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Foghorn Leghorn

Foghorn Leghorn (full name Foghorn J. Leghorn according to 1950s comics produced by studio staffers) is a character that appears in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons for Warner Bros.

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Jesus. H. Christ. (And yes, he's a friend of mine. He too, is OUTRAGED.) In fact, Jesus said to me, and I quote "I…
Allegations aside, is it just me or does Roy Moore not look like the love-child of Tammy Faye Bakker and Foghorn Leghorn?
What if YA fried chicken jumped up and started talking like FogHorn Leghorn
why you let Foghorn Leghorn treat u that way?
Did you ever watch Foghorn Leghorn? Your reaction to Puddlemaker reminds me of him.
Yeah, it *** getting old, but we know who Foghorn Leghorn is and that's better.
Foghorn Leghorn and Willie Coyote rocking their Halloween outfits in Ghotham during the Last day…
And his name is fishy too. . What's your name?. Edward Jedward. Floorlamp Headlamp. Foghorn Leghorn! Yeah, that's it!
I think the thing that always troubled me about Foghorn Leghorn is that he is very clearly a man-sized chicken. And that's terrifying.
canine who caused so many problems for Leghorn in the Looney Tunes cartoons was "Barnyard dog."
It's a joke, son. Foghorn Leghorn said it all. I can handle the jokes & even tell them.
Enjoy watching a dawg getting spanked! Especially good this AM after beating GA. Foghorn Leghorn beats dog
Trump goons spent the last year calling names and insulting people (libtard, snowflake etc) But the MOMENT you call…
This is so bad it’s killing the GOP. The cast of characters fielded by the GOP is cartoonish. Donald -…
As, "Foghorn J. Leghorn," says, "Well son, I do, I do.. I say I do, believe he missed his call, and…
Hello, it's Foghorn Leghorn. We've been questioning if after all these eons you'd like to appropriate black culture.
Yo, it's Foghorn Leghorn. We all have been musing if after all these eons you'd like to download Turbotax®.
Mighty fine people on both sides, both sides I say. (I often feel like I'm watching FogHorn LegH…
I can't decide who would win in a fight between Scrappy Doo and Foghorn Leghorn
Inner monologue Foghorn Leghorn style... what in the sam *** tarnation is going on here!!!
Probably the funniest intro to any episode. sounded confused as *** and sounded li…
Keep after him...the little Southern Foghorn Leghorn... "But Suh, I say, I say, that's a fabrication, su…
AU radio broadcast goes from Rod Bramlet to Gov. Kay Ivey for 1st half analysis. One of the best things I’ve ever…
*extreme Foghorn Leghorn drawl* "but as God is my witness, I only molested girls with their Mama's say so. I, sir, am a sout…
I don’t know but it’s hilarious. All football broadcast teams should include Foghorn Leghorn
If you were the prosecutor I'd love to be the defense counsel. You just can;t hide your contempt for the…
When you realize all of this time Foghorn Leghorn has been brazenly showing his balls.
My guess is that she follows the Foghorn Leghorn method. She had them made "for just such an occasion"
No FogHorn Leghorn, is not something you can eat.
Or Foghorn Leghorn making out with sexy Jeff Sessions. Which would make a lot of sense.
My first meeting since my move to Newcastle featured the Looney Tunes' Foghorn Leghorn. I'm off to a g…
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In his mind knows how to do math. But most of his stuff do…
King Dedede sounds like a sober foghorn leghorn
Everyone has phases. Christian Slater had an early 90's phase of imitating Jack Nicholson. Likewise,…
Repeat my lookout to your new lover. Create Foghorn Leghorn dryer.
The boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball. Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn likes to keep that cheap illegal labor flooding into NC.
I always wondered what it would be like if Foghorn Leghorn and a Gremlin had a *** offspring that grew…
Who's watching the cookies in the big elf tree? AG Foghorn Leghorn should stay in his goofy *** lane.
The Texas Longhorn was a stand in for Foghorn Leghorn
I hear that in a foghorn leghorn drawl. Lol 😂
With May on the scene Gordon Brown must be strutting like Foghorn Leghorn..
Hey just found a video of you in the gym wearing your favourite Foghorn Leghorn tights 👍.
sounds a lot like Foghorn Leghorn, which of course, makes that silly Willie The Weas…
I say, I say it takes zero stretching of the imagination to think Rex Tillerson could go full Foghorn Leghorn
The women are all horribly nasal, and the men are Foghorn Leghorn.
