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Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV sold by the automaker Ford Motor Company introduced in 2000 as a 2001 model year and priced below the Ford Explorer.

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I liked a video Ford escape single 15 FLEXxxXIN
I bought a car! I'm the owner of a 2014 Ford Escape titanium!
A 2012 Ford Escape was just scanned near Evansville, IN 47725
Congrats to Kelly on her new Ford Escape!!! Welcome to the family! Hope you have many happy years!!! ht…
2013 Ford Escape for sale in Miami, FL 33142 at the Carmax D: via
Want a new car? Grab a $10 raffle ticket to support our partners and you might win a new Ford Escape!
Just in! We have recently added a 2002 Ford Escape to our inventory. Check it out : .
a 2002 Ford Escape that has had more problems then I ever thought was possible
Just found out my parents bought me a ford escape & returned it😭😭
Guess whose the new owner of a Ford Escape ?! 🙋🙋🙋🙋 . But I don't get it til after break
A 2007 Ford Escape was just scanned near Spotsylvania, VA 22551
ford escape not bad on the American side. Honda is pretty good. Toyota has to many recalls right now
A 2015 Ford Escape=drive to work from ordinary to extraordinary.What makes you extraodinary? htt…
I love the kick to open feature on my trunk of the Ford Escape
Fast cars are nice, but a car that can handle 3 feet of fresh snow is where its at. Ford Escape was a boss this weekend in 3ft of powpow 👏
Garrett and Samantha Saldo reviews the 2015 Ford Escape purchased from Homer Skelton Ford in Olive Branch...
today there's the same Ford Escape muni, a regular car, and A COP SUV
Ashley, you will love your new Ford Escape! Thank you for choosing Nemer Ford and for working with Jamie Shores!...
NHTSA announces recalls for Ford Escape, Lincoln MKC: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalli...
A 2005 Ford Escape was just scanned near Moncks Corner, SC 29461
Congratulations to Charles Miles and family on the purchase of their new 2009 Ford Escape!! Bill Chaalan and...
MIDDLE TENNESSEE IS FORD COUNTRY! Home of Ford Lincoln of Franklin and Ford of Murfreesboro! New 2014 Ford Escape for $19,808! New 2014 Ford Fusion for $18,999! 3 Day Exchange Policy and Complimentary Lifetime Warranty included on acres NEW Fords and Lincolns! Right here in the heart of Ford Country! Ford Lincoln of Franklin in Customer Satisfaction in Middle Tennessee! Ford of Murfreesboro Ford Dealer in Tennessee!
Phyllis and Marvin came from Owenton for a on a 2014 Ford Escape sold by John Hinkson.
Congrats Terry and Donna Jones on your 2007 Ford Escape purchase from Auto Direct Pre-Owned of Wendell
So picked up Destiny for the Xbox 1, Dragon age inquisition, Borderlands the pre-sequel and a 2008 Ford Escape. Not a bad Black Friday.
How do I return my defective product. I'd like a full refund of my money 2008 Ford Escape (concord / pleasant hill / martinez) $9499
David and Ruby Corum with their new Ford Escape and salesperson Rick Pennington! We appreciate your business!
Congratulations to Bonnie and Paul Harris of Clear Lake, CA on their new Certified Preowned 2013 Ford Escape from...
Congratulations to John Kudla of San Miguel, CA on his new 2008 Ford Escape from Jason Buchanan!
Thanks to Bob Bartlett on his purchase of a new Ford Escape from Misty Hopson at Townsend Ford!
Check out Mary Dugan Bell's new 2012 Ford Escape sold by salesman Rich Flaherty. The weather is cooling off and...
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Police in hot pursuit of a 2004 Ford Escape driven by Jackson Walsburger, accompanied by "Curly" and "Larry," his jail-mates from last night
My piece of crap Ford Escape is in getting a once over before I drive it to Atlantic City for the long weekend. It's going to cost 3K to fix everything that's going on it. We've sunk about 8K into it since we bought it 3 years ago!!! Piece of crap Ford! Gr
After putting over 200k miles on her '02 Ford Escape, it was time for Irene Sharp to upgrade. Jason found her the...
Here's Kelly in her beautiful red Ford Escape she picked up from Greg Pratt at Nemer Ford!
Congrats to Sally Tullos for the purchase of your 2013 Ford Escape sold by our sales professional Hannah Callen!
As stolen SUVs go, crooks are still most likely to abscond with the Escape. Once again, the Ford Escape topped the National Insurance Crime Bureau's list of most-stolen SUVs and crossovers. The Des Plaines, lll.-based nonprofit today released the 2014 SUV hot list, which examines model-year 2011-13…
Congratulations to Mary-Ellen Madigan on the purchase of her 2014 Ford Escape and a job well done by salesman...
Despite stringent procedures, what could be the reasons for such recalls by reputed automobile manufacturers? DETROIT (AP) -- Ford is recalling 1.4 million SUVs and cars in North America to fix steering, rust and floor mat problems. The recalls come as automobile safety is being watched closely by Congress, the Justice Department and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. All are investigating General Motors' delayed recall of small cars for ignition switch problems. In the largest of the Ford recalls Thursday, the company is calling back 915,000 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner small SUVs to fix a problem with a torque sensor within the steering column. The problem could cause loss of power-assisted steering, making the SUVs more difficult to control and increasing the risk of a crash, Ford says. The company recommends one of three fixes: replacing the sensor, updating software or replacing the steering column. The recall affects model year 2008 through 2011 vehicles built between Aug. 18, 20 ...
William and Tammy Surratt from Lenoir traded in their Mitsubishi Endeavor for this new 2014 Ford Escape! Thank...
Jessica just picked up her new 2014 Ford Escape! Congratulations and welcome to the Hoffman Ford Family, Jessica!...
Congratulations to Kevin Tansey of Granite Bay, CA on his new Certified Pre Owned 2013 Ford Escape from Ted Kunda!
Luke and Shannon standing in front of their new pre-own 2012 Ford Escape from salesmen Ariel and Ryan!
Ford Motor Co. said that it is issuing two more recalls of the Ford Escape crossover and C-Max hybrids
Hyundai Tucson Vs. Nissan Rogue: Compare Cars: With brand-new versions of the Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Subaru Forester, and Toyota...
If you haven't shopped for a car recently, you may not have noticed the trend: Every car segment is getting larger. Our long-term test car, a 2014 Subaru Forester 2.0XT, is considered a compact crossover utility vehicle. So are the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Nissan Rogue...
