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Flip Wilson

Clerow Wilson, Jr. (December 8, 1933 – November 25, 1998), known professionally as Flip Wilson, was an American comedian and actor.

Flip Wilson Show Richard Pryor Geraldine Jones George Carlin Johnny Carson Tonight Show Jack Benny John Kelly Milton Berle

I used to watch "Laugh In" every week as a kid! Flip Wilson was one of the greats on that show!
Here comes the judge was originally used by Flip Wilson on the old Laugh in Show
One more: I attended an Ed Sullivan Show in 1968 with Dionne Warwick, Tony Bennett, Flip Wilson, Ti…
Call her geraldine.she sounds just. Like flip wilson.
I'm thinking Congresswoman Wilson comes by her theatrics naturally. She bears a resemblance to Flip Wilson's "Gera…
Flip Wilson has been reincarnated into these 2, remember Grealdene Jones? Spitting images!!
This photo looks like Flip Wilson in drag 😂
Have you seen the new Vegas comedy act? Mad Maxine & Flip Wilson Go To Washington.
I like to refer to refer to them as Mad Max & Flip Wilson.
She's channeling her inner Flip Wilson channeing Geraldine
Yep. that's who she reminds me of. FLIP WILSON.
Materiality seems to be trumped by Flip Wilson’s opposite type Not affect by mos…
You said this yesterday, and today you slammed Congresswoman Wilson for comments about Trump’s mental health. Flip Flop
Is this the Frederica Wilson that I heard was really Fred Sanford after a sex change who named himself Frederica Wi…
On Fox tonight a large part of the news was about crazy Wilson. We should just flip her off & move on..she got what…
Hey Rep Wilson, you are so incompetent that you don't know how to flip the bird. 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Florida Democrat Wilson no friend of veterans, vote record shows
Where did they dredge up this Flip Wilson Show reject? And why now? "The Devil made me do it". To t…
With this years baseball ⚾️ trillers the DC Flip Wilson thing just too unimportant made up feeling like Barris’ Bang-show
So who do we believe: John Kelly, or Flip Wilson, who just happened to be in the car. What a coincidence.
I think she looks like comedian Flip Wilson
At least we now know that the rumors of the death of cross-…
Could really be Flip Wilson dressed as Geraldine ??
To be clear: Kelly's remarks were 100% confirmation that the conversation was accurately reported by Wilson AND the family.…
"John Kelly" Flip Wilson's daughter, Rep Wilson, had no choice.The devil made her do it!
You are a disgusting hag Fredericka looking like flip Wilson and wearing his wigs
That's Flip Wilson's daughter and the devil made her do it
Can't have it both ways.Did Rep Wilson fabricate what Trump said or did he say it as Kelly admits? Fli…
Fredricka Wilson has never given a flying flip about our Vets, yet she's going to get into our President and a…
Wow Flip Wilson (as Geraldine) looked better before the sex change surgery
is not a friend to our military😠. The glittery cowboy hats are bit much, too. Flip Wilson wore it better😂
Frederica Wilson (D-FL) looks like she's wearing something the famous comedian Flip Wilson wore on his TV show. Har…
Frederica looks like the Flip Wilson character Geraldine, only funnier.
Looks like Flip Wilson in drag (I hope people know who he is or I'm showing my age).
Flip Wilson's sister is a disgrace to congress
Did the people of Florida misread the ballot and think they were voting for Flip Wilson?…
So which is it he never said it Wilson "fabricated" it or he said it & it was appropriate? Flip flops must be the…
Kelly: I'm "stunned" that Rep. Wilson listened to Trump's call.
Are you sure she's not really a transgendered "Flip Wilson"? apologies to flip...
This is the first thing we’ve heard from Flip Wilson since 1974.He used to be funny,now downright ugly and despicable. know, kinda like Flip Wilson...only he was a lot better looking...
Actually Flip Wilson is the pretty one
Don't look at Rep Wilson sideways! Flip your sun visor down, flip up the lid and look at YOURSELF sideway for FAILING!
"You can't expect to hit the jackpot if you don't put a few nickels in the machine.". ~ Flip Wilson
I’m not old enough to know if it was Flip Wilson or Nipsey Russell, but either way General John Kelly just ate Geraldine’s lunch
She could give a flip about her constituents, veterans, & the rest of us. All she cares about are her stinkin' hats!
I'd take Wilson's word before that corner store Trash
Is that woman with that red hat 🎩 related to flip Wilson the comedian???she is such a JOKE!
