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Fort Mac

Fort Macleod is a town in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada. It was founded as a North-West Mounted Police barracks, and is named in honour of the North-West Mounted Police Colonel James Macleod.

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A few more shots from THE FORT MAC FUNDRAISER
Another example: temperatures were 20C above normal at time of Fort Mac fire
native used what he learned as FF to tackle Fort Mac blaze:
Canada wake up do not give to RedCross or United Way. Fort Mac is their cash cow check out FB 90% of people no homes no $
Such an unfortunate thing to happen to the company that donated $13,000 worth of trees to Fort Mac
Sponsored by award-winning Canadian artists play at Fire Aid For Fort Mac, Jun 29 at Commonwealth Stadium
Busy here too! Built some bookshelves. Thankful for all I have. Bless you for helping in Fort Mac. Losing all can be so hard
Busy. Visiting Fort Mac was eye opening to what a fire can do to a community. How about you Brenda?
$2600 raised to Red Cross Fort Mac relief - Brisdale knows how to give!
Come to our meet-up TONIGHT 7pm. 1 taxpayer. >$22 BN to phase-out coal-for nothing. Better spent on Ft Mac rebuild.
I had an awesome night last night taking photos at the Fort Mac Gala. Just wanted to thank media for or… ht…
Coach Mike Brodeur sees 4 of his goalies outfitted courtesy of following Fort Mac fires
Supplement King Fort Mac is re-opening!!! Fully stock with Advanced Genetics supplements too. Tammy Lynn Powell
Bring the color back to Fort Mac! Stop in a write a message for our friends in Fort McMurray
Sending love to The truck will be Ave C 'til Thurs. Let's Bring the Colour Back to Fort Mac!
so what's the Red Cross doing with all the money donated to them to help Fort Mac evacuees?
Fort Mac's 2016 grads: the future meets the fire. A Maclean’s by and me
Stop by Avenue C Home Centre this week and leave a message for Fort Mac.
So proud of (& grateful for mentors ) on prom in a time of Fort Mac wildfires:
Here Avenue C Home Centre with to Bring the Colour Back to Fort Mac.
As Fort McMurray evacuees begin heading back up North, Airdrie Supports Fort Mac will begin closing their doors.
That's amazing to hear about the museum and that you're back in Fort Mac :-)
I'm back in Fort Mac, We're reopening the museum on Friday - luckily no damage, just a lot of prep to get ready to go again.
Why is there a benefit for "Fort Mac" tonight? They've already raised over $300 mill with matching donations for a city with 10% damage.
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Rehearsing for to help the good people of Fort Mac. Can't wait to…
'We'll have a big Fort Mac family': Former Winnipeg couple returns to northern Alberta city
Thousands of people are going home to Fort Mac this morning. Briar Stewart is there with the latest. Heather Hiscox…
Fort Mac residents begin the tough road home. and I with day one of their return
Noble Vines will donate $1 to help Fort Mac grow back. 667 Pinot Noir and 337 Cab Sauv available at Liquor on McLeod
"Little bit of excitement.. also bittersweet:" Fort Mac evacuees return to uncertain future
Signs greeting Fort Mac residents as they drive into town
Hamilton Collection
"Today begins a journey - the journey home." Premier speaks to media in Fort Mac
Firefighters on a Fort Mac overpass welcoming folks home. They were getting appreciative honks
Huge convoy of fire-fighting equipment sitting at staging area just south of Fort Mac
Traffic on Hwy 63 North to Fort Mac surprisingly light so far on day 1 of re-entry to city
hopefully I can see more of the next games. I'm at a fund raising show for Fort Mac
My mom was interviewed on Canada AM this morning re: Fort Mac evacuees returning home. Good job, ma - https…
Local media called out for being "destroyers of community spirit" over reporting of council's Fort Mac tabling decision.