I say, if you read this transcript in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn, it all makes... I say it all makes sense.
Thinking of all of this Foghorn Leghorn lookin *** chicken.
- If I was a bird, I'd be Foghorn, leghorn
Shannon Sharpe is the living embodiment of Foghorn Leghorn and y'all really can't tell me otherwise.
It's the best, really. I thought he sounded like Foghorn Leghorn until I met him, now I just hear him.
Doug Jones vs Yosemite Sam. . GOP could put up Foghorn Leghorn for election next.
Yosemite Sam positioning himself to replace Foghorn Leghorn in US Senate now that the latter has become Deputy Dawg.
Farmer: I got a dog to protect you from foxes. Foghorn Leghorn: I am going to kill the dog and then I am going to kill you.
Foghorn Leghorn...the disguise won't help...
Foghorn leghorn. We're only SO familiar with eachother, though...
About as sharp as a sack of wet mice. (With apologies to Foghorn Leghorn)
Foghorn Leghorn could have broke it all, punching in the club.
"I do declare" 😭😭 Anybody else read that in foghorn leghorn's voice? 😂
Said in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn.
Will Foghorn Leghorn be banned from cartoons? He loves the term "boy" 😂
Foghorn Leghorn stopped returning my calls. Thanks for opening up old wounds, bro.
He's so far down the rabbit hole. Where's Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam? Heck, even Daffy Du…
I imagined you saying this in a foghorn leghorn voice. Lol
He's like the dog in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. He just keeps running, never realizing he's in a leash.
Someone in this office sounds like foghorn leghorn & they're screaming rn and i can't handle it
Lol. I heard this in the voice of Foghorn Leghorn?
Bugs.. Marvin the Martian.. Foghorn Leghorn my favorite loony toons
A lot of my friends have been discussing the morality of Foghorn Leghorn lately so I thought I'd put the whole thing to…
Sharp as a sack of wet mice as Foghorn Leghorn used to put it.
Try to talk too fast while high and you end up stuttering like Foghorn Leghorn
My dude went to college in Michigan but talks like Foghorn Leghorn
Wow,touch of the 'Foghorn Leghorn',(or for Corrie fans,'Fred Elliot').my comments appearing twice! Ah say.
Foghorn Leghorn's wife after the divorce.
I heard Foghorn leghorn was the runner up
Yes!!! I also love me some FogHorn LegHorn!
I can't help but see as Foghorn Leghorn. "I said; I said, sit down, boy!"
Who wore it better, or Foghorn Leghorn?
The only way this could have been better is if Yosemite Sam and Foghorn Leghorn were superimposed in the shot.…
She reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn at the moment.
That moment when the *** is unloading all his weapons on the bed. I need Bugs Bunny and Daffy and Elmer a…
When I pull up on Empire and they don't have Foghorn Leghorn as of a slice of the day
So much life learning experiences can be learned from Foghorn Leghorn... he's deep bro
I totally freaked out the first time I saw this video it's foghorn leghorn
"How will we remember history without these statues?" - people who imagine antebellum Southerners speaking like Foghorn Leghorn
Lmao on god Foghorn Leghorn was a black man. 😂😂
Foghorn Leghorn sounds like Phil Hartman if he was drunk
Foghorn Leghorn one grits-related injury away from taking over the pulpit
.what fraction Black do y'all think Foghorn Leghorn was
I always hear his name in Foghorn Leghorn's voice!
Frustrated how every dating profile I read says "be like Foghorn Leghorn only human. A giant cartoon chicken but a man."…
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If you read it in a Foghorn Leghorn voice, it's even better.
Also, the Battle of Little Foghorn Leghorn. That is all.
I am at my most Foghorn Leghorn when I say "I say"
"And my opponent just claimed the Confederacy endorsement despite the fact that I sound just like Fogh…
Hopefully they never watch any Looney Tunes cartoons - especially Foghorn Leghorn 😆😆😆
Regional identity is a facet of experience far too complex and multivalent to be reduced to any single symbol, except Fo…
I have a family friend who refer to him as Foghorn Leghorn 😂
When we heard was gonna start cosplaying again soon, we didn't think she meant as Foghorn Leghorn...
Everyone should get on YouTube and watch some foghorn leghorn videos
Do yourself a favor and read this aloud while imitating Foghorn Leghorn.
Foghorn Leghorn was funnier and more sarcastic than Bugs Bunny.
You're the female version of Foghorn Leghorn.
