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Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV sold by the automaker Ford Motor Company introduced in 2000 as a 2001 model year and priced below the Ford Explorer.

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Deer can be deadly! "According to an accident report from the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office, Crass was a passenger in a 2009 Ford Escape sports-utility vehicle driven by Mickey McConahay, 56, of Ohio City, that was southbound on SR 118 when the driver spotted a deer running onto the roadway and started to slow down when another deer ran out directly in front of the vehicle and came through the SUV’s windshield on the passenger’s side, landing on Crass. Van Wert County Coroner Dr. Scott Jarvis declared the man dead at the scene at approximately 8:15 Tuesday morning."
Urgent prayer request!! Our brand new 2014 Ford Escape was stolen out of our driveway during the night!!
Since its launch in 2009, the EcoBoost™ engine has fused together the worlds of horsepower and fuel efficiency. Thanks to the EcoBoost engine’s revolutionary design, owners don’t need to sacrifice capability for mpg, or vice-versa. It’s the automotive equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Are you an EcoBoost fan? Tell us about your Ford by sharing a story! Recently, a Ford Escape rolled off the assembly line at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky. Only this was no ordinary Escape. Under the hood was the two-millionth EcoBoost, a relatively small but powerful milestone representing the meteoric rise of this iconic engine. The EcoBoost has come a long way in four short years. It is now manufactured in 1.0-liter three-cylinder, 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter four-cylinder versions, as well as the larger 3.5-liter V6 variant. Ford factories are churning out over 100,000 EcoBoost engines per month, which is up from 65,000 just one year ago. You can get an EcoBoost in 90 perc ...
Ford Escape, black,Excellent Condition,fully loaded alloyrims 1499k
Cain's Segments: Crossover Sales - In every month since April, the four best-selling utility vehicles in America have fallen under the “small” banner. In July, the five top sellers were small. With one-third of 2013 remaining, the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox, and Toyota RAV4 are both America’s top-selling small crossovers and America’s four leading crossovers overall. Together with [...]
Dad brought home a Ford Escape from his dealership for me to test drive to see if I would want one for a graduation present. I say
Henry's Fish Restaurant | 2013 Roadside Attractions Ford Canada plan your escape with a new 2014 Ford Escape call me
Carrie Mathison of "Homeland" & Dexter Morgan of "Dexter" drive Ford Escape. I think it is the same one, the v_V
I think my husband deserves an award for stuffing the most amount of crap into a Ford Escape possible. On our way to SC!!
Bruce Walters Ford would like to thank Kim Daniels for her purchase of a New 2014 Ford Escape from the Internet...
I like to give a nice nod of mutual respect to every silver ford escape I pass
We are overstocked and making deals on models such as this 2010 Ford Escape. This Escape has 64706 miles, and it...
Every time I see a Ford Escape, my mind immediately jumps to Always repping the love.
Ford Escape on top, Edge on bottom. I drive a edge. NOT A ESCAPE. I DIDNT EGG YOUR HOUSES
Why does this chick have a pink mustache on her black Ford Escape?..
This guy just tried to race me on louetta... *** I'm in a range rover evoque, while you're pushing a ford escape 😂😂😂
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My mom let me whip her truck and its official ... I'm getting a ford escape
"To the girl who was talking with someone in a red Ford Escape by the Sig Ep house today. nice *** "
This summer is going to be & Be on the lookout for in her Ford Escape to win goodies!
Blue Ford Escape on SB Elbow Drive in the playground zone, photo radar
Ford Escape customers stuck with repair bills after recall investigation issued: reports.
Hrmph. ZipCar swapped the Audi A3 we’d reserved for a Ford Escape. Those are… not all that similar.
Who knew 18 years could fit in the back of a Ford Escape...
Why do you have KC lights on your ford escape?¿
Some cars you just Do not put Rims on. A Caliber.A Focus.Sentra.Stratus.Rio.Ford Escape.Lancer.
2006 Ford escape, I've already put 2 motors in it. Ford didn't want to help me at 32k miles when the first engine blew.
Just saw a team using a ford escape... Rookie mistake lol
Getting the Ford Escape cleaned before the weekend road trip! :-) (@ Waterway Carwash)
If I had a truck instead of an raggedy ford escape, I'd enjoy this weather a lot more.
After driving a slow & uncomfortable Toyota Prius for 2 days, it's nice to get my 2013 Escape back! Powerful, great MPG &lots of space
Hurry, before it’s too late to win a brand new, fuel-efficient 2013 Ford Escape!. When you're in need of a...
When the bass drops in the Ford Escape w/ Sony Audio, it's like u're actually at Spring Awakening: ;) ^MT
Congratulations to Marcia since she just took delivery of her 2014 Ford Escape SEL that I factory ordered special...
The path to crafting the Escape starts with clay & a rake:
Really not believing these Ford Escape commercials where the girl says her sister drives a BMW but is jealous of her Ford
Possible robot gods and deep bonding: I drove a Ford Escape Titanium and liked it
Dear Ford, NO ONE that owns a BMW ever says they wish they would've bought a Ford Escape instead. Nice try on the radio spo…
I just entered the Escape 2013 Sweeps for a chance to win a new Ford Escape. Enter Now!
I traded in my Mercedes for a SUV, can you remake "Get This Party Started" with looking flashy in a Ford Escape?
lol I wish, I just got a new 2013 Ford Fusion. Plus my 2010 Ford Escape. 😕
I added a video to a playlist Car Tech - 2014 Ford Escape proves that less can be more
Congratulations to Mel and Pat Hebert from Herscher on the purchase of their 2014 Ford Escape. Bob Crane and the...
Engineers from Indiana have managed to hack a Toyota Prius and Ford Escape so that the brakes, steering,...
Crash test video - Ford Escape vs Subaru Forester. At 0:35 in Ford, the airbag completely misses the dummy's head:
Alright I have a 2013 Ford Escape and my dad wants to trade me for his 2012 Chevy Tahoe. Both fully loaded but not sure what to have??
A woman spent three years in jail because Chicago police withheld DNA evidence and coerced a witness into testifying that a man's suicide was a homicide, the woman claims in court. Sara Bridewell sued Chicago and its police Officers Kevin Eberle and Brian Forberg, in Cook County Court. Walter Chandler's Ford Escape collided with Bridewell's sister's car in September 2006, according to the complaint. "Mr. Chandler was extremely intoxicated, and had a blood alcohol level approximately four times the legal limit," the complaint states. "Mr. Chandler struck the parked car of plaintiff's sister, Lisa Rhodes, and then fled the scene of the accident in his car. "Plaintiffs and Ms. Rhodes heard the collision of Chandler's vehicle with Rhodes' vehicle, and got in the car with two other individuals, Randy Manual and Anthony Watkins, to drive after Chandler and get his license plate number to call the police. "Chandler stopped his vehicle nearby, and plaintiff and Rhodes approached his car. "Rhodes approached the dr ...
Wow! Nice...driving a 2014 Ford Escape is better than a Jeep Patriot. Im n love wit it. :)
Today, we’re giving a round of applause to Richard Enty, the executive director of the METRO Regional Transit Authority in Summit County, for setting an example for everyone out there who continues to text and drive despite the clear and incontrovertible evidence that the practice is causing thousands of car accidents every year. According to a story in today’s edition of the “Akron Beacon Journal” Mr. Enty turned himself into the METRO Board of Directors for texting while driving his METRO-owned Ford Escape two weeks ago. METRO, like many other public and private sector organizations has a policy that prohibits texting and other forms of distracted driving. Mr. Enty told the board members he decided to report the infraction when one of the system’s buses pulled up next to him as he texted while driving down the road. “I looked to my right and I saw one of our buses there and I thought to myself, he [the bus driver] may or he may not have seen me,” he told the “Beacon Journal.” “But i ...