Stoked to hear is the mystery band tonight for Fort Mac fundraiser show! Missed them last time they we…
As edges past $50 for the first time this year: Output resumes as Fort Mac workers return
Big Oil doesn't want us to point fingers after Fort Mac fire bc it knows where they'd point, says
thank you to Kate and Ross in for a donation to assist Fort Mac evacuees
Syrian refugee boy, 5, gives back with books and toys for Fort Mac
makes excellent point in No business-as-usual in Fort Mac
Air quality health index — usually measured on a scale of one to 10 — currently sits at 38 in Fort Mac
Yes. once again being the greatest, talking displaced Maritimers (🙋), 'King Baby' and Fort Mac:
Aurora residents urged to donate to Fort Mac efforts by attending St Maximilian Kolbe concert tonight
Leduc Composite high school there's a market. proceeds going to A Pets Pantry society and to help relief efforts for Fort Mac pet evacuees
Come down to McDonald's this weekend and buy a "Bigmac for Fort Mac"! $1 form each Bigmac will be donated to the Red Cross!
$1 from every Big Mac sold May 13 - May 15 will b donated 2 Canadian Red Cross in support of the families from Fort Mac. Ca…
Lending a hand to Fort Mac fundraiser, over 1000 dollars raised for the Red Cross so far.
I guess the time has come to educate people about the Fort Mac crisis. 1. The matching of Red Cross Donations is...
Don't forget to "Wear Your Hat for Fort Mac" and bring along a Donation for the Canadian Red Cross!
I wonder how the Fort Mac funds will be squandered
gives cash transfers worth $50M to Fort Mac evacuees in 'unprecedented' move
a friend just emailed me this ..Canadian flag outside Fort Mac legion survived & stands strong
Jimmy Hughes hopes someone affected by the Fort Mac fires will move in
LOCATIONS for Fort Mac evacuees to pick up gov’t relief financial assistance. Open 2pm today.
Fort Mac will rise again . . .after all, they are Albertans! .
I'm back on Inside Sports tonight, live from Commonwealth Stadium. Will have CFL draft coverage, NHL latest, Fort Mac sports impact.
Hey why aren't you in Fort Mac you just don't care wait what oh you're going now why because you wanna take SELFIES???
Great work by Marty Frost. Puppy rescued from burning Fort Mac home reunited with family
Notley to Fort Mac evacuees: 'It is a home you will return to'
I never shout out big corps, but huge kudos to and how they have helped out everyone affected by the Fort Mac fires.
if you graduated last year and your dress is just hanging in your closet donate it to the grade 12 girls of Fort Mac who…
Unifor announces $500K contribution to Fort Mac relief fund:
Fort Mac fundraiser BBQ May 11 at the Lac Ste. Anne County Administration Office between 11 and 2. Bring the family!
My 6 year old nephew set up a lemonade stand and raised $455.10 which he donated to RedCross for Fort Mac, love him. htt…
Eddie Vedder reminds everyone about Fort Mac and perspective before "I Am Mine". Nice moment at the Pearl Jam show.
$5 from every wine kit sold this week will be donate to Fort Mac. THE GOOD GUYS BREW SHOPPE. RIVERVIEW & AMHERST
If anyone knows a lady from Fort Mac who's supposed to graduate this year id be more then happy to take them as my date to grad
Another fundraiser happening for Fort Mac. 137 avenue beside the superstore
Thanks for the smile. As an Edmontonian, I have been anxious for the Fort Mac people up north. We all seem serious.
Fort Mac, you are part of the greatest nation in the world. we all have your back. please lean on us. we will get through this
We lost over 500 homes in the Colorado Black Forest fire and it doesn't even compare to Fort Mac.
Pets on board: Canadian North flies furry Fort Mac evacuees out from oilsands camps
Just donated to Edmonton Humane Society to help Fort Mac animals in need. If u r able, please consider it.
Two teens were killed in fiery crash, while escaping Fort Mac is the daughter of deputy fire chief.. :*(
Justin Trudeau better put just as much time & money into helping those in Fort Mac as he did the htt…
hey Jeff I'm a jeffreak from Fort Mac where the wildfire is happening. My house & many others have burned down. plspray4us❤️
So proud to be in Alberta with everyone pulling together for Fort Mac donate to the Red Cross folks txt 30333
Are you an East Coaster based in Fort Mac and don't have the means to get home? Let me know & I'll help make travel ar…
*** hot 107 was just like "we dedicate this next track to the Fort Mac fire victims" and played My house - flo rida 💀
Anyone who is politicizing the Fort Mac fire defines self-centred. And irresponsible. And plain pathetic.
don't forget this Monday is a dress down day for $2 to raise money for Fort Mac victims
That time we threw a pancake breakfast to support Fort Mac.