Watching SULLIVAN with The Doors, Flip Wilson, Yul Brynner, and Robert Goulet. I want to be in that green room!
I think you are exactly what is needed now. You are the Freddy Prinz and Flip Wilson of…
Tony Orlando Christmas special this year got to hope so. Flip Wilson comedy and duets me and Barbara Mandrell singing. Let's do it!!
Go with the old Flip Wilson handshake Putin will be outmatched for sure
“Funny is an attitude.” - Flip Wilson. I vote for for the. Top Social Artists Award
LOL yep.. The Captain and Tennille, the osmonds, Flip Wilson, Shield and Yarnell, of course the best always will be Carol Burnette
Hello, AP. Could you reach George Carlin, Flip Wilson, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Benny, Sid Ceasar, et al, and get their take on this?
It's okay if I'm not your favorite chapter you have written, but I hope you sometimes smile when you flip back to the…
Funny how looks like men should play her in parodies! 😂 looks like Flip Wilson doing the news!
When someone gives me a calendar, I always flip to my birthday month to see what the picture is. Because apparently that a…
Even Flip Wilson knew...the problem in the U.S. has always been who owns the judges. The Alpha and the Omega.
wasn't the old bing bong a flip wilson gag? Trump don't like the black man but he'll steal from him?
Former MLB pitcher C.J. Wilson jumps into auto racing and car sales.
The cost of living is going up, and the chance of living is going down -Flip Wilson
I'm going to need Wilson to flip the air unit back to AC. It's hot in my room and I'm never hot.
Why didn't they cover Flip Wilson. He hired George Carlin and Richard Pryor as his writers and was their mentor.
good font club I actually looked those styles up. I'd like a Flip Wilson DVD he was funny in the old days!
Do u happen to recall when Flip Wilson would portray himself as having an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other?
cj wilson is the male version of the blonde flip or flop chick who's getting divorced. "Dark hardwoods and marble counter tops"
We watch the Flip Wilson Show In physical science lab like ***
Flip Wilson is strangely forgotten these days.
I flip flop with him Wilson and Sidney Jones every week lol but I was a Tabor fan first
Roy Clark and Flip Wilson. Enjoy and good night.
The copy is almost word for word Flip Wilson's intro from the Johnny Carson show. Almost. Still great though
Flip Wilson tells that Ed McMahon on his next show
George Carlin on Tonight Show on Antenna TV with Flip Wilson as well.
I'd like to think that Donald Glover's constant look is an homage to both Billy Dee Williams and Flip Wilson.
Sinatra is from Hoboken & Shaq is from Newark though. But I knew about Flip Wilson. There's a street named after hi…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Suzanne, thanks so much for the show on board the USS Ranger w/Marie Osmond, Gladys Knight and Flip Wilson. Love you much!
Geraldine Jones(Flip Wilson,in drag)use to say"The Devil Made Me Do It" I like to bend the DEVIL over forward .
Hillary channels Flip Wilson's Geraldine Jones: Colin Powell made me do it
Not true. Martin had Shenaynay, Jamie Foxx had Wanda, and Flip Wilson started it all:
With Greg Morris and Flip Wilson on the Carol Burnett Show, 1970. Found at
Flip Wilson, Westerns and Jethro Tull. Steve is definitely working the way back machine tonite!
When I was 12 Cassius Clay gave me his autograph.At 19 and NBC page, invited me into dressing room Flip Wilson Show to do intvw
Y'all making Prince pancakes and I can barely flip it without burning part of it
Also I have a MILLION thoughts about the Flip Wilson routine - I love Flip Wilson btw
so does this mean Wilson and Bush could flip to FS and back up Quinn? Or are they looking to groom him?
Reggie's plan is to flip Cook. Brilliant. Hope he better than Tyler Wilson
They were all widowed, no divorces. I found a bunch of 70s TV on Hoopla: Flip Wilson & Doris Day's single gal show set in SF
The Club Cocktail cuts through the acidity of Flip Wilson.
Happy Friday night y'all, I hope you're having a good one! I'm watching old Flip Wilson reruns I found. Man, time does fly doesn't it? :)
love seeing the Flip Wilson Show on!!
Got a 61 on my test but Drake told me to flip the 6 to a 9 so now I got a 91.
Flip Wilson's Geraldine Jones had the best stylist. Not kidding. Can we get a retro line out in that stat please? Thank you.
