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Floyd Sr

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McGregor signs contract to fight Mayweather
Why would anybody watch that? It's like having a NFL team against a rugby one.
Floyd? Naaa man, im better than that. Im on my own level, along the lines of Salvador Sanchez, Chavez Sr., War Ready.
A very happy birthday to Gerald Scarfe! Most notable in the Floyd world for The Wall artwork; what other pieces did he creat…
Watch Floyd Mayweather, Sr. rap how Bey will win the fight.
Finally Floyd Mayweather Sr and I settled our difference, he knows what the deal is...smiling
Chicken George coaching him up to fight like he's Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Mickey Bey and Floyd Sr. talking with the press about getting their title back!
Floyd never talks about his Uncle Jeff and Jeff was a champion too. Roger and Jeff both were champs Floyd Sr never won a belt lol
Floyd Mayweather Sr. on the mic spittin rhymes. 😂😂
I added a video to a playlist Little Chris & Floyd Mayweather Sr 1 on 1 Session - Sponsored by Glove
I added a video to a playlist Andre Dirrell sharpening his skills with Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Las
He's supposedly one of those gym fighters. Floyd Sr said in an actual fight for some reason he
Pink Floyd are getting their own Royal Mail stamps:
Been keeping up with this kid Devin Haney...17 yrs old and he 6-0 with 4kos as a pro in boxing...Trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Happy Memorial Day...Im remembrance of my late grandfather, Elmer Floyd Sr...We're both "Sailor's" for life...
Like Floyd Mayweather Sr would say...OKC is coming out here to get their *** whupped.
I added a video to a playlist Floyd Mayweather Sr. padwork with some guests to Mayweather Boxing Club
Floyd Mayweather Jr and Floyd Mayweather Sr back in the day.
Floyd Mayweather Sr has a message for Oklahoma City Thunder fans
Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd on vinyl is temporarily OOS-but you can still order it!
Tabler: I'd throw him a breaking ball to get him out. Floyd throws a breaking ball. Ortiz homerun. Perfect.
Jose has just seen what Floyd Rqmpant has put in his stew!
What Floyd Rampant sees thanks to for the nightmares
I added a video to a playlist Joe works out with Roger, Jeff and Floyd Mayweather Sr.
I see Conor McGregor is wanting 2 fight Floyd Mayweather? I take it he means Floyd Sr?! .
About to interview Floyd Mayweather Sr. This should be interesting !
Floyd Sr. Says its not going down between mayweather n McGregor all pub... But we already know that
For Mayweather to fight Pacquiao again, Floyd Sr. says 'money has to be deep, deep, deep' By
Floyd Sr: Adrien Broner doesn't really want Floyd, Devin Haney 'would whoop his ***
[BOXING] Floyd Sr: Pacquiao has no chance if Bradley fights like Mayweather
I wonder why Floyd Sr & Roger Mayweather don't get the same credit as Freddie Roach or Robert Garcia
Manny Pacquiao next fight rumors: No rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. planned, says Floyd Sr.: There is no tr...
Floyd Sr. on Pacquiao’s legacy: He’s the fighter who chased my son :: PBA-Online!
@ mayweather boxing club with Floyd Sr & up comer boxer TJ...
Floyd mayweather snr says the pacquiao fight was one of floyds easiest fights
Chinese navy ships entered U.S. waters off of Alaska last week, multiple defense officials told CNN.
Even Mayweather Sr. Said Floyd would likely come back during the right circumstance.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. PICKS AMIR KHAN TO BEAT Manny Pacquiao; EXPLAINS WHY what do you think guys?
: loyd Mayweather Sr., the father and trainer of undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., is firing more shots at Mann...
Floyd Jr Sr and Roger may have been 3 of the most entertaining people in Boxing for the last decade
"Floyd Mayweather Sr. to son "I don't know what's wrong with you man. For real. ""
Golovkin would rehydrate 20-30lbs and fight Mayweather, says Floyd Sr via
& follow by 1159pm Friday to enter to win PIXELATED
Pacquiao is a liar with no skills says Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Floyd Mayweather Sr doubts his son will retire after fighting Andre Berto
Floyd Mayweather, Sr. says that any man is a threat against Floyd Jr. But Floyd Jr. has beaten every woman, too, hasn't he?
Floyd Sr doubts son will quit. No sh!t !!!.
Floyd Mayweather Sr says there is no reason to discuss a rematch between his son and Manny Pacquaiao.
