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Football Manager

Football Manager is a series of football management simulation games developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega.

Football Manager 2017 Premier League Champions League Sky Sports News Cherno Samba Carlos Fierro

I have seen crazy Football Manager set up's, where someone has brought an actual Dugout and worn a sui…
You know I have come up with some crazy formations on Football Manager, so you will love this one I pl…
Guessing you have a good Football Manager honours list? 😂
I liked Brian Phillips back when he was blogging about Football Manager (and other stuff). This is wonderful news.
Just using the Football Manager editor to allow players to get 17th Century illnesses and injuries. Glen Johnson caught th…
Kevin Hart is trending and I immediately thought of my second-choice striker at West Ham on Football Manager
. Crash Team Racing in my youth and now whenever I want to get angry I play Football Manager
You aren't wrong. I think Sky Sports News using stats from Football Manager was the breaking point for sanity.
Conte should get with the program. The only place you get whatever you want in football is Football Manager and Manchester…
F1 2016, Football Manager, and possibly something else, depending on friends.
I still find it coincidental then in Football Manager 2016 I brought Paul Pogba to United for £100m and then a year later he joined United.
Romelu Lukaku's record in the Premier League for Man Utd on Football Manager:. 101 games 🏃. 46 goals ⚽️. 11 ***
Off work, this would be a perfect day to do nothing except play Football Manager. Perfect if I hadn't left my Mac charger at work.
May's no-show is like when you get your assistant to take press conferences in Football Manager except she is PM and this i…
Huddersfield Town are in the Premier League. If this was Football Manager, I'd say it was too farfetched.
Man City are playing Football Manager in real life😨 incredible spending
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
New review for Football Manager 2014 Classic. 'More bugs than a sweaty mattress...'
Football Manager is predicting Scotland and Northern Ireland REMAIN in the U.K.
You're a silly delusional boy. Look at the stats in FIFA, PES, Football Manager, O…
Are you a little bit dim Curtis??. It's cos Chris Houghton is the best Football Manager in the Championship.. that i…
FA Cup final time on Football Manager! Wish me luck
That'll do. I've played enough Football Manager in my life to know 1-0 away loss in first leg is an acceptable result.
It's literally like Football Manager when you start as Sheffield United and sign 38 year old Ronaldinho and Emile Heskey
Mission accomplished. Brentford promoted to the Premier League in 22/23 season on Football Manager. £24 Million transfer budget!
This weeks has appeared early, forget monday morning, listen tonight on soundcloud Guest .
Still a top manager but was taught a football lesson today. Feel his tactics are becoming outdated now, Pep/…
Alex McLeish admits interest in job:
Pies, pints and points: Morecambe manager Jim Bentley finds perfect way to pay back fans
I liked a video from Olympique Lyon - Part 15 - Dreams Come True! | Footba…
Celta manager tried to shut up shop.. Cost them big time.. I guess that's the gamble of a football manager
Antonio Conte hails Burnley spirit after his Premier League leaders are held at Turf Moor
Manchester United midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan thanks former boss Jurgen Klopp for developing his career…
Man United star Henrikh Mkhitaryan thanks Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp for making him 'become a player'…
Harry Redknapp just called being Rangers manager as one of the biggest jobs in world football live on and h…
Some thoughts on Rangers, where the issues go beyond a manager.
Guaranteed facts in football. The players pass the ball to each other, make tackles & shoot to score goals - not the manager.
Burnley manager Sean Dyche is breaking the stereotypes at Turf Moor via
I liked a video from Football Manager 2017 - Stirling Albion - Stupid pitch -
Caretaker manager Grahame Murty's post match interview.
HITC: Next Rangers manager betting odds: Odds-on favourite emerges, Pardew and Kranjca...
I really need to re-evaluate my approach to adulthood; and realise playing Football Manager for 7 hours solid is not good time management 😬
Burnley manager Sean Dyche is breaking all the stereotypes
I liked a video from Football Manager 2017 | Charlton Challenge | A New Challenge |
You ever thought of a career as a football manager?
