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Foreign Ministry

A Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Foreign Minister, is a cabinet minister who helps form the foreign policy of a sovereign state.

Russian Foreign Ministry Chinese Foreign Ministry Dore Gold Islamic State Lu Kang Sri Lanka Hua Chunying Foreign Minister

South African ambassador to Israel to be summoned to Foreign Ministry over minister's comments on IDF
Travel to Russian Federation, discussed in Parliament: PSRM wants hearings of Foreign Ministry officials ... -
Child is dutch citizen, Foreign Ministry needs to act
broadcast by Foreign Ministry strike postponed
Israel: Foreign Ministry likely to dec .. Link -
Foreign Ministry likely to declare strike
“Someone who comes to work at the Foreign Ministry is either an *** or idealist or their parents have money,” ...
Israel to deny Human Rights Watch visas over ‘bias. ’Foreign Ministry says group’s ‘only purpose is to besmirch’...
Foreign Ministry spox says only purpose of is to ‘besmirch’ . Wrong, we expose human rights violations. http…
Foreign Ministry affirms Sinai is Egyptian land&there ws never proposal to relocate Palestinians there. Israeli Amb…
Foreign Ministry mum on reports envoy to pulled amid security concerns
Netanyahu turned to Foreign Ministry in concern over settlement law - Jerusalem Post Israel News
Foreign Ministry sources in Asmara, the Eritrean split the first secretary of the Eritrean diplomatic mission to the African Union,
"Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said tensions...had lessened." Man, if they have this guy, we shouldn't mess wi…
Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang congratulates the establishement of CGTN, which provides platforms for exchanges…
Iran's Foreign Ministry on Turkey blaming Syria for ceasefire violation: "Nonconstructive Turkish statements only c…
There should be strategic balance in says Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, after India'…
Russia condemns new shelling of its embassy in Damascus euronews
Russian Foreign Ministry has threatened to respond to possible new US sanctions - Channel "Zvezda"
Foreign Ministry says if US introduces new sanctions, it will get a response
Russian embassy in was shelled twice today, according to foreign ministry:
Russian embassy in Damascus hit by shells, claims foreign ministry
| Russian embassy in Damascus hit by shells, claims country's foreign ministry.
The Home Ministry regrets to inform that you will die tomorrow, because Foreign Office decided to ease entry of Jihadis!…
BREAKING: Russian embassy in Damascus was shelled this afternoon - Russian Foreign Ministry
Russian Foreign Ministry says Russian embassy in Syria comes under mortar fire again:
Russian embassy in Damascus 'has been shelled'
BREAKING: Russian Foreign Ministry says if U.S. introduces new sanctions, it will get a response
CCP Foreign Ministry dismisses concerns about political prisoners & as 'interference' in their affairs. http…
Foreign Ministry shares pics of on day 2 visit where she visited botanic gardens, met ES…
"Foreign Ministry: Information on arrest of Russian teen adopted in US needs to be verified"
Foreign Ministry: Information on arrest of teen adopted in needs to be verified.
Foreign Ministry says businesses interested in market.
Foreign Ministry says Italian businesses interested in Russian market
They did a poor job - Foreign Ministry accuses of trying to sabotage Donald
TEHRAN-Takin called to Foreign Ministry to receive warning against Turkish military intervention in &
Turkish Ambassador to Iran summoned by Foreign Ministry over recent statements on developments in the region
abmassador summoned to `s Foreign Ministry, most probably over Turkish bombings in . via
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed Yuval Rotem as Acting Director General of the Foreign Ministry in...
New video added: Three S. Koreans shot dead in Philippines: Foreign Ministry -
Foreign Ministry received new office equipment today from the Chinese Ambassador through a PRC grant. MALO~
REPUBLIC OF KOREA Foreign Ministry to Host the 5th Seminar on the ROK-Latin America Public Security (cont)
The Latest: Russia hits back at Boris Johnson criticism: Russia's Foreign Ministry is taking a slap at Boris ...
Foreign Ministry:. Schools targeted by gov't are legitimate entities; claims still lack evidence.
