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Fort Benning

Fort Benning is a United States Army post based in located in Columbus, Georgia in Muscogee County. The post boundaries extend into Chattahoochee counties in Georgia and Russell County, Alabama.

Chattahoochee River Ranger School Golf Scramble United States Army Fort Bragg Ranger Battalion Hal Moore Spartan Race Fort Polk

Meet Ben Perry! He is a paramedic at East Alabama Medical Center Ems, Fort Benning EMS and Tactical Paramedic on SW…
Lol I won't be like that one guy who tried to at Fort Benning
Please share this everywhere. Fort Benning Schools are closed Monday. . At this time, we plan to open our CDCs...
. maybe you see it .. :) little boy rides on a pony is my Boyfriend born in…
Your product could aid warfighting capability, training, & lethality of the Maneuver Force
The NHC forecast track puts the center of then-Tropical Storm Irma over Fort Benning, GA on Tuesday. . A FINE day to be in the Infantry!
Long road trip to Fort Benning and a long night with the boys.…
Weather update: Fort Benning can expect heavy rain, winds between 15-25 mph with gusting up to 40 mph, and...
Pleased to see Fort taking in their sister Fort 💛
Call out for Emergency Fosters!!. In order to ensure the safety of our Fort Benning shelter pets through incoming...
I hope hurricane irma picks up sand hill aka fort benning and never brings it back.
Now if only we could call him Colonel Sander(s). @ Fort Benning,…
I love this can't wait for airborne training at fort benning, georgia! September 17 so close, its my Deployment date
Fort Benning is freaking out about the hurricane... we will be ight
Truth be told I'd like Benning to be renamed for Maxwell Taylor ! Bragg to Fo…
The is 27 on Fort Benning right now
Breast Cancer Awareness
Anyone know anyone in Fort Benning area of Columbus, GA? A friend lost their dog on vacation in the area & we're looking for poster-hangers.
Fort Benning impound! Please share and help the kitty find it's family!
Son just went to Fort Benning, Georgia for boot camp. Hopefully it breaks up a little by the time it gets there!…
Parents and Family Members: If you have a Soldier at Fort Benning or Fort Jackson, please do not worry! They are...
Be advised, if you travel on Fort Benning weekday mornings, we observe Operation Slow Down in the following...
SPECIAL REPORT: Fort Benning celebrates 100 years. A look back at the history via >>>…
Save the date!! The annual Fort Benning Oktoberfest is October 20-22 at Uchee Creek. This event is fun for the...
At Fort Benning, GA to see our nephew graduate. Home of the Brave and Bold!
AMC Theater on Fort Benning will host a special sensory showing of LEAP at 1pm Saturday, Sept. 9 (that's...
It's been fun, Fort Benning. I'm off to Fort Rucker now.
Those who don't have anywhere to go will be transferred to Fort Benning & Fort Drum for shelt…
Gonna be at fort benning. My eta is 6-7 am. Do you live close?
Not going to TN anymore. Decided to book a hotel in Fort Benning in GA. Going to visit some places where it all began.
Really? Your hotel on Fort Benning doesn't even have to watch the football game? This is ridiculous. Should've stayed elsewhere
Participate in the Expo at the Maneuver Warfighter Conference at Fort Benning
If we evacuate to Fort Benning I get to take Ava to where her daddy proposed to me 3 years ago 😍
First step to getting back to good complete. — feeling determined at VA Clinic, Fort Benning, GA
Attention Soldiers who drill at Fort Benning with HHC. BTA is rescheduled to 23-24 Sept for your safety. Call your…
Fort Benning GA USA - Photographer - Candidates shall have at least three 3 years of professional
‼️CHECK IT OUT‼️. Cadet Barto went to Fort Benning, Georgia for Infantry CTLT. His favorite part was getting to...
In November 2003, when driving from Miami (FTAA) to Fort Benning (USARSA), a bunch of us spent two minut…
The picture I posted was from on my way home from fort benning.
Yoo it's crazy I'll be in fort benning, Georgia in 5 days
After basic training my MOS changed to IT. I trained Generals how to use Windows 3.1 at one poi…
Ft. Benning, Ft. Bragg, Ft. Hood... should we re-name US military bases?
Fort Benning doesn't know what kind of love is being reunited for good in a couple weeks. watch out 😚
We only had him for a few hours today. Graduation from Boot camp tomorrow. @ Fort Benning-Custer
Remember. 10 US military facilities in the US are named after Confederate Generals >>> via
Felix Hall was born on New Year’s Day 1922 in Millbrook, Ala., a rural town 11 miles north of Montgomery. His...
