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Florida St

The Florida State University (commonly referred to as Florida State or FSU) is a space-grant and sea-grant public university located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States.

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Florida St. just doesn't look like they belong in the playoffs. Wow. They are their own worst enemy.
Oregon vs Florida St. will be a good game 🏈
Took a hit on West Ham this morning. Scored at 10 min never scored again! 1-1 - Took Tott +1 in a par with Florida St +250
Oregon is gunna beat Florida St and Ohio State is gunna beat Alabama
The College Football Playoffs kicks off this afternoon! Who will advance to the Championship: Alabama vs Ohio St & Oregon vs. Florida St. ?
It's a big college football day today. I wish I hadn't gone and signed up to work. I'll be cheering for Oregon over Florida St. That's an easy call. And Ohio St over Alabama. Only because I hate OSU slightly less than any SEC team.
Don't care who's favored today. Don't care by how much. Always take points in "championship" games. Florida St +7.5, Ohio St +7.5 locked in.
Happy New Years day football fans! Who do you think will win the playoff games? Ohio St STILL does not belong in the final 4, and Alabama will show that today. Roll Tide! I am a Pac 12 guy, but I think Florida St will take care of Oregon, sorry Duck fans. The Baylor Bears will show why they (or TCU) should have been in the top 4. Go UCLA (tomorrow), Kansas St will be tough to beat but the Bruins will do it.
Gettin it going, Family, Football and some Fun time today on this dreary/chilly 1st day of da year, some's Baylor vs Michigan St.,Oregon vs Florida St., finish up with Alabama vs Ohio St. And lots of food and quality Family Time, God Bless, Go Bears, Oregon, and Bama
I am cheering for the one team I don't consider pure evil. Oregon. (Yes, I know you got cheated OU friends, but I can't stand Alabama and their hoards of suddenly life time fans and the fact everyone wants to kiss the SEC and Alabama's backside, I can't stand Florida St, even though the coach has a cool name... most of it comes from their QB, and I don't think Ohio State should even been in the playoff. Only reason they are there is big fan base and more money than TCU and Baylor.
A great College football day - Oregon vs Florida St and Alabama vs Ohio St. Can't ask for any better match ups.
Football championship prediction: Oregon over Florida St, Alabama over Ohio St, Oregon over Alabama
What team will emerge as the College Football Playoff National Champion?. a.) Alabama. b.) Florida St. c.…
If the Tallahassee police department could stop doing things to protect Florida St. football players, that'd be great.
Man the look good tonight. Up 21 on Florida St. They can really execute offensively. Jerian Grant playing as well…
Alabama, Oregon, Florida St & Ohio St are IN for 1st ever New Year's Day on Vader is IN. Are you?
QB stars when Florida St meets Oregon in Rose Bowl
Win the day! 12-1 Oregon seeks 1st national championship. No. 2 Ducks play Florida St in Rose Bowl on January 1.
Oregon is the No. 2 seed into the first College Football Playoff, and will face No. 3 Florida St. in a semifinal at the Rose Bowl.
Ahead of playoff selections, the AP Top 25 just dropped: 1. Alabama, 2. Florida St., 3. Oregon. 4. Baylor.
If you think all that matters is head-to-head, then your seeds would be 1. Florida St, 2. Oregon, 3. Ohio St, …
If you think away wins are twice as impressive as home wins, then your seeds are 1.Florida St, 2.Marshall, 3.O…
Alabama and Oregon won their Conference Title Games in impressive but predictable fashion. Florida St. won its Conference Title Game by the skin of its teeth as per usual. TCU pummeled an awful Iowa St. team as it should, and Baylor won a tough game against a quality opponent, but lacked on style points. Ohio State dropped 59 in a donut on Wisconsin in the Big Ten Title Game which no one saw coming. I don't think the playoff selection committee is going to get much sleep tonight.
Wrapping up a great weekend in the Queen City at the ACC Football Champ game. Florida St vs. Georgia Tech
Best case night for me, Missouri beats Alabama, Baylor crushes Kansas St. And Florida St. Beats Georgia Tech by 1. Now committee pick 4!
Early morning for Son's SAT!!! . I'll be at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with Marcus Mariota & the Oregon Ducks! . "Music is an Amazing Art Form!" . Give back . Netflix! . Jurassic World is open next summer! I'm going!!! :) . MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) . Why does the Football Season go by SO FAST?! Makes me mad!!! 😡 . Payton Manning makes it look so easy!!! Broncos Defense looks good too!!! . Little Richard! HAPPY (82) BIRTHDAY!!! Wo!!! SHUT-UP! :) 😝😝😝 . Find a way to be HAPPY! . Wait! How did Florida St. go down to ?!! . I wrote Santa a letter!!! . I guess Mariah Carey's personal life is too much for her? 3 hours late for live broadcast!
