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Foreign Secretary

The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, commonly referred to as the Foreign Secretary, is a senior member of Her Majesty's Government heading the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and regarded as one of the Great Offices of State.

Boris Johnson Theresa May Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond Philip Hammond Angela Eagle Health Secretary British Foreign Secretary Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson William Hague Emily Thornberry Prime Minister Lord John Marbury Victor Meldrew

vividly demonstrates, requires the Prime Minister of the UK, the Foreign Secretary and their most senior officials to be involved in
Exchequer or Deputy Prime Minister, as senior members of the Cabinet, or of Mr Cook, as a former Foreign Secretary known to have concerns
If the other option is Emily Thornberry quite happy with Boris as our Foreign Secretary
Every day this man is Foreign Secretary is another day of national humiliation for this country
gives a whole new meaning to the title Foreign Secretary
Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, H.E. Boris Johnson (will address More updates
UK Foreign Secretary's meeting with top US Republicans stokes hopes for UK-US trade deal
Foreign Secretary welcomes appointment of Sir Tim Barrow as UK Permanent Representative to the EU
Congratulations to Margaret Hamburg, NAM Foreign Secretary, who was selected as AAAS President-Elect…
Happy from Consul General We share the warm wishes sent by Foreign Secretary
Thornberry supports air drops. You know who doesn't- Boris Johnson, the actual Foreign Secretary. Lobby HIM.
Iain Duncan Smith is reportedly 'first in line' to become Foreign Secretary if Boris Johnson is ejected from office.
Iain Duncan Smith being 'lined up' to replace Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary:
In a world where Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary. need I go on?
StateDept "Readout of Secretary JohnKerry's meeting today with Foreign Minister Lavrov: …
UK Foreign Secretary declares 'global Britain' will stand by
Readout of Secretary meeting today with Foreign Minister Lavrov:
Boris Johnson is a clown who has united the EU against Britain | Jean Quatremer | Opinion | The Guardian
Rand Paul would make an amazing Secretary of State & he matches your views on foreign policy more than horrible Bolton
your not foreign secretary Nigel stop dreaming
Foreign Secretary's major speech on - striking how much influences his thinking.…
The UK foreign secretary says Britain will not impede further EU security integration, as it…
Secretary to deliver remarks at the Women’s Foreign Policy Group on November 29 at 12:45 pm ET.
Donald Trump is considering climate denier & CEO of the largest oil company as foreign policy chief. Stop it here:.
Foreign Secretary: “Our resolve to fulfil our obligations will be unbreakable." htt…
Whatever your view of (1) Brexit and (2) Boris Johnson, this is why he is Foreign Secretary:
“The thoughts of a British Foreign Secretary on world affairs are like those of a sommelier on wine – they don’t alter t…
Thanks for the push Mrs Foreign Secretary! Check out our new film celebrating the importance of freedom of speech.
UK foreign secretary underscores commitment to NATO - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is using his firs...
"Only the best people" I magine being Secretary of State and having to ask your local probation officer if you can vis…
UK backs India's bid for permanent membership of says British Foreign Secretary https…
.Council of Europe Secretary General on official visit to 6-7 Dec, to meet President http…
You don't know Boris? He was nearly our Prime Minister. He ended up our foreign secretary. He's a total..
Boris Johnson: UK will not block common EU defense policy: The UK foreign secretary…
Foreign Secretary sez: "UK remains committed to world affairs" Is that what the nukes & a/c carriers are for?
Chairman Meets with Boris Johnson UK Foreign Secretary who also turned out to be a Fan & took a Selfie https…
Can't believe that a bungling, incompetent, proven liar is Foreign Secretary:
Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, earlier said the Cabinet was "totally united" on its strategy
Last Dec, before he was Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson said Trump's call to ban Muslims from the US displayed his "st…
Relax Brits. Remember we've got a fantastically competent Foreign Secretary to keep America in check.
