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Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter is a Third System masonry coastal fortification located in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.

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Couple wins? Yes. Win it all? Don't think so. Dutch Fork, Fort D, Spring Valley (which already beat Sumter) all mak…
Because of the election of Lincoln. They ruined themselves for good by attacking fort Sumter as a wa…
I want to cut to the after party, when we are toasting the removal of “The Worst Thing to happe…
Ok. But when I reference the Civil War and Charleston, SC she assu…
She literally didnt know where Fort Sumter was & is defending the…
Anyway, if you talk to , be sure she learns about…
Lol you have got to be kidding me. Do you know anything about the…
There is nothing less woke than the Fort Sumter ferry ride and its subsequent tour.
4805 Fort Sumter Rd. 37938. Rumor we hear it was sold and halfway house/rehab. It would have to go bef…
Fort Sumter is a national monument.
The home of Fort Sumter hero Gen'l Robert Anderson was transformed into a Gothic fantasy in 1917…
The thought came about folks in the Civil War era, and potential similarities. Just prior. Just waiting...then, Fort Sumter.
I feel like this should be a bigger story. Pretty sure if this happened on Obamas watch the alt-right would have attacked…
Nice ferry ride out to Fort Sumter @ Fort Sumter National Monument
Congress just introduced 'S. 1459: A bill to establish Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Park in th...'
Attempt to designate Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter as national parks via
In honor of and I introduced the Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie National Park Act
Sanford, Scott revive attempt to designate Fort Moultrie, Fort Sumter as national parks.
President Lincoln to the South seconds before South Carolina fired the first shots of the Civil War at Fort Sumter http…
is reporting a dirty bomb is aboard Maersk Memphis in Charleston, SC. 2km from Fort Sumter, place of first shot i…
We are not at Fort Sumter yet, but Kansas is surely bleeding.
Andrew Jackson died on June 8, 1845. The Civil War begun on April 12, 1861, when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
INFOWARS: Fort Sumter was a false flag from Lincoln's people. HUFFPO: Out-of-touch elites - or Mary Todd. HANNITY: DE…
After the attack on Fort Sumter four other southern states seceded Virginia Arkansas North Carolina in Tennessee.
Happy Spring from Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie! It's a beautiful day to be out exploring your national parks!
Putin ordered ships to fire on Fort Sumter and he personally burned down Washington during the war of 1812
Students are also learning about the secession of southern states to form The Confederate States of America and The Battle of Fort Sumter.
The last time Democrats called an American president "illegitimate" they bombed Fort Sumter to keep their slaves. "John Lewis"
The first shots of the last Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter . The next shots may be fired at Standing Rock. Fight F…
View of Confederate soldiers in the interior of Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, 1863
Bill calls for Fort Sumter, site of Civil War's beginning, to become national park
Don't forget how Edwin Stanton manipulated Lincoln into firing on Charleston from Fort Sumter.
Kady Brownell enlisted with her husband in the 1st Rhode Island Infantry Volunteers the day after Fort Sumter fell. ht…
But the South started the war by firing on Fort Sumter.
Fort Sumter from the album Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, George Barnard,…
yea. Historical reference to battle at Fort Sumter against British. Racist?
Union started war in Fort Sumter deep in South Carolina. If Union didn't want war, they should have offered compromises.
He just showed the girl a picture of him and his train. And then Fort Sumter was fired upon. And a new random guy will enlist.
First shots at Fort Sumter were deep in South Carolina territory. Lincoln provoked.
Helping raise the American flag at Fort Sumter was a privilege 🇺🇸 @ Fort…
after the south attacked them, yes. Heard of Fort Sumter?
or just check mate them in Manassas that woulda been better fort Sumter had to happen imho
I'm at Fort Sumter National Monument - in Sullivans Island, SC w/
I don't know much about US History, but this a history day! 150 years ago today, the Civil War began at Fort Sumter.
