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Fort Wayne Indiana

Fort Wayne is a city in the US state of Indiana and the county seat of Allen County. The population was 253,691 at the 2010 Census making it the 74th largest city in the United States and the second largest in Indiana.

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The PIT would like to congratulate Ben Moore (2017 PIT, SMU) on signing a two-way contract with the Indiana Pacers. Moore wa…
The 1948 London Majors won the best-of-seven-game Can-Am, North American Championship played at Labatt Park, four g…
has announced tracks for this year's conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I'll be there will you?…
Enjoying watching rehearsal of Indiana All-State Choir in Fort Wayne and so proud of Area 6A and the 12 North Central Choir…
Awesome job Nina Harshman performing today at Indiana All-State Honor Band in Fort Wayne! We are so proud of you!…
It's time to plan some family fun in Fort Wayne, IN!
Here are a couple of recordings from that fateful day. First, from WOWO in Fort Wayne, Indiana (courtesy of…
Tomorrow morning (Sunday), I'll be ministering in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If you live nearby, I'd be honored to...
It's a cold snowy day in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where our corporate headquarters is located. We figured this was the perfec…
Fort Wayne IN USA - - Located in Fort Wayne Indiana we are a progressive 23 year established private o…
Cold here in fort wayne indiana can't wait till mlk cavs and warriors go cavs
Dr. Carter does NOT need the scrub cap during surgery! @ Fort Wayne, Indiana
Fort Wayne Indiana.There's a couple of places that would be cool for ya, one is named the Rusty Spur…
"There was a master come unto the earth, born in the holy land of Indiana, raised in the mystical…
1953 the third NBA all star game : west cost defeats east coast 79-75 at Fort Wayne, Indiana
Addison Agen, Fort Wayne native and runner up on The Voice, delivers stirring National Anthem at the Indiana Statehouse.
Just wanted to send a shoutout to for their work in broadcasting Fort Wayne HS sports. All the games in…
Break a leg North Central Choir Indiana All-State Members at your concert today at the IMEA Convention in Fort Wayn…
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any chance we will see an unnown event. Today was the first time Fort Wayne Indiana had 3 in one day…
Excited to announce that I will be furthering my academic and athletic career at Indiana Purdue-Fort Wayne!!🐘🏀
In February 2016, three young men were murdered in a house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sixty years ago, in that same house, m…
Fort Wayne Indiana needs a good dose of
do you remember when you came to Fort Wayne Indiana your daughter was just a baby, around Easter
I'd love long term goal of relegation. G League and NBA could be first but market sizes of Fort Wayne Indiana won't carry League
We're Click to apply: Regional Director in Fort Wayne Indiana - IN
Will u ever come to Fort Wayne Indiana?!😭
This might be a great fit for you: Fresh Line Leader (48) - Illinois Road, Fort Wayne Indiana -
Charles Billingsley at the David Jeremiah Life beyond amazing in Fort Wayne Indiana
Fort Wayne Indiana. will be performing Sep 22-23 Don't miss this.
come to Fort Wayne Indiana, chill with my squad you'll have a day
Can I request Robin Thick Blurred Lines please?Abunch of friends and I are partying in Fort Wayne Indiana
Our setup at the Fort Wayne Indiana children's zoo park vendor event!!!
It's 6 minutes before the hour, and you're listening to "Fun" 101.7 FM WLDE / Fort Wayne, Indiana... Classic Hits of the 70s and 80s
And the final buzzer sounds! Kent comes in and takes the first game here in Fort Wayne against Indiana tech
SHELL gas stations do not hire trust worthy people. I was in one today in fort Wayne Indiana got taken for ten dollars. Bluffton RD.
And we are underway in Fort Wayne as your flashes take on Indiana tech
and Liberty are back to back (11/22-23) as well as Fort Wayne and Indiana (11/26-27) then on 12/1. BRUTAL
Hey Indiana? Guess what??? You should probs make up your mind on what season it is pls & thx . Sincerely, concerned member of Fort Wayne
me too a cousin just returned to Vancouver lived in Louisville and Fort Wayne Indiana n b4 that Calgary don't know how she...
We are honored to have won Fort Wayne Business Weekly's NE Indiana's Business Excellence Award's 2016 Business of t…
.return this Sunday at 5pm for their 10th anniversary season! Tickets start at $6. Buy Tickets:
I am right outside of Fort Wayne Indiana. I'm about halfway to your location. I can't wait to get me a banana pinstripe
Read about my trip to Carole Lombard's hometown of Fort Wayne, IN!
I added a video to a playlist Cassadee pope "I wish I could break your heart" live Fort Wayne Indiana
We're Click to apply: Security and Fire Alarm Service Technician - Fort Wayne Area - Indiana
Get your iPhone insurance today!
See Indiana going to Fort Wayne on Nov. 22. Sure would be nice if flagship university in this state went to other schools on…
Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Indiana has been added/updated. Find at
Today, Mayor Tom Henry proclaimed today as Prematurity Awareness Day in Fort Wayne Indiana. We…
Here's my Reference Video for Castro . Age - 42. Height - 6'2. Retired. Hobbies - Golf. Lives in Fort Wayn…
So if I can get like say 1,000 of my friends to buy your book will you come to Indiana to do a book signing? Fort Wayne! Thx
Just casually chillin and a Lamborghini pulls up next to me in the middle of Fort Wayne. Why tf you living in Indiana
| Retire in Wayne, Indiana? FREE BOOK: How to live better in retirement
Check out this link to a video that Fort Wayne, Indiana, Allen County Superior Courts produced for National...
