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Fort Dix

JB MDL Dix (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Dix), better known as Fort Dix, is a United States Army base located approximately south-southeast of Trenton, New Jersey.

New Jersey

This might be a great fit for you: RN / LPN - Nights - Fort Dix NJ - NJ
Don't forget to come sample Tornados from the food truck today 10 - 2 @ your Fort Dix Express/Class6!
Friday 09/09-09/11 on Fort Dix, NJ the military base.
Another fab weekend writing retreat with my ladies! Next up: field trip to Fort Dix!
Don't know what Military you served but just Basic training Graduation of 2000 we had at least 75 pass out- Fort Dix
Verizon was effn up being on base. Had minimal service to none on Fort Dix.๐Ÿ˜’
I was in 9th. Was in Fort Dix for a class trip. All the MP's came running out with M-15's
Watch some football on opening day ? Nah spend the whole day at Fort.Dix ๐Ÿ˜ถ
and tried to kill soldiers at Fort Dix.
We're Read about our latest opening here: RN / LPN - Nights - Fort Dix NJ - NJ
Idc if you box Lmaoo . If you still got ya army ID pull up to Fort Dix Monday morning, philly not the far ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I have a 06 formation Saturday which means I'm most likely going to fort dix...Look at God
she's from Fort Worth... I'd hate to see what she'd be stuffing down her throat if she were from Fort Dix...
Alert: Stop Deer Hunting in the ENTIRE Town of Huntington, incl. Residential Eatons Neck, Ashar... via
That *** Los coming home soon he up there in fort dix
Move back to NJ and work on Fort Dix or Hunter Army Air Field in savanna ga.
Perhaps a trip to Fort Dix might be smart. Or to Camp LeJeune to see some marines in basic. Unlikely though.
Fort Dix, NJ, is an hour and a half drive from my house in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, if I re-enlist, I'm going to Dix.
great time this weekend at Fort Dix EDP summer classic thx
Just came back from Fort Dix. We came in first for the EDP tournament.
Fort Dix is on the Jersey side too. ***evil grin***
Caught a catfish this morning at the lake today now headed to Fort Dix
Today I'll coach U12 G in a tournament @ Fort Dix. Pumped get summer season rolling
shore shot and the range on fort Dix are usually where I go! shore shot gets pricey though if you're buying rounds
Film screening on Muslim entrapment at 3700 Chestnut st, Tabernacle Church. Free the Fort Dix 5!
Heading to the hotel today for the Fort Dix tournament tomorrow.
Fort Dix jihad plot: the young man who discovered the plot hesitated to contact police, fearing that to do so might be racist.
TAP Job Fair, this Friday June 17th Fort Dix. Bridging The Gap is ready to help you!
leave for fort Dix July 6th time is flying by ๐Ÿ˜
Hats off to to Benjamin Dix for holding the fort on his PhD Let's go for payasam soon.
1941 Press Photo Golfer T Suffern Tailer stationed at Fort Dix for training
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WU threw Molotov cocktails at military recruiting booths & built bomb to blow up NCO club@ Fort Dix
when they blew themselves up in Greenwich they were building a bomb for NCO dance at Fort Dix to murder soldiers
Tell Diana Oughton that. She was killed by a bomb intended for a dance at Fort Dix
Talk to us about what would have happened at the officers' dance in Fort Dix. .
also bombed a professor's office in MIT, because he didnโ€™t like him. And he wanted to bomb a dance at Fort Dix.
Your girlfriend was killed making a bomb intended to kill army soldiers at a dance in Fort Dix, NJ.
i thought he was waiting for "attempted slaughter of NCOs and their dates at fort dix commemoration act"
Fire at Fort Dix creates smell and plume of smoke at Jersey Shore.
The guard sends my brother away for 2 weeks in the summer, this year he goes to Fort Dix
Friday I am off to Fort Dix for an EDP tournament! We play Red Bulls Academy. Wish me luck.
