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Florida Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the State of Florida is the highest court in the U.S. state of Florida. The Supreme Court consists of seven judges: the Chief Justice and six Justices who are appointed by the Governor to 6-year terms and remain in office if retained in a general election near the end of each term.

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Have you seen this? The FL Supreme Court rejected caps on medical malpractice claims.
The Florida Supreme Court opinions for Sept. 20 are online.
New post (TALLAHASSEE - After a Florida Supreme Court ruling last month that struck ...) has been published on -…
Florida Supreme Court handed down its decision in Conley's while Wood's appeal was pending
State Supreme Court tosses Palm Beach case on charter school approvals.
Client Alert: Supreme Court Settles Debate in Florida in Favor of Protection of Referral Sources Under...
"Florida’s Supreme Court has ruled that police may detain passengers any and all passengers during even minor...
The Florida State Supreme Court overruled her decision and let the recount cont…
At least three more states and their representatives sentencing coming up,also Florida Supreme Court and the ESPN ceo/s.GOD
Bad Ruling - hope they take this up to US SUP CT. Florida Supreme Court Says Police May Detain Innocent Passengers
Will U.S. Supreme Court take medical records case?
Florida Supreme Court rules police can detain & question innocent passengers in cars stopped for traffic violations
US Supreme Court could settle records case from Florida - Orlando Sentinel
U.S. Supreme Court could settle medical records case from Florida
Post-Irma Administrative Orders extending time are out w/ more to come. Check on Florida Supreme Court site
Florida Supreme Court issues Order extending legal time limits for
domain names
...And that blanket policy is what the Florida Supreme Court seized on when ruling that Rick Scott could capital cases away from her...
In a 5-2 decision, Florida Supreme Court says Gov. Rick Scott has the power to reassign death penalty cases from Aramis Ayala.
Parker Lee McDonald, American judge, Florida Supreme Court justice, has joined the choir invisible.
Oh hey, remember the Florida Supreme Court? No big cases go there, right?
Lawmaker: House should 'put Florida Supreme Court in position of telling us that we're wrong':
In a stunning move, the Florida Supreme Court has decided not to approve the Daubert standard for admitting...
Brevard County could do with one less county judge, Florida Supreme Court says
Florida Supreme Court strikes down cap on attorney fees in claims bills
More good news for Florida Supreme Court rejects challenge to scholarship tax credit program.
Florida Supreme Court transfers Brian Pitts v. Joe Negron to Leon circuit court.
Florida Supreme Court appointments could bring chaos(Orlando news)
BREAKING: "[Today] the Florida Supreme Court...ruled that more than half the people on Florida's death row may be...
Florida Supreme Court says hundreds of death row inmates may get new sentences and avoid execution - Washington Po…
Kelly Mathis wants Florida Supreme Court justice to disqualify himself from appeals case
Florida Supreme Court justices ask for more judges
Florida Supreme Court justices ask for more judges: Pointing to a new study on judicial workloads, the Florida…
Interviews for the 11 Florida Supreme Court vacancy applicants are planned for Nov. 28.
Controversial solar power amendment stays on the ballot: Florida Supreme Court on Friday denied petition to remove…
Justice’s retirement gives Scott his first chance to alter Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court officially suspends Nevin Shapiro attorney,Maria Elena Perez,for 91 days for unethical conduct in NCAA invest. of UM.
Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Voters in those four states hold the future of the Supreme Court,...
We dont have it but we still win and when we dont a conservative *** supreme court justice gives florida to pal.
experts in Rigging,Rigged Florida republican Governor,US Supreme court appointed, instead of counting evry vote.
Notice of appeal for dna testing to Florida Supreme Court filed August 11, 2016
I remember the thrill of the first time I schooled some 19 year old freshman on Al Gore, Florida Supreme Court & hanging chads.
We will ask the Florida Supreme Court to construe chapter 961, FS to avoid absurd result of giving innocent man $1.1m then permit conviction
Florida is a separate issue, though, whatever you think of the Supreme Court decision. Also, yeah, no punch cards!
Obviously, the Supreme Court should ideally not be in a position of adjudicating an election. But if votes go missing in Florida or Ohio?
