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Florentino Perez

Florentino Pérez Rodríguez (born 8 March 1947) is a Spanish businessman, civil engineer, former politician, and current president of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, as well as ACS.

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Florentino Perez:. Sold Di Maria & Casillas. Fired Ancelotti. Hired Benitez for no reason
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez confirms that Zinedine Zidane will succeed Rafa Benitez as manager.
Florentino Perez: "We've ended Rafa Benitez contract as Real Madrid manager. We've named Zinedine Zidane as the new mana…
Absolute scenes if Florentino Perez comes out and says Rafa Benitez is doing a great job & has the full backing of the board
Florentino Perez. The man who sacked Vicente del Bosque and replaced him with Carlos Queiroz. And Ancelotti with Benitez.
Florentino Perez might think Zinedine Zidane is his Guardiola, but there is a chance, however small, that he's actually…
Michael Bay is Florentino Perez's favourite director, isn't he?
Florentino Perez made a huge mistake by sacking Carlo Ancelotti and appointing Rafa Benitez.
'Common sense' is the reason why Klopp would've never fit in at Real Madrid under Florentino Perez.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has ruled out a return to the club for Jose Mourinho."Even we don't want that bellen…
Florentino Perez: "Zinedine Zidane is a great coach and will be Real Madrid's coach one day."
Florentino Perez: "Rafa Benitez won't be replaced by Zinedine Zidane or anybody else."
Florentino Perez: "Mourinho? I can't see the future. I know that right now he won't come. Rafa Benitez is our coach."
Florentino Perez: "Rafa Benitez is the adequate person to get the best of Real Madrid."
Florentino Perez: "Jose Angel Sanchez didn't recommend Benitez to me. I already knew who Rafa was."
Florentino Perez and Real Madrid when handed the Spanish football rule book.
Florentino Perez. The Comical Ali of football press conferences.
AS | Lucas Lima's agent will meet Florentino Perez in December.
Gonna dress up as tomorrow's newspaper and scare Florentino Perez and Madrid fans
Gonna dress up as a fax machine for Halloween and go and scare Florentino Perez
When the Spanish police/prosecutor opens their investigation into the ref's claim, Florentino Perez will be like...
and of course RFEF will pretend like nothing happened ...because it's Liga Florentino Perez
Florentino Perez is the best at bringing the worlds best players to Real Madrid, but he is the worst at picking & sacking managers
Ugh! Florentino Pérez, we need to break the bank and buy some midfielders and a new striker! 😠 0-0
Nicholas sarkozy seating next to florentino perez.
PSG owner, Florentino Perez and former French president all sitting next to each other
yep.. But this is sooo predictable from Liga Florentino Perez
A source says mourinho has told florentino perez that he's open to a return to Madrid should he quit chelsea
Florentino Perez will have an awkward moment if Di Maria scores 😂
Florentino Peréz giving a Real Madrid jersey to the PSG owner.
Actually dreamt last night I'd spent the day with Florentino Perez! Anyhow, hope Madrid manage a win tonight.
It's not the first time florentino perez has used political favors or monetary power to gain an edge over the opponent.
Jose Mourinho has told Florentino Perez that he would be open to a second spell at Real Madrid if he decides to leave [fichajes]
Enjoyed story of Real's signing of Makelele. He's taking credit for the 'word' in father-in-law Florentino Perez's ear.
And she's a Real Madrid soci and Florentino Perez former secretary...
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has insisted Gareth Bale is not for sale amid persistent speculation linking him with Man United.
I don't know what José Mourinho, would be thinking after Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez announced that...
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has set his sights on this man.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez wants to sign a. marquee player next summer and has set his sights upon. Eden Hazard
Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president, is intent on delivering a new galactico signing and regards Hazard as an ideal fit (Times)
Reports suggest that Chelsea’s Eden Hazard is “wanted in Spain”. . Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president,...
Santiago Bernabeu must be our fortress – Florentino Perez: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has called o...
Florentino Perez: Iker Casillas wanted to leave: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has once again spoken ...
Real Madrid's players and technical staff got together with club president Florentino Perez for their off...
Florentino Perez says Manchester United "lacked experience" in their handling of De Gea's failed transfer to the Bernabeu. (Cadena Ser)
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has described Manchester United's handling of the proposed David De Gea transfer as a "disgrace".
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Florentino Pérez: "Signing Valverde? It's confirmed . He's 17 & can't come here now, when he turns 18 he will arrive."
Florentino Perez: "De Gea was booked for the entire day, his presentation was all prepared" (CadenaSER)
Florentino Perez: “With Kovacic we tried to improve the bench. Benitez and Modric highly recommended him.”
In that interview Florentino Perez did everything to make Man Utd look bad and him to look good. Cannot take it when he fails and Utd win 😀
Florentino Perez: “We didn’t negotiate until Monday because had communicated that David De Gea was not for sale.”