There's a new Ford Escape in the family. It was delivered to Patty this afternoon. It's her "Mother's Day" gift - with 4WD, the 2.0 EcoBoost I-4 engine and a trailer hitch. Color: Ginger Ale.
Beach Automotive recently donated of two Ford Escape's to the local Ground Zero Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. Learn more about what this generous donation will do
Donna and Craig standing next to their Ford Escape! Happy customers of John Petro!
Ford recalls nearly 700,000 vehicles over airbag problem
So im gonna test drive a Ford escape tomorrow. I think once im inside it and feel how smooth it is ill love it :)
After I totaled my poor little Camry last year I bought a Ford Escape 2004. Nice vehicle. But then Rocky Lange wrecked the Popalock car and had to start using the Escape. That left me driving his HUGE Dodge truck 4x4 that I practically need a ladder for. So today I went to Jasper to get something else to drive. I got a Pontiac Vibe at Jasper Honda. If you need to get a car go there! I got them off their price easily. I left with a full tank of gas and FREE roadside assistance for a year!
Ford recalling nearly 700k Escape CUVs, C-Max hybrids over two separate... Hot on
Ford recalls more than 692,000 Escape, C-Max models
Yay I am now the proud owner of a ford escape! Thanks dad I will think of you everytime I step on the gas pedal !
Looking far . anyone know anything about the new Ford Escape? No more GMC's
Some *** just rammed his truck into my Ford escape good thing its built Ford tough just some scratches.
2001 ford escape v6 187k miles runs great. Some rust new front tires this winter. Brand new starter. The transmission was rebuilt about 60k miles ago. Leaks nothing 30% tint in front and as dark as it gets in the back. Rese hitch.Located in Midland need a wheelbearing and a tie rod but runs fine as is. Located in Midland 2,700 or trade
We're looking for a SUV with 6 cylinders, automatic transmission, under 200,000 miles, that isn't top heavy for windy and icy conditions, and between the year 2000-2010. Examples would be Ford Escape, Explorer, Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy, etc. If you have a Blazer or Jeep Cherokee with 6 cylinders, we'd consider going back to 1998. We're looking to pay between $3000-5000.
Every time I see a Ford Escape I think of Dexter! That show I tell ya!!!
Goodbye Corolla. You have served your 130k miles purpose. Just got a Ford Escape.
Got my loaner car. A ford escape. Like it
It's Friday! Where would you run off to in this Ford Escape?
To the couple in the ford escape next to me...quit being nasty and get a room! Cochinos!!!
I am looking for a ford escape need to be automatic
My new ride, 2010 Ford Escape, loves her I do.
I am getting a new vehicle. It is a 2012 Ford Escape. Pictures to come.
Getting my name plate on my Ford Escape
Congratulations to Meredith Ziegler. She was named Oklahoma City Teacher of the Year tonight and was awarded a new Ford Escape from the Reed Family and Randall Reed Ford. Stay tuned for more & watch KOCO 5 News for a full report!
I have a ball joint for a ford escape i decided to do the whole controll arm so i dont need it i paid 45 im selling for 20 in laconia nh
2012 Ford Escape featuring Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror, Vehicle Stability Control System, Heated Seats. Click here for detailed information and to view our entire inventory of Used SUVs.
Ya never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack into the back of your Ford Escape
Michael Reilly, do you have any info on these vehicles? It was spotted in Queens. A Ford Escape with "official plates" with what apears to be a radar gun and plate reader mounted on the roof. Heard a rumour that their are vehicles monitoring your speed and they are sending warning letters to your house.
So bought Madison Tsalonis a brand new 2014 ford escape for mothers day!!
Just bought a new car. 2014 Ford escape... pics to come
Car-b-cue on Camden. Brand new ford escape.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Now driving my New (to me) 2008 Ford Escape XLT to visit N.H. family. Very Excited. A nice birthday week present to myself. (sharing joy with friends and family)
Undercover police car. Charcoal color, plain black rims on the new Ford Escape. Its a few other vehicles unmarked thats out there.. Look for these killers instead of trying to pull someone over for going 4miles over the speed limit. ..
New 2014 Ford Escape SE Sterling Gray Metallic for Sale in Greenville, PA at Phil Godfrey Ford on Contact Phil Godfrey Ford now for more information about this 2014 Ford Escape SE.
RED 2006 Ford Escape Fort Worth, Texas Grapevine Motors. Click on our link now to view our wide selection of new, used, and preowned cars, trucks and SUV's
2001 Ford escape 4x4 probably best for parts but is driven daily! 550.00 obo
2010 Ford Escape. HANDSFREE Bluetooth features. Heated seat, sunroof and more! Test drive it today.
Ok ,So I saw a large dump truck lock up it's brakes and slide sideways down Hall Rd. taking out a Ford Escape That was'nt able to "Escape" in time Nobody was hurt only the side of the Escape was creased as she tryed to get out of the way of the sliding truck.. Looked pretty cool, I kept waiting for the truck to Flip. The light had turned red and The driver must not have been paying attention. Could have been much worse. Excitement for the day.
A good place to get a car detail done in wp besides James gang they are booked up. Prices as well I have a ford escape
So far so good. Thanks Cortese. Auto block, you guys have taken care of me so far. I was hit by a drunk driver on October 24th 2013 in my new to me but almost mint condition 2005 Pontiac Go GT fully loaded! I only had my car 6 months and I was able to go right back to Cortese. and get a 2008 Ford Escape fully loaded!
Vehicle Spotlight: 2011 Ford Escape XLTPosted on May 4, 2014 by adminEvery month, we hand select one of the best vehicles from our pre-owned lot to showcase on our blog. This month, the lucky winner is a 2011 Ford Escape XLT. We are pretty sure you will love it as much as we do, but if it turns out…
Recall on the 2013 and 2014 Ford Escape and Ford C-Max re airbags:
Saw this Building while cruisin with Ford Escape and Buddy and Ate Shie. Bahrain! 14'
Well we just pulled into the townsite after watching a real action thriller type show. We spot two guys who where in the back running away. We are in Orvilles Ford escape. Veronica starts driving like a cop and races around too try keep the headlights on them. While I am on the phone with the cop's. Well we spotted someone again back at the house and it turns out it was a person who we trust and where told enough that I canceled the 911 call. This is just another moment in the crazy life of Nanu. LOL Have a good night everyone
I am so proud to say that my 4 year loan for my 2012 ford escape will be paid off by the end of this year, therefor making it a 1 year loan. Once that's paid I plan to buy Mason and I a house. Priorities! It feels good to do good.
