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Florentino Perez

Florentino Pérez Rodríguez (born 8 March 1947) is a Spanish businessman, civil engineer, former politician, and current president of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, as well as ACS.

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Real Madrid and Microsoft Corp have sealed an agreement to create a digital platform to connect fans of the European champions around the world. Real president Florentino Perez and Orlando Ayala, a Microsoft vice president, presented the platform at a ceremony at Real's Bernabeu stadium in the Spani…
According to Florentino Perez, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium could be renamed to "IPIC Bernabeu" or "Cepsa...
Florentino Perez needs to buy Baymax. God knows the Real Madrid medical team needs all the help they can get.
"Barcelona fans will always be thankful to Florentino Perez and his Real Madrid board for selling Di Maria." yeah surely
So Joan Laporta is using some of Florentino Perez's transfer policy to get him elected. Promising Crisitiano and Mou.
[Florentino Perez has claimed compensation for the closure of Castor
De Gea's agent Jorge Mendes has informed Florentino Perez that De Gea will not renew his contract with Man Utd and wants to replace Casillas
"Real Madrid want Marco Reus.". There's no easy way to ask this but Florentino Pérez, ARE YOU HIGH?
[08:44, 14/11/2014] Quabhena Emmamens: Current Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, reportedly wanted to break down negotiations for Cristiano Ronaldo, because he thought the Portuguese was too expensive. Perez's predecessor, Ramon Calderon, initiated the deal before leaving his presidency and has now claimed his successor wanted to cancel the then world record deal worth €80 million. Read: Man Utd Offered Ronaldo To Barca “When Florentino became president and came to the club, he wanted to break (negotiations). He thought it was very expensive,” Calderon told Revista. “He knew he was a good player but thought he wasn’t worth that amount of money. That was a problem he had at the beginning with Cristiano, who knew that.” Calderon also explained that Ronaldo was close to joining Real Madrid one year earlier, but his commitment to Sir Alex Ferguson delayed the move. “It was a tough moment. In the time that we were negotiating that contract I spoke to (former United chief executive) David G ...
Florentino Perez thought Cristiano Ronaldo was too expensive, says ...
Sergio Ramos: "My relationship is so good with Florentino Perez that we say things to eachother we probably should not."
Joan Laporta is rumored to have asked Jorge Mendes about Cristiano Ronaldo. Former prez is about to do a Florentino Perez.
A little piece from Özil to Florentino Perez. I hope it falls on deaf ears. Good night. Buenos noches. Guten nacht!
Florentino Perez was there telling Di Maria not to play that World Cup final. Foolish man
Florentino Perez did not want Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid, says ex
are stepping up talks with for midfielder contacted Florentino acco…
World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo believes he will be considered one of the greatest footballers to have ever played the game by the time he retires. The 29-year-old picked up the third Golden Boot award of his career for being joint top-goalscorer in Europe last season in Madrid on Wednesday and is also the odds-on favourite to win the Ballon d'Or for a third time in January. And, while insisting he still has plenty of years at the top left in him, the Portuguese is confident his place among the greats in the history of the game is assured. "I always want to be the best, that is what I work towards every day," he said. "I respect what people think and I am making my own story bit by bit. I still have a long way to go and when I finish my career I can look at my stats to see if I am among the best in history. I am sure I will be." Ronaldo was hailed by Real Madrid president Florentino Perez as the "dignified heir to Alfredo Di Stefano", the club legend and former honourary president, who passed a ...
Zidane worked as an adviser to Real president Florentino Perez before he was appointed the club's sporting director in 2011.
Breaking news Spain's minister of Defence Sir [ Sergio Ramos ] has asked Portugal 's Interior Minister for foreign Attacks honourable CR7- Cristiano Ronaldo to release 856 Missiles on the Roof of Barcelona when the sides meet on 25th Oct. According to Reports in Spain. Commander in Chief supt [ Carlo Ancelotti ] has signed abill passed by the Parliament of Santiago Bernabeu headed by Madrid Army Commander Capt-[ Casillas ] who said he received acall from Inspector [ Pepe ] earlier today to inform him that the President [ Florentino Perez ] wants to declare war on Catalan as aresult each Member of Parliament has been assigned to their Respective Roles.Madrid Army Commander [ Casillas ] Assigned to prepare hundred Jets to Launch Missilies. Minister of Defence [ Sergio Ramos ] Assemble 13453 Bomb Proofs to each Madrid Army Soldiers. Minister of Foreign Attack [ CR7- Cristiano Ronaldo ] especially Assigned by Commander [ Carlo Ancelotti ] to Fly all 1000 Jets at the same time and Launch 621,865,955,933 at the ...
Is Real Madrid v Barcelona the biggest game in club history? And down here are my submissions. Ronaldo. Messi. Neymar, Suarez and Rodriguez. In the unlikely scenario that any Real Madrid v Barcelona contest ever needed revving up, there it is: on 25 October, a single match starring the two best players in the world, the World Cup's leading scorer, four of the five most expensive players in history and the debut of the most controversial footballer of his generation. And all this without the injured Welsh star Gareth Bale. An occasion like no other before? Hype can make giddy fools of us all, and this is a fixture that has never lacked subplots or superstars. From the era of Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas in the 1950s and 60s through to Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona in the 1970s and 80s, these are clubs accustomed to foreign stars at their fulcrum. Madrid defined themselves a decade ago by their galacticos, the annual superstar arrivals under spendthrift club president Florentino Perez. Either side ...
Even if Zinedine Zidane is banned for 3 months, he will remain RM Castilla coach. Florentino Perez is confident in him. [M…
Remember the standing ovation Ronaldinho got at the Santiago Bernabeu in El Classico, even Florentino Perez got to his feets
“Your stupid if you think there's someone better then Di Maria fr fr” Florentino Perez thought so unfortunately 😐
till today that memory still haunts. I still remain paranoid tha Florentino Perez had a hand. A Barca CL win in his backyard?
In a world where Spain pays 1.350bn to Florentino Pérez Construction Company and plans to invest only a billion in Catalonia in 2015.
only God knows what FLORENTINO PEREZ is into and no one cares.i mean why bother when they can destroy barca...
This idea of Florentino Perez that he'll cause lots of earthquakes unless the Spanish give him lots of money is interesting business model
Read this: Behind this is ACS & Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez. All Spaniards will pay new Bernabéu Stadium.
Utd should add Florentino perez to their list of signing too..
Florentino perez: see that empty cabinet over there? Can you help us fill it?? 1year later.Gareth Bale:
Today marks the 4000th day of Florentino Perez as president of Real Madrid, He's spent €1,140,000,000 in that time http…
United plans to brought Bale from Madrid. Oii, Woodward are you Florentino Perez in disguise?
Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez claims he doesn't know how James Rodriguez plays but wanted him regardless.
the more things change, the more they stay the same. Real Madrid is a shameful institution.
7 biggest mistakes of Florentino Perez's presidential career at Real Madrid: .