Last RT; Florentino Pérez (to Cadena Ser): "I don't need to apologise to Keylor Navas and we haven't offered him more mone…
Florentino Perez should let the hurt go. All that hurt not good for his heart.
Florentino Perez: “We reached an agreement for De Gea in 30 minutes."
Florentino Perez has confirmed to the signing of the Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde.
Florentino Perez: “It’s a shame, I don’t want to blame anyone, but we don’t understand why took 8 hours to send us…
Florentino Perez: “Ask Iker about De Gea? Yes, a long time ago. Casillas has great affection for David.”
Florentino Perez: “For me, it would have been easier if Ancelotti continued, but the team needed a new impulse.”
Florentino Perez: “Only violent people boo Casillas. They’ve been banned from the Bernabeu.”
Florentino Pérez: "We have very good young players and some form part of the first team."
Florentino Perez: "Manchester United's new executives lack experience, they are new in the business." (CadenaSER)
Florentino Perez: “I talked with Iker, and we both agreed that it was wrong not to have a tribute act for him.”
Florentino Pérez: "I have spoken with Ferguson these past days. He is very happy to be out of all this."
Florentino Perez: “I haven’t talked to Casillas since he left.”
Florentino Perez: “Real Madrid is the most prestigious, and valuable club in the world. Worldwide media doesn’t understa…
Florentino Perez: “Nobody at the Santiago Bernabeu should boo any player. It’s like booing ourselves.”
Florentino Perez: "Iker Casillas leaving Real Madrid should make Madridistas reflect - we should not whistle at our player…
Florentino Perez: “There are people who’s soul purpose of living is to criticize Real Madrid, and me.”
Florentino Perez: “Casillas told me he didn’t want any tribute match, he just wanted a press conference with journalists…
Florentino Perez: “My intention, is for Real Madrid to play in the NBA.”
Florentino Perez: “Sometimes I fear that a player will choose not to join Real Madrid because of all the pressure that c…
Honestly Florentino Perez should just be pelted with turnips.
Florentino Perez: "It is a lie that Manchester United offered €100m for Gareth Bale."
Florentino Perez: "We sent the contracts to at 13:30. Manchester United took eight hours to return the papers for…
Florentino Pérez: "All those who we believe can reach the first team, we will make an effort to try & sign them."
Florentino Perez has given a long interview to Cadena Ser about the De Gea situation. We'll summarise it for you... htt…
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Is Florentino Perez drunk? Because it sounds like he's gone on Spanish radio drunk tonight.
Florentino Perez: “We bought James because of what he is, as very good player, not because of my businesses in Colombia.”
Florentino Perez: “Social media implies that we played our pre-season in Australia because I have business there. It’s c…
Florentino Perez: “Next year FC Porto will come to play the Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu to tribute Iker Casillas.”
Last RT; Florentino Pérez: "During evening we felt we wouldn't get it done because we knew the lack of experience with thi…
Florentino Perez: “De Gea was signed for an entire day, he was prepared for his presentation, but it could not be.”
“Florentino Perez: “Iker had two very tough years, he had enough. I always protected him.”” U piece of sh…
Florentino Perez: “Two hours before the deadline, Jorge Mendes told us were willing to negotiate for David De Gea." [e…
Florentino Perez: “Iker’s departure should make us reflect. The fans should not boo our players.”
Florentino Pérez: "Signing Ceballos? We try to spot talent at a good age, 17 or 18 years. We believe we are doing well."
Florentino Perez: “In the afternoon I started thinking we would run out of time, because of lack of experience i…
Florentino Perez: “If the operation had been successful, everyone would have been satisfied.”
Florentino Perez: “Before Monday, Manchester United had made it clear that they did not want to sell David De Gea."
Florentino Perez: “We sent the contracts at 13:30 and took 8 hours to send them back."
Florentino Perez: “I never saw Sergio Ramos out of Real Madrid. I knew he’d renovate his contract.” featured in NBC s Science of Love
Florentino Perez: “We got all the required documents at 00:02, and we have proof of that, and so does FIFA."
Florentino Perez: “Keylor Navas didn’t know anything, he has all our affection.”
Florentino Perez: “Offers for Bale and Benzema? They both know they won’t find a better club than Real Madrid."
Florentino Perez: "Cristiano Ronaldo is not angry - perhaps he is upset because he wants to score goals."
Florentino Perez: "I want Real Madrid Basketball to play in the NBA."
Florentino Perez: "De Gea was very dissapointed by what happened. He was very excited to join Real Madrid."
