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Florida St

The Florida State University (commonly referred to as Florida State or FSU) is a space-grant and sea-grant public university located in Tallahassee, Florida, United States.

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how about both Ohio St and Florida St loses, Auburn wins and becomes No.1 and Alabama No.2...Rematch of the Year
I don't care what you say. Alabama vs Florida St should be the BCS Championship game. They are the two best teams.
Top 5 teams in the aftermath of yesterday (The MK rankings not the BCS):. 1. Florida St. 2. Alabama. 3. Auburn. 4. Missouri. 5. Ohio St
Having said that Alabama and Florida St are the two best teams in the country and that would've been the best possible National Championship
I kinda want Florida St. and Ohio St. to lose so I can see an Auburn v. Alabama again in the Championship Game
It's looks like Florida St. and Ohio State will play for the big dog!! I don't believe anybody can beat Florida State.
I NEED either Michigan St to beat Ohio St or Duke to beat Florida St so an SEC school (Auburn,Missouri, or Alabama) can have a BCS berth
DUI checkpoint on El Cajon between Texas St and Florida St.
If Ohio State does end up playing Florida St. we'll need to get these defensive issues worked out immediately
Roll Tide! LMAO the football gods have spoken! Florida St. vs The Ohio State University for the National Championship?
"Florida St. Is better than Ohio St. my opinion" FSU is the best in the country with Winston
I see Florida St. fans know what's up!! Had one text me today saying roll tide. If I was FSU, I wouldn't won't to play AUBURN either!!! WAR DAM EAGLE!
Florida St over Clemson. Alabama over LSU. Oklahoma St over Baylor. USC over Stanford. Notre Dame over Arizona St. Most impressive wins of the yr
Nik Stauskas drops 26 Pts (7-16 FG) as No. 14 Michigan comes back to beat Florida St. in overtime, 82-80 »
DEVELOPING: DNA report connects Florida St. QB Jameis Winston to accuser. This does not prove a crime was committed. (via…
I'm hearing Auburn fans say they'll beat Bama by 20 or more and I'm hearing another scenario if and won't happen unless Florida St slips. If Bama plays Ohio St for the National Championship, that Ohio will whoop Bama by 30+, what are yall smoking for real? Yall are literally to stupid to insult. All I can do is laugh at ya dumb *** Neither could or would happen On ya best day. ***
Little Giant Ladders
think about this for just a second.. It's a LONG shot and I do realize this, BUT if Oklahoma St loses to Baylor (which I do expect to happen) and Auburn beats Bama (which I do NOT EXPECT but is a possibility) and Michigan OR Michigan St beats Ohio St (which is very possible) Auburn will play Florida St for the National Championship. Granted, that is ALOT of "ifs" but just to look at how far we have come in 365 days is absolutely REMARKABLE!
Okay, college football fans, here are my fearless predictions that explain how Auburn University will make it to the National Championship game. I'm posting it now before my hopes have a chance to be dashed. I will say that everything in this hypothetical series of events is very possible. Here's what could happen: Baylor is upset by Oklahoma State on 11/23 Auburn upsets Alabama on 11/30 (OF COURSE!) Auburn beats South Carolina in SEC championship game (South Carolina’s bid thanks to Missouri losing to either Ole Miss or Texas A&M). Ohio State is upset in Big 10 championship game by Michigan State (their first REAL test of the year). Florida State wins out, beating Florida and winning ACC championship game over Duke. Auburn’s strong schedule and recent wins over Alabama and South Carolina vault them past Pac-12 champs Oregon in BCS standings (who will barely get by Arizona St. in P12 championship game). Final BCS top 10: Florida St., Auburn, Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma St., Baylor, Michigan St., Ohio S ...
All of these ESPN analysts continually talk about how great Alabama and Florida St. are but why do they discount Ohio State? Alabama didn't handle Mississippi State today wining 20-7 while Ohio State put up 60 points against Illinois. This whole BCS thing should be renamed by pulling out the "C" in the middle because it's all nonsense the way these people are so enamored with Alabama. I like Florida State and I think they could beat Alabama and I think Ohio State could beat Alabama too. May not be a popular opinion but I can't stand how much they discount Ohio State when they have won how many games in a row? Please.
Watch in my college team Florida St. Smash the Syracuse real quick..
Hey Matt LeMond, any surprise that there are allegations of another Florida/Florida St football player doing illegal crap? Is it true what Colin Cowherd says: "Florida produces 5 star athletes and 1 star human beings?" LOL Why can't everyone be elite and humble like Zac Grace?!
Florida St. moves up to No. 2 in AP poll via
What's up Florida! Playing in St Augustine this Friday night at The Standard! Come on out!
they play the way they did against St. John's. They are just as good as Florida.
personally I don't remember him a whole lot and I didn't realize Florida St had some great players in the early 90's
After 4 days in beautiful 80 degree Florida weather, St Louis' temp this morning of 26 seems like a cruel joke.
Port St. Lucie man arrested in fatal shooting at Lake Worth bar
a 21 point loss to Florida St doesn't look so bad this year does it? I have never said or will say we deserve to be top 10
A review of Florida Holocaust Museum... well worth a visit if you are in St. Petersburg, Florida...
How many great college basketball games are there tonight? Duke-Kansas, Kentucky-Mich St, UVA-VCU, Wisconsin-Florida. And it's only November
4-bed 2-bath Family Home for Sale in St Petersburg, Florida on via
“"We'd wipe the field' w I don't think so bud. I agree w u lol
Go Jags! women's soccer team wins Sun Belt -> headed to NCAA tournament!
They can't play with Bama or Florida St!
The Gulf Coast’s largest in-water boat show runs from 12/5 to 12/8 in Sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.
"State Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, tells 10 News he'll file legislation Tuesday with State Sen. Jeff...
New Mexico St. defeats Hawaii. The marathon rolls on live, Hartford at Florida Gulf coast on ESPN2.
NEW: Traffic congestion in Miami-Dade on I-95 south from before Exit 12 Florida's Turnpike/US-441/SR-9/SR-826 to at Exit 8A NW 95 St/Rev ...
