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Former White House chief strategist Steve is stepping down as chairman of News Network after a public…
BREAKING: Former White House strategist Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart News Network after public break with Trump.
Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer airs regrets: "There were times where I screwed up"…
Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci on the portrayal of the Trump campaign in Michael Wolff's bo…
Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci denies that he's been saying President Trump wants him back in the W…
"Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon has reportedly lost the support of billionaire backer Rebekah M…
"That man does not belong in Congress, and I don't care which party he's in": Former White House ethics counsel Richard Painter re…
Former White House photographer describes what is was like to capture Obama on the worst day of his presidency https:/…
Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer is writing a book to "set the record straight" about what he says happened during t…
Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer announces that he’s writing a book
About to testify about sexual harassment at the WH. Former White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney, 25, manager of a Geor…
Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has resigned from Board of Advisors at Tufts Universi…
Former White House spokesman Anthony Scaramucci threatens to sue kid who criticized him
Former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is concerned about his son's potential legal exposure in…
What do the indictments mean for Trump? Former White House ethics chief explains | CTV News
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon expands his list of Senate Republican targets for 2018
Former White House photographer Pete Souza just posted this in response to Trump calling out Steph Curry and the Warriors. h…
Donald J. Former White House counsel Don McGahn has hired a LAWYER for the Investigation
Eric Wemple ♦ Former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon is prone to plain language. Asked about his…
Mueller gives White House names of 6 aides he expects to question in Russia probe
One former White House official speaks on the firing of another:.
Captivating re-telling of what happened behind the scenes on 9/11 by former White House press sec on his t…
Sputnik's former White House correspondent has been questioned by the FBI
Robert Mueller has notified the White House he will potentially want to question 6 current and former officials.
Former White House press secretary gives an in-depth look back at the day of the 9/11 attacks.
Nothing like a former White House official undermining a sitting President to warm the hearts of the hateful unpatriotic Left…
Melissa McCarthy wins an Emmy for her ‘Spicey’ spoofs of former White House spokesman
I'm so glad you are no longer in the White House to speak your nonsense about Islam. I'm a former Musl…
He might be out of the White House, but Americans are not yet done paying former President Barack Obama’s bills.
Lawyers must just be waiting outside of the White House gates.
Former White House Press Secretary will get paid to speak to investment bankers today.
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Follow this timeline of the Former White House Press Secy (of George W. Bush)...for an account of 2001. https:…
darling Reince Priebus has lawyered up
Former Chief of Staff and White House counsel formally grab socks. This will make Watergate look like a parking ticket. h…
Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon calls the Russia investigation "a waste of time"
You should do a story about how bad she smells. Former White House employees say they can't describe it. Smells like sulfur . (YouTube)
BREAKING: Former White House adviser Steve Bannon returns as executive chairman at Breitbart News
Former White House chief of staff, CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta gives some solid advice to new...
So great to have a former CEO running the White House...
One White House press aide (and former Spicer colleague) out. Scaramucci warns he'll fire the rest.
Former CBO directors in both parties defend the agency after White House attacks
. Former Senior Assistant White House Press Secretary, any chance of a tell-all in your future?
Former chief White House ethics lawyer for Pres. George W. Bush from '05 to '07...
.has more details on Scaramucci possible purge. Looks like former RNC crew are on notice. .
Assistant White House press secretary. (Well, former, I guess)
Short is a former RNC staffer brought on by Priebus, who quit the campaign only to later return to the White House https:/…
The man who found no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia calls for a White House mutiny.
Short, an ally of White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and now former Press Secretary Sean Spicer—who resigned last week—
Former White House photographer trolls Trump's raucous Boy Scouts speech with one photo
Imagine the leaks that will come from disgruntled FORMER White House staff, vs. current staff
Former White House social innovation director on the complicated role business plays in society
Former White House staffer Susan Lindauer said that she was told by a trusted contact of hers in the intelligence...
Former White House adviser: Trump-Russia saga may go down in history as "one of the most incompetent cover-ups" ever
Former White House ethics czar says former FBI Dir. James Comey's testimony is "the equivalent of the Nixon tapes"
EXCLUSIVE: Former White House photographer Pete Souza hits the "campaign trail" with Frank Underwood,
Former White House spokesman doesn't have a "ton of sympathy" for Sean Spicer
Former White House press secretary says Obama is "genuinely concerned" about lack of progress in D.C.