Johnson is Foreign Secretary,Trump is President.It's only a matter of time before Roy Keane is made Minister for International Relations
UK Foreign Secretary . "Brexit means and we're going to make a success of it". For once,
Foreign Secretary moderates panel on formulating national responses @ seminar on Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism…
The 3 Brexiteers would also have to go. George Osborne for Foreign Secretary?
Johnson was all for the Russian intervention in Syria before becoming Foreign Secretary:
The other day, listening to the radio, I heard, 'Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson'. I cried with laughter. Sobbed.
How on earth can the UK be taken seriously in the world with a buffoon like Boris Johnson as our Foreign Secretary? woeful
Very unusual call from the Foreign Secretary to hold demonstrations in front of the Russian embassy. New form of Britis…
Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary is like watching a TV advert where kids pretend to be adults. Not a serious figure.
With every day passing, Boris Johnson proves why he is not fit to be Foreign Secretary
It's almost as if Boris Johnson has forgotten he's Foreign Secretary and has other diplomatic tools at his disposal. Like a ph…
along”. Mr Straw’s statement, 10 March 2003 68. Mr Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, told the House of Commons on 10 March that the
Her Majesty's Foreign Secretary addresses the Tory Party Conference. Not a parody. He really said this.
delivers his first speech as Foreign Secretary to at
Boris Johnson was a despicable *** for leading the Out campaign. He has also been an exemplary Foreign Secretary so far.
Theresa May brought Bunter into the Cabinet as Foreign Secretary, and he repays her by manoeuvring to succeed her
Foreign Secretary needs to 'raise his game' on Britons jailed in Iran
High Commissioner of Shelley Whiting, calls on Foreign Secretary of Dr. Ali Naseer Mohamed
How could that total buffoon make it to Foreign Secretary? My old acquaintance Robin Cook must be writhing in his grave.
We can't let process of leaving EU "drag on", Foreign Secretary tells
Chancellor or Foreign Secretary (given his love for all things Chinese) but no
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Boris Johnson, our diplomatic Foreign Secretary, starts 'Change Britain' launch on 9/11.
Boris Johnson says US will be 'in the front of the queue' following appointment as Foreign Secretary | The Indepe
Press release: Foreign Secretary statement on earthquake in Italy: Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson statement ...
Odd that Boris Johnson has managed to make less noise as Foreign Secretary than Corbyn has by sitting on the floor of a train
UK scientists attempt to add a "mute racism" valve to Boris Johnson after his promotion to Foreign Secretary. 2016. https:/…
Every time I see the words 'Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson' in a sentence, I think surely I'm in some real life vers…
Think I have a mild case of trauma shock. My brain really won't accept fact May is in charge and Boris is Foreign Secretary
I mean, this is from our current Foreign Secretary and former Mayor of London
. We have Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary! Now that is crazy. He is so undiplomatic and a laughing stock at times. :-\
Britain just received a pretty decent briefing on the security implications of Emily Thornberry as Foreign Secretary.
From Cook to Johnson, every new Foreign Secretary comes over all Uncle Sam and follows the US State Department line
You knew Boris would be Foreign Secretary and that all those economic apocalypse stories were rubbish? 👏
The problem Britain now has in the eyes of our US allies is that Lord John Marbury has now been appointed Foreign Secretary.
Pleasure to attend my 1st meetings of Cabinet & National Security Council as Foreign Secretary https:/…
OMG. Is the new UK Foreign Secretary actually being played by in a new Little Britain comedy sketch?
that should be a blast;. UK Foreign Secretary to Meet US Secretary of State in London on July 19: via
Delighted with TM's senior appointments. FAC evidence sessions with new Foreign Secretary will be box office!
Boris Johnson earns over £100k more for his weekly Daily Telegraph column than he does as Foreign Secretary. He should c…
Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary by Gerald Scarfe - political cartoon gallery
The worst things Boris Johnson, the new Foreign Secretary, has said about foreigners
Boris Johnson checking to see if there's anything on the agenda in his new job as Foreign Secretary
To distract from incompetence, Foreign Secretary points to a painting of in Acorn Antiques.