. KHAN BEATS PACQUIAO SAYS FLOYD SR!Khan fans watch the video and subscribe!. Great channel
Floyd Mayweather Sr. called Manny Pacquiao a "liar with no skills" and said Andre Berto will put up a better fight:
Mayweather Sr. sums up Manny Pacquiao: 'He's a liar with no skills'. Watch video here:
What the freak is Floyd Mayweather Sr doing rocking out with some jesus people? he cray cray yall.mmm hmmm cray cray
Watch: Floyd Sr says no need for Pacquiao rematch, believes son may fight on | World Boxing News
Sr. talks about Pac also. Releasing a video of Floyd sparring?Talking about Pac?Ya,Floyd is fighting soon.
Golovkin would rehydrate 20-30lbs and fight Mayweather … - Floyd Sr. says Mayweather is nothing but a 140lb fighte...
Floyd Sr. talks Mayweather-Pacquiao rematch – Boxing News - As far as Floyd Sr. is concerned, Pacquiao is in the g...
"Have you been sparring with Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Because you're starting to act like Floyd Mayweather Sr."
S/O to Floyd Mayweather Sr rocking with the team esmg4life
Is Floyd Mayweather Sr trainer of the year so far in 2015? Leave your comments!! 📷 a_sanch_…
Learning from Floyd Mayweather Sr. Thanks for all the tips
I think it's pretty evident that Floyd respects Roger more. He uses Sr. now because he feels like Rogers health is a concern.
not sure who else Roger has worked with outside of Floyd. Floyd Sr did a terrible job with Hatton.
IMO Roger has done more with Floyd than Sr by far
So are all TMT fighters trained by floyd Sr. And Rodger or are there other trainers in that camp who are not mayweathers
How so? What has Roger done? To me Floyd looks better with Sr, and he did well with Oscar and Dawson. Roger done anything
I like Floyd Sr but to say he's legendary as a trainer is sketchy. Roger IMO is more accomplished
if its as simple as Floyd Sr just made it sound, I'll shut up for the rest of the night LOL
Floyd Sr giving invaluable advice in the corner!
he just doesn't fight like a big guy. Floyd Sr training methods have created a pure boxer at welterweight inside a Cruiserweight
Ez 2 tell who trains Tabiti (Floyd Sr) way he tucks his chin and moves his upper body even when lower body is stationary. Very impressive.
And as you would suspect, Mr. 48-0 is in the Palms tonight, supporting Floyd Sr. as he trains Tabiti in this opening bout.
I wonder if Ray and Floyd Sr. swapped cocaine war stories during the fighter meetings yesterday. Fair question.
There is not a bigger waste of air time than interviewing Floyd Sr. He does, however, manage to make garbled nonsense sound arrogant.
This is the round Floyd Sr. told Tabiti to finish him.
Floyd Sr. as usual adding so much LOL
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Floyd Sr sounds worse than Santos looks.
can someone please make the Ruban guerrero vs Floyd maywheather sr fight happen they still talking junk.
"The Trial" is like my third favorite Pink Floyd song ever
updates Conner Floyd for weight 202 to 210 class JR to SR height 6-1 to 6-0
if you believe that with 3 weeks training Floyd could beat Ronda... You are following the wrong sport bro..
Ayoo_Floyd: I ain't going back to Lake Charles tho 🙅 she can move here 😝 via amazon
Floyd Hufststler Sr in Centre, AL was just found at on 23rd Jul 7am
For Eddie Floyd and the Wynema Ranch. This is a beautiful love story! I purchased a copy before it ever released...
Thank you Janice Hermsen for helping us at the Wynema Ranch, home of Final Breath by Eddie Floyd about Shari Floyd
when is Floyd Sr going to release his song "Whiskey"?
Floyd Sr. said little Floyd should retire if he's gonna take easy fights.
when Floyd Sr says it's free, I'll believe it
Floyd Mayweather Sr. pushes to his limits & when he steps into the ring, it shows. htt…
Floyd Sr dislikes southpaws since Reggie Sanders stunned him in the 2nd round. This is an excuse , not a reason!
Floyd Sr. says he going to give something to talk about when this fight is over!.
Hamilton Collection
In the past we could always count on Uncle Roger to tell us Roach et all Don't Know Sh t About Boxin'. Dunno how Floyd Sr can counter...
Mayweather will beat up Pacquiao badly, claims Floyd Sr.
...Manny's chances a bit more w Floyd Sr. being head man in the corner, rather than Uncle Roger. Read n website
Best part of Pacman-Floyd deal is experiencing mad Uncle Roger and crazy Floyd Sr. in all their lunacy. Bloody bonkers.
Floyd Sr looks like that uncle that spits everywhere when he talks.