How I Start my Transition in 2009 Basic training at Fort Benning, Ga. No Hormones.
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I just moved from Fort Bragg, NC to Fort Benning, GA. My hou…
Central Red Devils Football and The Silver Wings Airborne unit out of Fort Benning, GA. HOOAH!
Fort Polk forever soured me to Louisiana like Fort Benning to GA.
A Mustang in North Dakota, yet it looks freaking Fort Benning post-GWOT up here.
Drill sergeants investigated for sexual misconduct at Fort Benning via
Fort Benning mother of missing USS McCain sailor speaks out More on this sad story
Fort Benning drill sergeants suspended by Army amid allegations of sexual assault against trainees -
Fort Benning drill sergeants has been suspended amid an investigation into multiple sexual assault allegations.
Army suspends drill sergeants at Fort Benning amid allegation of sexual assault via
Investigation into a sex assault allegation at Fort Benning has revealed additional allegations of sexual misconduct
UMUC seeks adjunct faculty to teach, on site in Fort Benning, GA in the Philosophy program:
the Bobby Dodd Institute in Fort Benning, Georgia will fire you if you have any noticeable lady issues
Missing Navy sailor on USS John McCain has ties to Fort Benning
David Akridge, Pat Mitchell, and Allen Merryman take off for Fort Benning, GA!
Army drill sergeants at Fort Benning, Ga. suspended in sex assault probe
"Army Drill Sergeants at Fort Benning, Ga. Suspended in Sex Assault Probe" by REUTERS via NYT
Time for Fort Bragg, Fort Benning, Fort Gordon, Fort Hood, Fort Lee, Fort Pickett, Fort Polk all to be re-…
He is obviously a *** cause I'm at Fort Benning wearing a 82nd patch so where tf else Ima do homework SIR?!
California man sentenced in Fort Benning sexual assault
California man sentenced in Fort Benning sexual assault.
Elvis Lloyd Carden has a show on 08/05/2017 at 08:00 PM @ Fort Benning in Ft. Benning, GA
We have classes here on Fort Benning for awhile but have classes on Thursday too which we cannot miss.
interview in the morning on fort benning I'm claiming it 🙏🏽😌
Celebrating my huge promotion in fort benning tonight with beer and a pool 🎉
-- finger off the trigger* We still have rooms. Plenty of food. I'm gonna put in a c…
Man I can't wait to leave Fort Benning
Get started with UMUC by attending one of the Information Sessions at Fort Benning! Tomorrow, Noon - 1PM
This recent high school graduate is set to be the first female Army infantry recruit from the Orlando area. .
The popular free Family Fishing Night returns to Fort Benning’s historic Russ Park. Bring the whole family!...
miss a funeral for a family member do to the long process of getting on to Fort Benning, Ga
First flight: Hopkins student at Army ROTC basic airborne training at Fort Benning
Active duty service members, we need you on the Fort Benning Army Ten-Miler team! We will host a qualifier race...
The venti Vanilla Bean drink is half price all month long at all Java Cafes on Fort Benning!
We would like to wish Future Soldier Julio Robles safe travels as he heads to Fort Benning, GA for Boot Camp! Julio…
This past weekend visiting Jake in Fort Benning flew by way too fast. So proud of my brother…
Morning run in Fort Benning Ga. for inspiration. It's go time today.
Good bye fort benning it's been real
Interesting fact. Fort Benning is named after a Confederate General.
I use to travel to Fort Benning a lot because I was once a store manager on post.
90% chance I'm going back to fort benning this weekend. How lit is or
While in check out the link between and the School of the Americas, Fort Benning, GA. WE trained ElSal army
Our hot selling product: I din't go to Harvard I went to FORT BENNING , see at
Bowling is a lifetime sport! Join Fort Benning’s Youth Bowling League is designed for ages 6-19. Register...
Register to exhibit at the Fort Benning Expo
Tomorrow I will be at Fort Benning for basic training
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I know that. I just didn't know that Fort Benning conducted boot training. I'm a 40 yr active duty veteran & that's…
Fort Benning is the school of Infantry he train there and I went there for boot camp and infantry training
I trained at boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia at the same training company as Audie Murphy, his s…
Operation Homefront gives back to Fort Benning area military children
heh, fort benning GA is still open for business.
