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Food Stamps

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides financial assistance for food purchasing to low- and no-income people and families living in the U.S.

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Among refugees from the Middle East, 91.3% received Food Stamps and 73.1% received Medicaid
How to Eat Well on Food Stamps: Recipe Advice From Star Chefs and Foodies - a TakePart article:
Checking out "While Living in Maine, Killed ISIS Jihadist Was on Food Stamps, " on Tea Party Command Center:
It seems like the Democratic Party itself try's 2 bring down the self esteem of the people with Food Stamps,
LOL. on what ? wel he increased welfare and food stamps... kept us in war... armed and helped ISIS grow...
Someone wrote on FB "they're taking away food stamps within the next year. Are y'all prepared?" Hold on let me find the post lol
Welfare, food stamps, and stealing from the store, come home and see an eviction notice taped to my door
I asked for Strength. . ~God gave me difficulties to make me Strong. ~Government gave Food Stamps to make me Weak. .
Me and Chassity cook way too much not to have food stamps .
Yup building flying pyramids while on welfare and food stamps... makes sense...😁😁
Ex if folks on food stamps/link card owe comcast past monies, no luck. NO wifi router
Eric, Obama has put millions of blacks on food stamps. You voted for Obama, does that mean you hate black people?
More people than ever are on food stamps and welfare in the past 8 years. 👏👏 li…
More unemployed, more on food stamps, more in poverty. No Mary, things are not better now. Not at all.
should I talk real loud like "food stamps level" so you won't forget I'm in the car again 😂💀💀
Now let me take my *** to my third world shower to grab my food stamps 😂
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Most democrats are lazy cause all they want is food stamps some of them even lie just 2get food stamps,HATE thosePpl
Employment is down. Debt has been doubled. More on food stamps. More in poverty. Slowest recovery in history.
Suggesting that our data isn't real. is ridiculous 94 Mil out of workforce. More in poverty. More on food stamps.
Not that Marquis said he was gonna waste his food stamps on me so I can learn how to cook 😩
Kid, I got everything ready for you, food stamps, failing pubic schools, inescapable poverty, unemployment, crime. https…
Asking for food is depressing. I have no choice. Disabled. I get $5/wk Food Stamps Pls HELP?
I could've sworn 7 divided by 3.6971 would get you $8,9551.01 worth of food stamps🤔
Blacks have less now than ever before no jobs, less home ownership, more food stamps, Bill Clinton sign a bill to put more blacks in jail.
under Americans on food stamps up, pardon prisoners up, natl debt up 2x, medical costs up - WE NEED
. -Van Fleet saying yo tattoo ugly . -Why he ain't hook me up with free pancakes . -my card almost got declined. -IHOP take food stamps?
You finally get a Black President and he dose nothing but put more blacks on food stamps. Where are your jobs and childs education.
They go back to their home country & collect food stamps, can't find work so they come back here to sue America.
$1,000 cash, Walmart card, and free rent for a year with food stamps! Go Mr. President!
I came from nothing. On food stamps, after both my parents died. So when people try to come at me on the Internet with s…
brave Republicans like Susan Collins know Trump's indecency has no place in the party which slashes health care & food stamps…
African Americans on food stamps is up 58% under This is UNACCEPTABLE. https:/…
Columbus Farmers Market to participate in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which allows families to use Food Stamps @ market
put a photo of the American Flag on Welfare Checks & Food Stamps and see if garbage steps on or spits on that
“More than 500,000 and as many as 1 million of the nation’s poorest people will be cut off SNAP (Food Stamps). ”
Mises Institute: Thanks, Bush and Obama: 1 in 7 Americans Were on Food Stamps in 2015
College/Food Stamps for all: Sen Rand Paul can put a doobie in all welcome packets
Syrian refugees once in America will be entitled to Public Housing,Food Stamps, Welfare and other programs.Paid for by Ame…
Last gasp. Jeb; who passed first Stand Your Ground law now wants to eliminate Food Stamps. https:…
I think him having a Go Fund Me is despicable. But in a way rock bottom sad? Welfare? Food Stamps isn't enuff?
Social Security, Medicare & Food Stamps cost too much but there is unlimited money for war
. Now there's an oxymoron for ya "Obama's Legacy". Double national debt. Record number on Food Stamps. POTUS Obumbles Foreign Policy
Sign of the times: 1 in 5 Americans on Food Stamps, Other Govt Aid
If we cut Food Stamps for children, and rollback benefits for Veterans, we wont even notice this new Commitment.
1 in 4 children in America live on Food Stamps, 1 in 40 in Bridgeport, CT. (CNN Newsroom) What if every Christian family fed one of them?!
my fav clip is Craig T Nelson on Faux News complaining that when he was on Food Stamps the govt didn't help him.
Poverty is Good Business: The Economics of Food Stamps (SNAP) | Ghosts of Tom Joad - Peter Van Buren via
Senator Alan Grayson is Pan Handling for Votes so his Wife can get Food Stamps
Dear Rep. Del Bene, Let me be clear and direct. I want to see you fighting with everything you're worth in defense of Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, Food Stamps and all other programs that keep older citizens from sleeping in the streets; children fed, housed, and medically cared for; and, provide a safety net for those amongst that are less fortunate. That, by the way, would include standing strong on rules that limit shenanigans in the banking world. Sincerely, Judith Shattuck.
And...,got Public Assistance, Food Stamps, PELL Grants and every other govt handout he could get.
Republicans weigh big changes at U.S. budget referee agency via Check Fraud in Food Stamps,Disability.
Gap between rich and poor hits record high. But Paul Ryan still wants to cut Food Stamps
The Constitution is clear. In addition to the power of the purse, the supreme law of the land gives Congress a number of enumerated powers and, in Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, one of those powers is the power "to establish a uniform rule of naturalization..." Now... the occupant of the White House does have what is known as prosecutorial discretion. For example, Barack Obama could say that he is going to prioritize the prosecution and deportation of illegal aliens who have committed violent felonies. But that's not what Barack Obama is going to do. And he's not just going to simply refuse to enforce our immigration laws. He wants to start giving green cards and work permits and Social Security cards to MILLIONS of illegal aliens, and he ultimately wants to spend taxpayer dollars to fund programs to provide them with assistance in obtaining ObamaCare and Medicaid and Food Stamps and a ton of other goodies from Uncle Sugar. As Senator Jeff Sessions explained: "President Obama's ex ...
Dawn Ellen Wake Up America! Did you know that you are paying for 82% of Moslem families that enter the U.S. and immediately receive Entitlement Program money? Did you know that your tax dollars are going to house Moslems from jihadist countries? Did you know that the “Refugee Resettlement Program” brings whole Moslem communities from jihadist nations into the U.S.? Did you know that “Lutheran Family Services” receives large amounts of money from the Federal government to “guide” the “refugees” through the process of collecting Food Stamps, Welfare, Medicaid and Section 8 Housing? Did you know that The “Organization of Islamic Cooperation” (OIC) (made up of 56 countries) determines which “refugee” groups come to the U.S. and placed into cities like Emporia, Kansas; Nashville Tennessee, Cheyenne, Greeley & Fort Morgan, Colorado and Lewiston, Maine? See the video explaining the governments “Resettlement Programs” for Moslems…..
Toys For Tots Collects new, unwrapped toys and distributes them as Christmas gifts to underprivileged children in the community. Registration takes place at Salvation Army Killeen 1306 E Rancier, Killeen. Registration dates are October 27th - November 26, 2014 on Mon - Fri from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. Applicants must provide the following: *Valid Picture ID and Birth Certificates for each child *Proof you are on government assistance (Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI, WIC) *Proof of residence in Nolanville, Fort Hood, Killeen, or Harker Heights Sign ups for ages birth through 15 years.
Republicans take control, and the Tea Party has already set their agenda: *The BET network will immediately be dismantled and done away with, it will be replaced with a 24hr NASCAR channel. *A new $20 bill will be entered into circulation, and the face on it will be George Zimmerman. *Food Stamps will be a flat rate for all, in the amount of $25 a month. *All black women will be fined for drawing their eyebrows on. *Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana will all be combined to make one state, named Geomisilousibama, and the governor will be Steve Harvey. Lol
I have never ranted on FB before. But I need to say some things before the elcetion tomorrow. Let's look at some of the 'issues' being presented by various candidates: Education funding. We are now the State with the highest per student CUTS since 2008. The State has cut 24% from education in that period. Taxes. The State has cut the rate for the wealthiest while leaving everyone else covering the difference. Minimum Wage. This administration is against paying a living wage, forcing families of the working poor to rely on social programs like Food Stamps just to feed their children. At least Wal Mart doesn't have to pay any of that. Health Care. Rejected expansion of Medicare and oppose Affordable Care Act so we can treat people in emergency rooms instead of at a doctor's office. Marriage Equality. Marry whoever you want as long as it meets our standards. Freedom of Religion. Worship in any Protestant manner you want. Background Checks. Everyone needs a gun, the more the merrier. Prisons. Sinc ...