Florentino Perez: “A small kid asked my why I threw Iker out of the club, and that broke my heart. It’s a lie, he asked …
Florentino Perez: “I feel that lacks experience in these matters. The same happened with Coentrao, and Ander Herre…
Florentino Perez: "It's a disgrace, I do not want to blame anyone, but we do not understand why it takes 8 hours to retu…
Florentino Perez: “We’ve had it clear for a year, that De Gea was Iker’s ideal substitute.”
Florentino Perez: “As of right now, I don’t know what will happen with De Gea; I haven’t talked to him.”
Florentino Perez should take a page out of Jessica Motaung's 'Show Your Intentions' Handbook and unveil De Gea's Jersey at lunchtime today
Florentino Perez trying to open the David De Gea paperwork at 23:59...
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez holidays on luxury yacht in
Marca | Florentino Perez wants Sergio Ramos to publicly state his intentions of staying at Real Madrid. http:/…
BREAKING NEWS: Sergio Ramos will be told to leave Real Madrid later this week in a meeting in China with Florentino Perez.
Florentino Perez: "De Gea is a great goalkeeper, but he belongs to another club. I can't say anymore on that."
Sky Sports. Iker Casillas 'forced out' of Real Madrid by president Florentino Perez, say parents.
Sports News>> ". Iker Casillas was forced out Real Madrid by club president Florentino Perez, according to departi…
Florentino Perez was angry that he left everything of the agreement on Jose Angel Sanchez. Are you serious?!
thranduilcrowns: I hope Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho are dragged into the fiery pits of *** where...
Florentino Perez to a member of . -De Gea's deal is done . -Vidal is not coming . -Sergio Ramos looks like he is staying
We'll buy Sterling after we're swimming in cash when Florentino Perez pays £30m for Sergio's autograph
Florentino Perez wants to accelrate the deal. The final deal could be around 30 million euros.
British media are today reporting that there could be a meeting between Florentino Perez, and the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes.
Agent Jorge Mendes and Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez meet today to discuss David De Gea and others
MD: DDG negotiations between Florentino & Jorge Mendes will take place at the HQ of construction company ACS, which is owned by Perez.
Barcelona have become everything Florentino Pérez dreamed about
Jorge Mendes and Florentino Perez will meet today. The priority of the meeting is to sort out David De Gea's future.
Rafa Benitez has said he wants to re-sign Alvaro Morata at Real Madrid. Florentino Perez would still prefer Aguero.
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Florentino Perez: My biggest failure was not being able to convince Totti to come to Real Madrid. We tried 3 times and he re…
The james you suck chant by golden state fans is the biggest lie since Florentino Perez said Morata was not good enough
well actually it's a President, his name is Florentino Perez.
AS | Florentino Perez asked Roberto Carlos to become sporting director of Real Madrid but he refused because he wants to c…
Florentino Pérez: "Morata is not good enough to play for Real Madrid.". UCL semi final: 2 goals. UCL final: 1 goal http:…
MARCA | PSG has €125 million ready for Florentino Peréz should Cristiano ever decide that he wants to leave Real Madrid.
Mundo Deportivo: Florentino Perez & Jorge Mendes to discuss DDG's transfer to Real Madrid tomorrow estimated to be betwe…
Florentino Perez in December: "We want Ancelotti to be the Sir Alex Ferguson of Real Madrid". *Fires Ancelotti 5 months la…
The FBI should investigate Florentino Perez for mental stability
"We want Carlo Ancelotti to be Real Madrid's Alex Ferguson" - Florentino Perez, Dec 2014.
Florentino Perez though, what a bold President that man is. He makes big and bold decisions. The guy has a very big heart
Florentino Perez and Bobby Motaung came from the same womb when it comes to football matters.
Florentino Perez, he's an African version of Bobby Motaung... the two are clowns. Period!!!
Florentino Perez listen to d fans for once in u filthy rich life,do not sack Ancelotti,we want him to stay,Evn Cr7 nd d team wnts him 2 stay
Gareth Bale agent, Jonathan Barnett,met yesterday with Florentino Perez to know if Real Madrid want to sell client
Florentino Perez:" Real Madrid is a feeling and an emotion".
you know i cannot think other than evil when see the connection of Florentino Perez and Jorge Mendes. . but then we had Sandro Rosell. 😔
Jorge Mendes has advised Florentino Perez to opt for Jorge Jesus instead of Jürgen Klopp to be Real Madrid's next manager. Okay, whatever.
United will try to talk Real Madrid president Florentino Perez into selling them Gareth Bale for £80m.
Florentino Perez is trash man...honestly don't know why we still have him as the Real Madrid president...Ancelotti deserves better than this
Don't know what Florentino Perez will say about Sami Khedira when he leaves in the summer. Surely something negative though.
Please, Mr. Ed Woodward, save De Gea from Florentino Perez. De Gea remembered me that he as perfect as Edwin Van der Sar.