All the sports talking heads are talking what if Alabama loses this weekend in the SEC championship game? Then no SEC team in College Football Playoff. Will what if Florida St and Oregon lose this weekend in their conference championship games? and BOTH stand a very good chance of losing. CHAOS.
I'd rather watch: . Apollo Creed die. Goose die. Old Yeller die . over & over & over than see Florida St & Jameis Winston win.
is 1 of only 3 teams that have won 5 division titles since 2007. The other 2: Alabama and Florida St. Pretty elite…
Florida St. is just toying with us, kind of like Keyser Soze.
Florida St. is over rated, as is Mississippi St. Here is my top four. 1. Oregon 2. Alabama 3. TCU 4. Ohio State
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If you're a fan of college soccer, tomorrow is your day. It's the "March Madness" of college soccer! On the men's side you have 16 great 2nd round games including Penn State vs Syracuse! But the action is on the women's side where all eight Sweet Sixteen games are going to be amazing: UCLA vs Pepperdine UVa vs Kentucky This sets up a possible Final Four matchup against maybe the two most talented teams in the tourney. Penn St vs Va. Tech (the head vs. heart game in honor of Jodie Zelenky) Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M So on this side, you could have 3 of 4 ACC teams! On the other side there's, Florida v Texas Tech Washington v Stanford. And.. Florida St. Vs UCF (should be chippy) UNC vs. South Carolina. (Should be chipper) Wow! It's possible that the ACC could represent 5 of the 8 final spots after getting 3 in the Final Four last year. And it seems like the NCAA tried to split them up this year! There are CCSC women all over this tourney too! Rooting for them all and hope they're on TV!
Notre Dame looses, Alabama wins, and Miami is leading Florida St. Those rankings are gonna change big time.
I don't get it. We beat Northwestern and Miami. Northwestern beat Notre Dame and Miami is currently leading Florida St, and we completely got outplayed against Wisconsin. First time in a long time I feel like the boys gave up, but I think the spotlight should be on our coordinators. The team was simply not prepared.
So, this Notre Dame season can now be officially labeled as disappointing-but one thing that could assuage my annoyance a little is for Miami to kick the tar our of Florida St. and their punk QB! Can't believe I'm rooting for Miami or that they actually seem morally superior to anyone.but there it is-Go Hurricanes!
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Baylor, Arizona St, Ohio St step up in AP poll By RALPH D. R
Boaters meet Friday in Jupiter RE: All Aboard Fla impact on drawbridges in S FLA. See Kim Miller's story in PB POST.
We received this today from our friends at St. Mark's School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This beautiful girl is...
Mississippi State and Alabama play this weekend who are both ranked above Ohio State. Florida st. Still has to play Florida.
I am running for Florida State Senate District 22 Political advertisement paid for and approved by Judithanne McLauchlan, Democrat for State Senate 22
Big moment: Bought my first NCAABB tickets of the season. Going to see Florida St/UMass and Providence/Notre Dame at Mohegan Sun.
I'm at the Salvador Dali Museum in St Petersburg Florida. Mind blown.
American Heritage moves up to No. 17 in Florida’s HS football poll
These teams will lose this week. Arizona state, Florida st, LSU, auburn, Nebraska, Alabama
The upset game that I picked weeks ago is finally this Saturday. Miami over Florida St.
I miss Florida already it's cold here in St. Louis !
More bowl projections, this from with ND vs. Kansas St. in the Russell Athletic (formerly Champs Sports).
‘Top Chef’ fan favorite settles into South Florida with new restaurant
Boudoir video session in St. Petersburg Florida. Video by Starvideo.
Texas in Vince Young Soph year, USC with Sanchez, Florida Tebow Sr year, Okie St with weeden, Stanford Lucks Jr and Sr year
if all holds.. . Miss St v TCU. Florida St v Oregon
Florida St. is playing this years Miami team right?
Madeira at St. Augustine creates residents' club for active Florida lifestyle
ACC Digital Network has released the official hype video ahead of the FSU-Miami game, and it’s a... via
Miss St, Florida State, TCU, and Oregon. TCU deserves to be in the top 4.
Fidelity Southern picks up more business in St. Johns County: As part of its continued reach into the...
Florida billionaire Jeff Greene's California mansion for sale is most expensive in U.S.: A Cali... petersburg
An extremely well-written report from St. Petersburg for those looking to challenge the status-quo.
Florida's high season is approaching! Check out Photos of Charming St Petersburg - much more than beaches!
Watch simulation of St. Lucie River bridge traffic from meetings
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will fly out 4 times a week out of Indy to Vegas, plus Florida: St. Pete, Sanford & Bonita Springs. Starts in Feb.
Great Veterans Day weekend of fishing at St. James Florida.
SPORT: Rachael Letsche is on top of the world after winning tumbling title in Florida: ST HELENS gymnast Racha...
