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Flying The Flag

Created during the Cold War, this BBC Radio 4 sitcom chronicled the vagaries of diplomatic life in a fictitious eastern-bloc country.

I find it mildly amusing that my liberal house is the only one flying the flag today. Happy .
American Legion Post in Beaufort is thanking local businesses for flying the U.S. Flag. Post Commander Chuck...
The Russians were mining on a large scale, over 700 acres and they had a Russian flag flying - Peter Amewu
With flying at the. HA Todd VFW Post 537 flag retirement ceremony.
Do you see the PH flag flying proudly on streets, buildings, homes? Gov't might be forgetting, by LAW, Flag Days are May…
Flying high up in the sky. We'll keep the blue flag flying high. Stamford Bridge to Wembley, we'll keep the blue flag flying h…
Spending my Memorial Day cleaning & then relaxing by a fire with friends. remember the purpose of the day & be safe, my flag is flying high
The American flag is a flying symbol of murder, gluttony, greed, and white supremacy. You ain't never going to see me with one.
A debate with our son about flying a flag outside our house led to me exploring what it means to be truly patriotic…
So the Colombian flag is flying upside down at Sparkys & I'm a little stirred since my Bestfriend is Colombian and upset.
What's this confederate flag doing flying at the national Mt. Rushmore park?
Yes I agree. Brilliant filming again Johnathan. Keeping the Brit Flick flag flying!
congrats to flying the flag for although goin t miss the away trip next season ! UTR
Great day top circuit, great facilities. Flying the flag for on race vest. Look them up at
Driving down the street... almost every home has an American flag flying... :-)
If Europe continues allowing unvetted Islamic refugees to gush into their countries, soon the Cresce…
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Thank you to for also flying the POW/MIA flag today Let us never forget
The flag is flying on my house with a heart filled Thank You for the men and women who gave their lives for our fre…
No POW flag flying at the ND Veterans' Cemetary today. What a collection of disrespectful people in ND
Anyone flying an ISIS flag should be considered an immediate d…
My Mentor in Apc is endeavor to keep the flag of Apc flying very high in South West…
Today we thank those who have protected our country and used their last breath to keep the flag flying. Happy Memorial Day.
Veterans fight back after HOA restricts flying American flag to certain holidays: "The American flag is not a decoration. It's…
A fabulous day at the ranch. American flag flying and all my new plants look great. A cool 75 degrees and...
Gramps flag flying high today, as he shines down on us from the heavens.
Weird that aren't flying the flag with either BA or Air NZ.
We are flying the flag for Devon this Sunday - are you ? Sunday 4th June
Poignant day, to say the least. Flying our flag, thinking how very blessed we in USA a…
No you got that name for flying nazi flag over the bigot dome in the 2nd world war
Congratulations to Huddersfield Town - Flying the flag for Yorkshire in the Premiership.
The article said it was "a sentiment against the public display of the Confederate flag" so I was…
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If anyone was wondering the rudest customers in Jc are the truck of 20 year olds flying a confederate flag out the back…
Flying the flag honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day
Well I'm flying a flag today. Its not for but to honor the military for their service to give me & my loved ones what…
We'll keep the white flag flying high, cos Widnes Rugby League will never die
Congratulations from a supporter. Definitely deserved and flying the flag for hopefully we will join you soon 👏🏽
Me too! I look at the flag differently now that Obama is gone. P…
As a US Vet, I am offended that you would even suggest flying the US Flag to support this POTUS who keep…
Calton book shop in glasgow flying the flag. In Solidarity with
Well done to all of you who took part in our campaign to stop the Palestinian Authority flag flying over Kildare...
Ohio ppl flying the confed flag: It's herita—. Me: ur born in Ohio. The furthest south you've been is Kentucky. For the Cinci…
Flying the Confederate flag is important for claiming that you would commit treason and die for the right to enslave pe…
Absolutely delighted for on their promotion to the Premier League. Flying the flag for Yorkshire in 2017/18! Well done!
Today is Memorial Day and the state flag is flying at half mast to honor those brave souls that gave the ultimate sacrif…
Proudly flying the flag and remembering those Bad *** that gave their lives for us!
