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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond.

Star Wars Brian Blessed Buck Rogers Kenny Baker Time Bandits Sam Jones Buster Crabbe John Carter George Lucas Max Von Sydow Emperor Ming Mike Hodges Sam J Jones Mark Millar

Mingo or Mercilus? Which AFC South linebacker would you take against Flash Gordon’s Jets?
I guess that was one of the ridiculous episodes - brilliantly ridiculous tho. does Flash Gordon 😂
I swear, Josh Gordon is that ex you know is no good for you, but you just can't let go. BABY WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK
Reminds me of that Flash Gordon baddie, Ming the Merciless!
Hey Nathan. I miss your fantasy show and advice. What say you about stashing Flash Gordon?
Hi Gordon, sorry for the disruption. Yeah, both services are cancelled due to a train fault ^M
Listening to Rico on the latest Treks In Scifi - Ep 650 "Flash Gordon"
SOURCES: Leadership on Team Heyyrick's Moon Patrol pulled the trigger finger again on Flash Gordon.
You know what George Lucas did when he couldn't get the rights to Flash Gordon? He created Star Wars. Something to think about.
must add if Flash Gordon is reinstated this evening? Or anytime this season.
Lol...and Flash Gordon?! Really!? My guys are way up on my list now
Like Flash Gordon, the soundtrack powers that film.
Also the original Star Wars movie take elements from Flash Gordon, John Carter, Dune, Valerian, Western and Samurai films.
Flash Gordon will change your life in a flash.
*Does happy dance BREAKING NEWS Freestyle Libre available on NHS from November
The 1930s take on Flash Gordon is one of my absolute favourite Sci-fi series. Here's the trailer:
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So that never happened? It falls in the same category as Flash Gordon, par examplay?
. Browns make the playoffs this year and Flash Gordon returns. As long as Kizer stays healthy they Definitely have shot.
When I'm listening to the Flash Gordon soundtrack.
Flash Gordon's on TV and is on it's way to 1000 views. Why not have a really flashy day and watch both http:/…
Hit me up on . Other thing is glitchy af 2night. Who tf still uses flash? $crypto $btc $eth $ltc…
Watched too much of the Flash Gordon movie as a kid hehehe 💫🚀⚡️
For all the setting details, if you know Flash Gordon you know John Carter.
Gordon looking like the Flash of there running 🏃🏾⚡
Call me Flash Gordon cuz my sperm count at 1
Wow, quite a flash there, Gordon - they are finally starting to catch up with reality, eh?
cool shot of the Flash Gordon. Sam J. Jones. I'm curious, though.. and, I know not to believe everything. but...
Sam J. Jones, a fave of mine since I was 14 and saw Flash Gordon, then I learned through an interview of his Playgi…
Mike Hodges, the director of Get Carter and Flash Gordon, has written 3 noir-novellas. They're crowdfunding here:
Three noir novellas from Mike Hodges, the director of the legendary Flash Gordon? .
I can't find a GIF of Timothy Dalton in Flash Gordon saying "where you go, I follow". But that
My very favorite movie serial hero is Buster Crabbe's Flash Gordon!
Well most Marvel stories are rip offs of the old Buster Crabbe Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials anyhow.
The couple in this cover heavily resembles actors Buster Crabbe and Jean Rogers from Flash Gordon (1936).
YES! First proper day off in a couple of weeks and Flash Gordon is on TV. Takes me right back to being a kid
Like how Tolkien drew from various mythologies. Star Wars drew from old sci-fi like Flash Gordon, and just used a classic hero's tale
Buck Rogers will head up project; Flash Gordon in charge of gov approvals. You know what…
What if George Lucas had gotten the rights to Flash Gordon instead of developing Star Wars.
have you ever watched Buck Rogers ..Battlestar Galaticans ..Flash Gordon..Lost in the Space..???
There were but Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon wiped them out by spreading an especially virulent strain of gonorrhea.
Here's the interview I did with Sam J Jones aka Flash Gordon!
Said kid brought in some Flash Gordon props (a gun made of wood and some wings made of wood). They weren't amazing!