Video: War veteran, Florida police in highway standoff
Congratulations to the women's soccer team for winning their first-ever Sun-Belt Conference title.
USA faces Florida St. in NCAA tournament: The University of South Alabama women?s soccer team will face off with...
Spontaneous trip to florida. Why not? But leav'st the heart a wilderness!
Neptune Beach Florida Property is just a short walk to Ocean. "Super great location. Property is just a s..
Live Like the Great Gatsby - Schedule a Tour of this Magnificent Home "Welcome back to the Era of Great G..
Coldest day of the fall in St. Louis, so of course I'm flying to Florida
The Florida St would outright beat the Buccaneers, Browns, Titans, Dolphins, Steelers and maybe the Colts.
Florida St. at No. 2 in the latest AP rankings - . As teams hit the home stretch of the 2013...
Baylor makes big jump in BCS title odds: Alabama 5-4, Florida St. 7-4, Baylor 4-1 (from 12-1) and Ohio Stat…
Breaking News: No. 2 Florida St controls its path to BCS game
Obviously, Kansas vs. Duke and Kentucky vs. Michigan St. are the two big games but Wisconsin and Florida is an interesting battle.
This has been some trip to Florida for Glenn Braica. St. Francis NY beats Florida Atlantic 59-57 + improve to 2-0. The Te…
Between the Gators, Canes fading, Jags, Dolphins scandal and Bucs. The state of Florida only has Florida St holding t…
Football fans. If Bama, Florida St., Ohio State and Baylor all win out, will Baylor jump past Fl. St. and osu to play Bama for BCS??
Looking at the new BCS standings: Forget computers, Ohio State pretty much just needs Bama or Florida St. to lose
Florida St benefits from win, keeps Noles on track for BCS title game and Cardinal on path to Rose Bowl
Florida St received a blessing from the Seminole Nation to use their name and such. For those who don't know.
Another wonderful weekend of college football. And for my Chicago people, big Bears game tonight! Defense got a week to work on the fundamentals, so lets look for a big bounce back from them tonight. Offensively, not gonna lie, I actually believe they will be fine tonight. So long as Matt Forte gets to tote the rock enough. But back to the college game, another big victory by Florida State has me wanting to put them alone at the top. But I can't do that to the Tide with them on a bye week. A LOT will be sorted out this week, both on the conference front and on the national front as we have many good matchups this week. So without further ado, here is the Dorm Chatter Top 25! T-1) Florida St. T-1) Alabama 3) Oregon 4) Ohio St. 5) Missouri 6) Baylor 7) Clemson 8) Michigan St. 9) Stanford 10) Miami (FL) 11) LSU 12) Oklahoma 13) Texas A&M 14) Northern Illinois 15) Auburn 16) South Carolina 17) Oklahoma St. 18) UCF 19) Louisville 20) Fresno St. 21) Arizona St. 22) Wisconsin 23) Minnesota 24) UCLA 25) N ...
So if the Redskins change their names does Cleveland Indians have to change theirs what about Florida St?
Florida St needs to win the National Championship this year
In case u are a college football fan and missed some important games, Florida St blowout Miami 41-14 in Tallahassee. I think Florida St is the second best team in the country behind Oregon. Michigan St beats up Michigan 29-6 in East Lansing. Get this: Michigan was sacked 7 times and finished with -48 yards rushing. Yes, -48 yards. Just unheard of. Oklahoma St goes into Lubbock and beats Texas Tech 52-34. Great win for OK State. Finally, great win for my SJSU Spartans as they win 34-24 in Vegas. They now go to 4-1 in the conference and 5-3 overall. Oh yeah, Cal lost again.
This must be how the Florida St. Fans felt when Tim Tebow was at Florida. # only two more years until Jameis Winston goes to the NFL
Florida St rolling but, i think Jameis Winston blew his chance tonight...he's being outplayed by Miami's Stephen Morris!!! That being said i'm still pulling for him since my boy Boyd & my Clemson Tigers r out the & title race...
Proud of my Native American ancestry! I think the Florida St. entrance with Osceola planting the burning spear is the coolest in ALL sports!
Watching this Florida St./Miami package on ESPN, it hits me: I miss listening to Keith Jackson on Saturday afternoons.
I want to watch the Miami/Florida St game Saturday Night!! Should be great Game,But my $$$ rides on the 'Noles!!And-they have a West Virginia fella as Head Coach-Jimbo Fisher!
It appears I spoke too soon about Marcus Mariota and his quest for the Heisman. In the latest poll of 23 Heisman voters, this is the top five: leading by 15 pts 1. Mariota out of Oregon. 2. Jamies Winston out of Florida St. 3. Manziel out of Texas A & M. 4. Bryce Petty out of Baylor. 5. A. J. McCarron out of number 1 ranked Alabama. It's interesting that Jadeveon Clowney who was being touted as a front runner isn't even on the list at this point. A lot now depends on the team schedules that these guys play. They are going to garner more attention and votes if they play higher ranked teams. Their performances become critical.
It was Bobby Bowden Day at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, FL for the NC St-Florida St game. He gave a very poignant & candid interview during the broadcast in which he explained why he stayed away from the campus for 3 years since he left. He said he didn't want to cast a shadow over his protege, Jimbo Fisher. Bowden endured the same situation after he replaced Jim Carlen at West Virginia. It made sense. At the end of the day, it was a nice tribute & reception by the stadium attendees for Coach Bowden.
I like Chris Spielman, but I object to Florida St's fake punt. They are blowing out NC St. They need to show better sportsmanship.
My Top 5 Quarterbacks in College this order: 1. Marcus Mariota-Oregon 2. Jameis Winston-Florida St. 3. Johnny Manziel-Texas A&M 4. AJ McCarron-Alabama 5. Braxton Miller-Ohio St. Notables: Bryce Petty-Baylor Kevin Hogan-Stanford Brett Hundley-UCLA Sean Mannion-Oregon St. Teddy Bridgewater-Louisville In case you wondering and I'm sure you are, I do think Famous Jameis could potentially be the best quarterback in College but he has NOT faced a formidable defense yet and won't for a while. Florida State's final regular season game is the best defense they will face in Florida. -Jeramie
BCS Ohio State's got a problem... Penn State, this Saturday. Also, BCS Florida St. will have to avoid playing a let down game against visiting NC State and looking ahead to the next game on the schedule which would be... BCS University of Miami.