I've got my Trump flag flying right next to the American flag
As a fan I have to say well done to on winning the Play Off Final and keeping the flag flying high
America will fight the occult to the point every citizen will die to keep the American flag flying in the name of freedom, democracy, & God.
In Memory of Those Lost in the Wars of the USA
A truly wonderful fairytale. Amazing stuff from Huddersfield Town. Flying the flag for Yorkshire.
it's going good man. Hope you're flying the flag back in Galway.
lovely keep flying the Zim flag high
Why is there a USSR flag flying in the background? I'm guessing that isn't the pro-Trump faction...
How is Bellew lapping up last night's victory against a handicap? Only AJ is flying the respectable flag for a falling sport.
A beautiful tower, flying the flag of St. George.
A flying flag of the Republic of Belarus, a state of Eastern Europe.
2 all the extended massey fam in St Keverne Helston an Cury hav wonderful day and gd luck 2 U18s in fin…
Maybe a Leave EU supporter can explain why they would be flying the confederate flag if they are not Racists.
Keep the flag flying high and Aston Villa will never die, get in!
Congrats man, flying the flag for UK properly!
all the best of luck today girls! Flying the flag for Ulster! 🏆Ps if u need a sub SHAUNA's available
Hamilton Collection
All the best to my neighbours in the Camogie final today. Flying the flag for &
Our U16s flying the flag in Cardiff!
Employee Experience just 'makes sense' Companies, Charities and orgs of all sizes across the World are flying the EE flag high!! "I love wh…
Congrats Guys, good effort and well-deserved! Keep the flag flying ...! 👊
Good to see Jim flying the flag in London
Lots of projects on the go. Still flying the flag for Finish Effect.
Cannock Chase the flag. . We are here - not going away.
congrats keep the SA flag flying high
This weekend there were several athletes flying the flag for Engadine down at Wollongong…
Keep flying the African flag broer. You make us really proud
Truly nothing is as beautiful as our flag flying in the breeze against a blue sky.
It's St Piran's Day, 5th March. The national day of people in Cornwall. You'll see this flag flying all over Cornwall to…
breaking records . flying the flag for Germany with . slaying with…
Great to see our own flying the flag for at the Student OT Links Scotland conference…
This would explain earlier reports of a Flag flying in the area. .
Great to see so many proud flying the flag in . ✊✌❤
There's no one like our Minnie. We're proud to have her flying the flag for strong girls everywhere. She's
"This is the big man. Came to us from London - Jermaine Eluemunor!" 🇬🇧. Flying the flag, 🏃💨.
good luck and keep up the great performances. Flying the KZN flag high
Great to see flying the Welsh flag so high in the PSA World Squash Rankings. 2nd time in the Top 20 (19)
Flying the NIE flag at a careers day (with help from the Apothecary) https:/…
. Would have been better if there was no picture in that article, or picture of the valley with Indian flag flying
It's clear that they want to be identified. They didn't remove the unit marking and have a hu…
Flying/wearing the confederate flag is like rocking a 2017 Falcons Superbowl Champs shirt.
Trouble. What trouble. Trump is totally running rings around you libtard snowflakes. Flying the flag upside down says
Now Dan Kelly is flying the Aussie flag against
Look who is flying the commie ANTIFA flag.
What insane *** would bring charges against an American flying the American flag on a VA facility? Let me know his / her name now
You started a war👆🏼 don't be mad when the your flag isn't flying in the end. Blackford frosh boys rule👋🏼🔥
leave her alone. Yeah she's a spurs fan unfortunately, but she's a talented British Gem keeping the flag flying
It's not southern pride, it's flying the flag of a war enemy that fought our union and lost.
Merthyr, with the red flag flying. Look at that smile! 😊
Wayde vn keeping the flag flying high.
No this has been on going. I remember singing the anthem & flying the flag at a Primary the FarRight have claimed it
Proud of you Alia for flying the Jamaican flag high. I know you are disappointed as we all are. Your medal will come. Keep p…
Another gold and win in the QF has me flying the flag high tonight!
This booth at Nibroc is flying confederate flags and Trump flags on the same flag pole. They're making our arguments for us.
TRAITORS flying the flag of TREASON!!!
