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Fort Hood

Fort Hood is a United States military post located outside of Killeen, Texas.

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You gotta come to Fort Hood tomorrow, Joe Torry is gonna be here for a meet & greet.
Fort Hood soldier found unresponsive at Fort Rucker.Nance is the 15th soldier assigned to Fort Hood to die since S…
Fort Hood soldier found unresponsive at Fort Rucker
15th Army soldier from Fort Hood found dead since September
Just in. Fort Hood identifies soldier found dead while attending course at Fort Rucker, Ala.
Was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division based out of Fort Hood, TX.
Comment on Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan is *** and wants a sex-change operation by Dennis Habern
Seems like our 100 year flood is happening every other day .. I heard Fort Hood lost some soldiers due to the... https:…
Remember when Chuck Schumer cried over the attacks in San Bernardino, and Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale, and at Fort Hood?…
By David A. Bryant -- Fort Hood Herald A familiar name has been assigned to be the next III Corps and Fort Hood...
Alex Mathew Dean Taylor is 12th GI from Fort Hood base to die in last 2 months | Daily Mail Online - RIP young man!
Say that to the victims of Fort Hood, Boston Marathon, Pulse Orlando, San Bernardino, Dallas PD, Chattanooga Recrui…
Fort Hood 1st Cavalry Division HCD must MARCH in the under Direct Order of Commander-In-Chief Trump. Sorry…
Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division Horse Cavalry Detachment has been selected to participate in President-elect Trump's inauguration parade.
People seem to have all but forgotten Fort Hood and Major Nidal Hasan. He'd been threatening in plain sight!
AND THE WINNERS ARE … The 1st Cavalry Division’s 3rd Cavalry Regiment earned the team title in the 2016 Fort Hood...
Seven years have gone by since Nidal Hassan killed 14 unarmed people at Fort Hood in the first lone-wolf terror... https:/…
I can't answer for Fort Hood, but I'm not aware of any political motive for the VT or Navy Yard shootings.
Fort Hood becomes first in U.S. Army - FOX 7 Austin
Army Sgt. is first female to graduate cavalry scout school at Fort Hood
First female cavalry scout graduates at Fort Hood
Fort Hood soldier becomes first woman cavalry scout in U.S. Army
Historic moment here on Fort Hood as Sgt. Kayci Landes is set to graduate as the first female cavalry scout in the…
The terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan is an American convicted of fatally shooting 13 people and injuring more than 30 others in Fort Hood=
What is known about Nidal Malik Hasan and Fort Hood shooting
Bombing suspect's blood-soaked notebook mentions ISIS, the Boston Marathon bombers and the Fort Hood gunman. 🔓
With military population dwindling, Fort Hood opens on-post housing to non-military families .
ICYMI: Comedian Carlos Mencia toured Fort Hood and signed autographs at the Clear Creek main exchange, meeting...
Fort Hood's Casey Memorial Library will have their last free movie of the summer this Friday.
Carlos Mencia at the warrior skills trainer at Fort Hood.
Audie Murphy, born in Kingston, demonstrates bayonet training at Fort Hood, 1950's.
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Dallas. Ferguson. Baton Rouge. Virginia Tech. Fort Hood. I can continue forever. America is radicalized. WE are at a boiling point.
I have 7 weeks left of AIT and then I report to Fort Hood in October. I don't much else after that, broski
JOB ALERT!: JBC-P Junior Installer - USfalcon Location : Fort Hood TX US USfalcon, recognized as one of the...
yeah, early metrics of success: Brussels, Nice, Boston, Fort Hood, San Bern , rape after rape after sexual assault
I think you've got the wrong pic? That pic is of Army MAJ Hasan, the islamic inspired Fort Hood shooter.
Top of the hill at Fort Hood, Lake Belton in the distance. 8% grade & 1/2 mile long uphill.
If the Fort Hood massacre was nothing more than "workplace violence," will Obama refer to Nice as "road rage"?
Here are some of the Fort Hood Area Events taking places TODAY. If you know of any others, please feel free to...
What took so long, and why is the Major from Fort Hood still alive?
