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Fort Dix

JB MDL Dix (Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Dix), better known as Fort Dix, is a United States Army base located approximately south-southeast of Trenton, New Jersey.

New Jersey United States Army Fort Monmouth Fort Bragg

Fort Dix was the best 2 yrs of my life, & I was pleased 2 consult 4 the US Mint upon leaving the hoosegow
The artillery training explosions at Fort Dix-McGuire Air force and Naval bases today have been considerably annoying. Entire house shaking!
Dear McGuire Air Force base and/or Fort Dix, I don't mind you testing your bombs but at 1030 at night I don't appreciate my house shaking
I want to go to Fort Dix while they're testing these bombs
At fort dix for my drill weekend ugh just cant wait to leave😭
I live 45 minutes from fort dix in NJ and we can feel whatever "exercises" they are running there
Dear people doing artillery practice at fort dix: kill me please
Shoutout to the explosions at Fort Dix for knocking everything off of my mantle
These explosives at Fort Dix are shaking my house 😳
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix ...
& Fort Dix is bombing away today. I think the house should hold.😬
If you or anyone you know are interested in making a trip down to USP Canaan or FCI Fort Dix to visit…
Whole house is shaking from fort dix 😕
Marines to conduct artillery training at NJ base this weekend:
Photo: If you hear noise Near Fort Dix..It’s these things going BOOM!
Here's another photo of the beach defense maneuvers by the NJNG soldiers mobilized at Fort Dix in 1940. Pvt.
going past fort Dix in Plumstead nj
Fort Dix, NJ. Is there an end in sight?
Just now learned Bob Kastenmeier died. He saved my bacon when I was stuck at Fort Dix, N.J., awaiting orders for...
My uncle went to his kids conferences yesterday, is doing weapons training at Fort Dix til Saturday, then is flying to Paris Sunday
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix this weekend
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix: (AP) - People who live nea...
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix -
Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix
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Marines to conduct artillery training at Fort Dix: People who live near Fort Dix might hear some noise or feel...
yo, Fort Dix is playing 0 games right now.. my whole house just shook 😂😂
Off to fort dix military bade to get sworn in 🇺🇸
. . Did you hear that Fort Dix was just invaded?. (by American soldiers)
Got the news from Sgt. Zak in Company C command HQ at Fort Dix as part of NJ Army National Guard.
When I turn 17 I got my GED got my army papers had my dad sign them and I was off to Fort Dix New Jersey featured in NBC s Science of Love
“Please post your local observations. heavy snowfall at Fort Dix NJ.
Can we get some peeps to plow fort street and Dix
😂😂😂😂 I just realized auntie was out here when she wrote a status about being on Fort Dix. I would of loved see her 😔
So if I invite Tiger to play at Old Fort, do I have to give him strokes?
Im getting so tired of seeing fort dix lol
Wen Giles gets drunk and says 'fort dix' then laughs uncontrollably I can't
Love seeing cards that kids made for Holiday Mail for Heroes hanging up in offices around Fort Dix
My buddy and i are going on a military trip to Fort Dix to inventory some equipment. Need prayers for safe trip.
TSA? Is a last resort. Look at the fort dix six as an example
I better get stationed somewhere around hilly or at least fort Dix when I'm finished with boot camp
r u guys close to jersey? Navy, got orders to fort Dix. Looking for city's/town recommendations
Preston who drives daily to Fort Dix New Jersey has faith in WomMobileDeals. >> Simply incredible! > Awesome people.
just noticed that on the Fort Dix radar.note the convection firing down by Cape May
Fort Dix Elementary School dismissing today at 12:40 pm due to snow.
. Fort Dix Elementary dismissing at 12:40 pm today due to snow.
Probably the most well-known is an outbreak of 'swine flu' among soldiers in Fort Dix, New Jersey in 1976.
Never know what you may see on leather night at Fort Dix Bar!
Dr. William "Mack" Atkins, D.V.M. age 81, passed away Wednesday, November 19, 2014. Dr. Atkins was born in Walker County, Ga., on February 19, 1933. He lived in Trion at a young age and then moved to LaFayette. Upon graduation from LaFayette High School, he attended the University of Georgia, obtaining a doctor of veterinary medicine degree in 1956. He was then commissioned as a first lieutenant and served in the Veterinary Medical Corps of the United States Army, stationed in numerous locations, including Fort Dix and Fort Monmouth. After completion of his active military service, Dr. Atkins returned to Chattanooga and opened the Brainerd Animal Hospital which he continued to operate until his death. In conjunction with his veterinary practice, he rescued and fostered hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats. Over the years, especially after he finished educating his two sons, he focused his practice and his resources upon caring for and adopting unwanted dogs and cats. This was his calling. Even at age eighty ...
When he was in Fort Dix I used to get real buck on tango 😁😁😁😁
US Marine Corp Sergeant Teliah Wilson, who is based out of Fort Dix, performed tonight's National Anthem!
Not published in LIFE. Elvis Presley at Fort Dix, New Jersey, shortly before his discharge from the
get there early, Fort Hope are worth seeing
If you ever get to Fort Dix, pop me a flare.