Manchester United will have to fork out a staggering £140-200m in transfer fees and wages to bring Cristiano Ronaldo back. Real president Florentino Perez looks likely to cash in on World Player of the Year Ronaldo next summer. And United have been left with a clear run to re-sign their former No.7 after their major rivals collectively all pulled out. Ronaldo is currently on £380,000 a week and would command the same salary should he leave Real, who in turn will accept a minimum fee of £60m for their prized asset. The Portuguese forward commanding a four-year deal, and a yearly wage of £19.76m. United’s huge commercial wealth, and record £750m, 10-year kit deal with Adidas, means they do have the financial clout to afford such a mega deal. Ronaldo’s agent, Jorge Mendes, made it clear in the summer of 2013 that his client felt unloved at Real and was willing to move, with United tempted by the prospect of a reunion. Although United had no chance of signing Ronaldo in 2013 with David Moyes in charg ...
"Casillas obviously has some kind of leverage on Florentino Perez." It's the other way round. Iker is the president
Ramon Calderon on Ronaldo: 'My impression is he is fed up with the policy of the current president [Florentino Perez].'…
Old Trafford side in talks to bring in Bernabeu attacker. Man United have agreed terms 'in principle' with Cristiano Ronaldo following talks between the Premier League side and the Real Madrid star's agent Jorge Mendes. Old Trafford chief executive Ed Woodward has been sanctioned by his side's board to pursue a deal to re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo and given a blank cheque to make the move a reality. Read more Manchester United FC news . Having sold Ronaldo to Real Madrid in an £80m deal back in the summer of 2009 Man United will offer the Spanish giants £60m for the Portuguese international in a bid that is more likely to be launched next summer than in the January transfer window. Ronaldo will have turned 30 by next summer and an offer of this magnitude for the player may be one that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez accepts, especially if the club's prized asset makes it clear he wishes to return to his former club. Though Cristiano Ronaldo has been an outstanding success at Real Madrid his side has ...
"Florentino Perez on the phone to Carlo Ancelotti talking about Di Maria..
Florentino Perez’s expensive Real Madrid squad is yet to find its balance. Losing 2-1 to Atletico Madrid on Saturday evening has reopened the...
I think Ronaldo is using dis transfer Saga as a yardstick to get a much better wages under the highly Lavishing Florentino Perez
I cannot understand Mr florentino perez. James is a fantasy signing or for the future. But did RM need him? RM should have let Di Maria stay
Florentino Perez is a team destroyer, all what he cares about is money. I'd like to thank him for this tbh! Lol,
Benzema has only scored 2 in his last 19 games for Madrid. Shout out to Florentino Perez who pushed a super talented M…
Florentino Perez is like a 4-year-old spoiled kid who wants the new shiny toy.
What sports project for Real Madrid: Sell jerseys or win titles? Florentino Perez could leave his head!
“He [Cristiano Ronaldo] had a go at [Real president] Florentino Perez about two weeks ago for selling Angel Di Maria and Xabi Alonso."
First transfer of next season: Florentino Perez to Barcelona for free. Might even sell Messi to us...
The problem is with Florentino Perez making unnecessary spending to buy players that RM don't need.
Florentino Perez just does everything to enhance his own reputation as Los Blancos President, never mind the implications on the pitch.
Madrid president Florentino Perez heckled by ‘resign’ chants -
James Rodriguez is not Angel de Maria. Florentino Perez you are a tool!
Real Madrid fans know this! Florentino Perez has made RM a profitable enterprise, sadly it's not a football TEAM anymore.
"Real Madrid is weaker this season man smh Florentino Perez must resign yoh" no defensive link man!
"Ancelotti has messed up Real Madrid."no not Carlo..its that stubborn Florentino Perez!!he's brought the galactico era again!
Florentino Perez be like ,lets sell vital organs of and buy accessory organs instead.
Florentino Perez and Carol Ancelotti can't you that Benzema is a waste product.
Florentino Perez is guilty of doing too much.
Liverpool loosing, Lahore winning and Real suffering because of Florentino Perez's mistakes. It has been a great weekend so far.
Lol Florentino Perez is just mad. They are struggling to fit in James & he's busy negotiating for Reus😕.
Bernabeu crowd chanted "Perez Dimision" last night at the Madrid derby. About time. Florentino is aware that fans are against this model.
Mass self-destruction by selling important players is written by Florentino Perez himself.
What a joke. I hope Perez is happy with his new money, enjoy the game Florentino!
Sold us Di Maria and took Hernandez off us. Florentino Perez United legend
BREAKING NEWS: Florentino Perez has resigned from presidency of Real Madrid.
Florentino Perez needs to stop worrying if players think they're bigger than Madrid and take a look in the mirror. Vanity, …
much trouble for the "Los Blancos" I still can't understand why Florentino Perez sold Di Maria & Alonso
Cristiano Ronaldo says he is "100 per cent" behind Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and claims his comments on the club's transfers were "misunderstood".
.Florentino Perez is a man in control & is creating a team in his image
Florentino Perez: “If I’d bought Falcao, we might as well make Jorge Mendes president of (COPE)
Paris St Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has claimed new Manchester United signing Angel Di Maria wanted to move to the Parc des Princes, but the Ligue 1 champions could not agree a fee with Real Madrid. The Argentinian winger sealed a British record £59.7million transfer to United last week, but Al-Khelaifi said PSG had in fact been his preferred destination. “For two or three weeks I discussed this issue with my friend Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid,” Al- Khelaifi said in an interview with Le Parisien. “We met twice, we made an offer, but we did not agree on the price. For me it was too expensive. It has nothing to do with Financial Fair Play. The player wanted to come to Paris, but this was not possible.” The French side have invested hugely in players over the past couple of years, with the arrival of David Luiz from Chelsea this summer’s marquee signing. Al-Khelaifi claimed Financial Fair Play (FFP) was not a fair rule and said his club would meet with UEFA to urge the ...
Nkana striker Ronald Kampamba has been left out of Chipolopolo’s 28-man team to face Mozambique and Cape Verde in the 2015 Africa Cup Group F qualifiers. Kampamba was a surprise omission from the 12 home-based call-ups named by coach Honour Janza for the forthcoming qualifiers. The Nkana striker has been in fine form over the last two seasons and was the 2013 top scorer on 18 goals to guide his club to a record twelfth Faz Super League title. Kampamba has so far scored nine league goals plus another five in Caf club action for Nkana in 2014 and is also one of two notable players dropped by Honour Janza. - Barcelona congratulated themselves on Tuesday for a job well done in the transfer window, while rivals Real Madrid were dealing with the fallout from Cristiano Ronaldo's apparent criticism of president Florentino Perez. The world's two richest clubs by income again spent big, with Barca's signings including Uruguay striker Luis Suarez for €81.25 million and Croatia midfielder Ivan Rakitic for around ...
Football VS Exams ... JUST FOR FUN * Discussing among friends but not writing answers = playing tiki taka * teacher thought you would top, but you failed - Moyes * being genius, still fails in exams = louis van gaal * writing so fastly in last 10 minutes to complete the paper = creating counter attack to score a winning goal * knows every answer = messi * being genius, writes fast = ronaldo * know all the answers but forget everytime when he writes - torres *writes fast but has no idea = walcott * only knows answers of question no. 4 and 5 = Midfielder * Gives his pens to others but still writes every answer = diego simeone * shows up to school but doesnt write exam:- Balotelli * Passes the answers to everyone - Iniesta * Buys pens of high quality and tops the exam like a boss = Florentino Perez * Passes the exam with flying colours (100%) - Ronaldinho * Completes the paper in just a few minutes - Bale * knows every thing but in exam he helps his mate - ozil * Last bencher who topped the exams surprisingl ...