Yet the % spending on Food Stamps has dropped...Also? Most recipients are from RED States
Sure hope so because i dont know what to do right now. Sure dont want to go back to Food Stamps and Food Banks etc.
MRC Reporter Dan Joseph asks Michelle Obama supporters who like her school lunch meal program if the same standards should be applied to people on Food Stamps, SNAP and EBT. The answers are awkward...
Why is it that if I sneak into a Movie theater, I will get Jail time, and if a Ailian sneaks into our country, they get Welfare, Food Stamps, and SSI?
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Feds to Try Tying Work Requirements to Food Stamps - Governing -
On this Labor day weekend I want to give you a little food for thought. Fair pay, sick days, vacation pay, maternity leave, health insurance, retirement benefits, etc. were not given to workers by their employers, they were fought for mostly through the efforts if workers unions. We have elections in November and, if they could, the Republican would take all of this away as weel as Social Security, Disability Insurance, Food Stamps and Veteran Benefits to benefit the 2% of the very rich. They want this because people like the Koch brothers pay them to have this opinion. When you're in that voting booth, you better be thinking about THIS TRUTH any not the many lies they tell you to get your vote. Vote blue or we all get screwed!
The Farm Bill used to forced compromise between Food Stamps and subsidies. GOP broke apart the Farm Bill. Thnx!
Interesting food for thought! The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever --- to 47 million people, as of the most recent figures available in 2013. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us "Please Do Not Feed the Animals." The stated reason for this policy is because "The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves."
We should enable the Federal Poverty Level n your area 2 b the standard 2 receive help with Food Stamps n America. 2 help All.
Contrary To Popular Belief, The Welfare Queens Are White Women "When the United States Department of Agriculture released their latest report on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Programpoverty (SNAP) their numbers were astonishing. SNAP, better known as Food Stamps, benefited an average of 46.6 million per month. President Ronald Reagan wanted you to believe three things about food stamp recipients. According to him, people on food stamps were lazy, illiterate and worst of all……….Black. However, the average person on food stamps is not lazy, illiterate, or even Black. According to the data, 37.6% of food stamps were being allotted to White non-Hispanics. African Americans were allotted 23.6% of SNAP benefits." Ronald Reagan's LIES about Black people and welfare still affects the IMAGE of Black people today. A lazy slave is an oxymoron yet White people CONTINUE with the stereotype of Blacks being the lazy people in the USA. If you ever want to know what White people are ACTUALLY doing and how the ...
If Citizens did more research they'll be upset too. Did u know "refugees" immediately get Food Stamps, Cash Aid and assistant housing!
If we intro Food Stamps, and you have no soul but can't afford a mine, may I recommend you buy a Cash Converters? Profits are about to boom!
Obama's minimum wage raise to $ 10.10 should be accompanied by an 'equal' Reduction in all other present benefits as Food Stamps, Section 8 and others, Just as he did with Seniors recently on Social Security, living alone and on Food Stamps. When Social Security went up by a few dollars, Obama CUT our Seniors Food Stamps by a like ( or more) amount !!! Will he do the same with his cherished Pied Piper Followers ?
all voted block vote on Paycheck Fairness Act and cut Food Stamps...
Second Harvest at Main Library to talk about CalFresh (Food Stamps) on 7/22, 7/29, and 8/5
"The Atlanta Fed launches new real-time GDP + Food Stamps, new welfare sign ups, hookers and blow components
Our government's main job is to PROTECT its citizens and to SECURE our borders. We are one of the ONLY countries in the world where we REWARD illegals by providing them food, housing and education at the taxpayer's expense. Money we do NOT have because we are broke! We have veterans who fought for this country who do not have enough to eat. American children who go to bed hungry every night and military families who must apply for Food Stamps because they do not earn enough. Our own citizens cannot afford many of the luxuries provided by our government to illegal immigrants. Pro illegal immigration supporters believe immigrants need to be treated as humans. Well, so do I! They also maintain that migrating to survive is not a crime. It is when you do it illegally. There are laws in this country for a reason and they must be obeyed. If you want to become a citizen, the only thing I ask as an American citizen, who by the way, is a daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of immigrants on both sides, . ...
Here's an inside look at the 1% logic, that the Tea Party have so vehemently been upholding. Such logic is abusive and takes advantage of worker weaknesses, when as we can see clearly... Wal-Mart clearly thrived, and could afford the $1.15/hr Kennedy passed. It is also an inside look at Sam Walton, and how Wal-Mart came to be that its workers are living on Food Stamps in order to survive. The man said he'd FIRE any worker that cashed their new minimum wage check. Read the story in the thread.
Mama taking care both of us with food stamps
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Only love em if they get 1200 in food stamps 😎😎😆
Banning use of food stamps to buy soda could reduce obesity and diabetes rates, study finds.
Look, I'm sorry, but buying New York Strip Steak with food stamps is not okay.
You have an iPhone, 4 kids, a new car but yet you still pay with food stamps. What
"We can't afford Food Stamps, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance or Veterans' Benefits" --the people who say we can afford …
I was showing what food stamps looked like cause she didnt know & I showed them to her and all she did was laugh at obamasface omg
My mom want food stamps more than me JTFO
"Don't tax that man, you cant tax on food stamps." 😂😂💀
”My sister told me to stay in Mosul, anything is better than living on food stamps in Detroit she said. Why did I listen?"
I probably shouldn't have talked about food stamps with her so much.
Canada, a beacon of North American liberalism, doesn’t even have a plan to feed kids at school, regardless of income.
Baby I need some food stamps I spendt to much $ of groceries today 😑
Jillian pays for my food stamps soo
Why people laugh when I say I'll buy food stamps from somebody 😒😒😒 like idc I'm saving 😂
I miss getting food stamps every month on the 13th 😂😢😕😩.. Ain't to proud to beg
Let me guess nobody got food stamps to sell no dinners today? ?
“These people just bought food with food stamps. my boy Obama got me bruh
“Teacher: The field trip is $50. Me: I can't wait to go!. Her: Tyrone we don't accept food stamps. Me: http:/…
OMG with over $100 million in net worth and claiming poverty should be ashamed. Is she on food stamps?
I wish my mama could get food stamps
my sister got ALL these food stamps but no food !
How many of these RWNJs brandishing guns got them by trading food stamps?
Rubi's mom said "all them party hoochies are going to be poor, pregnant and on food stamps" 😂😂😂
I need somebody to sell me some food stamps
Meanwhile the illegals and anchors get free lunch, healthcare, food stamps, ... disgusting!
Many of those families *** sent off to die, for his millions, depend on food stamps today.
is on the movie equivalent of food stamps. Show lasted 2 weeks on cable. Now he is a conservative.
Not on food stamps. Never hav been. Why? R u? Do u THINK we need MORE ppl on them? RECORD # already.
I'll be so happy when my food stamps come in.
All the failures collect on RWNJ sites to scream at Obama. Can you buy a gun with food stamps?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Having food stamps isn't something to be ashamed of. My mom has them for me & her & I don't care. It puts food on the table.
not work, abuse food stamps. You're a racist.
Lmao ain't nobody gonna remember all them likes on your pictures when you collecting them food stamps.
- Please encourage Gov. Nixon to overturn lifetime bans on food stamps
Ma I don't wanna b kalld lucky anymore it's been a while since I found food stamps or something like…
You know what is funny? I see illegals all the time using food stamps who have much nicer cars than I do. Maybe if we stopped giving them welfare they would use their own dang money to buy food
This post addressing what can and can not be bought with food stamps (SNAP) first appeared on the Poor as Folk blog and we are reprinting it with their permission. Be sure and give them a visit. They're doing good work. Infographic source unknown. Someone sent it to me from Pinterest.This infographi…
Study suggests a ban preventing the purchase of sugary drinks and soda with food stamps would stop 281,000 adults and 141,000 children from becoming obese.
Ol Dirty *** Pickin Up Food Stamps In A Limo this is a classic video from MTV very rare
Supporting this cookbook will help both you and people living on food stamps eat better.