Oh dear! Meanwhile we have Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary :(
Boris Johnson gets appointed as Foreign Secretary and the worlds in uproar
Completed business trip to Israel without having to cut it short. Rules me out of being Foreign Secretary
Elizabeth Windsor Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Never let it be said Theresa May doesn't have a sense of humour.
Should we ALL stop calling him REAl Foreign Secretary? It is like calling person in a cowboy suit - 'Wyatt Earp'!
'As a Brexiteer, Boris Johnson was bad for our country - as Foreign Secretary, he's bad for the world'
Wherein, less than a fortnight ago, the new PM, ridicules the negotiating ability of her new Foreign Secretary
You have to watch the moment Angela Eagle was told Boris Johnson has been made Foreign Secretary
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Priceless moment Angela Eagle finds out Boris Johnson has been made Foreign Secretary
Angela Eagle's telling reaction to hearing Boris Johnson will be UK's next Foreign Secretary
Following Boris Johnson's appointment to Foreign Secretary, the new Minister for Education has been revealed:
Labour's Kevin Brennan says Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary "is the most remarkable appointment since Caligula made h…
The moment Angela Eagle found out Boris Johnson had been made Foreign Secretary was just amazing - Mirror Online
Angela Eagle's reaction to hearing Boris was Foreign Secretary speaks for all of us
Foreign Secretary booed at French Embassy reception in London
State Department rep almost laughs at new job as Foreign Secretary & doesn't openly call him a ***
US state department spokesman reacts to Boris Johnson appointment as Foreign Secretary via
*Breaking News*. Michael Gove announces that he is running for Foreign Secretary .
Boris as Foreign Secretary, Priti Patel on International Development, Jeremy Hunt in situ: is Theresa May our greatest satirist?
Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary. May as well let Ian Watkins out of jail & stick him in charge of education as well
Foreign Secretary has been talking to who wants to see "more Britain abroad" post-Brexit
German TV news presenters chuckled as they announced the appointment of as Foreign Secretary
Just realised. Theresa May has based the new Foreign Secretary appointment on Lord John Marbury - perhaps without the insig…
Boris as Foreign Secretary is like Lord John Marbury without the rhetoric, only the dread of foreign leaders when he lands in their country
World reacts to new UK Foreign Secretary: After just two weeks in the political wilderness, Boris Johnson is back.
This is casual racism. . This is Boris Johnson. . This is the new Foreign Secretary.
In the words of the gr8 Victor Meldrew "I DONT BELIEVE IT!" 😧 BoJo to be Foreign Secretary.
Boris Johnson appointed as Foreign Secretary? Is this a joke? 😂
Boris for Foreign Secretary. The silliest appointment since Caligula made his horse a Consul. As Boris, the classicist mi…
With Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary surely there should be an investigation into in the Tory Party ASAP
Boris Johnson's appointment as Foreign Secretary is 'a gamble'
Is Boris Johnson a good choice to be the UK's Foreign Secretary?
Just when you think May could be alright for a Tory she pulls something ridiculous. Like appoint Johnson as the Foreign Secretary.
I travel for a few weeks and you leave the EU. I go away for a week and Boris is Foreign Secretary. Can't leave you lot alone for 5 minutes.
On the search for missing Melb mother Karen Ristevski intensifies; Boris Johnson named the UK's Foreign Secretary... (cont.)
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary. Next appointment - Jacob Rees-Mogg appointed as Minister for the 18th Century. https…
BOJO as Foreign Secretary seems rather like giving the head of Imperial Tobacco the job of Health Secretary...
Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary is the most fabulous thing since
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Having him as Foreign Secretary has far reaching implications as is the de facto purveyor of
Dear Britain, now you give me Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. I am sorry, but it seems I don't recognise you anymore. Who are you?
Angela Eagle in the middle of taking the *** out of Boris Johnson when she's told he's been made Foreign Secretary.
Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Presumably to keep him out of the country for as long as possible.
