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Food Lion

Food Lion LLC is an American grocery store company headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina that operates approximately 1,300 supermarkets in 11 Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic states as well as Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia under the Food Lion, Harveys Supermarket, Bloom, Bottom Dollar Food, and Reid's banners.

Harris Teeter Imagine Dragons

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it was 8260 market st, Wilmington NC. Everyone was so nice, much better than food lion, in quality and friendliness!
"You call them cargo shorts, she calls them not a chance"- shirt of random woman in Food Lion.
Heartbreaking Story of Dozens of Zoo Animals dying of Starvation in ISIS-controlled Mosul
Is Hyejin eating lots of tasty food and drinking beer? is she having fun? is lion okay?
New blog post: FREE salsa from Food Lion!
When did I spend 30 bucks at food lion in Cary like that just doesn't sound like Zach
Soul food for your soul mate, gumbo for the group, or chicken for your picken. We're at Lion's Den next Saturday…
Y'all I had to sprint into food lion today to race people to buy the last bottles of water. I DOVE
Tomorrow is Chinese New Year at Red Envelope Giveaway of $12,000 in vouchers. $2 Tsingtao beer. Wokitchen Foo…
SOON: Our annual Lunar New Year celebration is this afternoon. Lion dance! Free food! More! Come by. Bring your fam…
Lololol food lion in Kenly is a joke. Thinking about working there? Here's a tip, don't.
Food Lion has openings for bag boys I think maybe Krogers!
it is Time for The Streatham Soul Club! FREE entry at The White Lion 6p…
It wasn't about food. Lion vs lion has gone the same way on cam.
i honestly might ride over to Roanoke Rapids & head into Food Lion.
Food Lion cooks up Christmas feast for Matthew victims - WTVD-TV
What's going on in NW Charlotte near the Food Lion off Mt Holly-Huntersville Rd? Helicopters all over and cop cars on every street.
Donald Swift said he is also collecting items today at 5:00 p.m. in Amherst at Food Lion to take to firefighters.
This is me looking at all the white people with their babies not wearing any shoes in Food Lion
Thank you Food Lion for donating gift cards for those affected by Hurricane Matthew!
Around 1:30pm in Waldo's Beach Rd by Jack Britt and Food Lion
Matt Hawkins and I just had an adult conversation in Food Lion...totally weird moment. Good moment, just weird. 😳
I had time to kill before work so I'm just wandering a food lion rn
Mars is closing. The 2 Food Lions were sold to Weis so that the Giant/Food Lion merger can go through. And Wegmans opens soon.
I went to Food Lion & heard Muse, Lorde & Imagine Dragons. Who knew they had such a good sound track. LOL!
agrees to merger of Food and parent companies.
Celebrate 121 Years of The White Lion in Streatham on Saturday July 30th. Market, Music, Food, Togetherness!
The life of a sheep is easier than the life of a lion. Sheep are given food and water freely by…
Food Standards declares runny safe to eat again, but only British Lion Quality eggs:
"MT FSA runny eggs safe to eat again who knew?!
I'm living off my food lion check from last week 😐
Food Standards Agency declares runny eggs safe to eat again
Even Animals knows how to be romantic, before they mat A lion hurt food for the lioness to eat, He takes care of...
dam shame that wasnt killary. On the other hand the lion would have died of food poisoning
I just wanna know how many times this mf has had food poisoning.Must have the stomach of a lion
it's like right by the high school in the plaza where food lion is. That place was always lit
Just worked my last shift at Food Lion. Excited for what God has planned! So thankful.
Going to food lion tomorrow, to talk to the manager
someone decided to steal my phone right out of my buggie at food lion ,so I have no phone call the house,,
Food Lion said I need to take out my gauges and change my nose ring into a stud to work in stocking.
I spend way too much time at Food Lion lol
GIANT FOOD LION. the logo will now be a fat and lazy lion
Martin's-Food Lion merger approved; FTC spells out when Martin's stores to be sold to Publix -…
Just had to ask someone for 25 cents at food lion while trying to buy pasta, salsa, and OJ. I've never felt so broke in my entire life.