The FBI has filed charges against dozens of people in Georgia who allegedly set up a scheme that funneled $18 million worth of food stamps through grocery stores in what a Department of Justice official is calling “one of the largest federal food program frauds ever.” Fifty-four people were indicted…
When Newt Gingrich labels President Barack Obama the food stamp president and charges that the current president has put more people on food stamps than
Thirty-six metro Atlantans are among the 54 defendants charged with having roles in an alleged fraud involving the purchase of more than $18 million in WIC vouchers and food stamps for cash through bogus grocery stores.
A scheme involving the illegal sale of food stamps has proven once again that people take advantage of welfare programs.
Our Question of the Day is about a proposal from the Agriculture Department. The USDA thinks obesity can be reduced in children by banning the use of food stamps to buy soft drinks. Adult diabetes might be reduced as well. Do you think this is a good or bad idea - and why?
While few of the active duty military are on food stamps, redemption at military grocery stores increased again, to more than $100 million in 2013.
This music video was created of educational purposes on the abuse of food stamps. We do not own the music or actual food stamp cards. This is all for an Engl...
Fan Q ~Can you post anon please? I need opinions. I have never been one to get on assistance, in fact most people in my family would judge me for even being on food stamps. But when I first found out I was pregnant I had just got laid off from a job that paid me really good and had great benefits, so when I was trying to get pregnant I was thinking I can afford it. Well since being laid of times have gotten super tough. I now have medicaid, food stamps and wic. All of that is great it keeps me and the little one in my belly fed and medically sound. But with still being unemployed because no one will hire a noticeably pregnant woman it's still hard to get some things like clothes and other things I need for a newborn baby. Just wondering if anyone thought it would be greedy if I applied for cash assistance on top of everything else I have? It obviously wouldn't be forever just until after the babies born and I can get a job. I just feel super greedy or like I'm "milking the system". Just because that's how ...
via Joanna Futerman: They come here and for the most part contribute nothing to the economy, they work for cash, a part of which is sent home. They may not speak English, but they know how to gain the system, receiving, health care, education, food stamps, W.I.C. etc... They take and use the investment that we have made in our country and put nothing back. They do not integrate, many live here for decades and never bother to learn the language. Most of them come her for the money and the bennies, they have no interest in becoming Americans, if they did they would at the very least learn the language, pay taxes and try to become contributing members of society.
The Fox News network points out the fishier side of food stamps.
Nearly 504,000 Minnesotans still rely on food stamps, more than double the number of 10 years ago. For many recipients, that financial assistance isn't enough to keep food on the table.
A government watchdog group has discovered that the United States government is advising Spanish-speaking residents that they need not declare their immigration status to qualify for food stamps.
Banning the purchase of sugar-sweetened drinks with food stamps could reduce obesity rates and new cases of type-2 diabetes, a new study shows.
University Presidents Are Laughing All the Way to the Bank While the People Who Work for Them Are on Food Stamps:
Chapter 26 Value... It's time for 'The Massachusetts Challenge'. Why? Because one in every SEVEN Americans is on Food Stamps and it doesn't matter if you agree with The Left or The Right, there is tremendous common ground in the idea that something is going terribly wrong here in America. Massachusetts, we have all the advantages. We have rich natural resources, cutting-edge high tech, health care and financial industries and some of the best colleges in the world. If there is any state that has the ability to lead America to a better place... it's Massachusetts. But day after day after day the lead story on the evening news is The Great Debate over where to locate our new casino industry. It's time to change the subject... before it's too late! 13 years... that's all the time that it would take for Massachusetts to become the first state in America to finally bring our Food Stamp program to an end. 13 years from now, not a single Massachusetts citizen will NEED government help paying for food... IF... to ...
I help people apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - formerly known as Food Support or Food Stamps :)
I can not thank the immeasurable kindness my friends have shown me this past week. Because of you, I am surviving and not starving. Please say a prayer for me as I go in on Monday to be interviewed as a Night Auditor at a prestigious hotel on the Strip for a second means of employment. Also, please give Nick your well-wishes as he will be interviewed for Food Stamps and Assistance on Tuesday. He also got his professional resume completed today and it looks AWESOME! Hello temp-agencies!
Factoid of the day: As of to-date, there are about 45 million Americans--one in six-- who are receiving SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), down from 47 millions three years ago.
I would not pay for a Kevin Hart live comedy show even if I had & could pay with Food Stamps & baseball Or with George Foreman Grill cords, cat liter, kite string or used cell phone minute cards & scratched off Green Dot refills! With that He is in some good movies... So I can support him proudly for a little over a $1 with
All up in ya hood like food stamps 😂
I believe college should be paid for and students automatically receive food stamps.
Good luck with those food stamps...
Some of yall b shame about food stamps well *** I love it cuz I can buy da food I like
The economy is still in the toilet. 50 mill. on food stamps. Promises promises.. How's that reset with Russia working out??
American, fellow taxpayers. What would you think if you found out that people receiving food stamps, are sell stuff
Ok so now I've found a job, got myself on food stamps, got free medical insurance. Now I just need to get back to work on
Wonder if Jae Millz get food stamps
Would LeBron leave a championship contender to a lottery draft team? That's like going from a millionaire to food stamps.
An I'm going to hate all of you when I'm on food stamps,don't have a person to chill with&ain't make love in 13 yrs.I start killing you.
Salty I make to much to get food stamps.
Are you selling these food stamps or what ?
Y'all make too much to get food stamps??
After applying for Nevada Health Link(Obama Care) in January it took me to spend all morning at food stamps to talk to my case worker to be
Here's why your baggage handler may be on food stamps: Via &
Lol somebody prolly did sell all they food stamps to go to bike week ..
We are living in terrible times when you can get food stamps (30 days) quicker than veterans can be seen by doctors (o…
Selling your food stamps for half the face value to get cash.Lord help me control my throat punch reflex.
It's really not fair to compare humans with bears. Bears don't trade their food stamps for drugs.
Here's a thought: stop playing the vending claw machine in your torn up clothes and maybe you could get off food stamps.
You hate the government but you love his television programs and food stamps and radio music...why?
There is massive fraud with food stamps now. It increased 3 fold in the last few years.
Fair for whom - the workers surviving on food stamps? - McDonald’s CEO Says the Company Pays ‘Fair’ Wages
Who sold their food stamps TL go to bike week?? 😂😂
Do you know that the Government hires people to go out and sign up food stamps?? With Quotas too.
Smh *** out here trynna buy a burrito with food stamps aka me
Why your baggage handler may be on food stamps
Who wanna sell me some food stamps 😒
House Republicans thank veterans for their service by cutting food stamps.
Just got approved for food stamps. Thank god
People can't pay their rent, fix their cars, get their baby-sitting, it's not just about Food Stamps. featured in NBC s Science of Love
true life: I can't even afford to go to college and now I have enough food stamps to feed myself for 2 weeks max
If I have to be drug free to keep my job you should be drug free for food stamps and welfare.
Filling out a job application... Why is it asking me if I have received food stamps in the past 5 mos? What does that have to do with anything?!
I got food stamps and cash assistance 😴
Bul outside the ocky told me and cher that we could get a free phone all we needed was food stamps 😩😂
Is this a true statement? If you can sell food stamps then you don't need them.
Well I'm pretty sure we don't qualify for food stamps. But we're short on cash and Phils gonna hate me for messing with his cosmic plans to trade this car for land to build his house. I just don't see other options at this point. Phil needs some kind of job. Until then, we need money for basic needs like food because I didn't make goal so with no emergency savings, cc are maxed or defaulted, short of bankruptsy, how do I sell this car for money? All serious offers will be considered.
Well Im going to stockton with my lady roommate...she needs to renew her food stamps and she doesnt want to go alone..dont blame her there...So me and my walker r going with her.. this is going to be a test for me and my new hip...just need to take it slow and easy and it will all be ok.
Just witness at girl selling her food stamps to buy Beyonce tickets smfh..
Some of you know this already but for those of u who don't I was let go from Walmart yesterday. I had overridden a do not sell item (a T-shirt) and received a coaching. Then yesterday before I clocked on they pulled me into the office and explained that unfortunately according to policy (which they did show me) overriding a do not sell item is a termination. Not to worry though I applied for food stamps and unemployment and have a few options to me. Luv u all and will miss working there, but will be in from time to time to bug the *** out of everyone lol.
People will sell any and everything on One Man's Junk... I just saw where someone is looking for FOOD STAMPS on there...smh, can't deal!