FORD should scrap their marketing team because there's no way in *** a BMW driver is going to compare his/her car to a Ford Escape and say they're jealous. One of the dumbest commercials ever.
Bill and I are looking for a new car. We have decided on a small SUV. Needs to get 30+ MPG. We have narrowed it down to a Toyota Rav4, a Ford Escape or a Jeep Cherokee. All cost about the same and all have the same MPG. Anyone have any of these? What do you think?
If I won a NEW 2014 Ford Escape in the GetGo Scan & Drive Giveaway, I would: A. Keep it B. Sell it C. Give it to someone in need For details on how to enter visit:
Another Car We Can’t Buy by eric • June 18, 2013 • 17 CommentsHere’s another car you can’t buy because of government rigmarole – the Ford Kuga.Well, not quite. You can buy the vehicle – it’s sold as the Ford Escape in this country. I just reviewed it last week (see here). What you can’t buy here is…
Okay, leaning toward the Nissan Xterra or Ford Escape... I really like the Honda Element and the GMC Terrain, but I've never had a 4-cyl car and am afraid it won't last like a V6 does... Thoughts?
Assuming everything checks $2500 a good price for a 2001 Ford Escape or Escort with 125K miles?
So they ended up totaling out the Ford Escape. Good bye my sweet suv.Guess me and Samantha Hardy get to go car shopping again! lmao
Heading South on CA 5,and thinking of a old Arlo Guthrie tune,"Coming into Los Angeles,bringing in a couple of keys",only these are car keys and a Ford Escape going to Chino !
Anybody put there have a 2012 or earlier model Ford Escape? Can you fit 2 medium wire crates side-by-side? Shelly Schuld Weeks? Other suggestion for a minivan replacement?
was just out looking at new (used) vehicles, a Honda Pilot, and Dodge Journey and a Ford Escape. and Of course they show me the New models...Now to let the head overrule the heart, stay practical and make sure I can still put food on the table.
Ford Motor Co. said Monday that is May U.S. sales rose 14 percent, led by strong sales of the F-Series pickup truck and the redesigned Ford Escape small SUV. BY THE NUMBERS: The Dearborn, Mich., automaker ...
Sunday morning about 11:30 there was a knock on our apt door. I opened it and a Eagan police officer asked if we have a blue car. I said yes we have two. He stated well there is a tree on one of them. We went out to the parking lot and it was not our car but our son Andy. So I called his cell to wake him up and said there was a tree over his car and he had to come and move it It was not damaged a light pole stopped the full tree from falling on it Thank goodness it is a 2013 Ford Focus and he paid cash for it so he was thankful for no damage. Our car is also blue different shade but it is a 2013 Ford Escape. We both are going be a ware that no more trees can fall of either car.
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Man what a way to end the month! Othello "Mr. Make It Happen" Bell does it again! Sold 3 cars today ('06 Ford Fusion, '07 Mitsubishi Galant and '08 Ford Escape) and almost sold 4! GLORY BE TO GOD!!! Now "I'z tiyed boss" and ready for a good meal and a pillow! lol.
I've had this 2013 Ford Escape for almost a year. It's been in to the shop 5 times for updates to the Sync System for issues with it. It still doesn't work c...
FROM THE NEWSROOM: Police say a Webster, Mass., man was transported to an area hospital after a vehicle accident on a Thompson roadway Monday. Authorities report that Richard Kalldian was operating a Ford Escape northbound on Riverside Drive just after 12 p.m. when he lost control of the vehicle and struck a utility pole near the intersection of Rawson Ave. Kalldian was transported by Community Ambulance to Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam for observation. He was cited by police for failure to maintain lane.
Going to look at the Honda 2013 CR-V for a test drive and re-examine the 2013 Ford Escape. Does anyone have any good thing to say or bad on these two?
I will never say "It can't get any worse" because I know better. Always have. Case in point: This morning we had a major lightening strike over our house, followed by a thunderclap so loud that it had both Sherry Irion and I jumping up to be sure everything was okay. The effects so far have been that Sherry's alarm clock jumped ahead exactly two hours in time (reset it), our cable modem was fried (currently replaced with two separate modems: one for cable and one for phone), the base unit of our new (bought not even six months ago) phones is out [Thankfully held onto the old phone and base.] of commission, and the battery indicator light on our 1.5 year old Ford Escape stayed on and the power steering pump started to go out (dropped off at the dealer and had to scramble to get a car rented). The last item happened while we were going to replace the cable modem; hopefully, the repairs will be under warranty but the way things are going so far today...Well, let's just say that I know better and leave ...
Update: Lake Wales Police Department: Passing Counterfeit Money. At 5:40pm on May 24, 2013 Lake Wales Police responded to Woody’s BBQ, located at 19501 NB HWY27. Woody’s management advised Officer Mongeon on May 21, 2013 a female came in and purchased food with counterfeit currency. The same female returned on May 24 to purchase more food using counterfeit currency and she was recognized by staff from her previous visit. Woody’s management described her as a white female, heavy set and had pink hair. This is the same description as the female who has passed counterfeit currency at other businesses in the Lake Wales area. As the female left Woody’s she was seen entering a silver Ford Escape with Florida tag 916 YTS. This vehicle is registered to a rental car company and detectives are following up on this information. If anyone sees this suspect or suspect vehicle they are asked to call the police immediately. Anyone who has information on this case or who knows where this suspect is located is ask ...
My poor 2002 Ford Escape seized up and died last week. *sigh* Loved that car. Was a great paraglding/kitesurf/surf vehicle...RIP PIcked up a rental for a few days while I figure out options. If any FB friends know of anyone selling a good car that's not too old and has working A/C let me know. Hoping to get into another mini-SUV or hatch, but may have to get something temporary for work. Seems like many used cars 2-3yrs old are almost better to buy new with all the mfg rebates and great interest rates right now. Gonna try and enjoy the weekend anyway. :)
Rav4 is back home from the body shop, good as new. But I did enjoy four days with the Ford Escape. A little boxy and bigger than I'm used to, but great ride and smooth handling. And a bunch of technoigical bells and whistles.
High-5 to Seattle for having the worlds worst and dumbest drivers ... Seriously. -- sunny & dry = bad slow drivers. -- drizzle rain = indecisive slow moving roadblocks. -- heavy rain = lets close your eyes and floor it ... Because others will watch out for me. Today: Ford Escape hits city bus. Both (!) lanes to Ballard blocked. Crawling "baby-style" and backwards would have been faster.
DP130063625 On 05/16/13 Det. Matt Morgan posted a BOLO for a subject wanted for battery and theft stemming from an incident that occurred at the K-Mart located in the 6700 block of W. Washington St. This BOLO included photos of the suspect and a description of the vehicle in which he fled. On 05/20/13 Officer Tim Huddleston observed the described vehicle, a 2012 Ford Escape, in the Speedway lot at Morris/Lynhurst. He also recognized the passenger as the same person in the BOLO photos. The female driver exited the lot and Officer Huddleston initiated a stop, however, the driver began fleeing. Shortly into the pursuit the male passenger shoved the female from the vehicle and sped off again. The pursuit terminated when Leon T. Brewer, W/M 48, bailed out and ran between houses in the 3500 block of Kansas. Officer Huddleston never lost sight of Brewer and after he jumped a fence it appeared Brewer was running toward a young boy in the backyard of a house in the 3500 block of Lambert. The mother of the child sc ...
Congratulations Jody and Jason! Sales consultant, John Carl, helped them into their brand new 2013 Ford Escape.
Michael J. is selling a 2004 Ford Escape in Wildomar, CA with a Standard Ad.