Mayweather Jr v Danny Garcia could be interesting at WW, but it's the P4P press conferences with Angel, Floyd Sr. & Uncle Roger that sell it
Floyd Sr is always entertaining to watch. “Floyd Mayweather Sr sick hand speed - boxing:
TripleG wants to fight Mayweather, but Floyd Sr doesn't want Mayweather to fight TripleG. Scared, I would be too.
At the mayweather gym gettin work with Floyd Sr. yesterday.
Floyd Sr doesn't want Mayweather to fight Golovkin
New designs by me... Floyd Mayweather Jr, Floyd Sr, and Roger Mayweather autographed gloves. Along…
Floyd Sr. added that Pacquiao never wanted to get in the ring with his son until he was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.
Floyd Mayweather's father and trainer Floyd Sr. is confident that his son will come out on top should the much-awaited fight against Manny Pacquiao finally happen.
By Chris Williams: Trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr thinks WBO 147lb champ Manny Pacquiao is only interested in fighting the No.1 fighter in boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr because he’s hard up for money and wants to get the big payday he’d receive in fighting him. That’s the reason why Floyd Sr says Pacquiao…
Do you think CHad Dawson was at his best with Floyd Sr , Scully, or Mustafa Muhammad
Floyd Sr when u gona take over J Leon's training, mainly his DEFENSE! Time for trainer change to salvage his career, PEACE!
I can't believe what I'm reading about how Floyd Sr treat Ricky Hatton before and after the Manny fight, what an *** !!
Anyone catch this on Roy Jones Instagram? Says he spoke w/ Mayweather Sr & hints at Floyd's "surprise." here:
Floyd Sr. not a fan of Maidana rematch
Mayweather Sr. not giving up on Floyd-Manny showdown | via
Gamboa is getting serious. He added Floyd Sr to his team.
Pink Floyd is 1 of 52 poems in E is for Elvis -
Read an excerpt from Roslyn Hardy Holcomb's and Lisa G. Riley's new book, "Rumors of War"
If you know and saw the episode of you saw clips w/ Floyd McKissick Sr., father of
Lisa G. Riley's and Roslyn Hardy Holcomb's "Rumors of Wars". Get your copy:
Pink Floyd's new album: how new is it? | Telegraph
After 20 years, Pink Floyd will release new album 'The Endless River' in October
this is amazing news...I did not think roger and david would ever work on an album together again...I cant wait...
Miley Cyrus gets tattoo of deceased dog
Pink Floyd will release their first new album in 20 years this fall:
Not Skrillex, but also not Rolling Stones, still lovin'em:. to release first new album in 20 years!!!…
Pink Floyd to release first new album in two decades: fuller story via by...
Pink Floyd confirm they are releasing new album The Endless River in October 2014 based on Division Bell sessions.
Pink Floyd to release a new album in 2014, entitled The Endless River | Guardian
Pink Floyd announce new album The Endless River - via
Pink Floyd announce The Endless River, their first record in 20 years
I'm still reeling over this Pink Floyd news!
Pink Floyd is coming out with a new album, 20 years after its last studio album:
No matter what the lawyers say, if Roger Waters isn't involved, it's not a Pink Floyd album.
what are the similarities between dale Earnhardt sr and pink floyd? Their last greatest hits were the wall
“Breathe! Pink Floyd's first album in 20 years is coming this year.
Floyd the Rock Artist ( Motion Art ) with Edesio Alejandro on Tropicalis...: via
. When Floyd Sr came out of jail Floyd had just turn pro and he didn't talk to his dad for years almost 10 years
. Roger trained Floyd Jr all his Profesional Career while Floyd Sr was locked up in jail
. Floyd Sr didn't train Floyd in any of his pro fights except for Guerrero , Canelo & Maidana
who does Robert think will win, Floyd Sr vs Ruben Guerrero? Ruben vs Angel Garcia? Robert vs Ruben?
Next up from me on WBN as Floyd Sr and talk with (Hustleboss) -
Floyd Sr and Jeff Mayweather talk Mayweather v Cotto rematch (video)
Floyd Sr. says Maidana is a tougher fight than Pac. Jr. says Pac is an amateur. Do these guys actually think they're fooling anyone?
Lara picks up WBA 154 lb title, wants Canelo, Mayweather and Golovkin now!!! The World Boxing Association finally wised up in elevating Erislandy Lara (19-1-2, 12 KO’s) to the WBA 154 lb champion after his back to back big wins over Alfredo Angulo and Austin Trout. The way that Lara defeated Trout, a fighter that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez failed to prove that he was better then, it showed pretty clearly that Lara is arguably the 2nd best fighter in the 154 lb division behind Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even Floyd Sr. said that he thinks Lara would beat Canelo if that fight were ever to be made. With the WBA title in his possession, Lara now wants Gennady Golovkin, Canelo or Mayweather. Whichever of these fighters want to face him, Lara is ready to fight them. “I would like to challenge the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, Gennady Golovkin and any other top fighter that feels they are the best. Boxing should be about fighting the best.” Lara needs to realize that the sport of boxing has changed dr ...