Former White House ethics lawyer has an explosive theory about Trump's tax return
Which former Obama staffers stayed on to sabotage Trump WH? Not hard to find out via https:…
A former White House ethics lawyer says the Queen and Obama could jointly sue Trump for libel
"As the vise tightens on President Donald J. Trump's campaign's contacts with Russian operatives, the White House...
*** ! Ivanka Trump moving into White House sign of something much, much more worrying says former Cabinet secretary
Former White House drug czar to lead new BMC addiction center via
Former AG Loretta Lynch encourages protesters to help get President Trump out of the White House
Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice explains how the White House is destroying our standing in the world with its lies. https…
This from a former Rand Paul staffer RE:
White House’s new tactic on former Trump campaign chief: Manafort who? ➡️ by
Former comms director in Ivanka Trump's White House Gig Is an Insult to Working Women
These former White House lawyers are doing critical work to help protect our democracy from Trump Admin. Follow them
Outside of the White House, meanwhile, a team of former Obama adm officials is working to subvert Trump's agenda
BOOMS! Former White House officials coming forward with claims they were told by Obama to work against incoming Trump A…
Ari Fleischer on CIA leaks, wiretapping claims: Former White House press secretary weighs in
Former White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter on Sessions: "I don't think he can continue as attorney general"
Former White House lawyer doesn't think Trump can legally become President
Former White House economist Gene Sperling: Obama took an 0-16 team to a 10-6 record. Voters wanted the Super Bowl. https:/…
- Benghazi report: Former White House press secretary Jay Carney is very Dishonest and disloyal
Former White House adviser hits Trump on terror response: 'He probably has no idea' | AP
Former White House aide says sexually assaulted her in the Oval Office on 29 Nov 1993. https…
Check out "Former White House Chef expanding country inn!" on Indiegogo
Ex-White House gardener reveals why he's selling Hillary Clinton's old car: This is your former first lady's O...
Panetta and Hagel have made precisely the same criticism as Gates, as WashPost reported in December
lol Former White House aides like have confirmed that she was a huge hot sauce fan and kept it on deck.
An impeached former president who had an affair with a White House employee 25 years his junior.
Yet 1 or 2 truly "gifted" former Nixon White House toadies got even closer than RMN to indictment.
it'll be odd to watch impeached former president reenter the White House, lauded for inventing new role, as if its pro…
I'm appalled on what she did to Billy Dale. Former White House travel agent. If you don't know, look it up. She's pure evil
A delicious event--and you can score a free tix! Chef Sam Kass, Obamas' former personal chef at the White House,...
.talks 2 former White House Counsel about https…
Former Deputy White House Counsel, Foster, was killed, not suicide, in 1993. Hillary Clinton is a suspect of Foster death of decade in 2016
Ann Compton to speak at Hollins graduation
Former Bill Clinton White House Socarides aide on the NY Primary and the road ahead for Hillary... via
Loved having the opportunity to chat with Former Obama White House Press Secretary last week!
Constance Steinkuehler, former advisor to the White House on matters…
Not Caroline Harrison, former First Lady, the woman responsible for having electricity installed in the White House ?
Former President Bill Clinton White House Counsel, Lanny Davis, is a close friend to the advisor to both Bill ...
On Live at 1p ET, fmr senior advisor to Pres Bill Clinton, Richard Socarides, will discuss the
Talk with Constance Steinkuelher former advisor to the White House on video games & learning
“The FBI was thwarted from interviewing the Saudis we wanted to interview by the White House,” said former FBI...
Trump's former 'Apprentices' say he's no good for the White House # via
If Democrats win back the Senate and retain the White House, Citizens United is toast. What is Bernie doing to facilitate the former?
former White House Ebola czar warning Congress needs to fund preparations for Zika
Live out your fantasies of being king or queen of the castle.
Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino delivering the Keynote Address at Convention in D.C.
She is a lawyer who's clients include the former Clinton White House Director of Events
A top White House adviser is hitting back against criticism from former Defense Secretary Bob Gates of President...
we need you in the White House. This coming from a former conservative.
White House recognizes York tech initiative - 3TC Robotics is hoping to transform the former Western National B...
