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Food Network is a television specialty channel that airs both one-time and recurring (episodic) programs about food and cooking. Robert Irvine (born Robert P. Irvine; 24 September 1965 and raised in Wiltshire, England) is a Celebrity Chef who has appeared on a variety of Food Network programs, including Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America, and Restaurant: Impossible. 5.0/5

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American Diner Revival starts tonight on Food Network - Robert Irvine not happy about the show - …
A little for you. Have you seen our testimonial from our friend, Food Network chef, Robert Irvine?
Robert Irvine may be my favorite person on Food Network. No, he isn't easy on people, but he tells them what they need to hear.
The Grandmasters with Food Network's Chef Robert Irvine at the FH Gourmet Soiree!!! This was an EPIC…
Food Network's Robert Irvine brings brand of no ...
Food Network's Restaurant Impossible with host Robert Irvine were in College Park to redo Caffe Positano and...
"Condiment: Impossible"? The Curator met up with Chef Robert Irvine last weekend to present the Food Network star...
Latergram! Super exciting to meet Robert Irvine of Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible" on Friday…
Robert Irvine from the Food Network and his wife Gail pose for a pic with Dr. Mack.
Are you or someone you know a food lover? Food Network-aholic? You don't want to miss Chef Robert Irvine LIVE on...
Downers Grove hitting it big time with Chef Robert Irvine & Food Network in town filming Restaurant Impossible!
Indy Week - Chef Robert Irvine coming to Carolina Theatre - Chef Robert Irvine, star of the Food Network's Restaur...
Found this online via Food Network looks good.
Food Network & Cooking Channel personalities & renowned chefs share the basics of a healthy lifestyle at
Guess who we saw at Veritas Steak and Seafood? Chef Robert Irvine from Food Network!
Remember when Robert Irvine, the Celebrity Chef who rescues restaurants from failure on the Food Network, brought...
Little Giant Ladders
Food Network's Robert Irvine in AFN Tokyo's Eagle 810 studio for an exclusive radio interview before his cooking performance at Yokota Air Base. Interview co...
Robert Irvine's show Fitness Impossible was HORRIBLE! Food Network stole our idea! Go to
Why does Robert Irvine wear a hearing aid? The better to hear himself yell of course! (if you watch Food Network you know what I mean)
Food Network Chef Robert Irvine whips up magic for the kids in Holiday: Impossible.
We love to see things like this happening in the culinary world. The Town Dish caught Food Network star Chef...
Behind the scenes w/Food Network's Restaurant Impossible & Robert Irvine to execute the soup kitchen design
A Hero's Welcome is an emotionally charged, action-packed special that honors the men and women who have served in the U.S. Military. Watch Gary Sinise, Food Network?s Robert Irvine, HGTV's Genevieve Gorder and our own troop of volunteers work around the clock (and the globe) to make sure one Servic…
Another Incredible Proud Moment for the Elena's Family! A Good Cause which has moved mountains for us. We are Honored and Humbled to be a part "A Hero's Welcome". A Realty Show that will air on 6 Networks on Veteran's Day, Nov. 11th. Food Network, HGTV, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, DIY & Great American Country. We worked side by side with Chef Robert Irvine, Chef Shane, and Actor/Philantropist Gary Snise aka Lieutenant Dan. A Feel Good Story about a Veteran returning home after fighting for our Country. It will want you to donate to the Gary Snise Foundation. Here's the Preview of the Show: Check your Local Listings on Time. Please Share! Mahalos & Mabuhay!
We Sell restaurants brokers Robin and Eric Gagnon are interviewing my Food Network crush Robert Irvine this week!...
One of my favorite TV guys is talking with We Sell Restaurants this week! Check out Food Network star Robert Irvine'…
culinary students will assist Food Network star Robert Irvine in a special show.
Shrimp and Mahi-Mahi Ceviche Recipe : Robert Irvine : Food Network - Get this all-star, easy-to-follow...
Check out the latest with Food Network Celebrity Chef, Robert Irvine. We talk…
Buy Tickets Chef Robert Irvine Live! October 11, 2014 Food Network star Robert Irvine is taking his brand of no nonsense cooking on the road, but this time he isn't the only star of the show. This all new multi-media and multi-sensory event features never before seen interviews, cooking challenges,…
I just watched my daughter Jennifer Leonzi Burnell and her Restaurant, The Country Cow Restaurant at Blair Bridge on the Food Network with Robert Irvine. I am emotionally drained. Crying, laughing, but most of all proud and happy. My daughter Jenn has always been a fighter and a winner. I am soo proud of her and I love her with all my heart...Continued success Jenn and I know things will only get better from here on in.
Leana Topper and her daughters Claire and Ava meet Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible."
Throwback to that time I ran into Chef Robert Irvine from the Food Network at the 5am.…
Lauren, from Shooters TV and the Food Network show Restaurant Impossible, asked me to post this information about casting for a brand new Robert Irvine show. Is there a question you've always wanted to ask Chef Robert Irvine? How does he work on the road, stay in shape, keep positive, help others? Have you ever wanted to ask for his help with YOUR life?? Now is your chance to get his advice for your own choices about food, health and fitness, family, and life as a whole! All you have to do is send a 2 minute video telling us about yourself.where you live, what you do and your question for Robert Irvine. Explain why you think you're in trouble and why Robert can help you. Robert will answer as many questions as he can and make YOU his next mission! Go to Enter in your username as AskRobert. And your password as Irvine Then, upload your video!