Typical LEFT: cannot get the LAW through Congress - go crying to Supreme Court to "adjust the law" .
On Monday, refused an opportunity to build upon its important Sixth Amendment ruling in Hurst v. Florida.
Scientology appeals $1 million loss to Florida supreme court, and Ken Dandar gets canny « -
Donald suggests shooting Hillary Clinton, her Supreme Court picks, or both
The supreme court ruled that Gore won Florida, but none of you democrats rose an issue out of it
Florida Supreme Court gets reply brief in Gainesville Woman Care v. State of Florida.
Judge Hulsey denies racist, sexist allegationsfiled against him in six-page response to Florida Supreme Court...
. Florida Supreme Court ruled write-in candidates are…
Interesting read on whether the FL Supreme Court will require carriers to defend 558 claims.
Remember the Supreme Court not allowing Florida to recount ballots in 2000 giving the election to Bush. What was that?
Duval Judge Mark Hulsey III files answer with Florida Supreme Court in JQC ethics case against him.
. Florida Supreme Court ruled write-in candidates are real candidates.
Yes, we are & it's all because America elected a cheater who used the Florida Supreme Court to become POTUS
Your software predicted the Supreme Court would stop the recount in Florida?
An FYI for you re: Florida Bat discipline for Nevin's attorney. Fla. Supreme Court can increase/decrease from recommendation.
taxes in ruled constitutional by State Supreme Court:
We need Supreme Court justices who will protect a woman’s right to choose, workers’ rights and the rights of the LGBT commu…
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MERS game changer? Connecticut Supreme Court upholds new fee on lending industry: After ...
Esp considering it was Florida (at least if I'm not misremembering) and the ballot recounts that got Bush vs Gore TO the Supreme Court.
Hannity what about the vote rigging in Ohio & Florida in 2000 & Supreme Court making new law & appoint W as Prez?
Congratulations to Judge Stan Blake receiving an award from the Florida Supreme Court on being the best of the best
FL State high court rulings to squeeze workers comp system
It should be pointed out that Florida was decided by a Right wing Supreme Court not by the voters. Not all votes count😳
yeah I know. Supreme Court handed it to Bush, and Jeb governed Florida gummed up the works to buy time.
You mean the same Congress that doesn't have the time to replace our deceased supreme Court justice?
COMPLETELY unacceptable. The Florida Supreme Court needs to become involved. What if HE could get pregnant?
He could have gone around complaining about Florida even after Supreme Court ruling. Chose not to.
Yep. In 2015, The FL Supr. Court found that the maps had been drawn to favor Republicans.
I am also mad at Supreme Court justice for casting the decisive vote that stopped the Florida recount.
Northeast Florida voters ask Supreme Court to stop write-in loophole (and cite Times/Herald)
Love to see this loop hole fixed! Write-in candidate lawsuit heads to Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court disciplines 16 attorneys, including one from Winter Park
Florida Supreme Court arguments will continue as planned this week despite TS Colin.
Citizens of the State of Florida v. Art Graham, etc.
The Supreme Court installed Bush. Dems in the Senate left Al Gore out to dry. Learn history. Gore won Florida.
Breaking: The Florida Supreme Court just spared FPL customers a half-billion-dollar yearly surcharge to pay for...
We will not let up! FL Supreme Ct denies using customer money 4 a fight I hope 2 continue in Senate! htt…
Florida Supreme Court says no to FPL charging for drilling plan /
Fla. Supreme Court Hands FPL a Loss: A major victory for consumers at the Florida Supreme Court. (LN)
The FPL Board may have wanted differently, but the FLorida Supreme Court ruled against them - ratepayers will not...
Tampa Bay Times editorial: Florida Supreme Court should change death sentences to life in prison via
New post Court says no to FP&L charging for drilling plan - The Florida Supreme Court says that the state’s lar...
Floridians spared in Oklahoma speculation. Court rules PSC in error allowing FPL to charge its customers.