Her stop on the way to the Sault St Marie from Fort Mac. By 4 this morning we had found a place for her if needed.
Alan Doyle talking about the connection between Newfoundland and Fort Mac. "Canada is an excellent place" 💜💜💜
50% if print sales going to the Red Cross disaster relief fund for Fort Mac..
Cots, food, water will be available for Fort Mac evacuees at Northlands Expo Centre, Hall A. 7515 118 Ave at midnig…
Just signed up to volunteer with Fort Mac recovery, hope to use my new skills for something awesome
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
"You don't have a Browns in Fort Mac?". "We have a Mary Browns- but that's chicken" 😂😂
Thank you Eddie Vedder for the thoughts on Fort Mac in Quebec City Alberta appreciates it...
Dared to blog on While my guitar gently weeps (Musings on the political fallout of the Fort Mac fires).
SUPPORT FORT MAC! 1$ from every MILL STREET pint sold at Jamesons will go to the Red Cross for the residents of Fort Mac
St. Mary school is starting a donation box for the evacuees of Fort Mac. We appreciate all donations.
Regarding that photo of an officer walking down a street, they didn't say what area of Fort Mac he was in, sorry
what you said about Fort Mac is incredibly insulting. You might consider donating some money to the recovery effort.
Fort Mac disaster could add up to $9b in insurance claims if fire gets worse
Independent Tile Contracting (owner Jerry Williams) has just donated a 10 pack with cart to go with our 10 Pack to Fort Mac!! Thank you!!
The sheer scale of this Fort Mac fire is difficult to process:
My thoughts are with Steve in Fort Mac
Fort Mac is burning and Peru is deluged in oil thanks to two pipeline ruptures. How long does the G7 think it's...
Our hearts are heavy with the events in Fort Mac. Today, we are all Please help if you can
If anyone still needs shelter north of Fort Mac. Shell Albian Camp still has vacancies. North past the bridge to nowhere, follow the signs
TY so much for your donation! I'll be at the draft party if I'm not in Fort Mac helping out. . Really thanks
The surreal picture Julie Lodge, from Catalina, snapped of woman fleeing with horses near Fort Mac hospital. htt…
Anyone from Fort Mac pulling a trailer looking for a place to park. We have room with full power. Message me
Another gorgeous big sky day at CTF. Our prayers are with everyone in Fort Mac. Hopefully those clouds give us...
Don't go to Fort Mac, the fire is getting bigger again there
Fort Mac now ghost town;88,000 have fled,maybe largest evac in Cdn history
Fort Mac has 80,000 people evacuated. Cities with less people include Medicine Hat, Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Brandon, Prince Albert,Vernon
Prayers to Fort Mac! A little goes a long way. Txt this number and type redcross. $5 will be added to your bill...
Sad to hear that St. Paul's Catholic Church in Fort Mac may have also burned down, along with some other denomination churches. So sad.
Home Hardware CEO Terry Davis reports that the Fort Mac store owners evacuated at 3AM with the store okay
Most stunning video I've seen out of Fort Mac yet.
Bonnyville, Whitecourt hotels offering rooms to Fort Mac evacuees:
Can't sleep while Fort Mac burns. And I've seen people try to turn it into a political issue. I'm furious.
As my wife & kids sleep in the house I'm in absolute shock watching video of the Fort Mac fires. So very sad. I can't imagine the horror.
I don't know what to say about this. I remember when Fort Mac was one street at the end of gravel-road highway...
From an infrastructure standpoint (where I work), the impact of Slave Lake's fire was impossible to manage. Fort Mac is going to be BAD
Sending all my love and prayers to everyone affected by the fires in Fort Mac, such an awful tragedy. Stay safe and strong…
We worked in Fort Mac in 2009. It was a beautiful place. Hoping for a safe evacuation and eventual return for all.
Slave Lake fire still fresh in the memories of it's Fort Mac...prayers for all involved. 🙏
Thoughts are with our family in Fort Mac. Wishing my cousins Mat, Mitch, Seamus, Emma and Steph and my Aunt Leslie a safe evacuation.
All of Fort Mac now under evacuation order. Population 100,000. One road out. Unfathomable.