I feel like there should be more jokes about Fort Dix. I mean, other than that it's in Jersey.
Good to be back home in West Palm Beach, FL after 2 weeks of duty at Fort Dix, NJ with a successful
got ya, Fort Dix Meps, Fort Jackson for Basic, Fort Huachuca for a Ait, Fort Bragg for permanent duty
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good look on the info. I'll take the back way by Fort Dix now
I want to warn anyone who sees the Peace Corps as an alternative to the draft that life may well be easier at Fort Dix or at apost
"I used to make suggestions while I was there what they could do with Fort Dix... but they were physiological impossibilities."
Closed due to accident in on I-75 NB at Fort St stopped traffic from Dix Hwy, delay of 34 mins http:…
U9 boys NJX Ajax win their final 1-0 at Fort Dix after a close and tense game.
You at fort dix? Bring me 5 of them to Newark nj..i got a $100 for you lol it's true. On base. Lol»
Long, exhausting, cold but fun weekend with the u11's down at Fort Dix, NJ. Team finishes 2-1-1 scoring 6 goals.
Thank god this weekend is almost over. It never fails to surprise me how terrible Fort Dix is.
U9 boys NJX Ajax make it through to the final after tying 1-1 earlier this morning at Fort Dix.
U9 boys NJX Ajax win 6-1 and 2-1 in their opening day games at Fort Dix.
At Fort Dix for soccer all afternoon -- literally n figuratively
Good luck to my boys today, at their tournament at Fort Dix, you got this boys! 💙
i been at Fort Dix too long. i done seen almost every reserve unit come & go. even seen BCT & AIT battles lol
A military throwback from 1985 when I was at Fort Dix, NJ for Basic Training in the Army. Happy Veteran's Day -
Been at fort dix for like 2 hours for something that take 5 mins wow.
Heading out to fort Dix in 2 weeks for combat training lessgooo
Anyone ever contact Fort Dix and find out how many times the convict for mayor visited the chapel there?
Dr Nancy Cox on s.and 1976 Fort Dix outbreak and I'll fated vaccine.
now all I have to do is take him to fort Dix to get his military id
Suiting Warriors is packing the Mobile Suiting Unit for Fort Dix tomorrow!
"No, I am NOT driving down to Fort Dix or whatever the *** they call that airplane parking lot.". WIFE™: "It's...
I go to Fort Dix Tuesday and take this test. I'm ready to progress.
PAINS me that I'm cheering on Rutgers from Fort Dix and not with everybody in New Brunswick...have a beer for me!
The cadets competing for a spot on the team for fort dix went up to UP today to complete rope climbing, land nav & an obstacle course.
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Completed my first 8 Mille Mud Run today at Fort Dix.
I'm to hype. On my way to Fort Dix to qualify with a bunch of weapons 😁 I love the range!
They talkin Bout fort Dix has bed bugs now the *** am I Gona sleep now im of this
Fort dix for 4 days than going back home and try to do 40 hours at work before Sunday. Ugh can't wait for October 😒
"Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team, from Fort Dix, N.J., continue to monitor air
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Savader is at FCI Fort Dix and *if* D'Souza gets jail time he'll probably go to a cushy FPC.
Just found out I have to go to the hotel to go to fort Dix tomorrow 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Army soldiers all dressed up for this day. That's love . On my way to Fort Dix 🇺🇸
Fort Dix NJ world military championships. RUS has sent future world champs early in their careers (Tsargush. . .)
no man fort indiantown gap. I thought I was going to dix!!
We have one here in Jersey @ Fort Dix- nonviolent white crime offenders, unlike Rahway
EDP and EFSL kicked off the soccer season this past weekend at Fort Dix. Good luck to all the teams from EDP!
I swear I hope fort dix does you well 👐
from at the EDP kick-off festival in Fort Dix on Saturday, with buddies Nick and Oli...
I've probably been to fort dix like 30 times
My baby Jay played soccer today w/ his teammates on the Fort Dix Army Base in Pemberton, NJ. Go, Jay!
Shout out to the cop who threw me out of Fort Dix today... You the real MVP
Yes, during WWII. That's my Dad's brother Ed, on leave from Fort Dix before shipping out to Korea in March 1954.
my mom just convinced me that fort dix air force base doesn't fly their planes on Saturdays and I believed it for a minute😩
Visiting Fort Dix while at this soccer game 🇺🇸
domain names
The Army Contracting Command Fort Dix NJ has a requirement for Cable TV Broadband and...
Sometimes you come there... sometimes you go, but its always an interesting ride when your near fort dix
"Gore had basic training at Fort Dix from August to October, and then was assigned to be a journalist"
TBF 6 Days after this was taken I was on a plane headed to Fort Dix N.J. To begin an adventure that would take...
Fort Dix Chapel at is the place 4 free financial workshops. offer tools 2 build reslience
...near naval installations, the NY one is near Fort Dix, the Central Valley CA one is near...
Fort Dix federal prison 2008 never look back keep moving forward don't never…
Free financial workshops for families at / Fort Dix Chapel on September 15th.
