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Flight Attendant

Flight attendants or cabin crew (also known as stewards/stewardesses, air hosts/hostesses) are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft, and on some military aircraft.

American Airlines San Jose United Airlines

moved out there originally because I was a Flight Attendant at LAX. Did that for 1.5 years then worked at ArcLight Hollywood.
I'm really trying to do this Flight Attendant 👩‍✈️ why NOT I have nothing to worry about anyways !
I showed the flight attendant our uniform and now we're best friends 😂
Well. Coffee dumped on me during the flight. That was swell. Flight attendant I think said sorry. Or sucker ??
Who wants to drop out with me and go to flight attendant school? ✈️
What kind of *** towel berates a flight attendant for his connection schedule? The kind sitting behind me apparently.
Ask the flight attendant a question and the dawgs just walk off
Actual footage of a flight attendant trying to figure out what the non-english speaking passenger wants to drink.
"All you ladies that were sleeping ... check your hair, it's a mess." - flight attendant 😂
Thanks to the flight attendant hitching a ride on flight who was rude when I touched her bag to make room instead of get up to help
flight attendant just came up to me & said "we are behind Trump 100%, most of the people i work with are...thank you fo…
No it was delightful. We left at 8pm, I had a yummy meal & the flight attendant kept pouring wine. Then I watched Scandal.
Alaska pilot to save flight attendant's life with kidney donation.
You'd think a commuting flight attendant in uniform would get an econ seat rather than a first class seat. Upgd a status pax instead.
Passenger: Is the pilot vaping?. Flight attendant: no, there's a fire in the cockpit. Passenger: Oh thank god
I just wanna be a flight attendant already! 😩
She's a freedom fighting flight attendant taking it to the next level. He's a beer collecting intellectual pondering PHP.
Odd, my flight attendant just said this is 1984... flight to SFO.
Guess he feels more entitled than others. Where's the MSM on this? Crickets.
Wow, think you're entitled much? Guess you don't give women respect either.
Ex-flight attendant leaked things you shouldn't know about flying commercial...
The only thing about being S flight attendant. seniority is everything. Every. *** Thing.
They wonna take 2points off cuz i didnt put an "s" at the end of flight attendant(s) like NOO LIKE NO
We have the sassiest flight attendant in a little black dress and leather jacket. 🏁😂😂
Jetsetters beware! These are all of the places you DON'T want to touch on a plane:
Its kinda sad that you cover for him and voted no to Mattis. New York's Biggest Jokes. via
Remember the flight attendant who lost it, cursed out passengers, grabbed 2 beers & pulled the emergency shoot? That's gonn…
Flight Attendant: Help! Is there a doctor on board???. Weird Aunt: *holding bottle of lavender essential oils* I have someth…
In a hot bubble bath, smoothie, candles, my favorite book and "Flight Attendant.”By Josh Rouse on repeat, just enjoying life to the fullest.
I'm glad our Flight Attendant took good care of you. Thank you for your continued loyalty and have a great Delta Day! *PF
Flight Attendant or Security Guard sa Airport sa South kore or North Korea.
Flight Attendant: "...and no longer are the Samsung galaxy S 7 aloud within the cabin" 😂😂😂😂
Here's the full video of the Flight Attendant using Looney Tune voices. Enjoy! - Aaron...
I bet that Flight Attendant won't return to Chicago, almost lost her life on her way to work. What was she doing staying in hotel in warzone
Flight Attendant - Republic Airways Holdings - Columbus, OH: Performs all regulatory and assig...