Civil War Maj Robert Anderson’s Telegram announcing the surrender of Fort Sumter
THE best tour at Fort Sumter! Thanks for being awesome, Ranger Sarah!
"Confederate forces from Fort Johnson fired the first shots of the American Civil War at Fort Sumter."
Went to Fort Sumter to celebrate NPS 100 year anniversary 💕
I think it's Fort Sumter, but the resemblance is undoubtedly clear:
And free entry to Fort Sumter through Sunday.
The Great Meeting in Union Sq, 1861. 100,000 people gathered to show their loyalty to the Union after Fort Sumter http…
From to at where the Civil War began (at least from a…
in US with Some friendly advice. Don't let him anywhere near Fort Sumter.
Fort Sumter: It's fascinating to visit a place with such a huge role in American history!
Zack & Jared assisting with the end of day flag retirement ceremony at Fort Sumter today.
3. However a ceremony at Fort Sumter on the same day Lincoln was shot convened thousands of black & white Americans to…
April 12th :. 1861 – American Civil War: The war begins with Confederate forces firing on Fort Sumter, in the...
1861: Confederate forces fire on Fort Sumter, starting the American Civil War. https:…
Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Interior view of Fort Sumter. It was created in 1865 by Brady, Ma
Today Fort Sumter was flying the 33 Star US flag to commemorate the start of the Civil War 155 years ago on April...
Abe Lincoln: I have to send provisions to Fort Sumter. J. Davis: this is clearly an act of war. Lincoln:
The Civil War in April 1861 - The Confrontation over Fort Sumter Looms -…
They still haven't forgiven Lincoln for defending Fort Sumter.
Fort Sumter: 155 Anniversary of the start of the Civil War (we just happened to visit today…
Going to Fort Sumter for the third time
Where the British were repelled in 1776, and the attack on Fort Sumter was launched to start the Civil War
He was however a Fort Sumter truther.
Today was the official ceremony of the 155th Anniversary of the attack @ Fort Sumter National…
Today in 1861 - Second relief convoy for Fort Sumter left New York.
Things to Do Saturday, April 9, 2016 What: Fort Sumter will host programs to commemorate the 155th anniversary of...
The only casualties at Fort Sumter were flag-related
Left fort is Castle Pickney, Fort Sumter in back
actually we'll keep a few at Fort Sumter, a place where the US Gov. proudly rises it everyday
these *** are still nursing what they see as open wounds from Fort Sumter. Where's Sherman
Today marks the anniversary of a lesser-known battle for Fort Sumter. One-hundred and fifty-three...
Great day for a little Northern Aggression @ Fort Sumter, Charleston SC
April 7, 1861 - Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard orders all transports to Fort Sumter cut off. This ended...
Even in the rain, we loved our boat ride through harbor and our tour of Fort Sumter.…
"What's he going to do when he gets that 3AM phone call about the Confederates shelling Fort Sumter?"
.on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. Sitof start of Civil War!🇺🇸 w…
.on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. of start of Civil War!🇺🇸 w…
.on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. S of start of Civil War!🇺🇸 w…
.on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. Siof start of Civil War!🇺🇸 w…
🇺🇸 I helped take down and fold the flag at Fort Sumter 🇺🇸
Friday's weather is looking great for the Sunset at Fort Sumter! Book @ or 843-722-BOAT.
LIVE on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. Site of start of Civil War!🇺🇸 with Leslie and Nick
If the effort to reprovision Fort Sumter is resisted, the fort will be reinforced.
Pres. Abraham Lincoln sends message to SC Gov. Francis W. Pickens informing him that Fort Sumter will be reprovisioned.
From walking down the battery, touring Fort Sumter and Boone Hall…
Trip to Charleston, SC...Fort Sumter and Sullivan Island. A few memories of visiting here in my early twenties!
"Remember that time South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter? That’s the literal definition of treason."
Visitors have been walking around things at Fort Sumter National Monument since 1948. Help us celebrate...
it's been flying in fort sumter (good idea) because it'd cost the state $3.6mil to display it. No need for change.