"Iker Casillas is more than just a goalkeeper here at Real Madrid" - Florentino Perez
Florentino Perez: "Whatever happens in the coming days and weeks, Carlo Ancelotti will remain the coach of Real Madrid,"
"Ancelotti will keep his job no matter what happens"--Florentino Perez: Los Blancos' president also referred t...
Florentino Perez: "The injuries to Luka Modric & James Rodriguez tore us apart. It killed us."
At -- Picture : Instituto Neymar Jr. . . Florentino Perez has decided to sell Cristiano Ronaldo, if true they’ll c…
Class free kick, calm finish for the 2nd, Florentino Perez is opening up the "special relationship-purchase offer" doc on his laptop
The Santiago Bernabeu could be renamed the Abu Dhabi Bernabeu after a slip of the tongue from Florentino Perez: http:/…
Club president Florentino Perez was caught on camera admitting a name change in November after a deal was struck...
Zidane has directly recommended Paul Pogba to Florentino Perez, who endorsed the signing of Varane (Mundo Deportivo)
Ronaldo still feels like he is 25: Speaking at the gala both Madrid president Florentino Perez and Ronaldo's agent Jorge Mendes said ...
Real Madrid is my blood Santiago Benerbeau is my Mansion home Afredo Di stefano is our Role Model Raul Gonzales is Real Madrid all time highest goal scorer with 323 goals Raul Gonzales is also hold d record for d highest number of appearances in madrid with 741 appearances Real Madrid was found in 1902 Real Madrid play its first competitive match on 13th March 1902 Real Madrid have never been relegated in spanish laiga since they were found Real Madrid is the richest club in the world Real Madrid is the only club in Europe that won 10th Uefa Champions league trophies Florentino Perez is Our President Carlo Anceloti is our head coach Iker Casillas is our captain Sergio Ramos is our Vice captain Christiano Ronaldo is the only Real Madrid that won back to back fifa Ballon D Or Now is a pleasure to be Real Madrid family HALA MADRID AL"BARRUNS
Not the super agent Jorge Mendes.goan read what Florentino Perez says bou him on Falcao
Iker Casillas: "I don't have any complaints about Florentino Perez. I have a lot of love for him."
All these drama actually makes me feel happy that Florentino Perez is our President.
Gareth Bale will "never leave" Real Madrid, according to the La Liga clubs president Florentino Perez.
All I want now is for my club president Florentino Perez to collect £100M for and make leave this month
Florentino Perez must be the best president at wasting money.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says the club are ”not looking” at Marco Reus and could struggle to fit him into th…
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says world record signing Gareth Bale will "never leave" the La Liga club.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insists winger Gareth Bale is not for sale at any price.
Zinedine Zidane revealed he asked Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, to sign Steven Gerrard in 2004.
Florentino Perez: "Every club knows Gareth Bale will never leave Real Madrid. We'll not discuss a transfer, no matter how …
Florentino Perez: "Gareth Bale is a key player. He has already done so much for the team and is a key part of our club's f…
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Tottenham & Real Madrid. 2013: Luka Modric. 2014: Gareth Bale. 2015: Harry Kane?. I kind of like the guy...Florentino Perez should consider
Gif: Florentino Perez hugging his best signing of the year.
.president, Florentino Perez stated that he prefers his current crop of stars to those who a decade ago.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez recently gave a lengthy interview where he spoke about the possibility of winning the Club World Cup, hiring Ancelotti and the future of Sergio Ramos. In an interview with Cadena Ser via the club’s website, Florentino spoke about the importance of winning the Club World Cup on Saturday and extending […]
Real Madrid, Spain dominate European club scene If, after years of unbridled success, 2014 was brutally disappointing for Spain on the international stage, it was a glorious year for the country at club level. A thrilling title race in La Liga, home to the world's best player Cristiano Ronaldo and his great rival Lionel Messi, made it the envy of the rest of the continent, while Spain took a clean sweep of the European trophies and Real Madrid are in line to cap it all by becoming club world champions. More than anyone else, it was a year to remember for Real, who finally won the European Cup for an unprecedented 10th time, ending a 12-year obsession with 'La Decima'. After years of frustration since Zinedine Zidane's stunning volley in Glasgow secured their ninth European Cup in 2002, and more than a billion euros spent in the transfer market by president Florentino Perez, Carlo Ancelotti's side beat city rivals Atletico 4-1 after extra time in a pulsating final in Lisbon in May. It was so nearly a night ...
Cadena Ser interviewed Florentino Perez in Marrakech last night. He talked comprehensively about most recent topics. Exciting interview!
Florentino Perez: "I've never had a conflict with Sergio Ramos."