Somedays are great & others are just like that. You all did your best. Asante for flying the kenyan flag high!
My Bengals flag is flying outside the house and I'm all decked out in my fan gear! Can't wait to…
The Seattle Seahawks 12th man flag flying atop the Smith Tower with the King Street Station in the background.
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is on in 20 mins on Still flying the flag
With an Israeli flag flying, ur taking the *** !!!
Look who I found. Flying the flag for female founders
that's the flag I have flying here in Cali!! Neighbors love it... lol
Really sorry to see leave - loss is NHS England's gain. Keep on flying the flag for public serv…
Flying the flag on a gorgeous Morris daysailer at the Maine Boats Homes & Harbors Show in…
If we end up with a stand closure due to flying a country's flag, the club should fight it in court, not via preventat…
could tell from your face the pride you have in Carl flying the flag for
you're more than welcome! Keep the Tipp flag flying down in Cork
thank you lady! Flying the flag for shawlands charity shop chic!
Really good to see proudly flying the Rainbow Flag outside The Guildhall. RT
Well done all in Rio, some fantastic talented people and teams flying the flag for our country
The whole world should stand against Israel. if flying a flag brings a bit of attention then I say fly it.
I fully support the flying of the Palestinian flag others don't. That's life we all don't have…
Still flying the flag for physical/mental health care.. great to see Kate!! Hope you are well : )
Flying the flag for Al in Birzzebugge Malta Thanks to Billy from Motherwell
Smiling softly with the flag flying above his and heads he moved his lips against the god's at a slow pace.
After a week in Texas, I'm now flying the flag in Mexico!
exactly mate, Israeli's won't look at Big Div fae the GB flying a Palestine flag and go know what let's end this conflict fs
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Flying the flag! Paul O'Donovan & Gary O'Donovan with the tricolour after finishing second!
Brilliant chance of getting into the CL and all some can concentrate on is flying a flag.
glad the flag of Kurdistan is flying high and proud tonight
Flying the flag... Proud to be Irish
The O'Donovans just came back out for the craic. The 🇮🇪 flag flying high in the air 😂 Two brilliant men
missing the match tomorrow and am gutted but Philip needs me in the shop. Becca and Annie are flying the Davies flag.
.proudly flying the flag for Delighted we’re supporting such a fantastic event 1/2
My father, a lifelong fan, passed away last night. I am 45yrs & will keep the flag flying…
My Jeremy Corbyn t-shirt just got my hand shaken in the pub. 'Keep the red flag flying'. Unelectable?
Boys start there trip to France today and will b flying the flag 4 the howards
NAACP began flying this flag from the windows of its headquarters at 69 Fifth Avenue each time a lynching occurred. ht…
The FT is unbowed in flying the EU flag alongside the Union flag
You may find me praying for the families involved in Orlando, but you WILL NOT find me flying a rainbow flag.
I wasn't at the vigil in Alamosa this week but I'm flying this flag for all of my folks,…
Some of the chaps on the Ferry on route to France flying the flag for Hull City
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Our hearts break for Orlando - today we are flying the rainbow flag above Sydney Town Hall
Keep the last state flag with the Confederate saltire flying! Don't let sissies bring it down!
Wishing you all safe trip and success on your tour. Please k…
University of Northampton fined £56,000 of taxpayers money for not flying the EU flag.
Pride flag flying in Thunder Bay, Lake Superior in the background.
Rainbow flag flying at in solidarity with the victims of Orlando & with LGBT communities everywhere https:…
FirstpostSports: are the of keep underdog flag flying wi…
Watching this Brazil league match and a drone is flying the Corinthian's flag
but Jack is very vain of course. Always think of that shot of him basically flying above Ldn with the flag & winking at Rose
Across the globe US Embassies flying our flag half-mast in memorial & rainbow flag in solidarity w LGBT our citizens https…
Our flag is flying at half-staff in honor of the victims of the tragic shooting in Orlando
The flag in Hillcrest is flying at half mast proudly fluttering above a memorial for the Orlando…
I really liked that the had a rainbow flag flying at Fenway park today.
If you wanna be *** be *** The prob is people flying a *** flag instead of the American one after a terrorist attack. Support your country
We R flying the Rainbow Flag @ half-mast 2day 2 honour the victims of Orlando.
