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Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a compact SUV sold by the automaker Ford Motor Company introduced in 2000 as a 2001 model year and priced below the Ford Explorer.

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Go to the dealership and see my 3 yr old Escape with a blown engine
5 time Ford owner and Ford won't fix my blown engine on a 3 yr old Escape. Glad you care Ford!
No because my 3 yr old Escape has a blown engine and you will not make it right
The 2017 Escape is taking over with its versatility and features. Learn more by downloading the brochure
Already sick of the cold? Learn how the 2017 can get you through this year's
Congratulations Greta Slabach of on ur 2017 Escape Thank you Greta
Planning a road trip in 2017? Upgrade to a Ford that will keep up with your active lifestyle! Tell us where you'll…
Narrow escape from fire for Ford driver | More than 40 Ford 1.6-litre EcoBoost Kugas have already burst into flames
Got myself a '17 Ford Escape one week ago :)
How to DAD takes on a family road trip in the new Ford Escape.
QEW Toronto bound just south of McLeod Rd. Van and a Ford Escape. No injuries. Tow truck on scene. Air bags deployed after…
finale: Wyatt's identity and Ford's new narrative are revealed as Maeve attempts her escape.…
did Ford create the Maeve escape narrative as a diversion to ensure Dolores and the revolt would go unnoticed by security?
I felt like one of Ford's androids throughout this entire freakin series: TRAPPED AND TRYING TO ESCAPE.
Why did Ford send Maeve on her escape story? Maeve's escape takes out security at control center. Helps the in park rebellion.
Ford wrote the escape plan into Maeve's narrative but in the end she *chose* to stay. or did she?
So Delores had to become ford for her to finally escape??
Ford really said you need to suffer more to escape this place
Ford wants her to actually escape? I can think of a million reasons why
Going to assume this escape is just another narrative from Ford
Was the 'escape' narrative designed by Ford to make the board leave Ford in control? Or does Ford want them out altogether?
$10 says Ford is About to initiate a "Hostile Takeover" of Delos using Meave's attempted escape as cover
that would be absolutely amazing! But who programmed Maeve to escape?! Ford? The Board?
I don't think Delos will like Ford's new escape story line
Wow Ford programmed Maeve to escape the park. This could create a HUGE problem for the board and park brand if the hosts got out
Ford programmed the escape, didn't he.
I'm guessing Dr. Ford planned this little escape the hosts are planning
Is Maeve's escape part of Ford's narrative?! Im so lost 😭
Ford made Arnold last wish come true. He wrote the host nareative for them to escape
Would you like to maybe get an official puck? Come see us at the Ford Escape and the F-150 inside the Conco…
Complete interior detail on this Ford Escape.
2013 Ford Escape for sale in Kingston / St. Andrew -
Start a new journey with a 2017 Ford Escape!. Learn more about the Escape:...
Have I mentioned how cute my car salesman is? .
Meanwhile I'm fighting with my parents to get my 2002 Ford Escape fixed so I can work.
I just wanted to remind you that my Ford Escape is your Ford Escape 🚙🤣
Almost back down 💯 picked up extra shifts cause I'm GETTING my 2016 Ford Escape 😩
How you look when you pass that Ford Escape in the ditch that was going 90 past you on the highway in the snow a fe…
It's a Ford Escape, basically a car chassis with a compact SUV body on it. Perfectly reasonable MPG & size for snowy states.
Lisa and Kevin are blown away by the features of their new 2017 Ford Escape SE 4×4. Thanks…
Ellis, what a sharp new Ford Escape. Congratulations, and thank you for working with Jim Sears.
Don't Be Him - Did you know the 2017 Ford Escape has Active Park Assist? via
Remember - A life could be lost, including your own!!
Scream it to your friends after you get the 2016 Ford Escape!
Hilton, Nomi and Jamie Adler taking delivery of Nomi's Ford Escape from salesperson Kyle Pena Welcome to the...