My mom sent me into food lion knowing *** well that I'm drunk
Guess who made a smoke show by Food Lion🙋😅
They really sent me to food lion for some dang chocolate morsels
girl food lion carries those fruity beers I love so much I almost fell out in the aisle yesterday !
Every time I work food lion I have people telling me I'm beautiful.. Maybe today shouldn't have been my last day 🤔
Maryland agrees to merger of Giant Food and Food Lion parent companies.
Anywhere in spring lake just about. I went to food lion & someone snapped me a picture of myself 😭
Why are they selling the dancer chocolate at food lion. My mind is confused
Sarah . -track af. -super nice but will smack a *** -life goals . -saw you at food lion today. -you're cute but you're dogs cuter . :)
1 year Remembrance for Tracy Williams, killed in parking lot of Food Lion in Franklinton. .
Saw Thabo Sefolosha at Food Lion today but it turned out just to be
Come out on Wednesday, 3 to 6 pm, to our Carrollton market! We're located next to Old Point National Bank in front of Food Lion.
Just passed by Debbie Yow in Food Lion, her expression wasn't one of much joy!
it does get real in Food Lion sometimes low key
Ready for Taste of Columbia? Chef Monica Smith has teamed up with Food Lion http…
You are invited to the store that eliminates the need for coupons and surpasses Wal-Mart, Farm Fresh, Food Lion,...
BREAKING: Someone stole some Sweet Baby Ray's sauce from a Food Lion
Thanks. Drivers run the redlights between Food Lion and Golden Hills every day.
Foods obtained! Would have spent way more than what I spent here ($50) if I had gone to Food Lion instead of Dollar General lol
Just spilled 10 bricks worth of orange juice & milk it's a flash flood watch ina Food Lion
You see some wired people when you work at food lion late at night!!
Food lion worker giving her customer a *** and swallow
I try to tell daddy but he say noey *I finish eating my food and then pick up my lion*
this *** There isn't even a food lion within 50 miles of me and I wanna Dale call so badly
Look! Most exceedingly terrible empty answer of the year from me: Welcome to Food Lion! You, as well!
I've literally been at food lion all day
. At Food Lion You can't beat their meat, but you can finger it.😜
Aye that race car driver dale got sum chips out and food lion had em $1 a bag when ya bought 10 and man listen them jalepeno janks so good
Can't believe I'll never work with the funniest dude at food lion ever again... til the death of me ✊🏼
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Saw steph curry at food lion today 😱
I want a steak but food lion was tripping with that price
Al asked me to look up where a Food Lion is on my phone. I said line or like a lion? He starts growling... 😂
At Food Lion... - 1. Cashiers asked if they could take my picture. 2. Cashiers argued over whether or not...
My mom forcing me to eat Wendy's or Food Lion 😑
Lion's taking his place at the top of the food chain in Manhunt! Gruesome? Sure! But that's the fun!
Food lion better sale blunts cus I don't feel like go anywhere else
Just walking into my local childhood food lion felt good
Protip: when you've got your white Great Pyrenees in the car, check to see if your black shirt is hairy BEFORE entering Food Lion
Im wondering if this is at my food lion.
I was just in food lion, abs I'm dressed up for the spring awakening cast party. I wanted to look nice to celebrate our accomplishments
Matt and I have been out all evening and I just wanted to go home and relax but he made me pull into food lion so he could get sprinkles🙄
😁 nice joke. maY be HUNGRY LION NEED MORE FOOD more suitable
me whenever I hear somebody at food lion say Lauren instead of Taylor
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
well, where we go. we not able to create new nawab and also we are not able to find more food for LION.
Everyone seems to be complimenting each other up here at food lion. Was just told I have
yasss! I mean I like food lion but they ain't paying me enough
Where do you suppose ppl protest Trump if not at a Trump rally. Food lion?? Applebee's?? I think not
I found this little gem at the local Food Lion.
Twenty one pilots is playing in food lion. Cool.
Welcome to food lion where you walk in and the girl leaving gets tazed... Are you hiring?