Levy nominating Florentino Perez (president of Madrid) "Someone who definitely owes this club a lot" Great work Dan!
Woa!! ..*the Arqentine winqer has told friends in spain that he has accepted a £180,000-a-week offer to join united and wants to wear the famous No.7 shirt. The winqer asked to leave Real in midweek, as it became clear president Florentino Perez wants to sell after brinqinq in james Rodriquez from Monaco .hehehe.
Florentino perez knows how business is..
Barcelona made £48m bid for 26 year old winger Angel Di Maria,but it was instantly turned down by real President Florentino Perez.
Florentino Perez said they have new faces at the club so that's why the old ones have to go, just wow..pure footballing reason eh? Mschew RT
Ancelloti wants Di Maria to stay, James Rodriguez is more of a Florentino Perez sigining.
Once Di Maria wasnt Florentino Perez's favourite he was always looking at the exit door..
Florentino Perez is indeed selling Di Maria AFTER offering him a contract renewal first. Di Maria refused and now wants …
Carlo Ancelotti wanted to keep Di Maria at Real Madrid, but Florentino Perez insisted on selling him.
Depth aside, it’s hard to say why Real Madrid would want to sell Angel Di Maria. At least, that’s the take of teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos, as well as Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone. On Wednesday, La Marca reported that both Ronaldo and Ramos have gone to Madrid president Florentino Perez to ask him to keep Di Maria. Problem is, Di Maria is likely to be sold over the coming week with Manchester United rumored to be coming to the table with a bid upwards of $166 million. That’s a transaction that the overwhelming majority of Galacticos, as well as the fans who gave him a standing ovation upon being substituted onto the pitch during last night’s Spanish Super Cup, don’t want to see happen. When cross-city rival manager Simeone was asked for his post-match thoughts on Di Maria, the Argentine manager sent the room of journalists into uproar. “He’s the best player they have,” Simeone deadpanned. But what about Ronaldo, Bale and Rodriguez? The room quaked. “[Di Maria] is ...
I would have said Florentino Perez is the most powerful man in football. I guess Jorge Mendes is.
what does it take to sign Florentino Perez? I think that's the solution to all our problems :)
Roberto Carlos: "Florentino Perez is signing players of the highest level which is very important."
Florentino Perez has officially sent a bid of €90m to Arsenal for Yaya Sanogo after failing to get Suarez
When I grow up, I wanna be like Florentino perez
According to the report the deal will be closed today in a meeting in New York between Di María's agent Jorge Mendes & Florentino Pérez.
“Florentino Pérez. I am the girl with the blue jersey that got signed by Florentino!
Considering Jorge Mendes impressive clientele i'm wondering why Florentino Perez hasn't signed him personally. It should be cheaper for us!!
World Cup florentino perez visit players in training today ♥
would appear doesn’t believe he is necessary but Florentino Perez does.
"Florentino Perez in Michigan watching the players train.
Florentino Perez will travel to the United States to solve the goalkeepers 'problem' [elconfidencial]
Florentino Perez is planning Raul's return to Bernabeu next season in Sports management [el mundo]
"VIDEO - BEHIND THE SCENES: Florentino Pérez arrives in Michigan what was he doing there?
Let's just appoint Florentino Perez as our president, that will be just it, world class players will roll in.!
Florentino Pérez has arrived Michigan Real Madrid's president is now in the team...
Florentino Pérez is in Michigan to stay with the team.
Barcelona: We got Suarez. Florentino Perez... *Procedes to sign Kroos, James, Falcao and Navas*. Don't mess with Mr P…
Florentino Perez will stay with the team in the USA. . Carlo Ancelotti quotes coming up,
12 gun salute to our beloved president FLORENTINO PEREZ, Certainly truth. It's all left for Di Maria and the world to see.
Florentino Perez has arrived in Michigan to join the team.
With the white shark florentino perez
Safe to say I'm Manchester United's biggest Fan from Detroit. Thank you to Florentino Perez for the signed iPad case😅
One day, someone'll make a drama about Real Madrid. Directed by Aaron Sorkin. Starring John Goodman as Florentino Pérez. It'll be awesome.
Andy Mitten: "Florentino Perez shrugged when he was asked by a British journalist if Madrid were going to sell Angel Di Maria."
Florentino Perez is with the team in Michigan!
If that's true, Florentino Perez is the real MVP... word to Kevin Durant.
. Casino Real Madrid . Florentino Perez enters a high stakes poker game where this season's transfer funds are on the line
Forget Santa. Kids, from now on just ask uncle Florentino Perez for whatever you want
Real Madrid to make Arsenal, Liverpool, Man Utd and Chelsea wait ...: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez h...
Has the richest club in the world & the current Champions League winner. He spends because he can, Florentino Perez!. https…
Real Madrid will be active until deadline day,says Florentino Perez:
R/Madrid President Florentino Perez has revealed that they'll be active in the transfer window until deadline day -
Name your price. Nothing is too expensive. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. -- Florentino Perez
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has revealed the Spanish club could wait until deadline day to sell the...
So Real recouped €26m of €90 for James in just 48 hours with only shirt sales... Long live Florentino Perez 🙌
Florentino Pérez suggets Madrid still have business left to do: “Until the last day you can always do something, to buy and sell.”
Florentino Pérez refused to rule out the possibility of Real Madrid doing business on the very last day of the transfer window.
Florentino Perez: Real Madrid will start out full of hope and enthusiasm, as we and the other La Liga clubs...
Florentino Perez is as good as buy players as Luis Felipe Vieira is at selling them.
If Di Maria didn't play for Real Madrid Florentino Perez would've tried to buy him for £70 million
If only we could trade Galliani for Florentino Perez
Suarez's first game after his biting-chiellini ban will be vs Real Madrid, my expectation: Suarez bites Florentino Pérez
BREAKING: Real Madrid very close to sign this World Class striker. Florentino Perez is on fire!..
"Real Madrid can find a Manager like Me, but will never find a President like Florentino Perez." -Jose Mourinho
"900 shirts sold in one hour!! Florentino Perez the smartest football manager ever
Toni Kroos & James Rodriguez are Real Madrid players. Thank you, Florentino Perez.
Top clubs are already signing the World Cup stars, with Real Madrid and Barcelona leading the way with the biggest deals Duncan Castles The Sunday Times Published: 20 July 2014   AT SOME point before midnight on September 1, when Spain’s transfer window closes, James Rodriguez will move from Monaco to Real Madrid for the third-highest transfer fee on record. The deal will be for €90million, just €10m less than Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez, paid Tottenham for Gareth Bale one year ago.   Both the price, a 100% mark-up on the already eye-catching sum Dmitry Rybolovlev, Monaco’s billionaire owner, paid FC Porto for the player one summer window ago, and the decision to buy were a product of the World Cup. Lionel Messi may have been handed the Adidas Golden Ball last Sunday night but James was the tournament’s outstanding talent.    His record shows six goals scored and two laid on for Colombia teammates inside 400 minutes, with a style of play that was equal parts invention, unpredictab ...