At 9:00 tonight on the Food Network, Robert Irvine's Restaurant Impossible will feature Bumbino's Italian Restaurant in Orange City, FL --- can't wait to see it!
Tomorrow a few of our Professional students and staff will assist chef and Food Network television personality, Robert Irvine who will be appaearing at the Fred Kavli Theatre here in Thousand Oaks. He is known best for both Restaurant Impossible and Dinner Impossible. I will be there for the VIP performance as wellas the show. There are stilltickets available at the box office.
Just a quick note to let folks know about next months Second Thursday - Third Year Event in Hagerstown, MD. This restaurant was featured on Food Network's Restaurant Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine.
My sister took a selfie with Robert Irvine, the guy from Restaurant: Impossible on Food Network
The Food Network is taping an episode of Chef Robert Irvine's Restaurant: Impossible Feb. 18 and 19 at Bumbino's Italian Restaurant, 2631 Enterprise Road in Orange City. And producers are looking for volunteers to help with the renovation of the restaurant: "Design volunteers will be painting, craft...
Eddie Montgomery of MONTGOMERY GENTRY has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection . . . and you can blame the failure of his Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Eddie has $13.4 million in debts and most of it is related to the restaurant. He could just call Robert Irvine of the Food Network and get on Restaurant Impossible...LOL
I used to think Robert Irvine on the Food Network was a *** but, after watching him he is amazing an awesome!
Restaurant Impossible, the hit Food Network show hosted by Robert Irvine, will be in Baton Rouge this week to film an episode at Mama Della's N.Y. City Pizzeria.
Big pecs, tight black shirt, Rachael Ray is definitely trying to be Food Network's Next Robert Irvine
Robert Irvine (from Food Network) is making me so hungry for Quiche.
I've been watching so much Food Network lately, I think I've gotten a crush on Robert Irvine.
I am super duper excited! I watch the heck outta the Food Network and would love to go to the restaurants that the chefs on there own. Most are in NY, so probably won't ever go there. However, just found out Robert Irvine owns 2 in SC, one in Hilton Head!! Guess where I'm going on vacation this summer?!? Did I mention I'm excited?!?
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Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine, who rescues restaurants from failure on Food Network, is closing his eatery on
So a combination of a few things within the last few weeks are starting to sink into this very thick skull of mine. I feel that I have started to become a negative person, not seeing the silver lining in things. I think its about time that I start turning things around. Not only that, but I ALWAYS find my self playing it safe when it comes to EVERYTHING. In the last year I have met a few influential people: Sway from MTV and Robert Irvine from Food Network just to mention two; as well as been offered opportunities to which I have not taken. I was looking at a post my buddy Ben Sremba posted about life, and he is absolutely right. Therefore, I think for this new year, if I am fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to do something awesome with my life, im just gonna do it.
Keanu's making tator tot casserole for our lunch..I'm watching Food Network, Robert Irvine ROCKS . then we gotta get oot and aboot for "stuff", save munneh, and tryn get some stupid laundry DONE today...
On the Food Network right now they are showing Robert Irvine in Joplin, Missouri redoing the Boys and Girls Club after the tornado.
To the angry people supporting Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty guy: ... seriously? "First amendment! Freedom of speech!". No. Hate-filled propaganda on national TV is not OK. (Oh wait... FOX News still exists...) But besides my main point, you're angry about this guy's suspension from Duck Dynasty. It's not like Jon Stewart or Colbert being suspended, or like Robert Irvine from Food Network. It's a Duck Dynasty "star"... Aka: a back woods hick lucky to have a show in the first place. You want to be angry about something, direct it towards something like politics or that kid that just got away with the murder of 4 people. End rant.
On right now on the Food Network: Restaurant Impossible visits Goombazz Big City Eatzz in Rock Island, IL. Robert Irvine was tough! It will re-air at midnite.
I would love to see some Food Network stars compete on Chopped. Guy Fieri vs Alton Brown vs Robert Irvine vs whoever. Please?
Robert Irvine of Food Network's Restaurant Express and Restaurant Impossible sends a message to Jan Charles' kids - and the...
Robert Irvine (born 23 September 1964) is a British Celebrity Chef who has appeared on a variety of Food Network programs, including Dinner: Impossible, Worst Cooks in America, Restaurant: Impossible and Restaurant Express.[1]
Hi guys! 6th episode of Restaurant Express aired on FoodNetwork last Sunday! The host of show is Robert Irvine, who is very famous for his Food Network sh...
Good for Robert Irvine on Restaurant Impossible and the Food Network! They aired a show professing a domestic partnership and business partnership with 2 male restauranteurs, this would not have happened a few years ago. At least they aren't judgmental or worried about offending people...I kindof like that it's going to anger some people too, kills two birds with one stone LOL!
I could watch Food Network all day long...Robert Irvine is a badass.
Robert Irvine is a Food Network genius. Dude is all over the place
I love breakfast for dinner! Pepperoni and Cheese Scrambled Eggs Recipe : Robert Irvine : Recipes : Food Network
The restaurant was made over last week by Food Network's Robert Irvine. This was new to... (Poutine @ Mill Creek BBQ)
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LMAO Gail Kim from TNA Wrestling is married to Robert Irvine from Food Network (Dinner Impossible, Restaurant Impossible, and Restaurant Express) and I guess now he's acting as her manager/valet? xD He's bigger than half the wrestlers on the roster.
The Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Co. is being featured on Restaurant Impossible tonight along with a local restaurant. Robert Irvine is giving the FD a facelift after being damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Catch it on Food Network now!