Just love how you're at the checkout person in front of you has a cart load of stuff pays a 200 in food stamps then pays 130 for alcohol and cigarettes in cash. Love my hardworking tax dollars going to work.
can you ask why a young man or women would join the service and put there life on the line because its not for the big bucks we no most end up on food stamps or is it for power I don't think so way back when I did it it was about the love I have for my country and to defend our freedom well we have so called leaders that have never thought about what is best for the greater good but what will fill there bank account we need to defend our veterans freedoms and make sure what they gave us is passed on to them its there right for what they give to all of us
I'm sure you mothers are happy you don't have to get up so early to get kids ready for school and cook breakfast but I AM NOT READY FOR THEM TO TAKE OVER MY FRIDGE THE WHOLE SUMMER. WHO'S GOT FOOD STAMPS? DJ is going to Summer camp and since Pudding likes to do hair she's going to somebody salon and become an assistant. They getting out of here!!!
So I was at a supermarket in Paterson getting lunch. Some couple pulls up in a new Honda Accord with probable at least $3000 rims and it was all "hooked up". The chick's got a huge LV bag and they checkout paying with food stamps. I wanted to say "your welcome". SMH
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I am not one to hate on people hustling, but I would like to go to the store just one time without being hit on or being told to smile, or asked for change or donations or to buy food stamps or to visit a church or hair salon. Sometimes I just wanna go to the store and be silent. I'm not a naturally open or a nice person and I don't like being approached by strangers but I HAVE to pretend to be just to keep from being rude. I'm so tired of it! Sometimes I just wanna scream "I don't know you! Get away from me!"
I've got a certain gentleman that comes down to the store every weekend. He appears to be in his late 50's or early 60's. He drives himself down here, gets out of his car, and comes in the door on a walker. He's always in an excellent mood, very friendly and talkative. The kicker here is that he does all of this with only one leg. All that he ask is that I go get his bottle of wine for him, and I would imagine that's because he doesn't want to get that bulky walker in around all those glass bottles. He won't let me tote it to the car for him, nor will he let me open the door for him. I would imagine having only one leg would be major inconvenience, but not for him. With today's government, one could simply cut themselves shaving and get a lifetime supply of insurance, welfare checks, food stamps, and possibly even a handicap tag so that they can get the good parking spots. What's it gonna take for someone to stand up, not give 2 cents about political correctness, tell the left wing media to go fly a kite ...
For anyone who calls food stamps a "handout" has obviously never been to the family services office...ain't nothin' just being handed to anyone
I guess the good thing about only getting paid 160$ is it makes applying for food stamps easier. I just have to shuffle to downtown with my little pay stubs and be like "I fail at being an adult bc my job fails at paying me. Can I has noms?" Today is a sad day.
OK. I can't help it. As I've mentioned here before, I don't get political on FB. I try to respect everyone's opinion, even if I disagree, truly. But I've seen two things over the past 24 hours that sadly will make me block some old friends. One was a poster outraged about the U.S. response to "the several girls" kidnapped in Nigeria and how the U.S. should be doing more to help its kidnapped troops. Can't disagree with the latter, but the former? "Several girls?" The second was comparing food stamps to signs about not feeding animals at national parks because it will make the animals dependent on "handouts." I hope he/she never has loved ones who fall on hard times. These things make FB not fun for me, and only spur me to respond because I feel I have to as a thinking, human being.
Fck the people with no jobs who be living off welfare and food stamps. Thinking that life is just one big easy route. You gotta get up and strive for greatness set yourself up for the better. lifes about work and money. Sorry but it is. And that will always be my mindset and it will show in the future.
Yesterday someone used a term that has been kind of bothering me . Not that I am mad or upset but something didn't quite make sense , and after sleeping on it now I think I can comment on it ... In reference to welfare and people on it , they used the term Free-loaders . I tend to not like the word because of the tone of the word more than the actual word ...let's look at this and see Welfare by tax dollars , comes out to less then 12% yet governmental health care is 27% Government pensions is 25% hmmm ...then there is of course state tax dollars and assistance (their term) is only 1% , yet education is broken up in two parts k-12 = 25% and Higher education is 13% ...I have no problem with this stat in fact I like the idea of education ...but I do not have children will never have children so does that mean everybody who has kids and send them to school is a freeloader ? ...they are that by definition to me for my cause lol.I could lower my tax rate even more because Corporate welfare is over 12% and tha ...
I gotta apply for some food stamps... Momma!!! Help me!! (:
The next person that tries to sell me food stamps at full price. ...I'm calling your caseworker! Lol
My new favorite argument in this Walmart game is coming from the people trying to roll the turd in glitter. The term gentrification has come up because someone learned a big word. He's not even using it correctly, shocker. We have been portrayed on a regular basis as latte-sipping yuppies; bored with our own beige toned lives; waiting to press assault on the next unsuspecting homeless and poor person. Laughable. For the record, most of us like our coffee black and I would bet most of us to go to the polls every year and make a choice to be an ally for poor people, every time. In realizing that there isn't a whole lot other than a script from Walmart for them to go on, this last attempt to make everyone who doesn't want this Box downtown look like were alienating people, shows how desperate and clueless they really are. We have known from the start that this can't be a political conversation, even though it somewhat is. But when you put yourself on a platform of accusing us of taking the poor people of Gre ...
I've just finished my report to the Labor board concerning my disability application. My good friend Jim Finnie suggested that I add a personal letter underlining the changes that I have gone through since my injury. This is what I've put together. Let me know what you think, before i send it off to the SSI people. I know it's a bit long winded, but when have you ever known me to be miniscule about anything I do. ;) To whom it may concern I was advised by a friend to detail my situation before and after my injury so that you would have a better understanding of both my injury and how it has impacted my life. I thought this very good advice as there was little room on the form provided to explain what my life was like before this work related injury and now that I have found myself disabled and unable to continue the life I once had. Let me start by giving you a little background about the struggles I’ve had to face before this injury. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Depression at the age of 15. I never acc ...
I hate this more than almost everything on the internet. These comments made by Bill Cosby are racist and ignorant (if a white man were to say this, we all know what the reaction would be - it isn't any less racist coming from a black man). Oh, "Dr." Cosby, I'm sure "they" could be more like you if "they" were handed college scholarships after failing the 10th grade and quitting school, just like you were. Unfortunately, "their" daddies aren't ranking military who can get them into the Navy like yours was. I'm sure they could be successful if they were handed everything, like you were. You skirted by on affirmative action, and now you don't believe that the younger generations should have such a privilege. You should really close your mouth when it comes to living a life that you couldn't even begin understand. It is EVERYONE'S responsibility to make sure that the children in this country are succeeding, regardless of, race; religion; nationality; or citizenship status. We are failing low income children ...
ROOT: How about Obama worries about how Mexico treats one innocent American vet who crossed the border…before we worry about amnesty for millions of Mexican citizens who illegally cross our border? Oh and while he's at it, ask Mexico to reimburse USA for billions in welfare & food stamps to take care of their citizens.
Man o man the surprises life brings. It seems so complicated so often that's it seems like a wall that can't be climbed. But then again if u take time and think about everything and how things are happening and what's going right and what's going wrong. Evaluate yourself and where u stand and the direction your headed for in life things start to come in clear. Maybe not all the answers. But knowing u are trying as hard as u can. And that you are giving life your all and an honest attempt. The answers are not always meant to be known. I've come a long way with myself since oct 11 2012. Was and still is the most horrible experience of my life but I do look back and wish I would have done and said a few things differently. I sure wish I wouldn't have let the situation drag me down like I did. But it made me into a better person. I know my limits now. I'm not scared to be alone. I refuse to be in a relationship because I don't want to be alone. The wrong reasons will put u right back to where u started every ...
Yep. We're just getting walked over, to protect profits for.who exactly? I'd rather our local people had the money to spend. Oh no...everything costs 70 cents more, and our workers get wages that keep them off of welfare and food stamps? The horror...
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Girls vs. Women: Girls sell their food stamps. Women go grocery shopping with them. Girls find babysitters to go to the club. Women find babysitters so they can go to work. Girls sit at home waiting for child support. Women work or work on their degree while receiving child support. Girls feed their kids cheetos & candy. Women cook hot meals. girls date another drug dealer once he gets busted. Women learn & NEVER date another one. Girls wear pajamas in public. Women wear clothes. Girls raise daughters to be golddiggers. Women raise daughters to be independent. Girls dress their daughters like adults. Women dress their daughters like young Queens...