Foreign Ministry: Edition is a new manifestation of the distorted and prejudiced mindset targeting the predominantly…
Such a pleasure speaking yesterday at the Foreign Ministry with Acting Permanent Secretary Shelia Sealy Monteith
DPRK Foreign Ministry joins worldwide call on US president Barack Obama to pardon Edward Snowden, for services to government…
Ex-Kremlin prisoners will work for foreign ministry
The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Fascist Pederatsii addresses to holders of actions lenina-lurev communications with
Validity of the permit granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Best QUOTE OF THE DAY.Goes to: IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY.and do you know what he said?:):):)
Kremlin's Political Prisoners: Ex-Kremlin prisoners will work for Ukraine's foreign ministry
As children we used to attend movie nights at "Storee" Palace at the Foreign Ministry in Afg. Thank you Aga Khan and India…
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expects to get visa-free regime with EU in coming months - 22.08.2016 — Ukrinform News
Chinese economy has great potential, vast prospects: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson
Turkish Ministry of foreign affairs Announcement Withdraws their Ambassador in
Foreign Ministry announced that seized use of its air base to carry out attacks against militants...
Foreign Ministry rules out arrest of a member of JCPOA monitoring board
PRESSTV LIVE. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman gives weekly press briefing in Tehran.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova expressed discontent with Russian diplomats concerning recent...
Foreign Ministry recalls 300 diplomats over suspected links.
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So called 'foreign ministry' of occupied areas says Greek Cypriots should not speak on Turkish Cypriots behalf...
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson : Think twice before criticizing Israel
Foreign Ministry responds in kind to Turkish criticism
The train of the has moved to the Federal Ministry of Foreign affairs.
has stopped using an air base for strikes in Iran's foreign ministry announced on Monday.
Seems Foreign Ministry's job has turned into denying & whitewashing all allegations that later come true.
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry to launch platform to facilitate release of Ukrainians in Russia - Klimkin
7 After Open Acceptance of involvement in terrorism.Pakistan Foreign Ministry raise this issue with Inte…
Some harsh language from Israel foreign ministry on turkey: Turkey should think twice before criticizing the military actions of others.
Egyptian Foreign Ministry says, israel killing of Palestinian children is a not form terrorism.
Iran: Russia has stopped using Iran base for Syria strikes: Iran's foreign ministry…
Especially from the foreign ministry ...
Interesting Vital case study all involved should read:
Foreign Ministry denies reports that member of Implementation Cmte. arrested on espionage charges.
'Russia is finished using airbase for now' - Iran Foreign Ministry
Israeli journalists get the cold shoulder after the Foreign Ministry bans diplomats from giving press interviews
Fare thee well! Foreign Minister Kasaira bids farewell to HC Michael Nevin at a reception organised by his ministry https:/…
BREAKING: Iran's foreign ministry spokesman says Russia will stop using Iranian air base for Syria airstrikes for the time being.
Kuwait denies purported contract on link-up with missions: KUWAIT, Aug 22 (KUNA) -- The Foreign Ministry deni...
.will move from shadow Foreign Affairs portfolio to Education under Shorten's frontbench:
The ministry of foreign affairs at the city of Cancun requests and requires in the name of her majesty that the receiver of this message
Apparently, bodyguards of any MP, warlord or ex-Jihadi Cdr. beating a police near Foreign A Ministry in http…
AFN to athletes:. Buy your tickets to Rio and Ministry will refund. This is the email to all Foreign based athletes. https…
Moving to foreign affairs is an excellent change to the shadow ministry.
Tanya Plibersek gets education portfolio in new shadow ministry: Penny Wong takes over foreign brief as Bill Shorten announces opposi...
Bill Shorten has unveiled his new ALP ministry, with Tanya Plibersek to education and Penny Wong to foreign affairs
Big winners so far from Labor's new ministry line up:. Marles takes Defence, Wong takes Foreign Affairs, Chalmers takes Finance. Live now.
Cuba, U.S. to discuss mutual compensation for economic losses: … U.S. affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry,...
Cc here's the email. Was directed to foreign based athletes. Som1 at the ministry is goofing real bad
The Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO) is undertaking a Foreign Policy Review during a...
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As of now, there are no reports of Singaporeans injured or directly affected by the incident, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Foreign affairs ministry calls on Jordanians in Munich to contact embassy via
We sincerely thank ministry of foreign affairs for rescuing sh.d'souza.
She started her career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1986 as a Legal Advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Amb Amina Mohammed is the first woman to ever be Cabinet Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade,…
conspiracies against new employees of the Foreign Ministry is being planned within the ministry itself.
Angry anti protesters storm Foreign Ministry in Tripoli
Temporary UK visa service in the Maldives 24 August 2016 from 0900-1715 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Male'. https:…
Protestors in front of the Foreign Ministry HQ in protesting against French intervention
Our thoughts are with the German people and with the families of the victims
Former Saudi General visits Israel & meets with Foreign Ministry Director-general. read more:
Maltese Acting President meets HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab E...