Tony C F. is selling a 2006 Ford Escape in Westerville, OH with a Deluxe Ad.
A tractor-trailer started a five-vehicle chain reaction at on M-46 at Begole Road in Pine River Township Thursday that left one man injured and a Ford Escape upright on two wheels.
The Hyundai Tucson (known as ix35 on some markets) it’s a new breathtaking vehicle. It is 10 cm larger than the Nissan Qashqai (Roque) and Ford Escape, which means more space for more passengers. The design is incredible, stable and secure from the inside and dashing from the outside. There is a pan...
All new Ford Escape, you can visit this model @ Ford showroom in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap...You will love it..
I saw a Ford Escape with plate read "El1te" instantly thought it was Joe Flacco..
Congratulations to Anna & David Moore on the purchase of a 2013 Ford Escape from at
well let's see... Does a ford escape qualify??
I want a WHITE 2001 Ford Escape . My sister got a Black 1 and I'm jealous.
Virginia C. is selling a 2008 Ford Escape in Brownstown, MI with a Standard Ad.
Yigit S. is selling a 2009 Ford Escape in Daniel Island, SC with a Deluxe Ad.
we have a hybrid ford escape and Prius v. Neither seat 7 but we love them. Not many huge hybrids yet.
How many Cubic Inches of Ice Cream can you fix in a 2009 Ford Escape?... — As if I knew.
My dad got a new ford escape, he said I can drive it tomorrow.. Hopefully I can keep it in one piece!
The 2013 ford escape is just about as cool as operating a space craft
Congratulations Allen and joy on your new Ford Escape from: via
There is a really good chance and I just saw the gray ford escape from the amber alert
WAIT... that chick was yellin 'wooo' drivin a Ford Escape??? Uhmm... You want to date her bro!
oh because Missy's Ford escape is for sale so you should buy that and have her spirit with you at all times!
Ronald M. of Norwood, MN just sold a 2010 Ford Escape with a Standard Ad
Anybody tryin' to buy a car? Gotta 06/07 or something close to that Ford Escape. Good condition if I do say so myself
You're dumb as duck if you come to Lowes to buy a grill and think its fitting assembled in your ford escape
lmaooo I'm between a 2013 Ford Escape and a 2012 Hyundai Sonata black/black lmao what would you pick babe?
K.G. of Laredo, TX Just Bought a New 2013 from a dealer in Laredo, TX for $24,655.00!
😞 it *** I have only driven the ford escape with my mom and brother cause I can't drive it alone.
Opened the sunroof on my brand new 2013 Escape, and it shattered itself. Not cool, bro.
ford escape but I decided to hold off.. my car was a cheap enough fix for now
Sure, dad, let's go off roading in my Ford Escape. Cause that's a brilliant idea. 😒
I always feel so poor driving in my 2007 Ford Escape next to all of the brand new Audis and Maseratis on Saint John
Just in! We have recently added a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid to our inventory. Check it out :
Ford The Ford Escape goes under the knife for the new model year, and comes out with a dramatically different...
If you cat call me from a ford escape I will tell you to go get yourself a real SUV and try again
my mom has one and love it. Im learning how to drive on one too. Good choice. I like ford escape which 3 my family members have.
Hatch with a foot sensor eh? We should all buy the new Ford Escape; considering the commercial doesn't feature anything else.
Driving down town and on the west side playing Outta Your Mind full blast Im new ford escape!! 😜😜
Used Car Special - check out this White 2010 Ford Escape located in Traverse City, MI 49686. $16,730.00:
Used Car Special - check out this 2013 Ford Escape located in Grand Junction, CO 81505. $28,995.00:
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe has SUVs ranging from the Ford Escape to the Honda ...: What happens when the world's fi...
Everyone on Staten Island has a white Ford Escape
James C. is selling a 2006 Ford Escape in Burleson, TX with an Enhanced Ad.
Matthew E. is selling a 2003 Ford Escape in Tigard, OR with an Enhanced Ad.
Stuck Accelerators problem with Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute under investigation via
looking for a 6 or 7 passenger SUV. Test drove Nissan pathfinder & Ford Escape. Like Nissan's lever to fold 2nd-row seat to get into 3rd row. Like Ford Escape's bucket seat better as it eliminates work allowing kids to walk into 3rd row, but also takes away the 7th passenger seat (which is tiny anyway). Your opinions would help : )
I just saw another teal 2013 Ford Escape like mine. Looks like I'm no longer the only one in NB
I have a ford escape...We need to find someone who will let us borrow their truck.
“Going to Want to win some event tickets?
My 2012 Escape pulling out a 1 ton chev tow truck! At no charge but a picture was nessesary!
My first driving experience with out first SUV, Ford Escape. :))
My parents bought a ford escape yesterday. The salesman test raced through cones and floored it across the parking lot with them in there.
Travis S. of Valparaiso, IN just sold a 2001 Ford Escape with a Deluxe Ad
2009 Ford Escape Limited. Fully loaded with only 50k miles. $15,490
Something you can't do with out a Ford Escape
Used Ford Escape LIMITED 2011 ($20977) for sale in FL, Jacksonville, 32225 -
Used Ford Escape XLT 2WD 2001 ($5991) for sale in FL, Jacksonville, 32246 -
I'm kind of hooked on a ford escape right now!😏 but that could change.. wouldn't mind a jeep either.
The new Ford Escape looks awesome, by the way...
Your video: how to put your public in z mood to look at it? The e=Ford+Escape in my link puts it under Elvis
With a setting in our site and any starry video v your eCode eg e=Ford+Escape puts any chosen theme video in 2nd pos
It's an escape, and I ain't talking Ford
New car finance - Only twenty three days left to get 0.9% financing on a new Ford Escape .:
So how many escape engineers does Ford need?
Timothy S. is selling a 2007 Ford Escape in Urbana, OH with a Standard Ad.
Hoping that Indiana Jones 5 is the senior home escape from Cloud Atlas with Harrison Ford in place of Jim Broadbent.
The new Ford Escape doesn't even look like a Ford Escape.
Great! We will be driving a gold colored Ford Escape.
I think I finally see why you call the ford escape the escápe is it from finding nemo
well, YOUR review of the OMG, brill!
The only way you'll see me in that Ford Escape is because of that sunroof. no thank you
So this is how I die, in a ford escape taxi, speedy and racing through SF city while the taxi driver says, "yeah...
I'm not trying to race with you when I have a 2003 ford escape ... BYE 😑
7 dudes in a Ford Escape. This is not legal, safe, or comfortable.
We must have a meeting next week in the ford escape!
Why is it every time I see a Ford Escape, it's a girl driving, where are the guys
Used Ford Escape XLT Limited 2002 ($7500) for sale in NC, Moravian Falls, 28654 -
Walked outside and saw a Ford escape with Georgia plates and expected to see
My mom is probably going to get me a ford escape this year! 😊😊😊
This is Bob Marshall and his 2005 Ford Escape! Big thanks from Dave Dubbin and the team. We appreciate your...
you and me are now Ford Escape twinsies. :)
Glad you enjoyed the Escape! Which feature was your favorite? Use this to remember your experience: ^NM
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hey man working at Ford, do you have any access to used motors?? I'm bout to have to put a 3rd, yes 3rd motor in a 2006 Ford escape.
I don't like shopping for cars. I just want my Ford Escape back.
I have 6 miles till empty. If you see a Ford Escape on the side of the road it's probably me
I was planning on getting the Camry Hybrid, but I ended up getting the Ford Escape. Dat bih comes fully loaded.
E.P. of Indianapolis, IN Just Bought a Pre-Owned 2008 from a dealer in Indianapolis, IN for $15,999.00!