& offer FREE financial planning workshops in Fort Dix Chapel on
Meanwhile, at Fort Dix, former Virginia Del. Phil Hamilton is almost halfway through his decade sentence on bribery/extortion charges.
Dude, where did summer go? I remember being at Fort Dix a few weeks ago.🙈😳
Buddy Cianci, once and possibly future mayor of Providence, subscribed to four newspapers in Fort Dix federal prison
ICYMI from The Fort Dix years: A prison mate’s window on
Actually, there were quite a few attacks on America with "W" in the White House (Fort Dix). Folks just forget.
Did columbine did Fort Dix six and brains behind 9 11 ice Irv MY dad train thembin Sussex airport how to fly helicopters not planes thee
"Cianci boasted that he was friends with Giuliani, a remark that was not well-received at Fort Dix."
AWESOME Photo of Caleb in the service ON THE FRONT LINE AT FORT DIX.
30 years ago today I woke up at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I was in the Army going through Basic Training. I never thought I would still be with the National Guard 30 years later.
I worked at Fort Dix & my older friend In Processed Elvis...I was so excited to hear this..he didn't think it was a big deal
By Staff Sgt. Wayne Woolley, DMAVA Public Affairs   It was her excellence in basic Soldier Skills that earned Sgt. Samantha Kirk the opportunity to represent the New Jersey Army National Guard at the Region 1 Best Warrior Competition in May.   But it was her skills as a medic that kept Kirk in the competition.   Kirk badly twisted an ankle on the night land navigation course at Camp Ethan Allen, Vermont, leaving her only a few hours to prepare for the competition’s two final events – a marksmanship event that included a quarter-mile sprint followed by a six-mile ruck march over mountainous terrain.   She became her own patient, treating her injury with ice, elevation and lots of ibuprofen. She wrapped gauze around her ankle and made it through the shooting event, hitting all 20 targets. Then came the ruck march.   “The terrain was not Fort Dix terrain, there were parts where it felt like walking up a wall,” Kirk said. “It was pretty intense.”   And painful.   “I kept telling myself th ...
If anyone thinks we are done in Afghanistan; we did a send off today. 200 heroes are being sent over outta Fort Dix. We have been shipping to 260 heroes; we will be adding at least 34 locals today. Please continue to remember and support our heroes...
On the road again. Segment two of my Army training. Spent the last week at Camp Roberts. Now on to Fort Dix for intermediate level education. See you all in two weeks.
Thanks DeLand Rotary Club for putting the US Flags along the Blvd on holidays and other special days. They were up today for Flag Day. Flag day for a great number of years has had additional significance for me. Jennifer Apgar was born on Flag Day at Fort Dix NJ while I was on active duty. Happy birthday Jen. Our flag to me in part represents that we live in a free country. Thanks to all have served and are serving to protect that freedom
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KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ANNUAL GOLF OUTING The annual St. John Neumann Knights of Columbus Council GOLF OUTING to support the K of C Scholarship and Education Assistance Fund will be held on June 20th at the Fort Dix Golf Course beginning with a shotgun start at 8:00 AM. Following golf, a sumptuous luncheon including beer and wine will be served at the K of C Council Hall in Delran on Bridgeboro Road. Prizes will be awarded for the best scores. The cost is $100 per person. Please call Nick Zacchei at 461-2710 to sign up and for directions.
My godson at Military School in Fort Dix. I have been working with this guy for a long time. He has…
uired constitutional mandate that would or could return a constitutional government again! The proof is all around from 107 thousand white UN railroad boxcars with 135 pairs of human shackles in each car, to the nearly 50 recently upgraded and newly built FEMA concentration camps. Lets not stop at this for the doubting Thomas’s and conspiracy theory critics, buts lets proceed to talk about all the other supporting evidence. Thousands and thousands of guillotines at every US military base across the US and at other locations. Lets just briefly look at some of the verifiable high profile evidence: Reinforcement of bridges along rural highways around US and Canadian borders. Definitely beefing up for military transport. Thousands upon thousands of UN troops training in US for so called "MJTF and Joint UN / American Training Exercises. Russian Military Police training US police in Kansas; Brutalization of US Citizens and domestic riot control exercises. Joint merger of all US law enforcement agencies to f . ...
When I was at Fort Dix, N.J., for Army basic training, my father, an Air Force master sergeant, was stationed at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. I got a weekend pass, and Dad picked me up Friday evening, so we could drive home to Massachusetts. On the way, we stopped at a diner. I was wearing my dress greens, and Dad was in dress blues. The waitress looked puzzled as she took our order. "Is something wrong, ma'am?" I asked. "It's unusual to see men in different branches of the service traveling together," she explained. "That's nothing!" Dad replied. "He's taking me home to sleep with his mother!" The waitress blushed, and she didn't say another word!
I'm leaving fort Dix and 3 vehicles decide to take an exit and break off the rest of the convoy. Now we're waiting. *** sham shields
I see Mcguire/Fort Dix is training today.BOOM BOOM BOOM 💣💣💣
Don't worry about national security, I just graduated Command and General Staff Officer Course. Maybe they will send me to War College one day, or just give me the keys to the tomahawk missiles? It's been a long two years. Very happy to have Fort Dix, New Jersey in rear view mirror. Can't say enough about the incredible instructors and classmates!