I used to watch this show everyday on TV Land... — watching The Flip Wilson Show
1976 - Bette, Elton, Cher, and Flip Wilson in the year 2025 -The
How to save life on Earth, according to E.O. Wilson
Wed re Wilson Center for International Studies if POTUS Wilson is offensive, maybe FLIP WILSON portrait? try Wilson Quarterly mag
Every skit a skip through my childhood seeing Lily Tomlin on Flip Wilson with the Jackson 5. I laughed like I was 9. Ya shoulda been there.
Tom Wilson *should* get a one game suspension, but uh, Kris Letang didn't get suspended, so flip a coin.
are u seeing if flip Wilson's ghost is haunting his beach home? Cause he said he would.
I now hope there's an alternate world in which Philip K *** goes by Flip K *** and he and Flip Wilson cohost a variety show.
As flip Wilson used to say '' the devil made me do it'' ! (@ Stoneforge Grill in Easton, MA)
Where's Flip Wilson as Geraldine when you need him?
i know catcher is weak but would you flip Wilson Ramos for Manaea?
when I was a kid my favorite comic was Flip Wilson
All I can tell you is that Wilson doesn't see it as a coin flip. Not saying it's right, that's what it is.
I think for some, for them transgender is as real Flip Wilson in a dress. they don't understand for many, you can't tell difference
Clever marketing! Crocs now markets "flip-flop" slippers named after many of our Modi
Michael Jackson - Maths skit with Flip Wilson This was too cute!!!
Coach Yost said other guys took pkg deal of Prukop, Lockie & Alie 1st. They got Jonsen, Wilson combo. Viewed who to take at QB as coin flip.
Dude,like that is sooo cool,I'm with Flip Wilson Church of Whats Happening Now.
Wilson is the only teacher I know that would *** a student off and have her flip him off and then laugh about it
Funny is an attitude. Flip Wilson ok
CCPD: Missing juvenile:11yo Black Female, white uniform, blue jeans, white jacket around the waist in flip flops named "…
Hey mason what do you want for your birthday? "Uh flip flops?" 😂.well that's easy
The comedian Flip Wilson, used to say "the devil made me do it!" and maybe he does:
Why, do you have some sort of obsessive thing for bell bottoms and Flip Wilson? ;)
Tell her I'll pop up just to change ya day, ugh I , I hustle til it's nothing left flip to a business and boss like we all blessed
If you think nobody cares if you’re alive or dead, try missing a couple of car payments. - Flip Wilson .
Just found out I do a passable Ralph Bellamy impersonation. That + my Paul Lynde and Cary Grant should get me spot on the Flip Wilson Show.
If, as the late Flip Wilson as "Geraldine" said... "Loose lips sink ships," then the Michael Baisden Show is...
omg I wanna watch the Flip Wilson Show now!!!
😹😹 on fb DEY said Russell Wilson found a Gucci flip flop under his bed and broke up wit Ciara 😭
If you are one of the *** that thinks they don't try or play D in the NBA, flip over to Dubs/Spurs for about 30 seconds.
I still don't see how you can prove a realtor has a shadow buyer lined up and make them pay back the flip lift? Mind rea…
*** said the engagement was over cause Wilson found a Gucci flip flop under the bed.
H-8926 Original LIFE Magazine Aug 4, 1972, on the road with FLIP WILSON
Ferguson will not regain credibility as long as Mayor Knowles in office and Darren Wilson is not brought up on...
" important programmer of behavior..Flip Wilson highest paid black male actor..dress as a tough and coarse black female."
Every time I watch East Webster Jack Wilson makes a heck of a defensive play. Just made a diving snag and flip to second for out.
I have no idea what "churchgoing " has to do with anything, but Flip Wilson looks terrible!
Tennessean: .MtJulietPolice: Women stole $800 in flip-flops at Old Navy in Mt. Juliet And…
From frock coats to flip-flops: 100 years of fashion at Wilson Library now through June 5!
I hope you're watching on the Flip Wilson Show on Aspire TV. It's just before the Joe Frazier fight. Hilarious!
Hardest I've ever laughed was watching your ventriloquist act on the Flip Wilson Show
There was a comedy show back in the sixties .the Flip Wilson Show. Every time he did something bad he would say,... https:…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Saturday night at the nail salon. Joggers are Rebel Wilson for Flip-flops are…
We watched The Flip Wilson Show. To be honest I think my dad had a crush on Geraldine. Flip Wilson was a genius...
Remember Flip Wilson He joked "a lies as good as the truth if u can't get somebody 2 believe it".
Check out some Flip Wilson comedy, it shall make your day.
Russell Wilson is the ultimate step dad
Where do Flip Wilson and Richard Pryor fit in this hierarchy?