"Lincoln could have defused the Southern independence movement. Instead, it provoked them to fire on Fort Sumter."
Was just up in Fort Valley on Friday. Back up to Macon County / Sumter County this Friday. Family all over that area
The attack on Fort Sumter was a bad way to start a war the south wasn't prepared to fight.
lol I was thinking about that phrase- what if it was fort Sumter- dude come back...well that's a let down
In honor of National Boyscout day, Fort Sumter National Monument wants to extend a big THANK YOU to all of the...
About to see where the Civil War began. (@ Fort Sumter National Monument Visitor Center)
1861: Mike, were you at Fort Sumter when South Carolina seceded? Were nawt doing Souf Carolina cawls today, only Noawth!
where does the spot fit into the MCU canon? is this the Fort Sumter moment that kicks off Captain America: Civil War ??
We are looking forward to blue skies at Fort Sumter. Due to high winds all boats out to Fort Sumter have been...
On February 7th the New York Tribune reported that the wives and children of the garrison at Fort Sumter arrived... The South broke from the Union. The South fired first at Fort Sumter
Hatcher: next threat to Ft Sumter came in April 1863. A division of ironclads cross the bar on Apr 6 to attack fort
Our next speaker is Rich Hatcher, Return to Fort Sumter
Hamilton Collection
"Here," another SC...hello neighbor. You are correct, rebels, some folks forget where Fort Sumter is located
This what remains of the first flag to fly over Fort Sumter (after it was…
This is the flag that flew over Fort Sumter (during the Confederate bombardment of…
Visiting a piece of history, Fort Sumter!
It's February 5th, 1861, and we are about to take the Union's Fort Sumter! it'll be amazing!
It's February 5th, 1861, and Fort Sumter is about to be attacked by the Confederates.
February 5, 1861 . "Fort Sumter will not be surrendered" came from various people in the Buchanan Administration...
We have begun our study of the Civil War this week. Students have learned about the Battle of Fort Sumter and the First Battle of Bull Run.
Fort Sumter and the harbor from the bridge of the USS Yorktown
Some folks like to forget the South started the war at Fort Sumter SC over non-slavery issues.
Fort Sumter, carriage rides around town, a store that has been open since before Civil War, a aircraft carrier you can go on
Woolrich 60 by 72-Inch Fort Sumter Blanket Civil War Blankets Were Made by Woolrich and Supplied to Troops From
April 12th, battle of fort Sumter Charleston Harbor, South Carolina was the official start of the Civil War.
Immediately after Fort Sumter surrendered, Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey offered Secretary of War Simon...
helicopter ride near the Battleship. And also ferry ride to Fort Sumter
Battles of the Civil War 1861 - 1865 From Fort Sumter to Petersburg FREE SHIP
Every war since Fort Sumter has been a business man's war. Whether slavery, xenophobia or the addiction to petroleum.
Morning at the Charleston Harbor with Fort Sumter in the distance
Kevin Durant should bombard Fort Sumter with barrages of artillery and secede from the NBA to start his own league.
They're trying to take down flag at Fort Sumter,,,start of Civil War. Want to erase history.For those who in SC or GA, be…
Tricked into firing on Fort Sumter. Thanks for the chuckle, man. Go read a book some time.
They were tricked into it. Even the commander of Ft. Sumter wanted to leave the fort to the South.
They fired on Fort sumter, they said they were seceding because slavery. Read much?
1961 4-cent Fort Sumter block of 4 with plate#
We're honored to have previously published this section of Terri Witek's BODY SWITCH:
after confederates fired on Fort Sumter. I am rejoining the Union Army to fight this injustice
December 26, 1860: Abner Doubleday's account of the move to Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter - Charleston, South Carolina. The starting place of the American Civil War
WHEN Fort Sumter fell and the war came
Second post in two days is up! Got some gorgeous pics while on a ferry & cool pics from Fort Sumter! Check it out
Civil War doesn't HAVE to start at Fort Sumter, because the Confederacy didn't HAVE to shoot at them. End of story.
you're not interested in facts because they don't serve your narrative. Sumter was a border fort, it was in SC waters. big diff
No more disposable water bottles at Fort Sumter next year.