*** Florida recognized the absurdity of Salinas. I hate having to feel admiration for the place...
Florida Supreme Court says FPL can't charge customers for gas drilling - MyPalmBeachPost
Court rules that PSC exceeded its authority by allowing FPL to recover costs for fuel 'exploration'
Thanks to Florida Supreme Court for protecting consumers! via
All purpose parts banner
FPL’s fracking charge on customer bills is blasted by Florida Supreme Court: The Florida Supreme Court said…
Thank you FL Supreme Court for saying !! . We-the-People don't have to pay for FPL's Fracking.
One for the little guy and gal - Fla Court rejects FPL attempt to have customers pay for risky investment
Supreme Court rejects utility's bid to make customers pay cost of investment in OK
Supreme Court rejects Florida Power & Light's attempt to make customers pay for fracking htt…
Highlands is at the heart of the new congressional District 17, approved Dec. 2 by the Florida Supreme Court. The...
If Al Gore had allowed us and if the Florida Supreme Court had not interven...
Jeb Bush: "My two appointments to the Florida Supreme Court, Raul Cantero and Kenneth Bell, have earned reputation…
Florida Supreme Court attempting to figure out death-penalty conundrum
Florida Supreme Court turns down stay in January execution - Palm Beach Post
Florida Supreme Court, 11th Circuit US Court of Appeals, & US Supreme Court would NEVER do this for autism people:
ICYMI: Florida Supreme Court approves new congressional map
After today's Florida Supreme Court ruling: final Congressional maps have all of part of the new CD7, now held by John Mica.
Sorry, Sen. Negron, Florida Supreme Court just dropped its congressional redistricting ruling
Florida Supreme Court cancels medical marijuana hearing due to lack of opposition--.
We argued in front of all 7 Justices of the Florida Supreme Court!…
Florida Supreme Court sets December hearing on measure to legalize medical marijuana.
Florida Supreme Court says yes, Flourish Pam Bondi, has been an active opponent of Solar Power via
Wrapped up Welcome with The Honorable Barbara J. Pariente, Justice, Florida Supreme Court, now in workshop on trauma
Florida Supreme Court unravels its own 60-year-old precedent to make bond validation challengers harder:
Florida Supreme Court asked to decide if legislature can limit attorney fees in cases against state
Florida Supreme Court rules in favor of Skyrise Miami
Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice to undergo cancer surgery
Supreme Court orders judge to sort out dispute over new maps: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Florida Supreme Cou...
State Supreme Court punts redistricting decision, including 5th, back to lower court. Details-->>
Orlando Sentinel Florida Supreme Court sends redistricting case back to lower court Orlando…
The Florida Supreme Court has told a state trial court to head back to square one with congressional redistricting; map expected by Oct. 17.
Andy Gardiner says he's willing to be open to another special session on congressional redistricting:
Judge scheduled to have kidney removed: Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga has cancer and is…
Supporters, opponents of solar choice amendment square off before Florida Supreme Court
The Florida Supreme Court today ordered a lower court to conduct a hearing in the ongoing legal case involving...
Judge scheduled to have kidney removed
FL FAIL. Time for an independent nonpartisan commission in Florida.
Fla. Supreme Court says it will have final word on redistricting
Supreme Court kicks Florida congressional redistricting to lower court
Florida Supreme Court returns congressional redistricting to trial court.
Supreme Court orders lower court to choose between congressional maps via
Florida Supreme Court allows for another redistricting session but orders trial court to take charge: TALLAHASSEE —…
Florida Supreme Court issues order on further relinquishment in congressional districting case.
Supreme Court orders trial court to take up the congressional redistricting fight - again via
BREAKING: Florida Supreme Court sent redistricting case back to lower court after lawmakers couldn't agree during special session.
Florida Supreme Court tells that House & Senate can present their rival maps to Judge Terry Lewis. Says burden on them …
Florida Supreme Court orders redsitricting back to trial court to choose between maps
Lawyers representing power companies and the attorney general want the Florida Supreme Court to keep a proposed...
Sine Die, the Special Legislative Session ends without complying with the Florida Supreme Court's order to redraw...
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Good news for democracy Florida Supreme Court rejects Republican gerrymandering, orders new redistricting.