Carlton Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn. . This should be in every hood
From the attacks in Fort Hood, to San Bernardino to Orlando killings, the one constant in all of these incidents has b…
no Fort Bliss is by Mexico! Fort hood is in between Austin and Dallas
More people were killed in Nice by Jihadist maniac in a truck than were killed by guns in San Bernardino, Orlando, Fort Hoo…
born in Jacksonville, NC. moved to Fort Hood, TX. moved to Fort Sill, OK. moved to Fort Stewart, Ga. moved to Jax, NC
.reading list of mass shootings in USA: “The second Fort Hood shooting… I can’t believe I have to say that.”…
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Staff Sgt. Miguel Angel Colonvazquez, 38, was one of the nine Fort Hood soldiers who died after the military...
State troopers, Patriot Guard Riders escort Fort Hood soldier to local funeral home
Not only are National Guard units are on the grounds at Fort Hood, Texas participating in this year's...
Eddy Rae'Laurin Gates, a soldier from Harnett County killed in an accident at Fort Hood, returns to
Obama calls commander after Fort Hood flood deaths: President Barack Obama is offering condolences and praise to…
Obama calls commander after Fort Hood flood deaths
Family identifies Fort Hood soldier who died in flooding
Last 4 soldiers missing from Fort Hood accident found dead
Fort Hood soldier who died in Texas flooding identified by family: CBS News has confirmed the name of one of the nine soldiers who di...
Rain slows, but flooding emergency worsens along Texas Gulf coast - Army says bodies of 4 Fort Hood soldiers found:
Bodies of 4 Fort Hood soldiers found, Army says, bringing death toll to 9 in Texas floodwater accident.
Fort Hood: Bodies of soldiers missing in Texas floods found...
Statement from on the passing of a Cadet in Fort Hood. Very well written. Be Thou.
BREAKING: Death toll in Fort Hood flooding climbs to 9 after searchers recover more bodies
Fort Hood was closing roads at time truck overturned, killing 5 soldiers - CNN
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An Army Sergeant First Class at Fort Hood faces over 21 charges after a female soldier accused him of recruiting...
Texas Floods: 5 Fort Hood soldiers dead, 4 missing with more rain expected
Our prayers are with the families the soldiers lost in the floods at Fort Hood . . .
from Fort Hood: 3 soldiers in hospital may be released later today.
Sad news out of Fort Hood. Please keep these soldiers and their friends, family, and loved ones in your prayers.
DEVELOPING: 3 Fort Hood soldiers dead, 6 missing in Central Texas flooding today.
This bunch of Marxist *** couldnt stop a massacre at Fort Hood after the guy gave a LECTURE justifying Islamic terrorism.
I think victims of Fort Hood,San Bernardino,Khobar Towers,NYC might differ with HRC
Engineers from the Royal Netherlands Army's 11th Engineers practice door breaches at Fort Hood.
Arlington Muslim Town Hall: Rigged to mock Trump, first speaker cousin to Fort Hood shooter
Cove council to look at land exchange with Fort Hood - The Killeen Daily Herald -
Obama's CIA allowed the Fort Hood massacre, the Boston Bomber and numerous Muslim terrorist attacks in the US
SOFTBALL FIELD DEDICATED TO NATIONAL LEGEND. Fort Hood legend Jackie Robinson was recognized April 6 by the Fort...
Fort Hood: New military hospital officially opened to patients
His mother must be so proud. Fort Hood soldier beats female troop, sends her to the hospital with concussion,...
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Post officials paid tribute to a former Fort Hood soldier as the Lt. Jackie R. Robinson Monument was unveiled...
Fort Hood dedicates new softball complex to baseball legend Jackie Robinson.
Fort Hood: Post pays tribute to baseball great Jackie Robinson
Help support our upcoming trip to Fort Hood, bringing theater to those who serve:
Harvard genius thinks Fort Hood is in his "home state of Florida." Imagine this guy in the general election.
Depends on your denominator, Lessee--there's Fort Hood (by a naturalized American), Boston Marathon, and San Bernadino
San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Chattanooga. The USS Cole. The barracks in Lebanon, and many more. You forgot about those.
Fort Hood, San many more Americans you willing to have slaughtered by Islamic Extremists? No refugees here!