Reaching into a box of paper towel rolls in a garage in AZ is just like Flash Gordon and the Wood Beast
Gordon Hayward, Jeff Gordon, Flash Gordon, Gordon Ramsay it don't matter Cavs going to The Finals
"Paul George, Curious George, Josh Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Gordon Hayward, Flash Gordon...why add a wing when we already got a…
5 of 5 stars to Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond
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Flash Gordon is the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond - Read More
Ok that's the jade emperor just goes to show you that Flash Gordon doesn't hurt him
Ha, that reminds us of the story of Brian Blessed filming 'Flash Gordon' when he was tol…
Brown envelopes are the new red. Corbyn passes a wad to Flash Gordon for speechifyin n'such...
Just think: if De Laurentis sold the rights to Flash Gordon to George Lucas in the 70s, we might never have had Star Wars.…
Would any gal in one of those Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers serials count? Pearl Argyle i…
Yes... I grew up watching Buck Rogers, loved that show... and Flash Gordon is one of my guilty ple…
SO awesome to hear that - thank you! See you're a Star Wars fan. What about Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon? They're my faves. :)
As families prepare to vacation on Mars, Flash Gordon threatening Buck Rogers with Barbarella's left sock! Democrat…
Disney is turning the whole "Starwars" franchise into a Buck Rogers,Flash Gordon serial format. Do u Think this a…
Northern Fancon!. Rick Kelly chats with Sam Jones about his movie career including "Flash Gordon".
Sam J Jones was cast as Flash Gordon (80) because the producer's mother-in-law saw him on The Dating Game.
Ghostbusters, Batteries not included, Flash Gordon, teen wolf, goonies, willow. Posters: crocodile Dundee
They were all patterned after Aura, from Filmation's earlier Flash Gordon cartoon. I would guess desi…
Ghost Busters sequel to do away with ghosts. no shark in the Jaws reboot. new Flash Gordon film won't feature Flash…
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But i'm cool with TP being gone as long as we scoop OJ Howard and bring back Flash Gordon 😎
45 kind of reminds me of Max Von Sydow's "Ming the Merciless" in "Flash Gordon". Supreme leader is unhappy with the news.😂
fortunecookied:. Flash Gordon (1980). Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless
I want to see someone make a John Carter/Flash Gordon style planetary romance movie with a female lead. Bonus points if you work Tarzan in.
That's nothing. I've got a bloke sat on my back who looks like Flash Gordon having a bad hair day
Besides the comics - Mass Effect (along with Flash Gordon, Farscape, Star Wars and some others) were my biggest inspirations…
Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon, yours to guess. Sweet-ish sour. (Beeblebrox Cherry Sour)
Cool.but Flash and Flash Gordon are two different people lol
There's a whole spectrum of good from Flash Gordon through The Room and Plan 9 all the way up to La Femme Nikita.
Retirement is treating this handsome boys well! Left to right: Duke, Strawberry, Buck, and Flash Gordon! All 4 of...
Doesn't matter how bad our local government performs,master of spin Flash Gordon will make us believe it's all gran…
We need one for Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Saturday morning serials, Flash Gordon, the triple os.
Ahhh, saviour of the universe! The man, myth & legend: meet Flash Gordon's at Birmingha…
Ahhh, saviour of the universe! Flash Gordon legend is returning from planet Mongo to
Flash Gordon bring my cords and spark the light in the dark Peter Parker, Spider-Man, all I do is climb the charts!
would you keep Arian Foster or offer him up for Flash Gordon?
Bucks Fizz have come dressed from the 80s future. Such tinfoil, much Flash Gordon.
we ask why Sam Jones is being asked about a Flash Gordon reboot. iTunes, or ht…
Presumably Sam Jones (the alleged fan rather than Flash Gordon - kids, ask your dads) is a spoof account. bullying?! Ha! Ha!!
can you put in a good word for me with Flash Gordon? Sam Jones is coming to my local Comic-Con, I want to party with him!!!
I've always wanted a sequel to Flash Gordon with all original cast Sam Jones & Max Von Sydow
In the 1990 film Flash Gordon,what NFL team did Flash(Sam Jones) say he played QB for?.
'Flash Gordon' star Sam J. Jones on Seth MacFarlane and 'Ted' films: He will always be known for playing Flash…
very well may be dubbed over in every major movie. Rocky, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Rudy, Flash Gordon.