I Drive a Ford Escape and I can't believe I just fit in 2 18 inch subwoofers and to seismic audio of SATs 15's and my 2 box of chords and all my other stuff
*NEW PRICE* selling my 2005 Ford Escape v6 sport xlt. It has a little less 140,000 miles, four new tires, a new towing package that got put on last year, and a new battery in the past 3 months, new brakes in within the past mouth. It's all wheel drive, and it gets around 20 miles to the gallon. Runs great and nothing is wrong with it. Asking 6,300 obo Inbox me if interested and meet in Monroe
*Mechanics Special* Hello friends, anybody who are mechanically inclined this will be a steal, I'm trying to sell my 2003 ford escape limited for 2000$ or best offer. But the reason I say it's for mechanically inclined people is because it needs the catalytic converter replaced as well as the rear wiper does not work! Let me know if anyone's Interested!
2004 Ford Escape for sale. $6000 OBO. Reliable car with 103k miles. Selling because our family is growing and I need third row seating. Will consider a trade for SUV with 3rd row.
Congratulations to Jill Leyh on her 2013 Ford Escape SE! This is an early Mother's Day present from me. She was blown away! Happy Mother's Day! I love you and enjoy your new Ford Escape! You are awesome!
B4 we had r hybrid Ford Escape, we had a Bug! Any1 remember seeing this bad-boy back in 2003?
Coming in Today 2002 Ford Escape V6 Auto Only 96000Kms Mint Condition will post pictures after lunch
These are pictures of the Ford Escape ANTHONY bought from CarMax. If you're looking for your own, CarMax is the smart place to buy a car.
2001 Ford Escape LXT 4x4. 3.0 DOHC Engine. 168k Mile, still runs great. Has tow package, A/C & heat, great tires, new brakes. tinted windows, bug guards. I could go on & on. Looking to TRADE for a smaller car. NO JUNK, NOT FOR SALE!
Trade for somthing! 2001 ford escape with parts escape
For trade only 2005 ford escape xlt 140xxx. 3.0 v6 runs and drives good inside is good no leaks nothing n.a.d.a retail value $7325 so trades need to be in that ball park connersville in
Please keep an eye out for a silver Ford Escape rego 121 MBP. It was stolen last night and used as a get-away for a break and enter into Westside 4x4 Accessories (Brisbane) Thanks guys
Ford escape 2002 4x4 everything works great!! The only thing is that the front window is cracked. Asking $3000
Okay so my Ford Escape caught fire today in the parking lot. This is the second Ford I have had to do this.Guess what I WONT be buying next time..
Used 2012 Ford Escape, from US Off Lease Autos in West Palm Beach, FL, 33415. Call (877) 414-7154 for more information.
Finally, our 2013 Ford Escape is ready. They called a week ago for us to take it in for recall repairs. And then they didn't have the parts, so we've been driving around in a rental car that feels like a coffin compared to the Escape. Art's down in Newmarket picking it up right now. Yay!
For sale 2005 ford escape 4 by 4 .New safety inspection,air conditioning power windows and doors. Trailer hitch with electric brakes. I have maintenance receipts . Asking $ 4000.00 or OBO pm if interested
My cousin has a 2002 ford escape 4x4. Tranny went out but wanting to know if anybody would like to buy or buy parts. Alternator only couple months old, battery abt a 2 years old , tires only a year old. Please text 9293285.
Win A Ford Escape!! Win a 2014 Ford Escape! Could you use an eco-friendly, 5 seater SUV? Enter this sweepstakes and giveaways today to win a Ford Escape S. Ends 11/16/2014. The Ford Escape is eco-friendly. Seat cushion and head restraint foam, is derived from soybeans. Carpet in all models is produc...
Keep the look out for state troopers,they be driving like ford escape lookalike rides, its going to be hard to speed and to spot them . BE CAREFUL FRIENDS AND FAMILY
2004 ford escape FOR SALE needs some engine work, only drives in1st gear but it may be an easy fix I'm not seeing. Good condition other than that and small dent in fender. Will post pictures if anyone is interested. Asking for $500 obo
I got a new car for Mother's Day! 2014 Ford Escape Wow, I absolutely love it! Thank you baby! I'm gonna miss my big Red, but I'll get over it... Well, I'm over it! Welcome silver rider!
Here’s what happy customer Scott B. from Mt. Vernon, WA had to say when he purchased his 2014 Ford Escape from Sales Consultant Beau Beamer … “Sales Consultant Beau Beamer was very friendly and did a excellent job helping us with our purchase.” -- Nice job Beau!!
2002 ford escape 4x4 runs perfect a.c. and heat all power everything 180k askin 3800 obo or trade. And no I dont want ur junk my truck us like new inside and out
Ford escape 2001 it needs the transmission motor works great!. Asking $1,000. Any questions contact me
Thank you to the generous person in the dark gray Ford Escape this morning who was ahead of me in the Tim Horton's drive-thru and bought my coffee! What a treat! Pay it forward folks!
Getting some work today is a nice Ford Escape ... Dodge Avenger next
The 2014 Ford Escape ad campaign addresses the common hand-cuffed feeling drivers have when putting objects into the trunk of their car. When it comes to items such as fragile vases, unwieldy carpets and heavy crates, opening that back door can prove to be incredibly tricky. That is why this ad campaign focuses on the vehicle's foot-activated liftgate feature.
2003 Ford escape 187k miles, fwd auto v6, 2 newer tires, battery, interiors pretty good, exterior has some rust but nothing terrible, dent in pass door. has a misfire, but fixing that today 1700 Obo
Set of 4 used tires off a Ford Escape. $65 OBO. Size P235, 70 R 16. Located in Farmington.
Looking for a small SUV (like ford escape, rav4, mazda tribute, jeep liberty, etc) for Madeline. I would like to stay under $6k. If you know of anyone that may be thinking of selling, please send them my way...
Used 2007 Ford Escape, from Sheehy Ford Lincoln Of Gaithersburg in Gaithersburg, MD, 20879. Call (866) 415-8638 for more information.
The lady on Fringe drives the exact same Green Ford Escape I do!!! This show is weird but they have good taste in cars!