I'm not gonna max out my ford escape
After Election I saw some of your speech about Japanese Cars in America, but gues what I said couple months ago when I got my Ford Escape!
To escape from this a straight line while sleeping, henry ford motor company luxottica.
Congratulations to Sandra Kazeleski on the purchase of her brand new 2017 Ford Escape! With her favorite...
Taking the Ford Escape to the next Honda meet
Customize a 2017 Ford Escape or Fusion, then enter to it! PLUS one of three Carolina Dream Vacations!
Cheryl Stauffer taking the keys to her new Ford Escape from Logan Rupert. Thank you for your business!
In today's Drive Time, reviewer Bud Wells takes a look at the Ford Escape.
McKenzie Luberda taking delivery of her Ford Escape from salesperson Jason Heyman. Welcome to the Ford Of...
The price has changed on our 2005 Ford Escape. Take a look:
I am selling 2005 FORD ESCAPE LXT for $3,950 near: Austin on OfferUp.
Tried to get in someone else's escape again
Find your brand-new at Future Ford Lincoln of Concord today!
What do you like most about the exterior of the 2017
I would like to know why I'm paying for a car that you guys told me that is crappy I will never buy another 2017 Ford Escap…
2008 Ford Escape is now available. Take a look:
2003 Ford Escape is now available. Take a look:
Hey Wanna know what I named my Ford Escape?? I named her Dory
Don't forget the escape pod that Harrison Ford didn't use!
Congratulations Sonny on your 2017 Escape ! Come see King in the future if you have any questions!
Getting into a 2016 Ford Escape has never been easier, learn how. htt…
Updated styling and technology combined! Have you experienced the 2017 Escape?
2014 Ford Escape S for sale in Waco TX from CMC AUTO GROUP. Sale Price : $14,999 Mileage : 46,273. Thank you for...
Wow! What a deal! This pre-owned 2008 Escape is a great deal at 5k! Come on in and check it out today.…
Bob Kuehner of Macomb and his 2010 Ford Escape. Bob was wanting to get out of his truck and into something a...
Kara & Logan Rupert taking delivery of a new Ford Escape. Thank you for your business!
Check out the hands free lift gate feature on the 2017 Ford Escape!: via
So...was that just "Hangin' Tough" put to marching band music on the latest Ford Escape commercial?!
Right now, 4 years ago, I almost flipped out Ford Escape on an exit because Erin was in labor and I was scared and driving very fast.
SHELLY AND LARRY's new 2014 Ford Escape! Congratulations and best wishes from Max Motors - Butler and Jerry Doyle.
Darn you Ford Escape & your eerie likeness to Chevy Equinox. I wasted precious time in the parking lot trying to get into the wrong car...
Just saw a police chase and I knew the guy was going to get away because he was driving a Ford Escape.
Congratulations Joyce and David Smith on their new 2017 Ford Escape!
Crime in the county: A white 2011 Ford Escape was reported as stolen from Ladson July 13 ...
After 15 days, whenever I see a Ford Escape on the road I check the driver for a beard and am tempted to follow it.
Why does the Rhyhorn have to be located within a parked Ford Escape at the side of the road?!?
The suspect vehicle is described as a black Ford Escape, model year 2013 to 2016.
Please RT! Missing 81-year-old with Alzheimer’s last seen driving off in Ford Escape
Car in front of me has a Neuter Mike Vick bumper sticker, which is exactly what you expect from a Ford Escape driver
Lizzie & Collin Smith of Raymond, and their new 2014 Ford Escape!! We appreciate your business at Rogel Ford!!!
Note to self checkout Ford Escape prices
*giggles* was a toss up between that and the Lego ford escape
Welcome to the 200k club, Trevor. Cheers to lots more adventures in your Escape!
It's your shot to win a new 2017 Ford Escape during Seacrest Summer Escape!
Escape 2017 will be the first car in Ford to provide CarPlay
What feature are you most looking forward to in the new 2017
Congratulations Lisa Oliva on your 2016 Ford Escape! Come see Leo Rivas in the future if you have any questions!