Claudio Ranieri into evens to be the next manager to leave their post. .
check the affiliations section in football manager, that's where I found out about them 😂
I liked a video from Football Manager 2017 Manchester United Tactic 4-3-1-2 8 Trophies and
I liked a video from Hashtag Narrative | DerFM | A Football Manager Podcast
Borussia Dortmund chief addresses rumours about Arsenal's pursuit of manager Thomas Tuchel. http…
Which Legendary Football Manager are you? Take our quiz to find out:
I liked a video from In To The Future - Martin Odegaard - Football Manager 2017
Favourite manager in football right now. Might have something to do with his former club.
WATCH. Caretaker Manager Graeme Murty is happy with the team's peformance after beating 2-1
Warburton was called the saviour of Scottish football. Tipped as future England manager, but who saves Rangers now? ht…
I liked a video from The Fergie Way | Season 3 | Football Manager 2017 | Manchester
things won't be the same again in my Football Manager save now the beast is retiring 😢
A superbly inventive Brazilian regen name on my Football Manager save
What a great report on the game today . Burnley manager Sean Dyche is breaking the stereotypes
Have you taken our quiz to find which Legendary Football Manager you are?
Jose also gave his views on a strong start from and recording four successive clean sheets:
I don't even mind them tbh, they got hella potential on football manager and Fifa
Here's what Jose made of yesterday's 2-0 win v Watford:
Jonathan Calleri, worth £30m and at West Brom, is currently the Premier League top scorer on my Football Manager save in the 2018/19 season
I still want him for my Harchester United game save in Football Manager '16. One clubs trash is another clubs legend.
I liked a video from LIFE AT LEEDS! Football Manager 2017 Let's Play Ep 5 - Stadium of
& if a YELLOW CARD is shown in the North London Derby, we will give away TWO COPIES of Football Manager!
I liked a video from Football Manager 2017 BETA - EVERTON - Part 2 - WINDOW CLOSED
The new Football Manager advert with Cherno Samba in it. Amazing 😂😂😂
As if the new Football Manager advert has Cherno Samba in it!
Football Manager has added a Brexit simulator that will make the game unbelievably difficult to sign players in the UK... ht…
The Football Manager 2017 Beta is now available! Of course I'm downloading it straight away...
Brexit is in the next Football Manager game lol I'm definitely buying this!
I love this: it's a case of virtual reality being one step ahead of actual reality...
I have entered a Football Manager 2017 giveaway from Enter here >
Enter my Football Manager 2017 giveaway here >
Football Manager 2017 will include - what could that mean for on the game and also in reality?
and FOLLOW for a chance to win Football Manager 2017 Winner announced Thursday, good luck!
Brexit set to feature in Football Manager 2017 – wait, what?!
We're hearing the Football Manager 2017 beta is now only a matter of hours away from release 🙌
I liked a video from Football Manager 2017 | Top 5 clubs in England to manage
Brexit is in Football Manager 17. We told you there would be penalties
do you want to be friends I am kashun I go to ESTACADO and I am a football manager and I like to help old
are Corby Town on football manager??? Could u show me some players stats please!
Can't wait to get into Football Manager 2017 once it's download many thanks to and those who work alongside him. Get in!
Some quotes from Luton Town manager Nathan Jones on how he thinks Danny Hylton is the best striker in League Two https:…
THE government won't tell you. But footballmanager will!. Want to know how Brexit will work? Play Football Manager
BREAKING: Football Manager 2017 to include 'fake hands' mode.
Football Manager 2017 BETA is Live :D. you are a legend!!
We were playing the same way when Van Gaal was manager. All this passing back keeping possession needs to stop, attacking football is needed
Your MCM thinks playing Football Manager is a waste of time.
It's sport and sometimes just nothing happens. Why Jose Mourinho is not to blame for Anfield bore draw.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Incredible that Football Manager 2017 seems to have a better idea of the consequences of Brexit than our actual govt.
Jesus Christ . I played 834 hours of Football Manager 2016 . Well worth it
So as an EU national living in the UK, will I need to apply for a visa to manage a team
| The various scenarios of will be simulated in Football Manager 2017
Jose Mourinho not to blame for poor Anfield clash... Liverpool were dreadful during first half |
[Daily Mail] . Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho was not to blame for poor Anfield clash... hosts Liverpool …
High school football team manager with dwarfism makes big play: submitted by /u/dIGITALbEATdOWN [li...