Some woman was checking out at Food Lion, looked up at me and said:. "You look just like your dad", and walked out. I'…
Walked into the Food Lion bathroom and briefly heard moaning coming from one of the stalls... I screamed "You go bro"…
If anyone is near the Food Lion in NE. Please stop in and say hello . Please. I'm here for another 2 hours. I'm begging
The James family: where food lion is somehow always the topic of discussion
I remember seeing ya in food lion that day lls
Some guy was just cleaning a car in the Food Lion fire lane with a water bottle. He was: Shirtless, Smoking a cigar, and had his pants down
Food Lion's new checkout lines look confusing lol or is it just me? 🤔
- we are back in Raleigh on the Southern Women's Show Stage for Food Lion.
been looking for your muscadine wine for month or 2 @ local Food Lion w/ no luck. Has FL stopped carrying it or more coming?
Lmao yo they're playing fergie in food lion
I'm sure we will. Eat at many restaurants/cafes. Only comment on the best - food and…
Now available at our local Food Lion - Drinking a Long Leaf IPA by @ Lantern Green —
how many times have I had a sketchy situation in the Food Lion parking lot? everytime I go
Seeing Jeff walk out of the doors of Food Lion is depressing..
Don't forget is party night at the White Lion with Food, Music & more!
Our new Food Lion brought a teacher appreciation bag for our employees today. Pictures are Mr. Raymond Brown,...
Food Lion to Remodel Stores in Greater Charlotte, N.C., Market in 2016; Invests $1.5 Million in Second Harvest Food…
Fan of Train, Taylor Swift, and Rob Thomas? Come work at Food Lion where they play the same 10 songs from those bands every *** day.
A girl from class was working the register at Food Lion so she got the unique honor of ringing up a family-size box of Lucky Charms for me
I remember going to Food Lion as a kid and having buy me Slim Jim
Mines right across the street at the Food Lion in Cameron, NC
The wolf and the lamb will graze together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox; and dust will be the serpent's food. (Isaiah 65:25 NASB)
*** problem at town .. Resisting the junk food that smells so darn nice
I find it everywhere.. Food lion, gas stations, etc.. Just bought it from a family grocery store out here
Food Lion is looking for a Cutter in apply now!
how do I get food lion brand Orange Soda, I live in Florida
Oooo there's going to be an Asian Fest next friday at the marketplace when I'm working ouo free food and lion dances outside my store \ouo/!
saw an Uber in the Food Lion parking lot waiting on a guy to get his groceries. it is the future.
I'll tell you about major markets- there is Kroger, Harris Teeter, Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion, Publix, Winn Dixie, Whole Foods,
Even Lion's go hungry from lack of food, but those of you who obey the LORD lacks nothing GOOD. . 34:10 󾕆 — reading the Bible
your neighborhood Walmart , food lion , dollar general ...
There's pretty much no point in even going to food lion anymore
I slammed my head into a metal shelf in Food Lion and now my head hurts so bad
I'm watching employee of the month, and my dad says "what's this? A show about food lion?"
cloverclark: It’s ironic. When I worked in fast food for minimum wage, they would yell at us and lecture us...
Grocery Associate needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
yo what time food lion close I need them dutches
well the cashier @ food lion just told me she wasn't carding me bc I look a " good 25 or 26 years old" ... not sure how I take that 😳
factually incorrect. A hyena kills 80% of its food needs while % for lion is 50.
Shawn in food lion Trynna jugg smh so black
Full disclosure: bread is my favorite food. If that is the reason I never reach So. Be. It.
Kinnon is going to hang out with his boys in the Food Lion Parking lot. Warner Robins is getting lit these days...
Weighed in at 158.6!!! Now rehydrating and getting some food in me. Lion fight promotion starts in 2hrs👊🏽
There's not a second that goes by in the day I cannot eat food.
Food lion calling me talking about "you working over spring break right?"