I thought James sounded like Brian Blessed then, was waiting for him to do some quotes from Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon is awesome for two reasons: The Soundtrack and Brian Blessed (You cannot stop watching him)
Really thought Jonah Hill should have played the new Flash Gordon
Kenny Baker starred in some of my favorites. Time Bandits, Flash Gordon, and Star Wars. You were the original droid who stole my heart.
Thoughts and prayers for loss of your Flash Gordon co-star. BBC News: Actor Kenny Baker dies aged 81 . https:/…
I just heard the Flash Gordon theme and I'm tRIGGERED RN
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I added a video to a playlist Flash Gordon Movie "Hawkmen Vs Ajax"
At least the Flash Gordon soundtrack is rad
Don't go in expecting Flash Gordon. If you want something slower, this is a good game.
My mourning period for Kenny Baker continues with "Flash Gordon."
Melvin Gordon with a nice 44 yard catch and run for a TD. Shows a flash of power at the end.
Flash Melvin Gordon with power and speed!!!
Running Day 29 of 30. Superhero yourself! Snapped this photo in my FLASH GORDON t-shirt just…
Let's see what Flash Gordon can do this Quarter
And can we all agree that Kenny Baker's least memorable role was in FLASH GORDON?
Kenny Baker was in and Flash Gordon, Time Bandits, and Elephant Man. Three pinnacle films of my childhood. RIP
no but I can sing the theme song Flash Gordon from the commercial
.The miniseries (FLASH GORDON: KINGS CROSS) will debut in November. This page is from issue 3, which I guess drops in January?
You know that really tacky sci fi aesthetic that's present in Thundercats and Masters of the Universe and Flash Gordon...what's that called?
Apparently this movie is the ur-source of stock footage for the space opera serials I grew up on: FLASH GORDON, etc.
RIP Kenny Baker, R2-D2,You're the most overlooked actor that ever was! my love of your movies is epic:willow,flash Gordon,the labyrinth
Lettering KINGS CROSS is writing Flash Gordon again, and all is well. https:/…
The lead in this was nom. for a Golden Raspberry Award for "Worst Actor" -
look him up. He wasn't a fraud in Time Bandits, Labyrinth, Willow or Flash Gordon.
Technically you covered him with Amadeus. I can only think of Elephant Man/Flash Gordon/Labyrinth/Willow. One classic in there
📷 RIP Kenny Baker Actor in films such as “Flash Gordon” and “Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi,” but best...
. he wasn't in Time Bandits, Labyrinth, Willow or Flash Gordon.
I can't believe I'm about to recommend a Mark Millar book, but Starlight is the real deal. It's Flash Gordon mixed with Unforgiven.
I can't even articulate the happiness this man has brought me since childhood starwars flash gordon & Time Bandits 💜
Kenny appeared in so many other top movies too. Elephant Man, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa. He was even in Flash Gordon!!
I just flew 1482m on Skies of Mongo in Flash Gordon!
Christmas tv was always Laurel and Hardy, Flash Gordon and the World at War
RIP Kenny Baker.A Star Wars Legend.And an actor of many films including Flash Gordon and Time Bandits.He was 81.
Kenny Baker, actor behind R2-D2, dies: The 3ft 8in actor, who starred in six Star Wars films as well as Time Bandits and Flash Gordon...
Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Flash Gordon, Time Bandits, Labyrinth... that's how u live a life. Kenny Baker. RIP.
years ago, I bought my dad an autograph of the 1930s Flash Gordon.
The Muppet Shows to Star Wars IV V VI I II III to Flash Gordon & Labyrinth. God speed & you will always be true R2D2 Kenny Baker
Obama once said, this Star Wars is really Hughes. Somebody should make a Flash Gordon movie
Maybe wanting another Flash Gordon movie is simply a monkey's paw wish. It would probably be a dull as dishwater "serious" version.
Gary Pinkel wasn't exactly Flash Gordon but I will submit he was top 10 coach of last two decades
It's in my top 5 of all time, mos def - Cool Hand Luke, Flash Gordon, The Road Warrior, Raiders, Blade Runner.
Original Alex Raymond art for Flash Gordon, from the Exploring Calvin and Hobbes exhibit at the Bill
BTW, Flash Gordon counts in my book. Serial to movie is *** near CB. Who would EVER make Max Von Sydow Asian?!?
