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Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox (born December 13, 1990) is an American football defensive tackle for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Brandon Graham Bennie Logan Vinny Curry Timmy Jernigan Derek Barnett Aaron Donald Chris Long Jordan Hicks Malcolm Jenkins John Jerry Sam Bradford Beau Allen Connor Barwin Ryan Kalil Jordan Matthews Brandon Fusco Pro Bowl Howie Roseman

Smh Fletcher Cox gonna have to reimburse that man for “borrowing” his wife smh
Elite packs on madden should be illegal...if fletcher cox is getting sued for banging another mans wife I want to s…
As ridiculous as it sounds, this is a legitimate lawsuit and Fletcher Cox could actually lose and owe a lot of money…
Joshua Jeffords: I don’t think Fletcher Cox seduced your wife. I think his name is Cox, with an NFL contract and uh…
Fletcher Cox remembers exactly who last scored on the Eagles defense
Her: I bartend tomorrow night. Him: I want to get you pregnant. Not sure Fletcher Cox knows how to have a normal conversa…
"I want to get you pregnant," the defensive tackle told the woman in a DM.
defensive star Fletcher Cox holds autograph signing in Philadelphia.
I have to personally give a huge shout out to Philadelphia Eagles defense tackle Fletcher Cox for being a great...
Russell Wilson might not want to let Ciara come to the game with Fletcher Cox in town
Fletcher Cox is gonna be on NFL total access on NFL network within the hour
Torrey Smith trolling Fletcher Cox with “Mister Steal Your Girl,” might be the best thing I’ve ever seen.
AUDIO: DHK - Fletcher Cox of the Eagles has a little marital issue on his hands, plus the Vegas odds on Tiger Woods…
Moorhead says he's already spoken on the phone with former MSU players Dak Prescott and Fletcher Cox.
Report: Man files lawsuit against Fletcher Cox over alleged seduction of his wife.
Bringing back the tort of alienation of affection for undermining marriage; Man files lawsuit against Eagles Fletch…
??? Joshua Jeffords sues Eagles' Fletcher Cox for ruining marriage
A man in North Carolina has filed a lawsuit against the Eagles' Fletcher Cox whom he says seduced his wife.
Is the Draconian Dictator in the NFL Offices, going to investigate the damage done to a North Carolina Man's…
Lol Fletcher Cox getting sued for being awesome
Once Fletcher Cox knocks up that girl and is done with her, That child support money should easily be 50k+ a month
Baffling to think about how well is represented in the NFL: Preston Smith, Darius Slay, Fletcher Cox, KJ Wright, D…
"Wait, we have to block Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Timmy Jernigan?"
This week's episode of The Scoop includes interviews we recorded Sunday with Brandon McManus and Fletcher Cox, who…
I think Fletcher Cox is better than Aaron Donald.
Y’all wanna tell me how Zeke beat his girlfriend, Kiko nearly killed Joe Flacco and yet Fletcher Cox is in trouble for pok…
why doesn't Fletcher Cox is the recognition that Aaron Donald does ?
Fletcher Cox isn’t Suh or Aaron Donald. He plays with class & I know for a fact he didn’t intend to bust Joe Staley’s eye.
Coming up big on defense and on special teams. Derek Barnett and Fletcher Cox are our Teammates of the Game!
Besides Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox is the best interior DL in the NFL right now.
Fletcher Cox with the sack. Ran right through "attempted block" by Daniel Kilgore to get the sack. Corey Graham with good def vs. 85 in flat
Brandon Scherff vs Fletcher Cox is always a great battle to watch
Once RG Brandon Scherff went down Redskins had no one to block Fletcher Cox.
Lmao imagine having Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Derek Barnett and Chris Long coming at you on 3rd down
Brandon Graham an Fletcher Cox a nightmare for QBs
Derek Barnett and Chris Long coming in for the Eagles. Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox at DT. Nascar
We need Ryan Khalil healthy! On that 1st interception Turner was lef one on one with Fletcher Cox...That a huge NO!
Daryl Williams: "Fletcher Cox is Fletcher Cox. He's a great player. I don't know what you want me to say."
Not having Ryan Kalil was a big deal for the Panthers. Backup center got abused by Fletcher Cox
Headed to 4th quarter and Eagle QB Wentz lighting up Panther secondary like a Las Vegas strip.Fletcher Cox giving Eagle line fits. .