As the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary, Fort Sumter National Monument is excited to...
.ah, I'll always remember when I first heard about the cannonballs of peace fired at Fort Sumter. How beautiful!
good book on Lincoln and fort did not have plan on first days of office.he became right over time
Fort Sumter, SC in April of 1861, a call went out and farmers and the state forces defended the attack from govt.
Union prisoners receive rations at Fort Sumter in 1864.
I often wonder what, exactly, will be our era's Fort Sumter.
I feel like Lincoln after he found out fort sumter was bombarded
Attack on Fort Sumter ended any chance at reconciliation, perhaps you heard of the event & it's outcome
Can't do Fort Sumter cause their hours are stupid cries. Need 2.5 hours and I fly out tomorrow lol
(3) in 1861, Confederate forces fired upon Fort Sumter, AND THE BATTLE BEGUN, he was president... Is that the real link??
One of locations they have "scouted" was Navy brig in Charleston, SC...Obama forgot what Fort Sumter was all about.
Why would you name the Fort, SumTer, and then a person SumNer. I'm obviously going to screw that upon a test
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
153 years ago today Fort Sumter was fired upon, beginning the War of Northern Aggresion.
We showed them when we took Fort Sumter right after we sank their ships
Olivia is a park guide at Fort Sumter and one of the historic weapons supervisors here. She began her National...
yawn war was declared two months ago when Progress mob shelled Fort Sumter.
Team beat fort, Sumter, and placed top 5 among upstate teams at this tourney. But you don't gotta give credit cause we aren't satisfied ✊🏼
Damage to the exterior walls are still evident today at Fort Sumter.
On the ferry to Fort Sumter on our all-day tour! Beautiful day on the harbor.
The official beginning of the Civil War was marked by the Battle of Fort Sumter on April 12th 1861.
Cleaning and maintaining a Comfortmaker furnace. - Matt B. checked in near Fort Sumter...
Me: *googles why the battle of Fort Sumter affected the Civil War*. google: It started it. me: O tru
The Fort Sumter became a popular patriotic symbol after Major Anderson returned North with it.
Visited Fort Sumter today. The start of the US Civil War.
have you guys tried to investigate fort sumter in Charleston S.C.? I bet you guys would get some great evidence
live update: I'm in Charleston, home of Fort Sumter and the Citadel. I am at one with life.
The Confederate flag over Fort Sumter following its surrender, 1861
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The CSA declared by attacking Fort Sumter because the CSA forgot that Americans respond with overwhelming force to win
I'd like to learn more about the Battle of Fort Sumter but unfortunately the teacher decided to seat me right by Amy and her cleavage.
The south wanted to just expel the North, but Mufti Hussein convinced the Confederacy to fire on Fort Sumter.
The South fired upon Fort Sumter. That was a declaration of war, a war begun by the South.
No states' rights did not start at Fort Sumter; Dear God, read a history book - I'm done
.2017: Netanyahu reveals Palestinians helped the Confederates fire on Fort Sumter in 1861, officially starting the Civil War
The Blue Jackets haven't gotten off to a start this bad since the Battle of Fort Sumter
Over half of the soldiers left Fort Sumter after shots ring out in 1861.
Trump is our Fort Sumter moment. NEXT STEP WILL BE OPEN REBELLION. they better figure it out.
Is the rumor true that said that Fort Sumter happened on Lincoln's watch, but Trump would've been able to prevent it?
Hopping on the ferry to Fort Sumter
Well done Pat Farrell with the win of Fort Sumter today Stable is firing!
Old Fort Sumter wins well another winner from
Greg Ryan on Fort Sumter then was all class. Big run 💰
this race can usually throws up a smart one, Fort Sumter and Budgee boy, Dutch Oven
The last time the nation was this divided the Federals were encouraged to vacate Fort Sumter.