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the terrorist Attacks in the German city of Munich (Ministry of Fore...
Retarded General Anwar Eshki visited Israel this week and met with Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold
If Paris goes ahead with peace summit, I doubt we’ll be there, says Israel’s Foreign Ministry chief. Dore Gold...
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Former Saudi general and delegation visits Israel, meets with Foreign Ministry director-general
China's Foreign Ministry said, "We are concerned about the casualties in the clash & hope that it will be handled properly":…
One does not need to belittle those involved in domestic ministry to promote foreign ministry. In fact, it only hurts th…
Quick action by Dutch foreign ministry, and independent journalist under police guard, but, ok
Chinese Foreign Ministry says in faxed statement that Reed Bank is PRC territory
first time we have a Foreign Minister foreign to the affairs of Foreign Ministry !
she is better resource for Foreign Ministry than Hina Khar
State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi to meet the Myanmar community at Talad Talay Thai at 4pm. Pix: Foreign Ministry htt…
Iran’s Foreign Ministry appoints new spokesman: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has appointed the...
Iranian Foreign Minister appoints Bahram Qasemi as the new Foreign Ministry spokesman
China’s Foreign Ministry has stressed that Beijing sees no need to obtain Japanese permission for sailing thr...
China says it does not need Japanese permission to sail ships through Tokara Strait: China’s Foreign Ministry...
Foreign Ministry condemns the deadly attack in
conflict: ambassador summoned at 2AM by the Foreign Ministry.
Pakistan has made Enormous efforts to Combat Terrorism: Chinese Foreign Ministry. Pakistan has made enormous...
Supreme Court orders Foreign Ministry to name attendees at ambassador Ron Dermer's seder, attended by John Kerry
Moscow says Ahrar al-Sham militants in no way different from Islamic State: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria...
"China recognizing NK as nuclear state," or, "How to overread CCP press releases & ignore the PRC Foreign Ministry".
Olympic committee calls on Foreign Ministry to recruit athletes from diaspora to represent
Syrian Foreign Ministry: Al-massacre aimed at foiling efforts to stop bloodshed.
Syria calls on UN to punish states undermining truce: The Syrian Foreign Ministry has called on the United Na...
2. Chandra Sekhar.was Vajpayee's deputy in Foreign Ministry under Morarji when told PM bout ABV's drinking!
The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly signaled that Washington’s efforts at implementing the European BMD...
takes over at - “Less propaganda, more deep and truthful discourse.”
Investigation into death of 8 Mexican tourists still ongoing: Foreign Ministry -
Indian PM Mr. Modi together with his team of Foreign ministry & RAW civil servents r responsible for this
A Russian yacht has been detained by North Korean coastguards in the Sea of Japan, Russia's foreign ministry says.
Foreign ministry of & One millionaire they paid via CNN large amount to attack U via CNN International
MOSCOW, May 11 (Reuters) - Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the U.S. installation of a European missile de…
Had good discussion with students and future diplomats of Center for Strategic Research of Turkish Foreign Ministry https…
PRO ECUADOR and the Ministry of Foreign Trade yesterday participated in the fair which took place in the city of...
Spokesperson Efthymiou’s response to questions abt unacceptable views on expressed at a conference in Samsun
Ukraine crisis cannot be settled beyond Minsk Agreements - Russian Foreign Ministry: … convinced that the cr...
I'm afraid Davutoglu is wrong. He should read this interview by Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova:
Russian Justice Ministry says criticizing the law on ‘foreign agents’ is a sure sign of being one...
Foreign Ministry: Al-Zara massacre aimed at foiling efforts to stop bloodshed
Cambodian government insists that foreign media use honorific title for top leaders that means "loved by people" https:…
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Arab Republic o : Foreign Minister meets US Secretary of State in Washington
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federat : Comment by the Information and Press Department on Sergey La...
Congratulations on taking your post as Deputy Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Wishing you continued success!
"We are closely watching the development of the situation in Brazil" says Chinese Foreign Ministry
Liberian President Sirleaf mourns Dr. Atai. According to a Foreign Ministry release, the Liberian leader, in her...