Manchester United boss Mourinho was not to blame for poor encounter
Next Scotland manager latest betting - McInnes and Lambert head betting to replace Strachan:…
Brexit is simulated in and it's going to make the game harder than ever
Will it be win number 362 for Tony Pulis in his 1,000th game as a manager tomorrow?.
It's here! The Football Manager 2017 beta is now live 🙌 .
Football Manager 2017 is going to attempt to predict the effects of Brexit. Brace yourselves... h…
free online football games: Front page - Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager. Create and manage ...
"I once took Chorley Town to the Champions League and won the autoglass trophy 2 times on Football Manager. Sign me up" . Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc
this happened on my Football Manager game before Forest went into administration and Conference North. You heard it here first
Lukaku + Bentekes lovechild bro, You're an Football Manager god!
Chung Yong-Lee and Jon Flanagan. I know some clubs use Football Manager to scout but can someone tell Burnley it isn't 2010 anymore.
Football Manager predicts amazing season finale for Argyle: PLYMOUTH Argyle face an incredible end to next se...
Now I have finished school, I have decided to become the full time manager of Greenock Morton on Football Manager
Late for the Industry networking event at uni so I'm in the canteen playing Football Manager because it's too awkward to go in
Victor Wanyama and Vincent Janssen go'ers or made up in a teenagers Football Manager game?
Football Manager is the only game where gamers from USA can advice european ppl on how to play counter-attacking football
Hi Diego, you rip skins for me on Football Manager. Only thing is my and a friend argue about your shoe size, can you tell us?
Gary Mills going all Football Manager at Wrexham. Most bizarre summer recruitment I've seen since Terry Smith was signing Goran.
Oleg Gusev of Dynamo Kiev is quite good on Football Manager...
Carlos Fierro is playing in Toulon. Stop everything and witness the God of all Football Manager wonderkids.
If Rangers sign Niko Kranjcar, that is a "this happened all the time in my Football Manager" thing like when we had Odonkor on trial.
Whats your favourite ever Championship Manager/Football Manager game save you've played. What did you achieve?
I wrote this on the civil liberties of your data, featuring Football Manager, Minority Report and Skynet -
Hamilton Collection
Bought these two gems at Vinnies today. Should I play Sega's answer to Football Manager or the Crazy Taxi rip-off?
Tigers 'paying the price' for recruit strategy - via
Nick Hammond set to be announced as new West Brom director of football as manager Tony Pulis defends his side's re…
Manuel Pellegrini defends weakened team selection at Southampton via
Newcastle United's resurgence is no surprise to Sunderland manager Sam Allardyce
Tiges have absolutely NOWHERE to go. If this was s 'recruiting strategy,' =FAIL. Hole doesn't get much deeper.
Football manager at 4am... Cart sleep!
It's deja vu as Rosemount and Harryville battle for Junior Cup once again: Harryville Homers manager Robert D...
EXCLUSIVE: make opening move to hire Jose Mourinho as manager
Watching Leicester is giving me an unbearable desire to play football manager, and I'm a year sober.
give football manager a try. That'll make your head spin when you see all the league's
PFA Awards: Leigh Griffiths named Player of the Year after stunning season as Mark Warburton named best manager
How can people want Mourinho to be their manager while good bloke like Martinez is having bad time at his club? Football fans are the worst
Next Celtic manager betting odds – Paul Lambert odds-on after confirming Blackburn exit.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp criticises Swansea kick-off time
Uwe Rosler is the new 2/1 favourite to be the next Bolton manager. HERE ->
.is "paying the price" for attempting to fast-track its list rebuild. . More from Dan Richardson.
Footy manager says mature-age recruits can only take you so far
Manuel Pellegrini defends his decision to rest Manchester City's stars against Southampton
Van Gaal is confident of being at Old Trafford next season. But not as manager. There's talk he could be made Director o…
My manager gon say "idc how bad he is at football, I will ride his face like a calzone." . I'm dead b.
Arsene Wenger not planning to try for 26 years as Arsenal manager via
The comments are so interesting . Claudio Ranieri appointed as new Leicester City manager.
If Ric Flair was a football manager, I wonder which team he would manage.
Rafael Benítez exudes belief Newcastle can avoid relegation: • Newcastle manager: ‘We’re doing the right...
