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Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton Beach is a city in southern Okaloosa County, Florida, United States. As of 2005, the population estimate for Fort Walton Beach was 19,992, and as of 2010, the population estimate for Fort Walton Beach is 19,507 recorded by the U.S.

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FWB SHOOTING SUSPECT NABBED IN SOUTH CAROLINA A man wanted in connection with an attempted murder and armed robbery in the Fort Walton Beach area last month has been located in Charleston South Carolina by a U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force. 19-year old Michael Conrad Venning Junior of 40-B Wright Parkway is accused of shooting 20-year old De’on Sanders outside a home at 3068 Yorktown Circle shortly before three a.m. on December 31st. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Investigators learned that Sanders had been shot during an attempt to rob him of cash and force him into a car at gunpoint. The victim says a fight broke out when he refused to get in the car. During a struggle, Venning dropped the gun on the ground, then picked it up and began shooting. Sanders survived despite being hit five times; three times in the upper torso, once in the left leg, and once in the right elbow. Venning was found hiding out in a location in Charleston South Carolina where U.S. Marshals took him into custody fo ...
Hixardt Technologies Inc. will be presenting at the Okaloosa County School District Board Meeting on Monday January 14th, 2014. This meeting will be held at the School Administration building located at 120 Lowery St, Fort Walton Beach, FL at 6:00pm. Our goal is to continue to support the local community to ensure that the Seat Management contract award represents the "Best" choice for our community. If you can come out and support our team we would really appreciate it! Please read additional information about the current project
The cold air mass approaching the Gulf Coast will be one of the worst we've experienced in many years. The low forecast for Fort Walton Beach is 18 degrees Monday night. There's a chance we may see some snow Sunday night. I urge you to wrap your outdoor faucets, and leave your indoor faucets dripping with the cabinets open so warm air from your heating system can keep the pipes from freezing.
Aggies head to Fort Walton Beach tonight looking to lock up the 3 seed for District Tournament.. Let's go boys!!
I love this time of year, and am so looking forward to traveling to Fort Walton Beach tonight for the Peter White Christmas concert featuring Rick Braun and Mindi Abair. And 5th row seats won't be bad either, lol..then tomorrow on to Birmingham for the Jones family christmas party and church Sunday at the historic Fairfield Highlands Baptist Church! Happy Holidays to all!!!
Environmental and Public Health Town Hall Meeting on Friday, December 20, 2013 at 6:00 pm in W.E. Combs School on 720 Lovejoy Road NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL. Contaminants and dispersants in the Lovejoy Subdivision will be discussed and how past and present residence may have been affected.
Me & my wife cannot wait to move to Cantonement , Florida , 10 mins from Downtown , Pensacola , Florida , We love that area , We had are honeymoon there & Take our summer Vacations in Destin , Florida , Long time ago before i got married i used to live in Fort Walton Beach , Florida 2 years , This time when me & my wife move to Florida we never coming back , thank you Jesus you said you will give us the desires of our hearts Amen.
Fort Walton Beach looks a lot like Silent Hill today. Creepy!
We're a community page to gather together supporters in Fort Walton Beach, FL to pass a new city ordinance to allow backyard chickens within city limits. LIKE and SHARE our page to spread the word!
Two narcotics search warrants were executed Friday night (December 6th) at a Fort Walton Beach area home by members of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit, with assistance from members of the O.C.S.O. Criminal Investigations Division, Multi-Agency Drug Task Force, and K-9 Unit. During the investigation at 229 Pelham Road it was discovered that crack cocaine was being sold there by 54-year old Dexter Pierson. Investigators discovered a separate trailer on the property was being utilized by Pierson’s customers as a safe haven to use the recently purchased crack cocaine. Pierson was detained, along with other subjects found at his house. One individual was located in the separate trailer along with three others found to be loitering on the property. During the search of the residences, deputies located evidence of the distribution and use of “crack” cocaine. Pierson has now been charged with Possession of Crack Cocaine with Intent to Distribute Within 1000 Feet of a Daycare, Publi ...
I had a awesome weekend in Fort Walton Beach at Sammie's on the Island.the girls there were fun.
We just deplaned after an hour on the plane at the gate.. The fog is not lifting in Fort Walton Beach.. No flights back home until 9:38pm BUT the the fog has lifted in Panama City Beach so flying in and boarding in about an hour. I also picked up a new travel buddie in ATL, Clay Rosser and Lee Hale is driving to PCB and bring us home! God is good! Hope all my tops peeps are getting de iced and feeling the travel love too! I WILL be buying a Lotto ticked on Wednesday...gotta do something with these good vibes;)
Me, my mini and my bro D leaving Tuesday mornin. Moving to Fort Walton Beach so we having a BBQ today. Yyyaaayyy!!! Good bye to all i didnt get to say bye to.