Hey, hey! That hallway looks's the former White House hallway aka the Waldorf.
Advice to Trump: Things he should do after WI loss: Former White House press secretary Ari... CopyRight by:Origin
Former White House economists blast Sanders&BERNIE is a FRAUD out for HIS EGO! Sanders doesn't give FIG about us
Former White House pastry chef connects food with science in workshop for girls
Bin Ladens allowed out of US after Former White House official confirms operation.
Former White House economic advisor Todd Buchholz to speak at
6 Environmentally Friendly Food Rules to Follow in 2016 - Former White House chef and senior policy adviser Sam...
Life after Former White House crasher/ star wed to
Former White House adviser Ed Gillespie confirms plan to run for Virginia governor in 2017 race -
Gillespie confirms he is running for Va. governor: RICHMOND — Former White House adviser and Republican U.S. S...
World leader accuses Barack Hussein of treason! Former White House staffer validates the allegation
What's it like to cook for Former White House chef on that and lots more
Former White House social secretary Desiree Rogers fascinates me
Former White House asst chef to be NBC "senior food analyst." (NBC has. both senior and junior food analysts?).
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Nightside: Former White House Chief of Staff John Sununu says he does not think Donald Trump will run as a third party candidate.
Nakuru's ‘White House’ a shadow of its former self down as Obama visits
VIDEO: Jeb Bush enters race for White House: The former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, will officially launch his…
What sane person might have imagined that we would have a "president" in our White House one day who is so...
Former White House butler will share memories and mementos
On set filming former White House Chef for Dining streaming on
The enemy in the White House >>>STUNNING: Obama Gives Turkey the Green Light to Bomb Former US Soldiers Fighting ISIS
From the executive director of to a former White House Advisor - the is the tax everyone's talking about
Interesting that you can rent out the former top floor in the White House, Corfu every summer. New series being filmed in Sept!
A former White House official says the US cannot stand independent countries because they are a threat to Washington’s unilateral actions.
US cannot stand independent Russia’: A former White House official says the United States cannot stand indepen...
All-you-can-fly for only $2000 a month - thinks that's a winning combination.
Mysterious death of former White House Chef with Bush Family ties revealed – Intellihub
.The White House is picking and choosing Israeli 'former officials' to fit their Propaganda.
Former AR Gov Mike Huckabee is a NUT!! Squirrels would love him! Do not allow him anywhere near the White House.
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A planet with similar specs to earth is discovered and this blogger former white house analyst and scientist...
Scientist Says This Week’s Discovery of “Earth 2.0” is the Death Knell for the Biblical God. -
Power Brunching at new restaurant, at
GOPers chuckled about PBO being a former community organizer, till he organized his way to the White House ;-)
As a former Democrat I'm sure he happy to help the Democrats 👎 keep the White house 😨 after Mr Obama 👎
Don't have to watch Beavis & Butt Head on tv! They are current & former puppets in the White House.
An ex-White House staffer and former spy just raised $7.5 million to disrupt the airlin... http:/…
How an ex-White House staffer and former spy plans to disrupt the airline industry - Business Insider:.
Former White House counsel John Dean refers to Scott Walker as “more Nixonian than Nixon”
Former White House chef Walter Scheib found dead in New Mexico forest:
Former White House press secretary on Sharing the Credit, Taking the Blame and…
Former White House executive chef found dead in New Mexico, Rough weather sweeps across the south.
. . whoa! Former White House chef missing for more than a week: = =
Former White House chef's body found in remote New Mexico hiking area. Little strange to be hiking alone in New Mexico heat this time of yr
Former White House press secretary How I became a co-host on
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Former White House chief of staff Bill Daley and his wife sold a Michigan Ave condo late last week.