You think Robert Garcia is more deserving than Javon Hill, Angel Garcia, Floyd Sr., Joel Diaz, or Pedro Diaz (Rigo trainer?)
Marcos Maidana wants crack at Floyd Mayweather, Floyd Sr believes it's an easy fight
anybody want to see how to destroy Floyd's style refer to ray Leonard vs Floyd Sr
On BWAA ballot for trainer of the year are: Freddie Roach, Sugar Hill, Abel Sanchez, Angel Garcia and Floyd Sr.
Robert Guerrero is who guest was referring to about his dad & Floyd. And roger isn't Floyd's trainer anymore. Floyd Sr. Is
They should have a royal rumble battle with Roach, Floyd Sr, Garcia (both Robert & Angel), Uncle Roger, and Ruben Guerrero
How did this young Amateur Boxer from Oslo Norway end up training in Floyd Mayweather Boxing Club. + Floyd Sr has...
We've been there, done it," Floyd Mayweather Sr. recently told Chris Robinson of Obviously, Floyd Sr. has a personal bias in this Floyd vs. Manny debate, but he shares the feeling of many other sweet science experts. In boxing, a good defense trumps a good offense and Mayweather has…
Mayweather vs. Canelo for $75? Can I get Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Floyd Sr. as the undercard? Pacquiao vs. an...
Going to be in Las Vegas for the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight? Now you can put your finger on the pulse of all the action this fight weekend and live a Boxing fan’s dream. is presenting the ultimate boxing fan’s dream, an interactive experience with the most iconic family in boxing history - The Mayweathers. On Friday, September 13, has created an opportunity to start and end your day with Jeff, Roger and Floyd Mayweather Sr. in Las Vegas. First start off at the Mayweather Boxing Club that includes two hours of excitement with fans putting on Adidas hand wraps, boxing gloves (that they will take home) and working out in the gym including meet & Greet with Floyd Sr., Roger and Jeff Maweather. Also, after the Mayweather gym experience, head over to the Hooters Casino, pool side with three time world champion, “Sugar” Shane Mosley Sr., Jack Mosley (two time trainer of the year) & Shane Mosley jr (who is sparring with Canelo) for an up close and personal lunch and me ...
Floyd Mayweather Sr Press Conference Interview. We speak to Floyd Sr about the upcoming fight between Floyd and Canelo.
Floyd Sr says Floyd will be sharper, because he hasn't had excess time off
Floyd Sr said Broner will follow in Andre Berto's footsteps of trying to imitate Floyd and falling short against real competition!
Boxing fact of the day: Both Uncle Roger & Floyd Sr. are characters played by Floyd Jr. using the same make-up team from film "The Klumps"
PHOTOS - Inside 50 Cent's new gym in Vegas with Yuriorkis Gamboa, Floyd Sr., and others
Chavez Sr. is going to work Chavez Jr.'s corner. Hmm... Looks like Floyd Sr. & Jr's reconcilement has inspired
Floyd Mayweather Jr. credits once estranged father for his boxing longevity By Piers Edwards and Don Riddell, CNN Glance at Floyd Mayweather's complex life story and it's hard not to be reminded of the lyrics to Sly and the Family Stone's classic song: "It's a Family Affair" --- "Blood's thicker than the mud, it's a family affair." To start with there is the boxer's relationship with his father, which has such a degree of bad blood that even psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud might have trouble exploring the demons that have been unleashed between father and son. In May, the pair were professionally reunited for the first time in 13 years as Floyd Sr. worked the corner during his son's successful welterweight title defense against Robert Guerrero. The intervening years had been characterized by bitter rows and public slanging matches as the Mayweathers fell out to such extent that Floyd Sr. once told reporters he did not even know the names of two of his grandchildren. But as the man nicknamed "Money" returned t ...
This is clearly a Floyd Sr game plan..
First he took jabs at Floyd Sr. now he taking shots at Mayweather Jr. SMH
From on Leonard Ellerbe, not Roger Mayweather, being in Floyd's corner Sat. Floyd Sr.: It's a mistake
Mayweather vs Guerrero: Floyd Sr open to charity fight with Ruben Guerrero, says it won't take him... thomas tolkien
Floyd Sr: 'Ruben Guerrero was 0-7, and he wants to tangle with someone like me?'