NEW YORK (AP) — Carrie Fisher says she's coming back as Princess Leia for the new "Star Wars" films.
Whoop Dee Whoop, these girls are riding in style! Oooh that...that's just a 2011 Ford Escape! I'm loving it so much and am so grateful!
Ford Escape or Dodge Journey?? Get to order a new fleet vehicle this week😄
KENNARD W. of AURORA, CO just sold a 2008 Ford Escape with a Deluxe Ad
Denise W. is selling a 2002 Ford Escape in Los alamitos, CA with a Deluxe Ad.
In which Bob Lutz calls the Ford Escape "a mess." (But he likes the Fusion!)
Narrowed it down to three. 2010-2012 Ford Escape, Edge, or GMC Terrain. Ah! Decisions!
If like myself, you get stuck going up a ramp in a covered structure, and decide enough is enough (and yes I said "stuck" not "lost", at least not lately), and are considering getting a vehicle that can handle the weather, I just got a Ford Escape from Signature Ford in Perry, and I love it!!
Ford, Toyota and Honda are in serious trouble for recalls. models from the years 2009 to 2011 include Ford Escape and Ford Fusion. The Ford Escape from the year 2005 to 2011 has serious recalls that are under investigation for failing electronic throttle bodies that could cause the vehicles to stall or surge unexpectedly. Also the 2001-2004 escapes and Taurus's are on the recall list. also the Prius is on the list. Please if you drive any of these vehicles with those make years, have them checked out.
DETROIT -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it will investigate problems with stalling or surging engines in nearly 725,000 Ford cars and SUVs. The probe affects Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner SUVs and Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans from the 2009 through 2011 model year...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I need EVERYONE's help on this, please! As you all know, I purchased my vehicle (2002 Ford Escape) from Bob Poynter car dealership in Columbus Saturday afternoon. When I drove away from the lot, the check engine light was on, so I called the dealer and asked him if anything was wrong with the car and whether I needed to bring it back. He said no, that it was probably just the gas cap not being put back on tightly enough. The light did not go off all weekend, so I took it in to Charlie Wright's auto shop this morning to find out that the torque converter is bad (this is a very expensive repair). My mom and I went to Poynter's today and they not only refused to pay for the repair, but basically told us "tough crap". As you can imagine, we were rather upset. That was a lot of money to us and now Bob Poynter is trying to tell us that they knew there was something wrong with the car and that we knew that when we bought it, which we didn't. The dealer said it was on sale for tax season and told us there was NOT ...
Got 4 new CDs, Florida Georgia Line - here's to the good times, Brantley Gilbert - Half way to Heaven Deluxe Edition, Colt Ford - Declaration of Independence, and Dean Brody - Dirt . Good tunes just need to find Eric Church's CD, out lookin at vehicles again, it's down to Chevy Traverse/Equinox, Ford Escape, and Dodge Journey/Durango.
Ford Explorer getting a jumpstart from a Ford Escape... its like a young sister helping her older brother get up from a fall
FB asks "what's up?" here goes in no particular order: you can be Exec Platinum status on AA, but you will gladly take a middle seat in coach just to get home to those you love. I miss everything about Texas except my allergies. I made probably my best ever iMix for this trip. (Good job MJ). Detroit suffers the same bad rap as Cleveland. Great peeps in both cities. Stop the 'hating. Neiman Marcus makes me happy. Carol McLean Stripsky and her husband are the best host/hostess in DFW. The sheer amount of hours I worked in 2 weeks is redonk. I'm a tad addicted to the game Candy Crush. The new Ford Escape is awesome. National Rental Car is the best in my opinion and in ~2 hours I'm positively giddy to see my husband and dog.
Walking across a walk-lit crosswalk in Van Ness. Almost got run over -- by Paul Wolfowitz. ( - He drives a Ford Escape)
What's on my mind you ask? Well I will tell you. People are crazy. I mean like padded walls, off their rocker crazy. I was making a LEGAL right turn at a red light . I came to a stop, then turned which put me heading southbound down Ritchie Hwy. Unfortunately, the people who were already heading in that direction, their light turned green while I was making my turn. We all know this can happen and we tend to just accelerate more to get out of the way. Well this was not acceptable to the elderly couple in the new blue Ford Escape. And when I say elderly I mean mid to late sixties. These people whipped around me, honked their horn, screamed at me etc. Well naturally I gave them the bird. Really? you people are concerned about MY driving but I guess its ok that the both of you were facing me screaming and yelling at me while nobody was watching the road at 50 mph. It didn't stop there though! We approached a red light. Both windows came down and the screams began. "you ran that red light!" blah blah blah. An ...
Ford Escape! ...comes with a free mustang test drive too..
Two license plates I have seen the past two days: KWHITEY 61 SG Kwhitey of course had to stand for Kill Whitey.. In a Ford Escape driven by a white chick. The other had to mean 1961 Gibson SG guitar... But I think in 1961 they were still called "Les Paul's" so it should have been 61 LP.. They turned away from me so I could see who was driving that one.
One dead, one seriously injured in Presque Isle crash By Ryan McLaughlin, BDN Staff Posted Feb. 19, 2013, at 10:41 a.m. PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A Fort Fairfield man was killed in a four-vehicle accident caused in part by wind and snow creating whiteout conditions Monday morning, police said. Philip Bird, 60, of Fort Fairfield was heading westbound on Conant Road in his 2008 Chevrolet pickup when it collided head-on with a city-owned plow truck driven by Wayne Howlett, 40, of Mapleton, according to Presque Isle police Chief Matthew Irwin. After both vehicles had stopped, a Ford Escape driven by David Hayes, 63, and his passenger, 22-year-old Roman Yoder, both of Fort Fairfield pulled up to a stop behind the plow truck, Irwin said. A loaded logging truck operated by Leigh Gordon, 56, of Ashland didn’t see the SUV, however, and struck it from behind, pushing it into the plow truck, trapping Yoder and Hayes in the vehicle, the chief said. Bird and Gordon were not injured, but Yoder was pronounced dead at th ...
Right now I'm partial to the Dodge Nitro. But I'm also looking at the Nissan Xterra, Ford Escape and Toyota 4Runner. I want a
Well the week started with my poor silver died! Rode the tow truck to the deals, called my salesman Scott, cried to him about silver dead. So Scott comes all the way to Burnaby picks me up has his boys go pick up silver from the burnaby store, after they said that silver was fine and I could have her back. While the service guy drives silver out the lot and drive about two blocks silver dies again. The poor guy had to wait for the tow truck to come get him and silver and take them to surrey. I guess Scott knew what was wrong with silver so he takes me to a drive in a new Escape and come back to the dealership and asks how was the ride? I was like nice and smooth! Signed some papers and was given keys to a 2013 Ford Escape! I was like wow! Now people that is the best customer service I can say! So I just want to say a BIG "THANK YOU" TO SCOTT YOU THE BEST AND ALWAYS THERE FOR ME! Now I have grey still with the Raiders colors! And now lamboo got me some kick *** Fiji Indian food and am going to enjoy ...
Anyone know of anyone that has a 2012 Ford Escape limited for sale? I want one.
I've been to the sale for the last two weeks in the cold and the rain buying cars. I've got 8 more coming in today. I just bought a beautiful pearl white Nissan Murano, Ford Escape, Pontiac G5 Toyota Tundra 4x4 and many more to name a few. I know my inventory is low because I've been gone with Slade but call me or come by and see what we have. We will never have the most cars, but as always, we try to have the BEST cars just for you
Angela E. is selling a 2011 Ford Escape in Atlanta, GA with a Standard Ad.