Recommend the Fort Sumter tour at also the very cool :-)
Women Children Waiving Goodbye to Fort Sumter 1861 great old print for display
District 3 will be the Fort Sumter in San Francisco’s escalating Civil War
Located in the harbor of Charleston, SC, Fort Sumter was the site of the 1st Civil War engagement on April 12, 1861.
Have you or your kids become Junior Rangers at Fort Sumter yet? The other day Ranger Antoine swore in a whole...
Fort Sumter marked a Constitutional breech, troops being quartered in homes, the beginnings of the new monarchy
How can some call the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression" when Southern treasonists attacked Fort Sumter?
yes, it's only a few miles from the house that Lee fled when Fort Sumter was shelled. Now Arlington Cemetery
The Union Cavalry in the Civil War: From Fort Sumter to Gettysburg, 1861--186...
TIL a Confederate emissary at Fort Sumter openly admitted that the CSA fired the first shot of the Civil War on ord…
Look up and study operation Gladio, it's the template being used now by our *** from Fort Sumter to Tonkin and the Lusitania to 9/11,lies
Head to White Point Gardens tonight for a free concert + the lighting of Fort Sumter!
The first battle of the Civil War took place at Fort Sumter.
After St. Augustine, I visited the USS Yorktown, Fort Sumter, & Fort Moultrie on my spring break.
if the Confederates hadn't fired on Fort Sumter, Lincoln never could have marshalled support for a hot war.
Yesterday a group of National Guardsmen lowered the U.S. flag at Fort Sumter at the end of the day. We thank them...
Plan of Fort Sumter, SC from March 20- 27, 1865 surveys; 5 years after 1861 bombardment:
A cool boat tour of Charleston Harbour/Fort Sumter!
Charleston is a lovely city. Fort Sumter and the USS Yorktown are amazing as well.
My friends usually dance in the Spoleto Festival and I've never been to Fort Sumter. Plan is getting clearer.
About to tour Fort Sumter so obvi I'm quoting lines from "Shag" in my head
When u in German class but you receive a telegram say Fort Sumter has been attacked.
FORT SUMTER. By the end of the war, the fort was largely just a pile of rubble.
FORT SUMTER. Union forces conducted major operations in 1862 and 1863 to capture Charleston.
FORT SUMTER. Charleston Harbor was completely in Confederate hands for almost the entire duration of the war.
"Theyre people too!"-2 or 3 three years ago. GOAT quote at Fort Sumter.
Going to visit Fort Sumter today. Gonna be a great history lesson
Fort Sumter Tours & Spiritline Cruises on This is a good value for a 1/2 hour harbor, narrated harbor cruise …
Get our history and our rain on at Fort Sumter! @ Fort Sumter National…
April 12, 1865 The American flag raised again at Fort Sumter.
Going to see Fort Sumter and definitely going to reenact the Civil War!
Jackson and his best friend Vance getting ready to cruise to Fort Sumter.
It would be ironic if Obama was accused of wanting to bomb Fort Sumter.
"Michelle, I'm gonna nuke Charleston. Time to make those *** pay for Fort Sumter!"
Because they fired on Fort Sumter, of course.
the Battle of Fort Sumter on April 12-13 1861 with no casualties and the surrender of fort Sumter
battle of fort Sumter was the starting of the Civil War. First shots fired and engagement resulting in victory of the confederacy
I'm having some trouble remembering who said they were leaving first. Or who fired at Fort Sumter first.
the battle of fort Sumter was in 1861 and it was the first battle of the Civil War The south won by continually firing for 34 hours
Trying to not flash everyone at Fort Sumter. The fort that saw the first battle of the Civil War!…
Original picture or storm flag flown at Fort Sumter. What say you
Fort Sumter National Monument would like to say a great big thank you to this volunteer crew from St. Petersburg,...
still basking in that Fort Sumter glory
in Charleston SC, on a WWII aircraft carrier right now, Historic Fort Sumter at 130
Check out these great events from our friends group the Fort Sumter-Fort Moultrie Historical Trust to commemorate...