Welcome to the second to last race day of the year! Foggy in the area this morning, but no real rain to speak of... Forecast has it a bit cooler today with only a slight chance for rain in Fort Walton Beach. I'll be over to the track shortly and will post up a picture and give a quick status on the track, but we should be in great shape to run the races today! Registration opens at 2PM with Racing ASAP at 3PM. Finish 2013 Strong! EC-BMX
As I embark on this season of Advent, I peal away each layer of my thoughts and my life, so that I may remember clearly what the true meaning of Advent is. It is a time of peace, love, faith, and joy. A time when I choose to see through the eyes of the Three Wise Men. I am looking and seeking the Christ child. The Savior of the whole world. He who is Divine perfection. He who is the source of all peace, power, and comfort. If, I allow my thoughts to transition beyond that, then I see the celebrations of sells, gifts, parties, and longing to be "HOME" for Christmas. This of course, only awakens the horrific pain of losses, the people I used to yearn to see, the preparation of foods that my Mother spent untold hours preparing, for when her children would finally arrive and she thanked God that they were safe. I only missed going "HOME" for Christmas once, during my Grandpy's life. My husband and I were living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where he was stationed in the Air Force. We had $5.00, not nearly en ...
I'm at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - (Fort Walton Beach, FL) w/ 2 others
I'm number 2 on the ReverbNation Singer Songwriter charts for Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Heading over to St. Simon's, Fort Walton Beach for the 10:30 am service followed by our first Area Gathering at 4pm.
Have any pictures of Fort Walton Beach? . We have just launched a Photo Gallery for FWB, if you have any pictures...
Ronnie Bass the quarterback from remember the titans was born in Fort Walton Beach
Fort Walton Beach, Florida! Amanda Bradford pass this on.let's keep Henry moving!!
just realized this time next month, we should be in Fort Walton Beach and out of Fort Stewart/Allenhurst for good!! Woho!!!
I have a 9 foot Christmas tree for sale if you know of anyone who is interested! I have it priced on Craigslist for $75 and it's in great Fort Walton Beach right now...old pic in my photos on FB
I have a job opening for a Finance Administrator for Operations. Contact Me in Fort Walton Beach, FL
Bid on a 6-month family membership to the YMCA in Crestview, Fort Walton Beach or Destin during the Crestview News Bulletin and Halifax Media Group's annual Emerald Coast Holiday Bid & Buy! Don't pay full price for something you can buy at a bargain; check out all the items here: expires tomorrow.
Life in Fort Walton Beach, Florida can be a bit frustrating at times. For instance; at approximately 6:30 AM this morning a drunk (an assumption) driving at a very high rate of speed departed the public road over a slight rise, flew about twenty feet, and landed hard enough for the car to "bottom out" on the driveway of my neighbor...and found himself/herself staring at a very large (unmovable object) Oak tree. Left with no intelligent options, the driver made a hard left turn and drove through the neighbors garage door and all the way to the back of the garage...destroying everything in the garage including a bathroom at the rear. A tornado was have done less damage. Being a "good citizen" the driver then backed out of the garage, hit the Oak tree. and drove off at a high rate of speed. If you or any one you know, has seen a maroon Toyota Camry that appears to have been involved in this incident, or meet someone with the imprint of a garage door on their face, please notify the sheriff's office. I ...
One Feather Art is a Native American store located in historical downtown Fort Walton Beach, next to the Indian Temple Mound Museum. We are currently buying from over 40 tribes. Stop in and browse our authentic Native American pottery, jewelry, artifacts and much more.
Enjoying Emerald Coast Dance Championships 2013 ! Fun filled dance weekend with some Wonderful friends and family! Great competition Luann and all the Fred Astaire teams from Fort Walton Beach , Pensacola, Panama City, and Crestview and all the wonderful judges!! Come out and watch the show tonight. Starts around 9:30. Good times for the holidays :)
How Timely is this David Schrepfer? Just got this from another friend and pilot! Here is something that really counts! Very interesting to know WWII war pilots history... Also watch this: It's the cup of brandy that no one wants to drink. On Tuesday, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, the surviving Doolittle Raiders gathered publicly for the last time. What a man he was. After bailing out of his plane over a mountainous Chinese forest after the Tokyo raid, he became ill with malaria, and almost died. When he recovered, he was sent to Europe to fly more combat missions. He was shot down, captured, and spent 22 months in a German prisoner of war camp. The selflessness of these men, the sheer guts. There was a passage in the Cincinnati Enquirer obituary for Mr. Griffin that, on the surface, had nothing to do with the war, but that emblematizes the depth of his sense of duty and devotion: "When his wife became ill and needed to go into a nursing home, he visited her every day. He walked from his house to the nu . ...
Lots of artists are set up at the Destin Community Center and the Fort Walton Beach landing today!!! If you're an artist, where are you set up today?
I just saw Santa Claus hanging out in Fort Walton Beach by the Indian Temple Burial Ground. On my way to take my statistics final, then I am Tallahassee bound to see my homie Dustin Daugette and to dance my face off to Zoogma. Today is going to be awesome.
**Friends in the 850!! I am excited to announce the opening of Wings of Fire in Fort Walton Beach!!! We are currently looking for a hard working and friendly staff!! Please contact me if you are interested! I will be opening positions to the public tomorrow. Live Long and Prosper Whit
Down in Fort Walton Beach at the Santa Claus run!