My gee Nigel just touched down in Florida waiting on him to get to St Pete so we can link
More details, Allegiant Air will fly out of Indy in Feb. to 3 Florida cities, Sanford, Bonita Springs, and St.Pete, plus Las Vegas
Can I please plan a Florida visit for when it starts to become unbearably cold here?
I want to see Alabama vs Florida St. in the championship
Crystal Hooks. Storms moving out into the Gulf a few weeks ago in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Miss St vs Florida st and TCU vs Oregon
I am opening for Ryan Beatty next Sunday, November 16th in St. Petersburg, Florida, show 5:15PM, for tickets see Ryan Be…
Jeremy Irons introduces Trashed Film in St. Petersburg, Florida at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation... htt…
Veterans Day Parade starts in 20 minutes on Bay St. Downtown Beautiful weather and plenty of parking...
A millionaire has spent 27 years in Florida prisons for double homicide but says he was set up by a drug cartel
So John Adams on today said a 2 loss SEC West team has a better resume than Florida St. What?
Florida St. deserves to be based on their road win vs. L'ville and Miss St. close game vs. Ark...
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Who will be the top 4 in the irrelevant College Football Playoff poll come Tuesday?. 1. Mississippi State. 2. Florida St. 3. Auburn. 4. Oregon
Alrighty college football fans, it's my turn to try my hand at football analysis. I was able to check out a bunch of games this week and I'm gonna make a prediction, so I want this on the record, we'll see how accurate I am come Tuesday. Here's your top 10 after week 10: Playoffs: 1. Mississippi St. 2. Auburn 3. Florida St. 4. Oregon 5. Alabama 6. TCU 7. Michigan St. 8. Kansas St. 9. Notre Dame 10. Ole Miss I'm going out on a limb putting 1-loss auburn above undefeated Florida State. But Florida State has NOT AT ALL played like the defending national champs, with a returning heisman-winning QB. And considering the anemic way they've played against a relatively weak schedule (36th hardest according to ESPN), I think they fall to number 3. Other thoughts: Mississippi State gained number 1 by beating auburn and have since completely stopped playing like the number 1 team. They allowed unranked KENTUCKY of all teams to hang with them for most of the game last week and didn't really put them away until the fin ...
GM Les Snead and Director of Player Personnel Taylor Morton were at the Florida St.-Louisville game last night.
Jameis Winston threw for 401 yards and 3 TDs as No. 2 Florida St. rallied by No. 25 Louisville.
Florida St doing their part to ensure the top 4 ranked teams in the CFB Playoff Rankings are all from the SEC.
Ok before I hit the gym.. Kevin love will have a lot of success but his game will be exposed and Florida St is under no upset alert. ✌️✌️
I wanna know how in the *** is Notre Dame ranked 10th in the Football Playoff Poll and 6th everywhere else.when if it wasnt for a bs call at Florida St they would be or 2 in the other polls
Ohio State needs the following... 1.) Win out! Hopefully play a 1 loss Nebraska team in the BIG championship. 2.) Mississippi State goes undefeated and gives Alabama, Ole Miss, and Georgia (sec championship) a second loss. 3.) Auburn loses one more. Still to play Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia among others. 4.)Notre Dame slips up against Arizona St. or USC. 5.) No Pac 10 team finishes with 1 loss. Very possible. Or No Big 12 team finishes with 1 loss. At this point in my opinion it would be Miss St., Florida St., Ohio State, and whatever one loss team from either the Big 12 or Pac 10. Florida St. losing would be huge, but I think the committee would give them the nod over us if both teams had 1 loss. Problem is there are not many teams with any shot of doing that left on the FSU schedule. Cheer for Mississippi St., West Virginia, USC, and every other 2 or more loss team in the nation (especially those in the Pac 10 and Big 12). Go Bucks!
Better odds. A team from Mississippi or Alabama winning the national championship, Florida St, or the field? Go
There are too many good places to play football than Florida St. and it's mouse for a coach. No matter the team that plays them will probably cost Notre Dame a chance for the play-offs I hope they all beat this program that has tarnished college football.
Well well well.Galaxy Sports Network and that rascally goof off known as your "Sorce for Sports".Mr. Arthur J. Sorce Jr. is back.Sports on TV.NFL .College .Prep power rankings.and of course our one of a kind views on the wonderful wacky world of Sports.(.Notes on a scorecard) returns tomorrow.We will look at this weekends great gridiron matchups .Talk World Series.How about them Dallas Cowboys.Pete Carroll on why jettisoning Percy Harvin seems to have led to some internal rumblings in the Seahawk nest.We will also rate the best of the young QB's in the NFL.I imagine our sources @ Galaxy will have Andrew Luck at the top of those projections.We will also talk about the Bronco's building a real defense for Peyton Manning and their run for Super Bowl glory.Aaron Rodgers and the Pack are back.Jeff Fisher and his Rams has the biggest bag of special teams tricks on display just in time for Halloween. We will wonder out loud and find out why Florida St seems to play by one set of rules whilst the other 67 Big 5 . ...