Happy 39 th aniversary to my love Laurie Korzeniewski we meet today 39 yrs ago at fort Dix N J and been on a rool ever since Love You Babe
Praying Fort Dix isn't bombing tomorrow 🙏 haven't slept in all week.
1944 Print Reginald Marsh Veterans Service Center New York Michigan Soldiers - Original Halftone Print c7wr3ch. c9koo9i5 rw452ve svr04v9. See the current price here: of christ art poster print reginald marsh 8x10 Reginald marsh's new york: paintings, drawings, prints and photographs **reprint** buller, a.h. reginald (arthur henry reginald), 1874-1944. essays on wheat including the discovery and introduction of marquis wheat, the early history of wheat-growing in manitoba, wheat in western canada, the origin of red bobs and kitchener, and the**reprint** Prints of reginald marsh ***re-print*** the wonderful village; a further record of some famous folk and places by chelsea reach 1944 print reginald marsh veterans service center new york michigan soldiers - original halftone print **reprint** pink marsh, a story of the streets and town. pictures by john t. mccutcheon Picturing new york 1944 print fort dix New Jersey reginald marsh soldier service wartime military - original halftone print.
Staff Sergeant Alice Mae Allison 6888th Postal Detachment England. Before her death, Alice Mae Allison and I spent countless hours writing letters and talking on the telephone. We spoke mostly of the time she spent in the U.S. Army with Company “B” 6888th Central Postal Directors in England where she served during World War Two. I have written earlier about Miss Allison on Face Book but displayed very few images of her in the military. Before Alice passed she sent me all of the photographs taken of her while she was in Belgium and England. I will post four images of this outstanding person in the post, but first a little about Miss Allison. She Alice was born in Bellaire, Ohio, in 1917 to Charles W. Allison, Sr., (1888-1967) and Norina Bell Allison (1890-?). She was just one month old when she arrived in Wytheville where her father Charles worked as a linesman for the local telephone company. He later opened the Allison Dry Cleaners on East Franklin Street. It was here where young Alice spent most of ...
Where Can I Find Meg Ryan I have to do this quietly because Mike is in the next room installing “hurricane protection film.” I bought it not because it cost 80% less than ugly metal shutters but because of Mike.But I didn’t write this to talk about hurricane protection film. I wrote it to talk about Mike. After checking out his view of the weather, I asked if he had children. What followed was a very painful moment. He had a 21 year old son but the boy died in a motorcycle accident. He said he would rather not talk about it because it made him sad. I think he meant sadder. To cheer him up, I asked him about his wife. He said he loved her very much but she left him to have an affair with another man. I jumped to the chase, or whatever the saying is, and said forgive her and take her back (just as I want Elva to do for me). But he said she married the guy and had other children with him. I am exactly 60 years older than the kid in “Sleepless in Seattle.”Even though I am not nearly as cute, I am .. ...
Hopefully when he goes to the army he can get Fort Dix and he'll be an hour away 👌
I cannot be in Germany, but I can go here while TDY... Sebastian's Schnitzel Haus 43 Fort Dix St, Wrightstown, NJ 08562
So happy for my son. He is going to Fort dix to be sworn in on the 27th of June. My future solider. Proud army mom.
bro need to start sharing them chips . He up now and he called me this morning but I missed the call . He in fort Dix now
The Old School Grown and Sexy fathers day affair is going down, Saturday June 14th, at the Savoy. 1444 route 73 north Pennsauken New Jersey. just 2 minutes from the Tacony Palmyra bridge, and 3 minutes from Philly. I want to see my people represent. calling on Trenton New Brunswick Burlington Willingboro Mount Holly Sunbury Fort Dix (KCA) Camden Pennsauken Philadelphia And the rest of the tri-state area To join me, DJ bigken of BK. Productions and Grown and Sexy South Jersey for a grown and sexy celebration. Celebrating all fathers. Doors open at 9 p.m.. you must be 25 years old to enter with proper ID and dress attire. Security will be on point. Zero tolerance This is a grown folk affair
Hey I loved Putnam!! I went to Coles the first for 6 weeks and then went to Putnam! We moved from Fort Dix, New Jersy!!! I have great memories! I loved school!!
I have not slept all frickin week from Fort Dix.
The 119th Observation Group, the NJ National Guard's first air unit, became officially operational on January 30, 1930. The 119th, headquartered at the then new Newark airport, was a favorite of three time governor A. Harry Moore, who often used to ride in the observation seat of one of the unit's planes. He is shown here with unit commander and his "personal pilot" Major Robert L. Copsey, after Copsey flew him from Sea Girt to Fort Dix to observe maneuvers in 1933.
The cover on my page is a picture of my Mom and Dad on their wedding day...June 13, 1942.I know I have told some the story of the locket and that is my Moms wedding ring with it. They were married in Cleveland at the court house along with many other couples over a couple days as the train transporting the troops to Fort Dix NJ stopped there. The picture continues to remind me of what my Dad and so many others did for our country...and today it reminds me that my parents would have celebrated 72 years of marriage if they were still here today...I will wear this locket this weekend as I travel to NC to watch my Granddaughter graduate from High School...something that my parents did not get to do with their own Grandchildren, Mitch and Jenny...bittersweet.