Fletcher Cox is a monster he would kill Ryan to tbh
This was an absolute game changer. This is why we love Fletcher Cox
Saying all week that if Fletcher Cox plays he will be problem for O-Line without Ryan Kahlil, his pressure turns into INT
Fletcher Cox. A rare DT that lives up to his contract
With center Ryan Kalil out and Fletcher Cox in Cam is in trouble in the pocket. Timmy Jernigan and Cox will get at least one sack apiece.
Ryan Kalil inactive for Panthers, Fletcher Cox active for Eagles tonight
Fletcher Cox is active, Panthers' center Ryan Kalil has already been ruled out, time for some dep penetration tonight!!
Even better than Eagles expected - Fletcher Cox and Beau Allen both good to go tonight.
“I do not like him with 8 in the box, I do not like him with Fletcher Cox. I do not like Brandon Graham, I DO NOT LIKE…
Shot 5 - One of the go-to nickel fronts includes Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham inside with Chris Long and Derek Barn…
Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham have combined for 4.5 sacks against 2 of the leagues better offensive lines, pretty impress…
Chris Long. Timmy Jernigan. Fletcher Cox. Brandon Graham will take advantage before they could even do s…
When you're 0-2 and realize Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox are gonna sack you 87 times next week
Eagles have a Dline of Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham, Bennie Logan etc… the chiefs are scary this year…
Brandon Graham & Fletcher Cox gets a date with NYG in week 3
Brandon Graham may break the sack record this Sunday vs Ereck Flowers... Fletcher Cox may also have the game of his life vs Jerry.
Wait, Giants OL has to block Brandon Graham, Derek Barnett, Fletcher Cox, and Timmy Jernigan next week??? 🤨
When your O-line can't block the Little Sisters of the Poor, and Brandon Graham, Timmy Jernigan, and Fletcher Cox are 5…
Just remember: at this moment Fletcher Cox has more touchdowns than Tom Brady and Andy Dalton combined
going from Fletcher Cox to Aaron Donald, ooft 🙈
Fletcher Cox is so strong, he pushes Morgan Moses back with one arm while stripping the ball with the other...bruh 😍
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Fletcher Cox now has 29.5 career sacks, tying Jerome Brown's career mark.
*** that Fletcher Cox for skipping OTA's. *** you
Fletcher Cox and Eric Moulds..many more MLB players
I've seen a couple of people mention Michael Bennett and Fletcher Cox. I would take any of those.
Look at this jump set by RG Brandon Scherff against Fletcher Cox. Took the fight to him and won. Hands + feet 👌 htt…
Don't think people understand how good Tim Jernigan is going to be in Schwartz' system next to Fletcher Cox. . He's going to eat. .
So apparently Maliek Collins & Demarcus Lawrence are better than Fletcher Cox & Brandon Graham. I'm crying.
If I hear "Maliek Collins" in any discussion with Fletcher Cox or BG again...
NFC East offensive lines fear. Fletcher Cox is coming!
can you imagine Corey Simon lined up next to Fletcher Cox? i'm getting all sweaty just thinking about it
[SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - Fletcher Cox got trolled by one of his Eagles teammates
Fletcher Cox: "We're talking about OTAs! We're talking about OTAs... We ain't talking about the game! We're talking abou…
Fletcher Cox is the best DL in the NFC East.
I've heard you time after time not mention Donald among the best but always bring up Fletcher Cox Do…
Imagine spending the last 2-3 yrs building a DL of Leo Williams/Fletcher Cox/Cam Jordan. To get slaughtered by Bud Dupree/Mercilus/Dee Ford
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Step 1: Have Kendricks legally change his name to Fletcher Cox. Step 2: Trade "Fletcher Cox" to the…
It's easy to get hurrys playing next to fletcher cox. BG is good and all but he's not that good
Fletcher cox was dominant and we saw that despite lack of sacks. Graham was dominant despite lack of sacks, but he…
It's Fletcher Cox all over again. Learn a lesson and just don't pay him. Players on last place team holdin out.. Disgrace.
Sorry Joe hurries aren't a real stat. Mack actually got sacks. Graham got 5.5 and played with Fletcher Cox.