UK Foreign Ministry says relations intact as netizens hit back over Queen’s ‘rude’ remarks
Foreign Ministry source confirm that they have paid Rs 425,000 as the air fare for Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa for his Uganda Trip
Foreign Ministry warned Ukrainians about dangers of travel to Russian Federation
domain names
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday accused politicians in next-door Latvia and Lithuania...
Foreign Minister of Sweden signing Guest Book at the Foreign Ministry
Foreign Ministry summoned ambassador of the Netherlands to complain about a satirical cartoon on Turkish president
Spain calls in French ambassador over wine truck attack: Spain's Foreign Ministry has summoned the French amba...
Ukraine's Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the Dutch government will ignore the results of the valid...
Foreign Ministry offers cash prizes for best videos promoting Israel - ~ desperation is the last act of a dying man
broadcast by Foreign Ministry launches hasbara video competition
The Times of Israel: Foreign Ministry launches hasbara video competition
Foreign Ministry display titled Open a Door to vandalized by Activists h…
Foreign Ministry spokesman to after attack: 'and have a common goal in fighting…
Foreign Ministry expressed deep concern over RT’s report and supported the channel’s call for a UN-led...
DTN Russia: Moscow Insists on Kurdish Involvement in Syria Settlement: Russian Foreign Ministry said that Kurd...
Foreign Ministry: One Israeli lightly injured in the Brussels bombing
Obamas are greeted by FM Bruno Rodriguez and Josefina Vidal from Foreign Ministry and Amb. to U.S Jose Cabanas on hist…
Fire breaks out in Delhi's South Block at gate number 8 near Foreign Ministry's office
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Youth ambassador program opens for applications: Foreign Ministry
I think I can hold every portfolio - defense, finance and Foreign Ministry.
3. to lecture on Public Diplomacy during my service as the Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry.
Foreign Ministry to study State Duma query on annulling 1921 treaty of friendship with About time.
Foreign Ministry accuses Secretary General of participating in anti-Russia propaganda on
Ynet: Foreign Ministry to help limit product-labeling damage
he changes staffers every few weeks.. Doesn't have an official advisor since Dermer left to DC & Dore Gold to Foreign Ministry
Iran's diplomatic soldiers - New album cover for Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and his team at the Foreign Ministry.
Foreign Ministry: Turkey should stop violations, we maintain the right to respond: Damascus, SANA – The Turkish...
Press Statement of the Foreign Ministry on Saudi Initiative against terrorism
Netanyahu advisor and Foreign Ministry director general gives "unprecedented" interview to Saudi news outlet, Elaph:.
Foreign Ministry confirms Israeli office to open in Abu Dhabi via
Creating public diplomacy. Foreign Ministry's accomplishments in 2015.
The nation’s Foreign Ministry commissions a worldwide ranking that is a little kinder to French chefs.
consulate ad refers to West as 'territory'!. Foreign Ministry responds,...
Prominent source to AlMayadeen: Turkish delegation including a Foreign Ministry and a Security officer arrive at Baghdad …
Polish foreign ministry claims CNN coverage 'one-sided' via
"China. strongly opposes the extension. the militar.Alliance NATO at the. expense of inclusion in it. new States"-. The Chinese Foreign Ministry
Jacob Waslander, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs talking Dutch & EU support of no-deforestation commitments
"We proceed from the position. that NATO is. a product of the cold war..." - . The Chinese Foreign Ministry,. "Interfax".
Met on arrival in Colombo by HC HE Zahiya Zareer & Mr Abagolla, director South Asia at Sri Lanka foreign ministry. http…
DTN Egypt: Russia says too early to confirm Syria talks in New York: Russia's foreign ministry on Tuesday said...
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Chad
Polish foreign ministry claims CNN coverage 'one-sided' .
Gender equality is a priority in all development cooperation. .
Turkish Foreign Ministry announced the termination of the invasion of Iraq.but remainder of troops not left Reedus
Russian large landing ship Tsesar Kunikov did not breach Montreux Convention — foreign ministry
Russia launches new airstrikes in Syria; 1st from submarine: MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's Foreign Ministry has voice...
Foreign Ministry: suspended the deployment of troops in northern 2 days ago.
Women's rights are human rights. Go Sweden!
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The Syrian Foreign Ministry has stated that “Syria strongly condemns the act of aggression by the US-led coalition t…
The German Foreign Ministry repudiated a blunt memo from the BND agency that said Saudi Arabia was playing an increasingl…
Turkey stopped deployment of troops to northern two days ago - Foreign Ministry -
Foreign ministry condemns attack on DEB party in Komotini
Foreign Ministry: Turkey halts troop deployment to Iraq but will not withdraw
Defenсe Minister of Ukraine agreed with NATO further steps to reform the Ministry and the Armed ...