Mine was . "You look and sound like the hawk guy [Brian Blessed] from Flash Gordon when you laugh". I of course said Thank YOU.
It's my last day at 'Dale-Con', at Rochdale Town Hall. With Sam J. Jones, (Flash Gordon), and Melody Anderson.
Ming? Maybe should've called Buster Crabbe, a.k.a. Flash Gordon! (Please, not the Sam J. Jones version.)
Since you brought up Buster Crabbe last week, did you read Mark Millar's Stardust? It has a Flash Gordon-esq flavor - good read
I'm not saying that Sam J. Jones was Flash Gordon - there's no such th...
Flash Gordon quite a unique film great casting and costuming always looked forward to a sequel. Memorable dia…
If they're making another Space Jam with Lebron, they should make another Flash Gordon with Brady. Or Mark Wahlberg. Just make another Flash
Jeff Smith's Captain Marvel mini , Jeff Parker's thunderbolts and his Flash Gordon with Doc Shaner
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
When people keep telling you that you look like Emperor Ming perhaps it's time to change Avatar 😂 Now bring me the body of Flash Gordon!
Not much doing at Wembley. Flash Gordon's on the other side, if that's more your thing. What a *** Ming was.
Is that before or after Road to Perdition?. Flash Gordon is the best and only great Comicbook action movie.
remember Flash Gordon? That guy in the gold shoulder pads was in it I'm sure
The opening scene to would make Don Bluth and 80s filmmakers proud. It took me right into a Flash Gordon kind of feeling.
Joe Ledley decided to grow his beard after meeting Brian Blessed at a Flash Gordon convention in Llanfaes
- Now playing - 'Flash Gordon's Ape' by 'Captain Beefheart'
Doc Savage, Indiana Jones, Flash Gordon... these were the kinds of characte...
To save The World like The Bondi Vet and Flash Gordon. Like i am Working for Disney and All The Companies that i work for @ waterbombstudios
I love the Mark Protosevich is working on FLASH GORDON, but I love Reed Crandall doing Flash Gordon too!
About to see Flash Gordon at Alamo Drafthouse, the most MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH.
Flash, a-ah! He'll save every one of us. (@ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - for Flash Gordon with Sam Jones...)
If you remember Department S, the awesome Jason King, No. 2, Flash Gordon or THAT episode of The Avengers then...
I watched Superman movie and Flash Gordon , Phantom in theatres with John uncle & Sons , Daddys best friend, me, and siblings, memories♡
I just now realized that the first line in the Flash Gordon song spoils the whole movie.
Flash Gordon chooses Union Carbide over love (Al Williamson art).
Born Today 1916 Jean Rogers: Prob best known for role as Dale Arden in the 1st two Flash Gordon serials (betw 1936 & 1…
please remake the movies Flash Gordon and also police academy
The mercilessly bid on a Flash Gordon collection. Log in to watch:
Flight of the navigator painful to watch. Some movies sucked first time around and got better with age, like Flash Gordon.
Day 2 recap. I met Flash Gordon. A girl punched me in the boys. Shank threw a dizzy bat into orbit. Suh dude is still hilar…
Watching "The Gamesters of Triskelion". The bad guy looks like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.
I put my flashdrive in the computer in class and someone asked "why does it say Gordon on your flash drive I thought your name was Coltin?"
On the plus side, seen plenty of Bad Vicky in LMN & Syfy movies, & got my Cliche fix in Flash Gordon eps.
there's Gordon (the flash chromatography system), Bertha the rotovap and Leanne the freeze-dryer.
the Flash Gordon movie from the 80's is absolute trash, but I'll watch it every time it comes on
as Flash Gordon is the best piece of cosplay I've seen all year. Congrats!
Is that from your Flash Gordon folder?
flash Gordon. Saviour of the universe.
Agreed. Superhero movies to us growing up were campy stuff like SUPERMAN and FLASH GORDON. Fun, but we wanted RAMBO!
as long as we're dreaming big, Flash Gordon and Megatron together is a good dream
5 reasons 'Flash Gordon' is the most underrated cult classic film of all time
Man, I would love a really good Flash Gordon film.