Florida St. QB Jameis Winston is a 5-Star Athlete from Bama he might be the Next Charlie Ward 1993 Heisman Trophy Winner/ New York Knicks NBA Player Winston is in the Heisman Race with Marcus Mariota & Braxton Miller.
Other Sports News Updates: MLB World Series: Boston Red Sox 8, St. Louis Cardinals 1 Boston leads the Series at 1-0 Last night in Bean Town, the St. Louis Cardinals played "Little League Ball" (3 errors) against these Red Sox's, while Jon Lester stymied the bats of this timely hitting Cardinal Team! David Ortiz "Big Pappi" provided all the run support Lester needed going 2 for 3, with a homer and 3 RBI's! But the big blow came very early in the very 1st Inning as Mike Napoli hit a bases loaded double to clear the bases! NCAA College Football News: The Miami Hurricanes this week, avoids a ban by loosing 9 scholarships, and it's good thing as well because they are undefeated and rising up through the Ranks of the BCS! Their biggest game of the year for the Well Bought and Well Protected Hurricanes Team comes at the end of the year against their State Rival in Florida State! Who says money can't buy anything? But it will not protect Miami against the Seminoles as I see Florida St. not Alabama as the T ...
Brent Musburger is the Man!!! Florida St. Wins at Clemson with a Freshman QB! Musburger Rule Rocks
Florida St has fooled us before, but Noles look like a true contender this time via
what tha heck is up with tha SEC football games this week. Vandy over Georgia, Ole Miss over LSU, Auburn over A&M, Tennessee over Carolina. i'm surprised Florida didn't beat Mizzo. i dnt think tha Tide will be beat this year. Florida St. in think will play them in the National Championship. them or Oregon. ya neva know.
If you've ever wondered, or fantasized(as I have) what LSU would look like had they hired Jimbo Fisher, take a look at Florida St. Oh what could have been.
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CSA is the place to stay. Richmond County fair tonight. Clemson or Florida St?
Fanatic Galaxy Planet Grid-Iron's big weekend of football, collage and Pro. Texas A&M plays the Auburn Tigers. Sorry big bruh I gotta go with TAMU. ND plays USC I got ND but thanks with my heart. I got Clemson over Florida St. Always go with orange unless your routing for TAMU... like me. Thats Saturday. Sunday is the return of the best QB ever to the house he built. Peyton Manning and the Broncos will beat the *** out of the Colts just because of not in spite of. Jets over the Pats because I hate the Pats. Is it us or do you feel like the Pats and ESPN have a love affair. Just saying. Eagles over the Boys. I love the Cowboys but until there owner relinquishes some power, I can't do it. He is the bane of there destruction. All right Fans and Fanitians in other words males and females, we love you. Stay FANATIC... Hey ladies, let your man watch the games. Oh yea Tyler Perry movies suck.
!!!“STARS OF THE WEEKEND will be Jamis Winston - Florida St over Clemson - Peyton Manning over Colts!” http…
Congrats to Penn State! And Ole' Miss play an excellent game! Looking forward to that Florida St. vs. Clemson game next week.
Ok lets go Boston Redsox, Florida St., Jeff Gordon, my fantasy teams "U Sho Gotta Pruttie Mouth", Glenwood Eagles, and urs and my Dallas Cowboys! It's The Month and all is fine this weekend!
6 Louisville 7 Stanford 8 Miami 9 Georgia 10 Florida St, but watch out for Wyoming, Fresno St, Texas A&M, and Wisconsin
we wer at the Orange Bowl for the last Florida St vs Miami game there. 13-10 fsu. Bummer for us Canes fans. Kyle wright SUCKED!
Freshman QB leads Florida St. to big win over Pitt Monday night
Jameis Winston will be trending all night. Florida St!!
Saturday, October 19 Florida St @ Clemson (-2) via Golden Nugget's Tony Miller and his top oddsmaker Aaron Kessler.
4 days till Pitt/Florida St. Who has a ticket for
Trying to go to this Pitt Florida St. Game monday
Thanks Laura I am a big Florida St fan!
Florida gators have way more talent than Florida st. Bro sec > acc
we didn't even play Florida st. Lmao our only 2 losses last season was to Florida gators and lsu 11-2
I mean Florida st. Beat gamecocks last year to
and Florida st. And Virginia and Georgia tech.
Watch out for my Florida St Seminoles this year
Thinking I should invest in some Florida Gator football tickets this year. Some good home games against Florida St. and The Vols
the ACC is wide open this year! The U should be back in the mix! Florida st & Virginia tech are always going to be in the mix
Florida St repeats again as ACC champs this year!
I'm a Florida St. fan but dis game got me nervous
Its all about Michigan, Clemson, and Florida St. to me when it comes to college football
In hoop its Georgetown--not really in football but I've always liked Florida St through the years
Tajh will be off that list after they play Florida St. Clemson will choke against Georgia, FSU, and South Carolina.
At the airport with Florida st football team doe
Where were you in 1985? That's the last time lost a season opener, falling 17-13 to Florida St. Nebraska has won 27 in a row since.
.set to host one of top toureys in the country starting tomorrow. Illinois, Florida St. Kentucky. Will be a great weekend
The Alabama / Texas A&M winner will play Ohio St. or the Florida St. / Clemson conference winner for the Ship
will also be at UK, at Florida St, at Pitt, at NC State, and at Wake...
this thursday night game reminds me of the thursday night florida st game I got kicked out of because i was turning down for what in 09
SEC Georgia over Alabama Big Ten Michigan over Ohio State(sorry biased for B1G) big 12 Oklahoma State ACC Florida st over Miami PAC 12
I hate Oklahoma, don't really care at all for Florida St. and I hate Notre Dame with a passion
Jed Hill played on the 06 Penn St team that upset Florida St. in an Orange Bowl classic
closed for harley events on 6th St Both NB/SB and Canal St and Florida St
For the next few months communication on Saturdays between the hrs of 11am-9pm... Prolly will not exist... Specially if…
Im guessing Florida st garbage to right?
Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Clemson, & Florida st are all teams I root for. But Oregon is the one I really want to see do good.
I got Florida St winning, that can't be right. .
always been Mizzou basketball and Florida St. Everything else. I like Mizzou everything else just not my favorite.
If you missed my top looks like this.10)NW 9)USC 8)LSU 7)Ohio St. 6)Oregon 5)Florida St. 4)Stanford 3)Bama 2)UGA 1)Texas
wrong it's not back till Pitt plays Florida St. on Monday because Pitt is the only team that matters. Oh and when TU loses.
Excited to have some special visitors in our gym next month- Charlotte, Georgia St, LSU, and Florida name a few
NOW- Listen to & for your chance to win tickets to Pitt-Florida St. at Heinz Field-
My national title game: Alabama over Oregon. Watch out for Texas and Florida St.
BREAKING: According to Evansville Dispatch - Fire crews are on scene of a house fire at 32 W. Florida St.
College football 6: Best sked? Florida, with Toledo, Miami, Ga. Southern and Florida St. Worst? Vandy, with APeay, UMass, UAB and WForest.
Good Luck Kid! The Florida St. League is pretty serious. Isn't it almost over tho. Goin up for playoffs, or fall ball?
If only VT, Florida st, Miami, and Clemsux would join SEC...
AJ McCarron gonna win the heisman this year. Johnny Manziel gonna get suspended when they find out about his coke problem…
A 48-41 Oklahoma St win over Florida St in the Sugar Bowl gives me a 2-1 series win.
PHOTO: Florida St. RB James Wilder Jr.'s veiny arms are not of this world:
I said their pitching was bad during the Florida St. Super Regional.
Indiana upsets Florida St and punches ticket. That makes 3. Louisville knocking on the door with the old school Astros looking jerseys.
Pretty cool to watch Indiana sweep Florida St. for 1st ever trip to . 1st Big 10 team to Omaha since Barry Larkin was at Michigan in 84
SF Events Sat Jun 8 Camposanto Fundraiser )'( small party? I only put the )'( before the event when it's a HUGE party. I hope everyone is happy and enjoying the last days of spring because "Summer is coming". I am inviting you to our memorable Pre-Burning Man fundraiser parties. The opening party is this Saturday at "Esperanza garden". Come early and stay late. This is an opportunity to "meet and greet" (saludarnos y conocernos) and have fun under the sun. 100% Solar powered Music and performance, art, food and an outlet market in a spectacular secret garden. Bring your friend, mother, kids, dog or your grandmother I am sure they will have fun. Everyone will find their spot at this magical garden located at: Sat June 8th 11:59AM to sunset at Esperanza Garden 685 Florida St. SF (at 19th) Come and visualize Camposanto 2013 and get excited about participating in projects. We are open to ideas, so bring your talents and share your passion with the community of friends of Camposanto. We will be talking abou .. ...
The day and life on Florida St. I did like hanging on to the car bumpers so I could get a free ride to Ashmont St. in the snow but you had to remember where the street covers are or you would lose your ride. Fun in the snow!!! or line up on your brick building and play dodge hard ball was another painful thing to do lol KFC Or go to Pauls store with a note saying what smokes was needed or what cardboard of a box of tampax was needed yes I was taken by my mom and sisters
OLB Jacob Pugh, No. 104 in commits today at noon. Down to Florida St., Florida & Bama. Pugh's player page:
How do you guys feel about names/imagery that's endorsed by the people it refers to: eg Florida St. Seminoles
yea he need to go to arizona with aaron gordon for real smfh but he stupid. most logical place is Florida St now
Rachel Hoffman was young. Oh, she was so very young. And like many young people, she smoked some marijuana and occasionally used ecstasy. She might have even dealt both on a small scale. She had just completed her bachelor’s degree early, in psychology and criminology with a B average at Florida St...
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There's a reason he was behind a mediocre Christian Ponder at Florida St. Nassib/Barkley would've been better there.
With the 25th pick, the Vikings select DB Xavier Rhodes, Florida St.
Florida St, West Virginia, etc are like Notre Dame play a real team(like Bama) n they get massacred no QB in draft could beat Brays schedule
Christian has verbally committed to Florida St. So we are now recruiting
Andrew Wiggins won't get as much playing time if he chooses UK go to Florida St
Taylor Blitz Times was just on The Marvin Jones ... You remember "Shade Tree" from his days as a Florida St...
I'm starting in High A Port Charlotte. The Florida St league. Should be a good time!
Yep...he's no1 high school prospect ahead of Jabari Parker,still deciding on Florida St(parents went there),UK,UNC & Kansas
Andrew Wiggins went to Florida St? That's actually good for college bball, about time a goes to a sub par team
I'm moving to St. Petersburg, Florida when I grow up.. Just to live a crazy life
Young, dying Iraq veteran, heartbreaking last letter to Bush & Cheney:
If Iowa st, Florida Gulf COast, and temple win today...
Former star Chasity Clayton and begin their tourney run today:
Holy cow went to the Florida national cemetery, and came home then went to st. Pete and back all before like noon. Now it's STORMING so bad
Bay ridge st pattys day is today! Well, guess I gotta celebrate while in Florida
My upset picks of the day. UNC over Kansas - Florida Gulf Coast over San Diego St.
Wichita St. And Florida Gulf Coast are the two teams that made my bracket go to ***
In two of my brackets, I have Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan St, and Florida. In one bracket, I have Duke in.
sounds perf to me. RTFlorida Gulf Coast Coach, Andy Enfield, Took Maxim Model Wife to Taco Bell on First Date
Ohio St, Florida, Kansas, Indiana, and Duke all play today yet the team I want to see is Florida Gulf Coast.
I need Ohio St., Indiana, Kansas, Florida, San Diego St., Miami, and dook all to advance.
Just watched the Florida Aerial America. Loved learning about Stiltsville & seeing St. A. Too much time spent in Miami, tho
It was L'ville, Florida, Ohio St and Miami, with Louisville beating Florida.