I have a very nice hybrid Ford Escape - slightly less pricey than the Tesla!
Yes. Yes. YES. I used to drive a Ford Escape & I had to fill up every 2 days. Hybrid is the way to go.
Don't miss this 2007 Ford Escape 4WD 4dr I4 CVT Hybrid with only 74,253 miles.
2011 Ford Escape has more problems than my 1997 Toyota Camry with 600,000+ KM ! what has Ford done NOTHING!!!
Typical Lees Summit Teen:. Girl: Jeep liberty or Ford Escape. Male: 1995 lifted truck you can hear coming from a mile away
Are any of y'all going to be at the Asheville Hba Home and Garden Expo tomorrow at the WNC Ag Center? We're a proud sponsor of the event, and we'll be there with an all-new 2014 Transit Connect, a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid, and a 2014 Ford Escape! Stop by and check us out!
Congrats to Wendy Uyede who is qualified to win a 2-year lease on a new Ford Escape from Key West Ford!Next chance to qualify is at 12:10 with Bri! ~Kid Carson Show
Congrats to Josh Messina of Paso Robles, CA on their new 2014 Ford Escape from Bob Moore and Kevin Shannon!
I think I just saw Tommy Lesorda drive by in his blue Ford Escape! He turned onto Annapolis off of Smith in West St. Paul!
On Tuesday we had the pleasure of working with Marian Gassmann again. Turns out, picking up a Ford Fiesta for her daughter, got her thinking it was time to trade her Ford Escape in. Marian always knew she wanted another Escape, but she has been waiting for the special one to come around. After speaking with her Sales Professional Aaron Young, they decided to go with Fords' Certified Pre Owned Program. The added benfits of additional powertrain coverage coupled with roadside assistance was a big draw. Aaron found that special Ford Escape for Marian and Her husband Tyler and they could not be more excited. Please see their review below. “Thank you for all of your patience, finally got the Escape I’ve always wanted!”- Marian and Tyler Gassmann
Are you searching for a used 2011 Ford Escape in St Albans VT?
So I had breakfast yesterday at the W hotel to pick up my LBJ civil rights summit VIP pass from some folks with the General Motors Foundation, including the head of the organization itself and the head of GM's design group for THE ENTIRE WORLD. (Foundation is one of the major underwriters.) A very nice group of people, and kind to be so accommodating. So we're leaving and waiting for the valet to bring our cars around. GM provided them GM vehicles, of course. And while we're waiting the valet comes around the corner with my...Ford Escape. Earlier in the lobby some guy asked if I was the concierge. Must be dressing better than I usually do.
Thanks Watkin Motors & Marjak Leasing for supporting The 2014 Ford Escape is an appropriate name!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
on Fords! Share with your Ford owner friends. (USA Today) -- Ford, which has been sitting back quietly while its Detroit counterparts General Motors and Chrysler Group launched high-profile recalls, came through with a pair of its own big ones Monday. It is pulling back almost 435,000 cars to fix rusting frame parts or faulty seats. The first involves nearly 386,000 Ford Escapes from the 2001 through 2004 model years, the Associated Press reports. If the subframes rust, a control arm can separate and interfere with steering. Ford says the problem hass been blamed on one crash which did not result in injuries. The recall applies to 20 cold-weather states and the District of Columbia where salt used to deice roads can result in corrosion. The second recall covers 49,000 2013 and 2014 Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ, Ford Escape and C-Max to replace seat back frames that weren't welded properly. -- Should've bought a. I'll be nice. Good night y'all. :) ~C
Emily & Clayton's new 2014 Ford Escape! Congratulations and best wishes from Etter Ford and Jeff Etter.
New phone, new car (well, new for me, a 2011 Ford Escape), great all-day workshop with chorus, and lost 4 pounds! And that was just Friday and Saturday. That's a total of 15 pounds lost this month. Had a few bumps along the road in the weight loss, but staying the course and keeping focused on the end result . . . a healthier me.
There is a recall on my Saturn Ion..well GMC is getting rental cars for us if we are uncomfortable driving our cars. Well today I called Missoula GMC to get me rental car until mine is fixed. Well no luck maybe I will call the GMC plant and let them know. Pisses me off. Hate driving my car right now. Never know when it will lock up on me and I crash. Scares me. Looking to purchae me a Ford Escape 4wd
To the lady in the silver Ford Escape who gave me the strangest look while I was throwing down my "air slap bass solo" along with Louis Johnson on the Brothers Johnson's "Stomp" while we were sitting in traffic: GET OVER YOURSELF! IT'S FUNKY FRIDAY!! 😊😊😊😊
That dark grey Ford Escape from Neb on campus is in disguise as my Ford Escape and has tricked me 3 times in 1 week. That slyy dooggg 😏
2006 Ford Escape has 87,489 miles. That is melted snow on the hood. Paint is good on the vehicle. Just put a Factory Rebuilt Cylinder Head. New Right Front Axle, Two Front Rotors, New timing Chain and Tensioner. New tires power windows, 4 wheel drive and a 6 disk CD changer $5995 on 2 site's
You know your in South Carolina when you see a Nissan Altima towing a Ford Escape, that has been chained to it's bumper, down the interstate...
Check out the new commercial for this month's 2014 Ford Escape lease deal here at Chapman Northeast Philadelphia-- it's nothing to sneeze at!
Have You Been Seeking for Sticky Bumps Air Freshener-Blueberry SEE SPECIAL DEALS : Bumps Air Freshener-Blueberry Making ready a Utilized Automobile For Sale Although the primary points like the assistance heritage and mileage immediately have an impact on a cars and trucks benefit, its look is a person of the significant matters that show what its worth. It is also one of the easiest factors for you to renovate the car or truck yourself. Sticky Bumps Air Freshener-Blueberry. Short Just take - 2009 Mazda Tribute The Mazda Tribute is a prime example of a jointly created car or truck that genuinely shines. Constructed from the very same platform that underpins the Mazda 626, the Tribute was built by groups of Mazda and Ford designers who also produced the Ford Escape and, afterwards, the Mercury Mariner. The Mazda version is the cheapest selling price of the a few versions and features a sportier suspension. Woodland Hills Automobile Mishaps Up Due to Illegal Street Racers Considering the community's locale, ...