Fletcher Cox over Hicks...come on guy
Montae, Rodney hood, Fletcher Cox, Al Jefferson, Mo Williams and the list goes on😴
Jake, would you like to join fletcher cox and Parrish cox so we can have two long coxs?
Oh he's a beast, no denying that. But Jurrell Casey, Fletcher Cox, Suh, and Muham…
poor kid really has to play Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Timmy Jernigan, and Derek Barnett on his first NFL game,…
Fletcher Cox reached out to him last night to welcome him and tell him how he likes his steaks cooked.
Fletcher Cox, Timmy Jernigan, Brandon Graham, and Derek Barnett. Jim Schwartz is wondering what he did to deserve this.
First there was Reggie White and Jerome Brown in, it's Derek Barnett and Fletcher Cox. Along with B. Graham and T.Jernigan. 😈
Grateful to be apart of last night's event for Philly Police with Richard Ross, Eagles' Fletcher Cox, Fred Massanov…
Fletcher Cox and Jordan Hicks for number 13 overall
What Travis Fredrick, Zack Martin, and Lael Collins see when they look at Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan
I'd expect Jernigan starts alongside Fletcher Cox. I think this was a steal for the Also eradicates a 'need'…
Not sure about the move, but if the Eagles line Chris Long up next to Fletcher Cox and their jerseys read “Long Cox,” it’…
We'll see, but Bennie Logan was the best run-stopper and Fletcher Cox was much more dominant when Logan was…
Fletcher Cox says he will miss Bennie Logan playing next to him with the Eagles:
I'm glad the defense still have a nucleus:. DL: Fletcher Cox. LBs: Jordan Hicks. DBs: Malcolm Jenkins. Just build around them now.
and your welcome for Zeke by the if not for Jordan Hicks and Fletcher Cox injuring Romo
the only cards I'm looking for is TOTY Fletcher Cox and Michael Bennett depending off if his price drops to like 30-40K
check the quality of our NFL players. Dak. KJ Wright. Fletcher Cox. Chris Jones. Darius Slay. Bernardrick McKinney
I'm not as high on Allen as I was on Fletcher Cox as an example. Very good player isn't a bad label. Let be honest.
Fletcher Cox is overrated. Getting paid 100+ million and he's putting up Tyrone Crawford numbers. Give me Maliek Collins
From one field to another Pro-staffer Fletcher Cox knows how to put em down. A little off-season hunting in west...
together during the game case in point fletcher cox last year. Dawkins would NEVER do that,
Any fan who criticizes the "toughness" of players would die at the mere sight of Fletcher Cox rushing at them.
Hate me all you want but I'd take Fletcher Cox Over JJ Watt.
Looked a lot like the Shazier hit from last year. I heard officials threw a flag on Fletcher Cox on that Dupree hit though.
If heathy, Kiko Alonso is the best defensive player, not Fletcher Cox.
Have to say that I love your name. My grandmother was a Fletcher and married a Cox.
try again Fletcher Cox contract average 17 million a year. So 4 even an average DL will get 10-12 million
In 2012 Cowboys were deciding between Morris Claiborne and Fletcher Cox...sometimes good things happen to philly
Remember that guy who said Morris Claiborne was more valuable than Fletcher Cox?
NFL player you model your game after? — Easy Fletcher Cox
yeah ok. Because DTs & safeties gonna be using Fletcher Cox and Tyronn contracts like Kirk using top 5 QBs
Of course he's not. Neither is Fletcher Cox. Or Carson Wentz. Or Mike Trout.
"Cox" and "Hooker" are also censored despite players like Fletcher Cox existing in game and Malik Hooker starring in CFB.
Where were you & Gruden with this complaint in week 6 when Scherff shut down Fletcher Cox and kept Kirk from being…
Great moments in photobomb history, with More: .
1st RD, 1st Round next year, Jordan Matthews, Fletcher Cox. Team tried to trade in 2015 to the Should they…
You should tell the other guy to have me on some time, we can talk about Fletcher Cox.
Carson Wentz to Fletcher Cox as season ended:. "Next year we go baby.". Fletcher: "We got to.". From .
domain names
Dak swapping jerseys with Fletcher Cox tonight. . State is really out here.
I know I'm late but, CONGRATS to our Pro Bowlers, Jason Peters, Fletcher Cox & of course they…
Fletcher Cox is better than John Jerry dot GIF
Fletcher Cox just made John Jerry call him daddy
John Jerry shutting down Fletcher Cox reason Giants won this game. Held line together after Pugh went out.