If you watch "Restaurant Impossible" with Robert Irvine on Food Network.. They are showing the new episode from a failing restaurants in Oak Creek WI tonight at 10:00
LBI Restaurant & Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire House - On "Restaurant Impossible" Tonight at 10 PM On Food Network (Article Courtesy of The Sandpaper written by Mike Molinaro) Chef and “Restaurant: Impossible” host Robert Irvine fulfilled a lifelong dream during the filming of “Holiday: Impossible 2,” an episode that premieres Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. on the Food Network, but viewers will have to tune in to catch what exactly that is. In August, the “Restaurant: Impossible” crew rebuilt both the LBI Pancake House and the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Co.’s firehouse, taking one more day than usual – three – and $50,000 – up from the customary $10,000 per episode thanks to a sponsorship from Lexus – to do so. “The money definitely helped because at the end of the day we can do more with more money,” said Irvine. “In this case two locations both very deserving: the LBI Pancake House, which is an institution on Long Beach Island, and the firehouse in Ship Bottom.” Irvine likened the story of ...
Be sure to tune in tonight's episode of Restaurant Impossible on Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine visits Long Beach Island to help with post-Sandy restaurant recovery. Heads up Christine, Brad, Casey and Nancy!
Lunch with Robert Irvine from Food Network and dinner with Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn! What a crazy day at work!!!
I just got finished serving one of the Super Chefs of the Food Network, Robert Irvine!!!
I used to hate Guy Fieri and Robert Irvine but I watch their shows more than any other show on Food Network now.
Gold's Gym is excited to announce that Chef Robert Irvine, host of Restaurant: Impossible on the Food Network,...
Reality TV is loving Calaveras lately. This time, we've got Food Network's Robert Irvine and the Restaurant:...
Sometimes it is just a treat, Taffer does a great job. So does Robert Irvine on Restaurant Impossible on Food Network.
Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network has Robert Irvine @ Ducky's! Turn it on... & watch him work miracles!
Tune in tonight to Food Network at 9PM for the premiere of Restaurant Express! Watch as Robert Irvine challenges...
The ‘Restaurant Express’ rolls out tonight at 9/8CT on Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine tells us all about it!...
Three-Apple Crumble on the Food Network via Might make for tomorrow night
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Chef Adam Goldgell will be on the new Food Network show hosted by Robert Irvine – Sneak peek:
Super-star Chef from LI will be on new Food Network show with Robert Irvine called Restaurant Express starting 11/3.
We had a great time meeting Food Network's Robert Irvine in Nashville today!
Thrilled to host the Food Network's top chef Chef Robert Irvine who posed with me for a "selfie" before jumping on...
I'm waiting to see if the first Food Network visit will be from Guy Fieri (DD&D) or Robert Irvine (Restaurant Impossible).
Robert Irvine gets sicker and sicker each time I watch Food Network
Last night I dreamed I had a phone conversation with Robert Irvine of Food Network and he joked about how we were both named Robert.
Food Network's Robert Irvine should produce "City Impossible" & the Pilot can focus on Detroit
In other news, I have a crush on just about everyone on the Food Network, girls included and Robert Irvine not included.
Whenever I see Robert Irvine I'm convinced his father owns Food Network. Only explanation that makes sense.
I hate you Robert Irvine I hate you more than anyone on the Food Network
Did anyone else notice that Sysco advertised on the Food Network last night? Chef Robert Irvine was their spokesperson. Has any other foods…
Very seldom does one get to see someone from their past who was a total *** get their's, but as I sit here watching the Food Network, I have finally got to see a man I used to work for in Nashville get his. One of the biggest jerks I have ever had the displeasure to know and I am glad he finally got put in his place. I won't mention his name or the place, but, IT WAS GREAT! Thank You Robert Irvin for showing him how horrible he is. PS, the place used to be in Donelson, and now is in Madison.
Robert Irvine is in my town filming his new Food Network show.
SOME INTERESTING FACTS: If the Food Network is going to fire Paula Deen then they also need to fire Anne Burrell, who was sued for sexual discrimination. They would also need to fire Chef Cat Cora, who was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol level 3 times the legal limit and screamed profanities at people. Dinner Impossible's Robert Irvine was caught lying about his background when he stated he used to cook for the Royal family when, in fact, he did not. Iron Chef Bobby Flay was sued and settled for nearly $1 million because he kept tips from his employees and also cheated on both of his wives. Iron Chef Morimoto was sued for skimming tips from his employees and not paying them properly. Food Network Chef Geoffrey Zakarian filed bankruptcy to avoid a lawsuit - 152 of his disgruntled employees sued him. Chef Juan Carlos Cruz hired a homeless man to kill his wife. Chef Ina Rosengarten, The Barefoot Contessa, refused to meet with a child who was dying of cancer. Chef Guy Fieri has been accused of sexually ...
I love Paula Deen and Robert Irvine!!! They both rock!! The Food Network does not rock without Paula.
Just for the record, the following chefs or say 'food personalities', all visible on Food Network, Cooking Channel, MasterChef, etc.see how many you recognize...have been sued for any litany of things by employees, etc. ..ranging from them shortchanging them on their wages/tips to extremely vulgar sexual harassment charges to abusive behavior, etc., etc., etc. Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, Geoffrey Zakarian, Anne Burrell, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, Gordon Ramsay, Guy Fieri.all these people have had someone accuse them of something vile. Do we sense a trend here first of all? Is it a coincidence that giant sums of money have been a part of all these lawsuits? None of them have suffered such ramifications. This lawsuit of Paula Deen's (which actually 99% of the heinous charges are against her brother) has been ongoing for well over a year ...and was filed after Lisa Jackson's attorney tried repeatedly to secure a settlement for as much as $12 million. It was covered but the lid did not blow off till she ...