Military is by far the largest portion of that for states like Kentucky. KY has fort Knox & Campbell, far larger than dix or dover
From Wildfire - Manchester , NJ: Joint Base reporting they are working a 300 acre fire on Fort Dixโ€ฆ
time for some prison time in Fort Dix
6 years for me . 241 for the Army. @ Fort Dix. Army Base
weve stopped a couple attacks with the Patriot Act in place tbh. Fort Dix & Miami plots. I get your larger point tho
If enlisted in the Army she would be stationed at Fort Dix!
apparently Fort Dix has some type of ordinance training
What's with the Arabic signs outside of Fort Dix in NJ? It looks like a giant camp from the air.
Accident, left lane blocked in on I-75 NB at Fort St, stop and go traffic back to Dix Hwy, delay of 8 mins
Half of Fort dix is on fire rn lmao rip AT
I love waking up at 4 to rush to fort dix ๐Ÿ™ƒ
"Do you guys know any fun things I can do with chicken?" -
If I show up @ fort dix do u think they'll let me take Jake home
those words got Fort Dix 5 in prison. Allahu Akber! scum
cell phone use Dix FCI, check YouTube video for full expose on our Tax Payers $$. No protection for staff. What's next??
We've been driving 1.5 days and packing suits for tomorrow's SGE at Fort Dix. If you want to check out the...
I gotta go to Fort dix tomorrow at 3:30 in the morning so I gotta stay at a hotel tonight
Why no one told me Apollo was on fort dix ? ๐Ÿ˜
Joe Giudice NOT placed in maximum security at Fort Dix 4 showing up "drunk," as it doesn't exist! Not placed in iso.
Fort Dix is not a max. sec. prison & he's listed there. He could be in discliplinary segregation but they don't release that info
I doubt it but I am sure he is in a special area of Fort Dix to detox I also don't think he was drunk when he arrived
can you check your sources Fort Dix is not a maximum security facility
he'll be at Fort Dix for a month! he's such a huge part of my life now ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
March 3, 1960: Elvis arrives at McGuire Air Force Base near Fort Dix, New Jersey in the middle of a
Fort Dix with Blake Clark was an amazing night...thanks to all our military for what you do...still cannot believe I passed the background..
At Fort Dix MEPS today briefing shippers on Red Cross'
I'm in a hotel ,I'm joining the army and I had to wake up that early to go to fort dix to do all this stuff and our bus broke down
He needs to start a new show Real Husbands of Fort Dix
So the US Army had a โ€œForeign Legionโ€ of sorts, and trained it at Fort Dix in the 1950s? Well, not really. It...
The highest wind gusts so far were 60 mph at Fort Dix, 59 mph in Northeast Philadelphia, and 59 mph in Brick Twp...
Cigar Fact: Avo Uvezian was drafted during the Korean War and sent to Fort Dix in New Jersey where he completed infantry training.
my ex Beth who I lease from -was stationed in Fort Dix? somewhere close to that area..rode motorcycles + dated back intheday
Dont have to go to Fort Dix anymore . Lets get it ๐Ÿ˜Ž .
Welp, that was fast!. Joe Giudice reported to Fort Dix Correctional Institution i...
How can you produce great story on ''Fort Dix Five'' but take such populist stance on Erdogan?
1942 Press Photo Boxer Billy Conn now soldier heads to Fort Dix from NYC
Where did you go to basic, ait. Where were you stationed. I had basic at Fort Dix , ait Fort Polk, jump school Fort
first of all Herman Munster and cue ball neither one of you need your balls Fort Dix cuz no one wants to recreate with you
Chris Christie is bragging about the Fort Dix investigation in which he entrapped a group of innocent people.
Where? MOS? ect Me, Fort Dix basic - beat ALL the men in my company at marksmanship. Fort Sam 92B, Walter Reed Research
by easthillantiques WWII 'sweetheart pillow' - Sister souvenir of Fort Dix & real Army coat
Oliver Dagum has a show on 10/08/2015 at 03:00 PM @ Ted Talks from Joint Ba... in Fort Dix, NJ
My time at Fort Dix in 1976 and a life long battle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Drunk Giles is life, like when he laughed hysterically at Xander saying Fort Dix, and "Bloody *** " about Willow/Tara.