Florentino Perez: "Sergio Ramos wants to retire at Real Madrid and we want that too. He is the best center-back in th…
Florentino Perez in his interview with Cadena Ser
Florentino Perez: "2014 has been a very good and spectacular year. We won La Décima, the Copa del Rey & already the Europe…
Real Madrid and Microsoft Corp have sealed an agreement to create a digital platform to connect fans of the European champions around the world. Real president Florentino Perez and Orlando Ayala, a Microsoft vice president, presented the platform at a ceremony at Real's Bernabeu stadium in the Spani…
According to Florentino Perez, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium could be renamed to "IPIC Bernabeu" or "Cepsa...
Florentino Perez needs to buy Baymax. God knows the Real Madrid medical team needs all the help they can get.
"Barcelona fans will always be thankful to Florentino Perez and his Real Madrid board for selling Di Maria." yeah surely
So Joan Laporta is using some of Florentino Perez's transfer policy to get him elected. Promising Crisitiano and Mou.
[Florentino Perez has claimed compensation for the closure of Castor
De Gea's agent Jorge Mendes has informed Florentino Perez that De Gea will not renew his contract with Man Utd and wants to replace Casillas
"Real Madrid want Marco Reus.". There's no easy way to ask this but Florentino Pérez, ARE YOU HIGH?
[08:44, 14/11/2014] Quabhena Emmamens: Current Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, reportedly wanted to break down negotiations for Cristiano Ronaldo, because he thought the Portuguese was too expensive. Perez's predecessor, Ramon Calderon, initiated the deal before leaving his presidency and has now claimed his successor wanted to cancel the then world record deal worth €80 million. Read: Man Utd Offered Ronaldo To Barca “When Florentino became president and came to the club, he wanted to break (negotiations). He thought it was very expensive,” Calderon told Revista. “He knew he was a good player but thought he wasn’t worth that amount of money. That was a problem he had at the beginning with Cristiano, who knew that.” Calderon also explained that Ronaldo was close to joining Real Madrid one year earlier, but his commitment to Sir Alex Ferguson delayed the move. “It was a tough moment. In the time that we were negotiating that contract I spoke to (former United chief executive) David G ...
Florentino Perez thought Cristiano Ronaldo was too expensive, says ...
Sergio Ramos: "My relationship is so good with Florentino Perez that we say things to eachother we probably should not."
Joan Laporta is rumored to have asked Jorge Mendes about Cristiano Ronaldo. Former prez is about to do a Florentino Perez.
A little piece from Özil to Florentino Perez. I hope it falls on deaf ears. Good night. Buenos noches. Guten nacht!
Florentino Perez was there telling Di Maria not to play that world cup final. Foolish man
Florentino Perez did not want Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, says ex
are stepping up talks with for midfielder contacted Florentino acco…
World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo believes he will be considered one of the greatest footballers to have ever played the game by the time he retires. The 29-year-old picked up the third Golden Boot award of his career for being joint top-goalscorer in Europe last season in Madrid on Wednesday and is also the odds-on favourite to win the Ballon d'Or for a third time in January. And, while insisting he still has plenty of years at the top left in him, the Portuguese is confident his place among the greats in the history of the game is assured. "I always want to be the best, that is what I work towards every day," he said. "I respect what people think and I am making my own story bit by bit. I still have a long way to go and when I finish my career I can look at my stats to see if I am among the best in history. I am sure I will be." Ronaldo was hailed by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez as the "dignified heir to Alfredo di Stefano", the club legend and former honourary president, who passed a ...
Zidane worked as an adviser to Real president Florentino Perez before he was appointed the club's sporting director in 2011.
Breaking news Spain's minister of Defence Sir [ Sergio Ramos ] has asked Portugal 's Interior Minister for foreign Attacks honourable CR7- Cristiano Ronaldo to release 856 Missiles on the Roof of Barcelona when the sides meet on 25th Oct. According to Reports in Spain. Commander in Chief supt [ Carlo Ancelotti ] has signed abill passed by the Parliament of Santiago Bernabeu headed by Madrid Army Commander Capt-[ Casillas ] who said he received acall from Inspector [ Pepe ] earlier today to inform him that the President [ Florentino Perez ] wants to declare war on Catalan as aresult each Member of Parliament has been assigned to their Respective Roles.Madrid Army Commander [ Casillas ] Assigned to prepare hundred Jets to Launch Missilies. Minister of Defence [ Sergio Ramos ] Assemble 13453 Bomb Proofs to each Madrid Army Soldiers. Minister of Foreign Attack [ CR7- Cristiano Ronaldo ] especially Assigned by Commander [ Carlo Ancelotti ] to Fly all 1000 Jets at the same time and Launch 621,865,955,933 at the ...