Food Network and Cooking Channel; one thing we really like Gordon Ramsey, know that he is not on your shows. Gordon Ramsey is chef but did not like his foul bad language worse number one than Paula Deen or other people. We already remove Food Network and Cooking Channel on my FB plus email and will not watch show without Paula Deen. That would be Paula's sons Bobby and Jamie will not be show without their mother. If brought up past more than 30 years ago then just too late and forget all about PAST!! We love Paula Deen, her sons and some of other too but not Gordon Ramsey. Not like Robert Irvine bad mouth what Gordon Ramsey worse than Robert Irvine.
- we support you Paula! Food Network did the same thing to Robert Irvine and he's back! has one less viewer 2nite!
Food Network is not renewing I could not be happier. I've never liked Paula Deen anyway. Watch Gordon Ramsay or Robert Irvine.
Query: Why is it okay for people to be mad at Paula Deen for something she did in the past and knows is wrong and has apologized for (and, hence, her employer Food Network is not renewing her contract), but Robert Irvine, who was found to have exaggerated his career and military experience over and over, was given a tiny bit of a cold shoulder and then welcomed back with open arms? Yes, I know that there's a difference between using racially/demographically/etc. charged language and lying on a resume/in an interview. That's not my point. Paula Deen said she knows that having used the words _in the past_ was wrong and she's sorry for it. Robert Irvine has _never_ apologized for lying outright. How is that even remotely fair?
Robert Irvine flexes his 21" biceps, smirks in the mirror. "Guessing a faked CV don't look too bad now, does it, Food Network?"
Restaurant Impossible is pretty much the only GREAT show on Food Network. I really admire what Robert Irvine and building crew do.
Food Network is just covering their *** They'll hire her back once this blows over. Proof: Robert Irvine.
“Food Network won't renew Paula Deen's contract She'll be back. They rehired Robert Irvine after his resume scandal.
Shame on Food Network! Robert Irvine got a new show and Paula gets the boot?!! Wow!
I'm not. Robert Irvine got dumped for a while over a funky resume claim. Food Network has a hair-trigger on these things.
So when she doez become valuable again, will Food Network have a change of mind like they did with Robert Irvine?
Food Network rehired Robert Irvine six months after discovering he had faked most of his resume. How long until Racist McBackfat is back?
Food Network also fired (accidently typed fried..) Robert Irvine and then rehired him. He lied about his educational background.
“Food Network will not renew Paula Deen's contract // didn't they do the same to Robert Irvine then change their minds?
Yeah, anyone remember when Food Network fired Robert Irvine, then hired him back like a year later & gave him even more shows?
Paula Deen's empire is too big for her to just go away. Food Network dropping her is no big deal. Just like Robert Irvine, she'll be back.
2012 was arguably one of the strongest Celebrity Chef line ups to date, last year's culinary superstars included: Food Network's Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell, Robert Irvine, Aaron Sanchez, and New Jersey's favorite pastry chef, Buddy Valastro. A gastronome favorite and newbie to the Atlantic City...
Robert Irvine from Food Network can get it w/ his old *** lbvs
Robert Irvine of Food Network's "Restaurnat Impossible" - our guest Tomorrow on The Wrecking Crew.
Somebody call Robert Irvine, the no-nonsense star of the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible. Have we got a challenge for him.
Y'all watch the Food Network? I know I'm not alone. I love me some Pat Neely and Robert Irvine, he's the read king
Robert Irvine is a beast in the kitchen! I love the Food Network!!
Chef Irvine gets 'Creepy in Clearwater': Promising drama and stomach-churning scenes, the Food Network will ai...
Super excited to see Robert Irvine Live tonight! It's all my Food Network dreams come true :)
Tune in this fall for Food Network's newest hit reality show, Robert Irvine Kind of Hates You!
JJC culinary students to cook with Food Network star Follow Friday
Gail Kim Marries Food Network Chef - I don't watch the Food Network, but the guy's name is Robert Irvine. THey *** ..
Anyone ever notice that the looks a tad like Food Network's Robert Irvine?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chef Robert Irvine is filming/rehabbing a diner in Twin Lakes starting today for "Restaurant Impossible" on Food Network.
Don't miss Food Network's Chef Robert Irvine April 20 at the Rialto Square Theatre. Tickets avail at...
Food Network host Robert Irvine to host cooking demonstration in ...: Food Network host Robert Irvine will *** ..
Food Network's Chef Robert Irvine Live! at the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet on April 20th.
Food Network series returning to NEPA: Chef Robert Irvine and his crew from "Restaurant: Impossible" will be t...
I had a dream that Robert Irvine came to my house, but he was a UPS driver bringing me Food Network stuff! Think I cook too much? LOL
Food Network star's no muskrat fan, plus reader mail: Food Network star Robert Irvine is on Day Two of rehabbi...
Food Network's Chef Robert Irvine and Sysco's Chef Neil Talk Fresh Seafood: via new video
New celebrity announcements.Food Network Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine & Cal Ripken, Jr. will be on Level 1 at...
Someone at Food Network took the idea of Gordon Ramsay on steroids seriously and went and found Robert Irvine for Restaurant Impossible.