By Jack R. Nerad, Executive Editorial Director, The new-for-2014 Jeep Cherokee SUV has more off-road capability than most of its buyers will ever think of using. In classic Jeep fashion, it will take on boulders and swamps that other vehicles in its class dare not confront. But even as we were effortlessly negotiating the precarious cliffs of the Moab, Utah, landscape, we had to wonder, "Does it make any difference?" You might be able to answer that based on your own expectations, but if you are considering a Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4 or market-leading Honda CR-V, you should be aware that the Cherokee is different animal: Not only can it climb mountains, but it offers creature-comforts that might well be the best in class. That's why we named it one of the 10 Best SUVs Under $25,000 for 2014. :)
2014 Honda CR-V Advantages - The smarter SUV When Honda introduced the CR-V, the compact utility segment changed forever. With a spacious interior, great fuel economy and loads of standard equipment, the CR-V set a new benchmark for driver expectations that competitors struggled to meet. The new 2014 Honda CR-V, on sale now here at Honda of Bowie in Bowie, Maryland, continues to best competitors with its performance and value. What makes the 2014 Honda CR-V such a great vehicle is its ability to provide more than its competitors without making sacrifices. The 2.4-liter gasoline engine is a perfect example. This four-cylinder engine produces 185 hp, making it more powerful than the four-cylinders in the Ford Escape, Kia Sportage, Jeep Cherokee and Subaru XV Crosstrek. Despite this power advantage, the CR-V also meets or exceeds every one of those competitors in fuel economy with its EPA-estimated 23 mpg city and 31 mpg highway mpg**. The same story applies to interior spaciousness. The 104 cubic feet of pa ...
GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Saturday, December 21st , 2013 Saranagati, British Columbia More Tests More tests. Mahidhar’s 93 year old dad passed away last night. We had dedicated some mantras on his behalf. Bless him. Mahidhar felt relieved. While Mahidhar’s vehicle was in for repairs, Peter and I had a contingent plan for getting back to Vancouver to meet appointments there. At the town Cache Creek, our anticipated bus trip floundered. It arrived one and a half hours late. We then found out that no seats were available. Next plan – Gosh Thakur agreed to drive us to Vancouver, but before we could make it to Highway One, the fan belt to his vehicle came undone. We had no recourse but to wait to see if the Ford Escape would become road worthy. So wait we did. But in the nicest way. Our community in the valley was honouring the passing of one of the great saints of his time. It happened to be the anniversary of the passing of Bhaktisiddhanta, the guru of our guru. Many achievements go to his credit ...
So far we have test-driven the Ford Escape, the Toyota Venza and the Chevy Equinox. Next up is Subaru, VW and Honda. Who says car buying is fun?
CHP issues Amber Alert for abducted Washington teen, may be on way to Mexico: The California Highway Patrol today issued a statewide Amber Alert for an abducted 14-year-old Washington girl.Elizabeth Romero of Kennewick, Wash. was taken Wednesday by 19-year-old Eduardo Flores-Rosalas, who was last seen driving an early 2000s green Ford Escape with temporary registration out of Washington, CHP...
Update your maps at Navteq
Looked at the Nissan X-Trail and Ford Escape. Shuttled back and forth between the dealers 2-3 times before settling on the Nissan ...
Replace Shorty in the Ford Escape with Shorty In the BMW X7 ... i done buildin *unstabled creatures* u gotta match me from the gate ...
Also I would highly recommend the 2013 Ford Escape with turbo engine
I'm in love with this Ford Escape...
Putting a loud muffler on a ford escape is not impressive
Driving my ford escape like a NASCAR>>>>
well is a ford escape so I mean you can't completely flatten it
Ford’s F-150 and Escape make Top 10 Best Selling Vehicles of October 2013
That's why they discontinued them and the Ford Escape took over. Get it? Escape.
Fun fact it is fricken impossible to get comfortable in the back seat of a 2008 ford escape
After 9 days, I reluctantly return the rental, it was a nice '14 ford escape to drive around in
Congratulations to Orville Easterly on his 2014 Ford Escape Titanium!. salesman Mark Anaya
Driving behind a Maserati, next to a Rolls Royce, in front of an Audi r8.. In a ford escape.✌️
How is this commercial gonna try and tell me that a Ford Escape is better than a BMW? Come let's be real now.
Rob Ford desperately flicking propeller on hat in an attempt to escape
The fact that's its compared the CRV, Rav 4 and ford escape really is just dissapointing.
ford escape! Great size, still higher up and not too bad with gas
Parents: "Nicole you want a 2003 or newer Ford Escape?". Nicole: "Yesss!". Parents: "Seth you can buy your grandfathers truck.". Me: *** K?"
Officially a part of the Ford family! Daddy would be proud 😃 Thank you so much for my new escape Momma!
Gunna be driving a 2013 ford escape for a while 😏 , little step up from my car
Proud owner of a brand spankin new 2014 Ford Escape !
If you can't get the Ford Escape off your mind, the can get you behind the wheel for less!
To the hot blonde axo in the ford escape in front of me, thanks for making this stand still traffic on 316 somewhat tolerable
Perks of being home: pretending to be hood and listening to Power 99 while driving a Ford escape hybrid.
Is it bad that I'm driving my grandmas brand 2013 Ford escape and I absolutely hate it?
Looking for an awesome SUV under 25k? KBB recommends our 2014
Tyler and I are currently driving his Ford Escape from Chattanooga to Fort Payne with a queen mattress on top of the car. 🚙
We can help you save big on a new with the Early Bird Lease Turn-In going on now at
2014 Ford Escape Titanium - Experience a smooth driving experience with its unique features
Our made an appearance in the Pt Perry Parade tonight! So honoured to help the DRPS folks!
Website Builder 728x90
Ty for all your great work during the Food/Toy Drive! Our Ford Escape looked great tonight in the Pt Perry Parade! Santa too!
Deer can be deadly! "According to an accident report from the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office, Crass was a passenger in a 2009 Ford Escape sports-utility vehicle driven by Mickey McConahay, 56, of Ohio City, that was southbound on SR 118 when the driver spotted a deer running onto the roadway and started to slow down when another deer ran out directly in front of the vehicle and came through the SUV’s windshield on the passenger’s side, landing on Crass. Van Wert County Coroner Dr. Scott Jarvis declared the man dead at the scene at approximately 8:15 Tuesday morning."
Urgent prayer request!! Our brand new 2014 Ford Escape was stolen out of our driveway during the night!!