Fort Benning needs to hurry up and call me
Myself and another Soldier from Fort a benning will be there Saturday. How can we meet He is a huge fan of hers for years
*** took my West Point slot" sounds like a pulp erotica paperback that someone would donate to a library on Fort Benning
“This is like going back to Fort Benning”
was welcome to allow Developer Into Fort Benning!
Discover Fort Benning by checking out our Installation Guide today:
New Buildings being created for Fort Benning with Less Lag and more detail! - CSA
My husband leaves in eight days for six months in Fort Benning Georgia... I'm just letting it sink in
Ready to leave Fort Benning, Georgia and head to my new destination
Is there a upgrade price to first class? I'm traveling to Fort Benning,GA for an Army school and wanted to upgrade if it was cheap.
— settings. In 2015 she'd been one of two women to graduate Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia. She…
For the first time in history at Fort Benning, Georgia, four women were among 162 soldiers who graduated.
The Columbus Ga, Fort Benning area has thousands of Disable Veterans, Not one Pulmonary Doctor will accept Choice Card Patients.
I'm helping here in GA - we have some of your district's soldiers here at Fort Benning. You will win! MadMax is through.
75 years ago today, the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment was born in the Frying Pan that is Fort Benning, Georgia. H-Minus!
Myself and another soldier are going to school at Fort Benning,GA. Where can I find coupons for free upgrades if any exist?
At noon today, soldiers from Fort Benning, GA, will jump from a 908th Airlift Wing, AFRC'c C-130s. Watch it live at:
Fort Benning mourns loss of soldier who drowned in the Chattahoochee River "This is a tragic loss." More statements…
Body of Fort Benning soldier pulled form Chattahoochee River...
Body of Fort Benning soldier pulled from Chattahoochee River
UPDATE: Man who drowned in the Chattahoochee River identified as Fort Benning soldier…
New route through Fort Benning is coming together! TIA's helping pave the way to development in
Brings back memories of Airborne School and Fort Benning, GA. Glad I went through this training.
Enjoy that drive! I live in Cusseta,GA just below Fort Benning and I know how long that drive can feel
As I wind down my visit to HOT Georgia, I am humbled and honored to have been in the company of members of the U.S. at Fort Benning.
Fort Benning we call the home of the Infantry. They do basic, Airborne, Rangers, Armor, C…
2 years ago In December right before I left to fort benning😂😂
Sat appts for primary care now being offered by Central AL VA at Montgomery Perry Hill campus, Tuskegee VA campus &…
June 29! Join us the last Thursday of every month for the Fort Benning CG’s Golf Scramble, sponsored by Kia, with...
.pleased with passage of bill that includes $39 million for Fort Benning -.
On this day in 1965, 18 Fort Benning Soldiers, including two pilots and two co-pilots, from...
When you asked where I was stationed? I said Fort Benning lol or you asked something else?
Be sure to stop by the Dixie Road Shoppette in Fort Benning, Georgia today from 12 -2 for free samples of...
Dress for graduation nooo im not going barefoot. @ US Army Fort Benning
Gonna be off to Fort Benning in four days.
Two U. S. Army UH-1D Iroquois helicopters collide in mid-air over Fort Benning, Georgia, in the United States, kill…
It's crazy to think this exact time last year I was on a bus heading toward Fort Benning. 😳
My bf has been in Fort Benning, GA for about 3 months and he sends me letters and today I got a gift and there was…
"This could benefit not only to the Victory Drive area, but Fort Benning as a whole,"- City Planning Dir. Rick Jone…
Hey, I am PCSing oversees and my family will be moving to Fort Benning through the HAAP. I just want to know will...
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I took my test at Fort Benning are you looking at to 10,000 with the Russian Gun to hit the target so far away open sites?
First class of female infantry graduates at Fort Benning. Hats off to you, soldiers.
What's the phone number to the Fort Benning gut truck?
New Sheet Metal Mechanic - 1st Shift: Join us at Fort Benning, GA for work on the UH-60. $26.11 per hour /…
Ready to cut the Army Birthday Cake at Fort Benning. Stay tuned for a full report.
My youngest is a shooter. Went to Nationals at Fort Benning @ 16. She had every branch, re…
I expect that my father is rolling in his Fort Benning grave at that thought.
Ian Grice is facilitating Geometry of Work at Fort Benning, GA.
Come celebrate our nation's independence with Fort Benning MWR Saturday June, 24th, Fun starts at 3pm with food...
Anyone know where I can find a list of homeschooling Co-Ops in Columbus/Fort Benning?
9 days and I finally get out for fort Benning!!!