Way to go for that awesome placement in the ESCAPE commercial...
Anyone know someone who hates me and also drive a crusty, navy blue Ford Escape
Congratulations Lavoie Advanced Protective Services on your 2013 Ford Escape! Come see BOB CARTER in the future...
Reckless. Hwy 219 NB from the Willamette River Bridge. Ford Escape that almost hit the bridge and other vehicles.
Shopping for a vehicle? Check out our newest addition: 2011 Ford Escape:
The price for 2013 Ford Escape is Email for Price now. Take a look:
The price has changed on our 2013 Ford Escape. Take a look:
New Ford Escape Getzville NY 14068: Watch a video of the 2017 Ford Escape Titanium, for s...
Also saw a Ford Escape with a brush guard
Imagine THIS, but a Ford Escape. Y'all it was SAUCEY
I just saw a MATTE OLIVE GREEN 2017 Ford Escape. Black on black rims and interior. Booy💦💦💦
I'm looking for a new car too, 2016 Ford Escape 🙈🙉
Today we welcome the all new 2017 Fusion and Ford Escape into the showroom at Drum Hill Ford!
2014 Ford Escape SE for over $3000 off Inbox, Message or call now.
Free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city, with the
Thanks to Harry and Carolyn Plotner, of Brookhaven for purchasing your new 2014 Ford Escape from Sullivan Ford...
A.C. of Corpus Christi, TX Just Leased a New 2017 from a dealer in Corpus Christi, TX for $31,185.00!
Take a glance at this 2013 Ford Escape! Now available, make it yours!:
Happy couple right here with their new Ford Escape
Congratulations on your new Ford're definitely riding in style
Be unstoppable with the new 2017 Escape. Life is a sport, and we are all champions.
I drove through right down Rosecrans Ave in a rented Ford Escape with Arizona plates on it..Everyone staring at the white boy 😂😂
📷 Happy Anniversary to Carly on your Ford Escape from Tom Malloy at Hixson Ford of Monroe!...
this sex offender, is in our area now driving a red 2001 Ford Escape, with the 2 missing girls, PLZ KEEP AN EYE OUT https:…
Our Sales Associate, Nicole Ekmeian, did a fantastic job helping Carly and Josh with their new 2016 Ford Escape.
I added a video to a playlist Ford Escape - easy access!!!
Well unfortunately we can't save them all. This is being towed to the ICBC salvage yard.
Help us bring art to everyone in the Denver-Metro region. Support ArtReach and buy a raffle ticket for Ford Escape: h…
Help out while giving yourself a shot at a new Ford Escape - just for $10! All details are at https:/…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Alexandra, with her Ford Escape, enjoy and welcome to our family at North Florida Lincoln.
Thanks to Tammi and Truly Smith, of Brookhaven for purchasing your new 2008 Ford Escape from Sullivan Ford, Larry...
I drive a hybrid. It's a Ford Escape. That's my only car.
Mystery Car Fished Out of Ohio River: The rescue team pulled a blue Ford Escape from the w...
Thanks Matt McDaniel for choosing Russell Barnett Ford in Winchester. Enjoy your new Ford Escape!
oh we do, we have ford pintos, explorer, Rangers, all the f 50 series, mustangs, and the Ford Escape
Okay I get it you love your WRX. Well I love my Ford Escape... But I don't see the need to remind you everyday 🙄😒
Briggs and Courtney Orsbon taking delivery of their new Ford Escape from Randy Custer. Thank you for your business.…
HEATHER AND PHILLIP's new 2015 Ford Escape! Congratulations and best wishes from Hertz Car Sales of Idaho Falls...
This is what it's like to drive a Ford Escape through a snowstorm to the Detroit Auto Show (F)
I recently released 3 new reviews of the Ford Taurus SHO, 2017 Ford Fusion, and 2017 Ford Escape. Now on Blogger.
Jim Stavola taking delivery of his Ford Escape from salesperson Larry Laspisa. Welcome to the Ford Of Smithtown...