"I say, I say, boy, look at me when I'm talking to ya!" In that Foghorn leghorn voice
To quote Foghorn Leghorn."He probably thinks a pigpen is something ya write with."
😂😂😂. I'd never heard of it until you said. I thought it was one of those characters that Foghorn Leghorn…
"Say boy, you cover about as much as a flapper's skirt in high winds!" -Foghorn Leghorn 😂😂 Watching Looney Tunes
Liberal guys like "son". Had a guy talking like Foghorn Leghorn whilst being a friggin' HuffPo video games writer.
Me ain't gon' be able to kill Foghorn Leghorn like Mr. Peanut will.
"Boy, I say boy you are about useless as a back pocket on a T-shirt. (in my foghorn leghorn voice)
Fact: Anthony Scaramucci served as White House communications director for exactly ten more days than Foghorn Legho…
I think Trump's REIGN is basically over too. He has proven himself to have the management s…
Foghorn Leghorn bellowing neighbour has her tribe of grandkids for hols. They definitely take after her! :-D
Yeah, the "it's a joke, son, a joke, I say" defense went out with Foghorn Leghorn. Sorry!
I don't have a devil or an angel on my shoulders. It's more like Foghorn Leghorn and The dog, Bugs and Elmer or Taz and Everyone.
The I see really dug Foghorn Leghorn's nemesis.
Why is anyone listening to this Foghorn Leghorn wannabe?
I know eh? Foghorn Leghorn called, wants his rant back
I saw the and I am blown away. He's like the real life Foghorn Leghorn. Bow down.
Foghorn Leghorn ain't gon' be able to enjoy that guy in your MFA like Rainbow Dash will.
No way he's got the physical energy of the Tasmanian Devil. Maybe Foghorn Leghorn?
"Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and saviour Foghorn Leghorn?"
I liked a video The History of Foghorn Leghorn - Animation Lookback: Looney Tunes
I really feel like Jeff Sessions is what would happen if Foghorn Leghorn mated with a Keebler elf
I read it as if spoken by Foghorn Leghorn.
I've been on a huge House of Cards binge and have concluded that Francis J. Underwood sounds like Foghorn J. Leghorn.
"I say I say, Nick was the type who would leave you I say I say leave you smiling after he gave a funny one liner" -Foghorn Leghorn c.1994
Sometimes it just hits me how amazing Foghorn Leghorn is. Grade A heckler.
In the words of Foghorn Leghorn, "What's the matter, dog? You look like 2 miles of bad road.." Rep…
I think we're being Hornswaggled !. Foghorn Leghorn: Hey son, whatcha gonna do with that wheel?…
Mattis, McMaster, Tillerson, even Bannon have gone very quiet. Or is it because Foghorn and Le…
Lol, Yosemite Sam! I grew up with him too. Heckle & Jeckle, Speedy Gonzalas, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Du…
Tired of her meaningless clucking, she's Foghorn Leghorn's enabler
In your analogy, Congress would be Wile E Coyote, Putin would be the Roadrunner an…
Whenever I think of good ol' Beauregard, I can't help but imagi…
I the words of Foghorn Leghorn "what a maroon, what a nincampoop, what a loud mouth shnook. is the nail…
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I hope you’re quoting Foghorn Leghorn to Chicken Little, “That’s a joke son.” An obvious bad one, but still a joke?
Scaramucci reminds me of that little weasel in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.
Replace Foghorn Leghorn, he is a joke
For whatever reason foghorn leghorn has been living next door for a week now & I am ready to kill the loud fecker at any moment. STFU WOMAN!
Foghorn Leghorn, Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, Sylvester. Do I even have to say what order that is?
"but who would win in a fight? Yosemite Sam or bender. and what about foghorn leghorn. what happens then"
Foghorn Leghorn is my leather daddy and *** icon
Ha! 😂 I still think he looks like the old hen who was in love with FogHorn LegHorn. Ah say, ah say, ah say, ah say!
Greg Duffell told me that he saw Tom Ray have drawings of a separate Foghorn Leghorn part in the 90s, so he…
Why not Foghorn Leghorn Both you & Trumpty Dumpty are Mnetally Unstable. Both of yo…
I can't wait to see the John McCain biopic starring Tom Hanks and Foghorn Leghorn.
. I believe I've heard it on Andy Griffith and possibly Foghorn Leghorn. ☺
Is anybody else concerned our attorney general is Foghorn Leghorn? Who also can't "recollect" many things like a stoner and hates weed?!!!