There's a new garrison command sgt. major at Fort Hood:
Can I just got back to colorado springs or fort hood?
look at the one who shot up Fort Hood FFS
you don't know how bad i wanted fort hood! Everything would have been perfect. They actually deploy too! And i didn't i lost it-
i cried when i didn't get fort hood (jk). My first mos was a 68 series and i would have been at fort sam Houston. I was so mad
that's probably the only reason I'd be ok with there or Fort Hood
yess.. I got stationed here for a year. I was thinking about heading to Fort hood though after I leave or Fort Bliss
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Rick Perry was indicted in Texas so he has no credibility Fort Hood, Texas Soldiers don't like Cruz or Perry
tell to QUIT speaking for military veterans we at Fort Hood, Texas don't like Perry we support
Fort Hood will welcome you with open arms
Every person I have met from Fort Worth has been hood af.. but cool dennabii. 😂
really? Try using that to explain Fort Hood 2009 massacre?
maneuver units from Fort Hood, Texas in Korea? Prep for war with North Korea or what???
Doesn't get much more Brooklyn than this: "War of the Rosés" breaks out out between rival wine stores in my 'hood
I was on the phone with the forecaster at Fort Hood today, I feel like we best friends
It's unclear when the testing will be done for a pair of Fort Hood sites on list of locations being examined for...
A pair of Fort Hood sites on a national list to be examined for possible groundwater contamination have not yet...
Our accredited cross-sector training course advises on the systematic investigative process & its application:
Over 100 Soldiers return to Fort Hood from Kuwait: More than 100 Soldiers with the 366th Chemical Company, 457...
I see you are a K-9 Lover here is a great recent story
I love and miss you too! I hope fort hood is treating you well 😃😉
Fort Hood housing started work to fix water damage in the house. Wish was here for
Do you know who worked so tirelessly to get Purple Hearts awarded to the troops at Fort Hood after the massacre?...
Wounded dog leaves Germany for Fort Hood via
7) Refused to acknowledge the Fort Hood Shooting was an act of Terror and called it "workplace violence"
After SPC Andrew Brown and Rocky were injured in Afghanistan, they were taken to Landstuhl hospital in Germany,...
News: Army judge in Fort Hood shooting spree case gets Guantánamo assignment. http…
Weather alert: Fort Hood area may get hit with some thunderstorms today.
What this mom did to surprise her son is INCREDIBLE! . "Only my mother would do this I'll tell you that, but I'm...
Fort Hood Soldier receives amazing surprise from mom
Finna hit west fort hood and drop 50
UPDATE ON MWD Rocky: Injured with his partner in a Bomb blast will be back home on Easter, We are so glad your...
They putting a chipotle on Fort Hood and Fort Bliss.
remember the mainstream media story? Mad at the study group! Pure WH PR ! Reminds me of Fort Hood
Fort Hood breaks ground on massive renewable energy project |
Rocky will soon be heading home to Fort Hood.
The Killeen Daily HeraldRocky, the Fort Hood K-9 injured in bomb blast, due back to Texas on Easter SundayThe ...
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Feeling hood af whenever you hear Travis Scott say "I can tell you about the nights out in Fort Bend"
and then remember who got the Purple Hearts for the Fort Hood victims.
Fort Hood is a U.S. military post located in Killeen, Texas. . In January 1975, the 1st Cav "First Team" was reorganized,
So when me and my husband married. We moved to Texas because My husband was station at Fort Hood. We had a daughter already. My baby girl
was born in Texas, Fort Hood to be specific. Remember that military base that in 2008 was attacked, I was born on...
Robert Turner . near Fort Hood, . Texas wrote: . . "In the beginning, there were the Clinton's. They were the...
TAOTAO San Antonio, Killeen, Fort Hood and the surrounding areas of Texas . . . The I AM CHAMORRO DVDs are in...
Troops from Fort Hood,Texas were among those sent. It is snowing there!
Got my duty station. Fort Hood, Texas! I'm coming back home!!
I'm stationed at Fort Hood. Been looking for your beer. Who in the Central Texas area sells it?
Just in time for this article since two of the cities near Fort Hood are listed as the most stressful in Texas...
Let... the sunshine in..Fort Hood by Mike Doughty ♫
I lived in Fort Hood for 5 years. I love Texas! Straight shooters and patriotic!
Seven Texas cities were included on the list: Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, and...
Emily's father, who works in the military and is currently stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.
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Have you read the Qu'arn? I have. It's evil! Forgot about the Muslim in Texas at Fort Hood?
I, along with other Texas artists are wanting to put on a free show for the soldiers of Fort Hood... Would you be willing to help?