Free women's self-defense class today at Destin ATA Martial Arts - Fort Walton Beach and Destin. Join me!
Okay admittedly not the best photos ever, but you get an idea:) Fort Walton Beach annual Boat Christmas Parade. We always have the best seat in the house!
I'm not there right now, but in from Fort Walton Beach. :)
Jingle your little elves all the way down to Uptown Station, Fort Walton Beach for a special treat from Santa!
it's a beautiful afternoon here in Fort Walton Beach. Hope all is well filling shoes
Be at Sammie's on the Island Gentlemen Club tonight.Fort Walton Beach,, fun, fun
My heart is saddened and hurt tonight for an old friend in Jackson Mississippi.. Bobby Hudson's wife, Judy, passed away today from a heart attack.. Too tragic, too early, and too nice of a person to leave us now...I am hurting for Bobby, and will be praying for him and his family... I've known Bobby and Judy since 1979, Bobby and I were golf partners, we won the golf league in 1981, I think it was, we both shot the same score, 77 which was the best score I had ever had up to that day.. We beat Al Omerza and his partner... Bobby and I played so much golf together over the years.. He, Judy, me, and girlfriends vacationed at Fort Walton Beach, Fla. several years together... Bobby is the kind of man who can do anything he wants to.. He and I worked together for many years and he always did an excellent job... Judy, was the nicest person, very sincere, honest, polite, a real Lady.. If ever two people were in love, it was Bobby and Judy.. One of their favorite songs back then was by Mickey Gilley, "True Love .. ...
Epilogue without a prologue: I am slowing down-not in activity or energy but in keeping in touch. Brief note: content in Fort Walton Beach, FL. woeking full time for the near by Veteran Clinic- they have stories to tell; a little challenging because the many chronic medical issues and financial challenges-I only have a smile to offer. Involved with my Parish; a lot of cultural and festival events-was able to get out of a 7 acres Corn maze!!!Slowly and carefylly building up my jogging after 2 yrs of nurturing my knee. Blessings to all of those that these lines reach; wish you all a spiritfilled celebrations. With love from FWB
Per Jill Varner Crawford: 10 things you may not know or care to know about me. 1.Also a Park Circle Alum. from 1st to 7th and I still consider everyone I went to school with my friend to this day. Also I was in the last class of Blue Devils at North Charleston 1979 2. I have taught and ran Blackjack and Craps tables, I also have had a bartenders license and a red cross life savings certificate and have worked as a bouncer. 3. After working for ten years after high school, I put myself through college(Pre-Vet major) working in Bicycle Shops in Fort Walton Beach and St. Petersburg. I have an 85% recall of everything I have every seen, heard or read.( got it from my dad) Its the only way I made it through school, it sure wasn't my study habits. 4. Went out with my wife one time in 1981 and didn't kiss her goodnight. I moved to Florida and thought about that night for 10 years, when I ran into her by accident on Seabrook Island where she was the front desk manager 10 years late and by the grace of God was gi ...
Mother of the last American fighter pilot is already born by Contributing Columnist Published: November 9,2009 Clearly a bold statement…but how can that be? Testifying to the Senate Armed Services Committee, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael G. Mullen, stated “there are those that see the (F-35) as the last manned fighter- or fighter-bomber jet, and I am inclined to believe that.” The F-35 has already been test flown, and the training wing is activated at Eglin Air Force Base near Fort Walton Beach, Fla. If Mullen is correct, and the F-35 is our nation’s last manned fighter jet, what will the service do to command the skies? Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are where U.S. services are headed, and at a breakneck pace. Most Mississippians are unaware that our state is quietly becoming a key player in the burgeoning field of unmanned aerospace devices. In the past, aircraft without pilots were called drones. Their main purpose was to serve as targets for pilots in trainin . ...
Mayors Panel with Mike Anderson of Fort Walton Beach and Sam Seevers of Destin speaking to the leadership class.
VIDEO OF WORKERS PROTESTING PLEASE JOIN EVERYMORING UNTIL THIS SHUTDOWN IS OVER! AFGE Local 1897 is protesting the Government Shutdown at Congressman Jeff Miller's Ft. Walton Office Everyday until this ends. If you want to support them in telling Congressman Miller to stand with the citizens and workers of his district then join the the protest! Here is the address where everyone is to meet at 8am as long as the shutdown continues: 348 S.W. Miracle Strip Parkway, Suite 24 Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548 Okaloosa Democrats (Charlotte McKamy) is asking all of us to let our Congressman know we dont support this shutdown and that he represents us!~ SH Herring
Fort Walton Beach product Deiontrez Mount had two tackles and a sack for Louisville today in the Cards' 44-7 win over Eastern Kentucky.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I'm working for an accounting firm in Fort Walton Beach now and living in Destin! Rough life
Enter to Win a 7 Night Family Vacation for 4 at The New Holiday Inn Resort Fort Walton Beach!