July 9 at Union Hall in July 11 at Wild Bill's in Red Deer. What, no GP or Fort Mac?
Wondering why Loveita sounded like a Caper a few times in her exit interview, then I remembered she lives in Fort Mac
A Fort Mac firefighter's family says an experimental cancer treatment in the US may be his last chance
The December 15th Calgary Canucks home game against Fort Mac has been moved to Strathmore. Test run for a relocation?
Happy Monday FUNday! Kirby wants to open one of these here in Fort Mac! Would you go?-M/K--->
Let's not forget your Fort Mac giveaway Yet Another Blunder You're no Maynard Jackson, Kasim.
Fort Mac came to play, but down the Barons 4-0 to improve to 17-2 this season. Home & home w/ Whitecourt next weekend
Check out this Management/Distributor, Full Training at Mac Tools in
Three of Fort Mac's finest enjoying a of
Somthing tells me this show tonight in Mac will be one for the history books. Can I ever feel the ELECTRICITY!! Still a few tixs left.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Canada, Fort Mac Murray bans plastic bags. Are you going to step up? Charge for bags or give canvas bag for life
All packed, Alberta bound. Edmonton for the night then Fort Mac tomorrow
Fort mac fall festival future home of Tyler Perry studios and community access.
Fort Mac Fall Festival is in full swing. Come out and join us! AFRD will make sure you have a smoke detector.
Fort Mac FallFest fun for entire family!
We out here getting ready for Fort Mac FallFest...enter Fort McPherson from Lee St...come check us out!
How high income earners can still find themselves insolvent via chronicleherald
Two-part feature on Nova Scotians in oilpatch: Back from Fort Mac and can’t wait to get back
was actually on my way from Vancouver to Fort Mac ( I hated it, stayed a week and left) and was on the way to live in Saskatoon
Congratulations to Legend football as they beat Douglas County tonight 24-0 to improve to 4-4 on the season. Ftn-Fort Car…
this kind of mistake would never happen in Fort Mac or CKDJ.
ANOTHER FALLS. Pahokee Blue Devils blanket the team in Class 1A, Fort Meade. 27-0. Krispy Kreme. h…
Tune in now to WOSN for the start of St. Henry vs Fort Recovery Football
Waiting for to get home so we can build a fort, eat popcorn, and watch Charlie Brown while cuddling with our 3 puppies 😍
pt. 1 0 chance you'll read this before you raise taxes come to Fort Mac AB and experience oil life and see what we give up
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I read a book by rubin. They are determined to shut down fort mac. Its time 4 the west 2 separate
I never thought there would be a game to trump the low attendance in Fort Mac in the season opener. We found it in the last 2 weeks.
The acceptance speech should be at the McDonalds in Fort Mac near the hotel the team stayed at.
with his acceptance speech delivered from Austins office at THF.or Fort Mac.
Former Texas Ranger should be handed LA Dodgers job - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
Who's coming out tonite at Kings lounge in keyano college at Fort Mac bow brushoff who's gonna vibe…
Hey Earl, would love to chat about this revelation for Mix 103.7 news in Fort Mac. Send me a DM!
The side of Fort Mac that won't be shared!. Syncrude’s Sandhill Fen wins environmental award | MyMcMurray Portal
if 0% is such a victory, UFS UWC Fort Hare UCT are still in turmoil and policies are shorting people down, this is not victory …
I don't have gr8 internet access right now. Is that DB kid who got torched in Fort Mac still on the PR?
Unfortunately tonight's event was cancelled at Three Taverns Church but join us tomorrow at FORT MAC FALL FEST,...
most northern track in Canada with a rubber service is likely at 56 degrees north in Fort Mac, AB.
Anyone from Fort mac feel like dropping me to the airport at 9:30am?
I have already formed a volatile business relationship with the Staples in Fort Mac
It was a little windy in Fort Mac that day.
MAC men's basketball team will be playing at Fort Leonard Wood this evening against Missouri Baptist in a preseason scrimmage.
I'm in Fort Mac for a meeting today
221 years ago today, Fort Wayne was dedicated at the confluence of the Saint Joseph, Saint Marys and Maumee.
Super hot cop at the Starbucks this evening in Fort Mac around 8. Didn't have the guts to approach her and...