Saw a Jigglypuff, had no Pokéballs. Boris Johnson is new Foreign Secretary.
JUST IN: “Leave” leader Boris Johnson has been named British Foreign Secretary
Boris Johnson, who 2 months ago wrote a poem about Turkey's president having sex with a goat, is foreign secretary
UK: Boris Johnson appointed foreign secretary in new Prime Minister Theresa May's government
Britain's new foreign secretary ladies and gentlemen.
Boris Johnson, the same guy who said we should be working with Bashar Al-Assad, has been appointed Foreign Secretary https:/…
New PM appoints as Foreign Secretary and as Finance Minister
Boris Johnson is foreign secretary. So pleased our new Prime Minister has a sense of humour.
UK takes hard right turn after Brexit vote, new PM appoints foreign secretary known for insulting foreigners...
Small footnote, but surely a foreign secretary can't really keep up a weekly column in the Telegraph?
UK newspapers come to terms with Boris Johnson as new foreign secretary
Angela Eagle's basilisk stare on being told Boris has been made Foreign Secretary is /almost/ as good as mine...https:/…
“It’s the day irony died, isn’t it?" Ken Loach responds to appointment as Foreign Secretary.
Boris Johnson as the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Wow. Projecting negative vibes externally?
Boris Johnson's the new Foreign Secretary? We'll probably be at war with the Swiss this time tomorrow! Glad their army…
Breaking news: Boris Johnson spotted arriving for his first meeting as the new foreign secretary
"The SNP in government is like getting King Herod to run a baby farm.". Boris Johnson, Scotland's foreign secretary. https…
What's the best way to insult the rest of the world? Make Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary!
His tact is rudimentary. Gaucheness legendary. Boris the Foreign Secretary. Based on his Brexit epitaph. Guaranteed Therese a laugh.
The Atlantic catalogues all the leaders and countries insulted by our new foreign secretary
In all my 58 years on the planet I have never seen anything as ludicrous as Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Criminally…
"I think the US president is personally offended by Boris appointment" -
Boris Johnson. Foreign Secretary. Going to bed now. Hoping to wake up French. Bon Nuit, Misérable Anglais.
As succinct a summary as you need on Boris Johnson being Foreign Secretary from our friend
Boris Johnson speaks after being appointed Foreign Secretary by
And Boris as foreign secretary. Jesus. Us Brits do irony very well don't we?
As Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson will be representing us around the world. think about that.
Good to see as the new UK foreign secretary. He's a good friend of Australia.
"He would spend more time apologising to nations he has offended" - Tim Farron on Boris Johnson as foreign secretary
US State Dept spokesman's face collapsing at 11 secs on Boris Johnson news is screaming to be GIFed, Vine'd
What could possibly go wrong? Foreign Secretary! UK politics just got really interesting. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
Boris? Foreign secretary? Can somebody please, please reset the matrix. The joke's gone on long enough now.
I’m serious. After choosing Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, I’d like to appoint Mr. Bean as Defence Secretary.
Boris Johnson-the man known for insulting world leaders (incl Obama)-is now foreign secretary of UK. I thought we had a m…
May's cabinet appointments, inc BoJo as Foreign Secretary😂, instil optimism in Farage. That says it all. Still campaigning for
The new Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.
Boris Johnson, the new foreign secretary, called Hillary Clinton, possible next US President, "like a sadistic nurse in…
I'd hope would immediately suspend diplomatic relations with over the naming of Boris Johnson as its new foreign secretary.
Phew!. Just when Britain was starting to become a laughing stock around the world,. Boris Johnson is appointed foreign secr…
Boris Johnson made foreign secretary by Theresa May
A British Foreign Secretary who excuses Russia’s invasion of Crimea? ::
Boris Johnson? Foreign Secretary? To reward a liar, a cheat, a scruffy vortex of destruction with one of the great offic…
This is how reacted the moment she found out Boris Johnson was the new foreign secretary .