Floyd Sr. preaching change in philosophy: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images Floyd Mayweather Sr. has encouraged his so...
VIDEO: Floyd Sr and Ruben Guerrero nearly brawl after 'woman beater' comments
Anyone else think that Floyd Sr. will hinder Mayweather in his bid to defeat Robert Guerrero?
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Under Floyd Mayweather Sr, Delahoya was undefeated. By my estimation, Floyd Sr is the best trainer in the world. Not Roger Mayweather..
Floyd Mayweather was influenced by 2 dynamic figures. His Uncle Roger and his father Floyd Sr. (a boxer himself)
Ruben Guerrero wants to fight Floyd Sr? Imagine Eddie Futch had asked Angelo Dundee to meet up in the parking lot
Always loved watching Floyd Jr fight. At the same time I hated he wouldn't allow his father Floyd Sr back into his corner. He has GAMEOVER!!
Training at the Mayweather Boxing Gym [pic] — - Roger Mayweather on the pads rather than Floyd Sr.
Floyd Sr.-Uncle Roger Mayweather face off later this year?
Floyd Sr. vs. Roger Mayweather trainer showdown in the works?
Facts of the day: On This Day: February 26 Today is Tuesday, February 26, 2013. This is the 57th day of the year, with 308 days remaining in 2013. Fact of the Day: Johnny Cash Johnny Cash recorded more than 1,500 songs in his career. Cash is one of ten performers (as of mid-2005) to be inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame, alongside Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams Sr., Bill Monroe, Bob Wills, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Brenda Lee, Chet Atkins, and Floyd Cramer, as well as Cash's first producer and discoverer, Sam Phillips of Sun Records. Holidays Feast day of St. Alexander of Alexandria, St. Porphyry of Gaza, St. Nestor of Magydus, and St. Victor the Hermit. Events 1815 - Napoleon left his exile on the island of Elba, returning to France to attempt a second conquest. 1919 - Congress established Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. 1929 - President Calvin Coolidge established Grand Teton National Park. 1933 - Ground was broken for the Golden Gate Bri ...
I have three Dad's that I loved dearly, Floyd P. Charles Sr., Loren J. Cooke and Ted Strom Sr. They were the best and would do anything for me IF I asked them. I never had the courage to ask for anything though. Darn it!
Are you more Frank Sinatra or Bruno Mars? 20 great albums for $1.99 each in today's Gold Box.
Absinthe makes it to the Daily Show! (David Floyd Sr.)
Passion and secrets simmer behind the elegant façade of Victorian London in A Bride by Moonlight, another deliciously intriguing romance by Liz Carlyle that features the dangerous men of the mysterious St. James Society.Faced with murder charges, Lisette Colburne never imagined aligning hers...
.. Isn't this the who sign with 50 and Floyd sr. Training him.
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Again this is the lord doing and it is Marvelous in our sight.Norveen Rias Sr. MINISTRIES"Power to the people Outreach" welcomes The pursuit of GOD CHURCH "Pastor Ricky Floyd" to join us in our taping,Lord say the same taping will be this Wednesday A great Man of GOD and community leader .stay tuned for more details Pastor Roger Kirksey will be seen march 4 comcast channel 17 3:00pm Be Blessed.
Seeing Jack Nicklaus on show reminds me of 20 years ago at a Sr tourn watching him, Palmer, Player, Floyd and John Brodie play 9
Y'all know anybody with receding hairlines that rock dreads...?! I know I shouldn't but I just wanna try. Can I live...?!?! Dang!!!
I liked a video Floyd Mayweather in Detroit -- Speaks on 50, Broner, Floyd Sr and More...
Floyd Mayweather Sr.Boxing Icon|Top Trainer Discusses Sports 2 keep kids out of trouble by providing boxing workshops
Moment In Black History Pastor Ricky Floyd is the senior pastor at The Pursuit of God Transformation Church International. Pastor Ricky Floyd is committed to love God, love people and live devoted to God’s calling. His relevant messages challenges people to live as overcomers and motivates them to become a voice of transformation in their communities. Pastor Floyd delivers a message that transcends not only the local church, but also the corporate world and many nations around the globe. He believes that if people will work hard and have faith to move in the power and anointing they already possess, they will become an overcomer in all aspects of life. He imparts a growing desire to seek God’s will and His Kingdom. As a loving father, devoted husband, published author and lover of people, Pastor Floyd testimony will challenge you to transform your life for a greater cause. The Pursuit of God Transformation Church family salutes our pastor, Ricky Floyd Sr. during Black History Month 2013.