Real Madrid is on the verge of signing James Rodriguez for €90M. *** !! Florentino Perez is playing Career Mode in real life
Monaco have told Real Madrid they will need to pay €90 million [£70m] if they are to sign Colombia's World Cup sensation James Rodriguez. The Ligue 1 club do not want to sell the leading scorer of Brazil 2014 although they have taken heed of James's desire to join Madrid, with the 23-year-old recently stating that he would go to the Spanish capital with his eyes closed. As such Monaco have floated a price of €90m to the Champions League winners, a sum that would place the Colombia international just behind prospective team-mates Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo in the list of world-record transfer fees. Manchester United could compete with the big-spending Liga club for James's signature and, while Madrid president Florentino Perez will attempt to negotiate the price down, the numbers are considered viable for a Galactico signing within the Santiago Bernabeu.
If Di Maria goes to Manchester United, it'll be the ultimate mistake since Ozil to Arsenal. Why is Florentino Perez such an ***
What's £100m to Florentino Perez? "The buyout fee of Luis Suarez at Barcelona will be 100M."
In case you missed: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez files complaint over Gareth Bale transfer
Real Madrid's UEFA Champions League triumph was won in the image of club icon Alfredo Di Stefano, president Florentino Perez has said.
Amancio thanked Florentino Perez to put Alfredo Di Stéfano "in the rightful place" with the appointment as honorary president
Real Madrid's president Florentino Perez stands next to the coffin of the late Alfredo Di Stefano
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says “Alfredo Di Stefano is Real Madrid” stomach talk. So Madrid does with him?!
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was one of the first to offer his condolences to the family of Alfredo Di...
Perez plans grand send-off for 'Maestro': Real Madrid president Florentino Perez wants to pay Alfredo Di Stefano "the homage he deser...
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez in tears after the death of Don Alfredo Di Stefano:
Di Stefano ´the best of all time´, says Perez: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has paid tribute to club...
Real president Florentino Perez said he and the club would like to express deepest condolences to the children, their f…
Florentino Perez finishes his press conference by saying: "Alfredo Di Stefano, president of honour, Real Madrid will ne…
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez in tears whilst watching a video about Alfredo Di Stéfano today :(.
Florentino Perez would be a Sith with a pink lightsabre tbh. Like Emperor Palpatine IRL.
5 years ago. Thank you Florentino Perez thank you Cristiano.
Florentino Perez at the hospital, checking on Di Stefano: "We are all very concerned but we are also hopeful."
Real staying 'hopeful' over Di Stefano: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is "concerned" but "hopeful" about Alfredo Di Stefano,...
Florentino Perez & Cristiano Ronaldo signing the contracts.
"World Cup's best players. [Castrol Index] Benzema? Varane? who compiled this, Florentino Perez?
Wish florentino perez could see dis.hala madrid
Florentino Pérez: Di Stefano's family is concerned but hopeful. I am with the family and they have my support for anythi…
Pic: Florentino Perez rushed to the hospital to see Don Alfredo. [
Florentino Perez: We’re all very worried but also hopeful: Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says he rema...
Florentino Perez: We're all very worried but also hopeful
Florentino Pérez: It’s a good sign that Di Stefano remains stable.
Florentino Pérez visits Alfredo Di Stéfano in hospital again: “It is a good sign that he remains in a stable condition"
Florentino Perez: "For Madrid, there are no borders or boundaries and no challenge is impossible"
Florentino Pérez: "It's a good sign he remains stable. We're all very concerned but hopeful."
Florentino Perez (Real Madrid president) going to the hospital to visit Di Stefano, who is reportedly in a coma. http:/…
Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez, has denied accusations from prestigious football magazine "France Football" , who published that Perez was involved in the highly controversial decision to...
Florentino Perez gives Real Madrid GREEN LIGHT to sign Chelsea enforcer Ramires . Real Madrid will step up their interest in Chelsea midfielder Ramires after Florentino Perez gave the deal the go ahead. Carlo Ancelotti is desperate to bring the Brazil international, who he signed in 2010 during his time in charge of Chelsea, to the Bernabeu this summer. And according to MARCA, Madrid president Perez has been convinced by Ancelotti to pursue the deal for Ramires having been previously reluctant to begin negotiations. Despite giving the green light for their pursuit, Perez will face an uphill battle to persuade Chelsea to part with Ramires. Since joining from Benfica for £17m, Ramires has been a mainstay in the Chelsea midfield racking up 196 appearances for the club. Jose Mourinho is not interested in selling the former Cruzeiro and Joinville enforcer having decided not to renew the contract of veteran Frank Lampard and sanctioned the £50m sale of David Luiz to PSG. Ramires is contracted at Stamford Brid ...
Jose Mourinho will reject any opening offer from Real Madrid for Ramires but the European champions are determined to sign the Brazilian. Chelsea have interest in various Real Madrid players and they may be offered as makeweights in a bid to tempt Mourinho who remains a firm fan of the 27-year-old midfielder. Carlo Ancelotti has been keen to take Ramires to the Bernabeu since arriving at Madrid and made enquiries back in November. The Real boss has held talks with president Florentino Perez and they will press ahead with bids for the Chelsea man and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. Mourinho is bringing in Tiago from Atletico Madrid and remains in talks over Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona. He has lost Frank Lampard and may listen to bids for John Obi Mikel but wants Ramires to stay. Mourinho likes Raphael Varane, Sami Khedira and Isco at Madrid but any deal will take some hard bargaining. Meanwhile, Juventus are the latest club to express an interest in Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku. The centre forward, who ma ...
SPORTS UPDATE WITH EMMAH ATAI: Sports Club Victoria University (SCVU) are new CECAFA Club Nile Basin champions after a 2-1 victory over Kenya’s AFC Leopards in Sudan. Gerard Pique let the cat out of the bag regarding Cesc Fabregas's transfer to Chelsea.The Barcelona defender was speaking to Spain manager Vicente del Bosque at a promotional event and even though they covered their mouths their voices were picked up by an active microphone. Luis Suarez could yet leave Liverpool this summer after it was claimed Carlo Ancelotti has been offered the striker at Real Madrid. The Uruguayan - who hopes to be fit for this month's World Cup despite a knee injury - is Florentino Perez's top target. And the Real president has told Ancelotti that he will sanction a move should the manager want him. Arsenal have made a £1million offer for Kingsley Coman after he rejected a new contract at PSG. The 17-year-old, who is a graduate of PSG’s youth team, is rated as a big star for the future but he has rejected a new d ...
Florentino Perez has told me the new away pink jersey is targeted at females only,he wants more girls to come cheer the champions
Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has reportedly given club president Florentino Perez the go ahead to sign Luis Suarez.