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is a week away, I can't believe it, I will be back to fort Dix, back to *** but it's worth it 💁
Can't wait until this training at Fort Dix is over that check gonna look 😍
First day of the McGuire/Fort Dix United Communities Farmers Market. Jackie is at market enjoying the time with...
Lab found on Fort Dix. Currently staying at Dixon Way 0859B
Last day in Fort Dix..with any luck, I'll be back in Salisbury tomorrow night..that would be ideal.
MEPS tomorrow in Fort Dix at 03:30. Not going to be done until at least 16:00. Hooah
mine is 2 weeks in Fort Dix starting next month on the 19th. 😫
Throwback to when we tried to catch a bunny on the grass that we probably weren't allowed on at Fort Dix 🐇
My baby girl my I love her too death and I'm ready too see her @ Fort Dix Army Base
Meet our speaker Dexter! Born in Fort Dix, New Jersey, he says that the first thing people notice about him is...
write to me Bldg 5910 west 16th street Fort Dix, NJ 08640
I lost my 3rd permission slip...I guess this is God's way of telling me not to go to Fort Dix
you're going to Fort Dix then? And mines in Camp Atterbury, Indiana
after watching this game, I'll def be at Fort Dix gym in the am hooping
Toni Morrissette, one of our volunteer troop leaders in SI: "Friday night, on the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Troop 5327 became the Color Guard for the annual Commander's Installation at the Cespino-Russo Lodge of the American Legion. They brought the house down. They were given the American Patriotism GS Badge by a Coast Guard Commander and a Full Bird Colonel who made the trip up from Fort Dix just to do so. The Colonel also had a huddle with the girls, giving them advice and a copy of The Eagle's Prayer. What a wonderful way to end the Girl Scout year with my terrific girls. From Brownies through Cadettes, Troop 5327 has amassed well over 1,000 hours of community service in hospitals, schools, churches, food pantries, and Sandy-ravaged communities. The seven of them total have earned five Silver, six Bronze, and twenty (count 'em!) Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. They are a credit to themselves, their school, their families and their country. When people ask 'why' and 'how' I am a Girl Scout Lead ...
yeah it wasn't an attack. They accidentally released a single round into the building. We live close to Fort Dix.
HCI | integrated solutions is in Fort Dix, NJ.
This looks EXACTLY like my old kitchen @ Fort Dix
VIDEO: Guam's Sgt. Gene Chargualaf to Represent 9th Mission Command at "Best Warrior" Competition in Fort Dix.
I did my basic training at Fort Dix NJ in the middle of winter.
VIDEO: Guam's Gene Chargualaf to Represent 9th Mission Support Command at "Best Warrior" Competition at For...
VIDEO: Guam's Sgt. Chargualaf to compete at "Best Warrior Competition" at Fort Dix, June 20.
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I gotta go all the way to fort dix for my military id from my dad *** 😩
-- My dollar bill was just found in Fort Dix,NJ
About to intern it out for somebody. "DEEDS NOT WORDS" coolest line from - FORT Dix NJ
Dear fort dix, you suck. lets speed up the next few days so I don't have to see you anymore.
Listening to the falling rain with artillery fire sprinkled through out. McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix, and...
“when we Maccin” I'm at fort Dix for two weeks lol when I get back, we maccin 😎
Going to fort dix in the AM to see john and others swear in, gonna watch big fish and cuddle with Marley to feel better
there's one near Fort Dix and one in PA that are really good
Boston George just got released from a Fort Dix, NJ 20 yr FED stay... My pops just got transfered to W. Va from Fort Dix... I got questions.
Dear Friends,as of June 2 George will be released from Fort Dix,any fan mail sent to the facility will not reach him htt…
When I see at fort Dix and his hair still long af 😂😂😂
(non-scientific poll) 95% of Military in 2 nearby bases believe that the Kenyan is anti-America . NJ - Maguire AFB - Fort Dix
I'm stuck at Fort Dix until the 23 starting Monday .
I spent 2 months at Fort Dix, NJ before going to Iraq...was disappointed every day I woke up still in NJ
New position available at HCI | integrated solutions in Fort Dix, NJ.
what up buddy this is Tyler from Fort Dix
“I'm out fort dix getting ready to go down range to Afghanistan” stay prayed up, you gonna be all good
A high-school friend I just reconnected with through FB asked me what I wanted in a care package... I told her about this popcorn flavor I found at Fort Dix that they don't have over here... she went to so much trouble to try to get it. "Bad news,I called Smart foods trying to locate your favorite popcorn and they don't make it anymore But they are going to send me a smart foods T-shirt to send you as an apology!I don't think the shirt is going to taste as good s the popcorn!" LOL U awesome Karine Matter
Mass Vaccinations Being Prepared For WHO And UN Sponsored Genocide Governments around the world are telling administrators of large facilities such as hospitals, schools and community centres, to prepare for mass vaccination programs set to be instituted later this year. Schoolchildren are being targeted as the first recipients of a swine flu vaccine currently being developed, despite the fact that swine flu has proven far less lethal than originally feared, killing just 160 people worldwide, a figure dwarfed by the number of people who die annually from the regular flu virus. The World Health Organization increased the hysteria surrounding swine flu recently, raising their alert status to level 6, indicating a global pandemic was underway. The last such mass vaccination program to combat swine flu in 1976 resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries, after the Ford administration attempted to use the infection of soldiers at Fort Dix as a pretext for a mass vaccination of the entire country. The ...