We've come to the end of our countdown of the SEC's best 25 players, and No. 1 should only surprise those who spent the 2012 season literally living u
The reality is that Texas has a broken spending system. Raising the inefficient gasoline tax to fund an inefficient transportation system would be like throwing sand in the engine of the state’s economy.
Hi Kenny, neve gained messages back from last nite-- l REALLY DEVASTATED, like many others about the " Ss. Heights " thing- But l guess it takes on a whole new meaning, when its your HOME, HOME
Shout out to my pops Floyd Manning Sr Happy Birthday
This is how the track looked over the weekend, another Great photo!
I liked a video Roger Mayweather isn't upset that his nephew will be working with Floyd Sr.
NEWS UPDATE: SCPD confirm that there was a robbery tonight at Dunkin Donuts in Shirley (across from King Kullen). No injuries were reported. A police officer who was responding to this call was headed southbound on Wm. Floyd Pkway. A female motorist was heading westbound on Victory when she hit the officer's vehicle. The police officer had to be extricated from his vehicle. He was airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He was alert and talking. The lady in the other vehicle was transported to Brookhaven Memorial with a leg injury. There is an ongoing investigation both at the Dunkin Donuts and the crash site.
Who thinks the Floyd Mayweathers will not make it thru their whole camp and Sr. is ejected before May 4?
what exactly is the prob between Floyd sr/Roger or Floyd jr/Roger?
Floyd m was checking out my wife at the mgm gym this weekend. Should I have put him in his place?
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Roger is a born entertainer. He really lives for the reactions, so I know Fight Camp will be hilarious with him and Floyd Sr
Money Floyd is too calculated and boring when he talks. Very predictable. Roger and Sr, who knows what they'll say?
Dam I wish Jr was more like his daddy, Jimmie would have been in the wall and Jr would be in victory lane, at least danica didnt win
check out the PINK FLOYD graphic novel now on iTunes! also in print on Amazon
We have a question for you boxing fans - Floyd Mayweather's record is 43(26)-0-0, with Floyd having just signed a new 6 fight contract with Showtime Boxing and mention over the last few days of Mayweather only holding 6 more fights before facing retirement. Do you think Floyd Mayweather is looking to possibly equaling the undefeated record of American heavyweight 'The Brockton Blockbuster' Rocky Marciano with a professional record of 49-0-0 before retirement?.
"The first world champion under the Mayweather Promotions banner, what else can I say. I'm going hoarse, but I'm happy for him. The Mayweather brand lives on...
I wish Carl T. Iezzi would arrange some horn lines for me!!
Cerresso is my trainer. Floyd, Sr, is his & he is undefeated at the moment.
What does Pink Floyd and Dale Earnhart Sr. have in common ? . THE WALL !!!
floyd Sr will be Training floyd jr may 4th
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here's a couple of interviews I did with Roger and Floyd Sr. on the prospect of Floyd Jr. fighting Manny Pacquiao...
Floyd Mayweather speaks to the media in Detroit, sounds off on Floyd Sr, 50 Broner n more: via
It's takes an Annointed warrior to beat a giant. Pick up your 5 stones - one for Pretty boy, Floyd Sr., Roger, Leonard & TMT!!!
Mayweather says Floyd Sr. & Roger will be training/ in his corner for Guerrero despite Roger's probs w/ diabetes.
Ok as promised here's the promo video! share and get the word out fellas!
Floyd Mayweather has to be the worst corner man ever
Love is one of his fighters and Roger Mayweather is sick. Floyd Sr. will be training and working corner in May.
Money Mayweather looking to reunite the entire Mayweather Boxing Clan for May 4 bout: Floyd Sr, Roger & Jeff
Mayweather just said on Showtime that both Uncle Roger and Floyd Sr. will be working his corner on fight night May 4.
."The Real Rucker Park Legends" on DOC Channel for Black History Month right now...
A very special Multicam version of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. A real treat that combines two sources of the same show at Earl´s Court, London, in 1994. ...
well besides that long ride over here and not playing bball it turned out to be a really nice visit with Jeremy J Wigley Sr. & his wifey Anita Wigley. Thank you for letting us stay with you it was fun.. :) Gosh not visiting with them in so long Jeremy really makes me think of Floyd. I miss him so much, lotta good memories and big laughs.
1 year ago today Grandpa Campbell has been gone , I know he is happy being with grandma again. You both are always on my mind, but will never be forgotten:) I love you
Really enjoying book that arrived from Amazon yesterday. The CALI album, celebrating one of the wonderful haunts of my youth, the California Ballroom, Dunstable! It was one of the top venues in the UK, and everyone who was anyone played there. Saw many great bands there. Mayall, Who, Manfreds, Bonzos, Arthur Brown, etc, etc. As well as great pics taken by their in-house photographer, there are many of the contracts reproduced with fees etc. Truly fascinating! Also a complete listing of line-ups throughout from 1960 - 1976. Can't put it down!