Today on the Diane Rehm Show: a conversation with Foghorn Leghorn
Comey fired by recommendation of Foghorn Leghorn and his deputy Yosemite Sam.
Random thought nearing the end of season 1. Jidenna+Foghorn Leghorn = Quinn
It's about time. Wait, didn't they already do this with Foghorn Leghorn and Elmer Fudd (as the Ned Beatty character)?
Is it weird that I read this in Foghorn Leghorn's voice?
Ted Cruz needs to update his insults. "Radical liberals" is what Foghorn Leghorn would use if he turned political.
Jeff "Foghorn Leghorn" is so far over his head. He got the job by being a Trump suckup, no actual qualification for…
Hawk just sounded like Foghorn Leghorn, I said.
They act like the Chicken Hawk from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. My English Bulldog has to step in often.
And those Alabama accents. It's like getting to bed Foghorn Leghorn.
When Alex Trebek attempts to mimic Jimmy Carter but comes off as Foghorn Leghorn...
Foghorn Leghorn makes an accurate assessment of Bonehead Trump.
.has advised me it's Foghorn Leghorn, not "Foghorn And Leghorn"
Your one night stand ain't gon' be able to live Foghorn Leghorn like a mysterious crustacean will.
I added a video to a playlist Foghorn Leghorn GEICO Commercial
She cheated on a *** 20 years younger with less money. She tired of that foghorn leghorn ***
Foghorn Leghorn is the greatest cartoon character of all time
Foghorn Leghorn is now available for adoption! This male Hound is 5yrs 4mths old. Learn more at
You don't understand how tempted I am to rock that chicken hat in game and name my trainer "I say" so all the NPCs talk like F…
If she doesn't know who foghorn leghorn is she is to young for you bro!😂😂 and if you don't what the wacky races are we can't be friends ☠️
Every time he talks I hear Foghorn Leghorn... or the dude frm the…
That impression of Obama by sounded more like Foghorn Leghorn!
*** can't recognize a celebrity when they see one. It's clearly Foghorn Leghorn.
Foghorn Leghorn sounds like his grandfather so some context is necessary
Never before focused on Foghorn Leghorn being both evil AND stupid. But there it is.
It's fun to say in a Foghorn Leghorn voice.
is amazing pizza but my tolerance for the Foghorn Leghorn is gone. 🔥💩
Foghorn leghorn jokes aside, and I are very excited to have joining us on Saturday!
I might just go full Foghorn Leghorn on them.🐓🐔
I want a big Foghorn Leghorn chicken stomping around my yard and giving me fresh eggs
.George Canyon's anthems sound like they gave the mic to Foghorn Leghorn.
Since is a Texas Roo I imagine him sounding more like Foghorn Leghorn than an aussie..
Shaun didn't know until about an hour and a half ago when I told him that Foghorn Leghorn was called Foghorn Leghorn.
Guess Foghorn Leghorn isn't the only big chicken in these parts!
Trump is the Road Runner, Bugs Bunny & Foghorn Leghorn combined, & the media is a mix of Wile E. Coyote, Elmer Fudd & Barnyard…
I had a really good foghorn leghorn impression going for a while
Foghorn Leghorn: Now I say, I say look here boy. You need to give the old one two
Hope you are going to call him Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn is not one to be trifled with
Whoever won American Idol this year ain't gon' be able to tolerate Foghorn Leghorn like Jar Jar Binks will.
Sen. Hollings was a very dignified Sen and served South Carolina well. So I feel guilty that I th…
Who needs Elmo when you've got Foghorn Leghorn Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump at the White House Easter Egg Roll.
And when you press the button at the base, you hear Foghorn Leghorn speak.
- His mind is like a steel trap: full of mice Foghorn Leghorn
Nick did a pretty good impression of Foghorn Leghorn actually!! ^_^
Love Foghorn Leghorn. Just behind Huckleberry Hound in my favs. And you are right
Did you even have a life if you don't know who Foghorn Leghorn is?
This guy could give Foghorn Leghorn and Big Bird a run for their money! He is huge!
Good news: Foghorn Leghorn will probably be forced to resign. Bad news: His replacement will be Snidely Whiplash.
Foghorn Leghorn is dead, Truman Capote is busy, and Pat Dye is lost in the woods. Who else was on the bench?
once again, President Trump goes foghorn leghorn on the msm; grabs them by the tail and administers the 2 x 4.. wel…
Broke down another pallet for a painting canvas today. What will this one become? It's a mystery! (But it will be F…
I had never thought of you as Foghorn Leghorn before. That might have changed a little. But just a little. :)
Foghorn Leghorn was an inappropriately sized bird tho
Que Tal, it's Foghorn Leghorn. I've been contemplating if after all these millenia you'd like to fight for 15.