Interesting idea from Ian Whittell in Sunday Times: Van Gaal director of football & Mourinho manager? Worked together a…
When the board accept your request for additional transfer funds on Football Manager.
'Shall I grab you by the hair?' - Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal continues with his run of unusual in...
Considering starting a save on football manager using the editor and starting them lower league trying to work up the leagues!
Read Louis van Gaal's thoughts on today's draw against Leicester:
Applied for College ❌. Got a Job ❌. Revised for my GCSE's ❌. Won the Champions League with Newcastle on Football Manager ✅
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un wins Football Manager and Player of the Year in DPR Korea League
Check out my highlights from a recent match played on Football Manager
BBC Sport - Antonio Conte: Italy manager to step down after Euro 2016
Personally think Martial is much better but his stats are skewed because he plays for a tinpot manager who doesn't play attacking football.
Ryan Giggs has 'got the DNA' to become a great Manchester United manager, says Ole Gunnar ...
Van Gaal convinced he will be Manchester United manager next season
Another day and another of Giggsy's former teammates says he'd be a great manager
Liverpool manager happy with star striker’s anger after substitution against Tottenahm
Teddy Sheringham tells Man Utd to appoint this manager
I want all the features of FOOTBALL MANAGER 2016 in FIFA 17 career mode.perfect way of managing a team
Promotion and Relegation is the current work in progress on the Football Manager rewrite
Claudio Ranieri is close to winning his first top-flight crown but has he come close before? https…
(`゚д゚ )Some say if he'd been the manager of the England football squad last week he wouldn't have.
Antonio Conte is set to be confirmed as the next Chelsea manager |
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Played Football Manager 2015 (PC) and 1 other game in the last 24 hours.
Another legend of football passed away today. Former Italy and AC Milan manager/player Cesare Maldini
Chelsea expected to announce new manager tomorrow as Antonio Conte spotted in London -…
Antonio Conte in London to finalise contract details to become next Chelsea boss
I'm one of the 6 Juve fans who like Evra. He's also great in football manager lol
MP: I am glad to become the new manager of this big football club. I wish to use this squad to its full potential and to win trophies.
Southampton victory perfect response to those waiting for us to falter, claims Leicester -
Stefano Pioli was sacked as manager after the 4-1 loss to
. Yeah mate. They care more about the manager than the club. A true disgrace to football.
Chelsea manager target Antonio Conte in London to finalise contract details with the Blues -
Louise Taylor on an Englishman's rare, successful tenure in football abroad - Graham Potter's experiences in Sweden
Cesare Maldini, former Milan captain and Italy manager, dies aged 84 Not a good week for football.
are still on the up in spite of dropped points at Anfield, v... h…
Van Gaal admits it wasn't best display but he's pleased with an important win. More:
Football Manager is a lot more fun when you've got players on these contracts
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I liked a video from Football Manager 2016 LLM Playthrough | FC United of …
Sofiane Feghouli, the guy who majority of Football Manager players would buy, is a free agent in the summer and is only 26.
Someone at Real Madrid has been playing a little too much Football Manager
Klopp going out of his way to praise Bolasie. He's wanting him this summer, classic Football Manager tactic.
close to landing Chelsea job after positive talks. via theguardian
Gaffer on the go: the best football manager games for Android and iOS...
Oliseh just found out being a successful football manager isn't restricted to coaching badges & crisp analysis. Common sense is key.
I liked a video from CREATE A CLUB - FOOTBALL MANAGER 2016
Grab a coffee and read the FM News in the Football Manager Cafe Stories via
Van Gaal's verdict on Europa League win over Midtjylland: Read the thoughts of Louis van Gaal on the Reds' 6-3...
Ranieri: Next five games are key for Leicester: By SoccerNews Leicester City manager Claudio...
Sam Allardyce admits Harry Redknapp and Alan Pardew warned him he would receive abuse ..
I liked a video from Football Manager 2016 | Big Brother EP 14 - Time for another Keeper
Chelsea look to have FINALLY secured their next manager
Ronny Deila accused of 'disrespect' by Rangers boss Mark Warburton after Celtic manager…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I tell you now that will grow to be the best football manager this planet has ever seen
Made an executive decision to pick up football manager tomorrow... My college ambitions are over
Antonio Conte wants to confirm his appointment as Chelsea manager within the next month:.
