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Florentijn Hofman

Florentijn Hofman (16 April, 1977) is a Dutch artist. He is known for playful urban installations such as the Rubber Duck (sculpture).

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The world's largest Rubber Duck lands in Toronto this summer. Perfect if you bath in Lake Ontario
This Rubber Ducky is the perfect bath toy for anyone who uses Lake Ontario for a bath tub.
Maybe Canada🇨🇦 can offer that Russian duck asylum Canada: Where giant ducks…
Standing with the Russian people today. . .
Artist Florentijn Hofman makes the world's biggest toys:
The culmination of 150 years as a proud country: Giant Rubber Duckie arrives in Toronto harbour on Canada Day.
The Largest "Rubber Duck" in the world by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.
-The world's largest Rubber Duck was created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman in 2007. -They weight about 600 kilograms
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created this giant Rubber Duck which was floating in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.…
That is the effect of my sculptures in the public domain: people are m...
Of course I did..awareness all day, everyday🤗. (RubberDuck by Florentijn Hofman).
I've always said the Rubber Duck is a yellow catalyst.
I think places that need the Rubber Duck the most are the ones in dist...
I want people to get inspired by public space - their space. People te...
The slugs are ascending this steep city staircase that leads up to a huge C...
If you work in a public space, you have to be aware that no one is buying a...
My sculptures cause an uproar, astonishment, and put a smile on your face.
I make work not to give answers but to question things.
I wanted to use the hippo to get people out of their homes, away from the I...
Artist Florentijn Hofman is creating a giant party animal for Any guesses?
Am a little bit in love with Florentijn Hofman's *giant* red Ardvark. Good times in Arnhem. Thank you
Today's art crime roundup includes works disowned by Cady Noland and Florentijn Hofman, a snake at a museum and more:
I very much like the daring of Thanks to
DAY by DAY - Somewhere in Örebro, Sweden (amazing 'Big yellow Rabbit' by Florentijn Hofman)
Knockoff Florentijn Hofman Rubber Duck Damaged at Tall Ships Festival: A tugboat comes to the aid of the...
Somewhere Florentijn Hofman has a voodoo duck and is laughing his tail feather off
Florentijn Hofman created massive Rubber Ducks that toured 14 different cities around the world from 2007-2014.
"I just want to keep getting better and surprise myself." Florentijn Hofman.
The Parramatta River foreshore is a must-visit destination during the January school holidays with confirmation that Florentijn Hofman's giant yellow Rubber Duck is being joined by the country's biggest outdoor trampoline. For more info visit
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has designed a six-story-tall Rubber Duckie, which is currently floating in the city's Victoria Harbour.
A deflated Rubber Duck by Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman floats on Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, with the island skyline looming at the background, M
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The giant duck of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is on the move again after a stay at the Summer Palace in Beijing.
Florentijn Hofman's giant Rubber Duck is on its move again after its uninstallation at the Summer Palace in...
RBC Blue Water Project shared the following link and had this to say about it: alert! Florentijn Hofman's giant Rubber Ducky has finally made it to North America. Everyone's favourite duck made a splash in the Allegheny River through the heart of downtown Pittsburgh recently. Check out the story and pictures here:
A 40-foot-high and 30-foot-wide inflatable Rubber Duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, in Pittsburgh
It's like 60 feet of happy: 60 ft Rubber Duck Floats into Taiwan via
Dutch outdoor artist Florentijn Hofman likes to think BIG! His art has been known to make such a BIG impression that a woman even had to get her car towed out of the harbor, when she stopped to take a quick picture of his iconic 'Rubber Duck' and forgot to put on the break!
Today, so beautiful and so many people at Point State Park to see the Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's " Rubber Duck".
Have you seen the duck? Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the 40-foot duck sculpture and chose Pittsburgh...
Arrival of the the Pittsburgh (US) Rubber Duck. Artist : Florentijn Hofman
Florentijn Hofman’s, larger than life Rubber Duck floated into the harbour of Kaohsiung,
The work of Studio Florentijn Hofman is known for integrating, intriguing and interactive installations into public space. Obviously it changes with great joy between performative (public) art and the domain of the sculpture (only to mention a few of the used media) and has a strong wish to amaze an...
I wanna go Kaohsiung NOW cuz Florentijn Hofman Rubber Duck is there
I thought it was hilarious that someone created a big duck...I knew weeks ago it was on its way to the Burgh. I didnt realize until last night it was more than just a big duck. It attracted people from all over of all ages and brought them together to share a little happiness, laughs and smiles...The kind you have forgotten from childhood until you are in an atmosphere once again where you are able to once again bring those thoughts forward in your mind and forget the stresses of life for the moment. There were two elderly ladies standing next to me when he was on his way to the 6th St bridge. On cue they whipped out their Duck Dynasty callers and let them rip! We shared a moment of joy together and after a few duck songs from Mikey and Big Bob I started to depart my way from them...Little did I know the one woman was blind with her walking stick in her other hand. It made me tear up because I had no idea she couldnt see the duck but she shared complete delight in his arrival just as everyone else did in ...