Saudi to consider appeal against stoning of maid: Sri Lanka foreign ministry
Foreign Ministry Lauds Qatari Help in Darfur: ... bin Abdalla Al-Mahmoud, and the accompanying delegation to S...
halts transfer of forces to but no pullback: Foreign Ministry
Russian Foreign Ministry: Targeting Syrian army posts by U.S.-led coalition aggravates situation in the war...
BREAKING: deployment of troops to Mosul without informing Baghdad ‘illegal’: Foreign Ministry -
Announcement on the violent attack on the offices of the Equality, Peace and Friendship Party, in
Foreign Minister Sergey answers to questions, December 7, 2015 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of has released an action plan for feminist foreign policy! Read here:
Our foreign ministry demands that and publish rebuttals to two unfavourable pieces
reaches Islamabad for participating in the ministerial meeting scheduled at Ministry of Foreign Affairs tomorrow.
.meets State Sec; accents strengthening of coop. in support of https…
Syria's Foreign Ministry said four planes (more likely French) were responsible for the attack on Syrain Army's Deir al-Zour military camp
Foreign Ministry alarmed by downing of Su-24 by Air Force M.D.
THE JERUSALEM POST:. Foreign Ministry summons Sweden’s ambassador in Israel for an urgent meeting with its...
According to translation provided by the Foreign Ministry, Wallstrom answered, “Obviously, we have reason to be...
EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen summoned to Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem to be reprimanded over the decision.
Russia does not see keeping Bashar Assad in power as a matter of principle, the Foreign Ministry in Moscow sai...
A Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday that he believes President Xi Jinping will…
I just read the statement by Héctor Timerman on the website of the Foreign Ministry: Clarin publishes (& amplifies) an “e…
Did you know that the Foreign Ministry pays six PR firms to promote a “positive image” of to the public?
Israel urging donor countries to PA to use influence on Abbas to end terror: Foreign Ministry slams...
Deputy HC summoned by Foreign Ministry to express concern over cancellation of train service.
A Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace on Saturday, prompting the Foreign Ministry to send a stern warning to Moscow to stay away
reminder. cables and other documents from the Foreign Ministry
Mark Siegel testimony against ex. President Musharaf to be cross examined by interior and Foreign Ministry
Latest from Iran: “The [Iranian] Foreign Ministry is seriously pursuing the fate of Ghazanfar Roknabadi, the m...
Iran Orders Bahraini Diplomat To Leave: Iranian news media are reporting that Iran's Foreign Ministry has decl...
Iran's Foreign Ministry labels reports on capture of Iranian weapon boat which headed to as psychological warfare. Via
US wants to bolster ties with Thailand: Foreign Ministry - The Nation via
Foreign Ministry would pursue case of missing pilgrims: FM
Foreign Ministry would pursue case of missing Iranian pilgrims: FM
Foreign Ministry presents Iranian Embassy Charge d'affaires with protest memorandum over Khamenei statements.
Egyptian television: two people injured in the explosion in front of the Foreign Ministry continued in Giza Governorate Office
,PMN thanks the people at the National Security Council, the Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Commission
Foreign Ministry: China is verifying information regarding abduction of a Chinese national
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday that a Chinese national reported as being held hostage by Islamic State
Yang Jiechi: South China Sea is not a U.S. concern Foreign Ministry seeks to preempt criticism of PRC assertiveness
EU Parliament calls for labeling of Israeli settlement products: Foreign Ministry slams resolution as ...
Israel’s Foreign Ministry: and “are working together for stability and prosperity” in the region
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Israeli flag raised over new embassy in Cairo, four years after mob attack: Foreign Ministry direct...
Foreign Ministry quiet on reports Israeli missing in Yemen
and company got VIP treatment from Israel's Foreign Ministry htt…
CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's Foreign Ministry has summoned the British ambassador over comments he made in court after a judge sentenced three
Foreign Ministry weighing offers from Dennis Rodman, Donald Trump, and Kim Kardashian to mediate present crisis with south K…
Foreign Ministry blasts Indian president Narendra Modi as high-handed and treacherous loafer, for licking boots of South Kor…
Dore Gold: Iran needs nuclear deal more than US, West does: Foreign Ministry head weighs in
Foreign ministry confident in Azerbaijan's effective co-op in SCO - Trend News Agency
Mabruk to all Saudis. | Foreign Ministry : Arabia & Israel are now united as partners.