If you guys want someone who is deserving of the Pro Bowl like Brandon Graham, then give back Fletcher Cox who shouldnt be there lol
Tell Paul Dottino that John Jerry singlehandedly shut down Fletcher Cox. Biggest reason for the W.
NFC DT should be Aaron Donald and Damon Harrison, but sacks remain sexy. Gerald McCoy + Fletcher Cox good players, but n…
Jason Peters and Fletcher Cox both make Pro Bowl. Ninth for Peters (seventh as an Eagle) and second for Cox.
Fletcher Cox get into the backfield first, while Brandon Graham and Beau Allen finished off the sack on 1st down. Big play.
Brandon Graham and Beau Allen split the sack, but Fletcher Cox forced Joe Flacco up in the pocket.
Philadelphia Eagles defensive linemen Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham are next challenge for Ravens offensive line.
I think they should trade Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham for as many picks as possible and start building the team.
But back to Fletcher Cox, this guy got paid and doesn't care anymore. I mean my God, NO SACKS ON ANDY DALTON?!?! ANDY FREAKIN DALTON??!!?!!!
Cowboys spent two dollars on Terrell Mcclain and he brings just as much pressure as Fletcher Cox has, maybe even more
Fletcher Cox is getting crushed today. He's struggling, sure, but gave him a grade of 82.6 as Eagles' 2nd highest grad…
Fletcher Cox has been so disappointing..I understand being double-teamed but this is getting hard to watch
Blatant hold on Fletcher Cox on that TD.
Dez Bryant on Fletcher Cox saying Eagles still better team: "If that's how he feels that's how he feels. We know what that…
Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Connor Barron and Beau Allen NEED to ball tonight!
Brandon Fusco, imo. If someone finds a clip of Fletcher Cox tossing him aside like a rag doll please share it. I LO…
Fletcher Cox simply overpowered Brandon Fusco on that last play.
Fletcher Cox against Alex Boone, Joe Berger and Brandon Fusco. Has to eat today
Fletcher Cox, Jordan Matthews and Brandon Graham will all be part of You can be too:
Asked Brandon Graham what Bennie Logan means to the D, noting that he may not play. Fletcher Cox interrupted, "F*** that,…
lol ok. Fletcher Cox will break Bradford's back next week.
Imagine drafting Fletcher Cox while Morris Claiborne is still on the board
Chris Simms of Bleacher Report calls Fletcher Cox "the best defensive lineman in football" and says its between him an…
Fletcher Cox grabbed him like your dad grabs you when you think you grown
need 2 DL...who do you got? Chandler Jones, Fletcher Cox, Cam Jordan, William Hayes or DeForest Buckner?
RG John Greco said Eagles DT Fletcher Cox ranks in his top 3 of DTs. Along with Bucs' Gerald McCoy, Rams' Aaron Donald.
Fletcher Cox lines up at end and eviscerates Le'Raven Clark
Chip Kelly would have been able to get Dorial Green-Beckham too... for Jordan Matthews, Fletcher Cox, Jordan Hicks and a…
Fletcher Cox just stuffed Byron Marshall at the goal line. Brandon Graham runs up to the RB, gets in his face and yells “Where you going!”
Fletcher Cox is going to be a beast this season. Beautiful in Schwartzy’s system.
Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan, Vin Curry and Brandon Graham easily our best group of players.
Jay Wright, Fletcher Cox, Ben Simmons,. Joel Embiid, Howie Roseman my top 5 no particular order.
"Fletcher Cox is going to absolutely destroy people in this [Jim Schwartz] system." - | Listen live:
Ike Taylor's top 100 didn't include Fletcher Cox? Is he kidding? Or is he just that un-knowledgeable?
CONTEST: Win an authentic Fletcher Cox home jersey! Find out how:
I just found out who Fletcher Cox was because of the top 100 list Von Miller need 2 hunna mill 125 of guaranteed
Think it's crazy when athletes make millions? So does Fletcher Cox..who just made $100 mill.
Cuz he the best player in the league lol and the Eagles just signed Fletcher Cox to 60 mill guaranteed
Fletcher Cox got 63 mill guaranteed bro there's no way they ain't gonna pay him more. They got to
Podcasting 101 plus some thoughts on Osweiler, Fletcher Cox, & Von Miller on today's Ross Tucker Football...