Former White House economist James Stock lays out path forward for reform in this new study https:/…
Former White House press secretary's take on men in Washington, DC: Soft hands, pale skin & pudgy
Former White House head florist clashed with Michelle O on aesthetics 'Escorted from building'
Former White House press secretary Jay Carney is now an Amazon employee via
Former White House press secretary Jay Carney going to Amazon
Former White House chief of staff Emanuel faces Chicago voters in bid for second term as mayor:
Former White House chief of staff regrets not being able to disclose UFO secrets -- Puppet Masters
No here's why. THE CLINTON BODY BAGS Food for Thought Just a quick refresher course lest we forget what has happened to many "friends" of the Clintons. 1- James McDougal - Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr's investigation. 2 - Mary Mahoney - A former White House intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop inGeorgetown .. The murder happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment in the White House. 3 - Vince Foster - Former White House councilor, and colleague of Hillary Clinton at Little Rock's Rose Law firm. Died of a gunshot wound to the head, ruled a suicide. 4 - Ron Brown - Secretary of Commerce and former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane crash. A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was a hole in the top of Brown's skull resembling a gunshot wound. At the time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke ...
Former White House counselor to Clinton calls on progs to abandon the Democratic Party: The real intra-party… b
Former White House space program consultant John Casey says that we have spent something like $30 billion dollars to make a “weak scientific theory.”
WATCH: White House Press Secretaries Sunday, December 14 at 4:25 pm ET Former White House press secretaries from the Ford, Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations discuss how the position has changed over time and the many challenges they faced while trying to work for the White House and serve the press. The panelists include Ron Nessen, Marlin Fitzwater, Mike McCurry and Robert Gibbs. Which ones do you remember?
What would Enhanced Investigation look like? Water-boarding CIA Agents? Members of Congress? Former White House staff? hmm...
Former White House counsel: Outcome of claims program dispute will have "dramatic effects" on tort law practice htt…
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was mistreated in 1998 by authorities who were looking into her alleged affair with former President Bill Clinton, according to a newly released government report from two years after the incident. The report, thought to be sealed from the public but recently obtained by the Washington Post via a Freedom of Information Act request, details a 12-hour meeting in January 1998 between Lewinsky, FBI agents and prosecutors. [ 143 more words. ]
domain names
Ex-Obama aide to speak at Fort Hays State: HAYS, Kan. (AP) - Former White House press secre...
Former White House press secretary Jay Carney has joined CNN as a contributor, adding to the lengthy list of connections between the Obama administration and the press corps.
Former White House propagandist Jay Carney joins CNN as commentator. • Oh THAT will help with ratings!!
1/3 Former White House press secretary James Brady's death this week was directly related to wounds he sustained in the 1981 attempted
Former White House press secretary James Brady, who was wounded in the Reagan assassination attempt, has died at 73. http:…
Former White House press secretary James Brady was shot in the head in 1981 during an attack by John Hinckley Jr. meant to kill President Reagan. Brady’s death on Monday has been ruled a homicide. So, 33 years later, will his shooter be charged with murder?
Former White House press secretary James Brady, who survived being shot during assassination attempt on President Ronald Rea…
Former White House press secretary and outspoken gun control advocate James Brady has died at the age of 73, his family said in a statement Monday. The family cited “a series of health issues” for the long-time political spokesman and figure who was paralyzed during a shooting 33 years ago. “Over the years, Jim inspired so many people as he turned adversity into accomplishment,” the family said in the statement, referencing the attack. That attack was the 1981 assassination attempt on his boss, President Ronald Reagan. Brady went on to lead a gun control campaign that bears his name. The federal law that requires background checks be conducted on handgun buyers, The Brady Bill, passed in the ensuing years, to James’ great pride. “Few Americans in history as directly responsible for saving as many lives as Jim,” said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent ...
Former White House press secretary Jim Brady dies via
Former White House press secretary Jim Brady dies -
Former White House press secretary Jim Brady dies: . Brady, who spent much of the rest of his life in a wheelc...
Former White House cybersecurity adviser Richard Clarke recently said of the growing BYOD trend, “this is the...
Former White House correspondent recounts the stresses of working retail
Apple said to have offered public-relations job to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:
A rumor claiming former White House Secretary Jay Carney is in the running to head up public relations at Apple -- thought to have been put to bed last week -- was resurrected on Saturday, with a new report saying he is still considering the position.
Former Obama SS agent says the rules don't apply to the White House (Investigative)
Former RN adviser John Price describes view from the when humans set foot on moon:
Correspondent The groom is a former associate White House
Former deputy White House CoS for operations: Being informed & fashionable is natural for women via
Get inside the 1970’s White House with former WH counsel w/ his 8/12 talk on the Defense.
Apple is in talks w/ former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about a PR job.
Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is talking to Apple Inc. about lying job to iLie about the iPhone. They deserve each other
If hires liar in chief then we must all
Former White House lawyer is convicted of attempted murder
Former White House lawyer for George W. Bush faces up to 50 years in jail for trying to kill wife ...
History : The Iraq War Cost, and Much, Much, More . October 12, 2011 The Iraq War Will Cost Us $3 Trillion, and Much More By Linda J. Bilmes and Joseph E. Stiglitz Sunday, March 9, 2008 There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there is no such thing as a free war. The Iraq adventure has seriously weakened the U.S. economy, whose woes now go far beyond loose mortgage lending. You can't s...pend $3 trillion -- yes, $3 trillion -- on a failed war abroad and not feel the pain at home. Some people will scoff at that number, but we've done the math. Senior Bush administration aides certainly pooh-poohed worrisome estimates in the run-up to the war. Former White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsey reckoned that the conflict would cost $100 billion to $200 billion; Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld later called his estimate "baloney." Administration officials insisted that the costs would be more like $50 billion to $60 billion. In April 2003, Andrew S. Natsios, the thoughtful head of the U.S. Agency fo ...
Former White House pooch Miss Beazley dies after battle with cancer via
Former White House pet of George W. Bush dies? I didn't even know Karl Rove was sick.
Former White House chef John Moeller to speak May 15 in New Holland via
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky broke her silence Tuesday about her illicit 1990s affair with President Bill Clinton, saying she wants to reclaim the narrative of events that brought her global humiliation.
Monica Lewinsky breaks her silence about Bill Clinton affair: ‘I was made a scapegoat’ - Former White House...
Monica Lewinsky Blames the Internet AP Photo: Nick Ut Monica Lewinsky and her stepmother, Barbara Lewinsky, push through a large crowd of media as they leave at a Santa Monica, Calif., restaurant, Thursday. Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, probably due to growing Clinton nostalgia in polit…
In an essay for ‘Vanity Fair’ the former White House intern is speaking out for the first time in years about th...
{TICKET AVAIL} to meet former White House Exec Danielle Gibbs. Learn about it here> Let me know if you want it!
Monica Lewinsky: "Time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress": Breaking a decade of silence, the former White House intern writes...
The museum is open weekly Thursday Friday Saturday from 10 AM until 2 PM. 207 E. Main Street Thursday, May 15 at Garden Spot Village Chapel 7 PM – former White House chef will present our monthly program. This is the last monthly event until the picnic in August [third Thursday]
Sad news about a dear friend. I will miss you, Bob Kemper.
This is exactly what's wrong with politics in America.why is this even news, is it the humble beginnings of a Clinton smear campaign. Monica Lewinsky is back. Breaking years of silence, the former White House intern at the center of the scandal that led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment writes in Vanity Fair that her affair was “consensual.”.Does America REALLY care that much.
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks about a possible 2016 run Tuesday in Maryland.
Monicah Lewinsky, the former white house intern who had an affair with bill Clinton
Stunned and saddened by passing of Bob Kemper, 53, a great wit and traveling companion.
100 former officials, advocates, and experts decry US "major retreat" on security
Former officials, peace advocates and issue experts criticize the White House for cuts to security funding:
Shoutout to our former SEARAC executive director Doua Thor! An out-going member of the White House Commission on APIs
Devastated to learn of Bob Kemper’s passing. His spirit, love of life and infectious humor will be missed.
It has been said by many. It can't be said enough. Bob Kemper was a great writer/reporter and very, very funny. RIP.
Reaction from former White House chief of staff Andy Card
RIP Bob Kemper. Working with you renewed my faith in journalism and reminded me how much fun a newsroom can be.
Perino Book Scheduled for May 2015 'Dana Perino, Fox host and former White House press secretary, has book s...
And are we thus surprised when we see someone like Tommy Vietor, former NSC Spokesperson for the White House...
Fox News host and former Bush White House press secretary demands meteorologists ask the President about...
"With at the White House Correspondents" Two friends from our former church, Grace Church. Geaux Reince & Sally!