Is Real Madrid v Barcelona the biggest game in club history? And down here are my submissions. Ronaldo. Messi. Neymar, Suarez and Rodriguez. In the unlikely scenario that any Real Madrid v Barcelona contest ever needed revving up, there it is: on 25 October, a single match starring the two best players in the world, the World Cup's leading scorer, four of the five most expensive players in history and the debut of the most controversial footballer of his generation. And all this without the injured Welsh star Gareth Bale. An occasion like no other before? Hype can make giddy fools of us all, and this is a fixture that has never lacked subplots or superstars. From the era of Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas in the 1950s and 60s through to Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona in the 1970s and 80s, these are clubs accustomed to foreign stars at their fulcrum. Madrid defined themselves a decade ago by their galacticos, the annual superstar arrivals under spendthrift club president Florentino Perez. Either side ...
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Even if Zinedine Zidane is banned for 3 months, he will remain RM Castilla coach. Florentino Perez is confident in him. [M…
Remember the standing ovation Ronaldinho got at the Santiago Bernabeu in El Classico, even Florentino Perez got to his feets
“Your stupid if you think there's someone better then Di Maria fr fr” Florentino Perez thought so unfortunately 😐
till today that memory still haunts. I still remain paranoid tha Florentino Perez had a hand. A Barca CL win in his backyard?
In a world where Spain pays 1.350bn to Florentino Pérez Construction Company and plans to invest only a billion in Catalonia in 2015.
only God knows what FLORENTINO PEREZ is into and no one cares.i mean why bother when they can destroy barca...
This idea of Florentino Perez that he'll cause lots of earthquakes unless the Spanish give him lots of money is interesting business model
Read this: Behind this is ACS & Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez. All Spaniards will pay new Bernabéu Stadium.
Utd should add Florentino perez to their list of signing too..
Florentino perez: see that empty cabinet over there? Can you help us fill it?? 1year later.Gareth Bale:
Today marks the 4000th day of Florentino Perez as president of Real Madrid, He's spent €1,140,000,000 in that time http…
United plans to brought Bale from Madrid. Oii, Woodward are you Florentino Perez in disguise?
Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez claims he doesn't know how James Rodriguez plays but wanted him regardless.
the more things change, the more they stay the same. Real Madrid is a shameful institution.
7 biggest mistakes of Florentino Perez's presidential career at Real Madrid: .
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Manchester United will have to fork out a staggering £140-200m in transfer fees and wages to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back. Real president Florentino Perez looks likely to cash in on World Player of the Year Ronaldo next summer. And United have been left with a clear run to re-sign their former No.7 after their major rivals collectively all pulled out. Ronaldo is currently on £380,000 a week and would command the same salary should he leave Real, who in turn will accept a minimum fee of £60m for their prized asset. The Portuguese forward commanding a four-year deal, and a yearly wage of £19.76m. United’s huge commercial wealth, and record £750m, 10-year kit deal with Adidas, means they do have the financial clout to afford such a mega deal. Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, made it clear in the summer of 2013 that his client felt unloved at Real and was willing to move, with United tempted by the prospect of a reunion. Although United had no chance of signing Ronaldo in 2013 with David Moyes in charg ...
"Casillas obviously has some kind of leverage on Florentino Perez." It's the other way round. Iker is the president
Ramon Calderon on Ronaldo: 'My impression is he is fed up with the policy of the current president [Florentino Perez].'…
Old Trafford side in talks to bring in Bernabeu attacker. Man United have agreed terms 'in principle' with Cristiano Ronaldo following talks between the Premier League side and the Real Madrid star's agent Jorge Mendes. Old Trafford chief executive Ed Woodward has been sanctioned by his side's board to pursue a deal to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo and given a blank cheque to make the move a reality. Read more Manchester United FC news . Having sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid in an £80m deal back in the summer of 2009 Man United will offer the Spanish giants £60m for the Portuguese international in a bid that is more likely to be launched next summer than in the January transfer window. Ronaldo will have turned 30 by next summer and an offer of this magnitude for the player may be one that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez accepts, especially if the club's prized asset makes it clear he wishes to return to his former club. Though Cristiano Ronaldo has been an outstanding success at Real Madrid his side has ...
"Florentino Perez on the phone to Carlo Ancelotti talking about Di Maria..
Florentino Perez’s expensive Real Madrid squad is yet to find its balance. Losing 2-1 to Atletico Madrid on Saturday evening has reopened the...
I think Ronaldo is using dis transfer Saga as a yardstick to get a much better wages under the highly Lavishing Florentino Perez
I cannot understand Mr florentino perez. James is a fantasy signing or for the future. But did RM need him? RM should have let Di Maria stay
Florentino Perez is a team destroyer, all what he cares about is money. I'd like to thank him for this tbh! Lol,
Benzema has only scored 2 in his last 19 games for Madrid. Shout out to Florentino Perez who pushed a super talented M…
Florentino Perez is like a 4-year-old spoiled kid who wants the new shiny toy.