I had a pretty funny status posted, but I think I'm done. I've got some great friends, a beautiful family, a man who spoils me rotten, a booming career, & an exciting future WHICH INCLUDES college funds for my babies. I don't need BS from anyone especially someone who's 28 with no job, has had their kids taken away, can't keep a stable home, needs meds to function, doesn't spend their child support on the child, has had to be on food stamps more often than not, etc... Please tell me how your words should mean something, considering you lie about everything & can't go a year without saying a guy beats you lol. Go pray hunny child, you sure need it lol
Something to think about, folks. Before you condemn anyone that has applied for food stamps or social services, many of our service men and women have had to apply for them, just to get by. I, myself, I am not ashamed to say, at one point in my life, needed assistance from the government. I needed food stamps, because we were coming out of the Vietnam War, and I had been laid off. There were few jobs available, and I, at one point. worked three at the same time, just to survive. And still, I needed food stamps to help me get by. There is no shame in asking for help. There is no shame in accepting it. The shame lies in the blanket condemnation of those that need it. Remember: 'There, but for the grace of God, go I" Do not judge, lest thee be judged. I believe in helping those legitimately in need, not dismissing them as lazy.
Oh my goodness, it's been a while since I had a rant so here we go.having a child/children in no way makes you disabled. One can actually clean their house and work even though you have children. Mothers/Fathers all over the world work full time jobs to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical etc for their child/children each day. Oh and did I mention even SINGLE PARENTS do this scary thing called WORK? Oh, I can't work, I have no transportation or childcare you say? Funny, there seems to be transportation and childcare while out visiting friends, clubbing or quick runs to the store for smokes, blunt wraps and booze! Welfare is for the needy not the lazy! Food stamps is for the needy, a supplement when you run short/fall on hard times, not income for the LAZY! Selling foodstamps.SHAME! Selling WIC? SMH! Shame on you! To the single parents that get off their butts everyday to provide for their children, CONGRATULATIONS for choosing work over welfare lines!! You are teaching your children more than you wil ...
I got 1000 dollars worth of food stamps hmu if you tryna buy some frfr
Well i found out today that i was denied for food stamps, ( ove course i fell like its bacause im white! ), now just waiting to see about my unemployment, if that gets denied thin im F*d
I try an b positive on my post but I hate scrolling down my tl seeing u males and females downing others cuz u don't get food stamps,dnt get a check,or get government money. Remember God can take something's from u and make u live or go thru that,u don't know what ppl going thru to survive out here. Erbody not able to work but *** half of y'all b wishing u had help cuz Erbody not able. Learn to help one another instead of talking about them or dissing them. Shake my head ijs thou Y'all b positive and have a bless night
So aint nobody got no food stamps for a young mac?!?! I hate paying full price for groceries smfh
I am having a patriotic night. I am feeling so angry that people are not fighting tooth and nail for what this country is founded on and listening to those who whine and cry when they do not get their way and give all of those who do not try, a trophy for participating and those who do not try to work welfare. It is the same thing! It sickens me to the point of puking. I recently heard of someone on food stamps complaining of getting only food that was GMO It is FREE to you *** it. Stop your *** complaining! Those people who are paying for your food stamps are eating ramen noodles. I can not stand the you owe me anything society.
I may have an apartment in Tara's building in Anoka. .Monica is moving up North and moving mid July we talked to the owners wife and caretaker. it looks promising. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get my financial situation with my housing and the county in order first. I still have to pay my full rent portion this month and a higher rate in July so I am praying the Salvation Army will help with Junes rent and I get my letter saying all the Social Security benefits have stopped .I know the letter is a bad thing but I need it to prove I have no income so I can get General Assistance and some food stamps for a few months while waiting for my Social Security to start up again orI have to go to work . .I will work all this out staying on a positive and dealing with each issue as it comes .M y doctor said I should take a few months for bereavement and think about what I want to do .I don't think she understood my situation at all I don't have months to do this I have 12 days to pay my rent. I have part of i . ...
Thanks arizona, for the SIXTEEN DOLLARS in food stamps a month and for accepting me adam and alice for insurance but not oliver... for no reason!
Just witnessed somebody using food stamps to buy cigarettes. How is that possible?
We, the U.S. taxpayers are, in effect, subsidizing big profit-making corporations like McDonald's and Walmart when we permit them to pay a minimum wage that keeps workers in poverty and forces them to need taxpayer funded food stamps and housing subsidies to barely subsist. Naysayers on the issue of raising the minimum wage overlook this self-evident fact.
One step forward and two steps back. These community service organizations are killing me. H&W stopped my food stamps because I wasn't looking for work (due to my injury, no one will hire me anyway) but I got the waver from Working Solutions to have them reinstated. I called H&W to get the food stamps reissued and they now tell me, my case has been closed, so I have to go back up to H&W with my broken back to reapply. This is why Idaho has one of the highest suicide rates in the whole Nation. These ridiculous hoops you have to jump through, are literally driving me insane. Off now to eat my last bit of spaghetti. I'm down to government rice and dehydrated potatoes until I get this worked out. Good thing I have a sense of humor (and no guns or ammo). =P
So what's the Problem? McDonald's Restaurants made $5.6 Billion dollars last year, paid its CEO Don Thompson $9.5 million last year, and has 440,000 employees in the U.S. with an average age of 29. The idea is that these are kids still in or just out of high school, is a misconception. So why can't they pay their workers a living wage, like $15 an hour? Why not, they're paying $21 an hour in Denmark? A miniumum of $16 an hour in Australia. Aren't you, the taxpayer, tired of subsidizing the McDonald's, other fast food restaurants and the Wal*Marts workers with Food Stamps while these capitalistic corporate monoliths pay little or no taxes? The workers deserve a living wage. Who knows, if the Republicans have their way we will all by applying for jobs as Wal*Mart greeters at age 80. The new Third World workers are us.
Young single black man head of house hold wit four kids I NEED food stamps.-
Always an interesting time at my nail salon. Doors locked after the crazy guy leaves. Now the Vietnamese owner is yelling about how much she pays a year in taxes, and next year she will be like lazy American and just collect food stamps.
ugh just stood behind a lady in the store talking on her note 3 phone with a basket full of grocerys paid with food stamps then bought her cigs and beer and charcoal and to top it all off got into a pretty new car to drive them home I wanted to look at her and say your welcome I hope you enjoy your bbq on my money
So this lady buys chips and coke with food stamps and buys blunt wraps with her $20 bill... Boy there is some pieces of crap around here lol
Well Friends I think we have finialy hit the wall. The wall of poverty, I knew it was coming but to actually feel it's cold uncaring presence against my back is killing me. I used to be a MAN and when my family needed more, I worked harder, if we didn't have enough money coming in I would take on another job. I can not tell you how emasculating it is to know you can not even feed your family. I have work some kind of a job since I was 8 years old, the youngest paperboy of the Sun Advocate, all the way until last Dec. when the crippling pain and injury the American Fork Police gave me on 4/18/2012. I even managed to make it a couple of years as a single father with full custody of my baby boy, and I never got one red cent from the Government, I was a MAN & A HUSBAND & A FATHER. Since Dec. I was forced to close my company, I lost my delivery truck to the lender as well as my delivery van, we have been living off of my amazing WIFE'S checks. She works *** hard to earn every cent too. But we had grown ...
Oh. You made a post complaining about McDonald workers asking for a livable wage. Congrats. Meanwhile your tax dollars are going to their food stamps so they can survive since their insanely profitable company refuses to pay them a wage they can survive on. But no. It's the workers we are mad at.
Can I PLEASE say something? Just a few years ago a surfer dude, literal surfer dude lost $4 million of other peoples money in an internet start-up. Failure, right? Well, he kept surfing and along the way tried coming up with this way to take "surfies" (which are selfies for surfers). He rigged a waterproof disposable camera to his wrist, a few tweaks later, he was out selling them to surf shops out of this van. Then through a few more tweaks he made one more compact that took video also. He was still selling them as a camera for photos until he made enough money to buy race car lessons. While out on the track he wanted to video tape his experience and these video guys were ready to rig super expensive equipment to this race car and he says, "I have one in my car I can clamp right on here and its super small. To their sheer amazement, the video quality was phenomenal and he had an epiphany! This was the true explosion point for GoPro cameras. He is now officially a billionaire. Did you know that 8 out of 1 ...
All these *** are getting enough money from the government and now they are asking $15 an hour for McDonald's? If you wanna make $15 an hour, quit spittin out kids, go to school and get you a job where your work might be worth more than minimum wage. What you don't understand If you get paid more,then the food is going to go up and it will equal out in the long run but most of y'all are on food stamps so it's only going to affect the ones making an honest living.
Ladies, here's a little clue. Some things really are 100% YOUR FAULT. if you're FAT then that's all YOUR fault. That has NOTHING to do with men. If you're living on Section 8 and food stamps that's NOT a man's fault. If you're loud and belligerent, that's not men's fault. That's YOUR fault. If men don't want to date you because you're a single mother, NO MAN is to blame for that. NOBODY likes a person who REFUSES to take responsibility for their actions. When people are talking about women and you ALWAYS respond with the SAME thing, "What about the men?" then you've FAILED TO GROW UP.