Food Network host Robert Irvine gave us a few minutes for an exclusive interview about a Lufkin restaurant's makeover
Food Network star Robert Irvine mugging for camera with FIU students at
You remind me of Robert Irvine from Food Network's Dinner Impossible
Is it just me, or does anyone else find Robert Irvine on the Food Network to be kinda sexy in a roid-ragey-Australian kind of way?
Don't miss the Food Network premiere of Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine's Restaurant: Impossible makeover of Nanny...
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I watch Food Network a lot. Saw you married Robert Irvine. Wanted to wish you the best. I'm a really big fan of yours.
Sysco now teamed up with the Food Network and Chef Robert Irvine.
Robert Irvine (from Food Network) has officially entered my top 5 people I would least want to hit in the face with a skillet.
sysco has now partnered with Chef Robert Irvine and the Food Network.
Big show tonight on 94WIP. 6-10 Danny Knobler from CBS joins me to talk baseball. Robert Irvine from the Food Network's RI calls in. Flyers,and NFL talk as well Hope ya can tune in.
Old World Restaurant in Murrells Inlet redone by Robert Irvine and the Restaurant Impossible crew from Food Network. Totally new menu. This weekend limited items-Veal Marsala with Polenta was good, there is a scallop dish about which other diners raved. New salads on the menu also. Bruschetta has olives in it-Yum. Some new personnel at the restaurant also-at least one of the staff quit. Food was good! They will be adding more items next week. A chef from Restaurant Impossible was still in the kitchen tonight-not sure how long he is staying. Word is that Mr. Irvine was tough but very nice to all of the diners who came to the grand opening-spoke to all of the diners to get feedback and even signed autographs. Out with the old and in with the new. Hope it is successful-tonight was a good start. Will definitely go back.
I guess he almost forgot that he's on Food Network and Robert Irvine could probably bench press him.
Woot! That's my photo behind Chef Robert Irvine on Food Network! So stoked.
A Georgetown County business reopened its doors Thursday night after getting a little help from a popular TV show on the Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine hosts
I can't keep falling asleep watching Food Network. Robert Irvine is forever screaming. Just to be screaming.
Sysco Corporation has entered marketing relationship with Food Network, Chef Irvine
I had a dream Robert Irvine was judging a lady's bread making skills. I watch way too much Food Network.
I'd like to Welcome Robert Irvine from Food Network's Dinner Impossible to Lava. To anyone reading this right meow: Why aren't u here?
Good to see ya Chef Robert Irvine. Keep making success stories with the great show on Food Network "Restaurant...
Joe Willy's in Fishkill to get makeover from 'Restaurant: Impossible' and Chef Robert Irvine; Local eatery is focus of reality TV show on Food Network... Mary Kay Vrba, executive director of Dutchess County Tourism, said having the show filming in the county might draw curious diners to the area, a benefit to the “many wonderful restaurants in the Hudson Valley and Dutchess County.” Read more...
I'm not impressed, Food Network. Send Robert Irvine into a Golden Corral and THEN we'll see what's possible.
What is up with me? Food Network has shows that have all the drama and pathos anyone could ever wish for. My heros are Alex Guarneschelli (Next Iron Chef) and Amanda Freitag (Chopped) and Alton Brown (Good Eats) and Robert Irvine (Restaurant Impossible). Irvines reveals at the end make me tear-up. I just watched an episode of Chopped (GrillMasters) where Chef Freitag was in tears because she had to chop a cowboy chef for not cooking his sardines just right. I am just blown away by the real passion I'm seeing on these shows. I love food and I love watching people do what they love to do. Just so you know, the Sweet Genius guy reminds me of Dr. Evil and they should get him a Mini-Me. Very high creepy-factor. I don't watch that one.
Robert Irvine from the Food Network came to the restaurant I work at but..
Robert Irvine from the Food Network visited us this past weekend. Enjoying Cold Stone ice cream.
Meh, Robert Irvine lied about his culinary experience and Food Network rehired him when people missed him!
We find inspiration from so many great chefs. Anne Burrell inspired our Crostatas (great show on Food Network if you're not already a fan)...Our Chicago visit to Iron Chef Jose Garces' Restaurant 'Mercat' inspired our fall/winter sangrias and our visit to Robert Irvine's 'Eat' in Hilton Head is the inspiration for our newest edition to The Stone...Black-Eyed Pea Hummus. Look for it on the menu this week (seemed like the perfect week for its debut...a little extra luck never hurt anyone, right?) ;)
I heard Robert Irvine has a new show on the Food Network. It's called NHL Impossible. He invites the & to his restaurant &...
Robert Irvine's of Food Network's idea of a good burger is to put a slab of butter on top of the cooked meat. *** ..
I had to google Robert Irvine. My knowledge of Food Network personalities is limited to; Giada De Laurentis,& Giada De Laurentis
I'm watching Iron Chef America!! Robert Irvine, Masaharu Morimoto and Ted Allen are on the Food Network team. I want them to win.
Oh wow, surprise Gail Kim appearance on the Food Network, cooking with her hubby Robert Irvine on "All-Star Family Cook-Off".
Tavares restaurant to be featured on Food Network's - Go Shopping ...: Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine will be whip...
I am brand-loyal to Food Network so I watch Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine.
30 minutes until Holiday: Impossible on Food Network! Spread the word :-)
No new Restaurant: Impossible tomorrow, but you can catch Holiday: Impossible if you missed it on Sunday on Food Network
Gator Clean has been chosen by Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network. We will be cleaning Soup to Nuts in Tavares Florida. We will be featured cleaning the ceramic tile for the relaunch. Thank you Robert Irvine we appreciate you for supporting local Lake County businesses.