My picks for today: Iowa State, Indiana, San Diego St, UNC, La Salle, Miami, Duke, and Florida.
Duke,Ohio St,north Carolina,Florida,Indiana and Illinois. Come on boys need some big wins today,
Iowa st, Ole Miss, florida gulf coast, minnesota are all finna live in today the madness continues
Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of the Creative Class via
DUKE, Ohio St, Indy, Florida, Florida GC,Miami, Ole Miss but that Carolina - Kansas game is kind of tricky!
Last radio ST game in Florida at 1 on the flagship. But has already split. So maybe gets more Rizzo chat?
At Honda Grand Prix Indy car race in St. Petersburg Florida. Roof Depot has logo on the ABC car. Currently in 2nd place!
I really want to see Florida Gulf Coast beat San Diego St.
Watching the series race in St. Petersburgh, Florida
Iowa St & Florida can rescue my by having good runs. Go Cyclones & Gators!
I had a rocky first couple of rounds but still have my whole final 4 left (Louisville, Ohio St, Florida, IU)
Kansas, Florida, Duke, Miami U, Ohio St, and Indiana... I need y'all today. Especially Miami and Ohio.
Time for the second Grand Prix of the day, this time it's St. Pete in Florida! :D
Congrats to St. Cloud High School for being the Florida representative to the National festival! So proud of you guys.
Watchin the St.Petersburg Florida as they pass through Al Lang field and Tropicana field
my picks today Iowa St, Indiana, UNC, Florida, FGCU, Lasalle, Miami, Creighton..yep a day of UPSETS..bball all day Im in heaven
My Final 4: Indiana (winner), Louisville (runner-up), Ohio St, Florida. "So you're telling me there's a chance"
Looking forward to seeing Florida Gulf Coast play again. San Diego St is beatable.
Another 4 hour sleep night now it's time for the season opener for IndyCar LIVE from St. Petersburg, Florida!
How fun would it be to see Wichita St and Florida Gulf Coast make it to the Final Four?
All purpose parts banner
Florida Gulf Coast/ San Diego St. Will be an outstanding men's tournament game. That game is a toss up.
San Diego St. will be upset today by Florida Gulf Coast
If Ohio St and Florida lose today then there is no reason for me to even have a bracket anymore
hats off to mid majors Witchita st. & LaSalle mini major Florida GC anything left in the tank?
Shout out to our friends at Florida St.College! Love the pic! Thanks for spreading the word about monthly self exams!
IMO i think Randle picks Kansas and Wiggins picks Florida St bc parents went there, I think Aaron Gordon will go to UK
2 to watch as challengers to Usain Bolt in next Olympics.Marvin Bracy-Florida St./Cameron Burrell Ridge Point H.S.Houston..speed to burn
Mike Mayock has elevated former Florida St. QB EJ Manuel to the second best quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft:
Reading on coaches on hot seat in 2013 1.Lane Kiffin: 25-13 at USC 2.Mack Brown:150-43 at Texas 3.Will Mushchamp:18-8 lost to UGA Twice lost SEC EAST 2 yrs in a row to UGA and lost Bowl 4.Mark Richt:118-40 at UGA lost to LSU and Bama in SEC title games Other names was Jimbo Fisher at Florida St
Julius Randle announced that he will make his College Basketball decision on March 20th! Andrew Wiggins has stayed calm and still has one more visit to North Carolina. Some rumored that both could end up playing for Kentucky. If so the starting lineup would be: (Just Freshmen) PG: Andrew Harrison SG: Aaron Harrison SF: Andrew Wiggins, James Young PF: Julius Randle, Marcus Lee C: Dakari Johnson, Derek Willis Even though this would be a awesome roster to have, I expect Julius Randle to play for KU and Andrew Wiggins to play for Florida St. But UK still remains as another option!
Here are all the places that I have met pure evil bullies; Blessed Sacrament School and Church Seminole, Florida, Indian Rocks Christian Church Largo, Florida, Clearwater Central Catholic High School Clearwater, Florida, Cornerstone Community Church Kent Washington, the Canterbury School of Florida St. Petersburg, Florida just to name a few. Bullies rule in Florida.
phil steele‏: Last year only 2 teams favored by TD+ in all games. Alabama and Florida St and FSt only one to be favored by DD's in all but 1
Florida Commissioner’s Spotlight on the Florida Strawberry Festival: In advance of the start of the Florida St...
BEAD RETREAT (February 2013): The beading retreat was a wonderful experience this past weekend. We traveled to Florida for a relaxing beading & project weekend. We all took a metal weaving class at Artful Things, in Niceville, Florida (1087 John Sims Parkway (850) 729-2600). Our instructor Helen was extremely knowledgeable and a delight to learn from and she taught us much more than the class offered. She even joined us for lunch. We then ventured to LH Bead Gallery located in historic downtown Panama City, FL (550 Harrison Ave, (850) 257-5800) and purchased some wonderful goodies for The Enchanted Bead. On Monday we took the long way home and went to Knot Just Beads in Mobile, AL (203 S Florida St # A, (251) 473-8650), where we met the owners and exchanged vendor connections. We laughed, we ate, we beaded, we sewed fairy costumes, we bonded, and froze together (inside joke). Thank you for all the Bead Fairy's that joined us this Quarter. The next venture will be the Georgia mountains (Clayton, He ...
Before our game in Hamilton (Ontario), I was on a visit to Florida St. to see my coaches and future teammates. It was different from other visits because they’re in the middle of the season and had...
Cousin of slain teen Civil Rights member to speak in Vallejo TimesHerald staff report The cousin of the late Emmett Till — whose 1955 murder drew attention to segregation and fueled the American Civil Rights movement — will speak at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 24, at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 1905 Florida St., Vallejo. A Chicago native, Till was a 14-year-old visiting family in Mississippi when he was murdered after a verbal exchange with a 21-year-old white woman. His subsequent beating at the hands of several white men drew international attention and is considered a pivotal event in the American Civil Rights Movement, according to historical accounts. Till’s cousin, Simeon Wright, will provide first-hand accounts the day Till was killed, plus his own story growing up in rural Mississippi during segregation. Church member P.J. Ballard said she was 12 and recalls vividly seeing photos in “Jet Magazine” of Till’s body following the fatal beating. Though his face and body were badly ...