Is that kind of like the devil made me do it & Flip about take responsibility for your actions!
How rich is Flip Wilson?: The post How rich is Flip Wilson? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
A broken tail didn't stop Josh Wilson from landing this varial flip.
I think you need celebrity teams on flea market flip. I'd love to see Carrie Wilson and Lou diamond Phillips.
My happiest memory of childhood was my first birthday in reform school. Thi...
I swear if Wilson tells Alex no I will flip out.
Trying to watch the ... it's a struggle. Need to flip back to for full coverage ASA…
Hello Mr. Wilson. |Hair flip| I heard you and I have or had a common enemy.
Violence is a tool of the ignorant.
RIP Flip Wilson the man who gave us our comedy break. Sidebar-anyone know a late night show host interested in classic bust ups?
I wish bro. But I do think that if Sumlin gets fired he might flip next year. Reminds me of Rusell Wilson
Classic TV. . Flip Wilson Show with Louie Satchmo Armstrong .."ding doing daddy now watch me do my stuff ...
Chris is funny but I'm not going to watch a Racist Monologue even by him. I'll look for Flip Wilson on YouTube.
Flip Wilson now telling Howard Cosell how good he is at looting. Howie punches his gut.
I applaud both because NOW we can update comedian Flip Wilson's "The Devil made me do it" to "The Aliens made me do it."
Strange. I've been thinking about Flip Wilson a lot the past few days.
George Carlin guest stars on tonight's 10p ET episode of Johnny Carson, along with Flip Wilson, Susan Saint...
You heard it here first folks...FLIP are coming to Preston! Thursday 25th February. Live music whilst you dine. Book no…
Wanna see tomorrow's, with Flip Wilson, Susan St. James, Ann-Margret, and George Carlin.
I liked a video from Future Reminds Russell Wilson About His Gucci Flip Flops
Fun Fact: "Geraldine" is also fictional character created by comedian Flip Wilson, who had a boyfriend called "Killer."
I keep thinking of Geraldine that character played by Flip Wilson. Lol
Might flip Wilson and Luck. ..But I agree fwiw..
Flip Wilson 2016: ISIS made me do it!
|| For anyone following my Sam Wilson ( OnCapsRight ) he's inactive till I either delete him or flip him.
Don't order one for the road, because the road is already laid out.
Hitler, Stalin, Mao? This is Geraldine/Flip Wilson in reverse. Neither God nor rel is a legit excuse.
If Russell Wilson ever post a picture of his feet in some Gucci flip flops he will officially be the GOAT.
and great bounce back at leats Warren Sapp DMX Bobby Flay Terrell Owens Richard Pryor Flip Wilson
Saturday at 10:30p on Antenna TV. Johnny Carson with Susan St. James, Ann-Margret, Flip Wilson, and your dad from Feb.1972.
and with Wilson and Simpkins we could have some depth at WR again. TE coming back...I hope he does flip.
Especially when Branden decides to flip our wagon and drown me 😭
Super Bowl-winning QBs believe Seahawks' Russell Wilson is in NFL's top five
Is the bald brown man that ran after the S58 in home depot 2013 Flip Wilson the actor from Carol Burnet Show¿
First saw her on the Flip Wilson Show back in the '70's. She did her song sitting on the floor of the stage. :-)
Comedian in mid to late 70s that had a weekly show, Flip Wilson. Loved that show as a kid
Anybody else heard of the Flip Wilson Show?
HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY you dummy. Celebrating Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor and Flip Wilson all the month of December. https:/…
Look at Harry "cute-azz" Belafonte in October of 1973 on the Flip Wilson Show! Those were the good …
If it wasn't for Flip Wilson- The Flip Wilson Show- we never wld have seen Richard Pryor on networkTV.
Geraldine Jones/Flip Wilson. For you youngsters that didn't know; Drag was on netw family hour network TV in the 70s
oooh, and Flip Wilson. Watched his variety show when I was a kid.
Hey, Nice Not ever riding in a dumb car about channeling Flip Wilson? Peace Bro
The black dude got the hairline of an old school cat who listens to Al Green and watches reruns of the Flip Wilson Show
Come party with us this weekend with Alter Ego and Flip like Wilson!!! Also, come join us on Halloween for a...
yup. I am so mad, like I flip on that
And you defense is a quote from Flip Wilson!? Come on Ted.
win law looks like this. U B DA JUDGE. flip wilson. green acres is the place 2b. farm living is the life 4 me
Wilson X Connected Basketball now everyone can see you miss that 3 pointer
the Flip Wilson Show yeah man best show ever
Milton Burle only stole the best material and Flip Wilson stole his dress. Boy, Am I ancient or what!