Adult Franklin's Gull continues this am at Okaloosa Holding Ponds (Ft. Walton Beach)
Be the first to apply! Family Support Worker in Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Don't miss this opportunity! Children's Home Society is now in Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Apply for a at Panera Bread in Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Fort Walton Beach freshman Deonte Sheffield is going to be a star. 12 carries, 87 yards and he runs like a senior right now.
Fort Walton Beach's defense was lights-out tonight, with four sacks and an interception against Gulf Breeze.
Baird's Sandpiper & Franklin's Gull also reported to eBird at Okaloosa Holding Ponds today
Memorial service planned for man struck by car: . FORT WALTON BEACH - Local homeless advocates and the family ...
Pinwheels for peace (GALLERY): . FORT WALTON BEACH — As adults talk about a possible confrontation between the...
Anyone in Fort Walton Beach want to come to a one year old's birthday party? There will be cake and ice cream! :)
Nine plays on 80 yards for the Fort Walton Beach Vikings, who capped the drive with a 30-yard TD run. FWB 7-0 Q2
Five minutes from kickoff here at Steve Riggs Stadium for Fort Walton Beach's home opener against Gulf Breeze.
Improving safety on MLK and Freedom Way: . FORT WALTON BEACH — While construction on U.S. Highway 98 at Cody A...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Got my assignment this week! Headed to Eglin AFB in Fort Walton Beach, Florida!
Here's a great new place to take the kids to in Fort Walton Beach!
So excited for Jessica and Alston's wedding tomorrow! On my way to Fort Walton Beach.
Tampa Bay released depth chart for Sunday opener at Jets. Fort Walton Beach grad Akeem Spence is listed as the starter a…
Broncos fan showing flair in Fort Walton Beach
Boys & Girls Clubs get a new boss: FORT WALTON BEACH — The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast has named...
Tying run and winning run by you. And forgetting the fort Walton beach game were I shoulda got the W in the 8th
Heritage has a show on 09/07/2013 at 08:00 PM @ KCs Sandbar in Fort Walton Beach, FL...
Fort Walton Beach volleyball was third set over Crestview 25-22. Bulldogs lead match 2-1.
Looking for Office space to Rent in Fort Walton Beach, FL? We have 1600 SF Available across from the Santa Rosa Mall:
Plan for Friday night: I will be at Gulf Breeze vs. Fort Walton Beach; will be at Choctaw vs. Crestview.
Fort Walton Beach, FL... LP.Carrara Finishes even works on hot and humid days!
Heard over the scanner: There's a man with "wild eyes" roaming around Fort Walton Beach.
Getting to go to Fort Walton Beach for baseball
Please RT! Spread joy and Buttercream as Cake Decorator with Publix. Opening at Fort Walton Beach store. Apply in person.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We are excited to announce another event in October! The Howlin' Halloween Event at the Fort Walton Beach...
Baytowne's boat giveaway a huge success for our friends at Horizons of Fort Walton Beach!...
Fort Walton Beach grad Sean Evans credited with four tackles for Northern Illinois in today's 30-27 win at Iowa.
I fell in love with DeFuniak Springs, Destin, Fort Walton Beach and just North Florida in general😍💜
Motorcyclist taken to hospital after crash (GALLERY): . FORT WALTON BEACH - A motorcyclist was taken to the *** ..
I'm in fort Walton beach he just got stationed there
Defendant pleads guilty to murder: . FORT WALTON BEACH - A man charged in connection with a fatal shooting in ...
Come support your boy at Fort Walton Beach on August 16!
Reckless driver faces multiple charges: . FORT WALTON BEACH - A man was arrested Wednesday night after forcing...
Praying for some nice weather for tonight's session in Fort Walton Beach! Please Lord, no more rain for a while!
Every time I go through Luverne & see that sign that says "Fort Walton Beach 108 miles" it takes everything I have not to just keep driving
I checked in at Kim's Korean Restaurant on
Cloudy, hazy headlights sacrifice your safety, we can restore them, |
I just took the scenic tour all over Fort Walton Beach
Can't wait to be there next week.fort Walton beach fl
Dad thinks I'm going up to fort Walton beach with him, Ha! Funny! 😅
Fort Walton Beach FL you better bring me better luck for a house and nice neighborhood 🏡🙏
Im ready to get back to Ft.Worth , I hate Fort Walton Beach.
I'm doing an open house at Azure in Fort Walton Beach! Everyone should come out!
Best deal in - Two Games of Bowling and Shoe Rental for Two or Four at Fort Walton Beach Bowl (...
I will be going live on the radio 91.1 FM at 10 am in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. in 50 minutes. I will be talking...
Great read for a first-time visitor to the area! Destination: Fort Walton Beach, FL via
Classic bowling alley with 24 lanes; two games of bowling with shoe rental and an option for a pitcher of beer
Or are you used to sub-par, outcomes? ease into something unique as best insurance in Fort Walton Beach w
I just died... my mom told me there are no Cheescake Factories around Fort Walton Beach, Florida. the closest is 5 hrs away :(
Home repair/renovator ...we have lots of work (Pensacola,Fort Walton Beach,Destin,Panam)
FWB grad finds dream job in Hollywood (VIDEO): . A Fort Walton Beach man is making a name for himself in Holly...