Age I was given by Mindy Antonchak: 23 What I drove: red Ford Explorer (which was used to drive potential VP candidates for interviews with Bill Clinton) Where I lived: Arlington, VA (an apartment numbered 923, except the few months of the 1992 general election I worked in Philadelphia, when PA had 23 electoral votes) Who had my heart: Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and my parents What I feared: not ending up in The White House Age now: 43 What I drive: gold Ford Escape hybrid (named Al Gold by my niece) Where I live: Lexington, KY Who has my heart: Mungo, ChuckHayesMiller, Grover, Emily Miller, Abby Miller, Penny Miller Harris, and March Madness Marching Band What I fear: Multiple Sclerosis
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Ford Escape or Nissan Rouge.. probably 2011 model. help!
Aliaksandr N. of Sterling heights, MI just sold a 2001 Ford Escape with an Enhanced Ad
The 2013 Ford Escape was named Car of the Year by Popular Mechanics!!
After hitting a patch of black ice outside of Eagle, Colorado on I-70, and spinning around like a dazed monkey in a sidecar on a merry-go-round going backwards, just before flying off the highway with a five-foot drop into a soft ditch Saturday night and popping a tire - today getting some new Blizzaks installed on my Ford Escape this morning. After self-extracting my car from deep snow (snow that I would rather be skiing in) the Saturday night-into-Sunday morning's trek down the mountain back home on a bald donut clown-tire, on ice-coated roads, was definitely not my idea of a good time on a Saturday night. No damage done (except for the popped tire) - just got another thrill ride out of the mountain, as an encore, just one I was not expecting on I-70, doing five to six 360s. Now with some groovy new shoes on my ride, I will be trying to keep all the fun and sliding up on the slopes and not on the road. The line of emergency vehicles that converged around Eagle, Colorado as I was extracting my car out of ...
I've got a new Ford Escape to review for the week - anything you're curious about? (Taking it for "jumps" not an option.)
Age I was given: 24 I lived in: Rochester, NY (and still living with Mom!) Relationship: single Children: none I drove a: freakin' sweet '86 or '87 Dodge Caravan - the *extended* model :) I worked at: University of Rochester I feared: failure and people My age now: 40 I live in: East Rochester, NY (whoa... big move!) Relationship: married Children: two - if the canine variety count I drive a: 2004 Ford Escape (yes, the woman who will "never drive a Ford." It's "inherited" from my husband, who gets to drive a Volvo...) I work at: Paychex I fear: 16 years has changed nothing! Credit goes to John Frame and Stephen Lopez via Shana Lydon
Been out car shopping. Too many choices. Ford Escape, Toyota Rav4, KIA Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe and now off to look at Honda CR-V. Oh boy!!! Opinions please.
Husband's gonna try changing the alternator in my Ford Escape!! Manual makes it a weekend worth of work!! Anyone ever changed one in an Escape before??
Popular Mechanics named the 2013 Ford Escape the Car of the Year!!
So.I'm thinking that, its time to find an old beater Van/SUV for the business. Racking alot of KM's on the new Ford Escape. Anyone have a cheap vehicle to get rid of To a reallly really nice ( and Modest ) guy? LMAO
Ok snow day so I'm doing this too... Age I was given: 17 Where I lived: Deerfield Beach, FL What I drove: Camaro What I did: Raised *** and raced cars Who had my heart: Charlie Age now: 50 and then some. Where I live: NY What I drive: Ford Escape (Yes.I went to the "Dark Side") What I do: Work in rescue and sell reastaurant equipment Who has my heart: My human will ever get it, again! Like it and I'll give you a number.
Age 18 Relationship : either Sean Ulery or Greg Vail lived: Across Fear: My Grandma would find out that I had been drinking Drove: An old white and black Buick Current Age: 46 Relationship: Single Fear: Safety of my children Drive: 2001 Grand Prix and 2007 Ford Escape
at 21 i lived in Chesapeake Heights drove a Hyundai Excel worked from home takin care of my first born Brion Estan Johnson had my heart now at 36 live Portsmouth drive a Ford Escape(silver bullet) lol work for Dr. Green (dental assistant) and still wit my boo Estan Johnson together goin on 17 yrs of luv 7 yrs of marriage.
US border patrol in white 2010 Ford Escape just pulled up next to me.
Sara Lacey reviews the 2013 Ford Escape. is your source for expert reviews for cars and trucks, vehicle overviews, exterior and interior photos, under the hood looks, and safety ratings.
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When I was 23 I lived in Worcester, MA... I was engaged to no one... I drove a Black Ford Escort... I feared nothing I can recall... I worked for Worc State University... I wanted to eventually go back to school to complete my Bachelors degree... Now I am 34... I live in Oxford, MA ... I am married to Erik ... ... I drive a Ford Escape... I fear anything happening to my children and husband... I work as a Purchasing Accountant @ Worcester State University... I want a long and healthy life... Like this and I'll give you a number :)
Age I was given: 21 I lived in: Salem, NH Was married to: me I drove: my purple/lilac mist 98 Kia Sephia I feared: being stuck in Salem I worked: as a Program Consultant for Jenny Craig I'm now: 33 I live in: Concord,NH Married to: my art I drive: 01 Ford Escape, love my 4 wheel drive! I fear: never feeling truly happy and fulfilled with my life I work: on myself and figuring out what I want (a.k.a. unemployed) Like and I will give you an age
I enjoy having breakfast with Mom at St. John’s Cemetery to give her updates on me, my family and Dad. One day this past week I stopped for a visit with Mom after getting a Fruit Explosion muffin and senior coffee at Tim Hortons drive through. It had snowed the previous night and continued into the morning, so there were 3 trucks plowing the lanes. The guys know me, so we wave as I pass their plows in nearly white out conditions. After a nice talk with Mom, I decided to leave by going through the old section of the cemetery instead of straight out to the road. The snow covered lanes looked fun and I was confident my Ford Escape with front wheel drive would find its way. As I entered the Woodland section of the old cemetery I had a choice of 4 routes; three were level and straight while the other uphill with an S-curve. To heck with straight and flat, the uphill route with curves looked way more exciting. After a decent start I bogged down as I entered the second curve and the rear end started to s ...
Good One Walgreens since I was at your store on Friday and my God why is this Ford Escape in front of me in your parking lot with a JESUS bumper sticker ... Justin willman here has cards here on his FB page ... Kosovo here posting under you here she is so sweet...
As per the Becky challenge, When was 15: I dated: the field, we were young and free I worked: next door at Courtney Heater's soldering chips for his inventions in Silicon Valley I drove: My mom's Buick Skylark (unbeknownst to her) and my skateboard, in hopes of having a VW Squareback (which I got) I lived: in Cupertino in a house with my mom and brother My biggest fear was: We gunna get caught for this? We getting tickets for that show? and my mom commandeering my hair clippers. Now that I am 43 I work: as an artist, gallery owner I date: Parker I drive: Ford Escape' I live: in Newport, OR with my son My biggest fear is: How to keep it all goin! (Cuz it's still fun) As per this tradition, like or comment and I'll give you an age to recollect in your way-back machine of fun.
The choice of a Ford Escape or Jeep Liberty...
I wonder how those dimensions compare with the previous generation Ford Escape.
SARAH VIRGINIA L. is selling a 2005 Ford Escape in WEAVERVILLE, NC with a Deluxe Ad.
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Lot to do today. Picking up my car from the body shop (if everything's straight?) Gerber's been great, highly recommend. Hate returning the 2013 Ford Escape rental though, that was nice! Gotta' hit the gym, a friend and co-worker (who doesn't "do" fb and won't see this) got me back into it. Thank you anyway Bob. All must be done before tipoff @ high noon - Bucks vs. Penn State from State College. Hoping to meet up with a cousin who's in town tonight. Call me Alice! Everyone have a good weekend.