Guardian: Antonio Conte close to landing Chelsea job after positive talks
One of the best games ever on Football Manager. Don't miss it. Saturday.
Wish the people at Football Manager could do simulation of the 15/16 season if Nigel Pearson hadn't been sacked.
Micah Richards got injured (shock!) in Football Manager and you can have a little reassuring chat with him! How cool is that?!
My greatest Football Manager moment will always be the time I had Goran Pandev up front for Forest Green in the Championship
A moment of silence for Football Manager legend Pablo Aimar who has retired from football.
Classic quote from Holloway, "Being a Football Manager is like being a Vampire" lol
Deadline day clock sponsored by Football Manager... Classic
Redknapp: "I would be doing everything possible to keep John Terry at my football club if I was the owner or manager.“ [Sky]
Omg this is time consuming, currently working on a Football Manager Workshop item for you guys!
Lvg Should allow martial and the others to play attacking football Memphis and martial attacking would be class they hav…
well my free time has been lost to Football Manager 16...
Appointing Ryan Giggs as Man Utd manager would be a ‘horrific’ decision - Stan Collymore: STAN COLLYMORE has u...
I can't sleep so I've decided to try football manager for the first time, let's see how this goes
Stan Collymore doesn't think Ryan Giggs should get the Man Utd job
Thiago Gomes turned to his Football Manager tactic when his real-life side were 1-0 down at half time.
Valencia are into the Copa del Rey semi-finals, easing the pressure on manager Gary Neville
Sean O'Driscoll, Walsall manager: "This is the best football team we've played. The best organised. The best disciplined."…
didn't think you liked football manager Jim.
I liked a video Peterborough manager's funny reaction to burst football | Snapshots
Wilfried Zaha tipped for England recall by Alan Pardew
AT&T Store Manager, own car, own crib, and just made the Colorado Charge semi pro football team. 🙌🏾
I liked a video from The Salford Story | Part 43 | WEMBLEY | Football Manager 2016
Emmanuel Emenike delighted to join 'great club' West Ham
That time Steve Spurrier and Mark Richt recruited Cam Newton to play tight end
This man, yes this man is the manager of Manchester United football club.
I'll let you know later when it heats up? You into 2034/2035 season on football manager yet?
Please help! Amy is missing. Our flag football team manager.
Now if anyone wants to take Murphy and Kennedy away from us they can do so in playstation or football manager. UTB!
Thought I was playing Football Manager fella not Crossing from deep and scoring every time manager. Suggest you fix it. AF
I won 5 achievements in Football Manager 2008 for 332 pts -
American soccer fans will now be looking to play with Pulisic on FIFA and Football Manager. That's good for the sport.
Roma star Francesco Totti is the only active player from Football Manager's 'Noughties' database
Townsend's girlfriend believed the star was fined after fan sent her a Football Manager screens…
Andros Townsend and his girlfriend were caught up in an hilarious Football Manager mishap
Football Manager was aware of Lionel Messi's talent when he was coming through the Barcelona ra…
Is this just fantasy? Football Manager... the computer game that identified Messi as a talented schoolboy
As if Guangzhou Evergrande have let Elkeson leave 😭 Football Manager legend
…even deciding to loan or buy players. Its madness. As I said, its not Football Manager.
Project Manager looking PMP through the eyes of FOOTBALL.
Read what else the boss had to say on today's FA Cup clash:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Still waiting... . Gary Neville still without a league win as Valencia manager.
Zidane, best start for Real manager since 1959
Is football Manager 2016 mobile worth it?
The 1st time I ever agree with Mourinho> warns he can't 'stop the video and move the players' ht…
- Aston Villa may use psychologists to turn things around
Man Utd manager Louis van Gaal comes under renewed attack from after 'bor...
Valencia manager Gary Neville asks for patience after Real Sociedad defeat -> https:/…
This is MUFC . Attacking football club . The core is attacking . Any manager who plays the opposite here isn't welcome https:…
Bout to do a fantasy draft on football manager anyone got any suggestions?
Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes believes he does not need to bolster his squad during the January transfer window
Ronny Deila: Celtic manager warns fans after smoke bombs
Real Betis sack former West Brom manager after defeat at Getafe.