Indonesia: Indonesian police arrest three people from foreign trade ministry over corruption allegations
Latest: The German foreign ministry warned about possible attacks on Istanbul's underground rail network and bus stops by …
What does consider a threat to the nation? Local organizations exposing electoral fraud
December 10, 1945: Soviet Foreign Ministry Report, 'On the Question of a United Government in Korea'
Foreign Ministry chief Dore Gold: nations are our ‘allies’
Israel’s Foreign Ministry chief: Sunni Arab nations are our ‘allies’
Regim change ngos blasted out of russia watch out
is implementing the new Mexico’s Foreign Ministry Protocol for Migrant Children and Adolescents
Foreign Ministry to protest D interventions, recalled its ambassador from
A senior Foreign Ministry official said could prove Turkey was supporting the Islamic State affiliate in Sinai http:/…
2 Finns and 4 Finnish companies on new sanctions list against Finnish foreign ministry
How well is Dutch money spent on UN? My blog on the report for
Russia puts pressure on World Congress of Crimean Tatars delegates, - Foreign Affairs Ministry
Afghan govt regrets postponment of peace talks in pakistan, says afghan foreign ministry
The letters sent today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina to the US Secretary Of State, John Kerry.
Case of Foreign Trade Directorate Head not to disturb services in Trade Ministry
Foreign Ministry seeks travel bans for MPs visiting Crimea
Foreign Ministry seeks travel bans for French MPs visiting . . more absurdity from
Happening Now: French FM Fabius meeting with Iran's FM Javad Zarif at Foreign Ministry in Tehran.
Cultural Week in hosted by Indian Ambassador to Iran and Foreign Ministry deputy for Asian Affairs.
Dobbins: Foreign Ministry is the lead agency in in it is clearly the Quds Force. .
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did Foreign Ministry inform you That Judge is a child abuser during session harassing a kid asking to act what was done to her?
From now on, the country will be more known in Muslim world//Steve Herman: Chinese Foreign Ministry:
On Friday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying offered China's official response to the new document,...
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the United States was pushing unfounded exaggerations.
Indonesia's Foreign Ministry 'Ms of the closest Foreign Ministers to...Retno Marsudi"
- Australia's Foreign Ministry has amassed 1.3 million followers on
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to visit SL on an invitation extended to him by Foreign Ministry
Israeli diplomats try to delay EU vote on labeling Israeli-made products: Israel's Foreign Ministry has begun ...
Foreign Ministry nerds are wrongly calling the boycott an aftermath of the FIFA nonsense. -. Tzvi...
"25,000 tourists to Kailash affected...". Kailash Tour Operators are pushing Tourism / Foreign Ministry to take...
Former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold will head up the Foreign Ministry, Prime Minister...
'Netanyahu's divide-and-conquer tactics in the Foreign Ministry hurt Israel': Israeli diplomats warn t...
Malaysian Insider Don’t expect to be saved if crime committed, Foreign Ministry says of Nur Fitri case: ...
Foreign Ministry denies claim that new FM publicly addressed relations with says he hasn't spoken to media since appointment.
how about Foreign Ministry influence at quashed this:
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Mossad trying to take on diplomatic-security issues, claims Foreign Ministry chief - Haaretz
Apparently Israel's Foreign Ministry hasn't been dealing BDS for some years. A Mossad division took over:
Russia rejects Germany’s criticism over S-300 delivery to Iran: ‘Russia’s Foreign Ministry has rejected German...
Foreign Ministry office in after 11 months of attacks by militias loyal to
💥 Ambassador to the Mehmet Pacaci arrives in at request of Foreign Ministry
Ambassador to the Mohamad Bachaji arrives in at request of Foreign Ministry
Foreign Ministry: We are disappointed by the remarks about the events of 1915 concerning
Tunisia’s Foreign Ministry revives ties with
president thwarts renewed diplomatic ties with Dancing to the tune from Paris
All I want to do is go on a Missions Trip, Do Children's Ministry, get married to only God knows who lol & adopt a foreign kid!❤️
Air evacuations in Yemen end with rescue of 630 people, says Foreign Ministry
Operation Rahat completed. KUDOS to our Foreign Ministry and General V.K.Singh and armed forces. Similar action needed for our farmers also.
Tunisia's new Foreign Minister (ND) goes rogue against Turkey & in favor of Assad. . Pres. Essebsi angry:
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