Artist, Florentijn Hofman, has form with giant toys/animals:
It is offcourse the idea of some crazy, smoking dutchman! His name is Florentijn Hofman. ;-)
Rubber Duck SCULPTURE Rubber Duck is any of several giant floating sculptures designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. These were built in various sizes, including one created in 2007 that is the largest Rubber Duck in the world, measuring 26×20×32 metres (85×66×105 ft) and weighing over 600 kg (1,300 lb). CONCEPTION: The creator of the giant Rubber Duck, Florentijn Hofman, tried to entertain the world by a tour named "Spreading joy around the world" established in 2007. He aimed to recall everyone's childhood memories by exhibiting the duck in 14 cities, starting in his own Amsterdam, Netherlands.[3] The giant Rubber Duck was constructed with more than 200 pieces of PVC.[4] There is an opening at the back of the body so that architecture/ staff can perform a body check of the Rubber Duck. In addition, there is an electric fan in its body so that it can be inflated at any time, in either good or bad weather.[3] DISPLAY: Since 2007, the ducks have been on display in Amsterdam, Lommel (Belgium), Osak ...
Giant Rubber Duck arrives in Pittsburgh - video - A giant Rubber Duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, ...
You know what's missing from the UK's cities? A 30 meter sculpture of a partied-out aardvark. I wan…
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman thought it would be a good idea, I guess. I couldn’t go myself, but there’s cool pics online.
"When we are living on 1 planet, all global waters become your bathtub." -Florentijn Hofman
How could this not make you smile? A giant Rubber Ducky floating down the river in my former hometown of Pittsburgh. And to my Dutch family, this is a work created by one of your artists, Florentijn Hofman. "Rubber Ducky, you're the one..."
Here I am with the artist of the Rubber Duck, Florentijn Hofman! @ Pittsburgh, PA
resulted in more joy in Pittsburgh this evening than I've seen in one place in a long time. Thanks Florentijn Hofman!
What the world needs: More 60 ft Rubber Duckies
'twas just another day at the office until. to see the work of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, who I think arrived for the launch. (I sit in the construction trailer right behind the crane.) I was tempted to duck out earlier from work today... .
Pittsburgh, PA --The Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts welcomed the Rubber Duck Project this morning. The duck is the creation of Florentijn Hofman, a Dutch artist who has displayed the four story bath toy in nearly a dozen international cities like Hong Kong, Sydney, and Sao Paolo. Today marks his creation's first appearance stateside in our very own City of Pittsburgh. To commemorate the event, the Residence Inn Marriott Pittsburgh North Shore, host of the Project’s coordinators; in conjunction with Print Pro Total Media, a local promotional marketing and advertising company, will be welcoming the crew with souvenir T-shirts and Rubber Ducks. The Pittsburgh version of the duck measures 46’ x 49’ x 54’ and is the second largest displayed to date. Only the 2007 version displayed in Saint-Nazaire, France was larger and soared over 100 feet up into the air. Connie Breen, General Manager of the Residence Inn is looking forward to sharing the toy version with her guests this weekend. The Res ...
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's project. He's done it overseas, first time in the U.S. But it's just a big blow up duck…
60ft Rubber Duck has become one of the world's must-see spectacles. Crazy.
For my daughter Caroline, who loves her Rubber Duck. 60 ft Rubber Duck Floats into Taiwan via
/ Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh's been "America's Most Livable City" numerous times but how about "America's Most Whimsical?" Abso-duckin-lutely! That's because a 40-foot-tall, 30-foot wide Rubber Duck whose kin have created an international sensation in France, Australia, Japan, Brazil and five other counties since 2007 will make its first appearance in the United States today, floating on our rivers. The Rubber Duck's arrival marks the start of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts, which runs through Oct. 26. When you think about it, what better place could Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman pick for the American debut of his Rubber Duck Project than Pittsburgh -- birthplace of Andy Warhol, sandwiches with fries and cole slaw and Pittsburgh Dad. Not to mention the beautiful symmetry of three rivers converging. Other American cities are envious. San Francisco -- home of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Tony Bennett's heart -- has been vying for the distinction of h ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Giant Rubber Duck (by Florentijn Hofman) settles down at Beijing's Summer Palace as part of Guest City
Maker if Ducky" Giant Sunbathing Hare Relaxes in Russia - My Modern Metropolis via
Florentijn Hofman may be the only one that 'gets' the notion of postmodern art.