Ard hmu I leave for Fort Benning hopefully by Sunday
It's so hard not to speed on Fort Benning
Every Wednesday at Ft Benning, you can join us for an Information Session on getting started with UMUC. Come see us!
(e.g. no way little Columbus Georgia could support Fort Benning the way Taft supported us)
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Man says woman set fire to Fort Benning apartment before stealing phone, police say.
Then I won't tell you the story of Fort Benning and the time I finally got it cauterized lol.
Thousands of disable Veterans live in the Columbus Ga, Fort Benning area, Not one Pulmonary Doctor will accept the V A Choice Card.
My wife and I spent a few minutes watching (reminiscing? Hardly..) YouTube videos on Fort Benning BCT…
Jennifer Higgins is facilitating the patient experience and internal customer service at Fort Benning, GA
Hosting a basic combat training for new recruits wanting to become 11B's at Fort Benning! - Public Affairs
Register your child for the Fort Benning Bengals Football or Cheering Squad by July 28 at Parent Central. The...
SUPER excited to have SuperCharged Natural. Energizing Sports Drinks in Patton Village Shoppette in Fort Benning,...
Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning celebrates 75th anniversary.
Such a nice gesture as 1st Lt. Weston Lee is being brought home today. His body will land at Fort Benning and will…
Fort Benning, GA. He's doing one station unit training (OSUT) so he stays there for BCT and AIT. I go…
I had a week off, then I went to Fort Benning, GA for boot camp.
Operational Environment (OE) Training Developer for the MCoE Ope - SAIC - Fort Benning, GA -
Operational Environment (OE) Lead for the MCoE Operational Envir - SAIC - Fort Benning, GA -
Assistant Project Manager/Quality Control Lead for the MCoE Oper - SAIC - Fort Benning, GA -
President Trump I will be at the military museum in Fort Benning, kinda in Columbus GA on the 20th for Armed Forces Day
Prescribed burns are to take place throughout Fort Benning training areas today DETAILS
At about 0530 hrs., 33 years ago, I walked off a bus at Fort Benning, GA for a new adventure. Quickly, a terror...
Warriors from 3d MCDS train to enhance their proficiency in basic rifle marksmanship at Fort Benning, Ga.
At the time, Ard was married to another soldier, whom she met while stationed at Fort Benning
On this day in Fort Benning history:. On April 29, 2005, Cal Ripkin Jr. was the guest of honor at the Gowdy Field...
So proud of my son...graduated today Fort Benning Delta Co. 2-58 Infantry and so thankful we have a that sup…
A Pentagon spokesman says the 2 Fort Benning soldiers killed in a raid against ISIS in Afghanistan may have been struck by friendly fire.
that Fort Benning is the largest employer in Columbus? Learn all sorts of fun facts about the Fort here.…
The two soldiers were assigned to Fort Benning, GA.
identifies Fort Benning Rangers killed in fighting
Sad breaking news to report: 2 Fort Benning soldiers killed in Afghanistan>>>
UPDATE: DOD provides photos and bios for slain Fort Benning soldiers.
Two Fort Benning soldiers killed in IS attack in Afghanistan.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Sgt Joshua Rodgers and Sgt Cameron Thomas.
Both Army Rangers killed in gunfight with ISIS-K in Afghanistan Thurs from 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment based in Fo…
So sad. Thoughts and prayers going to the families. 2 Fort Benning soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
Two Fort Benning soldiers killed in ISIS attack in Afghanistan
Pentagon identifies Rangers killed in Afghanistan fighting thank you for you service! 🇺🇸…
2 Fort Benning soldiers killed in Afghanistan, DOD confirms
Our thoughts and prayers are with Sgt. Rodgers and Sgt. Thomas' families today. .
Writing a couple thousand words of background about the Army, Fort Benning, and the Infantry Training Brigade today.
On this day in 2004, Fort Benning lost one of our heroes. In November 1965, the wives of 1st Cavalry Division at...
About to knock it out of the park. @ Fort Benning, Georgia
+ sectors: Industry Day hosted by Fort Benning is for you, Apr 12. Info:…
On this 19th day of March in 2009 Fort Benning and the National Infantry Museum dedicated the...
Fort Benning, GA; Fort Leonard Wood, MO; Fort Bliss, TX... just to suggest a few more!