I'd support it. It would have to apply to food stamps as well though...
THIS is a B.S. meme from the Tea Party FB page. The truth is people that work at minimum wage, long term, are normally supplemented by us, the taxpayer (while the EMPLOYERS tell their workers to sign up for Government help). (And it is necessary. Certainly not against that) I can think of nothing more idiotic than this minimum wage train of thought. Anyone who thinks poverty helps the middle class is out of their mind. Raising wages for more spendable dollars is what helps both the poor and the middle class. Raising people out of poverty helps the nation as a whole for a more successful future most especially for children. Watching CEO recoup billions while their employees turn to welfare is a disgrace. Besides - HOW MANY college graduates are ALSO working at minimum wage, because there are NO JOBS available. A person should be able to work HARD for full-time and be close to a living wage, or at least, be above poverty level. And TOO MANY women either end up widowed, divorced or otherwise single, suppor . ...
My daughter who just turned 1 is going to undergo surgery in Seattle at children's to remove a tumor above her right eye June 3 we leave may 30. We just went two weeks ago to meet the surgeon and Iam in a complete panic ..I have not worked since March 28 due to her medical & get no assistance, times are tough. We are looking at a lot of medical expenses! Does anyone know where you go to get assistance w travel expenses? public assistance told me contact a church affiliation ! Iam so aggravated people who try & work their entire lives get nothing when they need it, others who are perfectly able to work get food stamps, welfare check! Iam so annoyed that I can't currently work but Iam planning to return immediately after surgery but can't get any help til that time , but others abuse the system !
So nice to know that our tax dollars are putting food stamps in their wallet and paying all medical bills for their kids, while they enjoy ALL the finer things in life. It's a sad world we live in when this is happening right in our backyards, while others that do deserve and really need the help can't get it!
Don't understand how courts expect fathers to provide for their child with what they take from us on a weekly basis. This state is soo *** backwards its ridiculous. Its cheaper to jus sign over my rights then to struggle paying child support health Insurence n providing clothes food and toys for my child. And all the while the mother who's on welfare food stamps and section 8 gets to go on vacation all the time... Wish I had the heart to be a dead beat done times
Really feeling diacouraged, so tired of working my fingers to the bones then going to the grocery store and tryin to feed my kids on $30-50 a week my work shoes are falling apart, my work pants are ripped and the people on undeserved welfare and unneeded disability have on brand new expensive shoes, driving New vehicles, buying cigarettes and beer then paying for $500 worth of food on food stamps. But my bills are all paid I am very proud of how far I've come
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The democrats like to talk about Bush and the amount of wars and money he spent, but what they don't talk about is the amount of wars the Obama administration has got us in and the money that was stolen from us to pay for them. WAR ON HEALTHCARE: The Obama administration has spent trillions of our tax payer dollars to get universal healthcare up and running with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. Sure 7 million were signed up, but what about the millions more that lost their coverage because of costs? What about the 400 million dollars to a company in Canada to get a failed website up and running? Now we have this VA scandal where this administration has overseen the death of our American soldiers that are waiting for healthcare. This comes after Obama vowed to give more money and faster care to them while he was running for President. Sure the VA received more money than ever before, but it went right into the hands of his corrupt friends. The way our veterans are being treated at the VA is just a ...
I applied for food stamps at the VA hospital yesterday through my social worker I am waiting a reply😀
eligibility for Food Stamps (like in the State of Georgia/that's violation of sovereign U.S. citizens constitutional rights.
These little over-indulged boys & resentful, emancipated Wombmen are the death of Black Nationalism. I know that the knee-jerk response is, "well what about these deadbeat dads???", but Section 8 and Food Stamps was an incentive for them to get out from under the stewardship of the patriarchy!
don't pay attention.i don't care.i got my *** covered.. We are currently in a Depression. It has not hit us full force yet because we can print money to feed 48 million Americans on Food Stamps. I have previously said Depressions are caused by the accumulation of Unpayable Debts. Unpayable Debts are created because we allow bankers to charge us interest on money they create out of nothing. Depressions are periods of time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. I would prefer a systematic and worldwide Debt Cancellation over a 1930s style Great Depression which starved a minimum of 3 million Americans to death. Depressions are named. We have had the Great Contraction, the Long Depression and the Great Depression. I have decided to call this current Depression The Great Starvation instead of the Great Depression II. Professor Steve Keen has said we are headed to the greatest financial crisis in 500 years because we have more Unpayable Debts to cancel than any time in history. MIT did a review of the li ...
Does Reince Priebus understand that Republican candidates and office holders are driving voters away from the GOP? What kind of strategy is it to *** off all the major voter groups? Republican tactics so far: make voting harder by bringing back Jim Crow laws; economically hurt unemployed middle-class families; refuse to hike the minimum wage and keep the working poor on Food Stamps; give the rich more tax breaks that they do not want or need; continue the hard line on immigration to include family separations; plan to cut Social Security and Medicaid; repeal Obamacare and take healthcare insurance away from millions of Americans; cut military veterans benefits; maintain discrimination against women's equality and their choice on abortion; continue to bust police and teacher unions and dissolve retirement benefits for millions of state and municipal employees; subvert the U.S. Constitution by establishing Christianity as the official religion and repealing the fourteenth amendment to take away freedoms fo ...
100 million dollars in Food Stamps were spent at military bases this last year. Those lazy soldiers need to get an extra job to feed their families. That is why the Republicans want to cut, cut, cut, food stamps. They support our troops so long as they are fighting some foreign war for profit, but that their families should starve. Such Patriots. Ted Cruz says that anyone on food stamps is, and I quote, "like wild animals." Let's show them our support in the November elections.
This just came from a friend here in Las Vegas, please read and pray/consider what you will, I am including her email (emayfieldzso you can direct your responses to her. Maybe our Lord Jesus will move someone out there and can give her assistance/direction to send out her resume or other help as you are called and moved... May Providence bless you to bless Evelyn, in the name of our Lord Jesus. Ok - can't get the telephone company to back off just a week - need a partial payment for phone/tv/internet by Thursday, during the day...need prayers on this for $80 - would prefer $100 so I can get some cat food in here, too. Might have to go to a Payday Loan place but I really, really do NOT want to do that...they charge horrible interest. I can't think of anyone here who can lend it to me for just one week - still might figure someone out over the next day or so. Trying everything I can. Went to Food Stamps this morning and after 3 hours, was approved for, are you ready for this?, $15 a month. It all depends, I ...
How is it that one schlep abusing Food Stamps can be run up the right wingnut flagpole as a symbol of all people using Food Stamps, but the thousands of corpses each year in the US due to gun violence is not an indication that there is a serious gun problem?
As much as I LOVE MY CHICAGO BEARS (Lord knows I do), if the owners would have said the same comments as Donald Sterling did, I would DROP THEIR *** & BURN ALL OF MY BEARS STUFF!!! IT'S THE PRINCIPLE!!! Some people might call me LAME but WHO GIVES A F**K!!! I heard Chick-Fil-A has GOOD FOOD but I will never know because they DISCRMIINATE against *** & I have ALOT of friends that are *** I see that as a violation of their Civil Rights. I don't eat Oberweis ice cream or any of their diary products because Jim Oberweis is a Republican from Illinois (Who is running for the US Senate) thinks that ALL Black people are on Food Stamps & other government assistance. Back in the day, I used to wear Tommy Hilfiger until he said he DIDN'T want Black people wearing his clothes & I STOP wearing his clothes (Even though Black people helped him make MILLIONS & MILLIONS of dollars)... People have to STAND UP for something, if not, for the DIGNITY for your own people... I just want to know, what did Black people do to ...
Blessed by Success Outreach Ministries offers: ♥Mentoring and Encouragement to all. ♡Phone numbers to Community Resources of all sorts ♥Bible Study classes along with a fitness class for those that want to get their mind, body and spirit in shape. ♡Also a job board for those seeking to gain employment. ♥Blessed By Success Outreach provides services to locate and assist eligible families in applying for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Food Stamps (SNAP), Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and Medicaid. And more resources will be available as we grow.
Pennsylvania MUST have healthcare, governor outta be kicked out the back door and put on Food Stamps.
If politicians would correct these 'political incorrect' issues our nation would be stronger. Copied. 1) We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works. 2) Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? What's interesting is the first group "worked for" their money, but the second didn't. And last but not least - 3) Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments to illegal aliens. This is what illegals receive monthly, $1500.00 per child, $500 for housing, Food Stamps, Free education including college. Am I the only one missing something. If not, repost this.