Sammy Wilson says NAMA Inquiry is "laughing stock" - his flip-flopping on NAMA's presence in NI is curious
If I could go back and flip Marquess Wilson and Marvin Jones on a couple DFS teams, I would be raking.
I remembered that I either saw this on Ed Sullivan or Flip Wilson's show. It was Flip's.
The is really it's very real. A pair of Gucci flip flops can only break the curse for Russell Wilson and the…
not at all. Flip Manning with Wilson now and Broncos would look unstoppable.
Another pair of Gucci flip flops will be waiting in Russell Wilson's locker
I really hope russell wilson finds a pair of gucci flip flops in his locker.
Flip over to Seahawks, within 3 points, Wilson gets sacked. Back to Sounders I guess
We need to strap up the Gucci Flip-Flops and go stomp on Russell Wilson.
Apparent ruling is Wilson's knee was down for a sack instead of flip incomplete pass. challenge
Yoga pants and flip flops.. Bringing back the Emily Wilson fall classic.
Wilson with another no catch, the "coin flip" ruling is clearly not being enforced. Terrible refs. Smh
Ooh wait a minute guys, we gotta make sure Wilson caught that. Are you sure? Let's flip through all 500 catch rules and judge it
(With audio) Khattar's 'lies' on beef comment exposed by Indian Express.
Flip Wilson and TV's Wyatt Earp Hugh O'Brien (Hi, all of you at Hef's) join Don Dunphy and Ken Norton for TV b'cast.
“Looks like you guys are guests on the old Sonny and Cher show! coming up next Flip Wilson!
that started way before Madea...think about it...Flip Wilson, Eddie Murphey, Martin Lawrence have all donned female attire
.Very pleased, couldn't get enough of Steve Allen;later Flip Wilson, Jack Benny & George Burns; lunch this fall go "dutch?"
No words for what I just saw. I guess I can say it was along the lines of Flip Wilson, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Milton Burle and others.
possibly the problem here is that I'm more of a fan of long form comedy ala Bill Hicks/Dennis Miller/Flip Wilson
lol, don't get me started on all the homosexual roles from Flip Wilson (Geraldine) to Eddie, Martin & Tyler.
The devil made him do it -- Pat 'Flip Wilson' Boone you ignorant milky white *** STFU https:/…
its astonishing! I sure wished Flip Wilson and Fred G. Sanford were still alive to see and comment on this circus.
On Christmas Eve 1970 you might have watched the Flip Wilson Show!.
Get well cards have become so humorous that if you don't get sick you're missing half the fun. -Flip Wilson
Flip Wilson Funny is an attitude. no
Do a flip after the TD they said. Not a good idea lol
I guess Milton Berle , Flip Wilson & Peter Ustinov are out
This incredible new movie about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys is unlike any biopic you’ve seen
If russell Wilson gets entire deal guaranteed that would flip NFL contract like we've never seen. Entire NFL is watching this negotiation
didn't ask Paige to flip on me but what you don't know is that we are friends? cyaaa
you tried having people come flip out on me? you look dumb because you're still worried about me. I don't like you either but
Things can be funny only when we are in fun. When we're 'dead earnest,' humor is the only thing that is dead. ~Flip Wilson
Hey have you heard of Flip Wilson Akasha?
Watching the Star Vista commercial for the show... I miss Flip Wilson. "The devil made me do it!"
Well Flip Wilson gave us the clue long long ago."The Devil Made Me Do it!"
Flip Wilson defined feminine beauty, inspiring millions of women to imitate "the Flip" haircut.
That's Flip Wilson...he used to play that character Geraldine...he will be missed!
So FLIP Wilson dressed as Geraldine would have been chatged; Milton Berle..why??? Agree!!! Stupid LAW!!!
Trying to front flip over a bar that is 5'' of the concrete. HELLO bruising! Thought you'd make an appearance 🙈 ow!
Ever considered a variety show night.. Sonny and Cher, Captain and Tennille, Shields and Yarnell, Flip Wilson, Donny and Marie?
Flip Wilson: "I think Mr. Wilson will have to be the rest of the way alone."