My :) I love her more each and every day, and she never ceases to amaze me. @ Fort Hood, Texas
Im in Killeen Texas & will be meeting with Veterans at Denny's 10:30 then over to Fort Hood talking with Vets on behalf of
Fort Hood and KWTX will broadcast our National Prayer Breakfast, featuring keynote speaker Master Sgt. Eddy Ford,...
And what about the Muslim who joined the Army at Fort Hood to kill Americans? How do we stop that?
Join the network! Civil Rights icon to be guest of honor at Fort Hood event - The Killeen Daily Herald
Army signs its largest renewable energy deal for Fort Hood, solar and wind will save $168 Million
Excerpt: [Every time a Muslim extremist commits some vile act — the massacre at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon...
posthumously present the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Elizabeth "Hug Lady" Laird of Fort Hood, Texas.
Funny how you glossed over San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Marathon, Philly last week. ALL IN U.S.
Mmm Hmm. We've done so well with them so far. Fort Hood, Marathon, San Bernadino, Philly...
Robert Turner, near . Fort Hood, Texas . wrote: . "How far down has the world gone --when terrorists are routinely...
Three critical aspects of replacement hospital at Fort Hood
You know the WHOLE fort hood is off when there's not bugle calls 😂😭
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
JOB ALERT!: COOK NA 7404-04 - Department of the Army Location : Fort Hood TX US TX. These positions are...
Hey, stoned guy in the Fort Hood helicopter crash.
shut yo *** *** up lol Wryd how you liking fort hood?
. Took him five years to classify Fort Hood as a terror attack. Don't hold your breath.
Monday starts my new beginning here at Fort Hood. Gonna try to channel that positive energy into life in general.
One week & 3 days left before my husband will be back from Fort Hood 😊😌😘
Jack Nash and Sam are currently building a fort. They are 5.
Lots of Newtown talk here tonight. Not much about Chattanooga, Fort Hood or San Bernardino. Wonder why.
Nor did he cry for Fort Hood victims,or the men who were killed looking for the traitor Berghdal!
When I was stationed at Fort Hood, I used to drive to Austin just to go to Okay, and maybe 6th street.
How about arms as in guns? San Bernadino AND fort hood shooters were islamists. the crazy white guys were on pyschotropics
How much would you have paid to prevent San Bernardino? How about Fort Hood or 911? Or any other act?
yeah and I'm most likely 9 times of 10 going to Fort Hood or Fort Bliss. I wanna get a house there and go from there
My ex gf (Ashley wanted to be from DC so bad, she wanted to be hood so bad. She was from the suburbs of Fort Washington, MD. 😒😕🙃
And it just so happen to be Fort Hood lol
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My computer no longer be talking to the four people who died in the Fort Hood helicopter crash.
Tyler native takes command of 1st Calvary Division at Fort Hood
Dear fort hood, yo I'm trying to sleep.
days like this are the reasons I hate living so close to fort hood 💯.
no empty seats for the families of the fort Hood massacre which he classifies as a workplace incident
Driving to Fort Hood, sharing real-time road info with wazers in my area. ETA 7:07 PM using - Drive Social.
GM from fort hood, Tx. Wish Vikes victory today. "There is no tomorrow!" fan since '76.
Odd. I didn't see any tears from after Fort Hood, Chatanooga, or San Berdnardino.
Chattanooga. Fort Hood. Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook. San Bernardino. Columbine. Aurora. Look up how these people procured their weapons.
they killin black folks in Chicago, they killin black folks in San Bernadino, in Fort Hood, in Chattanooga, in Sandy Hook
Pentagon: Gitmo prison's getting new Army Command Sergeant Major, MP now at Fort Hood with 26 years service.
Students from Meadows Elementary School visited 2nd 82nd Field Artillery Regiment at III Corps and Fort Hood,...
First Lieutenant Patrick Cook of the 49th Transportation Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas: “When the first shots rang...
Stevens transport is giving free CDL classes at Fort Hood. Do you have any soldiers moving your stage equipment equipment
How much safer would our country be if Fort Hood was called terrorism in 2009? Would Obama be POTUS now?.
That's ok we'll ask those 129 people in Paris...wait, maybe the 13 at Fort Hood...wait...
General Casey: Loss of "Diversity" a greater tragedy at Fort Hood via
Know who wasn't on the no-fly list? SB shooters, Boston bombers, Fort Hood shooter, Chattanooga shooter.
Four Soldiers represented Fort Hood at the 2015 All-Army Basketball camp at Fort Benning, Georgia. Pfc. Darnell...