I need some business to tend to in Fort Walton beach!
Can you guys look into doing delivery? I'm stranded in Fort Walton Beach with no car and the nearest KrispyKreme is in Destin.
I'm number 4 on the ReverbNation Hip Hop charts for Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
UWF students claim top prize in engineering competition (VIDEO): FORT WALTON BEACH — After months of research,...
I want to move to Fort Walton Beach
Man sentenced to 25 years for bank robbery: . FORT WALTON BEACH — A man was sentenced to 25 years in the Depar...
At the beginning of July, we took a family trip with my parents and siblings to Fort Walton Beach, FL.
Fort Walton beach need to come to Pensacola now.
Deepwater Horizon Spill: Fraudulent Claimant Sentenced: The owner of a Fort Walton Beach business has been sen...
Chase and I have been having an extremely good time at the beach here in Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. To those of you thinking, "oh goodness gracious, please stop with the pictures." Well sorry but when you have a week in paradise with an awesome kid and friends (1/2 of them basically family), its hard to stop snapping pictures. Chase is having a blast and sometimes it seems that he's in extreme overload of happiness and wants to do everything RIGHT NOW. I think this was a good choice for his birthday present. Later this week we are going to take him to Destin/Fort Walton Beach where Scott and I enjoyed our honeymoon just 10 years ago. Look for more pictures soon! Lol 󾍇
Unexpectedly traveled over to Titusville/Mims yesterday (on the Space Coast) and "crashed" my grand-nephew's 8th birthday party. It was at his grandparents' beautiful home and the children were having a blast in their large swimming pool. Later I went to brother Ken's home in Titusville for a short visit. Nephew Michael was in town all the way from his Navy station in Fort Walton Beach in the Panhandle (7-8 hr drive). I hadn't seen him in five+ years!!! He had to drive back yesterday evening, so I rushed over in order to see/spend a little time with him. Postponed a pool/party cookout until next Saturday, July 13th, and I am re-inviting folks to come then 4-8PM. Should be fun, especially if the weather is like it was yesterday and today. Leaving for West Virginia on Thursday, July 18th to spend time with brother Scott and wife Pat, nephew Matt and grand-nephew & niece Ava and Jakob.
Good Morning Sunnies! Time for where in the world do Sunnies live. Last night we learned that the top 3 cities are Fort Walton Beach, London, and Sydney, in that order. Check out the FICE WAY TIE for FOURTH! Melbourne, Florida, USA Melbourne, Australia New York, NY Chicago, IL--I am here right now Sunnies! and finally the wonderful city of Tampa, FL. I must say, I feel very happy to have Sunnies all around the world but especially in my hometowns, current, Fort Walton Beach, FL, and growing up hometown, Melbourne, FL, but how cool is it that tied with Melbourne Florida is Melbourne Australia. I graduated from Melbourne High School, class of 1980, go Bulldogs! Melbourne Florida is on the east coast of central Florida, most famous for the Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa Beach. As a child, I saw almost all Apollo launches, then the shuttle launches as a teen and adult. I was there the day Disney World opened, and visited that theme park frequently with family, friends, and school and church groups. Somed ...
A Fort Walton Beach, FL woman has finally found her missing special needs cat, who was given away or dumped by without her knowledge or permission.
Angela Marie Causbie Have you seen me? My name is Sophie. I am a black lab/mixed. I have white hair on my chest & I am sprouting white hair throughout my fur. I have brown eyes. I also have a skin tag on my left eyelid. I have a pink & grey collar on w/ rhinestone bones on it. I also have green Poplar Bluff, MO tags. That's were we moved from. We now live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I am terrified of fireworks & thunder. I am a very friendly dog. I DO NOT bite! I was outside on a potty break when I got scared & dug under the fence. My owners are searching 4 me. I have a 1 & 1/2 year old baby sister that I would like to return to. Can you help me get back to her so I can give her kisses & let her pet me? My owners have had me 4 over 9 years. If you see me, please contact them. Their phone is (573) 776-0066 or e-mail: acausbie90Thank you! Sincerely, Sophie McGee (a lost dog)
Well.wet in Fort Walton Beach. Looking forward to seeing good friends and spending time with dad. Hope weather clears to fish and visit the beach.
Sunny and hot - off to Fort Walton Beach for the day! :)
- Good times rocking Zepps in Fort Walton Beach last night. Good shows from all involved. Big shouts out to Shane Robbins and Darnell Stewart. BIG sets from you guys last night and thanks for all of the love. Much respect. Catch me back at my "second home" Pensacola Cabana TONIGHT!
Concrete Disciples Skateparks - Emerald Coast Dirt & Vert - Fort Walton Beach, Florida Skateparks, USA, Pay, Outside, lights=, surface is Skatelite - Global Skatepark Directory and Listings for your area. We have you covered.
Last day at Fort Walton Beach, Florida with Elise Lindblom, Emme and Abbi. Family pics tonite and on the plane to Hood River OR tomorrow morning. Sad. Went fast the last 2 weeks!