I'm the only one who knew where we were going @ Fort Dix, Newโ€ฆ
New opening at Colorado State University in - RA II McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
My first MIL passed away almost 10 years ago. Breast cancer. She was a pistol. Worked at Fort Dix.
please play Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Genesis. Dedicated to my fellow service members on Fort Dix, NJ.
On this drenched October morning, ya boy is promoted to PFC at Fort Dix. Never been happier to be so wet. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
I was a victim of identity theft till I fought back from Fort Dix.
What ever happened to the Fort Dix 5? al-Shabab 'terrorists',10 Russian spies, all the work of Christie? CCR, too
*** I'll be in Fort Dix to see my dad though
when I was at FCI Fort Dix prison, a black man raped two white men in the shower. Jail is a dangerous place.
CSM Knowles retires after 32 years, most as a Paratrooper of Here he is as a PVT at Fort Dix, NJ
Headed to Fort Dix to conduct his OPI, one step closer to becoming a US Soldier! @ Fort Dix Army Base
I actually did a modified AIT at Fort dix NJ since I switched when I joined the guard
I planted pine saplings at Fort Dix once.
I juat found my letterea from when I was at fort dix
Debate can't occur if someone is trying to pull you into saying or doing something criminal.
Everyone's favorite former Miami booster and convicted Ponzi schemer has been transferred to Fort Dix, NJ. Not sure when that happened.
DSA Inc., is seeking an Adobe Forms Developer with clearances for Fort Dix,โ€ฆ
DSA Inc, is seeking Business Objects Dashboard/Report Developer with clearances for Fort Dix, NJ
3 of Fort Dix 6 came illegally thru Mexico Not everyone comes for love U can't handle truth.Ur lucky to hav job
Make sure to read this incredible journalism by The Real Story Behind the Fort Dix Five Terror Plot http:/โ€ฆ
Suspicious package at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst non-threatening, all-clear given:
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Matt Libous will be housed at FCI Fort Dix, the same federal prison housing ex-Sen. Carl Kruger.
I just fished this out of my hall closet too. It has Fort Dix on the other side. Not sure what I'mโ€ฆ
This week we remember and honor, Staff Sergeant Robert J. Chiomento, of Fort Dix, N.J.; assigned to 2nd...
2 Pennsylvania contractors sentenced for kickback scheme at Fort Dix:
Col. Shelley Balderson โ€™85 will make USASA, Fort Dix history when she assumes command of training activity!
At the LZ at Deborah. Thank you Medic 36 and Fort Dix Range medics!
Tomorrows going to be a long day. Work then double header... Game at fort dix, then have to go to mercer park for the other ๐Ÿ˜‘
One more day left in fort dix and I haven't had a single tick
Screenwrit3r have you ever seen real UFOs ? I've seen them in Whiting NJ & at Fort Dix
Fort Dix now called the Joint Command of Army, Navy and Air Force. Down sized by more than half. A Federal Prison on site.
Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System just posted a new in Fort Dix, NJ.
now? Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System is in Fort Dix, NJ.
Justice, Bureau of Prisons/Federal Prison System would like you to work for them in Fort Dix, NJ.
, dang i just left nj.. was there for training at Fort Dix
Fort Dix is bumping today. Ok not really. If you're on Ft. Dix stop by Red Cross to visit...make a volunteer smile.
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P3 training with 48th CSH at Fort Dix, NJ.
Hey Deana in Fort Dix New Jersey >> SFI Triple Clicks buy/sell. SFI will pay your debts. FREE to join investigate.
Does this hat make me look like a member of the Village People? Who cares. Now you can chaplain full time at Fort Dix
May be over 1000 miles away but still repping my Lightning @ Fort Dix - US Army
HEY BILL Involved in the Fort Dix plot to โ€œkill as many soldiers as possibleโ€.