If Hitler played for Florida St they wouldn't suspend him
Out of those 23 games, Auburn is the only noteworthy team that Florida St. has beat.
“Florida st da most hated team in college football and we juss started back winning 😳”😂😂 you don't believe that
Florida St the best team in the country.
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for pizza rolls . FAV for Florida St.
I mean honestly that's a huge win for Florida St. It was a PI as bad as it is to end on. But they won
cause georgia some dummies. They susp Gurley before facts came out. Florida St not
1993: Florida St loses on the last play at Notre Dame, recovers to still get a Title shot. The exact reverse could happen this year
And Florida State wins off of a BS call
Florida St is a bunch of cheaters. Don't care bout either team but wow.
Can someone in the ACC please step up and beat Florida St? I'd rather shave my nuts with a cheese grater than watch them in the playoffs
Biggest lesson from FSU vs Notre Dame is that Florida St has an INSUFFERABLE band
That was a terrible call! Irish outplayed Florida St. and should've won
# best football game ever Notre Dame Florida st # we need a rematch what a game
“Florida St the best team in the country.” Joke of 2014
Good thing florida st is a joke, and wouldn't suspend a player even if he murdered somebody
4th and 18 and you give it up. Florida St, y u no play defense?
If anyone tells me that Florida St. outplayed Notre Dame than you're an ***
Photos: Game of the Century Part II? battle in another classic. http:/…
Cant stand florida st. Most overrated team in history
I personally think it was the right call despite the fact I would love Florida St. to lose.
I didn't really care for the Notre Dame - Florida St game but I can't stand ND so I'm glad FS won.
I think I'd go for any team if it meant Florida St would lose
I don't get it man one of the craziest calls I've ever seen Florida St knows they got saved
No wonder Florida st went undefeated last year and probably will this year. They've played one good team. Notre Dame.
Florida st manages to win again somehow smh
The football gods where with Florida St. tonight. ***
I'm seeing a upset on October 30th when Florida St takes on Louisville..
Florida State Wins in an epic battle!. FINAL SCORE:. FLORIDA ST 31 | ND 27 .
My buddy Winston no. 5 did it for us! Florida State won by 4! Notre Dame 27 & Florida ST 31
They should change their name to the Florida St. Beyonce Semiknowles.
Wonder how many Florida St. fans gonna talk up beating Notre Dame bc they were once again overrated bc they're Notre Dame.
that call isn't made on Florida st defense in same position
if Florida State isn't at least dominate or consistent then I give up arguing with you. Miss St is taking it all tho
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Florida st coach talks to Winston likes he's two years old smh
Figures with that call. Pretty clear ABC/ESPN is pro Florida St.
Wow that Florida St. Game was closer and better than I thought it would be!!
boi go burn that Alabama jacket u got, since u done sold yo soul to Florida St lol
At least three teams in the playoff will have a loss this year. I honestly think Florida St will have a loss but will still make the playoff
Richt has so much more class than Jimbo. Better yet, UGA has so much more class than Florida St.
Florida St is basically in the playoff at this point. If Notre Dame wins out they should be in it as well. Possible rematch?
put it this way Ole Miss, Mississippi St, Alabama would beat Florida State
just tryna prove a point. You're right Kyle Florida st deserved it way more. im out
May have been on a flag but we won! GO NOLES! We are gonna take a lot of carp from this game but 23 in a row, undefeated! !!! With- Tara Harry and Brandi Louanne Norris!!! Can't wait for Florida vs. Florida st. W/ the bestie! !
Florida St as an institution completely disgusts me. Do they have a talented football team? Of course. But if you're dedicated to helping boys learn and become men, there's no way you let Jameis Winston play. He should be suspended. At most colleges (e.g. Todd Gurley at Georgia) he would not have played. Raping women, shoplifting, breaking NCAA rules by signing autographs.. Enjoy the win, bc apparently that's all that matters to your school.
Florida St and the Rapist wins on the homers. why is this *** not in prison
So Nd score the last td against st for the win but refs call a bump with b.s. considering every team do it on every level. Nd didn't lose that game because of Florida st . They lost because of the ref.
Notre Dame touchdown to beat Florida St. on 4th and goal w/ 6 seconds left.Offensive pass TD, Florida St. wins 31-27. UGH!
Jamis Winston is a creep and a clown. Keepin fingers crossed for a Notre Dame vs. Florida St. playoff game great game ND.go Irish!!
Florida st just cant be beat 31 27 yea NOLES
Jameis Winston (Florida St. Quarterback) Had to be CALMED-DOWN by Coach Jimbo Fisher because he knew Jameis was bout do something real goofy on Isaiah Sonofthemosthigh Williams I know you were watching? Am I right? That was the best game I saw in a long time!
Who's ready to celebrate the Florida st win?