This Krypton intro in Man of Steel is a convincing argument that a Flash Gordon remake would look fantastic.
A blscrn sequence from Flash Gordon at Van Der Veer photo effects where I interned in 91-92 in beautiful Burbank Ca.
'to Soar to $300 Million-Plus Global Debut https: seen it-it is no avengers-no cpt america sorry not even flash gordon
Just watched Flash Gordon in sci-fi book club and must now download that perfect perfect soundtrack.
First Supergirl, Jim Gordon, now Flash??? Is Arrow next in being framed???
A1: Right now I have a salted caramel blizzard, but i like to unwind with a movie. Flash Gordon anyone?
I like Dwyane Wades new nickname ''Father Prime'', pretty clever. I hate reused handles and to me Tom Gordon is and will be the only Flash.
Cover of a client folder I made. Flash Gordon and SEO nerd: no shame
love Ted, as much as he loves flash Gordon and weed..😂😂
"Gordon's alive?" I love Prince Vultan, Brian Blessed is awesome! So glad we share the same love for Flash Gordon :)
Yes, and Derrick will excel quickly. Some NBA team is going to be blessed to have Flash Gordon!!
Yes, Derrick and you will excel quickly in the NBA !! YES, FLASH GORDON ! Some NBA team is going to be bless.
In none terrorism news, George Lucas wanted to remake Flash Gordon. When he couldn't get the rights, he created the Star Wars franchise.
I had a lot of Star Wars & Battlestar Galactica toys and original space Legos. Oh, and the Flash Gordon & The Black Hole albums.
That blew my geek mind. Like when I realised Mike Hodges did both 'Get Carter' and 'Flash Gordon'!
Come on boys..we have 25 minutes to save the season..where's Flash Gordon when you need him!
gritty war movie Black Pudding Down, or good old Bangers and Flash Gordon
Obvious one - Peter Duncan is killed by a tree stump in Flash Gordon.
just watched ted for like the 100th time and decided to watch Flash Gordon , never seen it before hope it's good 👏🏼
follow baseball that close so I wasn't indoctrinated by them. My cousin helped that & the visit from Frank White & Flash Gordon...
Seriously. I have five Pops en route, and you're making me wish it was the Flash Gordon series instead. I. Can't. Wait! :D
The Queen has the title Defender of the Faith. And every night she puts on a Flash Gordon suit and sends uno…
I'm not going to lie, I'd love to see a reboot of Flash Gordon with Rob Gronkowski as Flash.
Writer Flash Gordon is dead. A surgical error. RIP.
Just finished watching Syfy's Flash Gordon (2007) . episode 20: "Cold Day in *** on
anna do you remember 'that boy' with a penchant for Los Angeles who shared a last name with Flash Gordon?
Would you really be surprised if Flash Gordon exposed himself?
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Flash Gordon Parks killed his set also. Lots of HTown classics spun on vinyl. Rare stuff.
In a world, full of noobs... One man... Games... To save them all. (Flash Gordon theme song) . J... N... F!!!. He'll save everyone of us!
"Thor is alive!” (said in the voice of Brian Blessed from Flash Gordon…)
Master of Puppetes, Ten, Number of the Beast, Flash Gordon Soundtrack, Paranoid, Dirt, And Justice for All, y un largo etcétera
Secret RiffTrax Live meetings? I request the following: She (1965), Flash Gordon (1980), and the old fav, Swamp of the Ravens.
A new Flash Gordon movie with Cam as Flash.
The Imperial Palace of Ming the Merciless and that is Dr. Alexei Zarkov awaiting the arrival of Flash Gordon.
hm I rose from the dead and yet no one made a Flash Gordon joke i wanna say I'm disappointed but am I rly
Flash Gordon soundtrack artist was Queen. Which artist should Matthew Vaughn get for new Flash Gordon movie?
Dimitri Tiomkin said he just ripped off classical composers. Love to hear Franz Waxman "Flash Gordon" stuff.
This and Gripper listening to Flash Gordon soundtrack?. What's going on?!!!
You throw a little bit of sandwich crust to a seagull, and the next thing you know, you're surrounded by hungry Hawkmen from "Flash Gordon".
So the 6yo asks if Flash Gordon is a true story. I say yes, right?