So why is Indiana playing in Fort Wayne? That won't help their resume. It's called reaching out in your home state.
More coffee came in at . Hooiser Minerals LLC. Fort Wayne Indiana 46802. Good Day!
do you think you will ever come back to Fort Wayne Indiana?? Love you and your amazing music kick *** and take names. (= ♡
2v2 tourney Next weekend in Fort Wayne Indiana! Come out and support
My server at lunch is from Fort Wayne Indiana wonder if she knows you
subsidizes 74% of athletic revenue. IUPUI is worst in the state at 88%.
Troye will be attending the summer jam in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 6/23 🎤. Website:
There is literally nothing in Fort Wayne Indiana... What am I gonna do this weekend 🙄🙄
Thank you so much for a great interview! Having a wonderful time in Fort Wayne and at Indiana Tech!
The morning sun is starting to shine like a red rubber ball in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
This might be a great fit for you: Electrical Troubleshooter -... -
45 miles from Fort Wayne, Indiana with for basketball. Love my girl!
If you live around Fort Wayne, Indiana reserve your tickets for June 14th!
Finally made it to fort Wayne Indiana it took two days and yesterday I didn't have WiFi but all is well
Fort Wayne, Indiana. 10 of us road l-tripping 😛
Casual dog walks through the neighborhood. @ Fort Wayne, Indiana
do one in Fort Wayne, Indiana bc I mean you don't have a show on June 2nd and you'll be in Indy on the 3rd 🤔
Heading to the Club1 Basketball Classic. May 14-15, 2016 - Fort Wayne, Indiana.
US Mayors Conference to meet June 24-27 in Indianapolis - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
We're stopping by Fort Wayne, Indiana tomorrow. Read about our latest convention appearance in today's blog.
ICYMI: The Aqua Indiana rate case hearing in Fort Wayne is Tuesday evening. More info at
Frost in forecast for northern Indiana. Of course nothing is planted north of fort Wayne.
you should come to Fort Wayne Indiana USA!! You could do an outdoor show at Parkview Field.
Gorgeous photo from our friends in Fort Wayne! proud
o wow it's official... the Qurlie Fries™ are road trippin it to Fort Wayne Indiana to meet and .,
Making landscaping great again in Fort Wayne Indiana! Photo credit: Lynsay duncombe
I will be traveling down to compete in Fort Wayne Indiana! I will be running with
I'm sorry you have the wrong festival tagged. Our Festival is located in Fort Wayne Indiana.
Fort Wayne Indiana is tite. Epically when you are hanging at The Brass rail drinking free PBRs out of mason jars.
I spent National Quilt Day giving talks about my quilts in Fort Wayne Indiana today! ht…
Facility & Alumni art at University of St. Francis in Fort Wayne Indiana this Saturday opening night.
I'd like to welcome Maria G Guerrero from Fort Wayne Indiana to our Plexus TEAM! Maria joined mainly to get...
It's a beautiful night at in Fort Wayne Indiana. The ATeam is here... .
DuPont Fort Wayne Indiana is the fastest ever!
need to find a midget Fort Wayne Indiana rumble 28 29th and 30th indoor prac time
Just landed in Fort Wayne Indiana. While I was sleep on the plane it was like the Lord woke me up and when I...
In Atlanta for our layover NEXT STOP Fort Wayne Indiana!! Can't wait to see my TLC Family!!! — feeling blessed
and the nearest Apple Store is on Fort Wayne Indiana
When is the $1.99 a gallon going to reach Fort Wayne Indiana? Oh wait, it never will due to the tax Indiana puts on gas. 😢
Real estate for sale in Fort Wayne Indiana - MLS# 201451229: via
Looking zf5 shifter boot . Let me know what you got. Fort Wayne Indiana.
Tonight is the last day of tour it's also the last time you can see the *** gallows in the states until this time next year so get your *** to the brass rail in Fort Wayne Indiana jones
.Start at Fort Wayne Indiana and follow the Maumee River to Lake Erie. It's all ag runoff.
Watching PBA50 in Fort Wayne Indiana, Kenny Parks, what were you thinking, LOL 😄😄😄
Come to my grad party 5-9! 14322 river wind trail Fort Wayne Indiana
I've got some missing dates that I'm trying to book for shows in Albuquerque, Chicago, Fort Wayne Indiana, Grand Rapids Michigan, Dallas, and San Antonio. If you or anyone you know can help, pretty please let me know!
Knee update: I am in unable to bend it enough to ride a bike, sit in a chair without sticking my leg out a bit and so on. I can make my leg completely straight which is great. But not enough bend due to scar tissue. So...on Friday the 23rd I am having MUA done. That is manipulation under anesthesia. They will knock me out and bend the sucker for me until they hear and feel the scar tissue and caca break apart. I'm glad I will be out. MUA is very successful so should be bending okay shortly afterwards. I am traveling to Fort Wayne Indiana on Monday for work. Pray I get an aisle seat. That is all.
So, I'm stopped at a light in Fort Wayne Indiana. I look to my right into a van and see an older lady picking her nose. Her finger was almost all the way buried. Gross!
you should do a show in Fort Wayne Indiana if you get the chance
Clark station in Fort Wayne Indiana selling water from from gas pump.