Foghorn Leghorn is my biggest influence.
Watching Adele 'live' trying to do a line which links Foghorn Leghorn to Demis Roussos
You have one exquisite spirit animal. I fear mine is Foghorn Leghorn!
Foghorn Leghorn could have lost it all, skipping in the boat.
"Look, don't ask me why he sounds like Foghorn Leghorn."
."Hmmm, whats on the tellie? I think I'll go with a lil leghorn foghorn. I say I say boy, are you a chicken or a chicken hawk?"
Foghorn Leghorn here but a good one too.
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Unremitting hard-line w/ the dweebs. Foghorn Leghorn's censure "Don't stand behind me, boy! Y' bother me, y' bother me!" still raw & valid.
At the rate he's going, I'm thinking either Wile E. Coyote or Foghorn Leghorn for Secretary of State
daily reminder that Trump is the human *** son of foghorn leghorn and Elmer Fudd
and you can say stuff in a foghorn leghorn accent like "well now I don't know me nothin bout no Donald Trump. But out heah
I liked a video from A Mix Of The Best Foghorn Leghorn Toons
Missy Elliot ain't gon' be able to cook Foghorn Leghorn like that guy over there will.
You have to get 'FogHorn Leghorn' to do a recording for a break sounder... 'Boy.. I MEAN BOY.What in the *** is wrong with u.
time to recast Godzilla? I hear Foghorn Leghorn is looking for work.
so velociraptors are nothing more than Foghorn Leghorn type characters?
"varmint" would be quite funny in a Yosemite Sam or Foghorn Leghorn voice. The rest is downright disgusting.
Breaking news: Minority President elect Trump has named Foghorn Leghorn to head the DCH (dept. of Chicken Hawk trai…
And this *** got his chest poked out put bass in his voice looking like that chicken nugget Foghorn Leghorn son
u kno sounds like a Drunk Foghorn-Leghorn.never recite PAC again. was that ur Randy moss impress
who is going to be his pick for Secretary of Agriculture? Foghorn leghorn???
Foghorn Leghorn was named after Mel Blanc's grandmother
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Foghorn Leghorn lives, and he's got a man crush on Vladimir Putin.
I love Chuck Jones. He invented the Roadrunner and Foghorn Leghorn, you know.
Gotta love foghorn leghorn. Ya hear me Boy?
Donald Trump is choosing his cabinet. Here’s the latest shortlist. Big Bird. Foghorn Leghorn. Batman. Yoda
Looks like an old chicken, not a rooster, but the old chicken of cartoons who used to try to bewitch Leghorn Foghorn. Yees!
Okay my best gal dont know who Leghorn Foghorn is, she didnt have a childhood😞
Indeed. He is the Foghorn Leghorn of the House of Commons.
You're like Foghorn Leghorn,Yosemite Sam You're just yellin',wildin',wondering who I am With those lies you're telling you're like ToucanSam
announces new cabinet pick. Foghorn Leghorn is the new Secretary of Agriculture.
"That girl reminds me of the road between Fort Worth and curves!" - Foghorn Leghorn
as a southerner I appreciate this. Kyra Sedgwick won Emmys for sounding like Foghorn Leghorn
Annonymous ain't gon' be able to buy annonymous like Foghorn Leghorn will.
Boy, I say boy, you're about as weird as Frodo Baggins becoming the Shire's abortionist. . All arm and no finger. -Foghorn Leghorn
Heh heh heh.. I was gonna say Jim Stafford just to get Charlie to make that Foghorn Leghorn sound...
IDK what's worse...Mary J's stylist combing her hair to look like Foghorn Leghorn then singing about Burger King chicken...or.
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TBT (this reminds us of Foghorn Leghorn, whom we'd rather not eat)
remember foghorn leghorn? OMG he was my favorite cartoon character ever. He was hilarious!
This CEO from South Carolina just gave a webinar I was hosting and he sounded exactly like Foghorn Leghorn from Looney Toons
this feels like the plot of a modernized take of a foghorn leghorn/chickenhawk cartoon. "Go research, boy, you're bothering me..."
Foghorn Leghorn - “That dog’s as subtle as a hand grenade in a barrel of oat meal.”