What sports project for Real Madrid: Sell jerseys or win titles? Florentino Perez could leave his head!
“He [Cristiano Ronaldo] had a go at [Real president] Florentino Perez about two weeks ago for selling Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso."
First transfer of next season: Florentino Perez to Barcelona for free. Might even sell Messi to us...
The problem is with Florentino Perez making unnecessary spending to buy players that RM don't need.
Florentino Perez just does everything to enhance his own reputation as Los Blancos President, never mind the implications on the pitch.
Madrid president Florentino Perez heckled by ‘resign’ chants -
James Rodriguez is not Angel de Maria. Florentino Perez you are a tool!
Real Madrid fans know this! Florentino Perez has made RM a profitable enterprise, sadly it's not a football TEAM anymore.
"Real Madrid is weaker this season man smh Florentino Perez must resign yoh" no defensive link man!
"Ancelotti has messed up Real Madrid."no not Carlo..its that stubborn Florentino Perez!!he's brought the galactico era again!
Florentino Perez be like ,lets sell vital organs of and buy accessory organs instead.
Florentino Perez and Carol Ancelotti can't you that Benzema is a waste product.
Florentino Perez is guilty of doing too much.
Liverpool loosing, Lahore winning and Real suffering because of Florentino Perez's mistakes. It has been a great weekend so far.
Lol Florentino Perez is just mad. They are struggling to fit in James & he's busy negotiating for Reus😕.
Bernabeu crowd chanted "Perez Dimision" last night at the Madrid derby. About time. Florentino is aware that fans are against this model.
Mass self-destruction by selling important players is written by Florentino Perez himself.
What a joke. I hope Perez is happy with his new money, enjoy the game Florentino!
Sold us Di Maria and took Hernandez off us. Florentino Perez United legend
BREAKING NEWS: Florentino Perez has resigned from presidency of Real Madrid.
Florentino Perez needs to stop worrying if players think they're bigger than Madrid and take a look in the mirror. Vanity, …
much trouble for the "Los Blancos" I still can't understand why Florentino Perez sold Di Maria & Alonso
Cristiano Ronaldo says he is "100 per cent" behind Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and claims his comments on the club's transfers were "misunderstood".
.Florentino Perez is a man in control & is creating a team in his image
Florentino Perez: “If I’d bought Falcao, we might as well make Jorge Mendes president of (COPE)
Paris St Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has claimed new Manchester United signing Angel Di Maria wanted to move to the Parc des Princes, but the Ligue 1 champions could not agree a fee with Real Madrid. The Argentinian winger sealed a British record £59.7million transfer to United last week, but Al-Khelaifi said PSG had in fact been his preferred destination. “For two or three weeks I discussed this issue with my friend Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid,” Al- Khelaifi said in an interview with Le Parisien. “We met twice, we made an offer, but we did not agree on the price. For me it was too expensive. It has nothing to do with Financial Fair Play. The player wanted to come to Paris, but this was not possible.” The French side have invested hugely in players over the past couple of years, with the arrival of David Luiz from Chelsea this summer’s marquee signing. Al-Khelaifi claimed Financial Fair Play (FFP) was not a fair rule and said his club would meet with UEFA to urge the ...
Nkana striker Ronald Kampamba has been left out of Chipolopolo’s 28-man team to face Mozambique and Cape Verde in the 2015 Africa Cup Group F qualifiers. Kampamba was a surprise omission from the 12 home-based call-ups named by coach Honour Janza for the forthcoming qualifiers. The Nkana striker has been in fine form over the last two seasons and was the 2013 top scorer on 18 goals to guide his club to a record twelfth Faz Super League title. Kampamba has so far scored nine league goals plus another five in Caf club action for Nkana in 2014 and is also one of two notable players dropped by Honour Janza. - Barcelona congratulated themselves on Tuesday for a job well done in the transfer window, while rivals Real Madrid were dealing with the fallout from Cristiano Ronaldo's apparent criticism of president Florentino Perez. The world's two richest clubs by income again spent big, with Barca's signings including Uruguay striker Luis Suarez for €81.25 million and Croatia midfielder Ivan Rakitic for around ...
Football VS Exams ... JUST FOR FUN * Discussing among friends but not writing answers = playing tiki taka * teacher thought you would top, but you failed - Moyes * being genius, still fails in exams = louis van gaal * writing so fastly in last 10 minutes to complete the paper = creating counter attack to score a winning goal * knows every answer = messi * being genius, writes fast = ronaldo * know all the answers but forget everytime when he writes - torres *writes fast but has no idea = walcott * only knows answers of question no. 4 and 5 = Midfielder * Gives his pens to others but still writes every answer = diego simeone * shows up to school but doesnt write exam:- Balotelli * Passes the answers to everyone - Iniesta * Buys pens of high quality and tops the exam like a boss = Florentino Perez * Passes the exam with flying colours (100%) - Ronaldinho * Completes the paper in just a few minutes - Bale * knows every thing but in exam he helps his mate - ozil * Last bencher who topped the exams surprisingl ...