What does a girl have to do to get a hot chocolate around here? — Buy some from food lion lmao
Yeah, what y’all know about um, getting your kung fu nunchuck panda on in the parking lot of the local food lion? Get it, my man, he out her
currently in food lion trying to learn Bosnian
Just said to a guy in food lion who was wearing a pullover and he looked at me like I was crazy.
for anyone in Food Lion rn pls excuse my look. I'm in pjs and 2 braids. 🤔
I swear manger at food lion make me so mad Like Im sorry you didnt go to school and make something out of your self and u have to work here
I dunno how your Friday night is going, but I spent the past 90 minutes in Food Lion and a cashier talked about Fetty Wap and Marty Mcfly
I quit food lion today. I'm tired of the way they treated me for busting my *** night after night for them.
food lion right now doing stocking. I want something that pays me better
100% identical to my reaction. Like, exactly as I walked into Food Lion & people stared 😂
Israeli navy fires live ammunition at two Gazan kids and their father. "We are just fishing. We have no food."
lol! It's called twisted tea! You can get it in a case at Food lion.. Flavors half and half or regular tea
The little crack dealers aka Girl Scouts outside of food lion are testing my self control
The new space!! In Edgewater between the Food Lion and West Marine.
lion writes abt new food at Starbucks but wont do the persuasive Ive been begging for abt why Id be a perf prom date for desperate seniors??
Food Lion is the best discount grocery store in my view. Very Nice People and I Love cutting up w/ them as well!
Leave it to my daughter for saying *loudly* in the middle of food lion that she wanted hot…
They were at Food Lion this morning!
I swear I see the same people come to food lion EVERYDAY lol
Food Lion is hiring a Customer Service Manager, apply now!
Passion Pit followed by Feist. Food Lion is all about late 2000s indie rn.
- I will call at KFC for dinner and then pop in to burn off the food , won't take long
When the view in the Boone food lion parking lot is prettier than any view in Raleigh combined 😐
They even pit all the stuff in your cart after its bagged and will take it to your car if you want. Food lion never even put stuff back
Enjoy fest this weekend at Qualcomm stadium-food, lion dances, entertainment+
I need a blunt let me go see who at the food lion
Check us out! We are over here at the South River Colony in Edgewater, right next to Food Lion. We got our keys today! :-D
I used Apple Pay at food lion in Raleigh nc. To buy ice cream.
Woman: don't you get tired of always dipping and spitting?. Me: that's like asking a lion if it ever gets tired of killing for…
I've done about everything I can in Berryville and I'm now alone eating chicken tenders in the food lion parking lot
the one up here in rock hill does lol. And I want to say it stays open as long as Food Lion is open except on Sundays
Them days where Food Lion looks like there's a black friday sale goin on because of suhh snow :3 lol
Food Lion is a bad place! I think they move things around just to spite me. Shout out to the elderly lady who helped me!
I swear this looks like Virginia beach. Like he was on the Food Lion holland Rd when Parked it I swear
I wanna drink a beer with the guys who work at the China Wok next to Food Lion.
The other one. Down Independence in the shopping center with the Food Lion.
NC is like a substance whose triple point is the equilibrium of Waffle House, Food Lion, and Family Dollar
Apply now to work for Food Lion as Food/Dairy Associate in
domain names
End Sales Assistant needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
-- find them before something terrible happens. I really, really don't want to be lion food." He thought to himself as --
shouldn't you take me on a date to food lion🤔 I need some more mountain lion
lmao, I'm so sad I'm leaving here. I love all my neighbors and their food ...😞 luckily they all go to my food lion.
My mom said we should go 2 food lion then I said that place sucked b/c they were closed yesterday and I thought thanksgiving was yesterday 😂
ha. I didn't notice them. Are those standard Food Lion products?! I'll keep an eye out for 'em next excursion!
I saw Nikki working at food lion today & she's so cute! I miss her & playing lacrosse with her
I just used Punchcard at Food Lion, and won 10 Points! WOO HOO!!
Food Lion is hiring a Grocery Associate, apply now!
When you go to food lion just to buy cookie dough and was judging you.
My fave thing to do when travelling abroad is trying new junk food. Too bad I only liked the lion bar and that's...
Bought some chicken tenders at food lion (already cooked and hot), the bag was opened... and I'm eating them.
"What's a lion got to do to find some food around here?"