Kashmir unrest: Sharif calls cabinet meeting on the issue: Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary also briefed the Isla...
Upside: Boris Johnson as UK Foreign Secretary is an absolute godsend for social media satire. . Downside: Most other things.
"If Bill can deal with Hillary, he can surely deal with any global crisis." - UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson
What is going on Johnson Foreign Secretary? Is mad?
This man has just been named Foreign Secretary 😂😂
Boris Johnson is in charge of MI6 and GCHQ. Oh he is also the Foreign Secretary (Minister). Interesting time ahead.
I can only assume May made Boris Foreign Secretary to get him out the country as much as possible.
The new cabinet ..resounding dysfunctional! How can a man that accused Hillary Clinton of behaving like a "mad nurse" be…
Lest we forget - Her Majesty's Secretary for State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs in action
Boris Johnson: All the ways the new British Foreign Secretary slammed Obama, Clinton, Trump
Apparently the Downing St. Cabinet Appointments memorandum says: "Boris Pfefel Johnson MP has accepted the post of Foreign Secretary. lol."
"Boris Johnson will 'make Britain laughing stock of world as Foreign Secretary'" . As sure as night follows day .
Upside of BoJo as Foreign Secretary? Tim Andrews is now a perfectly viable candidate for Foreign Minister in a future Leyonhjelm government
State Department rep almost laughs at Boris Johnson's new job as Foreign Secretary
Was this before or after May announced Johnson as her Foreign Secretary..?
This is how one leading Washington DC journal sees the appointment of the UK's new Foreign Secretary:
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary?? I feel a Victor Meldrew moment coming on
World: Can you please give us someone diplomatic and useful as Foreign Secretary?. Theresa May: Boris Johnson is your man. Worl…
no, but I can't wait to see the Spanish ambassador being summoned to see the Foreign Secretary 😉
How can Boris Johnson be Foreign Secretary when he can't even maintain diplomatic relations with Liverpool?
.Recording it right now but real drama in UK is taking precedent, sadly. We have a racist buffoon as Foreign Secretary
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary and Kate McCann is ambassador for missing children. Go home Britain, you're drunk.
With this man at the helm as Foreign Secretary what could possibly go wrong?.
BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May appoints Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, Death as Health Secretary & Forrest Gump as Edu…
Hiring a noted xenophobe as Foreign Secretary is like hiring a noted tobacco salesman as Health Secretary. Mind-boggling.
Boris Johnson as our Foreign Secretary? Is this a bad dream? An elaborate wind up? Please God help us.
Boris is Foreign Secretary?. Who are you going to announce next? Harold Shipman as Health Secretary?.
BoJo for Foreign Secretary, what next Gazz for Health Minister
It's ok everyone, Boris Johnson is not really Foreign Secretary, this is all just a bad dream! Can't wait to wake up.
The Poet John Milton describes his reaction to hearing Boris Johnson is now Foreign Secretary
Boris Johnson prepares for his first trip as Foreign Secretary.
Boris Johnson confirmed as Foreign Secretary. Joker and Penguin tipped for other top positions.
Lucas scores and Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary... I am not sure which is harder to believe?
Boris Johnson is the UK's Foreign Secretary - that requires no punchline.
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary...?Presume this is some kind of elaborate joke.
Here man, you ain't trippin dude, it's definitely Boris as Foreign Secretary and Big Sam, Sammy Lee & Phil Brown managing England.
Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary. Proof Theresa May has a sense of humour. That's hilarious!
British diplomats across the world right now as Boris Johnson is appointed Foreign Secretary...
This morning I asked Foreign Secretary what formal role Scot Gov will have in negotiations, answer was essentiall…
Foreign Secretary warns it could take four years for EU to agree terms of Britain's exit
The Top Gear ticket! Theresa May surges in Tory leadership battle as Foreign Secretary
will both be covered by the shadow Foreign Secretary soon.