Shipping out too Fort Benning, Georgia on March 14th, looks like i may run into a little sooner than i thought😂
4 Months from Tomorrow , I will be back in Fort Benning Georgia , Grind Time with the Brothers , 3rd Plt. Bleed Blu…
Imagine how tan I'll be after spending my summer in fort benning 😏
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CIA bringing South American thugs to School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, why not build wall to keep them out ?
to put 500 new security troops at Fort Benning
Loved the Phillip Phillips concert last night at Fort Benning!!
COLUMN: CIAA Hall of Famer DeWayne Jeter played quarterback for Virginia State and Fort Benning…
Family, friends, solders bid farewell to Gen. Moore at Fort Benning cemetery via
I just drove by the exit to Fort Benning GA and I was dying to see u 😘💇👀
The Regiment's Medal of Honor winner in the Ranger Hall of Fame MOH Gallery. National Infantry Museum, Fort Bennin…
I did 11B infantry school at Fort Benning in 1989.
Benning with a strong move to the net but just shoots high. Good pressure for Sabres but Cameron holding the fort early.
Does anyone know a place on fort benning where people can dump old furniture they don't want? I don't live on...
The Russia-NATO hysteria is BS. At Fort Benning in August, 3 Star briefed on the Russian Threat.
I don't think you poll our national security threats, at Fort Benning recently, US Army considers Russia a great threat
Ret. Army Lt. Gen. Hal Moore laid to rest at Fort Benning
Proud of my nephew who just finished basic at Fort Benning.
LTG Moore was a true leader. Today he was laid to rest at US Army Fort Benning.
BETTE DAVIS and group watches village fighting demonstration at Fort Benning, Georgia on October 6, 1944
Mattis will have a grand strategy, will take out ISIS root and branch, was at Fort Benning last month, troops ready!!
Here is Fort Benning Television's coverage of the Graveside Service for retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Hal...
I appreciate the confidence continues to place in our Georgia installations:
Leaving from Fort Benning to head to tonight 👌🏽😩
Lt. Gen. Hal Moore's body is escorted by Patriot Guard Riders to Fort Benning.
D.L. man what happened with you and 92.7 columbus, ga? Soldiers at Fort Benning miss you.
Fort Benning soldier shot and killed after breaking into apartment on Armour Rd.>>>…
You are from Columbus, GA! LOL I spent 5 weeks at Fort Benning, for jump school. Doggone it, I missed you.
My baby dirty... now she need the inside cleaned (@ MWR Car Wash in Fort Benning, GA)
Maj. Gen. Eric Wesley, Commanding General of the Maneuver Center of Excellence and Fort Benning, interviews with...
Was recently at Fort Benning, the US Army thinks Russia is a threat , believe me! They are training to deter or fight them
The devil went down to Georgia and his home is located on sand hill Fort Benning, Georgia
Fort Benning is a United States Army post located in the southeastern part of Columbus,...
5 years ago today I left for Fort Benning, Georgia...
In the gym and in life quality beats quantity any day! @ Fort Benning, Georgia
Their home is Fort Benning, the land that God forgot. The mud is eighteen inches deep, the sun is blazin' hot.
Are you for closing in Fort Benning, Georgia?
On this day in 1940 the first official American paratrooper jumped out of a plane in Fort Benning, Georgia.
visit Fort Benning, Georgia they add more stuff there at the military base that I use to live.
Spc. Dan Lowe, a Soldier from Olympia, Washington stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia with the U.S. Army...
1 more month to go until my best friend graduates OSUT in Fort Benning, Georgia. He is so incredible, beyond blessed
Who's attending the Classic in Fort Benning this week? Be on the look-out for Danny Evans, Joseph Goza, +
Happy Independence Day from my family to yours. @ Fort Benning, Georgia
At this time tomorrow I will be in Fort Benning, Georgia! Be back in 14 weeks!
The first American paratrooper unit is formed at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Happy 4th of July from my second family to yours. 🇺🇸 @ Fort Benning, Georgia
1 month till I leave for Fort Benning, Georgia.
Exactly 11 months before I'm at Fort Benning in Georgia👀
The is the official Ranger Handbook (SH 21-76) of the US Army Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Fort Benning held its first LGBT Pride celebration this week + more news:
Jumping out of a C130 next week! @ US Army Airborne School, Fort Benning
This morning, my other half boarded a plane and is now well on his way to Fort Benning, Georgia…
If the have a Fort Benning game in Columbus I nominate you to play at the civic center after the game.
Ranger School graduate Capt. Kristen Griest is heading to Fort Benning.
*Uncle Sam sees that spc black likes where he currently is*. *moves spc Black back to Fort Benning*
This photo was taken with our Rebel Diaz family at Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, at the…
I know Sgt at fort benning ..heard plenty of pointless crap ...