I plan to vote on June 3 for Chris McDaniel for US Senate. This is an important election, since Chris has bravely come forward to run against big government interests and the 40 year incumbent Thad Cochran. Thad has voted to expand our National Debt even as we speak it grows faster. Thad made votes to fund Obamacare and did not really fight to try to stop its roll out. Thad has voted for many helpful grants and relief funds for Mississippi and Food Stamps and Crop Subsidies, but he has become what I do not want in Washington which has reduced our future freedom and prosperity for our children. Now, I don't just vote against bad policies, I'm voting FOR a great leader, Chris McDaniel is a Christian that believes in freedom, to live and do business, as well as personal responsibility in our lives and raising our children. Chris believes in smaller federal government and more local and state rule of ourselves, because as we know that usually allows us to be more prosperous. Chris h ...
In my email today: Here's your receipt for the tax breaks and tax subsidies that you and other Americans gave to Walmart and the Walton family last year. Listed: Food Stamps and other Public Assistance. $6.2 Billion Federal Tax Breaks for Walmart . $1 Billion Special Tax Breaks for New Walmart Stores. $70 Million Special Low Tax Break on Walmart Dividends Claimed by the Waltons. $670 Million Annual Subtotal.$7.8 Billion Plus Onetime Estate Tax Savings.$3 Billion If you'd like a refund, tell Walmart's founder, Rob Walton, to pay America back. Walmart made $16 billion in 2013. The Walton family is worth nearly $150 billion -- more than the wealth of 49 million American families combined. THE IRONY IS THAT IF WALMART WORKERS WERE PAID HIGHER HOURLY WAGES, THEY'D PROBABLY SPEND IT AT WALMART! The Waltons would get it back anyway. Americans for Tax Fairness Action Fund 1726 M St. NW, 11th Floor Washington, D.C. 20036
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New Statistics I thought amazing in our beloved United States of America: 86 Million Working Taxpayers 146 Million Non-Working on Government Assistance . 50% of taxpayers pay Federal Income Taxes 47% of citizens pay ZERO Federal Income Taxes . Top 1% of earners pay 37% of Taxes Top 10% of earners pay 71% of Taxes (Source: 2009 National Taxpayers Union) *The above statistics CANNOT be sustained! It's only a mtter of time, and then what? I shudder to think. The people who whine about the "rich" actually get to VOTE for those dimwitted Democrats who can legally extract more taxes from the working folks by force of the IRS, and the NON-working folks, in my estimation, should NOT be allowed to vote to RAISE Taxes on anybody, since they are "takers," not "earning." .I do wonder how many ABLE-BODIED people we have in this country who choose to NOT work, and still receive WIC, Welfare, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, etc.and lastly, MOST (not all, but MOST) of those on Government Assistance are also the same ones ...
Buried within the big WashPo/Guardian Headlines is Pulitzer Prize winning journalism about Food Stamps.
The Ryan Budget passed the House BC of the GOP. They approve the following; Tax cuts to the millionaires, billionaires and corporations. Cuts to Medicare(screw the elderly - they want to give you a voucher program) Cuts to Medicaid(screw the poor) More cuts to Food Stamps(screw the hungry) Cuts to Federal student loans(screw the college kids) The Billionaires really are hijacking our country. These cuts are being made to social programs to pay for the proposed tax cuts to the super rich and corporations. That's the GOP house controlled Budget proposal .
Here's a question for the FB world. Let's say u have a family member who has lived with u for over 4 yrs. For approximately the last 6-7 months, they have made ZERO financial contributions to the general welfare of the household. ZERO money offered to help pay the $1,800 heating bill. The same heat that kept his daughter and his self warm. They continuously fall asleep with the tv on, even tho they have been asked for yrs not to do so. They rip off one of ur neighbors on a vehicle purchase (stiffed them on about $700). They only contributions made at all were $80/month in Food Stamps and an occasional babysitting. They were laid up on ur couch for almost a year with a broken knee & leg, due to their own wrecklessness in chasing married women around. Knocked up one of ur wife's best friends and ruined her marriage. How many of u would have said enough was enough years ago!? How many of u would still support this family member another 4 years!? A man of 29 yrs old shouldnt need "supported" by family. He sho ...
Nearly half of all people who use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or Food Stamps) are kids.
I am a Republican and am proud to admit it. But we have a House Speaker Boehner who is Blocking Unemploment Benefits for those who have worked and paid into it. This has caused many people to b out on the street without a home and no money to pay bills and feed their Families. And at the same time millions of freeloading lazy Druggies are getting their Rent paid ,Money to Spend and Food Stamps which a good many of them are selling for $.50 on the Dollar. Isnt it nice that the Congress and Senate get paid when their not working and get full pay after serving one term. There is something VERY Wrong with this PIcture. I know I will be Voting in the Fall and I want to see tyhese good for nothing Political Puppets out on their *** Especially Boehner. Call your Congressmen and have them put Pressure on Boehner or Fire him. Please Share this . Thank you My Son and many others who have Served their Country are now losing everything because of these Political Games thart he is playing with their lives. Thank y ...
Tomorrow marks the 10th Anniversary of the one person tht gave me life passing away. She tought me tht it dont matter how hard life hits u, you can get back up and fight harder and harder, tht there is no excuse whatsoever for you not to follow through, this woman, had 9 strokes n 1 heart attack, half her body was disable yet, she never failed a church service, she always wanted to cook for others, she even fired her health aid... lol She would shovel the snow before my brother woke up so he could rest even when she wasnt able to... With her little SSI check and Food Stamps, Food, clothes or anything we needed or wanted was never missing. She showed me what sacrifice for your love ones really meant. That even when you feel lonely n with lack of love you priority should always be your children and their future. She tought me how to be a real Christian, wht a Real Father, Husband and Son should be... Even when we bumped heads we laugh about it, Til this day, she visits me in my dreams, we laugh, we cry, we ...
Where is on Food Stamps? Spend more tax dollars now; check facts later. It sounds like Nancy Pelosi on O…
Paul Ryan's budget for 2015 nearly doubles the defense budget as we are ending two wars. In addition, he significantly cuts taxes on people making more than a million dollars a year. How does he make up for these increases? By cutting Pell Grants, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Voucherizing Medicare, and Cutting Social Security benefits. Thank you Paul Ryan for quantifying exactly what a Republican Majority will give us, should they be successful in retaking the Senate and holding onto the House in 2014. Nice of you to give us a Heads Up!
David Perdue. I was so surprised to see you endorse Karen Handel's background and education. You are competing for a position we all know Karen is exceptionally well suited for and ready to start initiating a difference on day one! Thank you for showing your support of Karen's candidacy! We have a plethora of academicians in Washington. How 'bout Ft Hood? TWICE!!! Benghazi? Crimea? Unemployment? Food Stamps? On, and on, and on!!! Common Sense NOT sheepskins! What we need in DC! Handel Steve Handel
Paul Ryan: "My new budget cuts Food Stamps, repeals Obamacare and gets millions off welfare through a combination of star…
Update: Re: Dependence on Food Stamps: I guess I don't understand the piling on Wal-Mart. The people working t...
Yall on Food Stamps? “my mom always making me a big breakfast ❤️
This is the face of Food Stamps (SNAP) read this then tell me how they are all living the life!! My Name Is Jason, I’m A 35-Yr-Old White Male Combat Veteran…And I’m On Food Stamps By Jay Kirell My name is Jason. I turned 35 less than a week ago. My first job was maintenance work at a public pool when I was 17. I worked 40-hours a week while I was in college. I've never gone longer than six months without employment in my life and I just spent the last three years in the military, one of which consisted of a combat tour of Afghanistan. Oh, and I’m now on food stamps. Since June, as a matter of fact. Why am I on food stamps? The same reason everyone on food stamps is on food stamps: because I would very much enjoy not starving. I mean, if that’s okay with you: ...Mr. or Mrs. Republican congressman. ...Mr. or Mrs. Conservative commentator. ...Mr. or Mrs. “welfare queen” letter-to-the-editor author. ...Mr. or Mrs. “fiscal conservative, reason-based” libertarian. I do apologize for burde ...