Levy nominating Florentino Perez (president of Madrid) "Someone who definitely owes this club a lot" Great work Dan!
Woa!! ..*the Arqentine winqer has told friends in spain that he has accepted a £180,000-a-week offer to join united and wants to wear the famous No.7 shirt. The winqer asked to leave Real in midweek, as it became clear president Florentino Perez wants to sell after brinqinq in james Rodriquez from Monaco .hehehe.
Florentino perez knows how business is..
Barcelona made £48m bid for 26 year old winger Angel Di Maria,but it was instantly turned down by real President Florentino Perez.
Florentino Perez said they have new faces at the club so that's why the old ones have to go, just wow..pure footballing reason eh? Mschew RT
Ancelloti wants Di Maria to stay, James Rodriguez is more of a Florentino Perez sigining.
Once Di Maria wasnt Florentino Perez's favourite he was always looking at the exit door..
Florentino Perez is indeed selling Di Maria AFTER offering him a contract renewal first. Di Maria refused and now wants …
Carlo Ancelotti wanted to keep Di Maria at Real Madrid, but Florentino Perez insisted on selling him.
Depth aside, it’s hard to say why Real Madrid would want to sell Angel Di Maria. At least, that’s the take of teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, as well as Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone. On Wednesday, La Marca reported that both Ronaldo and Ramos have gone to Madrid president Florentino Perez to ask him to keep Di Maria. Problem is, Di Maria is likely to be sold over the coming week with Manchester United rumored to be coming to the table with a bid upwards of $166 million. That’s a transaction that the overwhelming majority of Galacticos, as well as the fans who gave him a standing ovation upon being substituted onto the pitch during last night’s Spanish Super Cup, don’t want to see happen. When cross-city rival manager Simeone was asked for his post-match thoughts on Di Maria, the Argentine manager sent the room of journalists into uproar. “He’s the best player they have,” Simeone deadpanned. But what about Ronaldo, Bale and Rodriguez? The room quaked. “[Di Maria] is ...
I would have said Florentino Perez is the most powerful man in football. I guess Jorge Mendes is.
what does it take to sign Florentino Perez? I think that's the solution to all our problems :)
Roberto Carlos: "Florentino Perez is signing players of the highest level which is very important."
Florentino Perez has officially sent a bid of €90m to Arsenal for Yaya Sanogo after failing to get Suarez
When I grow up, I wanna be like Florentino perez
According to the report the deal will be closed today in a meeting in New York between Di María's agent Jorge Mendes & Florentino Pérez.
“Florentino Pérez. I am the girl with the blue jersey that got signed by Florentino!
Considering Jorge Mendes impressive clientele i'm wondering why Florentino Perez hasn't signed him personally. It should be cheaper for us!!
would appear doesn’t believe he is necessary but Florentino Perez does.
"Florentino Perez in Michigan watching the players train.
Florentino Perez will travel to the United States to solve the goalkeepers 'problem' [elconfidencial]
Florentino Perez is planning Raul's return to Bernabeu next season in Sports management [el mundo]
"VIDEO - BEHIND THE SCENES: Florentino Pérez arrives in Michigan what was he doing there?
Let's just appoint Florentino Perez as our president, that will be just it, world class players will roll in.!
Florentino Pérez has arrived Michigan Real Madrid's president is now in the team...
Florentino Pérez is in Michigan to stay with the team.
Barcelona: We got Suarez. Florentino Perez... *Procedes to sign Kroos, James, Falcao and Navas*. Don't mess with Mr P…
Florentino Perez will stay with the team in the USA. . Carlo Ancelotti quotes coming up,
12 gun salute to our beloved president FLORENTINO PEREZ, Certainly truth. It's all left for Di Maria and the world to see.
Florentino Perez has arrived in Michigan to join the team.
With the white shark florentino perez
Safe to say I'm Manchester United's biggest Fan from Detroit. Thank you to Florentino Perez for the signed iPad case😅
One day, someone'll make a drama about Real Madrid. Directed by Aaron Sorkin. Starring John Goodman as Florentino Pérez. It'll be awesome.
Andy Mitten: "Florentino Perez shrugged when he was asked by a British journalist if Madrid were going to sell Angel Di Maria."
Florentino Perez is with the team in Michigan!
If that's true, Florentino Perez is the real MVP... word to Kevin Durant.
. Casino Real Madrid . Florentino Perez enters a high stakes poker game where this season's transfer funds are on the line
Forget Santa. Kids, from now on just ask uncle Florentino Perez for whatever you want
Real Madrid to make Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea wait ...: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez h...
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