Photoset: odditiesoflife: Giant Rabbit Art Exhibition Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, who created the...
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's giant Rubber Duck tours arrives in Taiwan, is expected to draw 3 million spectators.
The worst thing about yesterday was missing the press event for artist Florentijn Hofman's giant Rubber Duck in Pittsburgh.
& his ginormous are migrating to tomorrow! Check…
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman says, all the waters of the world become a global bathtub. It joins people together and makes people happy.😊
Rubber Duck, from Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, enjoying the day at Beijing's Summer Palace. Photo: Efe
Rubber Duck is back! Wie? De enorme badeend van Florentijn Hofman:
Here's a pic of the 18m inflatable duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman which arrived in Taiwan last week
A sneak peek at The Arrival of Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck
Artist Florentijn Hofman's giant Rubber Duck towers over spectators at Harbor in this night photo
Design week goes Dutch in Beijing: Beijing Design Week will kick off on Thursday, with Florentijn Hofman's Rub...
I admit it. Kinda excited about Florentijn Hofman and this yellow guy:
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman was commissioned by the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Holland, to create a site s...
The new creation from Florentijin Florentijn Hofman Giant Hare in Russia
People examine the wooden sculpture of giant hare by artist Florentijn Hofman displayed near the St.Peter and St.Paul Fortress in St.Petersburg, Russia,
Ever wondered what that giant duck floating in harbors around the world is about? Come find out tonight at the Lecture Fund's event with the artist behind the duck, Florentijn Hofman.
(Wally Santana/ Associated Press ) - A giant yellow duck sits at the Glory Pier in the port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. Despite the heat, thousands flocked to the port of Kaohsiung, the first leg of the Taiwan tour, to see Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s famous 18 meter (59 foot...
This guy makes me want to take a nap! Artist Florentijn Hofman, famous for his giant Rubber Duck, is back with another huge art installation. Sunbathing Hare…
OMG !Dark clouds gather over Hong Kong as Typhoon Usagi approaches the territory on September 22, 2013 Severe Typhoon Usagi killed at least three people as it smashed into southern China Sunday, shutting down one of the world's busiest sea ports in nearby Hong Kong and throwing flight schedules into disarray. Usagi, described by meteorologists as the most powerful storm on Earth this year, packed winds of 165 kilometres (103 miles) per hour as it hit land in China's densely populated Pearl River Delta, according to Chinese officials. Two people were killed in Guangdong province after they were hit by a falling tree, according to the Xinhua news agency, and elsewhere in the province a villager was killed by falling glass, while a woman was missing after her fishing boat capsized. Xinhua said inter-city trains between Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai were suspended and winds were strong enough near Shanwei city to blow cars off the road. More than 47,000 fishing boats are in harbour and schools were closed in ...
In the best possible taste?: Whether you think it's creative or not, Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck proves th...
Sweden’s OpenArt Biennale recently kicked off in the town of Orebro. The organization brought in Florentijn Hofman, a design firm best known for their larger than life sculptures and clever statues, to create an enormous yellow bunny in the middle of the town square. The bunny provides a new focal p...
A giant Rubber Duck designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman arrived in the Taiwanese port city of Kaohsiung, Thursday. At a height of 18 metres, the rubbe...
Florentijn Hofman, the Dutch artist who created the 54-foot-tall is coming to at 23rd June:
Photo: x6x: Have been to Hongkong last weekend. And saw the gaint Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman :)
There's a giant Rubber Duck navigating the globe, belonging to Florentijn Hofman.
Now this I like! A huge Rubber Duck floating in harbors around the world! It's art! -- Florentijn Hofman
Florentijn Hofman artist who brings you a 54' inflatable Rubber Ducky. I'm creating birds from recycled plastic
A scaled replica of the 'Rubber Duck' by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman seen in Shanghai (photo by Aly Song)
Artist Florentijn Hofman's inflatable, 26-metre-high Rubber Duck appears to have bred family of counterfeit ducklings
Every Duck Has Its Day. Make your day! 10 photos of FLOATING DUCK by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. .
Every duck has its day ... a lighter look at Florentijn Hofman's inflatable, 26-metre-high Rubber Duck and co!
Would love to see Florentijn Hofman's in the at
This Giant Rubber Duck is now floating around Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor thanks to artist Florentijn Hofman
It's next apparent stop on a tour of the world's waterways is America, and folks here hope it comes to rest in Spruce Run Reservoir in time for the annual Great Rubber Ducky Race, which benefits cancer research, education and patients, on July 14 in Clinton.