Thank you for accepting my friend request! I read about your site from Pee Wee Herman on FB. I grew up in Fort Wayne Indiana where a lovely store named Wolf and Dessaur W&D's was founded and still lives on through it's refurbished Christmas displays from the 1940's, wonderful memories, Indianapolis has a replica of W&D's Tearoom in a museum! Lazarus was a beautiful store in Indianapolis also. The Blocks Building in downtown Indy with it's Art Deco Facade, still glorious!
Shout to my bro getting his new single debut here in Fort Wayne Indiana w/ on wild 96.3 !
have you been back to Fort Wayne Indiana to see a Komets game after you retired from the NHL??
2nd day out.1 mishap...electrical plug had to be replaced. 1 hr behind in travel time. Will try to make just south of Fort Wayne Indiana tomorrow. Weather is cooling down around mid 70's today. Trees are just starting to turn green in the Ozarks.
95 T600 for sale... 5ek e model CAT... 13sp with 355 ratio on 22.5 rubber. Interior is in mint condition.. Truck has been well taken care of... 1.7 million miles on truck but it definitely don't show it... Will sell with or without the wet kit... $15,000 with wet kit... $13,000 without... I'm getting out of truckin is why I'm sellin it... I have a stack of paperwork that goes with the truck from previous owner all the way back to bout 2003. Solid truck... Runs good... P.M. me for questions or more pics... Truck is located 50 miles south of Fort Wayne Indiana...
I just got good news. I will be leaving Hanover, PA. in two weeks and heading to Fort Wayne Indiana to start training for my new career. I can't wait. I ant going to drive for Swift now I found a better company.
I just want to let all of you know...I am located in Fort Wayne Indiana. I am friends with Dee Waluk-Johnson (we went to HS together and we've been able to keep in touch), she helped direct me to all of you. I want all of you to know that I admire every single one of are all heroes. I pray for the victims, their families, the Search and Recue/Recovery teams, the volunteers, the people that have donated time, money, prayers, items...everything. I could not be more proud of all of you. If there is anything I can do from Indiana, please post me here.or message me. If you would like, I can check here in this part of the country for hay or feed (huge animal lover) or anything else that is vital right now. I would be more than happy to see if I could round up donations from Indiana. Thanks and all of you.please be strong, this is a horrible tragedy and we are all feeling your grief and as well as triumph. My love and prayers...Laurie Williams Burns
Going to see Eddie Money Jam tonight at Pierre's in Fort Wayne Indiana,
Do you live far from Michigan? Like how far down in I... — I'm west of Fort Wayne Indiana. Not terribly far from...
May 17th. Pierre's in Fort Wayne Indiana. I hope to finally fulfill my dream and meet you. I will be there.
What an awesome day. My nephew from Fort Wayne Indiana was baptized at Crossroads Christian Church. Celebrating both his spiritual and biological births with family today. He just turned 8 years old. Check out the video
Just drove from Ohio to Fort Wayne Indiana just to go Christmas shopping at the mall lol
when is believe coming to Fort Wayne Indiana? It isn't playing here yet...
stop ignoring me. When is believe movie coming to Fort Wayne Indiana?
when is it coming to Fort Wayne Indiana? I'm going to be lost if it doesn't come.
Justin we need believe in Fort Wayne Indiana first!
Snowboarding in Fort Wayne Indiana. Huskies were a good choice.
Recording this week's Speed Talk with Cliff Kenny and Tom. Listen Wednesday as we are on 106.7 The Fan in Fort Wayne Indiana
btw, I am in Fort Wayne Indiana so if you're ever in the area hit me up
PentaCon in Fort Wayne Indiana this week end!
originally from benton harbor Michigan but I love in Fort Wayne Indiana now
Excellent 7-1 win for v Alison Pottinger in Fort Wayne Indiana to go to 3 wins 2 losses.
just rolled in to Fort Wayne Indiana for the Arena Club Nationals. Good start so far.
i watched u early in ur career at university of saint Francis in Fort Wayne Indiana.funny then and funny know
Hi Friends, Here are a few memories of my fantastic Art Fair adventure in Fort Wayne Indiana! It was a blast!
you need to come back to Fort Wayne Indiana.(:
Our son Lucas, a student at Concordia Lutheran seminary, Fort Wayne Indiana will be preaching at Faith Lutheran June 16th and June 23rd, while our minister is on vacation in California! We are so proud of him! If you don't have a church home please find you an yours welcome at FLC At 600 West 12 th Flora, Il
Gladiators over 50 Men's team for World Masters games Torino Italy Aug 2013, should be fun. Lots of bench time for Bar. 1. Ev Cochrane – five eleven shooting guard – no D – great passer – author of the best selling memoir “Reflections of a Gym Rat” a collection of stories about growing up and playing ball in Ames Iowa in the ‘70’s, some of the stories actually took place 2. Bennie Lewis – six three shooting guard / small forward – one of the early superstars of Australian basketball – can shoot the lights out – still in great shape and playing ball in Fort Wayne Indiana – will challenge anyone in the talking stake 3. Chuck Harmison – six foot nine, centre/forward – 254 games for the Hawks, retired his singlet in 1996, about 12ppg around 50% from the field, made headbands fashionable so bring your own. 4. Paul Barcicki – six foot and a bit, guard/small forward – played a little NSWSBL up to 48 years old, organiser, rules interpreter, still playing domestic, played 99 Maste ...