My sergeant said mentally I'm not at fort dix and he is so right about that .my mind is definitely wondering else where
Lol ancient aliens talking about an alien shot by fort dix ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€
I live less than 15 miles from the McGuire / Fort Dix (don't forget the Naval air station)
they(let felons vote)?Almost,but copped plea.(Pot-what else?)Got a stinkn bus ride from Fort Dix & 'Nam,but rejected!
The 100th episode just HAS to be tomorrow... and tomorrow I leave training at Fort Dix... thanks
For my military friends, Tilted Kilt is located just 25 minutes away from Fort Dix if you're looking for great food and even better company.
This day in history: Imprisoned soldiers rise up in the Fort Dix, New Jersey Rebellion (1969)
So does anyone want to go to fort dix with me tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜…
at the end of the day your battles are your true ride or dies! @ Fort Dix, NJ
Definitely never the deep south. Probably never gotten beyond New Jersey,maybe never beyond Cape May. Maybe visited Fort Dix.
This weeks photo was taken at our very own Fort Dix in 1961!
I know ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I'm allowed one fast food day a week & I used it with Panera bread at Fort Dix
John Jr and I met with Go Coast Guard recruiting yesterday. In Two weeks he is to report to Fort Dix for a...
Accident cleared in on I-75 NB before Fort St, traffic flowing freely back to Dix Hwy
*Information from the Fort Dix FA Board*. The Fort Dix Family Association - PTO is looking for all...
Major George A.Filer III was an Air Force Intelligence Officer. He testifies on the infamous ET incident at Fort Dix.
I was fortunate my dad taught me that the man is a man is a man and then I was sent to Fort Dix New Jersey at 17
A beautiful Fort Dix morning on the range
no I leave for Fort Dix in two hours
best dunkin donuts is hidden in Fort Dix!
Stuck on fort dix, I'd much rather be home
Marines to conduct demolition training at Fort Dix -
Local News: Marines to conduct demolition training at Fort Dix
Drill weekend down in Fort Dix for weapons qualification.
If you feel shaking or hear noise coming from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, here's why
Marines to conduct demolition training at Fort Dix: (AP) - The ground may sha...
Marines to conduct demolition training at Fort Dix
Marines to conduct demolition training at Fort Dix: The ground may shake and there may be the sound of explosionsโ€ฆ
Mandy who went to school in Fort Dix New Jersey is a fan of WomMobileDeals. >> Insanely great! > Smashing people.
I remember once talking to a British Soldier who was stationed over in the International Section of Fort Dix. He said the easiest--
June 1961. Preparing for basic training at Fort Dix. Who can find me?
Fort Dix end of tour ceremony with Col Brown and Maj Rainey 2009
I really gotta be at fort dix from tomorrow am to sunday afternoon. It's fine, I don't have class work, or events to plan, or need sleep. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Two papers, an exam, bio lab, two quizzes, homework, 7 chapters of reading all by next Friday and I'm gonna be in Fort Dix ALL WEEKEND ๐Ÿ†—๐Ÿ†’
thought our gps was taking us to port norris but it actually took us to Pennsylvania and we don't realize it until were in fckin fort dix
I slept under worse conditions in the trenches. The trenches? Thats right they had trenches at Fort Dix.httโ€ฆ
Brooklyn raised me Fort Dix changed me
"Ah, no. I am no Alfred, sir. No, you forget. Alfred had a job.". *giggles at Fort Dix*. *falls over*. I really enjoy drunk, bitter Giles!
He needs to come home from Fort Dix already.
Fort Dix was the best 2 yrs of my life, & I was pleased 2 consult 4 the US Mint upon leaving the hoosegow
The artillery training explosions at Fort Dix-McGuire Air force and Naval bases today have been considerably annoying. Entire house shaking!
Dear McGuire Air Force base and/or Fort Dix, I don't mind you testing your bombs but at 1030 at night I don't appreciate my house shaking
I want to go to Fort Dix while they're testing these bombs
At fort dix for my drill weekend ugh just cant wait to leave๐Ÿ˜ญ
I live 45 minutes from fort dix in NJ and we can feel whatever "exercises" they are running there
Dear people doing artillery practice at fort dix: kill me please
Shoutout to the explosions at Fort Dix for knocking everything off of my mantle
These explosives at Fort Dix are shaking my house ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix ...
