Day to all the beautiful women of Gamma Phi Epsilon 💖 Simply the best! ✨🌙
It only makes sense that Founders Day overlaps with Valentines Day. Sending love to all my brothers
Become a Solaz founders club member and make yours the opportunity to spend Valentine's Day with your significant o…
Happy Centennial National Founders Day to Phi Sigma Pi! . Beta Kappa had this wonderful cake to celebrate the...
Before the day is over, the Co-Founders of Y.A.B. would like to send love and light to every single one of our...
Happy Founders Day to Mother Morehouse! 149 years of producing excellence!
Happy Founders Day to my fav gentlemen of Zeta Omega 💙 . ΖΩs over side bros 💁🏽
Happy Founders Day Mother Morehouse. & Thank you for seeing something in me that I didn't see in myself.
Happy Founders Day to dear old Morehouse 😍
Happy Valentine's Day! And A big thank you The Toronto Star for taking the time to interview co-founders of...
NYMAAC &friends are feelin' the love this Founders' Day. Check out what Brotherhood's done 4 us!
Happy Founders Day to the brothers of ❤️
The brothers wish all the lovely ladies of a Happy Founders Day!
Shout out to the founders of Valentine's Day...Hallmark
I loved entertaining the founders day!
Happy Founders Day to my other half...❤️🐯
Happy Founders Day to all the men of Morehouse and Morehouse men!!
Sit on a Morehouse Men's face, ladies. It's our Founders Day and Valentines Day...which makes it a priority for you to do that.
Before the day is over, Happy Founders Day to my brothers of Morehouse College ✊🏼❤️
Alb-Cville NAACP Founders' Day Celebration at Zion Union Baptist this evening. Thank you for having us!
Happy Founders Day! 149 years of producing outstanding leaders!
45th annual NJ Statewide Founders Day celebration - honoring our Founders and loving our sorors on purpose with...
Very blessed to have my Morehouse brothers in my life. Couldn't ask for better friends. Happy Founders Day brothers
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SpelHouse on Instagram: “Happy Founders Day | 149 years of producing world leaders |...
Thank you so much to the brothers of Delta Chi for bringing us flowers for our Founders Day! 💕
Happy Founders’ Day to our 4th chapter, founded at on February 14, 1905.
Also, Happy Founders Day to the women of You beat us by just two years!
It's Presidents' Day tomorrow, yall. Go buy a new mattress like the founders intended.
Happy 100th Founders Day to all my Phi Sigma Pi Brothers!! I can't wait to see what lies ahead! Brothers are We!
Right and Happy Founders Day to my brother
Choice is guest preacher for Founder’s Day at Allen Temple
Happy Founders Day to all my Morehouse Brothers. 149 years strong & counting.
Happy Founders' Day to Gamma-Omega Chapter, Founded at Wayne State on this day in 1969 (Currently Active)
Seven years ago today, on Valentine's Day 2009, the founders of Casa de Luz led their first outreach event in the...
Start with love & then continue forward. Thanks to the founders of for publishing my latest piece!
As VB Friends School prepares to celebrate Founders Day, architect reflects on designing the original meeting house
Help us celebrate our founding, our faith and our future with a Founders Day event at 11 am, Feb. 11 at the First United Methodist Church.
We are so delighted to wish the women of Kappa Alpha Theta a wonderful Founders Day!
Congrats to this year's Outstanding University Teaching Initiative Award recipients! To be honored at Founders Day.
David Anderson from to receive Rives Excellence in Undergraduate Education Award at Founders Day.
Happy 6th Founders Day to the Iota Omicron Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta, you guys changed my life 💕
Happy Founders Day: KAPPA, SIGMA, DELTA, AKA, & ZETA. (COMMENT). These are the BEST Founders Day graphics that "I"...
AZ Founders Day celebration hosted by Phoenix AL of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
My sis: Isn't today Founders Day or something? . Me: 96 years of scholarship, service, sisterly love &Finer womanhood
Save the Date: Founders Day is 3/11 at the JGNML. This year's speaker will be Brother Bill Fee. 1966 initiates please attend! Phi Alpha!
today, on DST's Founders Day, i had a meeting w/ City Year w/ a group called the Dorothy I. Height Party Initiative. talk about ripples. 🐘
Ack! Happy (Belated) Founders Day to my friends and Specials of Kappa Alpha Psi...
Founders Day was perfect. Fire & Ice Friday...Cherry Hill Saturday it's LI..