SHAWN & AUSTIN have returned from APPLESEED COMIC CON in Fort Wayne Indiana where the checked out a LOT of great comics.This week theyre going to tell you about what they saw at APPLESEED, fill you in on a few new books they picked up (OCEANVERSE and the LEGEND OF JOHNNY THUNDER), as well as take yo...
Congrats to City of Fort Wayne Indiana for receiving award.
I just realized my favorite girl on best ink is from Fort Wayne Indiana. I'm gonna find her and have her do my tattoo. Lol.
there's a tilted kilt in Fort Wayne Indiana as well
Winter storm Saturn is predicted to drop 8-12" of snow in Fort Wayne Indiana where I am at and right now there are 900' ceilings so I don't think we will be doing any flying today. Hmm what's within walking distance... I spy a Gander mountain across the parking lot!
can I please have the bull. I drove from Chicago to fort Wayne Indiana in February with no heat in the car.
I hope I can go to a Thousand Foot Krutch concert this month in Michigan! Please come closer to Fort Wayne, Indiana soon!
Jacob Marsh is driving to Fort Wayne, Indiana to have lunch with a girl he met on tinder. IM NOT LYING
Penn is headed to the Indiana State 4A tournament in Fort Wayne this weekend!! Go Kingsmen!!!
**TOMORROW!** The Holland Account journeys North to Fort Wayne, Indiana to VIP bar and grill for a NO COVER party...
hey vicky, this is patrick koester from fort wayne, Indiana and can i just say that if u and me were going out on a date
Koolin in fort wayne indiana what im finna get into.
Fort Wayne! Come see me at Von Maur today. Fit for the Cure until 4pm.
Just when I thought this sunny morning couldn't get any better, I got a mail package from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
those 30 people who were arrested during Aerosmith's concert in '78 for smoking were in Fort Wayne Indiana.
Registered Nurse-Endoscopy at Community Health Systems (Fort Wayne, IN): under the clinical le...
Two hurt in shooting at Eden Green Apts, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Upholstery / new and repair (Huntington & area) (Fort Wayne): All types of Marine repair and creations, boat ...
30% off labor (Indiana) (Fort Wayne): Are you ready for the lake?Winter is about over is your vessel ready for...
university of saint Francis in Fort Wayne Indiana
7 Days Free at Curves Fort Wayne Indiana - Georgetown: Sign up for your 7 Free Days at Curves Fort Wayne India...
Yeah she's a really good artist out of my city Fort Wayne, Indiana Much Love.
GET READY! DJ Psycho and his Convergent Tour touches down in Fort Wayne, Indiana on April 26th!
Ever wonder why there's an awesome collection at in
😑... I just arrived in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Just for context. Take it and run with it.
Thanks for following AutoLingo! I am interested in translator jobs in Fort Wayne, Indiana!
NE Indiana educators, have you signed up for Edcamp Fort Wayne yet?
hello hope you're enjoying fort wayne, Indiana come by Pine Valley Bar and Grill, right around the corner
Fort Wayne athlete Donovan Clark talks about his upcoming IU visit and his relationship with Brandon Shelby:
At IU's junior day this weekend, Fort Wayne athlete Donovan Clark will continue to form IU connections:
WBCL 89.5 from Fort Wayne, Indiana is a good Christian station too. Only can pick it up in the car though in NW Ohio.
That paper plane contains a life changing message. Thank you, someone from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Mark won Battle of the Sexes today. He's getting tix to Indiana Flower & Patio Show, Fort Wayne Ballet, Fort Wayne...
Indiana panel approves new charter school for Fort Wayne, with enrollment conditions
Hhm 7 of the 216 half marathon runners in this weekends race were from Mt. Pleasant. I didn't take the time to count out the 5k or 10k runners but. eat your heart out Mt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce. On man approached me asking if I remembered him from the Huff Trail race in Indiana earlier this year. He said we talked at the finish and decided to bring him and his friends up to my race... from Fort Wayne Indiana. He said they went out to eat at Mt. Town the night before and stayed in the Soaring Eagle Casino Water Park / Hotel setup. Don't forget about all the money that the state of MI collects if he refills his tank in MI. What am I getting at??? These races have far more Socio-economic benefits then just the product purchase to host the events. I'm loving this job!
Well, tomorrow is the anniversary of the Great Blizzard of 1978 January 25-27th. I find this ironic since there is a big chance of nasty snow/ice/rain mix down here in the forecast for tomorrow. I was not quite five when the Blizzard hit, however I remember my father aka Millard Dunn getting all of his winter gear on to walk down to Connor's a local general store that sat across the street from Providence High School (my Alma Mater) and now a little strip-mall sits in it's place. He was gone for two hours and when he returned with his sea bag it was packed to the very limit with all kinds of groceries. We had about two feet of snow in the Louisville Ky metro area and South Bend had36 inches of snow. Wind gusts reached approx. 100 mph and the wind chill was 60 degrees below zero and snow drifts were so high that some houses were buried. I have tried to find some photos to post from Louisville, Ky but have been unable to find any. So, I am going to post some from Ohio and Fort Wayne Indiana and I did fin .. ...
Back from good ol Fort Wayne Indiana, Had an epic whiteout on the drive back. The best thing was yelling at the college girls hey Hoosier daddy...Got them good lookin girls over there!