Nice to meet you Florentijn Hofman! :D Rubber Duck farewell party is about to begin! Cheers!
Standing five storeys high and five storeys wide, you’d be forgiven if you thought Sydney’s Darling Harbour was being taken over by an oversized children’s bathtub toy late January.
The words “today,” “tonight” and “big yellow duck” are all banned on China’s popular Weibo, or microblog, as the state tries to ensure political calm on June 4, the 24th anniversary of the crushing of the 1989 democracy protests.
On the 2nd of May, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's inflatable duck sculpture has officially debuted in Hong Kong, sailing the waters of Victoria Harbour.
Watch the video Oh Duck! on Yahoo! Screen. Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman?s giant Rubber Duck is on a world tour of waterways.
There's a giant Rubber Duckie in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour! The inflatable duck by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman will be on display until June 9th.
Hong Kong's famous skyline was joined by a 54-foot Rubber Duck on Thursday. The duck, a traveling public exhibit by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman floated into Victoria Harbour with the help of a tugboat. The project has seen giant ducks float into harbors around the world since 2007, stopping by New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Netherlands, among others. It's been well-received in Hong Kong, where local papers have been looking out for the oversized inflatable children's toy for weeks. Hofman describes the purpose of the duck as a way to relieve political tensions around the world. According to him, the duck knows no boundaries and "doesn't discriminate." The exhibit will remain on display in the harbor until June 9, 2013. Next stop is an unannounced city in the United States.
Artwork by Florentijn Hofman | Photograph by South China Morning Post Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck has made its first visit to China. From May 2 - June 9, the 16.5 meter (54 ...
Little Giant Ladders
Floating sculpture -- Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman goes big with a 46 feet tall and 55 feet long inflatable Rubber Duck, arriving today in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. He described his work as a “very positive artistic statement that immediately connects people to their childhood”. (We'd kinda like to see a giant stuffed rabbit...)
Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman's floating duck is moved into Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The sculpture, called Spreading Joy Around the World, is 16.5m high and as travelled to 10 countries since 2007 via Asia Society Texas Center.
A 54-foot-tall Rubber Duck made by Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman made its debut in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor on Thursday. Here are some images from the unveiling.
Talk about a Rubber Duckie! This one in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor is the creation of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman
Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is well known for his large-scale, outdoor sculptures, but his massive "Rubber Duck" project has to be our favorite. At 54 feet high, the bright yellow inflatable artwork recently made its way through Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, looming over boats and eliciting laugh...
Sesame Street, and Ernie specifically, taught us that Rubber Ducky was the one who made bathtime lots of fun. Well, a Dutch conceptual artist named Florentijn Hofman has upped the fun ante by creating a giant inflatable Rubber Duck.
Enormous inflatable will spend a month in the city after visits to Sydney, Osaka and Sao Paolo. The sculpture is named Spreading Joy Around The World and was made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.
Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman's 'Rubber Duck' floated into Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor today. Duck has seen 10...
Do you think that this duck is funny? "The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn't discriminate people and doesn't have a political connotation." Florentijn Hofman.
Rubber Duck arrives at Darling Harbour for Sydney Festival - created by Florentijn Hofman - check out all about the Sydney Festival
Internationally-acclaimed artist Florentijn Hofman isn't high-brow or elitist when it comes to his urban sculptures - he wants to astonish audiences and give them a new perspective on public spaces. His sculptures are big, very big, and Rubber Duck is no exception.
Australians! Rubber Duck is swimming at Darling Harbour in Sydney now! It's actually the masterpiece of Florentijn Hofman, the famous Dutch artist. The yellow inflatable only pops up for Sydney Festival from January 5-23!! I wish I was there
"Rubber Duck" is a 15 meter high toy duck *** art project, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman swimming around in Darling Harbour in Sydney, as the symbol of the annual Sydney Festival. Shall we ask to bring him to Amman after the Sydney Festival finishes?
Only three days to go for artist Florentijn Hofman's presentation at the Powerhouse Museum. Served on the day are the not to be missed awesome 'duck' treats provided by Black Star Pastries...and as we know, they never disappoint! Don't forget to book on the link below!
Dutch sculptor Florentijn Hofman does not do things by halves, so there was a sense of anticipation when it was revealed that Hofman would be constructing a sculpture in the city of Angers located in Pays de la Loire region in western France.
We're loving this giant monkey made out of Brazilian flip-flops by artist Florentijn Hofman in Sao Paulo
Florentijn Hofman's Giant monkey made out of Brazilian flip-flops.
What a day at ! Florentijn Hofman, Andy Remeter, Gary Baseman, Raymond Lemstra, Julia Pott and Ben Newman all on one day! Huh!
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