Founders Day is about paying homage to Diggs, Armstrong, Alexander, Asher, Blakemore, Caine, Edmonds, Grant, Irvin, and Lee. Thank you! ♦️
Come out and celebrate Founders Day with the Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi…
Wishing the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi a wonderful Founders Day!
Wishing the women of Alpha Omicron Pi a Happy Founders Day!
Happy late Founders Day to the men of Sigma Nu! 💛🐍
Happy New Year everyone and Happy Founders Day to all of the Sigma Nu chapters across the nation!
What a great time for Alumni Assoc. &Founders Day leaders to plan more in depth & increase attendance 100%
It was a great Founders Day weekend for the men of Iota Zeta. Proud to be men of Pi Kappa Phi.
Happy 146th Founders Day to the brothers of Kappa Sigma and a special shout out to my Beta Chi brothers at Missouri S&T. Enjoy the day!
Founders Day to all my friends of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity especially those from the Beta D Chapter at SCSU
Great work by the Founders Day committee. @ City Club of Buckhead
Psi Upsilon Omega wishes the Men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. a very Happy Founders Day! We join you in...
The Mu Zeta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma would like to wish a very bold & cold founders day to Alpha Phi Alpha. Happy Founders Day noble Greeks
The brothers of Phi chapter would like to wish the ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority a very Happy Founders Day!
Come join the Alpha Pi Lambda chapter of ΑΦΑ, on our Founders Day eve.
Baltimore Alumnae Chapter. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc extends a warm Happy 104th Founders Day to the all of...
The brothers of Kappa Delta Rho Iota Beta would like to wish Alpha Sigma Alpha - RIT (a Happy Founders Day!
your most welcome ! I hope you enjoyed your Founders Day !
S/O to for my blue and yellow flowers for my Founders Day 🐩🐾 *prances 😘
Anti-Basileus LaMika holding it on this Founders Day. @ Dillard University
The Ladies of SGRHO with their Mr. Golden Rose on Kearny Terrace for Founders Day. @ Dillard University
Might hit my shimmy one time because, Founders Day
Happy Founders Day to the best sorority in the land.. Sigma Gamma Sorority, Inc. 💙💛
Happy Founders Day to our sisters of Sigma Gamma Rho. What does mean to you?
Happy Founders' Day to all of our lovely Sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.!!
Happy Founders' day to the pretty poodles of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc!!
Happy Founders' Day to my all so illustrious sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho…
I had to do it for tbt on founders day! My twirling skills! I had some skills!
Wishing our Sorors a Happy Founders Day! Celebrating 93 years of
I said my sorors.Eee-yip! Happy Founders Day, 93 never looked so good!!!
WHAT A TIME TO BE FOUNDED‼️ Happy Founders Day to all the intelligent classy bold and BEAUTIFUL women of SGRHO 💙🐩🐾💛
Looking forward to Founders' Day later. Taking along an ex-pupil who remembers the site being built
Happy Founders Day! My road to Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was years in the making! But I absolutely, wouldn't...
Happy Founders Day to all my lovely soRHOrs 💛💙🐩 eyip
Happy Founders' Day to all my Classy, Sophisticated sorors of Sigma Gamma…
Thank God for Founders Day tmrw! One of my classes cancelled so I get to sleep longer
Happy Founders Day to my beautiful Sorors! . Forever in my 💙!
Celebrating 141 years of sisterhood, service, scholarship and leadership for Gamma Phi Beta! Happy Founders Day Gamma Phi…
Happy Founders Day to all them pretty poodles owt there, may you prance ever so classy and ever so…
happy first founders day to my favorite SGRho 😘 , enjoy today love 💛🐩💙 .
Happy Founders Day to the ladies of sigma gamma rho
Happy Founders Day to my STRONG sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, INCORPORATED! E-YIP!!!
Because of them, we can. Happy Founders' Day!
Happy Founders Day Sigma Gamma Rho! Big shoutout to my home team SGWoes 💙
::FOUNDERS DAY - 20 NOVEMBER::. This year, Founder's Day is all about the Scotch family. We are celebrating the...
Even though its Founders Day, I'm wearing black and standing with
Massive happy birthday to one of our co-founders have an amazing day
Join us tomorrow for the Founders Day Convocation w/ speaker and Morgan alumna
Signing our founders' wall at Day 1 !!
What does it mean to Happy Founders Day!
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aw, we'll all classes suppose to be cancelled from 9-I think 12 because of founders day.