Sac St. Baseball team traveled to Texas yesterday and won. Thats a silent miracle on earth. My question is this. If Sacramento State is just as much of a "State" School as lets say Florida St. or Kansas St. then why do all of their sports teams constantly suck? No need to answer this question with the " Its a commuter School" response. Not buying it. UNLV is a commuter school. I would love to investigate this. Or maybe they can just dump all their sports and focus on being a powerhouse in one. Like Gonzaga hoops or St. Marys hoops? Great debate over some texts about this last night. Thought I'd share.
Best VIP companions, white escorts in US Florida St.pete Beach.
Unbelievable. "No. 3 Miami makes it 12 straight with 74-68 win over Florida St. The 'Canes win streak is longest in the country among Power 6 schools."
Carolina one won at ford field getting blown out by Florida St by 30 UCONN K Walker got blown out happens
in the case of Florida St. They have permission from the Seminole tribal council which is why they still carry the moniker
Well in case you haven't heard Alex Collins is a Hog! Coach Bielema and his staff go into Florida and take a recruit with an offer from Florida, Florida St. and Miami. I am gladly eating crow as I thought he was Miami bound. Great night to be a Hog! ~TG
Relaxing this evening after a busy Day 2, at our first port of call: Nassau, Bahamas. Had a blast at Atlantis Resort's waterpark! Tomorrow is a relaxing day at sea...activities, shows, swimming, etc.
2015 Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco guard Tyler Dorsey said he recently picked up offers from Florida and Louisville.
Hey, I'll be in St. Augustine, Florida this weekend at a book conference. If you're near by come and see me.
Curious who'll you'll be getting to chill & chat with during your weekend at the beach? I'm so excited about the fantastic mix of national bestselling authors and personal favorites, along with...
At the present time , Eckerd college in St pete Florida is looking for more climate change bus riders, for the Bus going to Washington DC to take part in the Climate change rally being held on Feb 17. They are asking $30 dollars a seat,if anyone wants to go to the rally please call Eckerd College.
Creepy dummy in a kayak in St. Agustine, Florida.
2014 pg Tra Holder Brentwood / Pangos picking up new interest from Arizona, Oregon, Florida St., Oklahoma St. One of most underrated guards
Oh my heart hurts...We just rented our beautiful home in St. Louis - I left a part of myself there and it's always hard to let a new tenant move in, wish so much it was us!
Order Miche Bag Online!
What a day!! Took Bro Cobb to the doctor today. He has some major health issues. We will be taking him to st Thomas in Nashville for test. He has heart and kidney issues. Before I got out of the clinic my sister called and said my dad was really sick and he didn't get a good report either. He is in Florida and he is coming home in a couple days. Pray that God will give him strength to travel the 750 miles home. We have had a double whammy today.
Feeling good but tired after 13 days in Florida visiting relatives from Pensacola to Jacksonville plus those in Foley/Orange Beach, Alabama. Visited Okefenokee Swamp, ST Mark's National Wildlife Reserve and Amelia Island looking for birds. One of the most unusual combinations was found just around the corner from our daughter's house-White Ibis like to hang out with Canada Geese!
The cold and snow has us looking forward to hotter temperatures! If you could run in a warmer location, where would it be?
Peru posted one of the biggest declines in poverty in Latin America in 2011, falling 3.5 percentage points from the previous year, according to the United
BBM a the baddest beach party!mi waan the full support mi know mi have Florida lock england canada merica gal them love mi bad suh them ago come fi see mi and like movado mi a do beach and come back!!like addi if a even the beach mi haffi reach!!!Jamaica big up mi caribbean girls nuff gal pon the sand.big up GP guilty pleasure and the rest a bad party them maddd st Mary the party capital fi the world.
True the Vote announced today that it filed a lawsuit against the St. Lucie County, Florida Supervisor of Elections, to enforce record inspection rights under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) and the Florida Constitution. True the Vote demands that all records pertaining to the
From time to time, St Johns may offer a limited number of Executive Memberships, available to both residents of St Johns and non-residents alike.
it's times like these I wish I had a fireplace.bur!
Kim, you are going to St Petersburg for 22 months. Now I'm not sure if that's the one in Florida or Russia!!! lol
hmmm…… I think one of my first crushes was Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis
It's my first night sleeping in the Florida condo since I left years ago. The porch door is open and candles are burning with Ottis on Pandora ... just like the night I bought it when I was 19. I am practicing shadow puppets and dreaming of St Thomas. It sure is different when you are alone. Life...(breath) :)
I know a secret guess where the FIRST place OTEP is going to tour in 2013? JRiley Info Arsonist
Lighthouses are best viewed from the water! Expedition Florida 500 approaching St. Marks, the second oldest light station in FLA.
any plans in your Florida expansion for Daytona Beach, St Augustine or Palm Coast areas?
Is anyone else watching 'Hoarders' right now? I seriously f-in' hate lazy dirty people.
is going to St. Petersburg for 19 months
Nate Brown just added Florida St. to his college choices at PrepForce:
14 days and we are on our way to Florida, Saturday race tickets bought, pit passes bought and Daytona 500 tickets in hand! Can hardly wait!
Landed in Florida and on our way to Ormond Beach. Won't arrive until after 9:30 pm. Long day, but glad to be here.
I'm going to St. Petersburg for 19 months...
Alright, I dare you to admit the most ghetto thing you've ever done.
Where should Jody take me for my birthday??? Weekend trip to _? In case you're's my 29th birthday!
Operation Pedro Pan Historical Notes: "Honduras and liberty." Elvira Fernandez (Villalta) Hasty, Ph.D. (Retired Chemistry Professor) Cuban American---came to the USA via Pedro Pan Children’s program in January 1961. She has served in a variety of leadership roles within the Republican Party in Florida, including as a State Committeewoman for the Republican Party of St. Johns County, as an Alternate Delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention, and as a precinct coordinator for the 2004 Bush.