Congrats to on winning our CHEF OF THE WEEK 🏆 for his dominance at READ -
Congrats to on winning POSTER OF THE WEEK for his "into your grandma" poster 😳👀🏀💯 -
. cooked the competition Minneapolis in our weekly awards
Jaylen Fornes' 'into the grandmother' poster highlights this week's awards
My coworker calls/texts me the same time every Monday morning knowing flip wilson well I'm not up
I remember =) Hope you'll be showing these,please do~Children today need to see this & the Jackson 5 Variety Show~Flip Wilson too
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Flip Wilson Funny is an attitude. wow
When I was a kid it was funny to see Bugs Bunny or Flip Wilson in a dress. Should I feel guilty? I fell for the gag.
watching the Flip WIlson Variety shows today
Flip Wilson. The first comedian to cross dress. Geraldine Jones. I'm too young to know this.. I cheated, my mama told me. Lol
You're too young to remember Flip Wilson's Geraldine character?
So sad, Prayers and condolences to Jerry and . I've been a fan since the Flip Wilson Show.
We're all going to be invited to a back would flip or another words flip Wilson
I remember watching Stiller and Meara on the Flip Wilson Show! Very sad!
Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Prayer to St. Michael…
ok mrs.wilson didnt hear the couch flip up and a lamp fall but she heard me, who wasn't even that loud HOW
When you are reading a book about WWI and have to flip back a page to remind yourself who "Wilson" is, it is time to take a break.
Saw a poignant version on the Flip Wilson Show.
LOOK: Seahawks fan starts GoFundMe page to help re-sign Russell Wilson
I thought she was fantastic. I saw an old Flip Wilson clip where she and Jerry were on a blind date. Poignant. 😓 RIP 💕
Well done James Wilson, the only player not wearing flip flops at the moment!
Update your maps at Navteq
Kortney & Dave Wilson- Masters of Flip join us at 10am PT today
That back-flip just does it for me...Love the camera work!
I added a video to a playlist THE Flip Wilson Show with Richard Pryor and Tim Conway
• Wilson Schroeder: Hard times in Miami? flip the switch to Jack's got your back. Joe's riding Mossberg.
watch out. 2017 CB Marco Wilson done flipped out one-handed catch while doing back flip
Ya u could prob flip flop Brady Rodgers too, I went with Wilson over Bree's based more off his finish
should put on some old skool black comedy like Fox. JimmieWalker.Flip Wilson way 2many greats.
How to Be More Productive and Eliminate Time-Wasting Activities by Using the 'Eisenhower Box'.
Aww how special is that!. Senior Wilson takes aunt to prom after she missed her own years earlier.
She attempted to legitimize it, by claiming 'devil made her do it.' Flip Wilson defense only works for comedians.
Looks like they learned their lesson after dealing with the ever-litigious Mr. Flip Wilson
I recommend you look up the actor Flip Wilson👏🏼 He was an amazing star💕✨
The best idioms from around the world, ranked.
Going to my dads in a onesie and flip flops 💁
and Flip Wilson. Blues legend made his network TV debut in '69 when the comedian guest hosted Tonight Show.
I loved the Flip Wilson Show. Remember watching it with my grandmother as a kid.
Remember pulled this defense on MaDVD. It's actually called The Flip Wilson defense
Funny is an attitude. Flip Wilson yes
I think Flip Wilson is my father's Björk and Sia.
Guess her Flip Wilson impersonation wasn't good enough to save her job.
When you explain what a flip phone means in the real world to your grandfather who still has one; trap mentality strong on the farm.
ii was just watching an ep of The Flip Wilson Show with The Temptations && Redd Foxx guest starring
“Jeb Bush shifts his Iraq position again and says he would not have ordered invasion FLIP WILSON GONE MAD!
"I never work with a number 2 artist" -King Flip Wilson. 👊🏾💥
Note to self: if you're trying to get back at someone don't flip them off-you don't look tough, you…
Hated ALL the desparaging caricatures of black females beginning with Flip Wilson up to Medea. They need to stop.
Apparently "the Devil made me do it" works as a Flip Wilson routine but not as an excuse with school board.
Whether we listen to an angel or the devil, we make the choice. Remember Flip Wilson's Geraldine? "The devil made me do it. Pulled a gun."
Flip Wilson's Geraldine would not be happy!
The spirit of Flip Wilson would be surprised that 40 years later, people still use his old "The devil made me do it!" routine.
Reminds me of Flip Wilson's "The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress" routine. But at least Flip knew he was doing comedy.
No. More. Flip. Wilson. Defense. I don't believe that the devil made her do it!! Nancy G is no Geraldine.
Ten bootstrapping tips to help turn your idea into a reality.
Funny is an attitude. Flip Wilson no
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