John Donne ain't gon' be able to mop Hedwig like Foghorn Leghorn will.
No, no, Big Sam. You went about it all wrong, son!: More than once I’ve wondered whether Foghorn Leghorn was ...
I think if him as Foghorn Leghorn but aye
Almost as much as I hate foghorn leghorn hair
If only I had the vocal range of Paul McCartney instead of Foghorn Leghorn.
Can't explain why but 36 yo Kyle reminds me exactly of Foghorn Leghorn.
"quite the contrarian"? Hey Foghorn Leghorn, even geniuses make mistakes.
I like the use of “bona fide” in Virginia state law. I imagine Foghorn Leghorn saying it.
When gets drunk he sound like foghorn leghorn
this works in Foghorn Leghorn voice too
I thought I saw a giant talking chicken the other day crossing the road but it was just another Foghorn Leghorn cosplayer o…
What's better than a 17 yr old sharing observations about life? A 17 yr old with a voice that carries like Foghorn Leghorn.
Wasn't big on Foghorn Leghorn but otherwise I watched a ton of it growing up
You quote Calvin, I quote Foghorn Leghorn--that tells you somethin' right there. ~
I like Trump. Kind of like Foghorn Leghorn. How he is never wrong and knows everything about everything. Fun to watch!
I think about foghorn leghorn when I'm having sex to help me nut
Foghorn Leghorn. Just kidding, slap him in a KFC crunchy chicken sandwich and I would eat the *** out of it! Yum!
Foghorn Leghorn ain't gon' be able to freeze a fedora wearing neckbeard like ZAYN will.
Hey no offense but I'm sufferin' from the ol'classic cripplin' depression and pls imagine that I said that aloud in foghorn leghorn's voice
I love me some foghorn leghorn though
His Louisiana accent sounds like Foghorn Leghorn. And the TN one...well...I could kind of see that. 😆
Foghorn Leghorn ain't gon' be able to give them like Olive Oil will.
Chickens are roosting. Trump is like Foghorn Leghorn blabbering on giving bad advice to politically immature and overzealous brown folk
when I hear Jeff Sessions all I can think of is Foghorn Leghorn
I'm not 58 but my 16yo daughter heard that. He is truly a breathing Foghorn Leghorn. No character, all bluster.
I bet Pepe Le Pew was just meeting with Foghorn Leghorn...
Chick can have me sounding like Foghorn Leghorn and I won't give a ***
Who else are they going to pitch, Foghorn Leghorn?
Has anyone ever seen and Foghorn Leghorn in the same room at the same time?
Whenever I see a picture of Jeff Sessions,i have to go around bellowing BEAUREGARD like Foghorn Leghorn for 25 minutes.
"Boy I say boy there's somethin kinda ye about a kid who's never played baseball.". -Foghorn Leghorn
My employee training can best be matched to Foghorn Leghorn teaching the little chicken to hit a baseball
you sound like Foghorn Leghorn and Col. Sanders had a baby
It's "sharp as a bowling ball" and it was my favorite cartoon character, Foghorn Leghorn.
// Should I give this character a Foghorn Leghorn accent?
is so much better w/o Foghorn Leghorn in charge. You have the best guests and panel-give the show to
Good morrow, it's Foghorn Leghorn. We all have been thinking if after all these minutes you'd like to ...oh nevermind.
Why good sir I'll have you know my doctorate is in Medicinal Elixirs (read this in Foghorn Leghorn voice)
GOP has got nothing-16 candles blown out by the foghorn leghorn bankruptcy savant.
Tune Squad jersey finally came today! Reppin dat dude Foghorn Leghorn! Getting ready for
All purpose parts banner
Can't stand her Foghorn Leghorn looking *** OR Stacey... *** media pundits thirsty for white validation
I say I say this was a real humdinger . (*Foghorn Leghorn voice)
I've always thought that a Foghorn Leghorn impression would be more useful than Walken.
Same here, esp military ones. I just finished watching some yesterday of Foghorn Leghorn since I on & off go watch a handful of MMs
An unregistered voter ain't gon' be able to lie to Foghorn Leghorn like us will.
Foghorn Leghorn ain't gon' be able to calm a bug Pokemon like a fedora wearing neckbeard will.
Send my purse/bag to your new lover. Melt Foghorn Leghorn flirtier.
He's so dumb, he thinks a Mexican border pays rent. (Foghorn Leghorn)
the RPN's name could be Foghorn Leghorn and would vote for him
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