Im going to St Petersburg for 14 months.
IM going to St. Petersburg for 18 months !!!
After one of the most expensive congressional races and recounts of 2012 between Rep. Allen West (R) and now Rep. Patrick Murphy (D), Houston-based True the Vote has committed to exposing exactly what happened in St. Lucie County--including hauling Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker into federal c...
Mayor Walby announces that the city will not pursue a rat bounty program. The city will direct resources to information resources and new garbage cans.
David Dean is performing Friday Night 2/8/13 at the Pine Island Moose Lodge in St. James City, Florida from 6 pm til 9 pm.
Me and the kids want to plan a winter get away ... any advice on great places to visit on the East Coast in the winter time?
Seth Lange at the age of 14 his life was turned upside down. He was a normal 14 year with just some aches and pains. Starting Nov 2010 he told me thathis back hurt and we went to the hospital and they told me it was just growing pains. So for 4 months he told me almost everyday he was hurting and we...
Bishop Mark Jones will be ministering at Restoration Time Harvest Center in St. Augustine, Florida 2/7/13 at 7PM.
Yes or No: Have you ever visited Downtown KC?
South Florida Trail Riders had a "very" successful St Jude Research Fundraiser trail ride. Awesome event, with fabulous people, horses, weather and a super great trail boss. Honey was fabulous. While at our midway stop "Renee's" place, I figured out that Honey actually can and likes to "jump". Starting to think this fabulous horse has no limits.
St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in the US.
All lanes are open I-110 North at Florida St. There is no congestion.
I am going to St. Petersburg for 28 months
"I'm from West Lothian and my parents have holiday homes in St. Tropez and Florida"
The right lane is blocked I-110 North at Florida St due to a stalled vehicle. There is no congestion.
Dr. Karl just returned from his 6th advanced restorative course at the Dawson Academy - for advanced dental training in St. Petersburg Florida. He has now completed 120 hours of the 140 hours necessary to be a scholar alumnus. He will complete the scholar core curriculum in April.
We just added a handful of shows the Big *** Blues Revolution Tour with Jimbo Mathus and Alvin Youngblood Hart including CINCINNATI on Saturday March 30...which is my birthday! What a fun way to celebrate, to one of my favorite crowds!
Anyone got an early prediction of the Final Four ?
Just left the house. We will see y'all in a few months! Love y'all! Florida bound!
A Michigander was in St. Pete, Florida the other day and saw a bumper sticker on a parked car that read; "I MISS DETROIT, MICHIGAN". So, he broke the car window, stole the radio, shot out 2 tires and left the following message: "I hope this helps!"
Fatalities from gun violence on 2/4/2013: Dallas, Tex. -- A man and his girlfriend -- the mother of his newborn child and four elementary school-age children from a previous marriage -- were shot and killed about 8 a.m. this morning by a downstairs neighbor who was unhappy because the couple and their family made too much noise. The neighbor is in custody. Coweta, Okla. -- A male student died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the bathroom of an intermediate high school about 8:35 a.m. this morning. Miami Gardens, Fla. -- A 25-year-old man died and two others were wounded in a shooting outside a home late last night where a crowd had gathered for a neighborhood Super-Bowl party. Witnesses say the men were hit when up to 30 shots were fired from a vehicle as it drove by the crowd. Philadelphia, Penn. --A man was found fatally shot in the chest on a street around 1:15 a.m. Saturday. Carson City, Nev. -- Police found a man fatally shot at his home about 8:30 p.m. yesterday. A suspect was in custody. Frankl ...
I need help finding a seafood Buffet or great seafood resturant for our last night in St. Petersburg Florida, for our Spring Break Trip Any Suggetion?
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Going to need your help tomorrow with something very near and dear to my heart. Who is with me?
just saw your magnificent home shining jewel in the night above St Pete Florida. Hope you're sleeping well in the stars!
ATTENTION FLORIDA! Angelo Voices Venuto will be performing on Feb 23 at the Italian Festival in Port st. Lucie Fl. It's a free italian festival if you're in the area come and join us!
Today, True the Vote filed a federal lawsuit against the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections regarding the contest for the 18th Congressional District in Florida, the Allen West race. The case
STA has the same amount of alum as Bama, Auburn, Florida, LSU, Michigan, Michigan St, Notre Dame, and Penn St playing in the Super Bowl (2)
Went to the grocery store and there was not a brick of St.Albert's cheese to be found!
KSHB-TV in Kansas City is reporting that K-State football commit Jamone Boyd, has been charged with five counts each of first degree robbery and armed criminal action. Boyd is a three-star defensive end according to Rivals."Read more ...
Cardinals head equipment manager Rip Rowan talks about packing the truck for the club's trip to Spring Training
10Best Seafood Restaurants in Key West. Who's ready for sunshine and stone crab?
The enemy within me strike once again. Defeat is for those who accept weakness. On this battle, I will be victorious. Neither medical expert nor medical science can command my life of ways to combat the enemy within. Prayers are beyond compare the best weapon of defense.
Its time to order that Singing Valentine for your sweetie
You know what would be fun? A FB friends get together this summer. What do you all think ?
Up-to-Minute Academic Advisor at University of South Florida (St Petersburg, FL) Find this Job&More:
Just got back from St Armand's Circle. Had a great dinner and did some shopping. Got some Avocado Oil, Whit Peace Balsamic Vinegar and great looking bottle to put it in!
We're going to be covering some ground this spring/summer. Where are you stoked to see us play? ;)
*** talking to Robin, who's flying out to St. Martin in the morning...first time in 13 years we won't be going there in March.wish we could be there with you robin. Enjoy..and give a big hug and kiss to Joey, Karen, Cindy, Roland, Irve etc.miss you my island family!
Help end greyhound racing nationwide by joining our Governors' Initiative. No matter where you live, your voice is needed for the greyhounds.
The dude thinks West Virginia is more valuable than Florida st ? Ok then .
Some cool fountain by flagler's admission office
GUYS. Our van is just about fixed. We're going to be on tour again soon. Boom.