Proud to say that one of the players on the Championship Team is our very Own Grant Isenbarger from Fort Wayne Indiana! Could not be prouder to be your extra Mom you are a super kid and the best of luck to you on your trip!!! 2013 WORLD DEAF HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIPS Chicago, IL – The American Hearing Impaired Hockey Association (AHIHA) has released the 23-man roster(see attached) that will compete in the 2013 World Deaf Ice Hockey Championships in Vantaa, Finland. The 2013 U.S. National Deaf Ice Hockey team was chosen from players who attended the AHIHA tryout and summer camp. The team has a geographically diverse roster with players from thirteen states. “Our team is a combination of experienced International players and a group of young, very talented players that should develop and contribute quickly,” Jeff Sauer, head coach of the team said. “After the disappointing cancellation of the 2011 Deaflympics for a number of our players, we now have a chance to get back to defending our Gold Medal succe ...
Next eight weeks will see me perform in Bowling Green Ohio, Grinnel Iowa, Berring Springs Michigan, Janesville Wisconsin, Dearborn Michigan, Erie Pennsylvania, plus a few nights at Snickerz in Fort Wayne Indiana.
I'm sure he does you two were best friends ! He lives in Fort Wayne Indiana now
How to be harmonious. A great future. Be luminous. Fort Wayne Indiana. wom Mobile Deals rock. Free Mentor.
Unless, at 8:30pm, we can find Christmas Cap’n Crunch in Fort Wayne, Indiana….anyone have any???
Right now we are still looking at 4-8" of snow Wednesday, but there is still a chance that could change. Read up on all the latest info by checking out the blogs. - Lee Ann Okuly
From Christopher Phillips... BIG update to the SnowCast map between 6-7pm! You will want to tune in for the latest! We will be updating SnowCast every 3 hours or sooner until the storm hits to give you the most accurate forecast! Share this post to let your friends and family who may be traveling know!!!
yeah it is for sure and fort Wayne Indiana
88 chevy 3/4 ton (Fort Wayne): Runs drives great almost new tires on back 305 engine new paint hot rod black $2,...
New weather statement for the Pontiac, Kankakee, Watseka, Gibson cities area south of Joliet. Strong winds and accumulating snow likely Wednesday... Snow is forecast to develop late Tuesday night and continue into the afternoon hours on Wednesday. The potential exists for a few inches of snow to accumulate by the time it ends Wednesday evening... especially southeast of a Wheatfield Indiana to Paxton Illinois line. In addition to the snow... strong northeast winds are expected with gusts of 30 to 40 mph possible. The combination of strong winds and accumulating snow could result in hazardous travel conditions. More substantial snowfall is expected farther east and south toward Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Persons planning travel on Wednesday should monitor later forecasts and statements regarding this developing winter storm.
In 1979 Pete and Alice Eschelman were neighbors in Greenwich Village in New York City. Pete was a former professional baseball player who was working for the Yankees. Anne was an aspiring actress. They met, fell in love and in 1986 Lincoln Financial brought them to Indiana. Today, they own and opera...
Attention all tweeps: Use for Edcamp Fort Wayne and for Edcamp Fort Worth! Two great events in Indiana and Texas!
Here in Fort Wayne, Indiana we had them shooting at the Ambulance, it has about 15 holes in it..
Chick Fil A in Fort Wayne Indiana on Christmas Eve... Not like those past.
All customers in Indiana and Michigan who were impacted by last week's winter storm have now been safely restored. A big THANK YOU to everyone for your patience and understanding as we worked to get you up and running safely for the holidays. And a big HATS OFF to our crews who worked hard out in the cold to get everyone back online again. We wish you safe travels if you're on the road this week, and we wish you a very warm, safe and happy holiday with the ones you love.
Christmas Eve Greetings! Today, send off a Christmas wish to anyone ... sound off!
Ind. trailer park home to more sex offenders a year after girl's murder: FORT WAYNE, Ind. (AP) -- An Indiana tra...
Winter Storm Watch just issued for much of Northern Indiana including Auburn & Fort Wayne.
Feel genuine. How to be thorough. Feel happy. Fort Wayne Indiana. Learn to use wom Mobile Deals. Join Free.
A special Merry Xmas to a very special group of Friends who validate me as well & i thank you from the bottom of my heart! A thunderous shout ot to friends in distant lands-Osan Korea, Kingston Jamaica, Spain & Cape Town-Western Cape-South Africa & Friends in Van Wert Ohio, Lima Ohio, Fort Wayne Indiana, Oxnard California, Detroit Michigan, Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas, Dallas Texas, Overland Park Kansas, Omaha Nebraska, & Cities of Texarcana, Benton, Pine bluff, Alexander, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Little Rock & North Little Rock, Arkansas. On each of your smiling faces, for this Particular Holiday Season, bless be the ties that bind & be in love, Live in love, Laugh & smile in love & cry for the joy of it all!
for your Indiana fans! Follow me for your Fort Wayne fans!
TKO Punching Bag (100lbs) w/ Gloves and Chains (Fort Wayne) - $100: Bag is in amazing shape. I only used it a fe...
black widow throwing knifes (Fort Wayne) - $20: set of 3 throwing knifes never used were in a glass display case...
Passage of bill would keep local jets, jobs – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Shout-out to doing it big in Fort Wayne, Indiana! KIU. !
when u guys come to Fort Wayne Indiana will you have a meet and greet?
Hoping to see in Fort Wayne in February!