Congratulations Mike Hill , former Fort Walton Beach resident and now District 2 State Rep! Go ! Mike!! Hi to Greta and Fam, too!!
Come on down to Magnolia Manor Adult Day Care and have a good old fashion hot dog with the sweetest ladies in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. Valerie Anthony & Sara *** O'Neal.
The innovative Nissan line is now here at the all new Lee Nissan in Fort Walton Beach! We've been serving the Emerald Coast since 1949 and we're excited to continue doing so with Nissan. Come by and see the all new Lee Nissan!!
FB friends, we are going to be in Fort Walton Beach for 1 night in route to Romedy Murr and Amy Aehnlich's wedding later this month. Any recommendations on where to have dinner? We are thinking some local seafood but are open to suggestions!
ROLL CALL! Where were YOU born??? Me- Fort Walton Beach, Florida Raised in Fort Dodge, Iowa Relocated to Oregon to have kids, returned to Midwest to raise em right! ~Goldie
Stopped for the night in Monroe, LA...tomorrow on to Fort Walton Beach, FL and Troy Forrester's house for a week of fun in the sun with he and BriAnne Smith. So glad my other two kids are here with me! Would only be better if Matt could have come with us!
Packing it in, Shreveport! Great time had by all... Now it's time to move on. Next stop: Fort Walton Beach, Fl for Billy Bowlegs. Will we see you there?
It's almost vacation time!!! Taking the fam to Fort Walton Beach. What are some must see/do activities?? That's if we decide to get up from our beach chairs. :-)
BLACK WIDOW NEW RELEASES MAELSTROM - Same Lp / Cd (1973) An overlookied US band, formed in early-70's and led by guitarist/keyboardist/sax player Robert Williams aka Roberts Owen (R.I.P.).The original line-up featured also multi-instrumentalist James Larner, keyboardist Mark Knox, drummer Jim Miller, bassist Paul Klotzbier and Jeff McMullen on lead vocals/guitars.Maelstrom had a private press LP out in Canada, recorded in 1973 at Fort Walton Beach in Florida and very rare nowadays, originally released under the title ''On the gulf''. Why this band is so overlooked remains a huge mystery to me, as Maelstrom had one of the most eclectic and intricate sounds back in the days.Every track shows a different amount of influences and musical approaches, always played under a very complicated yet well-structured musicianship, offering a huge and dramatic sound like a cross between ETHOS, CATHEDRAL and YEZDA URFA.There are strong amounts of melodies and acoustic passages in the vein of GENESIS, huge sax-based more ...
little home, close to bases, Just Reduced
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Fort Walton Beach Florida... I'll be there on the 19th...
Get plenty of time in the water at this Fort Walton Beach property on the market:
Fort Walton beach is yucky. I've only been here for 2 years and I'm SOOO ready to leave. Bye trashballs.
Cool start on the beach this 6th day of May. 49F in PC, 50F in Fort Walton, 46F in Orange Beach,
Why is it this cold in fort Walton beach FL!😒❄⛄
She stopped in fort walton beach, florida!
Yup, just learned all the stuff you need to tryout for Fort Walton Beach cheer!
Amazing experience at La Quinta Inn and Suites Fort Walton Beach in Walton Beach:
I wanna go back to Fort Walton Beach to party on Thursday
The Downtown Fort Walton Beach Merchants Association and Run With It are partnering with innovative light artist Aron Altmark to raise money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. At the ArtWalk on Friday, May 17th, Downtown Fort Walton Beach and Run With It will be putting up an interactive digital art installation on the side of the Run With It building for the public to enjoy! Please share with your friends and we hope to see everyone there for this awesome show! To donate before the Art Walk please visit:
we're visiting Chasity's father in Fort Walton Beach.
Pictures of Daisy a Labrador Retriever Mix for adoption in Fort Walton Beach, FL who needs a loving home.
Owning in Fort Walton Beach means waking up with a walk on the beach whenever you like:
Please be my guest this morning at Gulf Coast City Church for our celebration gathering beginning at 10am. We meet at Fort Walton Beach High School. I'm sharing a message titled "F+R+D God's Formula for Fulfillment". Don't miss this message on the formula God has given for our success as believers. It is always a blessing celebrating with all of you. Of course if you cannot make it in person, please join our streaming live family by clicking the link below. Live broadcast begins when our celebration begins at 10am CST.
My baby girls helping me get ready for the EOD Memorial Ball @ Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Fort Walton Beach – Trey Henderson finished up his end-of-year exams at Auburn University on Thursday, piled into his car Friday at 6 a.m. for the four-hour trek down to Fort Walton Beach and, less than 12 hours later, he’d be putting the finishing touches on a tidy, 7-under-par 65 in the first roun...
Order online for DELIVERY OR PICK UP on WWW.THAIGERFWB.COM we deliver in fort walton beach, shalima, and okaloosa island
Just checked out the "Burning up the Beaches" car show in Fort Walton Beach, FL with my Little Ms. Gasket!