& Fort Dix is bombing away today. I think the house should hold.๐Ÿ˜ฌ
If you or anyone you know are interested in making a trip down to USP Canaan or FCI Fort Dix to visitโ€ฆ
Whole house is shaking from fort dix ๐Ÿ˜•
Marines to conduct artillery training at NJ base this weekend:
Photo: If you hear noise Near Fort Dix..Itโ€™s these things going BOOM!
Here's another photo of the beach defense maneuvers by the NJNG soldiers mobilized at Fort Dix in 1940. Pvt.
going past fort Dix in Plumstead nj
Fort Dix, NJ. Is there an end in sight?
Just now learned Bob Kastenmeier died. He saved my bacon when I was stuck at Fort Dix, N.J., awaiting orders for...
My uncle went to his kids conferences yesterday, is doing weapons training at Fort Dix til Saturday, then is flying to Paris Sunday
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix this weekend
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix -
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix
Attn Courtney in Fort Dix New Jersey,Promote all your URLs now!. Your own Rotator Business. Earn 100 pc Commissions.
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix: People who live near Fort Dix might hear some noise or feel...
yo, Fort Dix is playing 0 games right now.. my whole house just shook ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Off to fort dix military bade to get sworn in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
. . Did you hear that Fort Dix was just invaded?. (by American soldiers)
Got the news from Sgt. Zak in Company C command HQ at Fort Dix as part of NJ Army National Guard.
When I turn 17 I got my GED got my army papers had my dad sign them and I was off to Fort Dix New Jersey
โ€œPlease post your local observations. heavy snowfall at Fort Dix NJ.
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Can we get some peeps to plow fort street and Dix
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I just realized auntie was out here when she wrote a status about being on Fort Dix. I would of loved see her ๐Ÿ˜”
So if I invite Tiger to play at Old Fort, do I have to give him strokes?
Im getting so tired of seeing fort dix lol
Wen Giles gets drunk and says 'fort dix' then laughs uncontrollably I can't
Love seeing cards that kids made for Holiday Mail for Heroes hanging up in offices around Fort Dix
My buddy and i are going on a military trip to Fort Dix to inventory some equipment. Need prayers for safe trip.
TSA? Is a last resort. Look at the fort dix six as an example
I better get stationed somewhere around hilly or at least fort Dix when I'm finished with boot camp
r u guys close to jersey? Navy, got orders to fort Dix. Looking for city's/town recommendations
Preston who drives daily to Fort Dix New Jersey has faith in WomMobileDeals. >> Simply incredible! > Awesome people.
just noticed that on the Fort Dix radar.note the convection firing down by Cape May
Fort Dix Elementary School dismissing today at 12:40 pm due to snow.
. Fort Dix Elementary dismissing at 12:40 pm today due to snow.
Probably the most well-known is an outbreak of 'swine flu' among soldiers in Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1976.
Never know what you may see on leather night at Fort Dix Bar!
Dr. William "Mack" Atkins, D.V.M. age 81, passed away Wednesday, November 19, 2014. Dr. Atkins was born in Walker County, Ga., on February 19, 1933. He lived in Trion at a young age and then moved to LaFayette. Upon graduation from LaFayette High School, he attended the University of Georgia, obtaining a doctor of veterinary medicine degree in 1956. He was then commissioned as a first lieutenant and served in the Veterinary Medical Corps of the United States Army, stationed in numerous locations, including Fort Dix and Fort Monmouth. After completion of his active military service, Dr. Atkins returned to Chattanooga and opened the Brainerd Animal Hospital which he continued to operate until his death. In conjunction with his veterinary practice, he rescued and fostered hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats. Over the years, especially after he finished educating his two sons, he focused his practice and his resources upon caring for and adopting unwanted dogs and cats. This was his calling. Even at age eighty ...