So George Jung (the guy Depp played in Blow) is supposed to be release from prison in Fort Dix, New Jersey on November 27, 2014. Awesome 😁
The danger of gun-wielding terrorists is far from hypothetical. According to the Government Accountability Office, individuals on terrorist watch lists attempted to buy guns and explosives at least 1,453 times between February 2004 and December 2010, and in 91 percent of those occasions — 1,321 separate incidents — they succeeded. Numerous terrorism-related incidents on U.S. soil since 9/11 — including shootings in Fort Hood and Little Rock in 2009, and plots in Fort Dix (2007), Quantico (2009), and Seattle (2011) — involved firearms. In response, legislation originally proposed by the Bush Administration and endorsed by the Obama Justice Department (S.34 and H.R. 720) would give the Justice Department discretion — subject to judicial review — to block gun and explosives sales to terror suspects. But the NRA’s Washington leadership has fought strenuously any efforts to close the terror gap, describing attempts to tighten the law as a conspiracy by “politicians who hate the Second Amendment ...
Twelve active-duty Marines from McGuire Air Force Base/Fort Dix stormed up the Seaside Park beach with the mission to deliver the inaugural Seaside Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5k Run/Walk race t-shirt to Seaside Park Mayor Robert Matthies and Rear… [ 41 more words. ]
Soldier wounded in shooting at Fort Dix via 1st a shooting @ Ft Hood, now at Ft Dix? WHAT IS HAPPENING?? 😟
I always wanted to raise my future army brats on Fort Dix base😊
Ready to start NRA Basic Pistol at Fort Dix. Knowledge Skills and Attitude to own and use a pistol.
REMEMBER, you MUST REGISTER* no later than April 14, 2014* via EMAIL to enter the base with a TEMPORARY BASE PASS at Fort Dix, New Jersey unless you already have a BASE PASS. RSVP here only gives us a general idea of how many to expect.
looking for Patricia Harding,Sammi Rufh, Mary Gallagher, Nancy Swanson and Patricia Fields who served in the Army at ft dix, nj with my sidter Gloria Casterline. Email me at renee246
I don't know what's goin on in Fort Dix, but it sounds like the noises the alien ships made in War of the Worlds out here.
Another day at fort dix. Good training.
Sent 6 of my guys out to Fort Dix for EFMB. I hope they all get it, that's a long walk home if they fail.
And then there was the patently absurd airliner liquid fiasco, when we were told miscreants would mix up explosives in the bathroom of an aloft airliner. However, my favorite is the Fort Dix pizza killers, Muslims who were going to deliver death instead of hand-tossed pies. Now we’re going to get ray guns at the airport. “Vigilant Eagle, unlike its rivals, would be sited at the airport. Light, portable anti-aircraft missiles of the type used by terrorists/insurgents lack the ability to hit a jet at cruising altitude, so such attacks would need to be mounted close to takeoff or landing,” Page continues.
Having dinner with the guys, at Fort Dix, NJ
I can remember as a kid at Fort Dix outside the gym we would climb all over these things.
On May 3, 1941, the 78th Division WWI veterans' association held a reunion at Fort Dix, attended by veteran and...
Or, any friends have connections at Fort Dix? I'm working on a project.
Sitting in my house, sending out patches to contest winners. Talkin bout you, Sgt. Smith at Fort Dix
yeah I'm home now. I've been drilling at Fort Dix.
Fort dix with a cloudy mind will be interesting
Bus ride to Fort Dix, is way too long
going to Fort Dix tomorrow, wish me luck.😀
And took me to three different hotels (2 Al Qaeda men in each) the Fort Dix Six
I need a ride from fort Dix to mt holly tomorrow! Fml
Man convicted in 1974 Fort Dix is returned to Leavenworth 37 years after escape - Mar 20 @ 8:22 PM ET
Im kinda glad ion needa goto fort dix . *** wasn't trynna wake up at 430 or 530 am everyday. lol.
NJ is all about sex look at the names! Middlesex county Essex county Sussex county point pleasant long branch fort dix cherry hill
Man convicted in 1974 Fort Dix murder is returned to Leavenworth prison 37 years after escape
road construction. two lanes closed on I-75 SB south of Dix Hwy. Stop and go traffic from Fort St in... h…
And now for the 7 hour bus ride to fort dix with a healthy dosage of 50 caliber machine guns later
I'm like super busy right now and I need to sleep like omg. Maybe after I come back from Fort Dix, you'll get some fun facts.
(FCI Fort Dix) a facility, is now activated by for
Hate school with a passion.. bouta go to a work group or sum. shoulda took my *** to.fort dix 😂
That subway be poppin at Fort Dix lol
I don't think my dad understands what type of *** I will cause if he makes me go to Fort Dix next year. He'll only have one kid.