Anna Fungeld & Family taking delivery of Anna's Ford Escape from salesperson Chris McCarron. Welcome to the Ford...
2016 Ford Escape: Come see the 2016 Ford Escape for sale at Jim Hudson Ford in Lexington, ...
And in a white Ford Escape on Maccorkle .. There's like 5 of them out from Thomas to the Patrick street bridge
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Congrats to Bruce & Mary Mueller of Humboldt Kansas on the purchase of this brand new 2015 Ford Escape! Brandon...
Shena and Darren upgraded from their 2012 Ford Escape to a new 2016 Ford Escape. Thanks again!
The 2017 Escape will have an app that allows its owner to sync up via their phone.
The new will be the first vehicle with SYNC® Connect: a way for customers to …
This would make it a special hauliday
We can't wait to climb into the upcoming 2017 Ford Escape. Here's why.
Head-turning looks with an utterly remarkable driving experience - the 2017 Ford Escape. Coming soon!
Do you think anyone ever made a successful getaway in a Ford Escape?
New design and technology upgrades to the 2017 have us like 😮
Sophistication and style on a level all its own. The all-new 2017 Ford Escape.
Check out Daniel delivering this brand new Ford Escape to Lindsay! Enjoy your new ride, looks great :)
2001 Ford Escape XLS 4WD 4dr SUV for sale in Dallas, OR 9733: via
Just in! We have recently added a 2005 Ford Escape to our inventory. Check it out : .
Don't miss out on the Holiday Sales Event, going on now:
The versitile and reliable Ford Escape offers plenty of features for an compact crossover. The 2016 Ford Escape...
Unrivaled and unequaled in every aspect - the upcoming 2017 Ford Escape.
Sale number 5 from Saturday . This Lebanon man picked up this 2013 Ford Escape from us. Panoramic…
2017 Ford Escape to offer "lane keeping." Who knows what they really mean by that.
Enjoy confident capability for your everyday adventures with a Ford Escape!
First test: Ford updates Escape crossover for 2016
Jeep Patriot is not "equivalent" to RAV4! Try Subaru Forester, Chevy Equinox, or Ford Escape next time at
2017 Ford Escape facelift revealed. A refreshed Ford Escape, also called Kuga in certain markets, was unveiled at...
Edmonton Journal LA Auto Show spotlights updated standbys like the Ford Escape and flashy ... Edmonton Journal LOS…
Time is running out for a chance to win a Ford Escape, Explorer or Edge! . Comment with which SUV you will...
or . Enter to win either colored 2015 Ford Escape here:.
Let’s hear it!. The 2015 Ford Escape. The 2016 Ford Edge. The 2016 Ford Explorer. Your chance to win one in this...
Calloway Police Need Help Finding: She was driving a Blue 2002 Ford Escape with the Kentuc...
Photo: Congratulations Elonar on your Ford Escape from Danny Bledsoe at Waxahachie Dodge Chrysler Jeep!...
Do you own a 2014 Ford Escape or 2015 Lincoln Motor Company MKC?
Thanks to Robert and Barbara Derrick, of Wesson for purchasing your new 2015 Ford Escape from Sullivan Ford and...
Hamilton Collection
Ms Debbie Davis of Wesson, and her awesome 2014 Ford Escape from Rogel Ford!! Thanks again Debbie, we appreciate...
Congratulations to Jenna and Michael Palmer on the purchase of a New 2015 Ford Escape! Thank you for your...
Jeff had a blast helping Carl and Barbie Nilson find their 2013 Ford Escape! Welcome to the Modern Classic Motors...
PAUL's new 2006 Ford Escape! Congratulations and best wishes from Performance Automall - Tooele and Steven Martinez.
Police Beat - motorcycle wreck: Police say a $14,000 black Ford Escape was involved in a h...
Ashley Metts just bought a new Ford Escape at Jones Ford from Michael Walters. Congratulations!