The real Chosen One! Carlo Ancelotti was Fergie's first choice at Man Utd NOT David Moyes: SIR ALEX FERGUSON wanted Carlo Ancelotti to succeed him at Manchester United, according to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. -eyak07
Florentino Perez: “We reached an agreement with Jose Mourinho to end our relationship at the end of...
Napoli are going to sign Arbeloa after Callejon, Albiol and Higuain. Why don't just sign Ancelotti, Florentino Perez, Bernabeu and Madrid?
Arsenal are looking forward to bolster their attack wit ARSENAL chairman Kewick has arranging a meeting with Real Madrid president florentino formally open talk over the availability of their foward karim benzima...atfar Arsenal completed a double swoop on QPR Forward Loic Remy & Xuiere right back Auxiera according metronews.
Florentino Pérez (Real Madrid president) “Messi will make more money than Cristiano Ronaldo? That's what journalists say…
Dear Florentino Perez, please give Angel Di Maria a new contract,infact that old clown Diego Lopez should be sent back to his village
Florentino Perez and coach Ancelotti are keen to keep hold of their Champions League-winning squad this summer.
(We are going to get this all summer, but as I say, I only report it, I don't believe it! SRC) It's difficult to say no to Madrid! Luis Suarez's lawyer says striker open to Real move Luis Suarez'S lawyer and friend Alejandro Balbi has admitted that the Liverpool striker would find it difficult to turn down a move to Real Madrid. According to Balbi, Suarez could still make the move to Spain after the World Cup if Real make a massive offer for the Uruguayan. While Bali insists that Suarez is now happy at Anfield, he believes Real are among a select number of clubs that could lure the 27-year-old away. And with Florentino Perez reportedly lining up a £50m bid, Balbi admits that the club would need to talk to Suarez's agent after the World Cup if they are serious about a move. Balbi told Radio Statido Cadena Ser: "When there is an offer from a big club like Real Madrid it is difficult to say no. They are one of the most important teams in the world. "Last season, I was at the Santiago Bernabeu watching the C ...
Arsenal's transfer business this summer is braced for an awkward twist after Real Madrid poured cold water on rife transfer links involving a number of its players. According to Marca, last season's Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League winners are "in no hurry to recruit fresh legs and neither are they in under pressure to sell anyone. " President Florentino Perez has prioritized minimizing departures this summer as Carlo Ancelotti intends to utilize the vast potential already endowed in his tool chest. The Spanish capital outfit will not entertain any bids until after the World Cup showpiece in Brazil. Both Sami Khedira and Karim Benzema who were initially tipped to don Arsenal colors in the new season are set to be offered new contracts while Angel Di Maria who is currently desperate will be soothed by a pay rise. However long term target Alvaro Moratta could be allowed to leave as he is deemed surplus with the club rumored to be preparing a bid for either Manchester City's Sergio Aguero or Liverpool' ...
If it was up to me, I would sign Mandzukic, Pogba and De Sciglio/ Ricardo Rodriguez but I reckon Florentino Perez will sign Suarez/Kun...
Florentino Perez will smash Real Madrid to its policy of contract
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President agrees to sit down and talk business as Arsenal have fee agreed There has been some reports which have revealed Real Madrid chief Florentino Perez has agreed to sit down with Arsenal target Alvaro Morata to discuss a potential transfer this summer The Spain Under-21 striker is expected to leave when the transfer window reopens, as he looks to find more first team action. And it has been reported that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is keen on getting a deal done, as he looks to bolster his attack. Now the Daily Express website have revealed Perez admits the club are willing to sell, after they agreed an £8 million fee with the Gunners. He said: “I have to talk to the Coach and Morata to see what is best for everyone.”
Florentino Perez and Nasser Al Khelaifi sitting next to each other at the French Open today...just enjoying the tennis me thinks hehe
Sir Alex Ferguson wanted Carlo Ancelotti to replace him at Manchester United, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez h…
Florentino Perez has insisted Real Madrid are not chasing Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero this summer.
Florentino Perez needs to move fast, he needs to show Di Maria how important he is to the team. Give him a pay rise, he de…
Knowing Florentino Perez, he will surely sign a Galactico this summer. My bet is on Falcao...
Florentino watches Nadal at Roland Garros: Florentino Pérez was not going to miss out on the opportunity to wa...
Florentino Pérez to Casillas: You're staying at Real Madrid. [ABC]
**Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid and Nasser Al-Khulaifi club president * Paris Saint-Germain in the* Roland Garros championship*
Carlo Ancelotti was wanted by Manchester United last summer, claims Real Madrid president Florentino Perez
Florentino Perez: "Sir Alex called Ancelotti to be his successor but he told him he had already promised to come here with…
I swear!! Too Much Money in one picture Florentino Perez & Nacer Keliefi
The Arsenal are very close to beating Man Utd to sign Alvaro Morata !! Arsenal are moving close to agreeing a deal to sign Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid after agreeing to insert a buy back clause into the deal, reports the Daily Express. Reports surfaced on Thursday morning claiming an Arsenal delegation were on their way to Spain to try and thrash out a deal for the 22 year old. It represented a revitalisation in talks following the Gunners' failed attempts to land Morata in January.However, the sticking point was never going to be the potential transfer fee but the fact that Real Madrid would only agree to a deal if they were given the right to buy back the Spaniard at any point in the next two years. Initially it is thought Arsene Wenger would flatly reject the proposal, leaving the door open for Manchester United, who have also shown an interest in the striker, to swoop in on negotiations. But with Wenger keen to wrap up a deal for the striker, he has reluctantly agreed to insert the clause and wil . ...
Bromance. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez with Nasser at the French Open.
Florentino Pérez: “It's a win for the players and for the fans"
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According to Sport, Florentino Perez wants to offer Illaramendi + cash for Antoine Griezmann & Carlos Vela http…
Florentino Perez: I don't know what Messi has won, but I do know that Cristiano is the best player in the world. http:…
PSG and Real Madrid Presidents Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Florentino Perez spotted at Rolland Garros today.
PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi spotted in the stands at Roland Garros with Real Madrid counterpart Florentino Perez today.
What an expensive photo “Pic: Florentino Perez and Nasser al-Khelaifi (PSG president) in Roland Garros
Florentino Perez [Real Madrid President] :- Cristiano Ronaldo is not one of the best player in the world, He is the best in the world.
Wasn't it Florentino Perez who bought most of them?
pass this message to Florentino Perez to not sell Di Maria, he's a great player
Karim Benzema won't join Arsenal. He is really comfortable in Madrid and president Florentino Perez really likes him
Ancelotti wouldn't mind signing Suarez, but he wants Florentino Perez to decide. [El Confidencial]
According to a report in Spain, Real Madrid have their eye on Chelsea and Liverpool players, along with two stars linked with Manchester United. Real Madrid have drawn up their summer shopping list according to Spanish broadsheet El Confidencial, and it includes players currently on the books at both Chelsea and Liverpool, along with two reported Manchester United targets. The report claims Real manager Carlo Ancelotti and the club’s president Florentino Perez met last week to discuss the season and possible targets. article continues below Reds fans will not be surprised to see the name of Luis Suarez in the headlines once more, but despite it remaining almost impossible that the Uruguayan will leave Anfield this summer, the striker reportedly remains “the favourite” to make the move in terms of striking options. The report adds that Ancelotti does not have any issues with Suarez arriving, but that he is leaving it in the hands of his president. Ashley Cole, whose Chelsea deal expires at the end of ...