Why is the flight attendant hitting on me😳😳😳
A Muslim woman was kicked off a plane because the steward 'did not feel comfortable'
ask to change seats. Report to flight attendant
Last week on a flight a lady had my seat. So I sat elsewhere. Attendant: ‘Sir, this is a PREFERRED seat.’ Plane half empty.
my flight attendant said her name is Latoya and I literally started laughing out loud
Dude in the seat next to me has BO that's so terrible, I'm going to ask the flight attendant if I can sit next to the cryi…
Flight Attendant: Snacks today sir?. Me: Indeed!. *i produce a loose handful of pizza rolls*. Me: Pray tell the wattage of your mi…
Southwest Airlines slammed by man whose Muslim wife was thrown off plane | Daily Mail Online
Should someone kick this cabin attendant off a high place?. Hugs, ISH.
Emirates and Etihad Airways hiring -How to groom yourself to get a job as flight attendant https:/…
my wife saw u today and said "there's a great costume - the flight attendant from Star Tours," but didn't realize it was u 😜
Muslim woman removed from flight after attendant "felt uncomfortable.". .
[Maintains eye contact with flight attendant during safety speech while buckling and unbuckling seat belt repeatedly]
why is it ok for your staff to remove Muslims from your flights with no good reason?
If a pax behaves badly or suspiciously he or she must be removed from the plane. No leeway, no argument. .
The flight attendant should be removed from flying. Permanently.
Husband slams airline after his Muslim wife was kicked off plane
disgusting service by Apologists for their staff discriminating against customers.
Another Muslim kicked off a plane for no good reason. What the *** America.
I just got asked if I was a flight attendant
Once on board, the flight attendant performed his safety demo w/ the most fabulous, sparkly jazz hands I have ever seen. Because...
Good morning, Im your flight attendant on your today's flight. Sit back and relax ✈️
Muslim passenger is kicked off plane because flight attendant 'did not feel comfortable': .
Flight Attendant: "Here is the extra blanket you asked for.". Me: "Thanks. Could you jam it into that guy's mouth?"
Great news. Hopefully we can ban all Muslims from flying. ...
See our latest and click to apply: Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant -
This is the direction of travel. Khan just helped it along:. Muslim woman kicked off plane . via…
thanks so much to flight attendant Tiffany for the throat drops while traveling from back to on flight 187
Somali woman kicked off plane as flight attendant said she 'did not feel comfortable' with the passenger
Muslim woman kicked off plane as steward 'did not feel comfortable' via
Another Muslim passenger kicked off a flight this week!
Flight Attendant: "Is there a doctor on board!?". Bill Clinton: "I'm a pilot!. *grabs wheel and steers plane straight into a mountain*
Flight attendant: "Good afternoon. Your pilots today are Doug Maverick and John Iceman." *cups hand over receiver* "I said it!"
When u Arab about to get on a flight and the boarding attendant checks your id and whispers into her walkie talkie
As a former flight attendant who has a son that is currently an inflight supervisor my heart always aches when...
"Fasten your seat belts. If anyone has to share, press the flight attendant button and I will RUN to you."
Entrepreneurs solve problems. They don't complain about them.
Flight attendant on flight home was reading article entitled "Why is Africa Poor?" Okay then.
I'm riding Spirit airline this morning and the flight attendant gave us all trash bags to hold out the window when it's…
people either think I'm a flight attendant or thank me for my service it's weird
FLIGHT ATTENDANT: We're landing shortly. ME: What's a shortly? I thought we were landing a plane?. CAPTAIN: *runs out & hig…
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(USA-NV-Las Vegas) Flight Attendant: Caesars Entertainment is the world's most geographically ...
a little shout out to charming and warm flight attendant Rodney (wish I caught his surname) on last night's Heathrow-Jo burg flight
# Latest: Colombian flight attendant dies in Russian crash: . (AP) — ...
The Latest: Colombian flight attendant dies in Russian crash
Pay to out uber driver: "the flight attendant had such a tight little booty!"
Update: he wasn't even a male flight attendant. He was a gate attendant who literally chased me down onto the plane.
How should one feel when the male flight attendant whispers to you "I like your freckles" as he hands you your complimentary beverage?i
The very last thing you want to overhear one flight attendant say to another is "you survived??"