Florida Supreme Court delays execution again, orders hearing -
Florida Supreme Court chief justice says judges in dire need of better pay: … the National Center for Sta...
Watch for John Kline to send money to Carlos Curbelo after Florida Supreme Court orders new congressional map .
Florida Supreme Court orders new congressional map with eight districts to be redrawn
Now that the Florida Supreme Court has struck down the state's Congressional map, I'm predicting Dems gain 3 seats.
Democrats see hope in Florida Supreme Court ruling for new districts, but much remains unclear
now these Democrat *** know how we felt when the Florida Supreme Court tried to give the 2000 election to Al Gore.
Florida Supreme Court rules in favor of online travel companies
Florida Supreme Court to judge who cussed out store owner: You’re not getting off easy, via
Florida Supreme Court to judge who said 'Go f--- yourself': You're not getting off easy
Sen. Tom Lee asks for the Florida Supreme Court to weigh in on constitutional question
Stetson law prof took Gideon case to Supreme Court, but believed in the other side -
The south, including my patch of Florida sunshine, would be absolutely hosed if SCOTUS struck down ACA subsidies.
you can go on the Florida Supreme Court website and watch old OAs!
Update: The Florida Supreme Court Did not in fact Deny Immigrant's Application for Admission into the Florida bar
Florida Supreme Court hears county election case: Mark Bogen has been on the Broward County Commission since...
Florida Supreme Court hears county election case
Please RT. in Alabama, Florida and Georgia sometimes allows the stripping of mortgages.
Florida justices to reprimand Judge Jessica Recksiedler for speeding answer: The Florida Supreme Court on Thur...
4/9/1951 Supreme Court orders new trials for 2 black defendants sentenced to death in Florida; local sheriff later shoots both men
Florida Supreme Court to reprimand Judge Jessica Recksiedler for speeding(Orlando news)
Florida Supreme Court to reprimand judge for speeding
Supreme Court to reprimand Recksiedler for speeding - Apr 9 @ 12:33 PM ET
Speeding judge to get public reprimand from Florida Supreme Court
Supreme Court to reprimand for speeding Recksiedler - Apr 9 @ 12:21 PM ET
The Florida Supreme Court opinions for April 9, 2015, are on-line.
This morning at 9 a.m. the Florida Supreme Court hears arguments in the Broward Commission District 2 write-in case/B
*** Marriage legal in Palm Beach County Florida but not *** Divorce
I cannot fathom why the 11th Circuit didn't certify questions to the Florida Supreme Court in this case.
A point of contention has been cleared. Congrats to Florida for siding with those harmed by big tobacco's...
Florida Supreme Court hears arguments in case between Miami and police
After 5 years, our client was brought to justice by the Florida Supreme Court.
Mater Academy students pose before entering Florida Supreme Court.
Jacksonville attorney among 28 disciplined by Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court oral argument press summaries for next week are on-line.
Florida Supreme Court: Judge Krause should be suspended without pay for 30 days(Orlando news)
Florida Supreme Court blocks execution of Orlando killer Jerry Correll(Orlando news)
A question involving Leon County is before the Florida Supreme Court today.
Florida Supreme Court on Monday said the state needs an additional three circuit judges and 32 county judges.
And the Florida Supreme Court & United States Courts Northern District Florida are there to say thats Okay.
The independent hearing officer on the panel, Major B. Harding, ruled that "in sum, the preponderance of the evidence has not shown that you are responsible for any of the charged violations of the code. "Namely, I find that the evidence before me is insufficient to satisfy the burden of proof," the ruling says. Florida State President John Thrasher commended the work of Harding, a former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court. "He conducted a thorough Student Conduct Code hearing and reviewed more than 1,000 pages of evidence generated by three other investigations, and we would like to thank him sincerely for his service," Thrasher said.
Check out the latest news from the Florida Supreme Court's Public Information Office.
The Florida Supreme Court has unsealed the redistricting case League of Women Voters v. Data Targeting.
The start of in may not happen on Jan. 6 as anticipated
Florida Supreme Court ruling could unravel a circuit court decision that state's WC law is unconstitutional.
Chance of ruling rises with request -
The Florida Supreme Court opinions for December 18, 2014, are on-line.