Top of the food chain? Put yourself in the same room as a lion & watch him eat your *** face
I was about to get into the car and someone was blasting stressed out in the food lion parking lot
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Gotta go to food lion soon as I get back. My fridge has no juice or milk 😭
Just settled an argument among cashiers at the Food Lion about what year Star Wars came out. Sometimes it's good to be an old fart.
I just realized the Food Lion on Forestbrook has a public restroom.
Check out Food Lions Coupon Hub and enter to win $100 in Food Lion Gift cards
New post on my blog: Weekly Update that Includes: Empty Bowls, Former Detroit Lion Rob Sims at Woodworth, Noor Fah…
Apply now to work for Food Lion as Pricing Coordinator in
` When your crush that work at food lion works tonight but he outside on break so you just left 😒
Food Lion issues recall over possible E. coli contamination: Food Lion has issued a recall of five products that…
Found these last month in Winston-Salem. So happy to find them at Food Lion in Wilmington today.…
Tomorrow is my last day at food lion 😊😊
Check out this End Sales Assistant at Food Lion in
What places are hiring because 3 hours a week at food lion isn't payin the bills
Have you ever been in a Food Lion? It's like a nice really Tops. So interpret that as you please.
It's really fun embarrassing my little sister in food lion in front of cute guys.
casually goes to food lion to bother Kyle while Brady is in band practice
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Saw a Reddit user said that Food Lion is better than Wegmans so it must be true.
I went to Food Lion to pee literally every single person looked at me weird as I walked through the store... is there something on my face?
When you about to say hi to but she acting crazy in food lion 😂
Wow went all the way to food lion and didn't buy any apples
Erica almost hit me in food lion once.
Katie Brown, 45 investigated by police for animal cruelty. Cake decorator at Food Lion...lives in South Daytona FL
I rated Food Lion on Get it at and use sponsor code mrnate806
Food Lion recalls 5 celery products at select stores
I hope you guys are still in the giving mood :-) . The Holiday Canned Food Drive starts when we get back!!
I went to Kroger and Food Lion and still forgot to get some juice
it's the only one Food Lion sells. It's delicious. Being Sherbet it's usually low fat. Mm
I will always love you Mikkel from food lion☺️
Check out this Manager at Food Lion in
Merchandise Associate needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
This lady heard me singing in Food Lion and told me I have a beautiful voice. She must be deaf. 😂😂
Food/Dairy Associate needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
HOORAY for Two Rivers Community School! Miss Vicki's kindergarten class walked to Food Lion, picked out the...
I am out here at Food Lion 3207 Eastway Dr. with Frank Alexander and Kyle Love from the Carolina…
Food Lion has a Turkey special: Spend $35 and price drops to $.37 per lb. Add veteran discount. Just got a 19lb free turkey.
Pricing Coordinator Lead and Trainer needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
Food Lion is looking for a Associate in apply now!
Food Lion revamps local stores, donates to Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina
Check out this Associate at Food Lion in
NOW: Witness says woman stabbed man 2x outside Food Lion on Beatties Ford Rd. Man taken to hospital
Francis and Oswego still doing ok, thankfully. Food Lion (though the parking lot is lake) is still open.
Food Lion is hiring a Cutter, apply now!
Ugh...gluten free cupcakes are sold out at my Harris Teeter. Lowes Foods and Food Lion do not carry gluten free...
I remember when this used to be a Food Lion... (@ Walmart Neighborhood Market) on
Road Rage at Tiger Spirits on 123 in Clemson, right next to Food Lion. FREE BARBECUE for all!
Food Lion is looking for a in apply now!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Assurance Associate needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
Manager needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
Hwy Patrol reporting a hit and run ax. with injuries in on US-52 at Thornton Rd. Down the street from Food Lion.
New NAPA auto parts store continues to go up in front of Food Lion in Pittsboro
Huehue Finished going to Food Lion and buying alot of toilet paper o3o
Food Lion by my house is closing and everything is 50% off.bout to go rack up on paper towels, toilet paper and whatever else they got
Customer Service Manager needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
Food Lion is hiring a Associate, apply now!