When he was in Fort Dix I used to get real buck on tango ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
US Marine Corp Sergeant Teliah Wilson, who is based out of Fort Dix, performed tonight's National Anthem!
Not published in LIFE. Elvis Presley at Fort Dix, New Jersey, shortly before his discharge from the
get there early, Fort Hope are worth seeing
If you ever get to Fort Dix, pop me a flare.
I feel like there should be more jokes about Fort Dix. I mean, other than that it's in Jersey.
Good to be back home in West Palm Beach, FL after 2 weeks of duty at Fort Dix, NJ with a successful
got ya, Fort Dix Meps, Fort Jackson for Basic, Fort Huachuca for a Ait, Fort Bragg for permanent duty
Your is over. HCI | integrated solutions wants to you in Fort Dix, NJ.
- Computer Systems Analyst II - SASMO at HCI | integrated solutions in Fort Dix, NJ.
Operations Planner / Script Writer: As a trusted systems integrator for more than 50 ye...
good look on the info. I'll take the back way by Fort Dix now
I want to warn anyone who sees the Peace Corps as an alternative to the draft that life may well be easier at Fort Dix or at apost
"I used to make suggestions while I was there what they could do with Fort Dix... but they were physiological impossibilities."
U9 boys NJX Ajax win their final 1-0 at Fort Dix after a close and tense game.
You at fort dix? Bring me 5 of them to Newark nj..i got a $100 for you lol it's true. On base. Lolยป
Long, exhausting, cold but fun weekend with the u11's down at Fort Dix, NJ. Team finishes 2-1-1 scoring 6 goals.
Thank god this weekend is almost over. It never fails to surprise me how terrible Fort Dix is.
U9 boys NJX Ajax make it through to the final after tying 1-1 earlier this morning at Fort Dix.
U9 boys NJX Ajax win 6-1 and 2-1 in their opening day games at Fort Dix.
At Fort Dix for soccer all afternoon -- literally n figuratively
Good luck to my boys today, at their tournament at Fort Dix, you got this boys! ๐Ÿ’™
i been at Fort Dix too long. i done seen almost every reserve unit come & go. even seen BCT & AIT battles lol
A military throwback from 1985 when I was at Fort Dix, NJ for Basic Training in the Army. Happy Veteran's Day -
Been at fort dix for like 2 hours for something that take 5 mins wow.
Heading out to fort Dix in 2 weeks for combat training lessgooo
Anyone ever contact Fort Dix and find out how many times the convict for mayor visited the chapel there?
Dr Nancy Cox on s.and 1976 Fort Dix outbreak and I'll fated vaccine.
now all I have to do is take him to fort Dix to get his military id
Suiting Warriors is packing the Mobile Suiting Unit for Fort Dix tomorrow!
"No, I am NOT driving down to Fort Dix or whatever the *** they call that airplane parking lot.". WIFEโ„ข: "It's...
I go to Fort Dix Tuesday and take this test. I'm ready to progress.
PAINS me that I'm cheering on Rutgers from Fort Dix and not with everybody in New Brunswick...have a beer for me!
The cadets competing for a spot on the team for fort dix went up to UP today to complete rope climbing, land nav & an obstacle course.
Get a new from HCI | integrated solutions in Fort Dix, NJ.
Completed my first 8 Mille Mud Run today at Fort Dix.
I'm to hype. On my way to Fort Dix to qualify with a bunch of weapons ๐Ÿ˜ I love the range!
They talkin Bout fort Dix has bed bugs now the *** am I Gona sleep now im of this
Fort dix for 4 days than going back home and try to do 40 hours at work before Sunday. Ugh can't wait for October ๐Ÿ˜’
"Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team, from Fort Dix, N.J., continue to monitor air
Savader is at FCI Fort Dix and *if* D'Souza gets jail time he'll probably go to a cushy FPC.
Just found out I have to go to the hotel to go to fort Dix tomorrow ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Army soldiers all dressed up for this day. That's love . On my way to Fort Dix ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Fort Dix NJ world military championships. RUS has sent future world champs early in their careers (Tsargush. . .)
no man fort indiantown gap. I thought I was going to dix!!