Oh *** naw. The referee gave the game right to Florida St. Notre Dame really won that game and yall know it
*** I was pulling for the youngin from Myrtle Beach but Florida St. got away with one...good game're almost there!
Follow live Notre Dame at Florida St. coverage at Yahoo! Sports. Find the latest Notre Dame at Florida St. score, including stats and more
FLORIDA ST. SEMINOLES it was a ugly win but a win is a win
Well Notre Dame shouldn't have lost, Florida st shouldn't have won. Notre Dame should've won and Florida st. Should have lost, If that makes any sense the only thing I got out of that game was I really don't believe Florida st. Is worthy of that ranking, and I'm not even a Notre Dame fan I like USC
Just won an $10 bet from the Notre Dame and Florida St game.i was going for Florida St and we just won but it was a good game tho i enjoyed it
I was really wishing that Notre Dame would have shut Florida st quarterback up tonight.
Is English not a required course at Florida St?
One *** of a game between Florida St. and Notre Dame.those two young quarterbacks put on a show.John Terry, Perry Kent, what say you?
Florida st don't only pay there rapest player but the officials too. And jumbo fisher is a peace of crap to stand up for that kid. Other then that great game.
Jimbo Fisher says Florida St. Is a high class team. C'mon man Thug city moved from Miami to Tallahassee. Time to bring back class call Bobby Bowden
Congrats Florida St for paying the refs off
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There is no university, team, player, or organization more disappointing or disgusting than Florida St. and Jameis Winston. The pieces in play that allow individuals like that to continue to play for their organization for the sake of monetary gain and success is a sad state of affairs for student athletes across the nation in every sport. = joke
That's BS Florida St. pick play happen all game and they call it now. That's F..k Up
Wow! The "Florida St." Fans come out of the wood work when CLEARLY that was a block, pretty soon we'll have to hold hands while blocking!!!" Get a team and stop sayin EVERY DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPION IS YOUR TEAM Jesse Wills! Pretty sad! Stop textin me for the night! Your like a homeless man insulting another mans house! Garbage!!! ;)
Boy oh Boy does Florida St have officials on thier side just take a game from Irish smh.
I wonder how much money the ref made in to call that bs in the Notre Dame vs Florida St game?
Florida St actually beat Notre Dame! 31-27 was a good game.Notre Dame out-played them but Florida scored on them
How do you call that pass interference againdt Notre Dame and not the interference 2 plays earlier when Robinson was completely faceguarded by the Florida st cornerback? I have always liked both teams and really think the Irish just got hosed.
Wow! What a fix. Oops I mean what a game between Florida St and Notre Dame lol.
Florida St v Notre Dame game was crazy. Love me some football. Wow, heart, character, no holds barred. All out battles, mental and physical toughness.all kinds a good stuff
Great good Florida st what a nail bitter
Biggest cheat ND won and go it took away and given to Florida St. Florida State didnt win that game they got it gave to them by the ref
Whoever thinks the thugs from Florida st can win it all are stupid .they should have lost 3 games this year .and for jumbo fisher he is a thug to.
Florida State should keep winning so they can play an SEC team in the National Championship again. I think that the outcome would be much different this time if they played Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi St, or Ole Miss. All would roll over the Seminoles.
Thank you for the amazing victory by my Florida St. Seminoles over Notre Dame tonight as an early birthday present to me
I will say this it was a great game and I said it would come down to the last play good game Florida st. and Notre Dame
The coach for Florida st. Just had to tell his quarterback how to behave after this game. Sad that you have to tell a man how to act smh
Man if my Moma could see this Florida St game. R.I.P. Moma love you gul
I don't think Illl see a better game than this one. Notre Dame played their *** off. Hats off to Florida St for winning...a *** of an effort by both squads.
The rapist, thief, criminal wins again...Florida St should be ashamed for having on their team.shut up Jumbo!!
Notre Dame just got robbed. The refs gave Florida St that game
DD Young bring it on. SEC team gon have to take Florida St out..
Notre Dame and Florida St just played a good one !!!
well the Florida St. Criminals got away with another one...
Notre Dame got robbed, Florida St. doesnt deserve the win, too bad they'll have to forfeit the wins when they find out Shameis Winston gets busted for selling his autographs
Seriously.can you believe how lucky Florida St. Is? Sad there were no luck for the Irish!!
Are you freakin serious? I'm so mad right now. Florida St. and Jameis Winston.
Man that was a good game tho! Better than that Alabama vs. Texas A&M game earlier!! Lol!! Florida St. pulled it off by luck!
Well the Florida St,-Notre Dame game lived up to the hype. The Seminoles won 31-27 intercepting a pass in the back of the end zone on 4th and goal with seven seconbds left.