Dear colleague, please stop calling your Ford Escape a "truck" every time you mention it. If this is an attempt to make yourself sound more manly, you should know that it just makes you sound stupid. I too own an ESCAPE, and have never referred to it as a "truck". Your vehicle is an "SUV" on the same platform as the Ranger (an actual Truck). Call it what it is (an SUV or an Escape) and move on to the next topic that you will talk about while no one else listens, because you just like to hear yourself talk!
There’s a war happening in the crossover segment, with new revisions to the Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Santa Fe and Ford Escape all gunning for the popular
Well Andrew Kline Rogers Jr. & I are now back home for now, we got our apartment today, it is going to be a great change and a new beginning of 2013 in our life's and looking forward to everything except for moving all the stuff from one place to another... another good change for up is out 97 Dodge Ram is on it's last leg as the transmission is going out quick on us and we got us a new ride as well today is a 06 Ford Escape, even though it is a Ford is it a sharp ride and we both love it, will put some pictures up in a day or 2 another thing is we are heading on another road trip early in the morning as we will be heading out to Pearl, MS to pick up a car and bringing it on back to Columbia. Woo Hoo I am beginning to enjoy these road trips that we get to take as it gets us out of the house and it helps to take things off of our stressed out minds
This morning as GIdeon QC west members are bound to Dolores Quezon to distribute bibles, along SLEX an Alps bus cuts thru and suddenly slows down on a fast lane that caused both the hi lux where I was driving and fortuner of Bro Dave to collide with each other. Praise God nobody got hurt, but both vehicles got damaged and can't go on, pls pray for a our safety back home. As we were waiting for the tow truck another Ford Escape was hit by an Isuzu truck behind the Hi Lux.
Still car shopping. Leaning toward the Ford Escape. Jim & I are going to do some looking around when he gets home from work.
Elizabeth B. is selling a 2002 Ford Escape in West Linn, OR with a Deluxe Ad.
Chad P. is selling a 2008 Ford Escape in Auburn, AL with a Deluxe Ad.
Ford cancelled the Bronco, due to the "fugitive on the run" look. Now they make the Ford Escape lol
I think I want a Ford Ranger, extended cap, stick shift? But an SUV would be dandy too. Ford Escape, manual? Audi a6?
Auto News for Jan. 13 There is simply nothing bigger than this evening’s debut of the seventh generation Corvette. Rumors have it that GM has spruced up the interior of the C7 while also adding in the LT1 a new small block 6.2 liter V8 that bats out 450 horsepower and scoots, (if that is the proper word,) to 60 in less than four seconds. The V8 will be mated to either a 7 speed stick or an 8-speed automatic. I have seen estimates of a starting price in the $50K range. Check back later today for complete details! Press days begin Monday at the Detroit Auto Show where 50 vehicles will make their debut. On day one, Jeep will introduce a new Grand Cherokee and may give us a hint or three about its future direction including a new model to be produced at a Fiat plant in Italy. Lincoln jumps into the small crossover market with its MKC Concept. It runs on a Ford Escape platform but will have lots of luxury touches and styling to set it apart from its lower cost brethren. Infiniti will stage a performance by . ...
Another recall for the Ford Escape, while the Chevrolet Volt scores high marks with owners. MotorWeek's Yolanda Vazquez has more.
Does anyone have suggestions on where to park/store our vehicle in the greater Phoenix/Surprise area? We will be drive into the U.S. January 18 and want to store it until at least April. It is a Ford Escape registered with US/CA plates. We'll only have 2 days before we fly PHX-Cancun. Thanks in advance for any advice.
So. Am seriously thinking about trading out my Honda for a Ford Escape - anyone got one that can advise me pros/cons?
Did a starter on a Toyota Corolla, then a radiator on a Nissan Sentra on Tuesday. Yesterday I gave an estimate on a Ford Escape engine mounts. The factory Ford mounts were less expensive than the aftermarket ones, which was good, because most reviews on the aftermarket mounts said they broke in 18 months! Go figure. Today I'm going to do drive belts on a Chevy Tahoe, and maybe front shocks. The phone is starting to ring again, the holidays are over, I hope everybody enjoyed them.
Greg H. is selling a 2009 Ford Escape in Springboro, OH with an Enhanced Ad.
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I want a new Ford Escape just so I can open the liftgate with my foot...
Got a new ride to replace my dead Envoy. 2011 Ford Escape from Fred Beans Ford. It is a great ride, and not too much of a headache. I will miss the Envoy, but this will be a nice new toy to have!
Timothy K. is selling a 2010 Ford Escape in Tarpon Springs, FL with a Standard Ad.
well, contemplating buying or leasing a mid-size SUV. my Pontiac GPrix has done its tour of duty and doesn't owe my anything after almost 10 yrs of driving. SUVs that I'm looking at..Mazda CX5, Ford Escape, Kia Sportage...tough to find something below $30k all in. thoughts anyone?
Traded in my Ford Fusion for the new Ford Escape at the urging of my wonderful husband!!! Nice vehicle. I really like it. Thanks honey!!
Dec. 27, 2012 To M. W. Kitzmiller General Manager Ford of Orange Hello, I am dropping a note to let you know how satisfied I am with the recent purchase of my Ford Escape. Note that I said "my" Escape, because I'm not bringing it back. I love that car and hunt for excuses to drive it, and, drive it I have. I like the way it holds the road and responds so well. I drove it up into the hills of San Jaciento and was delighted with the way my Escape climbed. I loved my Ranger when I bought it 12 years ago, but it never drove as smoothly as this Escape, but then, my Ranger was pretty much a no frills set of wheels. The Ranger was good to me so I can't complain. As far as the sales and service I received at Ford of Orange, I was treated very very well. You've got a great bunch there. The sales rep listened to my wants and needs in a new car and he steered me in the right direction. The entire process, start to finish, was painless. I pass by Ford of Orange every day going to and coming home from work, so I will ...
MOTOR HOME FOR SALE (By owner) 2005 Mandalay (Thor) class A motor home 42 ft. This a special coach. It has a 350 Cat diesel engine, Alison 6 speed automatic transmission, air suspension, and Freight Liner chassis. auto levelers; washer/dryer, bath & half with tub and shower, An 8 KW Onan diesel generator, central vacuum system, 10 gal. gas/elec hot water heater. Has central h/ac with two ACs, and two gas furnaces, three, slide outs has ultra-leather seats, has a built in computer desk. This is luxury coach in good condition. And has too many extras to mention here. Must see to appreciate. Also with this coach is a 2011 Ford Escape 4wd less than 20, 00 miles, no smoker lots of extras, clean and in excellent condition. Has a Remco pump to circulate the transmission fluid so it can be towed flat with all four wheels on the ground, has a Blue OX complete towing package. This a complete package deal ready to travel. Will consider selling separate but prefer selling together.Nada list price for both are $131, . ...
The Squeeze and I blew out of Aspen for home, and the apparent tropics of Minnesota, faster than the speed of the bronchial cough I developed, on the wings of our 2012 Ford Escape that had only 17,742 miles on it, while Mariah Carey, Christina Aquilara and Goldie Hawn had to eat our dust in their older model private jets, probably with no meal service or seat belt demonstarations. The other night The Squeeze and I dropped off our nephew and his squeese at their friend's parents' house in the of Aspen hills. The house is larger than a carbuncle on the butt of a blue whate. The family of usually 2, live in a 50,000 ft., 3 wing mansion (this only the main house on the property) for 6 months a year. This makes the house about 28 times larger than our condo. Had I lived there. I wouldn't need to leave the house to take a vacation. I'd just move to a different wing where I'd alternate riding horses, x-country skiing, picking apples in the arbor room, hiking up the walls in the Mt. Everest room with on-staf ...