Bilic delighted for Jelavic: By SoccerNews West Ham manager Slaven Bilic has revealed his jo...
Celtic manager Ronny Deila praises Leigh Griffiths after Scottish Cup win at Stranraer via
Van Gaal clings to results as Man Utd toil on: Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal admits that...
Jurgen Klopp warns Pep Guardiola about fixture chaos in England. (Chris Bascombe)
is a change for the better at Real Madrid, says Luca Modric
I liked a video from Football Manager 2016 HEXAGON Challenge - Episode 14
Pep will make City serial winners... their rivals should be worried via
Real betis sack manager pepe mel after losing four of their last five
Pep Guardiola will make Manchester City serial winners... their title rivals should be worried about manager's...
Serenading bf with Harry Nilsson/Mariah Carey - Without You. He is studiously ignoring me and playing Football Manager. He's a sensible lad.
some of the teams who would've made my Second Division Champions League in 2015 exist purely for Football Manager friendlies.
But is David Vaughan sick on Football Manager, FIFA, or YouTube though?
Comments about a potential wonderkid Leo Messi (does the name ring a bell?) on a Football Manager forum back in 2005 ht…
Just saw this on Amazon: Football Manager 2013 PC Mac by 'Sega of America, Inc.' for $9.77 via
that was way back in Football Manager 2013 I think ;-)
NEW VIDEO: It's game time on my Football Manager 2016 Fantasy Draft with True Geordie & Seb!
You guys discussing politics while i'm sitting here leading Spurs to the Champions League final in Football Manager. Life is go…
Why must Football Manager deny me a fully fit squad all the time. It's like they don't want to see pure beauty. Scum.
Football Manager guru: Dortmund fans best - bar Watford: Despite making his fortune with a football...
Football Manager guru: Dortmund fans best - bar Watford via
New: Football Manager guru: Dortmund fans best - bar Watford (
Football Manager guru: Dortmund fans best - bar Watford
Guy beside me on the train very subtly watching me play Football Manager. There could be a vacancy for assistant first team coach offered...
Remember when Jermaine Defoe was interviewed & asked what his biggest regret was & said "signing Anton Ferdinand on Football Manager" 😂😂😂
Former player Charlie Haggett will return to the club as Football Manager.
I don't want to alarm any other Football Manager fans, but I do not see Carlos Fierro anywhere.
also, Football Manager and EVE online are basically spreadsheets
Demirel, Kjaer, Diego, Van Persie, Meireles, Nani, Bruno Alves. Fenerbahce are the kings of Football Manager legends.
Get yourself home, make a cup of tea, get into bed and fire up Football Manager. All will be right with the world then.
I'm thinking how awesome that picture would be if I still played Champ/Football Manager.
Find out what Big Sam’s advice was to Mark Chapman on his Football Manager tactics... Turns out he has a soft...
Following on from that, I was once counter-offered £37.5m for Jordan Rhodes on Football Manager? Have you had something more outrageous?
Bojan and Ibrahim Affelay - if this was Football Manager 2010 Stoke would eventually have the best team in …
Started a new Football Manager save. Tried to buy but he got injured and failed a medical. Why does life torment me? WHY??
Rob Smyth - The Joy of Six: great Championship/Football Manager players
That's a lot of Football Manager and Brian Lara Cricket
Sky Sports News using Football Manager stats to say Navas is better than DeGea. Aye and Freddie Adu is still a wonderki…
it's called Football Manager nowadays Tommy, it's obviously been a while since you played 😉
Couldn't handle my team selection on Kevin Tom's Football Manager. P Barnes. What a centre forward.
Football Manager with some Big Red Machine Kane vs Stone Cold first blood match 1998 on in the background. Im i in heaven?
no need anymore now that Sky Sports News use Football Manager stats. Case closed.
Football Manager-obssesed fan takes 5000km round trip to watch beloved Derry City side in the flesh
Id rather refer to it as Football Manager loaned my life 😂😂😂
Top 3 games of all time on PC. Age of Empires 2, Football Manager, CounterStrike.
To feel the full impact of this moment, you need to understand my Football Manager character is named Guy Pearce.
The new Football Manager's are too hard, too many tactics. On Champ Man you could play a whole season in about an hour.
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