It's curious, but I never read comics growing up. Both my parents did when they were young! (Dad loved Flash Gordon & Superman)
Just finished watching Syfy's Flash Gordon (2007) . episode 19: "Blame" on hulu
All purpose parts banner
Anonymous said: I took a film class and there was a guy who was obsessed with flash Gordon and he would...
Watched Flash Gordon and listened to the review - where can I play Space Contra on a flying jet ski?
Mr. Flash Gordon is pissing me off.
Just finished watching Syfy's Flash Gordon (2007) . episode 18: "Ebb and Flow" on
Just did a Google. Good actors in it - a la Flash Gordon and the original Clash of the Titans. Didn't help movies tho. 😧
I loved the Flash Gordon series by and so I'm SUPER pumped for Future Quest!
recorded it onto the end of Alien. Not to be mistaken for "Flash Gordon." Flesh Gordon is about traveling to.
Congrats on the project, btw. Loved the Flash Gordon run so really looking forward to this!
Flash Gordon is a repository of godawful dialogue.
Back to our regularly scheduled program. Prince Barin from Flash Gordon. The capes in this line are really good!
Flash Gordon is one of my favs too! Just got it on DVD. First rock album I got was the Queen soundtrack. Love it!
I'm about to watch Flash Gordon for the first time
to that time I was a weird skull monk on Flash Gordon.
The only page of original art I own is a Shaner FLASH GORDON one.
I love that Carly Fiorina will show up to a debate dressed like a Flash Gordon villain.
I'm re-watching FLASH GORDON for the first time in a couple of decades. This movie rules.
random fact: George Lucas actually wanted to make Flash Gordon but couldn't get the rights, so made his own. Genius
Agreed. My love of Flash Gordon is such that I can even forget my loathing of Queen. Let's see how Ultron is rated in 30ish years.
Flash Gordon has the best soundtrack ever
The Wood Beast from Flash Gordon! This used to scare the bjeezus out of me when I was a kid.
Least intimidating line in cinema: "Me? I'm the quarterback of the NEW YORK JETS!". Can't believe I waited so long to watch Flash Gordon...
It's like Flash Gordon, Dukes of Hazzard and Tom Baker's 4th Doctor all blended into one knitwear range *gulp*
So I went shopping to buy Flash Gordon on DVD but mistakenly bought this lol Film Bio: Planet…
Not only is Flash Gordon the name of a comic strip & movie, but also a great name for a Cockney Geezer who sells bling in a street market
The one thing Seth McFarlane and I agree on is that Flash Gordon is ridiculous...but awesome!
We've decided there needs to be a space camp opera triple bill on Boxing Day: "John Carter", then "Flash Gordon", then "Jupiter Ascending".
isn't it from Flash Gordon? I think it's Timothy Dalton's toilet.
Dr Who tipping its hat to Flash Gordon in a big way
In SuperGirl the office IT guy recovers super secret *** files. Flash has a genius engineer, Arrow has three. Jim Gordon has a typewriter.
meeting Flash Gordon, X-Pac, Zelenka & all in the same day. Didn't manage to catch though.
Josh went to the 35th Anniversary Event and met &
Interesting. I always thought of it as more of a Flash Gordon thing. Do you explore the cosmos?
As soon as you wrote the words Flash Gordon I immediately thought of Brian Blessed and theme tune lol
doing a video about the Phantom was really cool. What about doing something about Flash Gordon?
To me Sam Jones is not Flash Gordon. He is THE HIGHWAYMAN.
love Flash Gordon but actually support redskins... It's tricky
need some help choosing a shirt. 1 a white redskins Theismann or 2 ny Jets Gordon (Flash Gordon ofc)
Click Here for your chance to win Flash Gordon collectible merchandise by Bif Bang Pow
Flash and Gordon, catchin' some rays via /r/pics
Is that a Flash Gordon Hawkman in the new Lego series?!
Flash and Gordon, catchin' some rays via
Flash and Gordon, catchin' some rays
Imagine if the Browns had Johnny football, Flash Gordon, and Joe Haden. That's not a team you'd wanna mess with
the same day that he punched a polar bear a russian submarine broke through the ice and the captain recognised him from Flash Gordon ffs
and review some Old flash Gordon comic strip
Davis,cut the losses on Manziel,a waste like Gordon, even if he was good, key is past tense.A flash like qb Anderson, move on
Do you like FUN Trivia? Tonight at Solon's Freeway Lanes, The Pub (gorgeous large bar with a great full menu), we...