Worst winter in Jersey by far this year. It's cloudy here at Fort Dix..enjoy the beach and Florida weather!!
All packed and ready to go to Fort Dix.
- After Fort Dix ' i'm going to UCC .
Why is fort dix practicing so early 😩
My father, sleeping in the barricks in Fort Dix boot camp. I love this candid shot of him snapped by an army buddy.
My father on the right and his army pal Tony in Fort Dix, June 1955.
Driving up to Fort Dix and this is starting to become very real. 😢
I'm so suped idont needa goto fort dix no more ! Found an alternative (:
ROTC cadets navigate the confidence course at Fort Dix.
This past weekend was the start of airshow season after a year hiatus. Excited. Can't wait to head to McGuire AFB/Fort Dix.
Gun people of Fort Dix is the best range in our communist state. 300yd outdoor, any cal. 60$/yr, guests for 2$. Paradise
hit a *** if you ever get stationed or even a small trip to fort dix I live 5 min outside that base
1,000 homes at Fort Dix, New Jersey get solar roofs with Mosaic crowdfunding via
Standing in the snow at 5am at fort dix should be fun
Yes, I'd heard that. Apparently Fort Dix was originally Fort *** Not pleasant.
Everyone thinks im in a bad mood, well i just came from fort dix. Shut up and lets just drink
Just got home from Fort Dix and I wanna go back already 😩
I need this start date so I can transfer to fort Dix & buy a house. 💃
Man convicted in 1974 for Fort Dix murder is caught in Florida 37 years after Leavenworth prison escape
Fort Dix , NJ is just to my west and Fort Monmouth, NJ is just to my east!
Went to the PX at Fort Dix blasting Christian and Country.wait, what?
The snow is on its way to Fort Dix!!! I am ready for the 6th if March already!!!
Can't quite believe my dad was one of these guys–and he was a marksman! Regiment trainees shoot targets at Fort Dix.
I left Berlin and was discharged from the United States Army at Fort Dix the evening of the 23rd of February 1971 and arrived home at 0600 hours the following morning on the 24th.The 23rd just happened to be my mothers birthday and I had not seen or talked to her in 19 months and 2 weeks.43 years ago and it seems like yesterday.Sadly,my mother passed away from breast cancer 3 years later on February the 13th 1974.10 days before her 46th birthday.
Right back at Fort Dix, NJ having coffee and thinking about my Battle Buddy SSG Delore.drinking that
Not my favorite thing to do, but this is what I'm doing. It's very cold here. @ Fort Dix U.S Army…
sept 1958 took basic in n company 2nd training regement. Steve lawrence was in our company. I never really knew him, but he did indeed take basic with us. at that time I wasn't very fond of ft. dix, but now I look back at it in a differant way. the flamingo club was in sight of our barracks, wonder if it is still there?
So Jake leaves this morning from school for Fort Dix to do his physical and exam and he won't be back until tommorow and I'm already missing him..he said oh god how are you going to deal with it when I leave in October..I said wine..lots of wine
Where and when did you serve? . I'll start. 1988-1999- Basic at Fort Dix, AIT at APG, MD, Fort Lewis, Fort Bragg,...
A sad case in Fitchburg where a child ( State Kid) was missing for months before the social worker noticed. They are supposed to visit once a month when I hope they lay eyes on the kid. Which brings me back to when I was State Kid and my social worker was Mrs. McNamara who was useless .and whom I never saw one on one. I was very quiet and could not speak in front of my keeper. When I got sober, I got all records and Mrs. Mc had herself down for many visits I do not recall. On one occasion, I escaped for 3-4 days during which, by day, I hid in the trunk of a car and by night I stayed with the people who were helping to help me. We, an Army friend and I, started to hitchhike to NYC. I don't know what I would have done there; I didn't know my *** from my elbow. My friend was on his way to Fort Dix in N.J. I was picked up by State Police in Hope Valley in R.I. Or Conn. I guess that they could see that I was too young to be on the road. I wonder if Mrs. McN even knew about this. She never spo ...
FCI Fort Dix lost a good guy today . Rest in peace Nick , you will be missed .
A few of us stood Flag line for Veteran Joe Paravatis' viewing this evening. Joe served Dec 8 1971 to Dec 4 1973 Fort Dix and Germany. Joe also rode with Blue comets. The family was thrilled and we were honored to do this . The next time an honor mission appears on the WWR boards, remember this is the absolute last time you will be able to pay your respects to that veteran.
now all i need is Teresa and i will be SET! — at Fort Dix Army Base
What a nice day shooting at range 14 fort Dix
I wish, fort dix is the worst place to live
When we moved David promised he would only move the "stuff" in the garage he would use. With a beautiful block wall fence, why would he need a post hole digger? And must I even ask why he brought a snow shovel last used 25 years ago at Fort Dix?
Demobilizing after my deployment to Guantanamo Bay at Fort Dix and enjoying some fine cigars...