Charleston Harbor, right across the water from Fort Sumter.
Oh lawd, this is like the first shot at fort Sumter.
"Almost"moved to CHS,looked at Fort Sumter House on King on Battery,the job didn't materialize.Patricia,I'd need a "Michael"!
Yes, those are my kids atop a very large cannon at Fort Moultrie. Tomorrow we likely visit Fort Sumter.
Single-Family – 92 Fort Sumter Drive Holden, MA 01520 is now back on the market!
Someone order me some wings from Pizza Hut, and get them delivered to 2301 Sumter ave fort Jackson!
Fort Sumter! Ah my inner history nerd is so excited! .
I see Fort Sumter and every history teacher ever would be so proud right now
Come on Eileen, let's go to Fort Sumter @ Fort Sumter National Monument
Coming in April: Fort Sumter National Monument will host four days of events to commemorate the 150th anniversary...
unfortunately, no casualties. Fort Sumter, you need some target practice.
1/ I never tried to swim to Fort Sumter. Thomas probably knows I made it up, but he wrote about it anyways because...
GWS Parkwire Rare cannon at Fort Sumter NMon gets new carriage
the building where Jefferson Davis gave the order to fire on Fort Sumter
Breast Cancer Awareness
Lincoln on Fort Sumter: "I do mind, the Dude minds... y'know, this aggression will not stand, man."
[ History ] Open Question : What evidence could be used to support the statement below?: Fort Sumter had become a symbol of national…
Five seconds of Sumter: a band made in memory of the trials and tribulations of the battle of fort Sumter
Today's Civil War stop is brought to you by Fort Sumter and the gal in the pic is totes geeking out…
Paying my respects at the place that started the bloodiest war in American history, Fort Sumter.…
Controversy over slavery and its' expansion paved the journey from Lincoln's election in 1860 to Fort Sumter
Firing on Fort Sumter with very polluting ordinance.
The settlement of Fort Sumter has just been disbanded.
defies the federal government. What's next, federal troops like in Little Rock 1957? Or is this Fort Sumter?
Just finished a tour of Fort Sumter.
Beauregard commanded the defenses of Charleston during the attack on Fort Sumter, which began the in 1861. http…
Shells continue to fall on Fort Sumter. The battle rages.
Amazing old photos of things in Charleston, including of Forts Sumter, Moultrie, and Johnson, which we...
"grow" I think they are already there in place, waiting for that first shot like in Fort Sumter, 1861.
Wait, Frank is now swimming to Fort Sumter? Nah...
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senor at Fort Sumter reported a wind gust to 36 kt...41 mph. Gale Warning in Charleston Harbor today.
Day one of Civil War battle debates! Fort Sumter versus First Bull Run--which was more impactful?
Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor had fewer than a hundred men
Fort Sumter National Monument, including the Fort Sumter, Liberty Square and Fort Moultrie facilities will be...
Last excursion and it's back to Philly. @ Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter National Monument welcomes our newest staff member Ranger Antoine who comes to us from Russell Cave...
On our way to a tour of Fort Sumter.
Out for blood? Me: Born in '55 in Chas, SC. Look up Fort Sumter/ Porgy&Bess. Easy 2 criticize, hard to help!
America...we may be little bruised, but still flying Free!
Some pics from today's cruise and Fort Sumter.
yep. One day in Charleston and Fort Sumter.
motivation to not let someone like her to take the Country back to the first bomb shots fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor
That's a seriously spooky place. Did you go to Fort Sumter too? It creeped me out.
A7 Promise you won't hold this against me, It's Charleston. Fort Sumter kinda freaked me out.
On the ferry to do a tour of Fort Sumter. It was super cool to run the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge last…
12-1 Ohio State vs. 10-2 Auburn would be an interesting debate. Shots may be fired at Fort Sumter.