Since its launch in 2009, the EcoBoost™ engine has fused together the worlds of horsepower and fuel efficiency. Thanks to the EcoBoost engine’s revolutionary design, owners don’t need to sacrifice capability for mpg, or vice-versa. It’s the automotive equivalent of having your cake and eating it too. Are you an EcoBoost fan? Tell us about your Ford by sharing a story! Recently, a Ford Escape rolled off the assembly line at the Ford Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky. Only this was no ordinary Escape. Under the hood was the two-millionth EcoBoost, a relatively small but powerful milestone representing the meteoric rise of this iconic engine. The EcoBoost has come a long way in four short years. It is now manufactured in 1.0-liter three-cylinder, 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter four-cylinder versions, as well as the larger 3.5-liter V6 variant. Ford factories are churning out over 100,000 EcoBoost engines per month, which is up from 65,000 just one year ago. You can get an EcoBoost in 90 perc ...
Ford Escape, black,Excellent Condition,fully loaded alloyrims 1499k
Cain's Segments: Crossover Sales - In every month since April, the four best-selling utility vehicles in America have fallen under the “small” banner. In July, the five top sellers were small. With one-third of 2013 remaining, the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox, and Toyota RAV4 are both America’s top-selling small crossovers and America’s four leading crossovers overall. Together with [...]
Dad brought home a Ford Escape from his dealership for me to test drive to see if I would want one for a graduation present. I say
Henry's Fish Restaurant | 2013 Roadside Attractions Ford Canada plan your escape with a new 2014 Ford Escape call me
Carrie Mathison of "Homeland" & Dexter Morgan of "Dexter" drive Ford Escape. I think it is the same one, the v_V
I think my husband deserves an award for stuffing the most amount of crap into a Ford Escape possible. On our way to SC!!
Bruce Walters Ford would like to thank Kim Daniels for her purchase of a New 2014 Ford Escape from the Internet...
I like to give a nice nod of mutual respect to every silver ford escape I pass
We are overstocked and making deals on models such as this 2010 Ford Escape. This Escape has 64706 miles, and it...
Every time I see a Ford Escape, my mind immediately jumps to Always repping the love.
Ford Escape on top, Edge on bottom. I drive a edge. NOT A ESCAPE. I DIDNT EGG YOUR HOUSES
Why does this chick have a pink mustache on her black Ford Escape?..
This guy just tried to race me on louetta... *** I'm in a range rover evoque, while you're pushing a ford escape 😂😂😂
My mom let me whip her truck and its official ... I'm getting a ford escape
"To the girl who was talking with someone in a red Ford Escape by the Sig Ep house today. nice *** "
This summer is going to be & Be on the lookout for in her Ford Escape to win goodies!
Blue Ford Escape on SB Elbow Drive in the playground zone, photo radar
Ford Escape customers stuck with repair bills after recall investigation issued: reports.
Hrmph. ZipCar swapped the Audi A3 we’d reserved for a Ford Escape. Those are… not all that similar.
Who knew 18 years could fit in the back of a Ford Escape...
Why do you have KC lights on your ford escape?¿
Some cars you just Do not put Rims on. A Caliber.A Focus.Sentra.Stratus.Rio.Ford Escape.Lancer.
2006 Ford escape, I've already put 2 motors in it. Ford didn't want to help me at 32k miles when the first engine blew.
Just saw a team using a ford escape... Rookie mistake lol
Getting the Ford Escape cleaned before the weekend road trip! :-) (@ Waterway Carwash)
If I had a truck instead of an raggedy ford escape, I'd enjoy this weather a lot more.
After driving a slow & uncomfortable Toyota Prius for 2 days, it's nice to get my 2013 Escape back! Powerful, great MPG &lots of space
Hurry, before it’s too late to win a brand new, fuel-efficient 2013 Ford Escape!. When you're in need of a...
When the bass drops in the Ford Escape w/ Sony Audio, it's like u're actually at Spring Awakening: ;) ^MT
Congratulations to Marcia since she just took delivery of her 2014 Ford Escape SEL that I factory ordered special...
The path to crafting the Escape starts with clay & a rake:
Really not believing these Ford Escape commercials where the girl says her sister drives a BMW but is jealous of her Ford
Possible robot gods and deep bonding: I drove a Ford Escape Titanium and liked it
Dear Ford, NO ONE that owns a BMW ever says they wish they would've bought a Ford Escape instead. Nice try on the radio spo…
I just entered the Escape 2013 Sweeps for a chance to win a new Ford Escape. Enter Now!
I traded in my Mercedes for a SUV, can you remake "Get This Party Started" with looking flashy in a Ford Escape?
lol I wish, I just got a new 2013 Ford Fusion. Plus my 2010 Ford Escape. 😕
I added a video to a playlist Car Tech - 2014 Ford Escape proves that less can be more
Congratulations to Mel and Pat Hebert from Herscher on the purchase of their 2014 Ford Escape. Bob Crane and the...
Engineers from Indiana have managed to hack a Toyota Prius and Ford Escape so that the brakes, steering,...
Crash test video - Ford Escape vs Subaru Forester. At 0:35 in Ford, the airbag completely misses the dummy's head:
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Alright I have a 2013 Ford Escape and my dad wants to trade me for his 2012 Chevy Tahoe. Both fully loaded but not sure what to have??
A woman spent three years in jail because Chicago police withheld DNA evidence and coerced a witness into testifying that a man's suicide was a homicide, the woman claims in court. Sara Bridewell sued Chicago and its police Officers Kevin Eberle and Brian Forberg, in Cook County Court. Walter Chandler's Ford Escape collided with Bridewell's sister's car in September 2006, according to the complaint. "Mr. Chandler was extremely intoxicated, and had a blood alcohol level approximately four times the legal limit," the complaint states. "Mr. Chandler struck the parked car of plaintiff's sister, Lisa Rhodes, and then fled the scene of the accident in his car. "Plaintiffs and Ms. Rhodes heard the collision of Chandler's vehicle with Rhodes' vehicle, and got in the car with two other individuals, Randy Manual and Anthony Watkins, to drive after Chandler and get his license plate number to call the police. "Chandler stopped his vehicle nearby, and plaintiff and Rhodes approached his car. "Rhodes approached the dr ...