Former Florida Supreme Court Justice Major Harding will make max of $450/hour for his work on FSU conduct hearing on Jameis Winston.
I'm reading on edu site that one of Batista's grandchildren was a judge on Florida's supreme court.
The Florida Supreme Court has posted a notice of appeal in Johnny Kormondy death warrant case.
"Controversy, confusion arise as nears
Controversy, confusion arise as nears
In The News Controversy, confusion as *** marriage nears
Hey just b/c you can't maintain a marriage (3 times) doesn't mean you should deprive the rest of Florida!
Busy days for Florida Three stories in one (SCOTUS, county clerks, and a *** divorce), here:
Florida's AG continues to do silly things:
Justice Thomas may stop Florida from issuing same-sex marriage licenses on January 6.
Florida State Supreme Court panel finds some judicial practices that speed up foreclosure cases may be improper
Florida asks highest court to block *** marriage
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Attorney General Pam Bondi asks to stay same-sex marriage in the state
The anticipated start of same-sex marriage in Florida on January 6th is now uncertain
Jameis Winston, who plays for the Florida State Seminoles, was giving evidence to a Florida Supreme Court hearing in to an alleged sexual assault following a campus party.
Jameis Winston has submitted his side of the story in the alleged rape case from 2012. Below is the full statement directly thanks to Tallahassee Democrat. The following is the statement Jameis Winston provided former Florida Supreme Court justice Major Harding as part of a Florida State State code…
Florida Supreme Court orders secret documents used in the high-profile redistricting case to be unsealed
In Bush's tenure as Governor the Florida Supreme Court not the people Elected his brother
"Source: Ex-judge to conduct Jameis Winston hearing » cakes for everyone!!!
.asked Federal Court to continue stay and allow Florida Supreme Court a chance to rule on same-sex marriage
I spoke with former Florida Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Bell about Amendment 2 today... he said, "I agree that there are medical benefits to cannabis that should be studied, but I am not in favor of Amendment 2"... go figure. I am setting up a debate for him with Robert Platshorn on
Ex-Florida Supreme Court chief justice selected to hear Jameis Winston-FSU case
Report: Ex-Florida Supreme Court chief justice named to hear Winston case - USA TODAY
Report: Ex-Florida Supreme Court justice to hear Winston case - -
Florida Supreme Court Justice encourages Floridians to do some homework...find out more
"Source: Ex-judge to conduct Jameis Winston hearing » Old news, come on now
Former judge Major Harding to preside over FSU QB Jameis Winston code of conduct hearing via
Florida Supreme Court to decide fate of new districts via
Retired judge to conduct FSU hearing - via
Retired Florida Supreme Court chief justice reportedly chosen to preside over Jameis Winston code-of-conduct hearing:
Winston case to be heard by a former judge: One of three former Florida Supreme Court justices will...
The Florida Supreme Court has posted a filing in the JQC case against Judge Schoonover.
A constitutional amendment which would give a lame-duck governor the power to appoint justices to the Florida Supreme Court is a bad idea, according to a former state Republican senator who criticized it as legislative meddling in the judiciary.
Florida justices reject appeal on strangling conviction: The Florida Supreme Court is rejecting the latest app...
The Florida Supreme Court opinions for October 9, 2014, are on-line.
11 AM on Florida Supreme Court Oral Aruments (from earlier today) : Leon Davis, Jr. v. State (SC11-1122)
Kristen Larson This week the Florida Supreme Court heard oral argument in Limones v. School District of Lee Coun...
Republican governor trying to pack the court in case he is defeated in the Nov. election. Vote no!
Florida Supreme Court shows sense of humor
The Florida Supreme Court is asked to hear the Trotti v. Detzner case involving a judicial vacancy in trial court.
Statement on Supreme Court Decision to Refuse to Take Up Marriage Cases and its Impact in Florida
Here's that other news article mentioning the Brandon-Thomas case, this one from here in SW Florida:
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couples planning to marry in NOT SO FAST. Justice blocks appeals court ruling
Instead of embracing the new Supreme Court ruling, Rick Scott and Pam Bondi double down on bigotry. Florida...