I have a feeling Devon will never be welcomed into the boxing world no matter how good he is...Of course I would give my life for my son.but is that really necessary?
Tomorrow am beginning a series of Lenten Recollections for the Filipino communities of Gunma Prefecture. Please accompany with your prayers as I try with the grace of God "reconnect individuals and groups" back to God...
Remembering my eldest brother James F. Green Sr, who left us six years ago today. It only seems like yesterday we talked on the phone and all was well. You are still in our hearts and thoughts. You are loved and missed by your family and friends.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. spoke to Chrizz Gunnz on reuniting with Floyd Jr., the blockbuster Showtime deal & Robert Guerrero.
And my driver already wrecked. No point in watching the rest of it -_-
Dear Bumgardner Family, Another of our dear loved-ones has passed from this life to the next. Josephine [Justice] Bumgardner Jackson, passed away on Saturday, February 16, 2013. She was born August 11, 1924 to the late Robert Justice & Virgie [Ray] Justice. She was preceded in death by her two husbands: Floyd Monroe Bumgardner, Jr. in 1986 & Clint Jackson in 2008. Visitation & funeral services in her residence state of Indiana have already taken place. An additional visitation will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 22, at J.W. Call and Son Funeral Home, 703 Hambley Blvd., Pikeville, KY. Entombment will be at Johnson Memorial Mausoleum in Pikeville, KY. Her first husband, Floyd Monroe Bumgardner, Jr., was the son of Floyd Monroe Bumgardner, Sr. and a nephew to Linie, Mary, Ezra, John, Mack, & Alberta. Let us remember the close family and friends of this dearly departed Bumgardner relative in our thoughts and prayers during this time of loss. Rest in Peace Josephine.
And Floyd Mayweather Sr. Is training Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the May 4th fight? Yeah, I'll be watching the Showtime/CBS lead up to that one!
Watch Boxing Video Roger on Floyd teaming up with Floyd Sr. (Dad) Exclusive Doghouse Boxing News via
Kim Groves is coming to get my babies&taking her babies to the movies!!! That's what REAL Friends do on a school night!!! Now that's real FRIENDS!! ❤❤ you bunches!!
Floyd Money Mayweather moves from HBO to Showtime & will take on Bay Area Native Robert The Ghost Guerrero on May 4th. SWS~SFC
Sources close to the information have informed us that HBO is out and Showtime is in as the new home for undefeated pound-for-pound champion
Today marks seven years since my father passed away. He dealt with cancer for 18 years. One of the hardest things anyone can witness is to see a healthy family member lose a battle to such a deadly disease. I never cried so much when I was in Shore Memorial Hospital and we had to leave to catch my flight back to Houston. I knew that I would never see John E. Worsley, Sr. again. He passed away as FJ and I were on a plane. If your father is still alive, call or visit him. He didn't have an "S" on his chest but he was still my hero.
Dorothy L. Murphy (February 16, 2013 - March 30, 1928) Send Flowers Send Sympathy Gifts Send Sympathy Card Sign Guest Book | Send Private Condolences Dorothy L. Murphy, age 84, of Greenfield, Ohio, passed away Saturday, February 16, 2013 at the home of her daughter. She was born on March 30, 1928 in Greenfield, Ohio, the daughter of Floyd and Elizabeth (Bennett) Kellis, Sr. She attended the Good Shepherd Church of Greenfield and the Edward Lee McClain High School. She was retired from Johnson Controls of Greenfield after 35 years of service and was a member of the Eagles Women’s Auxiliary of Greenfield. She is survived by five daughters, Pamela (Kent) Hidy, Carol (Chuck) Young, Diana (Ronald) Knisley, Debbie Lyons and Rebecca (Rick) Robinson; three sons, James (Candy) Kellis, Jeff (Ginger) Murphy and Charles (Patty) Murphy; numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, step grandchildren and step great grandchildren; six sisters and two brothers; numerous nieces and nephews. Sh ...
MORE STORMS IN MAYWEATHER COUNTRY - In the land of Mayweather there is more turbulence on a regular basis than explosions in Avatar or when the curtain opens up on a Punch and Judy show.The latest Lord of the rings scenario featuring flaky Floyd Jr. is he has decided to dispense with his Uncle Roger Mayweather as his trainer, a former World champion, and has reinstated his previously banned from the Mayweather gym, his Father, Floyd Sr. as his trainer of record, If that ...
This was Diane Gayle Lopez reaction when she found out we were pregnant
Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers today and tomorrow as we put my grandmother, Donna Cox, to rest.