Congratulations to the Stanton's on their new Ford Escape. You will love it. Sold by Greg Pratt.
Congrats to Janice from North Vancouver on her new pre-owned 2014 Ford Escape. She upgraded out of…
Was told to meet Ryan at his parents at 730. And then was taken up the street to my surprise which was a new shiny blue Ford Escape 💙😍
Kim Haines reviews the 2015 Ford Escape purchased from Campbell Ford Lincoln in Niles MI - Another happy...
Hyundai could give Ford Escape run for money!...
Who ya gonna call?! (Not the guy driving the 2010 Ford Escape disguised as a Ghostbusters mobile driving on I470 E.)
3 gray Ford Escape...We hope we pick the right one!
I'm ready to go on an adventure either in our 2014 Escape or 2013 Focus ST. Looks like we're Blue Oval family http…
Used 2014 Ford Escape Titanium 4WD in Elizabethtown, KY 42701 for sale at Pinkham Lincoln...
A 2007 Ford Escape was just scanned near Hartford, CT 06106
A 2009 Ford Escape was just scanned near Union City, GA 30291
For the price charged for the new Escape you would think they would put an oil pan cover that WASNT a huge piece of garbage
Used 2014 Ford Escape SE FWD in Orlando, FL 32807 for sale at MCJ Auto Sales
I really want a Ford Escape 😩 I'm steady seeing em.. It's meant for me to have one 😅💯
Hands-On With Ford's New Sync 3 Infotainment System: Right now, the 2016 Ford Edge is the ...
Mama thinking about buying this new Ford escape we rented ! Hopefully for me
2013 Ford Escape with only 37,000km!!!: via
Check out: New Ford Escape spied inside and out via
The Ford Escape will be the perfect vehicle for the Wykes Family! Sold by Greg Pratt.
Escaped inmate reportedly shot in upstate New York
What do you think about revise Escape?
New SYNC 3 is coming this summer on the 2016 Escape and Fiesta! RT
The Honda of Fife Car of the Week is a 2010 Escape XLT FWD with only one previous owner
Thanks for supporting my new 2015 Escape that I named Beastie!
Congrats to Chris and Darci Clabaugh on the purchase of their 2013 Ford Escape! It's another
Thomas Crabb reviews the 2011 Ford Escape purchased from John Eagle Honda of Dallas in Dallas TX - Another...
Ford Escape, Jeep Liberty, things of that nature. My parents and I did a lot of shopping before I got my car.
A 2002 Ford Escape was just scanned near Willoughby Hills, OH 44092
Delivered on promise. Nissan Altima for the Ford Escape. Keep doubting - it motivates!
A 2011 Ford Escape was just scanned near Brook Park, OH 44142
Congratulations to Linda Adams on the purchase of her new 2015 Ford Escape! With her favorite salesperson Ryan Taco!
Nathalie man hurt in wreck: This 2002 Ford Escape ran off the right side of the road, over...
The 2006 Ford Escape for Ronald at Tameron Honda in Birmingham AL - Brandon Teneyck
This is packed with and spacious interiors. We say it's "A perfect combination"...
I liked a video Ford escape single 15 FLEXxxXIN
I bought a car! I'm the owner of a 2014 Ford Escape titanium!
A 2012 Ford Escape was just scanned near Evansville, IN 47725
Congrats to Kelly on her new Ford Escape!!! Welcome to the family! Hope you have many happy years!!! ht…
2013 Ford Escape for sale in Miami, FL 33142 at the Carmax D: via
Want a new car? Grab a $10 raffle ticket to support our partners and you might win a new Ford Escape!