Is Melvin and Gordon two different people? Even if Flash were added, I still think I like your side.
It has been 35 years since “Flash Gordon” hit theaters. Where are the actors now?
Check out the 35th reunion of FLASH GORDON that happened a few days ago! via https…
Join us tomorrow night at 6PM for the Semigloss Sound issue launch and screening of Flash Gordon Park's film "This Thing We Do" at 8PM!
All the news about the BAFTA Flash Gordon event. Bliss.
Flash Is back! Check out last weekends Flash Gordon 35 year reunion.
yeah, and delivered by the baddie from Flash Gordon
One of them looks like Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon.
Celebrate 35 years of FLASH GORDON by entering to win a prize pack and
.Bad news. Your new rap name is Grandmaster Flash Gordon.
Goes a long way to explain why Laurentiis gave us FLASH GORDON years later.
How has Flash Gordon not won one of those "make this into Lego" contests yet? It's PERFECT FOR THAT.
Famous Monsters & are giving away a FLASH GORDON mega prize pack with figures from Enter at
Was great to meet you Matt on Saturday night for the 35th Anniversary of Flash Gordon :-)
Flash Gordon and Big Play Gary would be a nice combo.. stay clean and let's destroy this league.. :)
📷 humanoidhistory: Max Von Sydow as Ming the Merciless in a publicity still for Flash Gordon (1980): “I...
Sat and watched Match of the Day this morning, first time for about 10 years. Gary Lineker, looks like Emperor Ming from Flash Gordon!
Ah, I love the old scifis like Buck Rogers and John Carter. Add in some Flash Gordon and Lensmen and you have my heart.
Did not make the final 8:. Paul Blake (Necessary Roughness) . Matt Saracen (. Flash Gordon. Johnny Walker (Johnny be Good). Mike Winchell
Ranks with Michael Rennie, Flash Gordon and King Kong (you should know what I'm talking about).
George Clarke as Flash Gordon. Kevin McCloud is Ming. Phil and Kirsty are Zarkov and Dale. Channel 4 could film it in a quarry to cut costs.
I love my History of Comics class so much. I get to watch an episode Flash Gordon for an assignment 🙌🏽
If drinking Tequila on my Mini Viking tricycle dressed as Flash Gordon on a Monday night makes me an alcoholic.. OMG this b…
Flash Gordon: 35th Anniversary Celebration – be there with Indiegogo! - Flickering Myth (blog): Flickering Myt...
Flash Gordon: Hendrick Motorsports driver fastest in qualifying for final race ...
Brian Blessed will be at on 4 Nov for a screening of Flash Gordon + Q&A:
congrats to Flash Gordon...offensive player of the week
looking a bit like Buster Crabbe in Flash Gordon
Comic book belief in my youth about canals on Mars might have had some basis after all - Flash Gordon rules
Set design in Flash Gordon is killing me 🔥🔥🔥
If you use to watch Flash Gordon, Commander Larry Martin, Commander Cody, Buck Rogers you will love http:/…
*** Scooby Doo was a bad choice. I might trade him for Flash Gordon.
Theres a guy walking around the square dressed like Flash Gordon
Still can't believe it was Max Von Sydow playing Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon, my new favourite thing
Heard that somewhere too. He had a lot of inspirations, including "The Hidden Fortress". Flash Gordon is my fav cheese flick.
I met this absolutely brand new guy last night we discussed Freddie Mercury which lead on to quoting Flash Gordon quotes to each other...
Adam West as Batman is just as much if not more of a classic than Flash Gordon
Roc Marciano - Flash Gordon on Smoothwaves Radio the home of underground Rap/HipHop
Flash Gordon,talking teddy bear,super hero brawl,Tom brady pops up outta no where then just when u think no more void happen MORGAN FREEMAN😂
Flash Gordon's theme song is one of the best ballads from Queen.
Remember in Flash Gordon when Ornela Muti or someone says, "Oh no...not the BORE WORMS?" I'm like that for Ira Glass quot…
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