A reader is hurting... I'm A dad to a two year old named James. I moved my family to Indiana from Colorado so he could be by his mothers family. 6 months later she divorces me and takes him. It's Christmas time and I was for two more months for a court date... Any ideas? I didn't know if I would be able to see him so I stay in Fort Wayne hoping she would let me.
Just got done giving my testimony in Fort Wayne Indiana to some youth and then released the supernatural. There...
December 2012 meetings schedule for NorthEastern Indiana Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (NEIASC).
Happy to be back in fort wayne indiana:-)
Fort Wayne got athletic talent like Indiana got racist mfs... And Coaches still don't put on..
you take 24 to Indiana? Never been that way we go to Fort Wayne this way
right! I'm almost to Fort Wayne Indiana, right on the border Michigan!
Winged feature Chase started 3rd & finished 3rd. After a long day of racing Chase had two great finishes in 16 car fields. Today the boys are getting the car ready for next weekend's 2 day race in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thank you to all our fans that came out and supported us yesterday in Birch Run. Our next race after Ft. Wayne is in Battle Creek on January 12th @ the Kellogg Arena.
LIKE that your Titans point streak has run to six straight as they dropped Fort Wayne, 5-2, and swept Indiana? Game Story w/Video Highlights: Highlights:
you should come to fort Wayne Indiana some time. You''ve got lots of fans here.
Burgeoning in-home care industry aims to meet basic needs of seniors in Indiana: FORT WAYNE, Ind. (A...
Here's to heavy D and the majority of the fam coming to see me in Fort Wayne Indiana!
2014 Indiana commit James Blackmon had 39 points & 12 rebounds for Fort Wayne Luers in a 65-62 win over Bishop Chatard.
Family worship begins at 10:00 am on Sundays. Tomorrow, December 23, 2012, we will focus on the "Journey" behind the story. Join us as we follow the biblical text and the biblical characters on a biblical quest to find the Christ Child. The only way to find Jesus is to take the same "Journey." Open Arms International Church currently meets in the fellowship hall of New Zion Tabernacle at 1835 Spring Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
There's a homosexual in metal named Bob Haford. Nothing wrong of *** of course. But *** people are a downgrade in modern society. Metal turns people *** which is the same as downgrading them.
A mark where a cross once hung on the inside of the dark wood door of an abandoned church.
The wind is shaking the garage doors in the studio...sounds like screeching monsters are trying to get in!
Off to pretty up some other parts if Indiana. Try to survive without me Fort Wayne. I know it'll be hard ;)
Fan Q; Are there any moms near Fort Wayne,Indiana? or Tipton?! :] -admin amanda
HELLO?? If YOU are alive, show us YOUR Face(book) now!
Happy End of the World to All! For those who live in areas that have already been removed... sorry. For those who are still waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Happy Holidays :-) - Alan
The Xavier women's basketball team is set to the hit the road for its first of three away games to close out 2012 Friday afternoon. XU will square off with the Indiana Hoosiers Dec. 21 at 1 p.m. at IU's Assembly Hall.
The snow is comin down in Indiana!! Where r u and if u got snow how much have u gotten already?? Krista
So, what are you guys gonna get for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa? Or whatever you celebrate? (: -KAYLA
Gingrich guest stars on NBC sitcom in Indianapolis stop - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Check out Masters of Cosmetology College at 1732 Bluffton Rd, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809-1305
needs to play Fort Wayne Indiana...happening soon?
thanks for the follow from Fort Wayne Indiana! :-)
I hate to say anything but it is one degree warmer in Naples Fl than in Fort Wayne Indiana
are ya'll comin 2 Indiana on your next tour? If so change it up and come to Fort Wayne rather than Indy plz
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Driver in serious condition after one vehicle accident managed to exit via the sunroof in Fort Wayne
Finally found someone that's not from FORT WAYNE, INDIANA ;)
when r u going to visit Logan's Roadhouse in Fort Wayne,Indiana?😜😜
Indiana Attorney General moves to suspend Fort Wayne doc's license over prescription practices.
Indiana friends, we've had at a few times now & I can't encourage you enough to check them out in Fort Wayne.
Time for some shorts... It's 64 degrees in fort wayne indiana. Thats insane for december!
From Fort Wayne, Indiana... and, thanks to their website, you can have DeBrand's, too.TRUST ME: This is the BEST:
"How do you get the paperwork to file for a pauper attorney in fort wayne indiana?"
Story on adding pet services in Fort Wayne
Mom and dad have to leave for Fort Wayne, Indiana soon, while I get to sleep.
has been all over the radio in Fort Wayne, IN. I hear people singing lyrics everywhere. YOU NEED TO COME TO FORT WAYNE, INDIANA!
Fort Wayne teen one of dozens arrested by excise police
Pleaseee come to fort wayne indiana!!!
Are you coming to fort wayne indiana???
This summer I'm gettin the *** out of Fort Wayne . Maybe indiana too .
Tupperware Reps, want to help this Fort Wayne Indiana 46815 Lead? Visit
That's Indiana in General lol “people dont dance at fort wayne house parties. They just stand around & stare at eachother”
Fort Wayne Indiana tonight at the brass rail. Gonna be a great show. Get ready for some heavy riffage. See u soon.
working guard drill at the 122 fighter wing Fort Wayne Indiana!