a 2002 Ford Escape that has had more problems then I ever thought was possible
Just found out my parents bought me a ford escape & returned it😭😭
Guess whose the new owner of a Ford Escape ?! 🙋🙋🙋🙋 . But I don't get it til after break
A 2007 Ford Escape was just scanned near Spotsylvania, VA 22551
ford escape not bad on the American side. Honda is pretty good. Toyota has to many recalls right now
A 2015 Ford Escape=drive to work from ordinary to extraordinary.What makes you extraodinary? htt…
I love the kick to open feature on my trunk of the Ford Escape
Fast cars are nice, but a car that can handle 3 feet of fresh snow is where its at. Ford Escape was a boss this weekend in 3ft of powpow 👏
Garrett and Samantha Saldo reviews the 2015 Ford Escape purchased from Homer Skelton Ford in Olive Branch...
today there's the same Ford Escape muni, a regular car, and A COP SUV
Ashley, you will love your new Ford Escape! Thank you for choosing Nemer Ford and for working with Jamie Shores!...
NHTSA announces recalls for Ford Escape, Lincoln MKC: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalli...
A 2005 Ford Escape was just scanned near Moncks Corner, SC 29461
Congratulations to Charles Miles and family on the purchase of their new 2009 Ford Escape!! Bill Chaalan and...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
MIDDLE TENNESSEE IS FORD COUNTRY! Home of Ford Lincoln of Franklin and Ford of Murfreesboro! New 2014 Ford Escape for $19,808! New 2014 Ford Fusion for $18,999! 3 Day Exchange Policy and Complimentary Lifetime Warranty included on acres NEW Fords and Lincolns! Right here in the heart of Ford Country! Ford Lincoln of Franklin in Customer Satisfaction in Middle Tennessee! Ford of Murfreesboro Ford Dealer in Tennessee!
Phyllis and Marvin came from Owenton for a on a 2014 Ford Escape sold by John Hinkson.
Congrats Terry and Donna Jones on your 2007 Ford Escape purchase from Auto Direct Pre-Owned of Wendell
So picked up Destiny for the Xbox 1, Dragon age inquisition, Borderlands the pre-sequel and a 2008 Ford Escape. Not a bad Black Friday.
How do I return my defective product. I'd like a full refund of my money 2008 Ford Escape (concord / pleasant hill / martinez) $9499
David and Ruby Corum with their new Ford Escape and salesperson Rick Pennington! We appreciate your business!
Congratulations to Bonnie and Paul Harris of Clear Lake, CA on their new Certified Preowned 2013 Ford Escape from...
Congratulations to John Kudla of San Miguel, CA on his new 2008 Ford Escape from Jason Buchanan!
Thanks to Bob Bartlett on his purchase of a new Ford Escape from Misty Hopson at Townsend Ford!
Check out Mary Dugan Bell's new 2012 Ford Escape sold by salesman Rich Flaherty. The weather is cooling off and...
Police in hot pursuit of a 2004 Ford Escape driven by Jackson Walsburger, accompanied by "Curly" and "Larry," his jail-mates from last night
My piece of crap Ford Escape is in getting a once over before I drive it to Atlantic City for the long weekend. It's going to cost 3K to fix everything that's going on it. We've sunk about 8K into it since we bought it 3 years ago!!! Piece of crap Ford! Gr
After putting over 200k miles on her '02 Ford Escape, it was time for Irene Sharp to upgrade. Jason found her the...
Here's Kelly in her beautiful red Ford Escape she picked up from Greg Pratt at Nemer Ford!
Congrats to Sally Tullos for the purchase of your 2013 Ford Escape sold by our sales professional Hannah Callen!
As stolen SUVs go, crooks are still most likely to abscond with the Escape. Once again, the Ford Escape topped the National Insurance Crime Bureau's list of most-stolen SUVs and crossovers. The Des Plaines, lll.-based nonprofit today released the 2014 SUV hot list, which examines model-year 2011-13…
Congratulations to Mary-Ellen Madigan on the purchase of her 2014 Ford Escape and a job well done by salesman...