To book a seat on the Sheffield bus to the national anti racism demonstration on March 19 please email...
really ? Let me guess you overheard some pilots talking about a flight attendant?
FLIGHT ATTENDANT: are u comfortable w/ the responsibilities of sitting in the exit row. ME: [imagining sliding down the infla…
Way automobile use is projected as the only normal: Land at airport. Flight attendant's one statement: "Buckle up & drive home safely"
I want to apply for a flight attendant job but they do phone interviews and then an in person one. I can't interview and idk how what to do.
The thing I did most in my jump seat as a flight attendant
This guy literally wrote a 2 page paper on how a Flight Attendant wouldn't taken his first class meal to coach 😑
Plot twist: Lauren B is my flight attendant
Flown on six different planes in the past eight days. I might start feeling like a pilot or a flight attendant soon 😅
"Are you going to take this cup or not?" Your flight attendant to my night blind dad last night. Inexcusable and disgusting. 😡
I know this flight attendant is saying "carry on", but it sounds exactly like "carrion"; a name for a dead carcass. What's in…
This flight attendant keeps saying "American Eagle" instead of American Airlines.
I'm seriously considering becoming a flight attendant though
I've decided to invest in the belief that our chief flight attendant, who looks like Helen Mirren, is indeed actually Helen Mi…
1st class has been a disappointment, as the flight attendant pretended like I'm not allowed to sleep in the overhead bin I…
The flight attendant on my plane is literally yelling. And this is coming from someone who is constantly told I talk too loud.
Flight Attendant - Porter Airlines - Toronto, ON: First Aid and CPR certification an asset. Any...
Fast forward to the days where in I become a Flight Attendant!!!
Pilot and Flight Attendant to be 󾌸󾌳 . Credit to Ate Liz. Thank you po Ate 󾌰. Happy bday Sky 󾔑󾌬.
Flight Attendant: "Sit back and relax, or lean forward and stay tense, it's up to you. Thank you for flying
Been invited for two Talent Acquisition job Interview for United and Allegiant Airlines as Flight Attendant, excited!
I wonder if the flight attendant will say it in a Fetty Wap voice.
There's always a hot AF lightskin mami working at Edgars that looks like she should be on a runway or a flight attendant
Passenger marched off plane after hitting attendant - MyTechBits
I do not want an attendant asking me to roll for initiative! What the eck is attacking in mid-flight???
"Hai saya Syed Haydar. Used to be a flight attendant at Emirates & MAS. An artist in London and now working at Nazim Construction as a CEO"😊
Let's roll one up and get higher than a flight attendant ?
Flight Attendant: excuse me, I'm going to have to ask you to check that broomstick. Me: I'm a witch.
My is limited to the moment when the flight attendant says on an int'l flight to "Fellow Indians, welcome home."
So,I want to be a flight attendant. . Thank you.
First,a flight attendant is cool. When I was taking a plane,a flight attendant was kind to me.
I want to be a flight attendant. I have two reasons.
sheesh. Is the flight full? Maybe a flight attendant can switch you with someone
Contrary to the popular belief, not every flight attendant is a 6 feet tall Venus with blond...
Photo: questionall: Yesterday would have been her 52nd birthday, but PAN AM Flight Attendant Neerja Bhanot...
Flight attendant leaves hidden notes of encouragement for passengers
I'm the most senior flight attendant on this plane yet I'm the youngest one.
I think ima try to work at the post office or the airport as a flight attendant. 😌💭💰 💵
So first we had to wait for a flight attendant. Now you have to fix a tire. Stellar job tonight
Flight attendant leaves empowering notes for passengers to stumble upon:
Pro Tip- How to make a Flight Attendant happy.ask them to do nothing.
Cougar flight attendant rides passenger ***
The flight attendant on my flight had a big butt. She kept bumping my elbow.
just was on flight 4313 Tyrell the flight attendant was bothered by any requests so unfriendly he does not know the word hello
Paranorman, pad see ew, and flight attendant applications.