It's OFFICIALLY Founders Day on the West Coast! Happy 93 Years to my dearest Sigma Gamma Rho…
Ramin Komeilian an angel investor demo day says: Passion is the most wanted feature expected from startup founders
Happy Founders' Day to Gamma Phi Beta as they celebrate 141 years!
Happy Founders' Day Sorhors! I am so honored, to be apart of this amazing sisterhood! 💙🐩💙
102 years ago, here at NYU, eleven men came together to form the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity. Happy Founders Day to all of our brothers!
183 years ago today, Samuel Eells and four other men formed the Alpha Delta Phi at Hamilton College. Happy Founders Day!
The gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha would like to wish the ladies of Kappa Delta an amazing Founders Day!
The sisters of Gamma Kappa had an amazing celebration for Zeta Tau Alpha's Founders Day at chapter…
Dress for Founders Day! So happy to be celebrating with the church that came out of my home church!!!…
Happy Founders Day from the Brothers of If you see any brothers today, wish them a Happy Founders Day!
Happy 17th Founders Day to the Delta Alpha Chapter at
1000 pupils, teachers, alumni, governors and guests in the hall for Founders Day today - a fantastic atmosphere.
All is ready in Butler's House for Founders Day. Year seven Butler's will sit with Mrs Hall. I look forward to seeing there. Mr Cook
Spent our Founders Day eating tacos for dinner, playing laser tag in our backyard & had cookie cake for dessert! 💗
Wishing a beautiful Founders Day to our Panhellenic sisters in and
125 years ago, on October 13th 1890, 11 men formed the best fraternity, Delta Chi. Happy Founders Day
125 years ago today, The Delta Chi Fraternity was founded in 1890 at Cornell University. Happy Founders Day to all the Delta Chi members!!
On 11.17 I cant hide my superhero. Must be the Que in me. Happy 103rd Founders Day to my brothers of Omega Psi Phi. http:/…
Symphony plays for Founders Day: The California Lutheran University Symphony will present a free concert in…
Happy 117th Founders Day to all my Brothers of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity!!!.
It's my Founders Day! Happy Founders Day to the oldest and LARGEST Professional Business Fraternity in the world, Alph…
Our 116th Founders Day is only a month away! How is your collegiate or alumnae chapter planning to celebrate?
Nan Singh and Scott Peden lead a historical tour at Big Basin State Park's Founders Day on Saturday.
Hey guys...we will be at Founders Day tommorrow on Main Street in Brewster from 10-4. Our booth is across the...
Putnam County SCOPE chapter will have a table on Main Street in Brewster for Founders Day tomorrow from 10 to 4. Stop by and see us!
We wish the sisters of Alpha Pi Omega (a very beautiful Founders Day! And a special shout out to the chapter at ASU!
In middle school when ur bf would hold ur hand under the fireworks at Founders Day and u thought ur life was like a Nicholas Sparks novel 😂
The ladies of Theta Phi Alpha would like to wish the gentlemen of a Happy Founders Day 💀
Wishing a Happy Founders Day to the brothers of ΔΣΙ! & special shoutout to the brothers at Rutgers 💙
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Founders Day for the Zeta Omicron Chapter! Celebrating our 48th Birthday today! Love and Respect!
Are you in this week's Foxboro Reporter? We are packed with photos from Founders Day, Fishing Derby and BIT Field Day.
Correction: DC followers: Vice Chancellor for Research & Grad Ed Marsha Mailick will speak at WAA Founders Day today ht…
Wishing all our friends and colleagues at De La Salle College a very special and blessed Founders Day.
Ended my chapter visits with a trip to Clinton. Pi Chapter hosted a fun Founders Day event! Alpha Epsilon and Beta Phi were guests too.
We are open for business! Come see you today 10 to 3 at Belleview City Hall Park for Founders Day!
We had a great time on April 18th celebrating our 117th Founders Day with the Twin Cities Alumnae Chapter!
We had a great Founders Day brunch on Sunday! Six Alpha Xi Delta alumni came to celebrate with us! 💙💛
The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon would like to wish the ladies of a wonderful Founders Day! 117 years strong!
Happy Founders Day to our Sisters of the Alpha Delta Chapter
Sorority local founders day means that all I will see on Instagram is old sorority pictures..and I'm not hating it.
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Today I get to start organizing founders day, miss and love you Bob.
Happy Founders Day to Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity was founded on this date in 1900 at Bridgewater State University!