I drove from Syracuse to Fort Dix, NJ this morning 4 hour 32 minutes drive time, for me that's at least 30 minutes
At fort dix, NJ heading to catholic mass church then back to the field.
Wis I was throwing some coronas back right now but I have to be at fort Dix New Jersey pulling duty overnight .. Lucky me
Tommarrow gonna be a fun day at fort dixs at range 14
Left for Fort Dix ended in NYC...going out in the city!
To anyone who would like to write me my address is,. FCI P.O box 2000 Fort Dix NJ, 08640 D strong 16017055
THUMBS UP to Fort Dix volunteers and Roswell Cancer Center for ordering materials to celebrate Lynch Syndrome...
Just arrived in Philly. Headed for Fort Dix. The light is at the end of the tunnel!
At fort Dix military base is quite the sight. Now like cool people we are eating at a military based Burger King woo woo
From the Potato Letters--70 years ago: Aunt Nono writing to Uncle Walter, "I had been writing you in my mind. Don't think I had not thought of you over and over... Yes, I know how you feel, and I do sympathize with you, with all of you. You are right, one has to chin up and go on in the situations confronting all of us. Charley [My Grandfather] is going to be terribly lonely, maybe even more than those of you who have to forge on. I feel sure he thought he would be the first to go. I hope my letter reaches you before you leave, if you are leaving... We have wasted a good bit of time in letting each other know how much we care. How I long for the end of all of this--long for natural conditions. Maybe some peace." A letter of condolence form Elnora Winfrey. The family's thoughts were turning to my grandfather and how he would cope as a widower. Uncle Walter had been lucky to get to come home twice--first on furlough and then for the funeral--from Fort Dix, New Jersey, where the 90th Division, TO (forme ...
*** I'm at fort dix. Until I go to boot camp sept 9
Click to get this lead now! It is a 2 Small bedroom 4500 lbs. Long Distance move from FORT DIX NJ, 08640 to DALL...
Reminder: this group is for men and women who went through basic training at Fort Dix. Posts that do not relate to this will be deleted. Please do NOT post political statements, explicit or suggestive sexual comments or sites, or ads for commercial ventures. I will delete them.
I go to fort Dix early in the morning
So long GB, time to get my SkinFade Cut, Fort Dix here I come
Paul had a new '51 Merc that he bought in N.J. He was stationed at Fort Dix. RS
Talked with Bill McKinnon today our old buddy from Hawaii. He's at Fort Dix and has hit the button. Look for his ceremony sometime in November. He's looking for work so let him know if you know anything or not.
Fort dix definitely is run by a hunger games style weather dome; so far we've had snow, sleet and now tornados. Love it.
I'm sitting in the barber shop on fort Dix, and words can't express the feelings I get when I come here. The amount of nasty girls and reservists that are jacked up makes me want to start throat punching people.
Leaving fort dix now that was a very annoying and slow process lol
“na fort Dix .I'm looking for more now”👀
na fort Dix .I'm looking for more now
I think we have a tornado watch here at fort dix!
took a detour to Fort Dix cause I love soccer
So a random question.. Is anyone else's s/o at Fort Dix this weekend for drill?
I've come to the conclusion that Fort Dix is just a place in the woods. There isn't even a sign that says Welcome to Fort Dix.
We have a warm front pushing northward and hence the dense fog advisories until later this morning(warm air overrides the cooler air since it's less dense and so the colder air sinks to the surface). I've attached a couple of upper air soundings(actual, not forecast) from Upton NY(OKX) and Wallops Island, VA(WAL) to show that at surface temperatures range from the middle 30s north to around 50 south, but just a few thousand feet above your head it's into the 60s! In fact, across the Delmarva where the warm front already passed through it's in the middle 60s! We have a cold front to the west that will bring showers and a few strong thunderstorms; Southern Cape May County NJ and Southern Delaware(south of Dover) are under a "slight risk" for severe thunderstorms. Basically the worst case scenario would be strong winds from the low-level jet(a ribbon of fast moving air in the lower part of the atmosphere). As for hail and the threat or tornadoes the chances are very slim as the best dynamics(such as helicit ...
A foggy day at Fort Dix, but it's getting a little warmer!
Good morning! On my way to my annual training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Have a wonderful day!
Chilly morn apt for departing Kentucky, Indiana National Guard media troops headed north today to Fort Dix demob. MPAD in charge.
Russian pilot in US prison with serious health problems but no medical aid - diplomats: Russian diplomats have finally managed to have an in-depth conversation with pilot, Konstantin Yaroshenko, in the New Jersey prison where he is currently serving a 20-year term for alleged intent to smuggle drugs. A delegation headed by Russia’s Consul General in New York visited Yaroshenko at Fort Dix, New Jersey, after making three official requests. Diplomats multiplied their efforts after the pilot’s lawyer reported the grave medical condition of his client, who is suffering from an infection and viral disease accompanied by sharp heart pains. “It’s good that we could meet with him after three written requests to the authorities. We talked for two hours and we had no time limitations,” the Russian Consul General Igor Golubovsky said, as quoted by Interfax news agency. “Judging simply from Konstantin Yaroshenko’s appearance, it was visible that he has suffered from a serious infection, which has exacer ...
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