Emotionally Stuck! Occurred at Fort Hood with weak Army Officers/Casey who neglected to listen to their Knowing~Wise Soldiers!?
Casey Jordan, shut up,just like Fort Hood?keep feeding the liberal media with excuses and politically correctness, it's terrorism
Thank you for your support for the Military, Casey. My son and his soldiers at Fort Hood appreciate your support. You get it.
Sad that our military survives wars only to come home & b murdered on US soil. Ke'Arre Stewart, Fort Hood & many more
Ke'Arre Stewart, an army vet previously stationed at Fort Hood, & a graduate of La Vega HS was one of three killed in Springs shooting.
Video from today's Morgan Mill Community Thanksgiving honoring Fort Hood soldiers.
My name is Greg Jackson and I am from Kokomo, Indiana. I am a medic in the U.S. Army (active duty) and stationed in Fort Hood, TX.
Baylor and Oklahoma's marching bands combine with the Fort Hood band for a Veterans Day performance https:…
83-year-old Elizabeth Laird is known as "The Hug Lady" at Fort Hood where she has given hugs to soldiers leaving... https:/…
Helmet that took bullet hit in Afghanistan returned to Fort Hood soldier - The Killeen Daily Herald
Budweiser Clydesdales coming to Fort Hood. FORT HOOD, Texas – The Budweiser Clydesdale horses will be trotting...
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Six years ago today Muslim killed 14 waging on Fort Hood, Obama Called it Workplace Violence
.What kind of admin. won’t stand up for an elected Kim Davis, but will make concessions for Fort Hood sh…
Fort Hood area house hunters need to stop by my open house through 5 pm today at 229 Crossland - off FM 439. Killeen
New division command sergeant major arrives to Fort Hood:
Nidal Hasan sentenced to death for Fort Hood shooting rampage
Final: Fort Hood takes down Fort Bliss 84-71 and will face Cannon AFB at 5:30 tonight. Hood's largest lead was by 17pts.
Fort Sam Houston will play Killeen tomorrow at 1 p.m. Fort Bliss will face Fort Hood in the loser's bracket at 3 p.m. tomorrow.
he has a short term memory when it comes to Fort Hood shooting,Navy Yard shooter. They always leave them out.
mentally ill. Media made excuses for Fort Hood shooter & Navy Yard killer as well. This is a fact.
they don't.Fort Hood shooting called workplace violence by US gov & Navy Yard shooter called disgruntled employee
Fort Bliss...wish it was Fort Hood lol
John McCain isn't a hero, for example. Nor were those shot at Fort Hood heroes. Nor was the guy in Oregon shot 7 times.
But that's because the majority of girls in the Fort Hood area only like white boys lmao.
Nidal Hasan convicted in Fort Hood shootings -
Like what happened with Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood.
Let's at Department of the Army in Fort Hood, TX. Child and Youth Program Assistant (Target Level-4)
i'm okay with this but why did it take five years to get Purple Hearts for the Fort Hood wounded?
"Attacks such as those at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon and similar incidents in Europe and around the world reveal that many enemies,
as he finally stood trial over the Fort Hood massacre.
Fort Hood finishes off summer concert series with Central Texas band, Te.. Related Articles:
Legislation allowed Fort Hood shooting victims to get Purple Hearts. Why it might not help in Chattanooga.
Commander for Carl R. Darnall Army medical center gives ‘scoop’ on new Fort Hood hospital:
So... what about Nidal Malik Hasan, the leftist Muslim wacko that killed 13 soldiers @ Fort Hood?
Me: You know Copperas Cove?. "No". Me: Fort Hood?. "No..". Me: We're an hour west of Austin. "OH"
Fort Hood cuts will affect local economy
I don't mean to cause panic, but just reminding you that this White House also said the Fort Hood massacre was not a terrorist attack. =^.^=
"I am the shooter," Army Maj. Nidal Hasan says at his court-martial in '09 Fort Hood massacre.
Dromgoole: Authors trace tory of Fort Hood massacre
Wife of Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez is cooperating with law enforcement, FBI official tells CNN.
Fort Hood massacre detailed in Porterfield book - (blog)
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Fort Hood massacre detailed in Porterfield book
Texas Reads: Authors trace story of Fort Hood massacre
A Fort Hood soldier was killed this morning after being by struck by a vehicle while riding his bike.
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