On the Food Network now - "Restaurant Impossible" with Robert Irvine, renovates; and serves dinner to a thousand volunteers at the Joplin, Missouri Boys & Girls Club!
It is finally time for Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine to air thier Holiday Special that was shot at the Joplin Boy's & Girls Club. It airs tonight at 9:00 pm central. Watch as Robert and crew transform the kitchen & cafeteria area and then prepare to feed 1,000 guests. Legacy Events was chosen to transform the gymnasium into a festive dinner area and we are anxious to see how it turns out in the final editing of the show. If you miss tonights episode it is scheduled to air again Monday and Tuesday on the Food Network.
Don’t miss this endearing episode of Holiday: Impossible (from the makers of Restaurant: Impossible) starring our very own Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Missouri and, of course, famed Chef Robert Irvine. Tune in on Sunday, 12/9 at 10p|9c only on Food Network! “Like” if you’re tuning in!
My good friend Robert Irvine and I had the pleasure of visiting Joplin, MO for a special episode of Restaurant Impossible. Check it out on Sunday, December 9th at 10pm ET/PT on Food Network!
Robert Irvine and a production crew from Food Network and its Restaurant Impossible...
Getting ready to walk w/Food Network Chef Robert Irvine about shooting Dinner Impossible in Pineville. Any Q's for him? Love
And now for a different look at Food Network star Robert Irvine.
Food Network star Robert Irvine to perform live at Strand Theatre
Gotta love the way Chef Robert Irvine yells at the people on the Restaurant Impossible show on Food Network.
Day 20: I'm thankful for the Food Network. You've given me some awesome recipes, taught me to eat steak that's medium rare instead of well done, and amazed me with people like Ray Villafane and Robert's arms are HUGE. Not only that but you have supplied me with a few running jokes. "It's not the bacon I'm used to!" "He stole my blender!" Thank you food network.
I just Googled "Restaurant: Impossible" & the Christmas episode featuring Joplin is going to air on Sunday night Dec. 19th on the Food Network. I don't know if my mom will appear on it or not, but they stuck a TV camera in her face & Robert Irvine interviewed her!! I hope she becomes a STAR!!!
Food network has nothing on the website for All-Star Family Cookoff... but it's HYSTERICAL. And it should be a regular series. Bobby Deen, Gail and Robert Irvine, Alex and Geoffrey.. Oh, Food Network ♥
Robert Irvine and Gail Kim are on Food Network! Food and Wrestling are a sexy combo for a couple :)
Chef Robert Irvine likes the heat in the kitchen. Youll often find him jumping from the frying pan into the fire on his popular Food Network shows...
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Food Network really ought to send Robert Irvine to do "Restaurant Impossible" at Guy Fieri's Time Square joint. Wacky crossover mayhem!!
Chef Robert Irvine from Food Network's dinner impossible came to FOX 10 today!
Q & A with Chef Robert Irvine from the Food Network
I admit it, I'm a bit of a Food Network junkie. Excited to see Robert Irvine Saturday at the Mount Baker Theatre.
Foodie's rejoice as Food Network's British Chef Robert Irvine comes to Mesa
Yet another TV celebuchef is on tour. This time it's the Food Network's Robert Irvine, host of "Dinner: Impossible" and "Restaurant: Impossible," who's coming to Mesa Arts Center on Friday. You can catch his interactive cooking show Robert Irvine Live at...
A revealing chat with Chef Robert Irvine: If you have ever watched Food Network, you know Chef Robert I...
Here's your chance to see Food Network star, Chef Robert Irvine, live in Boise. He'll be here on November 18th and...
Just ran into Robert Irvine from Food Network. Thought he'd be bigger. Nice, though.
Going to a cooking demonstration today. Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network. My sister is in a culinary program so I can go for free :)
Robert Irvine is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Food Network.
The place to be to learn more about Chef Robert Irvine, host of Food Network's Dinner: Impossible, Chef/Owner of Robert Irvine's Eat! Restaurant on Hilton Head Island, and author of "Mission: Cook" and "Impossible to Easy."
Food Network Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine is coming to Greensburg, but don’t expect him to offer his fans a typical cooking demo at the Palace
Mix food, fun and fitness with Food Network Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine in Greensburg.
Started out as a rainy morning, but the sun has tried to peak out a few times. Afternoon plans are for a nice bike ride, some mini -golf (Nov is the only time I have gotten close to beating Mike -we tied), and then dinner at Robert Irvine's restaurant (food network).
(Below) Nanny Goats Cafe owner Nancy Dupre (right) describes the changes made this week by Food Network 'Restaurant: Impossible' Chef Robert Irvine to diners Claudette Jones (left) and Adana Peloubet. (Above) The 48-hour renovation by Irvine and his crew included a complete overhaul of the restauran...
No! No, no, no! Food Network is rerunning last season's I don't want to cry again! Robert Irvine should have won!
Robert Irvine is the most-undeserving "celebrity" chef. Food Network is big business now, & it's done more harm than good to the industry.