Website Builder 728x90
Happy Founders Day to our Sorors of the Nu Chapter
Happy Founders Day to my second home, to the organization that has given me so much, the Theta Eta chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at WMU 💙💛
Wishing all the pretty ladies of Delta Gamma a very happy 142nd Founders Day!
.Founders Day celebrations around the world Photo roundup:
Coughing up a lung today😷had to dress professional for Founders Day 😑 "attendance mandatory"
A little self appreciation today but Happy Founders Day to all of 115 years of proud brotherhood
Speaking of - let's talk equal vc fund day for women founders like T Mack &
Happy Founders' Day to Iota-Xi Chapter, Founded at Duke on this day in 2012 (Currently Active)
Happy Founders' Day to Theta-Psi Chapter, Founded at Southern Indiana on this day in 2007 (Currently Active)
Day 2 of my possible scam temp job and I'm realizing both of the "company's" founders are using aliases in press releases. 😳
thanks so much to for sponsoring an ad in our Founders' Day Recital program! We love our sponsors!
It is also so important to negotiate & advocate for yourself. Don't be afraid to
Today is Equal Pay Day. It is a day to bring awareness to the gender wage gap. Women make only 0.78 cents to a...
Happy Founders Day! On this day, April 14, 1900, Alpha Chapter was founded at Bridgewater State University. …
Happy Founders Day to all my brothers.
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Happy Founders Day to 115 years strong!
Happy 115th Founders Day to and It's a great day to be a Krow.
Having Local Founders Day so close to National Founders Day is like having your birthday around the same time as Christmas.
On this day in 1900, Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity was founded Happy Founders Day KappaDeltaPhi!
You don't get what you deserve, you get what you ask for.
Happy Founders Day to our beautiful Greek Week partners can't wait to finish out the week with you all! 💎
Happy Local Founders Day to the Epsilon Zeta chapter! I love you guys! 💚💛⚓️
Dear Founders, . we hope you enjoyed some sunny and relaxing Easter day!. As there is an interesting LinkedIn...
Celebrating 115 years of tradition! Happy Founders Day to all of the brothers of ΚΔΦ!
Have you seen the new album we posted for Founders Day 2015 - our 120th anniversary? Check it out. In attendance... http:/…
Today is Never have I ever been afraid to so neither should you!
In conversation w Manny Medina 6:30 tonight for Founders Day at
Seymour to celebrate 165 years with Founders Day June 7
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Founders day tomorrow. Holiday. On the day that I don't have class on my schedule. ***
That awkward moment when one of CL founders admits that there was manipulation back in the day. Further proof against the …
Startup founders obsess about winning demo day, but even the winners will struggle to build sustainable business
Our chapter's Corresponding Secretary and Financial Secretary at our Founders Day celebration.
Congrats to the brothers of Theta Chi celebrating their 159th Founders Day today! We're proud to have the Zeta Sigma chapter here at UWRF!
We would like to wish Sigma Lambda Gamma a happy 25th Founders Day, and a special shoutout to the …
Shout out to chloe_bh for helping make the Iota Alpha chapter of Zeta Psi's 36th Founders Day one to…
Have fun at your local Founders Day event? Send us pics! anchora
Had so much fun last night, thanks for taking me to your founders day!☺️ @ ΚΣ Founders Day
Founders Day is rapidly approaching! Check out the blog post about celebrating 98 years of sisterhood our sister...
Wow last night so perfect and so much fun 💃💃 thank you for planning the best Founders Day!!!
Loved getting ready for Founders Day 💕💋💄 have so much fun!!
San Francisco State University is launching its annual Founders Day celebration with a big scoop of fun: This...
Happy (belated) Founders Day to our neighbors across the way, the gentlemen of You are outstanding, keep up the good work guys!😄
So many people at Founders Day that I looked at and thought "do you even go here?"
Update your maps at Navteq
Gave my child a sweatshirt and he gave me wood. But seriously Happy 159th Founders Day to the…
My AKAversary is my third pettiest day, after my Birthday and Founders Day. If you don't tell me happy two year I'm going to feel a way lol
103rd Founders Day - Theta Eta Chapter and all FSU Men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
I know it's late in the day, but I just want to wish a Happy Founders Day to and the rest of Phi Mu Fraternity!
It's our local Founders Day! Today marks 19 years of the Theta Xi chapter💙💛
Happy 163th Founders Day to the Gentlemen of Phi Kappa Psi! Shout out to the Brothers of the NJ Delta Chapter here at TCNJ!
Founders Day at the Mount! Celebrating Angela Patton, George Martin and Judges Spencer (James and Margaret). Excited!
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