The 3 step to become a flight attendant: Flight Atte
The 3 step to become a flight attendant:
Mention a flight/ground attendant please. Thank you.
Flight Attendant i specifically requested to be seated away from Peter Buck, Ian Brown and Timmy Murphy
So, look what this Kim Davis thing started.
STFU and serve the alcohol or you're fired: Muslim group claims flight attendant’s religious rights violated ::
There is no way to ask the flight attendant for cookies without sounding like a 6-year old. 😫😂
🙌😂😂 "Can't tell if flight attendant or one of The Scarlet Lover's carry-ons?" I broke my no buzzfeed rule to see this. 😂
I'm talking about the Muslim flight attendant who is suing the airline because she can't do the job - serve alcohol. For…
If a Christian county clerk can be forced to issue marriage licenses to *** how can a Muslim flight attendant refuse to serve alcohol?
Oh my. Just met a really awesome flight attendant. Her husband of 20 years is an Ashley Maddison client. Ugh.
So are you also supporting the Muslim woman who was fired for not serving alcohol?
Flight attendant: "We're looking for passengers to check their carry on baggage". *this plane is small as *** and will be uncomfortable*
And yet Kim Davis is jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to *** couples.
Not for the reason she claims, I bet. But none the less, this is a good, objective read,
This flight attendant is either drunk or barred out. I'm concerned.
the least he can do is like, "i asked the flight attendant for a smoothie on this plane to islamic school, where I'm going"
Breitbart calling for Kim Davis to be released while condemning a Muslim woman for not serving alcohol on planes. .
The flight attendant's name is Apple. 🍎 how was that chosen?
Muslim flight attendant sues after she's suspended for refusing to serve alcohol - BizPac Review
Okay, this PROVES that Conservatives don't give a crap about "Religious Freedom" in the workplace. Not only have...
As plane lands, attendant says: "Welcome to Houston, home of Texas A&M." A chorus of jeers follows on this packed flight …
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A Muslim flight attendant refused to do her job and serve people on the plane... when she was called out for it,...
Where is all of the outrage over the Muslim flight attendant who didn't serve a customer a drink based on religious beliefs?
For all of you wondering what it's like in first class 😂😂
I fully expect cons who are supporting to support the Muslim woman fired for not serving alcohol
Being a pilot is not easy, flight attendant too. Imagine kalo aku flight attendant. Da la kecot aku ni
Yo Muslim flight attendant: I was suspended for not serving alcohol
Muslim flight attendant accuses ExpressJet Airlines of suspending her for not serving alcohol via /r/news
"Muslim Flight Attendant Says She Was Suspended for Not Serving Alcohol, Reports Say" Consequences for refusing to do yo…
This woman’s religious beliefs should not be an excuse for her to not do her job.
First that Kentucky clerk and now this Muslim flight attendant? Do your job or find a new one. No sympathy for the punishment they got.
Muslim flight attendant not serving alcohol doesn't violate rights. A Christian clerk not allowing her office to provide marr. license does
I remember I wanted to be a flight attendant! 😂
Long after childhood, a Rowdy Gentleman still requests that a personal flight attendant is assigned to him whenever he …
Muslim flight attendant sues after suspended for refusing to serve alcohol What say ye Libs about this
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Muslim flight attendant sues after she’s suspended for refusing to serve alcohol HM.
Surprised this isn’t getting the same publicity Kim Davis is! (No, wait, I’m not surprised at all. Don’t …
Muslim stewardess suspended for not serving alcohol.
So, all the folks will be supporting this woman, right? Hmm ...
Is Emirates the Best Airline to Work for as a Flight Attendant? | TravelPulse
Incredibly chipper and friendly Flight Attendant on flight 423 making it a great flight.
Flight Attendant - Aruba Airlines - Miami, FL: Willing to undergo medical and psycho-technical eva...