I have to fill ant holes in Fort Benning for a whole day, because it "looked better" LOL
Police: Fort Benning soldier arrested for buying stamps
Super excited to be part of 16-2017 PWOC Exec. Board for Fort Benning. Please pray for God's guidance in leadership.
An inspiring video about the Blackhorse crew heading to Fort Benning for next week's Sullivan Cup, about how they...
The Army decided to give me my boyfriend back❤🇺🇸 @ Fort Benning Army…
The Phenix City Story on Proximity to Fort Benning GA shows connection between anti-social behavior and military occ…
Dear Fort Benning, can I please have my 20 lbs of muscle that i lost back? I would appreciate it. Thanks.
No Korea for my love and we are moving to Columbus, GA near Fort Benning for our next term.
When I get back from fort benning this summer first thing I'm buying is a nice Navy suit
In fort benning does anyone know where it is
The very popular (and free!) ScreamFree Marriage Seminar returns to Fort Benning from 1-3pm May 11in Marshall...
Police: Fort Benning soldier arrested for buying food stamps
In its infancy, the Fort Benning community was known for its love of horses. Soldiers and...
As I bid farewell to Martin Army Community Hospital and Fort Benning, Georgia I hope this message is what is...
They're putting women in fort Benning and drill sergeants in AIT. I'm glad I got through before any of that happened.
Searched through every single photo taken over the last three days at Fort Benning trying to find him 😔 A letter can't come soon enough
Congrats to Capt. Griest & her mentors at US Military Academy (West Point) & Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Will be @ Fort Benning when the new call of duty comes out, boy does growing up suck :(((
Find this &More Laborer - Department of the Army - Fort Benning, GA: Perform routine maintenance on hand...
The shop will be closed on Thursday and Friday so that I can go to Fort Benning to see my son inducted into the...
wow, enormous event: "On Thursday, she will graduate from the Maneuver Captains Career Course at Fort Benning"
The monthly Fort Benning Golf Scramble is tomorrow, April 28, rain or shine! The number one drawing prize this...
Fort Benning Auction:. MWR will host an auction at 9am May 16 at Building 2384 on Prussman Street. Merchandise...
thanks Tay! I'm gonna be moving down to fort Benning at the end of May so I might have to stop by on the way! Love u 2 tho 😃
Dr. John Carvalho joins at 7:35 to talk about his volunteer work with the Fort Benning
Ranger Instructors from Fort Benning administered the Ranger Physical Fitness Test (push-u…
This weekend will be the first ever Spartan Race built with Ranger Battalion at Fort Benning. Mapped by https:…
Got my first phone call from Fort Benning, Georgia 😍🇺🇸
My last month or so in Louisville. I'll be reporting to Fort Benning, Georgia at the end of May. Nothing has ever felt this bittersweet..
The first time I flew alone, my destination was *** incarnate. Basic training at Fort Benning in the Georgia Summer.
Congrats to the H.S. winners of the Georgia State Championship that took place Saturday @ Fort Benning
You gotta love America and its warriors wish me luck, I ship to Fort Benning, Georgia
Sincere thanks and a salute to every soldier, past and present, of the 3RD BRIGADE, Fort Benning, Georgia.
Obligatory selfie...with a team in the background. @ Fort Benning, Georgia
stress shoot is stressful. You need to @ Fort Benning, Georgia
Hillary's pal “Gen. Romeo Vasquez, was a graduate of the notorious School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia”
Here are your teams for the 2016 Best Ranger Competion, starting tomorrow, April 15 at Fort Benning, Georgia! For...
Proud American soldier and citizen :) Thank you Lord! @ Fort Benning, Georgia
- Follow Me is a United States Army memorial located at Fort Benning, Georgia. It was created in 1959 by two...
Darby's Warrior Support is one of the supporters of the annual Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning.
Garrison Commander addresses security concerns on Fort Benning
sorry to hear that lol I was like really regretting I didn't go infantry at fort benning like *** a extra 2 weeks and Id be out
Recreation Aid ( Lifeguard) - Fort Benning, GA: Note to Applicants : Please include name and con...
just a couple more days. Are you able to go to Fort Benning when I get there? I have a 4 day pass.
The Fort Benning Golf Course offers a Baker’s Dozen membership in April: pay for 12 months and get the 13th month...
//at hooters on a lovely sunny day at Fort Benning GA
Question: Poll: have you ever been to fort benning?
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