Flag ceremony at Fort Sumter this morning!!!
Finally getting the chance to tour Fort Sumter
The Citadel may have fired the first shots on Fort Sumter but they're gonna be shooting blanks come Saturday
Just like the days you were teaching us about Fort Sumter,
First shot of the Civil War at Fort Sumter April 12, 1861 @ Fort…
Firing on Fort Sumter was just a quick kiss goodbye...revisionist history.
The most useful thing I've done with my Abraham Lincoln books is use them to make a fort which I may or may not have named Sumter...
Such a beautiful day for visiting a national park! mattondish @ Fort Sumter
Two different people arguing for secession, one for Florida's. Which to choose!
I think I've got all my ducks in a row for first day of researching Fort Sumter at for this NPS project.
What will they do with all the U.S. military bases? Hint: Fort Sumter.
😎 Secured Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter. Top Secret intel zombies are ramping up for Halloween🎃
Students are reporting "live" from Fort Sumter Interview skills, We love social studies!
Ocean Classroom sailing past Fort Sumter aboard as they depart Charleston, SC
My sis and I are on our way to Fort Sumter yay!
Most American wars have obvious starting points or precipitating causes: the Battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775, the capture of Fort Sumter in 1861, the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the North Korean invasion of South Korea in June 1950, for example. But there was no fixed beginning for…
I mean duh. Isn't that what we said after Pearl Harbor and the firing on Fort Sumter?
Today in History -- Sunday, Aug. 17 (3rd day of Woodstock Festival) The Associated Press Today is Sunday, August 17, the 229th day of 2014. There are 136 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On August 17, 1969, Hurricane Camille slammed into the Mississippi coast as a Category 5 storm that was blamed for 256 U.S. deaths, three in Cuba. On this date: In 1807, Robert Fulton's North River Steamboat began heading up the Hudson River on its successful round trip between New York and Albany. In 1863, Federal batteries and ships began bombarding Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor during the Civil War, but the Confederates managed to hold on despite several days of pounding. In 1915, a mob in Cobb County, Georgia, lynched Jewish businessman Leo Frank, whose death sentence for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan had been commuted to life imprisonment. (Frank, who'd maintained his innocence, was pardoned by the state of Georgia in 1986.) In 1943, the Allied conquest of Sicily during World War II was ...
This should be great. I sent for ticket and plan on wearing my SCV Color Guard Uniform. Love old Charleston. Enjoyed our SCV National Reunion there last month and enjoyed visits to battlefield areas where my ancestors went to save the city twice during the war. It is like a double scoop ice cream cone with sprinkles for me. A night time outdoor masonic degree put on by the Grand Lodge of South Carolina in 1860's attire and at Fort Sumter. All proceeds goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Project.
Fort Sumter-start of the Civil War, pretty amazing @ Fort Sumter National Monument
Having a great time boating in the Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter!
charlie king part 3 from Main Line Today Music has its charms, but also its dangers. In the case of a Civil War drummer boy from West Chester, music got him killed. Charley King was 12 years old when the war broke out in 1861. Naturally, he wanted to go. He could beat a drum and, in the early days after Fort Sumter, the war was all about flags, parades and bands. Naturally, Charley’s parents said no. But the captain of a Chester County company—a man raised with a love of music—promised the Kings he would keep their son safe. Less than a year later, after surviving eight battles on the Virginia Peninsula with the 49th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Charley King was killed at Antietam. He was shot as his unit sat waiting for orders. “We should be glad, if we were able, to write his epitaph,” reported the Jeffersonian newspaper. “He was a remarkable boy, and truly may it be said of him that he was not as other boys. Very young, quite small, yet manly. Kind, affectionate, quiet, trusting, yet ...
The guns of Fort Sumter overlooking Morris Island, the place that ignited the Civil War
I'm declaring it for Jefferson Davis. Confederate wins. Show him the way to Fort Sumter.
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