Presume all Labour shadow ministers will be doubling up: "Foreign Secretary and Minister for Fun"
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So the shadow Foreign Secretary wants a general election despite fact we cant fill a shadow cabinet... You want to destroy the party
Emily Thornberry "Shadow Foreign Secretary" Good God. Is that the best we can do? Really? Lightweight.
When the shadow Foreign Secretary has to apologize to an embassy for the leader of the party, the game must be up !
Michael Gove as PM. Andrea Leadsom as Chancellor. Liam Fox as Foreign Secretary. That would be some team
My ideal new Tory Cabinet to include Andrea Leadsom for leader, Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, Zac Goldsmith, Sec of State,Environment
Jaishankar may travel to Seoul to push for NSG bid . NEW DELHI: Foreign Secretary. S Jaish…
David Milliband then Foreign Secretary after signing Lisbon Treaty "It's just a tidying up exercise" What a massive lie that was Vote
Please listen to former Foreign Secretary and true British statesman who genuinely cares about our country!
In keynote theatre waiting for William Hague. Only just squeezed in - it's full capacity for the former Foreign Secretary!
Nick Robinson reminds what William Hague on BBCr4 when Foreign Secretary "the UK gives full support to T…
Nick Robinson reminds William Hague on that when Foreign Secretary he said the UK gives "full support to Tu…
"People who want us to leave the EU are Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump"- Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former Foreign Secretary
Foreign Secretary reaffirms the UK's commitment to the Caribbean.
Last week I was on same panel as 1 former Foreign Secretary who is (William Hague) & this week with 1 who is # Brexit (David Owen)
UK: Foreign Secretary in talks with French on new peace initiative. "Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has held...
Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, insists the Government should help businesses grow on visit to Basingstoke...
Philip Hammond must be the most incompetent Foreign Secretary we have had in at least a decade.
My Son Ali, an aspiring politician with the current UK Foreign Secretary, the Rt.Hon. Mr. Philip Hammond
Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond:-“reality of a world which is drowning in an oversupply of steel”. Profit is Tory-God. People? Sod them!
The text of the speech of UK Foreign Secretary at the Young Politicians Forum in Tbilisi
Foreign Secretary welcomes the new President of Burma's inauguration: The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, w...
APO - Foreign Secretary statement on Libya: The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said: The arrival of the Pres...
A superb evening hosting the Foreign Secretary (here in & https…
Foreign Secretary comments on sentencing of Radovan Karadi . More:
Foreign Secretary statement on FAC report on UKs role in war against Daesh (ISIL) . More:
she was not foreign secretary during the greatest destabilization of the Middle East since WW2?
Clinton foundation = money laundering she took foreign money as Secretary of State? Gives 3.3m speech 2 Russia?
foreign secretary.. What's your opinion about these photos blow?. These are taken in Iraq..
What stopped Hillary Clinton from stopping extremists during her stint as Secretary Foreign Affairs?
Two years ago illegally annexed It was illegal then and it is illegal now. Read FM Hammond:
Secretary will have dinner with German Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Moscow.
Hillary routing her experience in foreign policy yet as Secretary of state she was a FAILURE
British Foreign Secretary: Free the 6 British ex soldiers from Indian jail via
Bernie is right. He has better judgment in foreign policy than ex-Secretary of State Hillary.
you have no effective foreign policies. You FAILED as Secretary of State.
“Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked hand in glove with the Clinton Foundation on fundraising and foreign...
We're dealing with your foreign policy decisions as Secretary of State
Did someone explain to that the title foreign secretary doesn't mean you are a secretary to foreign Saudi billionaires?
Have to wonder who foreign secretary is working for, us or Saudi billionaires?.
UK Foreign Secretary Hammond criticises judge for stripping diplomatic immunity from Saudi billionaire
Worth googling it, Concorde got banned from their airspace, Foreign Secretary apologised over it, US banned it.
If being Secretary of State doesn't give you more foreign affairs experience than a spoiled ***
Read full statement on Sweden's views on selection & appointment of during today’s AHWG thematic meeting.