REAL HITS WITH PARTIAL GROUND CLOSURE: UEFA has said Real Madrid must play their first home game of next season's Champions League at a partially-closed Bernabeu after ruling that fans had been guilty of racism during the semifinal first leg against Bayern Munich. Two areas of the Bernabeu will be empty as Real begin their defence of the trophy, won against city neighbours Atleticolast weekend. The areas identified by UEFA -- sectors 120 and 122 -- are usually filled by members of Madrid's hardcoreUltras Sur. Club president Florentino Perez tried, with limited success, to move them out of the stadium last season. In a statement, European football's governing body said: "The UEFA control and disciplinary body has handed down sanctions to Real Madrid following incidents during their UEFA Champions League semifinal first leg against FC Bayern Munich in the Spanish capital. "Following the charge of racist behaviour by Real Madrid supporters during the match, the control and disciplinary body has ordered the . ...
Florentino Perez was present at the Santiago Bernabeu on friday to introduce the book "La Decima" Kings of Europe 1956-2014,written by MARCA journalist Enrique Ortego.
Launch of Enrique Ortego's book "La Decima". FLORENTINO PEREZ:"The Champions League is in Real's genes"
Today, Florentino Perez, Ancelotti and Jose Angel Sanchez (Director General) met for lunch to discuss the plans for next season. [Marca]
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Florentino and future Ancelotti speak at a luncheon in Madrid They met after the presentation of a book on ten European cups of Real Madrid. Casillas, Illarramendi , Zidane, Clement and the signings were on Ancelotti mesa.Carlo Florentino Perez and general director of Real Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez , had lunch at a restaurant frequented by white president to talk about the future , according to The Confidential . Florentino Perez and Ancelotti agreed shortly before the presentation of the book " The Tenth . Kings of Europe 1956 -2014 ' , in which the Italian coach was the last speaker of Champions , won last Saturday against Atletico . Florentino and Ancelotti spoke of the future and of the issues that has to solve the club: Casillas situation , the possible migration of Illarramendi , hiring one or two midfielders , the possible arrival of a nine, Benzema situation and possible Diego López sales ( with sale of Naples) and Morata ( deal with Juventus ) . Zinedine Zidane destinations and Paul Clement , a ...
The Italian coach has enjoyed a superb debut campaign in Spain, but will now be expected to build an era-defining team after Real Madrid claimed La Decima on Saturday COMMENT By Ben Hayward in Lisbon A season to remember. Carlo Ancelotti ends his debut campaign at Real Madrid with two trophies, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, vindicating the decision by president Florentino Perez to part company with Jose Mourinho last summer. But for the Italian coach, this must be just the start. Mourinho claimed the Copa in his first campaign in charge, but fell short in La Liga and in the Champions League. The Portuguese asked to be judged on his second season - and that brought a spectacular return in the Primera Division with 100 points to dethrone Barcelona after the Catalans had claimed three titles in a row in the previous years under Pep Guardiola. On the back of that success, Mourinho signed a new long-term contract in the summer of 2012. It was supposed to be the start of something special, an era-d ...
Florentino Perez: "I think that Asier Illarramendi will be at Real Madrid for a very long time and he will play well."
Florentino Perez: "I think Iker Casillas has not played his last game for Real Madrid."
Florentino Perez: "I was congratulated by Cerezo, Bartomeu and Jose Mourinho."
Luis Suarez to Real Madrid for $182 million. Multiple sources . Fox news , Espn Rumours... If this is true , Florentino Perez , You must be one insane man .
Florentino Perez: "I knew Sergio Ramos would score the header when Luka Modric took the corner."
I want to take the time to congratulate Atletico Madrid for having such a superb team and for their amazing season that they had I really hope that down the road this team get's a European cup In the not too distant future. But I couldn't be happier today man!! I felt like a kid again!! To witness Real Madrid at the top of the world again there's nothing like it mayne. Who knows how long it will take for them to win another one again or If I'll be even alive for the next time Los Blancos win the European cup But I will enjoy this one as much as possible like if it was the last one they'll ever win and I'm just happy that I have finally seen them win a final that I actually vividly remember and will be able to tell my kids in the future if I have any. God Bless and Thank you to Carlo Ancelloti, Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos (god bless you Sergio you will forever be a madrid legend to me from now on), Angel Di Maria, Marcelo M12, Iker Casillas ,Carvajal, Florentino Perez and the rest of the t ...
Madrid €521m v Atletico €79m - the huge wealth gap between the Champions League finalists Los Blancos have spent over six times more than their city rivals on their current squad, but the two teams will do battle on Saturday for European football's ultimate prize May 24, 2014 9:00:00 AM ANALYSIS By Ben Hayward | Spanish Football Writer The teams could hardly be more different. This year's Champions League finalists are both from the same city, but that's where the similarities end. In terms of their fans, history, style, tradition and values, Real Madrid and Atletico are worlds apart. Yet the biggest contrast between the two sides is financial. Madrid traditionally spend big and have lavished speactacular sums on big-name signings in recent seasons, especially since the return of Florentino Perez as president in 2009. By comparison, Atleti's approach has been much more austere. In total, the combined cost of Madrid's squad stands at €521.9 million and that includes the world's two most expensive foo ...
TWELVE years have passed have since Real Madrid last won the UEFA Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen. In the early hours of Sunday morning (Australian time) Carlo Ancelotti’s squad of superstars will have the opportunity to rectify that against derby rivals and La Liga winner Atletico Madrid. With nine European Cups to its name, Real Madrid is the most successful side in the competition’s history, yet it hasn’t been able to capture that elusive tenth since Zinedine Zidane smashed home that sumptuous volley to win the 2002 decider at Glasgow’s Hampden Park. Indeed, the club hasn’t even made it back to the final, falling short at the semi-final stage four times. To appreciate Real’s relentless pursuit of continental dominance, one must first understand the role of politics, fostered by the club’s presidents, mainly Florentino Perez after the 2002 triumph. Read more Ronaldo poses next to several of Madrid’s European Cups. Source: AP Madrid was top of the tree, but for the then presiden ...
Two fierce city rivals contesting a major prize is the perfect way for the 2014 UEFA Champions League campaign to end. Atletico Madrid's hostilities with Real Madrid have been renewed with full intensity in recent seasons, thanks to the former's ascendancy into a trophy-winning force. Manager Diego Simeone has crafted a team that captured this season's La Liga title. That came one year after besting Real in the Copa del Rey final, as well as winning the UEFA Europa League in 2012. But now Simeone's boys are vying for the title Los Blancos covet most. Real president Florentino Perez craves Les Decima, a 10th European Cup. It is a "fixation," according to James Riach of The Observer, via The Guardian. With such a prestigious prize at stake, combined with local animosity, a classic is brewing in Lisbon. When: Saturday, May 24 Time: 20:45 CET, 7:45 p.m. BST Venue: Estadio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica Information via How each team booked their place in the final Both Madrid teams played spoiler in memor ...