Floyd Mayweather Sr will train Little Floyd for his May 4th fight in 2013 Next opponent hasn't been announce Floyd Sr will replace Roger Mayweather because of his health issues
My sister, Ivy Elizabeth Bailey, 65 years old, went to meet her Lord on February 14, 2013. Ivy was preceded in death by mom and dad, Alford Leo Floyd Sr. and Lottie Ora (McCarty) Floyd. She is survived by her children, Elizabeth Duncan and Martin Leroy Bailey Jr.; her brothers, Alford Leo Floyd Jr., John Roy Floyd Sr. and Cecil Ray Floyd, her sister, Virginia Floyd. Ivy had seven grandchildren, Frank Lopez Jr., Brittany Lopez, Molly Johnson, Georgianna Grant, Thomas Duncan Jr., Ivalisa Duncan and Martin Duncan. Ivy gave freely of her heart and home. She loved reading and visiting with famiy and friends. I will miss Ivy with all my heart, but I know she is no longer suffering or in pain. Her arrangements have been made at Allred Funeral Home in Eau Claire, MI. I LOVE YOU SIS!
Say hello to the New Sr. System administrator for Total Health Care I got the job y'all. Thanks for all the prayers and positive comments and encouragement.
Whether it's Roger Mayweather or Floyd Sr., the results will be the same. “
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
What does Dale Earnhart Sr. And Pink Floyd have in common?. Their last big hit was "The Wall!".smh. Happy Daytona 500 this weekend
The latest news has it that Floyd Mayweather Jr. whomever he decides to fight on May 4, 2013 will be trained by his father Floyd Joy ...
Whether the five-division king scraps current interim WBC welterweight champion Robert Guerrero or IBF welterweight titlist Devon Alexander, Floyd Mayweather Jr confirmed today that his father, Floyd Sr, will work as a cornerman during his bout on May 4 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. "Me…
Floyd Sr will step in to train Mayweather for this fight, as his uncle Roger Mayweather has been dealing with health issues recently
I just had my three sisters over after dinner at the "House of Wong". Geri and I used to go there with our father (Floyd Sr.) Had a fun time, laughing ourselves sick. Barb's birthday is coming up the end of January. We watched "The Princess Bride".
to be honest i think neither or Eddie MUstafa are good trainers for Chad. Chad was best with Floyd Sr
he also looked good with Eddie but he was at his best with Floyd Sr
it is him he looked his best with Floyd Sr and Eddie Mustafa thought he should have never left
Floyd Sr. plans to reunite with son soon: MANILA, Philippines – Flamboyant trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. said he ...
Mayweather could be trained by his father Floyd Sr. rather than Roger for his next fight do to diabetes
I wonder why HBO won't allow Roger Mayweather and Floyd Sr. Commentate there fights ?Hmmm I can stop scratching my head!lol
Floyd Mayweather, Sr. is an American boxing trainer. He was a former top welterweight contender during the 1970s and 1980s.Mayweather Sr.'s boxing record was 28–6–1 (18 KOs). Floyd Sr. is known for his defensive ability and overall knowledge of boxing strategy. He is the father and former trainer o...
Floyd Sr looking intense at Johnny Tocco's Gym in while training
you old Floyd Mayweather. And to Daddy is aka Floyd Sr.
Floyd Sr. doesn't like Ricky Hatton's chances in a Paulie Malignaggi rematch + more Floyd Mayweather News
No doubt! But to most seeing is believing. Floyd Sr said same thing but many are still gullible lol
That *** Floyd Sr. crazy as *** if he think his Son will knock Chavez Jr. Out.
Ricky went against the game plan Floyd Sr had him training in, switched back to old Hatton, Pac-Man caught him
so is it a coincidence? Or is sugar ray wrong @ his own sport? Roger May & Floyd Sr.had it the same as me also...are they wrong?
That's Floyd Sr, Ask Floyd why he accuses Khan of being on PEDs lol
I was just watching that HBO special on Floyd Mayweather and Floyd and his father Floyd Sr got into a fight. Now no family is perfect and no father and son relationship is perfect either but the way those two were arguing you would think they were enemies, Floyd Jr went as far as cussing and even called his father a *** Like the Bible says in Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother.that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.
Picture it. A little boy practicing boxing moves in his backyard as his father yells at him which way to bob and weave. Now, picture that little boy as the professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. With his father, Floyd Sr., as a welterweight contender, one uncle, Jeff Mayweather, as an International Bo...
Mayweather speaks out on race, Pacquiao, Obama, Ali, Floyd Sr. - Crave Online (blog) |
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