**Updates** December 7th I live in Fort Wayne Indiana. anybody in the Indiana area wanna come hit me up.
could you see if it would e possible to have a concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana please? Thanks :)
Green Day Concert in FW Green Day has announced They will be kicking off their tour in Fort Wayne,Indiana
Sing-along Messiah by Handel this Sunday, December 2 with the Bach Collegium at Queen of Angels Catholic Church on State street, Fort Wayne Indiana, 2 p.m. $5 This is a fund raiser for the Collegium. Come and find out if i sing any Soprano solos this year!
As perhaps, many of you know I left Clearwater Florida on September 28, went to Pensacola Florida and spent Friday night and Saturday with Jeff and Beth Adams. On Sunday, 30 September I drove 12 hours to McLeansboro Illinois. I hunted regularly from October 1 through the 26th. On Saturday, October 27 which would have been married for a head she been alive I drove to Elkhart Indiana. I stayed in Elkhart a week and four days and left there on November 7. While in Elkhart I attended the Flint branch Bible Church on the two Sundays I was there. I also had a time of fellowship and renewing claims with some of my old friends and students. While in Elkhart I usually stay with Norwood and Jeannie *** and I'm always delighted at my reception and the enjoyable times we shared together. Norwood and Jeannie are great hosts and they invited in friends from when branch and we had a lovely dinner together. I had breakfast one morning with my old friend Glen Sharp and later in that same day I had lunch with Tim Garman. L ...
MEXICO MISSIONS TRIP February 8th thru February 17th In planning for the missions trip to Mexico we need to know by this Sunday, December 2, if you are planning on going on this trip to Chapala and Guadalajara Mexico so that we can make the necessary arrangements for the trip. Darwin E. Romey Church Administrator First Assembly of God Church 1400 W. Washington Ctr. Rd. Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825
From we got our first NAIA Party School nomination.. "University of Saint Francis" from Fort Wayne Indiana.
That's my good friend from fort Wayne Indiana she is a very nice person and a very beautiful woman she's cares for those who love her ❤and i'am very happy to be her friend Mrs Gloria Soto camacho
The number one movie in Fort Wayne Indiana improved by the entertainment scene in "Moves Getting Made" the Movie. Waxtrackz Filmz and Trag Trill the director...
What is there 2 do on a Monday night in fort wayne indiana?!
Obituary, funeral and service information for David L. Caudle from Fort Wayne, Indiana, funeral services by E. Harper & Son Funeral Home - David L. Caudle, 58, of Fort Wayne, died Sunday, November 25, 2012 at Parkview Regional Medical Center, Fort Wayne. Born in Decatur, he was the...
Progress “Whenever you take a step foreword,you are bound to disturb something." ANDIRA. The path of“true any thing" isn't always smooth. Almost any aspect of our life can be disturbed as we pursue and accomplish goals that are important to us. Going to college many mean separating from parents. A promotion many mean a different relationship with coworkers. Marriage may mean losing--- and gaining--- friend. The only way to prevent such disturbances would be to avoid ever taking a step forward. But who wants to stand in one place? Mohammed Ali Nour Rajab ClenBrook mall 11/26/2012 Fort Wayne Indiana
Well, after a two week trip to Dubuque, Iowa, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Hudsonville, Michigan, and back to FW, we finally arrive home last night. We traveled about 1700 miles, but we visited our three daughters; their spouses and Josh S. (future spouse of Trista; along with three of our grandchildren. Had a nice time with all. But when I saw the Big Mac Bridge last night, I knew we were almost home. I told people, we traveled 1700 miles to get out of paying $4.00 (one way toll on the bridge). Thanks kids for putting up with us. Oma & Opa B.
I have this little elf from my childhood years in Fort Wayne, Indiana. One of my "great memories.".
Off to the big city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Yay! lol
Death of Us - Rihanna | Choreography by Ricky Lam @ The In10sive in Fort Wayne, Indiana Video by Tim Milgram:
Fort Wayne, Indiana's changes today give me hope that we can once again create the Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to the plate and done their part in their area of expertise to start moving things in the right direction...momentum and time...don't fail us now.
This a track from the City N My Hands 3 MixTape
I watched the movie Sucker Punch and thought " this is what it's like to be on LSD "... Even more so when in the end the girl runs off to start over in the magical city of Fort Wayne Indiana
We are ND! Been a looong 24 years since they were number one. I was 23 when they were number one living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Way to go NOTRE Dame. Hats off to coach Kelly. Bring on Alabama. Or should I say BRING ON GEORGIA.
Hung out in Fort Wayne Indiana with some BCCA members and ended up at Mad Anthonys brewing company... Now heading back to grand rapids...can't wait til Winterfest can show in Flint in January...
My boy Jonathon CincoOcho is in a pickle. He needs a ride to Fort Wayne Indiana as soon as possible. If you can help PLEASE let me know. I am willing to drive even if you can donate the gas and vehicle. If you have any kind of offer let me know.
Our cat Julius hopped up on the table during lunch (as cats are wont to do). My wife pointed out that none of his favorites were being served, "No shrimp, no bread, no candy." I realized that Ju-Ju, though presumably born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a New Orleanian: Give him a shrimp po-boy and a praline and he's a happy guy!
5 hour bus ride from canton Ohio to Fort Wayne Indiana. This is the
Today Hoosier United Methodist remember the life and times of Pastor Stan Buck of Sonrise United Methodist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His life was an example for us all. Well done thy good and faithful servant. May you rest in peace. Thanks be to God.
Enroute to fort Wayne. Indiana bound for the weekend.