2009 Muslims Highjack a ship flying Flag and Obama took at least a week to do ANYTHING. THE NO STRATEGY , STRATEGY.
All properties are flying the flag at half-mast to honor the victims in
i dont agree with people flying a *** flag over the american one after a terrorist attack,Absolutely not. Its a prob if u do
eh I think the whole "southern pride" thing while flying the confederate flag is crap but that's just my opinion
We're flying the Pride flag and lighting City Hall Plaza the colours of Pride until June 27
ECU is flying the Pride flag across all 3 campuses this week in support of the LGBTIQ+ community
UK manufacturing is diverse & dynamic & flying the flag around the world https:…
It is flag day they should be flying the American flag 🇺🇸
Deans Travel flying the flag of Turkish Airlines
In honor of take a look at our memorable moments flying the flag of those who've served our country.
Flying the W flag. . I know I don't post about sports very often... okay, next to never. But I have to say that...
Flying the flag, for freedom and love
It's the first pitch, the flag is still flying and they still sing the national anthem. It's all but ONE thing they changed.
yes at first I thought it was about churches flying the flag too
It's sad to see the confederate flag flying in 2016. You lost. 150 years ago. Go away.
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it seems to me that they are calling all Southern Baptist to stop flying the flag but maybe I misunderstood
Jamaica's attorney general says flying a rainbow flag at the US embassy is disrespectful to Jamaica's anti-sodomy laws.…
At a church, no. But I've seen groups flying the Christian flag with a Confederate flag (ironically Union flag) over I-40.
Ill be announcing my candidacy at the tour, look 4 me flying above in TX state flag as kanye says "bird cant fly in a cage"
With all due respect to the people in Orlando,today is flag day we should have an AMERICAN flag flying for the national anthem not colored🇺🇸
Someone tell the USAV Palo Alto in the cove that they should be flying the US Flag at half mast today!
.is flying the FL flag for nightclub victims at its HQ. Flags are at half staff.
Here's the video of Dr. James Merritt's speech against flying the Confederate Battle flag.
Fantastic to see a league in Lincolnshire flying the flag for the Respect Set Your Stall Out weekend.
Wish I wasn't in uni today and could go to 's inauguration... so proud of you lemn, mum will be there flying the Haslam flag!
Buddhist flag flying high over the ancient capital of . Great view
The Asus ZenPad 8.0 (Z380KL) brings Zen branding to the Asus tablet range. Read our review:
We love a bit of oldschool kit! Great to see Ace flying the flag for our vintage systems:
I am just an old Brit soldier. But doesn't the US flag flying upside down me u are in distress? Sure I am missing something.
Flying the flag for PACSMail Cloud at FISIC day 2
Flying the Flag again at NEC 22.10.15, Stand 321, Come and see us. http…
lol *blushing*. Danke! Looking forward to flying the flag for NI food
most unrealistic part of the movie, was the American Flag flying in California!!!
Flying the flag is a new sports fashion brand to get more racing http…
HUGE congratulations to following last nights fantastic result! Flying the flag for the Go one more lads!
"Let these flags, flying next to the UN flag, remind us we must never lose faith". - http…
Have a read of this article about one of many great contact centres flying the flag for the North East http:…
The UK group brochure for Conexpo Latin America – Flying the Flag for Great Britain.:
We live in Britain yet Labour and Lib Dems seem to think flying the Union Flag is a problem. People died for our liber…
A friend sent this to me today its the flag of ISIS flying in Dearborn.
Sorry to miss & the double denim. & are flying the flag. Catch up soon.
Great to see member companies and flying the flag at
Thrilled to be included in the careers mag flying the flag for 🍴
Great to see at tonight's Flying the flag for in Ireland.
Good luck to making his debut stateside, flying the flag for Wales. Going to be up watching early hours
thinking of you & all the family today X. She will be keeping the blue flag flying high RIP
Good luck today to flying the flag for UK digital in Brussels at
Good luck to big Uini Atonio, flying the flag for P.I s and NZers alike. Allez les blues!