Not bad, but Gove as foreign secretary is a must for me.
Stupidly thought Foreign Secretary had better things to do today than criticising judges on behalf of Saudi Arabia
Being Secretary of State doesn't qualify you in Foreign Policy if you let 4 people get murdered and comprise secret email
. It's mind-boggling that Clinton touts her foreign policy "experience". As Secretary of State she was an unmitigated disaster.
UK Foreign Sec "I call on Russia to end its occupation and return Crimea to Ukraine"
The Foreign Secretary just told an outrageous lie, but no-one seems to have noticed
Foreign Secretary condemns guilty verdict in case against Nadiya
CTP’s Foreign Relations Secretary criticizes Akinci on the Cyprus problem https…
A case that has upset the foreign secretary
Foreign Secretary calls on to immediately
Clinton Foundation “accepted millions of dollars from at least seven foreign govts while Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state"
You know who, unlike Trump, has actually dealt with terrorism and foreign affairs as part of their job? The former Secre…
Guilty verdict against is deeply flawed. should release her immediately:
Which killed over 500 thousand babies; what's disturbing is whn th then foreign secretary ws confronted, she said it was (2)
I questioned Hayden J. stripping Sheikh Walid Juffali's diplomatic immunity: now the Foreign Secretary does too!
‘ready for exchange of market access offers in April’, says Commerce Secretary | VIDEO:
UK Foreign Secretary condemns verdict in case against Savchenko & calls to https:/…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Chief of staff of Prez meets Foreign Secretary in London.
Sterling fall a 'foretaste' of leaving EU - Foreign Secretary
New Assistant Secretary of Commerce & Director General of US and Foreign ... - eTurboNews
Sanders criticizes Clinton for her reliance on Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advice on foreign policy
Overlooked this stupidity from Kate Hoey MP. US Secretary of State is actually equivalent of our Foreign Secretary
has no class. There is no fool like an old fool.
'IN' OUT' Shake it all about. You do the hokey-cokey & you turn around. That's what it's all about. via
Video: Philip Hammond Foreign Secretary dare to vote LEAVE & EU ‘political elites will stick 2 fingers up to UK’
Foreign Secretary hurled four-letter abuse at anti-EU colleague after trying to hide secret report on PM's deal https:…
The British Foreign Secretary complained about the tightness of Putin putin
Remarks to media this afternoon by US Secretary of State and Foreign Minister
German apparently also targeted EU Foreign Affairs Representative and US Secretary of State -
Foreign Secretary made a great case for leaving the EU I READ THIS & REALISED WE NEED TO GET OUT TO S…
Britain staying in EU is threat to NATIONAL SECURITY, blasts former Foreign Secretary
Foreign Secretary interview with 5 Oct 2015 would seem that he didn't mean that?
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What happened to William Hague. Ever since he became Foreign Secretary it's like he was captured by the civil service establishment.
Foreign Secretary - Quitting EU could kill investment in region and hurt Sunderland...
Cyril Smith could have been a senior minister in a coalition government. Foreign Secretary maybe.
What is Prince William supposed to talk about when he meets the Foreign Secretary? Cooking?
Foreign Secretary talks in Andrew Marr 's show in terms of 'package' concealing what Britain will get from Angela Merckle and treaty changes
Philip Hammond, UK Foreign Secretary, refuses to join UN attempts to prevent killing of children in war:
Philip Hammond is our Foreign Secretary. . Can someone please tell this Moron we have Nuclear Weapons.
UK refuses to sign UN document protecting schools in war: Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary, said to have blocked attempts to get Bri...
Of course the Foreign Secretary is more important than the Health Secretary. Jesus Christ. Right that's me done for today's nonsense.
Labour is in turmoil on future reshuffle with reports suggesting Shadow Foreign Secretary Benn via
PM Narendra Modi to chair a meeting on Pathankot attack with the NSA, Foreign Secretary and other officials after landing in Delh…
PM to chair a high level meeting with the , Foreign Secretary & other officials immediately after landing in
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