We have one here in Jersey @ Fort Dix- nonviolent white crime offenders, unlike Rahway
EDP and EFSL kicked off the soccer season this past weekend at Fort Dix. Good luck to all the teams from EDP!
I swear I hope fort dix does you well ๐Ÿ‘
from at the EDP kick-off festival in Fort Dix on Saturday, with buddies Nick and Oli...
I've probably been to fort dix like 30 times
My baby Jay played soccer today w/ his teammates on the Fort Dix Army Base in Pemberton, NJ. Go, Jay!
Shout out to the cop who threw me out of Fort Dix today... You the real MVP
Yes, during WWII. That's my Dad's brother Ed, on leave from Fort Dix before shipping out to Korea in March 1954.
my mom just convinced me that fort dix air force base doesn't fly their planes on Saturdays and I believed it for a minute๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Visiting Fort Dix while at this soccer game ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
The Army Contracting Command Fort Dix NJ has a requirement for Cable TV Broadband and...
Sometimes you come there... sometimes you go, but its always an interesting ride when your near fort dix
"Gore had basic training at Fort Dix from August to October, and then was assigned to be a journalist"
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TBF 6 Days after this was taken I was on a plane headed to Fort Dix N.J. To begin an adventure that would take...
Fort Dix Chapel at is the place 4 free financial workshops. offer tools 2 build reslience
...near naval installations, the NY one is near Fort Dix, the Central Valley CA one is near...
Fort Dix federal prison 2008 never look back keep moving forward don't neverโ€ฆ
Free financial workshops for families at / Fort Dix Chapel on September 15th.
& offer FREE financial planning workshops in Fort Dix Chapel on
Meanwhile, at Fort Dix, former Virginia Del. Phil Hamilton is almost halfway through his decade sentence on bribery/extortion charges.
Dude, where did summer go? I remember being at Fort Dix a few weeks ago.๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Buddy Cianci, once and possibly future mayor of Providence, subscribed to four newspapers in Fort Dix federal prison
ICYMI from The Fort Dix years: A prison mateโ€™s window on
Actually, there were quite a few attacks on America with "W" in the White House (Fort Dix). Folks just forget.
Did columbine did Fort Dix six and brains behind 9 11 ice Irv MY dad train thembin Sussex airport how to fly helicopters not planes thee
"Cianci boasted that he was friends with Giuliani, a remark that was not well-received at Fort Dix."
AWESOME Photo of Caleb in the service ON THE FRONT LINE AT FORT DIX.
30 years ago today I woke up at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I was in the Army going through Basic Training. I never thought I would still be with the National Guard 30 years later.
I worked at Fort Dix & my older friend In Processed Elvis...I was so excited to hear this..he didn't think it was a big deal
By Staff Sgt. Wayne Woolley, DMAVA Public Affairs ย  It was her excellence in basic Soldier Skills that earned Sgt. Samantha Kirk the opportunity to represent the New Jersey Army National Guard at the Region 1 Best Warrior Competition in May. ย  But it was her skills as a medic that kept Kirk in the competition. ย  Kirk badly twisted an ankle on the night land navigation course at Camp Ethan Allen, Vermont, leaving her only a few hours to prepare for the competitionโ€™s two final events โ€“ a marksmanship event that included a quarter-mile sprint followed by a six-mile ruck march over mountainous terrain. ย  She became her own patient, treating her injury with ice, elevation and lots of ibuprofen. She wrapped gauze around her ankle and made it through the shooting event, hitting all 20 targets. Then came the ruck march. ย  โ€œThe terrain was not Fort Dix terrain, there were parts where it felt like walking up a wall,โ€ Kirk said. โ€œIt was pretty intense.โ€ ย  And painful. ย  โ€œI kept telling myself th ...
If anyone thinks we are done in Afghanistan; we did a send off today. 200 heroes are being sent over outta Fort Dix. We have been shipping to 260 heroes; we will be adding at least 34 locals today. Please continue to remember and support our heroes...
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