Air Hostess, Cabin Crew, Flight Attendant! In the 1960's the term was Air Hostess. Even today their primary aim is…
Flight Attendant located in Burbank, CA~MUST live within 2 hours of airport!
New Job Bank Listing for a Flight Attendant ! More info at
Flight Attendant: Details: Flight Attendant The primary role of a GoJet Flight Attendant is the ...
Happy book birthday to CABIN FEVER: The Sizzling Secrets of a Flight Attendant!
Flight Attendant - Compass Airlines - Seattle, WA: Compass Airlines is an equal opportunity employer and does ...
Hostess oh that is a slip How do you know about Chicago?. Flight Attendant . Flight175 vs Peter Hanson
Opera Holland Park and Pride in London Gala Night - Think airport campery - Flight Attendant goings on - camp...
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Muhammad Ali: Superman don't need no seat belt. Flight Attendant: Superman don't need no airplane- either. Quoted by Clifton Fadiman
An Open Letter From a Flight Attendant: 'Germanwings - What is going on in Aviation?' friendly skies they are not
Looking like a REAL First Class flight attendant 😂😁
"Welcome to San Diego.Sacramento...San Jose...good thing I'm not the pilot" thanks for knowing what you're doing flight attendant😑
I finally saw the fault in our stars on the plane and the flight attendant asked if I needed tissues
maybe I should be a flight attendant✈✈
You know you take too many flights in the AM when you get on the plane at 10pm and say "good morning" to the flight attendant.
lol, we land and the flight attendant says, welcome to San Diego, no. then she says Sacramento, no again. San Jose, "you know what I meant"
"Since we're flying to Colorado, we have to remind you that there is no smoking if any kind on this flight" - United flight attendant keeping it real
Flight attendant, thick accent: Why you look at me?. Me: To say thank you for taking my jacket?. Her: Oh. You look like you…
She looks like a hip hop flight attendant
We apologize we didn't meet your expectations today. Did you inform the Flight Attendant onboard regarding your seat? ^MN
aside from the horridly rigid color of those pants and looking like a flight attendant that about to hop on a horse? But I mean
10 Things I never thought I would become when I became a flight attendant! via
Hi, Please note that meals may contain peanut. Please seek for the flight attendant for any assistance.
when we landed in SF earlier today the flight attendant said Go Chargers most of the plane cheered
Flight attendant today spelled Aaron/Erin "Ahren"... And I thought my extra n was unique 👌
A Mormon was seated next to an Irishman on a flight from London. After the plane was airborne, drink orders were taken. The Irishman asked for a whiskey, which was promptly brought and placed before him. The flight attendant then asked the Mormon if he would like a drink. He replied in disgust, "I'd rather be savagely raped by a dozen *** than let liquor touch my lips." The Irishman then handed his drink back to the attendant and said, "Me, too, I didn't know we had a choice."
Wish my mom was a flight attendant lol
"You sure you want the Beef Noodle? It's kinda dry." says the United Airlines flight attendant. The…
that is creepy. Our flight attendant finally showed up. Patiently sitting on the floor, waiting for Zone 5. 😑
*presses the flight attendant button on a plane*. "Yes can you ask the pilot to hand me the aux cord"
Ha! Super-attentive flight attendant! Is this you flying back from Vancouver, or going to Ohio for the holidays? Safe travels!
The lead flight attendant on this flight is the best! Make sure Santa is good to her.
Currently on a from CLT to home. Lead Flight attendant read all safety instructions, thoroughly and succinct.
Thank you AirTran for allowing me to have visited these places when I was a flight attendant
Me: "I could never be a flight attendant.". : "Me neither, I'm not *** enough."
have you seen the video of the Singer/Songwriter that has everyone talking?
Just saw the sexiest jetblue flight attendant. and he's from Queens 😍😍💦💦
At the Charlotte airport. Can't leave because is short a flight attendant. Departure time now after our original ETA.