With Supreme Court Punting on Marriage, Here is What it Means for
Wrap & 3 bites filed: Tampa Judge Tracy Sheehan makes it all the way to the Florida Supreme Court, but it's nothing to be proud of.
Four justices will lecture in a UF Law class this fall to honor the late Justice Ben Overton (JD 52).
BREAKING: After yesterday's news, today we filed a motion asking judge to lift stay in FL decision:
Now, if wins, there may be judge on Florida Supreme Court who understand this idea and will rule for regular people.
Now, if we can get the Florida Supreme Court to finally rule that Chapter 440 is unconstitutional, working people will have a fair shot.
Man sakes alive ! YOU are needed by the Florida Supreme Court DESPERATELY !~!!!
Overturn of Florida *** marriage ban seen likely in wake of Supreme Court action
under pressure to drop Florida's ban. Will she do what's right or fold again to the
The former Chief Justice, and current Justice, of the Florida Supreme Court? An HBCU graduate.
Dear Friends and Supporters, As you may have already heard, yesterday a Florida court outrageously invalidated the state's congressional district map which had been drawn by the Florida Legislature in 2012. This decision has created great uncertainty as to the final composition of all of Florida's congressional districts, including CD 26 in South Florida, for which I am a candidate. In essence, liberal activist judges are hijacking the reapportionment process and holding congressional candidates like myself hostage until the appeals process concludes at the liberal Democrat-dominated Florida Supreme Court (see Bush v. Gore 2000). As a congressional candidate affected by this decision, I will not be held hostage by Florida's liberal activist judges. After consulting with state legislative leaders and reapportionment attorneys, and pending further clarification of this court decision, I have decided to suspend campaigning for CD 26 and will launch my candidacy to the Florida State House of Representatives f ...
And if Eric Holder & Sam Bagenestros r the disability TRAITORS who WONT enforce the ADA on the Florida Supreme Court, Obama should FIRE THEM
but it looks as though scott is also going to the Florida Supreme Court over state workers being drug tested, includes politicians
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Florida Supreme Court tells Cities - it was illegal to put up before it became state law.
Lawyer that for years sued video game industry saying they made kids go violent, ALTHOUGH, crime is down across the board, and mass shootings are DOWN across the board, was disbarred by the florida supreme court, for continuously filing frivilous lawsuits, which the US supreme court said he presented no compelling evidence.
The Florida Supreme Court heard a case Thursday questioning current limits on workers compensation. At issue is a ruling at the District Court level
The Florida Supreme Court recently issued an important opinion which benefits patients of medical facilities in Florida. In the decision, the Court held that certain caps on noneconomic damages stemming from medical malpractice, previously imposed by Florida's Legislature, are unconstitutional. This decision restores an important legal remedy to the citizens of Florida, enables victims to be properly compensated, and strengthens the mechanism which ensures patients will be treated with care. You can read more about the decision here:
Graduated and earned the highest score of the Florida Bar Examination, gave acceptance speech before the Florida Supreme Court in 1959
Florida Supreme Court approves medical marijuana measure to appear on state ... - Seattle Post Intelligencer
High court in Florida considering retroactive caps. (
Martin is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator who is experienced and ready to lead Miami-Dade county. Elect !
making a difference. Nice to see SCOTUS do the right thing. http…
Former embattled Broward Circuit Judge Ana Gardiner has been disbarred from practicing law by the Florida Supreme Court. Back in...
A week ago I gave my word that I would post a list of the blacks who had either helped r done nothing about the racist attacks on Rondale and me, and the requires that I keep my word. That list includes the top man in the White House, to every black in the U.S. Congress, and the Florida Conrgess, and the only black city councilman in St. Pete, Wengay Newton, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP,the ACLU, Alen West, Herman Cain, and a number of small fish I won't bother to name. These people knew that these damned racist had set me up to kill me, and we can prove beyond any standard of doubt that they knew. And now with the help of the Lord we will expose them, unless we come to an agreement. Even the blacks on the Florida Supreme Court, and First District Court knew, and helped the racist. And that we will prove. God bless.