State of flag flying for the first time
startup Tuckerbox flying the flag for
We have the flag flying high in place of the NZL flag during the to show…
The South Carolina law that removed it bans ALL but US/SC flags. Why are they still flying black civil war flag
Seriously considering flying the W flag off my truck since the Cubs keep winning.
Well, Wal-Mart made an ISIS Flag Cake and wouldnt make a rebel flag cake and they're not flying the rebel anymore
Whitey, why are we flying the flag for the white-boys!? 😂😂
Shoutout to the guy driving around davison with a confederate flag flying from the back of his truck. You made my morning 😊…
Back at the CBA ivory tower, impressive ceiling here and flying the flag for TdC
keep the flag flying, with love from Houston
The city of Karratha is flying the flag ⚓💜
I'm not glorifying America I'm stating this is America where I am free to do as I wish (which includes flying the rebel flag)
I'm here in Atlanta. Gonna sure there is a flag flying high at the end of their rally. Can't sit this one out... 🇺🇸
The flag is freaking amazing. Let's give it a flying chance: via
Pearly Royalty with our very own queen of Scots flying the flag at our good old British knees up - welcoming one...
Best laugh of the day: Fella beside me at traffic light flying huge Rebel flag and pumping rap music like there's no tomorrow!
Well done Nick, Paul & Clint! Flying the flag for Sussex in Europe! . Next up Croatian Open & Hungarian Open... If... ht…
Flying the flag for Highlands & Islands at Dundee Food & Flower Festival. Great representati…
is the only flag I'm keen on.. if it's not that I'm flying the jolly roger
the center of this event has a Confederate flag flying which makes me wonder how divisive is this event?
They're flying the Portuguese flag at today. Curious.
Were they deliberately flying the Union Flag upside down?
I’ve got a skull and crossbones flag flying at my house, can I be in the news too?
Flying the flag in ANU • sir_fete. No matter where we go, there's no place like HOME
way to get the old white people vote. Im now surprised you didn't have the confederate flag flying high over city hall.
it's the rebel flag.. It's about Heritage NOT hate and it's banned from flying!
Back tae mah sing song.we'll never be no bleepin bastarts.we'll keep the green flag flying high
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Today I've been flying the flag at met loads of lovely folk!
Couldn't be prouder of my former staffer flying the flag for the in Melb while I'm in Canberra! :)
Confederate flag considered racist but this guy is flying the Nazi flag and nobody cares
The Italian flag is flying high here at Songland. We have so many movies and Italian TV series on DVD.
Just got a new flag for Only $16.02 for the kit at Lowes. Already flying.
unreal performance mate flying the flag for the UK different class!!!
Massive congratulations to on winning again out in the states! Flying the flag for Donny!
Just saw a truck with a confederate flag flying in the back pull out of my neighborhood so I know what I'm doing tonight.
Who does that bonehead Texas fan think he is flying his goofy Longhorn flag over the tunnel? He got what he deserved! 38-3!
.Flying this flag is the equivalent of hate speech for which there is no right.
always flying the flag for Martial Arts and Boxing Worldwide under...UFKKA
I was mentioning the people who where flying the flag at the race. Which NASCAR has already said they don't want ether.
Flying the flag for Stockport in Australia, supporters.
Next up its and flying the SA flag. Looking forward to a great result
well done Vicky..great effort from Non and Helen in tough conditions flying the flag for Wales.. ☺
Loved seeing the flag proudly flying at and co's house today
how do you supplement your country by flying the flag of the group that tried to split it? Cmon...
Catching up on well done both of you keeping the flag flying!
The shares the same spy HQ as in Kiev with flag flying outise building with o…
Our amateur home show is next Sunday !. This time our Amateur boxer's will be flying the flag for the club. Come...
Most protesters supporting the flying of the Confederate Flag are the same people who identify themselves as PATRIOTS!!!
I would worry about the CONDUCT of the people attending NOT the historical flag they are flying!
I've seen a lot of people flying the Confederate flag outside their homes and places of business lately.
congratulations on last nights result. Keep the British flag flying.
Just passed by a woman in the mall wearing a shirt w/ a confederate flag that said 'Keep It Flying' & she was w/ a man wearing a fedora
Maybe someone should tell the people flying the Confederate flag in Circleville that Ohio was never a part of the confederacy
Keep the Flag Flying isn't in the Xrd gallery, is it?