On Thursday (November 8th) the Food Network is showing a rerun of Dinner Impossible. This particular show was taped back in 2010 at the Lowe’s Hotel in Philadelphia. If you look real close (around the 45, 55 and 59) minute mark you will see “Yours Truly” in the background. The theme of the show was “Speed Dating”. It certainly was weird doing speed dating with a camera in your face. The main part of the show involves one of the female speed daters and Chef Robert Irvine making meals with four guys. For those of you that don’t already know, I actually interviewed with the show producer to be one of these “guys”!! I didn’t make the final cut but was chosen as an alternate. In the end, I’m glad it turned out this way. At the end of show, the girl had to go on camera and choose which of the four guys she wanted to go on a second date with. So I’m glad it wasn’t me up there for I don’t know if I could’ve handled being rejected on national TV. All in all, it was a fun but a ...
My dad is with Robert Irvine from Food Network at the food & wine festival & he got an award !
just saw the original spot on CNN, the Robert Irvine spot, followed by the new FOB spot on Food Network, all in 5 minutes. RFM!
Are you ready to experience the impossible? Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine brings the challenging nature of television showDinner: Impossibleto life right before your eyes. More than just a cooking demo, the Food Network star and British Navy veteran offers a high energy multimedia and multi-sensory e...
Chef Robert Irvine is coming to Kilgore, TX next week for Restaurant Impossible! Our little town will be on the Food Network map.
Saw some of American Horror Story last night.I'm intrigued...will probably tune in next week. Saw some because I was watching my boy Robert Irvine transform another crappy restaurant into a winner on Food Network.
New show on Food Network coming in November, White House Impossible with Robert Irvine...And he is mad...
The show Restaurant Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine...not only does he transform/save the restaurant...he also transforms as well as saves the families...who own and run those restaurants...excellent show on Food Network
Triad Design poses with Food Network's Robert Irvine at the Celebrity Golf Tournament on Hilton Head Island
Triad Design golfed with Food Network Chef Robert Irvine at this year's Celebrity Golf Tournament on Hilton H…
A business reminder courtesy of the Food Network and
Just a far as I know...Robert Irvine's restoration of the "Oleander" restaurant is still scheduled for viewing this Wednesday at 9 pm.on the Food Network channel (231 Directv.33 Time Warner). Description of this episode is "Tension between owners". Should be interesting!!
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In just 90 seconds, FN Dish uncovered the best bites of 2012 (so far) from Food Network stars and Cooking Channel champs at the recent New York City Wine &
Robert Irvine is my favorite Food Network chef.
I love me some Robert Irvine; He's the Doctor Phil of Food Network
Somehow last night we found Food Network tough guy Robert Irvine floating around SWEET with his wife, and we have to say, seeing Robert and his biceps and his black disaster T-shirt among a glittery pile of pastel cupcakes was sort of unexpected. Read on...
I love watching Robert Irvine on the Food Network.
Don't miss a new episode of Restaurant: Impossible tonight at 9pm on the Food Network! Chef Robert Irvine Official Page heads to The Valley Inn just outside Chicago.
I'm sorry, but the only Food Network comparisons I accept are Robert Irvine (for the arms) and Morimoto-San (for the skillz)
Big Mike is having dinner tonight with Robert Irvine from the Food Network!
Ok I can't believe Terra just called Gayle Kim's husband Robert Irvine of Food Network just a cable star lol
So, Food Network, you're telling me I can buy a failing restaurant, *** around for a couple of months, request intervention from Robert Irvine, have him redesign my restaurant and train my entire staff, assume an illogical leadership position within the business, and then profit? Deal.
Just watched Robert Irvine on Food Network redo the Whistle Stop in Hot Springs, AR. I guess I'll have to try it!
Met Robert Irvine tonight. Only the most badass chef on Food Network. Guy is a monster.
Going to see Food Network Chef Robert Irvine speak in a little bit!
Robert Irvine, Food Network Star, will be at Memorial Hall TONIGHT at 7 pm! The event is free and open to everyone!
Food Network star Robert Irvine will be speaking to UK students at Memorial Hall tonight at 7. Don't miss out!
Flying Robert Irvine from Savannah to Charlotte...Restaurant Impossible host on Food Network
Did you hear that Robert Irvine and Guy Fieri have their own TV channel? Its called the Food Network
Srry but Robert Irvine is one of my favorite Food Network chefs & Im not going miss him on campus tomorrow.I'll catch the debate after
Robert Irvine, host of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, is here! Finish his goals to win FREE Spices, Limited Edition Décor and tons of other rewards. My freinds and I are playing and some of us have already won Limited Edition of Decors! Tomorrow is the deadline.
Robert Irvine from Food Network was on my plane! Very cool.
Interview of Chef Robert Irvine, an acclaimed five star chef and restaurateur, bestselling author, host of the Food Network's show Restaurant...
Robert teaches his team to make seared sea bass in tomato fennel broth. This video is part of Worst Cooks in America show hosted by Robert Irvine . SHOW DESC...
We were thrilled to have our work at Pixel2Canvas featured on tonight's episode of Restaurant Impossible on food Network! Thank you Robert Irvine and crew for allowing us to be part of this great turn around!
Dad won a Food Network competition where he gets to go to NY for a wine and food festival and a tour of the Food Network studios. He doesn't watch much Food Network either, so I'm having to educate him and give him a to-do list of shows to watch so he knows who all the fun people are. I think I might hate him, but I'll forgive him if he gets me something signed by Robert Irvine, Alton Brown, Ted Allen. Anne Burrell or Ron Ben-Israel.
I had to use the test kitchen to try Chef Robert Irvine's Crab Cake recipe from the Food Network. Here is...
Had such a blast interviewing and hanging with Robert Irvine of Food Network's show "Restaurant Impossible"!!