I don't care what there ranking will be at the end of the year Norte Dame vs Florida St should be atleast one of the playoff matchups
I can not stand florida st and winston he has been in trouble some many times and hasnt been suspended but maybe one but Todd Gurley signs autograph for money and is out for season bs
You just got beat Florida st. BS call
Florida St & Notre Dame great game. Glad Florida St got the win.
And Florida st. Wins their only real game all year. "We strong den"
This makes me sick Florida st doesn't deserve to celebrate this one.
Florida st. Cheated the referees knew what the was doing can't beat them str8 up lol
That was some BS to give Florida St that win
I need somebodies Blood Pressure Pills after watching this game. Awesome game to witness between Florida St. & Notre Dame. Pressure !!!
UT and Florida st win my day is made
Florida State your home cooking will serve you no good against Miss St, Ole Miss , Bama, or Georgia. Notre Dame got robbed and believe me I'm no irish fan.
Florida St. has the heart of a champion. Like them or not!
Florida st is garbage ND got cheated..
Florida st was just handed that game from the refs!! That should have been a hold on the defense !! B.S
I know it's not nice to hate but I HATE Florida St. And the refs
Of course, Florida St. saved by the zebras!
Florida St. Is the luckiest *** school I have ever seen they lost that game and the refs gave it to them unreal...
I just had a AMAZING NIGHT got to watch notre shame loose thank you Florida st. Ryan Staszewski
Florida St. May have won. But, they're still
Very good game between Florida st and Notre Dame.instant classic
Damm that florida st game was good. Was goin for Notre Dame tho. Atleast oregon beat their rival(:
How does Florida st get so lucky every week!!
This is how I felt after the Notre Dame vs Florida ST!!! 31-27 baby
Florida St. wins Norte Dame *** always choking in big games like the Dallas Cowboys
Luck of the Irish ran out! but they should have won, outplayed Florida ST all night and really crappy call but Those half *** Indians hang on to win
So who really paid the ref for the ND vs. Florida St game!
OMG FLORIDA ST V.S. Notre Dame David Long I didn't know who would win looks like my home state won let's go
Ok.I can go back to hating Florida St. Good night
Yes that's what I'm talking about Florida St.
Wow Florida st can u say u just got beat *** the worst call ever
Florida St you have locked up your final four position although I think Notre Dame should be there too.
That ref won that game for Florida St. smh
Wow ref just gave the game to Florida st. DB was pulling are receiver down
Good game that call could have gone any way Florida st still garbage
Heck of a game. Still think Florida St is over rated.
The Refs helped Florida St win that game at the last minute..
*** good game...but that's why Florida St deserve to be
Cant beat Refs. Florida St should be out
Watching a intence game Florida st just won while i was typeing omg
Need some blood pressure medicine. Florida st!
It wasnt pretty but florida st did it... Adam Robbins III you nees to tell your receivers thats cant jusy block off the line on a pass play unless its a screen
Florida St and Notre Dame was a great game!!!
We know who really won...enjoy a win u didn't earn Florida st
Florida St took the fight out of the Irish !
MVP for Florida St.the referees. Terrible way to end an awesome ballgame
Florida St. doesn't belong among the elites of football this year.
Wow Florida St just got saved by the zebras
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The Ref's won the game for Florida St. That it is all.
Florida st. Has won more games due to the refs calling penalties on the opposing team than any other team in the history of college football. When is the NCAA going to realize something isn't right.
I'm not a college Football fan, but this Florida St. vs Notre Dame game is exciting to say the least.
They cheating for Florida st that was a good block no pass inference
Wow!!! Who at Florida St paid them for that call!
Whose watching this Notre Dame vs Florida st?? Unbelievable... Great game!
This Notre Dame/Florida St game is fckn awesome. I would know, I was a jock in high school. AND there's boxing on?!?
Notre Dame VS Florida St tonight at 5pm Come down for 100oz pitchers of coors light for just $17 watch the game on our 80 in TV with sound And for your Sharks fans we have your game on to! in our second room featuring a new 75 in TV with the sound on
So Jameis Winston rape college students, sell his signature for cash, wins Heisman Trophy and Florida St blindly rakes cash pretends all OK.
No. 2 Florida St running out of chances to impress
I remember BC being in ' 07, with Matt Ryan. They started 8-0, then they lost to Florida St. & Maryland.
Imma watch the Rams future QB... Florida St. v. Syracuse
Keep the same players & same coaches but change the name from Florida St to Ohio St & they would def. drop in the polls next week
Criteria for ESPN College Football staff: . -Be a washed up QB from Florida or Florida St.
Florida St may have won but they still have to play Notre Dame, Louisville, and Boston College
I think Florida St. is going to lose to Notre Dame or possibly even Boston College. Calling it early.
Congratulations to Florida St, they got us. One of the best games I've watched. FSU's backup QB showed some stones. Jimbo Fisher is an excellent coach, awesome job, especially after all the drama. Congratulations to South Carolina as well. Hope the Steelers fair better tomorrow.