March 17, 2014 Senator Cam Ward Chairperson Senate Judiciary Committee Alabama State House 11 S. Union St. Montgomery, AL 36130 Dear Senator Ward, In his State of the State address to legislators Governor Bentley said this, "Everyone in this room knows Alabama is one of the poorest states in America, where one in four children live in poverty. Nearly one million of our fellow Alabamians are dependent on Food Stamps." The Governor went on to call the statistics of poverty sobering. And indeed they are when you begin to look at the numbers county by county - the top five poorest counties are: Wilcox, 39.9%; Sumter, 39.1%; Dallas, 35.7%; Greene, 35.1%; and Perry, 33%. In fact, after looking at all the counties, we are the sixth poorest state in America. All of our state financed offices are suffering - the Governor is asking for a minuscule 2% pay raise and PEEHIP payment for our teachers, Judge Moore is seeking additional revenue for State courts, and the list goes on. Without reducing spending, what can we ...
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This Deadbeat Dad “ MANCE CHRIS SAVOIE, AKA CHRIS SAVOIE, MAURICE SAVOIE, MANCE C. SAVOIE” owes child support to 3 different kids with 3 different Mothers 2 in Texas and 1 in New York State. He owes over $71,200 in arrears and counting. He bounces state to state to evade paying by running a business in every state he runs to as "Savoie Services" general contracting to work self-employment to evade child support garnishment. He is convicted Felon in State of Texas for Organized in criminal activity and has 5 misdemeanors in Fort Worth Texas and New Iberia, LA for Theft and 2 weapon charges out of Euless, Texas. He used to live in Texas and then moved in 2007 to New Iberia La to live with his Father TJ Savoie who helps him evade his child support obligations. Mr. Savoie also lied to the VA about this time in the Army which he was general discharged in 1998 due to disciplinary actions in the Army. He is receiving benefits through VA at only 20% and then lies to social services in every state to ge ...
Government waste? What government waste? You can buy adult sex toys with food stamps, or the electronic equivalent, the EBT card? Kiss My Lingerie, which sells adult specialty items in Gonzales, Lo...
Masculinist: the true alpha male Men are the builders of the state the creators of gods and are the driving force in every achievement known. They are the doers that have erected countless monuments, created and ended slavery brought Mars to the world and made the world the wondrous place that is. They are Alpha Males that have taken the reins of the past and have steered us to the future that we live in today. They have sculpted lesser men and shaped women, they have lived and died under the sun and moon and although we cannot remember all of them, their blood and potencies run though the veins of every man as a possibility of greatness. Men have done this…. But more specifically Masculinist have made this possible. Alexander, Hemmingway, Marco polo, Cortez, king Tut and the Old Testament GOD are all Masculinist, all alpha Males. Masculinist seize, they take their place and take the power of kings without reservation, without hesitation, and without guilt. We as Masculinist have power, personal and int ...
The person below is twerking for food stamps.
Varsheen and Stephen said they got bands I was like I got Food Stamps well their my moms', Im Super Salty!
tax return I just received an audit on my tax return for 2012 back from the IRS. It puzzles me!!! They are questioning how many dependents I claimed. I guess it was because of my response to the question: "List all dependents?" I replied: 12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crack heads; 42 million unemployed people on food stamps, 2 million people in over 243 prisons; Half of Mexico ; and 535 persons in the U.S. House and Senate." 1 useless President. Evidently, this was NOT an acceptable answer. I KEEP ASKING MYSELF, WHO The *** DID I MISS?
I love how the lady infront of me is using food stamps to pay for her food but has on uggs and is using an iphone 5. I see her priorities
Taco Bell workers are talking about food stamps
GOP congressman claims Jesus would oppose food stamps
Churches accepting food stamps now lol
I swear every time I come out here to my dad's, all you see are these girls wearing Uggs with their MK bags and yet using food stamps to pay
If we find life on Mars, the left will sign them up for food stamps, unemployment and have them registered to vote in Chicago in…
She said she look like a bag of money please you look more like a book of food stamps
Dodger Fans, lay off Corbin with the hateful comments...I realize you are bored since your food stamps are already gone for the month!
At one time I actually agreed with this whole-heartedly. However, since having had to resort to food stamps for survival ourselves, I've had to temper that a bit. At the very least, I'd have to say what drugs are being tested for is, or should be, a qualifying factor. For instance, I still smoke (And believe me, you don't want me trying to stop now - Unless you want to see me on the evening news being arrested for going on a murderous rampage!) and I still have a drink or two a night. And believe me, those two things, the internet, and my wife Megan, are all that stands between life as I know it now, and doing hard time for killing someone. I guess my point is, everyone needs their coping mechanisms, and those are mine. Unfortunately, in-spite of what my stomach or bowels think (No matter what I eat anymore, a flare-up of the Radiation Enteritis is all but guaranteed), I still need to eat as well. So, unless we're going to specify which drugs we're going to test for, we shouldn't do this. A person indulgi ...
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"The right's poverty plan: shame poor kids & the *** that birthed them" -- http:…
GOP congressman claims Jesus would oppose food stamps: submitted by GonzoNation [link] [9 comments]
Michelle Duggar had 20 kids and she gets a TV show... My homegirll Lil bit had 6 kids and all she got was food stamps
Starbucks drives its workers into poverty then takes their food stamps to boot.
Frightening stat from George Will this morning: There were 17 million on people on food stamps in 2000. There are 48 mil…
Fantastic news has arrived from Brazil, as the striking Garis – who have been engaged in a monumental strike for the last week – will have their demands met. The city has signed a historic agreement that will grant the Garis a pay increase from 802 reals to 1100, and their food stamps will be increased from 12 reals to 20. No one will be fired, and they’ve also gained overtime pay, and will receive a health hazard allowance.
Dropping a mixtape called gotta get them food stamps.
“*Walks into a fast food joint and orders*. -Attempts to pay with food stamps-. *** are you doing..”. 😂😂
$400 in food stamps? Well time to load up on energy drinks. I mean its not like its suppose to be used for your familys source of actual food. Heaven forbid you spend your OWN money for those drinks. *flips register over!*
You think "we're cutting off your food stamps to make your lazy *** find a job" doesn't have appeal to con voters?
But y'all say black people are making the country poor with food stamps. Smh.
here they dnt do dat food stamps thing 2 many fong kongs here. If we can produce a fake sign interpreter 4 oBama wts next with a food stamp
People out here clowning on people w food stamps but be the main ones on welfare
AMEN to that thought. If you want food stamps and welfare get off your lazy *** and earn it.
The California beach bum on food stamps who outraged taxpayers after revealing he spent all his time surfing, resurfaced in an interview on Fox News Thursd
Little Giant Ladders
Why is cry-baby nobammie and moochie always on million dollar vacations while our military need food stamps to feed their families?
Well I don't always do the challenges & its not because I don't want to , its because I forget. Last week I was @ the grocery store standing in line behind a white man paying with food stamps. Well he didn't have all the money to pay for his groceries & was putting stuff back. I paid for his groceries not because I wanted something in return but because one day it could be me & have been. Thx to Tiffany Maria for doing this.
SHARE AND REPOST IF YOU WISH. I was asked a question if what we see happening in Politics is Pre Fascism... I say it's . Big Money pushing, Misinformation, Fear, Hate, Bigotry, Racism. To keep people occupied scared and outraged. Just look at who are in the running for possible Presidential Nominee's of the Republican Party. "The Three stooges." These are the idea people, the thinkers, business leaders of their party?. WOW.. The only ideology they are pushing, is lies, ignorance, hate, fear, misinformation of one type or another... keeping people stirred up confused, angry, about NSA spy abuse, which is actually "the Patriot Act" which the Republican Party pushed because the muslims were coming to bomb and rape the white woman after 9/11. But suddenly it's being called the NSA domestic abuse. Its Obama spying on Americans "How convenient" Look At the Anti *** n *** attacks, Anti Abortion ads, in every paper, TV and radio stations, paper in the country all at once... It took one *** of a lot of ...
I'm not paying for your food stamps with my hard-earned inheritance!
Don't poke me...send me some food stamps or left overs Lmao
If you think you're lonely now!! wait til they cut ur food stamps off!!
Who tryna sell some food stamps tho???
Just so everyone knows why we're here I'll tell you what sparked my idea in this: we just got a bunch of food stamps more than we need to get by and wanted to feed some people who would normally eat at the churches or hospitality house and I thought "I bet people all over here go through similar circumstances" and eating at the churches is very impersonal (although very very much appreciated so please never stop and thank you for help in the past) and I figured there has to be people every day with more food than they need or a dinner guest who canceled on you and I bet that there's a person who would love to eat what you offer... So please if you made dinner for six and two people canceled find two people here or anywhere and make there night it will make your in return :)
Any one selling food stamps let me know. I need bout 100.00!
This is unconscionable that our military families need food stamps, and still getting their salaries cut.
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