Obama’s former faith advisor has a short, smart piece on what the pres is doing to
THE SPIN CYCLE ...: Fox News Host Bret Baier was grilling former White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor over the issue of the talking points used after the attack, when Vietor responded with, “Dude, this was like two years ago.” The extremely disrespectful and immature exchange was all too reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s rant before a congressional committee, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” And Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi dared to ask, “Why aren’t we talking about something else?” The lack of moral integrity or accountability by anyone in the Obama administration or his sycophants is totally unacceptable. - UNACCEPTABLE. FROM THE TOP DOWN.
The reality you won’t hear from Obama’s media lapdogs The whole U.S. economy is a stack of cards hanging on lies and money printing. The stock market is an expanding bubble of insolvency. There is still time – though the window is closing — thanks to the manipulators to buy silver. It’s still under $20 an ounce. That’s a bargain. You need it in your possession. Now! The President can only tout his failing healthcare overhaul as a success by pretending that evidence to the contrary is invalid. “We dispute their numbers. We don’t have hard, concrete numbers, but we dispute them,” Carney said last week. Besides, Obama likes to say, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, so get over it. (Last time I checked, the 2nd Amendment is another, much older, law of the land.) Meanwhile, The Administration is using the same strategy to deflect an even more transparent failure on the part of his Administration: the terror attacks that led to the loss of American life in Benghazi, Libya. Last w ...
Yesterday former White House senior adviser David Plouffe argued on ABC's This Week that there's no conspiracy surrounding Benghazi and the people who think there is a conspiracy are delusional. Sh...
The All Bolshevik Channel says a Former White House staffer is saying. Delusional people in the republican party are politicizing Benghazi. So,I guess my mothers,brothers second cousin by marriage said it isn't true.
Well, theories abound as to exactly what Barack Obama was doing the night of the Benghazi attacks. Former White House aid Tommy Vietor, who has for the past two years tried to shrug off the importance of Benghazi, had to admit during a recent interview he has no clue as to the president’s whereabou…
Former White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor made a bit of a verbal faux pas on Fox News Thursday, calling Bret Baier dude, and he responded on MSNBC Friday night, sarcastically remarking, I guess you're only supposed to use the Queen's English on Fox.
Former White House assistant press secretary Reid Cherlin, who worked for the Obamas from 2008 through 2011, pulled no punches in a recent ar­ticle about the nightmare that’s going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., pro­claiming that Michelle has turned the White House East Wing, where she rules, into “the Worst Wing.” In the piece, published in the New Republic, Cherlin wrote: “(The) first lady’s office can be a confining, frus­trating, even miserable place to work. “Jealousy and discontentment have festered, as courtiers squabble over the allocation of responsibility and ac­cess to Mrs. Obama, both of which can be aggravatingly scarce. “While Michelle has been slammed for destroying the ‘East Wing,’ where the first lady’s offices are located, the fact is she’s made the fa­mous ‘West Wing,’ where the president works, the worst wing because when she comes over she makes Barack’s staffers walk on egg shells because of her explosive behavior – which seems to only grow worse eac ...
Former White House press secretary to head corporate communications at Warner Bros.
Former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers has been named head of Warner Bros. corporate communications, replacing longtime studio executive Sue Fleishman. 
Former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers lands gig at Warner Bros., says she'd fundraise for Hillary in 2016:
Former White House press aide Reid Cherlin has written a piece for New Republic magazine entitled, “The Worst Wing: How the East Wing Shrunk Michelle Obama.”   The article is a compilation of former aides complaining about Michelle Obama’s “leadership style” and her inability to work with anyone in…
Former White House lawyer defends Obama limits on...
Former White House aide spills the beans on what it is really like to work with the Obamas ---》
Former White House aide dishes on what it was like to work for Michelle Obama in the ‘worst wing’ – Glenn Beck via
Even his own flunkies are seeing the writing on the wall whha wha big babies that's what you get for supporting a stupid wimpy muslim. Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Sunday the Democrats are “absolutely” in danger of losing the Senate in the midterm elections. because Obamacare is going to bring Republicans out to vote, Gibbs told David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Dan Pfeiffer said, you lose the Senate,” he said. “And if you lose the Senate, turn out the lights, because the party’s over.” Gregory asked if the Senate was in danger. “Definitely,” Gibbs said. “Absolutely.”
Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Dan Pfeiffer, an advisor to President Obama, wasn’t telling the truth:
Former White House chief of staff Andy Card weighs in on the George Washington Bridge controversy and Chris Christie.