21 years ago my son was conceived. This weekend he moved to FL. Where did the time go?
I would like to Thank everyone for coming out Saturday and supporting our Annual St. Valentine Day Event..and also I would like to Thank those who called, sent their love, e-mailed, text, prayed, or just had us in your thoughts, we Thank You for the continous support that allows us to privide a Safe Haven for Women, Women with Children, and Men. Change Your Life Ministries/Sober Living Environment will host its first "Couples Gathering" March 9 2013 details to come..The Vision has opened up to Marriages and Couples (engage or anticipating to marry) (sm) with positive outings to enhance our relationships and respecting "Marriage Is Pleasing In God's Eyesight". "Couples Gathering" is another support system for RELATIONSHIPS!! So stay tuned..Again Thank You All... Always In Christ Minister Joseph & Evangelist Octavia Griggs
Sen. Menendez declared trips with Florida doctor two years after taking them via
BYU is 3-2 vs teams ranked 51-100 in the RPI. Wins vs Santa Clara (2x) and Tenn St; Losses vs St. Mary's and Florida State.
Requesting major prayers! Dad had a stroke and seizure last night and is at St Anthony Hospital here in Lakewood ~ he hasn't awoken as of yet. Great medical care, and so touched with the music therapist that came into our Neuro ICU room today and played songs on the violin ~ Dad very vividly responded with his hands moving ~ Edelweiss and Amazing Grace never sounded more beautiful! Still hoping he will open his eyes and say hello ;-)
FREE GED Classes!, Feb. 5 10 a.m. - Noon, Extended Hands Community Outreach, Inc. 528 Cheerful St., West Palm Beach Need to earn your GED? Sign-up today! Classes will be taught by a Florida Certified Instructor. Call (561) 315-5463 to register
If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose?
Smfh! Idk *** is going on but I still aint got my W-2 St.Mary's steady playing me!!!
My local rank in the city of thousands of hip hop & R&b artists I'm days ago I was 642.Watch me work!
U think Manziel is a bad QB so I'd listen to a used monkey pamper before YOU! “Lol Manuel from Florida St?” featured in NBC s Science of Love
Can we start a petition to get to come to St. Augustine, Florida?
Need some help!! We are going on a family vacation outside of TX in June with a fairly decent budget. Only problem is we don't know where. Kids are 14 & 11. Give me some ideas!!!
For those asking about our St Patricks day adventure in the house of the mouse.we shall be playing at Downtown Disney! Stage times will follow soon...
I need a nice guy cuddle buddy to keep me warm in this cold weather!!! It's 25 out and snowing!!!
Evelyn B. (Peters) Cusato of Reading and Woburn passed away on Sunday, February 3, 2013 at Sunrise of Burlington. She was 88 years of age. Evelyn was the beloved wife of the late John S. Cusato. She was the devoted mother of Peter J. Cusato and his wife Janice and Michael J. Cusato and his wife Donna. Evelyn was the cherished grandmother of Natalie and her husband Christopher Feudo, Michael, J. Cusato, Jr. and Lauren A. Cusato and great grandmother of Dylan Feudo. She was the dear sister of the late Bernard Peters, Merton Peters, Shirley Williams, Rita Twombly and Eileen McNulty. Born in Reading, Evelyn was the daughter of the late Marie and Joseph L. Peters. Evelyn was an avid golfer and she was very proud of a hole-in-one at the Hillview Country Club on August 21, 1980. She was also an avid bowler. She loved her family, her cats and also loved to bake. She spent her winters in Florida. Evelyn was a warm and caring mother, grandmother, sister and friend. She will be sadly missed. A Funeral Service Celebr ...
Longtime civil-rights advocate Jesse Jackson is urging President Obama to return to his adopted home city of Chicago to address rampant gun violence. Jackson’s proposals include ordering street patrols by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The reaction from Jackson came after a 15-year-old honors student who had performed with her high school band at Obama’s inauguration in Washington Jan. 21 was shot and killed just one mile from Obama’s South Side home. At that point, Jan. 29, there had been 42 homicides and 157 shootings this year in a city with arguably the toughest gun restrictions in the nation. There were 506 murders in the city in 2012, up 17 percent from the previous year. Jackson, who lives in Chicago, told Reuters, “When the president shows up, it shows ultimate national seriousness.” He also suggested violence could be curbed by having the DHS help patrol Chicago’s streets. The quoted from an report that Jackson already has joined the bandwagon call ...
I want to have the same kind of legacy some day. Rest in Peace, Grandpa. "William Edgar Prout, Jr. Port Huron Township William Edgar Prout Jr., 76 of Port Huron Township, died unexpectedly on Saturday, February 2, 2013 in Port Huron Hospital. He was born March 23, 1936 in Port Huron to the late William and Florence Prout. He married the love of his life Margaret A. Horn on April 4, 1959 in St. Joseph's Church, Port Huron. Mr. Prout was a 1954 graduate of St. Stephen's High School, where he played high school football. He served with the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degree from Eastern Michigan University and taught four years at Monroe Catholic Central High School. He retired in 2000 after 36 years as a science teacher with the East China School District. He was a dedicated father and grandfather, who loved hunting, fishing, camping and his grandchildren. He was an active member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church. He is survived by his wife of 53 years, Margaret; f ...
Off to pick up Camryn from Butte! 11 full days of no work and Cam time! Off to Florida on Wednesday for my big bros wedding and sunshine! This is gonna be an amazing next two weeks!
Shopping for clothes for young ladies *** Toddler girls: cute. Grown ladies: tolerable. Juniors and girls: hideously ugly. I demand a fashion fast forward now!!
1. Roll call!! :) Name your branch, age, status, and location. Army, 20, Engaged, and he's stationed in Fort Polk, La, while I am in Tucson, Az :)
My sister Norma Jean passed away at about 1:30 this afternoon. She was in her mid 80's living in Port St. Lucie in Florida and had lived a good life. She raised two really good daughters, was an oil and acrylic artist, and a published writer. Norma's passing was peaceful, and she was attended by both daughters.
We sold our house today. Moving to Port St. Lucie Florida.
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