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Fletcher Cox's 'guaranteed' money is less than Ian Kennedy's and B.J. Upton's.
Fletcher Cox's contract proves baseball is the better choice: Fletcher Cox just signed a contract...
Fletcher Cox will have $55.549M fully guaranteed from by March 2017, per source.
Dude. Fletcher Cox just left his mark.
DONE DEAL! and DT Fletcher Cox agree to terms on a six-year extension through the 2022 season.
Hmmm. Darren Sproles, the guy whose OTA absence was NOT contract-related, is taking lotsa full-team reps. Fletcher Cox is tak…
It's Mike Martin, not Fletcher Cox, at first team tackle as team drills begin. Pederson said he'd be limited.
Fletcher Cox: “I’m happy to be back in Philadelphia to get back to work with my teammates and coaches ..." (1/3)
Fletcher Cox has arrived at the NovaCare complex
Stakeout at HQ. Darren Sproles is in there; Fletcher Cox is not
Darren Sproles and Fletcher Cox will be in attendance for mandatory minicamp that starts tomorrow. Good news to hea…
While the wait to learn if star DL Fletcher Cox will show for minicamp, RB Darren Sproles is slated to show up. The t…
Good insight from on the Fletcher Cox situation:
Fletcher Cox was reportedly spotted on a plane headed to Philly
true. we wanted Nick but our d-line is still STACKED without him. Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan, Connor Barwin, Brandon Graham...🔥🔥🔥
"Fletcher Cox is best football player & I believe Howie Roseman will get the deal done" Ron Jaworski
More likely to win NFL MVP in 2016: Fletcher Cox or Chase Daniel?
Coach Schwartz: Both Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox were drafted to play in an attack scheme. . and ap…
Kenjon Barner: Don't call me a 'Chip Kelly guy'; more notes on Fletcher Cox, Jalen Mills.
Seth Joyner feels Fletcher Cox can be a top 3 DT in the Eagles new scheme
Seth Joyner on Fletcher Cox negotiations: 'You don't want to *** the guy off'
Adam Caplan says the and Fletcher Cox want to get a deal done by training camp.
Pretty much every coach I have ever asked about the defenses has gone out of way to praise Fletcher Cox.
I don't mind Fletcher Cox skipping voluntary workouts at all. He's negotiating a big $ extension. I wouldn't risk an injury…
Waiting for Fletcher Cox to show up like.
Somewhere in a exotic location Andrew Bynum is going crazy with his fraud millions while Fletcher Cox is camped outside of the bank waiting.
Took home Sports Writing award for my piece on Fletcher Cox (
Gotta imagine Fletcher Cox feels threatened by the Mike Martin signing.
You know what...if we can get a pay cut from Sam...that makes the Fletcher Cox deal crazy...might be the highest paid DL in the league
I want Fletcher Cox and Jordan Mathews... They can keep next years picks... At least Mathews...
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I'm all in for the Browns and eagles trade especially if they throw in Fletcher Cox or Jordan Mathews
Anybody just hear my trade proposal to the Eagles? On 92.3 the fan... I want Fletcher Cox, Jordan Mathews, & the 9th pick, 77 & 79... .
Bennie Logan on Fletcher Cox: "I ain't worried about Fletch. ... I know when it's time to go, I can count on him to go."
"He is going to be on our team going forward. We are not trading Fletcher Cox.".
Doug Pederson told reporters that he doesn't expect Fletcher Cox to be here during minicamp later this week as it is Voluntary
Why can't Fletcher Cox or Malcolm Jenkins be the wallpaper? Someone good lol.
Last week Fletcher Cox did this to Trent Williams.
Here are some of Eagles players snapchats:. Fletcher Cox- "BigCox91". Bennie Logan- "Bennielo". Rueben Randle- "BigRubino82"
Give me Michael Jordan and then I would think about trading away Fletcher Cox
I will take Fletcher Cox and for overall. Gladly.