Wow! Nice...driving a 2014 Ford Escape is better than a Jeep Patriot. Im n love wit it. :)
Today, we’re giving a round of applause to Richard Enty, the executive director of the METRO Regional Transit Authority in Summit County, for setting an example for everyone out there who continues to text and drive despite the clear and incontrovertible evidence that the practice is causing thousands of car accidents every year. According to a story in today’s edition of the “Akron Beacon Journal” Mr. Enty turned himself into the METRO Board of Directors for texting while driving his METRO-owned Ford Escape two weeks ago. METRO, like many other public and private sector organizations has a policy that prohibits texting and other forms of distracted driving. Mr. Enty told the board members he decided to report the infraction when one of the system’s buses pulled up next to him as he texted while driving down the road. “I looked to my right and I saw one of our buses there and I thought to myself, he [the bus driver] may or he may not have seen me,” he told the “Beacon Journal.” “But i ...
FORD should scrap their marketing team because there's no way in *** a BMW driver is going to compare his/her car to a Ford Escape and say they're jealous. One of the dumbest commercials ever.
Bill and I are looking for a new car. We have decided on a small SUV. Needs to get 30+ MPG. We have narrowed it down to a Toyota Rav4, a Ford Escape or a Jeep Cherokee. All cost about the same and all have the same MPG. Anyone have any of these? What do you think?
If I won a NEW 2014 Ford Escape in the GetGo Scan & Drive Giveaway, I would: A. Keep it B. Sell it C. Give it to someone in need For details on how to enter visit:
Another Car We Can’t Buy by eric • June 18, 2013 • 17 CommentsHere’s another car you can’t buy because of government rigmarole – the Ford Kuga.Well, not quite. You can buy the vehicle – it’s sold as the Ford Escape in this country. I just reviewed it last week (see here). What you can’t buy here is…
Okay, leaning toward the Nissan Xterra or Ford Escape... I really like the Honda Element and the GMC Terrain, but I've never had a 4-cyl car and am afraid it won't last like a V6 does... Thoughts?
Assuming everything checks $2500 a good price for a 2001 Ford Escape or Escort with 125K miles?
So they ended up totaling out the Ford Escape. Good bye my sweet suv.Guess me and Samantha Hardy get to go car shopping again! lmao
Heading South on CA 5,and thinking of a old Arlo Guthrie tune,"Coming into Los Angeles,bringing in a couple of keys",only these are car keys and a Ford Escape going to Chino !
Anybody put there have a 2012 or earlier model Ford Escape? Can you fit 2 medium wire crates side-by-side? Shelly Schuld Weeks? Other suggestion for a minivan replacement?
was just out looking at new (used) vehicles, a Honda Pilot, and Dodge Journey and a Ford Escape. and Of course they show me the New models...Now to let the head overrule the heart, stay practical and make sure I can still put food on the table.
Ford Motor Co. said Monday that is May U.S. sales rose 14 percent, led by strong sales of the F-Series pickup truck and the redesigned Ford Escape small SUV. BY THE NUMBERS: The Dearborn, Mich., automaker ...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sunday morning about 11:30 there was a knock on our apt door. I opened it and a Eagan police officer asked if we have a blue car. I said yes we have two. He stated well there is a tree on one of them. We went out to the parking lot and it was not our car but our son Andy. So I called his cell to wake him up and said there was a tree over his car and he had to come and move it It was not damaged a light pole stopped the full tree from falling on it Thank goodness it is a 2013 Ford Focus and he paid cash for it so he was thankful for no damage. Our car is also blue different shade but it is a 2013 Ford Escape. We both are going be a ware that no more trees can fall of either car.
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Man what a way to end the month! Othello "Mr. Make It Happen" Bell does it again! Sold 3 cars today ('06 Ford Fusion, '07 Mitsubishi Galant and '08 Ford Escape) and almost sold 4! GLORY BE TO GOD!!! Now "I'z tiyed boss" and ready for a good meal and a pillow! lol.
I've had this 2013 Ford Escape for almost a year. It's been in to the shop 5 times for updates to the Sync System for issues with it. It still doesn't work c...
FROM THE NEWSROOM: Police say a Webster, Mass., man was transported to an area hospital after a vehicle accident on a Thompson roadway Monday. Authorities report that Richard Kalldian was operating a Ford Escape northbound on Riverside Drive just after 12 p.m. when he lost control of the vehicle and struck a utility pole near the intersection of Rawson Ave. Kalldian was transported by Community Ambulance to Day Kimball Hospital in Putnam for observation. He was cited by police for failure to maintain lane.
Going to look at the Honda 2013 CR-V for a test drive and re-examine the 2013 Ford Escape. Does anyone have any good thing to say or bad on these two?
I will never say "It can't get any worse" because I know better. Always have. Case in point: This morning we had a major lightening strike over our house, followed by a thunderclap so loud that it had both Sherry Irion and I jumping up to be sure everything was okay. The effects so far have been that Sherry's alarm clock jumped ahead exactly two hours in time (reset it), our cable modem was fried (currently replaced with two separate modems: one for cable and one for phone), the base unit of our new (bought not even six months ago) phones is out [Thankfully held onto the old phone and base.] of commission, and the battery indicator light on our 1.5 year old Ford Escape stayed on and the power steering pump started to go out (dropped off at the dealer and had to scramble to get a car rented). The last item happened while we were going to replace the cable modem; hopefully, the repairs will be under warranty but the way things are going so far today...Well, let's just say that I know better and leave ...
Update: Lake Wales Police Department: Passing Counterfeit Money. At 5:40pm on May 24, 2013 Lake Wales Police responded to Woody’s BBQ, located at 19501 NB HWY27. Woody’s management advised Officer Mongeon on May 21, 2013 a female came in and purchased food with counterfeit currency. The same female returned on May 24 to purchase more food using counterfeit currency and she was recognized by staff from her previous visit. Woody’s management described her as a white female, heavy set and had pink hair. This is the same description as the female who has passed counterfeit currency at other businesses in the Lake Wales area. As the female left Woody’s she was seen entering a silver Ford Escape with Florida tag 916 YTS. This vehicle is registered to a rental car company and detectives are following up on this information. If anyone sees this suspect or suspect vehicle they are asked to call the police immediately. Anyone who has information on this case or who knows where this suspect is located is ask ...