Wonderful Thanksgving! Thanks so much to the Beyers who hosted us! Now packing and heading down to Fort Wayne Indiana to see Papa and Munga.
In fort Wayne Indiana taking Amish shopping this may just be the boringest trip I've done we ll seen I guess!
Fort Wayne Indiana is da shyt dawgg ugh.
Hey everyone I'm in Indiana with the family surprised my grandmother and am having a blast out here in Fort Wayne Indiana also got to see my cousin Mary Ellen Roose
Im sitting here watching the Fort Wayne Indiana news and already at 6 pm a line at a Kamart store broke out into a fight over flatscreen TV.. because people were cutting in line. Black Friday is a game the stockholders and retailers do .. when outstanding deals can be done more then ONE day out of a year. here a thought how about a Black Friday in July! When i hear about this kind of news of greed is sick and down right sad...greed!!! What ever happen to human kindness,,,maybe the TV net- works need to bring back the movie Scrooge!
OK, going to bed now. I need to get up in the morning and be in Fort Wayne, Indiana at my bone docs office. Mark is taking me. I always get lost in a bigger
First we were in Fort Wayne, Indiana then Chicago,Illinois now Ohio I love my crazy but lovable family :) Happy Thanksgiving !
I just got a txt from a number I don't know. It said "Happy Thanksgiving Dave hope you have a bad one!"... The area code is 260.. The area code of Fort Wayne, Indiana... :(
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Excited to head to my brother's house in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the day...and Go Lions!
Saw the 5th show of the tour in Fort Wayne, Indiana. October 21, 1987. 25 years ago last month. Never had heard any songs from the Kick album before that night. Simply awesome.
the employees at your coliseum location in Fort Wayne Indiana are very rude to me and . they need discipline.
Ready for a nap.was very busy day decorating the house, put up the christmas tree, for the US Thanksgiving.Aunt and Uncle are up visiting from Fort Wayne Indiana.I more day and off to the States for Black Friday shopping trip! Border will suck thou!
Thanksgiving with my family in Fort Wayne Indiana. With Sean Hallinan.
Victor Smalley and Sammy Small (Dance Moms Miami) dancing to Rihanna - "You Da One" from Victor Smalley's class at The In10sive in Fort Wayne,...
Fort Wayne, Indiana will light up the Santa in sleigh and reindeer along with many Christmas lights. Time to start the Holiday season.
Here in Fort Wayne, Indiana having a super nice time with family for Thanksgiving !
Tickets start at $15. On sale at the Embassy box office, or by calling The Phil at 260.481.0777 or online
My 4th Great Grandmother Eve Stucker had two sons, James Stucker and David Stucker killed at Harmar's Defeat in 1790. General Josiah Harmar made some tactical decisions that brought on a great American Defeat. So bad that he court martialed himself. Some call it the worst deafeat of US Army. This took place at Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can google much of this info on internet. You can try Harmar's defeat and Battle of Kekianga or the Miami Indian Little Turtle. No wonder her son Jacob Jr. was such an Indian fighter. His Dad Jacob Stucker Senior, and two brothers killed by Indians. Jacob Jr. is known as Indian Jake. You can also google Jacob Stucker, Sr. and Indian Jake, Jacob Stucker, Jr.
In Fort Wayne, Indiana visiting the fam. Good times.
Fort Wayne, Indiana… Trains of all sizes will pull into Science Central for the science center’s 14th annual Festival of Trains, Friday, November 23 through Sunday, November 25. Science Central will be open Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from Noon to 5 pm. Regular admission rates apply.
Visit Dan Anthony's profile on Zillow. Find great Fort Wayne, Indiana real estate professionals on Zillow.
Age 13 Who was I dating: nobody What I wanted to be: a forensic technician Where I was: fort wayne, indiana
Fort Wayne, Indiana! Get Ready for the 420 Purple Haze Showcase! Saturday, April 20, 2013 @ Cs3's! You know this event will be smokin because it is brought to you by Go Recordings & Maxine In'Motion Gauna! Live performances, prize giveaways and Cee Empire will be in the House with giveaways from House of Pain Tattoos!
Onward to Chicago. I'm wishing everyone from Topeka Kansas to Fort Wayne Indiana a great Thanksgiving :) Be safe!
Up-to-date photos, maps, schools, neighborhood info. & details for 310 North Cornell Circle, Fort Wayne, Indiana direct from the listing agent.
Priscilla Cole casually deadlifted 80kg (176 lbs) for a set of 5 on our first visit to Spiece Fitness in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is the coolest, most well-balanced gym I've ever been to. Plus, she got a fist-thump from a trainer walking by, saying "I wish my girl athletes did this."
JOE JUSTICE LIVE - FRIDAY NOV. 30. BOOKERS at COYOTE CREEK 8-11 To all ballroom dancers and instructors... here is a place we can all come together to dance. There is no charge to attend the dance or dress code. Bookers has great food, fabulous dance floor, and good music. Bring your boogie shoes and your appetite and we will see you there! Coyote Creek Golf Club 4935 Hillegas Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46818
Eavesdropping on a conversation...gentleman said "I'm a retired black man" (his words not mine). What?! After joining in a wonderful laugh he clarified that he retired in September having served 29 years in the Army, and retired as a Colonel. First we thanked him - then we had a wonderful 2 hour conversation. I ask him what his favorite station was having traveled the world - Fort Wayne Indiana. Home is where the heart is...Thank you God for wonderful aha moments!
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