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*wonders if flight attendant is trying to seduce me*. *is OK with situation*
Some little kids got activity packs from the flight attendant and I didn't excuse me I'm still a minor I'm suing
How lucky to meet someone who loves their job so very much! found a gem in flight attendant John !!
Saturday Humor. A) FUNNIEST IATA AIRPORT CODES : 1. DIK – Dickinson Airport, USA. 2. KOK – Kokkola/Pietarsaari Kruunupyy Airport, Finland 3. BUM – Butler Airport, USA 4. PEE – Perm Airport, Russia 5. SEX – Sembach Airport, Germany THE SCARIEST AIRPORTS 1. Mafia Airport (MFA), Tanzania. 2. Crooked Island Airport (CRI), Canada. 3. Slave Lake Airport (YZH), Canada. 4. Danger Bay Airport (DGB), USA Actual ones really. AND FOR GOOD MEASURE : B) Some Flight Announcements : 1. " There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane." 2. " As you exit the plane, please make sure to gather all of your belongings. Anything left behind will be distributed evenly among the flight attendants. Please do not leave children or spouses.' 3. " We are pleased to have some of the best flight attendants in the industry ...Unfortunately none of them are on this flight...! " 4. " "Thank you for flying XYZ Airlines. We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taki ...
I'm liking the new Eastern Flight attendant uniform, a nice blend of the retro look and very sexy.
ok you caught me. I actually AM the flight attendant.
This is your pilot speaking. If you have any requests, please give them to the flight attendant. Anyway, here's Wonderwall.
Bette Burke-Nash, 78, has been a flight attendant for 57 years — which she believes makes her the nation’s longest-serving. Story:
Imagine being a flight attendant and having a passenger purposely trip you when you were walking down the aisle because he was upset at you for something... and having that fall be so hard that it forced you to quit doing the job you always wanted to do because of the long term physical what happened to Maggie, who you'll see in the video below. Maggie always loved to fly. For her, being a flight attendant was her dream job. Now, she deals with constant pain from her fall, frustration that she can't work doing what she loves, and anger towards the person who purposely tripped her. But could she release her pain? Could she use to help? Is it possible to release the pain, frustration, and anger? Find out now - Nick Ortner
Excuse me flight attendant, can get some f'n WiFi?? How else can he say goodbye to Elena as he's plummeting to his demise??
Yes!! The most amazing thing happened on my flight! My flight attendant spilled water all over my lap.. I'm so happy r…
I'm pretty sure the flight attendant hasn't taken me seriously the entire flight due to this.
Chris has been working for Finnair for more than a decade. Watch the video to find out the special little things she and other flight attendants do for the passengers. Video from Finnair
Quote from flight attendant before takeoff: "oh so you're a wine chugger, huh?"
The flight attendant carded me cause "I have a baby face." Is this true?? Y/N?
Hamilton Collection
Pictured: AirAsia flight attendant scalded with hot water and noodles via
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Come and join with us. Flight Attendant of Garuda Indonesia. Open recrut : Dec 13th, 2014. The last recrutment guys! Be succes, Allah bless☺
VIDEO - Flight Attendant on U.S. Airways REFUSES to Hang Army Ranger Uniform! - via
One of the best airlines in the world is I want work in this airline when I be a flight attendant.
American Airlines flight attendant leader Laura Glading asked airline executives for $13 million more after she learned that Delta had given its flight attendants a raise.
Loved my flight today from Amsterdam to as my former neighbor Carol worked as flight attendant on that leg.
With a song like "Drunk On A Plane," I knew we'd run into at least 1 flight attendant here tonight.
I want to be a Mars flight attendant for Richard Branson's spaceship
Flight attendant just said all cell phones must be "turnt" off
congrats.for having the rudest flight attendant.(working rear of plane) on LAX to JFK 9am this morn
I will fit through this 6-inch space between the wall and the edge of the flight attendant desk to get to the empty seat on the other side.