Despite stringent procedures, what could be the reasons for such recalls by reputed automobile manufacturers? DETROIT (AP) -- Ford is recalling 1.4 million SUVs and cars in North America to fix steering, rust and floor mat problems. The recalls come as automobile safety is being watched closely by Congress, the Justice Department and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. All are investigating General Motors' delayed recall of small cars for ignition switch problems. In the largest of the Ford recalls Thursday, the company is calling back 915,000 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner small SUVs to fix a problem with a torque sensor within the steering column. The problem could cause loss of power-assisted steering, making the SUVs more difficult to control and increasing the risk of a crash, Ford says. The company recommends one of three fixes: replacing the sensor, updating software or replacing the steering column. The recall affects model year 2008 through 2011 vehicles built between Aug. 18, 20 ...
William and Tammy Surratt from Lenoir traded in their Mitsubishi Endeavor for this new 2014 Ford Escape! Thank...
Jessica just picked up her new 2014 Ford Escape! Congratulations and welcome to the Hoffman Ford Family, Jessica!...
Congratulations to Kevin Tansey of Granite Bay, CA on his new Certified Pre Owned 2013 Ford Escape from Ted Kunda!
Luke and Shannon standing in front of their new pre-own 2012 Ford Escape from salesmen Ariel and Ryan!
Ford Motor Co. said that it is issuing two more recalls of the Ford Escape crossover and C-Max hybrids
Hyundai Tucson Vs. Nissan Rogue: Compare Cars: With brand-new versions of the Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape, Subaru Forester, and Toyota...
If you haven't shopped for a car recently, you may not have noticed the trend: Every car segment is getting larger. Our long-term test car, a 2014 Subaru Forester 2.0XT, is considered a compact crossover utility vehicle. So are the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Nissan Rogue...
There's a new Ford Escape in the family. It was delivered to Patty this afternoon. It's her "Mother's Day" gift - with 4WD, the 2.0 EcoBoost I-4 engine and a trailer hitch. Color: Ginger Ale.
Beach Automotive recently donated of two Ford Escape's to the local Ground Zero Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. Learn more about what this generous donation will do
Donna and Craig standing next to their Ford Escape! Happy customers of John Petro!
Ford recalls nearly 700,000 vehicles over airbag problem
So im gonna test drive a Ford escape tomorrow. I think once im inside it and feel how smooth it is ill love it :)
After I totaled my poor little Camry last year I bought a Ford Escape 2004. Nice vehicle. But then Rocky Lange wrecked the Popalock car and had to start using the Escape. That left me driving his HUGE Dodge truck 4x4 that I practically need a ladder for. So today I went to Jasper to get something else to drive. I got a Pontiac Vibe at Jasper Honda. If you need to get a car go there! I got them off their price easily. I left with a full tank of gas and FREE roadside assistance for a year!
Ford recalling nearly 700k Escape CUVs, C-Max hybrids over two separate... Hot on
Ford recalls more than 692,000 Escape, C-Max models
Yay I am now the proud owner of a ford escape! Thanks dad I will think of you everytime I step on the gas pedal !
Looking far . anyone know anything about the new Ford Escape? No more GMC's
Some *** just rammed his truck into my Ford escape good thing its built Ford tough just some scratches.
2001 ford escape v6 187k miles runs great. Some rust new front tires this winter. Brand new starter. The transmission was rebuilt about 60k miles ago. Leaks nothing 30% tint in front and as dark as it gets in the back. Rese hitch.Located in Midland need a wheelbearing and a tie rod but runs fine as is. Located in Midland 2,700 or trade
We're looking for a SUV with 6 cylinders, automatic transmission, under 200,000 miles, that isn't top heavy for windy and icy conditions, and between the year 2000-2010. Examples would be Ford Escape, Explorer, Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy, etc. If you have a Blazer or Jeep Cherokee with 6 cylinders, we'd consider going back to 1998. We're looking to pay between $3000-5000.
Every time I see a Ford Escape I think of Dexter! That show I tell ya!!!
Goodbye Corolla. You have served your 130k miles purpose. Just got a Ford Escape.
Got my loaner car. A ford escape. Like it
It's Friday! Where would you run off to in this Ford Escape?
To the couple in the ford escape next to me...quit being nasty and get a room! Cochinos!!!