Your chance to weigh in on the 2013/14 Champions League XI -
thats not true !! I saw the game. (this is a manipulation of the press, controlled by Florentino Perez)
'Money makes a man and that's a crime' legit made me think of florentino perez
Breaking: Florentino Perez has RM chefs going to work after hearing about Yaya.
New blog from Real Madrid's obsession with La Decima
For -- Presidents, European Cups and Real Madrid's obsession with La Decima:
I vividly recall when Pres Florentino Perez announced Ancelotti as the new manager,I did say "Welcome to the Bernabeu Mr Champions League"
Florentino Perez - Funny pictures and videos about football
Dear Arsenal fans, Congratulations for been the first club to win the FA.Cup 2014 New Edition. Do not mind Chelsea fans for their hating comments, they are only Jealouse because their useless manager MouthRinho brilliantly drove them trophyless this season and finally crowned Chelsea the KING OF FAILURE.. If any Chelsea fan mess around with you, just direct them to me TheReturn OfAmebo to come and prove me wrong through private chat, or tell them the story below, i bet you if some of them are wise enough, they will go and hang themselves or jump into their nearest river. Alternatively, they might prefer to huge their nearest transfomer: If any Chelsea fan have the audacity to compare a small club Chelsea of yesterday to a bigger club Arsenal, that fan shows either that he or she was born yesterday and thus is ignorant of basic history, else that he or she thinks a few titles in the last decade equals unequaled success. Chelsea is like a monkey living in a duplex. You never know? They beat Arsenal 6.0 this ...
Florentino Perez has been interested for sometime. He might decide to sign him.
Mansour bin Zayed and Florentino Perez Real Madrid Club president today in Abu Dhabi
Not to be outdone in the news stakes, Florentino Perez signs a kumquat to a five-year deal. Kumquat can play left-mid.
Florentino Pérez has promised Casillas that the goalkeeper is allowed to leave the club for free at the end of the seaso…
I think Suarez has matured. He knows for sure that at RM he would be under the shadow of both Ronaldo and Bale. And if in the eventuality he proves to be better than Ronaldo at Madrid then you will get a frustrated Ronaldo and we all know the Florentino Perez will always back Ronaldo's cries than any other player. Hence, Suarez will not feel the love he surely deserves. At Liverpool Football Club, he is at a genuine club where he is truly the gold star.
This one from Fichjaes is bolt from nowhere but the Spanish website insist that they've been given information about the future of Karim Benzema. The Real Madrid striker hasn't had such a bad season for his club but is apparently unsettled and would like a change of scenery. His goal-scoring form was patchy, to say the least, for Real Madrid over the last campaign but he still managed to score 24 times. Benzema will of course be a major part of France's squad at the World Cup in Brazil this summer and that could attract interest and help his value, or do the opposite. Fichajes say that Benzema has told Florentino Perez he wants out during the upcoming window and the news didn't come as a surprise to the Real Madrid president. Perez has been weighing up the idea of a Luis Suarez move, but Fichajes claim that Benzema wouldn't want to be part of that, preferring himself to make the move to Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson tried to sign Benzema when he was at Lyon but that was some time, and a couple of m ...
Real Madrid PONDER DEALS FOR PORTO DEFENDER MANGALA, MONACO'S KONDOGBIA, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez met with directors yesterday to discuss summer transfer plans. El Confidencial says the summit was a marathon session, with all positions discussed. Among the names mentioned was Porto defender Eliaquim Mangala and AS Monaco midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia. France international Mangala has been offered to Real by intermediaries, but Perez is unhappy with Porto 's €30 million valuation. Kondogbia, meanwhile, is being discussed at Real as a cheaper midfield alternative to €70 million- rated Juventus youngster Paul Pogba. The Monaco man could be on the move over the summer after failing to nail down a regular start this season.
Benzema could leave but Madrid won't sign Aguero or Pogba Karim Benzema could leave Real Madrid this summer but president Florentino Perez is aware that Manchester City will not sell Sergio Aguero, and will do nothing to annoy the English club's owners. Juventus' Paul Pogba is seen a to o expensive. Source: El Confidencial
Exclusive: Arsenal In Talks to Sign £80m Pair as Arsene Wenger Looks to Seal Early Summer Deals. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is looking to secure the signings of Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema and Schalke midfielder Julian Draxler and will hope to have deals in place before the pair begin their World Cup campaigns with France and Germany respectively. EBWTv understands that Wenger is keen to avoid any last minute panic buys this summer and has been handed a sizable transfer fund war-chest to invest in additions that can help the north London side mount a genuine Premier League title challenge next season. Wenger will look to bring in long term target Karim Benzema and is ready to offer as much as £40m for the Bernabeu ace though any move for the 26 year old would hinge on Carlo Ancelotti successfully acquiring a replacement for the former Lyon man. Karim Benzema Real Madrid The Spanish giants have identified Premier League hot-shots Luis Suarez and Sergio Aguero as their top targets and if the La Liga ...
Already, the talk of a £60 million bid being prepared by Real Madrid for Luis Suarez has surfaced. Their president, Florentino Perez, has stated his admiration for Suarez and made him Real's top target for next season. Apparently, ''he is by far the best player in the world after Ronaldo and Messi'' (Perez's words). So, er.why are they offering £26 million LESS than what they paid for Gareth Bale? If anyone can enlighten me as to this pearl of wisdom, please feel free to do so. Ta muchly
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you and I both know Florentino Perez and everyone involved at Madrid wants La Décima more than anything!
If is one thing Florentino Perez loves to do is sign players who won the PFA awards. Look at Cristiano now Bale and eventually Suarez.
Real Madrid to pay whatever it takes to land Suarez: The Spanish giants will write Liverpool a blank cheque to secure the services of Luis Suarez this summer, according to reports in the Mail on Sunday and Metro citing sources in Spain. Real president Florentino Perez sees Suarez as this summer's galactico signing - and while they'll open up with a £60 million bid to get the ball rolling, they're prepared "to go even higher to get their man," according to the Metro. Liverpool will resist any offer for their leading light, but Suarez is known to be keen on Madrid and would find resisting a switch difficult," the report adds. "Karim Benzema, who is about to enter the final year of his Madrid contract, could be used as a possible make-weight if a cash deal cannot be reached." The Mail's report adds that Barcelona are keen too - though surely they'd only move if rumours of Lionel Messi's desire to leave are true - and suggests that either of the Spanish giants could trigger a rumoured £82m release clause - ...
COMMENT: The Merseysiders' star man has been in sensational form this season but he should leave Anfield if he gets the chance to the Liga giants this summer Luis Suarez faces Crystal Palace tonight needing two more goals in Liverpool’s remaining two fixtures to break the Premier League scoring record over a 38-game season. It would be the perfect way for the Uruguayan to finish a sensational individual campaign before moving on to bigger and better things. Suarez has been the outstanding player in the division this season with a stunning record of 30 goals in 31 league matches, a strike rate that propelled Liverpool up the table into an unlikely title race. The Reds can still win their first championship in 24 years if Manchester City slip up - but whatever happens, Suarez should be seriously considering a summer move to Real Madrid. The noises are already growing in football circles that the elusive attacker is this year’s chosen Galactico of Madrid president Florentino Perez after the Spanish side ...