Thank you to the flight attendant who let me look out the window when we landed. She said I was so well behaved and she didn't even know I was on the plane.
hey guys take this to the union for the IU airline industry is not doing that well. American Airlines (AAL_) flight attendant leaders were ready to send a tentative agreement out to members Wednesday morning when they learned that Delta (DAL_) was giving its employees a 4% raise in April. So Laura Glading, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, went back to American CEO Doug Parker and President Scott Kirby to ask for more -- and got it.
All Flight Attendant Jobs jobs in Worldwide on, the search engine for jobs in the UK
So today I actually did a interview for a flight attendant position for the first time ever. I do know that piloting is what I really want to do but I know I need and in-flight experience so I went for it. Anyway tell me why the back of my dress ripped and I had to sew it up on scene at the interview? I love my curves but that was just not the time for that to be happening
Jay and I are trying so hard to figure out if this flight attendant used to be a man or not. She is BEAUTIFUL.
Guy trying to shove a "carry-on" bag the size of a Ford Escort into the overhead. Flight attendant..."seriously sir?"
GREAT E-MAIL I HAVE TO SHARE Posted on September 8, 2014 by Freewill Leave a comment No comment required “Shifty”, By Chuck Yeager Shifty volunteered for the airborne in WWII and served with Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st Airborne Infantry. If you’ve seen Band of Brothers on HBO or the History Channel, you know Shifty. His character appears in all 10 episodes, and Shifty himself is interviewed in several of them. I met Shifty in the Philadelphia airport several years ago. I didn’t know who he was at the time. I just saw an elderly gentleman having trouble reading his ticket. I offered to help, assured him that he was at the right gate, and noticed the “Screaming Eagle,” the symbol of the 101st Airborne, on his hat. Making conversation, I asked him if he’d been in the 101st Airborne or if his son was serving. He said quietly that he had been in the 101st. I thanked him for his service, then asked him when he served, and how many jumps he made. Quietly ...
Travel Tip # 101 - Dress on your flight for where you're going, not from you are departing . . . I made it to my destination - but alas - my luggage did not. I did not check my bag - I always take carry-on - but the overhead bins were full so the flight attendant kindly checked it for me, assuring me it would be at the gateway upon departing the plane. Had we not sat on the tarmac for an hour before departure, causing a very tight connection at SFO, that would have been the case. So dressing in Northwest comfort (somewhat stylish, minus the tennis shoes) is probably not the impression I wanted to create for an evening event at the Hearst Castle tonight. But hey - I made my flight - and I'm here, ready for an evening of fun & frolic.
This has happened to quite a few people before. There was a flight attendant who hadn't read a book in years but picked up…
maybe I'll become a flight attendant
When the flight attendant is actually attractive >>
So our new contract has ben posted...and is up for voting shortly. As usual it is crap...but the union has thrown in some big numbers to hook in some die hard union fans. I'm amazed at the apathy and 'herd' mentality of our work group...this was my response on one of our 'private' pages on FB..when one flight attendant stated that if we wanted something better.we should all go get a better education and then a better job. So apparently we are all *** couldn't bite my tongue. I try to understand everyone's point of view, but Charles, if you were as intelligent as you allude would know this is not about intelligence or lack of. It is a long standing fact that the personality traits one must possess to be hired in assistance orientated jobs are compassion, and to excel in care taking, and be self sacrificing. These very qualities we all possess as flight attendants are the very qualities we were hired for. Our company, as well as our illustrious union reps know this.and it is masterfully used a ...
I will be a flight attendant one day ✈️
The flight attendant says we aren't taking off until a list of passengers exit the plane.
better flight attendant than Elmer Fudd!