DE Fletcher Cox, LT Jason Peters and RB Darren Sproles have not shown up for voluntary camp
Two players who did not show for voluntary camp, DE Fletcher Cox and LT Jason Peters. Coaches do like players to s…
Greg hardy better than fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox has 1 good season Greg hardy has been a Pro Bowl pass rusher before the Dallas Cowboys
randy Gregory has more sacks than fletcher Cox in the pre season
All purpose parts banner
Eagles switched to a 4-3 and now have Bennie Logan and Fletcher Cox at tackle. I don't think run defense is an issue
they also got fletcher cox if anything they need a ILB and unless Jack is there (he will not) who are they taking for run d?
Greg Hardy >Fletcher Cox nd it's not even close
*** Fletcher Cox is going to destroy his ***
wait have Fletcher Cox been to a Pro Bowl? last time I check Hardy was a all pro Pro Bowl pass rusher
Remember that time the Cowboys jumped up in the draft and missed out on Fletcher Cox
Idk about you guys, but I'd be a little tempted to trade Fletcher Cox for Jalen Ramsey
do you trade Fletcher Cox (knowing his contract situation) to move up and get Wentz. I say Yes!
if they reach for a QB, I think so. But I think it will be okay. The man did trade up for Fletcher Cox, no? Thats big.
They aren't trading Fletcher Cox. If Chip Kelly was coach still, maybe, but no way now.
Eagles need to lock up Fletcher Cox long term asap. Have a strong feeling he's going to have a monster year in the 4-3 this year.
Please don't trade my man fletcher cox. Get his deal done soon so that all of can rest easy.
Someone needs to buy Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox from me.
fans when Fletcher Cox gets a holding call --->
I'm with this movement but it's cant be Marcus smith,Brandon Graham, or Fletcher cox I'm blocked
I never said he was bad but Fletcher cox is a big reason for his success relax 😂
Chris Jones reminds me of Fletcher Cox. Same school, wasn't a top DT early on, great frame. Just needs to add muscle & technique.
waiting to see IE roster, but did expect Aaron Cox and David Fletcher to be in Burlington.
When your Dad and Fletcher Cox are good friends🙌
Hi Les Will fletcher Cox Get his deal to stay in Philly ? Second your gut what is your opinion Eagles 8th Pick is ?
It's funny because they were still your most talented defensive players, outside of maybe Fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox deserves all the money he is going to get
except when he plays against Fletcher Cox & Bennie Logan who man handle em!
Jesus we love to overvalue who we have. People talk about Fletcher Cox like he's Reggie.
Update April 1st : Eagles have traded Fletcher Cox and Malcolm Jenkins for 2016 draft picks
According to reports, Eagles pushing hard to trade for Rams QB Nick Foles. Either Fletcher Cox or Jordan Hicks plus a pi…
Don't think Fletcher Cox trade scenario will happen. More realistic IMO: Jets offering 2nd, and Mo Wilkerson for
Two No. 1s, two No. 2s, Sam Bradford and Fletcher Cox for Mariota. Yeah, that's a plan.
whatever I wouldn't have traded Marcus for any picks, Sam, or Mark and only good defensive player is Fletcher Cox
bleacherreport showed it. It was nuts. they did offer the day of the trade Fletcher Cox and Sam Bradford and Brandon Boykin
Chip was ready to hand over TWO 1sts, a second, Sam Bradford AND Fletcher Cox.
So in reality... 2015 Rd1. 2015 Rd2. 2016 Rd1. Sam Bradford . Fletcher Cox. And you wonder why Lurie wanted him GONE?..
Adam Schefter says Eagles 'would like Sam Bradford back', comments on Fletcher Cox and...
Imagine the Eagles front line with Nick Fairley, Vinny Curry, Bennie Logan and Fletcher Cox
Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry , Nick Fairley , Bennie Logan, Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin... I would like that core
Jesus, follow now my "who to follow" is Bennie Logan, Vinny Curry, and Fletcher Cox... gross.
Howie Roseman on signing Fletcher Cox to a new deal: “We don’t have any intention of him ever leaving the building.”
they happen to have Bennie Logan and Fletcher Cox to play inside for Schwartz
What trio is as stout as Cedric Thornton, Bennie Logan, and Fletcher Cox?
Add in Curry, and hopefully Fletcher Cox and the bulk of your $ is spent on guys entering their prime. Howie following the Andy/Banner model
Fletcher Cox and Von Miller deals about to break the internet in 2017
Vernon Hargreaves with Eric Rowe? Ezekiel Elliot with Ryan Mathews? Ronnie Stanley & OLine? Joey Bosa with Fletcher Cox in midnight green? 👀
I think Malcolm Jenkins and Fletcher Cox will be the additions to my Eagles jersey collection this offseason
This means eagles giving Fletcher Cox this same $$$ or more 😅😅😅
Yikes - what's the Jags/Jackson signing mean for Fletcher Cox?