I want to open a restaurant and have it fail so Robert Irvine can come rescue it so I can touch his biceps! They're like tree trunks! Food network kinda day :)
Hear my interview with Food Network Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine
When you think Celebrity Chefs, the Food Network and multi-city tours - Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames and rubber-clad gimps aren't usually the first...
About to watch a new episode of Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible." Let's see how Robert Irvine handles this one. Gotta love it!
Hey, Corryites, and surrounding areas, don't forget that Michelles Restaurant is going to be on the Food Network tonight with Robert Irvine. The shows he has start at 9:00pm and 10:00 pm. So be sure to watch our hometown on the AIR!!!
Ask Chef Robert Irvine your questions now on Food Network's FB page!
Keep an eye out for Chefville comericals on Food Network this week! (Chefville is the game I've been working on this past year)
Restaurant: Impossible with Robert Irvine will feature a restaurant in Corry, PA Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 48 if you have Time Warner cable. I think that's Food Network.
Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL. Aired on Food Network ( Aug. 26, 2009 ) This episode was shot at the Pink Flamingo Cafe of Six Flags Great America
My boyfriend Robert Irvine is on the Food Network though.
Bistro gets 'Impossible' treatment Daily Inter Lake Chef Robert Irvine and the crew of Food Network's “Restaurant...
Steve and I are going to be volunteers on the set of Food Network's: Restaurant Impossible. They are filming at a restaurant in Kalispell next Wednesday and Thursday. We are helping out with the construction crew. Hopefully, Robert Irvine doesn't yell at me!
Hello Gail, I enjoyed the Episode on Food Network with your Marriage to Robert Irvine recently. Good Luck to the both of you!
These moments with Robert Irvine on Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible crack us up! We are going to have so...
Chef Robert Irvine in his best moments from Restaurant: Impossible on Food Network
There's nothing better than a three-day weekend. Except a four-day work week. That ends in a night of thrilling interactive epicurean challenges with a Food Network star. Oh, yours doesn't? Allow u...
I just shed a tear watching Impossible on the Food Network! Oh, that Robert Irvine - Dr Phil of fioodies!
Food Network Chef Robert Irvine's Fitness Plan Suspect his definition of "light weights" is different from most folks'.
Today is the last day for production of Resaurant Impossible at The Boys and Girls Club in Joplin. Turns out that Robert Irvine guy is pretty cool. A big thanks to him, all his crew, and the Food Network for what they are giving to the kids! If you don't have anything else to do, volunteer, if it's not for this event, find any worthwhile anything that means anything to you, and I promise, you can't buy the feeling that what you give, will give you. Honestly did not know the man before this week, but probably won't soon forget the valuable lesson I learned. The best way to get your mind off of your problems, is help someone else with theirs.
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I love Food Network's Robert Irvine. He's planning his wedding so his wife doesn't have any stress that day.
Inspiring! | 5 AM workouts and healthful meals for Food Network Chef Robert Irvine -
Ok - just tossing this out there as a third party option for the presidential race. "The Food Party" - It would be made up of all the food network starts. The ticket would be Robert Irvine (washington impossible) and Ted Allen. I can't think of an issue that they could not solve. I think between all the chiefs they have just about every cultural and social group covered. Maybe Alton Brown could be Secretary of State. It could be worth a try.
The return of Famous Amos and Food Network's Robert Irvine Live: What's on your September food calendar?
News flash: It has been discovered that Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel and Robert Irvine of the Food Network are identical twins who were separated at birth. The clue that led to the discovery? The penchant both have for wearing black muscle shirts.
So. Food Network host Robert Irvine was in PowerHouse yesterday. He will be filming in Joplin this week at Boys And Girls Club. Pretty cool.
Robert Irvine got married and had all of his favorite Food Network buddies cater and attend his wedding. Must be nice!
Sad I wasn't there. I napped, ate leftovers, and teared up watching Robert Irvine get married on the Food Network.
Why would anyone want to watch Robert Irvine's wedding, Food Network?
Am I really crying while watching Robert Irvine get married on Food Network? Omg. My life has reached an all time low.
So I turn on food network and its a show called wedding impossible. Where Chef Robert Irvine (host of Restaurant Impossible) is marrying.. what for it... Gail Kim?! *** !
You're a failure because you don't change. -Robert Irvine, Food Network.
*** my favorite Food Network Chef Robert Irvine and ex WWE Diva Gail Kim are geting married O.O
So, because of Krystin White, I am now addicted to quite an awesome show on Food Network by the name of Restaurant Impossible - Robert Irvine is EPIC, and his no-quit attitude is INFECTIOUS. Awesome series, so mad I didn't know about it before now! :D
Watching bit of Wedding Imposible if Robert Irvine doing his wedding to TNA Knockout Gail Kim on Food Network.
He looks like the Chef Robert Irvine from Food Network. side job?
Watch Behind the Impossible! A look at Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine!
Anybody watching Wedding Impossible on Food Network? Its Robert Irvine marrying Gail Kim, who is a pro wrestler, which is pretty much why Im watching it.
Robert Irvine is getting married on Food Network -- right now, hes crying a lot and not yelling his head off for a change. Weird.
Lee Lucifer, formerly of Eat! was just spotted on Food Network for Robert Irvine's own wedding and show Wedding Impossible.
Food Network's Robert Irvine is marrying his second wife - the trophy wife - and we're supposed to celebrate. LOL,
Watching Robert Irvine get married on Food Network! What a trip!
For the Food Network foodies, Wedding Impossible w/ Robert Irvine is on at 10:00 tonight! Love Restaurant Impossible...this should be good!
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