Snod will look like a southwest airlines flight attendant
To be a flight attendant or not to be a flight attendant? That is the question...
oh and I know you ain't talking mrs flight attendant that barely be in chicago 😔
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So I'm eating my famous Tuna that I made by myself for myself. Flight attendant comes up "that's a lot of Tunna" um Hello can I eat my Tuna in peace please! Dang
$950 CLE-BOS-CLE on UA vs. $250 PIT-BOS-PIT on Jet Blue is a no-brainer. Had forgotten how good an airline Jet Blue is. (That the flight attendant looked remarkably like Jennifer Aniston didn't hurt.)
I don't know why anyone would willingly be a flight attendant
Apparently everyone on our flight thought the flight attendant looked like Clark Kent. I missed that
And our flight attendant just sang a song to the plane...woo!
Flight attendant: At this time all electronic devices must be a real treat for the insect kingdom.
Gate attendant: is there anything in this bag you need for the flight? Me: YES. My m&ms.
Just applied for my first flight attendant job!! 😊🙏✈️
Hold on ms soul plane flight attendant bring that azz here
Today I was asked if I am a flight attendant 😂 I don't mind putting an American flag pin on me that would be the perfect touch
Lol at that test. I quit.. Flight attendant would be more fun anyways lol ✈️💺
Um the flight attendant thought I was a kid and let me go in the cockpit, meet the pilot and offered me a sticker... So that just happened
Delta swoops in again to save my job! Thanks for the ride Sincerely - a Horizon Air Flight Attendant needing to get to work.
Flight Attendant: AerSale, Inc. Miami, Florida: AerSale is hiring full time Flight Attendants for the Miam...
Sometimes I walk out the door accidentally dressed like a flight attendant. Live here I come!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
My ears keep popping on this flight. No, we aren't descending. This flight attendant just gives a great hummer.
The in-flight movie was "Maleficent," based, no doubt, on the true life story of our lead flight attendant
"I'll have the rat poison" & other things I shouldn't have to say to a flight attendant.
Flight Attendant "Something to drink?". Guy "Cran.". Oh shut up Guy, you can't make cranberry sound cool.
the flight attendant made me put my bag up then came back and made me get my boarding pass out so I could prove that I'm in first class
My flight attendant says there's a three hole golf course near ORD that I could use for fun.
“A Southwest Airlines flight attendant, 1972 May be the answer for today's air rage…
Spilled juice on myself & turned the light on multiple times for help but the flight attendant just kept walking by..🙈than…
FUN FACT: carpets are made from upcycled flight attendant uniforms. Stylish & sustainable. More fun facts:
I think our flight attendant is a priest
Ok so just watched The Fault in Our Stars on the plane and the flight attendant had to ask me if I was ok. It got me
Flight attendant has a giant donut on hwr head
I just wanna see what it'd be like if was a flight attendant. It'd make me happy
This bus driver is bless she let us on without showing even our passes loool and she told us her name acting like a flight attendant shi
You can wear this scarf 6 different ways; all in the style of flight attendant.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Step 1) Ask the flight attendant to ask the pilot to fly over international waters (where everything is legal)...
My flight attendant was eating and giving safety instructions at the same time. So not comforting
Met a lovely flight attendant from Dallas down Wonderground. She's amazing, knowledged, reminded me the golden age of flying. Good luck!
Guess who my flight attendant friend saw on her plane today?
A flight attendant snapped this from to Look at that orange glow near
Not a glamorous job but as a flight attendant for a major airline! Working long hours serving people.
Quitting my Job as a Flight Attendant at United Airlines to sell Candles out the TRUNK of my car! "…
Well good news. Out of 60 applicants yesterday My grand daughter Maryanne got the only position as Flight Attendant for Alaska Air, not American as I thought yesterday. Way to go Pumpkin. Love you PaPa
Turbulence Injures Passengers, Flight Attendant: Passengers aboard an Allegiant Air flight out of...
Flight Attendant Start your career at Alaska Airlines (Anchorage): Flight Attendant . Start yo...
Shout out to my mom who just had her 44 year anniversary as a Flight Attendant with Continental / Airlines!
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