Hey how's Fort Mac? Have you made any new friends? How'… — Fort Mac is alright, made a few friends yeah and a good…
Excited to get thing going with Fort Mac
Work in a bit last night of work than my travels begin , Edmonton by Friday and then back to Fort Mac by Monday ugh so much Kms I'll put on.
Jesus Christ that was a downpour. I felt like I was at Fort Mac like the rain was that cold! Thank god for warm showers
Off to Fort Mac for two weeks tomorrow 😺
Fort Wayne (Ind.) Snider 2017 WR Mac Hippenhammer recaps "great" visit to ($) -
Playing a game in fort mac at 8pm and then going to Sherwood park to play a 2:15pm game that's not fair at all
When it's still September and is snowed a bit in fort Mac this morning
I've worked in Fort Mac, That candidate isn't far off and that's just the town.
So today I applied to Fort Lewis, UNM, & State. 💁🏽
Fort Mac Crafter's Market is on until 4 pm
The trolls will deny in their nose in the air vacuous style. But the days for building huge nasty places like Fort Mac are over.
we're holdin down the FORT at north FORT street using the last bit of free Internet over here writin CVs tryin to get money
Thx to all the Fort Mac peeps who made our wknd so awesome. See y'all October 9-10
1st half rivaled the performance Week 1 vs. Argos in Fort Mac. Really flat, poor execution, and penalties. Diff. in 2nd half.
"People like you".nice Mac. Look there are options in Fort Worth to help you:
Love being in Fort Mac with no car don't know anybody but your sister, dad, and sisters boy friend, and off work till October.5.
At the half its LA Crude over Fort Mac Knights 14-7
wish it was like that I was working in Fort mac suncor labours union that's all gone now
Is this the Yard Sale for the Fort Mac
we've been on this bus for 20 minutes and mac has already constructed a fort made from an extension cord and a blanket I want to go home
794 kms from Fort mac to jasper. 794 kms from jasper to Vancouver. Creepy
All set up and ready for tonight's throwdown at in Fort Mac :) show starts at 9:30pm
Great. . 1-Get rid of that syrupy avatar! Canadian flag! Canada!. 2-You worked at Fort Mac, get some fracking pics up! JOBS!
Nerd alert: The strange allure of waiting in line for the iPhone6s - Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
Close down Fort Mac. It's now ruining Mars. Water! what next?? Air??
Solid 124km now twinned on hwy 63 to Fort Mac! KM100 to KM135 now open
Fort Mac’s Jordan Socholotiuk and the St. FX X-Men take on Laval today in football. He’s ninth in rushing with 25yds in 2gms.
oh, the farthest north I've been was Fort Mac AB and I remember the sun didn't get high in the sky and was gone pretty quick
Rounding out the Fort Mac kids I see on posted rosters is Nick Eric, who is on the Bantam AAA team.
We gotta shift the meaning of climate change denial. If you think we can continue to extract oil from Fort Mac, you are …
More northern lights over Fort Mac. Fun long exposure apps in the App Store (NightCap Pro if you're wondering).
Brad Wall should look at the 5 million litres spilled Fort Mac by Nexen the East may …
saw you guys at the Wild West Fest in Fort Mac. Where can I find your music???
Just like we all thought would happen this time last year. Dave Stala kicking and punting for Toronto at an Argos home game in Fort Mac
A job fair in Fort Mac will try to lure Atlantic Canadian expats back east in a bit of a trend reversal
Scratch Thompson, now hearing Curtis Hunt has resigned from Fort Mac and will be next Raiders GM. has reported as such as well
RBC Cup: Portage/Penticton are in, as is winner of Melfort/Fort Mac. CP/Longueuil/Dieppe alive in east, Toronto/Fort Frances/Soo in central.
You think Brian Jean will win his Fort Mac seat?
nice. Long trip to Fort mac from winnipeg!
I miss waking up in fort Mac with and and playing ringette every day 😔
that's smart , wait so did your step dad own a company up here in Fort Mac or?
Impressive Lego fort building in the Mac garden today!
I dunno. He's from Fort Mac. So he probably does lean hard right.
Escape is at hand for the traveling man. Back in Fort Mac after 14 hrs on the road
From Fort Mac on a tiny plane, to Edmonton, then away from the sunset to Winnipeg, the moon, and my…
Mac and cheese and The Office in the fort. Mhm.