NCAAF NEWS: Florida St. has decided to provide an interpreter at all of Jameis Winston's press conferences.
Oregon moves ahead of Alabama from 3rd to 2nd in AP poll; Florida St. 1st, Oklahoma 4th, Auburn 5th (ESPN) -
How does Florida St. get away with playing the Citadel? That's like St. John Bosco playing a D12 team.
After the Natl Championship & AFTER the Heisman - Florida St. NOW investigates the alleged rape? rape culture?
Jameis Winston of Florida St. has a shot to go down as the third best QB prospect I've ever graded behind only Andrew L…
But LOL BYU fans/apologists; your school is no more "special" than Utah, Utah St, Weber St, Florida St, Idaho St, Notre Dame or LA-Lafayette
You know who has the same record as Florida St. in college football? Indiana University.
the return of the Exposure Tour: Perform at Boston College vs Florida St game in Tallahassee FL
Four of my biggest takeaways from this week in college football: 1) Texas A&M is a sleeper- losing Johnny Football is not an issue 2) LSU continues to make impressive comebacks in the fourth QTR- how do they do it?? 3) Florida St and Alabama CAN be beat this year 4) Todd Gurley is a BEAST!
*** Florida St has a lot of racist fans doing the Tomahawk Chop.
With no football to watch tonight, at least I can root for Florida St. to lose. C'mon Oklahoma State!
Florida St. finally switched their jerseys up. They had the same style since Peter Warrick was there.
Clemson Vs. Georgia. Florida St. Vs. Oklahoma St. . Wisconsin Vs. LSU . Imma be on the couch all day watching these games 😍
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You're not going to watch the Clemson vs. Georgia & Florida St. vs. Oklahoma St. game on Saturday?
Wow! Did u make a reference to Ron Simmons aka Farooq Asaad - former member of Doom and former Florida St football player
Congratulations and sooo proud and happy for my best friend Alexis Smith on her first on MANY film premiers this weekend at Florida St. Can't wait to see your name and face on the big screen again!
HS Boys 5'9 PG SBS2016 Garfield HS has strong interest from Gonzaga,Florida St.,Virginia,Pepperdine and G…
PHOTO: NASCAR’s Brian Vickers will drive a Florida St-themed car at Daytona this weekend.
Tommie Frazier in the 1993 orange Bowl against Florida St.
season opener now 2 months away. NU hosts Florida St in Showcase at Devaney Center Aug. 29.
In 1970, Doby Flowers became the first African-American women elected Homecoming Queen at FSU (Florida St …
Baker Richardson working on his O-Line technique with Mark Salva, former Florida St. and South Carolina Offensive Line Coach. If you want to schedule some time with Mark, let us know. Regardless of age, if you play O-Line or D-Line Mark will help you reach the next level.
Draft Recap: 1a. Greg Robinson OT Auburn 1b. Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh 2a. Lamarcus Joyner DB Florida St. 3a. Tre Mason RB Auburn 4a. Mo Alexander S Utah St. 6a. E.J. Gaines CB Mizzou 6b. Garrett Gilbert QB SMU 7a. Mitchell Van Dyk OT Portland St. 7b. C.B. Bryant S Ohio St. 7c. Michael Sam DE Mizzou 7d. Demetrius Rhaney C Tennessee St. Summary: We got 2 steals in the draft this year. One is Aaron Donald and the other is Michael Sam. Aaron Donald will put our D Line over the top. Even though that I don't see Sam as a starter, he could be a key contributor as our 3rd DE. He was the SEC co-DPOY. He fell to the 7th because of off the field stuff. We also got one of my favorite college players, Tre Mason. Him and Stacy will be a 1-2 punch that will be unstoppable. They have 3+ years to grow, hopefully 8+. I also like the Joyner, Gaines, and Alexander pick. Now I will apologize for being upset that we did not get Sammy Watkins. I love the Robinson pick. If there wasn't Sammy, I would've loved Greg Robinson. I ...
Terrence Brooks was another guy that was fun to watch in that Florida St defense. I think the have their free safety
Ravens select Florida St. free safety Terrence Brooks in the 3rd round with the 79th overall draft pick.
CITY OF DEMING IN COOPERATION WITH THE NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND THE FEDERAL HIGHWAY ADMINISTRATION ANNOUNCE PUBLIC MEETING The meeting is regarding the Florida Street Multi-Use Path Project (Control # 1101060). The meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 15, 2014 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at City of Deming Council Chambers located at 309 S. Gold Street. PURPOSE OF THE MEETING: The City of Deming in cooperation with the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration is sponsoring this meeting to discuss the proposed Florida St. (NM427) Multi-use path along the south side of Florida St. R.O.W. between Santa Barbara and Country Club Rd. in Deming New Mexico. Residents, landowners and all interested parties are encouraged to attend and provide comments, concerns, and suggestions regarding the project. MEETING OVERVIEW AND AGENDA: City representatives will be sharing information including path design, project location, benefits, and accessibility. Project Team membe ...