...that'll all change though , if Aguero happens to sign w/ Florentino Perez. Make it happen
Chelsea fought back from a goal down to defeat already-relegated Cardiff at the Cardiff City Stadium on Sunday. The Blues, with nothing to play for, fell behind to the already-relegated hosts, with Craig Bellamy's shot deflected in by Cesar Azpilicueta, but second-half strikes from Andre Schurrle and Fernando Torres gave Jose Mourinho's side a season-ending victory and sent their fans back to London happy. This was never going to be like last time. Manchester City players did it the hard way two years ago and they were not going to put their supporters through another emotional rollercoaster. As Oasis classics blasted out of the loud speakers and thousands of City fans invaded the pitch to mob their heroes on the pitch at full-time with flares, flags and all manner of inflatable objects, it felt every bit as special as the title win in 2012. It has been a long, gruelling season but as ever, the table never lies. Interim Manchester United manager Ryan Giggs expects a permanent appointment to be finalised " ...
Florentino Perez barely preparing a 100m bid for suarez all now
Florentino Perez: "I will pay £175 million for. Suarez, and not a penny more!!!". . :O
Liverpool should bid adue to Luis Suarez - Florentino Perez is coming's blog. : We'll fight to the death for La Decima, promises Florentino Perez
Florentino Perez is smiling from ear to ear, ready with 75 mil for Suarez. Get him in the heartache
Last year my brother told Florentino Perez to bring in Bale, and he did, this year imma tell him to bring Suarez
Florentino Perez: We owe it to our fans. We are going to do everything possible to win
Florentino Perez says Real Madrid "will fight to the death" to claim their 10th European Cup against Atletico later this month.
Florentino Perez: To Real Madrid, the Champions League is a competition in which we have been very comfortable
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Florentino Perez: We're sweating every drop to win the Champions League, as does Rafael Nadal in his matches.
*Real Madrid OFFERS £90 MILLION OR THREE PLAYER SWAP FOR Luis Suarez.* Exclusive: Real Madrid to Offer £90m Or Three Player Swap Deal for Liverpool Striker Luis Suarez. Spanish giants pulling out all the stops in pursuit of Anfield man. Real Madrid are ready to step-up their pursuit of Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and will offer the Anfield side the choice of two potential bids for the Uruguayan. EBWTv understands that the Spanish giants are confident of luring the 27 year old Premier League star to the Bernabeu and feel that an official bid for his services will encourage the former Ajax man to push for a summer exit. Read great Liverpool stories in Indonesian Bahasa! Liverpool berita. Carlo Ancelotti has made Suarez his number one transfer priority and in an effort to balance the books the La Liga side’s initial preference is to offer a trio of players in exchange for the Liverpool goal machine. Real Madrid will make Fabio Coentrao, Isco and Karim Benzema available in the hope of tempting Liverpool ...
Florentino Perez: We'll fight to the death for La Decima
tell him ishy. We will sign him for 60m florentino perez only needs to sell 1 of his coubards
Madrid President Florentino Perez admits he is confident of securing a deal for Luis Suarez but still much work to be done in deal--
Suarez is the next Galactico.£60m will do..I trust Florentino Perez..
[Football president Florentino Perez claims that his side will fight to the death to win a tenth title.
Florentino Perez has said that Real Madrid would “fight to the death” in a bid to secure their tenth Champions League trophy, also known as ‘La Decima’ Read more »
Florentino Perez: 'Real Madrid will fight to the death for tenth European Cup' - Sports Mole
Florentino Perez: "We will fight until the death to win La Decima".
"To win the Décima we need to fight to the death, like Nadal": Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, watche...
Metro: 73.5 million Real Madrid prepares to sign Suarez The British newspaper said the Uruguayan Liverpool leading 31 goals and 21 assists in the Premier League, as a priority for blanco.Se set on the summer market and from the British Isles and start rumors about players who could reach the English championship . And that could leave, as in the case of Luis Suarez, the Liverpool striker . The newspaper ' Metro ' reports today the intention of Real Madrid to offer 73.5 million euros ( 60 million pounds ) in exchange for the Uruguayan , who is signing a splendid season with the Reds : 31 goals and 21 assists in 32 Premier League matches . Suarez has already shown in the past his penchant for signing for Madrid , reaching force transfer last summer, but without success. In fact, in December renewed its link with Liverpool until June 2018, that surely will cause a rise in its price in the market. The arrival of Suarez would be identified as the last galactic signing of Florentino Perez, with which reinforce ...
Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has flown to Italy to start negotiations with Juventus for the transfer of Paul…
Florentino Perez: "We're going to sweat every last drop as it does in his matches Rafa Nadal to win the Champions League"
Florentino Perez: We will sweat till the last drop the way Rafa Nadal does it in his matches to win Champions League via
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Florentino Perez: We're going for the tittle..
Ten Things You Should Know About...Cristiano Ronaldo Source: calciostreaming The King of the Bernabeu is swamped by fanatical attention wherever he goes, and Ronaldo is not shy of keeping out of the limelight. So you might think that everything is known about him but think again... Here’s ten things you might not know about him but should: . Born Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro on 5 February 1985 in Santo Antonio, on the Portuguese island of Maderia. He started as a youth player for Andorinha before moving to C.D. Nacional. Next stop was Lisbon where he played for Sporting Club. In 2003 he signed for Manchester United, staying until 2009 when he joined Real Madrid for a world record fee of £80 million (€93.9 million/ $131.6 million). He is the son of Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and Jose Dinis Aveiro. He also has a brother, Hugo, and two sisters, Liliana Catia and Elma. Ronaldo won his 100th cap against Northern Ireland, having made his debut against Kazakhstan on 20 August 2003. Ronaldo is kn ...
Ben Anderson "Florentino Perez knows the best players when he sees them and picks them out,that's why bale was bought and not Suarez" This must be the same Real Madrid president that bought beckham over ronaldinho It has nothing to do with ability in madrids case,it's to do with image and markabilty!
"Florentino Perez will just come and 'swoosh,'" said the source. "He will prize [sic] Suarez away. He is their No 1 target. He ticks all the boxes and is easily the world's best player behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi." SAID BY A JOURNALIST BUT THE NAME WASN'T DISCLOSED . Perez upto something big again .
First and foremost, congratulations to all Los Merengues, Carlo Ancelotti, Cristiano Ronaldo and Florentino Perez. La Decima is still very much alive. However, 'The silent one' Carlo Ancelotti last night mirrored the failures of 'The special one'. Players that he told us were finished eg Casillas, Fabio, Pepe, Modric etc have played well this season. From the players you can sense their togetherness, love and oneness unlike Mourinho's era where there was division. Ancelotti has been able to make everybody happy while at the same time leading this club to glory. I cannot but think since this is his first season, many good things are to come from his stead. I wish the best team wins in Lisbon, Portugal and I wish Mourinho and Simeone the best tonight.
Florentino Perez at the Santiago Bernabéu last night.
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