Well that *** Play On isn't coming back to Fort Mac this summer. How else will people know about feeding me passes?
Fort Mac was so much fun i don't know how you guys could top it 😅
Next time make your own pizza on the egg like we do in Fort Mac
Thanks Fort Mac! I had a hoot meeting you and raising $ for your food bank. Thanks
When all the stores in fort Mac said were not gonna sell cherry skoal anymore I was pretty upset, until I seen the can of Copenhagen mint
What was I doing while was in Edmonton? In bed 4 hrs away in Fort Mac
My final four is over... back at the fort to work. year two begins tonight!
Haven't even left Fort Mac yet and I already miss the season and my team 😭💔
Stuck working on Easter Sunday in Fort Mac at least I've got and the
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
working away buddy up in fort Mac. Home on Thursday. What's going on in your world
Off back to peg city tomorrow, peace out fort mac😎
Throwing elbows at bros like I'm back at the crummy metalcore shows at the Nistawoyou Friendship Centre back in Fort Mac.
Sometimes you gotta go to Fort Mac for a week, but then you get to see your wife win first line all star and that is pretty cool!
Remind me to never come to Fort Mac again 😒
Anyone order the white stuff? I think it shipped to the wrong address. Like say Fort Mac?
Man, bartenders (Chantille) r short in Fort Mac for the Food Bank til 8
our Fort Mac dream team will be at the trade show! Come and see us April 24-26
London, Ontario ringette team is in fort Mac 😂 why
Congrats to our own and Elliott Magill for best media feature nomination on Fort Mac to Halifax!
Fort Mac! I'm warming up for Marystown on acoustic Fri-Sat night, also hanging with guest bartender TERRY EVANS from K97
I'm glad you found the rant bits from Fort Mac. I grew up with those!
I went to Fort Mac and all I got was some lousy Hep A
"Because the busta kept me out of handcuffs, he didn't just run back to the fort, the buster brought me back"
We have half of the band from Def Leppard at Fort Mac subdivision
“when you making your way make to Fort Mac ? Do you still visit ?
what was your favourite moment in Fort Mac
I'm watching it at the movie max in fort mac g
My dad's in fort mac when I need him most 😫
Fort Mac will never have nice things 😂😊
"Yes by, this is me 2015 dodge ram crew cab and me new mxz skidoo" . "Do you work in Fort Mac?" . "Yes how'd ya know?"…
A look at how the housing market is holding up in Alberta.
Mountain Goat, from Fort Pedro Games. Coming soon for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows.
I think it's time Fort Mac gets a bowling alley.. I've resorted to online bowling for too long and it doesn't do its justice
Flying potatoes? Robotics teams from Idaho green mohawks to Fort Mac Geer-heads!
Went to Fort Mac saw northern lights finely and mountain goats in jasper !
Hey Fort Mac we had a wonderful time with all y'all!You love us!! You really really love is!! Right back at cha!!
send some of that warmth up north to fort mac. I want the 10 + back.
so can they afford $20.00 whopper or Big Mac? Cost of wage hike must be offset somewhere.
.The Argos playing in Fort Mac reminds me of the late Montreal Expos playing games in Puerto Rico.
All purpose parts banner
Myth busting Fort Mac, Fort McMurray, Things to do in Fort Mac via
ICYMI Fort Mac & Port Hawkesbury mayors share one big concern: falling oil prices
Tyler Perry's plans to buy up most of dormant Fort Mac are still alive after a Gov. Deal board change:
Fort Mac board votes to move ahead with Tyler Perry deal
Tyler Perry plans for Fort Mac still alive amid board change.
After sudden change to Fort Mac board, group votes to move forward with Tyler Perry deal. Details here
A stark divide in Fort Mac - part of ROB's series on the oil sands
Defend the Fort! This article outlines last Thur's Fort Mac meeting via
Tyler Perry strikes deal to redevelop Fort Mac via
Catering A party 2night on the Big Boat down by the River in Fort Mac — at Keyano College
Super excited to see my favorite Aunt Marilyn Sparkes Graham when she stops into visit me on her way to the east coast from Fort Mac. Even if its at 4am!!! lol
Hey think I saw you Q'd for the Fort Mac tourney, that a boy!! Play well!