And then this pulls up next to me in Fort Walton Beach. Smh. I gotta get my money up
Fort Walton Beach, Alabama, even some folks from Louisiana gone be at
Are you looking to get noticed Bodybuilding, Bikini, Physique & Figure COMPETITORS? Fort Walton Beach is bringing well known Photographer Brent Allen to Gold's Gym for a Seminar & Photo Sessions! Don't miss this opportunity, first come first serve so get your name on the list asap! Details here:
Jackson Nurse Professionals - Fort Walton Beach, FL - Certified by the Joint Commission, Jackson Nurse...
see u tomorrow @ Cash's Mansion in Fort Walton Beach, FL
*** yeah. thinking about moving my vacation back to this week so I can go to the show and spend a few days it fort Walton. anyone up for a beach trip around may 25th?
The best of Fort Walton Beach's newest construction!
EOD Warrior Foundation Auction going on right now at the Emerald Coast Convention Center, Fort Walton Beach, FL
Was at Fort Walton Beach all week and not a grain of sand between my toes.
Looked at my Kindergarten and 1st grade yearbooks for Mary Esther Elementary School in Fort Walton Beach, FL and tears were shed
Ps.. my ft. on the Track "Outta Control" with StrangeTang from Fort Walton Beach, FL shall be out soon to my Knowledge. Trust i'm WORKIN
SpeakTuMe Poetry is a fantastic group of poets and spoken word artists based out of Fort Walton Beach. They are high energy and really know how to put on a great show, and they only get together to perform 4 times a year, so if you haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend you check out their next show!
Millennials are fueling the housing market, according to a recent survey released by Pulte Group Inc. which found strong demand from the 18-34 year old age group. The Pulte Group Home Index Survey (PGHI) reported that 65percent of renters ages 18-34 with an income of more than $50,000intend to buy, and that percentage grew in the past year. Pulte Group’s internal buyer surveys showed that millennials listed the following aspects in a new home as extremely important or very important: •84 percent – ample storage for daily items • 76 percent –space for TV, movies, sports watching • 73 percent – the entry to the home • 69 percent – an open/layout space in kitchen and family rooms for entertaining • 63 percent – outdoor living/deck • 36 percent – the ability to conduct business from home Craig Barrett, co-owner of NBI Properties in Fort Walton Beach, said the statistics were not surprising and that his firm and its residential branch office in Crestview have been dealing with an infl ...
Performing tonight at the Mansion Ultra Lounge in Fort Walton Beach, FL! I'll be closing the show out on main stage right after Hugs&Drugs. hope you guys are in for a show!
My dear husband was and is still the love of my life
We got ares now the fun really starts... Packers next week,YAY
So, I've never really talked about this to many people but my mom just spoke about it for the first time in a while a few days ago. I thought I'd share this interesting, terrifying and VERY true story that my mother told me a long time ago. Sorry it's so lengthy! I promise its a good one to read! - Back in July of 1987, my mother and my then 1 1/2 year old brother lived in a trailer park in the Ocean City area in Fort Walton Beach, FL. In the very early morning of July 19th, my mother heard what sounded like a total of 3 gunshots going off in the trailer right next to hers. She was pretty close with her neighbors, Edward and Ann, so of course she was quite concerned with the loud noises she heard that early morning. She mustered up all the courage and strength she had in her and cautiously snuck outside and planted herself carefully behind a tree where she could not be seen. She peaked out from behind the tree and could faintly see through a window, a shadow of a person walking around inside the neighbors ...
Another great event sponsored by Waste Management. If you don't come to FFC, you're missing a lot of fun and a ton of great prizes!
June 15th is coming to a close. The fight card is final and we only need a hand full of contracts. Time to start the grind on July 20th in lovely Fort Walton Beach Fl. Live MMA at the Fair Grounds. If you weren't at my last fight you missed a great time. If you were don't even think about how it was. This time it's gonna be sick!!! Atlas fights will be posting the table request forms, sponsorship forms and the layout of the venue shortly. We plan on doing these events 2 or 3 times a year to give my hometown a taste of what we do. Here is the link to the event. Come join us, have a blast, and leave the fighting to us!
Thank you to On The Coast Magazine for listing the The 6th annual LATIN SALSA FESTIVAL in FORT WALTON BEACH, FL on the magazine's event page! You can find additional details about the May 25th event here - Downtown Fort Walton Beach Florida
Let's all cross our fingers that the weather holds up for me this evening! I'd really like to set up! Was super bummed out when Artwalk got rained out (even though I was still set up under the snowcone buildings' roof for 2 hrs freezing my booty off). Weather permitting, I'll be at Kc's in downtown Fort Walton Beach from 5pm-8pm.
New Okaloosa County Administrator Ernie Padgett has logged some long days in the last three weeks.