Day 1 spent up the road flying the flag for caught with 1.4k togo. Think I'm looking forward to home roa…
Feels great to say Im officially committed to be playing Flag Football for 'The Flying Tobascos' this fall 🙏🏻🏈
The T7 flag flying proudly over Mother Base
I always laugh when I see ppl flying that flag in ohio.ohio was in the union during the war
paying homage to Martyrs of Nation. And we salute you Chief! Keep the flag flying!
Virgin Atlantic flying the flag at MAN - A330-300 G-VUFO with B747-400s G-VROY and G-VGAL.
This is the Flag of the United States of America flying outside my home in San Antonio, Texas!
Student Told to Remove American Flag, Feds teaches Americans have no Rights! : Teen Challenges GOV.
I have one of them Tea baggers down the street from me flying a turd flag.
Ready for the final weekend of summer!! Not ready for school😝
Yes. It is. They're flying the Don't Tread & Confederate now b4 the American flag. Sad, 3/4 of community go2 church & ppl
Always keep the flag flying high. Happy Independence Day.
Happy independence day and Delhi is flying the flag high today. This pic is courtesy our reader Kunal amin
s/o to Casper Nyovest for flying the flag with pride.. the hustle is so legit
Our flying flag in the sky is spreading harmony for all, without any of it's own made boundary “Vande Mataram”.
The Indian Flag flying high in the air in a park in Bangalore.
Keep that flag flying high - Glow Lanterns wishes all of you on the glorious occasion of Day!
The U.S. flag is flying over the US embassy in Havana.
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congrats on a fantastic night. Keep the flag flying for Women in Sport.
An American flag is flying at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba for the first time in decades:
Happy independence day to all my countrymen. Keep the flag flying high! Jai Hind!
India! The massive flag flying over Rajiv Chowk in Connaught Place last night.
.& now that we have an American flag flying in Cuba, I urge you to demand the immediate return of JoAn…
can't believe it wasn't the Seed flying the flag ;':p
I think the flag still flying at Guantanamo Bay Cuba is far more indicative of what the US stands for today.
Happy Independence Day. Let's keep the flag flying higher and higher... Jai Hind!!
Everyone has heard about the controversy over the Confederate flag flying above the SC Capital building, but have... htt…
Happy Independence to all! Be proud to be born in India. Keep the flag flying high!
ABC NewsHistoric Day in Cuba: American Flag Flying at Embassy in HavanaABC NewsCubans lining the streets chanted "USA, USA" as the fl...
The American flag flying freely in a land that is decidedly still not free reports live fr
The American Left Celebrates: Viva Fidel! 'the American flag has been flying proudly at Gitmo'
Congrats Under-16 boys.thank you for keeping the Blues flag of QVS flying high
Deal with it people.. The potential for a 1000 years of peace. Happening under our noses in our back yard.
The US Flag is flying in again w/o a shot fired. Darn. With all these nuclear subs?. "Havana Moon".
To all those kids flying the Confederate flag at Fairmont. Keep doing what your doing.
Nah but fr seeing people still flying the confederate flag at their houses makes me sick.
People fly the Confederate flag because they are "Rebels," but! If every "rebel" is flying the flag how rebel are they?
The American Flag is flying in Cuba for the first time in 54 years
"You're a grand old flag/you're a high flying flag" sounds like the lyrics of someone quickly running out of things to say about a flag.
Flying the flag for postmodern juke box. You keep churning out their best ones.
Ha! Cecil the lion almost as exciting as flying a U.S. Flag in Cuba!
Dad mimicking black lady at the gas station... . *yall can't keep doing that...*. What, like flying the confederate flag? 😂
Nothing says "I'm a *** bag" more than driving a car/truck thats flying the Confederate Flag
The U.S. flag is now flying above embassy in Cuba.
For the first time in 54 years, U.S. and Cuban flags are flying in both countries after today's ceremony in Havana.
It appears Cameron has been lying again. UK have been bombing in after all. UK forces flying under the US flag. Any m…
Saw this video of this guy flying a confederate flag in the back of his truck, a bunch of people came up and took down his flag and threw
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