My poor 2002 Ford Escape seized up and died last week. *sigh* Loved that car. Was a great paraglding/kitesurf/surf vehicle...RIP PIcked up a rental for a few days while I figure out options. If any FB friends know of anyone selling a good car that's not too old and has working A/C let me know. Hoping to get into another mini-SUV or hatch, but may have to get something temporary for work. Seems like many used cars 2-3yrs old are almost better to buy new with all the mfg rebates and great interest rates right now. Gonna try and enjoy the weekend anyway. :)
Rav4 is back home from the body shop, good as new. But I did enjoy four days with the Ford Escape. A little boxy and bigger than I'm used to, but great ride and smooth handling. And a bunch of technoigical bells and whistles.
High-5 to Seattle for having the worlds worst and dumbest drivers ... Seriously. -- sunny & dry = bad slow drivers. -- drizzle rain = indecisive slow moving roadblocks. -- heavy rain = lets close your eyes and floor it ... Because others will watch out for me. Today: Ford Escape hits city bus. Both (!) lanes to Ballard blocked. Crawling "baby-style" and backwards would have been faster.
DP130063625 On 05/16/13 Det. Matt Morgan posted a BOLO for a subject wanted for battery and theft stemming from an incident that occurred at the K-Mart located in the 6700 block of W. Washington St. This BOLO included photos of the suspect and a description of the vehicle in which he fled. On 05/20/13 Officer Tim Huddleston observed the described vehicle, a 2012 Ford Escape, in the Speedway lot at Morris/Lynhurst. He also recognized the passenger as the same person in the BOLO photos. The female driver exited the lot and Officer Huddleston initiated a stop, however, the driver began fleeing. Shortly into the pursuit the male passenger shoved the female from the vehicle and sped off again. The pursuit terminated when Leon T. Brewer, W/M 48, bailed out and ran between houses in the 3500 block of Kansas. Officer Huddleston never lost sight of Brewer and after he jumped a fence it appeared Brewer was running toward a young boy in the backyard of a house in the 3500 block of Lambert. The mother of the child sc ...
Congratulations Jody and Jason! Sales consultant, John Carl, helped them into their brand new 2013 Ford Escape.
Michael J. is selling a 2004 Ford Escape in Wildomar, CA with a Standard Ad.
Tony C F. is selling a 2006 Ford Escape in Westerville, OH with a Deluxe Ad.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
A tractor-trailer started a five-vehicle chain reaction at on M-46 at Begole Road in Pine River Township Thursday that left one man injured and a Ford Escape upright on two wheels.
The Hyundai Tucson (known as ix35 on some markets) it’s a new breathtaking vehicle. It is 10 cm larger than the Nissan Qashqai (Roque) and Ford Escape, which means more space for more passengers. The design is incredible, stable and secure from the inside and dashing from the outside. There is a pan...
All new Ford Escape, you can visit this model @ Ford showroom in Phnom Penh & Siem Reap...You will love it..
I saw a Ford Escape with plate read "El1te" instantly thought it was Joe Flacco..
Congratulations to Anna & David Moore on the purchase of a 2013 Ford Escape from at
well let's see... Does a ford escape qualify??
I want a WHITE 2001 Ford Escape . My sister got a Black 1 and I'm jealous.
Virginia C. is selling a 2008 Ford Escape in Brownstown, MI with a Standard Ad.
Yigit S. is selling a 2009 Ford Escape in Daniel Island, SC with a Deluxe Ad.
we have a hybrid ford escape and Prius v. Neither seat 7 but we love them. Not many huge hybrids yet.
How many Cubic Inches of Ice Cream can you fix in a 2009 Ford Escape?... — As if I knew.
My dad got a new ford escape, he said I can drive it tomorrow.. Hopefully I can keep it in one piece!
The 2013 ford escape is just about as cool as operating a space craft
Congratulations Allen and joy on your new Ford Escape from: via
There is a really good chance and I just saw the gray ford escape from the amber alert
WAIT... that chick was yellin 'wooo' drivin a Ford Escape??? Uhmm... You want to date her bro!
oh because Missy's Ford escape is for sale so you should buy that and have her spirit with you at all times!
Ronald M. of Norwood, MN just sold a 2010 Ford Escape with a Standard Ad
Anybody tryin' to buy a car? Gotta 06/07 or something close to that Ford Escape. Good condition if I do say so myself
You're dumb as duck if you come to Lowes to buy a grill and think its fitting assembled in your ford escape
lmaooo I'm between a 2013 Ford Escape and a 2012 Hyundai Sonata black/black lmao what would you pick babe?
K.G. of Laredo, TX Just Bought a New 2013 from a dealer in Laredo, TX for $24,655.00!
😞 it *** I have only driven the ford escape with my mom and brother cause I can't drive it alone.
Opened the sunroof on my brand new 2013 Escape, and it shattered itself. Not cool, bro.
ford escape but I decided to hold off.. my car was a cheap enough fix for now
Sure, dad, let's go off roading in my Ford Escape. Cause that's a brilliant idea. 😒
I always feel so poor driving in my 2007 Ford Escape next to all of the brand new Audis and Maseratis on Saint John
Ford The Ford Escape goes under the knife for the new model year, and comes out with a dramatically different...
If you cat call me from a ford escape I will tell you to go get yourself a real SUV and try again
my mom has one and love it. Im learning how to drive on one too. Good choice. I like ford escape which 3 my family members have.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Hatch with a foot sensor eh? We should all buy the new Ford Escape; considering the commercial doesn't feature anything else.
Driving down town and on the west side playing Outta Your Mind full blast Im new ford escape!! 😜😜
Used Car Special - check out this White 2010 Ford Escape located in Traverse City, MI 49686. $16,730.00:
Used Car Special - check out this 2013 Ford Escape located in Grand Junction, CO 81505. $28,995.00:
2013 Hyundai Santa Fe has SUVs ranging from the Ford Escape to the Honda ...: What happens when the world's fi...
Everyone on Staten Island has a white Ford Escape
James C. is selling a 2006 Ford Escape in Burleson, TX with an Enhanced Ad.
Matthew E. is selling a 2003 Ford Escape in Tigard, OR with an Enhanced Ad.
Stuck Accelerators problem with Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute under investigation via
looking for a 6 or 7 passenger SUV. Test drove Nissan pathfinder & Ford Escape. Like Nissan's lever to fold 2nd-row seat to get into 3rd row. Like Ford Escape's bucket seat better as it eliminates work allowing kids to walk into 3rd row, but also takes away the 7th passenger seat (which is tiny anyway). Your opinions would help : )
I just saw another teal 2013 Ford Escape like mine. Looks like I'm no longer the only one in NB
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