TAKE A LOOK AT THESE DEALS !Inventory Specials - Pre-Auction You've found a total of 10 specials REQUEST INFORMATION PRINT SPECIAL 2006 Ford Escape $7,392 Mileage: 106,905 DO YOU WANT IT ALL, especially FUN? Escape XLT, Duratec 3.0L V6, 4-Speed Automatic with Overdrive, AWD, Norsea Blue Clearcoat Metallic, and Medium/Dark Flint w/Cloth Bucket Seats. This beautiful-looking and fun 2006 Ford Escape, you are going to get it.. Climb into this wonderful Escape, knowing that it will always get you where you need to go, on time, every time. New Car Test Drive said it "...offers comfortable seating for four and plenty of space for stuff...Its smooth ride and agile handling make for enjoyable driving, and its compact dimensions make it easy to maneuver and park when you get there..." Visit to view a Free Price Check! 2006 Ford Escape XLT 4 Door, 6 Cylinder, Automatic Transmission. Norsea Blue Metallic/Medium/Dark Flint WITH: Four Wheel Drive, Tires - Front All-Season, Tires - Rear All-Season ...
So, the story goes: Apparently a convicted felon, released early from prison based on “good behavior”, went to the bar last night and after having a few too many stole a Ford Escape. In his stupor, he entered the freeway going the wrong way. As his speed increased, a car carrying a family going the proper direction and unaware of what was about to happen, came up over a hill. The impact was tremendous. As the police investigated the horrific seen, they determined that the car was stolen, the man had a suspended license, and the man was d.w.i.. All were killed on impact. In response, the community vowed to end this from ever happening again. The White House stepped in as-well with their statement, “this is happening all too frequently these days and we must stop this”. The White House also went on to say “..we are going to put our Amish Vic President in charge of a committee to study and create a cure for this in order to prevent this from ever happening again”. There were some in the Senate th ...
CHARGES FILED IN CONNECTION WITH ACCIDENT THAT KILLED 2 NC DOT WORKERS IN CHEROKEE COUNTY Charges were filed yesterday (01/02/2013) by investigating trooper K. D. Hyde in connection to the motor vehicle collision that killed two (2) Department of Transportation workers in Cherokee County on August 3, 2012. Mr. Richard Roberts of 108 Wedgewood Trail, Murphy, NC was charged with two counts of Misdemeanor Death by Vehicle. Mr. Roberts was served two criminal summonses directing him to appear in court on February 12, 2013 for his initial appearance. Mr. Roberts was the operator of a 2013 Ford Escape that was traveling north on NC Highway 60 on the date of the incident. Mr. Roberts traveled off the right side of the highway and collided with two Department of Transportation workers as well as a parked department dump truck. The workers were finishing a project on a drainage ditch and they had the area around the work project coned off from vehicular traffic. Killed in the collision were Tony Leon Wright and Da ...
If you were going to get a new car..let's say small SVU type...what kind would you get and why? Like the size of a Ford Escape...I would love to hear what you'd get...
Aliaksandr N. is selling a 2001 Ford Escape in Sterling heights, MI with an Enhanced Ad.
Scott R. is selling a 2001 Ford Escape in Athens, GA with an Enhanced Ad.
ELLENSBURG, WA - One Washington State University student was killed and four others injured in a one-vehicle rollover crash on Interstate 90 about 17 miles east of Ellensburg this morning. The Washington State Patrol says "speed too fast for conditions" was to blame for the crash which claimed the life of 18-year-old Austin Scott of Lake Forest Park. 19-year-old Leah Baird of Kent was driving a 2003 Ford Escape westbound at 10:40 a.m. when she lost control on the icy road. The car veered off the road to the left, rolled over, and came to rest on its side. She was transported to Kittitas Valley community Hospital, along with passengers 18-year-old Alex Shiley of Kent, 20-year-old Susan Cannarella of Poulsbo, and 18-year-old Weson Osborne of Omak. Osborne was later transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. According to the WSP, all but Osborne were wearing seatbelts. Trooper Darren Wright says all were WSU students and part of a ride share program. He reminds drivers to "slow down for condi ...
This Thursday on Hwy. 54 & Y Rd. in Osage Beach, MO at 5 PM get ready for another fantastic auction at Bryant Auction. This week we have a great selection of furniture, equipment, a 2000 Ford Escape, 1999 Dodge Durango, 1997 Ford Explorer, Bobcat Welder Generator, Scat Hovercraft and much more! Check it all out below!
Keys, SUV stolen at Fairlane mall. A 2012 Ford Escape was stolen out of the parking lot at Fairlane Town (cont)
Nissan Rogue: The Nissan Rogue is a solid alternative to the likes of the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson, Kia ...
Parking challenge: USA TODAY and put automatic parking systems to the test. How did Ford Escape, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes-Benz GL350 and Nissan Pathfinder rate?
We are a local independent hybrid and electric vehicle repair shop in Holland. You will get a better repair for less money than the dealerships. You can get anything repaired from Toyota Prius to Camry to Ford Escape. For all your hybrid and electric vehicle needs give us a call or stop in for a diagnosis. We would love to help you out.
Auto News for Dec. 4 Auto sales rose 15 percent last month but it took a hurricane to do it. And the need by many owners to replace vehicles that were as much as 11 years old. Some experts say as many as 200,000 vehicles were damaged by the big storm and the following Nor’easter. As insurance checks came in consumers headed to showrooms for a placement. Sales rose 3.4 percent at General Motors and that was below expectations, 6.4 percent at Ford and a rather 14.4 percent at Chrysler. Toyota, Honda and Nissan had healthy gains as well. The top ten best-selling vehicles were the Ford F-150 (again), the Chevy Silverado pickup, (but sales were down 10.4 percent), Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Dodge Ram pickup, (sales up 23 percent), Toyota Corolla, Honda CRV, Ford Escape and the Nissan Altima. Sales rose nearly 8 percent at Hyundai despite the news that it overstated gas mileage on some models. Demand for the Chevy Volt fell off after record sales in October, and GM cited an inventory problem. Co ...
I understand everyone's concerns regarding the 1.6L Ecoboost engine on the 2013 Ford Escape, but due to an overwhelming response on this fan page, I ask for you to take your complaints and issues directly to the Ford or Ford Escape page, or write a letter to the company. I can assure you, though, that Ford is working very hard to resolve these engine issues. I'm not trying to limit freedom of speech, but just redirecting your complaints since this is a fan page and not an official Ford page, because I cannot do anything about it. You may converse with other owners, which is certainly what this page is for. Thank you for understanding, Ryan (admin)
The crash sequence began when a 2001 Ford Escape driven by Gabriela Resendiz, 24, of Stuart struck a pig in the southbound lane of State Road 29 in Collier County.
Ford tells 89,000 Escape, Fusion owners to park cars because of engine fire risk.Huh? One hint of the problems come from an October complaint to federal auto safety officials from a 2013 Ford Escape owner, who said a few days having the two previous engine fire recalls completed, their Escape broke down on the freeway and burned. "There was a 'pop' sound in the engine area. Instantly, the accelerator had no response, the high engine temperature warning light came on, and then all warning lights, gauges, & tachometer all went dead. Luckily, we were adjacent to an exit ramp, and we coasted to a stop...Immediately, white steam came out of the engine compartment. Knowing the third recall dealt with the "risk of engine fires", we got out, and moved well away from the vehicle. Within minutes, brown, oily smoke came out from under the hood. Then flames came out from under the hood, at the windshield and out the sides of the engine compartment. Then the car burst into flames and was destroyed. The owner added: "W ...
So after having my car for only a month I was rear ended again Saturday in the parking lot of Best Buy. The gentleman was from Japan and had a rental car and could not speak English,,.on the plus side my loaner is a loaded Ford Escape .could get used to SYNC!