A big thank you to the Hickory Grove Precinct CMPD.. The officer sat outside a vehicle parked at Food Lion and...
One day Ima have 4 billion in my State Employees Credit Union account and go home and buy all The pop tarts at Food Lion on Hwy 55.
PT Quality Assurance Associate - Food Lion: Clean and organize the store mop...
"It's not about slavery, it's about history!" - guy who skipped History class to do whippets behind the Food Lion
The all-share deal would combine Delhaize, the owner of the American brand Food Lion, with Ahold, which owns the Stop & Shop and Giant
CG Food Lion...woman yells at man in store."hey-how are you? Man looks confused. You don't recognize me because I'm SOBER!" SMH ROCO
i hate that I have to cop from food lion tho their woods be hella stale sometimes
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Creepy old lady just talked to me at food lion 😅 she said she was gonna kill her sister 😅🔪🔪
We provide services to national accounts & has worked with companies such as Home Depot, Food Lion and other national commercial accounts.
I think Food Lion overworking me 😐 I haven't had a day off since last Tuesday
According to the CPD, Food Lion and Calhoun Drugs was burglarized late Saturday night, early Sundah morning. More details later today.
After 3:15, I refuse to go in food lion until 4 o'clock Thursday 🙅🏼
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I'll watch it with you. Then we can go to Olive Garden. Or Food Lion. I need to pick up some cereal.
I do not feel like being at food lion .. why who the fck needs groceries this early in the morning your *** should be sleep .
I'm glad I got to transfer Food Lion's but I miss everyone from back home and now I'm rethinking if coming back was the best decision.
happy birthday Lions and Lioness , please we dont have Hungry Lion in alexandra do make a plan ,love your food
Food Lion is hiring a Assurance Associate, apply now!
Shoutout to piggly wiggly and food lion too. Only place I ever found peach soda was in food lion
Had to slide through food lion for those lucky charms
Twick banquet to end an amazing weekend. Lion dance, food, music, great ppl, and the happy couple.…
Congratulations to on their Gold Lion for flying fried food via
Receiver needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
I MAYBE should have listened to my brain when it said tater tots and a milkshake were not enough food for the whole night.
This cashier at Food Lion has the best accent I've ever heard
Is Hungry lion food for breakfast balanced diet enough?
Associate needed in at Food Lion. Apply now!
in all stores or just certain stores like Food Lion?
Food=love, & Cookie Cats aren't made anymore (though the gems tried so hard to make 'em last). But there *are* Lion Lickers
The White Lion, Streatham. A chain free bar with a big heart! Food, music & wonderful people. What a combination!!
*** Walmart just got them! But theyve been at Food Lion for a while
Since when does a lion eat cooked food?
Maifia lmao we like them movie too lol play truthful or your lion food
I went to food lion and my total was exactly $5.00 and it was probably the most satisfying moment of my life
When you go to Food Lion and Imagine Dragons is playing but isn't working so it's useless.
Not in the mood to deal with all the people in food lion right now
oh okay! I thought that you may have gotten a job at Food Lion 😁 congrats!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Ol girl came in food lion yesterday with an aux cord tied in her hair... Reckon she didn't have a hair tie.
can't believe I seen y'all in food lion that day it's been so long miss y'all!!
I'm really tempted to go to Food Lion and get brownies and other things that I'm really craving right now.
I forgot to post on here that the Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods and Food Lion deals are posted on their separate...
Mickey D's. Bojangles. Burger King. Churches chicken. Subway. Food Lion. And if you are up for it auto zone lmbo.
Found them at Food Lion (Falls River). Will report in when we've tried them.
Never been an egg fan, but egg beaters price went up and Food Lion got eggs on the lo lo
Thank you to all who participated in the Food Lion family night!
This weather out here crazy mane the letters just blew off the food lion sign 😂😂
We want you, "The Lion" in Washington, DC. HTTR! Free Food on me if you are still in town.
Sea lion pup waddles quarter-mile from water, gets rescued and a ride from California deputies
Giant chunks of food were dropped off to a lion pride just within meters of spectators in their cars. Watch how...
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