The Florida Supreme Court is considering whether Ronald Williams should be sentenced concurrently or consecutively under 10-20-life. The decision in this case will likely affect Jacksonville's Marissa Alexander.
Intellectual Disability and Uncertainty in Hall v. Florida: I’ve been meaning to post about the Supreme Court’...
The Florida Supreme Court has disbarred former Broward Circuit Judge Ana Gardiner from the practice of law.
.how ACCURATE are drug-sniffing dogs anyway? A recent study, conducted by the Chicago Tribune, analyzed three...
Florida judge disbarred over 'personal relationship' w/prosecutor after they exchanged 949 phone calls & 471 texts
No pay for suspended judge who worked while drunk: The Florida Supreme Court has rejected a Broward judge's re...
FL judge texted w prosecutor 471 times, called 949 times, during case... Who makes that many phone calls?
Florida judge disbarred for improper relationship with prosecutor appearing before her in death penalty case.
Florida judge disbarred over 'personal relationship' with prosecutor
Have half of defendants who lost mental disability challenges in Florida lost because of strict 70 IQ cut-off score?
Florida court disbars judge for personal relationship with prosecutor via
Judge Ana Gardiner disbarred for 'relationship' with prosecutor during death penalty trial
New post: ". Florida Supreme court disbars judge for having 'personal and emotional relationship' with prosecuto...
Court throws out 'mental retardation': Column via
Florida Supreme Court considers retroactive medical malpractice cap. "Miles and her husband received a jury award of $1.5 million in...
Another child was hit by a car on Daytona Beach. According to the Florida Supreme Court, sun bathers and recreational users have a paramount right over any vehicular traffic to use the fore-shore. The fore-shore is that part of the tidal beach where the most fun happens. The State holds it "in trust" for you and me. This trust is regularly Volusia County. The County has recklessly ran over several women who were sunbathing and does little to restrict recreational drivers from mowing down children. It's shameful.
Several things I respectfully ask everyone to keep in mind: 1- this is probably the most important Gubernatorial Election in Florida history, so it is imperative we help keep Gov. Rick Scott in office. We need your help! Please encourage your friends, and family members, to get out and vote in this years midterms. We cannot afford to be complacent! 2- the next Florida Governor will have 3 judicial appointments to the Florida Supreme Court, which already tilts left. 3- Under Gov. Scott's leadership, Florida now has a 6% unemployment rate, and a budget surplus for the first time in 5 years. 4- Charlie Crist WILL pursue doing away with "Stand your Ground" 5- Charlie Crist WILL increase taxes. 6- Charlie Crist WILL pursue implementing a minimum wage hike, which is bad for consumers, businesses, and job growth. 7- Charlie Crist WILL be a rubber stamp for Obama, Holder, Reid, & Pelosi. 8- Gov. Rick Scott is laser focused on job creation. He has personally lobbied the CEO's of companies such as Amazon and Wawa, ...
04/23/2014 FSU Law school. Got a letter from Kara Ottenvanger at the Florida State University College of Law Public Interest Law Center Children's Advocacy Clinic Children's in Prison Project. Wow, a mouthful, or what? Anyway , they're litigating a case in the Florida Supreme Court stemming from the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in Miller v Alabama, which is the case I've mentioned repeatedly , and they want to use my case to illustrate that parole eligibility doesn't provide a meaningful alternative to life without parole for juvenile offenders, because the Parole Com'n gave me a release date beyond my natural life expectancy. Depending on how things go, they said, they may be able to help me personally and others similarly situated. Does that mean I don't need a lawyer anymore? No,the pressure bring applied to the Parole Com'n because of Miller could induce them to let me go so they can tell the court. " Hey, you don't have to ODER us to do the right thing. We're good people. Look what we did for this gu ...
"Florida Supreme Court will be able to grant law licenses to non-citizens under a bill. The Senate voted 26-7 for the bill" These guys
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Top Florida court hears arguments in hotel-tax battle - Orlando Sentinel
Palm Beach County Judge Barry Cohen got a verbal tongue-lashing from the Florida Supreme Court Tuesday morning for using his bench as a pulpit for his liberal views and improperly becoming involved in a partisan political race.