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does Fletcher Cox have a super bowl ring?
The only legit jerseys I’ve paid full price for are Sean Couturier and Fletcher Cox. Fingers crossed, I guess.
This will certainly help to sign Fletcher Cox to a long term deal. No one is going to miss Demarco Murray, stop with the fa…
As usual I guess owner Jeff Lurie is hiding under his desk.Why isn't Fletcher Cox signed. Lurie better step up to the plate
When you think the Eagles notification is for Fletcher Cox but it's just a one year deal for Matt Tobin...
The Eagles tender Matt Tobin, but this likely leaves no room for Fletcher Cox on Next year's roster, so he could be cut.
Fletcher Cox is the truth, OBJ slander is funny, but he's the truth, Jordan Reed is the truth. Bradford isn't that good. Next.
ODB is great Fletcher Cox is great Jordan Reed is great
Sarah silverman has bigger shoulders than Fletcher Cox
Yeah he really screwed up in 2012 by drafting Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry and Mychal Kendricks.
still gave us guys like Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Jenkins.. He's also made some plus moves
I know it's Fletcher Cox, but Flowers can't let him into his chest like that, like he did all year. Gets pushed back into Eli's lap...
Fletcher Cox, DeMarco Murray on Eagles' to-do list?: PHILADELPHIA -- Though we talked about Bill Barnwell...
Kind of cool how Fletcher Cox and Geno Atkins traded helmets after the Pro Bowl
Sign the man I need my Cox jerz. Fletcher Cox At The Pro Bowl
So uh...where that Fletcher Cox deal at tho?
Would you trade Fletcher Cox, next year's 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks for next year's 1st pick to get Watson?
drafted Fletcher Cox & Lane Johnson & Vinny Curry and traded for Darren SPROLES...keep going
what if it was to draft Fletcher Cox's clone, Catcher Flox? That'd be the only acceptable DL pick, IMO.
The Eagles will sign Fletcher Cox, they have to make a real big decision in signing Bradford. Do u want to me Miami?
Keep in mind that Fletcher Cox is going to cost a pretty penny to keep. Are you sure you want to sign Bradford, it will force other cuts.
Waiting on that Fletcher Cox extension like.
yeah I wouldn't hate it...let's sign fletcher cox first and *** cap that man!
Fletcher cox is gonna get franchised tagged & so is Alshon Jeffrey
Dont franchise Bradford, lock up Fletcher Cox, agreed!
and Fletcher Cox have agreed on a deal that is worth $60.25M, including $43M gtd, as I'm told. Eagles spending.
Fletcher Cox had a great time at the Pro Bowl Community Blitz! Check it out →
I'm committing to Fletcher Cox. Only player for any Philly team who is arguably the best at his position
So like, Fletcher Cox or Luke Keuchly at 3 and Harrison Smith or Alshon Jeffery at 22?
Eagles Position Review: Fletcher Cox is worth all of the money...
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Kirk Cousins, Fletcher Cox, and Doug Baldwin were bigger breakouts than some of these IMO. Still, good read.
Eagles work on Fletcher Cox contract as we celebrate our Legac..
I might consider this. Laremy Tunsil and AShawn Robinson > Fletcher Cox... And I love
what would Rams want for him in a trade? 2nds round pick and Fletcher Cox?
I'd have Connor Barwin, Ndamaukong Suh, Fletcher Cox, and JJ Watt (left to right)
Would you rather...Fletcher Cox or a healthy Joel Embiid? See if you agree w/ .
unless Fletcher Cox can play QB I take Embiid every time
Fletcher Cox and Connor Barwin can owe Pro Bowl production to Vinny. Huge piece of our puzzle on D
Fletcher Cox is better than Kawann Short and Geno Adkins? Puh 😂😂
Eagles extending Lane Johnson. Expected to extend Fletcher Cox, re-sign Vinny Curry. Me:
"He made me a better man." Fletcher Cox talks about new DL coach Chris Wilson, who coached him at Miss St: https:/…
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