Former White House chef serving up meals Table Six:
Former White House chef serving meals at the Kemble Inn, via
Former White House chef serving up meals at Kemble Inn's Table Six
Here is a look at some of the noted birthdays for December 25th . . . . . Actor *** Miller is 85. Author Anne Roiphe is 78. Actress Hanna Schygulla is 70. Rhythm-and-blues singer John Edwards (The Spinners) is 69. Actor Gary Sandy is 68. Singer Jimmy Buffett is 67. Pro and College Football Hall-of-Famer Larry Csonka is 67. Country singer Barbara Mandrell is 65. Actress Sissy Spacek is 64. Former White House adviser Karl Rove is 63. Actress CCH Pounder is 61. Singer Annie Lennox is 59. Reggae singer-musician Robin Campbell (UB40) is 59. Country singer Steve Wariner is 59. Singer Shane MacGowan (The Pogues, The Popes) is 56. Baseball Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson is 55. The former Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Christina Romer, is 55. Actress Klea Scott is 45. Rock musician Noel Hogan (The Cranberries) is 42. Singer Dido is 42. Rock singer Mac Powell (Third Day) is 41. Rhythm-and-blues singer Ryan Shaw is 33. Country singer Alecia Elliott is 31. Pop singers Lisa and Jess Origliasso (The Veroni ...
1998 Linda Tripp Clinton Administration WHISTLEBLOWER ACTION: Former White House staff member who disclosed to the Office of Independent Counsel that Monica Lewinsky committed perjury and attempted to suborn perjury, and President Bill Clinton committed misconduct, by denying the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship in the Paula Jones federal civil rights suit. A victim of retaliation by the Clinton Administration, Tripp successfully sued the Department of Defense and the Justice Department for releasing information from her security file and employment file to the news media in violation of the Privacy Act of 1974. In 2003, Tripp settled with the federal government for over $595,000. In addition, she received a retroactive promotion and retroactive pay for the years 1998, 1999, and 2000, a pension and was cleared to work for the federal government again.
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Former White House chief of staff running for Illinois governor No one wants to see all those rolls of disgusting-ness,
The Fix How Republicans blew a massive political opportunity on Obamacare BY CHRIS CILLIZZA October 24 at 12:52 pm A contentious House hearing on Obamacare. still not working — and with no clear fix date in sight. Democrats in swing states beginning to raise concerns. Former White House officials calling for heads to roll. The US Capitol building is seen reflected in the Capitol Reflection Pool after sunset in Washington DC, USA, 28 September 2013. EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS Republicans with an eye on the 2014 midterms could hardly have written a better political script. After spending much of the last year — in truth, much of the last three years — arguing that Obamacare is a bad law that isn’t ready for prime time, the last month has been Exhibit A to reinforce that point. Add to that the fact that the second midterm election of a president almost always sees the party out of (presidential) power gain seats in the House and Senate — six-year itch and all that — and Republicans sho . ...
Former White House spokeswoman and current Fox News "The Five" co-host Dana Perino joined Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance and AFP-Arkansas for an event that highlighted how Obamacare is effecting and will effect women and families.
Former White House press secretary Dana Perino shut down liberal pundit Juan Williams by pointing out that “Democrats and the liberals live in the biggest mainstream media bubble ever created in the history of the universe.”
Former White House chief of staff William Daley has dropped out of the race for Illinois governor. The announcement came less than four months after Daley had said he would challenge Governor Pat Quinn for the Democratic nomination next year. Daley had criticized Quinn for his handling of the state's pension crisis and other issues.
Former White House official on Pentagon's leaks about Syria what-ifs: "They need to shut the f--k up"
Plum postings are a government perk everywhere - Former 'copyright czar' is CEO of the Business Software Alliance |
President Obama's former White House counsel visits Don Siegelman, working on his appeal:
It's good to have been in the administration: Applies to both sides of the aisle for the mood affiliation challenged
"Today [is] a golden age for surveillance" - former White House Chief Counselor for Privacy Peter Swire
"Rest in peace, Helen Thomas. We respect you for taking a stand. SALUTE!
Interview w/ former White House Aide John Corcoran on networking lessons learned from politics
So if Espinel can't lobby for BSA for a while, she'll just have to focus on the shakedowns and bogus research.
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