Jameis Winston (the Florida St. heisman winner) got fined $30 an suspended from the baseball team for stealing crab legs LMAO 😩😂😂😂 tf he on!
Adrian Mcpherson Early years A former Florida Mr. Basketball and Mr. Football (the first athlete to have both honors in Florida history) as a student at Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida, McPherson began his career at Florida St. playing quarterback on the football team and point guard on the basketball team. College career 2003 arrest In 2003, McPherson was arrested and charged with stealing and forging a signature on a blank check from a Tallahassee shop, R&R Truck Accessories. The check ended up in the possession of McPherson's high school friend and teammate Melvin Capers, and was cashed for $ 3,500. Capers later told police that he gave most of the money to McPherson. McPherson was also tried on allegations that he bet on professional and college football games in the spring of 2003. McPherson was represented at trial by Grady C. Irvin, who earned fame representing former National Baptist Convention President Henry Lyons on embezzlement charges in the late 1990s, and Chuck Hobbs, who later ...
Saw a guy in Kroger tonight wearing a sweater with the lettering that was Florida St colors but it said Alabama Crimson Tide.
A day after passing for 396 yds in Spring game, Jameis Winston earns save for Florida St baseball team against Ga Tech.
Jameis Winston threw 56 Passes for Florida St in the Spring Football Game then flew to his baseball game for Florida St against Georgia Tech and picked up the Save this afternoon. Say Word
Another pretty tough editorial on Mizzou today. I thought you may give MU some credit for doing the right thing (see Florida St)
Florida St faces investigation after Winston case - TALLAHASSEE, Fla.
coach Richard Pitino praises the perseverance of his team to pull out the overtime win vs. Florida St.
Congrats to the Gopher Men's basketball team on advancing to the NIT Championship game tonight in 67-64 OT win vs Florida St!
Jameis Winston was in a fight today in the Florida-Florida St baseball game. VIDEO & DETAILS: ht…
Georgetown had 55 points the second half while Florida St. had 53 lol
Maryland a founding member of the ACC leaves meekly as they are beat by Florida St for their last game in league.
Scott Stapp singer of Creed...Florida St.wait, never mind .disregard *** it..too late
Creme has Iowa-Florida St as the 6-11 matchup in Iowa City. South Carolina the seed on that side of the bracket.
Wichita St basketball looks like Florida St football, but at least they'll have to go thru a Elite 8 & a Final 4 to get to the Championship Game. Seeds To Missiles,Darrell Wolfe,Kevin Smith,John Grantham,Tony Allen,Jason Nyky Johnson,Damon Smith,Kelvin A Stevens, Eric Williams,
Curious why Washington Redskins and Florida St? Do you and. hang out?
About to watch a rerun of this North Carolina vs Florida St game
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title game: Jimbo Fisher has Florida St. back at Bobby Bowden level - The reporter was...
Florida St. lands five-star WR Lane over Florida - . Florida State added another potential star to its...
Who has Louisville beaten in Football since 2004 who's worth a *** Florida St, Miami, Boise State and Florida.
BR Scouting Report: DT Timmy Jernigan: The Bears need help at defensive tackle and many have pegged Florida St...
Dan, if the Giants don't resign Linval Joseph (we both agree they should), is Timmy Jernigan from Florida St in play at 12?
Kiper: Florida St. DT Timmy Jernigan would be an "ideal fit" for the Bears' front. Notre Dame's Louis Nix is more of a 3…
Black History Month (DayAugustine, Florida St. Augustine, Florida, founded in 1565, is the oldest continuously occupied settlement of European and African-American origin in the United States. Although Africans were brought to the colony as slave, as early as 1687, the Spanish government had begun to offer asylum to slaves from British colonies. In 1693, the Spanish Crown officially proclaimed that runaways, usually from South Carolina would find freedom in Florida, in return for Catholic conversion and a term of four years of service to the Crown. In fact, Fort Mose (pronounced "Moh-say") was the first free black settlement, which many historians believed precipitated the 1739 “Stono Rebellion” in South Carolina, where 60 slaves killed 22-25 whites, and attempted to escape to Florida (Fort Mose). By 1964, however, St. Augustine had adapted Jim Crow policies similar to many other southern U.S. cities and towns. St. Augustine practiced resistance to racial equality at every level in society. For exam . ...
Florida St. celebrates national title on campus via
Florida St. celebrates national title on campus - An estimated 30,000 people descended on the Florida State campus...
Florida St. celebrates national title on campus
I'm on my way and hoping for on time and safe travels to North Carolina for tonight's NCSU game with Florida St.
Go back to just the teams from North Carolina, plus Virginia, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Florida St.
Roundtable: Hardest to read?: Florida St.? Va. Tech? Derrick Nnadi isn't saying. See what other prospects are ...
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