I am looking for a ford escape need to be automatic
My new ride, 2010 Ford Escape, loves her I do.
I am getting a new vehicle. It is a 2012 Ford Escape. Pictures to come.
Getting my name plate on my Ford Escape
Congratulations to Meredith Ziegler. She was named Oklahoma City Teacher of the Year tonight and was awarded a new Ford Escape from the Reed Family and Randall Reed Ford. Stay tuned for more & watch KOCO 5 News for a full report!
I have a ball joint for a ford escape i decided to do the whole controll arm so i dont need it i paid 45 im selling for 20 in laconia nh
2012 Ford Escape featuring Electrochromic Interior Rearview Mirror, Vehicle Stability Control System, Heated Seats. Click here for detailed information and to view our entire inventory of Used SUVs.
Ya never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack into the back of your Ford Escape
Michael Reilly, do you have any info on these vehicles? It was spotted in Queens. A Ford Escape with "official plates" with what apears to be a radar gun and plate reader mounted on the roof. Heard a rumour that their are vehicles monitoring your speed and they are sending warning letters to your house.
So bought Madison Tsalonis a brand new 2014 ford escape for mothers day!!
Just bought a new car. 2014 Ford escape... pics to come
Car-b-cue on Camden. Brand new ford escape.
Now driving my New (to me) 2008 Ford Escape XLT to visit N.H. family. Very Excited. A nice birthday week present to myself. (sharing joy with friends and family)
Undercover police car. Charcoal color, plain black rims on the new Ford Escape. Its a few other vehicles unmarked thats out there.. Look for these killers instead of trying to pull someone over for going 4miles over the speed limit. ..
New 2014 Ford Escape SE Sterling Gray Metallic for Sale in Greenville, PA at Phil Godfrey Ford on Contact Phil Godfrey Ford now for more information about this 2014 Ford Escape SE.
RED 2006 Ford Escape Fort Worth, Texas Grapevine Motors. Click on our link now to view our wide selection of new, used, and preowned cars, trucks and SUV's
2001 Ford escape 4x4 probably best for parts but is driven daily! 550.00 obo
Get your iPhone insurance today!
2010 Ford Escape. HANDSFREE Bluetooth features. Heated seat, sunroof and more! Test drive it today.
Ok ,So I saw a large dump truck lock up it's brakes and slide sideways down Hall Rd. taking out a Ford Escape That was'nt able to "Escape" in time Nobody was hurt only the side of the Escape was creased as she tryed to get out of the way of the sliding truck.. Looked pretty cool, I kept waiting for the truck to Flip. The light had turned red and The driver must not have been paying attention. Could have been much worse. Excitement for the day.
A good place to get a car detail done in wp besides James gang they are booked up. Prices as well I have a ford escape
So far so good. Thanks Cortese. Auto block, you guys have taken care of me so far. I was hit by a drunk driver on October 24th 2013 in my new to me but almost mint condition 2005 Pontiac Go GT fully loaded! I only had my car 6 months and I was able to go right back to Cortese. and get a 2008 Ford Escape fully loaded!
Vehicle Spotlight: 2011 Ford Escape XLTPosted on May 4, 2014 by adminEvery month, we hand select one of the best vehicles from our pre-owned lot to showcase on our blog. This month, the lucky winner is a 2011 Ford Escape XLT. We are pretty sure you will love it as much as we do, but if it turns out…
Recall on the 2013 and 2014 Ford Escape and Ford C-Max re airbags:
Saw this Building while cruisin with Ford Escape and Buddy and Ate Shie. Bahrain! 14'
Well we just pulled into the townsite after watching a real action thriller type show. We spot two guys who where in the back running away. We are in Orvilles Ford escape. Veronica starts driving like a cop and races around too try keep the headlights on them. While I am on the phone with the cop's. Well we spotted someone again back at the house and it turns out it was a person who we trust and where told enough that I canceled the 911 call. This is just another moment in the crazy life of Nanu. LOL Have a good night everyone
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