Sentinel: Long-running hotel tax battle lands before the Florida Supreme Court
April 24, 2014 -- Attorney Tim Martin attended the Seventh Annual Pro Bono Services Awards ceremony at the Chester H. Ferguson Law Center in Tampa, Florida. He was recognized for providing more than 100 hours of pro bono legal services and received a lapel pin and personalized letter from Florida Supreme Court chief justice Ricky Polston.
If the recent decision handed down by the Florida Supreme Court in Aldrich vs. Basile isn't enough to dissuade you from making your own Last Will and
Florida Supreme Court not pleased with PB judge Barry Cohen, slaps him with a public reprimand for comments he...
A Florida judge honored last week by criminal defense lawyers stood in front of the State Supreme Court on Tuesday
The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that pregnancy discrimination constitutes prohibited sex discrimination under state law. The issue in this case was whether discrimination on the basis of pregna...
Yesterday, April 29, 2014, the Florida Supreme Court reprimanded Palm Beach County Judge Barry Cohen for making political comments on the bench, making political statements in public and writing a letter to the Palm Beach Post about an upcoming state…
That should make an interesting Supreme Court Case.
It's Official, the Florida Department of Elections office confirmed Monday that respected attorney Mary Hatcher is completely qualified for the Fifth Circuit, Group 3. Hatcher has filed all the required paperwork and was certified qualified as a candidate for the bench. Hatcher's name will be placed on the ballot for the August 26th primary. “We are very fortunate to have the broad base of support we have throughout the Circuit and the campaign has a lot of momentum”, Mary Hatcher said. Further, Attorney Hatcher recognizes that a circuit judge is a serious position which requires hard work, knowledge, experience, all guided by a sense of fairness. Attorney Hatcher is also committed to follow both the laws and the Constitution of the State of Florida and the United States. The Hatcher campaign has over $50,000.00 in its campaign account, far more than any other candidate in the Group. Hatcher filed earlier in April for the Fifth Circuit judge position. The circuit is made up of Citrus, Hernand ...
Diana had her 13th arguement today at the Florida Supreme Court. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I got to watch it on the Internet! Very technical arguement -- she said she probably should lose, but hey, lawyers NEVER concede! Proud of her for a great job.
The Florida Supreme Court has previously held a warrant is required to search a person's cellphone. This issue is...
A 9 year battle in Florida is over after a recent ruling. See what it was about:
Congrats Florida for recognizing that pregnancy discrimination is sex discrimination. Late better than never!
Florida fish fracas finds way to Supreme Court: The case of John Yates, the Manatee County commercial...
How many Justices are there on the Florida Supreme Court?. No one knows. They are not finished counting yet! | Read:
The Supreme court will hear the case of a Florida fisherman charged with destroying evidence — three small grouper.
SCOTUS to hear case of missing groupers: The court said Monday it will hear the case of a Florida fisherman ch...
Palm Beach County Judge Cohen gets reprimand today from Florida Supreme Court
The Florida Supreme Court recently decided a case that should be a reminder to seek professional advice when drafting and updating your will.
Palm Beach County Judge Barry Cohen will receive a public reprimand from the Florida Supreme Court this morning for violating judicial canons that require judges to remain impartial.
In 2003 Jeb Bush Allowed This woman to be murdered by slow starvation. You might forget this Mans evil but I won't allow him to live without hearing of his terrible sin against this woman he had the power to save as Governor. This Man and Hillary Clinton are both Murderers and have no business being in office. A judge in Clearwater, Fla., has set Oct. 15 as the date to begin the starvation death of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, the 39-year-old disabled woman whose husband and legal guardian, Michael Schiavo, is eager to remove the feeding tube his wife depends upon for sustenance. Terri Schindler-Schiavo before her disability. Probate Judge George Greer of the Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court announced his decision in a fax sent Sept. 17 to attorneys on both sides in the case. At the same time, Greer said no to two requests by Terri&parents for rehabilitation of the woman. An Aug. 26 request by Robert and Mary Schindler of Gulf Port, Fla., asking that their daughter be allowed an eight-week trial of speech, occupa ...
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