With mixed emotions... I have sold my house in Fort McMurray. I have lived in Fort Mac for 35 years! Its been very good to me - Excited to be relocating to the Calgary area & start my new journey! 36 days left in Fort Mac!
Last summer I paid two little twin boys a quarter to rebound for me at Fort Mac
The NDP is making anti-oilsands rhetoric the focus of campaign in So much for Fort Mac.
Today is literally Christmas Day! My amazing friend from Fort Mac grabbed all my stuff I left up there 2.5 months ago at another awesome friends place in safety and is almost here with it at my new home in SW Ed. Including my clothes, shoes, books, and other super meaningful things I brought with me up there 7 months ago...
Fort Mac. What a lame st paddys day! Wanted to get messed up!
Day three in Fort Mac. Already done for the day. Saw a small jazz ensemble at 7 am for an hour and nothing scheduled until tomorrow afternoon at 3:30. I've heard some good bands up here and the teachers and students were receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things. Looking forward to being home again tomorrow night. Enjoy your day!
.Relax, no worries, when is 10 times more expensive than Fort Mac will adjust.
wow! Roads are bad here in Fort Mac!!!.glad Jamie Davis Towing is in town and working the roads tonight.maybe...finally...there will be less closures on that dreadful highway!
Petition for seniors in Fort Mac to live well and peacefully downtown as they request. via
Amanda gave me 7.. so here goes! 1. I grew up in Fort McMurray, where I came out at 16. Realizing there were no groups for LGBTQ Youth, I helped to create a group that had youth from all three high schools connect and find support with each other, by age 18 I was one of the first members to create a community group for youth and adults, Freedom Fort McMurray, which still operates today 2. I rolled my quad when I was 13, and luckily I am still here today! 3. I am the survivor of a DV relationship of six years 4. I used to be a vegetarian 5. I know how to sew, and knit 6. I own a Belgian Quarter horse, his name is trigger. When he was at the stables in fort Mc Murray I had the wonderful opportunity to see a fox family up close, coyotes, wolves, beavers, deer, as well as bears and cranes up close which was a little scary, I miss this aspect of Fort Mac. 7. I used to have a bob hair cut, and wore boys clothes, I never really started wearing make up or using purses until I moved to Edmonton Like this p ...
New songs going to be recorded and posted as soon as we can from the new banger.In the process of planning multiple shows in Edmonton, then the fallowing months Morinville, Wainwright, Bonnyville, Westlock, Barrhead, Fort Assiniboin, Swan Hills, Fort Mac, Grand Prairie, Red Deer, Calgary, Jasper and Lethbridge. Keep it posted, stay solid Lad &C.
Don't know who Dave Nichol is. Is this another central Canada thing or did I not see these commercials growing up because I was in Fort Mac?
Alberta Hospice Palliative Care Roadshow "This Thing Called Grief" Sept 17th in Fort Mac. Learing about grief and culture.
Waiting for the Lynyrd Skynyrd rebuttal of Neil Young's "trip" to Fort Mac
Heavy rain from Slave Lake to Athabasca. Some heavy rain in Fort Mac area & heavy rain from TStorms in Camrose SSE thru Drumheller 6:30pm
Not much further to St.John's than Fort Mac is from Edmonton and the commute is safer!
this rain on the window isn't helping.. why do I have to be in fort mac
just moved to Fort Mac. Do you know of any good hair dressers? :P
moving out to calgary. Going to be working up around Fort Mac periodically. Drinks if the opportunity arises?
Rainy ol night in fort Mac hellberta
So sad to read about Kidd Kraddick loved to listen to him before I went on air in Fort Mac
I'm coming to fort Mac soon and were going to a club or having a party
Ms Gemma from Fort Mac does her magic!
Why must it rain EVERY weekend in fort Mac
Pleasure meeting the Golosky family today from Fort Mac
Plot twist: a pack of 135 rabid wolves appear and brutally devour every immigrant in Fort Mac with an important job who can't speak English
Live car chase behind my apartment, fort mac just got exciting. F the police
. looking forward to a special night Here in fort mac come check out our nova Scotia booth
4 hours until I leave everyone for another year and head back to fort mac, going to miss everyone
Jomaa's pizza and donairs? Man that makes me want to drive to Fort Mac right now.
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