I test drove the 2013 Ford Escape on the icy, snow covered roads of Saskatchewan this week. Handles great and couldn't believe how well it held the road in t...
To the Smith Family on buying a 2013 Ford Escape. Thanks
Well, I got my first deer of the season. Big Doe. Many cold mornings and evenings in the tree stand. Changed my strategy, TIME 5:00 AM, weapon of choice,. a 2006 Ford Escape. Through the head light in the back and wired up the bumper to make it home. End result dead deer, didn't have to track it far. LOL
Is so got the keys to my new ford escape pretty nice I do have to say
Went car browsing today I believe the ford escape still haves my heart!! ❤❤❤ Chevy had some good options though decisions decisions
Just signed the lease on a BRAND NEW 2013 Ford Escape!
Do you have a Ford Escape? If so, let me know, I have a question to ask you.
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Thoughts, people...Toyota Matrix or Ford Escape. I drive a lot, put on lots of miles, but I got two kids, roller derby gear, plus carting books when my novels come out...opinions? I'll test drive this week...
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Christmas? I want new tires for my Ford shoes preferably flats closed or open toes...accessories and some new clothes...I think that's about it...
A Ford Escape. For political junkies or those indulging in "schadenford," the full text of the judge's ruling on Rob Ford's conflict-of-interest case.
Driving my 08 Ford Escape to work today, turn a corner and BAMM no power steering. *** Electronic assisted power steering problem, looks like there have been hundreds of complaints about this happening. The fix... a new steering column at $1500 and OOHH yeah its backordered "Nation Wide" for at least 2 months. I may be using my 1965 Impala as a daily driver.
We've gone through great lengths to make sure that our information is correct about exactly what can fit in the Escape's trunk. To read the whole blog post, ...
So, my Cruze got dented and scraped I knew... I took it in for repairs today and got my rental - a 2013 Ford Escape...and I'm glad its a rental...its too big...compared to the Cruze, it feels like I'm driving a boat...its nice, but too big... Hurry Husker Auto, repair moar now!
Monday morning thought: If a Ford Escape and a Cadillac Escalade met at an SUV Conference and had a passionate one night stand, would the resulting love child be called an Escapade?
The all-new Ford Escape is being built at the Louisville Assembly Plant in Louisville, Kentucky. Ford Celebrates Fuel-Efficient Escape Launch, Additional Job...
All glass coated by RN-Tech Treated Manually by hand Paint protection by Nokz Auto Specialist
My morning started at 4:40 am when the Police called us out to a bad single car accident on Hoke Loop Road. I knew it was bad when the Police requested us bring chain saws to cut the tree off the car. The vehicle recovery went smooth even though large trees were on the Ford Escape and it was on top of a large phone wire box. Not sure how bad the injuries are. I am trying to warm up now. It was cold early this morning. Mark Norton At Norton's Wrecker Service.
What’s in a name? Everything. So grab this badge, take a test drive and do like the moniker suggests.
Up early watching Guess with Jess with Dawson, before heading out to work 2 jobs today and 1 more tonight. Gonna test drive a Ford Escape for the night see if that is what I want otherwise think gonna go with the santa fe,my car is just not gonna work come march
I want a 2013 Ford Escape! I love my car but 33 mpg would be amazing .
To all of my deer hunting friends.instead of using rifles, how about trying a silver 2010 ford escape?? They will run in front of me. Just had a 10 or 12 pointer run in front of me just before mayville on TW. Don't know what kinda spread it had. Just a thought or suggestion for next season
Home again, Home again...jiggity jig!! Well...except for the fact that our Ford Escape has decided that it does not ever want to go into reverse again ...we had a great trip. We discovered after shifting into 4 wheel drive to get up the mountain that the car would not reverse. This is still the case so the 8 hour trip home was all forward backward AT ALL. Made for limited parking choices! The Smokies were beautiful and it was great to spend time with family! I hope that the holiday was lovely for everyone else.
The Ford Escape currently has a commercial running that has this tag line: "Go Further." Shouldn't it be "Go Farther"? I wait to hear from my English major friends.
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The Ford escape foot lift gate thing how is that supposed to be anything anyone would want
i love my new early christmas present. 2010 Ford Escape, i really thought i was going to miss my car, nope
Just returned from John's ,for TG. Had a great time, of the except for the fact I returned with my second loaner since I wacked my CRV. A neighbor of John's took out the drivers side of the Ford escape. I now have a jeep which I;m not going to dare even putting in the garage. Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow. Happy to be home.
I don't get the new Ford Escape commercials. What's the appeal of a rear hatch you can open with your foot? Don't you have to put the stuff down to get the keys outta your pocket and unlock the door anyway?
In case anyone wanted to know, you can get 9 full leaf bags in a Ford Escape. I left the other 13 bags at the job site. Important facts here. :) Kind of nice knowing that their is no Lions Football on Sunday. That team will make your eyes go bad.
My beautiful nephew! Thank God he just got home! Thank you for all that you do for us John! I love you, Auntie Cheryl
Starbucks and subway, and then took Julie to get her 2002 ford escape! Toledo zoo tonight with all my favorites! Such an exciting last day of vacation!
Enter with the Amazing race for the chance to win a 2012 Ford Escape.
Still kind of tired this morning, Awesome concert with Kyle on friday night ( The Irish Rovers), 3 hours sleep then drove to Medicine Hat and back yesterday. But now I have my car replacement. Gotta love the Ford Escape.
I rented a Ford Escape to go to Katy, Lord, like driving a computer! Happy to get back into a car that isn't like KNIGHT RIDER'S car. ;)
I am selling my 2004 Ford Escape (new tires and run great!) for a deal of a price $5700.if you know of anyone needing a reasonable and reliable SUV let then know!
Lol who puts dual exhaust on a ford escape.
So. I think I am at the point where I have to say goodbye to my 12 mpg beautiful Land Rover. And say hello to something slightly more practical. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been looking into the Mercury Mariner hybrid, the Ford Escape hybrid and the Toyota Highlander hybrid...
1st day in my new work vehicle. I like it! 2013 Turbo charged Ford Escape. Tuxedo black. I said buh bye to the Dodge mini van. We have had good times.
picked up my rental car today while the body shop fixes my car. Bummer. I have to drive a 2013 Ford Escape. :)
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Thanks Ed for putting my new wiper blades on! And did you check to see what vehicle I told you? lol 2011 Ford It's all good, we got it!
Hey Spartan Fans - We're tailgating at South campus - I hope you can swing by and visit before the game. I'll have an American flag waving above my care (Grey Ford Escape) - I've got extra beers, Hot dogs, turkey burgers! Call me on my cell 650.207.1255 - GO SPARTANS!
Today I admitted to Mark that I didn't quite understand the meaning of the word "pious" and that I read it in an article describing so and so as "pious". He stated that is refers to someone who is extremely religious and devote. I said it seemed to have a negative connotation, but neither of us were sure why so we looked it up. Pious: 1.Devoutly religious. 2.Making a hypocritical display of virtue. So...we're driving and a dude with a fancy Infinity SUV was riding us in our fancy Ford Escape. Once he passed us at lighting speed, Mark made comment about him being a jerk...I followed by saying "Fancy people in fancy cars have fancy things to do fast". His response "Yeah, well he's pretty much driving a $60,000 Kia so he's a sucker - the pious *** ...yep...I have a feeling pious this and that will be used a lot over the next couple of weeks.
Congratulations to Jan & Mark Goforth on her brand new 2013 Ford Escape SEL w/ EcoBoost! Myself and Laird Laird Noller Ford thank you for your business. Happy & Safe driving.
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