Okay friends, we need your help. Presley has been at our shelter for 583 days now (!!!), and she's only about 2.5 years old. If you do the math, you'll see that she came to us when she was just a tiny kitten and has since spent her entire life at the shelter. This is extremely difficult for any animal but it must simply be torture for Presley, as she is very affectionate and adores people. She has instead grown up with minimal human contact and with no family to call her own. One of our volunteers Katrina loves Presley and says that if anyone wants a cat who is as affectionate and loving as most dogs, look no further than Presley. We ask that you PLEASE share her picture and story. This sweet girl has lived her entire life so far completely alone; we don't want her to have to spend another day wishing that someone would notice her and take her home. We know there's someone out there who would love to adopt Presley and snuggle with her every day for the rest of her life to make up for her lost kitten years ...
Downtown Fort Walton Beach Florida May calendar is out and LOTS of great things going on this month. Opening of Burrito Del Sol, Synergy- Organic Juice Bar and Cafe, and The Boardroom Pub and Grub, then Downtown Fort Walton Beach Art Walk with light show following, farmers market, Latin Salsa Festival, and Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival!!!
Miami Children's Hospital's effort to create a labor and delivery unit for mothers carrying extremely sick babies got much dimmer today. The Florida Senate voted to strike that language from a bill that has already received House approval.Senators sided with...
The ultimate in marine life interaction! Visit each of our animal habitats for an up-close and personal encounter.
This Saturday is the EOD Memorial at 8:30 a.m. central time. If you're near Fort Walton Beach, Fla. this week there are many EOD events to further bond the community and remember the fallen -- there's an NDIA conference and exhibition today at the Emerald Coast Convention Center; water sports for Wounded EOD Warriors and their families Friday in Niceville; an auction and buffet Friday night at the ECCC from 5 to 11 p.m.; then the memorial Saturday morning followed by the EOD Ball Saturday night (doors open at the ECCC at 5 p.m.). For details on the events visit the EOD Memorial Foundation's website:
Tommy Mattonies Po-Boys and Floribbean Tacos Restaurant in Fort Walton Beach Florida with exceptional Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Catering.
I love my family. This was in fort Walton beach florida
The official Fort Walton Beach May Day after party hosted by Casper G ENT at Cash's Mansion on Saturday. Thai Xcvi and BigBone will be performing with Young LA. Yabui ENT on deck.
Richard took this in front of Sea Oats yesterday morning. Uh. yeah. Apparently the shark likes pompano. ek
didn't have room for the Choctaw girls First Team Mercedez Claybrone, Fort Walton Beach Katie O’Neal, Fort Walton Beach
Hanging out with this guy in Fort Walton Beach right now! (
NWF State's Kiani Parker, a Fort Walton Beach grad, is heading to play basketball at Auburn.
I'm in Korea aka Fort Walton beach steakhouse
bb bud. How far do you stay from fort Walton beach?
I'm taking it at Fort Walton Beach Highschool... You don't know pain.
FWB woman fulfills dream in cayuco competition: FORT WALTON BEACH — Growing up in Panama, Connie Dermody enj...
The plane boards in a bit. Then connecting flight in Atlanta. Then Fort Walton Beach baby😁👌
yeah! We are done, driving back to Fort Walton Beach now! But first. we stopped to eat! Yum!
Local Faith briefs for April 13: FORT WALTON BEACH — Kirtan with Amy Barnes will be held 6-8 tonight at Dragon...
Biology students take learning to new level: 'I call it my thinking cap': FORT WALTON BEACH — Mirabela Schle...
Wow! Here's an ideal beach lot to own in the Fort Walton Beach area!
A special thank you to Zach and Alice Wilks who participated in the Kiwanis Charity 10k in Fort Walton Beach, FL...
Fort Walton Beach bound in a few hours!!!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Come out this Saturday to the "Run For Science" at the Fort Walton Beach Landing. We will have a touch tank set up...
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a car stopped on the shoulder on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Fort Walton Beach on - Drive Socia...
The Musical Echoes Native American Flute Festival will be taking place April 19-21st at the Fort Walton Beach...
Why so many people are going to Fort Walton Beach?? Forget the upgrade.. Ain't gonna happen!! (@ Gate B14) [pic]:
vps lmao fort Walton beach FM its like ,20 from my house
There is youth tonight! If you live in Fort Walton Beach, Shalimar, or the surrounding cities come join us for Dust and Ashes Bible study!!!
Wyndham Vacation Rentals(R) Participates as Proud Sponsor of the 71st ...: FORT WALTON BEACH, FL -- (Marketwir...
Friday at 6:00 PM, enjoy a lecture at the Indian Temple Mound Museum in Fort Walton Beach -- "The Titanic: 100 Years Later" by Judy DeBolt.
fort walton beach singles: Online date - meet with girls and guys
Owning property in Fort Walton Beach means it's easy to get your recommended dose of beach time:
I live in fort Walton beach!! Small world! I drive past that base everyday going to class
Heritage has a show on 04/12/2013 at 09:00 PM @ KC's Sand... in Fort Walton Beach, FL
Last night at the Swamp in Fort Walton Beach, Florida before we head North! Come drink one last time. It's Sunday Funday!
See you all tonight on the sidewalks of historic downtown Fort Walton Beach !
9:00 and in Atlanta this is my one and only stop then straight to fort Walton beach
Electronic Device Insurance
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